Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB

Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB [Finance] App Description & Overview

Coinbase: the simple, safe way to buy, manage and sell your cryptocurrency.

We’re the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange, with over 68 million users across 32 countries worldwide. Coinbase allows you to securely buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and many more on our easy, user-friendly app and web platform.

Here’s a little taste of what our app does:

Own crypto in an instant: Coinbase makes buying bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ethereum classic, litecoin and more simple and fast. All it takes is a bank account or debit card.

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic(ETC), Litecoin(LTC), Basic Attention Token (BAT)*, 0x, (ZRX)* and USD Coin (USDC)*.

*Available in select territories.

Brand new to crypto? We’ve got you covered. Stay informed with our updates and features that help you build your knowledge and your portfolio, including automatic buys and price alerts.

Keep track of your crypto: Our clear, user-friendly dashboard helps you see prices and the value of your assets, any time of day, anywhere you are through our website or mobile app.

Over 98% of cryptocurrency is stored securely offline and the rest is protected by industry-leading online security. Your account is also subject to the same scrupulous safety standards, including multi-stage verification and bank-level security. You can even lock the app with a passcode, or remotely disable your phone’s access to the app if it gets lost or stolen.

Whether you’re just starting your crypto journey, or a seasoned expert, you’ll find everything you need to build your crypto portfolio on Coinbase.
Take the first step towards blockchain, bitcoin mining, bitcoin games, bitcoin cash games, ethereum games, litecoin games, or bitcoin trading.

Visit for information and to contact Coinbase Support.

Content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future results and investing in cryptocurrency comes with risk.

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Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Coinbase is the easiest and most trusted place to buy, sell, and manage your digital currency. This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB Comments & Reviews

- Coinbase is Amazing

Most of these bad reviewe are pathetic, i have been with coinbase for over a year and thw only issue I wver had was verification. Customer service toon a few days to respond but explained, i can use my prepaid debit card through Metabank but cannot use my Metabank account to withdraw funds. I have been paid, recieved my funds, within the given processing time. Maybethese users did not fully verify theor accounts or maybe they used VPNs and from non-permitted countries, but also the most recent reviewers, beed to understand last week was a holiday week and this week there is new years day so many businesses customer service will not be available and responses are delayed This included coinbase. Also maybe read their FAQs and agreements and see what is not allowed because buying crypto not approved by them, is in a sense, not okay and it even states it in their system. So do not blame them for uour stupity. I would rather use coinbase over Blockchain whuch is way harder to ise, transfer, exchange, and most of the wallets dont work

- Coinbase is a horrible platform with horribly indifferent customer service.

Trying to use coinbase was a nightmare for a week. I downloaded the app, linked my bank account and signed out. Then few minutes later, I tried to log in and kept getting this error, “the operation could not be completed(CBErrors error 0)”. I tried to sign in with my phone browser and it worked. But, with the app I repeatedly got the error. I found a phone number from the support page and realized there was no live agent for customer support. It’s only for account compromise support. I accidentally chose the account compromised option and my account was locked right away. I explained this including the error message issue to support several times through email. They said nothing about the error message but directed me to their support page for account recovery process. I went through verification with my driver’s license including selfie but in vain. My name is written slightly different on my driver’s license than how it’s written on my bank cards. So, it wasn’t accepted. I emailed them again a few times. They simply promised that someone would reach out to me but never did. People’s hard earned money can get trapped and be never recovered in my opinion. It didn’t seem like coinbase really cares. There’s no way coinbase is a safe platform. They also have the worst customer support with zero willingness to fix it.

- Terrible Customer Response / inaccurate gains in balances

There are many things I like about Coinbase. Easy and intuitive interface, easy of trading between currencies, etc. But as I got more savvy in my trading and started tracking gains, I’ve found discrepancies between increases in currency rates and my balance. In other words, I would track the time in which I had made trades and calculate the amount that my balance should reflect. I found almost always that it was off and not by a little, by a lot. This is alarming to me as I see that there is real potential for fraud within this platform. In addition, I’d sent a transfer of funds from MY Binance account to my Coinbase account and after a week, I have yet to see those funds deposit to my ETC wallet that I’d used for the transfer. I’ve sent multiple customer service requests since then regarding the transfer both to Binance and to Coinbase. Binance has gotten back to me sharing the blockchain record of my transfer to my ETC Coinbase account indicating that I would need to remedy account receipts with Coinbase. I reached out to Coinbase and then have yet to respond. This was not a small amount. It is not okay for them to have inaccurate gains reflecting in account balances and no response on transactions that should have cleared over a week ago now. I will be filing a complaint with SEC outlining these discrepancies and their failure to remedy them.

- 400 DOLLARS! down the drain this is a scam!!!!!

I’ve been using this app for like 5 month and it worked but now when I’m making the most I ever made now they won’t let me put my money in the bank I email them and nothing it’s like they’re holding my money hostage and I can’t do anything I suggest use another app this just seems off to me I did nothing wrong ig they ban you for making money don’t join this scam! Just a terrible app you can’t even get in touch with any body about it that’s human so just know this is a soulless money grubbing app that doesn’t care if it’s hard times in the world they will scam you and not care horrible app just don’t do it this is my experience I really don’t want anyone else to fall for this please listen plus compared to other apps they also have to much fees all around horrible vile company there’s a reason there so many people saying these things don’t join! Unless you want money took from you.(sorry for no Punctuation I’m just so mad I lost 400 dollars to this scum app!) I think I might just see if I can take them to court this can’t be legal! I’m gonna make some type Petition this scam has to come off the market! They will tell you that you will have to close an account that u don’t own and keep your money you invested this is a WARNING to anyone using this this was my experience I just felt compelled to tell everyone.

- Great App but sub par customer service

If I was only rating the app I’d give it a four out of five. Great interface, easy to navigate, clear instructions etc. but I’m having a horrible time trying to get my account unlocked. Here’s the story. I had a notification from my bank that Coinbase just initiated a withdrawal from my account. It was suspicious to me because on that day I didn’t put in any purchases in Coinbase. I sent them an email telling them about this to see if they could give me more clarity about the situation. They emailed me back and locked my account in case it was compromised, which is great. The problem is is that I discovered I made an error thinking that the withdrawal was suspicious. I made a withdraw over the weekend and I didn’t get the notification until the following Tuesday and that’s why I thought it was suspicious. Now I’m waiting in limbo land to get my account unlocked. It’s been over 24 hours which in crypto world is an eternity because of the volatility involved with our investments. I haven’t had any clear communication on when my account will be unlocked and what steps I need to do to make this happen. The only communication I’ve received is that my problem has been passed off to a specialist and they’ll contact me when they have more information.

- Decent but deceptive

All very fast and professional, right up until you try to cut your losses. Bought bitcoin with the intention of selling it a few days later for a (tiny) profit as more of an experiment than anything. I sent in my license photos, linked my bank account, and got everything verified. Bought a couple hundred in btc. A few days later the price has gone up a few hundred and I try to sell- to find my funds placed on a ‘24 day hold’ to ‘prevent fraud’. What?? If this is common practice, they certainly went out of their way not to mention it, and if it isn’t, I can’t think of any reason why they would have flagged me or my transaction as suspicious. I have now sat and watched the btc price plummet over $1,000 in the past few weeks. By the time I’m able to access my money I will have lost much of it. I understand that btc prices are famously erratic and I accept that I would have lost a little bit, but with every day I lose more and more of MY money which is being held from me. Incredibly disappointed with the lack of clarity in this matter. If it were not for this ridiculous, month-long freeze on my transaction, I would be very happy with this app. The layout is nice and the verification was fast and professional. However, any app that forces me out of MY money without forewarning is NOT a winner in my books.

- Horrible app

There is absolutely zero customer support with coinbase. I’ve been trying for 2 days to reach an actual human about why my money is being held captive. I made a debit card purchase which is supposed to be instant. And it said there’s a 5 day hold on my funds. So after 2 days of trying to figure out why that is, I finally just gave up and sold the btc expecting to be able to withdraw my remaining cash balance. And I lost $10 in this process, over coinbase fees, and I didn’t even care. I just wanted my money back. But now there is a hold on my cash balance too! And I needed that money yesterday. I can’t afford to wait 5 days. But coinbase doesn’t care in the slightest. Because there is no way to reach anybody for customer support. You can email them, but you will just get a robotic response saying it will take 5-7+ days to fix your issue. So I’m pretty positive that nobody even actually reads the customer support emails. And now my only money is being held captive by this website that won’t even give me the time of day to tell me why. I’m extremely frustrated. This app is the worst btc app I’ve ever used, because this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues like this where “customer support” did absolutely nothing for me. Never coming back to coinbase after they finally stop holding my money captive.

- Coinbase could be good but...

I’ve tried Robinhood, Abra and Coinbase for Crypto buying. Simply put Coinbase has a good set up but they nickel and dime you to death. For example; to deposit money even with bank transfer you are charged a fee of 0.99 for up to $25, $1.49 for up to $50, $1.99 for up to &100 and so on. Robinhood and Abra does not charge you for bank transfers, only card deposits. Coinbase also charges you again to sell your crypto’s at basically the same fees as depositing. Robinhood and Abra do not. Coinbase basically hits your wallet all over when that’s money that could be invest in crypto’s. Now let’s get onto the refer a friend side of it. Coinbase will give you $10 worth of crypto after someone you invite joins and buys $100 worth of crypto. Abra gives you and friend joining each $25 worth of Bitcoin after friend deposits a minimum of $50. Robinhood gives you a free stock each. Overall Abra is by far the best Cryptocurrency app for buying and selling. Robinhood is okay for beginners but you can’t send crypto’s. Robinhood is good for buying and selling like you do stocks, also Robinhood let’s you buy stocks so you can use one app to be in two different markets at once (stocks and crypto’s). What I’m saying is do not waste your time and money on Coinbase. Abra is hands down better with hardly having any fees across the entire board.

