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What is cbs sports fantasy app? Manage, track and get the best advice for your fantasy teams all in one place. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or hockey, the CBS Sports Fantasy App has you covered.

-Draft from anywhere with support for auction, snake, and mock drafts.
-Set your lineup, add/drop players, propose/monitor/accept trades.
-League chat to trash talk opponents all week long.
-League standings and power rankings.
-Player profiles with stats, projections, and upcoming matchup information.
-View league rules and draft results.

-Scoring previews for every matchup every week.
-Get fast and accurate fantasy point updates with Gametracker.
-Live matchup projections powered by SportsLine.
-Weekly matchup recaps.

-Player Rankings from CBS Sports Fantasy Experts.
-Constantly updated fantasy advice videos and articles.
-Depth charts, roster trends, and player projections to help you make the best decisions.
-Updated news, injury reports, and performance predictions .

-Set up your draft.
-Create and review scoring settings and categories.
-Easily invite friends via text, email, and social.

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CBS Sports Fantasy Version 6.8.1311 April 2022

This release includes misc bug fixes & optimizations to bring you a better overall app experience..

CBS Sports Fantasy Version 6.8.1202 February 2022

This release includes bug fixes & performance improvements..

CBS Sports Fantasy Version 6.8.1129 November 2021

This release includes misc bug fixes & optimizations to bring you a better overall app experience..

CBS Sports Fantasy Comments & Reviews 2022

- The best fantasy podcast

I went from being last in my league (and I am the commissioner) to first consistently. I listen to several other ff podcasts and these guys are the best IMO. They are the only ones who do impromptu podcasts when there is breaking g news which is super helpful. I have shopped them al and these guys are my go to. I have lead my league for the last 3 years since subscribing. Highly recommend!! Dear, Philip, Drew, Stan & Dan (from America’s finest city), Question: I am 1st in my league and have locked up the #1 seed (thanks to you guys...was projected to come in last but I showed them). I am in a 10 teal PPR league and have saved my #1 waiver priority all season. I have D Adams and Diggs as my WR but my bench for WR is just OK (Aiyuk & Pittman). I am OK at RB but not great (Robinson, Hunt, Montgomery & Carson). Should I blow my #1 priority to pick up Deebo (or someone else? defense?) or should I just hang in in case of an injury and pounce? I also lost Dak so I am riding with Tannehill. What should I prioritize going into the playoffs? Please help!!

- How does this have 4+ stars?

It’s better than nothing, but it’s still a steaming pile of dog feces. The interface is just not good. When a player gets put on the IL and you add a player, you don’t really know for sure if you’re dropping the injured player or putting him on IL until submit the transaction because the interface is so confusing. You have to flip to a separate tab to view your pitchers for some reason. I don’t know why they can’t just put them under the batters like espn does. There are also only the league stats categories available. If you want to know how many times your players have walked, you have to click on each individual player. But the biggest issue is the waiver wire. You can’t search for players based on stats categories, which is really the only way to actually find players. They have limited time periods to search (last 7 days, last 14 days, last 21 days, last 28 days). And there is no way to qualify players based on how much they play. If you’re looking for a guy who has a good era, you have to sift through 50 relievers before you can find a starter, and you can only find a starter based on your own pre existing knowledge or guessing by how many inning and strikeouts he has. It’s practically impossible to use the app to pick up pitchers. It seems like they desperately want you to just follow their projections, even though most of the “experts” projecting aren’t very good at it.

- This app blows

This app is so horrible I had to somehow figure out how to get the full site so I could get accurate scores/updates. The app would consistently give me illegal lineup messages when it was never illegal. Take points away when I set my lineup for the next day, the analysis of players always have statistic and grammar mistakes like they have a intern running it. Been using cbs for 14 years and it was so much better then, than it is now. The app will give you very little info, won’t even show you what that player has gotten on a weekly basis without you having to navigate and click 200 different links to search it when you immediately get it at the full site. I don’t see why it’s so complicated to have the same or roughly the same user interface than what you would get with the full site. It’s completely night and day if you were to compare the two. On top of that their mobile site is so difficult to find the full site (cause it’s trash too) it takes a blood sacrifice and my first borns social security number in order to find it. They have never heard the saying “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” because they constantly want to tinker with things and I can’t think of one thing they’ve done to better their service in 5-10 years. Whoever you have in charge of all this obviously has no idea what they’re doing. Just like I wouldn’t want a fry cook doing my open heart surgery.

- Good. Not great.

The app has some cool features, but ultimately it’s a chore to use. Navigating from one screen to another results in an hour glass as the page loads. You have to change your players position when moving them from the flex spot back to the bench. That is, manually change the players position from flex back to TE/WR/RB. If you don’t change it back, you won’t generate points, which seems pointless. Simple things like viewing current week stats are not possible. The player stats date filter needs to be expanded to include more options other than last week, projected this week and YTD. If I want to know who the highest scoring players were of the week, I have to wait until next week. It is helpful to view/edit your roster for future weeks in other apps, you can’t do that with this app, making byes more difficult to plan for. Lastly, you’d think the writers would be more prescriptive but the player notes (which are almost never updated until Tuesday) are really not very helpful. They mostly just cover the stats the player made and show the next week’s opponent. No recommendations or analysis. I’m in a dynasty league through marriage so I’m learning to deal. But don’t come to this app expecting to be similar to yahoo.

- Get Real

CBS wants to charge $150 for you to use their fantasy football app. I have used all of the other FREE systems, which are all better by the way. They do offer a free fantasy league for 8-10 team, standard, snake draft systems, which is what I set up. Unknowingly, I was in the pay for league. I invited the teams, set up the draft etc. then after the draft I see “step 4, pay for your league” $150. Anybody who’s run a fantasy league knows what a pain it can be to organize a league and set it up. I knew at that point I just wasted a lot of everybody’s time. I did inquire the “help center” hoping it just default to s free league. After the first week of the season, it locked up the app for all the teams handcuffing us for the $150 which I refuse to pay. After 3 inquiries to the help center and no response, I am going to move us back to NFL fantasy. CBS is trying to be like typical modern business. Trick you into paying for something they claim is superior and not provide any support for it. Forcing you to ask for help through email systems they never intend to respond to. I expect more from a name like CBS. On top of it, the app sucked. I thought it was clumsy to navigate, there is absolutely nothing special about it. Run like hell and use ANY of the other good apps that are FREE! Don’t waste your time like I did. What a joke.

