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What is sun seeker - tracker & compass app? Sunseeker is a comprehensive solar tracking & compass app. It shows the sun’s hourly direction intervals, its equinox, winter & summer solstice paths, sunrise sunset times, twilight times, sun shadow, the golden hour & more. The app allows you to add sun-event notifications & has a widget showing the day’s solar data & position on an arc. The surveyor view shows the solar direction for each sunlight hour. Sunseeker has both a flat compass view & a 3D Augmented Reality (AR) view to show the solar position & path.

The app is useful for -

▶ Photographers- to plan according to the golden hour or blue hour & optimal sunlight conditions, sunrise & sunset times & directions.
▶ Cinematographers- this sun tracker & sun surveyor enables you to find the sun exposure, directions, sun shadow & sunrise sunset times for any location.
▶ Real Estate Buyers- can use the app before buying a property to check the sun path & to find the sun exposure of properties.
▶ Drivers - Sunseeker lets you track the sun path & movement during the days & helps drivers know the sun position to find how long the car will remain in the shade at any given parking spot.
▶ Campers & Picnickers- for anyone planning a day out, Sunseeker app will help in finding where to camp, sit or pitch an umbrella depending on the sunlight & sun direction.
▶ Gardeners- Sun Seeker can also help with finding optimal planting locations & seasonal sunlight hours as a sun rise calendar
▶ Architects & Surveyors- for visualising the spatial variability of the solar angle throughout the year & using the compass app as a sun surveyor & calendar to determine the sunlight directions.

Main Features
* Sunseeker is a sun locator which uses GPS, magnetometer & gyroscope to find the correct solar position & sun path for your current location.
* Flat compass view shows current solar position, diurnal solar angle & elevation (separated into day & night segments), sun shadow length ratio, atmospheric path thickness.
* 3D augmented reality (AR) camera overlay view shows the sun's current position, its path with hour points marked. Check golden hour using this feature!
* Camera view has an optional pointer to guide you towards the current location of the sun & help you with sun direction.
* Map view shows solar direction arrows, sun path & elevations for each hour of the day.
* Choose any date to view sun position & path on that day. You can view sunset & sunrise times for each day as well.
* Choose any location on earth (includes 40,000+ cities or custom locations available offline, as well as a comprehensive online map search capability)
* Get additional details including sun rise, sunset & culmination times, maximum elevation, civil, nautical & astronomical twilight times of the sun.
* Optional device notifications for all manner of sun-related periods & events, such as golden hour or blue hour, various twilight & shadow periods, or sun at a given compass heading or above a given elevation.
* This sun rise calendar app allows the user to include equinox, summer & winter solstice paths on both flat compass view & camera view.

Sun Seeker app has been featured in numerous high-profile blogs, websites & publications, including Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald etc. "Truly amazing", "Incredible", "Brilliant" - the most genuinely useful application of augmented reality - ever!

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* See - also easily accessible from the app's info screen

* The compass accuracy depends on having an undistorted magnetic field around your device. If you use it close to metallic objects or electrical equipment, directional accuracy may be impaired. The device’s compass accuracy can be optimised by calibrating it prior to use. See app’s FAQs for more help.

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Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass Version 6.4.601 November 2022

v6.4.6 * Updated and optimised for latest iOS release * Added Spanish user interface translation.

Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass Comments & Reviews 2022

- Photographer’s/Real Estate must have

You would not think this powerful tool inside your pocket/cell phone could be so useful, but it truly is. As a professional photographer/videographer, I use it all the time to find The lighting I want for my shop. Especially on low budget shoots where they do not want to pay for my time to scout the location in advance, I can still know when to show up for the best lighting. As a REALTOR®,Many of my clients are seeking homes that face a particular direction. Sun Seeker absolutely helps with that. From inside a location I can tell clients where to look for the sun from any point in the house at any time of the year. Want to know if your rear deck will be too hot to eat at the height of summer?, I can tell you that. Want to know the best place to plant your garden? No problem. Want to know if a building is going to block the sun from you next December when the sun is lower on the horizon? No problem. Sunseeker is my go to application for this and so much more. I highly recommend it.

- Answer to a photographer’s prayers

I was looking for something which would tel me where the sun rises at any given place on any given day and I almost couldn’t believe that I found it in this app I first though it was a simple time of sunrise and sunset app like so many others but when I dove into it I realized that it would tell me sunrise locations and angle from your location and a lot of other stuff from any place on the globe The technology alone is fascinating but the ability to know where the sun rises on any day from any location is like gold to a photographer Thanks for the answer to my needs I will be putting this app to full use and saving a lot of time searching out locations by trial and error This app puts an end to that

- Much improved app

I originally rated this app one star because it bombarded me with pop ups to rate it. So I did, one star. Because it was unusable. Thankfully an update fixed the developers over zealous need for ratings and the app is useful again. I recently used the app in Thailand where I’m searching for a piece of land with a view of the sunset over the mountains. It was indispensable as the realtor always told me the land met my requirements. Often times it did not and I showed them the proof. Even better, this app gives you sunset and sunrise paths for not only the current day but for other days and months throughout the year. This allowed me to see where the sunset would be for the time period I will be here, most of the winter. Excellent app well worth the cost.