- Worst platform

This is the worst platform to trade on. They will charge you fees that you don’t even know about, and they will hold your money without any response to you. Their costumer service does not have a phone line and will respond to your emails or requests in only a few weeks after you submit a case. I have deposited funds and it’s been 3 weeks and I still can’t trade them, nor I can send them or withdraw like their policy says that you funds a re w available immediately or in few days depending on how you make your deposit. I opened a dozen cases and and only response I got it is it’s on hold for security reasons after 2 weeks of submitting my case. Complete scam ladies and gentle man, I suggest you get a paid platform and trade with confidence because here that is not possible. Even their fees are hidden. I bought a BTC partially, actual BTC price was $11,300... but when you already buy it buys it for $11,450 even though the price of BTC didn’t even go near $11,400 that day. I opened 3 cases about a month back and no one responded yet. Guys don’t waste your time and patience. Find a better platform that is paid but you will be taken care off. I will continue to post my reviews on every review page to ensure that more people know what they are dealing with. Don’t let them play you.

- Poor Customer service glitchy app

I told you guys about an erroneous transaction immediately when it happened on February 1. Now you are kicking me off the system after you forced me to RE-verify all of my information leading me to believe I would be good. I could have been started to withdraw my money now I have to wait an additional 10 more days. When I told you guys about this erroneous transaction I was told in an email also on February 1 from you that “ If you do not have enough funds in your bank account to cover this purchase, then allow the transaction to reverse and reprocess with your bank. If we’re unable to successfully complete the transaction with your bank, we will attempt to recover the value of your funds held onsite.” I left the money there didn’t trade any additional stock with it waited for you guys. When I found out I couldn’t make any more transactions they gave me an option to give it back. This option was not told to me in the email. You can check. I immediately gave it back when I seen that option so why am I being penalized? I even took the money out of the stock in the event it dropped I didn’t want your money to be affected. To kick me off the site after dragging me along an entire 14 days with almost 2k tied up is pretty ridiculous.

- I lost so much money because of this app

I downloaded this app to start investing in bitcoin, and I spent a few days setting it up. I even made one test purchase, which was successful, just to make sure I would be ready to buy when the price was low. When that time came, I attempted to buy a much larger amount. I had plenty of funds in my bank account, but every time I attempted to make a purchase the app claimed that there were no funds. I contacted my bank and they said that no one had even attempted any transactions. It was clearly a bug on their end, and when I reported it, they disabled buying on my account completely. I was unable to buy any amount of bitcoin, despite having thousands of dollars ready to transfer from my bank account. I had to sit and watch as the price of bitcoin soared, unable to buy any with the app I had spent several days setting up. As I watched the price soar, the only response I could get from customer service (which is only available via email) was that I “needed to have enough funds in my bank account”. The app has tons of bugs. The fees are high. The customer service is trash. I missed out on a great investment opportunity because of software bugs in this app. Don’t make the same mistake as me, find a different way to invest in bitcoin.

- Coinbase Support service is the absolute worst and a total waste of time

I’ve been dealing with Coinbase Support for 6 weeks now and my issue still has not been resolved. You can only contact via email which takes days for them to reply and most times its a automated response. Once you actually get a real response its often vague and instructions that are already listed on their website. If you’re having issues with staking certain crypto currencies then good luck on getting them fixed because I am still unable to stake. They claim my account is unverified but yet I have went through the verification process numerous times and even have level 3 (highest level) verification on my account. I have tried contacting on social media and have gotten nowhere. I have tried callihg but can’t even get to speak to a person because they only will deal with account compromises over the phone which is a total load of crap. I would not recommend coinbase solely because their support services are atrocious. you are likely to have an issue when encountering this platform and will need their help at some point. I have friends who have had similar experiences in the past with different issues and experienced the same level of aggravation for coinbase support.

- This app allows extreme price gouging and ridiculous fees

I started with coinbase and was charged excessively for buying BTC ETC LTC. They feed on newbies entering the market and charge ridiculous fees per buy or sell. It’s called taking that initial hit because you pay for the convenience. Put your money on coinbase and transfer it directly to GDAX(also owned by coinbase) This is an easy way to get into the cryptocurrency, but for the uninitiated it is not a trading platform. GDAX is. You can fund your COINBASE account, but they neglect to tell you that you can make a GDAX account and transfer your money free of charge and buy/sell/trade for minimum fees. Limit buys and sells are free on GDAX. The pros: COINBASE is legit and GDAX is legit. They are FDIC protected and your legal tender is insured by the federal government because it’s held in an escrow account in a bank. Your coins are insured by insurance policies. BUT It would be nice to be informed ahead of time that you can incur substantially higher fees using the simplified ap and that if your going to be trading short or long term, that transferring your funds to GDAX (an actual exchange) results in much lower fees and free limit orders. I’m quite happy with GDAX and my only issue is the taking advantage of newbies entering this volatile market without the foreknowledge that there sister company offers extremely lower rates.

- I got inexplicably locked out

So here’s my story. I was excited to get in the crypto world and purchased about 13 K in crypto. I made an error and withdrawing funds from a money market account that only allows three withdrawals a month. I got a notification from coinbase stating that my account has been locked because purchases that were made we’re unable to be funded by my locked money market account. That same day I linked another account and money was in coin base covering the two other purchases that I had made. At that point coin base told me understandably that I would be locked out of any further purchases until customer service viewed my account. It took a week for customer service to get back to me. Then out of the blue they send me an email stating that they have irreversibly block my account from any other trades or crypto purchases and that I would have to liquidate my entire account and no longer be available to use coin base. Not sure why this happened and without any explanation I thought I did everything correct besides making that first mistake. Trust me, I have a 750 plus credit rating and cash to cover more purchases. Coinbase’s customer service did this extreme action for in my opinion was a minor error. You make the call.

- Don’t Use At Times Lockout Money

I did everything they asked me to verify my account etc... on several occasions when I wanted to trade bitcoin my account was locked out from selling. I could convert crypto’s into others but that was it... I was restricted to conversion. I couldn’t even sell it I to the USD holding account, could not sell it to my verified checking account. Then I was told to contact support, took them forever. Denied anything was wrong and closed my support case before it was resolved several times. Bitcoin went down in that period, all crypto did... so conversion lost me money, they didn’t help... and I couldn’t sell it. And I had everything needed to do all those things! I was powerless to sell it during the downturn... so the essentially had control of my money for three months where I couldn’t do anything. That’s essentially stealing Coinbase... frustrating your clients enough where at one point I almost gave up and let you have my money, which makes me ask how many people have this issue... and why when I switched to the Cash App and did everything including setting up an account, sending the coin from you to them, selling the Bitcoin... why did that only take a day with them, and months with you? Money issues? Maybe

- Customer service beyond terrible

TLDR: took 1.5 months to respond to a request and the response did not even address my problem. When I responded trying to clarify what I actually needed, they said the case was closed and I’d have to submit a brand new request, which will probably take another 1.5 months just to receive a useless response. I am extremely taken aback by the terrible customer service I received. They do not have the contact number and the only way to contact them is by submitting a request through their online system. I did so and had to wait literally a month and a half for a response. When this response finally came, it literally did not address my problem in any way, shape or form. The response was completely unrelated and was obviously a template message and I’m shocked that they could take a month and a half to response and not even actually read what I wrote in my ticket. When I proceeded to respond to that message, I received a response that said my case was closed and I would have to submit a new request. So now I probably will have to wait another month and a half and who knows if they’ll even put the two cases together or if I’ll just receive the same unrelated response like the first time.

- Transfers and withdrawals

Why is it that I have never had an issue doing withdrawals or a transfer I’ve never had to do a 2 step verification but when market is dropping significantly and by this I mean 20%. You make me do this verification and I do and first off won’t let me and secondly you give me an answer like Tom Brady replied when he was asked if he knew what down it was.... if you are unaware of what I mean , well you simply give an indirect question to a straightforward question.... me being a huge fan of Patriots and big Brady fan I thought it was ingenious of him. So I share the same with you very smart. But being that it’s my money and not a game you need to stop with your games. You were 4.5 star app until this experience. Now being I’m relatively new I am even aware to not do this but hello.... like JG Wentworth says it’s my money and I need it now. So here is your new rating until something is fixed.... I lost 20% as do you but multiply it by 2 is -1.8 stars out of 4.5 and here is + my fee right back at you of rounding down stars as you do the same = 2.5 but a 2 star is what you get cause I can’t rate by .5 stars and that is how you get your 2 star rating until fixed. Your welcome

- If I could rate it a zero, I would!

I’ve been using Coinbase for about a year now, I started by investing 200 dollars and then I just waited. I earned some money but then out of no were coinbase charges my card another 200 dollars. So I go to the customer support and i see that double charging is one of the problems many people have. So I write and email and they respond by saying they need a picture of the charge for proof. So I send them a picture but, and they say they’ll resolve it in a couple days. I wait and wait and wait and nothing happens. I get no respond nothing is fixed and am still charged with another 200 dollars. I write an email and nothing. 2 days later I write another one. Nothing. Another one nothing. It’s been about 2 MONTHS of just sending emails and NO ONE HAS RESPONDED. Coinbase has double charged me and they haven’t resolved anything. Please I hope they could do something about this but honestly with the 2 months of nothing I wouldn’t recommend this app!

