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WeatherBug Elite [Weather] App Description & Overview

Download the most popular free weather app powered by the largest professional weather network in the world!

WeatherBug is easy to use and provides forecasts for your every need, from storm warnings to pollen levels. Our weather network delivers the fastest alerts and the best real-time forecasts (current, hourly and 10-day).

The weather app has 18 different weather maps, including: Doppler radar, lightning, wind, temperature, alerts, pressure, and humidity.

Join the millions who rely on WeatherBug for weather forecasts every day!

“I love WeatherBug! It’s always accurate & is the first place I go for up-to-the minute weather!” –iOS User


• Real-Time Pinpoint Forecasts: Get the most accurate current, hourly and 10-day weather forecasts
• Enhanced Interactive Map: Visualize weather conditions with 18 weather maps
• Lifestyle Forecasts: Know how the weather will impact your trips, workouts, allergies, chronic pain and much more
• Weather Widget: Customize your alerts and display with weather widgets
• Weather Alerts: get alerted to weather conditions and storms

• North American Doppler Radar: Doppler radar across the US, Canada, Mexico, Alaska & Hawaii
• PulseRad® Radar: radar for many international locations using patented Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® technology.
• Spark Lightning Alerts: get minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile lightning proximity alerts
• Hurricane Center: hurricane forecasts and changing conditions stay informed
• Fire Center: global fire data to know when you are at risk
• Winter Weather: Plan ahead with our 10-day snow depth forecast and stay safe in severe winter conditions with our real-time snow storm alerts

• Pollen Count: Keep your allergies in check by knowing what the local pollen conditions are like
• Real-Time Traffic Conditions: View local traffic conditions to better plan your day
• Air Quality: Get an in-depth look at the air quality around you
• Precise Weather Details: Wind speed, UV index, weather observations and more

• Forecasts for 2.6 million+ locations worldwide
• Largest total lightning detection network
• 10,000+ professional-grade weather stations
• Live weather & traffic cameras

• Get notified of severe weather 50% faster with our Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts
• Receive all NWS and NOAA watches and warnings

• Get vital weather information directly on your Apple Watch, including alerts, glances, and complications

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Download the weather forecast app used and loved by millions, awarded the "Best Weather App" in 2019 and 2016 by Mediapost Appy Awards. Also, voted the “Best Weather App for iPads” by AppPicker, and “Best App for Moms” by Parent Magazine: WeatherBug!

This app may include “Interest-Based Ads” (see for more information) and may collect or share “Precise Location Data” (see for more information).

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WeatherBug Elite Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Additional enhancements in the latest version: • Now we support iOS 14 widgets. Get your forecast directly on your screen with the new WeatherBug widget. Love the app? Rate us!

WeatherBug Elite Comments & Reviews

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- Longtime user, wouldn’t use another app... BUT,

The interface is clumsy. I don’t really care about all the news and the videos and the photos and all of the awesome features that exist I just wanna open the app and get a rundown of what the current details temperature and important upcoming rather information are. Having the ability to drag and drop which sections of the app I would like our very nice features. However, and more importantly, I want to be able to easily see what is current and upcoming. I like having the tabs at the top for hourly, and daily. But again, it’s clumsy to have to remember from one tab to another, or having to scroll between a the daily, say, Sunday and Friday forecasts so I can plan my outings, but because I’ve scrolled away from Sunday and it is no longer viewable on the screen as I am shown the latter days of the week, I forget the range of temps between the two and therefore, I have to go back again.

- My Favorite Weather App

I really like this app - I have the regular weather app on my iPhone and I have this one. The weather forecasting on weather seems historically to be more accurate. Also it gives me several features which I use regularly and have come to depend on: perhaps the most important of these is weather alerts from the national weather service regional service office. These alerts include things like winter storm warnings, high wind warnings, severe weather (hail) warnings, flood warnings, etc. it tells how far away the lightening strikes occurring in the last 30 minutes are. In the winter these are typically over 1000 miles, but in the summer they can be less than a mile. I like the radar view feature, the highway camera view feature, the detailed hour by hour feature. This is really a great app and I use it a lot! Many thanks to the provider!

- Totally inaccurate

I’ve used WeatherBug Elite and it’s earlier versions for years. For some time now, I’ve been noticing that it totally missed the forecast. Since I was a longtime user, I just put up with the inaccuracies. Friends have used other, better apps and would often know better what the weather would do. Today was the final straw. The hourly presentation showed 0% throughout the day. No hint of precipitation anywhere the WeatherBug forecast. None. Of course it was pouring rain with lightning, thunder and pea-sized hail. No hint at all from WeatherBug. NONE!!! I was getting significant weather warnings from other apps, but WeatherBug was showing sunny with 0% chance of precip. If this was just one isolated incident, I’d blow it off. But this is the norm for WeatherBug. I gave it two stars because the radar presentation is actually quite good. I spent 30+ years as a radar air traffic controller, so I know what I’m talking about. I’m also a commercially rated pilot. I have formal education and training in meteorology. If the radar presentation wasn’t good on this app I’d permanently delete it.

- Great weather summaries but harder to read now

I've used WeatherBug Elite for many years and much preferred the interface of it vs the newer WeatherBug app. While I was glad to see it's been updated, as I've been getting warnings about it being an old app that could slow down my phone, it is harder to see the information. (1) the darker background of the old version was better; (2) now more 'white' space on the 10-day tab so you see less days on the screen without scrolling; (3) most annoying is the huge space right below the current temperature! Otherwise, I like we can reorganize the tiles. Why I still like the app: very pleased with the weather conditions info, forecast, weather alerts. What really appeals to me is that WeatherBug uses local weather stations-ours is at the elementary school a mile away.

- Just works

This has become the weather app that I use on a daily basis, no matter where I am in the world. The app never gets weird: no crashes, no freezes, no formatting errors which paint information overlapping or beyond the window’s boundaries. They seem to adhere to the old fashioned idea of testing before releasing. The forecasts are neither more nor less probably correct than those from any other model. This Elite version has no ads, and while the overall esthetic is not something that I find beautiful, it allows me access to the information which I seek without making me jump through hoops to find it. Good as any, and better than most — especially better than the other half-dozen weather apps I have installed.

