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*** #1 Sneaker App in the US ***


The Reviews speak for themselves. Over 5000 ratings with 5 Stars!


Stay up-to-date with the latest Jordan Brand release dates, restocks, models, and pricing. Never miss another release again! We verify all posted dates and pricing, and update them as soon as they change.

Learn about the history of the Jordan Brand line, from 1985 until the present.

Find out more about Jordan Brand athletes across all of the major sports. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook using their official pages.

Long-time NIKETALK Member.

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- Push Notification updates - Search for iPad

J23 - Release Dates & Restocks Comments & Reviews

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- Resourceful

Works for me

- Awesome

This an awesome app

- The Last Dance

This is the last and only app you will need for a Jordan Collector!!! This app has the info on where to get the best heat & the release dates are updated so you never miss out on picking up your favorite kix!!! If you use the notifications there is always last minute info or special discounts from retailers definitely clutch as far as getting you info to cop the J’s you want!!! I do miss my favorites tabs as it used to show the ones I liked and it was a quick reference to when those shoes were released.

- Used to love

I used to live this app, until I couldn’t go back and look at prior releases on the app.

- Awesome Ap

This Ap is awesome

- Kickass

Does exactly what it says it does. Notifications are instantaneous. I’ve had this app for a week and already hit.

- iGrassyute Roné

Mmmaaaaaaaaaadddd App!!! Big up big up to all the massive. Sneaker lovers paradise right here. Accurate App. Fire!! Hottaball!! Love J23 4 iva!!

- Unsatisfied.

Nice to get notifications that something is being released or restocked but the app is pointless. Still can’t get into the websites so basically the app is a waste of money and I’m Just sitting around wasting time trying to even get the releases.

- Trash

Post links and a second later it’s out of stock... and most links freeze but lest not forget about the push notifications you do even get... btw this is the only app on my phone I pay for

- Best $2 Ever Spent

If you really are into the sneaker game and don’t want to just rely on Nike’s broken SNKRS app you need this app.

- The crashes

Every time I get a notification for shoes and I click the links, nothing ever pops up. And the sites crash too fast

- Trash app

Bought twice 0 pairs from app help

- Too false links

This app has too false links and miss leading information

- Disappointed

This app is a disappointment, I have not got any Sneakers with this app

- App is trash

I follow accounts on twitter that informs me of every release and surprise drops/restocks 100x faster than this app. There’s been cases this app doesn’t even let you know when they restock.

- Dopest Sneakers Apps

If you don’t have this app with the push notifications on, you are slipping. Best up to date app with the sneaker releases. I’m going broke with this app..

- If you love copping Jordan’s, this app is well worth it

Had been following on Twitter for the longest time. Finally decided to buy the app. Had initial questions on the frequency of alerts and within an hour, had a reply with the answer I needed. Have copped so many pairs because of J23 and now that I have the app, I know I’ll be copping even more. Thanks

- Money Well Spent

Never paid for an app in my life. If you’re a sneaker head and you don’t have this app you’re not doing yourself justice. Best $2 you will spend.

- Trash

App is literal Garbage. Notifications don’t work and there are other accounts much faster than J23. Waste of $2.

- Highly recommend

Best app for Jordan heads !!! Haven’t missed a drop i wanted since I’ve downloaded it 💯💯


How can I get a refund I didn’t mean to purchase this app

- Dope

Love this app!!!

- The goat

So helpful for my sneaker collection.

- If this isn’t in your arsenal, it should be.

One day in November of 2019, I decided to get into the shoe game. I did a quick search about which apps to have, kicks on fire, SNKRS, and the time his one. I was a little worried about spending money on an app, I was trying to grow this the old fashion way. I would go so far as to say that this app has gotten even better in the last four months. Routinely, you will get a notification from this app BEFORE SNKRS, Twitter, almost any of them about shock drops, restocks and major sales. This app is worth its price ten fold, and not to mention, saved me money. I have bought shoes before and within a week or so, there might be a sale or some discount that I wouldn’t have known about without this app. Happy to be the proud owner of some great shoes to come out as of late. Even more proud to know I didn’t pay more than I need to with how much this app has posts on social about drops/price adjustments/and links to the goods without jumping around. If you are in the sneaker game or just want a leg up on that particular colorway, get this app. You don’t need to thank me, th ask yourself for listening.

- Must Have

So many W’s thanks to this app.

