DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Game Description & Overview

What is dragon ball legends app? The ultimate anime action RPG is here! DRAGON BALL LEGENDS puts the power of your favorite DRAGON BALL heroes in your hands! Epic 3D visuals and animations bring your collection of heroes to life, with more than 400 characters to recruit and train to make your ultimate party for the battles ahead. Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Frieza, Broly, Majin Buu, and many more heroes and villains are waiting for you! Discover a new, original story starring a brand-new character designed by Akira Toriyama, the mysterious Saiyan known as Shallot! Join Shallot and your favorite DRAGON BALL characters to help save the world!

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS features action-packed anime action-RPG gameplay. With intuitive fighting controls, simple card-based strategies, and stunning 3D animation & visuals, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS brings the anime to life on your mobile device!

From great heroes such as Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin, to evil villains such as Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu, all of your favorite characters from the DB anime are ready for battle! Summon characters from popular DRAGON BALL anime series, including DBZ, DBGT, and DBS!

Enjoy 1-on-1 fighting action against your friends or rival players from across the globe in real-time PVP battles! Enter Rating Matches with your favorite DRAGON BALL characters to earn Rating Points and rewards! Or test your strength in casual matches to enjoy fun battles with players of a similar power level.

• Intuitively control your favorite DRAGON BALL fighters in 3D
• Dodge your opponent in real time, counter attacks, use your Arts Cards, and build amazing combos
• Collect all 7 Dragon Balls during battle to trigger the powerful, team-based Rising Rush attack

• Classic anime action recreated with high-quality 3D characters and stages
• Smooth character animations featuring modern takes on iconic special moves
• Play through classic DRAGON BALL sagas

• Play as an all-new character designed by Akira Toriyama!
• Experience a new adventure with Goku and all your favorite characters
• Enjoy voice acting from the original anime cast

• Popular characters from the DBZ, DBGT, and DBS anime series are here for you to collect
• From Goku’s various Super Saiyan forms, to Frieza, Jaco, Bulma, Beerus, Whis, Cabba, Trunks, and Gohan—many fan favorites join this anime action RPG
• Create the ultimate DRAGON BALL party for battle

Are you ready to become a legend? Download the ultimate DB anime action-RPG experience with DRAGON BALL LEGENDS today!

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[About LEGENDS Pass]
The LEGENDS Pass is a paid subscription where you can receive various Perks and boosts each month.

Important Notes
- The LEGENDS Pass is valid for a month starting from the purchased date and will be automatically renewed each month.
- If the LEGENDS Pass is cancelled within the validity period, Pass Perks can be obtained until logging out after the expiration date.
- You cannot make duplicate purchases during the validity period.
- Please note that even if the app is deleted, the subscription will not be cancelled.

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Updated 24 January 2023, Tuesday
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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Comments & Reviews 2023

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DB Legends. I really love this game, but you guys have ruined the fun of it with how fast an opponent gets Rising Rush to be honest. How can I start a battle and an opponent gets to rising rush me under just 15 to 20 secs into the battle ?? The previous version of getting Rising Rush was way better and to an extent, more realistic in a battle sense. Rising Rush is suppose to be more of ultimate attack that gets activated after the battle must have lasted for a while and not just in the start of a battle. People can’t just lose their strongest character in the beginning of combat and have fun playing PvP. I don’t know if it’s possible to currently fix that but a lot of people don’t even play PvP as they use to and I know a couple of people who have personally quit the game because of that. Adding to the fact that lately, the summon Rate is really terrible as well. Please kindly get to fix up how fast opponent gets Rising Rush because I’ve never seen a combat in the original series where Goku and vegeta just starts a battle and use their ultimate move together in just the start of a battle without getting to test the strength of their opponent. I loved the game when i first joined because it was super similar to the original Anime it’s self. But right now, I don’t even know if I see my self still playing this game in the next couple of months if it continues this way.

Improvements. This game has a lot of potential and more to come if they take the story from dragon ball super heroes add those characters and include Shallot in it or add story from movies or something. Where this game lost its star which would have been 5 if not for it is the fact that the MC Shallot is written in to do all this training and unlock super Saipan and what not further down yet as his soul boost card is fully 100% there isn’t any more perks for him to gain so he remains a quick and easy punch bag even on the missions where he is the one with the element advantage one succession of attacks leaves him below half health where as any other character that has been 3 starred up or higher can take a full set of 4 card attacks and remain fairly healthy still so they need to add attributes or something to the gear he is allowed to wear for armor and back pieces or scouters rather than be just basic cosmetics so that shallot can get more health or attack from it they just need to make sure it can be transmog if we wanted so like I said tons of potential but seems to be lacking especially with the MC why I played xenoverse so long was to build my own MC story not live in the life of a known character otherwise what’s point in making shallot able to go god form ??

Laggy players have an advantage that needs to be taken care of. I use yo enjoy this game pvp use to be good but some were down the line lag became a thing and lag is so 1 sided like u opponent would be the one lagging and ur game is delayed theres is fine and that’s literally the only reason some players have the rank they r is bc they take advantage of their lag and u would be delayed their game would be fine and theirs this little gap that keeps u from getting to fight the good pvp players and it’s boring bc the laggy players r legit trash like the only reason they hit me is bc of the delay they cause they would delay my game then I can’t dash out of an attack they land an ultimate and it’s over like they take advantage of it they r legit trash like I mean trash me and my freind tested it and their is just a massive advantage if ur the one lagging bc only u opponent has to deal with it ur game is fine u run 15-30 fps while ur opponent has delay it’s a really annoying advantage and the game gets boring bc ur fighting trash players when ur much better than they r plz fix this a fairly good strategy and compromise is just make the player who is lagging lag and not the other player who is not lagging or if u don’t have good internet then u can’t fight in ranked like to were it lags u as long as it don’t lag no 1 they Ight

It’s one of my favorite games but PVP needs to be improved. Whenever I play the game I always enjoy it until I run out of story and events to do so I grind on pvp. I usually always get to rank 50 if I feel like playing that much but I hardly ever play a game that’s not laggy. Almost every player I face has bad connection and their loading screen takes too long to load. Not to mention that, a lot of times the game will just not react. Whenever I use LF Vegeta or super baby 2, they have flaws in them. Sometimes when I try to switch LF Vegeta our because he’s getting rising rushed, the other character doesn’t switch out and I know I’m not trapped so Vegeta just has a problem. Super baby two just has really slow vanishing and he attacks really slow for some reason. Today I played pvp a lot and there were so many time where the game did not react to my side steps or when I pressed a arts card. It was actually extremely frustrating because the players I played weren’t even close to my skill level but were able to either get close to defeating me or actually defeating me. And that’s so annoying. Imagine having a laggy game, none reacting arts cards, and losing to someone that’s way worse than you because pvp is flawed. I’ve also met some hackers on the game where if I landed the last blow I would’ve won but instead the hack the game and force it into a draw somehow. The game is actually really frustrating sometimes and this needs to be changed.

A truly enjoyable mobile game. I’ve been playing this game for a long time now, and reading some of the reviews made me want to write my own to explain how good this game really is. First up, people complain about how Chrono Crystals cost so much. Yes, they’re expensive if you buy them, but you literally get over 3 consecutive draws worth of crystals for the STORY ALONE! Not to mention they have events monthly and give free items to players for just playing. Secondly, I’ve seen people complain about draw rates and how getting the higher characters seems impossible. Not sure where they came up with this idea, but there is something in the game called “Happy Weekend” where you have a 50% chance for a Sparking character. (For the people who don’t know the rarity of characters goes from the lowest, Hero, then to Extreme, and finally to Sparking.) Finally the last thing I want to touch up on is the gameplay. The gameplay is honestly one of the simplest to learn and not too difficult to master. Some reviews state the dodging mechanic is broken. I’ll admit there are occasions where it seems like I dodged an attack only to get hit by it, but it’s due mostly to my own lack of reaction time. I’ve never seen this game bug out on me or have seen people hack, so If you’re reading this and we’re thinking about downloading the game, give it a shot! This game has stuck with me since I first played it and even though I don’t play daily, I’m always finding myself logging back on for more.

Why it’s the best and how to play. It’s the best dragon ball mobile game it’s a rpg game and very fun there is a story to it to learn about the main character of the game his name is shallot he is a saiyan that crossed space time and he doesn’t know what happened so he’s in the middle of no were and meets with goku and they became friends. The game is very fun you can unlock all your favorite characters from the anime and battle them in the pvp mode you go against people around the world you can test how good you are and also there’s events there are many events for example you can grind up your characters and items to train them and other events that you fight the same character but they get stronger and stronger. The other events are story so you can play that too. To unlock all your favorite characters you have to go to the summon area and you need to get crystals tho to unlock crystals by doing the story or events once you get enough you can summon characters sparking are the best ones. there is a new mode it’s called co op you and a partner team up against a really strong villain that has lots of health that’s why you need a partner to be able to defeat them when you win you get rewards some of them are credit to spend those go to exchange shop and find the ones you have. You can add your friends in that game too and you can battle them to see who is more stronger or just fight for fun. Well that’s all I have to say goodbye and enjoy dragon ball legends.

This game is horrendous. I’m sorry if you enjoy this game, but you really should not. You quite literally get rewarded for standing still. You can fall asleep during the game and win with this new MUI Goku. All you have to do is put in the money and you get rewarded instantly. This game no longer requires any skill and hasn’t for the past 2 and a half years. If you are not willing to spend money just give up on the game because this game only cares about money and does not add anything for f2p players like myself. PvP is an unbelievably toxic experience that requires money and an annoying team. Or you can be one of the many hackers or lag-switchers that you will go against daily. Even though pvp is absolute dog water, it’s the only content that you can play because they never add any events, and for tournament of power, if you take it seriously, you need mental help. Also, Rising Rush is the dumbest thing to ever exist in anything. In a game that was originally meant to be competitive, they added a mechanic that gives you a free one shot in a luck based way. Very intelligent move by legends. Being Free to play is an infinite cycle of barely being able to get crystals, summoning for a hype character, getting shafted, losing in game, and because they don’t know how to balance the freaking game they then add a more overpowered unit 2 weeks later. This game is literal booty checks. Just play Dokkan instead, since they have no toxic pvp mode that ruins gameplay.

Best iOS game but... This game is amazing. Haven’t had to make any in-game purchase so far to continue playing, or to beat other players in PVP or to have fun. In game purchases can help you progress, and they are tempting albeit too expensive for my taste. They make it easy enough to gather premium currency without paying so that you needn’t buy any in order to have fun. They also add a fair amount of weekend game bonuses that make gathering characters/limit breaking other powerful characters easy enough. They’re really masterful at getting you to continue playing as the progression/team builds/events/exchanges/powering up/leveling up is all done very well. My ONLY gripe with the game so far is that there is NO in-game chat feature other than preset emotes that you can only use situationally and need to purchase to unlock the majority of them. And while I actually enjoy this in a lot of situations such as PVP to prevent toxicity, I wish you could chat, at the VERY LEAST, with your guild members. Friends would also be nice to chat with so you could link up for hyper dimensional coop more easily, but the guild chat I feel is a must. I have no communication with them, we don’t ever talk, no one knows each other. It’s hard to communicate during battles, or anything really. Other than that, this game is a gem and I’ve been playing for a couple of months and still am hooked.

Best mobile game ever. Dragon Ball legends is arguably the best mobile game out right now (if your a fan of dragon ball of course) with its amazing visuals,characters, and fighting system this game is on par or even better the Dokkan battle (another dragon ball mobile game) Dragon Ball legends is a Gacha game (A game were you basically grind out events,missions, and more to get the in game currency to summon for the character you want) and I’ll say the system is pretty luck based you can spend 100$ and get no one or you can spend no money and get everyone you want so if your not into that kinda thing I recommend you don’t play it because that’s the whole root of the game but if your into that kinda thing then you’ll completely love this game I’m free to play and I’ve pulled almost every character in the game (Not bragging just being completely honest) I’ve started playing this game back 2018 I believe and it’s grown and changed so much from the support for free to play to even the Pvp (which is extremely fun unless your fighting someone who’s spent thousands of dollars on the game) this game is extremely rewarding and a great way to waste time it’s one of my favorite games to play as of right now and if your a fan of Dragon Ball I recommend you give it a try

Way too much for a mobile game. I love Dragon Ball. Love it. This game stays very true to the Dragon Ball style of way too much exposition, way too little fighting. In a soap type series the formula works and works well. Plenty of talking and building up to matches. This formula when applied to a game, especially one where you are required on your mobile device to read multiple pages in between fights, does not work. There is always that crumby learning curve one goes through when playing a new game. On something like a console game or pc game you are seated and playing a game mostly exclusively. When on your on mobile you may be in transit or in a situation where you’ve got ten minutes to kill. Not very often does one sit on their phone to play very long so the learning curve should be one that’s easily picked up without having to concentrate solely on your phone for what seems like 100+ pages worth information on the different facets of the game. They have made just getting to story mode an act of sheer will power to read and digest a whole handbook of instructions. Graphically this game is amazing. The characters are all rendered very well and stages look very much like Z style animation. I deleted this game only because I couldn’t stand to have to read a Manga and play a video game at the same time! For me it’s either or. But IMO this game has too much exposition and not enough game play.

Things could be better, but it is still good!. Alright I think its about time i finally make a review on this app, I've been playing it for 3 years now, and so far I think legends is good at turning things around, the good F2P Gokus are a good beginners welcome gift, and i think that legends should try and make diverse characters that arent already in the game, for example, a character id adore to see is a Goku Black in Zamasus clothing, like how he first looked after switching bodies with goku, and possibly make him a F2P event, I would love that so much, and many others would too considering he is a F2P character, If not him make characters just diverse and not a remastered character, like a 3rd Goku Black or a 4th Hit the assassin, that and more minigames, sort of like the summons, that way besides normal battles and T.O.P mode, we have something new and a little extra to play, sort of like what you jokingly created for April Fools, the Vegeta squid dish game, or just anything else that can apply bonuses to you in a summon for example, like if you get a high score in an ping pong machine of Shallot, you can get like a sparking ticket or something, just more diversity overall is the goal

Anything less is absurd…. Firstly. Absolutely. Phenomenal. Game. Little story, my brother used to play this game along side me and we would just grind nightly for legit months. He passed away, and every time I see this game, the memories pour in. The art style, animations, voice lines, all are outdone. I read a few reviews were they stated people complain over the draw rate and chrono crystal (in game currency) cost. Every story mission you do, is a good assured 10. Each mission, has challenges which generally give up to another 15 ish. They have so so so many challenges no matter what you do, who you use, and or fight, your always raking in the profits. I’d say I’ve been playing this for about 2 months after not playing for a while, and I had to make a new account, and frankly, I have better stuff now, (with less time played) than I did then. I have like 12 LL (legends limited) characters. Which by the way, their super attacks, literally make you feel like a god. As I said, a little bit of time each day, and you could go from brand new, to lvl 114 as I have. And I’m still climbing. To sum it up, you like anime? You like fancy art and a light show when your about to lay the smack down? Then take not only my word, but I’m sure my brother would vouch as strongly if not stronger. To the creators of this game, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!!! YOUR AMAZING 🫡

Love Everything Dragon Ball but PvP is buggy. I enjoyed playing this game even if it’s a bit repetitive. The most engaging part of this game is the PvP mode, which is a crap shoot most of the time and it’s very buggy. The frequent lags would drive one bonkers and it would take some tremendous patience to get to the higher ranks. For example, selecting a skill card launches you forward and get suspended mid flight, allowing your opponent to basically know what you’re going to do and dodge your attack. Or you’ve selected cards and nothing happens at first then eventually fire but that has left you vulnerable to another player’s attack. There has been instances too that after selecting cards, nothing happens and they just fall right off. The other gripe about this game is the summoning of characters. This game should allow you to unlock characters of your choosing with your hard earned or store bought chrono crystals. Nothing kills one’s spirit when you’ve spent thousands of crystals and you’re being given Saibamen or Dodoria cards when there’s new SP or even EX characters being released. I don’t think one will stand a chance if your PvP party is made of 7 star Recoome, Mercenary Lao and Raditz against 4 star Super Saiyan Goku, Final Form Freiza and Broly. I still have hopes that they can improve this game.

It’s Dokkan Battle all over again.. I’ve been trying to keep my interest in this game, but the only interesting thing about it is its story. Otherwise, I’m almost never on this game anymore because there’s no incentive to go for anything. This game is going to end up the same way as Dokkan, where all the summon banners are gonna end up having a small sprinkle of every unit in the game in that banner, and the odds of you getting something new or what you want are next to none, and eventually you’ll end up spending money on Chrono Crystals which will boost your chances but not even guarantee anything you want. The biggest flaw is that there aren’t enough sources to get Chrono Crystals for a free to play person unless there’s some event going on, and even then, it isn’t much. And once they grind out all the sources of Chrono crystals they are just stuck in a rut until either A.) they crack open their wallets, or B.) they wait and pray that the banner they wanna hit doesn’t go away before they somehow manage to rack up 1000 crystals just to most likely get let down by the trash drop rates. I can’t even get hyped over a Bardock summon animation because I know that even if it technically means “new unit” it’s probably just one of the trashy villains that’s near useless compared to the new Legends Limited or whatever else comes out. This game just isn’t worth it.

