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What is j23 - release dates & restocks app? *** #1 Sneaker App in the US ***


The Reviews speak for themselves. Over 5000 ratings with 5 Stars!


Stay up-to-date with the latest Jordan Brand release dates, restocks, models, and pricing. Never miss another release again! We verify all posted dates and pricing, and update them as soon as they change.

Learn about the history of the Jordan Brand line, from 1985 until the present.

Find out more about Jordan Brand athletes across all of the major sports. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook using their official pages.

Long-time NIKETALK Member.

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App Name J23 - Release Dates & Restocks
Category Sports
Updated 04 June 2020, Thursday
File Size 8.26 MB

J23 - Release Dates & Restocks Comments & Reviews 2023

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If you love copping Jordan’s, this app is well worth it. Had been following on Twitter for the longest time. Finally decided to buy the app. Had initial questions on the frequency of alerts and within an hour, had a reply with the answer I needed. Have copped so many pairs because of J23 and now that I have the app, I know I’ll be copping even more. Thanks

Exceptional. This app is the sole reason I was able to cop the Air Jordan III "Black Cement" during the "early release" period. A notification on my screen alerted me to the surprise release via the SNKRS App, I was able to link directly to the app and with a touch of a button or two, cop the most highly coveted OG retro of 2018. Get this app immediately if you love sneakers and hate taking L's.

🔥. Well worth it for sneakerheads who want to stay up-to-date on releases, info, sales, and restocks. Except Yeezys, but well, the app name should’ve made that obvious. 😂 The notifications are especially amazing. If you have an Apple Watch, the notifications are pushed there, which is great because you can jump on sales and restocks that much faster.

The Last Dance. This is the last and only app you will need for a Jordan Collector!!! This app has the info on where to get the best heat & the release dates are updated so you never miss out on picking up your favorite kix!!! If you use the notifications there is always last minute info or special discounts from retailers definitely clutch as far as getting you info to cop the J’s you want!!! I do miss my favorites tabs as it used to show the ones I liked and it was a quick reference to when those shoes were released.

Disappointing. Sadly, I had to delete this app today and really wish it was free. The cost isn’t really the main issue but I’m a little disappointed since it was a paid app. As a sneaker, more specifically Jordan brand, enthusiasts I really thought this app would be beneficial. So like many of us I purchased said app in hopes to acquire more sneakers without having to pay resell. I understand there’s never a guarantee, especially with how the sneaker game is being ruined, but I found this app to be very useless for my needs. That doesn’t mean it’s not a cool app for some, it just means it’s not for me and probably many like myself who have been wearing J’s since 1990 and are tired of buying them on Goat or StockX. The notifications are a nice feature just are of little help, in my opinion.

All TRUE Jordan fans need this app💯. A lot about people care more about the hype than the legacy of Jordan. Those that appreciate the story behind the legacy MJ created and the dynasty he built should spend the money for the app. The app provides history of the shoes, updates on upcoming releases and restocks, sneaker news and more. Well structured all around👌🏼

Great app but addressing a bug. Amazing app granted and beloved by the sneaker community which is why I definitely paid for it but annoying big issue on some notifications that keeps popping up for just one notification, basically repeating itself so many times literally had the same exact notification around 18-20 times and screenshot it for their records

This App is a true Sneaker heads MUST Have!. This app is well worth the few bucks you pay for it, you get up to date exclusive launches, shock drops, split second resrocks, and everything and anything Jordan brand not just limited to shoes, this app has won me more than its share of hard to get retros and limited releases at retail saving me hundred and probably thousands of dollars!! J23 rocks!!

Stop Scrolling!!! Buy It Already!!!. Was very skeptical took a risk & it paid off. You can’t miss a release with this 💪🏽 this is a must have especially if you’re serious about your sneakers & tired of taking L’s 😭 I never do reviews, you can stop scrolling reviews RIGHT HERE just spend the $ already cheapo 🤣

Must have for Jordan and Nike Sneakerheads!!. Best $1.99 I ever spent on an app!! Between the up to date links for upcoming sneakers to the notifications on restocks and early releases the app is by far worth it, if you are a fan of Jordan brand and Nike. Some of the best deals, sales, and early release information is posted on J23! One of my go to apps every day!! Must cop App for all sneakerheads!!