- A daily morning alarm that has no off button

Weatherbug use to be a very useful daily info app in my life, with reliable weather alerts that I depended upon. Now it serves as an uncontrollable daily alarm clock to wake us up and numb us to weather alerts that we depended upon, such as tornado warnings. Every morning I get a Pollen Alert, through the same push alert mechanism used by real weather alerts. There is no way to turn this off except by disabling all push alerts (which would include disabling tornado warnings). Presuming this might have been some insidious scheme by an allergy medication sponsor, I deleted Weatherbug app and spent $10 to get the non-advertiser sponsored "Elite" version. Nope, the daily Pollen Alerts occur there too, also with no way to stop it. Pollen alerts occur even on days when there is nothing but rain for the day. I must now consider abandoning this weather app altogether. Humans need to sleep. I have written the developer three times, and found that to be a little better than broadcasting radio transmissions into a black hole.

- Not accurate - all about selling your location

I have used WeatherBug ever since Automated Weather Source first developed it. Unfortunately something has changed and I find the quality of its actual and forecast weather to have declined, especially in the last year. Yesterday was the perfect example with WeatherBug showing 0% chance of rain for every hour of the day, while we experienced constant rain showers instead. What I didn’t know was that AWS sold WeatherBug to Ground Truth (xAd). Their website describes themselves as the “largest location-based advertising platform in the world”. Yep their business model is all about selling your phone’s location information (even when the app is closed) - not providing you excellent/accurate weather forecasting. Sad because AWS had a great weather model, collaborating with educational institutions and local communities such as my own. So if your business/occupation is like mine and you require accurate weather forecasting, maybe it is time to look elsewhere.

- Weatherbug is awesome!

We are an “outdoors” family that relies on Weatherbug for guidance every day. It has an amazing set of assists well packaged for wonderful ease of use. We use the weekly overview, the detailed daily description, and the hourly views with a single tap. The Alerts provide timely updates for weather advisories and warnings. As a sailor the wind info is indispensable. For snow/ice the traffic cams give video of road conditions around our house and at the destination selected. The radar real-time motion shows 100% accurate view where 1hr of motion is displayed allowing very accurate up-to-the minute ability to estimate rain/snow etc. arrival. We love this app and it really improves our quality of life. Thanks Weatherbug developers - great job!

- Doesn't work in Alaska

I've used WeatherBug for years and have always enjoyed the app but several things don't work in Alaska. I just purchased the elite version thinking there was more functionality but it was a waste of money. In Alaska the lightning reporting feature (Spark) doesn't work. The observation section doesn't work. The UV, Pollen, and live cameras don't work. And several of the radar layers don't work. Also the only alerts I can get are watches and warnings. I cannot get special weather notices or advisories which are very important as they usually contain life threatening information when traveling in Alaska. I would also like to see the moon rise and set times as a nice feature. To really add pain to this purchase is that I get ALL of this information on the Free Weather Underground app. I just don't like the way they have it laid out.

- The best weather app to trust

I have found the Weather Bug App to be the most consistent way to keep myself informed of the weather in my area. I love having the ability to rearrange the content in order of what I care about most. There is only one small thing that frustrates me and it is not truly important just annoying. I cannot find a way to read the complete title of the really great Storyful videos. It will read something like, “Dangerous storm appears to...” and it would be nice to know the full title. It is a trivial thing but it feels when your phone loses power in the middle of a conversation or a game app. Other than that small annoyance it is a great app I use everyday.

- Not accurate

July, 2020: Still a zero-star app in my opinion. I like to try it out every few months to see if it has improved. Nope, still zero. Another update: Current temperature is 63 degrees at 7pm. Hourly forecast shows temperature for 7pm should be 78 degrees. This is a 15 degree difference. How can this app supposedly be so accurate for other reviewers and yet be so inaccurate for my area for the last several months? I find myself looking at the forecast in this app just to get a laugh. Update: The forecast for Baton Rouge, Louisiana has in recent weeks been off. It is now way off, calling for freezing temperatures. I have contacted you recently about this and you give me a canned “thanks for your concern and support “ reply, yet nothing changes. Your forecast is so inaccurate and unreliable, it is both comical and pathetic. Please fix your forecast for my area OR REFUND MY SUBSCRIPTION. This app is totally unusable for me. Original review: Current and forecasted temperatures are off by 10 to 20°. Hourly rain forecast is usually zero percent for the next several hours until it starts raining and then it magically changes to 90 or 100%. I have emailed the support staff and receive the generic thank you blah blah blah. I am surprised to see other reviewers reporting accurate temperatures and forecasts. Two stars for nice map and lightning strike data.

- Still need multiple weather apps

I admire different features in different weather apps. I suppose it’s human nature to have favorites. WeatherBug is my favorite for hourly weather at my place. When I am taking a road trip this hourly data at a fixed location is less interesting than more regional coverage. Other apps do a better job here. Only one app gives me an overview of surface winds over a wide region ... and sadly it is no longer supported. We need a weather app that can be user programmed from bits and pieces of our favorites. I would start with WeatherBug and end up with something very different. Suppose we each would craft our own ideal weather app. Good luck.

- The best paid weather app for iphone

First off disregard all reviews of less than 3 stars as they are rubbish written by morons. Have tried all of the best professional paid weather apps. This one is the best as of 2017 for iphone. Some others are close. This has info laid out well. Has all needed info. Alerts are good. Very configurable. If you have a rock bottom cheapo phone with no memory then buy a decent phone. Although this app takes less memory than many. Its not a problem. And you do not need to use clouds. It will find any location or you can enter it. Has very good radar graphics also. For ten bucks i would not be without it.

- Weatherbug elite

I like everything about weatherbug elite. There are a few things that I don’t use as often as others but it’s easy to use. I just scroll down and get the information and I’m ready to go. I like the way this is laid out for us non-techy readers. Here are my favorites: 1. Now - temp, feel like, low. If I’m going out, good thing to know right at the top of the screen 2. We have our map set at radar. Able to see what’s moving into our area 3. Wind - let’s us know whether to wear a hat or rake leaves 4. Humidity - screens or air conditioning 5. Dew point - an additional help to humidity 6. Featured videos are not important to me 7. Traffic cams - I have read reviews of people that like this feature, especially since they drive to work 8. Air quality - I like this feature. You can tell a difference, especially after it rains or a temperature drop 9. Lighting - I have used this feature especially when a system is moving in to give me a pretty accurate time frame for getting dishes washed and taking a shower. That’s all for now!

- Fixed things, broke others

Had this app for years now and overall and generally very happy with it. It does always seem to have some issues though. Some of these were fixed it seems with this big update (map animation for one) but nit sure how I like the overall format. I don't like that you can no longer swipe between your saved locations. There also seems to be a bug with my main location. There are a couple in my town, and even when I switch to my preferred one, the "now" screen indicates it's the other one, so I'm not sure what to trust. May be a small thing to some but my preferred station is literally a few hundred yards from my house and especially wind data is important to me.

