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Stream live games, check the latest scores or watch the best highlights with the best brand in sports: ESPN. Pick your favorite teams and leagues to get started.

Highlights and scores from what you care about. Your feed will dynamically change based on what you need to know. From news about your favorite sports or favorite team playing right now, the home tab has you covered.

Fast access to scores for your favorite teams and leagues. We curate the top games of the day so you can keep up on the NBA playoffs or the MLB's latest rivalries. Want more scores from a particular team or league? Just add it as a favorite!

Stream events on ESPN networks, including MLB, NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball games and more. Watch on-demand shows like Get Up! or First Take. Subscribe to ESPN+ for access to thousands of events; Binge on great documentaries such as O.J. Made in America plus get access to exclusive shows like Details, featuring Kobe Bryant's inside perspective on the NBA.

Subscribe to your favorite ESPN Podcasts like the Lowe Post, or listen live to ESPN Radio.

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Subscribe to ESPN+ for thousands of live events. Get games from around the sports world, both live and on-demand, along with access to ESPN's best films and new exclusive shows. Watch anywhere, on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Live Streaming with your TV provider:
ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network Plus, ESPNews ESPN Deportes, and Longhorn Network are all available to stream live in the ESPN App. Access to live video is determined by your TV provider and package and, in some instances, your Internet service provider.
*Due to contractual limitations with certain content, especially play-by-play broadcasts, there are times when the schedule that's on-air won't match the schedule that's online. If you have specific schedule questions, please contact the station directly by visiting their website.

ESPN+ Subscription Terms
-Access ESPN+ for $4.99 monthly, or $49.99 annually. You will automatically be billed for the full amount of your subscription every 30 days if you purchase a monthly subscription, or every 365 days if you purchase an annual subscription.
-Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase, unless you are offered and are eligible for a free trial. If you receive a free trial, you will be charged when your free trial period ends. Your account will be automatically charged for renewal, at the above purchase price, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. If you cancel prior to such 24 hour period, you will not be charged for the following applicable subscription period.
-Your subscription may be managed, and you can turn off auto-renewal, by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase.
-No refunds for the current subscription period are granted. Cancellations of the current subscription take effect at the conclusion of the current subscription period.

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Please note: This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information. You may also visit Settings in the app to opt out of Nielsen measurement.

ESPN: Live Sports & Scores App Description & Overview

The applications ESPN: Live Sports & Scores was published in the category Sports on 2009-06-02 and was developed by ESPN. This application file size is 123.85 MB. ESPN: Live Sports & Scores current version is 6.10.4 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions.

[+] Bug fixes and optimizations.

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ESPN: Live Sports & Scores Comments & Reviews

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siniko1   1 star

Live tv. The devs need to fix the issue watching live tv on landscape mode. it has a glitch where it won’t let u watch it properly when in landscape mode it turns the image and requires me set it back to original top of the screen mode.

kchild23   1 star

Watch part of app is trash. Watch part of the app is trash can’t hook up to the tv connect & it take so long for me to watch live on the phone circle keeps spinning but nothing shows

underscore_K   4 star

Needs update. App is crashing needs update minor problems with problems with the app at this moment

tegrove   2 star

Constant freezing. This thing is garbage and freezes (as in won’t work even when closed out and reopened) at least 2x a week. Yahoo Sports App is much better. ESPN continually dropping the ball

Uknowhoitis8   2 star

Horrible Lately. I use the app regularly but the last couple updates has caused alot of app freezing. I try opening it and all it does is stay stuck on a white screen.

gabrielmkerr   2 star

Great on android, issues on iPhone.. When I attempt to view a video from an espn app notification, it never plays. I always get an error. I can watch videos in the app, but if I get there from a notification, it doesn’t work. I also had this issue with a version of the app on a Samsung phone I had, but a later update fixed it.

Review3687765432   1 star

Only useful for updates. How does a company with as much money as ESPN make an app that does not work? Even after updating videos don’t play, blank screen when I open the open, regular crashes and other problems. You also need to buy to buy a subscription to stream video and read most of the articles.

bobbie61   1 star

waste of time. i purchased espn + what a let down waiting for a football a game to start espn says watch any game on the app when the game started the screen went from espn to who is your service with wait no where does it say i needed to have service espn says watch any game on there app i won't make this mistake again espn you are a waste of time

ssstrrjjjjkhf   3 star

Prepare to be frustrated. The app is great if you just want to rely on notifications and never actually enter/use the app. Any time I get a notification and click it for more info, the app opens and freezes, and the only way I can see the video/read the article/access whatever the notification was for, I have to close the app, reopen, and search for the video/article/whatever myself. Super inconvenient.