Best sneaker app. This is by far the best app to get your info on shoe releases, very accurate, quick links.. all my Jordan’s that are hard to cop, got them just because this app is quick to let you know where to buy them, love this app!!!! A must have for all you sneaker heads.... great job!!!👍🏼💯🔥

Push Notifications Not Working. Love the app. Got the off-white UNC’s with this app and multiple restocks. Only problem is that it doesn’t alert me every time. Not sure if it’s selective with what the app notifies you about, but there are many products which either go on sale or drop and the app doesn’t send an alert. Once that’s fixed 5 stars for sure.

Good app, poor at notifications. I would like to give this app 5 stars but the app does a poor job at notifying you when shoes are available. I’ve had this app for about a month or two now and I’ve been notified a total of 5 times but when I click on the app, there are shoes available all the time that I’m not getting the notifications for. Decent app, just have to open it once in a while since the notifications aren’t great

Absolutely worth the $2. I don’t normally write reviews on apps. This app however is 100% worth purchasing and downloading for any sneakerhead. Not only does it send alert when a sneaker drops, but all the upcoming Jordan Brand releases are listed on here as well. This app especially did an amazing job during the Jordan 6 Black/Infrared release. Every single link for where to buy the shoe was organized and posted in one spot. Love it!

iPad version doesn't match iPhone version. In general I love this app, but the iPad version doesn't show you past releases in the history section the way the iPhone version does. And I like to see other colorways of a given shoe! Can't figure out why you'd have less functionality here. Also I agree with other reviewer that I'd like to see photos of upcoming releases even if they aren't official.

Like kicks ? Must have app. Ive had the app for roughly a year now and I've hit on 3 restocks solely because of this app. You'll get all the newest Jordan shoe info as soon as it's available and restock info as well as links to every and any Jordan shoe you get a notification for provided it's currently being sold and not a future release. Speaking of which you'll get " news " on future releases as well. This app is a must have for any sneaker connoisseur.

Great App. Great and Clutch app def copped shoes off of the J23 release notifications. I’ve noticed lately that for the restock notifications some I receive on my phone and some I don’t. Im surprised sometimes when I log into the app and see a restock that I missed and never received the notification. Other than that Great App!

Sneaker heads Dream!. If your looking to stay on top of the latest Jordan’s/Nike’s then this is the app for you. Being that these people are constantly watching drops your sure to get the alert when something new drops.....even shock/surprise drops.....this app is the first to alert you!

Notification issues. I have been having notifications issues for about 6 months and have reached out to support several times with out a response. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate the help. I’ve done all the usual stuff, turned notifications off then back on. I have tried to reinstall the app with out success. Thank you.

Must have for Sneakerheads. This App is a must have if you collect Jordan’s. It has all of the upcoming releases well ahead of time. Push notifications without having to set a notify me so you don’t forget a drop. Also provide links to various sources to better level the playing field.

A MUST HAVE. For anyone who loves sneakers, especially them J’s, this is an app that helps the sneaker heads not in the NFL, NBA, the entertainment field, or any extreme revenue field, keep their shoe game right! Here you can see what J’s are being released and you can plan out your purchases. If you have dough like that, than it simply lets you know when those rare gems are dropping and you can go cop with proper knowledge!

Does what I need. I give the app 5 stars because it does exactly what I need it to do. Was having problems keeping up with the dates shoes were releasing because the SNKRS app would consistently undo my notifications. It’s also very helpful for the information to come to me, opposed to me having to look for it. So if you’re looking for an app that gives the latest info, it’s a great app. Apart from that, I don’t use for anything else.

Notifications not working anymore.. When the restock and release notifications were working the app was The best and everything you wanted it to be. Now I don’t even get a notification, open the app on my own and find out that I missed 3 restocks and a release of the month.. Smh I hope this issue can get fixed asap!!