- Customised home screen Restored!

After having killed the ability to move the home screen cards into an order that suited you, WeatherBug has now restored that functionality. Sometimes I wonder what developers are thinking when they remove customization functionality. Living in Southwest Florida, I don't want to have to hunt down the card with the lightning data when the sky turns black. And air quality may be of importance to some in this area during fire season — so that's when that card may move to the top. Different strokes for different seasons. So, thanks. And all in all, a great, accurate, customizable weather app.

- My Favorite Weather App

It’s hard to say one prefers one weather app to another but consistently, since I got it, I like Weatherbug best. It gives you the information you want — now, hourly, next 10 days... but so do all the others. It’s right most of the time, but, and increasingly, so are all the others. There are few commercials, and the page for every device, (iPhone, tablet, etc.) are readily acceptable. You know, I’d have to say that because they never ask you if your planning a trip, because they never suggest other things you might like, et al. It is because they just never impose, that is why I like Weatherbug the best.

- Makes life easier

I picked up Weather Bug seven or eight years ago. I used it to track storms in Arizona and New Mexico. I was driving trucks in that area. It worked great. Had more information than I needed but it had what I needed. I decided to take an office job for a government services company and during that period of time I didn’t need so much info so I went back to using the free app that comes with the iPhone. Well, seeing the same four walls every day was driving me nuts so I decided to go back on the road. The free app wasn’t going to cut it. I installed weather bug again and it’s really a lifesaver. The improvements they made over those years really make the app shine. There’s some really valuable information for people like me who travel the roads a great deal. Especially the satellite motion overlays like wind speed, precipitation, temperatures, storm tracker, etc. I’ve driven over 3,000,000 miles without an accident and I believe Weather Bug is an invaluable tool to help me reach 4,000,000 miles. I highly recommend this app.

- Finally! WeatherBug Elite is back!

I have been a WeatherBug user for years and am so glad to see that they have finally updated the elite version. What an update! The interface is much more user friendly! You can scroll down through the main page for a quick glance to all the features and have the ability to reorder those features to suit your viewing preferences. (In future updates, I hope they add the ability to add/delete features.) It's a quick touch to bring up the maps which are greatly improved and one of my personal favorites Spark... a must for living in lightning alley!

- You won’t need another weather app

I’ve been using the original WeatherBug and then the Elite version for years. I’m a weather fanatic and have numerous weather apps. But Weather Bug is always the one I use at least 3-4 times a day. My brother lives in a very small town in Australia but setting up my WeatherBug for his location was a no-brainer. I was amazed to see that WB uses a weather station located a few miles from his home and provides me the same sort of weather info as my own location in the US. If you don’t have WeatherBug, you really won’t know your weather. (And yes, the Elite version is worth it IMHO.)

- My go to app for WX info

I’ve been using this for years, I don’t think any weather prediction app can we perfect, because it is, the weather. However, I can look at the radar and see what’s coming. Their long term prediction seems to be better than national news, and right on par with local news. I like the fact that I can quickly look at multiple places and save those places because I have family there or I travel to those places often. Can it get better? Of course, what can’t. Maybe a section for icefishing, telling me how thick the ice should be! Other than that, not bad.

- Definitely Improved!

I have had this app for many years but just kept it in a folder. I never really looked at it because it just didn’t seem up to par. I opened it up just a couple of weeks ago and WOW! There have been lots of changes! I actually moved it out of my folder and into the dock for easier access. I also have it in my widgets. I love this app now! I especially love that I can see the pollen/allergy level and what it is. Thank you for the improvements Weather Bug! One thing I would like to see different is the ability to “multi-layer” on the radar.

- Better than local weather!

I have been using weather bug for years! It has always been accurate and reliable. Recently, here in the DFW area, we had a 2 day warning that we were going to have terrible storms. They closed schools, 100 flights and even some businesses. It was crazy. My weather bug app did not have the same warnings or alerts. I would tell people, I don’t think we will get the storms. I don’t see the storms coming....and I was right. We had a few showers in the middle of the night and nothing else. I will alway go to WeatherBug first!

- I love this app

I had the old version of WeatherBug as well. I have used it to navigate around tornado cells on cross country drives.I have watched hurricanes roll across where I live..the radar map is very accurate.. never any problems. It pinpoints my exact location perfectly in the new version. I really appreciate this app. I am reading that people are having problems; I'm not one of them. This is is the first release of this completely redesigned app., and I'm sure any bugs will be fixed. It's my go to weather app for many years now! Thank you.

- Elite app

I am a medical provider that relies on the most up to date information for the safety of my patientS, athletes and by standards. This is the closest app to saving lives. I appreciate the easiness of the app interface. But information usually gets backlogged or missed when trying to update on the most up to date radar possible even with the elite app. I guess I will need to purchase a whole weather system to save lives in the future. Also, when trying to read articles, the story lines overlap and are impossible to read. I would go and choose another app if you are advising patrons and patients if their safety. If you are a civilian then this would be a great app otherwise!

- Guess who's back!

I didn't think any weather providers were going to offer elite, or pro, versions of weather apps anymore. Nice to see this one come back! I haven't used WeatherBug for some time now, so I'll have to update this review after I get some more time with it. Initially though, the radar is very quick, and being able to rearrange all of the sections on the main page is great as well. Overall this app has been great, but one thing I'd love to see is the tabs moved to the bottom of the screen.

- Nice, but spyware

I have always liked this app. However, this app has been sold to a web marketing/ advertising platform company. In reviewing their privacy policy they state they track your personal data and track your location even when the app is not being used. They state this data is sold to marketers and is correlated with any other data they can glean about you from multiple other sources. Spying doesn’t get much more prolific than this. Though I have used this app for many years, it’s time to find a new weather service that doesn’t abuse the privacy of its customers. I get wanting to make a profit, but this amount of spying / data collection is excessive.

- Hugely disappointed in my fav app

I have been a devoted user through thick and thin with WeatherBug Elite from the very start a decade ago. I ALWAYS rated it 5 stars and it was my most-used 3rd Party app. I loved that I could quickly check the temps in other cities with a quick swipe to the left. But I hated it when they changed how a swipe to the left instead takes you to the next page of info for the city you’re currently on. That was several months ago. But they still allowed a swipe left on the name of the city to take you to the next city. Now, even that has been taken away and replaced by taking you to the list of cities. Hate it. Time to start using Weather Underground more.

