Inspire [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

Available exclusively on the App Store, meticulously designed to be beautifully powerful, and painstakingly engineered for iPhone — Inspire delivers an incredibly fast and realistic painting, drawing, and sketching experience that you can take with you wherever you go and use whenever inspiration strikes.

Our proprietary painting engine Sorcery™ takes full advantage of the GPU to render brush strokes with brilliant 64-bit color, laser-sharp sub-pixel precision, and insanely fast speed. While the strokes of a wet oil paint brush look beautiful on their own, the breathtaking blending effects of a dry brush will absolutely stun you. Graze the canvas with just a bit of pressure to add a subtle blur to your artwork or use stronger pressure to actually mix existing colors on the canvas together to create new ones.

Whether you are a budding artist, seasoned professional, or somewhere in-between, you will enjoy the simplicity and power of the most intuitive and compelling illustration app for iPhone, Inspire.

Amazing Brushes
• 150 high-quality brushes to choose from, divided into 15 sets: Oil Paint, Airbrushes, Spray Paint, Paint Splatter, Graphite Pencils, Wax Crayons, Markers, Chalk, Charcoal, Pastels & Conté, Basic Shapes, Complex Shapes, Shape Outlines, Patterns, and Textures
• All brushes can be used as a Wet Brush, Dry Brush (Blending), or Eraser
• Over 20 different settings are available to customize brush strokes with powerful versatility and variation

The Best Painting App for iPhone
• Sorcery™, the fastest 64-bit painting engine on the App Store
• Full-fledged pressure sensitive painting with 3D Touch
• Create a canvas of any size up to 8K (32MP)
• Dual-texture brushes
• 64-bit color
• All device orientations are supported all the time — switch from portrait to landscape painting with ease
• 1000 levels of undo and redo are available
• Touch and slide hotspots can be used to quickly change brush size, opacity, and pressure without opening a menu
• The eyedropper tool can be used with a touch and hold gesture to select paint colors from the canvas
• The canvas can be moved around, rotated, and zoomed in and out up to 6400%
• Create a painting right within the Messages app, starting from a blank canvas or an image from your Photos
• Use your Apple Watch as a companion to perform actions, select colors, and quickly glance at how long you've spent on a painting

Canvas Playback Video Recording
• Brush strokes are automatically recorded as you paint without any delay
• You can play the video of your artwork being created stroke-by-stroke directly in the gallery
• Exported videos are high quality HD at up to 1080p resolution

Full-Featured Color Picker
• Choose any paint color you can dream of with the intuitive color picker
• HSB and RGB sliders accompany a large color circle, color square, and opacity slider
• Your latest colors are saved to a palette automatically while you paint
• You can also save your favorite colors to a palette with drag and drop

Visit to check out more screenshots, videos, and artwork.

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Inspire Customer Service, Editor Notes:

iPhone, iOS, WatchOS • Full support for the new iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 13.5, WatchOS 6.2 Localization • Inspire is now localized for 12 different languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, and Russian Bug fixes and minor improvements

Inspire Comments & Reviews

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- Impressive painting app! (1.0 version has some omissions & annoyances, though...)

Nice blending and painting! A direct competitor to another app called Brushes. Some comments... This app should incorporate 2 features found in Brushes. First, a color transparency setting which would allow for even more subtlety and, second, the ability to immediately recover your previous color selection when using the color picker (Brushes allows you to simply tap on "old" to recover your previous color). Inspire 1.0 suffers from an annoying UI design: if one of your short painting strokes is misinterpreted to be a "tap" then the settings icons will suddenly appears directly on top of your drawing...very annoying. To be fair, this accidental "tap-to-menu" issue can also occur when using Brushes, but with Brushes at least there are no icons under your finger to accidentally press with a second tap. A better UI design for Inspire would be to show (in a very discrete way) an area in one of the screen corners that the user would tap to launch the tools/settings. Inspire also forces you to watch an annoying and unnecessary launch screen at every launch...get rid of that! But for only version 1.0 it's still an impressive effort that deserves at least a 4 stars rating.