- I love this app

I’ve always been fascinated by weather, stars and sky phenomena and when I discovered this app I was just delighted. Especially because of the 3-D feature where you can lift the phone and find out where the sun is even on a cloudy day. But I actually found it useful when my daughter was looking for a house to buy and we were able to charge which direction it was facing and where the sun would be in any given season. Providing great insight into how the house would handle the various seasons, as sunlight and where it falls can make your house too hot or too cold.

- Killer App for Kanarraville - Annular Solar Eclipse

I it is still working great for this November 2019 Transit of Mercury!recently purchased and installed this app on a 3Gs running the updated iOs without mishap. Last weekend, our group of five went to Utah for the annular solar eclipse on 20 May 2012. In Kanarraville, Utah, this app enabled me to accurately predict where the Sun would set. I accomplished this feat without practice and with an unfamiliar horizon. Bravo! Update 2014 This app is still going strong for me. Sun Seeker is a valuable tool for astrophotographers. I use this app often and it is unsurpassed for plotting and framing solar eclipse photographs. Update 2018 SS is getting better as time passes. This augmented reality (AR) app is always great but it a key part of my eclipse observing toolkit. I used it again last summer in Oregon for the total solar eclipse. SS still works fine with my new iPhone 8+ and never seems to crash. The map feature is neat and well executed. Seeing how time affects the azimuth range of the Sun is useful and fascinating. 6*!

- Does what it does perfectly

While this app isn’t full of all sorts of bells and whistles, it does what it says on the box and it does so perfectly. Working in several fields I have found this a particularly useful tool for solar planning. It’d be fun to toss in things like moon paths and phases, but what would really make the app more useful in the field would be taking more offline—preloading maps and other info for sites with no available signal. That’s no complaint, though, just constructive feedback—I give this app 5/5.

- A must for anyone designing a solar focused home.

My wife and I are designing a solar focused home in NM, USA. Sifting through overly technical websites with mountains of raw data left us starving for usable information specific to our homesite. This app not only translates such data into usable information for today’s date but, gives us projections of where the sun will be throughout the year. Now we are able to site our future home with (solar) precision as well as make better decisions as to the exact nature of our structure’s design to maximize solar gain for the winter and shade for the summer.

- Indispensable for camera people

Whether you’re shooting video or still photos, scripted or documentary, this app is essential. Even more crucial for time lapse shooters. Any weather app can tell you when the sun will rise and set, but this one shows you exactly where with AR overlays using your phone’s camera, so you’ll know precisely when the sun will be blocked by that building. Or you can look at a location map with the sun’s course clearly marked. Must-have when scouting locations for any type of camera work.

- As cool as it looks, worth every penny

I’ve wanted an app like this for years. So much that I nearly built it myself. Buying this app was my last effort before starting that process and I’m glad I did. Sun Seeker delivers on its core promise of being the easiest way to track the sun for any location on earth. We just used it to place the planter beds in our new home and I’m sure I’ll use it in the future to plan photo shoots or place buildings. Just a great app executed very well.

- It’s just great

I originally bought this to strategize where to place beehives. But I find myself using it all the time. Wish I had this before buying our house, because I would have known how the evening sun hits. You can determine when trees will provide shade, what areas will get baked by the sun, where to plant young plants that can’t get sun after 2 pm, etc etc. the 3D view is where it’s at with this app! I love it.

- Perfect app

I’ve been using this app since the beginning,.. i work in the film / TV world and being able to track the sun has been a god send when helping with location lighting and potential problems.. with this app you don’t even need to be there ., you can scout locations from different areas. Definitely my most used app as well as my weather apps

- Essential

This is a totally cool app! I had been trying to eye where to place a ground mounted solar array, and without this tool, would have gotten it totally wrong. Using the iPad’s live camera, I was able to pan across the landscape and see where the solstice/equinox solar arcs (superimposed on the view) would be, so that I could see where trees might get in the way seasonally. This allowed me to find the ideal spot to place my solar array. Excellent!

- Great for planning

I use this app often for all sorts of things. This is a must have for planning outdoor photography. The map overlay helps me to find the perfect spot for sunsets. Handy for planning where to park my car for best shade when returning from a long hike. I also used it in February to determine the best spot to plant a tree in my yard for optimal shade during the hottest month of the year. Love this app.