- Do NOT trust Coinbase

There is no customer service number to call if anything happens to your assets, which is a very scary thought considering mistakes happen all the time with Coinbase. For example, I purchased $500 worth of a coin as it was just beginning a massive bull run. At first, the payment went through and then a week later I checked my account and all my crypto I had purchased was gone. Turns out the “payment had failed” even though I had well over $500 in my bank account. I contacted Coinbase through email to ask them what happened and to reimburse me for my coins, telling them I’d happily provide bank statements to prove I had the funds available. They responded with NO explanation and told me I could no longer make any purchases in the app. Their mistake has so far cost me $1200 I would have made on my trade. An institution that handles personal finances absolutely MUST have a customer service line. Can you imagine if you bank misplaced your money and you couldn’t call them to fix it? I made the trade to help pay for my dog’s life saving surgery and now after all my research, analysis, and a very smart trade, I have nothing to show for it. Do yourself a favor and find another crypto brokerage to go through. Coinbase will screw you over.

- Takes too long to go into wallet

Coinbase is great. However, it takes 4-7 days for your transactions to clear when using your bank account, or linking your bank account. Even though im not planning on selling anytime soon, it shouldnt take so long for my purchases to be approved and show up in my wallet or portfolio. Also, they recommend using or linking your bank account, instead of using your debit card which is immediate and doesnt take 4-7 days to clear. Why does it take so long to clear? I understand that they want to make sure funds are in your account (i assume), but 4-7 days, is way too long. I dont think i can sell anything until everything has cleared. I also noticed that the $ was already taken out of my bank account- so why are they not available as soon as you have taken the money out of my account? The good thing i guess is that the price i purchased them at is locked in. But still would be nice if they were in my portfolio as soon as the money has been taken out of my account. All in all, this is a great, easy and fast way to buy crypto !

- Could be much better

I’m giving coinbase three stars because I feel that there’s still a lot of features that are missing in this app that can make it much better. One of the things that first off I noticed they do not offer a grace period for their fees like many of the other apps will offer 30 days without fees but this app does not do that. Also the app does not make it easy to see what’s been invested in the track your investments by cryptocurrency‘s you actually have to click into each cryptocurrency individually to see what you purchase them at and where the current values that so it’s not easy to track your overall investment portfolio performance. Lastly there’s no a crypto wallet or earn potential within the app you have to download a different app for that and also they list all the crypto currencies but you have to sort to “tradable” because all the cryptocurrency’s that are listed are not tradeable in this app so it’s kind of misleading until you go to the “tradable tab” and then you can see which cryptocurrency’s or actually available to be purchased through this app. It’s Good but could be MUCH BETTER!

- New ID verification opposes the very concept of the cryptocurrency free market

The new ID and address verification takes away the independence this app once gave people living off the grid who were interested in trading cryptocurrency over the free market due to the setbacks otherwise involved in dealing in old fiat currency. This app may not be the prime choice for long among cryptocurrency traders as long as it requires all its users to have a verified address and a government ID for reporting to their local governments whenever they make a trade and try to withdraw their money. This “verification” is not about personal security; it is about making sure the superrich and politicians of various countries stay rich off of the taxes from any so-called “profits” made by cryptocurrency traders that cryptocurrency traders are otherwise working to be free from. Cryptocurrency is secure at the individual level and does not otherwise risk being hijacked by anyone other than the superrich politicians of various nations who threaten extortion and other legalized crimes against growing organizations like Coinbase for offering free market services to their users. Shame on Coinbase for allowing those corruption threats to result in the turning against its own users.


I transferred $25k to coinbase on Feb. 20th, 2021. With that money, i then purchased bitcoin on Feb 21st, 2021. For SOME REASON, Coinbase initiated a SECOND transfer from my bank account for $25k. I DID NOT INITIATE THIS TRANSFER, and it led to overdrafting my bank account since i did not have funds for a second transfer. Not only did coinbase do this, but they also froze my coinbase account and are saying that they are going to be recovering funds. When i go to my history on coinbase, it doesn’t even reflect the second transfer - and YET i’ve been getting emails about recovering funds for it, and my account has been frozen! Make it make sense. I can’t even give a reference number because there is no reflection of a second transfer when i go into the app! MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. I’m so unhappy with Coinbase. They made a transfer i did not initiate, and everything they SAY i did is not even reflected in my history. I tried contacting coinbase support but they did absolutely NOTHING to fix this. PLEASE rectify this.


Coinbase is an absolutely terrible crypto service with zero customer support and zero security. I haven’t been able to login to my account in weeks because of various reasons that should not exist. My account is locked for whatever reason and when I try to login on my computer I can’t verify my drivers license because I don’t have a webcam on my desktop. The fact that I can’t pick a .jpg of my drivers license from files shows how lazy this service is. They then recommend me to go on my iPhone and verify my account, to which I can’t because my account is locked. You can see the ignorant cycle here. I’ve been trying to call them for weeks but no one picks up the phone. I tried submitting a support ticket many times but they automatically close the case for not sending the ticket through a “verified” device. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE BECAUSE MY WHOLE ISSUE IS VERIFYING MY DAM* account. If I HAD A VERIFIED DEVICE I WOULDNT HAVE THIS PROBLEM AND WOULDNT NEED TO CONTACT SUPPORT. I will be contacting law enforcement to get my money out of this service because I had quite a bit invested and they have practically stolen it. Absolute trash company and garbage service. I absolutely do not recommend using Coinbase, stay far away from it.

- Amazing customer service!

I had left the app for well over a year because of no desire to trade bitcoin anymore. Upon getting back into the game and getting all my credentials updated, my account was restricted (the forums say that an automated system is responsible for this feature). In the matter of a couple of emails, I was fully able to regain access to my account! I have never seen customer service do their job so beautifully! And I cannot stress this enough because anytime I’ve had to use any sort of financial systems customer service, I’m usually greeted with the “there is nothing we can do sir, apologies and have a fantastic day.” Which is not what you want to hear when you’re trying to recover lost funds. But these guys were on top of it! I would rate 10/5 if possible just because of their amazing support team! If you have any troubles that can’t be sorted out by yourself, don’t hesitate asking for assistance, they made the process an absolute breeze!

- A Must Have For Bitcoin!

I have been sitting on a bunch of coins for a year now and since it hit $11k per coin recently, I decided it’s time to sell some. I did a lot of research before choosing Coinbase and they seemed to have the best user reviews of all the US based Bitcoin services. The setup was very easy and selling was incredibly easy. Anyone who has tried to sell Bitcoin in the past will tell you, selling the coins was not only overwhelming, but also difficult. Coinbase has changed all that. I have sold coins with both the website and the app, and surprisingly, the iPhone app is actually easier use and offers a better user experience. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone interested in buying/selling Bitcoin! Unrelated, I would highly recommend you enable MFA (Multi Facet Authentication) which adds a second layer of authenticating when logging into the app. This helps prevent unauthorized access as Bitcoin wallets are a prime target for hackers.


Update: DONT TRUST BUYING BITCOIN THROUGH THIS APP USE CASHAPP!! I believe it’s good to use this app for withdrawals , I’m not sure yet I haven’t used to withdraw yet however if you purchase bitcoin through this app you will be out of at least $20+ depending on how much you purchase. Not all of your money is accounted for and now they unverified my account so I no longer have access to my funds but my account had to be verified for me to even purchase my funds! I am not enjoying my experience through Coinbase at then moment. I’m not one to complain especially if issue gets resolved , i understand new software having issues so if this is new I would understand but I need communication! They do not do a good job in handling my issues , instead they unverified my account and said they can’t further assist me until my account is verified and I’m trying to verify my account but it will not accept the photos of my pic ID! I’m getting very annoyed with Coinbase, I purchased through cashapp and they have lower fees and it’s a much easier process to verify your identity! I just wish I didn’t purchase a large amount with Coinbase , seeing I don’t have access to my funds, and there’s nothing to do about it !!!

- 😡👎 You should have a no 0⭐️ rating for how bad they are

Joining your service was easy and thorough and seemed seem less. That’s where the whole things goes sideways, having got the account opens and verified, I transferred funds from my personal account. The funds where verified as having left my account and it took well over a week before you confirmed it as readily available to use whilst trading. Next problem, at watching the market to buy in at the right price for me and sell at the right point, Bitcoin suspends trading!. Your fees for transactions are down right insane and day light robbery. You have zero customer service and never get back to anyone. You do not have a direct number customer service number. You’re excuse for suspended trading due to high volume of trades or customer interest is a joke. If you can’t handle what you have currently, stop taking peoples money and deal effectively with what you have to hand already. Stop manipulating the market to your advantage as you’re with doubt going to have the SEC knocking on your door very shortly. Everything about the idea and ideology of Cryptocurrecy has been lost completely on you and you’re team.

- Not bad

I have never really been interested in stock and or crypto currency until I HAD to get Coinbase for some free bitcoin app. I’ve had it for a while with very very little invested into it. And I mean little. Just recently got a wild hair and decided to invest in some bitcoin. Which in turn started me investing, very little once again, in other crypto currency. I have almost doubled what I have put into it in just a few short months. Recently the app has been crashing, like today, a lot. When I press on anything in the app, it shuts the app down. So I can’t make any trades. I really hope this gets fixed....soon! But so far so good... I’m not ready yet to put the big bucks in yet just cause I don’t know enough about each currency but would love to find out about each and every one of them. Especially if Coinbase pays me to learn! Love that feature. Just wish more where available.....

