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KetoDiet is not just about losing weight at any cost; it's about adopting a healthier lifestyle. Apart from reducing your carbohydrate intake, you will learn why it’s important to follow a whole foods based approach and include healthy fat sources like olive oil, fatty fish and pastured meat in your everyday diet.

A healthy low-carb diet is an effective weight loss tool as it will keep your blood sugar level stable and your appetite under control. Apart from fat burning effects, a low-carbohydrate lifestyle can additionally improve health conditions including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and inflammation, all of which increase the risk of developing heart disease.

The ketogenic diet appears to be useful adjuvant to treatment for health conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, type 2 Diabetes, epilepsy and even some types of cancer.


1. No subscription fee. You only pay once and everything is included.

2. Free content added daily including recipes, articles, expert advice and more.

3. Accuracy is crucial for a low-carb diet. For that reason, we don't crowdsource nutritional data. All nutritional data in KetoDiet are based on accurate, verifiable sources, rather than user-generated contributions or other unreliable sources.

4. We keep your data private - KetoDiet is not a free app in exchange for your data.

MORE THAN JUST AN APP... is one the top low-carb websites. More than two million people visit us every month.

- Thousands have already joined our KetoDiet Challenges to stay motivated while following a healthy low carb diet.
- Facebook support group to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.


When you follow a ketogenic diet by reducing your carb intake to less than 50 grams of carbs a day, your body will start producing ketones in the liver. You will enter ketosis and start using fat and ketone bodies as energy source. One of the main benefits of ketosis is its ability to suppress appetite. While your ketone levels will increase, your blood glucose levels and insulin levels will drop, leading to satiety. You will naturally eat less and the number of calories eaten will drop.


KetoDiet includes 300 low-carb, paleo & primal recipes plus over 650 FREE recipes from our integrated keto blog.

- Detailed and accurate nutritional facts
- Optional ingredients offer more flexibility
- Serving size adjustment
- Favorite recipes to quickly find them

- Set you carbohydrate limit and goals
- Built-in Keto calculator to determine your ideal macronutrient intake
- Update your weight, body fat & measurements to track your progress
- Sign up for a free KetoDiet account to sync across multiple devices

Plan your keto meals with our intuitive diet planner. Create your own diet plan with:

- Hundreds of included meals
- Quick 1-ingredient keto snacks
- Your own custom meals
- Restaurant meals
- Branded products with barcode scanning

Track every aspect of your keto diet progress:

- Weight & body fat
- Body stats
- Carbs & other macronutrients
- Water intake
- Mood and energy
- Blood, urine and breath ketones
- Blood glucose
- Blood lipids

The KetoDiet approach thoroughly explained. Discover the science behind the ketogenic diet, and find out what ketosis is. Learn why this dietary approach works best and what to eat and avoid on a keto diet. All backed up by scientific references.

Continuous updates from our integrated KetoDiet Blog, including FREE recipes, diet tips, success stories, guides, diet plans and weekly expert articles.


- Create your own ingredients if you cannot find them in our extensive database.
- KetoDiet includes an intuitive shopping basket to help you manage your shopping.
- Quickly switch between units.

KetoDiet App Description & Overview

The applications KetoDiet was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2012-12-04 and was developed by Compumaster Ltd. The file size is 142.39 MB. The current version is 11.20 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Several UI improvements, including simplified nutritional data, better font handling to enhance readability.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

We love updating KetoDiet with new content and features to help you achieve your goals.
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KetoDiet Reviews


The One to Get  Craindre  5 star

No recurring fees, no upsell and a fantastic UI. My wife and I use it at every meal. An incredibly useful tool.

Kelly uniqueonlinenickname

Helpful App  Kelly uniqueonlinenickname  4 star

Great app, very helpful for tracking macros. Good restaurant selection, but I wish they had more keto-friendly items, like sandwiches without the bun or things like that. (We’re all eating like that, right?) The scanning feature is wonderful, and saving recipes with grocery lists makes shopping much simpler.


Difficult to use.  jazmin4510  2 star

Why can you not scan individual ingredients. You have to create a custom meal to use scanner, ludicrous!

Jennyjen 18

Terrible  Jennyjen 18  1 star

Terrible you can only search calories of foods in recipes or restaurants you can’t just say 1 cup of grilled chicken !! Very hard to calculate food intake.