This game is VERY GOOD. Now lets get this review started if your thinking about downloading this game you should Everything in it is cool from the cool summoning videos the events and all kinds of things and even if you stop playing for weeks months you get free stuff from a comeback bonus which can give u up to at least 1500 the rate of you getting an extreme or higher is very high If you play certain events you can get free stuff like Ultra Goku which is one of the highest rarity and you can play with friends its really easy to level up your characters if you need to soul boost to upgrade your characters they got bonus battles which gives u enough to soul boost The game is easy to master all you do is pick cards swipe hold and tap thats all you need to during a fight there isn't no running around the whole place looking for stuff its simple easy and fun so i highly recommend this game its super accurate the characters are good and dont worry this game has a lot a lot of people are fans of Goku but some aren't and if you like saibaman they got that too they have many versions of characters and they dont have any long updates and when they do they always bring something cool to the game. So YES DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

Amazing 😃😄😁. This is by far the most incredible Drangonball Z game for mobile I’ve ever played or seen and I’ve been waiting for a new game that I would actually like to come out in the App Store and finally the ultimate Dragonball Z game is here it’s got absolutely stunning graphics and smooth gameplay and an awesome roster of characters to obtain my only issue with the game is the fact that there’s no offline game mode it would be absolutely fantastic if it had something like an offline verses mode where you have the ability to continue using the characters you’ve already obtained from online play and use other characters that haven’t been obtained yet kind of like a try them before you find them deal, also please make this game compatible with my iPhone 5s before I get a notification telling me I can’t play anymore because I’ve already got one of my favorite characters obtained plus two - three hours of gameplay and it truly blow not being able to play this epic game ever again especially after getting as far as I have with the obtained characters and storyline but seriously please make this compatible with iPhone 5s and create like an offline mode add-on or something please guys I really want to be able to give and show my support for this work of art that is Drangonball Legends.

Great but it can be improved/ App kicks me out before a battle. Hello there, I just want to say this game is very unique compared to the other games. For example, it’s interesting to go through the storyline and play your characters that you summoned. Further more, I love that how diverse the characters are. So many to get and play as them. I hope in the future more characters will be added. Maybe make it slightly easier to get the special characters to. And also keep adding story’s from the series. However, there something that’s bothering me in this game. I have some problems where the app kicks me out. Not constantly but it does happen whether I summoned characters and having battle. Especially when I battle in pvp matches it kicks me out in the middle of the match and when I return obviously I lost. So hopefully there’s a solution for this. Other than loading and downloading, this game is very addicting. I watch mostly all the episodes from the old dragon ball to the remake of Dragon balls (Dragon Ball z Kai), to the recent series Dragon ball super. Wonder if the creators can add other characters from different universes. Basically having the Tournament of Power again. Don’t get me started on Jerin lol. The events are also intriguing because I like how it single out a part of a series. So that’s all I got to say for now. Thanks for creating this game. After the recent maintenance, the app keeps kicking me out before a battle. Can someone help me?

This is the Best Game on the App Store, trust me.. At first I was recommended this game by a friend at my school who said they got an update, so I downloaded it with low expectations because it was a mobile game and I’m a ps4 gamer. I download the game and skip through the tutorial then to find that I have 1,000 crystals. I spend it on summons and I get something I thought was good, but it was garbage. For some reason, I really wanted to play again and give summoning another shot during lunch. I played with my friend helping me and I did the challenges. When I got home I started playing and there it was, I was hooked. The game as an overview has such amazing graphics, not just for a mobile game, but it has amazing graphics compared to the old games I played like 2k and black ops. This game provides a lot of updates, so the devs are very respectable. It give out a lot of free things like amazing login bonuses like no other game does, it makes everything easy, has outstanding custom support and has completely changed my view of gaming. The stories are great, the balance and hyped banners with fighters they add are great. Everything you can imagine, dragon ball fan or not, is right in this game. I have went to using my PS4 for about 8 hours a day, to not using it at all, because this game is so fun. So to the dragon ball legends team, thank you for changing how I view mobile games, how I view dragon ball games, and changing my life. Download this game now. 10/10

This game is amazing. Ok so I rarely right reviews I only do them if the game is a scam or if it’s amazing. Well this might be the funniest game I’ve ever played on mobile it has great graphics fighting in the game just feels good. Also the characters are amazing if u have watched dragon ball since the beginning and want to play a game this is it. The packs in the game aren’t BS either they have great odds. And the tokens that u get to be able to buy these packs aren’t that hard to get they’re not like super easy but it’s not like EA where u have to buy the in game currency to get cool packs. It’s well balanced when getting the tokens. Another thing they really explain how things work. It’s not like most games where ur on ur own when it come to finding things. I wasn’t lost at all when starting off on this game. And one last thing it has an original story with all the og characters. Let me explain while trying not to spoil but ur this guy named shallot who starts a whole new story in dragon ball that I wouldn’t mind being an actual tv show. And about the story it’s long for mobile and some other games and it has online. There was so much effort put into this game and it shows. Great game good pack system good story. HIGHLY recommend downloading.

Honestly... I actually really enjoy this game, it’s fun to play and love the different characters and battle styles. But the PvP is broken. There are characters who are just miles away from others and have insane stats and effects that if you don’t have them on your team then don’t even try playing against someone. And in order to get said characters you need chrono crystals and a lot of luck. I don’t mind RNG and leaving my characters to chance because then you have to work with what you have. But there is no easy way to get crystals without spending a huge amount of money. Once the story is completed there goes the main way of getting any form of decent amount of crystals. It’s not fair that they want us to pay a ridiculous amount of real money for a really small amount of in game currency. It makes it very pay to win as it is obvious when you go up against someone who has a character with max stars, stats, level, and equipment. So either A: adjust a lot of character and make every character playable in PvP, B: make chrono crystals easier to obtain or significantly cheaper to buy, C: Or maybe throw in events to earn chrono crystal, that way everyone has a chance, and stop giving a one up to people with money. I really enjoy the game, the solo campaign is great and the events are fun. But I’m missing out on a big section of the game because every time I go in it’s just someone with too much time and money on their hands and doesn’t even make it fun to play.

Great but!!!. DBZ legends is an extremely good game, and the gameplay, story, and summoning events are perfect. My only real complaint and I’m sure the Devs have heard this before is the fierce battle events where you can earn characters. It’s hard to limit break those characters, and the special event battles to earn z power are impossible to beat. The enemy character has way to much health, and takes half your health with one combo or special attack. Also the hard difficulty events have become pointless even trying to beat because no matter which character I use it’s a hopeless battle. Please fix the difficulty on these events. Also the UL characters shouldn’t be allowed in pvp. The UL gogeta can basically one shot any character you try to use and that takes the fun away from pvp. Also pvp needs to better match player skill level/ and level of characters. There’s a lot of times where I’ve been matched with players with maxed out characters and I don’t stand a chance. Lastly the chrono crystals are way to expensive and you definitely don’t get your money’s worth unless you’re in a foreign country. Please fix the price or remove the purchase option entirely. It’s unfair when the people with the most money are always the winners. The Developers will probably never read, or reply to this review but at least others can see it before they download.

Generous yet infuriating game. I've been playing Dragon Ball Legends for a very long time now and I've also had multiple accounts. From what I've experienced... AVOID THE PVP SECTION OF THE GAME AND DO NOT SPEND A DIME ON THE GAME! Spending money on this game is laughable since there's a big chance you won't get the character you want from summons since the whole pull system is wack. Imagine spending money on a chance to get a character, and not only that the PVP section of this game is horrendous especially ranked matches. While you first start out on low level matches but as soon you go around the 50 mark you'll be against players that have characters maxed and are highly stronger than yours! Unfortunately when it comes to these type of mobile games it's all complete Pay to Win when it comes to online matches. And not only that it's really buggy. It's comes to the point on if your character wants to dodge any attack but since it refuses to actually listen to any input you put into the game you automatically lose. Although this game is very generous and there are countless ways to get Chrono crystals you'll most likely spend em all on characters you're not even going to use online. If I were you I'll stick to doing missions and playing out the story mode.

Just a gambling game. Everything from the menu , the animations and gameplay of the game looks and feels great but the worst thing about this game to me are the micro transactions. Putting new characters behind a paywall and still only getting them through a random “slot machine” has given me reason enough to stop playing it. Yes you can earn the currency called Chrono Crystals by doing some missions to be able to buy the characters but the mission are only a few of them that gives you a very small amount. Another thing is they have the best characters of the game on a 5% drop rate and they keep putting old useless units on newer activities making your hard earned currency useless. The price of the currency is $20 for only 1100 and trust me that is nothing. I have spent more then 7000 of them and still haven't gotten the character I wanted and 7000 equals close or more then $100. That part of the game makes it feel more like gambling then anything else. If they would at least let you earn the characters by leveling up or playing the story I wouldn't care about the micro transactions but they only did that at the beginning of the games release now they are only unlocked by gambling your money away with a 5% chance of getting what you are paying for. As long as this game continues like this I will not play it anymore and wont recommend it to anyone

Great game, some things need to change. Get rid of leaver punishment. Please for the love of god. Its such a pointless system. Before this, pvp was a good place where you’d only occasionally get a cheater who’ll draw the game out, or someone who’ll dc cheat the game and get free points, but now theres none of that, and instead theres just people all over the internet complaining about their ban times and being unable to participate in seasons. Bandai, if you refuse to remove this system, it needs to be changed. You can’t assume everyone who leaves a game is either a cheater or someone toxic who rage quit. Unlike you, its not our jobs to be on your games 24/7. If we gotta dip in a rating match, sometimes we gotta dip in a rating match. And i understand if that receives a penalty of points and a SHORT timer, but removing someone from the possibility of earning pvp rewards when they’re good enough to deserve them? Come on, man. This may just look like some complaint from a random guy, but please. Nobody likes the long timers. Nobody would rather sit through a super long timer than not have to deal with cheaters. Come up with a different system. Please. 2 extra stars for gameplay and character team, keep up the good work in those departments.

Idea on New LF unit. First I have to say this is an amazing game it’s my favorite, but I have an idea on a new LF unit, it’s super sayin 2 Majin Vegeta. His regular Ultimate attack he would Shoot a ki blast then the enemy would doge it grab vegeta by then neck and slam him towards the ground once they reach the floor the enemy will continue to hold him by the neck then out of anger vegeta( while being grabbed around the neck) forces his way to stand up and kneees him and then headbutts him, and that’s the regular one. For the legendary finish he should do everything the exact same except for when he forces his way to stand up, he will still force his way to stand up while his neck is getting grabbed, but instead of kneeing him he will let out a wave of energy that make the enemy lose his grip and pushes the enemy back, then he will get reminded of bulma and trunks(plz find a way to put them on the screen to show that he is thinking of them) he then self explodes, but this time he survives but barely. For the WIN screen plz show him limping and scars and damage all over his body also make his shirt half gone also to show how weak that self explosion made him take him out of super sayin 2 form and to his normal form. I don’t even know if u guys are gonna read this but it’s worth a try. Thx again ur game is great!!!!

Events and Story. I love this game. I play it every single day and there’s so many fun characters to play with and so many fun events to play. They do a great job keeping up with new events for the players and coming out with new characters. Very easy to play for free but buying characters does help. The only complaint I have for this game is that I don’t play PvP that often and I would love to see the story part of the game be updated more frequently. I would also like to see more playable events at a time instead of just one. I’ve already beaten all the events they put out because it’s so addicting, but the events and story modes is super dry recently. I would love to see the legends developers put out more content more frequently for people who don’t like to play PvP that often. Also they used to put hard and even scream modes on existing events and stories so that we can go through them again and I haven’t seen that done in a while. I’ve been playing for almost 500 days straight and it’s gotten to a point where I just log in to do the daily challenges and the bonus once a day levels on the current events and then log off.

A great dragon ball game. I’m reading a lot of reviews and i notice some of them are out of date so let me give you the most up to date and informative review I can. This game is great if you’re looking for a more pvp-oriented, dragon ball fighting game with some skill involved and team set ups. If you are familiar with Dokkan Battle the game system is different and the graphics are amazing and does not use an orb system. They fixed a lot of pvp issues with the game like fast Rising Rush and what not. Now the summons are fine and are just like dokkan. I recommend picking teams and choosing what teams you want to run before summoning on banners. Sparking characters are good and so are legends limited but you really want to Zenkai units which are units that were old but have been buffed through zenkai awakening. This game can get P2W but it is F2P. It has one of the best stories i have played a gacha and all the units are amazing in this game. I can’t think of a better pvp dragon ball game out there. I will note this game can get very grindy for souls and materials to boost your characters so watch out for that. If you’re find with that then you should have no problem playing this game especially if you enjoy dragon ball.

Current state of the game. I actually love the game and it’s really fun to play. The only reason this is a one star is because the current state of the game and p2w features have gone too far. Adventures in this game take too much time and effort to complete for rewards they used to give us for logging into the game everyday. No one likes this grindy bs Bandai, fix it. Another terrible system in this game is zenkai awakenings. It’s a good idea on paper but it got rid of the old way they used to balance old units which was to simply buff them like any normal game and everyone would have access to that character buff. Now you must have the character at 7 stars to actually try to zenkai them and it takes a while to grind. The bad part is that you can’t grind all the levels and instead have to buy awakening z power with crystals on a banner. On average it cost 20k-25k crystals to max a single unit depending on your luck. This is simply ridiculous when you realize after maxing our these characters, they become the best in the game and since this is the new way to buff characters and there is a lot of old units the crystals add up fast. Something needs to change if this game wants to grow and support its player base. Even the p2w whales of the game agree the system is total bs.

I don’t get why people are so angry.. I’ve been seeing a lot on Twitter about eating this game bad so they’ll give free chrono crystals. The thing about this game is while it’s kind of pay to win. It’s really not. If you work hard enough, play the game enough, and participate in events then it shouldn’t be difficult to save up your chrono crystals to get who you want in the game. I have about everyone I want. All my favorites. All they need to add is corrupted zamasu and mastered ui and if I get both then I’ll have everyone of my favorite characters. My friends don’t play this anymore because They don’t have people that are their favorites. But I do so I enjoy the game greatly. I work hard on it and save my chrono crystals. I don’t waste them. Also if you are new don’t buy a pack unless it’s new and it guarantees a sparking. If it doesn’t guarantee it then don’t spend 1000 chronos on a bad chance. But either way I love this game. It’s way better than dokkan battle(I hate that game like it’s just a bunch of pictures floating around playing candy crush, it’s stupid) the animations are phenomenal. And no it does not get old. If you appreciate hard work enough then you’ll have a fun time playing this game. Thank you.

Needs some work. I absolutely have love for this game no matter how mad it gets me I still come back to it and play because it is so fun. (Tips) you guys should ban the lag switchers because it ruins our fun :( I see big YouTubers playing this game and finding at least one laggy match in a video and it ruins everybody’s fun (please do something about it) I would absolutely recommend you guys gives us more new events so we can get crystals (for f2p) because we barely have any crystals to summon on the new banners and miss out on all the fun except the people that have money to buy the crystals, or you can make it cheaper to buy crystals cause 40 dollars for only 2000 crystals is not fair since we mostly get shafted 😢😢. Please make it so we can send the people our own custom messages in PvP that would be so awesome 😎. Please make like a guild chat so we can chat to our guild members (example) that we need it. We need that because let’s say that someone is not gaining points for the guild and not being very active we can give them a warning or tell them to get more points for the guild and they might get more points instead of automatically kicking them out. For people who like to grind and like dragon ball I really recommend this game!!! Give it a try. lol

My favorite game on mobile. This game is amazing it’s unique and fun. It is very open for free to play players I have been playing almost since it came out and I have 2 accounts on it. I will say tho sometimes it can get dry for free to play on the crystals but rn I have 4K saved up for 2nd anniversary and they are giving us more crystals through the lead up to it one thing I would want changed is more rising battles they are fun and a big payout. This game is much better in combat term than dokkan but idk about the animations but dokkan seems it was built more for the animation than legends both amazing games but this one came out on top for me and it’s mainly because you can get summons way easier in this game so that makes it exciting and make me feel like I won’t have to ever get money and put it into this game very good game keep it up and it was dry the past month but I’m sure it’s all because of the 2nd anniversary please make it a big one because I’m dying to see what the new characters are ui or gogeta blue or vegeto blue and jiren all that good stuff I feel good about it being ui tho anyway love the game just one more thing is i would like another type of game mode that can get you small amounts of crystals but you can do it over and over non stop and get like 5 crystals every time but make it challenging or people will make thousands anyway thanks for making this amazing game it’s been amazing hope it keeps that way and I’m sure it will.

