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What is homebudget with sync app? Now available in mobile [iPhone/iPad] and desktop versions [Mac OS, Windows], including instant data sync between mobile/desktop versions. (Separate purchase required for each OS platform).

A lite version of HomeBudget is available under the free applications category. Give it a try.

Contact support@anishu.com, if you need help. We have no way of contacting you if you post an issue as a review.

HomeBudget is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, bills-due and account balances. It offers support for budgeting, and allows analysis of your expenses and income, including charts and graphs. Two key differentiating features of HomeBudget are:

1. Integrated set of features. The features within HomeBudget are well integrated such that a bill can become an expense (when you pay for it) and also adjust the account balance at the same time.

2. Family sync. HomeBudget includes Family Sync, an advanced feature that allows a group of devices within the household to exchange expense and income information, and work together within a single budget. Once setup, the devices sync with each other automatically over the air. Family Sync works across all features including Bills and Accounts. Please refer to the Family Sync Quick Start guide at http://www.anishu.com for information on configuring Family Sync.


- Create/Edit/Delete expenses and recurring expenses
- Browse expense entries by month, by category/date with the ability to drill-down
- Optionally associate an account and payee with an expense
- Attach photo images of receipts; drag and resize images on screen
- Support for multiple currencies and automatic exchange rate conversion
- Search expense entries

- Create/Edit/Delete income and recurring income
- Optionally associate an account with the income

- Create/Edit/Delete bills and recurring bills
- Support for Payees, and track payments by Payee.
- Make payment on bills either an as expense or as a transfer (to avoid double accounting your expenses)
- Calendar and list view of Bills
- Bill reminders

Categories and Budget
- Create/Edit/Delete expense categories and sub-categories
- Set a budget, and track expenses at the category/sub-category level.
- Associate icons with the categories and reorder category display order
- Budget rollover
- Classify expenses into fixed, variable and discretionary and compute your disposable income

- Support for Accounts such as Checking, Savings, Credit, Debit, Cash, etc.
- Associate your expense and income entries with your accounts and accurately track account balances.
- View transactions, and do transfer between accounts.
- Ability to choose a different base currency for each account

- Trend chart for Expense, Budget and Income for the last 6 months
- Pie/Bar charts for expense break-down (Available in the Expenses screen).
- Export data/reports by email or via WiFi

Family Sync
- Automatically sync multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) in the household and see the same numbers on all devices over 3G and WiFi
- Work within the same budget with other members of the household

- Backup/Restore complete application data, including all receipts
- Ability to upload your own list of category icons
- Large numeric keypad for expense/income amount entry
- HomeBudget follows the locale/region setting on your device and shows date and currency symbols appropriate for your region

Visit http://www.anishu.com to see more screenshots, and to download the user guide (PDF, 42 pages).

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How to contact HomeBudget with Sync (Anishu, Inc.)?
Find this site the customer service details of HomeBudget with Sync. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/306257910/homebudget-with-sync/contact

HomeBudget with Sync Customer Service, Editor Notes:

HomeBudget with Sync Version 3.5.422 October 2021

Bug fixes.

HomeBudget with Sync Version 3.5.114 January 2020

Minor bug fix.

HomeBudget with Sync Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great expense tracker!

I’ve been using this app for about 3 years now and I’m very happy with how it’s allowed me to manually track m expenses and balance my bank account month to month. Some improvements I would like to see would be some tweaks in the “transfer” areas. First of all, it’d be nice to have a little more confirmation of a completed transfer. Like maybe a next screen that shows the completed transfer. Just something with a little more visual feedback so mistakes aren’t made. Also with this, I’d love the option to include transfers as a budgeted expense. For example it’d be nice to add a transfer into the budget in order to track that as an “expense” and have it all together. But maybe this could be optional unlike a typical expense. This would help a lot with people like me that want to have a zero-based budget where we budget out 100% of our expenses including savings. I would also love the addition of some realt-time feedback in the "split categories" menu so that I can see (after putting the first category and amount) how much is remaining from the original dollar amount so that I don't have to do math in my head and memorize the numbers!

- Love it!

This app is so helpful! It’s easy to customize and I love that my boyfriend and I can both track expenses, income, etc. from our own devices and it all goes into this shared app. It’s also nice to be able to keep my separate savings in the app for my viewing, but separate from the account totals that are shared, and the same for him. I bartend part time in addition to being an accountant. This app allows me to have a “cash” account for the tips I make bartending, and all of our bank accounts for paychecks. On that note, the ability to split each paycheck we get (we both contribute a certain amount of each check to savings and the rest goes into checking) is a super helpful feature! All in all, the perfect app for us, and well worth the cost. And that’s coming from a “what, I have to PAY for that?!” kind of person. 😊 Enjoy!

- Very good, however...

I've been using HomeBudget for 7 years and in my opinion it's still one of the best. However, recently I started looking for some alternatives, due to some annoying errors and the lack of updates, which previously, were constant. There is still no possibility to change the language, there is no possibility to customize the desired functions and mainly it seems that Anishu has not bothered to keep the application. I reinforce that I have tried several financial control applications and HomeBudget is still, if not the best, one of them. It is easy to use, it controls your expenses very well, it shows complete reports, it has a very good payment control schedule, it shows the forecast of expenses, it allows synchronization with other devices of the family, in fact, much that is not found in others applications. I ask Anishu, if you still read these reviews that reconsider this product and start to take care of it. You have an excellent product on hand, but you do not seem to be worried about taking care of it.

- A fantastic app years later

I’ve used this app for almost 10 years, and it does everything that I need and more. I can easily track bills and expenses through multiple accounts and see where I am with my budget at a glance. The only issues I’ve ever had with the app were my own error (changing phones and not properly backing up data). I just bought an iPad 11, and I was hesitant that this app was too old to work on it. That was not the case, and I am now able to synchronize my phone and iPad to track my family’s finances. This app may not have a ton of fancy bells and whistles, but it gets the job done at a good price and it doesn’t require a subscription. Whether your finances are simple or complex, this app can handle it in a way that is user friendly and easy to understand.