No facebook=no communication?  Allitaint8  1 star

I do not trust this app and plan to report it. I once rated the app as 4 because I’d still like to be able to put in cooking instructions w ‘custom recipes’ but with no way to contact you about it except via facebook seems limited. I am simply suggesting you add the feature or maybe suggest another recipe keeper app you work well with. You can’t be everything to everyone but when the last ‘rating’ on your app shows to be over a year ago.... hmmmm. Mine never showed up. Maybe you are choosing to censor? Never a good sign.


Inconvenient App  Carrie2525  1 star

I just purchased this app, and I’m sorry that I did. The interface is unnecessarily complicated when logging food. Creating custom meals are a nightmare. Everything is in grams. It takes me three times as long to create a custom meal with this app as it does with any other app I have downloaded because I’m constantly googling for tablespoon to grams conversion, or slice of cheese to grams conversion, etc. It doesn’t have any of the popular restaurants that I go to listed in the database, and it is really hard to tell if you’ve correctly added meals to the day and what your totals are. Now that I’ve paid for it, I guess I’m stuck with it, but I really am not a fan of this app. I hope that future updates make it something worthwhile to use. Until then, I guess I’m just going to have to subscribe to my fitness pal.

Charlon 49

Charlon49  Charlon 49  5 star

Love it


Disjointed, clicky, difficult for daily tracking.  sgdjones  1 star

The app information and tracking is in several locations making the app very “clicky.” It is very meal-based which makes daily tracking for simple foods difficult. Maybe good for Keto-beginners as planning and recipes seems to be the focus. This was not what I was looking for—a daily mean and macro tracker that focused on the Keto lifestyle. However, I plan to check out the blog as the recipes seem amazing. If the app updated to accommodate better daily tracking (like My Fitness Pal or Lose It) with a Keto focus, I would reconsider my review.


Why am I being changed monthly?  XYZ4102  1 star

I’m being charged and I can not figure out how to stop them!


UI is awful - 4pt light blue type?? OMG  aethellen  3 star

The point sizes and low color contrast ratios for the app are insane. It practically makes the app unusable without a magnifying glass. Good luck picking a fraction of a serving in low light or if you have even the slightest astigmatism. (No zoom capabilities either) Same thing for the units of measure. So tiny you can’t read it (please designers, get with WCAG 2.1!!) Stuff that should be in ounces, shows up on grams and the ability to edit these standards is ... well extremely limited and confusing. The one thing I LOVE is the macros graph although even those graphs have this laughably small, like 3 pt type in light grey on a white background!!) I also love the bar code scanner. However, trying to add a basic item - like 1 c of fresh mushrooms? Well, that’s a crazymaking task. Ingredient lists are buried in “meal’ lists and once you find what you are looking for (which can take an insane amount of scrolling because the search function is wonky) it’s likely you’ll find it measured in grams, not cups. So, you’ll need a conversion tool to use this effectively and a lot of spare time. Ive used Fat Secret for years and just bought this app and Senza to try. Both this app and Senza have serious UI flaws, but I need the Keto context they provide that’s absent in Fat Secret. So, I’m disappointed that no one seems to understand you don’t release a product designed in fine print when basic accessibility is common now. C’mon.

Maz Zamba

Love this App  Maz Zamba  4 star

I purchased the full Keto App nearly 4 years ago and use daily. For LCHF AND KETO it’s excellent. I also purchased the recipe packages. My iPad was lost. When I tried to reload the app on my new iPad I could not access Keto Diet with my history and recipes. I was advised to use my previous Apple ID but that’s not working. The FB page is not friendly, and sometimes posts are bullying. The upgrade is so timely. Great to add blood glucose.


This has become a world class tracker  Maorox  5 star

I have used this app for some months now and am a split fingernail from my optimal goal. Thank you. I also exercise and one suggestion I have is to allow for calories burned during exercise or make the app able to accept input from some of the Fitbit or Garmin or what ever tracker people wear. A super duper app congratulation. M Ollis


New user  betsymum  5 star

I have only had the app a couple of days and am not a very tech savvy person but so far am loving this app. Yes it takes time to set up custom meals but worth the effort. It took a little while to find my way around, that’s to be expected but now I am loving it all. Great recipes and information also useful graphics. Thanks!!!