- Former ESPN USER

I’ve used ESPN for 12+ yrs. switched last season to MFL but it was a little complex for members of my league, but we used it for the customization qualities. This season we said let’s just go back to ESPN but when I started it and went to set some rules and details it was so basic and not very customizable. So I decided to finally use CBS ( never did bc it was to my advantage bc this is where I always got my info from). This site will let you customize just about anything, and the information and links attached to the app and Full Site are second to none. CBS is easily the best fantasy site that I have ever used. Not to mention they have the most informative and entertaining Fanatay Podcast around. Adam , Dave , Jamey, Heath, Chris, Ben, Will, etc....!

- Could use a major upgrade

Needs some updates and a bit of a new overhaul compared to some of the other apps, and fyi unlike Yahoo and other sites they don't give you your winnings till a month after when other sites fantasy games award you 7-10 days after the championship is over it could take longer they said because of how they work, so it's a bit of buyer beware for CBS pay leagues it's sad because I really enjoy CBS paired with Yahoo for some extra fun or a different style, look if you will it's 12 team league verse ten in some cases, but the outdated app where you can watch live scores only your players as it happens in the app, is unlike Yahoo and ESPN where you can stream live coverage of the game on your phone seeing real time stats as they occur, that lineup settings are a bit dull and have been the same for almost the last 5 years. So i give it a solid 3 stars still because it's still the next best to those 3 and you won't find another app like them other then going with the better To for home leagues which is Yahoo or Espn.

- Disappointing

If your league uses traditional roto scoring, this app is frustrating and irritating to use. The “Scores” screen shows the standings for the current period. In a roto league, this information is meaningless because weekly results are not relevant in the final results. It is the same with what is posted in the notification center. What is shown is not an accurate account of the actual league standings. Most of the owners in my league manage our teams on our phones and unless there is an update to make it more friendly for leagues that play by traditional rules, we will move to another service next season. This service and this app has been the gold standard of fantasy baseball for leagues for a long time. It is frustrating but also sad that it no longer is. Update 5/4/21. I’ve reached out to CBS Sports customer support and received the typical “we’re aware of the issue” response. Issue not fixed and my well deserve one star rating remains.

- Outdated, inconsistent, full of errors for the past 3 years.

The only thing reliable about this app is how absolutely terrible it is. Compared to yahoo and ESPN it is a dinosaur. For example, the last version (even when updated) will constantly show lineup status on the wrong day, meaning you don’t exactly which day you’re setting your lineup for unless you navigate the day to the past and then reload it to the present day to clear the incorrect data. The lineup page shows no stats unlike yahoo or ESPN. Same goes with roster trends or probable pitchers under “research.” With yahoo I can see how my players performed for the last period, 14 days, etc.; see add/drop trends. No dice with this app. The probable pitchers data is almost always wrong. It will continually list injured, demoted, or simply pitchers who have been relegated to the bullpen in starting slots and you have to constantly check the MLB app to make sure the lineups are correct. We’ve had a dynasty league for 16 years on CBS. The web browser API is far far superior but none of those features translate into an app. But we’re at the point where we’re ready to take our business elsewhere because in 2021 you need a functioning mobile app. Believe every 1 star review you’ve read. The fact that CBS doesn’t care about this product is a joke when they were once a leader in the market. This is undoubtedly the worst, and until they care to update the API, they don’t deserve your money (or loyalty).

- This application is beyond scuffed

Where to begin...Before my groups league was even formed there was a bug with joining the league. Our LM needed to call CBS in order to have us all manually added to the league...then, during the draft the application locked us out of the draft room and only the people that we drafted in the later rounds ended up on our teams and we needed to manually add the rest of the players to our teams...that was probably simple right? Wrong. In order to see who you draft you need to go to the actual draft board click on the one player to add them and do that process over again, one at a time...tedious is an understatement. Also...Want to just simply add your 2bman to a MI slot? You can’t...unless you physically change their position each time you want to slot them into a new spot in your’s not user friendly and this cost money? There are better free apps out there. Look elsewhere...also I can’t have the same “nickname” as someone when writing a review?

- App is trash compared to desktop

In order to do anything useful you're forced to use the desktop version. For instance, in my fantasy baseball league trying to put a position player on the IL can't be done on the app. I literally have to go on my laptop and switch them over from there and then go back to what I was doing on the app. This leads into my second point. There's no continuity between the desktop and app versions. I can add a player with no problem on the app after putting someone on the IL, but if I put a player on the IL and try to add a player to replace the injured player on desktop it treats it as if I'm trying to make a trade after the trade deadline. This is not my first fantasy experience and it's confusing to me. Just imagine how it might be for someone trying it out for the first time. They'll definitely go elsewhere like espn where it's less confusing. I don't know why it would seem hard to have the same experience in both the app and desktop. Please fix this.

- OK at best

Where do I start? The CBS sports fantasy app is very frustrating for leagues that aren’t cookie-cutter. The worst thing is that you can not pick up a free agent and move a player to the IL or Minors. Instead, it can only be done with a computer or, most often, your phone’s browser. Another thing is that the trade screen is not helpful in that you can only view own/ start % and salary- cool story bro, might be better if you could view stats and rankings to compare players. Also, my league utilizes OPS instead of AVG or OBP. OPS is not listed on a player page, free agent list or anything except the live scoring tracker. The only way to view it is on the player page- view stats and you add up OBP + SLG to get an idea. Less than ideal huh? Displaying your league’s stats shouldn’t be a lot to ask. It would also be helpful to know how many Innings Pitched you’re on pace for as many owners become mindful of the league’s IP minimum. I generally like the layout and format of the app, but the negatives are enough that we’re considering alternatives for 2020.

- Not enough players !

