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The Sezzy Timer app not only shows you visually on the screen where you're up to in your workout, but it also provides auditory cues, through your headphones or phone to tell you what’s coming up next. In your longer intervals and workouts, it will also give you half way cues and countdown until you get a rest!

Timer Selections:

1. Sweaty Shredder

2. Toning Power

3. Circuit

4. 10 minute Blaster


6. Custom Timer

All Timers Include:

- Visual cues including rest, sets, circuit, exercises, supersets or rounds (depending what kind of workout you’re doing)

- Auditory cues allowing you to step away from your phone and complete the workout purely through listening. Sezzy Timer specifies what round, exercise, set or rest period you’re up to. It will also help count you down until your next movement

- Works in the background of your phone allowing you to listen to music and smash through your workout, while hearing cues from the timer app

- Custom option to create your own personalised workout

- Pause, and play option

- Display of what is coming up next in your workout to better prepare your body.

The Sezzy Timer app is simple, quick and easy to use and requires little to no preparation. Setting up timers and organising rounds, exercises and sets can often be confusing and tricky, so I’m here to take the stress out of your workout. Follow my cues and you’re on your way to a successful, sweaty, soul fulfilling workout!

Sezzy Timer App Description & Overview

The applications Sezzy Timer was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2019-02-19 and was developed by Sarah's Day Pty Limited. The file size is 7.59 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Added a visual back button, fixed background audio modes with music

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Sezzy Timer Reviews


Love it!  jordan32902  5 star

Not only is the app aesthetically pleasing, which makes working out that much better, but it is so easy to use! I don’t have to worry about the timer while working out, which allows me to get into the workout that much more. Such a great app!


Music issues, background mode  Vasilisa-M  3 star

I loved the previous version more, yes I couldn’t block the screen since the timer wouldn’t keep working, but at least I could listen to the music and every time Sarah was saying something my music volume would turn down a little bit and then it would go back to normal! Now I can listen to the music as a background, but it doesn’t turn the volume down, so I barely can hear Sarah and also when I workout with a blocked screen, the timer goes for 40 seconds in Sweaty Shredder instead of 30! I checked.. so disappointed, we waited for so long, payed for the app again and yet still got so many bugs with it..


Have to Keep the App Open  SavannahRosey  3 star

I absolutely love Sarah’s workouts and was happy that she started working on another app for her eBook. The app works well but I don’t like that you have to leave the application open on your phone other wise the timer stops. I also can’t listen to music while I use the app. I wish there were a way to do both.


SWIPE PAGE TO GO BACK  madiadiadi  5 star

Love the app!! For everyone complaining about no back button, you simply swipe the page to go back.


Love it!  JMann0098  5 star

I saw a few people write about the lack of the back button- all you have to do is swipe from the left to the right of your screen! I’ve been waiting for this app forever and it definitely makes doing the workouts so much easier!!


No back button?!  hdkeincnskaih  4 star

Love the new look of the app, and that it includes an AMRAP timer but there’s no back button! If I change my mind about a workout, I have to close out of the entire app to choose a different one. This app NEEDS a back button.


Music streaming issue  kl256  4 star

Is there a way to allow you to still play your music will the workout goes on? It shuts it off and I can’t find a settings within the app. Further you have to shut down the app to get back to the home screen.


There’s no back button?  kwhitt78  3 star

First thing I notice about this app is once you go into an exercise there’s no way to get out unless you quit the app. Seems a little odd there’s no way to go back to the main menu from the exercise.

gains xiais Samoa

Amazing!  gains xiais Samoa  5 star

Such a good app!! Makes it so much easier completing the workouts and has re-motivated me :) For the reviews saying this is a pointless app and that you thought it would have exercises.... it is a timer for her ebook. It can be used for custom workouts, but it’s specially set up to go with her ebook workouts! And for the people saying it doesn’t let you play music, you just have to swipe up to the control centre and press play, there’s seriously nothing wrong with it! And if you click the wrong one, just shut down the app (double click home button and swipe the app up) and then when you open it again it’s back on the home page.


Nice timer  1Julzie1  3 star

Long wait for this timer, its very handy for the program. Only thing is if you press the wrong work out option or want to re-start Sweaty Shredder say? there is no way to stop it and go back to the home screen, literally have to sit and wait the whole thing out...


Improvements?  daniih_  1 star

I understand that the app needed to update especially because of the new ebook. But I just feel the app just had a facelift on how it looked. I have my ebook and app on my phone (one device) which I’m not sure it continues counting when you go back and forth. Also, as soon as I open up the app, my music stops playing. Can’t have both which I thought was something that would of improved from the last.


Misleading  LydM11  2 star

Definitely read the fine prints before buying. The pictures make you think you will be getting simple exercices to do but all it is really is a pretty looking timer. Really wish I could get my money back even though it was only 3 bucks I feel like it was a ripoff.


Love it  oliv205  5 star

Great app, really easy to use!


Why?!  mebby94  1 star

Why am I paying for this again??? I already paid for the first one????


Should be free  Jujumwaxx  2 star

I probably should have read the finer details, but for a paid app I thought I was getting actual exercises to do, but all this is is a timer with Sarah saying 3, 2, 1 go. Is that worth $3?? So you will still need to create your own workout. Not really what I was after.

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