- Incredibly useful

I absolutely love this app. I’ve had a few careers in which it’s been incredibly helpful. As a professional photographer knowing where the sun is and it’s going to be is invaluable. As a realtor being able to show my clients the Orcutt the sun throughout the year on a property that they were thinking of purchasing, again invaluable.

- Very handy tool!

Use it all the time for video and photography. Figuring out sunrise, sunset and position of the sun is crucial to getting magic hour just right. You can location scout at anytime of the day, use the 3D view on the app and be able to predict when and where the sun will be for the next day’s (or even next week’s) shoot

- Great photography and solar panel tool

As well as determining lighting for photography at a later date, this app was indispensable on my solar panel install. I didn’t have enough roof space to place all panels on the southern exposure, but I was able to discover with the AR function that for most of the year, my western exposure would have longer light and placed the remaining panels more efficiently.

- Really like this app

App gives a great way to see where the sun is going to be at any particular time and place in a room using AR. Also has a great graphic that shows direction of sun light overlayed on a map that you can manipulate to see the direction of the sun on a location through the day. Glad I bought it!

- So useful!!!

I use this app everyday at work as a filmmaker but I have also used it when looking at apartments to rent, to see what time a sunset or sunrise will be... So many uses and precise enough to get me in the ballpark for lighting. I especially love the 3D View feature for seeing when a window will get direct light or not, when the sun will pop over that mountain or tree, etc.

- Gets even better

I teach astronomy at a university informal class and use this app constantly. Also use this for outdoor daytime activities– especially cycling in that it’s advisable to get out of the sun once your shadow is shorter than you are tall— 45° or higher. With this app we see that ‘sunburn window’ for any day, any trek, anywhere. Thanks!

- I use this app all the time

I’m in the film industry and when I go location‘s guarding I always like to know where the sun is at at the moment in any day. This app is automatic well thought out. Even when I’m planting vegetables I want to know the best place that gets the most sun, once again bingo this app does it :-).

- Best utility app I own

I’ve been using this app for years, I use it to determine what apartment to rent (where the sun will shine in which windows at what time of the year), to choosing seats at a restaurant (oh the sun will pass by that tree in about 10 minutes and we’ll be in full sun let’s sit elsewhere). Worth the cost at full price.

- Wow! This app is awesome!

As a photographer this app is AMAZING!! I don't have to scout out locations at sunrise or sunset anymore! I can just check the location of the sunset and sunrise location on the app, and it tells you about what is will be like at during different months of the year and everything. 100% worth the money for any natural light photographers!

- Keeps getting better

I’ve had this app for years. It started out very good, and every year it has gotten better with incremental additions and improvements. Other app developers would do well to use it as a model. Intuitive yet feature-rich, user-friendly, updated regularly, etc.

- Nope

I’ve attempted to contact this business and have got no reply’s I am a photographer and need to know when the the sun rises over the mountains. This app does not offer a preview of the land. I have the sun survayer app and that will show you a picture of the location you enter so I can actually see where the sun rises or dips over the mountain. This app only gives you a birds grid and a street view using a street map, which is not helpful in my case. If I’m missing something here I would love to know. Because getting a hold of these guys is proving to be impossible

- Seems great!

I just downloaded it and have been impressed with it so far. The map view with the sun grid/path is great. I’m using in to plan for a solar panel and battery upgrades for our off grid home. I will update again later if things change, but for now it seems like a great tool!

- Amazing tool! Gyroscope mode is better

This app has helped with my real estate videos and planning the timing to get the best natural lighting. Although the default 3D mode is easier to set up, but gyroscope mode is more accurate as you can adjust the actually position you’re in. Wish it was default as normal mode is about 1/2 hour off for me usually. The map mode is my favorite though.

- Fantastic

Wish I’d found this a long time ago. We live full time in an Airstream travel trailer and use portable solar panels. This app has been invaluable for checking sun exposure during the day when in or near trees. Before it was just guesswork where to set up.

- I use this app everyday

I use this app regularly for sunrise information (most often for blue hours and golden hours so I can plan my long walks in daylight). I also use it for planning my gardens as I can see where the sun is at different times of the year and different times of day.

- For astronomers, photographers

The detail this app provides about the sun's motions is absolutely incredible, and it keeps getting even better. One of my very favorite apps, and it has always been perfectly stable on my devices.

- Good garden planning tool

Great to see sun direction but also the 3D mode shows degrees high in the sky over different times of the year. Unfortunately I can’t plant a garden in the south side of our property which would be ideal, but this has helped me get a sense of next best places on the East side.

- Beautiful,

This is one of my favorite apps. Graphics are excellent, math is outstanding. Mostly very easy to understand and extremely informatve. Multiple data formats available, plus user-settable options. Nits preventing fifth star: Info section does not cover a few minor features. Compass reading is in true, not magnetic degrees. An OK design choice, but is neither documented nor selectable. Magnetic compass would require a large volume of ever-changing data, so likely not feasible, but needs documentation. Recent app update required compass recalibration. Had to search elsewhere to find out how to do.