- Family Sharing. Are you sure??

My wife opens my $20 purchase on her iPhone and Weatherbug wants another $20. Touch app support and it takes you to the app. Touch developer website and it takes you to the app. So no family sharing and no support on how to fix. Thanks. Feb 9, 2021 Weatherbug responded they were aware and working on it, a previous update issue. Funny thing. A few days after the install, wife’s weather bug installed out of family sharing. So no issues now and no clue what fixed it. Bumping to 4 stars. Still love weatherbug since before smartphones.

- Updated at long last! 🙂

Updated 2019 Review: WeatherBug still rocks! Thanks for adding the ability to fine-tune our alert preferences! You guys are the best!!! 😀 ———— Glad to see WeatherBug' Elite version alive and kicking before iOS 11 would have killed it. Would appreciate the option to turn off or delete sections that are irrelevant and cluttering the interface (e.g., lifestyles, photos, etc.). I miss the simple dark blue and purple backgrounds that were available in the old version, but apart from that, it's a solid update.

- I lived by Weather Bug.. Not anymore.

I lived by Weather Bug. I even forced friends and family to use it religiously over other weather apps and sites. I even paid for the elite version to remove ads. Now, with you’re update, it asked me to turn my location on 24/7 and I was glad to, until... As much as I appreciate the transparency, knowing that you’re not only taking my money so I don’t have to see ads (which I’m okay with, you deserve the money) but now you’re going to log my location to sell to advertisers as you clearly state; hardly for the purposes of readying me for severe weather at any given moment of where I’m at.. From the early 2000’s on my Windows XP to 2020 with my advanced iPhone 11; so sad. Goodbye Weather Bug, it’s been real.

- Undecided About My $9.99!

First, if you click on local temps, the digital number often overlaps the name of the city. So, it is impossible to read the number. Second, I don’t suppose the developer ever heard of the ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act). I happen to be red-green color blind. So, all the pretty displays of temperature, or whatever, with colors mean zilch to those of us who are RG color blind. I seriously doubt my paying $9.99 for the elite version is giving me much more info than the free one. Mr. Developer, you need to get with it. If you are going to charge me for an app, it needs to be worthwhile. You have some ways to go yet on your elite version of Weatherbug.

- Excellent!

I have been traveling around the US for several years via RV and by boat. WeatherBug has always been there for us as long as there is a data signal. On the boat, traveling the inland rivers and intracoastal waterways, we have always had accurate weather reporting. Granted, thus is not the only weather tool that we use, but WeatherBug always concurs with the other apps and reports. The moving maps and alerts have kept us aware of heavy weather, winds, freezing, and even tornadoes. This app remains in my online toolkit.

- Best Weather App

My family has always kept up with the latest weather conditions, so it’s not surprising that I’ve got more than a dozen weather apps on my phone. I use most of them to double check extreme conditions and upcoming storms. But the one I use more than any other, and the one I’ve learned to trust for my daily predictions and event planning, is the Weatherbug. I can’t speak of how it will respond to other locales, but for the area I live in, it is extremely accurate.

- The update ruined it

Been using this app for years. Was so impressed by the old version that I forked over some cash for the paid version. After waiting forever for an update, I now wish they left it alone. The interface is a confusing mess of useless info. Whereas the old version showed everything clearly as soon as the app was opened, now you have to scroll through endless graphics just to get to dew point, humidity, etc. Plus, the current readings no longer seem to be accurate. They update way too slowly. I check them against other apps and the readings are nowhere close. Hate to say it, but I'm finally giving up on this app

- Really good

I would just like some closer weather stations for better temperature accuracy, the most important part is always the hourly and daily. Hourly is important to me every day of the week and of course daily to make plans. This app is great for expectations and very simple to use, so I have several Settings program then for different places I go and people I speak with so I know what the weather is like when I'm on the phone with them. I also realize that Woodbridge New Jersey gets the same weather as Tonganoxie Kansas but four days later.

- If there are weather stations in your area, can be awesome

Hyper local weather can be important; on the West Coast, there are cities with microclimates (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle) where the weather can be different by 25 degrees and sun versus fog and mist in the space of five miles (ridge lines, ocean weather patterns, the presence of concrete warming islands, and large bodies of water are a big part of that....) If the weather station locations work for you, this app can be awesome and a lot more useful than a generic weather all-areas weather app.

- Users should be able to turn off air quality feature

Used to like this app a lot. I liked tapping it and seeing everything I needed to know - temp, conditions, wind, and at the bottom was the sunrise/sunset time. However since it was updated, the air quality feature takes up the bottom third of my screen, and the sunrise/sunset got pushed down off the screen forcing me to scroll to see it. There’s no option to rearrange the features you want to see without scrolling. The air quality doesn’t need to take up so much space. And it should be optional. Very disappointed. Regretting updating this app as I was happy with it before.

- Upgrade to Elite WORTH IT !!!

Tons more features, Ad free - finally relief from distractingly annoying ads clicked on in error because my fingertips have not yet been fitted with stylus tips. I’m now fast with weather reports, getting right to the info needed: forecasts, alerts, pollen count, lighting (love Sparky), great maps, all the good stuff! Supports FamilySharing, so now everyone is responsible to roll up their car windows & get stuff prepared for wind & down pours. Only App on which I turned on Alerts! Love this App !!!

- Best Weather App

Very easy to understand and use. Just a quick look and you have all the info you need without having to dig. The upgrade is good without being over the top. The thing I dislike about so many upgraded apps is the changes that don’t improve the app only make it harder to use. Fixing something that isn’t broken just make the look different is irritating. Bug fixes are important, but the rest isn’t.

- Better then the default phone app... 5 years and going

Here in the northwest our weather is chaotic any weather person will loose their sanity and quit... ppl make fun of all our local meteorologist because it’s a crapshoot... we have two rain shadow effects here and a convergent zone and this app has been close but not always correct but here that’s typical... everything else this app offers is amazing... well worth this app I’ve had this app for over 5 years...

- Usually accurate

I use 3 different apps, all are different on weather predictions so can’t say any are always right. The Bug is usually most accurate on 10 day forecast and the other app more accurate for 2 hour rain chance. 3rd app is a radar app and is good to see rain conditions as well as what is coming live. Would highly recommend the Weather Bug in addition to several others for best weather coverage.

- Thanks for getting the message!