Pretty good shoe app.. This app is pretty much on point when the Jordans are released or what type of Jordan is going to be released but sometimes there’s a problem when it doesn’t show the photo or any information about it until the day before so you pretty much kind of got a check up on the app most of the time. It’ll be good if they On point with the pictures and descriptions Other than that the app is pretty amazing

If this isn’t in your arsenal, it should be.. One day in November of 2019, I decided to get into the shoe game. I did a quick search about which apps to have, kicks on fire, SNKRS, and the time his one. I was a little worried about spending money on an app, I was trying to grow this the old fashion way. I would go so far as to say that this app has gotten even better in the last four months. Routinely, you will get a notification from this app BEFORE SNKRS, Twitter, almost any of them about shock drops, restocks and major sales. This app is worth its price ten fold, and not to mention, saved me money. I have bought shoes before and within a week or so, there might be a sale or some discount that I wouldn’t have known about without this app. Happy to be the proud owner of some great shoes to come out as of late. Even more proud to know I didn’t pay more than I need to with how much this app has posts on social about drops/price adjustments/and links to the goods without jumping around. If you are in the sneaker game or just want a leg up on that particular colorway, get this app. You don’t need to thank me, th ask yourself for listening.

Don’t Hesitate!. I’ve had the J23 app for a few months now and I don’t regret buying it. In fact, with the cash I’ve saved from notifications for early drops, restocks, and buy info this app could easily be worth a hundred bucks!! And I still wouldn’t regret that price! If you’re a sneaker head, then it should be very simple. Invest in your future and buy this app with the quickness!!

It wasn’t always bad. I absolutely use to LOVE this app because it gave you an advantage when it came to releases. Now, it seems as if the creator is more consumed with his internet presence. For example, there has been multiple occasions where he would tweet the information about certain releases BEFORE he drops it via his app. There has also been occasions where the information makes it to Twitter and NEVER make it to the app. All in all, save your money and just follow him on Twitter. You get the SAME information (again, sometimes even before it hits the app) and it cost you nothing.

Notifications. To Whom This May Concern, ***IT APPEARS THE LAST UPDATE FOR THIS APP WAS OVER TWO YEARS AGO*** There are two issues regarding the app: -Not receiving notifications on the Apple Watch (works intermittently) -Not receiving all updated messages (directly on the iPhone). It appears that the notifications are not being received on the Apple Watch. I turned off/on the notifications in the settings option several times. I also deleted the app and reinstalled it on my phone. Deleting the app and reinstalling it seems to work temporarily and goes back to the same issue I initially had. I do not receive all the messages for every shoe drop on my phone directly; I constantly have to go into the app and refresh the page. When I refresh the page, it updates the drops with the shoe icon and the release time. Most of the time, the release has passed by hours. I missed a lot of opportunities due to this dilemma. Also, to fix this issue, I deleted and reinstalled the app several times, but to no avail.

Audra. The only reason I give it a 3 is because kicks on fire beats them app wise. 23 give you alerts for you to have a second or third to catch the kicks you missed out on but the alerts are so late like warn us in advance a day so we get another chance to beat these people with robot calls who buy all the cool Jordan’s up.

Developer posts late alerts so he can buy. For the Cactus Jack Jordan 1 drop, the shoes were made available at 9:43 CST. However, people with the app did not receive a link (which would not open) until 9:45 CST. After I failed to buy the sneakers, I checked Twitter and saw that the app developer was able to purchase the sneakers. This means that he bought his shoes, and then released the notification. This signals that he prioritizes his interests over that of his paying customers. If you are looking for an app with working notifications I would recommend SoleLinks. It’s free, so they won’t scam you by charging for notifications that don’t work.

One of my favorite apps EVER. For anyone who loves J’s, and buys them to actually keep, this app is essential. Routinely the push notifications for releases are much more effective (and show up BEFORE push notifications from SNKRS) than SNKRS. Fantastically informative about upcoming drops and reliable information on how to purchase. In addition to all of that the news section provides info on restocks, price drops, and provides promo codes for discounts. Insanely worth the 1 time, minuscule, charge. 100%.

Pointless buy!. Being that this app is something you must purchase, I would figure that the app would give you some type of advantage towards sneaker drops, but I was wrongly mistaken. Every sneaker that have dropped since being on this app I have missed out on despite being right on time. I also noticed that on their Twitter, they also announce the same sneaker drop on their feed before the app alerts me. If their Twitter feed is faster and more knowledgeable than the app, why did I pay for the app? 1/10 unsatisfied customer

It works. At first I didn’t believe it. But in the past month I’ve cop no less than six different drops. I caught a Travis Scott Hoodie,Travis Scott shirt, Three pairs of Toros, two pairs of Flints. And a few more. The app has definitely paid for itself. I’m a real regular guy, and a real sneaker head.