Fantastic  Brigeybitey  5 star

I love this app, it makes Keto easy. So helpful in charting progress and calculating daily macros. Worth every cent of the small amount they charge. Even better now that all the recipes are free.

Happy jann

Great information  Happy jann  5 star

Easy to use love the menus and the shopping list easy to use fast I want more recipes though


Not ideal for Australia  honglong  3 star

I bought the full-price app because I read a lot of great reviews and it is a good app but since I like to save time and was looking forward to the convenience of the barcode scanner, I am really annoyed. So far, I had to enter EVERY SINGLE ITEM that I tried to scan manually. So, App is good, but not worth the money if you want so use the convenience of the barcode scanner if you are located in AUS.


Results Proven  RachJune  5 star

Have tried several Keto diet apps, but this is by far the best. Assists with meal prepping with so many recipes to choose from, and a printable shopping list! Great weight loss tracker which also helps with calculating macros.


From an Aussie  TahnsMc  4 star

There are not many Australian products in the library and the scan in a product has never worked for me. In saying that if you are happy to enter the quantities yourself then I think the app works well.

Have a Gö

Great app - lots of functions  Have a Gö  5 star

I love using the app, the meal planning is exactly what I need, shopping list function is great and recipes are good. It would be awesome if there was a web version of the meal planner as it would be easier to write up plans. But understandably that’s what the app is for :)


Works great  shrubbyabe  4 star

The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it doesn’t recognise a lot of the Australian foods when you scan it and cant sync with my iPhone. Otherwise this helps me greatly on the Keto diet.


So hard to use. Want my money back  scomer4  1 star

This app seemed like it would do it all. Followed the tutorial And it does nothing it claimed. Horrible. I would like my money back as I deleting the app 20 minutes after I bought it!


Inconvenient to enter meal data  Lindsoid  3 star

If I try to copy a meal from another day, I cannot change the serving size and I have to try and piece together recipes and ingredients over and over again for meals I have already created. For example, if I wanted to select a salmon and green beans meal from last night, but only wanted half the serving size, I am not able to adjust the serving size of a single ingredient, I have to add each ingredient separately again. Have a category to select past ingredients so I don’t have to search for them out of a list of 300,00 every new day


Please improve  Gillbroguy  2 star

You should be able to delete ingredients from a recipe and have the macros and micros go too. It makes keeping up with what you’re eating a guessing game because you only know if you make things their way. Please change this. Any app or website can tell you what your macros would be if only you did everything their way.


Worth the price  Yoda310  5 star

The recipe alone is worth the one time price of this app. They taste great and the options offered for substitution are plentiful. Gluten-free, Paleo, vegetarian, vegan whatever your dietary needs are Martina has given this info as well. By doing this, she help you figure out what you like best and what you can substitute if you don’t have one of the other ingredients if you’re flexible within your diet. If not, she’s mapped it out for you. I’m really impressed with the amount thought and detail Martina and her chefs put into the recipes. Also, every recipe has all the macro nutrient info included so you don’t have to figure that out. The planner is great, but I needed more specific info (more than magnesium and potassium) regarding macro nutrients and caloric intake so I went with another app for that part of it. I can always come back to this because adding the recipes makes it so much easier and less time consuming!!


Love  Rpaynt  5 star

I have transitioned from WW to Keto. I was worried about not have the WW app to be successful. This app is even better that WW. It was the missing link I needed to stay on track with my Keto journey! Love it!


Keto app  Debubo  5 star

Love it!!


Amazing for beginners on Keto!  Sgt.Covert  5 star

This app is the best Keto app out there. I used it to start the Keto diet and followed it. Amazing recipes and tracking information, and amazing that there isn’t in app purchases like the other apps.


Full circle!  Annfhg  5 star

I have been doing the keto diet for 7 months. I’ve tried all sorts of apps but this is the most complete and knowledgeable. Thanks!


Not user friendly  nikkiwalls  1 star

Everything has to be entered in grams or ounces. Almost all of my recipes are in cups and teaspoons. I have to look up every single ingredient to convert my amount to grams. It’s extremely time consuming!!


Terrible  david102270  1 star

App is a waste of money $9down the drain










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