JAR3D 216   1 star

Lacking at best. While everyone else is moving toward streaming their content in apps, ESPN continues to rely on cable/satellite providers to access their content. ESPN+ is good for content that only about 1% of sports fans are looking for, but offers no real value to anyone looking for the most popular sports or normal ESPN programming. With Disney as it’s parent company, maybe the ESPN app will follow the Disney+ and Hulu format eventually, but until they do, don’t waste your time. The one thing it offers over the other sports apps is the SportsCenter chime for alerts, which usually come in +/- 10mins after my Yahoo Sports app alerts.

RobertJPotts   3 star

Video playback is horrible. Videos consistently lock up and don’t play. Only thing you can count on is the ads....

Mr.CoffeeMan   1 star

Wont load.. I am connected to the internet yet it wont load and says to connect to the internet. All of my other apps load just fine. Lots of bad reviews about crashing and loading problems lately. I hope they fix this soon since I just got ESPN+ and haven’t even been able to set it up due to this issue.

DayanaSander   1 star

Not working since last update!. I used to love it but since last upgrade nothing is working! Please fix!!

CarlPalm815   3 star

Stop showcasing Stephen A. Smith. This is a great app for all my sports news and scores, but every time I open the app, the first video that is offered is always some trash opinion from Stephen A. Smith. I’m tired of seeing this guy as the first thing on my app. I’ve stopped watching Sportscenter and all the other ESPN shows because of him. I just want to come to the app for what I’d like to read and nothing more.

Yamo50   3 star

Video player inconsistent, but ads works great. Don’t worry, the ads will always play great but your clips you’re trying to watch won’t always.

bebowski585   1 star

Don’t do it!. If you suscribe you still get ads before videos. Don’t even bother I reached out to support numerous times and they answer back with really vague solutions. Disney is pulling off a money grab by offering this ad free service which isn’t ad free

i_Reviewer   1 star

Disney+ does NOT work.. Beware, does NOT work with the Disney+ bundle.

danigut11   2 star

Needs improvement. ESPN+ Is slow and unreliable. Skips and is burry. Wish they would have fixed their problems before bringing them to the public.

Richdawg99   1 star

Ads!!. 30 sec ads for a 10 sec clip? Getting annoying...

Beianliwooee   5 star

Only use for UFC. Working fine so far.

B0OB0O   1 star

Crashes. Crashes when I try to do landscape mode

Dsprincess   1 star

TERRIBLE APP. Don’t fall for it. This is a terrible app. It doesn’t give I anything. I paid $5 literally for thing. Supposably I get live sports and other crap and nope! I get stupid highlights and boring collage games. I want the real thing. Ur asked to login with ur if I had a provider that offers ESPN I wouldn’t need to download this useless app. Thanks for nothing guys.

Scottie May   1 star

Won’t Load. The app won’t load, just launches to a white screen and crashes. I’ve deleted and reinstalled 3 times, works briefly before beginning to crash again.

Fun_times59   1 star

Crashes every day.. The app has been crashing for a month now. I’ll get it to work and then the screen will just be white. Happens on both my iPhone and iPad. I have to delete the app and then reinstall it. It works again for a little while before it quits again. I’ve noticed other people complaining of the same thing. Looks like the last update was a month ago. Not sure why this is taking so long to fix. Very disappointed. Still not working correctly. Only worked for a couple days before crashing again. 11/11.

TacoAssassin88   1 star

Stops working within days. I have had to reinstall the app multiple times over the past few weeks, and now I don't even bother using it anymore. The app randomly gets in a state where it never loads anything regardless of how long I wait or if I force close the app and relaunch. It is only fixed by reinstalling which I am tired of doing. The app is unusable in its current state.

ParDof5   1 star

Don’t fall for the hype!. It’s disturbing how ESPN leads with ‘watch live games’ and after paying for the ESPN+ subscription you find out you can’t actually watch live games!! It’s all a trick to get you to buy the subscription...and once you figure it out and cancel after a couple hours - you can’t get a refund. All you can do is cancel at the end of the first month. It’s a totally unfair and deceptive practice. Pathetic really.

Knoske16   2 star

I don’t care about “hot takes”. This app might as well be called the Steven a smith app bcuz every other story on here is about his reaction to something

taylormade917   1 star

This app keeps crashing. I’ve downloaded the ESPN app at least a dozen times. It will work fine for a few days, and then I will open the app to just a white screen. I’ve never had this problem when using ESPN on an android device. This needs to be corrected ASAP!

