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Poshmark is the leading marketplace to buy and sell fashion.

***Shop over 5,000 brands in every size—including plus size, petites, and juniors—at up to 70% off retail
***Sell and turn your closet into cash. List your items for free!

Shop. Sell. Style. Party.

Whatever you’re shopping for, Poshmark’s got it—for much less than at discount clothing retailers and outlets like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. With over a million dollars worth of new and gently used merchandise added to the marketplace daily, you will find amazing fashion and beauty finds from the hottest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville and more!

Need ideas for what to wear to your next date or that upcoming wedding? Do you hate getting dressed in the morning? Poshmark has millions of of outfit ideas for you. Shop the personal style and closets of other Poshers today, or request to be styled by your favorite Stylist!

Do you have items in your closet that didn’t work out? Maybe a designer handbag, statement shoes, or even your old wedding dress you wore once and won’t ever wear again? Poshmark is the #1 online consignment solution for a girl to sell her unwanted clothing in order to buy new things she’s coveting, providing an alternative to Goodwill and other consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange. 1 in 50 American women have their closets open for sale on Poshmark—you could be next!

Party on the go, no matter where you’re at! Join the thousands of women who come together three times a day, seven days a week to participate in our themed virtual Posh Parties. Create new listings, share and shop together! Have Tory Burch, Forever 21, or Zara on the brain? There’s a party for you.

“I’m obsessed with the shopping app Poshmark.” —Refinery 29
“I have saved so much money shopping on Poshmark, I don’t think I’ll ever pay full retail again.” —Caroline, a Poshmark user
“It was such a hassle dropping clothes off to Goodwill and other consignment shops, plus who wants to throw out a perfectly good purse that you know another woman will LOVE?” —Crystal, a Poshmark user
“I tried Vinted, Threadflip, and Thredup, but nothing sold — girls on those apps don’t want to spend much. On Posh, on the other hand, there are so many eager girls ready to shop my closet!” —Justine, a Poshmark user

Don’t waste another precious moment with other discount fashion retailers or consignment solutions. Poshmark will change the way you shop for clothing and fashion. Try us out today!

Poshmark App Description & Overview

The applications Poshmark was published in the category Shopping on 2011-10-13 and was developed by Poshmark, Inc.. This application file size is 89.84 MB. Poshmark current version is 3.24 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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• We squashed some bugs. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest—update now.

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Poshmark Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Tyoshimiru   5 star

The best app to sell used clothes and shoes. I have been selling used clothes and shoes since 1 month ago and it’s been great, I can’t complain, the way how you ship your orders is so easy... and also I am making extra money with it.

Angeebeee12   4 star

Free $10 credit use code Jouaa. Sign up with my code “jouaa” for free $10 credit to spend. Hurry while this promo lasts.

closetclosed   3 star

Be prepared for exhaustion. The whole experience will make your fingers hurt.

freespiritcysm   5 star

Thank U Much. I’m so happy that this platform is created. It’s usefulness is beyond words. I love that one can connect to the masses and create an side income. Again, thank you and God Bless!! Christine

bdestep   5 star

Poshmark Has Changed My Life. I had a couple pair of boots that are fairly new and can no longer wear them because I am now in a wheelchair so my daughter suggested putting them on Poshmark, I hesitated at first but then I did it and now I’m obsessed. Poshmark has given me a reason to get out of bed other than to clean my house. Really, I love it, it makes me smile buying, selling and being apart of the Poshmark community. Poshmark is and has been a life change for the better!! Thank You Poshmark!! 💕 Sincerely, Bev

tylerjenna   2 star

Shipping cost. The shipping cost went up again, some things wouldn't cost that much to buy brand new. I am done shopping here.