Many years ago, when first introduced to FF, we had a private league for many years. Players mostly worked together and we had live drafts. ( great way to start ) . We ( I ) decided that 18 players would be THE number to comprise a team; theoretically that could include 2 Q/B’s, 2 Kickers, 2 Defenses etc. Hence, all or most decisions each week would mostly come from WITHIN the team ( once it’s built up to one’s satisfaction) . Now, retired and joining public leagues, 15 is the number and that just doesn’t work for me. Unless this game is updated to be more user friendly, I most likely will not playing CBS FF next year. Both Yahoo and NFL have better formats that include several injured reserve spots. Please update the general game and increase the excitement factor….Thank you.

- Would give it a half or zero if I could

ESPN is much better, easier to see and navigate. Just one example. Please research their app CBS. When my brother convinced us to switch our league here I thought it would be more customizable, have a better interface and be easier to use and navigate because you pay to have a fantasy league hosted on CBS. I was wrong. Not only does it cost 150 compared to free on ESPN, but it is lacking in every aspect, at best. It’s really a ripoff, as I can’t see what value is added for the money. Free apps are better. If you want IR, anyone can pickup a healthy player and put immediately on IR. You have to police it which defeats the purpose of having an app. Curious about the details of your matchup? Good luck. You have to tap multiple times during matchups to see your players stats. All you can see is their points. ESPN gives a quick overview on the matchup screen without having to leave. And it’s barely visible. Oh, and league scoreboard will display one score, but the individual matchup screen is a few points off. All game long. Nothing is intuitive or organized as you’d think it would be. Info is everywhere and at times doesn’t make sense where something may be nested. So I don’t think they put the money towards UI/UX. Oh, and even though you’ve paid to use the league, you are still served ads in app. Why? So, what did we pay for? Why is this app inferior to Free apps elsewhere?

- Need to add an injured reserve spot or 2

I like CBS fantasy football a lot, but I am looking to make a change toA league where there are one or two injured reserve slots. It was very frustrating to draft and trade to get an excellent team, only to have to drop good players in an attempt to get otherPlayers to make the playoffs. For example I had to drop Damien Harris because he was hurt for several weeks, only to have him get 38 points against me in the first playoff game when he was picked up by someone else. Would much rather have been able to put him on injured reserve without losing a spot. Had to drop Fournette as well, and also hold on to Elijah Mitchell while hurt for several weeks because I had no injured reserve spot. Especially with impact of Covid, anInjured reserve spot or two would really help!

- Horrible!

This is absolutely the WORST fantasy site I’ve ever been a part of. I’ve used ESPN, NFL and probably one or two others in the past. CBS’ is completely user UN-friendly. I tried to add a player. It said I had to drop someone because that would give me too many (other sites let you drop someone contingent on you getting the player you’re trying to add). So I dropped a player. I was outbid on the player I tried to add. Now it says I have an “illegal lineup” because I’m short one player ON MY BENCH. Not my starters. I have a full lineup of starters, but I’m short a player on my bench because of their stupid rules. It appears as though I will get zero points this week because of my “illegal lineup.” Not only that, but it’s just inefficient and odd to use, the way it’s set up. Hard to find players. Not even simple to find your game for that week. Unwieldy. Awkward. Awful. If my league uses this site again next year, I’m out. Oh, and I gave it one star only because ZERO STARS is not an option.

- Trading Block

Adding that to the app would be a HUGE upgrade. It’s too difficult to access the cbs site from the internet explorer of a smart phone. Help make this app better it hasn’t seen many upgrades in the past few years. Considering my league spends the $150+ twice a year for the commissioners leagues, and has done it for over a decade, I hope our plight is seriously considered! Not to mention.... if we’re paying for a commissioners league, we should be allowed to access all these sportsline articles that we need to pay extra for. Just bonkers what we pay out for such a small amount of extra functionality.

- Problems

You changed your web site so we get an hour glass blocked by an employers firewall for roster trends, depth charts, etc. and for the draft. This is the first year. I work for a civil service agency that employs 45,000+ employees. We all generally use CBS Sports for our fantasy football because yours is the one not blocked by our employers firewall. Next year I foresee you losing tons of business as we all switch to the free NFL, Yahoo leagues, since the only reason we were going with you, and paying $160 to you bypassing the free leagues, was because we could access it at work. If that’s not the case any more, adieu . You have time for your programmers to correct the design problem. For right now, we can still set our starters (only) but who wants a 40% functional web site...?

- What is going on at CBS?

I’ve played fantasy baseball for 10 years. It’s something I look forward to when the spring rolls around. To prepare for the year, I listened the Fantasy Baseball Today’s podcast and really enjoyed the content. When our league was looking to switch platforms, I voted CBS over the other providers because it was premium and I wasn’t a fan of ESPN from a few years back. The desktop version isn’t bad, but the app is an epic failure. It’s one of the least user friendly designs I’ve ever used in ANY app. It’s very difficult to tell if your pitcher is going that day or the next. You can’t sort players by categories? Something had to go terribly wrong over there for this to be the final product. The only way to keep your users will be to FIX IT. If people have to use this all summer and it negatively impacts their experience, they won’t be back. Please feel free to reach out if suggestions are needed. I believe in you CBS.

- Shockingly bad!

This is my first year playing in CBS leagues, and knowingly that it’s a pretty big, popular platform, I was genuinely shocked at how bad this product was. CBS couldn’t perform the most basic functions of a fantasy platform. It’s a fantasy baseball league... I want to be able to see how my team did, cumulatively, yesterday? Why is that so hard? ESPN, Yahoo, literally every other platform will total up your players and tell you your pitchers had a 3.40 combined ERA yesterday or whatever. With CBS... you have to click through like 10 different steps to find that? And I was only ever about to do that on the app, not on desktop? This platform also randomly lets you make illegal roster moves, like picking up players without dropping anyone, thus putting you over the legal roster limit? Why?? Who wants that?? Not to mention, there seems to be a bug today, the day after the season ended, so the final standings are not displaying correctly. That is LITERALLY the only thing that users want the day after the season ends! Come on! Tl;dr: Just make your platform exactly like Yahoo. Take all the ideas that you guys think you have that are innovative or different and throw them in the trash. Just make your platform exactly. like. Yahoo. and throw the CBS logo on there. It’ll be fine.