Wilmoth77   2 star

What is going on?!. The app doesn’t load ~40% of the time. I get the app header and footer frames but no content. Often have to kill the app more than once to get content to load. Also many times the caption for the featured video doesn’t match the video. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, no improvement.

c.arlo   1 star

Poor playback. I preferred when ESPN had two separate apps with one specifically for watching events. This current one consistently locks up and will not play video on my iPad. Unfortunately cannot give a ZERO star.

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Chicohr10   5 star

Op. The godest thing ever

Apple User SE   1 star

Not available in Canada?. Why would the UFC get behind this crap!? If a espn+ subscription would be joined with TSN and i could get the UFC content there, then i will rate this crappy app better. Or just make your videos available in Canada.

Brbisnottaken   1 star

Crashing issues. Deleting the app and going back to Bleacher Report. Usually can’t even open the app without it crashing for probably the last 2 weeks.

Benibey44   1 star

Update. won’t open with my new IOS update

Giggidydogg   1 star

Links never work. Every time I click on a notification, it never loads. Brutal.

LePilot   1 star

Thieves do NOT PAY. They take your money, then you find out you need a tv provider. I don’t have one so the app won’t play. I paid 6.50 just to watch the women’s final us open.... I just threw my money awa

rrrrtesxh   1 star

Ripped off. I purchased a subscription only to find out that I couldn’t use the services in my location. After emailing and attempting to receive a refund I heard nothing in return.

MargauxMB   1 star

Does not work in Canada. There should be a warning that this app is not available for use in Canada.

Hvtardif   1 star

Great that you wrote reviews guys. Otherwise, I would have lost time downloading this app and be mad at how bad it works. I specially dislike commercials that repeat and repeatAgain. We read the reviews ESPN. Get better.

Mike4hire   2 star

Lowlights. Every time you want to want to watch a video highlights there’s a 30 seconds video that plays. Even after watching that stupid commercial you have to watch the same stupid commercial if you want to watch another video. The good old says are behind. B/R Sports have taken the reign. Such a shame!

@KPKyeg   1 star

Remember when this app was good? I don’t.. The confused startup screen. The interruptions with videos. The change of the scoreboard to emphasize teams you like as opposed to the games that are actually on. The scoreboard not updating in real time unless you open GameCentre. The difficulty finding articles and other content from the website. The list goes on and on. They could go back to how this app was 4-5 years ago, and I would be happier for it. Instead, we’ve got this piece of junk. Sigh.

GameReviewer92   3 star

Ads are just overbearing. Like someone said earlier, we get it that because this app is free that you need to generate income, but having 30 second ads for vid highlights that are either 15-20 seconds is just unbearable. The way it was formatted before where ads popped up every 2-3 clips in-between was alright.

AC Chum Slick   1 star

Terrible User Interface. I completely understand and accept the purpose of advertising in the commercial world we live in and the need for Corporations to generate income to the cover cost of a “free” user platform. However, why am I forced to watch a 30 second Ad after EVERY video clip? The video clips themselves are barely double the length of the advertisement I just watched, and yet again I’m bombarded by another ad. In most cases it’s the EXACT same one I was just forced to watch no more then a minute ago. It’s time to update your app with some improved marketing technology that can recognize how often we are taken away from the content we actually want to view. Until such time your app, specifically the video platform is a huge waste of your users time. It’s easier to find another compatible news source then it is wasting my time here.

RGeralde   1 star

Only good in US. Most of the features dont even work thanks to geoblocking. Garbage. Deleted.

McStelkill   1 star

Get your sports news somewhere else. Articles often fail to load and app crashes often. Hard to believe Disney can’t deliver a quality product...

SirKaboos   1 star

Quality is very low. The app freezes after being open and scrolling for less than 3 minutes on iPhone XS. Such a simple bug to catch. Please fix.

Smiththebat   3 star

Buggiest app. Great content.. If you just fix the bugs, man you’d have a gem here. I don’t think I’ve experienced an app from a company as big as ESPN that crashes as much as this one does.

audbeuvd   1 star

Crashing Constantly. Drains phone battery very quickly and recently began crashing every time I use it. Uninstalling since the app has become too buggy.

Ricus34   3 star

Can’t watch in Canada. Can’t watch content in Canada 👎

Robert Andronico   2 star

Alerts. Cant watch any video b/c i live in Canada. Also doesnt let me change what i get alerts for it always reverts back.

stanjohnsp   1 star

Terrible. Horrible app. Every time I press the play button, The live shows won’t load. Now I missed game 5 of 2019! Please fix now.