kathych1968   5 star

Having so much fun on Poshmark. This is going to sound sappy, August 1st 2019 I left my job under unhappy terms. I didn’t know what I was going to do. End of October while shopping I found a pair of boots and said to my self these boots are not my size and maybe not my style but someone needs them. So I bought them , not knowing what I was going to do. Then I remembered I had joined Poshmark back in April and thought I’m going to give this a try. From that point on I have been obsessed of finding that perfect item to put in my Posh closet to finding items for my family. Poshmark makes it so easy to join and help you sell. Other poshers have left encouraging notes to also helping out on a pair of jeans I was not familiar with. For everyone Happy Poshing . Kathych1968

get rid of things   5 star

I am a seller. I love posh and the people are so welcoming and always willing to share the benefits of posh

librob43   5 star

😍😍. I’m totally obsessed with Poshmark! I just joined Oct 2019 and I don’t know what took me so long to become a part of PM. As a buyer and a seller, I truly enjoy it!! And I’ve made some pretty good extra cash in just 2 months! It’s awesome!

Moncef Fahim   2 star

Need a redesign.. Good app. Easy to use. Pre-paid shipping labels included but... ... I use several other selling apps and Poshmark, in my opinion, is lacking behind in terms of UI/UX. A better design of the app with prettier visuals and fonts like on Facebook Marketplace, Mercari or ThredUp would be greatly appreciated. I’m finding myself spending more times on those apps. I’ll update my review when I see some design changes.

gruyoudo   1 star

Disappointing. There’s more people trying to sell than there is people trying to buy.

sahailyy   5 star

Excellent. I like very much this application top notch!

Kyleishere   1 star

Bad start. Not even real people what they did is just loaded up the website with fake users lol they do this on adult sites to get men! What a shame!

Elvasoroto   1 star

Stay away!. Poshmark is a bad app pretending to be good! It’s a terrible app with awful sellers & buyers! Like everywhere you go you will find great individuals, but overall it’s only a handful, and the worst part is that Poshmark let the people do what they want & the good people have to pay the consequences! I’m waiting to solve a bad incident by a seller that send me the wrong size dress, filthy & it took forever to ship it! I did not accept the item of course; I was so disappointed & frustrated, guess what? Poshmark just send me the return label saying that if I don’t return it in 2 DAYS they were going to cancel the return!!!! OMG I only had 2 days, the seller have all the time in the world plus I have to wait like 10 more business days to get my refund! This is the second time that happened to me! Plus few more terribleeeee incidents that I don’t going to get into details! Believe me you do not want to buy nir sell in this app, they keep a big % of your money & is not worth it! Ppl want everything so cheap that you end up loosing money! I do not have anything good to say about this app! Stay away! Use Mercari instead, that app is worth it! Better ppl & they don’t keep an huge % of your sales! Take my word, run as fast as you can! Thanks

jtscmiller   5 star

Easy. Poshmark is so easy to use. I have sold quite a few items. I have also purchased. Such a positive community of buyers and sellers. Really enjoying!

Katieee.allen   1 star

Logging in. I am unable to re log in. I have my username and password saved to they automatically pop up for me to log in, but when I push the log in button it says I need to change my password to ensure safety. Which I wouldn’t mind but every time I try to send my email a message so I am reset my password the email never comes through for me to do so. I tried to create a new account but my email is already in use on my other account. Id appreciate if you fixed this problem because I am not able to use your app. Thank you

Gstevyk   1 star

Some People Can Sell Some People Can’t. I am about ready to delete this app. I am so disappointed in Poshmark and their double standards. I listed some stuff that was brand new in the packaging, stuff that I was pretty sure was allowed and it was immediately deleted. When I emailed customer service about it because I had seen SEVERAL other people selling similar stuff and theirs had been listed for 4 or 5 days, some of these people even had stuff that is NOT allowed and in fact is HIGHLY Inappropriate for an app such as this; They said, we try to remove all of them but we don’t always get to them, you can always report listings to us that don’t fit our standards; SO, I have reported a few of these HIGHLY inappropriate things and they are still listed. So, what gives? How is it that other people with HIGHLY inappropriate items that have been reported are still listed and mine innocent as they were have been removed??? They like to state “we’re not singling you out...” but it sure does seem like you are.