- Wow!

Such an amazing app! I used to use the free version of ibis paint but when I really got into art I met complications along the way so I decided to change to a new art-making program and that puts me here. The first piece I made was two planets both with one moon in a galaxy and I have to say that the vast arrangement of tools Inspire offers made this quite easy while keeping it looking good and fresh! You got a new user! -J

- My Go-To Painting App

I have many painting apps - ArtStudio Pro, Affinity Designer, ArtRage, Paintstorm, Procreate - yes, I play with the big boys. But when I’m ready to settle down and get things done, Inspire Pro is my go- to painting app. Its ease-of-use is the primary reason but come on...look at all those brushes, and the blending capabilities are above an other app! You should really give this app a try if you’re serious about painting!

- Amazing Painting App

Amazing app!! Very enjoyable. It blends old school artistic techniques and tools with new digital painting techniques and tools. The recording of all brush strokes is the icing on the cake. It’s fun to watch the painting appear from a blank screen and it’s a great teaching tool. Great job!! Love the app!! Thank you for creating it!!! Adding layers would be awesome.

- One-of-a-Kind Blending Engine

While many apps out there essentially do the same thing with brush patterns (pro-create, etc) There is nothing that compares with the blending effect of wet-on-wet you get with this app. This is the app that I go to for that traditional oil painting look.

- Amazing Fun

This app is great! It has a great selection of Brushes to use and a lot more than most paint apps! great fun

- Great app!

Lots of fun! Makes an artist out of everyone. Easy to use. Addictive. Relaxing.

- Wow

This is my first art app and I love it so much and I thank you the creators

- App Is great!

Although, I wish they would add more brushes.

- Best of many

This app totally rocks

- Love Inspire!

Very easy to navigate & be creative.

- Fun!

Great way to play with art

- Great design MAJOR FLAW


- Great when usable

I absolutely love this app as it lets me create the art I love without having to carry a computer with me wherever I go. However, I have found that after using it incessantly for one day, I cannot use it without it glitching and exiting out of the app entirely after only five minutes of use. This wouldn't be too big of an issue if my work would be saved. With this isssue, I lose all the progress I have made on the piece I am working on. Adding to that, I have to wait a week or more before I can work for more than five minutes without a crash. Due to waiting so long, I often have to write down exactly what I have planned for the piece so I do not finally have the opportunity to work again and have to completely start over. So, in whole, I absolutely love this app, but hate that I can only use it once every other week. It is definitely worth the money if you plan on using it only for one day during the week. I have already recommended it to several friends and will continue to recommend it. I sincerely hope for the glitch to be fixed so I can enjoy it properly.

- The Best Painting app for the iPhone

I am an Artist and I LOVE THIS APP! This app has the feel of painting with oils. The Dry Brush feature is good. It is basically a smug tool that allows you smug with different types of brush strokes. This app also allows you to load your brush with paint. This allows you to control the amount of paint each finger stoke has before it bleeds into the smug tool. This is the close you can come to painting with Photoshop with a wacon tablet. This app makes me want to get an iPad. Until my sorry income gets better, I will happily keep use my very small screen on my iPod Touch THIS APP IS NOT PREFECT. It dose not have layer. I will not give it 5 stars until it does. Also as a suggestion they should add a shake tool menu like they have on Artist Studio app (this app is slow and has other major issues). Also I would suggest the brush rotation feature; they make the rotation orient to the direction my finger strokes. If my stroke curves the brush should rotate to fallow. Just remember in real life paint has no undoes, redoes, layers (like in this app), eyedropper tools, or clothes without paint on them.

- Awesome!!! 

