KetoDiet is not just about losing weight at any cost; it's about adopting a healthier lifestyle. A healthy low-carb diet is an effective weight loss tool and the ketogenic diet has been shown to improve several health conditions such Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, epilepsy and even cancer.


1. Accuracy is crucial for a low-carb diet. For that reason, we don't crowdsource nutritional data. All nutritional data in KetoDiet are based on accurate, verifiable sources, rather than user-generated contributions or other unreliable sources.

2. We keep your data private - KetoDiet is not a free app in exchange for your data.

3. Free content and continuous updates including recipes, articles, expert advice and more.

--------------------------------------- is one of the most popular low-carb websites. More than a million people visit us every month.

- Thousands have already joined our KetoDiet Challenges ( to stay motivated while following a healthy low carb diet.
- Facebook support group to help you get started and answer any questions you may have. Join us, at:


KetoDiet includes 96 low-carb, paleo & primal recipes plus over 450 FREE recipes from our integrated keto blog. Optional recipe packages can also be purchased separately.

- Detailed and accurate nutritional facts
- Optional ingredients offer more flexibility
- Serving size adjustment
- Favorite recipes to quickly find them

- Set you carbohydrate limit and goals
- Built-in Keto calculator to determine your ideal macronutrient intake
- Update your weight, body fat & measurements to track your progress
- Sign up for a free KetoDiet account to sync across multiple devices

Plan your keto meals in advance with our intuitive diet planner. Create your own diet plan with:

- Hundreds of included meals
- Quick 1-ingredient keto snacks
- Your own custom meals
- Restaurant meals

Track every aspect of your keto diet progress:

- Weight & body fat
- Body measurements
- Carbs & other macronutrients
- and more...

The KetoDiet approach thoroughly explained. Discover the science behind the ketogenic diet, find out what ketosis is, why it works best, what to eat on a keto diet, and much more, all backed up by scientific references.

Continuous updates from our integrated KetoDiet Blog, including FREE recipes, diet tips, success stories, guides, diet plans and product reviews.


- Create your own ingredients if you cannot find them in our extensive database.
- KetoDiet includes an intuitive shopping basket to help you manage your shopping.
- Quickly switch between metric, US or imperial units.

KetoDiet App Description & Overview

The applications KetoDiet was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2012-12-04 and was developed by Compumaster Ltd. The file size is 235.69 MB. The current version is 10.45 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Copying meals between Planner days is now supported.
- Text size in recipes, nutritional data and blog posts can now be adjusted using Settings > Accessibility > Larger Text.
- Improved Basket now lists a breakdown of each ingredient and where it's used.
- Simplified Planner day - you can now tap on a meal row to view or edit it.
- Improved readability of integrated KetoDiet Blog comments.
- Several bug fixes
- Coming soon: we're working on adding verified branded products & barcode scanning

We love updating KetoDiet with new content and features to help you achieve your goals.
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never found my friend

A lot of additional cost to get to the recipes you want  never found my friend  1 star

I started with the basic app for $1.99. The recipes I was interested in were locked. I then purchased the full app for $6.99 didn't seem to make much of a difference in what was offered. The recipes that I was interested in were still locked. Then I have to buy at an $1.99 a category to get the recipes I was interested in in the first place. I'm not interested in paying anymore. I don't know if the recipes are even worth all this additional cost. For this reason I am rating the app the way I did.


Amazing App!!!  Crissy71  5 star

This app has so much information! Great information, not a bunch of fluff! A must for anyone following or switching over to a Ketogenic diet/lifestyle. It became so confusing in researching Keto but, this App puts so much great info all together at your disposal!!! Thanks so much!!!❤️


Awesome App!  Planoxray  5 star

Awesome app. Very resourceful and tons of delicious recipes. Would highly recommend for any new or current KeTos


Love this app  Divaicy  5 star

I've been all over there internet looking for sources & apps to keep track of my keto eating plan. I've downloaded multiple apps and ended up with the paid version of KetoDiet because it was the best. Lots of information. Great tracking of carbs, macros, weight & measurements. Even recipes. Everything I was looking for in one place. When I couldn't figure out how to do something the support was right there…easily accessable & fast.

HM Abita Springs

Celebrating 20 LBS down in less than 3 months today  HM Abita Springs  5 star

I just stepped on the scale to find that I am officially 20 lbs down in less than 3 months. This is 100% thanks to this app! I have used this app religiously for the last 11 1/2 weeks and I don't think I could have done it without it. I figured it was time to show my thanks with a 5 star review :) 20 lbs down and 5 more to go to reach my goal weight!


Great recipes and gearing towards Keto  Colenunn123  3 star

The only issue I am having is being able to accurately add what I eat because the library of food isn't the best.


Nice app with a lot of potential  Psooooasiiii  4 star

It has a lot of recipes for free (if you want some extra you have to pay for each group). You can see on a glance the macros of the recipe and decide if you want it or not. It has also connectivity with their website and with the forum. I love the feature of discovering how many carbs are in the meals of common restaurants. Their forum is really useful to help you with you keto lifestyle!! The only "but" is that it does not have a custom meal tracker as MyFitnessPal does. (With this I mean that you cannot scan barcodes and add the things that you are eating on the go). You can create your own meals inputting single ingredients though. As an advice to the creator, try to implement the option of scanning your meals as in MFP or at least on the meal creator, generic ingredients are different from the commercial ones. Would be nice also having some connectivity with 3rd party apps to track meals and maybe activity.