- Simple updates can aid so many fantasy baseball users

I’ve been waiting years for just simple updates that would make this app so much better for Baseball. How come I can’t find an eligibility tab anywhere on this app. Either make a tab or add it to a players profile page please . Another daily occurrence which requires me to close the app open my Internet browser log into the website on the Internet browser to see what daily matchups are on my team page. I understand you could do it on the app by clicking on every individual player on your team that just takes forever is there a way to make a tab to show the pitching matchups for your entire team at one time like the website.

- Ye olde 5-star review

I started listening to the cbs fantasy baseball podcast before this season starts, it’s great because I get a lot of sabremetric info on players that helps me determine if I should hate-drop an underperforming player or hold on for a bit longer to wait for regression to do its thing. I have a question: What is the last line of the Friday “Kokomo” song after “raisins are shriveled grapes”, as Frank keeps stepping on that last lyric? Lastly, I would like to submit my team name for Team Name Tuesday: Tatis All, Folks. Every time Fernando tatis misses time with an injury, I feel like my season is over, hence my team name.


I try to access this from home Wifi and it's still SO glitchy and slow I give up before being able to access my team 70% of the time. I couldn't even make a last minute change to my lineup because it took almost 10 minutes to get into my team roster! This is the last year I am using CBS to do my fantasy league unless you take some of your multimillion dollar company and invest it on a decent app! Completely ridiculous to year after year be okay with a 1 Star rating, you obviously don't care about your customers! The website has enough issues as it is (released our waivers early and not in the bidding format we had) we had to finish our waiver wire in person by submitting bids on folded pieces of paper to see who won the waivers, yes seriously. I recommend using ESPN or Yahoo, we will be after the season is over.

- CBS FF app rules!

High quality analysis all at my finger tips. What more can you ask for? Regulator question. A LM accidentally dropped Chris Carson for the Cowboys DST when he meant to drop the KC DST. It feels like it messes up the league balance to let it stand as is and have someone just pick up Carson for free via waivers. But it also doesn’t feel right to just reverse it. Any thoughts on an adequate ruling and/or punishment for his mistake that doesn’t adversely ruin the balance of the league? 12 team PPR. Waivers is reverse order of standings reset each week. Waivers already ran (obviously). The team positioned to claim Carson is arguably the worst team in the league if that matters.

- Could be better with some simple fixes

Add/scout picture icons in player profiles are inconveniently small. There are too many options on the left-side menu. Also on the iPad app, 1. Numbers in live scoring are way too small and 2. it doesn’t appear there’s a way to minimize the other scores in the league so they don’t take up a third of the screen if I only want to monitor my game’s live scoring. Not related to the app but the website desperately needs an option other than drag/drop when trying to edit pre-draft player rankings. Drop-down menu, the ability to upload/paste a document, or even just allowing us to make type our own list without using one of your existing lists as the basis.

- Some good some bad

The biggest problem is making roster changes shouldn’t require hitting the check button. I have managers complain multiple times per year they tried to make a change and it didn’t save. It’s a little hard to just see the league standings that needs to be reformatted. I have a keeper league and player salaries are shown out of order on the player profile page. Stats are hard to see and could be reformatted. Lots of good things though. There is more information available here than on yahoo. For instance, league schedules, two start pitchers and career stats. The app is more informative than yahoo but just needs some reformatting tweaks.

- Good is the enemy of Great

This app is good. Probably the best on the market. Unfortunately that means it is unlikely they will ever be Great. There is plenty of room for improvement in this app, but we’ll likely need to wait on a competitor to fill the gaps. My #1 gripe - This site is immensely profitable yet they don’t provide any customer service. You would think during the first few weeks they would provide extended hours of support. But no - as far as I can tell they offer NONE. I’ve used this app for probably 20 years. This year we finally had an issue that required assistance. I sent in my request. No response... NOTHING.

- CBS the biggest waste of money

CBS constantly suggests waiver pick ups that went by the 9th round of my 10 team draft. There are constant glitches with the app the sound works about 1/4 of the time on their fantasy analysis. There are more add pop ups than my 𝐅𝐫𝐞𝐞 espn and yahoo leagues. The one thing I enjoy are the weekly game reviews. Richard is only slightly less competent than Eisenburg. Id not recommend learning the other dudes name. I’m a ff hall of famer. My league is fiercely competitive. There’s 2 morons in my league that refuse to switch to a better site because they want their 15 year old titles to stay in tact.

- Big Improvement!

I’ve been a CBS fantasy subscriber since 2003. Granted there were no smart phones or apps back then, but I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the CBS website as a whole over the years. In regards to the CBS Fantasy app, I’ve seen the most improvement since just last season. I am very satisfied with the improved commissioner tools, weekly scoring previews, ability to communicate with the rest of our league through activity and transactions reports, etc. Consumers have a choice, use a free fantasy site or pay $150 for CBS. CBS is worth the money.

- Worst site for the money

The only reason my league of almost 25 years continues to use the site is familiarity and the league history information. Been with CBS since we took it online. The projections don’t consider our custom scoring and the player updates, IMO, are the worst on the industry for what I believe to be the highest cost site in the industry. I’m a 52 y.o. Financial Controller with a Masters in Finance, I play DFS on 5 different sites, I’m in season long leagues across 3 different sites, and have been playing fantasy football since the days of manual scoring based on the USA Today stats. Come on CBS, put some money into the money maker and make it a leader within the industry.

- Hire me to make u competitive

The draft room is terrible and hard to use, every time we’ve drafted it just starts bidding automatically and forces pauses. The fact that the system can’t figure out when everyone is out of money and we have to wait the full timer is something out of the 90s. The fact that the next week is not updated until Wednesday is crazy. On Tuesday I should be able to see projections for the current week. 11 out of 12 people in the League do not want to use this platform, lucky for u guys the 1 that does want to use cbs is the commissioner. You do a good job getting information quickly and draft grades and such, but the system is so outdated. I LIVE for fantasy sports, this platform needs a lot of work! You Should hire me and I would put you up with yahoo which is worlds ahead of CBS!