Back in 2012 I bought Weather Bug Elite and loved it. Then, 3 years later, a "free", ad filled version of Weather Bug was released. To get rid of the ads you have to pay $2.99/year. I decided to stick with the ad free Elite (for which I'd paid a one-time charge). Here it is 2 years later and the developers finally realized that those of us who'd bought the Elite version, wanted to keep the Elite version, and finally updated it. Bravo, guys!

- Great App across all my IOS devices

Been a regular user of WeatherBug Elite for years now. I travel all around the world on business and have to check the weather for my destinations prior to leaving home. This app is great for that and also allows my wife and kids to see the current weather at the different cities I’m in! I would ask the software folks if they could find a place for sunrise and sunset; it would be greatly appreciated!

- Love Weatherbug Elite - no ad version

Weatherbug is a great app, easy to customize and navigate. I dislike flashing, space hogging ads so I really appreciate the Elite version which eliminates ads completely. I was glad to have the option to make a one time payment and use family sharing to “get my money’s worth”, but with that said I would pay $20 to have a functional weather app for just myself to be rid of annoying ads. 😊

- slow to load

i’ve been a weather bug user for many years and it’s been great up until a few months ago. now i open the app and nothing happens, no new info. usually 60 seconds later it does eventually load the data, but it’s incredibly frustrating. this is the case for the free version and the elite. i tried to use the send feedback feature in settings and it’s “not available” thus this review. disappointed, WB. going to have to find a new weather app at this rate. i want my reliable weather bug back. 😕

- Ad free experience and outstanding customer service = priceless

First and foremost, came across a bug within the “bug”, customer service got right back to me letting me know they are aware of the uploading photos problem I encountered. Any app that offers ad free service without the subscription mode needs to be supported by what I did, buying the paid version. It’s such a pleasure to work in an ad free experience like the elite version provides.

- Most Accurate Weather App Available!

I use multiple times a day. I also use it for multiple states. It’s nice to know the weather for when you land. It's great if you just want to check what's going on right now or when it's suppose to rain. It even has how close the Lightning is. For Asthmatics, you can see how your breathing will be today. The Elite Is The lIt's The Best Weather App Available. I really don't see how they could improve on it.

- There are better weather apps

I bought the elite a long time ago and keep hoping this app gets better (lacks accuracy- other apps predict rain better- have better video and pictures) but it has not as of yet- I have more accurate reads from my local weather news app and a free weather app that comes with Apple phone already- I will still hope- but for now, still a bit disappointed. They got my 9 dollars many years ago- but I hope it will get better and won’t charge more once they get all the kinks out.

- Great weather app, very rarely slightly off

This app has never disappointed me, it’s video radar helps me know the direction the storm is moving and if we will be in the narrowed difference we often have from neighboring towns due to our higher elevation than they. I live in tornado alley so storms can come up quickly. Reality and Weather bug has taught me I can trust its locational ability, severity level, speed of movement of our storms here.

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- Great weather app. Heaps of detail and plenty of locations. Well worth the extra dollar to upgrade.

Buy it and remove the banners

- Weatherbug Elite

7.9.10: I purchased this weather app yesterday & would rate it a total waste of money for Australians. Contrary to stated claims, there is NO weather alert updates for Australia. Instead I would recommend Oz Weather which provides a lot more information & is constantly updated. When I last looked at Weather Bug, the last update was still 12 hours previously! Not worth one star but I see my comments won't send without a rating star!

- Not a good app for Aussies

Very little information for Australian users, the developers really should look into providing more for Australian users. However, the information for American users is excellent. The interface is easy to use ... It's just a shame I am from Australian and therefore wasted my money.

- eljefitodos

Might be a fine app if you live in North America. However, for someone in Australia its features are not as rich: haven't found an Aussie WeatherBug location which supports the camera and video functions, nor is the map of much use down under. I jumped right in and purchased WeatherBug Elite -- I should have tried the free version first.

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- Recommend

Very helpful radar options. I appreciate the new wildfire section. This is a well developed app.

- I like it

It’s good

- Love it

Awesome app, love it

- Push Notification

No push notification. Deleted this app. For many years it supposed to be fixed already.

- All Sunny

Awesome. Love the radar

- For the us only

I think this app is for the US only it does not give you any thing but mph. They say you can change to km. but it does not. They say the paid version does more then the free version but as far as I can see it does not.I do like the map part but the video and camera only works in the Us. I guess because it does not here and I am only 5 k from the Us

- Much needed update!! Well done.

I'd give it 5 stars but the Apple Watch companion isn't displaying the weather correctly. Fix that and you get the 5th one.

- John

It's better than most!!! Nice to know where the storms are...

- Great

Great !!

- Most accurate weather app available

Of the lot, this is the best.

- Ljgh

Our weather bug is frozen. It is stuck on 1 page & will not work .

- Great!

It's a very useful app with a great user interface. I love it!

- Ok

Current weather great. Forecasts terrible. Don't know if its just Canadian forecasts or everywhere.

- Missed the stars on my review


- Darren

Works great best out there

- Like it a lot

A nice update on the interface in the new version

- Great Update

Love the latest update. Wish the weekly forecast could also be in Celsius. Joan in SK

- Awesome app!

The best weather app out there!!

- Excellent apps!

I think it's one of the best weather apps. Miss hourly and extend weather

- Perfect

I depend on it. Love it

- Love it but...

What would make this app the ultimate is to add push notifications like you have on the blackberry app. That is the only thing this app lacks. Would love to see it one day.

- Excellent app

One think missing no hourly forecasts. Salo

- Oldtreeclimber

Wow what a great app this used to be a piece of junk now it's excellent Canada. Ontario

- I proffered this old interface.

The design is rather sloppy looking now, and I have to dig for much of the information that was previously at the top level.

- Canada this app works fine for me!

Very user friendly and accurate. This app contains more weather info than any other. This is one of the oldest weather apps out there and it's backed with years of experience. The weather bug has been around for a long time and I still can't find anything that comes close to it. This app works good in Canada for me. One of the great apps to have.

- Great app, but people need to look at their settings

You can pick Canadian cities just know that radar doesn't work but if you choose an adjacent US city it will (ie Toronto/buffalo or Windsor/Detroit). The radar does work for the paid ver. Also all the people complaining you can adjust mph and F/C: you have to go to Settings, choose Weatherbug. If you require detailed and specific Canadian city data use The Weather Network app which is free and has radar data. Every feature it has works and I love this app.

- Canadian Buyers Beware!!!

I just paid $1.99 to find out that I cannot get hourly forecasts for my home of Toronto Ontario! This is highly unusual fo a paid weather App! Amy little American town can though?????

