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What is vn video editor app? VN is an easy-to-use and free video editing app with no watermark. The intuitive interface makes video editing simple, with no prior knowledge needed. It offers all the features required to create professional and high-quality videos, satisfying both the needs of professional and amateur video editors.

Intuitive Multi-Track Video Editor
• Quick Rough Cut: VN app integrates the PC track edit design feature, making zooming, material selection, and keyframe adjustments precise to 0.05 seconds. Edit your videos with utmost precision.
• Delete & Reorder Easily: Swipe up or down to delete selected video clips. Easily reorder materials by drag-and-drop.
• Multi-track Timeline: Effortlessly add picture-in-picture videos, photos, stickers, and texts to your videos. Personalize them with Keyframe animation.
• Save Drafts Anytime: Save a draft and undo/redo an action as needed. Non-destructive editing support enables making changes to an image without overwriting the original data.

Easy-to-use Music Beats
• Music Beats: Add markers to edit video clips to the beat of the music and take your videos to the next level.
• Convenient Recording: Easily add high-quality voice-overs to make your videos more lively in minutes.

Trending Effects & Color Grading Filters
• Speed Curve: Adjust the playback speed of your videos with VN's Speed Curve, similar to Adobe Premiere Pro's Time Remapping. Choose from 6 preset curves to make your videos play faster or slower.
• Transitions & Effects: Make your videos more lively by using transitions and effects such as overlay and blur and setting their timing and speed.
• Rich Filters: Import LUT (.cube) files to make your videos more cinematic. Rich cinematic filters make it easy to create stunning visual effects.

Advanced Video Editor
• Keyframe Animation: Elevate your videos with 19 built-in keyframe animation effects. Customize your footage by adding additional keyframes or curves for a truly unique result.
• Reverse & Zoom: Have fun reversing your video clips and adding engaging zoom effects for a novel and exciting experience.
• Freeze Frame: Create a time freeze effect simply by selecting and tapping a video frame to generate an image within 1.5 seconds.
• Creative Templates: Create music and video templates and share them with your friends and family.

• Intelligent Cutout: Remove the background precisely to make the character stand out and radiate vitality.

• Auto Text-Caption Conversion: Swiftly convert your audio into subtitles with just one click.

Flexible Use of Materials
• Flexible Import Method: Import music, sound effects, fonts, and stickers to VN via AirDrop, Wi-Fi, WhatsApp, or Telegram. You can also import files in bulk via Zip files. Using your materials for video editing is that simple.
• Material Library: Use the many stickers, fonts, and other materials available to add more fun to your videos.

Rich Text Templates
• Text Templates: Choose from the many text templates and fonts to match your video styles.
• Text Editing: Choose from various font styles and customize the font color, size, spacing, and more to your preference.

Create Effectively & Share Securely
• Seamless Collaboration: Transfer projects between mobile and desktop devices via AirDrop or iCloud with ease. This allows for video editing anytime and anywhere.
• Protection Mode: Set expiration dates and passwords for your drafts and templates to secure your assets.
• Edit HDR Video: Use VN to edit and share Dolby Vision HDR videos on iPhone 12 and newer models.
• Custom Export: Customize the video resolution, frame rate, and bit rate. 4K resolution, up to 60 FPS.

Contact Us
YouTube: @vnvideoeditor
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Privacy Policy:
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App Name VN Video Editor
Category Photo & Video
Updated 28 November 2023, Tuesday
File Size 345.04 MB

VN Video Editor Comments & Reviews 2023

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Amazing editor for a casual editor like me. Tried using Instagram reels to edit but it kept crashing but I found this app through Instagram reel tutorials so I thought I’d try it out. Loved it, had plenty of tools right out of the box and it was really intuitive and easy to use. Can’t say I can compare to competitors though since I haven’t tried many other mobile editing apps. Really love a recent update where you can control the volume by 10 times. This was a game changer and really saved me because some of my audio files were extremely scuffed. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS UPDATE!! The cursor for the captions is a little wonky & would be nice to be able to select multiple clips or captions and use the apply to selected for this. If this is a feature already whoops I gotta figure it out then. Would definitely recommend trying out

“What’s the catch?” There isn’t one!. A quick background, I started doing music video and commercial work in 2013, everything from producing, directing, cinematography, editing, color grading and more. There are a few reliable video editing apps that have some impressive features for mobile, but none that are as functional, easy to use and most importantly, as FREE as VN. Trying to find an app with a noise removal filter is hard enough, and once you consider the multitrack feature, LUT import option, speed shift trick (anyone catch the Max Payne reference?), and 4K export with adjustable FPS and bitrate, you’ve got an app so impressive that it actually inspired me to write my first review in years. My only complaint. They should’ve made this exact app years ago 😤

Free, powerful and more!. It’s the most powerful, easiest to use mobile editing software I’ve ever seen. And it doesn’t give consistent ads like every other app. It satisfies me in every way, buuuut… it has its issues like everything else does… No.1: sometimes the FX glitches and looks real weird. No.2: needs more sounds No.3: this is related to sound but needs better music I like the fact u can implement your own sounds and/or music in but I feel like it needs a wider selection. But overall it’s a 5/5! I hope for more updates in the future!

Can’t believe this is free. I have been looking for an editing app that does everything I want and came across this one. I’ve downloaded countless and every single one charged. Not that big a deal but I don’t use the apps enough to validate the expense. I lost my free full version of splice when I upgraded phones and this is nearly the same with some minor differences. Taking the sound from one video to place on another is different but it’s just something to get used to. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when it was completely free! Some apps let you go through the trouble of editing a video then charge you afterwards (sneaky). This one is free and I can’t thank you enough for such a fantastic app!

Why can’t I select multiple clips?. I really wanted to love this app because it has so many great features, and it’s free! This is wonderful. However it is missing one really basic feature that I really need — the ability to select multiple clips simultaneously so that I can copy, paste, delete, or move multiple clips at once. I can’t believe the app has all these advanced features and doesn’t have this basic ability. I work with a lot of very small clips that often repeat themselves and so to have to manually add each clip and adjust it to the same length over and over and over is extremely tedious and makes it impossible for me to use this app. Please add this feature ASAP because I would love to be able to use this app to edit video on the go on my iPhone. One other related feature request: I would like to be able to quickly and easily link clips together so that once I get audio and video synced up with each other then when I move a clip the chunk of other clips that belong with it will automatically move as well, and I don’t have to re-sync everything over and over. Thank you.

Incredibly powerful. I have been blown away at the ease and abilities of this app. As far as a phone editor goes (let alone one being offered for free at the time of writing this) ... this lets you do some really professional looking edits and the work flow is simple. I am an amateur in terms of Phone Filmography, and I’ve been able to put together some pretty professional and cinematic moments of my life experiences with this. As far as phones go, this is most advanced editing app I have used for IPhone. You can see if this team continues with this, it’s only going to refine and get even more professional as people use it and our feedback joins together in its development. Thank you VN team and beautiful artists behind this. ♥️we are grateful for all you have done for us. Bryan

Best Free Editing App for Short Videos. I’ve tried multiple free editing apps in the past and they have all struggled to meet the level of VN. VN is by far the greatest editing app for iPhone, and it doesn’t require a subscription. However, I would recommend only using the app for videos under ten minutes, because once your video gets to that length, the editing struggles to work properly. Audio clips move out of sync and it changes volume levels on your videos. I did over five hours of editing on a ten minute clip just for it to be destroyed beyond repair. In conclusion, if you are looking to do get an app for editing short videos, VN is the one for you.

Intuitive and Immediate. Most mobile platform video editors claim to be easy to dive into. This is the only one I’ve tried that actually delivers on that promise. I was trying to make a ten second promo video for a self published book. Nothing complex, just an eye catcher for social media. VN made so much sense and had all the tools so well placed at the surface (little to no digging necessary). I spent way less time creating my project than I had trying and failing to get my footing with other video editors!