- Best Sneaker App

Literally got this app 24 hours ago and I have already gotten 3 pairs of shoes for retail price. Best shoe app. 10/10



- Best of the best!

Best sneaker app in the market! Always comes they with notifications on New releases, restocks, etc. thanks to J23 I’ve been catching alote of W’s in the past 2 years!

- Keeps you on top of your AJ news

Probably one of my most used apps! If you’re a collector this is a great app to have! I’m always on top of the Jordan drops which give me an upper hand if you’re not in a cook group. A lot of bots are used to purchase large amounts of shoes, and bog the system. This just gives you better knowledge and notifications that helps. Updating this review!! I love this app! This app has helped me win a lot of SNKRS draws, and other websites who drop Jordan’s

- Useless

This app is useless and an utter waste of money. Save your money and just follow them on twitter for free.

- Solid App

Really great informative App

- Hands down the best app ever

This is the app is unmatched

- Great

Best $2 you could ever spend if you’re a sneakerhead!

- 10/10

10/10 recommend for a sneaker head

- J23 app is a gimmick

I purchased this app for $1.99 hoping to get launch info in advance to have better success for getting new hot releases. So far it has not told me anything more than the other free apps offer. Nor improved my ability to purchase shoes I’m hoping to land. I only want 1 pair my size on hot releases as I’m not a reseller but this idea the app would help in advance of being beat out by resellers is a joke. I have nothing against resellers but when a hot new Jordan shoe is released I too should only have to pay MSRP! I refuse to pay an inflated secondary market price.

- The App

Love the app, needs to function better for notifications. Allow for more news on sneakers and make it possible to find old news of sneakers that posted earlier in the week. Still my go to app for releases!

- The Best

I have nothing negative today. Well worth the money. The reason I have all of my Js.

- Great App

Very reliable source for all the latest Jordan’s

- Very delayed

I do NOT recommend this app especially for $2. Granted it is only $2 you can get a FREE better app called “sole links” that does the same exact thing except it’s free. This app is way to slow by the time you get to a site for a restock or shock drop on the Nike SNKR app, it’s too late... 10 out of 10 would NOT recommend...

- Best app

Thiis the best app i ever had correct shoe dates the only problem is that some jordans be comming out but dont be displayed on the app an also its march an febuary stuff still up

- Must have app

If you’re a sneakerhead you need this app. Always on top of all new releases, even unannounced ones. Has info on any restocks and sales before anybody else.

- Jump man app

App worth the ticket I love it

- Best Ever

This was the 1st app I ever payed for and never regretted it. Thanks for what you do @j23app.

- Hands Down The Best App

This is one of my favorite apps, honestly I appreciate this app more than SNKRS app the alerts are always before SNKRS app when exclusive drops hit, gets you into whatever footsites you need to get into when sneakers drop. It’s a GREAT app!

- Best app hands down

For OG Retro heads, sneaker 👟 lovers & the entire sneaker community, this app doesn’t leave much room for competition as far knowledge on release dates, restocks & sales the way J23 keeps up... it’s only up to the buyer to keep up the pace or hope he/she can get the retro Jordan they want on time 🏃💨💨...

- Great App

I just got hip to this app. Good job. I would love to have the ability to receive all notifications when content drops in the news feed.

- AJ23

Superb App! Killer plug! A must for SneakerHeads!

- Real Deal

Best shoe app. Accurate info. Updated appropriately and real work done. Generally concerned about shoe collectors and not secondary market resale.

- Good. But not great.

I heard about this app on NT. Looked it up, and was shocked that it came at a price. You’re welcome whoever got that money BTW. This app is good for seeing what shoes are coming out, and linking you where to get them. I wholeheartedly applaud the effort. HOWEVA *Stephen A Voice* I specifically bought this app to help me get the Infrared 34s. Lots of hype around this shoe, and I wanted to make sure I was ready to get it. I made sure I’m up early for the release, I open the app, and they only have the Footlocker link. UNACCEPTABLE. Considering we all knew it was also on Nike.com I nearly lost out on these shoes, I had to quickly go to niketalk and get the link and buy them, as footlocker ran out of my size in a matter of minutes. Alas, this app DID eventually post the Nike.com link but way too late. Deeming it useless in my opinion. The entire reason anyone wants to get this app is to be ahead of everyone on a shoe release, and I think it failed. I respect the hustle, ESPECIALLY the fact you charge for this app, but you are not worth it.

- I like the app but..