- Adds in app??

I love this app for my fantasy football league. The commissioner control is top notch. I pay $160/year per league. I am currently in 2 leagues. I am the commissioner in both. I see that they are starting to put adds at the bottom of screen. Mainly for other apps. I don’t think that there should be any adds or at the very least a way to “opt out” of said adds. Please fix this. I have been a loyal customer for the past 8 years. I will take my business elsewhere, or go to the free apps. I understand adds popping up while using free app, but not when paying $160 per league.

- Ingress

The pop up Ingrezza ad is going to get me to leave CBS after more than a decade of managing my fantasy leagues. Can’t flip to ANY screen within app without this as playing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over....................... UPDATE: I stayed with the app and the Ingrezza pop up add FINALLY went away. However, now today, SUNDAY, October 25, 2020 (you know, right in the middle of football season, which is the season for which the majority of users get this app) the app cannot download my fantasy leagues. This is week 7 of the NFL season, and this is the THIRD Sunday out of 7 that this has happened. Really? Get it together CBS!

- Worst platform for fantasy.

Can’t even access a trade block feature or anything in the app even if your league pays the $180 to use all the features. Player pool isn’t even deep as you have to add players all the time and created multiples of the same player and created trade problems mid season and afterwards. Not really sure what they do with the money because the product is literally worse than other free sites. I would recommend going anywhere else to play fantasy sports if you’re thinking about starting here.

- Minimal features and not intuitive

So far, I am unable to log into my league to check the scoring model that will be in use. Any fantasy football player worth his or her salt know the model drives the value of various players. As I read the “help text” I will not have access to the league until 24 hours before the draft on the app. I am also unable to find a “mock draft” feature, although my help desk query returned an incorrect set of instructions for finding it. To be clear, I’ve completed at least two mock drafts on the yahoo app already. Mock drafts enable me to become familiar with the user interface before the pressure of a real draft. Given my first two user experience issues, clearly figuring out how this app is a struggle. The third non intuitive feature that should be standard is the ability to enter my own player rankings. Thus far, I have not found that feature either. So to summarize, entering my draft, l: - don’t know the scoring model - haven’t practiced on the user interface - can’t organize my own player rankings On the positive side, a couple of the articles that I read are ver y useful. I look forward to using that content to rank players on yahoo.

- Worst fantasy baseball app

This is the least user-friendly fantasy baseball app between the big 3 (CBS, Yahoo and ESPN). You have to go through multiple pages to do the simplest tasks (adding probable pitchers), and nothing is where it should be. Why isn’t there a tab on the list of tabs to add a player? Instead, I have to select My Team, click a plus sign, and even then I can’t filter by probable pitchers. The “main” screen is useless and doesn’t lead you anywhere. This was created by people who don’t play fantasy people and who didn’t consult people who play fantasy baseball. The only reason I use this app is because I’m in a league run by 60+ year old dinosaurs who still justify paying for free fantasy sports and think the internet is the devil. Look at Yahoo/ESPN, mirror that, then this app will be 10x better.

- Label the links for for voiceover users

There is a button that does not work and VoiceOver mode. Go into the app, click the home button on the top left corner, then click fantasy football, then click rankings, and then you are unable to change the setting from top 20 to running back‘s, wide receivers or any other setting. It is stuck at top 200 because it is not enabled on voiceover mode. I gave this app two stars because some of the app is voiceover accessible. However, there are still 15 buttons that are unlabeled for voiceover users. If you went into your car and absolutely nothing was labeled, would you be able to drive it? I left a review a couple months ago and there were 15 unlabeled buttons back then as well.

- Very disappointed

We spend $150 as a league to use this site, partly because we always have used it, partly because the system is easy to use. However the app now has advertisements at the bottom of the screen, it is hard to move around the adds and should not be there since we pay ALOT for this sight. I would expect this from yahoo or ESPN that have free sights, but not from an expensive service. It cheapens you brand and is making us think of using a free service from here on out. We choose to pay you rather than have that go to our winners, so moving forward we might change services.

- CBS needs to do better

My friends and I have used CBS for years. We stick with it so we can maintain the historical records for our league. However, we may walk away from CBS next year. - The player ranking is horrible. A glaring example: Preseason rankings had Tracy Walker, defender for the Lions, as a top 50 overall fantasy player. Not a top 50 defender. Top 50 overall. - My league mates and I all agree that we can ignore CBS ‘experts.’ We understand that no fantasy writer can be right all the time but they are so far off base that it’s laughable. - The draft itself experienced multiple freezes this year. -It is extremely difficult to adjust the preseason rankings and create your own. The format is not at all user friendly. - Trade review deadlines are horrible. CBS extends trade review deadlines until the next calendar day AFTER a deadline has expired. For instance our league has a 24 hour window to vote on a trade. If a trade is accepted at 8:00 AM Tuesday the trade will not actually finalize until Thursday. - I can not say that the product merits the price for a paid league.

- Terrible Useless App

I’ve been playing fantasy sports for 15 years. This app’s functionality is worse than yahoo’s version from 15 years ago! I will list the complaints that I have: Changing your daily lineup is cumbersome and takes forever. Figuring out who is starting when, is confusing. You can’t preset your lineup for the week. Why can’t I look at daily projections and regular stats on the “my team” page?! How am I supposed to choose who starts today?! Adding players, same issues as above. I can’t see important stats easily. There isn’t a central hub from the “my team” area, to do things. You have to go back to another screen, then click and find what you’re looking for. Can you tell me if my players are starting today?!?! Change the color or something!!!! Put a symbol next it. My gosh it’s ridiculous!!!!!! The ONLY reason my friends and I are using CBS, is because it makes doing a keeper league easier. But this app is so bad, we are ditching it next year. Please CBS, do yourself a favor, download ANY of your competitors apps, and see the infinite list of things you have gotten wrong with your app.

