Slide Up - Games, New Friends!

Slide Up - Games, New Friends! [Reference] App Description & Overview

Everyone's played Slide Up before - probably even you! Pick the best games to play and share them on your story, or swipe from card to card to make new friends.

Check the app every day to find fun games to share with your friends and keep the fun going!

Made with love by @viralstuff xoxo

**NEW** Slide Up Plus+ and Base

- Friends Boost
- See which Friends viewed you
- Go back in time in Friends
- Remove watermarks*
*Included in Slide Up Base

Subscribing to Slide Up+ enables all app features, including watermark removal, Friends Boost/Rewind/Viewed Me. Base unlocks less features. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at purchase confirmation. You can cancel your subscription via the following url: Terms of Use:
 Privacy Policy:

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i added improvements and set the stage for a new type of game! -xoxo @viralstuff

Slide Up - Games, New Friends! Comments & Reviews

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- Absolutely amazing!

I downloaded slide up thinking it would be just like YOLO and all those other apps but I was totally baffled to see it wasn’t. It has EVERYTHING, literally everything. I totally recommend it! It has no glitches as far as I’ve used it, I’ve had it for months now. I’ve had no problems with it. The people working on it really know what they’re doing. If you’ve ever wanted to do those questions about yourself but can’t think of things slide up has already made ones by people that use slide up! Thank you for making it this far into this review I’m overall impressed with this and DEFINITELY will not be deleting it. Goodbye👋🏼

- How does this have 4.6 stars?

When I first got the app a few months ago is pretty nice, there was a few bugs but that didn’t bother me that much since it was a fairly new app. Then they kept adding new stuff and still not fixing the bugs. First they made us wait 10 seconds every time before you used a filter that you use in 5 seconds. I stopped using their filters since I don’t want to wait. Also they have a pmoys(put me on your story) feature. Even though I have made friends from it, I have also found 2 people who were asking for nudes and I’m still underage and that would be illegal. One last thing too, they added the anonymous message and I used to like it and it was nice, but then they added this update where it’s just a picture and you have to put the link on it by yourself. Also you can’t take a picture of yourself it’s just a black background.

- I love it😍😍

This app is very nice, I’m very picky but I like it a lot!! My friends all have this app! I love how there are little SC stories you can sub to and their very fun and cool! I like also how you can use the app without having to do a trial, you have a choice! I’m sure the trial is very nice because the normal app is lovely by itself but, I enjoy and love the app normally by itself! Thank you!

- Tricked into Paying

When I first downloaded this app, a notification popped up asking to try it with a trial. I assumed it was a FREE trial, but it ended up being a trial that cost the normal price MINUS like two dollars (??? Why call it a “trial”, then? Extremely misleading). I’m extremely frustrated that I have just been charged for an app that deliberately misworded “trial” to get money. In 99% of cases, a trial implies that you get to try it, meaning it’s FREE, NOT discounted. AND there’s no way to contact the app developers or a support team, because there’s no option for that in the app. Ridiculous. I would give it 0/10 stars for this misleading feature, and it’s so unfortunate I have to give it this rating without being able to try the app itself. $8 compared to $10 is waayy too much for a TRIAL PERIOD.

- how is this rated 4.6 stars

1. Once you create an account you CANNOT delete it. 2. All the games on here can be played for free on snapchat without any purchases. 3.All of people on here are either shady, inappropriate or both. So far I haven’t seen the developer reply to any of the other reviews complaining about child pornography. 4.It’s very easy to get your money stolen on this app. 9/10 times that i’ve opened this app i’ve received pop ups from Apple. I had to turn off the fingerprint on my phone to stop myself from accidentally buying a trial (which is usually free) for 8 dollar meanwhile the normal price is 10 dollar a week. Again I have not seen the developer respond to the countless other reviews saying the exact same thing. Very sketchy.


I had this app for a while now so far it was good, they made different lenses where you could do quizzes and many other things then you can send them to your friends on Snapchat. It all goes downhill from here, so tonight I was scrolling through different lenses and I see one called “The Official N Word Pass” made by “ViralStuff” after seeing it I immediately felt sick to my stomach, it was a lens where you could type your name then it “grants” you permission to say the n word. I don’t know how to report it on the app so I just came to write a review and hopefully the creators of the app can see this message and take the lens down cause it’s very disturbing and disgusting that someone made that. I’m just going to stop right cause that’s all that I have to say.

- Please read.