I like the app but I do t get any notifications. I clicked the debug button and that didn’t work either. I need the notifications to work.

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- Not much helpful

Can u guys also about Canadian releases and restock

- Dopest dope

Good info for us sneaker heads

- Great app!


- It does not work Don’t buy it!!!

Bought it and the app does not load any information.

- Great App

Great way to keep track of all The new Jordan’s that are being released

- Best Jordan App!!

Best app for release info, history, and high quality pictures! # 1 source for J's

- Nice


- Dope App!

Great for us Jordan sneaker fans.


Keeps up to date😊never behind

- Good


- 23 baby

Usually proper dates so I always get my kicks

- Best

Best Jordan app! Support

- Very useful

Good and useful apps,always helped me a lot.

- Jordan's

I love using this app 💃👏🙌

- J

These r sick J's

- 🙌


- So bad

I downloaded two times for this apps, the second Tim even purchased. The reasons for me to buy are the interface and the promising features for Aj release day and the first time impression of the design seems professional. However, this app was not able to loaded the most uptodate Aj images and Always crash. The release day for AJ shoes also back forward. Really disappointed. Unfortunately, they it was a great app before, so bad to see them ugly now. Hope they can improve in the future.

- Sneakerhead's best friend


- Awesome

Great app that tells you all the new upcoming jordan release dates

- Awesome app.

This app is great. It is perfect for all up coming Air Jordan footwear. It would be perfect if they gave real links to sites where you could buy from.

- Blessed!

Great app. Updates before websites do. Would be awesome if there was a nike shoe app too.

- Great

It's a amazing app . Now we need one for foams and Nike releases ..

- Great

Perfect for all your sneaker head must know information

- Sneakerhead

Nice app! Got every release coming out 👌

- Swag

As I said before . Swag

- Love it

A must have for Jordan sneak freaks

- Great app

Addictive app for J collectors.

- Great app

Accurate fast great for sneaker heads

- Great app

Fast, mostly up to date and highly addictive as a Jordan brand supporter! Only thing is the app doesn't get release dates for all team Jordan members a quickly

- Awesome app

Totally great for sneaker heads. All the updates you need.

- Amazing app

Gives tou updated release dates and jordan history !

- Best

App eva

- Awesome App

For Jordan lovers...

- Lee

This app is amazing 😭😂😭😂👍

- Air Jordan 23

My favorite app J23 FTW

- my apps experience

helps alot, very awesome!!!

- Fav app of all time

I'm a huge fan of Jordan's & I can stay up to date with all the releases !!

- Love it

I got all the shoes from Jordan that I wanted 2,3,4,5,6,7 retro love this app

- Great App!

Great app, everything's accurate, and precise. Very simple to use as well, it's keeping me on top of my Jordan game!

- Slick!!

Works great, has all the info, and the pics are awesome!! Thanks man

- I Love This App!!!

Best Ever!!!

- Love it!

Great to stay up to date for the greatest collection of shoes the world as ever seen.

- Great App

Good app to keep up to date on the latest J's. Add a way to track you personal collection!

- App is blank.

App is blank, that is all.

- Please Update your Foam App!

This app is brilliant for the serious and casual collector of Jays. Please read this - Matt Berg, Can u update your Nike Foam App! It's the only thing stopping me from purchasing it. ^ I agree, update & I Will buy.

- It's ok

Very basic, good for your average person who doesn't know much about Jordan's and needs a reminder..

- If you collect J's, you need this!

One stop for all your Jordan release dates

- good


- Great app for Air Jordan's fans!!!

Love this app & Love Air Jordan's!!!

- AJ addicts paradise!

What a fantastic tool for those who are always rushing to organize a new pair of AJ's at the last minute!!! Life saver!

- Mr

Great app. The reminders come in very handy... Would love some sort of inventory list added where you can add shoes that you own and ones that you want...

- Amazing APP

If you collect Jordan's you must have this APP or your missing out!!!

- Won't open force crash

Won't open had to delete & re-install 4 times and still won't open not happy



- ichan8

Very good apps for the sneakerheads helpfull and accurate information! A+++

- Jump

Mint app, b nice if there was an archive on past models

- D- train

Good on the go reference guide for when the next J is coming out.

Payoneer 💰

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- Disappointed

This app came with a lot of hype. Realized shortly after downloading it (for a fee) that it doesn’t do anything to help secure a shoe. It does not notify you a head of time. The purpose of this app is to send you directly to the app that you need to but the shoe from and then takes a profit. Downloading the SNKRS app and go directly to that app is much more effective. So disappointed

- Phenomenal App.

