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Text Burner - Texting App [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Text Burner is the best texting app for protecting your real phone number during texting by keeping your personal phone number private.

+ Get a free private phone number for private texting & SMS. Sign up today to get a free phone number and text now.

+ Add as many burner phone numbers as you like from countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia

+ Support phone number verification for services you do not want to reveal your real phone number.

+ Supports MMS Picture Messaging

+ Delete individual messages or entire message to protect privacy

+ Set up do not disturb schedule or privacy to hide texts in notifications.

+ Lookup phone numbers & caller ID

+ International texting to a number of countries.

+ Temporary or permanent phone numbers available

+ Text free using our anonymous numbers.

Text Burner Phone app gives you a free private second phone number to protect your real phone number and caller id. Text now to someone in peace knowing that you can block them off anytime, burn your phone number plus get a new 2nd phone number when you download right now.

With Text Burner Phone App, you can text freely to a date, someone you are buying and selling with on Craigslist, Etsy, Ebay, or any online ecommerce sites or listings. Protect your identity and caller id today with a new private text number.

Text Burner offers a subscription plan for new alternate numbers for you and me.

- Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription.
- Your account will be charged for a renewed subscription within 24 hours prior to the end of current subscription.
- Your account will auto renew once a month, every 3 months or once a year depending on the subscription period you choose.
- The subscription price ranges from $4.99-$79.99 and will vary depending on the type you pick but will be shown before you confirm purchase.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and will auto renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period.
- You can manage your subscription and switch off the auto-renewal by accessing your account settings after purchase.
- You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period.
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

Privacy Policy: http://www.appverse.com/Privacy
Terms of Use: http://www.appsverse.com/Terms

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Text Burner - Texting App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+ Improve user experience + Better texting flow

Text Burner - Texting App Comments & Reviews

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- Works.

Good app works very well. I don’t like that you have to pay for text credits, however they may or may not have stated that before I dowloaded the app. I I thought it was totally free but they do give 5 free text credits regardless of u buy any. The text credit pack are pretty good deals, semi cheap. Oh & FYI your first free 5 text credits.. one is used each time you send a text out and another will be used for the other parties text back to you. Thanks!!

- Don’t waste your time

Most apps that offer free text and free phone calls will let you pick out a phone number and they have free texting and free calling with an actual dial pad with numbers. This app is so greedy, after you sign in, it takes you straight to the pay options displaying all the paid plans available and they have it worded so that you think it’s not a free text app and the only option is to pay for their service. To me, that is like a homeless person coming up to your window and begging for money. It’s a deal breaker for me... Once you back out because you thought it was a free text and calls app....then it declares you have 100 credits (5 free texts) with your anonymous number. Just try and find the dial pad, waste of time going thru their menu which I stupidly spent 10 mins . I’m not sure you can make calls because I entered a number and hit call phone and it didn’t make a call. How this app got the #1 most popular spot when I searched for free text is a mystery to me ? There is no faq ,or help section... only an option to email their support which ...why bother emailing because that also takes up precious time. Hitting delete and going back to textnow

- Canceling the subscription is not allowed

If an issue arises or in the event a subscriber wishes to cancel the subscription, the Contact Support does not reply to the email. The only way to cancel paying the monthly fee is to send an email which I have numerous times and have not heard anything back. I don’t appreciate getting charged for the monthly fee since I am not using the app. There should be an option within the app to cancel the subscription, but since there is not that shows the lack of integrity this company has towards its customers, as well as the confidence that the app will being satisfying. They clearly know customers won’t want to keep this app which is why it is nearly impossible to cancel. This is my fault if it stated in the app details that this would be the process of canceling. So, shame on me for not thoroughly reading the details. I won’t be making this mistake again for such a poorly manufactured app. I suppose in a way, I should be thanking the company for cheating me out of my money so I learned the lesson to be more aware next time to prevent this from happening again.

