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The outline is one of the most powerful weapons for a writer. Now you can easily outline your stories wherever you are thanks to Story Planner, the best story-mapping and organizational stories tool ever.

With Story Planner YOU WILL:
- create as many writing projects as you wish
- create characters and locations for your stories
- create the scenes for your story step by step
- arrange your scenes by dragging and dropping them into place
- link characters and locations to the scenes
- export your writing projects to text files (.rtf and .txt), PDF, Final Draft and Scrivener
- duplicate your projects
- sync all your projects via iCloud on your iPhone, iPad and Mac
- create backups of your projects and import and export them via e-mail or iTunes File Sharing.
- and the most awesome feature… GET YOUR STORY STATS!!!

Thanks to the STORY STATS, you WILL:
- see your whole story at a glance
- choose the right outline for your stories
- choose the best structure for your scenes
- get cohesion and balance in your novels, screenplays or tales

What are you waiting for?
Let Story Planner helps you write better stories!

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Story Planner for Writers App Description & Overview

The applications Story Planner for Writers was published in the category Productivity on 2017-10-02 and was developed by SCVisuais. The file size is 1.68 MB. The current version is 1.10 and works well on 10.11 and high ios versions.

What is new in this update? At first glance it may seem that nothing has changed, but we have been working hard the last months to improve the sync of the app. Now your projects will be synchronized more quickly on all your devices and they will take up less space in iCloud Drive. Let nothing stops your creativity!

Note: Keep in mind that you must update all your devices to the latest version of Story Planner so they can sync between them.

Happy outlining!

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Has potential  BeardedLadyNatsu  3 star

NOTE This will only communicate with Scrivener if you have paid for the version 3 update!! I write with Scrivener, and part of the reason I purchased this software was because you can export your project directly into Scrivener. I created an outline with Story Planner and enjoyed a lot of the features. However, when I went to export, it gave me options for Scrivener 2 (what I currently run) and Scrivener 3 (a paid update of that software, which I do not have). I created a Scrivener 2 export, which then wouldn't work in my version of Scrivener. I understand this issue is related to Scrivener's functionality as well. Instead I tried to export my outline as an RTF and just import that into Scrivener, but the export only shows previews of text, so it was basically useless- my details about what I wanted to happen in a scene cut off after the first two lines!! Instead I had to dual screen and then copy/ paste from one program to another, which was time consuming and not was I was expecting when I paid for this program. Bottom line- I enjoyed creating an outline using this software, but it stopped being easy to use as soon as I wanted to actually use that outline to write in another program. There is basically NO information about actually exporting your project on their site (a blurb paragraph). Their website doesn't have as much info as I'd like, and as an annoying large number of glaring typos, considering it's a software for writers.


Simple and Easy, but Expensive  tomboytrouble  4 star

I started using this app on my iPad when I realized how useful it would be to have on my laptop, where I do most of my actual writing. I love the simplicity and visual aesthetic of the app. I tried hundreds of writer and story planner apps and websites, but I always come back to this one. The only catch: it’s expensive for the computer, and there’s a specific lack of customizability. I would love the ability to add my own categories and subcategories to fill out. But at the same time (being the detailist I am) I feel like the bare-minimum approach that this app has can be helpful for perfectionists like me. Definitely reccommend!

Brian O'Dell

Oct 6 Update Bugs  Brian O'Dell  4 star

Unusable in Dark Mode with the Oct 6th update. Had to set OSX back to Light Mode. Can't see text in boxes as I type!! I have Mojave and the Oct 6th update doesn't work. The app now appears in Dark Mode whether I indicate it should follow System or Light mode in Preferences. Also, the tabs Project, Characters, Locations, etc, are all blank except for the one currently selected. This is a great app along with the iOS version! Except this update makes it unusable.


A Must Have in Your Writing Tool Box  KarmaNJ  5 star

I have lost count of all the money I have spent on programs that promise to make my life easier as a writer. I have FINALLY found such a program. Story Planner for Writers is streamlined, simple, but most of all, houses every outlining tool I need. The export function is a nice feature. I also bought the mobile version so I can update my ideas on the go. It syncs seamlessly with my laptop program. I have not used it along with Scrivener yet but I will on my next project. Wonderful program.


Excellent planner for organizing your Novel  Jlcdragon  5 star

I found this app originally on my Iphone and starting using it and am loving its simplicity and detail. The purchase for my Mac was a no-brainer. It has made it easier for me to get my novel thoughts put into a cohesive form. The export to Scrivener is the icing on the cake to allow me to actually write what I am planning out using this app. Excellent work and great app. Keep the updates and features coming.


So glad a MacOS version is here  DreamChaser1701  5 star

Love the iOS versions. Thanks for making this. No other thing like it.


Really useful app with excellent support  ProjectBootleg  5 star

I’ve been using this app for a week and I’m impressed by how useful it is. This app simplifies the story-building process and has great export features (PDF, FDX, Docx etc). User support has also been a real high-point. I came across a trivial bug, emailed the team, and they began working on it right away. Great work Literautas.


Nearly Perfect  McSpitt  4 star

I’ve been looking for something like this for several years. Previously I had an unwieldy set of Google Docs and folders that made up my primary workflow. Story Planner now merges everything into a single app. Best of all is the exporting feature. I haven’t messed with exporting into Final Draft but I have used the rich text format. I can copy/paste into Pages and easily format my outlines and treatments from there. No more copy/pasting from multiple documents. There’s definitely room for improvement so here’s my wishlist: - Customization Under each tab are a series of prompts. I’d like to be able to label my own prompts, add new ones or delete the current options. For example, “Topic” isn’t something I would use, but Themes” would be. I’d also add a place for my Logline. - Improved scrolling Currently, if my cursor is hovering over one of the text boxes I can’t scroll through the document, I have to move the cursor off to the side and make sure it fits nicely in a tiny side bar in order to scroll. This is the one feature I found so annoying I had to knock the app down 1 star. - Expanding text boxes My characters, plots and stories can become very robust and the current text boxes are a rather small window into my larger project. I would prefer my text boxes expand as I wrote so I could navigate through the information better. - Collapsable text boxes While we’re on the subject, if my text boxes became too big, it would be nice to simply collapse them altogether. - Hideaway Projects Dock I don’t need to constantly see my entire list of existing projects. Please, PLEASE let me hide this. - Look Book This is a big ask and in no way deserves to be a priority for the developers, but it would be nice to throw images into a “Look Book” or even inside of the existing tabs. There is a miniature version of this but I’d like to see a more robust feature.

Ian Derek Bee

Oh dear…  Ian Derek Bee  5 star

After being in contact with the developers, waiting for the desktop version to become available, I was extremely disappointed to find it will not run on El Capitan OS. Why…? It is not a rocket science app… I have it upstairs on my newer Mac, my iPhone 6+ and my really old… old… iPad… Now I have to update a computer downstairs…? I think not… I cannot see why the need for a recent OS is required… Scrivener works fine across all my systems, and it is a whole lot of bang… What gives…? The bulk of my work is on this old Mac, which works for me… I have no real need to change… Can we have to app ported so it works on an older OS please…? Would have given it five stars… but I can’t use it… across the board… sorry...

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