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Si vous répondez à ce numéro inconnu, vous êtes fichu...

A travers Ana the Game vivez une histoire complexe et immersive à Paris qui vous permettra d'interagir et discuter avec vos amis. Vous serez plongé dans un thriller profond où tous vos choix et vos actions auront un impact sur votre expérience.

Impossible de poser votre téléphone...pour résoudre les mystères autour d'Ana; Vous serez manipulé, confus, émerveillé, agacé et excité par une histoire remplie de rebondissements multiples.

Cette expérience brouille la frontière entre le jeu et la réalité en reflétant une interface de smartphone.

Principales caractéristiques :

- Vivez une histoire captivante qui vous secouera et vous ébranlera pour toujours

- Recherchez dans votre téléphone les indices cachés et utilisez ses fonctionnalités pour résoudre les énigmes

- Communiquez et interagissez avec vos amis, votre famille mais aussi avec ce numéro inconnu, qui ne vous laissera aucun répit

- Répondez aux messages reçus avec des choix prédéterminés ou par vous même, mais sachez que chaque choix influencera le reste de votre aventure.

- Recommencer le jeu pour en savoir plus sur l'histoire et pour découvrir les autres fins en fonctions de vos nouveaux choix.

Êtes-vous prêt à tout risquer ...?


- Aucune connexion requise (jouable sans wifi).

- Pas de pubs.

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Ana The Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Added iPhone X compatibility Fixed several bugs Adding close buttons for some images Optimized video playback

Ana The Game Comments & Reviews

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- Bugged out twice

Bugs out after the doctor asks me what word I see in the letter grid. Totally freezes and when it reloads it starts to load and then exits. I updated my ios, deleted and reloaded the game and tried playing from the start of the game. Froze in the same spot. Waste of my time and interest. Because is was interesting up to that point, though not as fun as the two lost phone games. (btw the first time I played I answered the first word I saw in the grid, I can’t remember what it was, and Dr said that word wasn’t there. Second time I said “understand” and he said it wasn’t there. They both are so that’s stupid)

- Keeps crashing

I enjoy the game, but i get to the part where you are talking to the doctor for the second time and you have to look at the word grid and it freezes and crashes and i have to uninstall and reinstall and start over. I tried to message support in the settings but clicking it doesn’t do anything. Please fix the crashing so i can finish the game! 😊 i have an iphone X with latest update.


I am absolutely in LOVE with this game. I continuously check back to see if i missed something or if a notification didnt go through, etc. I am extremely upset because the game crashed and now anytime I try to open the app, it loads for a couple seconds then kicks me out to the home screen. I really want to keep playing! Please fix this asap!!

- Crashes at word search

I pick the first word I see, type it, it comes back saying the word isn’t in the grid even though it very obviously is, and then stops responding. Even after closing and reopening, it just immediately crashes. Huge bummer.

- Game crashes and impossible to play anymore :(

I really do love this game and I was invested in the story line but I’ve reached a point where any time I try to open the app it just shows the loading screen, a gray screen, then it just crashes. Every time. I hope this can be fixed so I can finish this great game!

- Meh

Enjoying the game, but the responses take forever (as a means of getting you to buy stop watches, which do not even work to speed up messages). Game crashes at point of second conversation with doctor (word grid) and had to uninstall & reinstall because it kept force-closing. Took so long to get to the point I was at that I likely will not play up to that point over again & will probably just delete the app. Not worth it

- Well...

It looks really cool and I really wanna play it but it won’t let me even get on it. The game keeps crashing before I can even get on anything... it looks so cool and I wish I could play it..

- Uhhh????????

I’d say that I probably enjoy this game but in all honesty I can’t get anything to work. I can view images, videos, and text messages on a mobile phone in the game but that’s it. What’s the point? Read ALL the conversations between two people via text message? They’re not even like an interesting story in then it’s just people talking about sad or terrible moments in their lives

- Please fix it!

Was really enjoying this game but now whenever I try to open it it loads for a few seconds and then crashes! I need to figure out what happened!

- Great story but it crashes!!!

I love the story and I look forward to playing more if the bugs are fixed but when you get to the word puzzle it completely shuts down, when I tried to get back into it the app kept closing. :(

- Crashes

Mentioned in starred review. Great game though. Fix the crashing and I will change my review (most likely)

- 🤨

This game is....interesting but I get text and sometimes I can’t even answer. When I exit the game it says “are you sure you want exit” sometimes and won’t let me leave

- Crasssshhhh

Was just getting interesting, but game crashes and won’t start without crashing after the doctor’s grid question. My software is up to date, so that isn’t the problem. Also, grid had the word “clap,” but doctor says it isn’t there.