- My #1 App. Period.

I’ve used HomeBudget for probably the past 4 or 5 years. It’s how I keep track of all of my expenses on the go and at home. Of all the apps I’ve tried and used off and on, this one stays consistently in my top three. It’s the best, most useful app I have on my phone. I could not at this point live without it. In the four plus years I’ve used it, I’ve never had a problem until the other day. My budgets weren’t showing up correctly. So I emailed support and they got back with me and helped me solve the issue very quickly. Great app. Great service. If you don’t have a budget app on your phone, you need to download this now.

- Goodbye after 2 years

This has been my go-to expense app for over 2 years, but when I recently restored my phone to discover HomeBudget was a blank slate, I was reminded of two things: (a) HomeBudget doesn’t leverage iCloud for backups, and (b) its Dropbox backup settings had mysteriously reverted from Daily to Never, meaning the past 6 months of data are now gone. Using Dropbox to backup app data is a fine if ersatz way to go, but not defaulting those settings to daily is completely incomprehensible to me. Why would anyone *not* want daily backups of a data payload that is so miniscule? It begs the question why the developers didn’t just implement iCloud backup in the first place. Set it and forget it. So, I’ve had enough. Goodbye Home Budget. And hello to Money Pro. An app which has stayed with the times, leverages all the iOS hooks properly, and even has some nice predictive AI to streamline the expense entering process. Money well spent, and I’m glad I made the switch.

- Great app + suggestion for improvement

I have been using this app for a little while now. My experience with it has been great, it gives you loads of options to personalize the way you want to manage your money. A suggestion of mine would be to give us the option to automatically select the currency of the purchases we record based on location. Indeed, my bank is American (hence in USD) but I do move around a lot and therefore buy goods in other currencies. It would be great if I could leave my default currency on USD and that the amount that I enter while recording a purchase is automatically translated from the currency of the country I’m visiting to my default currency.

- Almost Perfect

I have 5 other apps that I use for this same purpose, and this app performs the same job as the other 5 combined. This app will help you to maintain control over your finances. I have only one complaint, and it's minor. The view advertised in the pictures is not the landscape view most people use for tablets, and the expense % of budget pie chart is no visible in landscape mode. The pie chart only becomes visible when you reorient your view to that of a cell phone. Aside from my minor complaint, this app suits my financial planning needs perfectly. Thank you developer(s).

- Recurring Items Needs Improvement

Home Budget works great for my wife and I except for 2 major sources of frustration: 1. Recurring expenses, income and transfers are device dependent, and only update/sync when you open the app on the device that entered them. I never know if I’m looking at current data, because my wife and I have entered recurring items on 4 dif devices (2 iPads and 2 iPhones) unless I remind my wife to open the app on both her devices first. Also, when upgrading to a new phone or iPad, any recurring entries entered on that device get lost. 2. If I find an error in an expense that I spread over 6 or 12 months, I have to individually delete each monthly entry and then re-enter the expense. There’s no way to simply correct the amount.

- Great app, needs a bug fixed

I used this app many years ago and just purchased it again. I love it! However, there’s a bug when entering a recurring bill on the 30th or 31st of the month that prevents the recurring bill from populating in February (28 or 29 days long, of course). This means I have to manually enter the bill in February for everything to be accurate. Also, the Monthly View for my checking account does not accurately account for the recurring bills and creates a different outcome than the forecast does. Other than these two things, I am thrilled to have the app again, I really do use it and rely on it. Thanks for the great work!

- Great app for tracking expenses

I wanted an app that would track my checking account along with my bills. This is the perfect app for that. When you enter a bill you can tie it to a specific account. The app will alert you when the bill becomes due and you can easily mark it paid and it shows up on the checking account register. You can have multiple different accounts, there is reporting options along with sync between devices that works really well.

- Wished I didn’t buy the desktop version

I’m so annoyed with this app on my phone and desktop. Every time I go to use it on my desktop I have to send initial data from my phone to my Mac. Things hardly sync up correctly, I see duplicate account names or transactions categorized as multiple category when it is not. And now I just deleted an account with its data because I deleted a duplicate account that had no transaction data thinking it was a duplicate and looked on my phone and the real account is now deleted. I’ve had this app for my phone for so many years and it did the job but now it seems so antiquated that it’s pretty useless. 2 stars because it’s good if you like basic, I rather give it just 1 star.

- 7+ years app user

Overall great app, thank you. Sometimes I’d like to see is where I can add check# or you used to allow memorized bills extend the memory year to indefinitely, now it only goes out 1-2 years. As a long time user, some repeat bills have that option and new entries do not. Not sure why the app does that. Updating this, I think would give me a better forecast to my future budget. Other reviewer mentioned about split expenses, if I make an edits, I am unable to edit the date, I have to delete the whole entry and start over. Would be nice if I could print balance sheets and income statements. As someone who does accounting, would be nice to see vendor list and accounts payable list. And when adding income, would be nice option to included who it came from box option. These small tweaks would be great to see 🤩

- Terrible App

This app is horrible for syncing purposes. My husband and I use this app to manage our budget, and it never ever syncs to my phone. I have manually pushed the sync button, we have sent the initial data to my phone multiple times and it works for about 1 day then no longer syncs again. We have tried everything to make it sync to my phone correctly so I have accurate data and it works only temporarily and then goes back to no longer syncing and we have to start from scratch all over again. Don’t waste your time with this app, especially if you use it with multiple devices or multiple people because it won’t ever sync up and your information will never be accurate.

- If you want the best, here it is...

I have tried 167 expense style apps on iOS, windows and Mac and this is unquestionably my favorite. The closest alternative is money by jumsoft and it doesn’t even come close. I asked the author to recharge or make a subscription of $5 a year or something to keep up development as That’s about my only complaint at this point. I love this app. It requires a lot of initial effort but once you get it setup, holy cow it’s the best!