- Repeat withdrawal/stole my money

I made a transaction to transfer money from my checking account on the 16th of Feb. Coinbase pulled another transaction from my checking account for the same amount on the 17th of Feb which I never requested. AND most importantly my account in Coinbase never reflected it so that money just disappeared. It left my checking but was never received into my account. I disputed the charge with my bank and Coinbase and was refunded the extra transfer amount. However, a few days later Coinbase sent me an email stating they were going to collect the debt to them in 15 days from my current balance (coins I had previously purchased). So I emailed them literally 7 times and opened cases which were never resolved and they didn’t help me but they still closed each case stating the issue was resolved. They literally stole my money. I am reporting them to the better business bureau and their customer support is non existent so please refrain from using this platform. It’s great when it’s working but they’re literally stealing money from people and getting away with it. I’m sure I’m not the only person this has happened to.

- No customer service, no support, no human to speak to when you have an issue.

This app seemed appealing to start and was working decent the first couple of days. I deposited 75 dollars into my coinbase account and started buying some crypto. I liked it so much, I deposited another 100 into my coinbase account. So I have 175 invested. When I receive my bank statement, coinbase had actually double charged my bank account. 75 twice and 100 twice. So now I have 350 deducted from my bank and only 175 in my coinbase account. Frustrating to say the least. So I did a stop payment through my bank and got 75 and 100 back, awesome right? No, I then receive an email from coinbase saying I need to link another bank account to my coinbase account. Otherwise they will sell the crypto I have in my wallet on there app. Mind you they have already taken 350 from me, I got 175 back and they still want money from me. I plan to attempt to reverse the remaining 175 they took from my bank, and walk away. Imagine if you deposited 1000 or even 5000 in there and they double charge your account. Well there are people out there with those exact problems, and THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL TO RESOLVE IT!

- Customer support more like brain damaged cavemen

I attempted to buy $100 of lite coin but a error message pops up asking me to try again i pressed it again like it asked and then the app then wanted to work it charged me $700 7 times each having its own $4.95 each time then I went to take the approximately $567 that was left do to the drop in coin stock and the illegitimate charges that still has not been resolved I them had to "sell" the coins for yet another charge to usd then withdrawal the rest of the money for yes you guessed it ANOTHER CHARGE OF $9.95 I can't believe that a company that is allowed to do this and get away with it I spent 4 hours trying to email "support” to have a result of being blocked twice while I was very respectful and patient. This is and most likely will never be resolved but I tried to bad there isn't many competent people who would help me out with a error on there application. If this does get resolved I’m done with coin base and will take my and all of my 31 employees business else where. If this does end up being resolved I'll put this behind me. Though it isn't much money at all it is the principal of business.

- Enough to make a preacher cuss

I’ve been using coin base for the last year and a half for making purchases. I am level 3 verified and have had no problems. Until today when it matters the most. I needed to make I needed make a withdrawal and send 1,200 dollars worth of assets to Nexo in order to leverage a loan. And as you would expect, the delayed it 72 hours for security purposes. That was frustrating. But then again they give you the option to accelerate your request with photo verification.... Well, even if you’re already verified, you need to verify it AGAIN just for that single request! What kind of BS is that? Well it gets worse. No matter how many times you put in your documents, it skips over the selfie option and automatically fails your attempt. No matter what I do, how many times I try, they fail my attempts. Fine. Fine! So after that I canceled my larger request and went with a much smaller 400 dollar withdrawal to another address. AND THEY FROZE IT AGAIN!! Tell me, what is the point of a digital economy if the platforms we trust to facilitate payments is as slow as central banking? Coinbase is no longer meeting my needs as a consumer and I will be very soon looking for another exchange that’s going to give me tools that make my job simpler and that I can trust to not screw me over and hold my funds just for the hell of it. If you are looking for fast and reliable, Coinbase barely cuts it...

- I love it! Safe and Reliable..

Coinbase is the best wallet that I can trust with, when it comes to my privacy it’s very secure and reliable, easy to use, smooth and friendly. I read all these bad comments here, guy’s stop complaining about the fees. Of course they will charge u for using the platform people making this for us to use. And fees are reasonable. And about your withdrawal from your bank you guys need to be patience. coinbase make sure that your money is safe. If you don’t like this platform don’t make a bad comments for it, don’t use it as simple as that. But for those beginners and want a safe wallet this is the best one that you can use. Based on my experience, I do highly recommend this. So, try it out and you will see how good it is than other platform. So, have fun trading and buying crypto 😊good luck! Thank you coinbase I did earn some crypto from u guys for free.


At first I thought Coinbase was so great because it was so easy to use. Then I started hearing accounts of bad experiences people were having. I just thought oh wow hope it doesn’t happen to me. After I started to invest heavily using Coinbase all of a sudden all hell broke loose. They used one of my crypto’s to purchase another, a transaction I didn’t do. I thought oh I’ll just contact them about this glitch. Customer service is awful. You can’t speak to anyone you can only send emails. Then they decided to disable my account so I have NO IDEA what is going on with all the money I have in my account! I’m constantly writing emails saying this is crazy why can’t I access my account to see what’s going on and last I was told is it could take 5 days to get a response. This is shady and crazy business practices! So I feel like the significant money I trusted them with is being held hostage currently. I’m just hoping I can get my money back soon and get the hell off Coinbase! And of course this all happens when there’s a great amount of good activity in the market and I have no idea what’s going on with my money. Horrible horrible horrible.

- Good looking, but a critical flaw

The app is useful, good looking, and easy to use, but possesses a critical flaw that no financial app should contain. During app setup, the user is prompted to set up two-factor authentication via SMS (the only option available). SMS is not a secure 2FA medium. Hackers and scammers have several tools in their arsenals by which SMS messages can be intercepted, socially engineered, or faked. SIM swapping attacks are a good example of this. This exposes end users to the potential loss of their crypto-currencies, while believing they are "secure". As a better form of security, Coinbase should add support for both hardware (yubikey etc.) and software authenticator apps to better secure users' crypto assets. In the meantime, users should use all, or a combination of the following: Use a UNIQUE/strong password for this application (ideally generated by a password manager) that is used nowhere else. Set up a PIN or additional security with their mobile provider. Use an offline hardware device like the Ledger Nano X to store crypto currencies when not actively trading or transferring assets.

- Account Verification is Garbarge

Great app, but with serious stability issues. Crashes usually involve a blue screen or login screen. The last problem is resolved if you close the app completely and then start over. My biggest complaint is your absolutely stupid and inadequate account verification system. I submitted my ID 5 times and your system fails to verify it. I’ve written to customer support, but they referred me to a help article, which provided basic instructions on submitting an ID. Clearly, submitting an ID is not an issue, when your stupid system doesn’t recognize it. What’s annoying, it took Coinbase about a week to come back to me with this canned response; you would think one week would be enough to come up with a personalized response with details as to why the system can’t recognize my ID. I always thought Fidelity was a crappy broker - until I started using your service - you have the crappiest app / website and customer service on the street. Brian, why give an interview to Bloomberg about your focus on customer experience, when your service can’t even get account verification right...

- Mediocre

If you want to get into crypto, you may want/have to start here, unfortunately. The crypto market is still the wild west and very difficult to figure out for the average investor. The good: it’s safe as far as I know and I’ve never had an issue with missing coins. The bad: most of it. 1. The transactions are very expensive. You pay high fees to purchase coins and you also pay to take your money out. 2. Annoyingly, Coinbase does not give you an average price of your purchases. Meaning, when you buy a coin at different prices the app doesn’t calculate how much you’ve paid overall. If you’re buying coins over time at say $2-$5 it is up to you to sort of figure out what your baseline is, since the coin prices are constantly changing you don’t know when you could sell at a loss or at a profit. This is such a basic feature it’s mind boggling they refuse to adopt it. Robinhood has this on every purchase you make. 3. You can set up automatic payments to buy coins from the app but to stop them you have to do it through the website. This is meant to be inconvenient on purpose. CB adopts coins after they have “popped” (you miss the initial earnings) but there might be a legitimate reason for these delays so I won’t ding them on this. Coinbase is begging for a rival app to take over. RH is a great app but they don’t seem interested in expanding their crypto coin offers. Etoro might prove to be a better app.

- Better options

I’ve been using Coinbase for over a month and have made a number of trades. Reading some of the reviews prompted this one. Where exactly is all the money from the high fees going if the company hasn’t even bothered setting up a proper customer service channel?? I haven’t personally had any issues with the UI of the app but I have also not tried to withdraw funds from the app (and will be upset if I’m charged a fee to have to wait two weeks to have access to my money) so I can’t comment on that. What I can comment on is the high fees for sub par service. Because I am wondering what exactly those fees are paying for. The charts and info available are very limited and the prices when you go to buy, sell, and I’m wanting to say even convert raises an eyebrow on occasion. I wasn’t planning on withdrawing my money from Coinbase for the foreseeable future, but after using it for a month, I will be looking into better options and take it from there. But yeah, it’s pretty bad that Coinbase doesn’t have some kind of call center for customer service.