Amazingly good and useful. Before VN existed in the Mac desktop, I’d transfer movies to my iphone and use VN rather than use iMovie on the Mac. It does so much more and so much more easily (try reversing a video in iMovie and you’ll know what I mean!) the iOS version and the desktop version are identical and identically excellent. And FREE. Worth paying for so am looking forward to even more features in a paid version. The ability to change speed continuously (speed up, speed up some more, slow down, with seamless changes in between) is incredibly useful (especially for manipulating drone footage). This is what iOS and Mac video editing should be like. Kudos to the developers!

Ok, just, why. I’m a blogger that uses video editing apps and I messed up on a project on VN Video Editing and wanted to delete it without it using up a space still, but it still took a space up, I am annoyed so badly about that because I really had nothing to do with the faulty video, but I will NEVER pay premium if I could just download something else with a BIGGER AMOUNT OF PROJECT SPACE! So I am a big fan of how you can edit projects but I don’t like how they give you only 100 slots, I mean, I could have done a sponsor in an episode but not anymore.

Fx suggestion?. Overall, VN is incredible, but I’ve seemingly found the limits of how far the FX feature can go. Combining the preset motion effects with transitions allowed me to make more eye-pleasing shakes in transitions, although few. Using the same FX over and over has gotten a bit repetitive, which is why I began wondering, could we make our own FX in the future? Adding a feature that allows us to apply our own movement to clips using keyframes and blurs could really make editing videos a lot better (which is something that can be seen in Adobe After Effects), which is what I think this app is missing. Hope I help make the app better.

It’s good but something happened. I was freeing up space when I got of the app, and when I went back into editing it was glitched and I tried to do everything to retrieve my editing nothing came back and what was gone is that all my clip we’re gone all of everything is gone oh my music was gone music for the editing not just music in general like just my music for the editing was gone and I put a lot of effort in it and I was almost done so yeah please help me retrieve clips and music Sincerely, TC Ceasers

Where is my video? :/. I have used this app on my iPad and phone with about 10% success rate at this point. Every time I try to export the videos, they definitely end up somewhere in my device because they are taking up space in my storage, but they do not have a physical location and by the next day the storage readjusts itself back to before trying to export. Only once did it finish exporting and give me an option to save it to my device. It’s rather disappointing as the rest of the app seems to work great, and I put the time and energy into it with literally nothing to show :(

Just one problem, but, still a really great app. The app is an amazing editor. I love how much flexibility there is, even on just the mobile version. The one problem I have sometimes is that, after I close my work, I’ll open the project later and the work is gone. When this happens, which is rarely, I’ve found that if I hit undo and then redo a few times, the missing work comes back. The difficulty about that is it’s created a question mark that looms over any work I’m doing, because I’ve dreaded the instance in which my undo/redo trick finally doesn’t seem to bring back the lost material and effort. And, that finally did happen this morning unfortunately, or so it seems anyway, unless someone knows a fix —undo/redo is not bringing back some stuff that was missing when I reopened one of my project files, so I guess the work might be lost. My appreciation of the app is not lost, however, as I do feel that, all things considered, it’s still really pretty great and overall I’ve made really good use of it. But I do wish I could restore this work I’ve lost this morning, and that I could know how to avoid this hiccup for future projects.

A Good App. Hi, It is nice to talk about the advantages of the application in general. It has very nice features through which any modification can be made to any video, but there are three things that must be reconsidered.. The first is to add a button to extract audio from the video so that the user can modify in a deeper way, secondly, Adding other effects and movements, for example, the KineMaster application gives you a broader experience of visual and audio effects, visual framing, or even a text tape in which it includes many additions that can be made simultaneously. And thirdly, there is music that was in the dynamic section. I don't see it there anymore. It's called the reddle, I think. Can you bring it back or direct me where I can find it? Thank you.

What am I supposed to do with this app?. I thought I was downloading what was advertised as a simple video editor. Boy, was I wrong. I can’t make heads or tails of how to use this app. I tried going to the developer’s website, to find documentation or an FAQ,but his website is written in either Filipino or Thai - Neither of which I can either read or speak.I also discovered, quite by accident, that in order to qualify for the developers filter pack, I have to join something called a Discord. In order to qualify for other items, in the app, I have to post a video to something called TikTok. What, may I ask, is a TikTok? Just so you know, I am 50 years old and I don’t do social media. I’m guessing this app is one of the many, on Apple’s App Store, that require the use of social media to be functional. I will be deleting it now.

One of the Best Editing Apps That I’ve Used!. This app really feels like a life-saver to me. This app has some of the paid features that other apps would probably have, for free. One of my biggest issues a few months ago when searching for an app to edit vertical videos was the watermark. This app has a sort of video watermark at the end of every project but the watermark can be deleted. One of the best editing apps that i’ve ever used. The simplicity makes it even better.

Just one problem. App is amazing way better than IMovie. Just one problem. However there is a problem that keeps glitching over and over again. When I try to cut the audio, when I press pause to the place where I need to cut, it just glitches and sends me a whole minute after the pause that I made. And it happens like 3-5 times in a row every single time I have to hit pause and find the exact moment where I need to pause and split the audio again, but then when I press pause again it just glitches again and repeats this process 3-5 times.

I love this app its helps me alot. I love this app. It has all the great things you need for making videos! If anyone is reading this review PLEASE PLEASE download the app. It will change your life in a very good way. Also moderators I have a few suggestions for the app so I am going to list some. It would really REALLY help me with editing. 1. Maybe some way to insert some more photos/videos/text in a video at one time. 2. Maybe a way to add effects to the audio like having wavy audio or high pitched or low pitched or maybe even some other really cool audio changes. That would make my day! 3. Maybe a possible way to maybe edit photos, but I doubt it will happen because this is a “video editor” 4. How about a possible way on the speed option to add/remove another dot so speeding up can be more advanced. I would love to see that! 5. I was also thinking about another fx screen effect thing where the screen spins and be able to change the speed of the spinning. Thats all of the ideas that I thought of and if you developers who are reading this, if you make at least one of these options into the app, that would really make my day! Thank you for listening to my review!

The Most Powerful Free Video Editing App. Definitely the best app for video editing on the App Store. I am extremely impressed with the power this app has and applaud the developers for not being money hungry. The only slight complaint I have is with Chroma and green screen abilities, often when trying to chroma the green doesn’t fully go away which can be a bit annoying but that, in no way takes away from the power this app has. From transitions, to vfx ect ect. Another thing I would like to suggest is updating the sound fx library? Maybe add some more high quality sounds and a wider variety of sounds. I love the ability to be able to extract audio from clips and upload my own sound fx and music. As well as uploading my own fonts. So thank you developers for listening to your reviews, constantly updating, and having no micro transactions

the best mobile editing app. genuinely i feel like VN is so underrated when it has so much more you can do with it than most other apps, especially with how much is free. only a minor like 10% of stuff that isn’t really necessary is premium, and they did their best to keep VN entirely free for the longest time before market demands forced them to add a premium. so much is available all for free, and i really do hope u give it a try bc i genuinely love the app (VN put me in an ad i’ll do such a good job)

exceptional video editor!. I have to say that this is the best free video editing software that I have used. when i first download this on my Mac, i was thinking there was no way this was completely free, there had to be some kind of charge thrown in there before you could finish or download a project, but NOPE, completely free! this will be the only editor you will ever need, it comes with so many professional and advanced options that would require a premium subscription with any other software. Truly a 10/10 software you can’t ask for anything more. it’s free, easy to use, so it’s beginner friendly, allows you to make professional looking and HD videos, and so much more. also, it doesn’t leave a watermark which is also something you don’t see often from free softwares!

Bring Back “Import Music from Photo Library” Feature. I absolutely LOVE VN for editing. I am a small content creator, and this app is very easy to use when I’m on the go (where I am most of the time). I came on today to find out the “Import Music from Photo Library” feature is gone, and that makes me a tad bit upset, since that is what I have been getting my video music and sound effects from. I would really appreciate if whoever runs the app puts this feature back in because it is very easy for lots of video editors, and not just me. Other than that, there isn’t much more things that is bad about VN. It will still be my favorite, but I would be very disappointed if music from the photo library isn’t added back.