- Unclear fees but good customer service

I originally posted 1 star but came back to revise it. The app & reference site lack basic information, but their customer service quickly responded to my email (like within a few hours) & hooked me up w/ an extension that wasn’t necessarily due, as a courtesy for the lack of clarity. I did previously purchase for use, & everything worked as I expected. It’s still not clear, however, if you have to purchase a phone number subscription (or certain amount of phone numbers w/ limitations) AND credits for each text sent & received (2 credits for pictures). So kudos on customer service & please add more detailed info

- Pretty sure they sell your info to third parties

This was a one and done deal. Sent a free text, then removed subscription. But since I did it, I've been getting calls from random numbers in various states. I googled a couple of numbers and some people have had complaints of telemarketer calls from these numbers. I am on the do not call list. This app more than likely gives your number to third parties. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! I did not see this in the ratings nor did I see a general statement like Facebook uses to access your number prior to download. Now I've got to deal with a bunch of random calls. Good thing I'm changing my number soon....

- There are better apps

Maybe somewhere they may have stated that you need to pay for text credits. But once downloaded I could not send text at all until I paid. At least other apps you can call and text for free, they give you the option to pay for credits to text and call. There are better apps out there then this


I regret getting it. All the other reviews must be fake. I'm only doing this review cause I want to see if it'll get me text credits for free because APPARENTLY, you only get to send & receive TWO TEXTS for free and then you need text credits for any thing else. What type of crap is that ? Very disappointed, I would've never started a conversation on this had I known.

- F minus

Misleading title made it seem like it was free. After downloading I realized I had to pay before I could even receive or send one message or call. Obviously I don't want to be linked to this number. Now it's linked to my iCloud account. On top of this, it was difficult to set up. Doesn't show the number on the app. Doesn't receive some text messages even when I have plenty of funds on my account. Not user friendly. I ended up frustrated and out a few dollars with a useless app. I'm sure with a few small changes all this can be improved.

- Terrible Customer Service

I paid over $10 to be able to text someone... when the person’s one and only text came through, the app said that I needed to pay more money in order to view the text. I tried reaching out to customer service to request a refund since this app is clearly only money hungry and not what I was looking for...and they said that because the person messaged me (a message that I was not permitted to see), I could not get a refund. 1 star for high costs and poor customer service. I encourage you to look elsewhere.


On initial sign up screen app ask for email address and password. Pressing send button produces error massage and,...nothing happens. This would be very consistent with malware which doesn’t work at all, which under pretense of being app is specifically designed to harvest valid email addresses of unsuspecting people providing it while trying to sign up for service. When entering address don’t give your main one. Use disposable one, which you will be able to discard, should you all the sudden get flooded with SPAM, phish or/and email malware.

- Free Trial Bait and Switch Beware

The app works well, but if you sign up for a free trial and then come back to the app a few months later it prompts you for another free trial. If you sign up for the free trial again Apple will charge you even if you didn’t intend to sign up after the free trial expired. Seems to be a bait and switch tactic. This will then turn into the blame game. App blames Apple; Apple blames the app. Either way I’m out of $20 for an app I was barely planning on using. Now I’m also receiving all kinds of calls from Asian restaurants after signing up for this app. Not happy!


It’s by far one of the better free texting apps out there!!!! All of us don’t use free texting apps for normal usuage, like everyday usage. Soooo, I like the fact that I can pick a number of my choice as well as have the option to the free texting number and it can generate a new number every single time I use it!!! Thanks~

- It’s a good asset

It’s great I love using it and it’s especially helpful if your beefing with ppl and they block you cuz you can still get through it’s expensive but worth it when you need it spend like $5-15 per month buying more text credits like I said it’s works and is worth it good tool for the Down Low missions

- Total waste of time!

Its selling texting from a random number which can easily done with a computer for free. I downloaded it under the impression it was a caller ID spoofer. I could not figure out how to make a call. I struggled to send a text. It is poorly designed visually and it's only working function seems to be too bring the user to the "buy credits" page. They try to side hustle by pushing to download soon vpn app I would assume is just as bad. Pass on this. There are better texting apps around. This one is absolutely garbage.

- App is fire

This app is great it allows you to use your phone with continual service under the same provider under a new discrete number. It has allowed me access to things i never thought possible! Download this if you are in need of this amazing service!!

