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Inspire Pro [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

Available exclusively on the App Store, meticulously designed to be beautifully powerful, and painstakingly engineered for iPad — Inspire Pro delivers an incredibly fast and realistic painting, drawing, and sketching experience that you can take with you wherever you go and use whenever inspiration strikes.

Our proprietary painting engine Sorcery™ takes full advantage of the GPU to render brush strokes with brilliant 64-bit color, laser-sharp sub-pixel precision, and insanely fast speed. While the strokes of a wet oil paint brush look beautiful on their own, the breathtaking blending effects of a dry brush will absolutely stun you. Graze the canvas with just a bit of pressure to add a subtle blur to your artwork or use stronger pressure to actually mix existing colors on the canvas together to create new ones.

Whether you are a budding artist, seasoned professional, or somewhere in-between, you will enjoy the simplicity and power of the most intuitive and compelling illustration app for iPad, Inspire Pro.

Amazing Brushes
• 150 high quality brushes to choose from, divided into 15 sets: Oil Paint, Airbrushes, Spray Paint, Paint Splatter, Graphite Pencils, Wax Crayons, Markers, Chalk, Charcoal, Pastels & Conté, Basic Shapes, Complex Shapes, Shape Outlines, Patterns, and Textures
• All brushes can be used as a Wet Brush, Dry Brush (Blending), or Eraser
• Over 20 different settings are available to customize brush strokes with powerful versatility and variation

The Best Painting App for iPad
• Sorcery™, the fastest 64-bit painting engine on the App Store
• Full-fledged Apple Pencil support for pressure, tilt angle, orientation, and double-tap
• Smart Keyboard support with over 20 context-sensitive keyboard shortcuts
• Create a canvas of any size up to 16K (64MP) on iPad Pro
• Dual-texture brushes
• 64-bit color
• All device orientations are supported all the time — switch from portrait to landscape painting with ease
• 1000 levels of undo and redo are available
• Touch and slide hotspots can be used to quickly change brush size, opacity, and pressure without opening a menu
• The eyedropper tool can be used with a touch and hold gesture to select paint colors from the canvas
• The canvas can be moved around, rotated, and zoomed in and out up to 6400%

Canvas Playback Video Recording
• Brush strokes are automatically recorded as you paint without any delay
• You can play the video of your artwork being created stroke-by-stroke directly in the gallery
• Exported videos are high quality HD at up to 1080p resolution

Full-Featured Color Picker
• Choose any paint color you can dream of with the intuitive color picker
• HSB and RGB sliders accompany a large color circle, color square, and opacity slider
• Your latest colors are saved to a palette automatically while you paint
• You can also save your favorite colors to a palette with drag and drop

Visit to check out more screenshots, videos, and artwork.

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Inspire Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update brings to you a brand new app icon and logo design as well as several bug fixes and small improvements as we continually work toward refining the app to maintain its high quality.

Inspire Pro Comments & Reviews

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- Good app, bad payment plan, needs layers!

Also, this app REALLY needs layers. I suspect we will pay dearly for them, but they are necessary.. This is a really well done app. It is easily one of the top 5 paint /drawing apps out there. But the payment setup where you pay a dollaror two every time you need something is annoying. Please give us a $7.99, buy everything pack .

- A go-to app👍

Was always able to walk away from the digital art thing, it was always too jarring a difference from convention. This was the first app I tried that blurred the line enough to feel seamless. There’s no lag, and it’s more fluid than the other big apps. Coupled with the Apple Pencil, it’s a very realistic experience. The interface is minimalist and welcomed by me having tried way too many apps that feel like operating the hadron collider. Most of the screen is free to create, and making changes is simple and intuitive. The dry brush is pretty incredible, and lifelike. Quick and easy to jump in, pick up or leave makes for a very pleasant use of time. I occasionally use others, but have found this to be the “hub” of my iPad. Everything inspire offers it does very well, extending all the way to customer service. The developer is always there quickly if you need assistance, and is as pleasant as they are helpful. Lots of fun, and usually the only frustration is my pencil running low on power.