Seansean1726262717   1 star

Crashes constantly. This app crashes every time I use it. Literally every single time

Popologo   1 star

Puts app on Canadian App Store but all contents for US only disappointment. Please remove form Canadian App Store. All contents are unavailable outside US stop wasting people’s time

sdhjigfr   1 star

Drains battery. Cannot enjoy app as you rush through as it kills battery within minutes

akfhaslinfas   1 star

Absolute garbage. ESPN should be ashamed.. what a useless app. Crashes... slow... wish I could have rated 0 Garbage...

Frankpod14   5 star

CFL. Please add Canadian Football League! Thanks

BronBoi23   4 star

Great App. The app is great for sports scores, notifications, and articles. Giving 4 stars instead of 5 because it tends to eat up a lot of battery.

mikemckenna89   1 star

Recent Update Causes App to Crash or Fail to Load. I’ve been using this app to view scores and stats for around 6 years now, and never had an issue until a few months ago. The app has always been somewhat slow, but recently it has failed to load upon launch, leaving me with a blank screen with the ESPN header until I reboot the app completely. About 15% of the time the app crashes altogether. When it does work, I’m only able to view scores, as nearly all of the articles are hidden behind a paywall in the form of ESPN+, that’s worthless for people living outside the US. TLDR: app is too slow, find a better sports app e.g. The Score, Bleacher Report

maple_gc   1 star

App not loading. The Apple ESPN app is not loading. It was working for a long time; however, it has not loaded for a week. I just get a blank screen.

pbXhc   2 star

Ups and downs. Love espnfc folks. Hate that my phone over heats every time I run the app or it shuts itself off

Advertorial    5 star

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Chuckesle   3 star

Keeps crashing. Last two months, the app keeps crashing and I keep having to re-install only for it to crash 1 week later..

Byleveld   1 star

Freezes when I open it.. Despite downloading the update today it still freezes when I open it. Only restarting the phone eventually gets it to load. Sort it out, fix the bug, release a new update.

Dayz #10   1 star

Update is terrible. Since the latest update rolled out, I have not been able to load nor watch first take or the jump. I usually watch these shows most days.

tahnsharpe   5 star

Review. Great app but what happened to the podcasts? I can’t find them anymore

Weech1188   1 star

Constant issues. Why does this app have constant issues? None of the EPL articles open up for reading.

GFarquhar   1 star

Disable notifications. I have turned off notifications so many times now but the setting resets with every app update. You just ruined the Philly-Raptors game I was about to watch on delay...

Midnight_mutiny   2 star

Meh. Getting really sick of having to change notification preferences.. every time I update the app I have to turn off breaking news... newsflash I have no interest in the sports you keep sending me notifications for, it should be obvious by my favourites in the app given not a single one is basketball but I keep getting basketball “breaking news”.. fix it to save preferences.

JH1 Gymworse   1 star

Not suitable for AU/NZ users. App still diverts to that piece of garbage & unsupported WatchESPN app if any users wish to view live video with their subscription. I will not bother using this app until AU/NZ users are given more respect by ESPN.

blkmt1   5 star

UFC streaming GREAT!!!. Took 2 mins to signup, UFC streamed perfectly with great quality and no interruptions even on my poor internet connection.

Sherz458   5 star

Please add more cricket and defensive stats for college games. Please add more cricket and defensive stats for college games

7baron43   3 star

Too many articles are only for paid subscribers. Too many articles are only for paid subscribers. Starting to look for other sources!

dreamforce500   1 star

ESPN subscription. I’m not paying for a subscription to read sports news

anfuski   5 star

Commercials. Wait to to many commercials

Halpo80   5 star

ESPN APP. Best Sports app it’s awesome

xswqazxsw   3 star

Made it worse. Every update the site goes backwards

C pony   5 star

Rippa. This app is a rip snortar!

mbosnjak   1 star

Used to be great. This used to be my go to app for all sports but now it constantly crashes and have no choice but to delete the app from my phone.

D.. Strud   2 star

Keeps crashing. Ever since I updated to iOS 12 the app just keeps crashing ..... help please

xxxACAxxx   1 star

Crash to Home each time I open. What a waste of time.. Used to work but after the last updates will no longer even start up. Straight crash to Home. Used to like it quite a bit. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling. No go.

asianboy9   1 star

Keeps crashing. App repeatedly crashes without any information as to why.