Good game and great potential. This game started out so well because of its predecessor dokkan battle which many players are familiar with. Many accomplishments and mistakes made in dokkan battle were taken into consideration when making this game. The fact that this game has many downloads even more than dokkan battle means that its off to a great start. This game combines summon characters rates and a one on one pvp. This already can make the game even greater in the future such as a 6 way player battle since characters can be switched like a tag team during game and when tournaments arrive in this game which it will, it will truly be a fun experience. This is all great however there must be balance in the game between those who spend alot of money and free to play players. People who have several dupes of one character because of money should not be playing with a free to play person because it would simply be unfair. Eventually there should be tournaments or modes where there can be an opportunity for players to show their own true skill. This would be being able to select any character and having a true fair match. This game is on a great path but the developers must always understand that there must be balance and equal opportunities for free to play players and those who spend money in game

Not like other mobile games.. Other licensed mobile game are usually just cheap cash grabs made for the one sole purpose of cash, but db legends is different. You can tell the people that made this game have a genuine passion for Dragon Ball through the Original story based off of arks from Dbz and Super, The various events you can do which will keep you occupied for hours, the PvP system that feels exciting and keeps you on your toes, and probably the most impressive element of all, all the characters that you can summon for. They all have original dialogue, animations, and they remain faithful to they’re anime counterparts. Oh yeah did I mention that this game is incredibly addictive and always wants you wanting more. I can’t even tell you about how long I’ve played this game for, almost logging in every day for the last 2 years and loving every second of it, yeah you have to summon for new characters and they do give you the option to buy in game currency but it’s a free to play game so it’s reasonable and they don’t shove it in your face and there is always a way to grind to summon. Seriously, if you are a Dragon Ball fan/ action game fan your doing a crime to yourself to not download and give it a shot.

Great game, but it has flaws. So lets start with the good stuff. The gameplay is easy to learn and very simplistic, perfect for a mobile game. The graphics also look great and the story so far is really interesting. On top of that, getting characters is easy and straightforward. But now the negatives. After a while, it becomes increasingly difficult to get crystals to summon characters, and right now the roster isn’t that great, though I’m certain that issue will be fixed in time. The biggest issue however is PvP, which really doesn’t work for a game like this. The connection tends to be very choppy at times and it is way too easy for one player to completely dominate the other. Normally the simple solution to this is to just not play the PvP mode, but the game locks so many missions behind PvP that getting Chrono Crystals at a decent rate becomes next to impossible once you complete all the story missions. I would recommend adding additional modes somewhere in the future, like a PvE mode or maybe even some kind of co-op mode if you really want to encourage players playing with each other, though I understand that this may be difficult as it is a mobile game, and therefore what you can do with it is somewhat limited. Overall, it’s a fun game that needs some more work.

This game is awesome. Who ever made this game is amazing at making games like this one the one thing I like about this game is that there are some of the most strongest men who have the power to kill 1,000 people in just with a power punch. The second part I like about this game is that there is pvp battles and you can vr’s computers and people online. If you have the courage to get this game it would be a fun and awesome game that you maybe like a all the people around the world. When you are playing the game it feels like you are in the game maybe you are because you are controlling the person who is in front of you. I would give this game a 4 star because they did a awesome job of making games like this. I wish I would be in the game because it looks cool and you would maybe play like the person who you were controlling. This is a game we’re you can lose or win ether one you can be the best out of your family if they have this game they should have this game if they want to because I prefer this game then the game Among us it is just vote the imposter and kill other people in the area. I love this game I hope you guys make like a game of you play with your friends and battle them. Thank you for this awesome game.<3

Almost Perfect. Everything about the story, challenges, collection, equipment, art, mechanics is amazing...The PVP however is like every other game on the market, completely and utterly unbalanced in favor of those dropping money, they should not be allowed to even fight against anyone but each other in the past week anytime a Golden Frezia, Super Vegito, or God Ki character appears three stars or more...I have learned to stop even playing just set the phone down and walk away cause you’re most powerful maxed out characters with elemental advantage will be dead in four hits no matter what you do. There needs to be a separation of leagues the whole point of a game like this is to build your dream team and be able to fight with them against others however like every game I have permanently deleted the creators have their favorites and they are the only characters that can do anything in PVP. It’s so sad how out of touch and completely biased these designers can be it’s why I quite online games for over a year they just build you hope with excitement and hope to utterly crush your spirit with reparative Boredom. Of every fight I have initiated this season three of the over hundred were people actually playing with different characters. Something does change soon will delete and never look back I play games for fun not to be told what to do and how to do it.

The best db game to exist on iOS and tips for new players. Dear people who are seeing this What your currently on is the best db mobile game to exist, because of the graphics story line and it’s characters it makes this the best out there. As getting character it’s very important to save your chrono crystals as they can get you a lot of your favorite db character’s easily. If you want a easy way to get crystals do the story or T.O.P (you must have very good characters before you go in). As of combat wise it is very smooth as you can use many moves to defeat your enemies. Strike card is the melee use this when your enemy is open or use it when you perfect dodge a attack. Speaking of perfect dodge to get it you must dodge a attack at a perfect time (you can still dodge but I will explain what to do in a second). Blast card: is when you use use ki blasts to knock the opponent use this when they are open or when you dodge their attack (perfect vanish or not). Speaking of ki you must conserve ki to use attacks. If you start to run out use the white flashing thing on the character icon in battle that will awaken their special ability. Finally special card: this is used to get advantages such as, protection to blast damage and melee attacks. Also watch the vanish gauge one you vanish you must wait to get it back (battle the opponent to get it back quickly) HAVE FUN AND I HOPE I HELPED YOU

My favorite mobile game ever. Man do I LOVE this game. I love how different the combat is compared to other mobile fighting games. It has consistent updates every week which really does add to the fun. The story is great and Shallot is a pretty fun character to follow. I’m mostly free to play, I normally do spend money when a character on a banner I REALLY like comes out (unless it’s just a rehashed character *cough GRN Gogeta cough*) and my account is really good, this shows that if you make the right choices and save up your crystals you won’t have to really open up your wallet to be good at the game. So please Bandai keep making game modes that are difficult but give out some free to play crystals. My biggest gripe is with the adventure system. I understand the developers goal to get us to login everyday. The thing is, they were already doing that just fine. Now they expect us to login 11 times a day every single day if we want to get all of the adventure rewards. That is asking quite a lot if you want people to spend money on your game. Because most people are working or going to school instead of logging into this game 11 times a day everyday. So if you’re reading this review and you play the game, please don’t waste your time trying to get all of the rewards just do how many adventures you want that will keep you happy :). Aside for that and a few other minor issues this game is a gem and I think it will always be my favorite mobile game!

Trading system. I really really really like this game I have spent over 24 playing just this week I’m also really enjoying the new update and I can’t wait until the next one, but I was thinking, what if the game had some sort of trading system where player can traded equipment, souls, z-power, tickets or even medals (I don’t think trading character would be fair Because summoning to pull a certain characters wouldn’t make any sense when I can just trade for it, I’m totally against trading characters). I’ve spent most of my time playing this week just trying to get a better team for PvP and I really been focusing on my equipment, I’m aiming for S/Z tier equipment and honestly there’s nothing wrong with A tier but is just not what I want. And I think getting S/Z tier equipment is all luck based. I don’t want to have to upgrade the same equipment 6 times just to get an A tier and I don’t want to consistently remove a slot to get a worse percentage than the one I had. I also don’t want to waste my crystal on removing slots and Is pretty hard getting your hand on some slot removers too. I’m in desperate need to get of this trading system and I hope you guys can hear me out and I think other players would appreciate that too.

Great game but. Ok remember me uhh complaining about the packs in dragon ball legends well there’s a thing when I side step vanish and do a rising rush and IM SUPPER CLOSE TO THIS DUDE AND HE VANISHES AWAY it’s so annoying please fix it, it annoys me so much oh and also add super sayain 3 and super sayain 2 cabba here’s how it goes they die in cell saga and they train with king kai because he knows them form Goku and when they’re training they find they find out shallot can go super sayain 3 and cabba super sayain 2 and they’re wished back to life by the others to defeat buu and the whole buu saga happens and give them this power when they hear buu is attacking the city and they need to transform to they’re ascended forms to defeat buu or you can have them train with Goku, gohan, and cabba to achieve super sayain 3 and cabba super sayain 2 but don’t give it them it right away give it to them in the middle so they can unlock the power and try to defeat buu and if you want shallot still has his tail let him have control of his ape form and try to defeat buu and when the final battle happens have shallot turn into a golden Ozaru and then turn into a super sayain 4 and have them as form so you can play as and ape as shallot and that will be funny and super sayain 4 you can use and you don’t have to do this with the whole ape thing and super sayain 4 BUT PLEASE DOOO HE HAS HIS TAIL STILL PLEASE DONT HAVE IT CUT OFF ok 👌🏾 great game tho bye

The Game is A Must Play But Some Thoughts Before. Dragonball Legends has been one of my favorite games period since I first started playing which was I believe back in 2020 or 2019. The game is amazing and the story draws you in, the characters look amazing and sound cool, the battling system is simple but fun. Also the events the developers in Japan spend weeks/days to make also add more fun to the game and give new players a chance to get cool and fun prizes. Now some of the down sides, when doing summons for new characters it’s kind of finicky because, I’ve done some of the summons about 30-40 times and haven’t been able to pull the person I wanted and they were given a better chance of getting, the PVP system for players is flawed because due to chance a beginner could be facing someone who has played the game for a long time and it’s really unfair and down heartening. Also the option to unlink your accounts was changed and it’s kind of complicated so when I wanted to unlink one of my alt accounts from my apple account or google account I can’t because the system is a bit complicated. But at the end of the day the game is a fun, and thrilling game and Shallot being a funny but meat-headed character like Goku makes it all the better

Excellent, Except….. I know I had written a review a couple of months ago, and I had said this game was awesome. But after having it for a while a few problems started to arise. Firstly, there is no balancing when it comes to the PVP mode. There needs to be a balancing system where older and more experienced players are matched against each other. Because it seems that every time I would get in a match, the person I would be fighting would have like five legends limited characters. Which brings up my second reason. Now that I have read some of the other reviews, I fully agree that the summoning system has a little kink. When you first start the game usually you get an extreme or even a sparking character after a few summons. But it’s like once you have this game for a month, you don’t get anything but a few hero class characters. Which aren’t to bad, but is really frustrating to fight with when you have to go against people with legends limited characters. It would just make it easier if they made it easier just a little longer for newbies. On the other hand the team that works on this game are very concentrated on making this the best possible dragon ball game experience for everyone. I still love this game and would recommend downloading. I believe with a few minor fixing this game can reach top of the mobile gaming world.

Love & Hate Relationship. Take note that I said love before hate, but everyday I'm conflicted on keeping or deleting this game.. No cap. I understand the idea of maintaining the difficulty on getting characters, equipment, re rolling equipment & everything else. I honestly feel like the game has all its odds against me every time i take a chance, whatever it may be. The last, I don't know 7 - 12 times I've Awakened equipment I pull an E rank. Less than 30 mins i got 2 E went to re roll them 53 times each and cant gain a Yellow or Red stat in percentage gaps as little as 5% to 12%? Thats ridiculous. 32 times I've summoned on the new banner for the Tag SS 4 Goku & Vegeta, plus 5 guaranteed sparkling tickets. And I've only summoned him once? Again, ridiculous. Maybe on the VERY FIRST banner you drop for a new LL boost his drop chance. Ive put what some would depict as way to much time, especially on a mobile game, and I absolutely love this game, the best game I've played in my opinion to date. But the defeat I feel when I go as far to spend HARD EARNED cash on your game to get CC just to pull this new LL, and cant even get any LL, its truly disheartening. Again, I absolutely love your game, but spending money on a in game things is something I've never done, I've mocked anyone who I've encountered that have done that. Just throw a n**** a bone, cause you throw me in this game are L's. I really don't want to drop off and quit this game, but I'm on a slippery slope.

Make the summoning more better and fix cell ASAP. CELL SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO RENCARNATE HIMSELF IN PVP MATCHES BECAUSE ITS UNFAIR. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW PLEASE AND THX. Also only 2 fusions should be in a party and they should have better drops so everyone can use fusions so people can have more fun because the game right now is not fun just makes people mad every just plays single player events and story mode because of this. It’s not fair to let a few people have so many fusions and let the majority of the players not. And why is it that when a person buys Chorno crystals they get a better drop and plus why is it that when u get a good summoning animation like bar-dock or vegeta and goku together People get a bad summoning like cmon and when u get the same bad character in a summoning twice or triple in a row. 😡😡😡😡😡🙄and when I wanna do a pvp I always come across a person with all fusions and I have no fusions like cmon. But the game is good but u gotta face the facts and fix the game and the pvp where it’s better and funner like I always come across a person with one or more fusions bro like u have to be the luckiest person ever too have all fusions like I can’t even com across a super sayian god goku at vegeta like cmon. But for real fix the game

Great Game! But!. As a DRAGON BALL Z and DRAGON BALL SUPER fan this game is great! It has both the elements of each and a few more. I love how you added Shallot as the main character since he isn’t an original character in the series it’s nice to switch up a lil other than having like Goku or Vegeta as the main character. I’ve completed Part 1 and 2 so far and I’m on Chapter 3 of Part 3! I have a few suggestions though..For starters the way Ki works should be changed. Like your set of characters in missions and PvP shouldn’t share the same Ki. Also with the stamina system. You shouldn’t be able to use it once then let it re-charge. As you level up and do soul boost you should be able to up your Ki and Stamina. It may seem unfair but most DB games are like this just like the series. Out of all the DB games for Mobile this is probably the best to me. It’s challenging and I like a challenge. Oh and my final suggestion! Continue adding Transformations to Shallot! Maybe even have him do the God Ki Ritual so he can get SSJG and SSB! That would be amazing+Add more clothing options for him!!! Maybe give him the Turtle Hermit Gi from Dragonball Xenoverse or some Saiyan armor such as Bardocks or Raditz. Just some suggestions though. It isn’t like we really need ‘em...But if you add them then you’ll get 5 stars instead of 4. Thank you and I hope you consider these. 😃👋🏽

Great game!. I love this game and I don’t really have any problems in it the story is great it has you hanging on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next it leaves you questions like will shallot survive can he defeat his enemy and what’s his next form? I love seeing shallot grow from a no good fighter to being able to defeat strong people! Also I love that you have people from the anime and that you go in order with the saga’s you update it every week or so witch is nice I wish you would update the story more I know you guys work your butts off so we can be entertained but on most updates you don’t add to the story but I know it’s hard to think of what are we going to do next that’s the only thing cause I am so excited to see what happens next! PVP is good I like training mode so I can see what my character will be like at maximum power I also love the events and co-op missions you have so many character to play as but I think you should add mastered ultra instinct goku I’d really love to see him other than that this is the best game in the App Store I love it so much I play it all the time it’s so addicting no adds whatsoever it’s not pay to win it’s the perfect game. Thank you guys for working hard for our entertainment good job and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

More chrono crystal sources Please. So I read reviews and I thought some of these guys are right and some are wrong. This game Hands down the best IOS fighting game. You can fight other people or with other people. You can do events do guild missions and do a lot of good stuff. There is one problem lack of chrono crystal sources and lack of summon chances. So chrono crystals can be gotten from event or story. But I finished story and everything events have to offer. The prices of summons are ok but still a lack of sources. I ge there is weekend event but getting the character you want is kinda rare. Also there should be a thing once a month where a vote happens and whatever character is mostly voted for gets brought back for one week or however long the developers feel is right. Also summon rates I get it powerful character should get low chances but like not that low. Like for Super masters pack 5 LL Gogeta ssj4 is a 0.050 chance that is absurd. Also certain animations mean sparking but there should be a line. Cause I got goku doing Spirit bomb for summon and all I got was turles sparking. Another one I got whis rewinding time and all I got were sparking characters with no good stats or abilities to them. Other then that it is the best game I ever played on mobile. Keep up the good work and take some advice i said

Harsh criticism. Now before I start I think that this is probably the best fighting game on the App Store. Great graphics and smooth gameplay but like the tittle implies I do have some things that need to be addressed for future updates of this game. To start things off I would like for y'all to get someone to play test these new hard events to see if it's too hard for the average joe to complete like the "character X can only play this stage" kind of thing. Second thing is that y'all need to change some of the event challenges because I feel that they're too tough on ya like the "can't sustain more than 400,000 damage" challenge and stuff like that. Finally I would love for y'all to have a gem deal where you can buy the featured character of a new summon pull without having to grind X amount of gems to summon a character that you really want but don't get because the RNG wasn't in your favor (I do know that y'all have a newcomer deal but what I'm saying is that we need another deal called the experts deal for the featured character of a new summon pull) other than that I love the game. I do understand if y'all can't do some of the stuff that I'm asking for you to do I just hope that you will be able to at least give us an experts deal in the gem shop.

