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The long-awaited sequel to the highest-rated motorsport game on the App Store, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is the ultimate race team simulation game.

Build your very own motorsport team, making all of the big decisions. Hire the drivers, assemble the team, develop your car and mastermind your way to glory.


Guide your team from the bottom of the European Racing Series all the way to the top of the World Motorsport Championship.

The game world changes with you as you grow from season to season. Teams rise and fall. Drivers improve, age and retire. Dynamic contract negotiations and intelligent opposition keep you on your toes.

You might have the best car on the grid, but success is won and lost on race day. Will your strategy win you the race, or could an ill-advised tyre change end in disaster?

With individual car part design, engine modes, extra tyre compounds, more downforce options, an expanded sponsorship system and more, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 offers hour upon hour of deep, strategic and exciting gameplay.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 was published in the category Games on 2017-07-13 and was developed by Playsport Games Ltd. The file size is 541.54 MB. The current version is 1.1.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Optimizations and performance improvements.

Attention Motorsport Managers! It’s time to take on three fresh challenges in this huge free update...

● New Game Plus turns things up a notch. With tougher AI, and reverse grids, this is a real challenge!
● Elimination Race introduces a thrilling new rule, where drivers in last place are eliminated from the race every lap!
● In Rise of the Robot, master your experimental AI development programme to lead the team to glory!

Managers can now choose to skip qualifying and head straight to the race, where opponents will utilise improved pit strategies. New weather patterns mix up rainy days, too!

We’ve made hundreds of fixes and tweaks, as well as new achievements for each challenge.

Thanks for playing!

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Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 Reviews


Astonishingly Beautiful  Sa1-2377  5 star

This game, honestly one of the best simulation games out there is beautiful! The game is very addictive and very fun to play when you are offline. I do believe that We one more series. Or even more. This would be a great addition to the game and its reputation. I believe it will be great if these features were added. This would be great. And like I said It is Astonishingly Beautiful. You should also consider keeping up with real events like the halos from f1 or the hyper soft tires.


Why not  DreadSeekerRome  5 star

Why disnt you add three cars to the team like it wAs brought up in the first one game made would be awesome to have a three car team!

KJ Lutzke

Great But...  KJ Lutzke  5 star

So the ICloud feature just saves it to that device and at the moment if you got a new device you’d have to completely start over, hopefully you will do some work for this to happen


wonderful grand prix manager game  Sailorgiff  5 star

Excellent! Would like to see a bit more depth in car setup, longer qualifying, and practice sessions. individual sector times too.


Longer races would be great  DeMonteHD  5 star

They do often feel short because of all that happens, even if it’s meant to simulate a full race worth of action, an option to run long races would make it more immersive with the things that could happen!


Well Worth the Money  An1mal251  5 star

This game is well worth the money, even the add-ons. It is very addicting and has endless replay value. I would love to see more in-depth gameplay, but this is a very nice upgrade from the first one. The customization is great, though updated livery options would be awesome! I would definitely pay for more in depth car customization if that were made available. Overall, I love this game and developer, very well done!


Next game  HiPeople!  5 star

This is an amazing and addictive game, and it would be sweet if you could make a NASCAR or stock car version of this game in the future.


Very fun game but  Buritto33  1 star

The game is fun but the In app purchases start building up to quick to pricey

Graphite Tiger

Excellent Game, Crashes Frequently  Graphite Tiger  5 star

A very polished, beautiful and fun game. I knew nothing about Formula 1 racing, but MM2 has been a great education. A complicated game with lots to do, but a beautiful and well designed UI makes it much easier. Very interesting and exciting game! Devs please note: MM2 crashes frequently, mostly right after a race ends and before the autosave kicks in, which means the race has to be run again. I’m using the latest iOS version, but admittedly running on a (now) older iPhone 6. It also may be tied to iOS 11 which is very glitchy and lags.


Really fun  Gjs153  5 star

This is really fun, in fact so fun I want to buy the pc version to experience even greater detail

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