- Twilight in the middle of the day?

After recent update I’m getting notifications e stopped on their own. of twilight, golden hour, blue hour, etc in the middle of the day. The notifications seem to cluster around noon local daylight savings time. Random notifications appear to have stopped on their own, or possibly as a result of a subsequent update.

- A must-have for any kind of event planning!

I downloaded this app for helping to plan my wife’s and my outdoor wedding. I use it for so much more, can see where the sun will be at any time of day during each time of year, helps me manage our property now.

- Nice App For Planning Outdoor Photography

I saw this App on a photography website and it looked interesting. I like it for both planning when to shoot for best lighting conditions and just for the scientific curiosity. It’s also fun just to show people. You’ve gotten some sales from that.

- Great for all different things

I am a beekeeper and this ap is very helpful is placing hives in the best direction. It also is super helpful with determining best time of day for locations with lighting. Great for determining window treatments and how heavy they need to be. The list goes on and on. I would highly recommend it!

- Gardening and Planting

This app came into use on my farm as well as on residential yards for me. Several years ago I landscaped yards according to what the app showed me for directional sunlight and it worked. I still use the app to advise others for landscaping although I no longer do the work.

- Outstanding Informational Guide

I use this app on a regular basis for my personal use but, more importantly, for our real estate guidance when showing potential home buyers where the position of the sun will be during day and during the seasons of the year.

- Great for Landscape Designers

This is a simple way to check sun’s path in every month. I can determine if there is enough sun for certain plants by checking the angles, especially for fall and early spring. It’s a bit difficult to extrapolate the info on the chart to actual conditions, although the 3D helps.

- Great for videography

I’m a videographer and this app is especially helpful in live television. In setting up a live shot you can plan for placement of talent and scrims to avoid unpleasant hot spots from the sun. Especially helpful for shots that last a few hours.

- 3D view

Fix the 3D view to show solstices and equinoxes at different years, make the notifications unlimited that I can choose whenever I want to remind me like 2 minutes before , 17 minutes before, and an hour before like that.

- So many uses

Sunseeker has been an awesome tool for planning garden/plant location! As a student in Architecture I think this tool will prove to be invaluable in real time site surveys/projects. Hiking, sailing, planning...I am excited to see what other used I can find for Sunseeker!

- Photojournalism Assignments

Sun Seeker app saves me hours of guessing. After I arrive on site, I start my recon. of where I what to shoot and check compositions. Make my notes and open Sun Seeker, go to Maps for Shadow Ratio. It displays time of day to return for lighting I prefer. No more estimating of time. Great App.

- Love this sun tracking app!

As a photographer I especially appreciate knowing where the sun will be on any given day in any given time. This app does a number of beautiful things to help me get that data. Love this app!

- Invaluable

There isn’t an app around I’ve used, professionally, more than this one. I’ve made critical decisions time and time again with the information provided by this tool.

- All you need for location search

I have the app for an year now, and I found myself using it more and more. It help a lot with pre-planing. Everyone I use it the end result is better! Highly recommended!

- Easier address entry

I use this for real estate shoots and when I pull it up I just need to enter a new address. Seems like i have to search every time for the right screen to enter the address. Just make it easier

- Good but not as precise as I would like

The app provides much useful information but I have noticed that some of the calculations are a bit off. For example, the shadow length information (in my location) errs by about 6-7%. But, the app is still interesting and useful.

- Use of sun seeker

Very difficult to find instruction on the use of this app. Cannot set a location easily. Cannot get the compass to show north at top of window. This all used to be easy. Updates have made all operations difficult. Not intuitive. Only seems useful when used at the home location. I need to predict light in another part of the country at a future date.

- Love it!

As a photographer I can walk into a room and know what time exactly light will come through any particular door or window. I can see when and where the sun will rise and set as well as know where the shadows are! Game changer for me!

- Fan-fu@$ing-tastic app!

I install satellite communications systems. The 3D portion of the app is awesome in that I can look at the natural background of an area to help decide dish placement. All I have to do is tile my phone to the correct angles for a particular satellite and voila! I can see if there will be line-of-sight interference. Great app! A++++

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- Mark

I first bought this app to correctly position my solar ( pv) panels and by getting the position right it has more than paid for itself. This app allows you to track where the sun travels throughout the day for any day of any year so you can see where the sun will be in 6 months time, for example to set out a veggie garden in the best location I find this to be a great app, easy to use and think that anybody who has a use for it could not go wrong.

- Great for Sun Dial designers and more!