- Good but could be better

I like this a lot, use it everyday. A few things that could make it better; Start a new year, not to hav3 all the past years in the data file. I don’t need all the past years only want this this year. I kinda fix it by doing a full reset, but then I have to put everything in again, I don’t have to much so it isn’t to hard for me. Also it would be nice to synchronize with my banks and credit cards, instead of entering it all by hand. Still I think for what it is, it is a nice Application.

- BALANCE Way off

The Balance is wrong. I don’t sync with my bank so it’s not a syncing problem, and I entered all my receipts and checked against everything on my bank statement. So it’s literally the Calculator part-the most important part obviously- of the app that’s defective. Also, unlike all other budget apps I’ve tried, the expense list doesn’t even show the payees!-you have to tap on the transaction to open it to see who the payee was. So you can’t just glance at the list to see what you’ve already entered. I spent so much time entering data into this app before discovering the balance was incorrect. I don’t understand why there are so many positive reviews. I have an iPhone 11.

- Essential app

All our family accounts in one app that syncs and allows for fast reconciliation, reports and analysis (if one wants). No longer do we wonder where our money went. So easy to budget and track all our expenses. I think it is an essential app for those who like to know the what and where if their family’s expenses. Keep up the good work and ease only improve if really needed. The app works perfectly as it is.

- Been using for 4 Years

My wife and I have been using this app since we first got married. I love how the app can sync up our phones (paid version, but worth every penny), so we can be on the same page with our budget every day. Highly Recommended. If you like Dave Ramsey, check out his EveryDollar app. I’d use it, but it wasn’t out when we where looking for an app. Now, we are super used to this app and too lazy to change lol.

- Serves the intended purpose

Having used this simple app for better than five years I’m still happy with the functions offered and the relative ease of use. I like the feature provided for syncing with more than one device including a PC version. The cost is inexpensive and it delivers big time performance for tracking expenses with e ability to print reports. It’s well worth a try.

- Greedy Home Budget

Hi! I’m using Home Budget more than 3 years and I like it very much! That’s what I need! Strange thing happened with my Home Budget 1 week ago. I have 2 iPhone on one of them my kids deleted Home Budget. On second one app working perfect. I tried to re-install deleted app from my App Store. It’s asking me to pay again 4.55$! I can’t understand what is it and how could it be? Who can help me?

- Original

Home Budget is original in that there is nothing else like it. Customizable to the point where you don’t feel like you’re caught up in someone else’s financial system, or kitchy finance philosophy. Importing data is a bit of a struggle, but I’ve long gotten over that, as I manually enter data and reconcile that with my accounts online. If you like to micro manage your finances, this app is fantastic. Conversely though, exporting data and reports in home budget is a snap. If you are the type that just swipes away and maybe checks later online, you’re probably better off going with an aggregator like Mint or Personal Capital. This app is indispensable, and I’ve been using it since 2014.

- Fast and efficient entry

I just wanted something I can use to set myself a monthly budget to save money. And this was the best app I could find. Very easy to set yourself a monthly limit on any category you want. Very easy and intuitive to use and and quickly enter in items without all the clutter. Has lots of features in it that look very well laid out.

- 100 % Satisfied

I have been using this app for years and years. I use it to track all of my bills, expenses, accounts. A couple features I like alot are the ability to look at spending by category, or, be payee, and you can choose date range for reporting. I’ll be using this app as long as the developers keep it updated. Excellent App

- Consistent and helpful

I’ve been using HomeBudget for nearly three years now, and it remains a crucial tool in my financial planning and budgeting process. I love that it doesn’t get access to any of my financial data, because 1) security and 2) it forces me to review my finances and make sure everything is up to date periodically. Highly recommend

- Recurring transfer making it less ideal of an app to use

In the recurring transfers section on the HomeBudget app it no longer has an option for no end date and when I put a recurring transfer in it automatically takes the money out of the account for the amount of time I want the recurring transfer to take place. Example: I want $50 transferred each month for two years so $1200 was transferred right now instead of each month. This makes it so the recurring transfer option no longer is something I can use. Please fix this.

- The best budget app

Update on iOS 11 iPhone 6s Plus. After updating to iOS11 the backup using dropbox broken. It wont initiate the backup anymore. Please fix this thanks. Just to update the review, everything works smoothly and the recent update doesnt break the auto backup anymore 👍🏻 but the update break the foreign currency conversion. Hope it will be fixed soon. Is there any major update to replace the current one ? 1. shortcut for frequent added expenses 2. Option to move sub category. 3. Overall interface enhancements because been using this app for a few years i think a redesign is good. Dont mind to pay again for another major update to support the dev. Hope this app will be always supported.

- The great App ever

I have used so many different apps/software during last 5 years, but this one is the one I needed. It would be amazing if they could add the total for each category in the report. Also, seeing the account for previous month in the app not only the report. I recommend this App.

- Solid App

This app is great for what I need. It keep thing simple and allows your to manage you accounts pretty effortlessly. I just wish that the UI would get an update. I’m a stickler for branding and I hate seeing their app icon on my home screen lol. That may be silly, but that’s how I feel. The user experience is feeling a bit dated as well, although it still works very well. I still recommend it.

- Great app one of the best

Been using this app for 5 years and it’s been flawless the sync and family share works without errors every time. It perfect for my needs and customizable for what I want. Would recommend checking it out if your looking for a easy and reliable financial app.

- Used for probably 10 years

I’ve used this app for as long as I can remember. I agree it needs some updates and that’s why I give it 4 stars. I wish I could sync it with my bank accounts like other apps allow me to do and know my location so it will help fill the payee. But as far as being user friendly it is the easiest to navigate.

- Gets the job done

We have been using Home Budget for several years just as an expense tracker. I find it “good not great” but it gets the job done. One improvement I would like to see is on the “Reports” page, an ability to add comments or notes (there is an empty column already there that would be perfect for this...) to remind myself of out-of-normal expenses or income, or why one month was so different from another.

