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Rota Calendar App Description & Overview

What is rota calendar app? Does working shifts make planning your personal life an ordeal? Can’t work out if you’re free for that wedding next year? Download the leading shift planning app, Rota Calendar, today...

Standard digital diaries and traditional calendars can make viewing future shift patterns almost impossible. Let Rota Calendar do the hard work for you. Here’s 8 reasons why:

- Enter the date of your next shift in the app to calculate your shift rotation for the next five years. The only app available that can do this!
- A continuous unbroken scrolling calendar makes it easy to view your upcoming diary, including where they overlap months. The only app available that can do this!
- Work irregular shift patterns? No problem, you can manually add in shifts too.
- Need to categorize your shifts to tell between them at a glance? Rota Calendar allows you to create your own shift markers displaying times, text, emojis etc. You can also pick your own custom colors and change individual shifts once they are on the calendar.
- Ideal for North American Fire Services rotating shift schedules.
- Compare your shifts with the rest of your digital calendar. Rota Calendar synchronizes with other calendars set up on the device – including iOS, Facebook and Google calendars. You can add and edit these events via Rota Calendar.
- Use AirDrop to Instantly share your rotas and shift schedules with nearby iOS devices.
- All of this in the clearest, most attractive layout in the app store!

Join the thousands of other shift workers who make planning their personal time a breeze.

Download Rota Calendar to plan your shifts and get control back of your social life!

Excellent - 5 Star
Best app I’ve used. Extremely easy to add rota and use. Would, and have, recommended to anyone that needs a rota app.

The best app I’ve got! 5 Star
Of the dozens of apps I’ve got this is the best. Use it constantly and was easy to set up. I’ve moved on to a different rota but can still see my old one which is really useful. Always get a reply when I send a query and comments are taken on board.

Great App - 5 Star
Very clear - big and bold - in constant use.

Rota app - 5 Star
Class app. Easy to use. Great for myself because I need to know what days I am off in a years time.

Best app out for rota - 5 Star
As I work in the oil rigs 2 weeks on 2 weeks off this app was perfect for working out my rota in seconds! And worth every penny!

Perfect - 5 Star
This is the only shift predictor in the app store that I can actually use to plan my very random shift pattern. First class,

Rota calendar - 5 Star
Excellent app for offshore rotas

Very good app - 5 Star
Download this app it will change your life forever

Brill :-) 5 Star
Excellent app! Not only did it sort out my rota in seconds, all my phone calendar appointments synched with it automatically so I don't have to check two apps for clashes :-)

Great great and just great - 5 Star
I love this app its great for me for when i am offshore i hope they keep it on here forever

Rota Calendar 5 Star
This app is fantastic! It allows you to see months/years ahead and has many different color coded shifts as required that you don’t need to pay for.

Shift Cal - 5 Star
Found this app so easy to use for a 3 on 3 off days and nights was done in a min forever fantastic.

Rota - 5 Star
This is perfect for shift workers and works well. I have a complicated shift pattern and this makes it so easy to look up future dates instantly. I rate this highly.

Brilliant - 5 Star
Love this app would not be without it now easy to use and customize with your own preferences.

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App Name Rota Calendar
Category Productivity
Updated 13 March 2023, Monday
File Size 6.27 MB

Rota Calendar Comments & Reviews 2023

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Joe. Works perfectly for shift work. A great tool where other calendars cannot perform.

Alert system. Need better alert system

Travel days. I, like many in my field of work, use your calendar and like it. Just wondering if there was a way to maybe add a +2 days before shift and a plus one after shift. We work 28 days on 28 days off with two days travel to work and one day travel home. Idk if you guys could hook us travelers up.

Love it. Love the app use it all the time

perfect!. I use this calendar to keep track of my hospital shifts at 2 different locations. It helps me tremendously to be able to customize and visualize which location, day shift or night shift Im working. Keeps me organized, love it!

AAA+++ Functionality. This app does what I can't in that it keeps up with when I'm supposed to work and when to be off and wether the next rotation is days or nights. I have it tied to my outlook calendar and it tracks my upcoming appointments for doctors, dentist and other life events. It is very convenient to have with you and be able to pull up your future work schedule months in advance when making the next doctor or dentist appointment and double scheduling it on a workday and then having to reschedule later. Well worth the small cost.

Nice. Very helpful 👍🏽

Great app but some things need to be added. It is a great app but I can't use it because they don't have my schedule they have 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off I work 2 weeks on and 1 week off can y'all please make a shift like that please and thank you

Great Tool. Great tool to keep track of shift work.