- Expensive non functional app

After luring you with a free trial, you have to pay to send messages and if you want a number you also have to pay extra for it. Furthermore, some texts will NOT get through ( for example some of the verification codes. Yes the main reason why a lot of people get this app). If you have the free trial and believe that paying will fix the app issue...stop in your tracks. Paying will not solve this app issues. (I hope the 25 dollars I spent here would serve you as good advise )

- Not bad at all

Not a terrible app.. Think it would be a lot more successful if it were more competitive as far as amount of free values offered and ways to earns because the app itself is higher quality in my opinion but has inferior apps being chosen over it due to wider variety of offers

- Text burner review

Like the general purpose of this app but the idea that the app is free is misleading. Sure to download the app is free. But in order to get ur number u have to purchase it and to get credits to call or text I have to buy credits. Not free. So maybe not the best app in the world if ur looking for a second number to use for free.

- Temporary number for a temporary purpose

This is a brilliant solution to be able to have a number to give out to someone you need to communicate with but you’re not ready to give up your real number...and the ability to disappear at a moments notice.

- Text burner

Awesome app I'm enjoying it right now very happy I installed this today thank you. Update kinda boring like watching Sesame Street like it was fun for the first time but now I grew up and realized it isn't free make more credits for it and I'll move to the next level of experience thank you


This app is sooo amazing not only is it easy to use, it does all the work for you. Whether your texting your friend, family member, or someone unknown texts you they have the answer, even when it comes to different agencies and judicial systems. I don't think there is anything this app cant do

- Cool App

I like the app. It's very easy to navigate. It would be better if incoming text didn't take away from your text count. 5.99$ for 100 a hundred text. Kinda expensive, that equals out to be 1$ per 10 text messages. That is of course if the person your texting, is texting you back.🤦🏼‍♂️


This app is a complete rip off & very misleading. In fact, I'm contacting apple to see if I can get my money back that I paid for an additional number. Even after I purchased that, I still couldn't text, I had to buy credits. Which I did and STILL CAN NOT TEXT! If I could give this app ZERO stars I would. I truly believe all the other "good" reviews are from friends or family of the app producer. Or worse they're paid for. Sad to see just how greedy and misleading the app producers can be. 😒😖

- Like App but confusing

I purchased a premium number thinking that would give me the ability to text but then only to realize I have to purchase text credits on top of that. Make it more clear about premium numbers and having to purchase credits.

- Review for burner app

This app is very fun to have a second number if you don’t have an electronic device because your parents took ur phone. I love this app and I’ve only had it for a day or two. But sometimes my messages don’t send which are very annoying but it’s okay.

- Misleading fee chart

I downloaded this app yesterday based on the ratings. Little did I know buying a premium number does not come with credits. This was not clearly stated. Instead you must buy a number $3.99 then buy credits starting at $5.99 for 100 credits. Otherwise you'll end up paying $0.99 for 10 messages. My account balance says I have 100 credits but those credits can't be applied to txt messages! Don't waste your time use Hushed or Burner instead! Uninstalled!

- Great for anonymity

Great for dealing with things like communicating with people from craigslist or other platforms or you don’t want people to know your personal information but you do have to contact him outside of the platform

- Best

The best one to use does great an fast using I would recommend to use very easy an can pick your own number something that you can remember, if I had a choice this would be my number one choice .

- Text Burner the app

This app is totally awesome! I can text my friends and my other friends aren't finding out because they scroll through my iMessage. After my dad deleted it I. Got this and personally I like it better!!♥this is great I love it

- Unable to unblock a person

Was going great until I accidentally blocked a person and deleted the chat message in a series of unfortunate events. Now I am unable to find a way to unblock the person but don’t want to send them more messages

- Misleading information

This app is good if you’ve got endless money to spend on a secondary phone number. It should cost something upfront and apply everything under that cost instead of being “free” even though it costs you to have a number , send a text and make a call. Don’t use this

- Love this app

I have a tough relationship but I’m to blame for it. But I’m trying to stop my old ways and to prove to my soulmate that I am all his! He blocks me every day so it’s nice to be able to change my number when ever I need to get a hold of him!

- Trying out

So far the app works good. I have not put it to any use yet but testing between messages to myself and the simplicity and smoothness of it works well and the description of what the app does is on point

- Be careful when you use it

I do like the app but I was confused by the way it works. I downloaded a premium number thinking that it would give me more texting, but realized afterward that you're supposed to get text credits. I now spent 4$ and I'd rather download other free apps until I run out of texts than keep using this one.

- Others are cheaper

Expensive, layout seems to be nice and reliable - guess that has to be paid for somehow. In order to have second number you have to pay, in addition to paying for text "credits" just adds up quick and there are others less expensive. I'm just writing the review to see what the "Reward" is for doing so.