- Suddenly not updating

For the last week the dates are incorrect.

- Mixed accuracy around Winnipeg

Today the weather stations around Winnipeg are reporting accurate data. Maybe someone fed the hampster overnight! With accurate data, this is a very nice app, well worth the 99 cents for the deluxe edition, and it rates 5 stars. I will leave my comment from yesterday as a reminder to the weather bug sources to be ever-vigilant about assuring that accurate data is being reported: "Some weatherbug stations appear to report accurate data that agrees with other weather reporting sources, while other weatherbug stations report data that is more like wishful thinking and is completely disconnected from reality. It is a promising app, but there has to be a way for auditing data from reporting stations, and ensuring that corrective action is effected, or take the incorrectly-reporting station off line. There is no way one station should be reporting -2 degrees when a station a few km away is reporting +23 degrees."

- Buggerjunk

No different than free version. Keep ur money

- Should be called WeatherBuggy

Crashes like a DC10.

- keeps crashing

No video or pics for Canada.....and keeps crashing as soon as you load the video for the US sites.....

- iPhone app vs blackberry app

The Iphone app is worse than the built in weather app. Nothing works. The Blackberry app is fantastic AND FREE. I should have been paid to get this for the Iphone. I think they owe me money back !!!!!!

- Bad, Blackberry free version is better

First, the description is misleading, animated radar images are not available, they even admit this in their in app FAQs. Second the free BB version is better, i was hoping weather alerts to be pushed in my iPhone but that function is not available either. Seriously, stick with the free and better Weather Network app.

- Very disapointed.

First of all, I really like the free version of this app. It showed true live weather from places not to far from my place. But I was very disapointed of this app, I thought with all the features I was getting a good deal but none of them work and I can't even find the places I had before. The only thing this app has over the other is ad-free. I will keep using the free app but I don't think I'll be using this one unless something changes.

- Charts No Longer Work

It appears since some change in Bing maps the WeatherBug app is truly that ... a BUG. Worked OK til 3 days ago. Customer service unresponsive to repeated requests on issue. Well...a week or so later developers have finally replied and admitted that this is now a known issue and that their engineers (a guy in pyjamas working between bowls of cereal?) are working on it; yet there is still no update to fix this bug. Don't buy it until this bug is fixed!

- Not that bad

But if you are going to show weather maps then use some that actually show Canada in better detail than North Am.

- So inaccurate wish I could give zero stars.

I previously reviewed this program as accurate for current conditions for Edmonton, but that is no longer the case- it's as though Alberta no longer on the map. There are no advantages to purchasing the Elite version, except losing the small ad found on the free version. Save your money this is a bad app.

- Don't waste your buck

What a piece of crap. Good thing it was only 99 cents. the free version is better

- Cheated!! - radar maps do not work in canada as described

the description of this app is lies!! maps do not work in canada - do not waste your money - get TWN for free instead. i want my money back!!

- Don't buy if you are in Québec, Canada

C'est décevant de constater que la version pour HTC fonctionne beaucoup mieux que celle du iPhone, du moins au Canada.

- "Elite"?

Turns out the free version has more functionality than this paid version in Canada. Very disappointing.

- Radar animation doesn't work in Canada

If an app advertises a feature that doesn't work in Canada, then this should then before the app is published on the Canadian app store the description should be updated to reflect this. I blame apple for not ensuring this happens!

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- Better app than most.

This app is much better than most other apps. It showcases more information and more accurate weather readings. It also has an animated radar so you visually see the direction of an incoming or outgoing storm. I've never had a problem with the app and I've always used it much more so than other weather apps. It surpasses the regular weather app that the iPhone comes programmed with, by far.

- Excellent App

Weatherbug is an excellent app that is an integral part of our daily lives. It is more accurate than the local weather forecasters, and it is very handy when going on vacation in preparing for any weather problems along the way. You can get accurate pictures of the weather along your entire route. Keep up the great work! I’ve tried the other weather apps and Weatherbug is the best by far!!!

- Walters roofing

I enjoy this weather app the Bug because it is super easy to navigate. I’ve tried local weather apps in my area and it seems like this app is able to pick up bad weather quicker, and the percentage of precipitation seems to be more accurate. I would recommend the bug if the weather is an important factor for your business or personal activities in wherever state your in.

- Elite version

I've had the Elite version for years, and found it to be very useful. It still is, and the temperature that it reports usually matches up closely with what is showing on my outdoor thermometer, so when I travel I'm pretty confident that whatever it is reporting is correct. I do wish there was an option to reverse the colors so that the background was black and the text was white; it would be easier to read.

- Super accurate

I have been a faithful user of WeatherBug for about 7-8 years. It has always been accurate for me. I even stuck with it through the drought of updates over the years, but now that it's being supported again, I couldn't be happier. I love it and will continue to use it as long as it stays accurate. I live in Missouri and the weather changes constantly. This app stays on top of it. Thanks.

- The Bug’s SPARK is critical for outdoor sport coaches!

I coach Tennis in Ohio and we have to pull players off the court for a minimum of 30 minutes once thunder is heard or lightning is spotted. Unfortunately, sometimes lightning can strike without warning. That is why I love the notification that spark sends when lightning is within 10 miles of my current location. Both home and away, my teams are protected by WeatherBug’s SPARK advance warning system.

- Excellent for weather in the different locations that I travel.

The only suggestion I have for weather bug is to be able to edit the information on the face page. Like to move pollen count to the bottom and some other aspects closer to the top have been playing around with it but just haven’t found out our sure I can be done any help would be much appreciated

- Not what I'd call an upgrade.

I liked the interface of previous versions and still have the older version on my iPad. I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to that, when IOS 11 is released. This version is bland, by comparison. Flat, and non intuitive. Screens pop up unsummoned. Earlier version had some elegant animations to the stats panels. None of that here. Might as well use one of the other apps that it now resembles.

- Forecast Accuracy Could use some improvement

While the app functions well and has improved over the years, the accuracy of the hourly and daily temperature forecasts tend to be inaccurate as compared to local weather forecasts on the TV or other online sources. Might want to try to source the data from another vendor. I find I rely on the radar function for the best indicator of rain by the hour. Overall it’s useful but it could be better.

- ACCURACY when the weather person...

This weather app is the best for accuracy in pinpointing the exact conditions in my lil town and surrounding areas. If only my local weather stations would be this accurate in their forecast & predictions I mite pay tune into what they are saying. The only job I know where u can predict incorrectly time over time & still keep your job. Thanks for being a rock star in my weathered world!