This is a great game. I only have a few suggestions to make this game 5 stars. Inspire is about art, and for the not as talented artists ( me ) maybe you could give it stencils or shapes or something that could make our work neater and more professional looking. Maybe you could also recalibrate the screen. It always takes me to the menu if I paint near the buttons. That would be an easy fix. And, maybe you could give more options for canvases and brushes or maybe even more coloring materials. Otherwise, this game is amazing and I recommend it to other unknown artists who love to draw/paint, you will not regret it. And, it's free!!

- Another Excellent Painting App

This app is right on par with programs like Brushes and Colors! in terms of abilities though there are some tweeks needed. The eyedropper tool should be more brushes like, allowing you to simply hold down to activate the dropper. The controls for the brushes are a little odd. You select the brush type and size in one window, and the rotation, paint load, and other aspects in a totally separate window. It could save time to have all brush controls in a single area while you paint. The other issue I have is the lack of TRANSPARENCY. It really needs this to be a completely usable app. I do love this apps brushes though and especially the dry brush effect that allows you to smear paint together in a fairly natural manner. Nice work. UPDATE: now that Layers, Brushes, and Sketchbook Mobil all have layers, this app has fallen behind a bit. For an update, layers and a more professional looking splash screen and UI would catch this app back up. Still a great app though, just not quite as good as the top any more.

- Inspire

This is one of the best painting apps out there. There are not as many of the novelty brushes like in Scribblify (another painting app I highly recommend), but Inspire more than makes up for it with its realism. I feel like I'm actually using real paint, and that my finger has magically morphed into a paint brush. My friends say I'm very artistic which is why they Ooh and Aah over the paintings I paint using Inspire, but I am fully convinced Inspire is so easy to use that it can make even the most artistically challenged people feel like Picasso. If you are a serious artist or just enjoy doodling in your free time, buy Inspire. You will not regret it.

- I'm really impressed.

And that's saying something, because I work with actual paint. None of the other drawing apps I've tried were anywhere near as realistic as this one, because this actually gives you the ability to customize your brushes. The brushes are also pressure-sensitive, so you don't feel like you're painting with a paint dobber on someone's windshield. The paint moves realistically, so if you put down a dry brush stroke on say, a rainbow you've painted, the dry brush will pull and shift the paint like the real thing would. So yes, high marks for this. Definitely worth purchasing. :)

- Could improve

This is the best app on my iPhone. Even then, I can suggest changes that would significantly improve performance. I am a professional artist and I paint atelier quality photo-real oil paintings as well as plein-air work. Despite my skill, I have incredible problems detailing with this app. I would suggest adding three tools: pencil, blur and smudge. The brush without paint is almost a smudge tool, but not quite. A pencil with a magnifier and crosshairs would allow precise editing, and a blur tool would make up for the clumsy finger painting. Also, it would be great to save custom named palettes. A filbert brush would be icing on the cake. Still, this is a great app!

- Nice Painting App, But Slow Brushing

Thanks for the update. It's much faster to get started with now. Thanks also for eliminating the redundant message on image deletion. Thanks more so for adding the Retina Display support. I was afraid it wouldn't happen. I've added a 4th star & updated my review appropriately. Color blending is (still) superb! I'm still not crazy about the initial menu screen. Suggestion: go straight to the gallery as the primary interface. Then, on that screen, instead of a Duplicate button, how about a button that pops up a choice between "New" & "Duplicate" ? I can live with the above issues, though. My only serious complaints are that brushing is still very slow in responsiveness (even this new version on my iPhone 4) & that the undo/redo hotspots on the canvas get in the way of painting small dabs. To aid in quick brushing, I recommend a control to disable the invisible control hotspots & zooming (I keep zooming instead of making small brush dabs).

- Review.

When I saw this, I figured it would be another crappy painting apps that ate confusing and just don't give you the quality you yearn for. But when I opened the app, I was immersed into a slick, easy to maneuver, well designed interface. This is NOT just some junk you'll delete five seconds after drawing what appears to be a stick figure holding a ball. It was well thought out, and has obviously had much time devoted too it. If this app for .99c or $4.99, I would still enjoy this app to it's fullest.