This app has a great concept but unfortunately is a blatant attempt to copy the app YOLO. Though it has other stuff that yolo doesn’t, the main anonymous message feature is the same. Also the app isn’t very iPhone X and up friendly because the back button is inside the notch where the time is shown so you can’t press it. Just fix the layout for non home button users and add one main unique game and this app has 5 star potential. I don’t normally do reviews but I thought this development team could get their app a lot more hype if they take my words into consideration.

- why are they making us wait?

i downloaded the app when it first came out, it was really fun and i could try different lenses. then snapchat made an update where you can just swipe up on the story of someone who used the filter, so i deleted the app to save space. but after a while, it started making me wait 10 seconds before i could use the filter... why are you making us wait? just let us use the filter and stop being so dumb about it! now i don’t even bother to use your filters because i don’t wanna sit there and wait for 10 seconds to use a stupid little filter! it also seems that you think your app is so important that people have to wait to use it, GET OVER YOURSELF!!

- keeps crashing after new update

it’s a great app and it’s where I meet a lot of my new friends. I fell in love with the app and it’s a great way to do the challenges that you see your friends do. I loved how you had to log in everyday to keep your streak and getting trophies was pretty easy. one day I was on it and I saw UPDATE button so I updated and now every time I click on it, it crashes and idk if it’s just a bug but I have uninstalled it and installed it and does the same thing and I have no idea if anyone else has this problem!!

- Reporting...

I will be reporting this app. I went to the “help center” and asked how to delete my account. The creator purposely skipped over me and personally responded to about 4 other people AFTER me who had the same question as me via private messaging. I had to open their conversations to find the creator’s email so I could request my account be deleted (because apparently that’s how it’s done on this app). It has been almost a week and she refuses to respond to my emails and everyday my phone is being spammed with literally about 50 notifications from the app that I didn’t opt for and that I cannot, for some reason, shut off. So I will promptly be reporting this app and it’s unprofessional creator.

- Sketchy

I got this app and it wouldn’t work for me so I decided to delete my slide up account and disconnect it from my Snapchat account. There was nowhere within the slide up app to do this, so I searched the FAQs for how to delete the account, and the owner responded “email me” to every one of these questions and then put a gmail address. I didn’t know what else to do, so I stupidly emailed her, this giving up another piece of my personal information🤦🏼‍♂️. I’ve read multiple reviews about inappropriate content within the app, and with Snapchat accounts getting hacked. That said, there could be nothing wrong with the app, but something seems a little scary about it to me.

- Dangerous

I love this app at first but I suggest that all user should be extremely careful with this app. It has sexual child pornography and adults/young children showing their privates. I felt really uncomfortable having people texting me under age as well.. I regret getting this app and made me delete my personal account just to get rid of the stress! :(... there’s been a lot of bullying and users forcing others to show sexual photos. I had to block 8 different accounts! I’m just warning for young kids to be careful and stay safe and I’m only 19! But other then that I want this app away from my new personal account and yet to this day I have trust issues accepting others..

- To trust or not to trust? 🧐

Says this in privacy policy “When you use our Services, we may also collect information such as your browser and device information, language preferences, associate the different devices you use to access the services, and other traffic and usage related data. We also keep track of the articles you save and share with your friends.” Also says they give our info to third party out of USA which has different privacy laws from USA. So not sure what they’re doing with that info outta the USA. Idk if I trust this app.

- So there is a big problem

So here is the problem I love this app but when I post a something on Snapchat that another person posted on slide up like send me honest messages it gives me a notification but when I click on it it just takes me the home page and doesn’t tell me what it is so that makes me really mad 😡 so please fix or tell me how not trying to be mean or anything just letting you know thanks

- Not appropriate for kids!!

This app is rated 4+, it is also make to look like a fun app that just has games. But my 11 yr old got a notification for a chat, clicked on it and was faced with an up close picture of a grown mans erect penis. If you are not going to monitor pictures that are uploaded then you should advertise this app as 18+. I reported him... the picture is still up. I am so disgusted with the people involved. Sir, you are a nasty man. This app, for not having a way to contact anyone with the app personally other than to ‘report’ him. My daughter is no longer using this app. I urge you to not let your children use this app.

- Good

I thought this game wouldn’t need Snapchat you could just use it for free without Snapchat but I was excited when I got it and I was like yeah yeah I can play it but he kept asking me when I like things you have to make an account and I’m like what do you guys said it was free so I got really sad and I still use it but without just liking things sadly.