- Best Weather App

I’ve used Weatherbug for years on both desktops and mobile devices. I pay for the elite subscription and it’s worth it. It’s so accurate not only do I have pins dropped on rooftops, I’ve a dropped pin on a gravestone 1,000 miles away. You can name the locations of all your dropped/saved locations. I rely on Weatherbug more than my local news. If I could only have one app, this is it.

- Haven’t found a better weather app

I like the allergy map and air quality features. The hourly forecast is usually fairly accurate. Often the % rain chance will be higher in the daily 10 day forecast view than it will be during any specific hour of the day, but I imagine that’s because they do something cumulative for the whole day.

- Good. Could be better.

I like this app above most of the others for one reason. It is smaller and does not take up as much space. For that reason alone I will use it. How could it be better? Where I live wind is a big deal. I can see one entry for wind only. Nothing in the hourly forecast. Nothing about current gusts, etc. nothing in the main section, I have to add it. If the app wasn’t space-conscious I would go with other apps that do have a significant wind presence.

- Fav weather app

I’ve come to use this weather app the most of all others. Having worked for the airlines this has become to show the most accuracies that I’ve come to depend on to predict delays and or cancellations for my work day. Sometimes even before dispatch will call me. Crazy I know but true—especially early morning delays due to fog with density and availability fly arounds from radar. Thank you!!

- Plenty of features

The app is packed with features. Some work some don’t. In general this is one of the better apps I have found. The downside is the weather is right about 60% of the time. It may just be they don’t update often enough. It could be raining or snowing like crazy and the app says 0% chance of precipitation. The temperatures are pretty accurate though. After trying several this is one of the better ones.

- Easy to use, lots of information

My favorite feature is the ability to rearrange the home page, so I see what I want to know right away (current conditions and a map I can tap to enlarge, plus sun and then sun and moon). Scrolling down gives me more, but I’m more likely to check the hourly forecast tab. Tapping on the hours displays more details, another great feature.

- My Favorite Weather App

I always turn to WeatherBug to see what’s happening outside and what is coming, especially when we’re camping. It doesn’t take a long time to load and the hourly forecasts are really helpful. Lots of features packed into this app. The, pollen, lightning, and radar offer useful information when I need it. I refer to the sunrise/sunset data often to adjust my indoor timers.

- Going downhill

I have been a subscriber for several years as an ‘elite’ subscriber! Recently its accuracy is leaving something to be desired! During the last few winter storms they did not post alerts for storm watches, warnings or advisories in my ares(Mid Atlantic) after the NWS posted them! I am concerned how this will be handled during the stormy summer months!! Now I am seeing ‘FROZEN MIX’ in the 10 day outlook when highs are forecasted to be in the upper 40’s to low 50’s while the lows are 39 to 43 for our area!! It used to be the best and most reliable weather app on the planet with many features!

- I like it, esp the spark feature!

I have 4 weather apps, none are perfect. I use them all regularly, cross referencing information to get the clearest picture of the day but I still get fooled by freak uplift storms. I've had this app the longest, for about 10 years. It has it's ups and downs but mostly ups. I especially like the spark feature. When I get caught in one of those storms it's just plain fun!

- Wunderground refugee

After the aforementioned weather app went to crap, I felt pretty lost. I found my way back to weatherbug and have had nothing but great experiences. Feature rich, accurate in my area of Texas, and reliable notifications. These are the qualities I’ve come to expect of this app. Premium is worth the money spent. I speak highly of this app to anyone asking for a new weather app.

- Great!

So far the temperature and other readings are accurate. I’m enjoying the app and and use it often. The traffic cameras in Arizona were down but it appears that’s been fixed through TrafficLand. Happy about that. My only remaining issue is the watch app. Sometimes the temp won’t show and lately when I open the watch app the location I’m at won’t load. I can only access saved favorites for weather data.

- One of the tools I use all the time

Brilliant app, I use it at home and when traveling. Both within and outside the US. I have all my regular travel cities saved. My wife and I have even used it to drive through gaps between thunderstorms. (You have to be aware of the lag between the map and the current time, but you can do it.). A constant companion.

- Videos distract in an already messy layout

The weather part is great but with all the videos and photos, it’s hard to find what you want. Layout is not great, you have to scroll through stuff you don’t car about and s not important t get to what you like. I paid for the elite version several years ago. Now I don’t like it enough to waste my time on it. It’s ridiculous that we n a paid version you can’t select what sections you want and rearrange the order. That is required in any weather app I use. There are better apps to use.

- Most accurate weather app.

Hundreds of weather apps on the App Store but the WeatherBug app is probably the best app to have on any iPhone. Some key differences in this weather app are Real location of weather temperatures Very responsive server weather alerts. Satellite maps that show better information like snowfall in your area. Plus the paid version doesn’t have any ads otherwise it’s the same as the free version.

- Cameras, YUCK

I used to love your app until you felt the need to bloat it too much information that YOU feel is important but is USELESS to me. (Cameras, Cold and Flu maps). With your latest update I no longer have the ability to move them to the bottom of the NOW view.. I Please reenable the reorder view options so we can determine what information is important to view. Would honestly prefer the abilty to remove information I never view, but will settle for moving them out of view.

- Used to be my favorite weather app

Something has gone wrong with the radar maps for SE Michigan. Right now Weather Bug is showing rain across the “thumb” of Michigan, but the sky’s are clear and there is no rain. None of the other weather apps are showing rain. I have reported this issue multiple times, including screen shots, but it has not been fixed. They claim to be getting faulty radar data. Looking for a more accurate weather app.

- Best weather app for iPhone SE, iPad Air2

Excellent weather app with very nice 10-day forecast and easy to see all the weather at any location. Other apps make you look more and work harder to see all local weather at a glance. BEST WEATHER RADAR of all the apps I checked. My favorite, although I continue to use at least one more weather app to double check temps and forecasts.

- From pretty good to just ok

This was used to be great but al always greed destroyed it. First of all its accuracy where the rating could be “it’s OK” not “it’s great”. But then comes the overwhelming amount of ads filling up the screen with absolute junk. And last this annoying asking “do you like the app” whenever we are in a hurry to get the weather information we need. All that has lead me to not wanting to use the app as much as I did in the past. I’ll turn to other alternatives.

- Love it

Weather bug helps me make good choices in the morning and is accurate on an hourly basis as to what the weather will be. The feature of having several different locations is also extremely useful. It helps me know how to dress myself and the kids, and also what the air-quality and other problems might be.