Phenomenal App. Do I need to say more? Get it, you’ll be glad you listened. Just don’t be going after my size ya n00b!

- Great store and app if you live in Chicago

Not impressed at all

- Exceptional

I follow quite a variety of “leaders” in there field of expertise. I feel it necessary to inform you of all those I do follow, you stand head and shoulders above any and all of them. Thank you for all your hard work of providing information, your opinions and general knowledge!!

- Best App for Jordan Releases

Anyone who is seriously in the game and looking to keep up with releases, availability and more needs this app.

- Fantastic App

Love this app! Notifications faster than the SNKRS app.

- Solid app

Always keeps you up to date on your favorite Jordan’s

- Excellent app

This is a great app , its been helping me a lot to get my j’s

- Best app ever!

If you are a sneaker Jordan collector this is the best app ever, keeps you in the loop with notifications of drops and quick strike drops. Has drop scheduling, pictures and dates. J23 is a must have, keep up the great work.

- Best app

This is the best app to learn about past or future releases

- Uniformative

This app shows alot of releases and dates,but extremely fails with photos to match. There no information on what retailers will have regional releases. If you’re not going to release a shoe in America,then why have they on your site? Nothing should advertised nor marketed in America if you’re not going to make it available in America and or every region. And this app is not free. You have to purchase it.

- Not accurate

App is cool to know which Jordan’s are releasing, but NOT ACCURATE AT ALL on release dates. Expect to miss the release of this is your only source for Jordan release dates. No cap

- Keep up the good work

App is worth the money

- Best Jordan Nike App Out!!

Everything Jordan related always on top of Every shoe drop!!

- Good app, poor at notifications

I would like to give this app 5 stars but the app does a poor job at notifying you when shoes are available. I’ve had this app for about a month or two now and I’ve been notified a total of 5 times but when I click on the app, there are shoes available all the time that I’m not getting the notifications for. Decent app, just have to open it once in a while since the notifications aren’t great

- Amazing

10/10 would purchase if your are into collecting or reselling air Jordan sneakers

- 👌


- Helps me buy

Good and user friendly

- Slow updates, late notice, no photos

It seems like the sources aren’t the best. Can get much better info from any site actually selling the shoe. Pictures are hours late, release dates are scrambled, 2 star maybe.

- Greatness

Best app ever!!!

- 🤔

Just now becoming a fan of Jordan’s since the reverse Taxis were released. Just copped my first pair of BRED 11s ever on top of that. I just love being in the loop of sneaker heads with this app and look forward to more unique color ways to come.

- No opening

Does this app not work anymore? It will not open and has not been working for me for months. I even tried deleting and downloading it again and nothing.

- Retro Jordan

This app will send updates on dates & time of release. Extremely hard to secure a pair of retros through tho app being that it’s a third party app. Its hard as ever to get a restock as if this app is the last to know about the restock. I’ve tried to get 9 pair of retros since buying this app and so far have no success. It got to a point no where I just look at release dates.


Best app for new or retro Jordan shoes released information. 💯🔥

- Push Notifications Not Working

Love the app. Got the off-white UNC’s with this app and multiple restocks. Only problem is that it doesn’t alert me every time. Not sure if it’s selective with what the app notifies you about, but there are many products which either go on sale or drop and the app doesn’t send an alert. Once that’s fixed 5 stars for sure.

- My favorite app para siempre 4 ever

I always receive notifications on time I make my purchases here in this app thank you very much


One of my favorite shoe based apps.

- Audra

The only reason I give it a 3 is because kicks on fire beats them app wise. 23 give you alerts for you to have a second or third to catch the kicks you missed out on but the alerts are so late like warn us in advance a day so we get another chance to beat these people with robot calls who buy all the cool Jordan’s up.

- Keeps shutting down

It used to work great until one day it stopped working. Doesn’t load and keeps shutting down. I have deleted the app and tried to reinstall... to no avail. Disappointed.

- Got my Bred 11s Shock Drop

Thanks to this app I finally hit on a shock drop.

- Shoes

I’ve had this app for about 7 years and I absolutely love it . Tells me when shoe releases are coming out , where to buy them .

- Great for quick releases

Have had some success on quick release with this app you get at least a 1 or 2 minute jump on the releases so it makes it worth it’s price. Must be in good internet space for you to get really good results.