Amazing calendar. Love this app , I work 12 hr night and days and it repeats every day. Only thing I wish is they would make it compatible with Apple watches!

Needs more features. Needs more color variations for shifts and ability to add precise times. I have days off in between sets of shift work reoccurring but had to set them as a regular shift to have them put a gap between sets. Wish you could set days off in a shift rotation instead of having to put a shift where you’re actually off. I work the “Canadian” shift schedule which is not a preloaded shift schedule on the app.

Easy to use. Handy !!!!!

What i was looking for. I wish it had an option to have 2 colors in the same square

Calendar Disappears. Great calendar when functional, but I’ve had the app for 9 months and today is the second time my entire calendar disappeared. Not sure why but now I have to go in and enter everything manually once again.

Latest update. The latest update messed up the app. Now the day/month does not display

Finally. The work schedule app that works for retail.

5star app. Keeps track of all my different schedules.

Great!!!. It's perfect for my 21/21 schedule! I would recommend this to anyone who works offshore or any other shift work.

Needs alarms. It would be so nice if you could set alarms for shifts

Work. Work 4 12 hour shifts a week rotate every other week, could not get it set up

Awesome Multi-Use App. This app is very reliable in helping keep up with my ever changing work schedules. Love it!

Ms. Terri. I Love this app!! I am a shift worker and it has everything available that I need for Shift displays. I have recommended it to several of my coworkers.👍😃

Be patient. It’s a bit tricky to get the hang of but it’s great when you figure it out. Actually it’s prolly just my slow self. worth the price.

Crap App. I read and read about shift calendars and still picked a bad one. A waste of $2.

Great. Easy to use

Operation. Just use your iPhone calendar and save your money. Work 4 on and 4 off rotating nights to days. I could not for the life of me get the "Rota" feature to work with my schedule. Had to manually enter everything... even though it syncs with icalendar. Sure there will be a dot where old calendar syncs whit this one but if you want to highlight your days/shifts you work it will have to be manually.

Ideal for schedules. Works great. Ideal for keeping up with the schedules of family and friends.

Works great. Works great. Easy to keep up with schedules. Would've given it a 5 star instead of 4 if it was more of a calendar layout with separated months but it's one of the best I've found.

Great App. Works great for my crazy schedule

Ruben. Love it!!!

Roustabout. I have just installed the app on my iPhone 4s and it works great, however there is room for improvement. The entire objective with the rotation calendar is to be able to determine when your home and when your gone. With the current version of the app it only shows the rotation that you are at work i.e. 21 and 21, 28 and 28 etc. but it would be nice to be able to select the number of travel days spent as well so that you can take a quick look and see exactly when your on the rig or on the road and when you are actually home. For example a worker who "works" a 28&28 rotation but spends one day traveling there and one day traveling back actually spends 30 days on and 26 days off. My suggestion is select your rotation and then select the number of travel days it takes to get there so you know when your at home and when your not. Thanks, Brogdog

Great for shift workers. I got this for working a varied repetitive shift work. I set up one month worth and repeated it. Works great. I can see what my schedule is way far in advance. I can even combine my husbands shift also.

OilField rota 28/28. Awesome app !!. I work in the Oil Field on 28/28 rotation. This is an awesome app !! I can see my schedule for the next several months and mark any changes of schedule as necessary to include travel days, extra Field days or extra leave days.

Gulf life. This calendar is awesome I work a 28/14 schedule and I can plan whatever I need to it makes life so much easier.

STILL LOVE IT!! So easy to use!. Still is one of my favorite apps! Works so well for my husband's schedule, and helps me plan our lives! I will also say AGAIN...The developer of this app is a genius! So kind to help me since I had no idea what I was doing!! Thanks again Jamie!

Very very good app to have. Use this app all the time so we need to keep up with my schedule

Handy. Very good calendar app. You can set it up and know your schedule years in advance. Well with the money.

If possible.... So far I like the app but I wish it can some how help keep track of how much I’m getting paid and adds up at the day I’m suppose to get paid. +tax if possible.. thank you.

Garbage. I tried multiple times and didn’t work for me. Lost money

Awesome app. This Rota calendar works well for me. I'm on a rotating schedule days and nights and a 4 on and 4 off rotation. It keeps me straight.

Rota review. The easiest rota schedule app to use.

Good app. Been using it for about 6 months. Pleased to have no issues with it. Easy to use!

Great for shift workers. Easy to use. Easy set up. Very good for people with rotating shifts.

Great App!. I've used this app for about a year and it works great! Easy to make complicated schedules. The only thing I would change is that the schedule to show up as an actual event instead of just a label on a date on the calendar. I would want that schedule to sync with my other calendars. Still a great app.