- Great app, a lot of flexibility

Loved the app, allows you to customize as many accounts and account groups as needed, as well as spend categories and subcategories as needed. The only piece of feedback is that the auto load of transactions is not as friendly as other apps

- Yep

Overall I like the app, but it is a budget app only. It’s not really a check register (which for me is fine, but others may want to know). The only issue I have with it is the cycles for budgets to reset don’t seem to automatically reset and I’m not sure how to reset them vs deleting and recreating. The user guide is ok for the very basics but not very in depth to issues like that.

- Great app!

User friendly and reliable. Really useful synchronization feature. My wife and I used it in during European tour to track our expenses by country and by category. The data generated confidence in our budget planning and will help in planning for our future trips. Highly recommended app

- Love, Love, Love

This app changed my life; you can schedule your bills, keep track of expenses, log all of your accounts and export monthly and yearly reports. The only draw back is not being able to link your accounts directly to credit cards, checking, etc.

- Great Budget App!

Love this! Perfect for my wife and I since it syncs. Worth the initial cost, which is low compared to others. You can do so much with this! Track expenses, set budgets, set recurring income, and expenses, and much more! Switched from another app I had used for years and this one is much better!

- Great Way to Get Involved

I LOVE this application. Extremely customizable, and a really fun way to get involved in your budget. It is much easier to be intentional with your finances when you have an aesthetic platform to sit down with and clearly list your income(s) and expenses. 11/10 recommend.

- Love it!

I use this app instead of a checkbook and I love it because it keeps me on budget. It’s on my phone so I can add expenses on the spot. I also use recurring expenses for all my bills all in the same date I get paid so it tells me what I have left to spend for the month!

- Great for budget monitoring

The sync works well. My wife and I keep our budget up to date on multiple devices. Updating information is easy and quick which is important if you want to keep up with it.

- Really useful budgeting app

We love this app and use it to track our daily spending and to stay on-track for savings goals. My wife and I sync our entries so our family has a unified view of our month’s finances. Highly recommend.

- This works for me

I have been using this app for over five years. They have clearly worked hard to add upgrades that are useful over the years. It keeps me on task with my bills and i can run reports when I need to know where I am with my budget. Great app!

- Perfect for House control

Finally I found an app that can I use to control my home budget. My wife and I use this app to control everything we spend every month. We were using excel spreadsheets before, but now we can use this app

- Notifications

Great app overall. Can you add a feature that allows for notifications every time a new expense is added to a specific account? Would help for those of use using the family sync option to track others spending.

- Need Improvement

We need some improvements to app , such as new icon and best reports and most importantly to track any transaction, that mean i want to know how much was specific transaction in every month and totally, we need good visual design... thanks

- Use everyday for Two Years, However

Wish I could delete the previous years of titles. Since I know how to use the program now, I would name some of my categories different and condense some. Also I would love to print each month off so as to have a hard copy.

- Great App

This is the best app for doing a manual budget. Anytime I try a different app, I always come back to this one. You can make a simple budget or a complex budget with this app. I like the sync feature. Please bring iCloud sync support.

- Pictures for deposits

I love how I can take pictures of receipts and attach to the entry. I wish they would extend that to deposits. I would love to be able to add a picture of my pay stub to the deposits. It would make the app that much more efficient!

- Grace period before locking again

It will be good if the app doesn’t lock itself so quickly. It had better give the users a grace period ( say 2 minutes) for them to come back the app before it requires to verify password or face ID again.

- Not supported for iPhone 11 Pro Max, stopped backing up in 2018

I've used this app for a couple of years. When I migrated to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it won't open. Even a fresh download of the app leads to an immediate crash. But then it was frustrating to find out it stopped the automatic backup to Dropbox in mid-2018. On my old phone, this app was sufficient. Now it's useless and I'm looking for a new one.

TransferWise 💸

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- Intuitive, as flexible and comprehensive as you need it to be

I started off with the free Lite version at the end of 2010 and within 2 months bought the full version with Sync functionality. Over the last 7 years this app has proven the number 1 used app and absolutely essential in my daily life. Over 7 years as well I've reached out to the Support team once or twice, most recently 2 days ago for bugs and everytime I wasn't disappointed. Quick reply from James to say bug is known (exchange rate conversion) and update coming in next few days. True to their word an update came this morning and all fixed up. Fantastic support and all round indispensable app if you want to track daily cash flows and overall finances.

- Still the best

Have history since 2012. Tried numerous apps before settling on Home Budget! Awesome app and has paid itself over and over. Syncs without issue and once set up so easy to use. With all the information at hand savings are easy. Buy it you won’t be disappointed! I can’t praise the app enough and will continue to use it in the coming years. 2020 and still using! Love this app!

- So far, so good. But...

I’ve thus far managed to manually set up all my accounts and manually import transactions via the OFX function. I've set up a budget; scheduled recurring bills; added payees; and so far... WOW However... I’m in Australia. And there is no support for our banks with regard to the linking of accounts. Further, our tax/financial year is June 30, not December 31. Having support for our accounts, plus the same concession to use “yearly” as June to June, would be fantastic. Last suggestion - allow the option of “alerts” on purely advocacy expenses. I’d love alerts on those, but having alerts on my fixed direct debits would drive me batty!

- Great for future me, a little frustrating for present me

I’ve spent ages looking for an app that we can use as a family to set an envelope style budget with rollover amounts that syncs between our phones. I’m in Australia and this is the best I’ve found. I would give this 5 stars except for one major drawback. Our budget is worked out on a fortnightly cycle lined up with my pay. The screen that tells you your money available or your budget amounts available is worked out monthly. This means that the app regular tells me I have money that I don’t have. While I’m happy for ‘future me’ that in two weeks I’ll have an extra $1000, ‘present me’ is the one at the checkout needing to pay for something. I really want the app to tell me what I do have this week. Not what I will have next week. Manual data entry doesn’t take too long. Other than that, the app is the best I’ve found.

- Really responsive and great graphs

Initially it took me a while to understand the app and budgeting. Now I find it hard to live without. We are using it for all our accounts and now saving money after seeing where all our money went. Functionality is great and the fact I can easily go from my phone to my laptop helps my husband. Well done!