- The power to create right at your fingertips

Imagine having an art studio filled with colored pencils, artists markers, chalk, charcoal, oil paints, acrylics, sketching pens & pencils & And endless supply of canvas and paper of every type of imaginable. That’s what you get with this program.I’ve only just begun to play with it and am amazed at the ability to mix and blend colors and mediums with stunningly real appearance. And yet I have none of the mess I would were I working with those mediums outside of the digital workspace. Granted there is something to be said about the tactile feel of paint and charcoal on your skin and in your hand. But for usability and ease of switching between materials, this program is amazing. I am eager to complete several projects I’ve been trying to finish with the help of inspire Pro.

- Great app! Just some room for improvement.

This app is AMAZING. There is just a little room for improvement. I would really like it to be easier to scroll in the gallery. I would also like it so that you can adjust the size of the paper. When I have to draw on a small scale, everything is all pixelated and it is kinda hard to draw like that. Also, I would like it so that there would be more brushes. I can draw with the brushes we have now but maybe other people might want more for different effects. Also, like Procreate, you should have layers. It would make blending way easier. I would really like to see these changes in the next update if possible. Great app though!

- Love it but missing one key feature

Layers. You can’t have a serious drawing app without layers. I love this app because it’s incredibly realistic and I love that you can paint and blend like you could in real life but that’s part of the problem. When you try to paint backgrounds, it’s great. But anything else? That’s when it gets hard. I would like to see layers because when you try to blend other things besides the background it blends into the background wether you like it or not. If you had layers you could just create another layer and not have your paint blend into anything that’s not in that layer. Other than that, though, the app is great. Keep up the good work. 👍 🎨🖍

- Love the app

I've been using this app for about two years & I love it. I just got the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. The Pencil works well with the app, even with an otterbox defender case on it. I would ask the developers if they could add a palm rejection feature so I can rest my palm on the writing surface without leaving marks. And a ruler, like they have in Apple Notes would be great. Thanks The developers got back to me and told me how in the gestures menu, you can set it so only the Apple Pencil leaves Any strokes. I'm pleased to say that it works great! Thanks so much in responding so quickly to my query. If I could give you guys a higher rating then a 5-star, I definitely would.

- Not ready for prime time.

Buggy and awkward interface. Feels like a throwback to something designed in the 90’s. For example: Try starting a new project, selecting a photo, but change your mind and want a different photo, there is no “back” you have to select “photo” again and start scrolling through your photos from the start again. Almost like no one even tested it or tried to use the app before they released it. Another example, try changing the size of the old-brush, a blank rectangle shows up with no feedback at all about what you’re doing, resizing etc. Oh yeah, no layers? That’s pretty lame. This app feels clunky. I admit the tech of the brush-strokes is pretty cool, but it ain’t no good if the app itself is sub-par. I’d look elsewhere, unless you’re willing to put up with an awkward interface to get a nice brush effect.

- Best Painting App for iPad

I have been using Inspire Pro for years since the iPad 2 and it has become better and better each year with regular updates. Every time I upgrade to a new iPad the first app I try is always Inspire Pro and I’m impressed each time at how faster and smoother it is on my new toy. Currently I’m using it on the latest iPad Pro and it’s 👌🏼👌🏼 The bushes are top-notch, but I’d love to see some new ones soon. Truly the best painting app for iPad Pro, there are no sketchy subscription fees or ads and the developers have committed to this over the years. Thank you ❣️

- I LOVE this app

*Update* This app is the main reason I bought an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil!! I really don't have a lot of artistic ability but I have made some amazing paintings with this. Currently I mainly use the oil painting feature... guess you could say that I am digitally oil painting. And they have been great when I have a question, even if its wondering how to do something in the app. I have tried several drawing/painting programs and this is the first that I could actually create something worth sharing!

- Wow. Truly impressed.

I’ve downloaded many painting apps, but this one is different. It is realistic, and has a wide variety of color and brush selections. My only complaint is there are so many options, but many are locked. What? Also, comic ability? Lines for comic squares, maybe some speech bubbles. Also, I would like to somehow post my artwork on a page within this app. Thank you for reading, and creators, please make these changes. Other than that, this rate stays five stars.

- Nice program

This is a nice program. Lots of options to select from like different brush widths, etc. almost everything is customizable. The sample color picker is turned on by holding the brush down in one place and a star shaped color picker come up. Just move the star to the color you want to pick to copy that color from the picture or painting. I like the gallery implantation of all your paintings. Polished program worth the money and extra in app purchases.