Love the app but recent hiccup?!. Love the app. Honestly one of the best free video editing apps. But recently when editing videos and then exporting, I’ve noticed that the finished video will have slight audio problems. For instance, if i split/cut a clip once exported, the audio will have this slight ‘fade in’ applied although it was never added while editing. I also noticed I’m having the same issue on the desktop version as well. Not sure if this is because of an recent update but hopefully this will be addressed/fixed soon. Once again, love the app but hopefully this minor issue will be addressed/fixed in updates to come.

Great app but there are a few things that could be changed. I love this app, I use this a lot. I think it’s one of my favorite video editors out there, but there are some thing that I do not like. When ever I need to key frame something I usually stretch out the timeline to scroll to each frame easily since there is no frame by frame button, which I think should be on this app for these types of things too, I scroll frame by frame which is a bit annoying sometimes. But there’s a weird thing that happens when I play the video when the timeline is stretched for some reason it lags whenever it’s about to change to a different clip because it’s split so to fix I have to destretch the timeline so that I can view normally. It’s a weird bug. Another is the interface it’s good but the pause button and the buttons to move to other clips are right next to each other I am not on a tablet so I have no idea if there that close on other devices but I’m a phone and it’s incredibly annoying when I accidentally tap on the other when I’m just trying to pause the video. I think it’s a app for editing but these problems are why it’s not 5 stars thank you bye

Hard to believe that this is free. I downloaded this just a few hours ago Considering that it’s free I wasn’t expecting much but I was very pleasantly surprised this thing will give the pay for editors a run for their money. I haven’t watched any tutorials yet but it seems very easy to use It seems to be self-explanatory it’s very quick I’m using it on the basic iPad I haven’t tried it on the phone yet but I’m very impressed with this I would give it 10 stars if I could.

Amazing. I do edits for people and i was using an app that was the best i could find that was free and it had decent stuff then i found out about this app the other day and it changed my edits dramatically. it has even more options than the other app and it has so many cool features and functions. overall i give it a 9/10 because i couldn't figure out the flag feature which would make the timing 100% perfect instead of me going off ear and experience so i can get it super accurate but if i can get that it would be 10/10 perfect. for a free app this exceeds my expectations and i recommend it for sure.

HIGHEST QUALITY APP!!. I cannot describe how much I love this app. This video editor has everything you need AND MORE! I can’t believe it’s free. The more you learn about the features the more unbelievable it gets. It has keyframes, effects, speed curves (i love how adjustable it is), split, transitions, filters, green screen, etc. Even the text templates has animated text messages, karaoke, cute notes writing. And none of this look tacky at all, it has a professional outcome. Even more user-friendly than some computer programs

Most likely the best editing app for phone users. Im still new to the app yet I really reallyyyyy love it. It’s so good for editing my funny videos on video games. The effects, writing templates, and the crop option is all very useful. Although I do have a request. I hope to see more effects like for example maybe a shaking effect. Also, some of my videos deleted- I would like to know more about the reason why- I worked really hard on them too- Other than this, my thanks to the creators 😊

I hate this. So I was just trying to finish my video and cb says there’s clips missing when I still have them on my phone so I just replace it but it just starts off in the beginning and I would have to reset it to where the exact point was then it shifts everything weirdly and because I’m stressing out so much about it I got a panic attack. It worked the first time which is why I used it again but here I am, crying while writing this. I’ve also tried to contact them on Instagram but no one has responded at all. I really don’t want to restart the whole thing also restarting clips too that’s very hard. I JUST REALIZED I SPENT 4 HOURS JUST TRYING TO FIX CLIPS THAT VN MESSED UP IN THE FIRST PLACE. IF THAT NEVER HAD HAPPENED I WOULD BE EXPORTING BY NOW.

Very Good. This is probably the best video editing software you can get for completely FREE. Yes, F R E E, FREE. Minimal ads, no subscriptions, just pure editing POWER. If you don’t want to make really complex videos than this is the editor for you. However I do have one thing for the devs to add, can you please add some more volume options? I will admit, the only reason I want the features is to make an earrape. But I also think it would be beneficial for people who want to make fine adjustments to their video, like musicians. Anyways, thanks for reading 🙂

Great! Just one thing.... Hello, if you are looking for the perfect editing app here’s the app. It has great quality exporting time and can do almost anything! It’s so useful for me I would really recommend. Plus it doesn’t take up too much storage! I think you should get this app. This is for the creators of this app, please add more transitions to this editing app. I think this editing app would improve if you guys could add more transitions and cuts, other than that this is a great app!

some performance issues. I really like the app! it’s great for editors and there’s so much I like about it. But it has a lot of essential things that are really annoying. If there is a lot added onto the video, for example, if there are too many beat markers or if you make your timeline a little longer, the preview will glitch out and get stuck on some frames. I’d like the app better if it ran smoother. However there are great features and it’s overall a really good app :).

Update broke adjustments. This is a fantastic video editing app! However, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to create and save custom filters or text settings (for watermarks). Adding that feature would make this a 5 star app for me. I’ve been getting by with a makeshift method of importing every new clip into a project where I keep the adjustments and text and then deleting off the previous clip (a pain, but it works). However, with the newest update, filter adjustments don’t seem to be saving at all when I go back into a project so I can’t even do this anymore.

Molly. VN is a good app it has good music and all of that stuff but I hate how long it takes for your video to export I mean like is it like when you make a video and you click export to album it just takes a very very very long time and if you don’t want to take that long you have to like go to where after you click export do you have to go to where it says change The fasteners and you don’t know how you don’t know which one to like click because if you click what else make it even slower that’s what I want in a change

Great but needs more. I love this editing app a lot, I like how many features you get. You can split clips, add text, include audio, etc. My only gripe is that I wish there were more text effects, I feel like we’re very limited in the options we have. We can choose the effect and choose how it performs but we are left with only 5 in/out text effects and we don’t even have key frames for text so I think that’s another feature that should be added. I want to be able to animate a text to match up exactly to when a person says something. If that makes sense. Otherwise, the sharpen feature is amazing, I know some apps make the quality look grainy when it sharpens but this app doesn’t.

Add more please!. I really recommend this app but if your looking for an app that haves lots of animations and transitions I really don’t recommend using this app if you do. I really like using this app but there’s only a few transitions and animations which I actually need more of it because I can’t edit my video if there is a few animations and transitions but if your smart enough and you can handle this then you are lucky. I DO recommend this, but please update the animations and transitions and add more. I overall like using this app a lot but please add more transitions and animations. Again I think I can still work with these but still, ADD MORE please.

Better than the any paid apps. I have to say this is the most powerful editing software for mobile by a long shot, there’s no reason to not try it yourself and I applaud the developers for making this free for use. There are a few minor things that can be added such as having it so that you can mix the audio better to where you can muffle or pitch it or something like that. Also if it is possible to add more effects that would be great because the ones we have right now can get pretty redundant but nonetheless these are just minor things and you can’t find a better mobile editing app than this! Also one more thing if it’s possible to make it so that you can keyframe the clips to change filter or color ex. being exposure goes up briefly then comes back down fast. Ok enough of my rant thank you for this app developers!

This used to be a great app - Developers, what happened?!. This used to be a great app - very intuitive, easy to navigate, and just an awesome video editing app. Then suddenly earlier this year, my edited video started disappearing. All the captions that I placed carefully would randomly disappear. At first, I thought it was a random event and/or I did something wrong. Now this happens every single time. I saw that other people have made similar comments so I know this is not just me. This morning, I opened the app, and once again, every other caption went missing. You can only recover so much using the “back” button. Now I have to spend hours recreating all those captions - Again. Developers, what happened? You guys had a perfect app - there was no need to tinker with it. I will have to start switching to DaVinci Resolve which is not at all intuitive and has far more options than I need. But I just can’t keep going like this, with half of the work randomly missing every time I close and open the app.