118947   1 star

This app is fake. This app has no authenticity service u can get legit items but most of the time it’s fake. It’s always someone who bout a fake pair of shoes of eBay or something and is trying to sell them for a 500% markup this app has many fakes don’t use it

Manny Pay$o   5 star

Extra. This app allows me to have a hobby as well as a side job that I can attend to as I see fit. Being print and aware of your notifications so that you can improve would be a great note to any new comers. Once again this is awesome and making money makes it more satisfying

@Lisa_555   5 star

Poshmark. I love poshmark. It's a great way to make some extra money. They also make shipping super easy with there prepaid shipping labels 😀

Emm May   5 star

Amazing app. Easy to use with amazing customer support

Fashion bazaar resale   5 star

Hdurasevic. Fashionbazaar

jamiie12   5 star

Questions. Are the original items on this app

fortitude_sales   5 star

Great app. Even thought sometimes Posh has some glitches just like anything I love the app. Of course they nerd to improve in something’s but I love the app.

MEP0912   5 star

Poshmark. I love poshmark, always something new!

amitime   5 star

PoshMark gets five stars from me.. This app has helped me to reduce the amount of clothes I have and it makes me feel good that others are enjoying my belived items. I like the thought of reusing stuff and having a positive effect on the planet 😊. Thank you Pm for creating this!

Dnyce840   5 star

App improvement. Great app just need a auto follow button so you don’t have to follow people one by one click

casey-/-   1 star

Too many notifications. This app gives so many annoying unnecessary notifications I downloaded today and deleted it today all because of the constant messages

ar512000   5 star

Poshmark. Very easy to use! Enjoy using!

Laced with Laugher   4 star

Please include DM feature. Great app but I find it difficult to ask sellers questions without a DM feature. I would love to be able to DM directly to ask more sensitive questions regarding pricing/bundling, condition, or things like whether a bra can be comfortably worn with something.

Advertorial    5 star

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ashess14   5 star

FREE $15 with code STUDIO316. The best app I’ve come across for buying and selling gently used items in Canada. Within days I made a couple of sales! Feel free to use code STUDIO316 to get $15 when you sign up 😊

evelxnw   5 star

MONEYYY. Use code “Evelin-qaddis” for 15$ off your first purchase ❤️

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Myrla la la   5 star

Use code MYRLAMAYNARD. Use code MYRLAMAYNARD to get 15$ when you sign up!!!

Google gif   5 star

🥰🥳🤩 $15 PROMO CODE 🥰🥳🤩. Use my code ITSKATEXXO to get a $15 credit on your first purchase 😘 this app is amazing! I’ve purchased over $2000 worth of stuff and sold almost $1000 in return. It’s a total closet clean out app!!! 😍

KaleyJB   5 star

I miss you. Just move from Canada to the UK - please expand soon 😭👏

crissy.02   5 star

GREAT APP!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Amazing! Love this app!! Use code CRYSTELLE02 for $15 off your first purchase! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

AlanaLynn16   5 star

Awesome app. Use my code for 15$ towards your first purchase ! Alana_kennedy This is an awesome app and i bought roots pants for 13$ and roots sweater for 10$

Greenbean4554   5 star

LOVE THIS APP. Use my code BROWNKAS to receive $15 in credit!!!! I’m sure you’ll love it too! :)

allydan01   4 star

Needs a feature to delete old bundles. Great app. I love it but it needs a feature where you can delete your old bundles I have bundles where everything sold or I no longer want to items but they’re still there because I’m unable to delete them it really clutters my list and makes it harder to find the bundles I really do want. Please fix this in a future update soon

ChristianSky2   5 star

Good finds at affordable prices. Use my code CHRISTIANONIG for $15 off 1st purchase. Honestly, some pretty good pieces of clothing, you can haggle a bit until you come to a good compromise price, no need to pay the actual sell price! I would recommend liking items you are interested in, so you get updates when it drops in price!

Schesbalz   5 star

💥 use code: DSCHEZ 💥 for $15 credit. Easy to use app! Very user friendly. Can’t wait to buy & sell! Use my code: DSCHEZ for $15 credit to your account as soon as you sign up!! 😊 happy shopping!!