- Hold policy

Be very wary before signing up with this service. I sold some bitcoin and during the process of trying to deposit the cash from the sale into my account, I accidentally made a deposit into my coinbase cash account from my bank account (hit the wrong button). I tried to rectify my mistake by transferring the whole amount back to my bank account, but it would only let me do half. I assumed it was so they had time for the funds to transfer from my bank to theirs so I waited a couple of business days and tried again. No luck. So now it has been 11 days and they still won’t release the funds so I can transfer it back to my bank account. I have no idea why they need to hold my money this long. I am sure it has long been deposited into their account because my account was debited 11 days ago. I am very frustrated that they are preventing me from getting money back that belongs to me. I wrote their CS department on about 5 separate occasions and get the same run around each time. I wanted to give them a chance to make things right before going this route. Be very wary before using this company. John Noback

- Why can’t I withdrawal my money?

Sold some bitcoin and converted to cash. Mistakenly hit the ‘DEPOSIT’ button and a couple of days later, I hit the ‘Withdrawal’ button to have the money put back into my checking account! It has been about 5 days later, and both transactions have cleared my checking account leaving my original cash in my portfolio! Have tried on several occasions to withdraw these funds to my checking account, but get the message “WITHDRAWAL LIMIT EXCEEDED You currently have $0.00 available.” When I hit the ‘LEARN MORE’ button, it shows my Funds on hold...and gives my dollar amount! It then states: “While we wait for your bank transfers you can instantly buy and convert with your total balance. Your pending deposits will be available to send or withdraw in a few days.” I have been seeing the above message going on 4 days now! HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!!!

- So slow! Takes a week!

At the current moment in time. There isn’t a better way to move ur $/BTC/BCH/ETH/LTC in the current market. This seems to be the only real effective way. That being said, I gave this app 4 stars for its simplicity & basic maneuvers. The fees are expensive moving ur $ from Coinbase—>virtual wallet—>Market and vice versa. At the end of the rainbow it cost you about $10 each direction no matter how little or much u send so you won’t want to move $ around a lot & when u do make sure it’s worth it, send a big enough chunk. I took away 1 star because right now your smack in the middle of a war between the Crypto and banks. No one has your back but you. The expensive fees to move Crypto around forces you to move large amounts of $ at one time to minimize the fees u pay. So the app will just sit on your phone un-used until u have a big enough chunk of $ to send again. Oh and did I mention it can take up to a week to appear in Coinbase?! OMG :-0

- Coinbase will rob you on daylight

I had a really bad experience with Coinbase. I don’t mind the high fees. I expect great service but all I got from them was mediocre careless and irresistible broker that would back you up. I used Coinbase to transfer my XLM wallet to XLM wallet on Bitmart. I used Tether address on Bitmart by accident. So, the transaction was completed. Due to different crypto wallets, the money wouldn’t be able to transfer to anywhere. There was no one to accept that money. So I contacted Coinbase support for help. All they said was I can’t recover my fund for the mistake. I understand I sent my money to the wrong address. But there’s no one on the other end to receive it. The money should go back to my account automatically. No, it didn’t. The money lost for no reason. If no one received my money, where did my money go? Coinbase’s lack of responsible action has forced to withdraw my money and close the account with them. I don’t know any other brokers that charge such a high fee like Coinbase. I’d never recommend anyone to use this app if you want better service and less fees.

- Wish I had never heard of coinbase

I opened a checking account specifically to fund my Coinbase account. I transferred money into this account as well as depositing cash. I made 8 purchases through Coinbase . Then the problems began . Problem one My bank froze my account because they didn’t recognize the transfer . I fixed that problem but it was too late . Then Coinbase began reversing the purchases . Yes I was trying to make the payments but now they would not accept my bank account . There is ZERO customer support from Coinbase . They shouldn’t be allowed to do business if they cannot help their customers. So then 2 of my purchases went through as I was able to fix things on my end . Well those purchases where then stolen from my account by Coinbase and I have not received a refund or any support as to what is happening. My free crypto that I earned was also taken from my account . I doubt I will ever be able to get any help from Coinbase . They basically say you can’t call us and we probably won’t be able to help you if anything goes wrong . I would not recommend this company .

- Terrible Customer Support

I got the app while I was living outside the US. For the sake of transparency, I set my country as Germany, and I had a German phone number at the time. I tried to authenticate but every document I’ve submitted has been rejected, including passports, government issued IDs, government drivers licenses showing my German address, and further documentation proving I’m who I am, a US citizen, residing in Germany. I’ve gone through each step their website offers to try to resolve the issue, but they simply left the account as is, unverified, and said it’s been resolved. They never reached out for any further clarification. In their FAQ section, it turns out they don’t really have a remedy for this situation, but essentially have shrugged off responsibility and tell their customers that if they’re in my situation, they’re simply out of luck. It’s 2021, and frankly the combo of no customer service beyond impersonal emails and account actions is completely unacceptable, especially when finances are involved. Coinbase needs dedicated customer service personnel like any other bank if they’re going to hold onto your money.

- Good potential but flaws remain

I have been very disappointed with the update that has been published to this application. Four instance of the graphics that show the prices of assets is now completely unusable. The biggest flaw that it has is the inability to see from the screen what is going on with the price in the last hour or so. Even zooming in on the our view does not help because the latest information is cut off. Thankfully there are other places where this information is available however not having clear visibility on the asset prices and their latest development makes it very difficult to plan without using another reference. The team also changed how the graphic is presented into an even more difficult to understand version of the price history. Also and perhaps critically on the website it is possible to see the price of the portfolio overtime while on the mobile app that information is nowhere to be found.

- Unreliable

Over the years I‘ve tried multiple times to use Coinbase, but without fail there is always one annoyance that pops up and things just don’t work. On the business level: small hiccups with ID verification, terrible support for customers that change their country, inexistent customer service and high fees for trading. On the app level: the UI seems to deteriorate over time. Whereas back when coinbase would only support 2/3 cryptos it was easy to see their trends and easy to see where the market is going, now all the relevant information is hidden behind a bunch of clicks. An attempt to mimic Robinhood with some information about the coin and news also takes up room from what could be potentially more interesting info. From focusing on democraticizing crypto Coinbase has moved onto a get rich quick investing platform at detriment of their customers. Unfortunately people still have to use it because of lack of decent competition, but I‘m sure this will change soon if they continue to ignore their users.

- Horrible support

If you want to entrust investing in an crypto app that has absolutely zero support when issues go wrong then Coinbase is the place to go. Since the world of investing in crypto is new there can be growing pains. I mistakingly sent a transaction to an email address instead of a wallet and attempts to get corrected are abysmal. The FAQ’s say if a mistake was made wait 30 days for a reversal and if still not rectified contact support. There’s the rub...You have to email support and finding the right tree structure for this type of problem was difficult. Post submitting my email I got a resolution reply from Coinbase noting my ticket was closed. 2 more attempts to get corrected through this email channel available all resulted in the same automatic closing of my ticket. I assume they auto close without a human ever even reading and reaching out to me to resolve. No way to resolve my issue and if you try to call the posted 888 number they only will let you speak to a live person if you think you have a security breach. The regulators hopefully will review their practices but until they evolve stay away.

- Denial of service

Updated: verifying my bank account: "we will deposit two small amounts and then you type those amounts into the app so that you can withdraw your USD". I have received those two amounts, I type them both into the app, and your app says I'm incorrect. WHAT? Who codes your apps? Are they incoherent? Thanks a lot for this very frustrating investment. I need my money back extremely bad, and now I must wait for my ticket to be answered, which your auto reply says could take days due to high traffic. It doesn't take a super server to handle queries like "fetch a number". You guys need to up your game. I can barely ever check the price of a bitcoin. Therefore I am unable to buy or sell bitcoins. You guys purposely slow your speeds down to disable people from selling their bitcoins. Seriously, if you're going to handle as many clients as you have, and you make as much money you do with your fees, how about give back to us with the very small service that you are supposed to provide. "Ohh no lots of people are requesting a 1 bit number, our servers are slow now". You're not fooling anyone.

- It’s bad, but none of them are great

The data you want to evaluate your investment is just not there. For example in Robinhood - it tells you how much you have made or lost each day on your investment and it tells you how much in total you have lost or made on that invest since your first transaction. You can create separate lists just for your investments in Robinhood. The transactions take FOREVER to finalize- which is really insane since this is supposedly based off a blockchain and it should be instantaneous! You get notified days and days later that a transaction has finally gone through when you thought it had days beforehand. It appeared that it had because the money was “available” but apparently technically it wasn’t yet. They just fronted you the money. It becomes very confusing when you are a moderate to heavy trader. I wish I could say there is a better app for this but none of them are user friendly. If you want to trade certain cryptos then you have to use certain apps. There is no app that does them all so at least for now this app is a necessary evil.

TransferWise 💸

Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!

- Terrible Support!

Great app when it works but when it doesn’t, you’re on your own. I’ve been unable to trade for over 2 weeks now because they can no longer authenticate with my bank for some reason, confirmed from there end. I have raised multiple tickets with 1 response and zero resolution. Even after I said I was going to another platform they still don’t respond. I transferred all my funds and went to somewhere they actually want you as a customer. I’d hate to think what would happen if there was a problem where I’d lost coins or got hacked, I guess I’m lucky that it only cost me lost time and a 20% jump in BTC which I missed out on. Live and learn, hopefully this helps others.

- I will never get the last 4 hours of my life back

Downloaded the app and found it to be very user friendly until I got to the point where I tried to upload my ID it was taking forever, but the app said it would only take 3-5 min. Additionally, it does not allow you to select your country rather it assigns your country based on IP address...How ridiculous for something apart of a global currency. I’m here traveling and can not buy Any form of cryptocurrency on the app because it registers me outside of the country associated with my ID. I definitely am going to move to a decentralized wallet; the inefficiency of regulated financial institutions and the very reason why Bitcoin was created is showing up here. You would think regulation streamlines efficiency, but don’t be fooled. When I called customer service twice, both times it took greater then 10 min to reach an agent who did not know or understand what I was explaining to be the inefficient...especially when the country that I am traveling to has the ability to use this same app. 4 hours later I still have in unverified ID and I am unable to buy bitcoin. The worst part is that I will never get the last 4 hours of my life sad.