- Must have for artists

I got this app when it was free and just played around on it not really any professional stuff I soon fell in love with everything it has. Once you get the hang of all the tools you can draw some really cool stuff I recently got a stylus for my iTouch and the app was amazing to use on it A big bonus for this app is that you don't have to spend more money on brushes or paints, it comes altogether I recommend getting a stylus if you're drawing on this app it makes a big impact rather than just drawing with your finger

- Eh heh

I have far too many drawing apps on my phone so when I saw this one I couldn't help myself. The interface is simple and with the option to tap the corners to bring up the menu I no longer have the problem of accidentally bringing it up. The blending option is unique and really what makes the app worth it. I don't find it as smooth as Sketchbook Mobile app but again, the blending you can achieve with Inspire makes it worth it. Great developer support too! Any suggestions or questions are addressed quickly and professionally :D

- This app was great, until the last update

This is a really great app for art. It has many tools, and is really useful. The playback is important to my art style, and that feature is used a lot. The only problem is that when I try to draw an image, it will let me in, but after a few brush strokes the app crashes.

- Great for Creativity

This is one of the few apps I bought for my phone because it's so useful and endlessly entertaining. The paint features are similar to Corel (if it was on a phone) and there are many options, clearly explained on the same screen. The devs really wanted to make this good, and you can tell. Pros: •Simple yet deep. •Clear, accessible documentation (with minor oversights). •Effective and diverse options. •Reasonable price. Cons: •HUD is bothersome (all 3 configs). I'd put the menu buttons on the artboard (the gray borders outside the painting), and make shaking the phone zoom out to show them. Shaking again would return to the user's zoomed-in location on the canvas. •The welcome interface looks like a knockoff SNES game from the 90s. Overall verdict: Good purchase, but I'd be a devotee of KiwiPixel if they perfected their product.

- I don't see why people like this.

I feel foolish for spending a dollar on this, maybe I'm not doing something right but everything I try to create ends up looking incredibly messy and horrible, I've used free apps in which I was able to produce good and clean looking artwork. I've been trying to get used to this app but it's just not happening, and if you're reading this and thinking "well this person is just having trouble because they don't have artistic talent" No. I do. Now I'm not saying you would never be able to produce an amazing work of art with this app but if you want something done crisp and clean then this app is NOT the one to use.

- Great blending!

I am a painter and it's nice to see a program like this! It's capable of making some truly great works of art, especially with the pc program toucan use to make print-worthy illustrations. The only feature request is to have a tapered brushstroke option or be able to adjust thickness by tilt. Other than that I'd also like even larger brushes like I use on my real canvases. Fantastic work and keep it up!

- 5 Stars😎

Truly amazing, this works very well with my stylus. This is the best drawing/painting app that I've tried. I LOVE the blending feature also, no other drawing app that I've tried has the blending feature. I could also go on and on about how realistic this app is. I could also go on and on about how AMAZING this app is compared to other apps but I won't I think I got my point across, totally worth the $

- Screen real estate

I've had the iPad version for several months and absolutely love it. The iPhone version is just as good with a more compact interface. My only complaint is that it's hard to work on the finer details with so little screen real estate. Of course that's a hardware limitation. The software itself is phenomenal. The only thing that would make it better is if it had layers

- I'm surprised.

I had bought this app long ago, at the time i was not used to the touch screen. After coming from painting on my ds with colors, the ipod screen was alien to me at first i have downloaded more art apps then i can remember. And despite it not being photoshop it is quickly becoming my fav. Alot of things i rely on i find i don't need in this app only i find the dry brush to be more then i thought it would and lately i had given up on art, this app is slowly relighting the passion i had for art for the first time in years. I find this app to be the easiest to pick up and start doodling heck most of the time i only use the basic brush. It may not be perfect for everyone but it has helped me quite a bit now. :)

- "This is a must buy!"