You guys have help my life. I can’t even explain how I have shown so many people up that use a real camera and a whole laptop to head footage that I just use my iPhone and YOUR AMAZING APP and get more business, receive more complaints. Iv had people who never believe in me, believing in me cause of my skills and your app. I can’t thank you enough. I need to tag y’all in every video i post with your software. I mean if I could meant y’all n treat y’all to lunch I would. Your team has truly help my life even thru this pandemic. I’m finna buy a 599 drone because your app help me believe in myself. Keep updating. Make new technology. Idk. This is amazing app. The only video editing app with 4.7 stars and you guys deserve 5

Effects pls. Although this video editing app looks good, is there anyway you can add in some cool and lots of effects to choose from? Like blur, and all that other sorts of cool stuff, and you can add in some effects you need to pay for, just don’t make it the majority of the effects need to pay, (but it would also be rlly great if you make all the effects free). I’m quite a effects lover as I want to make my videos interesting with some effects here and there. Overall I didn’t fully test out this app, I’m sure it’s a good one! Thanks for reading.

Best editing app. I use this app for my edits and I am so grateful I found it. I was beginning my editing journey and trying to find a good app to use, but didn’t want to spend any money on an app that I might get disinterested in a couple weeks. So this app literally saved me and has given me so many opportunities! I’m really grateful that it’s free and such good quality. Also the tutorials helped me a lot, I was able to learn how to use it and now I feel almost a pro with this app. Thanks for being efficient and free (especially that one) not many apps would give their users such graciousness. Awesome app, highly recommend for new editors and great quality! A bit buggy at times, but it’s nothing that will bother you too much:)

Brilliant Editing Software!. This is everything that I could possibly ask for with editing! Putting clips together feels simple and clean, and everything is just easy to put together! I especially love the ability to move clips and stickers across the screen during its duration, and the way it works makes it super easy! The only thing I could ask for is more sound effect customization. Allow us to change the speed of sound effects (or possibly pitch and speed separately) or when you reverse a clip, make it keep the sound.

Very easy an professional. I most like the divisions of adding text, pictures and voices and elongating them as long as you want, and before that , the organising of the clips and cutting them even before you start process is very practical. Only one issue i have when i want to take two cut clips from one video, i cant do that ,so i go to the studio and make a cut and add it from the app, However great effort from the producers of the app, although I'm not subscribed to premium package because my demands are simple, but i think for specialised people it would be great .

Media services reset. Cannot export. The app was working fine until it would not let me export this specific video. I can’t share the file at all and I still have all the clips saved on my device so there is no reason it shouldn’t be working. When it’s loading to export it always stops at 36% and gives me the error “Video generation failed, media services reset please save project and try again” when I press the Help button that pops up nothing happens ! I use this app all the time and this is super frustrating ;( I can’t find any answers online either. Please help! I even tried to use the same clips in a new project rearranged but it’s giving me the same problem.

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!. I would give this 5 stars hands down, and I plan to after I actually create and export with it. As of right now I have only played around with the app to get a feel for its capabilities, and let me just say it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Significantly, and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY better than any editing app I have ever used previously. I was in a broadcasting class in high school and used adobe premier pro every day for 4 years. This, of course, is much simpler. But that’s perfect for an app. It does everything I want from my handheld device and it’s FREE. That’s the best part. I understand devs have to make money too, but some of the apps I’ve paid for are a complete waste of time and money. This app, so far, has done nothing but satisfy my needs and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone I know looking for a good video editor. 👍🏼

Perfect for what I needed. As someone who edits videos pretty casually (usually just for-fun animations and such) the search for an app was… not fun. Choices were either sorely underpowered and lackluster apps with only the bare bones of features, or professional “animated film” level apps with sky-high price tags and a steep learning curve. Until I found VN, that is. An app that took me about a single day to learn to use, with countless features and surprisingly smooth output that was perfect for what I need. Is it perfect? No, it obviously doesn’t have what the $65+ dollar programs have regarding effects and filters, but it’s free, and for a free app, it’s the best out there. Especially if you don’t want to invest so much money into a program you’ll only casually use

Amazing!. It is absolutely amazing so far. I’ve only tried editing a few times but this is a lot better than some of the mobile apps that I have payed for! Thank you so much. I’m giving it 4 starts as of now until I have more experience and hopefully can change it to 5 stars soon. There’s absolutely everything that you probably will need to edit on mobile. It’s simpler and easy to use. I also hope that the newer updates add more customization to the video although it’s pretty much perfect! Editing is my passion and this app has delivered it perfectly! Much appreciated VN Team!

The best editing app in existence!!. I usually don’t write reviews that much (never really have) but I cant help but be appreciative to the creators/developers of this app. It’s such an amazing creation. And for a cherry on top, it’s FREE!! For someone like me who doesn’t have a payment method yet, this is absolutely fantastic. I just want to thank the developers and to hopefully keep this free and no in app purchases in the future as well. I’ve been searching and searching of ways to edit free, and thankfully I stumbled upon this. I love it <3

Great vid editor (bug fix in des). (Never mind I had to delete and reinstall)This is my favorite video editor but the thing is I can’t control the audio on it when I mute it doesn’t mute when I add music it will cut out and I’m not saying don’t get it just wait till the update otherwise it isn’t working for me I’m an iOS user and I have used it for a year and a half also how do I post on the social thing I can’t it doesn’t work great editor otherwise once it’s update it I will give it a five star audio makes videos way way better fix plz never mind I had to delete and reinstall

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Great app!. This is a great up but I don’t know if it’s just me or it is a problem but when I went so type something half the keyboard was missing

Great technology. This app is very useful. It includes advanced editing that is easy to pull off

Awesome app but missing a function. Very power free app but missing a important audio setting feature. Which is unable to change audio channel. Would be perfect if it can tweak mono to 2 channels and vice versa. Thank you very much.

Very good. Thank you! Best video editing app, easy and powerful to create professional looking videos. Free and no watermark, love it very much!!!!

Great video editor. So happy I found this app. The ‘colour banding’ and general reduction in video quality (pixelisation) compared to the source is minimal and much better than some others. What’s not to like? I love it…

Solid. Works better than mobile IMovie and has easy exporting

Better in a lot of features than ANY OTHER!. I’m HIGHLY impressed by the transition settings, precision trimming and speed curve (velocity) features of this editor. It’s definitely worth it! Better than most editing software for mobile devices, period!

Most Underrated iPhone Video Editing App!. coming from Androids, I was long for a Editing App that was free. I can tell you this great for on the fly editing and there’s mother Apps charging for this capacity! 100%recommend!

Music. Thanks for putting in more Music that are not copyrighted.. cheers !! Pls Put more iMojis as some I used are ko longer there like dancing iMojis etc

Absolutely amazing. I learnt how to use this editing software in 15 minutes all by my self so I really recommend this editing software because it’s free and I found nothing wrong about it :]

Wow!. Apple should make you guys an offer! This is the perfect mix of features and simplicity, unlike iMovie that is just simple this editor is feature packed to the rim but with apple simplistic approach, love it!

glitch. hey so i’ve used VN for a while now but recently my app has been glitching. to try and fix the issue i have cleared cache, deleted all my edits stored and even deleted and redownloaded the app. basically the problem is- when i go to move/drag a clip to another spot it glitches and goes really slowly zooming out to the screen where you can then move the clip. editing used to be so easy on this app but i’m struggling now, i hope you can fix this glitch.

Awesome Editor. VN app makes my work easy when I'm editing my videos in my iPhone. I love this app and its interface is so easy. Really enjoying. Already completed more than 30 projects with this app and still going on😍✌️

So good, + for free?!?. This is such a good application, making so many of the “premium” features from other apps so accessible + easy to use. I love it!!!

Good but 1 terrible problem. So the app is really good for a free app buuut when you are editing it can get really slow and terrible fps and its really laggy other than that just deal with it but when you save it the frame issue goes away and all that but still good for a free app just deal with it i hope they can fix the lag

Amazing can’t ask for better, thanks to developers and brother Azad chaiwala who recommend it.. Amazing can’t ask for better, thanks to developers and brother Azad chaiwala who recommend it.

Amazing!. I dont have much to say though this video editing app is insane! It has 4K quality and cool songs. Best Editing app for Mobile.