- Is it my ipencil?

I just bought the app. Shows great promise to create the artwork style I want for my book, however, I’m having trouble activating some of the brushes. For example the filbert brush, works with my finger but not with my ipencil. That’s a problem because I only work with the ipencil. I have the latest iPad Pro and second generation ipencil. I’ve tried restarting both the app and iPad, checked all the settings but can’t figure out why I don’t have access to all the brushes and categories. With this problem resolved I will give the app 5 stars. HELP!!

- Beautiful blending, very intuitive, love it!

I’ve been using this for years, now. I have done portraits with this app, and it blends very subtly. It gives me a great range of color and I can export easily to convert to giclee prints. I have tried more complicated apps with layers, etc., but I always return to Inspire Pro. The response team is quick and helpful if I ever have questions, you can’t go wrong.

- Just sticking my toe in so far...

Without having to spend a lot of time reading up, one is able to navigate and enjoy creating with minimal frustration and a great array of options. Mind you, this is my first foray into screen art, but I am impressed with the possibilities offered and the ease of learning more. Highly recommended for the novice creator!

- Missing two things but perfect otherwise

I’ve seen that there will be a big version 4 update that will introduce Layers which would be awesome. When is that coming out? But I also hope that we can get some more tools like a fill bucket or an outline and move tool. Just to get the perfect drawings. But thank you for all you have done.

- Excellent app to play and draw

I have been using this app for a couple of weeks now and it’s a lot of fun and I’ve made some beautiful pictures thanks to all the different options I had to use with brushes, pencils, crayons, charcoal etc. keep up the good work and I would recommend it to others

- Best painting software I’ve ever used.

I don’t say this lightly, the paint feels real, that doesn’t happen in ArtRage, Procreate, Photoshop, or any of the many other painting apps. The first time I used Inspire Pro, I made a beautiful landscape painting. The filbert brush makes gorgeous grass, the fan brush is great for water and pine trees, the airbrush see to lighten, makes a wonderful sky and clouds.

- For the maple syrup!

I originally bought this app back in 2014 and have loved it since. It was fun to use then and it’s only gotten more versatile over the years. Nowadays my younger sister gets more use out of it than I do, but it was easy enough for a noob to figure out. Highly recommended from a relative nobody.

- Adopt meeeee

I love to make art By remaking adopt me pets 😍😍 I also love to create my own art this game is Super cool because you get to use pictures and then re make them I recommend this for all people who haven’t downloaded it (sorry if this if bad writing) Btw(by the way) I recommend the developer to download Roblox so they can learn more about adopt me

- I love this app😜😜😜

This is app is the best it is so fun, and I love to draw. One of the things I love about it is that it has all the materials I need to draw. Also when I go somewhere and I want to draw. I can’t bring every single drawing material I have, so this is the perfect app, it has everything I need to draw. (;

- Great app and support

I use this app for planning my paintings and deciding what changes might be needed. I Especially like the fact that I can import photos and Play with the design on top of them. I find that the app does freeze up if I have any other screen open on my iPad. Fortunately, I got immediate support and was able to solve the problem.

- Lots of Great Stuff

Besides the addition of layers, there are a few things that I’m missing. The pencil tool is not as dark as I would like, even with the brush opacity settings turned up and modifying the Apple Pencil pressure curve. Also, maybe I’m missing something but being able to modify the texture of the brush with a custom texture would be nice.

- Awesome App

Very responsive to touch. Great realistic effects can be achieved with the tools available. Was amazed at what you can create. Wonderful option for when I’m feeling creative and don’t want to drag out the paints and canvases. And best of all you can undo your mistakes!


I love how it works on photo touchups, total photo makeovers, and just creating new images. The only thing I am unable to figure out how to delete mistakenly created blank. Other than that it would get a 5 star rating


I love this drawing app so much!!! Its really high quality and the different drawing tool types really feel like you are using a paint brush or a pencil or whatever. There are so many cool features and it’s really easy to use. If you love drawing then I so recommend this app!!👍🖌🖍✏️❤️❤️❤️

- Fun brushes, easy to learn, works well

I’m just getting started with this app and I’m really loving it! It has a nice variety of brushes and effects and there is almost no lag time when I make the brushes big. Great job Inspire!