I read the reviews for inspire. They sounded quite good. i didn't want to waste my money, so I read the reviews through again and again. Finally, I bought it. It is a must have. If you switch your brush or color, it doesn't exit out! This application blends and paints like a brush! Also, the brushes are awesome. There's a normal brush, a fan brush, a pallet knife, and a round brush. You must get this!

- Very impressed

I am someone who really doesn't draw or paint at all, but the good reviews sort of intrigued me. I got it for free because of the anniversary and was sooo impressed at how realistic is was and also how fricken fun it was just to mess around. If I knew it was this cool I would have paid for it before! I'm glad there are some quality developers left out there and not just in it for the quick buck.

- The best I've used yet!

As an artist I've been looking for a painting app with a natural feel and this is the best I've found! Very easy interface to use and this paint app has blending! Most of the art apps out there I've tried are missing this feature. The customer service is incredible. Thanks for the great app KiwiPixel! Looking forward to the future of this app :)

- Overall excellent

The high zoom factor and small brush detail is great, perhaps the best I've tried. The only problem is the number of icons on the screen is distracting. Maybe one icon to bring up all the other icons, or even some touch controls instead would be better. Just my opinion. Great app.

- Best to photoshop ull get for phone art

I mean, dont expect layers or anything like that. This is just like painting on a single canvas but with undos and redos, brush manipulation, etc. if you have skill, you can create a masterpiece with this. It's perfectly capable as a tool. The rest is up to the user. The app is itself perfectly gives you all you need.

- This App is Awesome!

I love inspire! I've been looking for an app like this for a very long time. It's perfect for basic drawing and adding depth and complexity. However I have found a glitch. Sometimes when you try to go into the color menu it restarts the app. As long as this glitch is fixed I will love this app even more!

- Awesome painting app!

Everytime I use this app I figure out more to make the paintings look even better! If you take your time, you can make amazing paintings! It would be even better if i could load a photo and paint (trace) over it. But, even without that...Awesome! I recommend it! Now I wish I had an iPad to try this on!

- Pretty Cool!

This app is really awesome in the way you can blend and add texture to your work and that's what sets this app apart from others and the reason I purchased it. A few suggestions would be to add like a maker/pencil tool or atleast the option to make your brush stroke continuous, add layers, better transparency scale, a playback feature, and another brush or two.

- Best drawing app

While most drawing apps I've used have been really crappy I find myself really enjoying this one. Though still difficult to use at times it if the best drawing app hands down! I would like it if they added various tools like smudge/blur etc and maybe more brushes but so far so good :)

- It really is AWESOME!

I love this drawing app. It is powerful and you can achieve wonderful results. It takes time to discover all it can do. The blending of hard lines is my favorite feature. Turn the paint off and just mush the paint around is fantastic. Makes soft and beautiful edge work. Edges are what make an image looks real.

- AWESOME.....BUT.....

The application closes out if your trying to change brush types or color, etc. It closes and takes you right back to your home screen. You have to keep saving your work so that if it does close you can pick up where you left off, maybe. Overall GREAT! App. worth the $4.99.

- Only paint app I need

I just wanted to be able to draw stuff and iOS doesn't have a drawing app built in obviously. This app is that and so much more. I HIGHLY recommend this for all your illustration needs. The ability to customize brushes and colors and everything is so cool too!

- Awesome!!!

I have not a lick of artistic talent but even I can see the value of this app. It's hours of fun really in depth with the things you can do. It's a mini version of the real thing. The sky is the limit with the things you can paint with all the tools you need at your finger tips. A must have.

- This App Needs Some Major Fixes

I enjoyed the app when I first got it, but now it crashes every five minutes, deletes all my progress, and just makes it really difficult and frustrating to use. Fix it soon, or I'll be contacting Apple to see about getting refunded for an app that has issues and hasn't had an update to fix said issues in a long time.

- This is amazing.