- Private mode

Can you fix the private mode I want mine on private but when I had it on private my friend and I couldn’t see each other’s post and he couldn’t see his own posts and other social media let you see your friends posts and let them see yours when you have yours on private it’s ridiculous that we have to have it on public to see each others posts and our posts when we have it on private so no creeps contact us and how are we supposed to know if they’re creeps or not when we never met them in the first place

- Suggestion

I love the app but I have one suggestion that when you press to play the game you have to wait ten seconds to actually play it I think if I have to wait it should be at the most 5 seconds but other than that I love this app

- Glitches

It has a lot of glitches well......... my bitmoji changes sometimes and my slideup acc logged out and lots of things for example i have 2000credits and I have no views or no one is adding me I uploaded things and no one saws it I mean that’s annoying bc I upload amazing things and nobody views it when I have 2000credits thank u for reading this.....I hope that it’ll be fixed soon love u viral stuff 🎈💐

- The update...

I love this app, but recently when you added the update it won’t let me access most of the filters and I can’t create any bingos and other games. I also can’t find any new games, created by the community, to play. Some of the filters tell me that I need to update the app to play, but the App Store isn’t giving me the option. Thanks for reading 😊


So I just have a quick question. To start this is a pretty neat app I am pleased. I had an error so I deleted the app and reinstalled it now it works great! So I’m happy bout that. But my question is, how do you answer the yes and no lens games? Do you just think yes or no? Or, is there a way to select yes or no? That’s all I need! Thanks! P.S I really hope my cousin and I don’t die burping😂😂😂 Or at least that’s what the how will I die lens said

- Can't log back in

I downloaded this app because I saw the games on snap chat storys so I downloaded it but I had to delete all my social media apps because I was letting a friend borrow my phone don't ask me why but they needed to borrow my phone so I used my old phone and now I can't log back into my account and I really like this app but I cant log back in please fix this problem

- The watermark...

This app is great and all, but I hate the watermark, and the “share” and “save” buttons literally cover almost the entire bottom half of the picture so I can barely try any of the challenges. It’s not worth spending ALL that money just to remove the dumb watermark, and idek if it will move the “share” and “save” buttons down. So if you at least move the share and save buttons down, I’ll put the stars back.

- Please read!!

before yoh purchase slide up know that you may be confronted by DISGUSTING pictures when you just what to use the fonts or look at memes like me cuz shrek is amazing but when ever you report something it supposedly just hides it from your account do not download this if you want to keep your info safe it takes you snap act and “doesn’t do anything to it” as well as your phone # I downloaded it to get some cool fonts but it was overall and obvious mistake 🙄😡

- I received a disgusting picture from someone who added me🤮

I downloaded this app just for the games to play with my friends on Snapchat. I wasn’t using the PMOYS part when I first got it then I thought I’d try it out, so I did. I thought it wouldn’t be bad to app people so I did. Sooner or later people started adding me back and I accepted them little did I know that one guy would send a nude picture of his d##k 🤮 I was disgusted and blocked and reported him and deleted the app right after but I find it disgusting to be sent a picture that I didn’t want.

- It’s good but annoying

So I downloaded this app after using Lenses on Snapchat and I have to wait 5 seconds to use the lens because there is a message from the desperate creator and it’s just really annoying. And there are also too many useless notifications like I’m gonna be excited to see “who has a crush on me”. So again, I kinda like the feature in the app but it’s so annoying

- Creator is kinda rude

I don’t recommend downloading this, they have some rude people in this app. And the creator of this game is not fair😐all she does is post means and doesn’t even reply to everyone in the help center 💀 and there is also this annoying girl named cydcutiee in the app and she curses and the creator does absolutely nothing 🙄 and she giving her nice warnings like she is gonna listen 🤣

- it’s ok

so the quizzes, bingos, etc. themselves are fine and creative. (for some of them they can be formatted weird as well as the app itself, but that’s just my opinion). The notifications seem excessive. what’s the point of a paid membership on an app like this? 10$ a WEEK? seriously? i honestly forgot i had it downloaded. the use of emojis are also a bit excessive. 2 stars because some of the games are interesting to play and explore.

- Help

Ok I love the app but at some point I deleted to make space for something and it hadn’t gone away and had a white background with some pattern as they picture and I’ve tried to delete again while it looks like that and it doesn’t work, it says it’s still downloaded but I can’t open it or delete it to fix it,, what am I supposed to do?

- Weird glitch

So on the #PMOYS tab, you can add people on Snapchat and that’s great but now it keeps giving me an error message basically whenever I try to add someone and it says “oops, please try again later” can anyone explain this to me because I like adding people haha.