As an old retired Physicist, a designer of vertical sundials for walls of various declamations in both hemispheres and a lecturer in Cosmology I find this App to be an invaluable tool. Also great if you are contemplating installing solar panels. You can "see" your house and see the sunshine thereon. The latest additions demonstrate a mind-boggling ingenuity with respect to the visual representation of celestial mechanics. Well done. Brilliant!


The Sunseeker app is an amazing tool and information source. There is however one MAJOR AND CATASTROPHIC PROBLEM (and it's not the fault of the app developers). Although the app used to work brilliantly on my old iPhone 4s, it is USELESS on an iPhone 7+ because the compass function of the 7+ simply does not work. Despite my strenuous efforts since purchasing the device, including removing its magnetic catch cover, performing every conceivable shaking and calibration technique, having Apple check and even replace the phone, its supposed direction finding function JUST DOES NOT WORK. The compass randomly shows erroneous orientation, often as much as 180 degrees out!

- Works as advertised

I have found this app very helpful in planning sunrise and sunset photography allowing me set up my camera before the event. But it doesn’t guarantee a beautiful image will result from being in the right spot.😃

- Good App

As a Filmmaker and Photographer I use this app. When surveying locations it is perfect to see where the sun is and it’s path throughout the day. The 3D view is excellent for planning and executing a preview of an idea and to calculate exactly when the best light will be for the desired result of any shot

- New house

This app has been fantastic for us designing our new house. Being able to know the sun proximity for the seasons has enabled us to design our house to use most of sun in winter with protection for the very hot Summers.

- My go to for sun position.

I have found this app to get better and better. Very handy for my job as a cinematographer to plot the sun on any given day at any time. Indispensable.

- Not what expected

Just purchased app 10 min ago. After reading the details of the app. I believed it would show the changing shadows of surrounding buildings and trees on a particular location or address over the course of the day. All it shows is the direction of the sun on a still shot. Really I can do that on any map app and not waste $15. If I could get my money back it would be good, I’m being generous with 1 star

- Crash report

Needs major stability improvements it’s been crashing quite a bit lately

- Awesome app

This app is wonderful, useful, fun. Being able to see where the sun will rise and set, when, and at what periods in the year as well, superimposed on your camera image, or a map of your house. Love it.

- Handy tool to keep in your packet

I use this App because it good to orientate to the direction and angle of the sun, for example it’s great to set up solar cells to maximize energy transfer.

- Brilliant!

Simply awesome if you ever want to know where the sun is or will be at any place or time. Ideal for setting up a campsite or positioning a new house, or just playing with the sun. Highly recommended!

- Top App and Great Support

Downloaded the 3 pack - wasn’t sure how to use a particular function- contacted support and now I know how to read it better - thanks Graham @ support. Very cool app!! Must have for all sorts of reasons.

- Perfect for gardeners

Allows you to work out exactly how much sun a spot will get anytime of the year

- Great app

Fantastic app for telling me where the sun is going to be when I am filming. It takes the guess work out of it.

- Good app

Still learning the app but i was using the 3d mode and the sun in it wasnt exactly where the aun was in in real life. And according to 3d the elevation was 45° but the stats said it was 41° its really confusing and a lot to learn aboutto app and the sun.

- Insightful, and recommended to non flat earth people.

Absolutely great. It’s a whole lot more than just a sun tracker. The extra info, if you take time explore it’s entirety is well balanced, not too ‘heavy’, in fact, perfect for those that look up, and wonder. Perfect for schools, and even an astronomer like myself. Definitely an A+ application.

- Outstanding

Very easy to use and spot on with results

- Excellent support

After initial set up problems with the help of first class tech Support everything works really well, thanks. Packed full of really useful information. Update , after using for a few months now, This app is an absolute bargain worth every cent. Thanks.

- Astonishing

Sheds all the light you could ever need. Buy it it's worth every cent and much more.

- Worth its weight in gold…en hours.

If sunlight matters to you, you need this. The original AR killer app.

- Adictive

I have had it for years - it is the best of the best. Simple functional brilliance

- The sun never

The sun does not ROSE : rosing or Rosen. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Rise, Rising and Sets. It maybe a language malfunction: or I maybe wrong.

- Great app

Very useful app for photography and figuring house / sun aspect. Also good for understanding the seasons.

- Great App!

Great App to gain a perspective of how the sun falls on my block across the year and day!

- Excellent

Exceeded my expectations. Well worth the $.

- Great for Home Hunting

Very useful app for house hunting. Get a good idea of the seasonal and daily variation in light.

- used to work great. now completely inaccurate.

this used to be a very useful app. i teach photography and knowing where the sun will be is so helpful to planing shoots and scouting locations. this app now doesn’t work properly anymore. whenever i can see where the sun is it’s obvious that the sun seeker app thinks the sun is somewhere else completely. broken. buy a different app .