This gives me the power to express anything. I recommend this to every artist around please update it to have a feature to share artwork online and view other paintings! It inspires much more and can help with improving every artists mind. :)

- Awesome!

A lot of fun and a lot one can do with the options. I use on my iPhone & it passes the time & gives me my painting fix on the go. The zoom/pan takes practice to develop the skill. Paint goes on similarly to the way it is experienced using real paint on canvas Very useful & realistic painting experience.

- Love it 😍

It's like between illustrator software and oil painting software. The blending feature is great and I haven't seen this in any other app, even procreate. Actually not true, Art Rage and Art set Pro have their own blending feature, but low resolution images. I also love the glow that the finished pieces have. However, a few things need fixing, and also a couple requests please: -Ability to Rotate canvas from gallery even after creation of painting. -Reference Image like "Sketch Club" and "Art Rage" have. -Activate stylus from within painting. -Better support for Adonit Touch pixel point

- Love this app!

I've tried several art apps now and have to say this is pretty much my favorite. Definitely worth buying. The scroll-through menu is wonderful, and the brushes and features are well chosen and easy to work with. Great for color studies!

- Great app for artists

I love this application. Drawing on this is great- even if I am the worst artist on there. The tools are relatively realistic- running out of paint on a long brush stroke when using brushes and having to go back over a line to darken it with pencils. It's like painting a canvas without the finality of actual paint.

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- Corel painter for iPhone

This app is fantastic! I highly recommend it. I would love to see a layers feature introduced.

- Lives up to its name

Do we need another painting app for iPhone OS? When it's as good as this one, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" Inspire effectively gives you a portable easel, canvas and a full set of oils and brushes without the mess or toxicity. Corel Painter users will be familiar with the natural media feel, and will pleased to know that this app offers much greater stability and elegance than Corel's clunky offering. The only thing Inspire lacks is layers, a feature which will no doubt be added in a later version. Canvas rotation would also be handy. To be very picky, I would note that the typeface on the opening options screen is very cheesy: please change it! If you want a professional grade oil-painting app, here it is.

- Simply Easy

Of the many painting/ drawing Apps I've tried - this is one of the easiest to use and get used to as well as navigate the menus. My only feature request would be layers - at least it seems to have a massive number of undo levels! Very quick and responsive!

- Most Awesome app ever

I have wanted to buy a drawing tablet but have never had the money ,I got this and it is just awesome , nearly as good as a $700 tablet ,I just love it

- NOT for iPad

While this works really nicely, it is for the iPhone only. It comes up at iPhone size in the middle of the screen, and looks awful at 2x Wait until an HD version for the iPad is released. Describing it as compatible with the iPad is misleading - it IS compatible in that it runs, but that's all.

- Great app

Really enjoy using it. Fun, fun,fun! Tks!

- Really disappointed. Wasted my money

Unless you like picasso with a paint brush don't waste your money. You don't get layers or an eraser & only 5 brushes?! Plus the app looks tacky & is hard to navigate. I was looking for a good coloring app, but this was a bad choice. It's great for painting on a smart device but for the price it's not worth it. There are free apps out there that offer more :/ They should have a lite option to let people trial this before paying full price, like what I did :/

- Love this app but

Keeps crashing since the last update

- Awesome fun

Ease of use and functionality is great for any artist

- Best of the lot

One of the bestvif not the best but layers would make this app uncompetable with

- Great App!

Great free app. Has heaps of cool features! Recomend it, specially for people who are creative.

- Love it

This apps amazing. Ive drawn some amazing stuff on it. 5/5

- Inspire

It's an amazing app, awesome fun painting the best app out there for it!

- Love playin with photos

Luv it

- Adequate

It's okay but sluggish to run and nowhere near as good as Art Set Pro or Tayasui Sketches.

- cool app

now i can draw with this app. it's fantastic!