- Best app ever

On point even with minor hiccups neva a dull moment with this app love it

- J23

Love it been down since it became a app and it definitely keeps me up on exclusive drops 💯💯

- Long time supporter

Dope app. I’ve had it for a few years and it’s been great. Lately I feel it’s been slacking a bit but I’ll still give them 5 Stars for all the info and heads up from the past. Just wish it stayed fully up to date like it used to on Jordan releases. None the less, it’s still the best Jordan/sneaker app out there for Jordan releases and for the small price.

- I like

My favorite apps I love thanks

- Best app for 👟

The notifications are hella fast and accurate. Faster than SNKRS and every other app/website available

- Not worth getting Seriously

I read the reviews and bought the app. Nothing really different or special about this app. It lets you know about drops but they sold out by the time you get the notification . 👎🏾 wasted a Buck .

- Good but......

This app is pretty good, the only thing that I would change is the head’s up . I Always seem to get the notifications late and by the time I go to buy something off the app, the shoe I want is usually sold out


Great app that has very accurate release dates!

- J23

100% the best

- Jordan’s

Always nice to see a picture/ price / and date of new retros coming! Love it!!

- Terrible

There has been numerous occasions where this app has either spammed my notifications and drained my phone battery for nothing OR has cost me money because they are not aware of how to send push notifications in time for a sneaker release. The person in charge somehow gets every pair of sneakers yet the people who support him doesn’t. Looking to get a refund as we speak. No update can fix this issue, get a new team!

- This app isn’t helpful

I never won anything using this app it’s a waste of money trust me

- Follow them on twitter instead!

They give out more info on twitter rather than to the people who buy the app.

- 🏀🔝🏀🔝🏀


- Love the app

Love all the updates

- Lack of information

When I first got this app years ago it was on point. Times and releases were always ahead of the game and photos were always available now it’s like you have to wait the day of to see the sneakers that are being released step your game up if people are willing to pay for this app you guys should do the research so we don’t have to!

- Must Have!

If you’re a collector you need this app. I’ve had it for a very long time. Never failed me. I don’t care what some of the reviews here say, the notifications work fine. Check your phones! 🔥🔥🔥

- Kicks

Great App helps out a lot

Libertex 📈

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- Google works better

Not customisable by country, links don’t work every time I click on one it’s either instantly sold out or invalid link. Not worth the money

- Great

Does this app work for EU/UK

- Great app

It's great

- J23 review

Great easy to use informative app for the Jordan fan! Keep up to date on release dates and restocks!

- J23

Excellent app for the Jordan's fans

- Great App

Very useful if you are a Jordan head that is awaiting on sneakers or just wants to know a bit of history from each shoe

- Great

Exactly what you want if you want to keep track of Jordan releases.

- Good

Shows most up coming aj releases but misses a few

- Top app for aj lovers

Really good, perfect to keep track of aj release

- AJ apps

Awesome apps for Air Jordan lovers

- J'z Addict

Very useful for the sneakers addict !

- Great apps

Great way to keep up to date with the latest releases

- Mr

This is a great app, always up to date with the release dates 👍

- Very good app.

Excellent and up to date.

- Great app

Great app, I use this to see the release dates on Jordan's do I can have the money saved for the ones I want.

- Excellent app!

Don't usually write reviews but this app is great! Prefect for the sneakerhead of today! Live updates of new announced releases and rumours. The ability to select your favourite sneakers and create a wish list is a nice feature. A Must have app for any sneaker collector!!!!!

- Nice apps

I can check straight away what shoes is coming out very easy to use...

- Great


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J23 - Release Dates & Restocks 3.3.2 Screenshots & Images

J23 - Release Dates & Restocks iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

J23 - Release Dates & Restocks iphone images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks iphone images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks iphone images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks iphone images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks iphone images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks iphone images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks ipad images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks ipad images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks ipad images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks ipad images
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks Sports application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
J23 - Release Dates & Restocks Sports application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

J23 - Release Dates & Restocks (Version 3.3.2) Install & Download

The applications J23 - Release Dates & Restocks was published in the category Sports on 2012-02-12 and was developed by Plan23, LLC [Developer ID: 497880661]. This application file size is 8.26 MB. J23 - Release Dates & Restocks - Sports posted on 2020-06-04 current version is 3.3.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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