- Great game, but it crashed!

I’d love to give this 5 stars, but the game froze and then crashed and won’t load again despite everything. I really wanted to finish this story!

- Crashes

Love game but crashes every time I get to the doctor and grid

- Defective

Recently downloaded app and go to open it. Immediately crashes and takes me back to my home screen. Uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing happens. Disappointing.

- Crashing

As soon as it starts getting good my app won’t start up anymore! I’m really disappointed.

- Text too small

It hurts my eyes and I don’t see any way to change the settings.

- Dont waste yiur time

I like this game but most of the things are hard to work like all the apps on the phone and I wish it was more realistic.Not only that but in general I don’t think this app is not the best don’t waste your time on this!

- Crashed

Great story but i cant play

- It is so cool


- Hi

This game looks great but how can i send a message?Ana sent a message for me but I can’t answer her.please help me please

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- Bugs

I can’t type in game so nothing is happening and it makes it really boring

- A glitch in the game

I have been playing Ana the game for about 2 days now, I haven’t had any glitch issues. Recently I was allowed access to type what I want to one of my contacts and it froze on me. I decided to exit the game and every time I clicked to enter the game again it glitched out and didn’t let me enter the game. I then turned my iPhone off and then back on I entered the game and am still having this glitch problem. Overall I love the game and it has been very scary and intriguing,but I have lost a bit of interest due to me not being able to play. If you could help or remove this bug in future notice that would be great😊.

- Glitch/game will no longer open

As per other reviews, game was moving along nicely until the chat with the doctor and the word find feature. Game closed and will not open again. Update/fix please??

- Great but now never loads

This was an awesome concept and intriguing story but, as previous reviews state, it glitches at the second message to the doc even though the first message was a valid answer despite it saying it wasn't in the grid... and now the game crashes before loading and is impossible to play. Please fix this so I can continue the story and put the rating up to 5 stars where it belongs.

- Cant write a message

When no body talks to you it says you could send a text. For some reason it wont allow me to type to write a message. So i have to wait a long time for them to start the chat and it takes forever it wastes your time but other then that its pretty good. Please fix the bug?

- Glitch

Epic game, but it’s glitching for me too which is super upsetting because I really want to keep playing sadness

- Great game. But....

It’s a great game! But looks like the game has a glitch, I’ve reached a certain part that crashes the game. Please fix!

- Great Game but Glitched!!

This game was super interesting, I’d been playing it for about 2 days and then it glitched - not receiving any messages or anything from anyone in the game.

- Crash

Liking game so far but game is crashing at the part where the Doc shows me some Ink blots

- Broken

Game froze and didn’t start anymore after recalling the events with doctor. Also it takes a lot of time for any sort of progress to happen.

- Awesome game...frustrating glitch

Great game, it’s got me hooked but a glitch in the game (the same as the last review) has meant that I can no longer play. Super disappointing.

- Fix

Please fix the crashing glitch. It is a really good game and I would love to finish it. :’(

- What a joke

Can’t solve the mystery of Ana when it glitches and crashes the second we open the app!!

- Dont recommend!

This game is good and addicting until it reaches day 2 in which it glitches when u speak with the doc. DO NOT PLAY IF U WANT TO COMPLETE THE GAME

- I can not access my keyboard

It won’t let me type in the game PLEASE FIX

- Can’t type

I can’t type anything?

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- Decipher

I love this game, but at the point where you have to decipher, I bought the three clues that were there, and I entered the clues into the sentence, yet it tells me that I lost the game!!

- Decipher

I think that there’s a problem with this part of the game cause it’s not working even with the clues...

- Too long of a wait ?

Graphics are good, concept is there. Cool storyline. BUT: I don’t know if it’s just me, but it takes way to long to receive messages. Even when the creator says that if I’m not receiving any than I’m supposed to be sending them but I don’t have that option. I open all the conversations and try to message them but it wont let me. So, I go on the app to check if I have any yet I don’t even after hours of waiting. It’s crazy. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong.

- Bien mais

Bon jeu, cependant aucune explication pour le pocket watch et ce que l’on doit faire, de plus, j’ai tenter d’utiliser les pocket watch et c’est écrit que ça accélère le temps et fait entrer les messages que nous sommes supposer recevoir mais lors de l’utilisation cela n’a eu aucun impact et je n’avais pas de message à envoyer.. plante à l’ouverture tout de suite après la grille de mot.... j’ai tout essayer

- Not worth it

Crashed after crossword, won’t reopen

- Game stops working

I tried this on multiple devices but each time the game stops working with the word search puzzle. Took a long time to get there each time, not sure the story is worth it.