Great!. This is the best editing app I've seen so far and also i love how you can make your own music. Whoever added that feature, i like you.

Props to the devs! I love this!. Heya! I highly recommend giving this a go. As an artist and animator I need a program that doesn’t break the bank or slap a huge watermark on my original work and this editor does just that! It can react rather strangely when I import gifs, but that’s the only problem I’ve ever had! <33

How it was. It was good I gave it 4 stars because I couldn’t give 3.5 I will not give it 3 because it is much better that 3 star it’s good u should try it

AmAzInG bUt.............. This app rocks! It’s amazing! But one thing is the music :-> I can’t find any music and I tried downloading some from my cloud-but that didn’t work. Any way such a great app! I used this app for a video to post on YT called “the carrots program”

VN is the best. Try the dam video editor it is so easy to edit videos and export them to your app?🤔(I don’t know the app you use)

It great!. I’ve only used it once so far. Very easy to use and has great results. I think I’ll be looking at buying the full version once I get better at using it. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Great app but one thing.... I love this app! No watermark, no ads and so many features! I recommend this app to all my friends. This app should by higher up on the charts. Since I’m a gachatuber could you let us use more layers? Layering is what is keeping KineMaster slightly ahead of VN. I would like at least 20 layers? More layering would be good.

This is amazing!. I’ve been trying to find a video editor for months to make aesthetic videos without paying for anything or there being watermarks! Five stars— if I could put infinity I would //^^//

Yes! Amazing!. Hey owners! I have been sticking with this app for quite a while! 💖 what I want to change is that do you mind if we can add multiple effects ? (The magic wand icon) I would love that thanks again please reply with your feedback ❤️❤️❤️

Storage Space. This video editor is great! I love it’s many features, however, it is taking up 15 gb of memory on my device. I have tried deleting my projects but that isn’t working. I don’t think that this is normal.

Best mobile editing app!. I have to respect the people who made this app... You guys have done a phenomenal job and this is the best mobile editing app .. I have tried quite a lot of them out there .. but this has no match I try editing on pc .. like free video editors .. but feel like any free video editor for bad pc hardware might not match this ‘OP’ app But one thing I would want is when I record my iPad screen it is recorded in 4:3 ratio.. when I choose 16:9 ratio .. all it does is that it creates two bars each side of the video to fill the 16:9.. I would love if u guys could add a thing .. where I can stretch the video horizontally within the app like we can in premiere rush.. Would love that But no complaints just a suggestion Love ❤️

Very good for editing. It’s really good! I’m using this for 2 years already! But I wish there were some more transition and fx

The text options. Ok ok ok, don’t get me wrong editors, this is probably one of the best, if not the best mobile editing app, it’s just one feature I wish was added. The text. It’s already awesome, but I wish there were more fonts and ‘motions’ or ‘animations’ if your from capcut. Maybe like for more IN, OUT, and especially LOOP motions. BUT OVERALL AN AMAZING EDITING APP I LOVE IT!! Anyway that it from me, if possible, please respond VN developers. Bye!

Download this app now if u don’t want rip offs. By far this is the best video editor app because it all free Really appreciate how the devs made everything free and I like how there are no ads

Thx for this app 🙏🏾. This app is very easy and fun to edit and very easy to make funny things, i would rate 5, but i just wanna go into my music and find a song in a few seconds... Rather then having to screen record music videos and extract the music to my video, it wastes my storage

Review. I like how there are many different options and it is free but I wish it had like more fonts and I can magnify of and bling to my text but other than that I really love this app

Amazing!. Fantastic interface, very simple to use. I wish there was a larger range of transitions to use, but other than that, this editor is perfect!!!

BEST EDITING APP EVER. THIS APP IS AMAZING,INCREDIBLE,FANTASTIC. I have struggled to find a fun,easy,good editor and this one is amazing! It has all the features I have looked in a editing app. It would be really cool if you could get this app on a computer!

BETTER THEN CAPCUT. I love vn and have been using it for years. I took a break and went to capcut and came back. Although capcut is easier vn has better quality I reckon anyways. 100% recommended

It’s great, but there’s a problem... The app’s great, you can do fade audios, you can make transitions that are smooth, it’s great! But.. With making edits you can’t write much. I like to do subtitles and I make the words one at a time for style, and it won’t let me. There seems to be a limit there and it kinda ruins it

Worst app. Guys please don’t use this I have been using this app just to save the money and I was wrong it always creating some issue when I am about to export the video. After few videos you will start going to face issues like this Please rather go for paid app or another I’m fed up of this app. Worst decision i took for editing my video on this app. This app is so stressing

It’s amazing, but lacks features!!. VN is perfect for beginners AND advanced editors. I just wish VN had more effects, animations (especially text animations!!), and transitions like CapCut to make the app more advanced for people like me who want to go further. Ik it’s a lot to ask for but it would make the app even better!!

It’s good... It hard to edit my videos and like the stickers are awsome so are the trimming but whenever I put title it doesn’t work so yeah and the stickers have no movement well than barely

Great but one problem. So I’ve been using the VN editor for a while now and I love it, it’s really good, but there is one problem. When I try to play a clip that I just edited it won’t work! It will play but it goes at about 2 frames, I’m not sure why this happens, but it’s really annoying because I have to export the entire video just to view the edit...hopefully you can fix this or tell me if I’m doing something wrong :)

Best video editor ever!. I would give it 6 starts if I could. Go ahead and give it a try, it will not disappoint you!

Great little editor. Okay ,was surprised at the user friendly attributes of this app, beats adobe Rush hands down ,watermark friendly and EXTREMELY easy to use. For a layman like me who has worked his way up from no experience to intermediate ,I wish I had found this sooner. Will be recommending this to all those I teach or interact with in the drone community! All you need is WINDOWS 10 capability.

A bug that needs to be fixed. Wow this app is amazing but there is a glitch where when I extract my music it’s stuck at 14 seconds and doesn’t let me extend it please see this so this app can be perfect

Most comprehensive video editor and maker, hands down!. Never have I realised that the smartest and most interactive and comprehensive video editor existed with all the necessary features: stickers/overlays plus the option to categorise stocks and other sequences when needed. Thanks to import options from other apps such as Procreate, making sequences and exporting them is a happy breeze! Maybe in future if overlay slots for sticker/stock/text can be expanded to up to ten (for the very creative), plus split screen options between apps for the export process (or if not, progress stills that show which sequence part is exported), and also more options for sticker size/shapes (such as distort, warp and even puppet-grid)… plus option for the app to be completely with dark-UI, it would be absolutely helpful. Best of luck to future development of the app!

Extraction failed.. Extraction Failed, Extraction failed.. So the issue here is, that I cannot download any music I like, by importing from links. It’s honestly very stupid, how dumb this is. Every time I try, it says ‘Extraction Failed’ literally. Yes, every time. Please fix this. Thanks. The overall app is AMAZING but...that music issue

The Best Editing Software On Mobile For All Uses!. VN is an all around amazing app, I have no complaints as they are not looking for a cash grab, everything is free. They also include tutorials. Absolutely incredible.

Free app without compromise. As a free app it’s incredibly capable even not less than some of the paid app. There’s a lot of things going on under the hood which is a little overwhelming at the beginning.

More Shakes. Personally, I think this app is amazing! It’s smooth and has a lot of different filters and animations, but there is this one thing I want to suggest to make video editing for content creators 10x better! I’m an editor on Instagram that puts together clips of famous celebrities, so it would be great if you added horizontal ,top left and right fx’s just like the jigger up - it would be amazing if that could be added! Much Love!

My favourite editing app + amazing for instagram reels. This is my favourite editing app for sure! I make all my instagram reels on it + edit for clients and more. The quality is exceptional and always saves in HD, love all the filters and presets to choose from - no watermarks, fonts able to be uploaded and overall just really easy to use. Love love love!