- Can’t live without it.

This app makes it so easy to keep track of our money. I sync to my phone so never miss anything while away from home. Took my iPad to the bank when applying for a loan. The loans person was so impressed that I had all the required information at my fingertips that she wanted the name of the app I was using.

- Home Budget

Downloaded the home budget light version then upgraded to the full version. Fantastic product! Would highly recommend it after using other apps/spreadsheets. Super handy that the data can be on the lap top and on the phone and it updates in real time. Will be sticking with this app!

- Home Budget

I would like to say that Iam very impressed with this app. It’s very helpful and designed very well. I would like to say that I think an option to increase font size would be great!! I have some other recommendations if you would like some more feed back. Just email me.. great app though.. worth it

- Excellent for tax records

Have been using for years. Simple to use yet has the features you need. Allows you to attach receipts as pictures and then export records to Excel at end of tax year. Compared to the one we use at work this is far less prone to glitches and easier to use. Love it!!

- Good app but lack update.

Have been using this app. Quite comprehensive. However, with the lack of update and increased competition on the app market place, this app has fallen behind. Other apps has features such as 3D Touch for quick entries and regular updates with new features. The last update for this app is 10 months ago and the previous one before that was more than 1 year ago...

- Great app

This app has been fantastic for my financial bottom line. I started using it over 5 years ago and have been able to save money consistently over that period. Required user to be disappointed in entering every transaction but well worth it

- Quite good

Really helpful in keeping track of expenses. Easy to use. Helpful being able to look back and track where your money goes and make adjustments to your spending if you have the motivation to do that.

- Excellent

Easy to use- great flexibility with handy features and functionality. Once I set it up, using it to record my financial activity became second nature- I’ve been using the app for a couple of years now and have never had any issues.

- Works well

Had this app since first release. Improvements over the years has made it a worth while program and I am sure continued improvements in the future will make it better. Would like to see various formats i.e. ipad, phone, desktop etc be able to sync automatically either direction from latest input.

- Great Quicken/Reckon substitute

Takes a little time to understand set-up, but well worth it. Well put together and supported app. Some graphs/reports could be a bit more customisable, but it gives you most of what you need. Soon becomes intuitive.

- Great app. But can be better

Both me and my wife have used this for many years to manage our spends and are really happy with it A suggestion is to add the feature to scan a receipt and save it as an expense, even better if it can also recognise the vendor and date automatically

- Fantastic and intuitive

This app is so comprehensive yet easy to use. My wife and I both have it and use the sync feature which has made Keeping track of our spending so much easier. Keep up the great work!

- My Accounts on Home Budget

I’ve been using Home Budget since 2013 and found that it covers all my needs very well. It is easy to to use, reliable and does not require advanced accounting skills to maintain records. Deserves top rating!

- Best one I’ve used

It’s got the best balance between creativity and set program I’ve seen in a budget app. Works great without requiring personal info, smooth interface and it’s quick and seamless to transition to anything.

- Helpful but sync problems

I bought both lite versions then realised quickly i had to upgrade to use more functions, i chose phone only cause cheaper. But after 2 years i switched phones and the sync didn’t work properly, the numbers all synced but only some of the images synced and its a real pain.

- Home Budget App I use it daily

At least 7 years I have used and love this app. Very few Apps last the distance with me but this one is consistent, easy to use and I can confidently recommend this app

- Simply the best

I have tried many home budget programs all with disappointing outcomes. This one meets all my expectations with its all inclusive features. As an addition I find it somewhat entertaining- a double bonus! Plotinus Australia

- Using it from Bangladesh

I am very much satisfied with this home budget app. This is very much helpful. But there should be new features in every update. And there is no update recently

- Tried so many but this one is greedy

As an Aussie cannot link my accounts, so it is manual, but as long as I keep on top of it is easy to use and not onerous. Tried so many budget, Bill reminder and personal accounting packages, this one is the easiest, and cheap

- Very impressed

I have tried numerous home budget apps, however this is the one I invested in. Been using now for over 18 months - and am a daily user. Easy to set-up, and I am not a numbers person! Intuitive, easy and secure. Ensure you send a backup at least every few months and you won’t need another budget app. Our entire budget, income and now investments are all managed daily. Highly recommended Simon Australia

- Great for international use

I travel ALOT for work and this app is fantastic for writing out what I earn and spend in different currencies to help me reach my saving goals. Highly recommend it

- Great app

Hey guys, we love the app, my husband and I have been using it for 18 months now. Hate the updated logo though! Looks like the app is halfway through updating. Please change it back!

- 5 star

I have been using this app for 4 years now can’t do without it tried others but not a patch on Home Budget so easy to use. I love it

- Great app

I love this app , use it everyday for all my bills . Helps me keep track of all My bills and payments . Fully recommend it

- Nearly there...

Still needs a weekly budget option

- Great

Been using this for over a year now. It’s simple, syncs well, and is an essential part of my day.

- I love it

I have found this app very helpful to keep an eye on where is going and that is in all of different bank accounts.

- Awesome

I have been using this app for 5 years. It does everything I need and want and I cannot fault it.. best App ever..👍🏻

- Good app

I’m still learning (user error) but is subtracting amounts well. Easy to do now I’m getting the hang of it

- Very happy

Great app - answers all my financial questions - maybe an update is needed. However, delighted and happy.

- More development

A budget for a week or fortnight together with monthly budget would be better as I prefer budget for a week! Also the balance should include asset in the bank, not just income for particular month!

- Best Budget Tracking APP

Absolutely love this APP use and sync this with iPhone, iPad and PC version.

- Only useful in the USA

The budget function works fine but if you want to sync your bank accounts, it only lists US banks so you can’t use this function if you are outside America. ☹️

- Best App ever

Best investment ever

- Doesn’t connect to bank accounts like it says

Says it has sync but doesn’t have an option to connect. I will be requesting a refund. Not a great app.