- Good

I love it

- Great app

Love it :))

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- Hypnotic

Weather your painting a masterpiece or just blending and swirling colours together for hours on end this app is by far my number one stress reliever. So mAny brushes! So many colours! So many possibilities! Step in to trance land and take a hypnotic journey and get INSPIRED!

- Skeptical at first but worth the price

I was surprised by the high price tag when I first came across Inspire on Insta... buttt I gave it a shot and bought it and I’m certainly glad I did. It’s definitely worth the price and the old saying you get what you pay for certainly holds true here. The app is very very fast as they claim, has a great look to it and there’s so much to play with I haven’t even scratched the surface yet with all of the brushes and options. At first you think, no wayyyyy those paintings were made with the app, but then after you get rolling with it you realize more and more, that yupp, it’s actually possible with skill and practice. Seems like they keep it nice and up to date too looking at the history, so I’m happy with this. Hope they add pens and an ink brush one day.

- Top Notch Oil Paint Simulation

Lots of realistic and useful tools, but the oil paint really stands out, especially when you use those brushes dry, the blending is unbeatable by any other painting app that I’ve found. Easy to use too once you get the hang of it, you can feel that the developer cares about the details you discover as you use the app more and more. Looking forward to more features like a ruler in future updates, thanks!

- Amazing

Best art app I’ve used.

- Fav paint app

Best of the best for blending paint app

- This app has to be the best I’ve found

This app is the best but to be perfect is layers

- inspire!! <3

this us an amazing app for all of those artists out there!! it gives you the ability to create wonderful pieces of art everyway you go! inspire is an inspiration!

- Pointless and mis advertised

First of all why would any "artist" want this for an iPhone? I bought it thinking I would take advantage of the sale and download it on my iPad Pro when I got home. Too bad there is a 'pro' version I would have had to buy... And I just wasted my money on an app that is impossible to use on a phone.

- Love this app!!

Very intuitive. Easy to use. I can't stop painting! Love it.

- Love it

I LOVE inspire!!!!!!! I love to paint and draw on my ipod!!! Thank you !!!!!

- Dgtallinck

Best app!

- Fantastic

Absolutely great app


Loving this app and looking forward to new and improved features!!

- Pretty good

It's really great, but keeps crashing

- Best painting app

I love this app so much. The new brush options are great. I haven't had any problems with the new version at all. Can't stop painting.

- Doesn't work.

Crashes every time I tap the color picker on iPhone 6s Plus. Any painting app that doesn't crash is better than this one. Don't be fooled by a name like "Sorcery". There is no such thing as magic. I feel ripped off. 6.99 is a lot of money for an app that crashes every time.

- Doesn't work on iPad Air

Not happy doesn't work on iPad Air cannot see full pages.

- Omg

Omg the best art app I ever hade

- Yay

I got the full! Sale pulled me in and also the great free version. This is a must have app for any artist on the go! Plus i dont think you meed layers, cause when you paint you cant yell at your canvas and say, layer one opacity 2! You do it yourself!!! Yah :):)

- Art

Awesome. Love this app

- This is great!

Easy to use digital art app. Become a pro overnight.

- Great!

If it had the option to create layers it would be complete. It has great brushes, good intuitive controls to flip through your tools quickly. All around great iPhone paint program.

- Really cool app

Nice tools. Needs layers to be 5 stars though. Regardless it's still really cool

- Very Fun App

I love using Inspire and playing around with the settings to see what kind of results I get and it's very easy to use. My only complaint is the lack of a layers function. Even just 3 to separate the back, middle and foreground would work wonders. Layers = 5 stars. It would be nice also if the menus aligned with how you are holding your iPhone but it's a minor thing I've already gotten used to. Certainly not app-breaking.

- Touch Screen Liberated!

An amazing app that showcases the true potential of Apple touch screen devices. It actually feels right to create this way. I can't wait to see what the world does with this!

- Excellent

Good job

- More like real painting than Photoshop

Amazing app. Layers and magic wand style tool could be added. Im interested to see what type of updates they have

- Awesome!