- 15 years

Been using cbs fantasy for at least 15 years. Some years have been better than others. I feel that it is a good system. Easy to use, scoring system has a lot of adjustable options, lots of extras to look at for help with your team. But there has been some problems with system freezing up, real time update not always accurate, projections not as good as they used to be, and seem to weigh a little heavier on daily fantasy for advice vs season play. All in all I do like it. But for the money you have to pay for the season, Bugs should be worked out. Milhouse

- Could be better.

Here’s the deal. It works well for fantasy on the go. But you get a lot more out of the site by logging on to your computer. I solely play fantasy off of my phone. And while this app allows me to make roster updates trade and add/drop played and chat on my message bored that’s about all it does. I think a rework on how the app looks and feels is needed it could be a lot more user friendly and smoother. Also being able to add picture or videos to the message bored would be great. This is something you can do on your computer I think it could easily be added to the app. Over like I said not bad. I just feel like it could use a much needed update.

- Year over year decline

Your app performance for fantasy is absolutely trash! Latency is terrible and at times makes it nearly impossible to change your line up or process free agent transactions 30min before game time. If you allowed the ability to rate no stars I would have. Also your player news and updates is absolutely useless!!!!! Your player news and updates are about as relevant as a week old wet news paper! Get it together CBS Sportsline! Not sure if this review will even be read or consumed by your staff of developers. I just want to personally tell you guys the performance of your product has drastically taken a step back year over year. It’s almost as if you don’t use it for yourself! Absolutely Trash!

- Last place

This is my first year using cbs for fantasy football. I've been extremely disappointed. There's no real time stats for players, not in my lineup. You can't add a player minutes before the start of game. Waiver wire position moves from Monday to Tuesday. You can't change your name mid season. I signed up for PPR scoring but found out when season started I was playing standard scoring. So many issues. I love playing fantasy football. However it's frustrating when a site is not up to par. This should be one of the best. Yet I rate this site last behind ESPN, Yahoo and NFL sites/apps.

- First Review I Have Ever Written

For fantasy purposes the app is daily abysmal. It has insanely random bugs, like not being able to send trades involving 0 rostered players on one side, that only happens on mobile. The QoL is also abysmal. If you are in a keeper league and want to have a day for everyone to prep for the draft, you have to manually remove every single player from your roster and their APIs are so slow that it will actually take an entire minute for that one player drop to happen on your screen. I legitimately stay away from any new leagues that advertise cbs. If Fantrax hired an app developer whose only job was to make pretty UI, it would blow this app wayyyyyy out of the water.

- Could be perfect

This app does a great many things right. Easy to manage all my teams, solid draft room support, quality articles that aren’t hard to find. The one thing I really miss between this app and the browser version is sortable stats, especially for baseball. The player rater is nice most of the time but when I need help in a specific category it becomes tedious. Also I’d love to see sortable timeframes between 28 days and YTD. Last thing I’d hope devs can add is player eligibility logs. Overall, a great product that is far superior to Yahoo and ESPN’s apps IMO.

- App freezes, confounds constantly

This app has always bothered me due to the awful UI and lack of visibility. Go look at the Yahoo app and how you can see all player stats in a single frame and then just copy it. Seriously guys, showing me 2 stat columns at a time on my roster? Also, you can’t sort available players by stat do you not have this ultra basic feature? The only thing that makes sense is that none of the developers or managers of the app actually play fantasy. Get someone in there who plays and knows what people want and you’ll fix 90% of the issues that plague the app. And now, out of nowhere, the app is constantly freezing on my iPhone X with all necessary updates. I didn’t think this app could get any worse, but CBS continues to surprise me.

- Things are sometimes messed up

Scores and projected scores are messy and inconsistent when you’re on different pages (i.e. matchup, lineup, etc). There is limited news available or easily accessible. Waiver page is cumbersome and not organized in a very user-friendly fashion. ESPN and Yahoo both are more user friendly, have easier access to the things you want to get to most with button shortcuts on home page, more organized free agent pages, face pictures of players, etc. It’s still pretty good and the projected scores are usually more accurate than the other apps but it’s not nearly as user-friendly. Anyway...

- App rarely actually opens

It’s so great to have an app on my phone to be able to adjust my lineup when I’m not around a computer right before kickoff. Well, it WOULD be great, actually, if the app, you know, worked at all. Constantly crashes when I try to start the app. Then, on the rare occasion it doesn’t crash, I get sent to and “oops, something went wrong!” screen. I’ll tell you what went wrong - our league used this trash website/software that hasn’t bothered to upgrade its technology in 3-5 years. Instead CBS is just harvesting fees from all these people who haven’t bothered to move on to a website that actually makes even a half-hearted attempt to pretend it’s not just stealing money from people.

- Deserves 0 stars

If I could give this negative stars I would. We have been using this app for several years for fantasy football. I don’t know if it’s the curse of 2020 or what, but the quality has plummeted! Constant issues, lots of “oops something went wrong” messages, slow, not receiving league correspondence I signed up to get, absolutely no response from anyone when I’ve emailed about issues. What exactly are we paying for? I’m in free leagues on both Yahoo and ESPN and not a single problem. Sorry, but your weekly recaps aren’t worth the $ if I can’t even set my team each week without encountering multiple issues- don’t even know if it actually saved half the time. Terrible.

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- Great app!

Good having all the sports in just one app

- Should be so much better

Slow to load, many features aren't included that exist on desktop, UX leaves a lot to be desired and most importantly, it's frequently slow and displays incorrect scores (and this is a PAID PRODUCT!) We'll be looking at other options next season.

- Worst fantasy baseball app in the market

Was it developed in 1990 and never updated?

- 👍👍👍🏈

Great app! Easy to use and navigate.

- Very good

Big fan guys

- Ok app

Easy to use

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- Almost perfect

Would be nice if when you are trying to do a trade you could actually click a guy in the trade and read his stats/overview instead of always having to back out, is fairly inconvenient, however I love almost everything else, more in depth commish tools on the app would be nice too if possible, cheers

- Update Bug?