StavangerSteve   4 star

Doesn’t work. Use to be great, now crashes my phone every time I go to the scores (second option along the bottom) .... hasn’t been fixed for at least a couple of weeks now ....

mrlbow   1 star

6.1 broken. Since 6.1 release the app won’t open on my iPad. Starts then crashes. Quick fix please?

Bluesky400   5 star

Won’t work after last update. Was great but after last update, it gets stuck in loading, crashes and exits. Really made me appreciate how much I used it when its not working. Needs a quick fix.

Pizzamaniac   1 star

Scores page is blank. Useless update. Scores page is blank

Benn068   1 star

Now won’t load. Was working but since last update it will not load, just closes as it gets to the start screen.

Mr. B Hayes   5 star

It’s not broken it’s awesome. I like ESPN because I can follow my favourite sports

Holzjoghurt   1 star

Ads ads ads ads. Listen live to COMMERCIALS ON ESPN and let’s get kicked out for the last minute of game 4 THANK YOU VERY MUCH !?*^#€

tkalikajaros   2 star

Now running so slow. Normally pretty reliable app and my go to sports app. Last app update however has seen app slow down considerably on launch and navigation -slow enough to leave you thinking it is unresponsive/frozen.

tbshee   3 star

Good navigation/UI but errors with video. The user interface and navigation works really well. Only problem I have is when loading video. Takes a while to load and sometimes there are errors loading them. 14NOV17 This problem is still ongoing. Notification arrives on screen, I tap it to load - app opens. Then either I get nothing or spinning wheel.

ZacoAttaco   2 star

Buggy. The ESPN App is a great way to manage all your favourite sports teams and localised times are a huge benefit but the app is very buggy and the layout to shows scores favours advertising and articles too much over the scores and upcoming games. My favourite teams will change and be removed, they won’t update if I try and add more. Notifications are a bit excessive at times but that can be changed. Wish they would fix the bugs and maybe consider redesigning the score interface. The app has some promise.

drs506   3 star

Most recent update is glitching my phone. It’s now causing my phone to freeze and delay. Idk what you guys did, but it needs to be fixed. Using an 11 pro Max so no excuses

cavalier baller   1 star

Dark Mode. Add a dark mode

Ripped OFF!!!!!!!   1 star

The amount of ads is insane. The app is unbearable even with the + subscription. The increase in ads since the Disney take over has made the app worthless except for streaming live events. Not just quantity but length and repetition. Watching the same ad multiple times before consecutive videos. Forced to watch a whole 30 second ad for a 47 sec video?

Hehe discus   1 star

App is BROKEN. Every week or so, the app decides not to work anymore. It won’t open at all. And the only way to fix it is to reinstall, which is pretty ridiculous. Plenty of recent reviews mention this incredibly fatal flaw and it’s pretty frustrating that it hasn’t been addressed.

Oggie040771   1 star

Inconsistent. Extremely inconsistent. Some days it works great and other days the spinning circle will appear for a few seconds and then disappear and the home screen is still present. There is no error message or other explanation.

mrklncstr   1 star

Great when it works. This is my go to app for checking scores, but it has a habit of just refusing to open at times. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the app several times to get it to work when I need it.

Global Vagabond   1 star

Not For Overseas. Installed, purchased a subscription, allowed them to access location, set streaming for wifi only... and nothing. Tried to contact customer serve gotta chat (ESPN clearly doesn't encourage interaction -- chat was hard to find), but would not connect. I can still get play-by-play on the Gamecast screen -- but I can get that for free via Google / DuckDuckGo / other services. This app may be great for those in the States, but for servicemen/women serving overseas, it's a wash. Subscription cancelled.

aprenger11   3 star

When it works. When the app actually works it’s great. I feel like half the time I open the app I have to completely login 3 separate times along with then asking me who my cable provider is. They have a lot of issues to fix before I give them 4 stars.

Ugarxdawg   1 star

No longer plays Live TV. Ever since this was merged with WatchESPN APP, can no longer watch ESPN. Awful.

Missysboys   1 star

Thanks, UFC. Worst interface of any streaming app. Finding a particular fight is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Literally the Only streaming app,that I pay for, that not only crashes constantly, but completely kicks me out of Apple TV. If UFC hadn’t completely screwed its fans by going to ESPN, there is NO WAY I would pay a dime for this frustration.

iAM.J0J0   4 star

Dark mode??. Can we get some of that action on the widget?

pudge0155   1 star

App Always Reverts to Home Scree. Whenever you leave the app and come back it always reverts to the home screen. The app doesn’t take to you back to where you left off.