- excellent concept , poor execution .

how do I upload a “game” ? over all, the app has a clever concept with a few minor design flaws. I think perhaps it could be a little easier to navigate and a little less oriented around adding people. apart from that, more diverse & new games would really be wonderful (:

- Doesn’t work for me

I’ve tried to do multiple story questions but it always says unavailable or something went wrong why I try and share! Someone please put in some input or help?

- Too Much Money.

I have to say, for a 1 week trial it should be free. However, it is $7.49 for a 1 week trial. Then, you pay $10 a week. A trial should be free. I can’t even test the app without paying a bunch of money. I honestly think you should make the trial free. I wouldn’t recommend this if you don’t want to pay lots of money. Otherwise, I can’t say it’s good or bad. Too pricey, though.

- Great but not so much with new update

I love this app but the new update isn’t working. Like it shows the screen for the subscriptions and once I click the x it crashes. I know a lot of people have been having this problem but I know more people saying it makes it more prominent to the developers.

- Racially inappropriate

The app has a game called the n-word pass. Non-black races using the n-word has been a big controversy and to use that as a game is not okay. There is no such thing as a n-word pass. That’s just an excuse to use to the word and get away with saying a racial slur. This game is racist and extremely offensive and should be taken down. Saying the n-word is a slur that targets black people across the world and is still used against them. That word shouldn’t be used in a game or as a Snapchat filter for fun!

- Don’t recommend

This is a bad app. 1. It glitches out HORRIBLY! 2. In the chats, all guys do are adding you and they ask for nudes! Hell nah! And when you open your Snapchat you get all these random people adding you! I don’t recommend this app. My sisters Snapchat account also got hacked and lost all her memories, and my eyes only snaps. This is a dangerous app. My sister lost her friends from school in real life bc the person who hacked her account posted rude pictures on her story. Please dont get this...

- Good game but confusing

I think slid up is a great game because it’s has nice filters and more but a lot if people don’t know how to make a game because when u click on the button to make a game then it tells u to chose a pic from ur camera roll but if u chose a pic that’s not a game so it’s very disappointing and difficult when u try to make a game

- Awesome

Overall the app of great I would totally recommend it even though people are saying they had trouble with login I did not and the games on the app are fun and unique you can also earn trophy's

- One of the worst apps I’ve ever seen.

This app is absolutely horrible. For 1. It requires you to put in your snapchat information and password which is extremely sketchy. 2. The app requires you to allow its access to location and other things on your phone. 3. The app is extremely lag and buggy, I’m on a new iPhone 8 Plus and is full of extremely garbage and boring so called “story games”. Over all I don’t recommend you get this app.

- Review

This app is so amazing! On Snapchat there are not many filters like this! I love these filters because people get to know me more and it’s like a online game of truth or dare sometimes! I recommend this app if you have Snapchat

- Where is the chat icon?

Once the app updated the chat icon wasn’t where it usually is. Can someone tell me where it is or is it just not in the new update? Bring the chat back please.

- It’s a nice game but

It’s a good game but it keep kicking me out also sometimes it would freeze I thought maybe it was my internet but after a while of think it was it was just the game I still have the game download and I love it but can u please fix this bug!!

- love it

This app is pretty cool I've met some people on here that i'm online friends with and honestly I love that when i need to contact the app owner she writes back and that everything works perfectly so yeah 10/10

- It is ok

I like it, it is very fun! But the thing is that you have to pay for more games, and this coronavirus pandemic, it is causing people to lose jobs, so they don’t have much money. So, it would be way better if you didn’t have to pay.😐

- Slide up is the best

Slide up is way much better than yolo and link slide up tells u how many streaks people have it can change your key board and everything and it’s a great help

- Thx for making SLIDE UP

This app is soo good I was always looking for snapchat games on google but one day I found this and now I am happy and it’s easy to get games from it and enjoy it thx for the people who made this♥️.

- You should get this app

This app deserves a five star for sure. This app keeps track of your privacy and lets you know what is happening and who is on. Please get this app I promise you it will work!!😁

- Great app

I really enjoy this app but sometimes it glitches I can’t figure out how to change my Bitmoji face on the app. But overall it is a really good app for people that can’t have yolo and I think that is fun that it comes with some little game filters 💛

- Sketchy

Pretty sketchy, I tried going in the t@g page and it was asking for my birthday so I put it in, then it asked for my mobile number and email and when I put my number I got a error screen that said it had an error making a $154 transaction to my account because I had an unsufficient amount of money but the fact that I got that screen was very very sketchy and seemed like it was tryna take my money.