- Tricked by ad

I searched for a particular app by name and accidentally bought this one because Apple allows them to promote themselves :-(

- Easy to use but inaccurate in 3D view mode

Great app but accuracy is sometimes way off In 3D view I’ve found.

- indispensable

a fantastic tool for planning architectural photography shoots, in advance or on the day



- Sunseeker

Great functionality but very poor user interface

- S J Watts

This is an excellent program. As an architect it provides me with most of the information about the sun's path that I need to advise clients on passive solar design and sun access and shade. An improvement that would be most welcome would be to provide another view. This would be a fish eye camera view of the sky so that if the Iphone were placed on the sill of a window under test the amount of the sky dome could be photographed. Then the times of sunlight for different times of the day and year could be gauged having regard to obstacles such as eaves, trees and other buildings. Also the percentage of the viewed sky dome could be calculated having regard for obstacles. This would allow the daylight factor to be calculated. This is useful in determining whether the interior spaces receive sufficient natural light.

- Works like a charm, more useful than I thought

This is great for me as I travel into new areas quite a bit and want to know - a) where to pitch my tent to get either max or minimum sun; b) where 'best light' will be for photography and filmwork purposes; c) where the sun will be in various accommodations at certain times of year or day. The applications for it expand the more you think about it. It works efficiently, is easy to use and is a quick way to get sunrise/sunset times for any location as well, as they appear on the initial page.

- A Great Program

Sunseeker is a great program and I have found it very useful to show me the position of the sun at a given time. I am a house painter and need to know this when I arrive at a job so that I can work the job to keep in the shade. I can see the sun's position relative to the house. I would recommend without hesitation. The output is accurate. Some of the data is more advanced than what I need but I am sure it would be very helpful to an architect, renovator, house builder or anyone who needs to work around the sun' position at any time or season.

- Very cool application. Useful augmented reality.

Wow, this is very interesting. It basically let's you see where the sun is or is going to be at any point in time. You hold it up and move it around. Pretty cool. You can see where the sun is on any day of the year. Would have been good when preparing for my wedding a few years ago. I like the photo feature, though maybe it could be one button click.

- Amazing stuff

I don't have any paticular need for this app but bought it cause it sounded interesting. It is truly amazing and the predicted path and sunset is virtually exact. My only gripe is that when viewing in "camera" mode, the predicted path sometimes gets a bit confused at elevation angles greater than 45 degrees and starts flipping between the am and pm arc - which is a 180 degree difference in compass heading (ie showing +45 degrees west arc when facing +45 degrees east). V1.3 update Does indeed fix the "flipping problem" at elevations greater than 45 degrees. Well done!!

- Fantastic

I am renovating and used this app to select and check ideal locations for solar panels, windows and plantings. Any architect, landscaper or gardener will find this app invaluable. Once you get the hang if it, it's quite addictive! Biggest criticism: when you take a pic in 3D mode it crops the top display and you lose your selected date. That needs to be fixed. I'd also make spring and autumn equinox sun paths selectable in preferences, in addition to solstices.

- Excellent - top marks!

It really does let you see exactly what shading/sunlight is visible/obscured by any fence/tree/building at any time or date, and works anywhere. Very well laid out, quite intuitive, very easy to use. It really does give you instant and accurate insights about your location and window or deck layout if you’re trying to design a house, or locate solar panels, or planting a tree near an existing building or garden.

- A Great App for Serious Photographers

Love this app and it gets better and better. Use it extensively when planning landscape photo shoots to show where and when the light, shadows etc will be right, including sunrises and sunsets. When Internet is available I set the date, time and location and view the suns position on Google Earth and then do a screen grab and include the image in the Photoshoot planning notes. As a result I plan my trips and itinerary to be in the right place at the right time and people think I have just been lucky when I get great results. Saves doing repeated trips! Also great for checking solar panel installations and performance.

- Sun Seeker versatile

Found this very useful for building a new house on a bare block. Great for orienting house, locating windows and solar panels, making garden planting decisions, getting best sunset views, making sure summer sun did shine in bedroom too early and more. Easy to use, good resolution satellite photos. Great for checking out all times of year. Even used when looking at new property.

- Brilliant App!!

Brilliant App and worth every cent (and an easy 5 stars). One request for increased functonality though - include a city database or at least the ability to input a different position by way of lat & long. This would hugely increase the number of applicatins where this app could be used. Very well done though and easily one of the best apps in the store.

- Sun seeker.

This app. Is handy for checking the angle of the sun in any part of the world. Is fast, easy and fun to use. There can be a slight inaccuracy in camera view if the camera lens is not in perfect alignment with the phone - the direction the phone is pointing. Some practice is recommended with your particular phone. Otherwise, highly recommended.