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Get it done. Y’all need to make the add music option compatible with Spotify

Awesome app. Many years editing video finally found the best easy, professional and great app

The best editor. The best editor

Vn. Me encanta vn porque le puedo poner muchos tipos de música

Actual review. Nice

Next level editor. Absolutely in love with this ultra fast n powerful video editor

Facile d'utilisation, rendement #1. J'adore ce programme, pour en avoir essayer quelques un c'est toujours à VN que je revient!

Guys I love this app literally. I have never written any review for apps but this one omg I love it

Wow. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was blown away by the load of features available and the ability to export without watermarks...and it is FREE. I’m no expert video editor but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed using this app! 👌🏼👍🏼

Best free video editing app. This app is totally free and there are a lot of tools. I love it and I use it for instagram reals

Truly amazing. I have used this editor for 3 years! I use it for hobby purposes. But wow this is the best free editor ever! Thank you so much for helping me fulfil a hobby. Thank you

Awsome. Best app

I like it. Ii use this app to edit things insted of capcut

Amazing. Simply amazing. Cant believe I just started using this. Check the video I made with this app. My youtube channel is darvinslab -Hogtown apparel collaboration. Turned out amazing.

Awesome. It’s pretty awesome, and I’m glad it does not have adds

Video editing. This is really amazing app

Perfect. Perfect

GOOD. The only problem is that I don’t know how to do everything but I well learn but other than that it’s a very good app specifically for YouTubers

i made. a funny

Bad. It was good when I start using but now it’s showing problem when I export a video it takes so long and when it’s completed it won’t let me download, please do fix this as soon as possible rather than this issue everything is perfect

Thanks alot you are helping people for free. I needed good video for my company and you make it user friendly thanks! Im for sure upgrading for the premium

Music is bad. Cjdjebt

Apply All option for social media choices. for example if i want to edit all my horizontal videos and use it for reels or youtube shorts, i have to apply 9:16 on every single video. please add a feature where i can have “apply all” option for this. your app is amazing, updating this feature would be super amazing and easier as shorts and reels are popular these days.

Great app. Great app

Awesome apps for video editing. I've been using this apps for more than a year now and its very useful for video edting thank you

Yas. Yay

Botnet & Messy. 1. Ads 2. Collects a lot of data, whilst also being vague in Privacy Pol. about collection, chances are they’re hoarding your videos, LUTs, etc. 3. Messy UI 4. Owned by Ubiquiti, a very sketchy company when it comes to Privacy There are cheap alternatives avail. that don’t hoard your data.

Great. Very good editing for my YouTube videos

Quick and efficient. For minor editing, with no much options, this is a great tool

Really good app. I’ve been using it for a while and I really enjoyed it. The only thing I’d wish they had is audio manipulation like different echoes and noise reduction. Thank you!

Amazing App. Simply fantastic.

great. great

Too much data. Takes too many storage, if it was taking less, I would give it a 5/5

Do not upgrade to PRO. I wanted to try a PRO and tried to upload it and it didn’t work. Apple charged me and no response from support. Previous fee app was working ok, but from time to time it was freezing even I cut to footage to minimum

Easy to use. Found some good YouTube tutorials on how to use vn. Have found it to be easy to use.

Works well for me. I like the app easy to use and good for my small projects. Haven’t had a problem.

Très bon. La meilleure application de montage gratuit 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Love it!. Thankful to have found this ❤️

It is amazing 🤩. It is amazing and easy to lean and use. UwU

Music?. I love this app and use it frequently but I’m wondering why there’s no more option to extract music from a video? It’s always been there and I use this feature all the time. Losing it has been a huge disappointment.

I need to cut. Why isn’t there a cut button Triming is to hard

Wow. It’s good so far not confusing at all!

Quelques défauts à corriger absolument. CETTE AVIS A ÉTÉ CORRIGÉ DANS L’APPLICATION : [FRENCH] (FR) Bonjour, l’application est formidable excepté que l’application plante et affiche le menu parfois. Mais la plus grosse importante information que je veut vous fournir c’est que lorsque que je fait le montage et que je met pause ( ll ) cela fait comme si j’avais cliquer sur les flèches du côté ( < et > ). C’est bouton son trop proche. Est-ce possible. Ça me frustre beaucoup. Il faut êtres vraiment précis et cliquer sur pause. Cela change ma partie de montage et cela me complique la vie, sinon le reste de l’application est très bon. Je le conseil à tout le monde. ( Date : 12/06/2020 )

Only allows 19s of reimported audio. See

So cool. It help me a lot but you can’t do project at infinity so its pay to play

Great app. Great app that’s free, easy to navigate and has many options and effects to edit with :)

Great editing for youtube. Great job Hanover Kylie puissiez de apte greffer YouTube

Personal favourite mobile editor. I love it, is the only editor I’ll use on mobile I wish there was more effects and tools, the layout is pretty simple and easy to work with.

Naeem. It’s really amazing

Video Quality is garbage. Awful video quality once it’s uploaded to Facebook. I’ve tried every setting, 1080p, 4K etc.

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this is the best video editor i have used (besides Premiere Pro!). Of course Premiere Pro is costly, and this vn video app is the best free video editor app for the mobile guys out there (that dont have money for a pc) So far i have made probably made 100 videos with this and they all look so good, Thank you to the developers for making this video editor i can use it on the go and when ever i want, Thanks so much i love this app

Suggestion. I love this editing software! It is so quick and easy! I have never encountered any problems with this app! But I do have one suggestion, and that is the ability to edit videos in landscape mode. It’s rather uncomfortable editing in portrait mode. Especially if you’re editing on a tiny phone like I am. This editing software would be so much more easy and efficient if you could edit in landscape mode!

Most powerful yet simple VIDEO EDITOR. Have to say that this is probably the best app when it comes to video editing by being so simple and easy to learn and edit. Still have a question why does it says “you need to authenticate before access item” when I’m trying to add/import music from files? Any help? It didn’t happen before I had to uninstall because was taking too much space. Thank you

cannot recommend it enough!. This video editing software has so many settings to adjust your video until it’s just perfect, you start off with a clip with the logo but you can delete it if you want. You can add text, you can add filters, make your own filter, you can record sound, you can extract audio, and it’s all for free! It’s even better than the ones that you pay for! Absolutely amazing.

Hard to believe that this is free. I downloaded this just a few hours ago Considering that it’s free I wasn’t expecting much but I was very pleasantly surprised this thing will give the pay for editors a run for their money. I haven’t watched any tutorials yet but it seems very easy to use It seems to be self-explanatory it’s very quick I’m using it on the basic iPad I haven’t tried it on the phone yet but I’m very impressed with this I would give it 10 stars if I could.

I love this app! 2 suggestions though!. Hi! I love this app because I use it a lot and has great editing features. I just think that one more feature could be added. I would love it if there was an option to make all clips the same length so I don’t have to adjust all of them individually to the same length if there are many clips. Also, could you add a 2 sec shortcut to the trim section (like there is 1 and 2.5 secs) Hoping for a response! Thanks, Anonymous

A solid, powerful, multi-purpose editor!. Works great for my purposes! It’s intuitive and powerful, and the custom filters and video speed curves really add creative depth where a lot of other video editors miss out. (As a videography nerd I like to have my fingers on ALL the buttons, especially when it comes to coloring my videos!) The keyframing, while limited to only linear interpolation (a setting for quadratic or Besier interpolation would be nice), really helps out with animatics and motion design. This app even earned me a high grade on a chemistry project already too, so extra kudos for that. All in all, it lets me nerd out while not getting to complicated (it always annoys me when software buries all its features so deep that it takes months to figure out where everything is), and has powerful features and export options. It’s everything I need and want for a mobile editor!

In my opinion. I do not like this editing app because when I first download it I was making a video and it was so hard because I couldn’t make the video shorter, and it said I had to split it and I had to do that with all of my videos and there’s a limit and I make a lot of videos and i edit a lot and I and I tryed to use my font that I always use but it didn’t let me and it said I can’t put any font. It’s so annoying and there are not that many effects I prefer CapCut honestly, I do not like this editing app it is terrible, and there weren’t even a lot of cute fonts and it was so annoying. I hate this editing app in my opinion do not download it.