Amazing App. This app is amazing by its presentation alone. My favorite feature is that you can learn your shoes history and see what exact date they were released. J23 is very good at letting us know when and where shoes will drop helping those who don’t use bots secure a pair here and there.

J23 app is a gimmick. I purchased this app for $1.99 hoping to get launch info in advance to have better success for getting new hot releases. So far it has not told me anything more than the other free apps offer. Nor improved my ability to purchase shoes I’m hoping to land. I only want 1 pair my size on hot releases as I’m not a reseller but this idea the app would help in advance of being beat out by resellers is a joke. I have nothing against resellers but when a hot new Jordan shoe is released I too should only have to pay MSRP! I refuse to pay an inflated secondary market price.

Never have what I want EVER!. I have never been able to purchase any shoes that I like from this site. I downloaded this site because I was having issues with bots purchasing all of the online shoes and I was told that this app would assist me with exclusive offers/restock options but every single time I click on the options for exclusive offers and restocks I am never successful even if it’s within seconds I still don’t have any success but I paid for this app which has me questioning what for if I am still having the same turnout. Like today the retro 12 black and yellow came out and I had zero luck 😡

It stops notifications. After about a month or two it will just stop notifying you. I couldn’t tell you how many drops I have missed out on because of this. Other than that it’s a good app. If they would notify you like it does for the first couple of months all the time. This app would be 5 stars.

It’s not that great but good for 2 bucks or whatever it costs. This app is good for people just getting into the sneaker game and are looking for some Jays. It’s a good “calendar to see when the shoes are dropping however when it comes to the drop time the app is slow to get out the notification. Again it’s only two dollars but it does need improvement on that. J23 also has a twitter that has proven to be just as good or even better which is sad bc it’s free to follow. If you are serious about getting into the sneaker game think about going a different route for your information this will not suffice.

A World 🌎 Class App👏🏾. A must have app for all “SNEAKERHEADS”, i was skeptical 🤨 at first but this app paid off within these first couple days after purchasing it. To sum it all up this app literally pays for it self at the same time keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest when its comes to sneakers 👟.

Must buy!!! 🔥🔥🔥. If you’re into sneakers, this app is a must!!! For only $2, you get an instant notification of any drops or restocks. If you have an Apple Watch, the app pushes the notifications directly to it. It has helped me get a bunch of sneakers that I struck out on. This app is easily worth more than the $2 that you’re paying.

Don’t Be Dumb. If you’re a Jordan sneaker head and don’t drop a couple bucks for this app, you are so dumb, Fo Real! J23 is worth EVERY PENNY! I’ve gotten my money’s worth on the push notification of the Concords and, most recently, the 6 Infrareds early drops...copped both. Cause I’m not dumb. You don’t be dumb either. Buy the app.

Best app hands down. For OG Retro heads, sneaker 👟 lovers & the entire sneaker community, this app doesn’t leave much room for competition as far knowledge on release dates, restocks & sales the way J23 keeps up... it’s only up to the buyer to keep up the pace or hope he/she can get the retro Jordan they want on time 🏃💨💨...

Best Money Spent. If you’re stressing over paying for an app well think again because this is the best app you will ever purchase if you are a true sneakerhead....it pays for itself in the first notification...don’t worry about paying resale bcuz you’ll always have a chance to cop for retail with this app!!!!THANK YOU J23

Retro Jordan. This app will send updates on dates & time of release. Extremely hard to secure a pair of retros through tho app being that it’s a third party app. Its hard as ever to get a restock as if this app is the last to know about the restock. I’ve tried to get 9 pair of retros since buying this app and so far have no success. It got to a point no where I just look at release dates.