- Fantastic app

Love this app, I use it every day. I love the layout and clean design. Two things that would make app even better - a goals section where you can save up for a certain goal. Also the option to change the view from monthly to weekly or fortnightly in the main screen. As we get paid weekly, i budget per week not per month in terms of bills. I love that you can switch between calendar and list view when viewing bills. Makes it so easy. I no longer need to use my paper diary to keep track of expenses. Highly recommend this app to anyone! I started with the lite and I have now bought the full version. Also love that it syncs data between devices so I can switch between my phone and iPad. Also can link to my boyfriends phone so we can always see where we are at financially on the go

- Does not sync with other devices

Sorry, try as we may, the devices will sync only for a short while but within an hour or so the phones (secondary device) no longer sync with the primary device rendering the family budget tracking function useless. From the Q&A sheet the manufacturers claim the original data transfer had not been done properly and the solution is to re transfer the original information to the secondary device - however by then you have altered the data on the secondary device. Therefor once you have re loaded the data from the primary device to reset the secondary device you have to remember to re enter the old information...... And it keeps happening. Just not worth it. Concept brilliant, execution poor. Also for some reason the reporting is inaccurate. We work on a biweekly cycle and it is not possible to report accordingly. If you have a biweekly budget for groceries of say $600, when you look at a report for any two week period the budget for the two weeks will show a random amount - say something like $250? So it has the functionality to budget biweekly but in reality it does not work. Does not work.

- Almost 5 stars....

After using iXpensit (which is a nice little app anyway) for a while I decided to try HomeBudget out. I've set everything up in it and will start using it next month. Everything seems really well laid out and logical. It took me a bit of experimentation to get some features working the way I would like but it all seems to make sense now. Like some others have noted, it really needs a weekly and fortnightly option. I had to adjust my existing budget to fit in with the monthly budgeting system. ie figuring it out by the fortnight, halving it, multiplying by 52 then dividing by 12... It's not a massive deal and I guess I'm used to it now, but it would be nice to have that option. So very close to 5 stars, it's more 4.5 stars. Updates could elevate its score, although I suspect the perfect budgeting up is right around the corner. Whatever the case I'm happy to stick with this one for at least a year. It serves it's purpose quite well.

- Awesome App!

This is hands down the best budget management app I have come across! I use it on a daily basis to record my credit card and cash expenditure, record my income and set my budget amounts. No more keeping receipts in a box and then spending hours going through at the end of the month or year to reconcile my credit card statement or for tax or warranty purposes. I can reconcile all my accounts in real time. It provides fantastic reporting on the various budget categories you create. Now when someone asks me how much I have spent on entertainment at any one time in the month, I can simply select the category and presto, it auto sums the amount and shows me how close I am to exceeding the budget amount set for that category for the month. I'd give this app 6 stars if I could!!

- Good, but cant wait for improvements!

Hi, the app is very good and my husband and I use it every day. We are satisfied with it - and it seems like the sync is getting better (more reliable in recent times). However, one issue that makes me feel uncomfortable with the app is that in "Budget History" view, some weeks are missing! I dont know what went on in those weeks without going to the expenses view and manually finding a specific week and looking for expenses and trying to do the math in my head. This is time consuming and difficult to do. Example of weeks missing - in one budget category, in the history view, i can see 06-12 June, and then the next week available to view is 29 June - 05 July. That's two whole weeks missing!! And this issue is consistantly a problem under all categories in the budget history view. Can this be fixed please?? Thank you!

- Exactly what a budgeting app should be

Completely satisfied with this app, couldn't suit my needs any more. Functionality wise this is exactly what I was looking for from a budgeting app. I've used others in the past that felt like I had to change how I wanted to input things to match the format of the app. In home budget I feel like the app is able to account for how I want to lay out all my income/expenses. If I have to make a criticism it's that me and my wife had to download different versions of the app. At $6.50 per version I feel like its good value however she disagrees so won't download it :-P I can still sinc my iPhone and iPad however which is good for using iPad at home and entering in transactions on my phone when I'm out

- Great app, more flexibility would make it amazing

I really like this app. It's probably the best and easiest to use budget app I've come across. The customisation options are very good, making it very simple to record and track my expenses. It's already helping me find ways to save money and see where it's going. My only suggestion would be to give more flexibility in the budget cycle. The app seems to default to presenting a one month budget cycle. As I get paid fortnightly, I need to budget per fortnight and it's hard to get a real picture of what the current fortnight looks like when the app is set to show a month. Takes some extra thinking and consideration to work out where I actually stand. Allowing an option to setup the budget cycle you want would make this absolutely flawless.

- Just one word : AMAZING!! but...

Hi guys @ Anishu, thank you for creating such a wonderful app to organise my finances. Bit sceptical at first but since 2011, I have been exclusively using HB to record all my expenses. But now I've decided to really test this app by entering all my Bills, Incomes, Budgets and Payees!! I've just noticed one let-down in this otherwise perfect finance app, and I've discovered that once I've downloaded HB into my other iPhones and iPads and take advantage of Family Sync the receipts that was attached with the original expense entries were not visible :( They are still available and visible on my Primary Device (my original iPhone) but it would be nice to view them also on my larger iPad screen. Just my 2cents into the matter, I don't know how you guys can fix this maybe was it too difficult to include the original photos in the first place? Was the transfer of the photos not supported with Family Sync? Whatever it is, I'm sure you guys will find a way around this :) Once again thank you for such a wonderful app and I will continually give high-recommendations to all my friends, families and App Store colleagues ..

- Great budget app

Was worried that $5.99 was going to be a waste. But have found this application to be incredibly intuitive, fun to use, easy to learn, with heaps of helpful tips. You can customise all the categories and sub categories to suit what you want. The bills feature is great, along with entering the expenses, all up of 10 seconds to enter and expense, even less once you get used to it. All up this app is definitely a 5 out of 5 and has turned a person who lived from paycheck to paycheck, to someone who can spend less than an hour and organise nearly an entire months worth of bills, expenses and budgets, and look forward to the results.