- Just starting, already my favorite app

I’m not really what you’d call an artist, but this app is great for everyone who wants to start making their own masterpieces. So easy to use and has tons of wonderful features.

- Great for my needs

I am not a professional painter just bought this app for my own pleasure and it works very nicely, is easy to use yet it takes time to master the endless possibilities Inspirepro sets at your fingertips/penciltip

- Excellent app. The best.

If you can, use it with Apple Pencil. The experience is incredible. This is the gold standard for iOS sketching and painting apps - the best that can be had. Whether with Apple Pencil or not, this app will simply do what you need to do. Buy it.

- Non-intimidating Paint program

Easy to figure out, but with enough flexibility and features to let the user focus on painting instead of software learning. In other words, it’s fun, easy and useful.

- I Do Not Like All The Lag

I downloaded this game because I love to draw and doodle and all the reviews looked nice, so I decided to download it. But when I got on, the lag was unreal. Also, there are tons of brushes and stuff and some people might like that kinda like me, but there are way to many! I started to get very confused. The lag is the worst problem. If you don’t have a lot of storage left on your device, I suggest you don’t download this game.

- Great App

I’ve used this app for above six years, and it just keeps getting better. It can stand up to many other apps, free or ridiculously high-priced art apps. Well worth the money.

- Super easy to use

I’m an absolute amateur/hobby artist, but this app is intuitive and so easy to use! I have been painting with acrylic (with a splash of pastels) for many years and am amazed at how many techniques I can replicate in this app.

- Tentative Review

I’ve only been able to use this application for a short time, I love it so far. I will wait until I understand the program more for a more solid review.

- Great App

This was a way better transition from paper to digital than other apps I’ve tried. I’m still pretty toddleresque with it but with practice, who knows...

- Best Art Starter

I got this app yesterday and when I started it, my zeal zigged zagged through my enthusiasm! I’ve done paper sketches for a while and this app will help me draw on iPad. Give this a 5 star rating1

- Great for beginners

I’ve enjoyed using this to convert my pictures to paintings. You do have to change the brush size a lot. I haven’t tried actually painting with it.

- Quick and intuitive

So far this app does all I need and easy to figure out. My go to drawing program.

- Don’t Like It

Nope, don’t like this app at all. You can’t create layers. You have to do your work on ONE layer. It’s not very user friendly. You have to figure out that you need to maximize the canvas in order to see your brushes and other options. If they need testers I’ll volunteer, this app definitely needs improvement. Going to figure out how to get my money back.

- not the typical image editor

blends colors much more naturally than any other apps I’ve tried. the biggest knock is that there aren’t layers

- Great app!

I love this app. You can do so much with it. All the tools you can use are very close to realistic ones. Makes it easier to paint on IPad.

- A Great buy!

I really enjoy this app. There is a learning curve in using the brushes precisely but it's worth the effort. One of the more enjoyable apps that I've had the pleasure of using.

- Inspire pro application

Great fun to use. The different media has plenty of options/variations or controls. Glad that it works with I-pencil.

- Jr_creative_art -ig

Best app I came across that u can print from inside the app.. anyone know any other apps that can do this? (Draw, then print to canvas inside the app)

- Liking it so far

Just purchased this app and really enjoying it. So much to do and play around with

- Waiting For Promised Layers

Still waiting for layers functionality that was promised a long time ago. Seems like a very basic feature that should be included in any graphics app.

- Awesome

This app lets your creativeness be free. You can draw your own pictures, draw over photos, and have fun!

- Amazing!

I love this app! I can edit photos and drawings so so easily, and manipulate pixels with the blending brush in a way I never could in photoshop. I’m addicted.

- I love this app.

I haven’t used a high number of art apps, but of those I have, this is my favorite.

- The best

This is the most natural drawing app out of at least a dozen apps I have used. Very close to a real pencil and paper.

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- Great, except it keeps crashing

iPad Air 2 iOS 11.2.5. Keeps freezing whenever the record function is selected and it is recording your painting. Have to shut it down and restart. Otherwise very good.