Keeps you on top of your AJ news. Probably one of my most used apps! If you’re a collector this is a great app to have! I’m always on top of the Jordan drops which give me an upper hand if you’re not in a cook group. A lot of bots are used to purchase large amounts of shoes, and bog the system. This just gives you better knowledge and notifications that helps. Updating this review!! I love this app! This app has helped me win a lot of SNKRS draws, and other websites who drop Jordan’s

1 word “Dope”. This app is DOPE! I get all the notifications about sneak drops and Jordan releases. I have been able to get many hard to get hype beast shoes and basically any shoe that has came out. You don’t win them All, but the app keeps you ahead of the game and on your toes. Thanks to whoever created this app, my collection has had many Gainz because of you! Go get the app today!

Notifications aren’t working.. Ive had the app for a couple weeks now. And theres been a few drops I've missed because this app hasn't alerted me. Yes I've double checked notifications are on, i just don't get any. Other than than that its a pretty cool app. Specifically bought it for notifications on shock drops and others but its been useless so far.

Best Sneaker App on Planet Earth. Must have to stay in front of the game. For $2 it’s worth every penny. If you don’t get this you will see many frequent ‘L’s’ if you do get it not only will you see more W’s you will get all notifications with direct on links to set you up for the very best of luck. Surprise drops extremely special app to have in your arsenal for the most exclusive releases! J23 must have/ no relationship to ownership just speaking on the reals!

Long time supporter. Dope app. I’ve had it for a few years and it’s been great. Lately I feel it’s been slacking a bit but I’ll still give them 5 Stars for all the info and heads up from the past. Just wish it stayed fully up to date like it used to on Jordan releases. None the less, it’s still the best Jordan/sneaker app out there for Jordan releases and for the small price.

Waste of money. USELESS. As a sneaker head who’s been buying shoes for years, I wanted to find a useful app to add to my arsenal. I can say with 100% confidence that this app is unnecessary. I’ll be honest and say I read the reviews before making this purchase and they really convinced me. Problem is, the reviews are far from the truth. This app is completely USELESS. You can do 90% of the things this app does for FREE. Yes, you heard the right. Just use Instagram and follow any average sneaker news page. This app does nothing for you. Please do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money like I did.

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Amazing APP. If you collect Jordan's you must have this APP or your missing out!!!

Won't open force crash. Won't open had to delete & re-install 4 times and still won't open not happy

It's ok. Very basic, good for your average person who doesn't know much about Jordan's and needs a reminder..

good. 👍

Great app for Air Jordan's fans!!!. Love this app & Love Air Jordan's!!!

Please Update your Foam App!. This app is brilliant for the serious and casual collector of Jays. Please read this - Matt Berg, Can u update your Nike Foam App! It's the only thing stopping me from purchasing it. ^ I agree, update & I Will buy.

If you collect J's, you need this!. One stop for all your Jordan release dates

Jump. Mint app, b nice if there was an archive on past models

App is blank.. App is blank, that is all.

ichan8. Very good apps for the sneakerheads helpfull and accurate information! A+++

AJ addicts paradise!. What a fantastic tool for those who are always rushing to organize a new pair of AJ's at the last minute!!! Life saver!

Mr. Great app. The reminders come in very handy... Would love some sort of inventory list added where you can add shoes that you own and ones that you want...

D- train. Good on the go reference guide for when the next J is coming out.

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UP TO DATE. Keeps up to date😊never behind

It does not work Don’t buy it!!!. Bought it and the app does not load any information.

Dopest dope. Good info for us sneaker heads

Best. App eva

Fav app of all time. I'm a huge fan of Jordan's & I can stay up to date with all the releases !!

Jordan's. I love using this app 💃👏🙌

Amazing app. Gives tou updated release dates and jordan history !

Lee. This app is amazing 😭😂😭😂👍

Great app. Fast, mostly up to date and highly addictive as a Jordan brand supporter! Only thing is the app doesn't get release dates for all team Jordan members a quickly

Great App!. Great app, everything's accurate, and precise. Very simple to use as well, it's keeping me on top of my Jordan game!

Great App. Good app to keep up to date on the latest J's. Add a way to track you personal collection!

I Love This App!!!. Best Ever!!!

Great app. Addictive app for J collectors.

J. These r sick J's

Great. It's a amazing app . Now we need one for foams and Nike releases ..


Best Jordan App!!. Best app for release info, history, and high quality pictures! # 1 source for J's

Dope App!. Great for us Jordan sneaker fans.