Sneakyneighborsdog   1 star

Crappy replacement to watch espn app. The watch espn app had more content and content was easier to find.

jkoch321   2 star

Good app crashes often. Crashes and makes me redownload the app about once a week. Selecting my favorite teams every week gets annoying.

Thenamehobbs   1 star

Possibly the worst app I've ever used. When it works it's ok. 95% of the time it doesnt work. It doesn't even open for me anymore. Using the website now and have been for a few months.

ksinou   2 star

This app is great but. This app is great but every time I opened this app is going straight to my home page. It would load for 5 seconds, freeze up, and it crashes. Please fix it because it’s so frustrating and annoying, this has happened for WEEKS now

TegarKC   1 star

This app is terrible - live stream always Times Out. Ever since they merged the Watch app with the main app this has been terrible. The design is terrible. With Watch you could easily find the SEC channels. Now you’ve got to hunt to find what you’re looking for. But much much worse. When trying to watch a live game, well you can’t because it won’t load. You just get this timed out error message. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, it keeps doing the same. This app is trash.

EddieTrunk   1 star

App is broken. Every time I try to play a live video I get a pop up that says “oops something went wrong”

Gribits   1 star

Ad, ad, ad. Soooo many ads, enough is enough. Money grab. Obviously they have tons of content but the ads are absurd.

Chicks7493048   3 star

Have to delete and redownload every other day. I have been using this app for a very long time and have never had any issues until a couple weeks ago. Still get notifications and stuff but every time I try to open the app it just crashes, only fix is to delete and redownload. It works for about a day then starts crashing again. Please fix.

Talophex   1 star

Broken since update. App no longer launches on my iPhone, just goes to a black screen and crashes after 2 seconds. Given how standard/similar iPhones tend to be, it’s absurd that they managed to make it so glitchy. Used to be a good app when it worked.

Zelda and peach   1 star

Garbage. Recurrent, irritating requirement to login that invariably falls when a game is ready to start. Obtuse, cluttered page payout that does not even work well. If using the streaming app all of this is even worse, with an even more ponderous login process. It is as if ESPN is so neurotic about nonsubribed users accessing the site that even subscribers can’t use it without constantly being harassed. Very disappointed, nearly unuseable.

dapper1113   5 star

ESPN. Always timely and accurate!

figure_it_out   1 star

A Sign of the times. The recent increase in targeted ads that play as a “pre-roll ad” have made this app unbearable. This feature will torment you even if you pay for the “ESPN Plus” subscription You can expect to Watch a 15+ second ad without the option to skip on all front page or “headline” videos and then subsequent videos after. The age of advertisements consuming your visual real estate are upon us and of course this would happen when ESPN was acquired by Disney. Next they will advertise to us while we are sleeping...

Dalkaveli   2 star

So sick of ads after paying. If you pay a subscription I feel you should not have to watch ads or at worst, you should be able to skip them after a Brief clip. Canceled subscription after pre roll BS. You guys make billions and you force subscribers to watch commercials? Pathetic.

hookem469   3 star

Went backward for ipad users. Why on earth would you get rid of the ability to watch outside of the app??? You used to be able to operate on any app while the espn pip plays in the bottom corner on the ipad. Now you are only able to watch espn inside the app only. Espn please fix as this was the only feature that made this app awesome!

123a321a   2 star

Missing games. Not sure why the 7 Oregon vs Arizona and does not show up in the top 25 section for college football. Missing your favorite team is enough to make you consider an alternate source.

Kalboholic   5 star

Dark Mode Widget. The widget needs a dark mode, I can barely the scores because of the font. Thanks

Danorms   1 star

Not worth it. Unless you’re already paying for ESPN on a cable or satellite provider, this app is not worth it. I got it cause I cut the cord but was unable to view any of the live shows. Asked for refund but I doubt I’ll get one.

Jcam0216   1 star

So bad. Your app is sooooo bad. Never ever put this on my phone again!!! Crashes all the time!!!

star John   5 star

Excellent. Love it ! It has all my updated sports !

NFLCanada   1 star

Buggy. So many bugs, crashes all the time, ridiculous. Oh, don’t bother to use the Listen function, interrupts all the time and really jams you for huge data, very odd since other radio apps seem to use very little data. I have a 4.5gb plan, and listening to Golic & Wingo used all of it in just over a week. Switched to podcast which I download on wifi now.

stormie7   5 star

Great. Very good

Kickastronaut   1 star

Streaming In Canada. The info and highlights can be grabbed anywhere. Like, I don’t know, YouTube. What I want is the ability to stream NCAA football in Canada.

johnnywalkerwisdom   3 star

Tennis results need work. 5star rating would be rating for match scores that had live stats kinda football. Not sure what added value there is in touch on match score to get surface & city.