The game needs to make huge improvements. I honestly love this game, but there’s still soo much to work on. Pvp is filled with broken z7 teams, people who lag or worse lagging z7 teams. I remember when you didn’t need to spend anything on the game to be getting top 10k for pvp as I have been able to do it before but now with all these z7 teams running around especially when in high rank pvp matches then it just gets ridiculous. I know that zenkai is supposed to help out older units but making them broken and way better than the newer units is just bad, and the celebrations were carried by the hype of the characters but they’re nearly non-existent in high rank matches. Along with that the units that keep getting zenkai’d are Saiyans, like what happened to all the other tags like gt, regen (too many regen counters), and the ex teams that used to be viable like ginyu force, these teams are pretty much dead except for regen that got some buffs but aside from that no one uses other teams, only those filled with z7s. There honestly needs to be changes to zenkais and the amount of people lagging in matches, pve content gets boring and pvp matches just get annoying with people lagging or the amount ohko’s on units. This game can be better and I really hope that major changes happen so pvp can become fun again and not just a game of who has more zenkai units/who has more broken units. Just got to wait and see what happens in the near future.

Overall great game but.... The game is great and super addicting. Ever since I downloaded it I seriously couldn’t stop playing. There is minor problems though. I think there should be a chance for everybody to get there favorite character like a selector that only happens once so you can have your favorite from the anime and keep getting others. I also think you should recharge energy faster or have a higher cap because I play so much then I have to take a break because I have no energy. Silver bells should be easier to get because it’s hard to get to 1,000 Chrono Crystals and once you do you only get 10 silver bells. There are also things like more transformations for Shallot like Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan God. Also you should be able to trade with friends, like if they have you favorite character and you have theirs you can trade and keep upgrading them. You should also look into bringing back characters a few at a time like in the future you can have an event for the transforming Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks. Other than that the game is great and super addicting even to those who don’t watch the anime. The only think I ask is to make things a little more accessible and the game will be 10x more amazing.

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About time !. I’ve never written a review on a game/app in the whole 5+ Years I’ve been using the App Store, but this game is just awesome, simple as that, never thought Pokémon Go could be out done but this has out done it, great gameplay, great graphics, great story, events to keep you busy while waiting for the next story to be uploaded, just awesome, the ONLY thing I have to say, and it’s not even exactly a complaint, but I wish there was more characters in the game, I’m sure in the future there will be, Turles, Cooler and a few others just recently got put in the game, but I’d love to see Cell, Metal Cooler, All the Androids (17,18 etc), Teen/Ultimate Gohan and more characters from Dragonball Super, I just love the game so much that I want even more from it lol!, awesome stuff guys, great game

Change Goku: Youth’s voice. I love this game it is done almost perfectly and I love playing it. I think this game has perfect gameplay but the fact that you can only spend a certain amount of chrono crystals is ridiculous I think allowing the player to spend as much chrono crystals as they want would improve the game. Another down fall is the voice of the kids on the game, you need to change this. Young Goku is one of my favourite characters in the game and the dragon ball franchise and it pains me to hear his voice isn’t even remotely close to what it is in the show. I really liked his voice in the show and I think it suited him, but in this he sound like an annoying little rat baby. PLEASE CHANGE GOKU: YOUTH’S VOICE!!!

GO DBL!!!!!!!. I know absolute squat on dragon ball but my friends love it so I looked for an easy answer which didn’t dig boringly deep (which I’ve learnt it can’t) but still gave me important facts, before I played this game I actually thought Kefla=Broly not only that but I can always laugh when the destructo disc’s effects Miss, I didn’t learn all I learn from this app but without it I wouldn’t have known anything for my whole life! I love making my opponents easy making Shallot OP and I don’t care that my Krillin is stronger than Goku because I’ve learnt a lot and I thoroughly enjoy it! Akira Toriyama for the win! 🙁😖😫😎(<—Super Emote Sayain)

Rating Matches. Okay so, I understand that this just may be because I’m trash. However, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX RATING MATCHES. By fixing them I mean instead of letting someone at BR (Battle Rank) 40 fight someone at BR 50. Just make it so that you can only fight people that are the same battle rank as you (excluding friends.) It’s unbelievably annoying to be say battle rank 46 and have to fight a dude who’s spent god knows how much money on the game. Although knowing that this game is backed by a company these words are falling upon deaf ears. I just wanted to at least know that I said this.

Not enough crystals awarded. I have been playing this game for over 1 and a half months and have been playing it every single day since the day I have downloaded it. It is the best game I have ever played and for that reason I award it 5 stars even though I wanted to award it 4 stars, not every game is perfect and there is only one flaw I see with this game, no where near enough or no crystals are awarded for missions completed which makes it almost impossible to be able to get SP characters via summoning If you don’t purchase the crystals which then it’s pretty expensive especially when the chances of getting an SP via even the consecutive summoning is extremely difficult

It pretty awesome if you have enough space. I have a phone and it’s awesome it’s so good the problem is with your black screens is that you need more storage that’s the only way to get it to work but besides that this is the only good mobile fighting dragon ball game the others are cards and others are redone into a version with little space and only stick figures there good as well but not as good as this this is the only game on mobile that I like of dragon ball I love it’s character transforms and editing if the people that made this game replie then thank you for this game 5 stars😁

Amazing game but one thing is holding it back... This game in my opinion is amazing and it brought a new style of game to the dbz franchise but imagine this... you grind everyday every second for the new banner in summons you finally have 1000 chrono crystals you do a summon and you get all heroes for your hard work. I propose that we make getting chronos faster and better because people quit the game because of the difficulty level of getting them. I hope to see a improvement in the future 😊😊

Dragon Ball Legends. This game is extremely entertaining. At first I thought that it was like all games but in reality I made me want to watch all 3 series because I was intrigued on what was going on and who the characters are. There is so much to do and the game doesn’t end because of all the online players and new events. This game is one of my most favourite games and it is easy enough to learn the basics! I would highly recommend this to age groups for 10+.

Amazing game. Such a fun game - so many positive points. Main one has to be the pay to play vs free play features. So many games like this only let you play for a limited time before you have to wait so long to continue, or just pay. This one you can play for hours without the need to pay - but it also gives you the option if that’s what you want. So fun, the online battles are great, the game itself looks incredible and there’s soooo much to do! Even after finishing the story you want to keep collecting characters, upgrading, doing quests and events (which are regularly updated, giving something new constantly) - for a mobile game it offers so much, and I absolutely love it.

Unbelievable!!. The graphics of this game is off the charts......!! Being a dragon ball series fan I was just stunned as to how detailed this game was both in terms of gameplay and graphics. The story in this game makes u feel like you are living your anime dream. Don’t think I will ever stop playing this game.I deleted all the games in my cell phone as I stopped playing those when I found this game!! Awesome work guys!!! Would definitely recommend it to everyone!!

Issue. I have spent hours playing this game grinding to get stuff and I over and over again get nothing I love the gameplay and the feeling but I just get nothing from summons and when I don’t get new characters it doesn’t motivate me to play the game anymore I feel that other people have this issue and it causes them to stop playing because there is no point and it doesn’t achieve anything by the game not repaying us after spending multiple hours doing quest and missions and not getting anything that isn’t fair on the people and the community and hope that they can fix this issue for me and others that experience this. I would hope that the support team will help me out with this and make the community better and grow.

It was awesome until the newest update!. Until the newest update it was great, now I can’t even get past a black screen which you can tap and do nothing else on. I’ll be giving it 2 out of 5 stars until a fix is released. Prior to this update: While a lot of people will enjoy this game, fans will have a ton of fun! The way the game teaches you the mechanics at first is great. Once you reach a certain part in the games story the world is your playground (not literally) the controls are simple and easy to use and since there isn’t many character in the game right now it makes it perfect and easy for people to get the characters they want especially in future! (If you earn the gems to do so) In all it’s great fun I’ve already finished the story and I’m waiting for the next update to continue it! (it’s not finished yet no where near done! So fear not!) the events are also a great way to pass time as well as PVP which I’ve found to be a bit unbalanced when matched with someone who’s triple your teams power level, but in all it’s a amazing game!

Too many crashes!. I have loved Dragon Ball Z since I was young. It is hands down my favourite anime. When this game came out I was over the moon! It was amazing. I ended up deleting the game and having a break for a couple months. I re-downloaded it a couple weeks ago to see what was new and I have been playing all day everyday since. But since I have started playing again, it is no longer compatible with iPhone 6. I can’t play a full battle, I can’t summon half the time and I can’t do a Co-op or PVP battle without the game crashing. I love this game a lot and I was hoping that there is something you can do to fix the crashing problem. Because due to issues, I am unable to upgrade my phone.

Love the game, hate summonable ultra units. This game is my favourite and I love playing it every time, I love the characters and the idea of ultra units. However, the rates for these ultra units are a joke and it’s nearly impossible for veteran players to grind up enough to get a few summons in. These ultra banners need a better step up system because asking for 1k crystals each time especially in the timespan of 18 days is ridiculous for older players who already grinded the new events, and fix the rates because 0.35 is too low especially since these banners have too many sparkings on them which makes the chances of pulling them even lower. Fix these banners or don’t make summonable ultra units so broken which makes it unfair for f2p players

Won’t give know one new. I don’t even know why I’m even writing this oh wait I remember your game haven’t give me a new character since 2 weeks ago I swear to god some thing wrong I had like 4000 gems 2 weeks ago then I spended it all no one. last week I got 2000 gems no one. this week I bought so much gems I did the step up 2 times No one I don’t know if it’s bad luck or the game now I just relised that not every one gets new characters but oh well just read this please I could be the game.

Great game but too much grinding. Honestly for me and my friends this is an amazing game! Quality is great, sfx and music is good, gameplay is cool, pvp is fun and story is interesting but what I find difficult is getting chrono crystals. Chrono crystals are annoying hard to get and how you usually get them is limited to the stories and that is still barely enough. What would happen when we finish all the story? No crystals, which means no summoning. So I ended up restarting my whole game in hopes of striking it big with the newer characters. I think you should have more ways of getting crystals and making the amount you get from them a lot more like maybe 30 for first time clears and challenges 5 or so. If you read this pls put this into consideration in another update.

Great game, but a bit laggy. I’ve been playing this for a while now and I’m really enjoying it, especially the story of it, however I do notice that it can get quite laggy, especially in pvp, I also noticed that (warning spoilers) if you turn into super saiyan 3 with Shallot and win, the game will glitch and you’ll be stuck on a screen where his not even there, and you have to redo the fight but you just can’t turn into super saiyan 3, and it seems to be on every mode, and it’s really upsetting that you’re basically not allowed to play as super saiyan 3 shallot, please fix this developer

Add this please. I’m sick of wasting my rare metals, crystals and anything I can use to buy souls and boost my units and end up with way to many extra souls but they add a thing so u can trade the soul for little amounts of Zeni when I already have billions and have no need for anymore. One last thing please let me accept all my reward at once instead of me having to accept one reward and having to wait for the stuff to reload and then do it again for 15 different things Did this in a rush so mind the grammer and if my typing didn’t make sense

Game needs help. This game is becoming very hard for f2p (free to play) players and is becoming less and less f2p friendly overtime, it’s pretty much a pay to win game but it used to be good up until the LF gohan banner p, the anniversary was good for me but I was very lucky unlike other f2p players, I have never put money in this game and lately this game has been crashing down but I still play it They rarely give us crystals and the wish upon a star event was atrocious and so bad, I grinded so hard and then I got ssj goku I moved to Dokkan for a bit but I still play this, Hopefully Dragon ball legends read this and try to do something good

Great game but a few bugs. This game is absolutely amazing and addicting. I could play legends pvp mode for hours on end, but something that happens sometimes in pvp is when you’re loading into the game the bar decides to stop around 3/4 of the way through (I know for a fact it isn’t my wifi). The thing that’s the most annoying about it is that when I’m in a rating match you lose rp when it happens and in Legends battle royale when this happens you get banned for the day and also if it happens 3 times then you get permenantly banned from the LBR. This has happened twice now and I only have 1 more chance so can you please fix this quickly before I get permanently banned for this even though I’m doing nothing wrong to deserve the ban.

Amazing game… But. This is the best anime game ever to live but there are some issues starting with why do I have to download 10 things while opening a pack, this isn’t a big deal but it’s kinda annoying when your opening the game and you have to collect your daily gifts and that but it takes so long to do it another problem is that the game has som hackers that just shoulder charge me and I die straight away and I have very strong character but another than that very good game just please fix those issues

Character summons is a joke. I have spent thousands of dollars buying chrono crystals trying to get new characters when they hit - yet - all I get is maybe 1 new one out of 230 character summon attempts. In the most recent step up Summons I have gone through the cycle 4 times and got only 1 new character. I get they need to keep us interested and hooked on something- but some of us are just DB tragics and will keep playing regardless. Maybe if they increased the availability of crystals in things like adventures or bonus battles or something????. The latest is you pay for Z power - what a joke. More GT content and characters needed. Especially the ssj 4 Goku and Vegeta. ( if you can land them.) probably will never land them like the ssj3 Goku - legend limited and new ssj Blue Vegeta. Some of us just want to fight with new characters. Instead of offering the same character 3 or 4 different ways..... Only downside and will eventually annoy me enough to stop playing.

The best game EVER. I think it’s a very good game and there are a lot of ups about this game but I have 2 downs one of them being that it’s so hard to get gems in late game like part 5 and up so I can’t really grind anymore so in the story mode make ten gems per Challenge complete and last but not least some characters are to OP for certain events such as LF cooler is Op for the raid boss event so can you please fix them please otherwise it’s such a good game I would give it an 1 million star if I could

Waste of time. I’m constantly grinding the game trying to get as many chronocrystals as I can only to spend them all and get no new characters. I already have most of the characters but even then during the legends festival I did enough banner rotations to get around 40 tokens and after all those summons as well as ticket summons I still didn’t get LL goku and vegeta. This game is just a waste of time you play countless hours and hardly ever get good characters unless you spend money to do even more summons. I’ve done everything to get the crystals but it’s not enough to place in the diamond pvp rank every season aswell as doing everything else, just a total waste.

Good Game with A Bit of Bugs. This is a really good game whether you are into Dragon Ball or not. There are some problems after downloading the update like how the daily mission where you need to use five energy, whenever I use my energy, it doesn’t register and it is also stuck at 0 preventing me from getting the sparking ticket. For the event mission where you have to inflict 1,000,000 damage with rising rush, it worked but after I completed the entire storyline, I wasn’t able to compete so I went back and when I redid the mission, it doesn’t register any more and it is stuck at 952,490 damage.

AWESOME GAME(some problems). The game is good but kinda rigged, you have to add raids and different game modes because it kinda repeats a bit and quite addicting but for the raid it can be 4-6 people. The bugs need to be fixed it is quite frustrating. When I do a consecutive summon I should only be able to get a different character instead of the same one I have. There should be a game mode when about every month we get to pick a sparking character we want more of so that balances everything out a little bit. I have checked people reviews and you need to fix the bugs immediately. But overall, this is a great game!😊

Learning from others mistakes. This game takes the card collecting concept of Mk and injustice and combines it with the rock, paper, scissor class system of MCOC all while only using currency as a means to unlock and boost characters from the small roster. The only thing I’ve spent currency on is character cards (you get plenty of currency by logging in daily and completing events etc) and even duplicates feel satisfying since they give characters big stat boosts. My only gripe is that the ‘dynamic’ combat is a bit slow in responsiveness (like transformers forged to fight(input read fails)) and the ai can be super cheap at times, but the card setting aspects and character swapping/evading is really neat and the cinematic finishers and specials really pay homage to the anime. Also the pvp is very laggy but very rewarding as it gives you resources to boost characters and buy resources with. Can’t wait for future character releases and updates, very solid basis thus far.

Unfair and wrongful pvp ban. This game does have beautiful battle graphic and that pvp makes up over 50% of this game. However the pvp ban system is a mess. They ban those who have game crash / disconnection / intentionally quit. First thing first I don’t get why these have to be banned? As when those things happens you lose your pvp rating already. Isn’t that a punishment itself? The most messed up part is that even when you complete a rated match and got your pvp reward and rating, neither side has disconnected. You thought ok great I got my reward meaning the connection is great. Then you try to go into another match saying your previous match wasn’t ended properly and now you get a ban. It’s just a really bad game play experience why should I invest my time in it? If I’m just gonna get a ban out of no where?

PvP power lvl problems. Ok I’ll say this I love this game. It’s fun and quite addicting, but I find the pvp and problem. I have four lvl 1000 units and two lvl 600. My total power lvl in 400,000 with a extra 150k agility bonus. But every time I go into a casual or rating match. I always get matched up with people that have characters with 2000 power lvl for all his units and overall power for the hole team at 1mil. This puts me at a huge disadvantage as I always join people who have higher power levelled characters than me. Plz fix this issue. I want to be able to verse someone with the same power level characters that I have. Plz fix this soon. It’s so much harder to lvl up in rating matches and get missions completed

New features I suggest. There should be a selling system where you can sell characters for zeni or chrono crystals and a trading system where you can trade characters you don’t want or you characters you want to trade for and also add a favouriting system with selling and trading so you don’t accidentally sell or trade your favourite characters as well add more customisation to shallot like removing his Tail and chainring his hair style and also I am using another persons account to make this review. Also add a wave defence kind of game mode where you have to fight characters after characters and the further you get the harder the characters and the better the loot and make shallot able to do any ultimate but legendary finishes so it doesn’t make him OP. Make a boss raid gamemode where up to five or four or three players can fight a very strong boss and like the wave defence gamemode the harder ones you do the better and more loot you get and there should be like 20 levels and more in the future and make this have a storyline. In a Christmas or New Years event make a limited time summon that costs 1 ticket to do a single and 10 for consecutive of course and to get the tickets you have to do a event and do some certain things.