Not much helpful. Can u guys also about Canadian releases and restock

my apps experience. helps alot, very awesome!!!

Great app!. Lol

Awesome. Great app that tells you all the new upcoming jordan release dates

Nice. 👍

Sneakerhead. Nice app! Got every release coming out 👌

Great. Perfect for all your sneaker head must know information

Best. Best Jordan app! Support

Great App. Great way to keep track of all The new Jordan’s that are being released

So bad. I downloaded two times for this apps, the second Tim even purchased. The reasons for me to buy are the interface and the promising features for Aj release day and the first time impression of the design seems professional. However, this app was not able to loaded the most uptodate Aj images and Always crash. The release day for AJ shoes also back forward. Really disappointed. Unfortunately, they it was a great app before, so bad to see them ugly now. Hope they can improve in the future.

Air Jordan 23. My favorite app J23 FTW

Swag. As I said before . Swag

Very useful. Good and useful apps,always helped me a lot.

Awesome app.. This app is great. It is perfect for all up coming Air Jordan footwear. It would be perfect if they gave real links to sites where you could buy from.

Blessed!. Great app. Updates before websites do. Would be awesome if there was a nike shoe app too.

Great app. Accurate fast great for sneaker heads

23 baby. Usually proper dates so I always get my kicks

Awesome app. Totally great for sneaker heads. All the updates you need.

Good. Nice

Sneakerhead's best friend. Dope.

Love it!. Great to stay up to date for the greatest collection of shoes the world as ever seen.

Slick!!. Works great, has all the info, and the pics are awesome!! Thanks man

Love it. A must have for Jordan sneak freaks

Love it. I got all the shoes from Jordan that I wanted 2,3,4,5,6,7 retro love this app

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Hardly ever get notifications. I Hardly ever get notifications. I turned on all my notification settings on my phone but I always miss really good drops because I never get notified. I’m not going to sit there and constantly refresh the app to see the latest news or drops.

Money well spent !!!. It showed its value a week after I purchased when it gave me the heads up that Nike released a early batch of cement 3’s. I was sold right there and then. Love this app. Keeps you up to date and in the know.

Great for restocks.. I love this app. It’s simple but very effective. I’ve already snatched two restocks with this app. Haven’t seen any bugs. Release dates are on point. Just wish there was an adidas app. Well worth the price if you’re serious about sneakers even slightly. Thanks Matt berg.

Uniformative. This app shows alot of releases and dates,but extremely fails with photos to match. There no information on what retailers will have regional releases. If you’re not going to release a shoe in America,then why have they on your site? Nothing should advertised nor marketed in America if you’re not going to make it available in America and or every region. And this app is not free. You have to purchase it.

Hands Down The Best App. This is one of my favorite apps, honestly I appreciate this app more than SNKRS app the alerts are always before SNKRS app when exclusive drops hit, gets you into whatever footsites you need to get into when sneakers drop. It’s a GREAT app!

Not worth the money!. I’ve been a sneaker head for quite some time. I heard about the J23 app that could help you get the upper hand in purchasing a pair of hyped Jordan’s or even Nike’s. I took the plunge and purchased it. After a year of halving the J23 app I’ve had no chance what so ever to purchase, I think my chances probably even diminished since purchasing the app. I’ve had more luck with the (Sole Links) app and the best part about it, It’s free!

Best sneaker app. So I would give it a 5 star but I just downloaded it the other day but I would recommend to any sneaker head that loves to see when stuff is coming,restocks discounts, price drops etc it’s amazing. They give solid release date and good timing for shock drops all around amazing app.

Awesome. I only recently starting collecting Jordan’s, and I hate to say this since it will hurt my success! This is the best way to track and purchase the hard to gets. I have gotten 4 wins in the last month because of this app! A++

The App. Love the app, needs to function better for notifications. Allow for more news on sneakers and make it possible to find old news of sneakers that posted earlier in the week. Still my go to app for releases!

Lack of information. When I first got this app years ago it was on point. Times and releases were always ahead of the game and photos were always available now it’s like you have to wait the day of to see the sneakers that are being released step your game up if people are willing to pay for this app you guys should do the research so we don’t have to!