- Great painting app for artists

I use Inspire Pro regularly to finesse my paintings at the end. Giving paintings that last zing is always difficult but with Inspire Pro I can see what my decisions will look like before i ruin a whole painting with the wrong colour or line. Thanks Inspire Pro, dont know where I would be without you😘

- Love This

Just used it and realised that the extra was stuff was all working, nice surprise. Out of all the toddler apps my 4yo granddaughter has on my iPad she always goes into my art folder to this app.. Find myself using it more and more, good work guys )

- Brilliant

This app is fantastic the colours are amazing and the choice of colours is endless. The dry brush is awesome for blending. I have been doing most of my art with my finger so far and it is similar to blending pastels without the mess. You can get many different affects. Looking forward to getting a stylus pen to add even more creativity. I love my art but as I work full time I have found this a great way to create pieces without having to set up my equipment and clean up after. Best of all you can do it anywhere. Two questions can u print this work out? How do u use the transparent paint? Highly recommend this app. LOVE IT

- Controls are hard and no layers

So umm only being a starter but the controls are hard because when i usually use art apps their controls are really easy to use and find and also there are no layers that I can add if you do I cant find them since of the controls and yeah but its meh

- Fantastic!

It’s so much fun I find it so easy to work with my first art app on the iPad and it’s fantastic so keep up the great work!

- No ‘layers’ support.

After 6 years, there’s still no addition of ‘layers.’ - Even ‘Colors’ on the 3DS has layers support. For similar cost, Procreate offers a lot more ...and that includes: layers, psd (industry standard), brush creation and others. Medibang Paint is free, and offers a lot more than this app. // please don’t delete this opinion

- Wonderful, versatile art app

This is not the art program you want to hand to your un-artistic mate to try out doodling with. This is an app that you will create art with. It's an absolute pleasure to work with. It comes with a bunch of preset brushes that are vastly customisable, and you can purchase additional more specialised ones if you so desire, also. The interface is graceful and straightforward. The "eyedropper" type colour selector is great; alternately, you can select colours from a traditional colourwheel&sliders. Colour blending and smudging using the "dry brush" tool is a real treat. And a generous number of Undo levels is much appreciated. I also appreciate the variety of easy output options: saving in various formats, emailing, dropbox, flickr, and so on. The only thing I'd really add would be some layer functionality, so that I could easily add backgrounds under artwork and work on the various layers separately without directly affecting the others. But that's a small addition to the wishlist, and I recommend this app wholeheartedly. Nice work!

- Almost the best, but…

…I can't get anything like the realism in oil painting that I can get from the ArtRage app. Apart from that, it's quite astonishingly customisable, and if I had the time, I reckon I could spend several months experimenting with it and still not having explored all its possibilities. All those options … all those settings…

- Just brilliant

I am not a painter,or drawer of any great note,well of any note at all is a stretch ,in a nutshell I'm useless . This app while I can see how experts would be excited about it,is the only one so far that has captured my imagination. It is so easy to work out,so helpful in guiding you and the extras are just amazing. I have done things to my photos that were unthinkable before this app come along. If your an expert,or a dud painter like me,then this is the best of the best,I have tried em all,and keep going back to this one. Yes it's a bit more in price than the others,but your buying a rolls Royce compared to an Indian will not be sorry I can promise you that,well worth every penny. Cheers Johnny In Australia

- Fantastic App

Thank you for making this wonderful app, it is one of my favorites to use when I'm painting. The brushes are lovely and control over the colours and brush strokes are brilliant. What I would love to see in the future if it can be done would be to have a layers panel that would be great. A+++++ app can't wait to see what you guys come up with in the future.

- Awesome

This app is amazing for my iPad Pro, so far I am still learning out the kicks but I love everything about it. The only disappointing part about this app is it has in app purchases to unlock certain brushes. I paid my money I would of hoped to unlocked all of them. But really good would recommend.

- Freakin' Amazing (almost)

This app is the most interesting way to paint images but the down side is that the canvas size is limited to two sizes instead is having international sizes like A4 paper.

- Bug

Great game. But I have a bug that when I try and import certain photos onto it, they don't load. Could please fix that?