- A Great Site You Can Trust

This is one of the best crypto sites to buy and sell the main crypto currencies I have found. Only limiting factor is that you have a restricted spend amount of $2,000 per week, this has forced me to buy crypto on other platform as as well, all said, a great site to start with.

- Screwed me over

They gave me a weekly limit of $375, which was not enough for me to make my purchase. I asked how to increase my limit, and they said to put $200 into the account. I did... and then then said I had to wait 30 days. I rang and explained I was in the middle of a purchase. They didn’t care, and said someone would send me an email in a week or two. So, I transferred my funds to a wallet with a competitor and am closing the account. They had no interest in helping, nor resolving the issue. I asked how this was possibly an alternative to regular currency and they said it was up to me to decide. Importantly, they never told me about the 30 day wait time. My purchase fell over because of them. Total, total, total rubbish company. If you’re an Aussie, use CoinSpot.

- Good app but...

Very good app, clear graphs and easy to use and navigate around. However what they don’t make clear when you sign up is that they DON’T sell in Australia and Canada. I have been using it for over a week now and all of a sudden I had a little pop up advising they don’t sell in Australia. I think this needs to be made very clear upon signup (unless it has been changed now). You can still move your digital currency to external wallets or exchanges to then sell but it’s just another extra step when it could be so much easier. Keep up the good work though guys, still a very user friendly app!

- Casual User

With so many crypto apps available, Coinbase has a great list of crypto’s and a very nice UI to keep track, one of the best in fact. However, The CS is a absolute joke, the application for approval of let’s say a passport for example for ID is absolutely 100% a massive waste of time and failure, making short sharp and to the point emails does not help you at all, forget asking a question as well, as no response will be given when email “customer support”, in my experience you’ll begin a loop trying to go through the ID process. January the 12th email sent, basic, to the point, March 1st email received in response . “Coinbase support has now resolved and closed your ticket” - The initial email I sent was in regards to why a passport has a status of compete but not verified leaving myself without a answer so I sent the question itself, and also asked what should I do next. As you can read in quotes above 2 months later is the response the team gave while also not allowing me to respond by pointing out I’d need to go back to the support page and start a brand new ticket... cool cool cool. Coinjar.

- Like the app but there are some potential improvements

I like the app and it seems to run fairly well/smoothly most of the time however I do run into an issue where I’ll get randomly logged out in between sessions and will have to 2FA my device to access my account again. I also feel like the app is missing some features that would make it an easy 5 stars for me. Firstly (and probably the biggest missing feature) is the ability to sell any crypto is not available in Australia which I think is desperately needed. Secondly I would love to see a total of my purchases for each crypto so I can see how that value compares to the current value of my portfolio. Despite those negatives the app is very smooth and easy to understand, and the rewards program is brilliant. Hopefully the dev team finds some of this feedback useful and I look forward to any new updates in future

- Not bad. But New layout could be better

Pretty good app. But I have a few suggestions which could be improved. The graphs on the ‘Prices’ page shows only “Past Day”. It would be useful to be able to change this to 1 hour, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year like you can when you click into each Crypto. It’s also annoying that to change between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Light Coin pages, you have to go back a step first to the “Prices” page and select in again to the other crypto to view it. You can’t just click once to change between like you could in the previous version. It would be extremely helpful to combine graphs to see how they’re performing against each other to see which is out performing the other. And of course... being able to sell in Australia. We currently have to transfer to another service first like BTC Market before we can sell.

- Customer support and limit issues

Iv been at 250 limit for a month now and Iv spent always 250 a week so I don't know why it hasn't gone up. Also the customer support isn't very good, actually quite appalling since email response can take way too long and chatting to a stupid robot really does not help as all in fact frustrating at times. However, coinbase is recommended for beginners of crypto as it is very easy to use but needs a lot more tweaks and updates to become a lot better...

- Horrible customer service

I recently moved to another country to finish college. I tried to change country because i do not have a us bank account anymore. Unfortunately i have fiat and im not allowed to changed countries if i have fiat in my account. So they want me to invest into any coin, possibly lose money doing so and then lose money to sell it again ( their 10$ charge). I dont see why this is so difficult. I emailed support and they ended up never replying and i submitted another ticket just so they can close it down (they never respnded). Its been 3 weeks now since ive been trying to get my funds out!

- Don't download if you're from Australia!!!

So it was my first time ever experiencing buying some crypto currency and I did it with this app. I was like wow this is cool and once it I made more money I wanted to "cash out" or as the app says "Sell" and convert my crypto currency to actual Australian dollars. However as soon as I clicked the "Sell" button it goes straight the a page saying it does not allow me to sell it because they haven't enabled this feature in my "region". Region meaning in all of Australia! So now I got some useless Crypto currency because I can't sell it! Do not download this app if you are in Australia!!!!

- Allows me to deposit money but won’t let me sell/withdraw

The app does not tell me I can not withdraw money in my county of Australia, however it has allowed me to deposit money to buy cryptocurrency. Now I have hundreds of dollars sitting there that I can not touch and lost. I can’t contact them directly, only send messages via email. They should have told me before purchasing that this app does not work in current countries. And I can’t understand how it got 4.5 stars when all I’ve read in reviews are bad stories. Something fishy about this platform

- Great easy use - wish higher credit avail

Great user friendly & easy to use. I wish higher credit/spend was available. Would have given 5 stars otherwise. Not sure what’s the go..had $500 spend per week, when first joined. Asked if could increase but instead it dropped to $250 within about 7days. BUT to be honest need go back & ask again in case things have changed.

- Frustrating

I joined CB as I was having trouble joining any other exchange... to find a $250/wk limit. I completed registration verification successfully and did my first trade, using the $250. It went through. It never appeared in my account and I was unable to do anything else, as my account balance said I’d used my weekly limit. This has still NOT appeared in my trades!!! ?? I have sent 2 enquiries to CB - NO RESPONSE. The past few days I’ve had a small available amount (like $30). .. which is just odd. I’ve used it each day, but it’s still within the week. USING CB HAS BEEN A CRAPPY FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE SO FAR!! 😡

- Very troubled app

The app is quite unstable, i use IOS and have tried signing up for almost a week waiting on a identity verification which was really laggy, after that was cleared i was unable to purchase any coins and would show as unknown error. I tried contacting the support team many times with no reply most of the time. Boasting the worlds best trading app it has alot of problems and requires alot more work before it becomes user friendly.

- Bitcoin

I’ve been using Coinbase for at least 4 years when I sent money to Philippines they gave me a better exchange rate but yesterday I lost a bit of trust because I have made twice of transaction and that was around 7pm and I have waited the whole night, dawn and Hello it’s morning my money still missing. First transaction was Successful but the second one I got no idea where it went. 😭😭

- Worst App

Coinbase stopped BUYS on my account due to unknown reason aswell as you can not SELL either in my country. Therefore I next opened a new account and in a couple days they disabled BUY again and after transferring the money out of my account and shutting it down the money was taken by coinbase with no reply. Also they take a high % compared to others... The only good this is the easy to read graphs for beginners and tracking your investment. Other than that many better alternatives out there. I want my money back coinbase

- Useless

I use outlook on my iPhone but it refuses to allow me to use outlook to verify my account. It will ONLY accept the iOS mail program, which I have disabled and deleted from my phone. Please fix this as this app is completely useless otherwise!!

- Nicely done, but...

No doubt a well executed app. I managed to get set up fairly well. As I am dabbling in this, I bought a few of each crypto. All good, until I tried to sell one. Not supported in Australia yet. How can I buy, but not sell. This is a little annoying. Looking forward to when selling is possible in Australia. Til then I am sure to find a workaround.

- Needs more work

It’s a decent app. Would be even better if it supported ability to ‘Sell’ in Australia. The account verification where 2 small amounts are posted to your account is frustrating - didn’t work first time, and then you have to wait 24 hrs before trying again. Also the 250/week limit is too low, surely there is a way to change this?

- Great clean app, almost useless in Australia

Great app with a well working UI and UX experience. Easy to navigate and use for casual trading. But be warned as they don’t make it very clear. (It felt a little bait and switch tbh) But Coinbase DOES NOT SUPPORT SELLING IN AUSTRALIA. You can buy, but you can’t cash out. Keep that in mind when you sign up, that to be able to sell from this platform is a very roundabout process that kind of breaks an otherwise great app experience.

- Australians beware!

If you’re Australian do not use this app. It will not let you sell your coin because “this feature isn’t available in your region”. Whatever the reason is, if you can’t implement such a core feature, why even make the app available in this country? What’s the point of crypto you can’t sell? My money is essentially trapped unless I go through the process of setting up a wallet with another service and transferring the coin to that to sell it. Awful

- Allow people to sell

So easy to buy, impossible to sell. I have many people who ask me where to buy crypto, I can’t recommend Coinbase as it doesn’t allow noobs to sell. I don’t have time to teach them to set up an exchange, withdraw the crypto to there and then sell it and withdraw the fiat. Make it easy to sell, it’s misleading and not clear that you can’t. (Australia)


I downloaded the app and then thought I’d just have a quick look at the reviews before I complete ID and start trading. My biggest concern is that the company never seem to respond to negative reviews or clarify serious concerns. Apparently, if you’re in Australia or Canada, you can buy but you can’t sell. When you go to check ‘Version updates’ it has a generic “We are constantly improving....” rubbish that doesn’t list the improvements in each update. DELETED and will return to using BTCMarkets.