The combat. I’ve played dokkan blazing and legend and this ones problems are the worst firstly the combat is nice until you release there’s a charge on when you can dodge an attack witch honestly is dumb and the characters you get are boring There are barley any sparkling and the only ones I care about are on there are both super Sayian blue goku and vegeta and broly the story is boring but it is better then dokkan but not blazing honestly I’d be fine with the game if you could dodge someone’s attack whenever instead of waiting making the game fill more skilled instead of what’s this can’t beat an enemy just become over leveled then one shot your enemy but hey unlike dokkan at least there’s a pvp endless pvp mode.

PVP Needs Fixing. Literally everything about this game is really good. The graphics, combat and characters included make me want to never put it down. One thing that annoys me constantly though is the PVP, specifically rating matches. It’s fair when the opponent it the same power level and rank but often I’ve been getting opponents that are 5 ranks above, with power levels in the millions and their entire team is max lvl 2,000 with maxed out gear and they one shot my saiyans. Coming up against them is an instant loss and it is the only thing making me want to quit this game. Please fix this issue as plenty of others are experiencing this as well. Thanks.

Colossal waste of time and always going backwards!. The developer is doing everything in their power to make you spend real cash just to progress by - releasing banner after banner after banner after banner with no new event to collect crystal - tampering the step up banner and reduced rates for new units and legends limited units from an already low rate to even lower ridiculous rate - releasing one overpowered zenkai after another. So overpowered that they can wipe out new character that just got introduced. Why waste crystal on new characters when the zenkai is more than enough? - removing energy ticket reward from bonus battle. Its already hard enough to farm souls with limited energy. Why make it worse? - old events are being recycled for millionth times. Little to no new events - progressively reducing crystal you earn from the same event quietly. You snake .... why??? same event gives 1000 crystal previously but now 500 only. See broly rising battle .... I used to spend several hundred dollars on this game depending on the character introduced. But the way its going right now? you wont be getting a cent from me. Ta

Chrono crystal issue.. The game lags in its potential to let new or old players enjoy current events. I highly suggest that all players when logging in recieve 1000 chrono crystals whenever a banner box pulls out. This would improve both new or old players. Although the games does make it easy to obtain various characters through loot boxes, the game eventually comes to a point where it’s difficult to retain chrono crystals. Whenever you play this game always save chrono crystals amd never use it for any purpose unless you want that playstyle. I have played the same team over and over but its come to a difficult point where build the teams forward regardless of anything leads to a slow dead end. To simply make your whole team a fully functional stratagie i would struggles in the dynamics of star leveling. In the end the game is comprized of many fun a nice characters for many people to play. It would be easier and more popular if regular provision of chrono crystals were given in batches. Thanks for the support on the game. Its gradually becoming better and better and so deserves more.

Used to be the GOAT, still good though. Have been playing this game since 2019, and although the game has had a lot of updates since then, the game is teetering increasingly toward a more pay-to-win direction, while f2p is still a viable option, you either have to have spectacular luck or a long long grind. While I appreciate the team going to the trouble of releasing new characters and concepts, it is coming dangerously close to a purely pay to win game with new character releases on a usual basis and a distinct lack of free to play events that would give you currency needed to perform summons for the above mentioned characters. Overall, still like this game, but I’m not too sure I like the direction that they’re going, especially compared to the state of the game 2-3 years ago.

1 enormous issue in an otherwise fun game. The Story? Great fun and concept. The Events are extremely helpful. Summoning looks cool BUT have terrible rates& the rare medal addition is great. But the one ENORMOUS issue that really drags it down is PVP. Matchmaking is horrible, you’ll match up with people either way weaker or twice your level. Most fights have delays in game and it’s riddled with quitters to the point you hope for bots over actual people which is extremely sad. If you’re not a pvp person you’ll enjoy it. If you are and have played titles like FighterZ and xenoverse expect the same issues.

Fix this bug please. I enjoy this game greatly but I tried to do a consecutive summon and it took all my chrono crystals and I got no new characters. Please fix this and can I get my chrono crystals back it was 1,002 chrono crystals. Please help and fix this problem all I wanted was to summon super Saiyan god Goku. I’ve now spent 2,000 chrono crystals all together and I’ve still gotten no characters. Please fix this bug it’s so frustrating and no the filter is not the problem I checked everything and it’s still not showing any characters. Please fix this. Also it’s hard to contact you directly so please fix this bug if your reading this. :(

PVP full of cheaters. All features of the game are good expect the most important core element - PVP. You pay for the gem, spent all the time farming and saving up to draw new good characters and wish to be a bit more competitive while vs other players, and only to find out no matter what you do you still don’t stand a chance when the pvp system is flooded with cheaters. Been playing for 2 years now I can see the Developer doesn’t seem like willing to do anything for the issue. Bottom line, if you don’t care about pvp then it’s fine it is a good game to play, graphics and music are good and lot of events updated frequently, however it will still get bored easily if there are no interactive with other players.

Great game but small bugs. The game is great every thing about the game is great but there comes some times where small bugs annoy me for example if I’m opening a sparking guaranteed pack and the game says error occurred because I’m fairly new to Dragon Ball legends and once I open that pack and that happens I don’t have that many sparking characters and it’s very frustrating because I’m losing A character that I need and letting you people that are reading this just saying this has happened to me 4 times

Amazing Game! PvP problems. I love this game and I’m happy to spend time and money on it as you’ve put systems in place that make leveling up and progressing very achievable, how that’s changed a little, as of late my PvP match ups have been more than double my power level almost every time which makes it impossible to beat the opponent no matter my skill level or theirs, this makes it hard to earn adventure tokens which makes it hard to earn training items which makes it hard to level up my characters, there’s also no option of backing out of a PvP fight without it counting as a loss which would be a useful feature when matched with a player who’s power levels are off the charts compare to my own. PLEASE fix this by either changing the PvP match ups to be more fair or by allowing us to back out of an unfair match up without losing the battle, I’m the type of guy to stop playing a game as soon as it gets frustrating and this is starting to get frustrating. Other than that, great game, lots of fun!

Good game but can’t transfer. I had deleted db legends for storage and when I redownloaded it when I had enough storage and tried to reconnect my Apple/game Center ID, it wouldn’t do so and now I am enraged and want to become a coder making it able to save the data because I was so far in the game with multiple +*7 characters and even a fully awakened ultra instinct Goku now I am really sad that my Game Center ID couldn’t reconnect and lost months of work I am very disappointed that I lost all this work so please Bandai I know this is an amazing game but make the Apple / Game Center ID’s linkable

Legends on phone. I have never rated any app in the app store if i could give beyond a 5 star ⭐️ rating i would. Awesome graphics great game play. Ive been playing for over a year straight it is very addictive and fun. So many ups about the game. I play the game soo much that i finish every story and missions if the developers can kindlyadd updates every 3 days for new story’s add more than 7 missions. And please increase the crystal count. Space time rush should be unlimited or updated every 3 days as its finished in less than an hour or 2. Also 1000 crystals are too much for summons maybe decrease as it takes forever to accumulate gems. Spent thousands of dollars for gems prices could be better and increased in daily one day per limit purchase would be appreciated i support your app and game please look after your customers and users and send daily gifts other than that best game on the app store nothing competes well done dbl team

Interesting Game. Well I’ve been playing this game since it’s release it has got my attention in many ways then one. Like seeing a new story with a new character created by creator, getting new characters from all of the franchise. However the game still has allot to go in development in making this fair between all players when it comes to pvp. But what I would like if the summons were more configured like getting a new sparking on the first summon or multiple sparking soft new players who don’t have it in the collections. Well as we move forward I hope to expect of what the developers can show us in this game😌

I played for sooo long. But I will still vote five stars because it is still a good game. My cousin played this game for just a month and I have played for more than half a year but I still don’t have a LF or goku or vegita super sayian 4. He already got a goku super sayian 4 and a super baby. I don’t feel good. This game had made me cry a lot so if you see this message I just want to thank the game and the developers. Hope one day I could be better than my cousin. It’s being a few day and then he got the LF angry goku and I still have nothing... —— Charoel Game name

Amazing game but drop rates are the best right now. Really good game Been play should since it came about 2 yrs ago so I’ve seen it all from the first transformation cac to the first legends limited but I have realise that the drop rates have gotten a bit worse throughout its life but now where near as bad as naruto blazings drop rates but what I’m really here to talk about is the new mode called legends royal and it is amazing and I recommend it for new player so they can see how strong there fighters can get when they max them out over a all good game but just take your time with the story okay because the last story you released was very small just don’t worry about the impatient players and put some Time and love into the next chapter

Great game some bugs. Great game I’ve been playing since it came out almost non stop. The only real issue I have with the game is the dash step in pvp it’s ridiculous and there is nothing fun about watching someone beat on me and switch characters to continue to beat on me without me getting a single turn occasionally I’ll get lucky and land a few hits but 80% of the battles I do I don’t even get to have a turn it needs fo be removed or atleast toned down.

An honest review. This game is outstanding,I ‘ve never seen a game quite like this in.A long time. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, sometimes when I get a sparkling character or in the broly event I was able to get broly, also alot of the characters that I want to level up and play with I ‘m not able to play or see my characters, like for example my final form freiza and other characters. I ‘m only able to play with my final form freiza because of auto select and thats the only one that I can’t see but play with. But thats the only thing that I can see thats wrong with this game. Besides that the game is amazing

great game. :). so found this by acident and been playing for quite awhile got an awsome roster and havent had to pay all that much, which ive found to be rare in these type of games so thank u to guys who made it, as the in app stuff is fully optional as in u can buy if u wish to support the people but not necessarily needed to get a good team, only real complaints is waiting on the story (nitpicky sorry people xD) and just that multiplayer can be a tad hard to connect as for some reason when i use my best and strongest team it just cant find anyone but when i switch to weaker charcters i get put up agianst guys at the level of my old ones, still overall an amazing game :) and i love the story with shallot wish i had more stuff to custmize though like armour colour but overall happy with him

Good game but. This is a great game I love everything about it I got the game when it first came out I even got all my friends hooked on the game. But the game is slowly becoming more and more pay to win sure u can get good characters by saving your crystals but getting crystals when you have completed the story and the currently running events is tedious and time consuming. I’m not the only person who thinks this all my friends agree that u guys are asking us to spend 40 to do a consecutive summon once RIP OFF. People who want to get into the game expect losing to people in pvp who have better characters than you and not getting the specific character u want unless your really lucky or u have the crystals to spend.

Banners and game. Firstly, the game is the best I would recommend it to anyone find a fun and exciting dragon ball game but there is one problem at least for me and surely others. You had to buy the tickets with real money for the 2020 banner event! I’m fine with other banners needing to buy but the 2020 banner? There are people like me who can’t buy stuff all the time but did you have to make the 2020 Banner, a NEW YEAR banner another one you had to buy from the shop? I don’t know if this is a marketing strategy but you have to at least do some single summon and multi summon using chrono crystals

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Crashes. Fix your game keep crashing in pvp so I lose points

DBL. Best Game Ever!

Thank you for the 1000 Crystals!. Thank you I spent hours grinding for 1000 crystals so when I checked the gifts I found 1000 crystals thank you!

Mid. F2P is hard and there’s a review of someone whining about spending 500 dollars with no good characters, that’s your issue. I’m f2p and I have more than 5 LL 5 stars. Just Grind the game after a bit and use your gems wisely

Legendary Trash!. A pure pay to win garbage. Gives me a headache. It baffles me how this game is rated so high. Maybe it’s the fanboys and bots. This game is everything that a multiplayer should avoid. A pay to win that has been mastered. Senseless and a big disadvantage if you are unable to summon the latest characters from the gambling like gameplay.

No new units. I like the game but I don’t like they way f2p players have to grind so much doing story,events,and raids and get like no cc if you did it already.When I did all of this I spent like 35k cc on the Gogeta banner and I didn’t get a new unit in it

This game is AWESOME. I love this game the combat is so fun and creative this is one of my all time favs

Pvp pay wall. The game is good very smooth you can free to play a bit until you want to pvp which is the entire game lol, the matchmaking is the problem you get above battle lvl 11 you then face maxed out lvl 2000 five star chars whith power at least a mil over yours and a full team it forces you to spend to even have a chance very shady way to do it. Great game if your a whale or youtuber other then that enjoy the pve it get paywalled as well but not till way later honestly the pvp thing is why I gave 1 star

PvP and drop. They don’t know how to fix the power of the character. When I’m trying to play in pvp I always lagging. They don’t know how to ajust the character. Some of them are p2w end the drop are to low

Garbage. Tedious adventures, bad rates, no actual content To sum it all up this game’s been garbage for awhile. Only good thing they did was ssj3 shallot

Great game. It’s animation is amazing I also enjoy the pvp and not any adds which a lot of games have only problem is I always loose against my friend

Great game. This game is fun there’s a lot to do and so much characters to get

Give me ultra gogeta blue and I will tell my friends to play the game. Deal if not disliked.

Pull Rate Bait. F2P players will start off nicely, although you’ll find that after so many days logged in the rates will seem to decline rapidly bringing the game to a standstill. This forces the F2P Base into A) Spending real money or B) Grinding all the content with little to show for it. Suggestion: lower rates on owned units and adjust that % with the number of stars that unit has.

Pls don’t do this to us iphone 6 players 🥺🥺🥺. pls can u don’t remove this thing i mean, to support this game forever on iphone 6 pls 🥺🥺 i luv your games and i support you guys forever,and please can you guys fix the crush is so annoying 😖 bcs this game is soo cool it doesn’t need crashes

Good game but reduce the data. I love this game it’s very fun but the amount of data it takes is too much just bring it down a little

Worst paying experience. I honestly wish i could give it 0 stars. The summon rates im this game sre absolute garbage. After spending almost 500 dollars to get a single super vegito i got 2 garbage sp charcaters to show for, the other 15 multi summons didnt even give me any sp characters. I have literally spent 500$ with NOTHING to show for it. DO NOT and i repeat DO NOT EVER spend money on this stupid game because it will not hive you anything hoping you keep putting more and more money into it. It is a simple cash grab.

Best. I love its just like the show just with more characters and more abilities 9000% recommend

I can’t do battles or quests. Anytime I try and do either battles or quests, the game crashes. Other than that, this game is really well made, kudos.

DEVELOPERS!!! FIX THE GAME!!!. I haven’t even started playing because I’ve been trying to get it to open and it crashes every time. Please fix this.

Pls give me the ultra instinct Goku. YEAH UR HEARD THE TITLE FIVE IT TO ME NOW nah I am just joking is it ok but if you can give it to me tho? Thank you and god bless happy new years!

Rimuru still solos. Ngl rimuru solos verse

I hate dis game. I had in my account so many ultras and sparkling dbz characters and they deleted my account Alskd

Amazing. I am very happy with it. I literally got 3 legends limited in 1 consecutive summon. The graphics are so good and pvp is hard but very fun. The story mode would be better if the cutscenes were animated to but overall really fun.

Enjoyable. Dragon ball legends is one of the most detailed dragon ball game ever it’s just that everytime we have to update it I have to update thins in the game

Please help. The raise goku 00s to friendship 3 rank quest doesn’t complete my goku is on friendship 6 please help me i want ultra goku

Great game but... DB Legends is fun, but it’s only worth playing if you constantly make new accounts. After about Part 7 of the story, you get about 10 Chronos max every story. All the benefits go to P2W players.

Enjoyable. Yes. Very

.. My game only crashes when I go into pvp

sad to see this. i have been playing this game for about 2 year now and it really hurts me to see one of my all time favourite games be used like a cash grab. i have done almost everything on this game as a f2p player and almost have every unit in the game. but my problem is that it become Stale. no new events no new challenge, just a game that looks like it’s trying to use my favourite childhood franchise against me for money and not give respect to dragon ball. the reason most people like dragon ball is because of the art style, the fights, and the story. this game was sooo good at that but then the zenkai were brought in as a character boost and were very hard to obtain if you were a new player or f2p og. which started the first pay wall. player who were f2p had a super hard time beating player who were p2w and if you look at top 1000 players in pvp every season. there all p2w. there is no f2p player up there because they cant compete against p2w player who have a full teams of just zenkai units. i myself used to be in the top 10k before zenkai were common and it was fun if u ignored the lag, the hacks who drawed matchs and the small bugs. which really hurts me to see a average Joe like me not having a chance against p2w who whale out on the game without me spending money on it. now the lack of events hurts me more due to it being something i can at least do without losing everytime. i played this game on a daily basis and almost never skip a day before LF future gohan came out. but then there was nothing to do. i rewatch story 3x because there weren’t any event to play and when there was a event it wasn’t even worth a half summon so i took my very first hiatus from a game i love, to start a new game or do something different. tbh i miss dragon ball legends but i also hate what it has become . which is why i started playing a new fame that has a good stort cross over other anime character and it has a fun coop mode , plus a a different style of pvp . which is grand summoner and tbh it feel like im playing the fun OG db legends. also its very f2p friendly. if db legends come back better then i will happily quit grand summoner for it but its only time will tell.