If you love J’s...then get J23. If you want J’s, where to buy, how to, alerts, links...then you must get this app for sure. Best $2 I’ve invested this year...and so again next year if I have to. Thank you J23 for the quick action.

Well worth the purchase. Since I made the decision to buy this app I’ve been able and notified when they surprise drops happen and I’m able to get the shoes I want . Well worth it

Off-White x Jordan 1. I only paid $1.99 for this app and today it notified me about a surprise release for the off-white x Jordan 1 unc and I got copped them. I would have missed out on getting a pair of shoes valued at $1,600 if I didn’t have this app.

🔥🔥🔥. The best app I’ve seen for staying update for Jordan releases and re-stocks. Notifications are always on time and takes you directly to site while also giving you many options on where to buy shoes.

Rating J23 / Lashun Patrick. I love ❤️❤️❤️this app it the best. Glad I have it I’m a Jordan fan been one since I was in school and still one to this day. I have kids now and they are Jordan’s fans as well I love this app I can see what’s coming out first and the price as well great app

It works !. Not glitchy and works properly. Information is accurate and so timely. It makes all the difference when you're trying to make a pick up

Str8 up my favorite app....... From the moment I downloaded the app I've loved it!! ALL I wear is Jordan's, and I'm not talking Team J's or Flights or all that. This app keeps me ready for all retro releases. Period point blank. Hell I'd pay for this app twice!!! 100

LOVE IT!!!!!!!. If you are a collector or a lover of Jordan’s this is the app for you. Yeah the app is $1.99 but I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on kicks. The keep you updated on restocks and they give you promo codes for some hot releases ghat may be 30-50% off.

Slow alerts. If you want to be alerted about a release just follow him on Twitter. He post alerts their first and majority of the time doesn’t alert you thru the app. If you want to know about a sneaker and don’t care when it releases this is the app for you. If he actually sent alerts this app would be gold but just follow him on twitter for free. Hype releases he WILL NOT POST. Only small releases you’ll know about

Must Have!. If you’re a collector you need this app. I’ve had it for a very long time. Never failed me. I don’t care what some of the reviews here say, the notifications work fine. Check your phones! 🔥🔥🔥

Great App. Scored because of them. Highly recommended for those interested anything MJ.. I would highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone who is interested in the greatest name in sneakers. His “AirNess” Michael Jordan. If you follow them on Twitter then you already have half the game on lock.

Crap deleted. Your notifications are 100% late every time It’s basically an app that tells everyone that they missed out I’ve had this app for two years and I’ve gained nothing from it especially today this sneakers live shock drop ? Really I joined the notification and arrived minutes late apparently like always I’m so done

Great App!!! 👌🏽. Always accurate and really comes through on the links for releases!! Really easy to use and pairs well with the Apple Watch for notifications at your fingertips!! Highly recommend this app, you can’t beat the price either!!🔥🔥🔥

The BEST app for SNEAKERHEADS!!!. This app has came in clutch so many times for me. From being updated with re-releases to surprise drops on SNKRS app. This app will alert you with a notification to help increase your chances against bots with a “W”!!!! I NEVER purchase any apps. This app was well WORTH it!!!! Thanks J23!!

Best app ever!. If you are a sneaker Jordan collector this is the best app ever, keeps you in the loop with notifications of drops and quick strike drops. Has drop scheduling, pictures and dates. J23 is a must have, keep up the great work.

Excellent.. I’ve gotten every sneaker I’ve wanted for retail because of this app. my only recommendation is have all your purchasing info in the Nike SNKRS app ready to rock. This app is Great with notifications on restocks, early releases and reminders. I love not having to deal with resellers that have ruined sneakers for everyone.

Best Jordan release app. Great overall, always correct up to date info. Pointless to have paid if everything is available on their twitter at the same time. Post pics and links in app, if not save ur $ and just follow their social media

I can do this without the app. This app sends you through a few websites when you click on the link. By that time there all sold out. I’ve also been sent to empty links. I don’t use this to much to make sneaker purchases I use it for the alerts that’s why they got 3 stars.

Waste of money and time!. Missing the restock updates. Not getting the notifications but news page is getting updates. If i need to open the app all the time to see updates then whats the point! Update- this app is waste of money!. Never sends notifications. Whats the point of having an app which i need to open constantly to see the updates. Wish i could give zero star!!!