- Disappointing

Started with a $500 limit per week which was reduced to $250 for no reason at all. I even made a few successful buys and added more security and ID information trying to raise it. Support are unhelpful and simply send an unhelpful link telling you what your current limits are, not actually what to do about it. If only there was a decent crypto trading app for Australians to use. This sadly isn’t it. Oh and by the way, you can’t sell the Bitcoin here either. So aussies get screwed over once again. Cheers guys!

- No problems with purchasing

Happy to use, and will continue to use, alerts sometimes are a little delayed and I didn't receive my referral commission last time I shared my link.

- If you want to sell funds in Australia

I find this app somewhat reliable so I always use it even though it does have extremely high trading fees. I am in Australia so I can’t sell them directly, I use a website called Living Room of Satochi which works completely fine in transferring funds into my account.

- Verify account issue

Very slick and easy to use app but I haven’t been able to get a start on buying or selling anything due to an annoying error that wont let me continue after taking a photo of my identity from ether a passport or a Id, once I do upload a photo the “continue” button isn’t clickable and I am stuck on the “scan the front” page with no further action... please fix

- Early Limits Are Crippling

^^ New customers can expect to make slow progress, until they build cred. Unnecessarily slow. Coinjar doesn't limit as much (Though creating funds are a bank transfer - slower). Up to you how you play. Coinbase has competitive rates of purchase. Coinbase has some work to do.

- Verification issues

While I haven’t experienced the entire app yet due to constant verification issues of my identity “due to Coinbase experiencing heavy network activity” which is the same frustrating message I’ve received for the past two weeks. This application is useless to buy/ sell crypto currencies until your identify has been verified. Don’t count on customer support they won’t get back to you and forget live chat - it’s just a robot! Un-useable, wouldn’t recommend.

- Low limits

Signed up with coin base hoping to invest a reasonable amount of money while prices were low. Coinbase gave me a $300 limit...PER MONTH. With no options for increasing. It would take me nearly 3 years to put down what I originally wanted to invest in one hit. And the verification process is a nightmare if you’re living abroad and only have I.d from your home country, as when you sign up it selects your country for you based on your location. Other than that, it’s fine.

- Drained my battery to 40% in two hours

I really liked the app for its graphed view of bitcoins value and ease of use. Generally Coinbase is a great product. But why it’s background activity drained more than half of my battery and ran my phone super hot is questionable; I hope they’re not mining off my phone! I will be disabling any background refresh for this app.

- Aussies go to CoinSpot to buy and sell

I’ve moved to Coinspot since I can’t sell on Coinbase and I can’t get my coins out of Coinbase for 72hrs... ID verification problems that can’t be resolved on some transactions. I’m missing selling in the rally. My Coinbase Help requests have gone without reply for over 24hrs.... I very much regret buying with them. High Anxiety as my transferred coins do not appear in my Coinbase account or destination Coinspot account for the last 2 days. Very unhappy

- A little harder than it needed to be

It was little hard to get started via the app, had to go to the home page using a browser. The main issue was verifying my password and entering card details. No problems other than that, a pretty minor inconvenience but a solvable one no doubt Thanks

- Australians Beware

As an Australian you can only buy on this app, sell feature is not enabled for Australian users. When you first buy there is no warning that you can never sell. When you transfer your bitcoin to another address so you can sell. you get charged $42AUD for each transaction. This is not revealed either until after the transaction when you get an email saying you were charged this high amount.

- Can’t sell currency in Australia

Does the basics, only a few key currencies available. Even though it advertises it call sell your crypto, some countries like Australia you can’t. So they will take your money then you have to hold it until they make the feature available.

- User friendly

The app is quite easy to use; however, it would not let me sell crypto because I’m in Australia. I had to send my crypto to another wallet to actually sell them, which was slow and annoying. If you are using coinbase from any other country I would imagine the app is fine.

- Fantastic

Amazing app with great 3D Touch features and easy to use user interface. One feature it lacks is the ability to transfer funds between wallet and vault accounts. Please add this in the future! :)

- Having trouble

I was trying to buy bitcoin last two hrs first it limit me $375 per week and secondly when I completed my purchase screen go off wasn’t sure have I purchased bitcoin or not and also missed the good price to buy. Thanks

- Australians beware

So I invested in some crypto with Coinbase only to later find out that I can’t sell it because I live in Australia. It’s filthy that there’s no obvious signage to let you know that you can’t sell your crypto, especially when they allow purchases from Australia. Now I’m going to lose a chunk of my investment transferring it to another exchange just to sell it. This is my warning to whoever reads this, do not use Coinbase.

- Probably a good app

I put 4 stars when so far it deserves a 1 for myself but didn't want to ruin their ratings.. This app has one of the worst verification processes I've ever used! I've had the app for over a week and still haven't been able to get my license verified..

- Australians beware

For Australians they are yet to enable deposits. This has been years and yet no change... useless The bank whom I with charge an overseas fee for each transaction plus you are charged cash advance fee and then interest on that cash advance. By the time you transfer your bitcoin into another wallet where you can sell, it’s just not even worth buying. Unless coinbase work with Australian banks on deposits and not having these fees do not waste your money buying here.

- Could be better

It’s great but I’d like my watch list prices to update in real time. I need to go into each of them for the price to update. I also want to be able to put two touches on the charts to get the percentage gain/ loss between two points.

- Terrible customer support

I’m a pretty tolerant person but these guys take the cake. I’ve been locked out of my account for over a week whilst markets have been very volatile. I have sent numerous emails and even tried to contact them on Twitter and Facebook with no result. There is no phone number to talk to Anyone! Ever ! They reply with “were looking into it” emails. And to boot if you live in Australia you can’t sell your crypto. Useless! On all counts. Stay away.

- The daily limit is not enough to buy bitcoin.... so what’s the point?

The clue is in the title. I researched how to buy bitcoin. Concluded that the Coinbase app is the way to go. Only their daily limit is a fraction of what bitcoin costs these days so I can’t buy any. I haven’t found any answers on how to increase my limit. I have also given up so much of my personal information it concerns me. Otherwise the usability is great. It’s very easy. But the key function of it for me (buying bitcoin) isn’t there.

- Don’t bother

Bad software and let’s you deposit money but hasn’t set up how to get your money out. Because of this I’ve lost 10% profit overnight when I wanted to withdraw. When you email them and ask they tell you you can withdraw by PayPal, but when you follow their instructions it turns out you can’t even remove it to PayPal! Even their staff don’t have a clue. Save yourself a lot of frustration and don’t bother with Coinbase

- Polished, secure and to the point

Really well built app. You’ve got instant insight into your investment the moment you open it up, and have a great overview of how their supporter coins are tracking. Just wish Coinbase supporter more coins!

- DO NOT USE - they have stolen my money

If I could rate 0 I would - I lost access to my account and contacted coinbase to be told to create a new one and verify my identity again so they can merge the two - this was 3 months ago, since then I’ve emailed circa 15 times and have no received an email back. They are criminals who will steal your money I recommend Binance which I have sound seamless - use Binance unless you want to lose your money

- Feedback

Love the app. Rally easy to use. Would be really nice to have it stated in your portfolio your buy price and the current price. Making it more obvious would be awesome. So would the edition of a dedicated iPad app. This is ‘one of the largest crypto platforms’ yet doesn’t have support fro iPadOS…strange.

- Cancel transactions

I had 3 cards verified. I made trades on each of them which were ‘confirmed’ yet some time later they canceled them and blamed my bank, yet they had no issues charging my cards the small amounts needed to be verified. They should not say ‘confirmed’ until the trade is complete. Support then told me to connect my bank account and sent me a link - the link sia s ‘only visa and MasterCard are supported’ not bank accounts!

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- Warning Canadians!

Warning! This app allows you to buy bitcoin but does not allow you to sell it back. They will take money from your credit card or bank, but are supposedly not capable of transferring it back again. No mention of this anywhere until you try to sell. So they let you put your money in but make it impossible to get back out. May have to open a USA based bank account to reclaim your money.

- Canadians (READ THIS)

I’ve been using this app for a short while, and yes, you can’t sell coin back using the app, but you can however, open an app like Aloha browser with VPN capability (open the app, go to settings, select VPN, and select United States for the country), connect to the US server, and add your PayPal account while the VPN is active, this will allow you to sell your coin to your PayPal account. If you have a VPN service you can use that with any browser instead of downloading and opening Aloha browser. Other than the above issue, the app works perfectly for checking rates, but I do however prefer using the web for this service 😉

- Geez

Sooo when are Canadians able to sell in Canada. I sincerely hope your team is working on it and not just sucking us dry up here and taking advantage of our good nature in telling us its coming soon. Please, find a way to speed this up. Makes me feel a bit abused as a consumer that not once did I read anywhere that “Selling is not an available function in Canada” having already basically given you guys my money without knowing this makes me smell something fishy. A slightly peeved Canadian.


Don’t let every review on this app fool you, you can definitely sell if you are Canadian, it just has to be done on a PayPal account. Even if it does charge you a little fee, it is still very worth it. I’ve been trading for 10 months now.

- Garbage app

Don't use if you are Canadian. You can buy btc but you can't sell. Garbage app


I have had assets in coin base for over 3 years now . As a Canadian I was able to purchase Bitcoin but I have not been able to withdraw funds for this entire 3 years. I have had to just accept that this app has pretty much stolen from me

- Garbage App

Can’t sell ! Customer support will never answer ! My account is locked and for weeks no one answer my request !