St3phani396   5 star

Free $15.00 crédit Use SIKUPUPPIE code. 💰💰Redeem SIKUPUPPIE code to earn a $15.00 credit on your next purchase. The code must be redeemed when you sign in and will be available for 30 days. Enjoy! 🥂

Mithun Manivannan   5 star

USE CODE MITHUN_MMM FOR FREE🤑🤑🤑. Literally the best app ever. Used clothes, new clothes whatever you want!! omg like the turtles sksksksksks use my code MITHUN_MMM FOR A FREE $15🤑🤑🤑

uwusfordays   4 star

USE CODE UWUSCLOSET. 💫USE CODE UWUSCLOSET FOR $15 WHEN YOU SIGN UP💫 love the app, its really convenient to use

EDM babe   3 star

Code Suki1million ($15). I joined a month ago it’s still a bit confusing, however I made my first sale I have not cashed it yet I didn’t ship the item yet. They take a percentage of your cost of sale. I still prefer Kijiji. Use my code and try out the app it’s fun to just browse Suki1million and you get $15 towards buying anything!

allkimchieverything   5 star

Use code ERICADAWN08 for $15. Use code ERICADAWN08 for $15 off when you sign up!

iubjtf   5 star


Shayaye2   5 star

Use my code to get $15. Use my code when you sign up to get $15 SHADAYE_2 Love this app! 😁

UniqueUzoma   5 star

USE CODE UZO_CHUKS. Use the code UZO_CHUKS to get $15 when you sign up!

emmiliie87   5 star


divifighoogitc   5 star


gabriella aventura   5 star

USE MY CODE G_AVENTURA FOR 15$ WHEN YOU SIGN UP!!. USE MY CODE G_AVENTURA FOR 15$ WHEN YOU SIGN UP!! this app is so amazing you can literally search up any brand and get it for cheaper prices! you can sell anything and buy anything i really love it recommend!

billybobbook   5 star

Use code SHOPMYROBECA to sign up. The best online shopping app in Canada 😊 love all my posh purchases

KristenCAndersonn   5 star

So much fun :). This is a amazing hobby on my free time ! Please use my invite code KRISTENA602 for 15$ off thank you ❤️

Mcmud   5 star

GREAT APP. Use code 2econdhandnew to sign up and save $15 off your first purchase!!! Great app for both buying and selling. Make money and save money!! 🤑🤑

Olivia1529   5 star

Love it!. Use code OLIVIA1529 for a $15 credit! Great for making some money on the side and the best part is shipping is easy and hassle-free!

Kkupiec889900   5 star

HeyKayBeauty. Great place to start your reselling business! Great community and awesome opportunity to network! Use my code: HEYKAYBEAUTY to get $15 when you make your first sale!🤗

stylevancouver   5 star

Best app to shop and sell your clothes!!. Such an easy and convenient app to use! Feels more like social media than just a resale platform - just take a picture, add your listing, and make money wherever you are. Poshmark also provides the shipping label so you can just slap that on your package and drop it off in any mailbox whenever it’s convenient. I totally recommend this app to all my friends, and you can use the promo code STYLEVANCOUVER when you sign up to get $15 just to shop on the app 🤗

Becca_Infinity   5 star

GET $15 FREE!. Hey:) use the code BECCA_INFINITY when you sign up for a FREE $15 to spend!

Advertorial    5 star

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Güera De Latino América   5 star

Great Platform. Poshmark is a great platform for sellers and retailers to utilize. It has a vibrant community of interactive users. I have had great success with this platform. I know you will to.

Unicorn so GFUY   1 star

I hate this app. The buyers on here are picky and are just out to rob you, then they get upset because the almost free name brand merchandise they got doesn’t look like it was wrapped a gift and like you just took it off the rack and poshmart ALWAYS takes the side of the buyer ALWAYS!!