- It’s very fun but i don’t have snapchat

i’m not allowed to have snapchat but other than that you can play some of the games on there and it’s fun! thanks for making the app 💓💓

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- Funky Monkey Person

This is actually a pretty good app I work recommend it but only if you have Snapchat. I just wish that there wasn't a premium edition because it would be nice to be able to do all. I also wish that you didn't have to wait five or ten seconds to use the lens because it's boring. I loved pranking my friends with the Charli Damelio and Addison Rae lenses it was great. Good job.

- <3

Would 100% recommend- if you don’t want anyone to see your location just go into settings and set it to never allow location. I’ve gotten at least 500 adds in the last few days and their all genuinely nice people. Worst case to happen is you just block someone.

- Idea

Maybe make a yolo like feature for private messages so you can reply and post them on your story

- Phone number

It’s a cool app don’t get me wrong it really is but I deleted it, I couldn’t add my phone number which is pretty much my only thing I use for my accounts I never really use an email address. My phone number needed to be a “U.S.A.” number which frankly is really dumb if your going to make an app why only make if so people from this country can only use not everyone in the world, but other then that it’s a cool app

- They are showing my location without knowing!!

on snapchat i show my location to only close friends, but on this app they are showing right on the dot where i live! even when i have signed out i still get a notification people are following me and i don’t know if they are still showing my location! if they are i am suing them, they have no right to show my location without my permission! 🖕🏿🤬😡😤🤯

- Great App!

Normally I find apps like this that are like “gimme your email and I’ll mail em to ya” but this doesn’t need an email, EVERYTHING is in the app. And great games test and everything else, easy set out and really fun when you put em on your story! ❤️❤️💯💯🔥

- Hehe

It’s amazing. Full of fun games

- Downloading without permission

I just recently saw on my phone this app. I have never looked at it. Never previously downloaded but still it was there. Should you need to ask before downloading an app?

- It’s alright, but

Please add an option so you don’t *have* to be in the USA I couldn’t use my Australian number which was a number :((

- Story

The apps great but i feel like you should be able to see who views your thing without having to pay for it.


𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙠𝙚𝙮𝙗𝙤𝙖𝙧𝙙 𝙛𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙨, 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣 𝙬𝙤𝙩𝙠 𝙞𝙣 𝙖𝙣𝙮 𝙖𝙥𝙥. T̾h̾e̾y̾ a̾r̾e̾ d̾o̾ u̾n̾i̾q̾u̾e̾, w͓̽o͓̽u͓̽l͓̽d͓̽ d͓̽e͓̽f͓̽i͓̽n͓̽a͓̽t͓̽l͓̽y͓̽ r͓̽e͓̽c͓̽o͓̽m͓̽e͓̽n͓̽d͓̽

- Poor

On snap it doesn’t work on iPad Snapchat.

- Check the chats

Please go through the chat hashtags, it’s not a safe area.

- LOVE IT!!!

I love slide up! It’s so fun and positive.So many games and fun activities to do! Definitely recommend! 😍😜

- Subscription

See I got bored and decided to get the subscription, it’s a good app overall but when I went to unsubscribe I saw the 1 week trial was $16.99 and the monthly was $59 even though it said it was $16 and the 1 week was $12

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- why won’t some filters work

it’s a good app and all, but it says i need to update it. i did that and it still doesn’t work and idk what to do :/

- prank calls

ever since i downloaded the app iv’e been getting prank calls that are getting more and more serious because now the people know where i live and it’s scaring me. I know it’s from this app because they are using my username. Plz help or i will report this app.

- uhg

Why does the app need to access your microphone?? Also, i feel like this app is listening to me and going through my personal info!! This app sucks and i do not recommend to download!! 👂🎤😭

- USA phone #

U have to have a USA phone number to register I have a Canadian one 😢

- Can't get in

I click on the app and it goes White then takes me out of the app

- Overall an amazing app

The only problem is that sometimes the filters don’t work properly and the keyboard stays on the picture. Otherwise a great app 😍

- Who Viewed me

I have it a 4 because I can’t pay to see who viewed my profile and it’s really annoying can you please make that free so people that can’t pay for it can have that! I hope you agree and everyone else agree! Have a nice day

- ...

Make it so you can log into a another account without having to create a new account

- hi

omg i love this game its soo fun tanks for making it :)

- Why I think this application is great

This app is great to make new friends and meeting good people to be able to have good streaks with:) it would be able to really get even better if they were able to find people around closer life interests it would make me really happy :) however good job on making such a fire app for socializing

- It’s great

You don’t have to post for anything and I think it’s pretty fun

- Won’t let me recover my password for my account or create a new one

This app logged me out and will not let me recover my account or create a new one. I enjoyed this app until I could no longer use it.

