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This is the professional version of Private Photo Vault®.

The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Millions of people trust Private Photo Vault to keep their photos hidden.

Top 100 Photography App in USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Italy, Finland, UK, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, Germany and many more countries.

5 Stars: "Wow, I have been wanting a way to hide some of my photos for a while, this is a perfect solution."

5 Stars: "Exactly what I'm looking for, can organize albums and even 'hide' others that I feel I need to."

+ Password Protected App Entry
      - Pin Lock
      - Pattern/Dot Lock
+ Password Protected Photo Albums
      (Keep people out of your private albums)
+ Break-in Report: Photo + GPS
+ Decoy Password

+ Create Albums right in the App
+ Import/Export from Photo App
+ iTunes Syncing
+ Wireless Photo Transfer
+ Email Photos
+ Text Message Photos

+ Image Gallery
+ Slideshow
+ Intuitive Interface just like Photo App

+ Import/Export from Photo App
+ Watch Videos

+ Download Photos Directly to the App

This is the same as the In App Purchase in the Private Photo Vault Application

All your photos stored in Private Photo Vault are 100% private. Your photos are only stored on your device and are never uploaded to our servers. We have no ability to remotely access your photos.

Private Photo Vault Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Private Photo Vault Pro was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-03-30 and was developed by Legendary Software Labs LLC. The file size is 64.20 MB. The current version is 10.3 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Private Photo Vault v10.3
+ Fixes problem with web browser not loading links
+ Fixes problem with FaceID/TouchID not loading for some users

Thanks for using Private Photo Vault! If you need support, please visit

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Private Photo Vault Pro Reviews


Problems with Access  dlnqmt  3 star

I have submitted an online help request more than once and have not received a response. I like the app but it is currently not letting me in. The developers need to be more responsive to help requests and get the problems with the app fixed.


Flawed.  MatthewKirby  1 star

App was updated and everything was gone, all data, media, etc erased. Almost as if the app was uninstalled.


All photos lost, replaced with generic icon  KenJefferson12  1 star

Criminally terrible updates. Zero fixes for 2 or so months. Latest update has rendered this app useless. All photos have a generic black & grey thumbnail and can’t be loaded. Hoping the photos aren’t lost for good. Fix immediately please.


Lost Hundreds of Photos After Update  AndrewL86  1 star

It’s been months and I am missing hundreds of photos after the most recent update. All I see are blank thumbnails where the photos should be. I have used this app for years. Why are there issues all of the sudden? When will there be a fix? Over 2 months and still no update to fix this issue! When will there be an update to bring back the photos that are missing???


No backup means you lose all pics  Excellent714  1 star

I’ve tried for years to get an answer how to copy these pics to my pc for backup and get no answer. There is no way to do it. So be prepared if you use this app, when you reinstall iOS or go to a new iPhone, YOU WILL LOSE EVERY PICTURE YPU TRUSTED THESE PEOPLE TO SAVE FOR YOU. OTHERWISE IT WORKS FINE BIT NO BACKUP IS ABSURD. DO NOT BUY IF YOU VALUE YOUR PICS.


Really enjoy this expo  Cissygirl#65  5 star

Great App, do a great job with helping you organize, categorize and import/export photo ‘s/Video’s seamlessly.


Gifs are very laggy!! PLEASE FIX.  ldj55  3 star

When I first downloaded this app a couple of months ago, large gifs could be imported to this app withought any problem, and they ran at 25 frames per second, but I believe after the recent update, all the gifs in my albums have d to run very slow, as if they were missing frames. This wasn’t a problem before, as I could have gifs as large as 50mbs and they still ran smoothly. I would reeeally like for this to be fixed, especially since I payed for this app. Thanks.

Raptor Hawk

Note to Dev  Raptor Hawk  3 star

Developer, from reading many recent reviews there appear to be serious problems with your most recent versions of this software (for many, perhaps not all). There has been no version update in the past ~2 months at this writing. There have apparently been no Dev responses since April 12th. If you are studiously working on a new update to fix these issues then you NEED to provide frequent status updates to assure your paying customers (past and future) that this software has not become ABANDON-WARE. I, for one, currently believe that you are working to resolve the issues. But you must let people know, AND provide frequent status on your efforts here on this site. I am not looking to blame you, it sounds like some items were beyond your control. But your recent software updates have caused problems. And likely continue to cause problems for additional people who are unknowingly performing updates (if so, then errant versions should be taken down and clear instructions provided for impacted people on what action/inaction to take meanwhile). You have a responsibility to your customers, many who I suspect will appreciate being kept informed of your efforts, and likely will be patient knowing there will definitely be a solution on the horizon. This is meant as friendly advice and constructive feedback.

ride off 12

😡😡  ride off 12  1 star

With this application i missed many photos y videos😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Clark Battle