0826004   1 star

App is not working. I’ve had the app for several months now and love it. However, the past 2-3 weeks the app will not open. I see notifications but can’t access them and checking my account on a desktop doesn’t clear the notifications. I’ve updated the app and it’s still not working.

cancerbelly   5 star

Seller and buyer. I love Poshmark there all friendly and fast selling great stuff

KJL @ kricket63   5 star

Thank you Poshmark. Having been an eBay seller for many years I was skeptical about trying something new. I have sold over 475 items since March of this year and I have to say Poshmark has a awesome selling format & I've been so impressed with Poshmark Support. We sellers are human and sometimes overlook something or make a mistake and Poshmark seems to understand this. Thank you so much!!!!

Puppylexi1107   5 star

Poshmark has changed my life. I’m a buyer and seller and have done so well over the last year. I recently hit my 1000’th sale. I was able to pay for some home improvements and save a little for my children’s college. I’m so very thankful for the community and for this wonderful company. Can’t wait til they go public!

punkroyal   3 star

Poshmark takes too much.. If you’re a buyer, Poshmark can be great! If you’re a seller, it’s hard to make a profit & get paid a fair price for what you’re selling. If I sell my item for $20, I make $16. If I want to send someone a private offer I have to pay for part or all of the shipping as well as give them a minimum 10% discount off of my item. $20, the lowest I can offer is $18. The lowest option for shipping is $1.80. I only made $12.60 from the $20 listing I had. A little over half of what my item’s worth. That’s a bit ridiculous. I don’t want to over price my listing & make a buyer pay too much for something so I can make a profit. But I’d like to be paid a fair price for my items as well. Other thrift sites, including eBay, only take 10% of my total sale.

nik8294   1 star

They expose your personal information. I was recently checking my personal information please be ware this application sells and exposes your email and password to the dark wed please do not use !!!!!

robitomalo   5 star

Love it ! Love it ! Love it!. This is the app that I was waiting for. It keep me busy, I am making money while I clean my closet... ! Thank you Poshmark!

AkGirly1987   1 star

Terrible security features!. I’ve had my account hacked twice. One from someone in Portland which had my bank calling me to ask me why I had purchased several thousand dollars in items. Be aware, your information is not safe on this app!!!

Menace301   1 star

Poshmark is nothing but counterfeits. Poshmark suspended my account saying I have counterfeit items. Which they never can’t even prove that my items are. Poshmark nothing but scams

oltimostically_pessimistic   1 star

Scammers galore. This app is untrustworthy. I have never gotten something as described and buyers will damage your product and then send it back to you for a refund making it worthless. Do not use if you value optimistically_

Snackz4me   5 star

Seller’s Delight. I can’t wait to sell my items I’m not using anymore and the bonus purchasing the items I would like,

10commandment yard   2 star

Ehh not for me. I’ve been on this app for awhile and I’ve bought a few items. Aaand I regret all of them. Prices aren’t amazing, I’d rather go to the thrift store where i get better prices and can actually see the product I’m buying. I’m disappointed every time my item arrives because it doesn’t fit quite right or look as great, and the only way to make a return is if the item is damaged. What if it has no damage but you don’t like the product? You’re out of luck. I’ve relisted or donated the things I’ve bought and I won’t be using the app anymore. Also, I don’t recommend as a seller. No luck for me.

Bri010113   1 star

Worst selling app. I have been on here awhile and all they care about are the buyers- not the sellers. They decide whether your items are authentic or not or are worthy of a return. I will be deleting and taking my business else where.

Cristinamichelleb   5 star

Best platform and easy to use. I am a seller and buyer on Poshmark. This is the best platform to sell your clothes. The app gets a percentage of your earnings, but you get the benefit of easy shipping and return procedures and access to hundreds of thousands of customers. It is easy to use and you get rewarded to a Poshmark ambassador once you complete certain objectives, which in turn promotes your profile even more. I have used it for a year and have made a lot of money from the app.

Bailey's glam   1 star

Terrible experience / Not new seller friendly. Worst selling app/service I have ever been on. As a new seller to Poshmark this past week I spent time listing items. One of them was flagged and removed for being “ counterfeit”. Poshmark gave no reason for this. I responded to the email offering my original order email as well as my receipt and have heard nothing back. I continued to list other items only to discover that Poshmark deleted every single item I had posted without any communication or justification. They left my account yet removed all my items. I have sent three emails and several messages on Facebook and no one has responded to me. To assume someone with ten items is scamming and fake and not communicate shows a lack of organization and professionalism. It’s been an absolute waste of my time and energy to be a new seller on this site and has been a very frustrating experience all around. There are several other places to sell new and used items without this type of hassle.