- not good

very glitchy and totally bugged out my phone. i have an iphone xr. also everyone who uses this app is really annoying and if u use it i hope u step on a lego


It’s okay , great too find some fun stuff on there

- Amazing app!

During this quarantine I’ve been bored (like anyone really) so these fun quick games really give me something to look forward to each day as I wake up!!!! 100% totally would recommend!

- 😘🥰

Love this app you can put so much cool stuff on you Snapchat story or to send to friends

- Its awsome

Its an awsome thing to do when your bored and is just really cool to see everthing on the app

- The watermarks are SO annoying

When I do bingos from here or smthing there is a GIGANTIC WATERMARK 24/7

- Help me

I can’t get it to connect to my Snapchat story but other than that it’s amazing.

- Was fun now sucks

It used to be good now I deleted it and all my friends cause it glitches and always says something went wrong

- It’s alright but needs more new content

A lot of the images are already marked on, terribly cropped or messy. But you do find some good games on there. The membership thing is absolutely outrageously expensive, if it was a few bucks a month I bet a lot more people would sign up. Also you should get creators on there to make more story games because a lot of them are just recycled off Instagram accounts. It’s good, I just wish there was more new content!!

- Filters

This app is fun and stuff but some filters say that u have to update and on App Store it says I’m ok but this app is fun

- Best app ever lmao jk

Dumb af ya thinking imma pay 10$ A WEEK. Like bro ateast 5$ a month I’d pay that but cmon ya tryna scam us when we struggling too smh ur just a slide up app chill bbg 😘🧐

- Don’t get

You have to pay 13,49 for this

- Nothing to do!!!

This game looks like it’s really fun but I don’t want to pay money. You can’t do anything if you don’t pay money. The only way how I use these apps is I either rely on my friends who bought the app, or I send my friends the app. But I just wish there was a way to do something without paying the money.

- It’s okay ig

Like I like how I can save the images then post as my story and stuff but like I think more people would like it if it was just free....cuz I’m only using it for 24 hrs

- I’m sooo confused

I’m sooo confused how do u use this app when all my friends on Snapchat use one of these games it doesn’t work and it makes me pay all the time

- I love it!

It a great way to pass time with friends especially during this whole quarantine thing and I get to learn more about my friends and the people I talk to really love it I suggest it to anyone who has Snapchat!

- Omfg

This app doesn’t work I can’t play anything also if I want to do anything I have to pay a bit load of money which I don’t have so this actually sucks

- Unable to use

Although this does seem fun, my name starts with a ‘V’ which i can’t press because it’s between the information button and camera button

- why u should get this app

this app is literally so fun, if u have nothing to post on ur story than i would totally suggest this app!!

- Don’t like it

Can’t press the letter c or any by the photo button

- Confusing

I literally can’t try any lenses without having to pay $9.99 or unless my friends post it on their story I try the lenses from there but either then that i don’t know if that’s because I can’t try the lenses without paying.

- This app is aids

Bruh why u make this

- Too much $$

14.00 per week

- Nonononono

I wanted to post something but it has my friends username and it sent it to the world. My acc is now on private. I can’t see my posts. Pls help

- Idk

so goddamn complexed for me geez lmao I didn’t take 3 days to tryna use a filter bruh or I’m just dumb

- Really great app..

This is a really fantastic app! It always gives me something to do when I’m bored.

- Doesn’t work

I have tried multiple times to sign up, but it doesn’t work

- I don’t really know

Every time I save one of them there’s something blocking one of the questions or something and I don’t know how to get rid of it

- Thx

I love what u guys do for so many ppl. Giving them apps to talk to other ppl

- Can’t send answers

When I slide up it says “download the app!” Which I did and it still doesn’t work, fix this soon please!

- Slide up💖🔥😩

I love this app bc it’s cool for snap and I love it I use it almost every day you should but like 100x more vv ya th yasss

- The Update

Ever since the update, I’ve never been able to go back to see PMOYs! I hate this cause did I miss it then I can’t see it again! I hate this, if I was doing a review before the update, I would give it 5 stars👎🏽

- Ummm

I can’t find any of the actual games or like the yo thing where you can send funny sounds to friends.

- Help

I was trying to sign in but it said “cannot find account” please can you help me

- Love this app

Love this app great my friend suggested to me and it has so many funny memes to watch and share

- Love this app!!!