- Inspire Pro

A very realistic way of simulating actual painting methods. It could be quite a good way to learn how to actually paint without all the mess, waste and cost. Well done!

- Great ap

So much fun. Just loving it. The effects are amazing. So easy to use. What a great way to try out new art ideas before painting on canvas.

- Finally here!!!

This app is Awesome! I am in love with the brushes on this app! The more I paint and explore, the more I am amazed by the way this will enhance my skills! I love it and you will too!!!

- Needs Layers!

Layers and a cleaner design would complete the app

- Layers needed!

Great app for the artist. Love the fact you can customize the interface and the idea of hotspots. Overall, very nice app. But layers really needed!

- Great!

Really love it! Simple and easy to use. But please can you find a way to put layers in it!

- Keeps crashing

All time favourite art app but at the moment I can't use it because it crashes as soon as I go into the app... Appreciate an update to fix it thanks!

- Best drawing app!

Everything is amazing. Just needs a smudge tool please.

- Simple and nice

Paint, sketch or shade the choice is yours. the real world materials makes drawing easy.

- Complete garbage

Ur description says paint draw sketch... U don't draw with paint, u don't sketch with paint, u only paint with ur useless 5 paint brushes... u d heads *sigh, This app is utter garbage and the reason people pirate apps when the developers are idiots and say their app is something it's not.

- Needs layers


- Layers

Begging for layers to support what is a fine fun painting app

- Amazing

Amazing app love it!

- Does not work on iPad 1

This application does not work on iPad 1

- Absolutely the BEST!

This has to be one of the Most Creative painting apps.....anywhere! It makes you Want to keep drawing and painting. The more you practice, the better you become. Great Stuff!

- Why the hype?

I read many reviews about this saying it's better than sketchbook and brushes. Nice brushes, but where are the layers? I still prefer brushes at the moment.

- Awesome

Love it


I know this isn't much of a review but I don't have an Ipad I've got an ipod touch, and I bought it.But it looks good so anyway 5 stars.

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- Just purchased

After many years of using Brushes I decided to try a new painting app. My hope wasthat I’d find one with a better variety of brush textures that could simulate real oil saint in all of it’s messy viscosity. That’s why I chose Inspire Pro, largely based on the reviews. The paint handling simulation is very impressive from what I can see (I’m only a day in at this point) and the app is super fast and responsive. I was a bit taken aback to find out that there were no layers. But I’m adjusting. One of the reasons I abandoned Brushes was that it was failing to evolve as an app. In fact, I believe it’s been abandoned by it’s creators. The very fact that you are asking for feedback shows that you are in business. I have no problem paying for an app or extra features. Keep up the good work. Dave Sylvestre

- Great app

Not too flashy and simple to use. What more do you need in an app?

- Having fun

Having fun with this program. Colours are very fresh and vibrant so it’s hard to make a bad drawing. Erasing the last mark or putting it back in are good features. Mostly very intuitive and you can learn as you go.

- Excellent

Great program! I like that it’s easy to learn, so you can concentrate on your artwork instead of figuring out how to use it.

- Excellent. Thank you.

My first adventure in digital drawing, but very easy and intuitive. Thank you.

- Paint like a Pro

Lots of great features. Love painting with it. Highly recommend it.

- Pretty Good

Could be better if you could reset individual settings. A selector/cut tool would be extremely useful as well to cut and move pieces within the canvas.

- I love the game!

I love it beacas it is so fun

- Needs more fixing

I did the update opened the app and it crashed....disappointing also I no longer see some pics that came with the app...homecoming and forest house and the one pic I do have wild territories has marks on the pic like some did an edit....please fix!

- Great app but crashes too much

I love this app a lot, and it has great features and all, but it crashes WAY too often. I can’t stay 20 minutes on the app without it crashing or glitching at least once. Please fix?

- Thank you for this app! So easy to use and the timelapse videos are so cool

Great app! Very user friendly

- Great!

I would like you to add more types of brushes.

- Créativité sans limite

Je découvre à peine cette app et je l’adore déjà ! En quelques essais, je peux m’exprimer à ma guise, du moins, j’ai du mal à m’arrêter parce que je n’éprouve que de bonnes surprises et j’ai le sentiment de n’avoir exploité qu’une infime partie de son potentiel. J’y reviendrai pour travailler autant que pour me détendre, ce qui est un bon signe pour une app de création.