- The Optimus Prime of Weather Apps

How close are lighting strikes? Are use this application and find that when I am talking about the weather with my friends my forecast is more accurate with weather bug! Hourly, daily, and a 10 day forecast! Though I know to be quiet, every once in a while I get a nugget that is valuable to my fishing friends from weather bug!

- Excellent!

Works excellent for me! No hiccups, no lag, and no inaccuracies. Hoping for a new UI from Weatherbug soon! The only issue I have is when trying to access the widget, it will prompt you to accept the Terms which I’ve already accepted before using the app itself. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed? It does it for both Weatherbug and Weatherbug Elite. TechJunkie80

- Update ???

I had the free version for years on my iPod Touch and totally depended on it. With the most recent update (within last two weeks) it stopped working. I depend on it so much I bought the Elite for $10 and it worked fine. Now there's a new update for it as well. I'm reluctant to update the pay version In fear of it not working after as well. Help??

- Weather Cams

I use the weather cams everyday to actually see the current weather at family locations across the country. I liked the old weather cams better than the looping pics in the new version. I want to view the current conditions, not a time lapse loop that closes on the last pic. (You list one star for that) I check the local radars and pics several times a day.

- My GoTo Weather App

I’m kind of weather junkie and have several weather apps, but for daily use I keep coming back to Weather Bug. It has an intuitive user interface, near realtime weather updates, daily and hourly forecasts, a multilayer map, and tons of other useful features. It also allows me to save cities that I may travel to.

- My go to Weather app

When I need to know the weather in places that are not near any main city...this is the app to use. Family goes hiking out west a lot and this our go to app. It has so many weather stations spread out all over Las Vegas that major new channels are using it now. Not a totally perfect app but nothing is...still the top weather app around

- Mediocre software

This is pretty mediocre software, especially given how long they’ve had to work to improve it. I’m especially annoyed with the fact that the Hurricane map performance on my iPhone 7 Plus is atrocious and that they still, after years and years, haven’t bothered to restore your position in the app when you return. This is a basic feature users take for granted in other apps and it is still not implemented. That alone takes this from three stars to two.

- MrBillfarm

The goto weather app for everyone in the family! It’s easy to navigate, and the information you need is right there. We actually plan our outdoor activities using the long range forecast, and seldom have a mishap. I have always preferred more complex data, but I find myself referring to this app more and more simply because it’s reliable.

- Review

Great app. Keeps me on top of the weather conditions, I really like the interface. Keep up the good work, I have used This app for 4 years and it has improved thru the years.. The developers continue to work to improve the functionality and add new features.. If you want to stay on top of the weather, and environmental conditions get this app...

- Quick and accurate

I use Weather Bug several times each week. Not only is it usually as accurate as my local tv weather, when I travel I am able to quickly get an idea of what is happening in the local area. I also use the integration with the Apple Watch so that I can track the outside temp. Great app! 👍

- Greatly improved app

The newest edition of this app has a much improved radar display. The hourly option for weather displays is very useful. And the easy finding and saving locations around the country, makes monitoring weather in selected locations while traveling through those places, very convenient.

- Available when other apps are still loading

This app is really good about being available when other apps are still loading. I like the alerts too. Fairly accurate on pinpointing your current location. I would definitely recommend it

- Best weather app

I tried 6 different weather apps and I consistently went back to this one. I like the summary for the day, Spark the lightning notifier and the maps. Living in southwest Florida we get a lot of thunderstorms, Weather Bug provides clear, concise weather information in a logical manner. I use it on my iPhone , personal and work computer.

- Wish Future Radar was Available

Great detail in the app. I only wish that the radar which I use for rain/snow would go to a 1-2 hour prediction like some apps use. If I’m tracking rain before going home at 6:30 the app will show me the precip. radar from 5:30-6:30 which isn’t extremely helpful if I’m looking to see if I could ride my bike home or if I need to take the subway.

- Great App!

As a principal I am checking the weather often. This app has always been accurate to my area and easily accessible. Safety for students is priority. I also use it on outings with my family across the country. I get alerts that keep me informed and safe even when I’m away from home. I highly recommend WeatherBug!!!!

- Missy good

Humidity tracker needs some work... Currently our humidity is at about 77%, due to the inconsistency in their reporting, it shows at 13%, while I would appreciate that low humidity it isn’t true. Also, the month to date precipitation tracker doesn’t do a very good job of keeping up. In June it rained 23 days and for the first two weeks of the month it reported far less than we had received.

- Excellent App

Goes beyond providing the basics you need to providing interesting info via a well-thought-out user interface. Best weather product I have found in that you can easily access what you want to know and then drill down, but only if you want more - no pushing info at you without your request for it.

- Just what I needed…

To keep it simple, I was fishing one day and had one eye on the radar on my phone. I told the guy I was fishing with that it was going to start to rain in about eight minutes, and lo and behold I did. That’s just one part of the app though, I feel like I am always in touch with what’s going on outside even when I’m stuck inside

- Reliability

I’ve used many weather apps over the years, but always maintained Weatherbug as my primary. Lost our house to Sandy, and I use the NWS for tech info backing up the full details of storms and of course Weatherbug is in that package for decision making. We left the morning ofSandy knowing it wasn’t safe to stay. Forecasts were, sadly, accurate.

- Finally

has been iffy at best for a few years on my iphone - radar constantly froze up - the only thing i would like to come back with this newest version is the swipe on the main screen to move to locations saved around the country - it would be easier and faster than swiping the tiny bar at the top - that's why only 4 stars.

- Good, but some inconsistencies

I like the hyperlocal weather data, but the app has inconsistencies. The daily forecast is often different than the hourly forecast (which I find to be completely inaccurate). For example, the daily forecast says 60% chance of rain (similar to other weather forecasts), but the hourly shows 0% all day! This is clearly not correct. Please sync these up.

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WeatherBug Elite 5.18.8 Screenshots & Images

WeatherBug Elite iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

WeatherBug Elite iphone images
WeatherBug Elite iphone images
WeatherBug Elite iphone images
WeatherBug Elite iphone images
WeatherBug Elite iphone images

WeatherBug Elite (Version 5.18.8) Install & Download

The applications WeatherBug Elite was published in the category Weather on 2009-04-24 and was developed by WeatherBug [Developer ID: 281940295]. This application file size is 239.81 MB. WeatherBug Elite - Weather app posted on 2020-11-25 current version is 5.18.8 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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