BLM. Black lives matter

Great F2P support. Been playing for nearly 6 months so far and I’ve been able to summon on lots of the gacha banners that have been released without spending a dime on the game. Honestly would recommend this game if you’re looking for a good free to play Dragon Ball game.

Enjoyable. I like this game from the bottom of my heart but they need to fix the ultra summon rates there is now way I should be 13k Chrystal’s deep in a ultra banner I swear this game is pay to win bro just fix summon rates please

Bon jeu mais.... Dragon ball LEGENDS est un très bon jeu avec beaucoup de bon points mais il y a aussi beaucoup de points noirs dans ce jeu a commencer par le pvp qui a chaque saison j’me dégoûte car il y a trop de gens qui ont une mauvaise connexion trop de gens qui abandonnent et trop de gens qui trichent. De plus dans ce jeu il y a un sacré déséquilibre entre les joueurs Free to Play et les joueurs Pay to play. Prenons exemple de la célébration du nouvel an, dbl met un portail avec quasiment que des bons personnages mais les free to play reçoivent qu un seul ticket pr invoquer tandis que les pay to plays eux peuvent avoir 30 tickets sp garanti et dans ce cas surpasser les free to play en terme d étoiles sur les persos et de persos en eux même voilà pourquoi je met cette note négative et je ne compte pas la changer tant que le jeu n aura pas équilibré l écart entre les free to play et les pay to play

Db legend bestbgame. Yesssir

Dbl. Finally a great DB game for phones. Very addicting, you’ve been warned.

Worst game on App Store. Half of the A.I.s can fade step any move anytime even stunned, which is totally the same for the player👍🏻 Makes every event and reward thereafter not worth the effort, this isn’t a problem for bird studios though. With outrageously priced items and no incentives to give people the want to participate in guilds, what more could you ask for from a game that took ideas and slapped them into a money hungry machine.

Game has gone downhill. Used to play the game daily, and I have logged in for 600 days already. Now the game has turned into such a grind and a cash grab, making it incredibly not fun and unrewarding to play. Super disappointing and I hope they go back to their old ways instead of focusing on unrealistic grinds and punishing players for now spending money.

Review. Fun game so far, excited to see what's in store for the future

Horrendous. Why is the ultra space time rush so difficult. To give you an idea, you could have the best character all maxed out and yet still get hit 2 times by a character who’s at a type disadvantage and your dead. Like what is this nonsense, fix your game before the fan base leaves as well. It’s not about releasing more characters and keeping the fan base guessing that will make this game be more popular it’s about listening to the community starting off with this horrendous ultra space time rush.

Nooooo pl pl pl free unit. Me sed pl pl pl unit fre fre fre unitnpl pl pl or else i throw iphone at friend pl pl pl🙏😞😞😞😞😢🥺😭😞😞😞😭😭i throw iphone at rock and roxk to to apace and become meteor

Plz fix the crashes. Whenever I sommon the game always crashes and I lose all my gems but it’s still really fun and amazing. Plz fix the crashes I’ve lost 37 Simmons on the super saiyan four banner because crashes plz fix it

Make more f2p friendly. This game can be great if there is more options for free to plays. Once you’re done story you have no way of getting anymore crystals and zenkai is almost impossible for a f2p. I want to give this game a higher rating but currently, this is the highest I’ll give it until the my fix the problems with this game

Gdjdjdjdnf. Thanks guys

Fix your game people are using gay a*s. Character and there grinding u should banned them. Fix it

What a waste. They ruined Dragonball franchise name. This game will entertain for few days n let you play pvp well first , then you pay for characters and when you stop paying you will play an automated pvp. No more latest character you will ever get in free summons. Totally Garbage developer and management.

Wow. Très bon jeux je recommande

Great in theory, but greed is destroying playability. I’ve been logging in for about 548 days now apparently...and the developers keep making it worse and worse for any free to play players to compete against the people with endless disposable income...The amount of “grinding” to complete “adventures” is mind boggling over the last few events, this game is no longer fun to do anything other then enjoy the animations. The odds of you getting either a character you want or enough characters to be competitive in online matches are the worst ever...unless you’re prepared to spend several hundred local currencies to “help” you along...what a shameful way to go for a childhood favourite series to end up like this

PvP and summon rates. The pvp in this game can be fun sometimes but lately there is a lot of lag in pvp and it causes people to lose matches. The summon rates are fair in my opinion but they should add more ways to grind to get chronic crystals.

Oh myyy. Hello my name is Karan my 5yr old son was playing oh my goody he watched this anime called dragon balls he was obsessed he was watching every day there was BLOoD can you believe that Oh MY blood in there headd mouth and even they kill oh my God pls bless us and my son with a million dollar 💵👩 Sincerly: jimmys mom Phone number :238 696 6907 Pls contact us we need mental hospital now

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The game is really good but a bit dry. Idk what all those people are talking how mui is really hard to get and counter. In fact mui can easily get rid of in a pvp match by actually using your brain. The game is fun having a story, events, and pvp to play along with summoning too but there is one tiny problem. The game gets a bit dry with story being a bit repetitive and with events you guys don’t give enough limited rewards like with one or three a day it might takes weeks to complete something which is something I would not like to do for that long. In pvp it is not that bad after a while but they should maybe make the rewards a bit better for the people at the lower ranks. Also if you leave the rates of getting legends limits where it is but make it a bit easier to get cc for the f2p players then a lot of people would maybe enjoy the grind and not complain about how hard it is to get. But my the thing I want is the events to be a bit more rewarding with stuff people actually want and not useless stuff. Other than that I really enjoy the game and it is really fun.

Incredibly Pay to Win. I absolutely love this game, however, it is extremely pay to win, like how you use chrono crystals to get basically every decent character, and people who are play to win, or play the game for free without spending money have to put in so much time to farm these crystals, while people who can spare some money can easily get the best characters in the game, make them rise in the ranks and get even more chrono crystals to spend on decent characters. All of this while free to play people are falling behind trying to get the next Legends Limited character that people who pay money already have. Also pvp mechanics are a little iffy. There should be a mechanic where you can get out of a combo, but make it difficult to do so it doesn’t make pvp not fun. Because people who have money can easily grab up super vegito, who can get your character out of being comboed and knock your opponent back so that they can be comboed, keep in mind that he is a legends limited character, a character that takes forever for free to play people to grind out unless that have been saving for a while. Please take into consideration how much of a pay to win game this is because I’m starting to not like it anymore.

5stars because.... Oh and if I don’t get goku black on my birthday I swear to Jesus it’s overFIX THE DANG DOGING BUTTON BEFORE I Start Cussing out loudTHE The only reason I gave you 5 stars was because of the summon and the storyline could be better but so for its ok it’s not horrible buts it’s the the best it’s like in the middle climbing up to the top but anyways I’m here to say that the summons half the time when you farm for gems/crystals and you hav like 2000 or you waste your money on crystals you summon and the get bull crap or you get super sayian goku he looses some how I’m love the dragon ball Franchise it’s one of the best anime’s out there that make me laugh and show action at the same time I’m not telling you guys to make the summon more powerful to the point where you get sparking every-time but at least make it fair I mean I’m so happy with the system now because the summons have gotten better I’ve gotten so many good characters that I won’t but other then that it’s one of the best anime games out there keep up the good works you guys are good creative people that now how to think thank you to all the people that have made this game it’s it’s so fun oh did I forget to add this FOX THE GOD DA#* dodging button cause that’s for really making me mad

Far To Annoying. In general, the game is very fun and competitive. They give you a lot of missions to do, including tons of events and PvP battles. Although, the chances of getting something good during summons are very low making players really aggravated. Also, when you have no events to do, there isn’t really much missions to give you a lot of the in-game currency, Chrono Crystals. But what really makes the game seem somewhat “Bad” is how Ranked Matches work. Sometimes, you’ll have very weak people to fight in Ranked Matches as a newbie, but a few ranks later, you get put against powerful people that are way above your level which is extremely unfair. Even worse is the rates of even getting a Sparking unit, most of the time you won’t get anything good out of several 10x summons. When you’ve done to much in the game for Chrono Crystals, you are forced to spend your money or wait several weeks for a new event to start, making the game very long to progress through. I’ve played for a year, gotten on the game extremely frequently, and am disappointed with my progress despite being pretty much addicted to fighting in this game. I’ve made a whole new account attempting to progress through more missions so I could have more fun.

True review. I have been a player for now 2 years, and man is this game so mediocre. The actual game play is some what good but the game it self is just a sacrifice. One you practically have to pay in order to actually compete for they dont even out that many missions dedicated to chrono crystals at most they will give you around 3,000 for like some anniversary stuff. Then you have the glitchy multiplayer. There will be times where you will just load up in a game fast then times where the game cant find any players, which this is a known problem. But I am assuming the developers really dont care. And thats where I am going to get at. For the amount of money they make and my friends and I have spent on this game you would expect them to fix simple glitches in the terms of pvp. Not being able to play versus someone that I worked hard for my team build really cancels the point of even playing. Having players purposely glitched the game, the fact that is even a thing and a fact that they havent figured no solution to it what so ever in years, yet you see people post you tube videos of them forcing other players to lag by clicking out the game for 2 seconds then going in. As I have stated good game but feel like the developers could care less for there fan base, disgusting.

Mike Bloomberg. As a huge fan of Dragon Ball in its entirety I Love this game, and its been like this since it first came out. From the great animations to the feeling of pride whenever you finally beat a boss that was super strong, it’s a good game...for a while. Once you beat the story there are events, however most are usually very difficult (borderline impossible) unless you possess specific characters, or have all your characters 7+ starred and 600% soul boosted. Speaking of the characters summoning is where I truly feel this game is very pay to win, you could be grinding stones for days, weeks, or even months and get nothing but heroes and extremes. Double rate banners never seem to work and half the time when you get sparking guaranteed summons you get a gen 1 legends card that’s far weaker than their modern counterparts. I think if this game took a page out the book From Dokkan Battle (a game I also play albeit more than legends) and made all Simmons sparking guaranteed it would attract more people to the game as well as make grinding Chronoa crystals more worth our while.(Also more f2p options for ticket summons cause thts lowkey unfair to anyone who doesn’t pay for the game)

STAMINA!!!!. From it’s initial release I was impressed. It took some getting used to not having the “Dokkan Awaken” feature where you’re hype from the concept of your card transforming and breaking it’s limit then having to transition to plane leveling the same card without any new card art. It had flaws with it’s grinding system but the story had life. It was compelling and the combat that was somewhat linear lived and breathed as well. All of those features have since been polished and improved. The only gripe right now I have with the game is it’s stamina system. With the improved ticket system for grinding souls now I have like 10 minutes of play through a day unless I wait all that time for the stamina to refill or spend stones I’m grinding and saving for summons. Bandai just needs to add more stamina or have some missions that don’t require stamina at all. Or even have different types of stamina for different missions. It’s a good game that I am glad exists. I see more implemented into the combat in the future. I love his game. My only gripe and it’s a MAJOR one. Is the stamina. It’s a good game and I want to keep playing. But I am constantly stopped because I barely have any stamina to do anything.

Ki blasts are way too op. I recently got this game and i absolutely love it. the main story is very interesting and i actually read what they are saying. the graphics are top notch and the gameplay is absolutely amazing. except one thing. the ki blast ability. now there’s some players that can counter this and all that but for beginning players like me (and other experienced players too) the ki blast ability is far too op. it can’t be blocked, it hits from anywhere and if the comp does one, he’ll do two more, dealing insane amount of damage to my characters. there has to be a way of countering it and using my own blast ability is just not enough. i propose a block mechanism, preferably when you hold the screen down. this block should be able to reduce the ki blast ability dramatically damage-wise or make it do no damage at all. not only that, but it can also be guard-broken by the melee ability (which can be avoided thru the dodge) making players and coms to use the ability in fair use. this also motivates players to come closer to the enemies and adds to the strategic layer of this game. please take this idea into consideration, i believe it will make this amazing game even better! thanks!

This game is wonderful. Just somethings need change. This game is wonderful. Huge step from Dokkan is one of my favorite phone game. I’m happy that it’s full with content especially for a free game and the Story is actually enjoyable. A different route from the regular type of style dragonball z stories go, but there are still somethings that need to be updated or changed. For one I feel there are more sparking cards then regular hero and extreme cards. And as far as SPARKING cards go I feel they should make sparking cards more different from the regular cards. Like how I’m Dokkan Legendary cards had an extra special / special stats with also a 2nd special which made them stand out from other cards ( such as fusion after your health is drop to a certain level ). But in legends sparking card ( unless they have a second special or transformation ), are equal to a hero or extreme. But besides that the game is wonderful. If they fix those little things then this game would be the perfect dragonball z game for cell phones. OR IF THEY WOULD HAVE NADE THE STORY WHERE YOU CHOSE A PATH OF EITHER LEARNING HOW TO GO SSJ 4 or SSJ god and Giblets learn the form that you don’t choose. That would be a perfect turn in the story. Also when are we gonna get dark attribute characters?

My Fourth Review of this game. As my love for this game increased so heavily when the 2nd Anniversary was announced, I regret to say that this game has constantly been adding or creating new amazing features yet completely ruining those features at the same time. Though it’s 2nd year anniversary was expected to be amazing and possibly introduce new events, the Legends Staff utterly failed to meet our goals. They have produced this game purely for money and ignore their free to play community. What’s worse is that they refuse to listen to the community despite what opinions they have. It hurts that I wasn’t able to pull Vegito Blue, but PvP is unplayable as fusions are practically meta shattering. I love this game so much yet they refuse to treat their players well. Also, in order to avoid cheating methods, they implemented disconnection rules, yet although my connection is completely fine, I happen to lose matches AND i get suspended from PvP for an hour. I love this game’s graphics and it’s play style but they continue to betray the hopes I have and disregard their F2P players. Another note, STOP SUSPENDING people from PvP because your system doesn’t work at all. It says that I “lost connection” even when my connection is perfectly fine. Listen to your community please

Money Hungry and Ridiculous scaling. I understand that this is free to play and that putting money into the game is optional. But why is it that first off the newer characters are already completely outclassing the old ones? And I’m talking sparking characters. Sparking SSJ Trunks is over 50k power level below all of the new sparkings and he’s not even that old of a unit. On top of that I paid 60 dollars for a total of 40 summons and I didn’t get a SINGLE new character. I understand loot drop but for people who put money into a game like this deserve higher chances to get better characters. Not old ones. For example I did all 40 summons in the brand new event bracket for janemba and gofers and instead I got pikahuan who is SIGNIFICANTLY weaker than both those characters and not even talking lore wise. It’s highly frustrating Also it feels like most of the stuff you do or the items you get are completely pointless. Currently Shallot is completely useless in pvp considering the power level difference and having the hero’s does nothing since you can’t sacrifice them to make your current hero’s stronger. As much fun as this game is this game is severely lacking content and the wait times for not even a couple minutes of playtime for new content is very disheartening.

Great game, some small issues though. So first off I just wanna say this is a great, and I mean GREAT game, a ton of dragon ball characters you can collect, unlimited ways you can win in stuff, like events, pvp, story mode, etc. Now the graphics is just really good, and I mean this might be the best game to exist dragon ball related. But some stuff I would really like to see is- easier ways to get chrono crystals (CC) because once you completed the story and soul boosted all your characters it’s mostly impossible to earn them unless you spend like 20 bucks for CC when you wont even get the character you want, I mean spending that much money for the CC amount it honestly not worth it, and once you complete all the stuff like story quests etc it makes it a ton harder to get the new characters which is really annoying because you see other people use them and you get demolished unless your skilled. Now this is a recommendation that I would love to see. A chatting system so you can chat with your friends and clan because it’s hard to know what they’re up to. So yea overall great game but it can become better.

All Around Great Game. The art is beautiful and the game plays fantastic. You don’t need much skill to play but your more involved then simply pressing a button and letting the game do the work. They continue to release new and amazing characters. Unfortunately, as these new characters come out they get stronger and stronger and all previously releases characters are obsolete and just continue to get weaker. This really only proves to be a problem in multiplayer as the actual missions can still be beat with older characters. I wish shallot was buffed you far note as even with the ssj2 transformation he is still not even in my top 20 characters. I get the new and best characters pretty frequently from the summons as the summons seem pretty fair. Overall, these are only minor complaints as no game will ever be perfect but I absolutely love this game and have been playing since it first came out and have yet to get bored of it. Patches are frequent so the game continue to improves and those always something to do with the developing team constantly releasing new content in a nearly weekly basis. Absolutely love this game and highly recommend for anybody who played DBZ games on the ps2.