- A professional advantage

This programme has given me a professional advantage against my competitors in my market, & paid for itself the first time I used it. It looks great, easy to use & a wealth of info. Only suggestion is I wish I could create a jpeg of the compass view (like the 3D image)

- Remarkable

Really useful augmented reality app invaluable for anyone involved with building, photography, any job where the position of the sun and shadows needs to be known. You can design awnings for example, in the middle of the night by taking a photograph of the window and selecting the sun path for any date/time. Millions of uses.

- Amazing

The perfect app for DOP's Gaffers and anyone that needs to know where the sun path will be and when you'll loose the sun behind a building etc. The augmented reality is flawless and helps anyone plan out a photo/film shoot to the hour. A steal at this price.

- Good App for gardening.

As a gardener I rely a lot on the path of the sun and it is easier to predict how well plants will grow if you have a good idea of the path of the sunlight. This app is fairly easy to use. My only criticism is that it hasn't got an instruction tab to introduce you to how to use it. I figured it out but feel others may find it difficult.

- Impressive

Really good app. Quite impressed with the 3D viewer - look around at your surroundings through the camera and see the suns path and how high/low in the sky it will be at different times. Good for predicting shade. Simple to use too.

- One of the best of the best apps

This is a really cool app that does lots of things, I've had it for a some years now, and they've added features that I'd missed in the past - in their updates. Am very happy with the current version of the app.

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- Compass

The compass can not be set properly. How can it be fixed to show the correct direction of North?

- Can’t understand it

Hard to understand

- Excellent

Superb app. I use it daily setting up a farm, orchard, and solar panels.

- Sunseeker

Gotta love sunseeker. I’ve used it while making docs at music festivals in order to check the future sun angel. In an unfamiliar city or town the map really helps you find your way around. Takes the mystery out of getting lost. 2 thumbs up sunseeker.😎

- Great app

Yes it for work and it’s great

- Très apprécié et utile

Un indispensable et le meilleur que j’ai utilisé.

- APP DOESNT WORK: True north/compass error

UPDATE: The app randomly started working again (This is non a non-3G iPad with location services enabled) for several months. It was a joy to get to use what I had paid for. I contacted the developer about the problem originally, and they told me that it was not their fault and that it was not Apples fault, and they would not give me credit to try the app on another device or refund me. RANDOMLY AGAIN, FEB 16 2021 the app broke again. Same problem. No changes have been made on the app or the iPad in question, no new applications installed or anything of that nature. This is a major error, without True North/compass calibration functioning the app is basically useless. Thanks for nothing! After the latest update to this app most of the features wont work because it instantly throws an error message saying it can’t calibrate to true north because the iPad compass settings are wrong. I checked all the settings, everything is fine - the update ruined this expensive app right when I was going to use it to plant a garden. I should get a refund.

- So good

So good best app ger!!!!!!

- Helps in my sales

I use this app all the time. I live on the west Coast of BC it’s great for my Business. I sell real estate. Thanks Guy&Tina

- Outil indispensable

Utilisé souvent pour déterminer ou orienter les équipements patios

- No refund

I requested a refund through iTunes because this app did not have the feature I was looking for. I did not get a response. I tried again and was told this purchase was not eligible for a refund. 1 star.

- Favourite App

Of all the useful and useless apps out there this is my favourite app of all. Powerful information and superbly designed.

- Great tool

I use this app as my back of the napkin solar assessment tool. It gives you a great idea of what amount of sun to expect at a site. I really like the 3D mode

- Not working

I based a shoot this morning off of the information provided by this app in the 3D mode and it was off by hours. I checked my settings several times and it’s not able to show where the sun is right now accurately at all.

- Le nord est au Sud

Trop souvent le nord n’est pas au nord.

- Sunseeker

Can't find instructions on how to operate this $15.00 app, this rendering it USELESS to me.

- Great app

Excellent app, well designed and very presentable.

- I was skeptical...

... but this app turned out to be great. Well designed, easy to use, pertinent informations. I even bought the Androïd version for my travel mobile phone. Very nice.

- Amazing

As some one who has a bit of solar PV training, this app is the bee’s knee’s!

- Best aop ever Especially if you’re buying a home

I’m a realtor and I love this app. My client think it’s amazing when I show them how the sun and comes up and gies down it’s awesome.

- Great info

Really easy to use. Great information. We are moving and it's great to see where the sun will be at different times of the year.

- Very useful and worth the money.

Bought this with some trepidation. However, this app is worth every penny. One of our companies installs solar systems and this app allows us to see exactly where the sun will be at anytime of year. Solar site assessments can be aided with this app as shading can quickly be determined. The 3D option is fantastic, allowing the camera to scan the horizon with the sun’s ecliptic shown on top of the viewed image while moving in-sync with that image. The sun’s ecliptic can be view from anyplace at anytime.

- Shoreline sunset

Useful with a rugged shoreline as it will help see if the area (beaches) you want to photograph will be out of a shadow.