- Good Value, Crashes Too Much

The free version is pretty useful, and there are some worthwhile paid brushes. Would be five stars, but it crashes frequently (on a brand new iPad Pro, so it’s not a hardware issue) and takes a long time to do it. Luckily it autosaves constantly so lost work is not an issue. Reviewing my processes with the playback feature (and the side effect of having unlimited Undo commands) is a handy and appreciated function.

- Boring

So boring

- Wow. Buggy brush selection always reverts to...

...A dry brush canvas effect. How does one select a brush and actually have it work. I tried at least twenty times, it just keeps reverting to a default dry canvas effect. In my case it was the matter how many times I selected it, nothing but the same boring default. I like the feel of the interface, and will use it if fix it.

- Not too bad!

For a complete an total amateur, it's been a lot of fun to learn how to draw and paint on my iPad. Try it out if you want to get some creative juices flowing but if you're a total pro, maaaaybe look for something more spiffy. BUT! I'm having fun, maybe you will too. :)

- Beautiful!

I'm not an artist, but this app makes me feel like one!

- Love it!!!!!!!

Four words... I love this app. It's everything I'm looking for in a painting app. It was easy to use. Only one downside is when buying the app everything should be included....they have a couple items in there shop that I think should have been included. But without them items this app is a awesome...I'm not going to miss the other two items in there shop. I say buy this app if your looking to try out digital painting, the paint really done act like real paint.

- Delightful paint program

Many tools, all editable. Full palate of colours to choose from, plus the app automatically remembers your recent colours -across paintings even! Plus you can save colours of your own choosing. You can import images from your photos and their colours become like wet paint. And those are just some of the wonderful things this app can do. I got it for free, lucky me, but I would buy now if I had to. Enjoy

- Simple, powerful, life like

I find this app very easy to use, yet it gives you a lot of ways to be creative at the same time. I'm a novice when it comes to painting/drawing but I already made some "decent" paintings with this that seem to bring out a skill I never thought I had. It feels a lot like doing a real life painting, and it's a lot of fun.

- What A Great App

I've been using Inspire Pro for the longest time!! Although it has changed a fair bit, I still love the fact that you can create a painting that gives an oil-on-canvas effect! Keep the updates coming, you guys are great. :)

- Magnificent Simplicity

InspirePro is a really beautiful app and to reviewers who suggest the absence of layers, text and other bells and whistles is a deficit, I would have to disagree. There are other painting apps out there with that kind of functionality. Painters before the digital age didn't have ready-made special effects, layers and multiple undo's. They painted. They managed. InspirePro is special because it provides a digital painting experience that is most analogous to the real thing. A small range of excellent tools, a simple and inconspicuous interface that truly gets out of the way and can be re-summoned as individual panels, rather than having to be bombarded with the entire interface when only a minor brush or color adjustment has to be made. As too many cooks can spoil the broth, too many options can impede the creative experience. InspirePro's simplicity lets you play and paint and watch indescribably gorgeous things happen with colors and simulated brushstrokes. What it does, it does extremely well. The Drybrush function is in a class of it's own. You even forget for a time that it's all digital. Excellent painting app. Especially if you've ever used real media.

- Spend $12 to spend more

Yet another over priced art app that sells it to you a little bit at a time. So many cheaper, full option apps in the store. Sell it for what it is an app you will have to pay $40 to get full functionality.

- So Nice

Lot of possibility to explore .

- Amazing!

Love the quality and easy to use brushes! Only thing to improve: multi layer feature. But awesome all the same.

- Confusing

How do you start a new canvas. I'm quite savvy normally but couldn't maneuver through this app with much ease.

- No sharpener needed

Super user friendly! Love using this with the Apple Pencil! All around great app. Though the eraser could be a bit easier to use

- Just got the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil good combination


- Inspire pro

I love this app. I have a lot of fun with it and is easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to be creative.

- Useless with ipad pro

Great software except it lacks palm rejection so good luck using this with an ipad pro and pencil. Its useless because there is no palm rejection so you will constantly make mistakes which will drive you crazy until you stop using the app. It has a lot of potential though, its just silly that it doesnt have palm rejection because it has a lot of cool stuff that would be useful if only it worked.