Ben8819   3 star

Favorite deleted. Hey ESPN ! Do something please ! At each update, my favorite teams are deleted ! It’s really annoying ! Thx

DaiquiriGirl   3 star

App crashing and using a lot of battery?. I still use the app because it’s a great resource for scores, news, and highlights, but on my old 6S and even brand new iPhone 8 the app will frequently crash and reload, even just browsing scores or reading articles. Battery drains a lot too when I’m on a Football Gamecast (NFL or NCAA). Is it just me? It just feels if I’m on the latest phone (at the time) and running the latest update it shouldn’t be crashing and hogging resources like that.

steffcat212   1 star

Subscribers outside US. They bill you with no service Canada.

Kardnal   1 star

You’ve asked me 4 times in 30 seconds to rate you. That is annoying.

Shameel89   1 star

Crash. The app keeps crashing on me since months. I’ve escalated this issue but nobody could help. Even deleted the app a couple times

J8GV   5 star

Heavyweights?. Out of curiosity, why aren’t the heavyweights shown in the champions section of boxing??

Takethisnicknameandshoveit   1 star

Constantly crashing. When the app only works once or twice during the day, you’ve got a serious problem with it. Had to delete.

asdfffjsujsjxfr   1 star

Heating up my phone..... My iphone xs becomes extremely hot when using this app...

g8e4j   1 star

Kills your battery. Background tasks consume all your battery. Can't figure out how to disable background tasks.

Astral56   2 star

A lot of problems…. First of all, this app is great: I love the user interface and the Gamecast feature. However, this app is a phone heater! The battery also drains very fast. Added to that, it crashed very often to me. Without these issues, it would be a big 5 stars.

Michiro41   2 star

Battery destroyer. Great app for being able to listen to radio on the road where there’s no espn radio, but it kills your battery at least 4x faster than streaming video!

Go Zags!!   3 star

iPhone 8 on iOS 12. Keeps crashing... very strange... I’ve not ever had issues with this app. Please fix soon!

guero2099   3 star

Apple watch series 4. Complication for serie 4 is not working :(

Deaglain1   2 star

Heavy on resources. Super heavy on phone resources. I Have an iPhone 8 and with app open for 10 minutes watching a game the heat of the phone trying the handle the app was a lot. Swapped to another similar app and this issue disappeared. Just not a great app in execution. Content good tho.

Rghiughnkkgfrrfgh   1 star

Battery vampire. Heats my phone up and drains battery like crazy.

ottawadad   3 star

Crashes repeatedly. Crashes repeatedly

Uber frustrated   1 star

Deleted app. If you want to put people like max kellerman on I’m done watching your channel and using this app

riders3   1 star

Drains battery and crashes. Drains battery when app is open and phone gets really warm. Crashes randomly.

Cybelle12345   5 star

Two thumbs up!. Same!

fncjkskanakam   1 star

Crashing ... Can’t Use. I like your soccer coverage but the app has become unusable. Crashes every 10-30 seconds. If you fix it, I will keep using. Else not.

kjyc   1 star

Garbage app. Trash app that never works. Only useful for receiving notifications for game starts and scores, but never works when tapping on the notification or even trying to open the app to watch videos or read articles and comments.

srob 2018   1 star

Boof. Plante et slow

jkrennick   1 star

Canada • ESPN • Lacrosse. First, why is this app available to download if it’s not available in Canada? And second, ESPN is carrying FIL World Lacrosse Championships but doesn’t list lacrosse as one of the sports to follow?

Sampsonj   4 star

Listen portion of app crashes. Love the app, however the listen portion crashes all the time. That bug needs to be fixed.

rji22   3 star

Burns a hole in your battery. I like the app for the podcast centre but new updates have made my phone repeatedly overheat and shut down, as well as burning up 50-60% battery for a half hour podcast. It’s a shame...

Mpjw2014   3 star

I do love it. For getting all my sports information this is great. However, I listen to podcasts and the radio a lot and prefer the separate apps

Bobby M.G.   5 star

Complete. It's just got everything !

Goatkiller665   5 star

Great. No issues for me using this app. Works smooth. Like the layout. Good!