App started bugging this morning — have deleted and re-downloaded it several times but it refuses to open for more than 1-2 seconds. Everything else on my iPhone is fine. Have used it for our pool for years with mixed results but first time I’ve encountered this glitch. Solutions?

- Good not great

I just wish the videos would play, not sure why they don’t?

- Terrible draft

After paying for the site people were getting kicked out of the draft and freezing during the draft not letting them make their own picks. Making me question what I’m paying for?

- Garbage

I use Yahoo FANTASY, NFL APP and ESPN FANTASY along with CBS FANTASY. CBS FANTASY IS bush league. NO stars

- Awful but they’ll fix it

Used to the best fantasy app by a mile! Then 2 years ago something happened. Endless glitches, crashing and even our draft wouldn’t work. They gave us our money back which is classy but all I want is the app to work like it used to

- Fantasy Basketball - App is archaic

I run the pool that my friends and I participate in yearly in now its 12th year. League name is TMHMAT. The CBS site is one of very few options we have that allow for keeper and auction-salary accounting. The rest of the site’s functionality has fallen woefully behind other free site alternatives. The app leaves so much to be desired and has become an ongoing joke amongst owners in our league. We’d love to see some needed upgrades. Just the truth.

- Great App

Love this app. Well organized. Great write ups and keeps you up to date with all the transactions, trades, injuries and projections! Highly recommended this for veterans of fantasy football or someone like me that is playing for the first time! 🏈 Cheers, BillsMafia_17

- App login

App randomly logged me out and now won’t let me log back in. Have deleted and re-downloaded the app. Getting “could not authenticate expected (200-202) got 503” messages. Unable to log back in now.

- Ten year old tech

It’s an app that sends you to all sorts of other apps and websites rather than being in the app. It won’t load my teams up. The help page is blank. Just horrible.

- Meh

So-so, not super intuitive. Not easy to recognize or set starting pitchers for their starts.

- Scoring is a joke

Fix your scoring

- Load time

Takes around 15 seconds for the app to fully load since the most recent updates and many times it just crashes. Waiting that long for an app to simply load for the amount of money we spend on a yearly basis is simply unacceptable. Please fix ASAP!

- Poor

Can’t login. Reset user name and password. Site is fine. App will not allow for log in

- The new update is a farce

Can’t scroll laterally. Can’t click a player without restarting the app. Really frustrating to use. .... and now as of last night I cannot log into my iPhone. This is insane

- This is the most overpriced site there ever was

App updates poorly, and slow, often is down throughout game action, is never really LIVE scoring, never gives updates on players before game action that is viable to making roster changes. Scores can be skewed due to site malfunctions. All In all I have no idea why we pay for this site anymore. It’s actually gone backwards in the last decade and let’s face it, I can do a better job of hockey in my spare time than they allot staff to this site

- App Update

App won’t open now . Restarted it multiple times. Need this bug update Fixed ASAP

- Zero effort made to actually improve functionality

The fact you pay a yearly fee to host your pool with these people is unbelievable, they only make cosmetic improvements to the app/site (which often create bugs) and fail to offer many features offered on free sites/apps. if at all possible always avoid using cbs

- Garbage as usual

This site is just over priced trash. Shocking how little hey care and how nothing ever works. Opening day and the scoring doesn’t even work. Great job. I wish I could give them 0 stars.

- Nearly useless

CBS fantasy hockey app has been left to rot, and considering we pay a decent premium to them to provide a service by hosting our league, it’s appalling how we as customers have been treated. Scores have been locked on week 2 since early on, several of us log in and see someone else’s team and stats right down to their logo. It’s been outdated, wrong, and unusable for almost the entire season. Our commissioner (and others) have emailed complaints, to which nothing has been done. Will be moving to a new provider next year. If 0 stars was an option, I would have rated it that.

- Poor service

For being a paying site I know multiple sites that offer better service that don’t screw up league features year to year

- Brutal

Absolutely brutal service. Our app didn’t work for over a month. Feeble customer service and then no follow up. App remains unusable.

- Rotowire???

I have cbs sportsline account. Why do I have to create another account for rotowire to see stats and updates?

- Not worth the $

Payed extra to get all the features. Did not send draft recap, does not send weekly recaps. That was the whole point of paying the extra money, CBS won’t fix the problem. There are better free apps out there. Scores are lagging, glitch’s happen often, corrections seem to happen all the time. Scoring preview is confusing. Can’t see ahead to next weeks matchups. Points for PP, PK, and goalie wins don’t add up till the next day. Overall not a good experience.

- Just terrible

Our league used this platform/app for the past 12 years. Beginning about a year ago things started going downhill fast. It has got to the point where we have changed our hosting platform and will no longer be spending our money with cbs Major problem we have encountered this year with no help from support despite multiple tickets submitted include Buggy draft - picks were skipped, owners were booted, timer froze, available players were showing as unable to draft Scoring issues - some players scores would take days to update, but sometimes it was only for a partial score(sog registered but the goal didn’t) leading to confusion Lineup changes - unable to even select certain players to move to active lineup/bench Trades - unable to propose trades. You would get to selection screen but not able to actually select a player to trade Chat - the league chat was a big reason for staying with cbs over another free league. It does not work at all this year, you just get a connection error Team scores - teams are stuck on week 1 scores(currently in week 6 at time of review) There are other issues as well but at this point I would say avoid this app/platform at all costs as there’s no fix in sight and no communication with customers.

- Terrible App

For the past year, this app has been brutal

- stats don’t update


- So many glitches and idiotic outdated features

In the year 2021, it is somehow impossible for this app (and website!) to show live stats in any format other than a straight line of text, alphabetically, separated by commas. Zero people read stats like this. Come on.

- Fantasy Hockey Pool App Review

My name is Tyler Brockerville, this is my first year using this app for one of my multiple hockey pools I’m in. By far the worst one yet, too many glitches tallying scores, not sure why it is not Up to date when someone scores this app should be updated immediately. Unfortunately it takes a while. PP points don’t get added until the next day for some weird reason. Every time you look at your lineup it has half of you team doubled up under bench players, so your unsure if they are active or benched which is a huge problem. The other day there were no points added from the Colorado game until the next day after the first game started which is ridiculous for a fantasy app. There are many apps out there which are free and to have to pay for this one and with this many glitches is not good enough.