- Très intéressant!

Apprentissage facile. Bons résultats.

- Great app

I love this app because it feels so real and there are so many tools to use. I use it everyday for work and for leisure.

- Just got iPad Pro and pencil

Great combination with this app.

- High expectations

I had high expectations when seeing this app, I looked at the reviews and generally they were all positive. I've encountered better drawing apps without the $13.99 price tag, and for this app to have the audacity to offer "in-app purchases" is insulting, I wasted fourteen dollars that I'll never get back. I had high expectations for this app and they weren't met, especially if you don't have the iPad Pro.

- Great App

I love this app tho since I'm on iPad it crashes pretty often :/ Can you please make it more compatible? Tho I still love this app it would help me do art better and stuff Cause it does lag and crash which is annoying plz fix

- I'm I the only one...

I'm I the only one who is having problems changing brushes since the update? I pick one but it won't change to it, stays on the first one I chose right after the update.

- Not worth paying for

I swear most of these reviews are somehow fake. It took 3 try's to load it, once it was loaded it was horrible to work with. Even basic brushes are slow and very hard to work with. Don't waste your money with this one. Perhaps 4 years ago it was good, but not this version.

- Excellent

Excellent app, I only wish to be good enough artist to truly use it.

- Waste of money..

I bet half these reviews are fake. The setup is unattractive and confusing and half the brushes need to be paid for when I already wasted over 10 bucks! I want my money back.

- Seriously Fun

I've only been playing with Inspire Pro for a few hours so far, but it has my heart pounding pretty hard with excitement. I love how you can choose between realistic and non-realistic paint depending on what effect you're going for, and the ease and speed you get with the use of the hotspots as opposed to drop-down menus. But what really leaves me ready to scream with joy is the way you can use the dry brush to soften or smudge edges and details, blend colors seamlessly, and even pick up color from previously painted areas. As soon as I can, I'm getting the full version! Thank you sooo much to the folks at KiwiPixel : ) Got the full version! Very, very happy..

- Love it!

So it doesn't have layers! The natural intuitive painting experience is the best i've tried. coupled with its editing capability, i can even paint pictures i'm happy with --using just my fat fingers-- without getting frustrated.

- Surprisingly amazing

I just bought a Paper ($70 all in) Pencil to use with that app, which hasn’t arrived yet. The interface on Paper is slick. No doubt. This app, while not having the slick look and interface (sorry guys), has the tools to blow Paper out of the water. Hands down the best drawing, painting, sketching app I’ve seen. I’ve currently got 6 different ones on my old iPad 3. Love the support for pressure sensitive styli (4 different brands), and the effects are exceptional. My search has ended. The Paper pencil is in danger of being returned unopened. Good luck with the App!

- Crashes constantly

Does not work on my ipad mini.

- Terrible update!

After the latest update, the brush stroke became too slow. The previous version was better on my iPad 3.

- Crashes

It looks like it would be a great app, but it won't go past the logo screen without crashing. iPad 1 with latest updates.

- Love it!

Simple to use - inspiring and fun all at the same time!

- Keeps crashing

My ipad is on ios 5.1 which is supposed to be supported, but the app crashes every time I try to open it. Removing...

- Wow! Great improvements!

I bought Inspire Pro the first day i had my Ipad ( the first one!) and i found it very practical and beautiful. I had to unistall it some times ago because it crashed every time i wanted to used it. But i was in need to draw yesterday and i had to give it a second chance... And surprise! It doesn't crash anymore and new brushes have been added! The pensil is a good addition to the program, i like it very much! I enjoy using Inspire Pro one again! Keep up the good work! :)

- Horrible app

This is one of the most horrible app I have even used for art --- please please don't waste your money on this app .. I wonder if I can get my money back ...

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The applications Inspire Pro was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2010-10-09 and was developed by snowCanoe [Developer ID: 315556631]. This application file size is 284.2 MB. Inspire Pro - Graphics & Design app posted on 2020-12-23 current version is 3.8.7 and works well on IOS 13.6 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kiwipixel.inspirePro

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