This app has so many snap chat game



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- Nice review

This is a nice game, I just don’t like the fact that it’s very laggy. This could be just because my phone has alot of things with little storage, but it’s still good!

- One of my fav apps

I absolutely love this app and the concept of it! It has lots of games and videos do watch when bored and you can add people to your Snapchat. Totally recommend

- Problem

I live the app only one thing every time I try to share something like send me honest messages when I hit the share button it doesn’t work it just stays on the same page

- ❤️❤️

I only use this app for the fonts but what I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have auto correct and I spell things wrong 😂

- Slow but I like it!

It won’t fix my bitmoji and when I open the app for my daily streak it won’t change:( so I’m stuff with the same streak not increasing whenever I open the app please fix that I really like this app though 👍🏼

- Disappointed

Was not able to even play any of them due to the app “not being completely up to date” even though it had been downloaded only minutes prior. I attempted to make an account and was told me email address was not valid and after having completed that I was still unable to try any of them

- Needs fixing

Yes it works, but when you use the fonts, the words are off the keyboard and you can’t click on some letters. However every font is free. Also I clicked on the contact us button from my settings and it didn’t do anything.

- It works... Mostly

Not a bad app at all, but its slow at times. Games don't work if your version of Snapchat is outdated so I spend my time on PMOYS. Credits don't really mean much because people only seem to view me when I'm active

- Logging Problems🧐

Hii💕 Well I see people have trouble with the login part, Well same as me I changed my password about 3 times and can’t login 🧐...I really wanna try the app out💕

- Hehe

I love this the fonts are fun and it’s fun making new friends, there are a lot of guys asking for nudes, but idc. Also when i try to type on the yolo kind of thing it glitches and messes up my typing. But overall it’s pretty fun

- I love/hate this app

This app is ok, I mean I think it’s great but it has some flaws (like every app). I downloaded this to make new friends on Snapchat. It’s not geat for that. A lot of the games seemed useless. So I mean it’s ur choice to get this or not. I would recommend giving it a shot diner no one uses ghost codes anymore.

- Completely free

People may have said it is misleading, but it works pretty well, I’m talking to a lot of people hopefully to become better friends.

- Too many notifications

I liked this app at first because it showed me all the games I could play on Snapchat that they made BUT I got notifications every day which I do not like. Plus a lot of the games are pretty dumb I wish they would take their time and come up with interesting ones instead of what your name means in a bunch of different forms. It’s boring.

- Going backwards on PMOYS

Im sure many people agree with me that we shouldn’t have to pay to go back like it has always been like. Please fix, I’m sure that many users will find it frustrating

- Meh

It’s pretty cool but.. I hate that u have to pay for some of them like their just games u play on Snapchat I do recommend if u are willing to pay $10 a week I would but I would like to spend that money on something else but overall it’s pretty cool

- Best app Eva!!!!

I love this app sooo much I’ve made so many new friends!! There are so many fun games and tbh’s you can do I hope the add more in the future!!! Thanks for making this app cause I’m never off of it! ♥️

- The best app ever

It let me make new friends and it so fun me and all my friends love this app when me and my friends when I first heard about this app I did not know what it is but after it is the BEST APP EVER 😘🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!

- Great!

The owner of the app is super nice! I emailed her and she got back to me in less than an hour! GREAT app! I highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!

- Poll Stickers Don’t Work

when ever i do a poll sticker it never tells me how much people voted and what they voted for, so i think this app would be five star only if they had some way to tell you if anyone voted in your poll.

- Kinda

This app is fun but it won't let me in because now it's starting to freeze up on me every time I click on the app and it won't let me in.. once I go to that app it goes to a white screen and then it takes me out Pls fix it

- Pretty good app

It’s pretty good. Just wish there was a feature when your doing the pmoys where you could choose the age group you wanna see and pick your gender preference that you wanna see.

- Great app, but price brings it down

So this is a great app, but the watermark is really annoying. And I don’t think it’s reasonable to be spending $10 a week, or $520 A YEAR for the biggest change in the app being the watermark removal. Have the watermark removal be it’s own separate one time payment, for at most $2.99

- Hi😊

I love how there are a lot of different stuff because if I never downloaded this I probably would be using the same Snapchat filters rn😂💞

- Autocorrect

Slide up is great, but the only thing I dislike about it is that it doesn’t have autocorrect on the keyboard extension. I value autocorrect very much and I would like it to be added to the slide up keyboard. Thanks!

- This app is pretty cool!

You can look at the different games to play on here and give a little more about yourself! I think it’s pretty cool!