I love this app 😆. When I was recording I used another editor but it had a water mark and didn’t have that many choices. So I tried this one because I heard it was a good editor for mobile. I could record sounds and then you could put them in your video. Same with songs. Plus there was NO water mark at all. I would personally recommend this app.

Good and bad in some ways. The app itself is a great app, but there are some issues, 1, fonts are very confusing and it’d be nice if there were a tutorial on how to do it, 2 sometimes whenever I click off the app (actually most the time) it won’t preview the video on the top of the screen, I have to restart the app when this happens, 3 project limit is too low, this may just seem like I use up all my projects poorly, but can you increase it to 300? 100 is a bit too little

Best editing app. I am a editor on apps I use this because of the ease and how good it is compared to other editing apps if it added a wiggle effect in the fx that would be insane than I would make 5 accounts to rate it 5 star it is very easy to speed up clips and has the best filters and I really get good quality this app is very under rated if the owner of the app sees this keep up the good work

Good app but it’s only missing one thing. This app is really great and it has a lot of amazing features for edits and good videography all in a portable package on your phone or iPad. However, since IOS now supports HEVC and HEIC formats I would love to see this implemented in this app to allow for compatibility and cut out the need for lengthy conversions and third party converters. As a traveling photographer and videographer I would love to be able to use this as my portable studio if the file formats were supported.

Monkeypox. What is monkeypox? If you know what I presented in this video. Listen to it multiple times till you get the basic knowledge of it. Then you can talk to your doctors and nurses and others. And doctors need to know this much information irrespective of their field. Very important information summarized. I didn’t know how to test it and I didn’t know that there are medication’s could be given also. Heard about the vaccine in the news media.

Wow. Okay, so I did not expect to be here writing a review, but yet, here I am. To start, I was utterly SHOCKED at how wonderful this app is. I’ve been looking for an app with controls that are straightforward, smooth, good transitions, no watermark, you know, all of that kind of stuff. And boy, does this app give it to you. Not only that, but overall, it’s just a very well made app. You can tell the developers work hard to make this app the best it can be. And let me tell you, it’s worth it. If I could give this app more stars, I 100% would.

Subpar & Expensive. Non-intuitive platform that looks great & seems dynamic, until you try to actually get to work and “basic features” (for ME) aren’t there. And given the amount you might be roped into paying? Bad: finding easier-to-use and more dynamic apps with the features I WANT, FREE? And I’m not talking about Davinci Resolve here, which is free for 100% of the videos you’ll want to make if you don’t want to pay for wild FX. I use my laptop for that, but they do have an app. I must be either stupid, impatient, or gullible: I got roped in with a 1 year subscription, and tried to use it once. I feel very ripped off.

Amazing App. Amazing app overall, the only bad part is that when you delete the clips you gathered from your photos app later on the clips don’t appear anymore on the app where you made the video, it makes you put in new clips for the ones that are not there anymore (which are all of them cause I free up my phone by deleting the clips cause I don’t have use for them anymore and they take a lot of space) so yeah in another app I use I delete the clips and the clips still stay on the app unlike VN.

Good but...... I love VN. I think it’s better than most editing apps. Although it’s a great app I do have a one things I would like to see in the future. 1. Moving photos. This great feature comes in handy on most of my videos. When you input an image you can get it so the images moves and you can control where in moves. With this I will be very happy and my videos will come out much smoother

Please read developers thanks. VN has a lot of variety. As a Content creator I feel like variety and quantities, as well as fx and different things we nowadays editors use. I just wish they could add voice changers, clip arts, especially prepare, more variety to adjustments on color of the videos, and more graphic effects. Also more feature up for cinematic editing ;). Overall this app already is packed with many feature and is easily accessible, very helpful and just an amazing software!!

Custom Settings Bug - Quality & Resolution. I Do Not Think This App Is For Movie Editing But I’ve Used this App To Edit A Few Vids For My Channel It Is Amazing! But There’s an problem with the custom settings When I Press Upload It Didn't Let Me Pick Custom Setting So I’ve uploaded And It Was At 750p which made my quality look Awful Also If You Could Make This App Compatible For Movie Editing Tht Would Be Great For Alot Of Ppl Other than tht I would rate this an 5 Star Which I will do right after this message Bc I know you guys will Figure It Out - TWD Soul

Great Video Editor. I love this video editor compared to iMovie you can do so much more. The only thing I can say is great job. But I would love to be able to replace the existing video in a project without loosing all the subtitles and stickers/PiP items that I already edited. With this the app would be the perfect replacement for KdenLive on my PC now that I’m using my iPad Air 4 almost every single day. Best video editing app in the app store so far.

Just add some keyboard shortcuts and you’re set.. This app is so powerful and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, a free to use video editor that includes features that match, and in some cases are better than, video editors on PC. This is truly a wonderful app, but the only issue I can see right now is that when I try to use my external keyboard with the app, there are no available shortcuts like space to play or S to split clips. If those were added, this app would truly be amazing and best of its league.

Best editing app out there. I was looking for editing apps because I just hated KineMaster watermark. And then I found this app I only had it for a day and I realized it’s 10 times better. Thank you for not being power hungry or anything like that. I wish more people will find this app because it’s very underrated. And now I can make roblox Royale high videos without a watermark. I can’t thank you guys enough.

Must Have Video Editor!. I still cant believe this is free and doesn’t have any limits or annoying advertising. Besides it being accessible to anyone the application is actually very powerful, seamlessly integrates images, videos, and music! Im very impressed with the User Interface and how is it is to learn all the bells and whistles relatively fast! Will continue to recommend and use… Thank you VN

Great app! Just one thing…... This app has everything! It is by far the best mobile free video editor. Just one thing I would like to be added. Masking. Technically the app already has masking but I mean frame by frame cutting out by hand sort of thing. I’m willing to pay for this as I’m sure other pro video editors will too! If you could and this (or if you can’t) please let me know! Thanks!

FIVE STARS but…………... Ok so overall VN is like above and beyond all the editing apps “ in my opinion of course “ but it’s just if I want to make an account for people to watch my editing it will not work. Why not instead of all the user names and passwords just make a name for your account and then you are good to go. But this app is amazing and more people should get it, all jokes aside but come on who WILL get this app.

Its good but needs some more stuff. Its a really good app and so helpful for my editing, I love how it is really easy to do and definitely good for beginners, I also think it just have memes that u can add to the vid ur making or other things like how ppl put the bruh meme or what meme it will make vids a lot kore fun to watch and it can improve what ur making. But overall a really good app and totally recommend if ur just beginning!

Amazing. This is the best editing app I’ve used by far, not even close. It has so many features other apps don’t, and I don’t have to pay for a subscription that would break the bank. Not sure if the creators of this app will see this, but props to you guys. You created the best mobile editing app there is. I can’t speak for pc since I haven’t tried any, but this is the best app I’ve come across by far. Thank you so much

PERFECT BUT!!!!!. [+] Why is it perfect? Because everything is freee! Expect filters and unlimited project and text etc… but the developers should add more [*] FREE • text animation ( make it free) • add motion blur ( make it free) • add more effects ( make it free) • add more sound mixer ( make it free) [*] PAID • 3d text ( make it paid) • add text glows effect ( make it paid) [+] Why make it free? Because it balances things out so it doesn’t make the app pay to use like most apps and people would enjoy it!! [+] Why make it paid Because for those who want to edit a little more advanced would think about paying but for those who just want to edit simple it should be free! [—————————————————-] Hope this review makes the developers really think about this :-)

The Best.... This editing app is spectacular I edit videos and it really helped my channel grow!!! When I saw this I didn’t really enjoy it but it was the best one I could find! After a few updates it really got easy to edit (which is awesome) and it is still powerful!!! Thanks for making this free (I do believe you should earn more money for this) but keep this app awesome and powerful!

Great! Just one thing.... Hello, if you are looking for the perfect editing app here’s the app. It has great quality exporting time and can do almost anything! It’s so useful for me I would really recommend. Plus it doesn’t take up too much storage! I think you should get this app. This is for the creators of this app, please add more transitions to this editing app. I think this editing app would improve if you guys could add more transitions and cuts, other than that this is a great app!

