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This is the professional version of Private Photo Vault®.

The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Millions of people trust Private Photo Vault to keep their photos hidden.

Top 100 Photography App in USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Italy, Finland, UK, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, Germany and many more countries.

5 Stars: "Wow, I have been wanting a way to hide some of my photos for a while, this is a perfect solution."

5 Stars: "Exactly what I'm looking for, can organize albums and even 'hide' others that I feel I need to."

+ Password Protected App Entry
      - Pin Lock
      - Pattern/Dot Lock
+ Password Protected Photo Albums
      (Keep people out of your private albums)
+ Break-in Report: Photo + GPS
+ Decoy Password

+ Create Albums right in the App
+ Import/Export from Photo App
+ iTunes Syncing
+ Wireless Photo Transfer
+ Email Photos
+ Text Message Photos

+ Image Gallery
+ Slideshow
+ Intuitive Interface just like Photo App

+ Import/Export from Photo App
+ Watch Videos

+ Download Photos Directly to the App

This is the same as the In App Purchase in the Private Photo Vault Application

All your photos stored in Private Photo Vault are 100% private. Your photos are only stored on your device and are never uploaded to our servers. We have no ability to remotely access your photos.

Private Photo Vault Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Private Photo Vault Pro was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-03-30 and was developed by Legendary Software Labs LLC. The file size is 64.15 MB. The current version is 10.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Private Photo Vault v10.1
The latest update fixes several bugs:
   + Fixed crash after entering password on some devices
   + Fixed crash when device is running low on free space
   + Slow performance
   + Fixes bug importing large videos

In case you missed the last update, v10.0 added these features
+ Improved import process that imports in the background
   + Tap import bar to see progress
   + Videos import faster
+ Fixed translation problems in some languages
+ iTunes Album renamed to Main Album
+ UI fixes for iPhone XR, XS, XS Max
+ New Photo Editor
   + Updated, fixes bugs
+ Thumbnails load faster when scrolling
+ Faster GIF viewing with pause support
+ All files are now encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption
+ Multi-photo selection with pan to select now works faster
+ Bugfixes
   + Web browser fixes crashing problems on iOS 12
   + Web browser faster
   + Web browser supports pulling left and right side of the screen for navigation
   + iPad pro lock screen offset problem
   + Importing directly via the Import Extension from other apps bugfix
   + Minor bugfixes

Thanks for using Private Photo Vault! If you need support, please go to

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Private Photo Vault Pro Reviews

annpyed longtime user

Used to be awesome  annpyed longtime user  1 star

DO NOT BUY THIS APP UNTIL IT IS FIXED (if ever), UNLESS YOU WANT TO MOURN OVER YOUR LOSS IMMEDIATELY OR IN THE NEAR FUTURE. After the update this app has literally become useless. I lost all my photos, films, etc., stored in the app. All were turned into unreadable files; there is no any option or whatsoever that I can restore my lost images and videos. I cannot be angrier!!!!!


Photos won’t load  KenJefferson12  1 star

Latest update has rendered this app useless. All photos have a generic black & grey thumbnail and can’t be loaded. Hoping the photos aren’t lost for good. Fix immediately please.


Unusable since 10.0 release  IllegalOperation  1 star

I’ve used this app for years since it was the most usable vault app that didn’t come with a nonsensical subscription plan—who wants to pay monthly or yearly to have your private documents held hostage by unvetted entities? Unfortunately, the 10.0/01 updates have completely ruined the app. Images imported from Photos display placeholders instead of images. iTunes imports no longer work correctly. Judging by the reviews, I’m not the only one having problems. Please issue a fix for this as soon as you can!


0 is more like it  Deno:)  1 star

Used to be able to add / copy files through iTunes “Sharing”. The latest update - 10.1 - renamed my album and that “feature” no longer works even though the app is listed.


العراق/بغداد  xbox_1990  5 star

شكراً تطبيق جداً امين و سهل


Bad update  Adahm  2 star

Since the last update more than half of my images are not viewable. You guys messed up somewhere!


Update review for 10.1  Blade1984  2 star

First off, the update did fix some of the issues. Log in is faster, however, it seems if you import an video or edit, a large chunk of your pictures and videos become placeholders and not the picture itself. I’ve lost big slices of my content and since my device backed up with the new version, I can not restore back. So I hope that the next update will restore my items. I am sorry to say that I may have to start moving what items that are left to an different platform. I’ll give the designers of this program a week or so before I do. But sadly, until then, my use of the application will have to be at a minimum.