Great app! UX needs improvement.  Clark Battle  4 star

Ive been using this app (pro version) for many years now and its never lost a pic. The photo editor is amazing! Sometimes ill even import a photo just to edit it and then export it because the editor is so much more capable than the stock iOS photo editor. I use this app every day. It's persisted photos over bricked phones with no worries. Rock solid. My only complaint is that it requires way too many button clicks to do most things. For example, to import a photo from you library it requires nine button clicks! The worst it the three dialogs that must be dismissed after every import. Two of them could easily be removed. The experienced user doesn’t need to read those warnings every single time. Editing a photo also requires way too many clicks. Taking a photo within the app is a great feature but each photo requires four clicks! It should be one. The app is stable and well coded but it smells like the software developer was also the UX Designer. If thats the case it could really use a dedicated designer. Developers think from the perspective of the technology (for example the photo library they chose). Designers think from the perspective of the user. It's a huge difference and it shows. One missing feature is nested directories. Even two levels would be enough. Another missing feature is multiple (more than two) alternate vaults. There's no reason why there should be only two.

sunny tiwana

Good  sunny tiwana  3 star


Flex T C

Removal of editing features  Flex T C  1 star

I’ve used and recommended your app for years now, why have u removed half the editing features? Disgraceful


iTunes syncing still not working.  V_DZ  1 star

iTunes syncing is still not working with the current update 10.3 Please fix. I’m surprised it hasn’t been fixed yet.


Fantastic App ✌️👌👍👍👍  Chazza1980  5 star

Huge thumbs up 👍🏻 to the developers of this app. It is a fantastic easy to use app! Highly recommend


Using too much of my space  imi_024  1 star

Hello, Could you please add an option to empty thumbnail catch, it's using so much of my space!! I have a small amount of photos in this app but it uses more than 5Gb of my space! The photos are like 400mb but this app uses 5gb of my space for no reason, I love this app and purchased it and I really love the security and everything of it but it uses so much of my space :( I will change the review stars once you see and reply to my review, Thanks


Best photo app hands down  BrotheOfAustralia  5 star

This is the only app I’ve had on every single iPhone I’ve ever had, highly recommended


V.10 has ruined this app  DUBSTEP_ARTILLERY  1 star

Please go back to the previous version, I can no longer import files from iTunes and get constant crashing on iPhone XS. This app used to be perfect


Developers...if you’re listening.....  Momanjomo  1 star’ve destroyed this once great app with this latest v10 update(s)...?? Just reinstalled from a backup and it’s (slowly??) self deleting content in the app...seriously? Really?? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE....??? SO ANNOYED!!!!!


Keeps crasing  Khanu89  1 star

Crashing with new update. Plz fix this ASAP!


v10 crashes every time  Socratic999  1 star

Normally a great app but after update to v10 it crashes every time on iPhone X on ios 12.1.4

annpyed longtime user

Angry, Mad, and Furious  annpyed longtime user  1 star

Days have passed and new versions have been released. But the most serious problem—turning existing files into unreadable empty files—has not been solved; nor has the development team released any statement regarding the glitches and warned customers against updating until the problem is solved. As a Pro user I am very disappointed at the team and this App. I felt my support in the last few years has been tossed into water like nothing... For those interested in purchasing the Pro version especially, please refrain from doing so until they solve the problem, if ever. For those Pro users, DO NOT UPDATE at all!


Buenísimo muy buena  coconyjf  5 star

Muy buena


Safe et pratique  chtrougounof  5 star

Application simple, pratique et safe. Je la recommande vivement !!!


Latest update is bad!!  Pravaasi  2 star

Latest update messed up the database it seems. Now half of my videos are not playable at all :(


Love  Heaven77780  5 star

Buy the full version you wont be sorry


Es una aplicación que te permite guardar imágenes  Humjar  5 star



More Than Expected  Ohiohuff  5 star

Intuitive, easy to use app that also offers a pretty good editing program.

Fed Up WB User

Very limited features  Fed Up WB User  2 star

No way to sort photos by most recently used or other useful sort orders. Videos can’t be set to slow motion or fast motion, can’t be set to loop automatically, etc. App is at least stable, does not crash, so that’s something, but would be great if they created even some modest capabilities beyond simple display.


Reliable and secure  Anon2568  5 star

I have been using this app to store stuff for several years now. Everything still works fine after all this time and it’s not hard to transfer data to another apple device. The built in web browser also adds a nice layer of privacy and convenience. Thank you developers.


Bad update  timtimotal  1 star

Your recent update blanked out my stored vids. Please repair


Great app keeps all my photos secure and private  Raytre05  5 star



From what available is best  jogas  4 star

Hope some updates coming

Linzi Thom

Fantastic app!  Linzi Thom  5 star

Keeps my photos private! And we all have photos that need to be hidden ;)

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