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"OnPitch is a new way for singers to track their pitch, with a stylish and informative interface" - discchord.com

Are you one of those lucky people who never have to worry about hitting the right notes? If not, OnPitch is an app for you!

OnPitch shows you the notes you're singing, in real time.

Practicing with OnPitch helps you improve your pitch and gain confidence in your singing, so that when the time comes you're ready to merge with the music and forget about the technical details.

• No need to record anything, just open the app and sing
• See at a glance if you're on pitch, sharp or flat, and by how much
• Examine notes in a musical phrase and see how well you stayed on pitch
• Examine vibrato and pitch drifts

• Notes covered: C0 - B8
• Displays note names, cents, and exact pitch frequency in Hz

• Works on your iPhone and iPad
• Supports Portrait and Landscape device orientations


◆ What OnPitch is NOT:

• Not a pitch pipe app
• Does not play reference pitches
• Not a karaoke app
• Does not include sample songs or exercises

◆ Permissions requested by the app:

OnPitch app requests access to the built-in microphone in order to be able to detect pitch and display the notes you sing. If the permission is not granted, pitch detection won't work. Microphone access can always be enabled/disabled again in your device's Settings/Privacy/Microphone.

OnPitch - Vocal Pitch Monitor App Description & Overview

The applications OnPitch - Vocal Pitch Monitor was published in the category Music on 2017-03-11 and was developed by Alena Kucharenka. The file size is 21.80 MB. The current version is 1.1.10 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Rolled back audio engine update, since it was causing problems for a small number of users.

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OnPitch - Vocal Pitch Monitor Reviews

ptich and resolution goals

Pitch target easy to use  ptich and resolution goals  4 star

Really easy to use but it would be totally awesome if it would offer and average pitch.


...waste of money  X0_o  1 star

Android has an app where you can record live while it finds the notes and frequencies. I thought this would do the same thing was wrong. Also it doesn’t allow you to save your recordings.

Colin Lockey

Great app for singers and musicians  Colin Lockey  5 star

This app has been a game changer. I’m a professional musician and I use it constantly when practicing vocals just to fine tune and make sure I’m on pitch. Would definitely recommend!

Kibble Chewer

The concept behind this app is great  Kibble Chewer  5 star

I love how it shows you all the notes that were played, instead of just showing one at a time. It really helps me when I’m trying to come up with melodies.

Mr. Help

Not worth 3$  Mr. Help  2 star

Moves too fast, no record option either


Works great  Specner8  4 star

Quickly shows me the notes I am singing so I can write them down.


Fantastic!!  Displaced_Texan  5 star

I’ve used many of the free tuners for checking on my pitch, and have yet to find exactly what I needed until now. Perfect tool to add for your vocal exercises. Thanks; well worth the cost!!


Very helpful for ear training.  Droozilla  5 star

I recommend this app very highly. Has helped me to improve my pitch… Both relative and absolute. Best in class!


It’s does what is says it does  HoustonPukston  3 star

I’d like to be able to have it auto locate to where I am on the scale or at least have that as an option. Kind of frustrating to have to scroll up and down if I’m doing different octaves.


Won’t open  alimiahh  1 star

App won’t open on my phone. Kills itself every time I open it. I have the most recent update.

salted crustaceans

Great app  salted crustaceans  5 star

Excellent app, delivered everything it promised. Has helped my singing improve.


it won’t even open  jadeynator  1 star

spent $4.49 on this for it to not even open


Not so great  Ikesmum  1 star



Just needs a couple things..  NIC33611  4 star

Very useful app! works well and I would highly recommend it. It would be useful to tap a note and hear discrete pitches. (to hear the melody/interval and sing back without using multiple apps). nb. even just to have a reference pitch Overall very accurate and very useful.

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