Slow Response and No Resolution. I have been playing this game since it’s release. I’ve spent plenty of hard earned money and have been shafted plenty of times. That’s part of the game and I understand that, however upon the latest banner releases (Broly/Gogeta) I spent 5,000 CC and received no new units. Shafted again you’re thinking because so was I but then I realized the units weren’t downloaded into my game but I was still able to summon on the banners. I emailed and provided time stamps and other proof, after some back forth I’ve heard nothing back from support. All I asked was for my CC to be placed back so I could have a legit chance to summon for the new units. I had planned to spend money this New Years and I actually bought Crystals during Christmas because I believed they would do right by me on their end. So I will not be spending money or playing anymore, Dragon Ball Legends is a fun time but it’s geared so much toward you suing players. Do not waste your money, remain F2P because they don’t seem to look out for you even when you do spend and you probably won’t get the new units. I did end up pulling a Gogeta Blue and the new Frieza so this isn’t me being bitter about not pulling a unit, it’s the principle of they messed up on their end and I have yet to received my compensation/response for their screw up.

Love this game could just use more options. I’ve typed a few reviews before but whatever. First thing is Shallot! We can only limit break him to 7 stars. There should be an option to limit break Shallot 7+ stars at all times. He’s the main character. The one the player counts on most! Also too many of my friends have stopped playing and lost interest real fast because when it comes to PVP and even Co-op you need some good characters. And that takes time and money. Some of my friends don’t have much of either. A character trading option would be very helpful and encouraging! Last but not least. We need better odds on these banners. How did my brother spend 25k chrono crystals and not limit break hit all the way up to 14 stars. That’s pretty crazy! It made quite disappointed. The odds should be higher because it encourages more fun to be had and more time to want to be spent on the game. And of course we’ll be much more happy and willing to buy chrono crystals, because we know it’s actually worth it. Thanks for reading my review and opinions

Awsome game but kinda bad summon rates. I bought a 50$ gift card for this new LF super saiyen goku I find this kinda disappointing because I was saving up a lot of money for this summon because it’s hard to find money in my house I was begging my mom to bring me to work with her to earn some cash I only earned 10$ out of that I was so exited when it came out I bought 2 tickets and 2,000 chrono crystals for 32$ and 1000 for 8$ and the worst part is that I have iPhone so it charges tax and it really takes a lot I’m not like those you tubers like rhyme style trying to complete the game and get every character I just wanna have fun but that’s kinda difficult due to the fact that the summons always give me old cards and old sparkings for example my buu fused with gohan is 4 stars and gotenks ssj 3 is 5 stars and it really ticks me off cause I’m like “OH MY GOD FAKEOUT “ and all I get is a trunks (teen) and I get mad because I wasted Monet I could’ve used for another summon I tried earning crystals by the yaghyaghyagh event and the end is very stressful and for some reason I can’t play friendly battles my friend and I tried playing in school and it didn’t work I also tried playing at home and it didn’t work

I Love Dragon Ball Legends. I’ve been playing this game almost everyday since release. I’ve only not played when I felt burnt out or have been console gaming. Since release I’ve preferred this over Dokkan because of this having a story plus being more of an interactive fighting mobile game. There may be issues people have with the game or each update but me personally I love nearly everything that gets implemented in this game. There’s only a few things I wish either remained the same but hey there’s time for adapting to change. This game offers so much for free-to-play gamers out there and me personally I’ve been free to play for probably three years while I’ve spent some money during the fourth year but you really don’t need to. I purchased the special deals and I wanted to support Bandai Namco. Overall good story that keeps getting updated, good PvP (unless someone has a terrible internet connection) and so many other wonderful qualities of this game. If you don’t like something now about the game they’ll most likely change it so everyone loves it.

Trying a little too hard. The game is good but too expensive. They make new characters almost weekly and they’re always one-uping their last characters. It makes it impossible to create a meta when it’s just always the newest cards each week. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t extremely had to keep up with especially for people with less money. They make the currency difficult to get and expensive to buy. It’s between 30-50 story missions/100 normal missions to get a single multi-summon which is only 10 characters, which can be duplicates of characters you already have, and you only have a 1% chance of actually getting the new character/characters per summon. These same characters that will be out dated by next week. It’s really just not worth the time or money right now at least. They are just pumping out new things and not testing them, making the game unbearably unbalanced. This is most likely to try and out class it’s competition/predecessor Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Other than that obvious flaw the gameplay is fun and smooth to play, the graphics are great, and the cars art is beautiful. I just with they would throttle the constant updates

The devs want to steal your money. Don’t play this game at this time.. The developers of this game have thrown away any sense of decency and are making decisions that only antagonize the player base. Their “generosity” diminishes with each week and they have been consistently reducing the chances of acquiring new units. The game is headed downhill fast. I’d highly recommend avoiding this game if you are new and recommend never spending money if you’re a consistent player. The game’s best times are behind it at this point. Check back in a year if you’re still interested. It may be better then. Chances are good that the game will have crashed and burned due to corporate greed, though, so don’t hold your breath. It’s a real shame. It will be good when governments finally regulate this disgusting “business model”. They recently instituted a ban wave of many of the regular players for breaking terms of service. First they warned everyone and then two months later they banned anyone who had ever allegedly broken the terms of service after allowing them to spend money in the store for another two months. I recommend not supporting a game that is more than happy to antagonize it’s player base as much as possible. This game may be free, but it’s looking to dig its claws into you, take whatever it can and then throw you away after.

Vanishing Step is too important to be relegated to an reliable gesture. I doubt I'm alone with this opinion. This game has excellent gameplay for a gacha, but nothing is more frustrating than missing a vanish when you know you did the motion for it. I never felt strongly enough to make a post about this issue until noticing the perfection of the CPU on some of the higher difficulty missions. When the CPU decides to vanish, it doesn't have to gesture. In normal difficulty, this rarely feels unfair. On higher difficulty, where the CPU reacts to your inputs to gain an advantage, it becomes noticeable and feels cheap. While at this, let's also discuss how the AI can use 2 vanish steps in a row without switching, can use 4 blast art cards in 1 combo, can fire 2 special moves in a row (I need to at least wait for a new card, let alone having the Ki for them), counters your single blasts with one of their own at the EXACT same time 90% of the time. This all on top of their already unfair lvl and stats advantage. I'm not opposed to the higher lvl to make it a challenge, but introducing AI gameplay that violates the core game mechanics is just stupid. This isn't a matter of git gud anymore, this requires us exploiting the game and lots of luck (talking about RR) just to stand a chance.

Not enjoyable at all.. The game is generated mostly around pay to win players rather then having it balanced between people who don’t want to waste money on such a game that has no time, effort or fairness behind it. The summon rates are horrible and there are little to no events for free 2 play people to actually grind out cc to summon. On top of that if you do waste you money on such a bad game and ACTUALLY get the character you want due to the horrible summon rates and the devs LYING about them being increased, you get stat boosts to show other players “hey look at me I spent my money on a worthless game just so I can make you angry and want to spend money on this bad game too!” The game is more resourceful for whales who have nothing to do but down their money rather then the f2p people who can’t even enjoy the game due to the fact that they are constantly getting shafted and losing because they don’t want to pay for some pixelated characters stats to make others miserable. At least Dokkan (the way better dbz game) actually CARES about the community rather then just throwing overpowered units at them and saying “hey buy this and you MIGHT get the character you want!”. Would not recommend this game, save yourself from the constant anger and don’t download this piece of crap game.

My favorite game. This game is awesome. I’ve never wrote a review before but this game is just so awesome. It’s totally free to play, at least for a while it is. I have finished all of story mode and I am almost out of ways to get chrono crystals. I think there should be a way to re-do everything and keep your progress once you have no way to get crystals. But other than that this is the best f2p game I have ever played. I also think that the makers of this game are putting I too many characters. You have no idea what to spend chrono crystals on and even when you get a good person they aren’t very good after a week or 2. They also have not added as many ex or hero characters, so there are waaaay more sparking units than hero and ex combined, and they still always are super hard to get. Finally I think that there should be way more focus on events ( high difficulty ones) because with so many new units coming in, I never have any ccs. There needs to be more options to get ccs once story mode is finished, because even though it gets a lot of ccs, it’s way to easy.

Bad Balancing and WiFi connections. In the tos of the game they clearly say that you must be ok to them doing balancing changes but from what I’ve seen they have done none and instead of changing characters to where they are more reasonable they have instead kept adding characters that just get better making a power cliff for any character that did not release later. Instead they keep adding units that make any character from a year ago look like they are a hero or in basic terms the worst rarity for a unit. Then in pvp it is almost unbearable as if you did not get lucky to pull the new shiny and overpowered character you basically have a minuscule percent of standing a chance. Then most players in the game have horrible internet connection that makes it to where I have to wait almost 10 seconds for an action to actually occur. This often gives you a horrible disadvantage as instead of just being able to do the action and respond at a reasonable time you have to wait for them to get a stable connection to actually do it which then give them more time to react to anything you do. This game is very well made but because it sadly is a gacha game or more known as a game where your skill level is dependent on what characters you pull. This a money tactic as it makes people need to waste more money on the game to stand a reasonable chance.

Love the overall game but PvP needs a fix. The game is amazing. I am totally f2p and can say that i am happy with what the game provides. HOWEVER, PvP really just tries to make me mad. I am constantly getting matched up with people who have horrible internet connection. We need to make the option to “prioritize connection” because i am about to quit it as a whole. Also provide a restriction on the “prioritize connection” option. Ex. ‘Must have speeds of at least...’ Or we could make it where you are partnered with a similar speed connection. Also, I find it incredibly hard to keep a descent amount of zeni for soul boosting, especially when its the weekdays and the soul boost events are on. Don’t get me wrong, ‘the brilliant city’ and the actual event do help, but i find myself out of energy or out of adventure slots. All I am asking for is a zeni event where it takes all of your energy and drops 2-3 million zeni or just make the current one 3 cost instead of 5 so we can sneak in an extra run here and there. All in all, i am very satisfied with the gameplay and hope for future fixes and updates to help the game improve. Keep up the good work, wafflebomb

Terrible game don’t look at the 5 star reviews they are fake or old.. The game is so bad. Not only is it pay to win, you can’t get cc to summon and even if you do, you won’t get anything good. Also during the summon the animations dont even matter anymore because you could get the best animations to get good stuff but you never will except for Broly then you get at least 1 legends limited. The fighting mechanics are bad. Cover changes never work when it’s supposed to like it’s the beginning of the game and I cover change and guess what? It doesn’t work and also guess what? Every time the opponent cover changes it works. Cost to much to soul boost. You can’t really upgrade your character that much. Rating battles aren’t skill based it’s if you win you go against pros or none of you moves/cover changes work. Like people you know you could beat will beat you after you win just 1 match. It takes a long time to get energy back if you use it all. Some of the bosses are to op or they make it to where you can only use trash characters. There’s no good pvp it’s either treasure pvp or ranked pvp (which is unbalanced) also even if you do good in ranked pvp you get no cc from it which is stupid. Over all the game is really bad and pay to win. Just go play Dokkan battle it’s not the same but it’s better since it’s not as pay to win as this terrible game.

I wish it could be better than what it truly is.. I have been playing for awhile now with a few friends. I have one friend whom is like me and doesn’t waste money on this game and another friend who puts a lot of money into this game. Although it is a good game in it’s combat right, in the end it’s nothing but a pathetic pay to win game. If you don’t have money then there is no point in playing because I’ve summoned on so many banners. I would spend days summoning on banner after banner to get the characters I would want, yet not a single time. I try so hard to get the meta so I don’t fall behind but I get nothing, People could say it’s luck but truly is it? No. I have summoned so many times, doing story and hard mode and going through so many missions trying to get chrono crystals but I’ve run out and haven’t gotten the ultras and stuff that I have been trying. I summoned so many times on this recent MUI banner and no matter how many times I’ve summoned, it’s been the same thing over and over again. I wish games could learn to stop being pathetic and making games pay to win, how could you call it a “free to play” then it be a game that if you don’t have money then you fall behind. My warning to people is, either get money for this game or don’t play because you will fall very behind as I have if you don’t put money into this game.

Great game but.... This is one of my favorite games to play on the App Store. They consistently update it for new events and for the story line. Since their is always something to do I don’t see it get boring or stale like some other games. I’ve been playing since they first released it and I’ve seen the amazing process. From the start to now is amazing. But now to get to the negative drawback. It is so difficult getting good characters that you want. They make getting Sparkling characters very hard to get and then if you did actually get one chances are it’s not what you want. When goku blue first was able to achieve I spent 5 or six thousand chrono crystals to only get 2 sparking characters that weren’t good at all. And then after the third event for him is when I finally got him. I spent so many crystals to get him and golden frieza. I love the game but it’s annoying and obnoxious having to grind out a thousand crystals to get nothing. When you beat the story and everything else the only way to really get crystals is to waste for another update and hope they continued the story. Over all I would suggest this game to anyone but to be aware of that draw back

Rising rush in high ranks. This is my favorite game of all time ive been playing ever since i came out and ive been playing this game whenever i get a chance to ever since but i feel like rising rushes in rating matches are a problem because not only is it a possible instant death but also its game changing but the fact that you sometimes have a 25% of dodging one is broken i think rising rush should be taken out the game its frustrating to me when my opponent had the advantage but ends up loaing because i get 2 rising rushes and he only gets 1 in my opinion rising rushes are a direct counter to skill in this game because with 2 presses you can kill one character and the fact that youre able to abuse the rising rush in this way makes ranked feel less rewarding because youre able to do that in my opinion i think in rating matches the rising rush shouldnt be allowed and i know one of king piccolo abilities is to steal dragon balls in ranked but it could be changed to a ability similar to paikuhan's but on the type of card last used by your opponent but anyways this game is my favorite game out right now and one of my all time favorites keep up the amazing job:)

Great Game, but it lacks rewarding things. This game is pretty amazing, but the rewards lack a lot. I would spend a lot of time on this game. It’s when I get a lot of chrono crystals and I would summon, but get nothing but absolute garbage. I have been playing this game for over a year and I rarely get characters that I want half of the time. And when you run out of activities, you would have to pay to win. The activities don’t give you much anyway. Probably a good 1,500 in total, but that means nothing with the drop rates in this game. I have a 1% chance of getting one character I want or even less, and a 75 percent chance of getting a hero, which is basically useless besides boosting up your teammates. Even the newer extremes are harder to get than the new sparking sometimes. It’s pretty sad that I put a lot of work into this game, not trying to spend a lot of money, and getting nothing out of the other end. They either need to make the summon ms better like making the hero drop rate lower and increase the sparking and extreme rates or put more chrono crystal activities into the game for us free players to enjoy unlike the pay to win players.

As a DB,DBZ and DBS fan. This is an amazing add onto the game series it’s always nice to see a good Dragon Ball Z game other than some cheap rip offs it feels like this had so much so much effort put into it and not a single character is not unique every character can we play differently and you can express yourself with any character from Brawley to Goku black Zamasu to Beerus The fact of the rosters so wide is amazing to me it’s always nice to know that dragon ball still gets so much lov this game makes me incredibly happy just to even watch game brings me so much joy it’s almost making me cry this review is meant to hopefully what you see how amazing almost perfect (no cell) this game is please if you’re even considering thinking even if it’s going to come to your mind eventually of downloading this game do it immediately you will have no second thought this game is amazing (but one downside it is really paid a win half the time not gon cap🧢) good mobile games like this make me say that not all things are bad on mobile that is dam this is mad long :)

rough edges. Update: pvp is a wash 70% of time. still stuck in battles where connection issues defeat any capacity for strategy. Personal connection is verifiably good. Still waiting to see what has apparently already happened after characters are stuck in pose for 3-5 seconds. No ability to report in-game issues, only ones opponent. No place to describe active issues, just here. Get it together. Good game premise, good/demanding rate of character summons, good character leveling, good scaling. Poor pvp, poor connectivity issues during battle. Skill is wasted if it can never be improved because connection/game processing power limits response time. If i have advantage and opponent is actively flying away from arts card blow, and remaining arts cards have been highlighted (green edge), why am I left watching my character stand still for a second or even two before continuing a combo? -especially if they may now counter during said pause? Am I losing connection? Why is there no way of gauging connectivity with game? Wanna help us help you? Your game is based around leveling characters up to compete pvp. Work on your pvp metrics. Ping counter plz.