Powercord   2 star

Good, but it's full of dodgy ads now. I have this app on two different devices, and both are constantly getting pop ups with that rubbish about "dear iPhone user, you've won a prize". The app itself is good when this isn't happening, although it does tend to crash if you back too many times.

alz20161018   2 star

Useful but lots of bugs. Useful app but recent update introduced many bugs. In U.K. edition, error pop ups or app crashes when saving fav teams. Also, why MLB or NHL league updates showing on widget when I did not select it as a league to follow. Overall, very buggy update.

Sammy the decider   1 star

Very angry. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP!! I received an internal message as I was using this app, it said that I was the lucky winner of a new iPhone as long as I answered 4 questions correctly. I answered them and it then prompted me to enter my private details for delivery (address, email, mobile no.). Because it was an internal app message I stupidly trusted it, however after entering my details many more questions kept popping up. Further I have now received spam on both my mobile and email all day. I'm sure they will claim it is in the fine print of the terms and conditions I agreed to, (not one person in this world has enough time to read all terms and conditions they sign up to) but this is a complete abuse of trust and should not be part of your advertising model. Now I have to try and block and remove all this spam. Know your place ESPN!! It's not in direct marketing.

Ronchichio   2 star

Video's don't work properly. Used to be a very good app. I've noticed recently that when I try to open the video's the majority of the time I receive an error message advising that there is a problem connecting to the server. Please fix.

Paulfromadelaide   2 star

Good but maybe broken?. I've been using this app for a while and I've liked it for a long time. However, I've recently been having a problem where the app won't let me create new alerts for different teams or different sports, or change the alerts I currently receive. I like the push notifications I get, but I can't add any new ones or streamline the ones I currently get to just scores rather than including team news that I don't care for so much. This is REALLY annoying and is a possible deal breaker if not fixed. When I try to add a new alert, the switch changes to the on position but then immediately reverts to the off position. Every time, every team, every sport. I can still create new favourite sports and favourite teams, but I don't get any alerts for them. Seriously considering changing to a different app!

Love the app. I use it every day and its easy to navigate around.

billyjdoesoz   5 star

ESPN App Review. Best sports app in the market. All the info you need, up to the minute. Why go anywhere else?!? Great work, peeps! #5stars

Randy Escolar   5 star

Sport Highlights. Tanana Tanana I get all news and good plays everyday sport centre Booya! As cool as the other side of the pillow

Matho6   5 star

Great. The only app I turn too for my daily sports fix.

Rajlakk   1 star

Too clumsy. If I can't see my favorite game only, what's the fun in that ??

DevilSpeedz   5 star

Best app. Best app with up to date scores and headlines with all the podcasts that you can imagine and all for free. Amazing

Mr cove   5 star

Espn great for US sports. Could not live without this app

AssassinBro1_0   5 star

NBA. Its really good, now I can watch live NBA games and get notifications on whats happening in the NBA

Jono2707   1 star

Fix your app! It doesn't work properly!!!. Guys get it together - your date functionality still doesn't work - this app show scores from today. Great. Go back a day? Uh-uh. That doesn't work. Do you guys do even the most basic resting???!! This is bs...

Benjytheclown   5 star

ESPN. Awesome app with up to date scores and helps me keep track of all the sports I follow

ChadRyan53   5 star

Great for sports lovers. I keep all my teams (globally) in favourites, and I use this app every day to see my teams next games and live scores! Perfect

Rocdroc   5 star

Awesome. Love the app and news bites...

Gnaf04   3 star

Too many commercials!!. Too many commercials! They're longer then the actual video sometimes and vey frustrating as it's the same one 9 times out of 10.

Platts09   4 star

Good App 👍. Great app for keeping up with all your sports news.

Anthaddre   1 star

Joke. Cant even view the schedule for NBA games. Go to check games for next day, and their empty. Go back a day, again, no games. Emailed support and they told me to refresh. Thats it!? Horrible. App feels heavy. UI needs to improve considerably

Rilelicious   1 star

The new update is bad. You can no longer read a preview to NBA games

Thobar69   5 star

Best sports app in town.. Easy access and very informative on all the major sports in the world.

BOboL9#   5 star

Great. Great

daftaussie   3 star

Good info, poor design. Good content but too many ads

Tikoybrymar   1 star

Slow and laggy. Frustrating when trying to see the scores. Very slow- please fix

Frangatang23   4 star

A really great app but needs a few tweaks.. Love all my fave sports in one app but the calendar for NBA, NHL & MLB games needs to be fixed this has been a long term problem also the landscape view on viewing stats and photos don't work either and having league leaders/stats section would be great to have, besides that a really terrific app.

Darcydumbo   2 star

App not available. To watch live games, you have to get another app which is not on Australian store. Please make!

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