- Simply Stunning

I cannot give enough praise for this app. Since 2011 I have been using iXpenseit. It worked well but it looked ugly. This app not only does what iXpenseit does and more it also looks beautiful; if aesthetics are important to you then this is your app. The budget feature got me taking my budgeting more seriously; the syncing works seamlessly. Even though you have to pay for the desktop version it's completely worth it. I have my expenses everywhere I need them. I was using iXpenseit for two and a half years and once I downloaded this app I changed over on the day without any hesitation. So as I said, it's phenomenally good.

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- Awesome

I have it on multiple devices for years and works flawlessly.

- Too frustrating!

I’ve tried to make this my go to app for a long time now but I give up. You can only make a recurring bill come up for (I think) a 2 year period then it drops off your monthly bills due without notice. I hate that every month I have to go back and check the previous month to see if all my bills are accounted for. Also, I have tried numerous times to set my rent as recurring monthly; it works for the current month then will not automatically show up for any other months. What’s the point? Too frustrating and confusing.

- Effective

Great app! Proven results to manage your finances in one space! I wish you can print reports to help reconcile.

- Great App to keep an eye on your money

This is a great app to keep track of all your expenses!! I recommend it!

- Love it!

Best budget app by far. Great for family use. Great reporting & very easy to use.

- Namron

Absolutely the best program to track cash flow that I have found.

- Génial pour suivre sont argent et budget

Une fois familiariser

- Excellent

This app is great for coordinating a budget between two family members. The app syncs the budget between the members so each will know in real time how much is left in each budget category. Thank you for this app!

- Does not export

I have followed directions to export the free lite version data into the paid one. It does not have instructions. Now, I have to re-key everything manually in the new purchased version! Disappointing. When I finally bought the App and used for a while, I could not get the Family Sync feature to function. Wasted about 6 hours trying to delete and refill data. I am going to buy another reliable app. No help menu available.

- 5 star if it explained why it takes money and moves it

i really like this app it’s amazing it helps so much omigosh i saved so much money and i felt so organized the only issue i have with it is that when you go to change a savings or something it will change the amount of money in my account and then i have to spend five to ten minutes figuring out why it did that and then i have to fix it. also, they should make a dark mode version or smthn

- No non-sense budgeting app

Been using this app for 5 years now, and have tried others along the way...keep coming back to this one as it is straightforward and none of this subscription model bs. Happily paid the one time premium upgrade; best small investment. Although not necessary, a darkmode would be icing. Thank you app developers.

- Great app!

This is by far one of the best app for expenses! The only thing will make it better, is to improve the computer app...otherwise, fantastic app for smart phone!

- Meilleur logiciel pour le budget

Je l’utilise depuis 10 ans et c’est super! Félicitations

- 5 star if...

The app is great. Would have given it 5 star if the password protection worked with the new iPad Pro (2019). Every thing else is great.

- Update

The app could be updated to allow erasing previous years while retaining current year.

- Awesome app

It is the best app for tracking expenses. It’s been a few years I am using it and I love it. It is very helpful to see where your money mostly goes. Highly recommend it.

- Pleasure to use

i’ve been using this app tracking daily expenses for a few years and have never had a problem. Easy data entry and backup.

- Recommandé

Très facile à utiliser et une excellente façon de respecter un budget.

- Great app, unreliable sync

The sync is somewhat unreliable. If a device isn’t launched frequently enough it becomes permanently out of sync with newer items still showing up, but the missing items never getting synchronized. Too bad.

- User friendly

I’ve been using this app for many years mostly for tracking my expenses, and it covers all the possibilities.

- Love

Absolutely love, worth paying for. Got my husband and I on track with our budgeting.

- It’s messed up

I use to love this app I’ve been using it for 10 year. Now it’s broken nothing works anymore My recurring expenses don’t show up in my account anymore and if I want to enter them again there’s no indefinite end day and all the entries are being posted immediately which messes up my accounts. I honestly hate it now. Don’t waist your money on it.

- Absolutely LOVE IT !!

I have been using this app since 2012 and it has seen us through many big financial challenges - buying our dream home, major renovations and helped us stay on course with our budgeting and retirement plans. Highly recommend!

- App crashes after receiving data

App crashes and won’t open after receiving data from primary user. First time experiencing issues. Need support on this

- Keep crashing

Once in a while app crashes and unable to open it, need to be re downloaded which is all data will be lost.

- Very happy for years until now

I’ve been using this app for years and have LOVED it until the latest update, now all of a sudden I can no longer import my QFX files from my banks. I’ve reached out to the developer a few time’s with no responses. I hate to say it but I’m searching for a new app...

- All Good But..

When the password feature is enabled it keeps everyone out including the intended user, me! The app literally will not load up to allow me to type in my password. I’ve used this app before without a password and loved it. I decided after putting in some data that it would be a great idea to protect my information. Now I’m locked out. I’ve give only three stars because of this issue otherwise great personal budget app.

- Love it

I love this budget app. Budgeting used to be soooo stressful and I would not track my spending and keep receipts on my table for months... this app is so amazing. Try the free version and then upgrade to the real deal. You won't be disappointed

- So far ... awesome!

Been using this app for a month and so far I am in love. It does absolutely everything I want. It allows me to budget but at the same time keep track of my debt! I love seeing the number go down as I pay it off. If you could add a savings goal feature then this would be the only money app (besides my bank haha) that I would ever need!

- easy to use

lots of features

- Works great

Seems to work great my wife Adds stuff I stuff stuff.. Real simple to use had no problems with it and you really like using it just wish I had more money ..lol

- Love but can’t get sync to work

I bought the full version for my Mac & iPhone but I cannot join my group on my iPhone. Very disappointed that I paid for the version with that capability but it won’t work for me.

- Just perfect !

Très simple a utiliser et convient parfaitement au suivit du budget à la maison.

- Solid app & great customer service

I have this app on my iOS devices, my iMac as well as two windows computers. It is a very solid app. Had an issue with my windows license key (my fault) but customer service assisted me within minutes and had me up and running that same morning. That’s James! I dropped one star only because I find the sync function a little finicky. Hopefully they work out the minor bugs in that feature and I can give full five stars. Mark

- Terrible. Don’t buy.