- Careful!!!!!!

Be careful when using this app, I’ve used it for years then the other day tried to withdrawal 2000$. They stole it and the customer support refused to help!!!!!!! CAREFUL WITH THIS APP

- Not for Canadians

They don’t deal with Canadian banks. Also they’re trading fees are extremely high.

- Customer service is awful

After 4 years of using the app the first tim tried to contact the customer service and it’s 2 weeks without any answer ((( so upset and surprised

- Worst support team

The support team will not respond to any of you issues. Please take care when you transferring big money and there is an issue , there is no support team to help you here.

- Canadians, read this

So dont let other reviews fool you. You can sell via Paypal easy. The only thing is you cant buy via credit card on this App. Very frustrating. Canadian customers can make purchases using debit cards that have a CVC, expiration date, and are 3DSecure enabled.

- Horrible no customer support

Bought 850$ worth of stocks and still won’t show up in my account but charged me for them, and they have 0 customer support, stay far away Canadians!

- Pc of s..t App

Don’t use unless you want to lose money. System goes down and won’t let you trade when you need to. There is much better trading platforms out there.

- Poor support

This service is completely contactless. No customer support. Sorry I started with them. Coinbase. Poor rating on my behalf.

- Worst app

Unable to link my card to the account to deposit money. Trying from last 2 days

- Horrible Functionality

I have been trying to buy XRP for a while now. When I place the order to buy it will ask for all the bank details and even says the order is submitted but it never shows up the bought crypto in your profile nor does it deduct the money from my bank account. I missed out on opportunities to buy crypto at the preferred rate now. Tried reaching support but no response. Their support model is horrible too!

- Frustrating

Tried to buy 2 times and got nowhere

- 2FA text message passcode blocks the enter button

Come on guys, you guys should be able to pick these bugs out . I literally can’t take coins off the exchange app because the number pad that pops up blocks the enter button, nor do you have an enter button on your number pad ...Which amateur is making the IOS app?

- Feels scammy

Coinbase’s incessant promotion of the coin de jour feels very scammy and on top of that they give legitimacy to useless coins run by conmen and felons.

- This App is terrible

1. Poor customer support 2. Accounts gets randomly blocked (often) My account got blocked at least 4 times 3. Low limits 4. Doesn’t allow you to use credit cards Overall I have not had a good experience with Sh*t a** coin base If only I could give 0/5 stars smh

- iOS 14 widget is rushed!

- The widget currency doesn’t match the native currency of the app. - the widget doesn’t seem to follow the watch list order for currencies - the prices don’t have the “,” for anything above 1,000.

- Screwing Canadians

You know what your doing. Why can't we sell and why isn't t fixed and your support is brutal. Don't reply to this feedback. Full of excuses

- Canadians

To any Canadians reading all the other reviews that say you can’t sell Bitcoin after you buy it you can and you can withdrawal to PayPal then just send it to your bank instantly from there within 2 minutes you have your money this is a great app

- Fees

4% charge when you put money in and 4% if you want to take money out 8% total so $1000 is $80 for them. That’s fked up, too expensive...

- High transaction fees

Way too high transaction fees probably won’t trade here for long

- Some things need improving

Overall great app. Looks great, has a lot of info. As a beginner i'd like to see the change of my asset. I'd also like to be able to look at cryptocurrencies as grids with graphs rather than a list. (On the app it's fine but it doesn't have a grid of graphs)

- Worst experience EVER

I do NOT suggest putting your money into this platform. Coin base changed my 2 step Authenticator from what I had as SMS to the Authenticator App, I did not make this change & was also not aware until Coinbase sent me an email about the changes. I downloaded the app only to discover that I would need access to my Coinbase to scan my QC code & link the accounts, I am unable to do this as I can NOT access my Coinbase without a code generated by the app. I have reached out by the # provided which is an automated line & only if you want to lock your account for suspicious activity which I went ahead & did because I know I did not change or authorize a change. The only option to recover my account is via their email support. I have sent NUMEROUS emails & I get back what seems to be automated responses providing zero assistance. It has been weeks since I have got a response at all back. My money sits & I have no control or even know what is happening with my portfolio. I feel robbed of my money & investment Worst experience I have ever had & the absolute worst customer service experience I have ever encountered especially considering this is an investment platform. Do not use Coinbase unless you want your money thieved from you.

- Canadians can’t purchase!

I used to be able to purchase with my credit card. Then suddenly in December 2020, my card was rejected. I checked with my credit card provider and Coinbase is not blocked by them. I recently saw where Coinbase stopped the ability to do this. To redeem your funds you need a PayPal account, redemption is easy. Just really disappointed I can’t purchase.

- Takes forever to verify.

I just gave up using it becausw it’s impossible to get verified. No matter how many times you take a picture of your ID, it won’t recognize it. But then again, I won’t use an bitcoin trading app that doesn’t even recognize pictures.

- Worst application update

Software update should make life easier and Coinbase update is just opposite to that. I used to like the platform but new update removed couple of nice information like all time high and new update is overall just degrade at every level to previous version.

- Not sure where the overall good reviews come from

Can’t even get going on this app. Not receiving the text to sign up... my friends told me they literally had to verify identity steps 6 times... seems to me like this platform need a lot of work

- Fraudulent company

I recently transferred out a significant amount of ethereum using a QR code that had worked previously and my money had disappeared. Coinbase will not respond to me or address this. I’m beyond livid and hope this sham company will be shut down or minimally others will not sign up or leave it avoid the kinds of negative experiences. I will not stop calling your fraudulent company out until you rectify this.

- Easy way to buy bitcoin

The limits are tiny for the first six weeks ($250) but then it goes up to $1000 per week. Their prices are a bit deceitful since you have to pay a fee for the transaction above the list price. At least you can get started quickly

- Can’t link Canadian bank account

So since I can’t link my Canadian bank account I have to use PayPal to withdraw my money which is annoying. Also since Canadian use credit/debit cards we are only allowed to put a max of 300$ a week. I have friends in the states that link their bank to this app and are able to put thousands of dollars. Please allow Canada to link our bank accounts so we can deposit and withdraw our money. Other then this issue the app works great

- Solution for Canadians

-Purchase a hardware wallet (safest bet) or open free wallet account on a Canadian exchange to store your crypto (risky) - use coinbase to buy crypto -send crypto to your wallet for storage purposes or send it to a Canadian exchange if you mean to sell it!

- Crypto is a huge scam

Thanks for fixing my issue coin bass I do love the app but I got some learning to do still

- Good

Good needs more Currencies

- Easy to use

I like it. Not too hard to navigate

- Service fees

Very high service fees and exchange rate

- APP Global Marketing

%Do you want to get more revenue from your app⑨?we are a company specializing in APP promotion for 10 years,☣?which can promote your APP all over the world and rapidly increase downloads and revenue above 50 times.♨you can get more revenue from your app in a short time.>Please contact me at Skype!/WhatsApp➨: +{8615982002312 Facebook:☭estelle668♚

- Hello!

I don’t understand what’s going on! I was able to transfer money from my bank to USDC free of charged but was charged $2.99 to transfer between cryptos! My only issues is paying a $2.99 fee! Just make sure your cash deposit and crypto transfers are in large sumps to avoid paying the same fees more than once! Also, I use my phone like a “TV controller” I just want to press the buy and sell buttons! While using my computer or laptop for a larger trading view! In addition, I use my phone when in bed or on the go! But I feel weird because it seems, I am buying high and selling low! Definitely not my investing model! But Webull did the same when I bought crypto from their app? 🤔

- Wallet to private wallet transfer not available anymore

All is in the title

- Safe and easy

Has always treated me well

- Not so great in Canada

I hope the USA users get better fees and treatment or I have no idea why this ones so popular. I did my first crypto purchase ever here but all my others have gone elsewhere. I transferred everything out and am done with this. I only got a $300 limit then every day the $300 limit would fill up slowly. After a week, I could only purchase another $222 App said I was set at highest limits. Went to buy some crypto when it dropped to .99 but the price I was given to buy now was $1.35. Maybe I did something wrong or maybe this app sucks for Canadians. I’m out either way. Only thing I really like is the ticker it has

- Brutal app

Downloaded the app and within 30 seconds it’s already giving me problems, no matter what password I put in, an error message pops up saying something went wrong and to try using not as common words even tho ive tried 6 different words and numbers. To say the least I will not be using this brutal app

- No Dogecoin :(

Why not add Dogecoin ?

- So easy to use

This is one of the most simple apps to use and trade coins. Giving a good explanation about the coin and some more information than others. Careful with commissions tho

- Not good

This app only allows you to buy/ sell crypto worth he bigger companies. There is no little company’s you can invest in so there is little to no big gain unless you are dropping thousands and thousands of dollars. Why even have other currencies on your app when you can’t even interact with them

- Bad for Canadians !

I invested money on this platform and it disapeared. I’ve explained the situation but to no avail. It seems they have enough people to afford letting down a few.

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Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB 9.47.2 Screenshots & Images

Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images
Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images
Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images
Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images
Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images
Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images
Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images
Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images
Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images
Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB iphone images

Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB (Version 9.47.2) Install & Download

The applications Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB was published in the category Finance on 2014-06-22 and was developed by Coinbase, Inc. [Developer ID: 588530553]. This application file size is 101.96 MB. Coinbase: Trade BTC, ETH, SHIB - Finance app posted on 2021-10-25 current version is 9.47.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vilcsak.bitcoin2