Stacey1229   4 star

AnythngsPoshable. Loving Poshmark!! Excellent customer service. Super efficient and effective. My only disappointment from the “seller’s” prospective in my opinion. is the Boutique. Having brand new items makes it hard to sell used items which it what I believed Poshmark to be. Thanks.

carocon1   2 star

Kicked off because a lady was mad?. A woman was selling a bodysuit I wanted but her listing price was well over what the item was worth. I asked if she could do it for lower since the retail price was much lower than what she was asking and she threw a major fit at me, called me horrible names on the app and then reported everything in my closet as counterfeit and told other buyers not to shop my closet. (she literally reported a TARGET BIKINI TOP AS COUNTERFEIT??? AND POSHMARK STILL TOOK THAT?? I WASNT EVEN SELLING ANY DESIGNER ITEMS??) anyways, poshmark deleted my account due to that and told me that they did that because of one woman who reported all my items because she was upset that i called her out on ripping people off. thanks a lot poshmark. still waiting to get my account back as they told me they would reinstate my account 6 months ago. the only reason i dont use other selling apps is because its easier to sell on poshmark. but wow great customer service guys! glad you have your honest sellers’ backs!

Msgaye   5 star

I love it. I’ve been a Posher less than a month and addicted. I started using it to unclutter my closets but I’ve also been exposed to so many styles and trends that I’ve updated my closet as well. And for so much less money than retail. I have no complaints, customer service has always answered my questions. It’s a learning process but not difficult. I don’t mind paying the fee while I’m learning how to establish an online presence.

Michi121309   3 star

I Love posh, But.... I love Poshmark it’s a really cool app, But shipping is not worth it. You can buy a small item and pay the same price as a big item, also you can buy a cheap item and shipping is higher than the item... 😬 other wise, cool items you will find.

Peachez_707   5 star

My fav. I love a shopping app that makes me comfortable

trctrnut   1 star

Dewalt?. You have Facebook ads for dewalt and Milwaukee tools but none on the app?

Tell112200   1 star

Use a different selling app. I don’t recommend selling on Poshmark. The app seems outdated, and other apps like Mercari will not take as much for their sellers fee. Shipping is less expensive on other apps as well! Get it together Poshmark!

KelMagical   3 star

10,000 follows with no sales. Just like any other selling site. People want you to sell your things for pennies. You will gain 10,000 follows a day but sale something never! I dislike that you can’t return things if you can’t fit.

Jackaboy fan   1 star

poshmark wack. so i don’t like it. it’s weird looking and you get a spam of notifications that aren’t important but you can turn it off. the font and formatting is weird. i recommend selling on mercari as it is easier and simpler.

evelynlaurd   3 star

Need customizable shops. Poshmark is great - however it would be cool if you guys could work with your web team to allow us to customize our shops or change the color of our shops instead of the white color. If each shop had the ability to stand out from the others, Poshmark would become perfect.

ThePrettiest Diva   5 star

I like it. Great site, great people, I am excited about the business possibilities afforded here

Tjk49   2 star

Sales Tax is ridiculous. I honestly used to really love poshmark it was convenient and had more actual people selling stuff. Everything is negotiable with offer button sure that was great made this app stand. The shipping is ridiculous however if you’re buying anything under 1 pound but advantageous for heavier things. This year they rolled out an “auto mated sales tax redeemer” to make it “easier” for sellers. They claim they have “no control” over its implementation because of a new law or the % charged but does not articulate in detail how that works or why they claim that everyone is “required” to institute it. No other competitor is so ridiculous with % charged. If say you buy something on posh for $10 then there’s not only a 6.49$ in shipping but now a sales tax that charges a frickin $1.50 or $1.75 on the purchase of USED GOODs that have already been taxed on at some point while circulating. I have no doubt they’d charge at least 20-25$ sales on purchases above 100$. I can buy 100-110$ amount of purchases on Ebay and barely pay 10 if that on sales tax. Honestly this bull won’t stand long term. I don’t mind sales tax on new goods but this is ridiculous. It’s only a matter of time until Poshmark is driven out of business by better competitors. Completely ruined the app.