The Best✨. This app is amazing. It has most of the qualities and perks of a desktop or a premium (paid for) app. It’s all free and I cannot thank you enough for that. I had a photography project due last night and I was struggling to find the perfect filters to reflect the light; normally I would’ve paid for them but I didn’t have to this time. Anyways, developers I love you and you’re the reason I got an A on my project. 5 stars. Please always keep it free, because you guys are literal life savers.

A Couple Things To Change/Fix. I have been using this app for a couple months now and I love everything about it. It’s very easy to use and has great built in effects. However, recently my quality on my videos has dropped tremendously while I’m editing and so have my frames per second. It has been come very laggy while I add effects and play the video to watch it. If you could fix those that would be great! But other than that, amazing app!

Great app but i wish it had background noise cancellation. I have been using this app for months now And i have add no problems with it so far, it is easy to use, better then any other app and i dont want to use any other app ever but only missing few features and the most important thing i wish it had is the background noise cancellation i hope we have that soon so i dont have to use any other app for this feature

Unbelievably good. Seriously, I keep waiting for a notice to pop up saying my trial is over... haven’t seen it yet. I downloaded 4 or 5 different apps, just wanting to splice, cut, and rotate videos, and they all cost an absurd amount of money. Champions. Not only does it seem to be free, it’s incredibly easy to use and has every video editing tool I would seem to need. Apple has obviously given up on IMovie, they should just buy this one

Adding. Hi I really love this editing app it makes me happy but I just wanted to ask can you please add (Arial bold italic & arial italic) font please and also for text animation can you add like (keyboard typing, like the text comes up one by one like filmoraGO) thank you for reading... And can you also add, you can put it on dark mode, and can put green screen overlay like iMovie, because I always have to change apps because I love this app and I don’t want to change apps

the best mobile editing app. genuinely i feel like VN is so underrated when it has so much more you can do with it than most other apps, especially with how much is free. only a minor like 10% of stuff that isn’t really necessary is premium, and they did their best to keep VN entirely free for the longest time before market demands forced them to add a premium. so much is available all for free, and i really do hope u give it a try bc i genuinely love the app (VN put me in an ad i’ll do such a good job)

Wonderful app, a few suggestions.. This app is simple and easy to use, which is why I enjoy using it so much! Here’s a few suggestions though! Custom masks, a button to automatically stretch PIP/audio bars to end of a clip. “Apply to all keyframes” option and allow for keyframes to be slid across other keyframes. More keys, Luma key, Blue Sky Key, etc. Keep making this app better and better, it’s already better than anything on the App Store!

Seriously the best Video Editor on the Appstore. I used to do most of my work on imovie because many of the other editors had clunky interfaces and missing features. VN has a great interface with much more control. This app is intuitive but doesn’t baby you with limitations like Imovie. If you are creative you could realistically make anything you would ever want in this app. Also props to the creators for not being so money hungry like every other app.

The best editing app in existence!!. I usually don’t write reviews that much (never really have) but I cant help but be appreciative to the creators/developers of this app. It’s such an amazing creation. And for a cherry on top, it’s FREE!! For someone like me who doesn’t have a payment method yet, this is absolutely fantastic. I just want to thank the developers and to hopefully keep this free and no in app purchases in the future as well. I’ve been searching and searching of ways to edit free, and thankfully I stumbled upon this. I love it <3

Really Super Cool. Idk what VN means. I always wanted a tool on my phone that give you the ability to tweak clips together like my mom used to do at my elementary school with all the dated educational films the library my grammar school TV Dept. had. She was responsible for lining up reels and phys. splice the frayed parts, then glue the salvageable pieces, doing her best to make unavoidable jump cuts go on without notice from kids who grew up to be titans of mediocrity. I want to thank you for the app. I’ve told about two ppl to use.

Free with no watermark. It’s free without a watermark. It’s amazingly refreshing to have an app that is so easy to use and so intelligently designed that I can easily use it to make really interesting videos. It doesn’t lag and easy to manipulate! Thank you VN team for helping a content creator like me get ahead so quickly in my video game. I rarely write reviews but I felt inclined to do this one as a token of appreciation!

Amazing, Not 1 Dislike!. This editing app is amazing, plus it’s free with no watermarks, some video editors will cost up to 100$ but this one is free. And it’s even better than the ones that cost up to 100$! It has so many cool and great features that I can’t find in any video app! This deserves a 10/5. I love everything about it, I use it to edit all of my videos, and it doesn’t take up much storage. Wont delete and never will!

Blew away my expectations. I was thinking that this would be another video editor that’s “free” but it is basically unusable unless you pay for there platforms and FX but that wasn’t the case! I was able to get up and running in a matter of minutes, did a test export, no watermarks to be found and they have USEFUL pre built vfx ready to use! I am extremely happy I found this app, would highly recommend trying out

Left Splice for this.. Once Splice went to subscription model, I needed something for infrequent video projects. Found this and am thrilled to have options comparable to Splice. It’s not a big deal but the Ken Burns effect is hard to master smoothly on the app. It doesn’t start right away on an image so it’s a little disjointed. But, it’s still far better than no effect. I hope this doesn’t go subscription based. If so, allow ad watch to render projects.

Could I suggest a few free features. I hope it's no trouble. Could your add audio scrubbing like when you're scrolling through the time line you hear it. I just asked because when I edit it's trouble-sum and I was hired to edit so I have to get stuff down to the T. But yeah I've been using you app for 3 year's and have 32 GB of sound effects and musics downloaded on it when I do professional edits. but please notice me love VN

Love this app, just one problem. This app is amazing, especially considering that it is free. It has effects, transitions, and all the tools that you need to produce an amazing clip/video (most editing apps make you pay for the things that are free on this app). There is so much that you can do with it! However, the videos take forever to export, and then the app tells you that the video was not able to be exported. I have been trying to export a 12 minute video for 30 minutes now. Is a 12 minute video too long to export?

Thanks VN. One of my favorite thing about this app is that, you don’t need to subscribe for a premium account to be able to remove the watermark. It’s also easy for editing, especially for beginners.I recommend this app to any new content creator. One thing I would like to add is that, I suggest you guys should at least add chroma key as one of your features,pleeeeease 🙏🏽. It’s still great app, thanks 😊.

More Transitions!. I love this app, but I just wish they added more transitions like capcut, if they did this, then this app would be the best app in the world for editing videos and I truly would love to use this app whenever I need to make something, they make it quick and easy to pick up. Plus I love their verity. So with all to consider, I really hope that they would add some more transitions!

VN Video Editor - An Essential App for Creatives. VN Video Editor is an easy to learn video editing app for beginners and professionals alike. The user interface is intuitive, and there are short video tutorials that answer most questions people will have about creating a video. I used to use iMovie to edit and produce my videos, and because this app has more features than iMovie, I’m using VN Video Editor more and more. The best feature of this app is that it’s absolutely free of charge! Check it out for yourself. VN Video Editor is GREAT!

Best video editor and easiest at the same time. I hope this app get many more great reviews because by far this is the best app ever for editing videos and I have used just about everything under the sun. I continue to use other software on my desktop computer but this app never ceases to amaze me at how good it performs and is so much better then anything else. Well done you guys!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.76
Play Store com.frontrow.vlog
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

VN Video Editor (Versiyon 1.76) Install & Download

The application VN Video Editor was published in the category Photo & Video on 22 April 2018, Sunday and was developed by Ubiquiti Labs, LLC [Developer ID: 1267839470]. This program file size is 345.04 MB. This app has been rated by 165,302 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. VN Video Editor - Photo & Video app posted on 28 November 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.76 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.frontrow.vlog. Languages supported by the app:

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1. Added new special effects. 2. Support “Apply to all” for volume fading. 3. Bug fixes and performance optimizations. If you have any questions, please contact us via the following methods. Discord: Instagram: @vnvideoeditor Youtube丨Telegram丨Facebook: @vnvideoeditorapp Email: Official website:

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