- When is the sun

I am a Real Estate Broker and knowing sun orientation at various times of the year is very important to many of my clients.

- Perfect Tool for a Sun Tanner

As someone who just loves the sun (yes I know tanning is not good for you - but it's an Awful lot safer than some of the other things I do to amuse myself) this App is a must have, especially for early Spring and late Fall when Sun exposure and knowing the exact time of solar noon is so important. I use it often, and it works flawlessly.

- Works perfectly

Very accurate

- No longer works

This used to be my go-to app as a cinematographer and real estate owner. But unfortunately it seems this app no longer works. It has no clue where in the sky the sun is.

- Excellent

Very useful - especially for photography. Love it!

- Interesting Application

Very useful, I have used it numerous times for selecting best placement for my garden flowers.

- Enlightened

All the information I need in a very cool interface, have had this one for snow time now and it keeps getting better, thank you for this.

- There once was a time ...

A few moons ago, I use to use a Palm Pilot as a Real Estate tool to show clients where the sun rose and set in their living room in order to see if they could have " breakfast on the porch" in different seasons. It was an enormous success. With the advent of the iPhone, I had been looking for a similar program to replace the Palm version and this is it, ON STERIODS!. I felt so strongly about this that I bought it for a friend for Christmas (I normally never do stuff like that) and now, he's building his deck at the appropriate angle for tea in the afternoon with his wife. Yet again, I'm famous (😃). Buy this, it's all you'll need!

- Great app

Great for info and great for photographers chasing the sun

- Excellent App

This is an excellent compass that has been enhanced with the track of the sun. It has many other excellent features and details that can be useful. I work on solar systems so this app comes in handy often.

- Use it every day!

I use this app for camping, work, and especially for photography to plan for the best lighting conditions.

- X-L-NT

Great for many things!

- great app

A very handy and useful app for the landscape photographer. Certainly worth the money.

- SunSeaker

Paid for this app. Liked it. Now they downloaded me to "Lite" without warning that the product would lose functionality. There should have been a warning that paying doesn't mean much. Emailed Why? No answer. Are you surprised? I feel cheated!

- Very useful !!!

For photography

- Outstanding, Easy to Use App

This app is a must-have. It is an intuitive app that allows you to easily determine the sun position for any location for any time. For my photography hobby, this app is invaluable.

- Indispensable pour permaculteurs

Je suis propriétaire d'une entreprise d'aménagement en permaculture. Cette application m'est indispensable pour estimer l'ensoleillement des dites que je visite. Tout fonctionne nickel. Une petite chose manque cependant : l'affichage de l'ensoleillement des équinoxes.


Love this app. Use it so often for finding out sunset/sunrise times for shoots, planning shoots in advance to see where the sun will set and rise. The 3D view is amazing .. Highly recommend it! Thanks guys :) Sachin (Wedding & Portrait photographer)

- Love this app

A very polished and useful app. Been using it for a year and updates keep improving its utility. Only suggestion is to highlight the current day in detail view. Otherwise an excellent resource for checking the location if the sun anywhere, any time.

- Fantastic

Really great tool. Easy way to plan my shoot schedule in a new location during scouting.

- Great app.

Use it everday!

- Something wrong with 3d view on iPad

If using on iPad lock the unit in portrait mode before entering 3d view. In landscape mode the software interface is cut off.

- 3d view broken on ipad2

It used to work but the latest version does not work in 3d view on an ipad2. It is confused in 3dview and thinks that south is north ( everything is backwards)

- 3D view doesn't work

Bring a photographer, I really only bought this for the 3d view, but it doesnt work on my iPhone 4s. I can see through the camera, but the overlays with the sun's path are rotating and flashing like mad, making the app pretty useless. Is this a bug that needs addressed?

- Wicked app!

Totally cool! I'm trimming a tree in my backyard and this app has shown me the most efficient way to do it to allow for the maximum sunlight. Totally worth the price of a domestic beer!

- Really cool!

This app is really neat! Highly recommended.

- Nice!

This app is really cool. I am a landscape photographer and love the ability to locate the position of the sun with the built-in camera feature. The best part about it is that you can capture a reference photo of the landscape you want to take that shows an overlay of the suns path in hourly increments. Highly recommended!

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Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass 6.4.6 Screenshots & Images

Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass iphone images
Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass iphone images
Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass iphone images
Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass iphone images
Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass iphone images
Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass iphone images
Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass iphone images
Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass Navigation application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass (Version 6.4.6) Install & Download

The applications Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass was published in the category Navigation on 2009-10-05 and was developed by ozPDA [Developer ID: 295147488]. This application file size is 27.13 MB. Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass - Navigation app posted on 2022-11-01 current version is 6.4.6 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yourcompany.SunSeeker