PoshLoverAlways   5 star

Free $10 credit w/code RLEASE2. Use sign up code RLEASE2 for an instant poshmark credit ($10 to use in anything with no minimum purchase amount) and a free shipping offer. Amazing deals and they often run shipping discount promotions.

Stephjanewest   5 star

Wish I found it sooner !!. Best app ever. We all have clothes we don’t wear. Either too small or not our style .. I’ve given 1000’s of $$ in clothes away (wish I sold them on here )!! In one month I made 500$ - from stuff just hanging there . I recently gained weight - this was the most fashionable and affordable way to replace everything (and more) . Brands I never dreamt of affording are now mine ❤️ thanks Poshmark for creating a user friendly app !!

teighant   5 star

$$$. ay if u want $15 towards your first purchase, when you sign up you can use my code TEIGHANDOWNER it will help us both out and we’ll both be lookin fresh<3

maryjqne20   5 star

C$15,00. 😍Join me on Poshmark, my favorite app to buy & sell fashion. Save up to 70% off top brands! For a limited time, use my code TIAGOPONTES to save C$15 ❤️

Ottawa Revival   5 star

Want $15 to spend toward your first purchase? Even if it’s a $15 dollar purchase? Lol. Use code OttawaRevival and sign up for the BEST online shopping app. Have fun :)

Boujeestyle   5 star

Excellent. Signed up as a seller and sold an authentic Coach bag 👜for the listed price in less than 24hrs!! Note the site takes about 20% cut from the sale defining on the sale value. Your funds can be directly transferred to you bank account. Lots of buyers options as well, including 💯% authentic designer brands. Sign up - you won’t regret it. ;) Feel free to sign up with my code BOUJEESTYLE to get C$15 🤑off your first order.

Jack Delagato   3 star

Poor buyer protection. I much prefer eBay mostly because of Poshmark’s poor buyer protection and experience. This app is okay-ish, lots of good finds if it works out. It has a lot of problems though. Sellers are not great at describing or photographing their items and on the whole are abysmal at answering questions. I’ve received clearly fake items, items with stains and rips that weren’t described in the listing, and items that look nothing like the listing, all with a much higher frequency than on eBay. Sellers sometimes take forever to ship, and sometimes never ship the item at all. Buyers have only 3 days to accept a purchase after delivery, which is way too short. If you happen to be out of town or travel a lot you’re basically screwed. If the package gets scanned as delivered but for some post office screw up reason takes another couple of days to get to you....also too bad, no returns for you. The time it takes for a seller to ship is extremely unpredictable (see above) so you can’t even plan to have a package arrive when you aren’t out of town. Once you are passed the 3 days you will get no help from Posh....like they won’t even acknowledge that you tried to contact them or wanted to complain...just silence. Even for overtly fake items, zero help on several occasions. If you get a good honest seller then you can find some great deals. It’s sadly hard to find a good seller though because the seller ratings aren’t public and don’t affect ability to sell on the platform. The only thing they have going for them buyer-wise is the authentication for luxury and expensive items. Other than that I would always purchase from eBay if available for their much better buyer protection.

snoopy 2   5 star

AWESOME APP😍. 🛍USE CODE STEPHXX96 to receive $15 ON YOUR FIRST IN-APP PURCHASE!♥️ Poshmark is an AMAZING APP to sell AND buy clothing 💝 Why bot make some extra cash on the side by selling clothing you no longer wear ☺️

dreber101   3 star

It’s ok. Although the format and ease of use is really appealing there are a few areas I don’t like about using Poshmark. I don’t agree with having to offer reduced shipping when making an offer to a customer. That should be my choice not Poshmarks. I am already paying enough of my money to Poshmark in other fees. I also don’t agree with having to pay taxes on clothing that I have already paid taxes on when initially purchasing them from the store.

hajianna   5 star

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NOW IN CANADA!. !!USE CODE LABELC18 and get $15!! Just started using this app in Canada to sell my gently used clothing. Super easy to use and lots of good sales!!