Very functional app. Useful tool for my wife & I both to keep track of appointments, ball games & other activities as well as my 12 hour rotating shift. It could use some improvement but I would guess that's in the works.

Finally. Got something for my rotation with travel days

Work app. I love it. Working 14&14 offshore I can look forward are back for years to schedule things are see if I was working on a certain day. I have passed it on to several coworkers also.

Not as customizable as I expected. The positive thing about this app is that it is super easy to set up your work schedule and that’s about it. You should be able to have the option to view months separately. Also there’s no holidays on the calendar. There should be an option to highlight holidays with name and not have to input them in manually. I know you can sync but what’s the point in paying for an app and then using another free one for missing information the paid one is lacking. I expected more for a paid calendar app. Some of the free ones I’ve downloaded has 5x as much customization.

Great app. Works very well to track oilfield work schedules.

Overlay options. Love the app but would like to be able to lock the overlay as my girlfriend and I are both on 12 hr shift rotation but different rotations.

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Very useful and user friendly. 👍🏼. Once rosters are set up, I like the functionality and layout. Things I would like to see: - ability to change the sorting order of other rosters - ability to combine 2 rosters onto a single page - more defined lines between months

Yea it's pretty good. Only thing I would add is iCloud, to share with other devises. Plus, maybe a way for two people to share calendars over like email or text. Besides that I like it. It is easy to use and to set up. Plus you can check all your dates at a glance.

Handy calendar app. Great calendar app. Allows me to see, at a glance, what my various shifts and days off are coming up. Easy to set up, add new entries and also edit if things change. I recommend this app for anyone who does various shift work and wants to see their shifts at a glance.

Fifo anno. Great app easy to use 👍

Love it. Great

Desley. Great App!

Scroll calendar. Very handy, use it a lot to check out when I'm off wrk so I can make plans 

Excellent. Very user friendly! Awesome app for shift workers and cheap too!

New features. Ok, this is a great app. Perfect for what I need. Very quick and easy to use. New features are cool too. Highly recommend it.

Very handy. Easy to use, very dynamic

Very handy. I find this app great for my 6 week rotating shift pattern : )

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Works great. A little tricky at first to learn but works very good once you figure it out. Great with messed up First Responders schedules 😁

Junk. I did not like this app at all....I rarely spend money on apps so this was a "splurge" even though it was about $3. Just feels like a waste of money. Not easy to use at all....

Great shift work app!. Instantly adds my complicated 16 week rotation to years ahead. I cannot live without this app! Plus it syncs with your existing calendar for appointments and you can edit and create events from the app. I love this app! Great customer service, I got quick answers to my questions.

More options please. Like the colours and scroll feature. Would like the options of changing the day my week starts and seeing a week or day view.

Mr. Good app n easy to use

Instrument tech.. A easy app to setup for my scheduling needs. Will recommend to others.

Great for shift work. Wish I could see the full year at once not just month to month though

Very functional. For my shift application it works quite well

Mistake. 10 March 2013 does not exist and all the days after are wrong.

Great Calendar App. Easy to use, great visuals, and links with your phone's calendar.

Rota. Facile d'utilisation pour les horaires variables fonctionne bien avec les autres calendriers

Meh. It's not the easiest app to use but it isn't overly challenging either.

AWESOME family calendar !. We have several people in our family that work "shift-work" and with this app I can see who is working on any given day, just by swiping left or right !!! I would recommend this app for everyone !

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Awesome. Awesome

Better then other apple apps. I work the same rotating schedule throughout the year and this app makes it easier for me to see if I'll be off 6 months in advance to plan vacation or trips. However, I had a much better looking app that was free on my Android before I switched to Apple. Not sure why such a simple program cost money other than someone wants to nickel-and-dime me and the options if good apps on Apple is very small and poor.

Sammiegirl. Hate the new updates. Very unfriendly.

Ruben. Love it!!!

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What do you think of Rota Calendar app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with JRW Studio Limited and people?

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 7.8.1
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Rota Calendar (Versiyon 7.8.1) Install & Download

The applications Rota Calendar was published in the category Productivity on 2011-04-12 and was developed by JRW Studio Limited [Developer ID: 430229062]. This program file size is 6.27 MB. This app has been rated by 614 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Rota Calendar - Productivity app posted on 2023-03-13 current version is 7.8.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Rota Calendar App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update brings the first step towards cloud backup and sync of Rotas across devices. Periodically the Rota data will be migrated to the new format, allowing for any potential issues to be discovered now, whilst the next piece of work is underway. It will happen silently in the background and some analytics have been added to help monitor this.

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