- Best things to put on Snapchat

This things has so many challenges things to send to 50 people

- My opinion

I actually really like this app it’s entertaining for me going through all the slides! I really like it 10/10

- Problems

Overall it’s a good app, but I just downloaded it and it says to use the “games” I have to update, yet I have the latest version. If they are able to fix this then I’ll change my review to a 5 star. That’s my only complaint so far

- I love it but one issue

I still don’t know how the play the games but I just met someone there which is now my bestie on the app

- ❤️💗

It’s actually good for your Snapchat status more ppl may follow you and when ur stories will now may not be empty anymore

- I like it

I think the app is very fun, it gives you something to do. And is very entertaining so keep it up 😊

- 5 stars before this update!

With the new update I have to wait 10 seconds to be able to use the snap lens. That takes 10 seconds away from my life and I don’t like it

- Review

Can you please make it to were when you add someone you don’t have to open snapchat? like it takes a lot of time..

- Great app but one thing

Slide up please add back the feature on PMOYS when you slide right it sends u to Snapchat with there user name and a choice to add them please add back that was very useful🔥🔥

- What happened?

I enjoyed this app for a while, it was simple and easy to use, now I can’t use the app on Snapchat, and the only way I can use it is taking a picture on the app, saving it and sending it to snapchat. They can’t even take videos?! Can you just put it back to normal I liked using it on snap ;-;

- Slide up app

So, the slide up app is very fun and most of the results are true! But, there are some flaws but I would rate it 10/10

- It’s good but...

The app is fun to use when bored on snap but I just wanna say it is really annoying when it says “Do you like using slide up? Leave a nice review” every minute. Maybe show that more less. Otherwise it’s a pretty good app.

- Love/Hate situation

Soooo I LOVE the app but after the update it is totally out of control and I can’t even type what I want on it, no hate but please try and fix this quickly bc I want to use it so bad rn 😂

- This app don’t work sorry.

I try everything on this app and it just kicked me back to the home page. I tried the celebrity voice game and said things and it either loaded and kicked me out or froze and kicked me out of the whole app having to start over. The overall app is glitchy and slow.

- It’s great!!!

It’s a great app and it makes Snapchat less boring than just texting your friends and doing streaks

- Can you make the new emoji face game for all iPhones

I love this app an all but can you make it where all the games work on all the iPhones thanks!

- Slide up

So I like using this app to see if my crush likes me and see if I have actual friends

- It’s good

It’s good but the only thing is I can’t have Snapchat so I thought hey this looks cool I’ll look into it so I did and you can use some things without snap but no all

- i’m worried about my info

so yes, i will admit that i haven’t even logged in yet but that is because i am scared about it stealing my password on snap. i don’t think that this will happen but i am scared that it might since it tells me to login. so that’s why i looked through the reviews and luckily i didn’t find anything about this issue

- Must Download

This is an amazing app, once you slide up and add someone you instantly get more and more friends.

- Great...ish

Whenever I try a filter, it’s saying that I need to update to get it. The app is already updated and it still won’t let me use the filter.

- Keyboard

The app is really great and all but my name is gavin and if I try to press v on the keyboard on the snap filter it just brings up info. I was just wondering if you could fix that please.

- New Filter

This new “N word pass” is offensive. Why would u even make a filter like this. At first the app was fine okay this and that. BUT THEN u make this bs. That is offensive especially considering the fact that the N word has a history behind that isn’t funny. That filter is a no and the reason I am now deleting this app😡

- Slide up

I like using this app when I am poll with my friends . I can ask questions .

- Awful

The first time I got the app it was great I made some new friends met people all around the world then you guys had to update it!!! Then when I updated the app I couldn’t add anyone and it is September and I still can’t you guys add new stuff but never fix the bugs in the app you guys should do better!!!!

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Slide Up - Games, New Friends! 2.0.6 Screenshots & Images

Slide Up - Games, New Friends! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Slide Up - Games, New Friends! iphone images
Slide Up - Games, New Friends! iphone images
Slide Up - Games, New Friends! iphone images
Slide Up - Games, New Friends! iphone images
Slide Up - Games, New Friends! iphone images
Slide Up - Games, New Friends! iphone images

Slide Up - Games, New Friends! (Version 2.0.6) Install & Download

The applications Slide Up - Games, New Friends! was published in the category Reference on 2019-02-06 and was developed by Viral Stuff, LLC [Developer ID: 1455386054]. This application file size is 26.3 MB. Slide Up - Games, New Friends! - Reference app posted on 2020-12-22 current version is 2.0.6 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.supercoolapps.slideup

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