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JadeNewbury   4 star

Good App Use Code to save. Great app, use JADENEWBURY to save 🥰

hudz604   1 star

Have not received my payment. I am actually quite disappointed with the support I have received from Poshmark. Very minimal. I sold a pair of boots late September, and still have not received the deposit. It’s mid October. I followed up with Poshmark support, who responded once and heard nothing after that.

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Love it!!. So easy to use!!!!! The perfect app for selling clothes!!! Use my code LAURIERRR for 15$ off your first purchase on Poshmark!!!!!

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AWESOME!!. i love posh mark it’s really easy to use and there’s great stuff on the app. use code JULIABLUEE for $15 at sign up :)

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USE CODE JESSIE_SO. Get $15 off your first purchase! You can get some things for FREE!

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Love this app for gently used stuff .. USE CODE : B_SHERBERT for 15$ off !! I love this app for selling my gently used clothes or anything, u can follow & unfollow people that sell the stuff your interested in & see if they get good reviews as well .

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Bella.reviews   4 star

Great. Use my code bella_143333 for discounts

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Use my code for $15 off MICHELLEGINSBUR 💥💥💥. Who doesn’t like a bargain or a deal? 🧨 I love shopping at Century21 in New York they have the best stuff and affordable, so is this app. 👜👠👗👙 If you’re into thrifting this is up your alley🙌 You won’t be disappointed 😍

Tayscloset000   5 star

The best app!. Have earned so much cash from my old clothes, thanks to posh! Best thing to come to Canada! Use my code tayscloset000 to earn $15 when you sign up! 💁🏽‍♀️

Kat1esm1le   5 star

Nice app, easy to use. ◾️U can use my code KATIEC27, we’ll both recieve $15 ◾️ Fairly easy to navigate, I would recommend this app.

David12345645   5 star

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trial error   5 star

Excellent app. ❤️🌹Use code CLOSET_ROSES to get $15 towards your first purchase. I find this app extremely great for selling and buying gently worn clothes and sometimes NWT items. A lot of high end and unique pieces I’ve seen and bought since I’ve started using it. I was also able to sell my items which is great! Please don’t forget to follow me... Love Rose

stefanimadz   5 star

USE MY CODE STEFANIMADZ FOR $15 DOLLARS WHEN YOU SIGN UP. Use my code STEFANIMADZ FOR $15 when you sign up🤗 Poshmark is a really great app, really easy and simple to use and has a great variety of things to chose from.

TearsRunDry   5 star

✨💗🌻 USE CODE HANNERNIX FOR $15 CREDIT 👀💘💎. You can find many awesome clothing 2nd hand (sometimes brand new!) for great prices. All sorts of brands: Top shop, Zara, Vans, Patagonia, Brandy Melville etc.

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Use my invitation code!. Use my invitation code BARBARA_ALBU when you sign up and you’ll get $15 credit❤️🥰 easy way to make some extra cash for your clothes. Also cute things on there for cheap!!

Frustrated20110601   2 star

Search feature needs work. Searching for anything seems pretty futile, from my experience. I can look at an item on my feed, aka Lululemon leggings, then search Lululemon leggings and it doesn’t show up. Often search results are unrelated to the terms, and specifying categories shows only a couple items, when I know there are ones not showing up. If the search worked, I’d love it, but it needs fixing badly.

Zsuzsanna Pap   1 star

Enregistre. Impossible enregistrer. J’ai donnée mon e-mail et mot de passe et après login il dit: erreur de mot de passe. C’est fatiguant tellement

Awesomeness33557799   5 star

Obsessed!!. Use my code ASHLEYSAPRA to get $15(:!! Absolutely in love with Poshmark! Better than thrifting and better than buying new clothes! Andd an amazing super easy way to make some extra cash with the stuff sitting around in your closet!

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