No longer a great app  Gpstanley  1 star

Can no longer recommend this app. In their latest update (10.1) the ability to sync using iTunes was removed. Using the wireless method is very slow. I sent them a message via their support server and never got an answer. I am moving on to a different app.


As of 10.1, I’m locked out!  IpodHappy  1 star

Suddenly, after the update, after hundreds of files converted, my password I’ve used for years doesn’t work. I can’t get in. Help!


Blemish tool?  o;idfv  3 star

I like the app, used for over a year. New version lost the blemish tool. Where did it go??? WHY?


Developers...if you’re listening.....  Momanjomo  1 star’ve destroyed this once great app with this latest v10 update(s)...?? Just reinstalled from a backup and it’s (slowly??) self deleting content in the app...seriously? Really?? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE....??? SO ANNOYED!!!!!


iTunes syncing does not work anymore.  V_DZ  3 star

iTunes syncing does not work anymore. In your description you say it has changed to the main folder. Yet when you transfer from iTunes nothing shows up. Please fix. Thank you.


Keeps crasing  Khanu89  1 star

Crashing with new update. Plz fix this ASAP!


v10 crashes every time  Socratic999  1 star

Normally a great app but after update to v10 it crashes every time on iPhone X on ios 12.1.4


Stickers and effects gone in v10  PSB136  1 star

This latest version has removed the stickers option (costume, flora, etc) and effects like vignette. Please bring them back; I paid for them!


Crashing at iPhone XS Max  Srbija1986  5 star

I just updated app and constantly crashing at my iPhone XS Max . Please fix app.


About password  VmSound  4 star

I reinstall the app on the new phone and it doesn’t read the code, any help from the developer?


Good, not great  Lilja1976  3 star

It’s a good app for protecting photos, but unfortunately it removes all the information from the photo such as location and time (when and where) it was taken. If you export photo back to normal photo app the date of the photo becomes the date of export. Considering the cost of this app this a massive oversight by the developers.


Good  KBG STD  5 star


DJ Sadge

Does what it suppose too!  DJ Sadge  5 star

No dramas here, does what it suppose too and worth the $$


Great app.  chezdora  5 star

I’ve used this app for years with no problems. I upgraded from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 7 Plus and all my photos moved over with no problems. I use both versions of this app also.


Finally Aes-256 bit encryptions  Nafeekx  5 star

It’s good to see finally you have made some process.



The app was going good until it’s update and I lost irreplaceable photos of my family, it’s a pain to watch your photos saved for years gone in a snap.


Mine  lljj12  5 star

Privacy is so nice!


No Favoriting, Limited zoom-in, Slow w large libraries  rspinoza  3 star

Works relatively decently, as advertised. However, limitations compared with native photos app on the iPhone: - No Favoriting. In fact, it doesn't preserve the fact that you have favored at certain photos, as you import them. - Limited Zoom-in. In the native Photos app, you can zoom in quite far on any photo. You can't zoom in as far in this app. - Takes a little bit too long, when importing from a large photo library. It takes a while just to let you start importing.


Love it, just one thing  IsaiahCH  4 star

Can you please make it to where it auto plays videos if you’re in slideshow mode. Also would like it if slideshow mode didn’t restart every time I pause it. Other than those two things, I really like it


Great App!  Phillymacuser  5 star

I have used this for year and it works just as described! This app works flawlessly! Avoid prying eyes! Well worth the cost of privacy.

Saltydog 13

AVOID THIS APP  Saltydog 13  1 star

As a couple others have mentioned, your photos will not be backed up when you restore to new phone. Their FAQ states photos are backed up to iCloud but when I restored all I got was an empty vault! I truly loved this app until yesterday when I got new iPhone and after following the instructions from the developers FAQ all my photos were gone. I feel betrayed and am very angry. Avoid this app if you want to keep your memories. A waste of money and loss of memories I will never get back!


Great Product!  Lemmyonthelake  5 star

I love how you can double password folders!


It’s good, BUT-  MatthewKirby  4 star

Need complete re-design. App works great, but the app looks way less secure than it really is, to the point where it almost feels childish. Also the fact that the photos and storage aren’t backed up, means if you ever reset your phone, or un-instal the app, the photos are permanently gone forever. Needs a more modern update, with cleaner aesthetics, and a secure backing up process so your photos can be accessed from any device.


Great app keeps all my photos secure and private  Raytre05  5 star



From what available is best  jogas  4 star

Hope some updates coming

Linzi Thom

Fantastic app!  Linzi Thom  5 star

Keeps my photos private! And we all have photos that need to be hidden ;)

Private Photo Vault Pro Comments

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