Already paid for itself 100+ fold. App is the reason I got the off-white 5s on snkrs early access notification. So good. Actually if u are reading this and size 11 don’t buy it... 😏

I like the app but... I like the app but I do t get any notifications. I clicked the debug button and that didn’t work either. I need the notifications to work.

Don't be cheap!. I hit big because this dude puts in the work! I get notifications from this app quicker and sooner than I do from the apps he's putting you on to!

Push notifications not working. Overall good app and keeps you updated on what’s going on in the world of Jordan. My only issue with this app is my push notifications are not working. Every time I turn them in the app, it automatically switches off when I leave the settings sections to go anywhere else on the app. I will change my review once this is resolved.

Worth the price. This app tells you everything on shoes the history,restock,release date, and where to buy the shoes!! Best sneaker app I’ve used worth the money💸💸 I would buy this app again if I could 😂

No notifications. What’s the point of this app if you never get notified when there’s restock. My notifications are on and still no luck. This issue has been writing in the reviews plenty of times and developers are still not doing anything about it. I have to constantly check the app to make sure I don’t miss a restock and when I do catch one it’s to late. Useless. I need my money back.

Worth it. Very worth the 1 time charge I use apps like kicks on fire an others who struggle to stay up to date with releases the 23 app is perfect I just wish they had some way of getting previews or preview pictures of the shoe

🔥👟🔥. If you’re a sneakerhead, this app is sooooooo worth it!!! You get instant info on all the latest AJ release dates and are notified about special sales on various sneaker sites. If you love sneakers, this is a must buy app.

Great app, keep you in sneakers game. This app is great, let you know when the shoes are available on the date and time they come out, of course you can see the coming up J’s that releasing later on the up coming months.

Best App for JORDANS. This app is a game changer to say the least! He is always on top of his game and all the info is 100% legit! Go download if you haven't yet!! Not to mention when he gets he time he will respond! The app is the best!

Is time for a update. The App is starting to crash, I open the app in about 5 seconds crash i open the app again and again and still the same problem Jul,31,2021,,,,, Please update the app to avoid the crash out.

Sooo much greater than any other Jordan app!!!!. This Jordan and new shoe release date app blows any other Jordan app out Tha water!! Shows great history on the shoe and has legit info you can trust on release dates way sooner than other apps! I'm blown away! Keep it up!!!

Terrible. There has been numerous occasions where this app has either spammed my notifications and drained my phone battery for nothing OR has cost me money because they are not aware of how to send push notifications in time for a sneaker release. The person in charge somehow gets every pair of sneakers yet the people who support him doesn’t. Looking to get a refund as we speak. No update can fix this issue, get a new team!

Needs to have notifications for eveything. Even when u turn on notifications you inky get notified for big releases, I want to be notified for everything that drops whether it’s restocks, apparel or just news man. Y’all can do better and I know it wouldn’t even be that hard

Great App. Apps 🔥. Always gives you the heads up on new Jordan drops. It’s up to you to cop after that but it definitely gives you an advantage. Strongly recommend this app.

Awesome app!. This app is well worth the $ spent to acquire it, it keeps you updated on all the Jordan releases as well as some other things restock links etc...I recommend this to anybody looking to keep up with the latest Jordan kix etc...

Drop time. The drop time showing on my phone is completely off by an hour. I wonder why ????

Great app.. Just got it yesterday and I was able to receive notifications with links. Worth it! I already made my first purchase thanks to this app.

Great for quick releases. Have had some success on quick release with this app you get at least a 1 or 2 minute jump on the releases so it makes it worth it’s price. Must be in good internet space for you to get really good results.

Top notch app. If you want to be the first to get your hands on restocks and releases this is the app. Set your alerts on and bam you’re on your way out with your fave kicks, highly recommend ain’t no other!

THE BEST SHOE APP EVER!!!!!. If you want to know everything abt release dates and new shoes and drops coming then I suggest you hit the follow and download the app!! This app is insane with the amount of information inside. I relate it to the shoes as our treasure and this is the treasure map!! MUST HAVE FOR ALL JORDAN FANS!!!!!!

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- Push Notification fix

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