Fix the game please. Your game is garbage, the rates for summons or terrible you have to spend money if you even want top tier units like I know you have these events that give 1000 crystals but 1000 compared ptp is nothing doing a 10x summon for some hero rarity characters plus not even like good hero character nail for example just the same day one hero’s this game is terrible even if you just added guaranteed sparking for every multi would give me a reason to look forward to summon like at least I’m getting something and on the guaranteed sp tickets don’t put every old sparking we don’t need them unless they get a zenkai boost ( thank god you added that I was wondering if goku was gonna stay sp trash for this whole game life span ) I don’t want to get tickets for some old sp and not even use it put meta characters ex. Like the featured characters and characters from banners prior to that banner that would be great but no you grind for tickets just to get purple turles like wow I totally needed that since I’ve been playing from day one Please take this into consideration please the players and raise the level cap for pvp is going to be next year till we can battle with our 5000 characters

Please fix your RNG. I can speak for majority of your fan base when I say that the summons are very stingy and need to be tweaked A LOT. It’s very very rare when I actually pull someone new. I have done about 7 different summons on the legends call of earth and I haven’t pulled any new heroes I have pulled literally the same three sparking twice out of those 7 summons and it’s really infuriating because of the amount of time and effort I put into earning those crystals, I refuse to spend money on your game if I’m not even guaranteed a sparking, this is the dumbest way to attract new players if you ask me. How do you expect me to vouch for this game if us as a community aren’t having fun. I’ve spoken on this topic multiple times in many of my reviews and you guys clearly don’t care about it. How long will it take for you guys to realize that if we spend money or not we won’t be satisfied because these summons are super unfair. I may not be a game developer but I know how to listen to people and learn about the feedback that I obtain. The next summon I due I’m most likely not going to get a sparking or let alone a extremes because guess what? The game is going to give me the same 5 different heroes that I normally pull. I Feel so appreciated thanks for showing us how much you care for our dedication to supporting this game. I’ve been playing since day one and still haven’t gotten any recognition. FIX YOUR SUMMONS PLEASE THATS ALL I....NO WE ASK.

Great game but waste of time and money. People spend hundreds of dollars to get crystals to summon these characters and it’s all a joke. The percentages of you pulling something good is so little it’s not even worth trying. 2nd anniversary and I’m trying to get vegeto blue or ssj4 goku or fused zamasu and it says for the guaranteed sparking summons it’s a 15 percent chance for goku or zamasu on both. And I still manage to get a 1.2% garbage super 17 or some blue trash robot. Even when I get sparking on regular summons it’s all trash and nothing good. I’ve gotten like 8 or 9 sparkings and it’s all just trash bum characters. They force you to pay money to get cool characters or make you grind for hours just to give you some bum off the streets character. It’s fun but absolute bull crap pulls and that’s why I stop playing in between big updates or whatever celebration they squeeze out between 2 buttcheeks. It’s fun to play if you get these great characters but they love to give bum low tier characters like Oprah giving out cars. It’s clear they do it as a cash scam to get people to pay. If you don’t pay you better have better luck than a leprechaun. But still a fun and creative game to play. Deff recommend to play to a friend when they get the most crystals and better pulls starting off.

Amazing but tedious. I have been playing this game since they came out and it’s awesome game the art style is beautiful the card arts of the units are really amazing and beautiful and the gameplay is really fun but the one problem that I have with it is teaching the main character of the story other moves is really tedious because you need to level up other characters friendship to rank to and there’s no easy way and fast and convenient way to do it I wish they added a bonus battle that gives you 1000 a friendship points for the first chapter and for the second chapter it gives you 3000 points and you can do it once per day if they are there and fix this mechanic it will be a perfect game in my opinion and also if they can expand the energy bar from 10 to 20 it will be a really good thing because it’s really frustrating when you’re farming for rising souls and you run out of energy and you don’t have any energy in the energy tag and you don’t have any crystals or any of the energy items to use to refill your energy and you have to wait a long time to play again.

So much potential. But as of recently this game has been getting very cash grabby and leaning more towards pay to win. This game has been very friendly to free to play players, and I’ve been considering making a purchase just because of how great they are to players who don’t dump money into the game, but they’ve been giving out less and less of the ingame currency for free and by quite a large amount, and due to the way characters drop, it will be very hard in the future to get any new characters you actually want without using real money, and may I say, the prices they charge for this game are ridiculous. 40 dollars for 30 RANDOMIZED summons? That’s cute. They’ve also been lowering drop rates for just about everything else in the game. This along with issues in PVP like connection and the “swiping” problem, which breaks balance in its current state in some cases, are slowly ruining what was once actually one of my favorite games in general. This game has so much potential, but the devs I once thought highly of for the love and care they had for their game and community are ruining it, and this saddens me. I hope this changes soon, but for now I would suggest to stay away from this game until the devs open their eyes to the daunting problems that surround it

Almost perfect... but... I honestly love this game. This came out before I was able to get xenoverse 2 so I was kind of desperate for a dragon ball game. Even after I got xenoverse 2 I still was obsessed with the game. It came out with new characters consistently and the stories were great. But as I continued playing I noticed something. The game is too hard for beginners. If you complete the stories you won’t be a beginner but after the stories unless you have trained a lot, there isn’t a great way to get crystals (the currency in the game). You need to be extremely strong to finish a rising battle and that gets you a good amount of crystals. I have been playing since it came out and even now I find it difficult to get crystals without buying them. And I am not gonna pay. And that lead me to my next problem. The prices on the shop are WAAAAYYY too expensive. I mean what is this? A New Years even has just come out and for some special bag it’s 75 dollars!! For a mobile game!! I would say that you’re crazy for if you think people would buy that but I know that people have probably bought like 100 of them already. Overall great game but I think you should at least lower the prices for the shop.

Best DBZ game on the App Store but..... I feel like the only thing this game needs is to give away more gems like when you first started off 1000 gems can go a long way and I feel like the pricing even when you’re having deals or sales is way to high like it’s starting to become pay to win because you never have enough gems to get anything new that comes out and it comes out like almost every week or every two weeks and I don’t understand how you expect a f2p player to actually do good in pvp or ever in pvp when all the other team has is 5star characters that just do 3 attacks and your out like it just makes the game more of like if you don’t actually buy gems you can’t get stronger I mean the whole gem thing for summoning should be reduced because the whole 999 summoning thing ruins this game because it always happens after you thought you where going for something good then something better comes out and yes I have maxed characters to 2000 and still feels like I’m obsolete and even have some the best characters in the game and still just doesn’t feel good

Great game but even greater limitations. I have been playing the game for about a year and a half now and I can easily say this game is very entertaining. Not only does it feature all of the DB universe characters it also has several different game modes to keep you interested and have something to do. But it does have its restrictions and limitations. One of the greatest and my most bothered issue has been the fact that the fighting mechanisms are irreversible or that the computer can do dodges and attacks mid-attack while you have to fully commit to that card you pick. Another issue is that there is no sim/fast play setting for the story battles. You must really play or “auto play” the entire story and pick each episode/scene and what you want to skip and not skip. There is no option to speed up the battle ex: 2x 3x 4x speed or a way to just sim a fight and see if your team could beat it or not UNLESS you have already 7 stared the battle which would make it pointless to auto sim unless it’s a bonus/event battle. I understand these things are not a requirement but a lot of games like this one or inspired by this one have these basic features that I think would make this game a little better.

PvP is what made me rate it a one star. I have had this game for a while now. And I love the story line and the ability to be able to get some decent players off of summons. And I’ve played your pvp rating matches before. It was something I use to enjoy. But I hit rank fifty for the first time this season. And since I have attained that rank I have legitimately only won maybe 7 or 8 times. Any other time I have won it is because my opponent forfeited right out the gate or i lost connection with my host. It’s like I’m playing the same person every time just with a different name. They literally use the same battle tactic. Attack you rush their character in and attack you again. And it doesn’t even give the chance to counter. And when it does it never works I literally spent seven matches in a row trying to dodge when given the opportunity and it didn’t work at all. And these rating matches I thought were supposed to be evenly matched. But it doesn’t appear to be that way. I could have a team with an ability bonus of like 1500 and I’m always getting guys who have ability bonuses of 2000 or more the majority of the time.

Avoid at all costs. This game is increasingly more and more pay to win. The developers only care about taking your money and don’t reward your time. Units don’t reach potentially useful levels with stats and z-ability buffs until 6* (4 copies pulled of the same unit). The Zenkai system is a massive grind and to get the other 6 tiers costs ~20k CC. The step up banners and legend rising banners still use massively outdated characters in the pools and the rates are terrible. In order to complete the adventure missions for useful CC and summon tickets you need to log in 7+ times a day to collect and select new adventures in order to get all rewards. These rewards have gotten worse over time for the effort needed. There’s no way to chat with guild mates, either privately or in a group, so it’s effectively a random bunch of players unless you force a guild to use Line or Discord. PVP is its own cancer, game mechanics force you to play a certain way with impossibly long combos. Laggy matches and lag switching are common in all levels of pvp. Co op is a fun concept but most characters lose their switch in buffs and usefulness after 20 or so timer counts, making the cover rescue/switch feature purely to share damage—and good luck finding an unselfish co op partner when there’s no incentive to have a live ally.

Great game if you’re a new player. Horrible I’ve you’ve played for a while.. I’ve played this game since it was released and for a while it was great. I loved it for its playability and its collectible aspect. But after finishing the majority of the story (on normal and hard) you’ll find getting enough chrono crystals for good summons without paying ridiculous cash grabbing prices is nearly impossible. 2,000 crystals for 40 dollars gets you two consecutive summons where you’re not even close to guaranteed to get a featured character. Feels more like a Las Vegas airport slot machine than a collectible Dragon Ball game. I truly have no other complaints other than the fact that they make it so blatantly obviously that they want your money with how difficult it becomes to collect crystals the longer you play. As someone who went from dokkan to Legends when it was released I feel like im being punished for being a long time player rather than rewarded for supporting the game. Anyways that’s all I got. I don’t have a huge problem with a pay to win framework because at the end of the day they have to turn a profit and have money to pay the people who work on the game, but this is just ludicrous.

Flaws abound, Subject to change. I love Dragon Ball and I love this game, all the little touches and nods make me happy to see how much care went into the aesthetics of the game. The gameplay is also incredibly enjoyable and makes the grind for better equips, items and crystals fun and challenging. That being said, the game in its current state is absolutely Pay to Win (PTW). You cannot play PVP at higher levels without encountering players without maxed out characters and equipment, usually because they have paid for crystals and kept summoning until they get all the new units maxed out, which thanks to the new star system, puts Free to Play (FTP) players at a severe and unfair disadvantage. Another feature that favors PTW is the new Zenkai Awakening system, where summoning to get Awakening Z Power has kept PTW players on top, allowing them to very easily get the most powerful and broken characters in the game. All the while FTP players have to slog through an insane grind to only get the first level of Zenkai Awakening as of right now. There are a plethora of issues with the game like the repeated currency missions, inconsistent releases, and character balancing, but I believe those are far less important to address than the other main issues. I want to love this game, but as a Week 1 FTP player it’s becoming much harder to want to keep playing.

Unknown bug. Okey so I spent money on this game but tht means nothing, just wanted to mention . Good worth i presume, since if u don’t, and ur free to play u basically sk at this game . Anyways , * deep-breath* ~~~ exhales . I have been really happy with conpet in pvp , however ( best part ever) when I get into the pvp screen the loading and connecting screen is ever so infinitely staged . I can’t be after lvl 50 , into a battle . It seems like this game is not really that a custom to the new 70 + tarring system ( which is new ) , and there for won’t ( on Wi-Fi) let me be in a pvp match after lvl50 . It just keeps loading and loading BUT. When I turned data on it works just fine . Only problem is, ? I get matched with the richest most sweatiest players around the world with z powers and all S for the characters . I’m not going to lie, yes that’s in my Rank range , however devs please fix the match making Wi-Fi issue . I don’t know who else is haveing this issue but I CANT be the only one with this problem . I want to get my rank up when I’m at home and NOT on my data please devs and people of all ages players like this, so we can raise awareness together about this issue

Deleted the Game. Honestly you guys need to nerf goku instinct both purple and red type because the whole auto dodge with counter, and the ability to recharge the auto dodge is a joke. Also you guys need to take marketing advice from supercell because your deals are a joke too. Also your coop mode doesn’t work so all the events related to that are useless. Also not logging in for a day, and having to restart your daily stamps is a joke. Also some events are just way to elaborated all just to get 100 chrono crystals, so yeah I would say great animations, and honestly the game is pretty fun for a little while until you play pvp, and your playing against broken characters that are so op the opponent doesn’t even have to try because their abilities are the equivalent of auto-aim, and when you get tired of looking at overpriced deals, or restarting your stamp roll, or having to put a ton of hours just to get chrono crystals. Honestly not worth it and I’m tired of it. You should fix your game because it’s a joke with potential. Also the subscription why don’t you just create a pass, so the customer can buy and collect all the rewards they’ve earned in the season mmmm… like supercell. Honestly you should call them up and ask them how they make 838 million in profit from mobile games.

I'm sure its fine. But, When I open it up i was hoping for a quickplay kind of game, instead i spend an hour being forced through the games tutorials and forced to tap every dang button on the menu, While I get its showing me what the game is about and whats in the menus, it doesn't really give the freedom of doing so, More like aggressively hand holding you from one point to the next, I'm honestly not a fan of games that force feed the information to you in this way and it takes away the fun or playing it, while i understand the in game tutorials are fine, I don't need a Seminar On every small thing the game has, And the skip feature is only good jn cut scenes, when I want to skip the character announcements, it seems to shove them in my face anyways, If the game doesnt want me to skip something, dont give it to me, id tried my best to give this game a chance but everytime i thought I had the freedom to explore the game i would have control wrestled away from me and being forced in a certain Direction rather than wandering there on my own and coming across it naturally. I'd keep trying but I eventually lost my patience and uninstalled it, I'm sure its a great mobile game experience, But i dont think I should be forced to play X amount of hours in the game To finally get into it.

Good game but there are major issues. Like in the tittle this is a good game but there are some striking flaws that are visible. One of them is the fact that you make chrono crystals so difficult to get and when you do their in so small amounts that you can barely do anything with them the only time the game actively gives them out in large doses is when theirs a mandatory shutdown of the game or a extremely special event. Also the controls are extremely strange almost like they’re rigged when in fights to insure that you lose in a event fight. You're winning and doing a good combo? Well how about we just say you swapped your character and make you deal with it? You dodged an attack and the npc is still using the attack? Well now they teleported mid attack and shoot you with a special one shooting you. You’re winning against a co op boss? How about when your teammate is attacked we say you pressed the button to make you get in the way of the attack and take every bit of damage. It’s almost like you rigged the game to keep people from getting things or make them spend money but making chrono crystals extremely difficult to get in large amounts.

Pretty impressed, I have to say.. I have continued to be pleasantly surprised and pretty impressed with this game. The amount of gameplay you actually have access to, completely for free dollars, is pretty shocking compared to most others. Same goes for the advertisements! Once again, pleasantly surprised and impressed at the fact that there really aren’t any. They also aren’t constantly trying to shove making any type of purchase for anything at all down your throat the whole time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried an app and within 5 minutes, got rid of it completely because it’s just too frustrating. Barely feels like you’re using the app or playing a game because of the constant interruptions to BUY this and BUY that. NOT THIS GAME! The attention to detail and graphics in addition to seamless game play, with the exception of incredibly short download times that only leave you waiting a mere few seconds, make this game top notch! If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball or just anime in general, this is a great game for you! And it’s totally FREE! Thanks.

It’s a great Dragon Ball z app. that could go even further beyond.. From the beginning this game grabs your attention because of the graphics and how Budokai Tenkaichi like the battle system is but with cards. The battle systems movement consist of moving forward, back, left, right, dashing back, dashing forward and vanishing next to the opponent(which you can do once every so often because of the cool down). The only downside to combat for me is the fact that there’s a cool down rather than an energy bar. While rng apps are normally annoying for the paying unlucky gamer and the free to play one they recently added a free SP (Sparking/Highest rarity tier) character to pull. You can earn up to 3 in total if you complete dailies everyday which isn’t hard nor to time consuming if you can’t play for long everyday. The amount of gem rewards for dailies and missions isn’t bad but I do wish there were more ways to earn gems after the main story. Overall I love this app. it just needs some tweaks and a little upgrade in the battle system. Otherwise this game is amazing and I highly recommend it.

Even now amazing. It is to my understanding that this game has been out for several months and all the reviews I have seen are from early in the games life. I got this game something in September and it is absolutely incredible. All the mechanics feel very smooth and the game is very challenging especially against friends of equal skill level. (I play the game with my friends often). The only problem I have is with the level system. You get little to no rewards for leveling up and it is a challenge to do so. I am aware that you can get character tokens for leveling up to a certain level but these are often characters that I already have and don’t use. The game is very fun and time consuming. It has helped me to memorize and look at a lot of the characters from the dbz universe. Another just, kinda silly thing that my friend pointed out is that there are very few female characters. If you could add more it would make my friend happy!😂 This is all one of my favorite mobile games of all time and the updates and events keep making the game better and better!!!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 4.16.0
Play Store jp.co.bandainamcoent.BNEI0334
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The applications DRAGON BALL LEGENDS was published in the category Games on 2018-05-31 and was developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. [Developer ID: 352305770]. This program file size is 338.11 MB. This app has been rated by 593,165 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. DRAGON BALL LEGENDS - Games app posted on 2023-01-24 current version is 4.16.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: jp.co.bandainamcoent.BNEI0334. Languages supported by the app:

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【Issues Fixed】 - Fixed various bugs

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