This app is so much fun! I'm glad I found it when it was on for free. I've recommended it to many of my friends and they all love it, too! Please add layers, it would make it even better than it is now. ;D

- best app for sketches- hands down!

I am continuously surprised by how amazing this app is! in love!

- Couldn't be improved

A very organized app with many features... Great for all those artists out there!

- Top notch

Great painting, and this is great portable fun!

- Amazing

I'm having so much fun! Definitely a top grade entertainment app. Love it.

- Excellent

I love it, especially intuitive. Love the amount of paint concept your brush turns into a smudge tool if you hold it. That and the color picker are a very powerful combination. Less menus, less interruption. An option to have the bush size be relative to the zoom factor would be awesome!

- Best Paint App by Far!

I have tried all the iPhone/iTouch apps and this is the best by far. The latest free update makes it even better than it was. This is the closest you can get to oil paints in an app. This app is the only one I have found that blends new paint into existing colors (or not if you switch off that feature), alows paint load to diminish with each stroke (unless you set it not to), has the only really effective blending feature, and features variable paint load and pressure. The interface does not get in the way and does not complicate work flow and the app exports excelent output. I run it on an old 8gb G2 with no memory or CPU problems. Thank you Kiwi.

- Even Better

I have used this app since the previous (first?) version and this has some nice improvements; the colour picker used to be VERY tedious to use and now is much quicker. The ability to email a much larger file is great too. As others have mentioned the ability to truly blend "paint" is fantastic. I still paint traditionally and this is as close as I have found to the real experience. Highly recommended.

- My fave again

Have to give it five stars now after more usage. I've trusted the loaded brush feature more and blending and it's just blowing my mind. This is perhaps the only painting app where you can really 'finish' your work. I haven't touched real paint in 15 years and software like this and Painter and Artrage remind me I don't have to. Will I ever get my hands dirty again?? :)

- Simple awesome!

I've tried a lot of painting apps and none of them even come close to this!! You can create some really great effects with the blending feature, this alone is worth the price. I'm still blown away at how good this app is. I highly recommend it to everyone that loves painting.

- Inspire

Grat stuff but but but Is been an update and sense not work with iPhone 4s to bad but the real question is ?????????

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Juan Pablo Roman

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Progress Tribe

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@BearDown1722 @laurel1355 @ShillDestroyBan @grammatikundor1 @DineshDSouza No, we are being told that hospitals are over capacity and nurses are overworked from all these cases, but are making dance videos in the hospital corridors. Doesn’t inspire trust

That Guy Manny?

I inspire to be like Rock Lee


Thank you to all of you who always inspire me to make me excited even though sometimes people always make fun of me and want to bring me down I am proud to have dreams of being rich for you, I am proud to have dreams of being rich for you.

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@julesphantom hey madi, tysm for everything you’ve done for me, u inspire me & make me so happy & have helped me so much when times have been super rough & i can’t thank you enough <3 ilysm & i hope ur happy and i’m sending you all my love 🥺🥺


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Wally Zor-El ¹²⁶ | fic Tarlos no 📌

It only serves a purpose of gathering bigger viewership for the show. Therefore, the people watching that use media roles to inspire themselves, those boys or men who perhaps are feeling attraction (sexual or emotional) to other men, don’t feel properly guided or informed


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Inspire 4.8 Screenshots & Images

Inspire iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Inspire iphone images
Inspire iphone images
Inspire iphone images
Inspire iphone images
Inspire iphone images
Inspire iphone images
Inspire iphone images
Inspire iphone images
Inspire iphone images
Inspire iphone images

Inspire (Version 4.8) Install & Download

The applications Inspire was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2009-05-14 and was developed by snowCanoe [Developer ID: 315556631]. This application file size is 325.31 MB. Inspire - Graphics & Design app posted on 2020-06-09 current version is 4.8 and works well on IOS 13.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kiwipixel.inspire

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