Poor instructions, poor support. No downloads for Canadian financial institutions

- Great app for family budget

Love this app. Been using it for just over a month now and it’s great. Only downside is there is a bit of a glitch when updating on iPhones. Sometimes doesn’t update correctly. Worth the purchased and would definitely recommend this!!!

- Déçus ! Pas fiable du tout !

Nous avons monté notre budget vacance sur cette app et aujourd’hui tout à disparu ! Toutes les infos, les photos de tickets... tout est à Zéro, impossible de retrouver quoi que ce soit ! Une app sur laquelle on ne peu pas compter !! Bien, bien déçus !

- Terrific UX and features

I would certainly include this app in basics. It has just the right amount of features to manage your monthly budget. No extra unnecessary stuff. Very friendly user experience. You can tell the development team incorporated a lot of feedback from users. It does not crash, can process large files for import/export.

- Great app overall would like to see a change

Great budget app overall and I’ve tried many! Would like to be able to go forward and back months on the “main screen” so I don’t have to go into each category and then back a month. Please add this for 5 star!

- Best app

I have used this app for over 2 years now. It does everything from tracking bills to budgeting and more. I would recommend this app to anyone who likes to keep their finances in order. It gets a solid 5 star from me. Cheers

- App is miss on some essential features

This app is missing on some essential features: 1 - Duplicate existing category and rename the category instead of creating each category and subcategories individually. This is so much time consuming. 2 - Copy and paste or duplicate items instead of reinterring them again. Gain of time and ease of use! 3 - To be able to see the different categories of incomes in the look back. At the moment one need to export and go out of the app (in Excel) to see these infos. 4 - When I sync the data with my partner, it is not possible to choose with account to sync. We would like to enter expenses and incomes related to our common account only.

- In love with this app.. but bring back he colours

I would love if you could add Canadian bank syncing. I have been using this app for a few years, and have recommended it to several people. I love it regardless, without the sync, but it would really save me a lot of time of manually entering every transaction. Also please bring back the colours! I was drawn to this app originally because of the colours, as stupid as that sounds.

- Why did you take away the colours?

I love this app I really do but in this last update you took away the colours of the categories and it’s really confusing. Just why?

- Works Flawlessly

I am so happy you have fixed the bug the stopped me from saving transfers as bill payments! Yay! Even when the trasfer for bill paymetns wasn't working this was and still is an excellent app for tracking cash flow. Allows you to instantly see the state of your finances. Keeps tracks of bills and due dates so you know what is due, and when. Works perfectly between iPhone and iPad so you can update on the go and merge later. Having a Mac is awesome! The support is amazing. I have asked a few questions and they have always provided quick and helpful answers. Most of the time it is operator fault, but never once have they suggested it was my stupidity that was the problem. If I had to do this all over again this is the app I would use no question.

- Great, many features

Very good app, everything thought out perfectly, easy to add expenses and income. It would be nice to have an option to turn off the sliding (transitioning) motions when you are choosing categories under the "add expense" as when I'm making mass additions to the budget, it gets tedious waiting for the motion to finish. Also the ability to disable all motions in the app. Maybe a quick fade to the next screen. Under the accounts>"monthly view", it would be nice to be able to edit the positions of transactions that occur on the same day (to match running balance reflected on a statement vs the running balance on the app) These are very minor though compared to the functionality and ease of use for the ~1.5yrs I've been using the app!


Overall app is ok, for single device. Family sync is useless and it will not stay in sync. User must manually export them import data regularly. Phone will buzz every 2-4 seconds when auto sync done - witch dose not actually sync. User is forced to use app developers sync service ( clearly for data mining ). Dropbox sync would work 10X better, if offered. Updating weekly/monthly bills will just duplicate that will with new values. User then must delete months of incorrect bills manually. App is vary over priced, clearly their data mining private information

- Very good

I like to enter the data myself (and not being forced to link to my bank account for security reason). Please add a graph to be able to see a specific spending category over the year. For example, I would like to see my groceries spending over the year. Thanx!

- Good budget app, but...

I've used Home Budget for many years on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to track my spending, create budgets, look at spending trends and patterns, and keep track of all my accounts. Its great if you are using on just one device, but gets a bit complicating when trying to sync across multiple devices. There are also some issues with recurring bills. Other than that, this is a solid budget app that I use together with Mint to balance my books. This would be a 5 star app if they had website access and syncing was just as simple as logging in.

- Just missing one key feature...

Right now, I'm using two apps for my everyday finances. Homebudget and Dollarbird. The reason i have to use Dollarbird is because Homebudget doesn't show the cashflow of your money in a calendar view. Let's say you want to see how much money you will have on october 13, 2016 its simply impossible with Homebudget. With all the bills coming up, the income and the expenses, we should be able to follow your money and know exactly how much we have in a future date. I really hope you guys can make this happen. It's just steps away from a 5 star app.

- Great app

Few suggestion: When export account summary it will also include each of transactions and budget For searching icon, it would be helpful when I type the "keyword" it will also search payee ( set up by users) instead just budget categories . Expand search to the notes, payee, budget...

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HomeBudget with Sync 3.5.4 Screenshots & Images

HomeBudget with Sync iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HomeBudget with Sync iphone images
HomeBudget with Sync iphone images
HomeBudget with Sync iphone images
HomeBudget with Sync iphone images
HomeBudget with Sync iphone images
HomeBudget with Sync iphone images
HomeBudget with Sync iphone images
HomeBudget with Sync iphone images
HomeBudget with Sync iphone images
HomeBudget with Sync iphone images

HomeBudget with Sync (Version 3.5.4) Install & Download

The applications HomeBudget with Sync was published in the category Finance on 2009-02-27 and was developed by Anishu, Inc. [Developer ID: 306257913]. This application file size is 26.9 MB. HomeBudget with Sync - Finance app posted on 2021-10-22 current version is 3.5.4 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.anishu.homebudget