Amazing and very helpful!  geolnerd33  5 star

I first started a keto diet without this app and really struggled with help. This app has helped me figure out what to eat and how to balance meals throughout the day! I love it!! And I've been able to lose 17lbs in 2 months so far because of this app's help! highly recommended!!


buyer beware.  Toni1979a  2 star

too many in app purchases. Ridiculously over priced once you consider all the in app purchases.


Absolutely Wonderful!  lkenady  5 star

I cannot even begin to let others know about the wonderful recipes included in this app. I read through all the recipes and cannot wait to try them. A few of them I have done and they were delicious! The best diet app I have seen! The extra recipes, if you choose to purchase are like $1.99 and you get around 32 or 33 more recipes each time! I have purchased all of them and I think it was about $10.00 extra! I couldn't be more satisfied!!!! Thanks Lynn


Excellent Updates  stinalb  4 star

I have used quite a few macros trackers/carb trackers and I am very excited about this recent update to the Ketodiet app! I find that, once you take the time to acquaint yourself with the update, it's very user friendly and easy to navigate. I've been using it for two weeks and track everything daily. I love that the Keto calculator (that helps to set my goals) is now integrated right into the app. It's worth it to take the time to input the info for custom meals that are eaten often. Looking forward to the ability to scan products to efficiently add ingredients and be ever more precise with tracking. Thanks to Martina & everyone that worked hard on this update to make it, in my humble opinion, one of the best diet trackers available!


I like it but hoping for more  rbwar24  4 star

I have just started with my new ketogenic lifestyle. I love the app for helping me track my carb, protein, and fat intake. I like the access to alot of great recipes. I would like to see, as others have mentioned, barcode scanning capability and a method for saving ingredients as favorites so they can be quickly recalled. Also the ability to copy from one meal to another. Example I eat the same thing for breakfast three times in the same week, it would be nice to copy and entire meal from one day to another. Would also like the ability to synch up to a website account so that I can enter/view my progress from my PC.


Not expensive for what you get (health)  Aloy.keto  5 star

After downloading and trying a few different apps, this is my favorite app because: 1. I never liked keeping track of anything (or was just bad at it?). when started Keto, this app made it less stressful manage my macros. I do track it now. 2. I like the simplicity of how to plan ahead my meals & find different recipes (including desserts and cookies). Also, create my own and save it. 3. The blog info and recipes is accessible through the app which brings more recipes! 4. Very esthetic, clean, not overwhelming. This app creators have a good sense of design. 5. Prompt email reply and IT assistance (a big plus for a non-tech savvy). I got answers to my questions either via the app and through the blog (about substitutes, tips, etc). 6. The recipes are so delicious with lots of verity! My Instagram don’t lie :) you get almost 100 and can buy different bundles for dirt cheap. But the real reason is: I finally freaked out enough and took my health into my own hands after seeing my mom and 3 of my grandparents struggle with diabetes. This app is right for me, makes it doable to eat better with my busy lifestyle. Finally, (as a response to another review) if there is a locked recipe I got excited about which will help me Keto on but it cost a $ or two, I would gladly spend it on a bundle of recipes offered. If not only for my own health but also as an appreciation for the time the app developers spent to create this great tool. Best health wishes to you all.


Good but......  Debcep  4 star

I just purchased the new app. And I purchased a group of recipes. It's pretty good. But, I have a wish list.... I would like to be able to import recipes from the web. You need to add a "recently added" tab and "favorites" tab to make it possible to add foods I eat often quickly. Thank you and I hope you can add these improvements. Keep up the good work


Excellent Keto app.  mbv1979keto  5 star

The new UI is easy to use and less confusing. There are tons of ingredients from which to choose; use this app to simply track carbs and fats, or go all out and use it as your go-to source for everything Keto. This is well thought out and very useful.


6.99 for what?  BAM212  1 star

You pay 6.99 for the app that has few free recipes. You then have to spend more money buying the recipes you want. So you pay for a substandard tracker, there are other trackers out there that are better.


Inspiration  ZanneP4  5 star

This app has been so helpful to get basic info, to troubleshoot my diet, and for ideas for what the heck to have for dinner or make with X ingredient.


The new UI is fantastic, modern and efficient  OurStoryBegins  5 star

I started using the app two months ago to kick start my understanding of my intake calories. I learned a tremendous amount, found my own mistakes and I've had a planned weight loss across time - the app helped me plan my meals and monitor my progress. Now that I have reach my goals at 220, my friends have challenged me to drop another 10 which I am initiating. At the same time I've downloaded lots of recipes as I establish a solid foundation for maintenance.


Awesome App  Raratz1  5 star

I've been looking all over for an app like this. My husband is excited for the new upgrade for his phone hopefully in 4 weeks ")


Not A Fan  Upandreasalley  1 star

I am a Keto dieter who has been using mfp since th start a little over a year ago. This app is not easy to find all foods. Calories I've found to not be accurate. Confirmed through online sources as I know mfp isn't always accurate. However they were right on this time. Waste of money thus far.

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