- Disappointed

Very disappointed with the CBS Fantasy App for the Fantasy Hockey. We switched from Yahoo because there were limitations we didn’t like - and I had good memories of using the CBS website for Fantasy Hockey YEARS ago (pre-app). I’ve also used the CBS Sports app for an NFL pick’em and Survivor pool - and found them modern and user friendly. We paid $100 for this NHL Famtasy season and I figured that since they charged this kind of money that it would be THAT much better than the free Yahoo version. It is not. It shows limited info, has limited functions - and the overall appearance is rinky-dink. I’m very disappointed and feel that I could provide valuable insight as to how it could be improved - changes that I’m sure wouldn’t be rocket science. I’d do it for free !! I am definitely disappointed this far and, if it wasn’t such a pain, would switch back over to Yahoo. We shall see how I feel by season’s end. Mike

- Platform

For what it’s capable of doing it could be so much better and a lot cleaner. For salary and contract leagues why can’t we see our total salaries through the app? Instead, we have to go through the actual site. How are you allowed to add a player and be over your roster limit and or salary cap amount?

- BBall Commissioner Product very underwhelming

This is a paid product that is NOT cheap yet every year there are serious issues that have finally triggered this 1 star review. First, the app frequently fails to load. The “Oops, something went wrong” message appears much too often. Second, and this may be somewhat related to the first, the Live Scoring isn’t live at all. There is often a multiple NBA game quarter lag in the Live Scoring page. Third, the app should display active lineup salary cap totals in the My Team page, just like the full website does. Right now, you only get the total when it exceeds the set salary cap and the subsequent warning message. Fourth, the new position eligibility logic that they implemented this year makes no sense whatsoever. Period. I have bought this product for many years because it was the best option at the time but complacency on my part appears to be an issue at CBS too and the market has gotten better. I will be seriously considering migrating my league to Fantrax for next season.

- Slow slow slow

On game day it’s the most slowest app ever

- cbs sucks

no one is supporting they have thrown in the towel still the most expensive platform though!?!?

- Glitches

Very slow, locks up all the time many glitches. They need to upgrade the server

- Fix the app

For the love of god fix the bugs on this trash app

- Reliable, comprehensive, worth the cost

our pool. It’s way better than yahoo. Come to think of it, it might be because our commissioner Andrew Edwards is just so good at his job. We also have this idiot named Jamey Kennedy who we all get a good laugh at, he makes it fun too. Keep it up CBS!

- Not worth the money.

Compared to other FG stash apps that are free... CBS is not even close to the money you have to pay. App and website were non functioning last Sunday during first half of NFL games.

- No help from support what so ever!

I have been using this software for over 16 years for 4 pools. All of a sudden 3 of my pools were gone from app but not online access. Tried every which way to get support and no response for weeks on end.

- Chad

By far the worst fantasy site this year. Maybe ever.

- Terrible

This is a brutal app for fantasy baseball. I’ll never join another league if they are using CBS, frustrating experience every time I log in to set lineups.

- Stop Locking Me From My Leagues

It is 2020, stop locking me from even viewing my leagues or ranking players until 24 hours before my draft. It doesnt even let you see when your draft dates are until they happen causing possibly missed drafts. How can you fail at allowing for pre-draft prep and no alerts for drafts in the year 2020? You can’t even join drafts from the app? How do you expect to be taken seriously as a fantasy app when you eliminate most of the functionality of the site in your app? There are fun in season things like the weekly reports but it doesn’t matter as much if you miss a draft because it won’t tell you when it is. Also the pre draft ranking is so incredibly cumbersome half the time you give up because it constantly doesn’t put people in the right spot when you drag them or doesn’t move them at all. Fun features don’t shine when the basics don’t work.

- Keeper league.

Every year after we get down to our 4 keepers. CBS drops everyone and it takes forever to get ahold of a person to fix problem. They need a online person to fix problems. Also so hard to find place to send email.

- Garbage App

Unintuitive and uniformative.

- Rough work in progress

Difficult to navigate, makes me log in each time I try to view my teams scores, and full of other bugs.

- Greg

Full of bugs, lack of compatibility with multiple sports a terrible app

- Awesome

It’s great

- Excellent as it used to be!

I had a problem with the iPhone apps. I informed the technical services and they fixed the problem last week ! Great service! Great application ! Great CBS SPORTS. Thanks.

- Fantrax

If you’d you had half the options fantrax has you would be ok.... but you don’t... so.....

- NFL used to be a league, now with Fantasy, it’s a lifestyle

The amount of time I spend checking and rechecking this app every Thursday night, all day Sunday, and Monday night is utter ridiculous. And in between games every other day of the week, I’m looking to see if my projected deficit or victory margin has changed. Even a .2 difference in my favour feels like a lotto win. Was I ever more excited during Xmas as a child, as I am now to see if my Wednesday night waiver claim was successful? Likely not, except that one year I received Optimus Prime and a GI Joe tank under the tree. And though I’m sure it’s all mostly due to my first ever foray into Fantasy Football, the ease of this app is also partially to blame. Okay, this took too long. Gotta get back to deciding if Jameis is really worth holding onto.

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@daverichard I was up 40 points and my friend Ron had diggs left, I don’t want to play fantasy ever again. We’ve had this cbs sports league since 2003, I’ve won 3 championships, this is my 6th time in it. Losing like this makes me absolute sick! I’m drafting Diggs next year now!

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CBS Sports Fantasy 6.8.13 Screenshots & Images

CBS Sports Fantasy iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

CBS Sports Fantasy Sports application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

CBS Sports Fantasy (Version 6.8.13) Install & Download

The applications CBS Sports Fantasy was published in the category Sports on 2013-07-01 and was developed by CBS Interactive [Developer ID: 295669712]. This application file size is 143.72 MB. CBS Sports Fantasy - Sports app posted on 2022-04-11 current version is 6.8.13 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.cbssports.fantasy