- Grille de mot du doc

Le jeu crash. C’est décevant car j’aimais l’interface...

- Bug

The “ D n't tr st n n “ txt received from the abductor in the game has a bug, it clearly spells out Don’t trust anyone but nothing works its just game over no matter how i type it out to him

- Ce bogue gâche l’expérience de jeu

Le jeu est vraiment bon, l’ambiance est pleine de suspense, mais au moment où le Doc te demande quel mot tu vois en premier dans la grille, je ne sais pas si le mot doit être en français ou en anglais, mais en tout cas, je choisis un mot, ça dit qu’il n’est pas dans la liste, j’en écris un autre, puis je suis incapable de faire quoi que ce soit d’autre: le jeu plante (l’écran flashe et je me retrouve sur mon menu iPad). J’essaie de rouvrir le jeu, ça montre l’écran titre, puis l’écran noir pâlit, et ça plante à nouveau de la même manière, peu importe si j’attends ou pas avant de rouvrir. Pouvez-vous corriger cela SVP? Il y a aussi le bouton Calendrier trop sensible. Si on l’effleure en faisant défiler les menus du téléphone, le calendrier s’affiche. C’est un peu énervant quand ce n’est pas ça que je veux. J’apprécierais beaucoup que ce soit corrigé, merci!

- Bugged

Like with other reviews I’m stuck on the don’t trust anyone text. Until they fix it I can’t give this game any more stars.

- I’m stuck

It’s a great game but I can’t get past a point in the game there’s no prompts or anything so please patch this 🙂

- Meh

Game would be fun... clues are expensive and don’t work most the time. Was told due to glitches... good concept of game a little to hard to play for free or minimal amount.

- I love the game, but..

At one point where you need to decipher a clue by adding words to a sentence, even after purchasing the clues, it still will not work

- Stuck

When he says don’t trust anyone me and asks what letters are missing, no matter what I put it’s wrong ?

- It’s a Yes

I don’t regret it, very nice game, the story’s super interesting and the characters are really cool !

- Not worth time

Poor puzzle design - no logic or analysis (induction rather than deduction). If you like guessing on puzzles this is for you. Poor translation with pointless micro transactions.

- Problem with decipher

The game is good, but it keeps telling but the man keeps telling me I’m wrong when I decipher the missing vowels puzzle.

- Decipher

At the point when you have to put the letters in the sentence. I’ve bought all three clues and it says I fail. I like this game but if you can’t get past a part of the game that’s needed, it’s kindof useless

- Wow!

Déjà sa fait même pas 1 heure que je joue & j'adore déjà ce jeux. Bon c vrai que je ne savais pas au début comment y jouer mais à la longue j'apprends comment. 😁 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 coeurs pour 5 étoiles à ce jeux

- Game phone

J'adore !!!

- Meilleur jeux narratifs au monde

Trop bien comme jeux on sent qu'on est dans la peau du personnage

- Génial

Étant un grand fan de la série Lifeline j'ai toute suite voulu essayer ANA the game et je ne suis pas déçu. Plus tu avance dans le jeu et plus tu as envie de découvrir le fin mot de l'histoire.Tu ne peux t'empêcher de te demander qui est-ce qui fait tout ça. La bande-son très " creepy" rajoute beaucoup à l'ambiance. Un peut déçu des indices payants mais ce n'est pas plus grave que ça ^^ Je tiens à féliciter Almost Game Studio, vous avez fait un travaille incroyable. J'attend la suite avec impatience (si le 2 et le 3 est toujours d'actualité). Amicalement Jordan

- Avis

Jeu génial Merci à amixem de me l'avoir fais découvrir

- Décevent

Bourrer d'achat in app pour accélérer le jeu alors que le jeu de base est payant. Sérieux vous avez merder

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Cube Guy

@benn9_9_9_ I was a flex in ranked if my team wasn’t working I would switch roles or characters so I also had Winston, Lucio, Ana, and then any random dps character + mercy and junkrat as the two easiest fucking characters in the game, I’d have to look at my stats fully though.

Ana The Game 1.2 Screenshots & Images

Ana The Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ana The Game iphone images
Ana The Game iphone images
Ana The Game iphone images
Ana The Game iphone images
Ana The Game iphone images

Ana The Game (Version 1.2) Install & Download

The applications Ana The Game was published in the category Games on 2017-04-27 and was developed by Plug In Digital [Developer ID: 608306412]. This application file size is 458.62 MB. Ana The Game - Games app posted on 2019-04-23 current version is 1.2 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.almostgamestudio.ana

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