- This is pretty good but not the best

I'm only writing this review to get credits. The app is good but you have to spend credits to continue the conversation. But unless your like some billionaire this is perfect for you. This app is good for playing pranks. Just I have a problems with the credits.

- Scam

Got this app to send out text messages and offers for our business and I didn’t want every potential customer to have my personal cell phone. I could purchase a new high end phone with a new number for less money than this service. It cost me $6 to send out 2 texts. I bought the “100 text” package and after 2 texts it says that I need to buy more credits to continue texting.

- its awesome

When I thought it couldn't get any better take that gives me a chance toAnd that last text to unblock me on my real number thanks a lot text app free you're the best I love you forever and ever

- Very good burner phone app

It is a really nice app that allows you to text people freely without giving out your actual number! I would really recommend this to anyone who want to play pranks on people hehe!

- App works well BUT

The application does what it says it will do but like many of the unhappy reviewer's have pointed out, it's not really free. At least not for long. It's great if you just want to use it once, but I would like to use it for work and I'm not about to pay for it. So there you go, you get what you pay for. Not much.

- Must Prepay First!

It’s not user friendly. They don’t explain that you have to prepay each text before you send one. I ended up paying $9.99 twice to send 2 texts EVEN THO I HAD ALREADY PAID for 100 texts! There is no explanation about how many “credits” you need to send a text. Do u pay per character, per word or what? I’m using up my credits and deleting it. Cheaper to buy a burner phone!

- Things to iron out

1)TextNow 2)Pinger 3)Text Burner I don’t know why it is that the folks at TextNow are the only ones who have perfected the model in this app game. But please take note so they can have some real competition. At first you say I can choose my free texting and calling number. I do so and find out that it’s not the number that I’m actually using... because it’s NOT free. There are a few other dishonesties, but I don’t have time and just wanted to call you out on it over all. I guess I’m just one of those awful people who like transparency. I can try to work on it... get it together guys.

- Corny app

This app is a waste of time. They said it’s a free app, free phone number and text but it’s a lie. I signed up and it redirect me to the payment options without any other options. Why are all these new app developers so greedy? If Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook by making it a paid site would it grow to what is it now? Start small and grow big. Waste of time and energy.

- Text Burner keeps it all in line!

I think fast, talk fast, and live faster. My texting needs are both recreational and business oriented. This app lets me play and work all day every day without fail. Rock on!

- Easy to use

This was so incredibly easy to figure out and use with no catches. This is the best app I have found so far to use when trying to text someone anonymously.

- Worst ever

Total waste of money and time. Don't waste either on this, much better apps are available with more features. Their information doesn't tell you anything before u buy and after it's too late

- Need more credits

Wish we could earn free credits. But I get it. Ya gotta make money ! And to not see An incoming text says is enough to drive any one to drop a few bucks just to read it I guess .

- Wow please read

I'm just leaving this because of the free text i have to say about that i have to say that i have to go to the house to talk to the house and i don't have to say that i have to say that

- Mischievous Fun

Yea so you get a free # but it's different to different ppl and you run out of credits or whatever the things are called. So you need to buy more credits and then you can choose to your own burner # but you do need to pay for the credits to keep the number you choose because it does expire

- Burner review

I really wish I would have known of this app over a year ago, it definitely would have came in handy back then and I could have avoided some problems I had!

AirBNB 🎁

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- It works perfectly

Although the credit only gives you and you have to purchase more . The credit is pricey and goes very quickly 😏

- Totally awesome app

This is a totally awesome app to use if you want to catch you partner in the acted of cheating they do not know it’s you using another number which is really good just love it going to tell my friends about it. Only down fall is that it is a little expensive use the credit you buy very quickly with sending and receiving messages and that it is only SMS use of messages but other then that it is totally awesome to use and so simple too.

- Works Great

Awesome app if you want to send out messages to people anonymously. Unless told otherwise the person receiving the message doesn’t even know who text them. Only downfall is it’s highly expensive to buy credits & you use them up quite quickly if you use the app a lot. It should definitely be cheaper to buy credits since we NEED credits to send a SINGLE message out. Overall though it’s a great app

- Brilliant App

This App is especially reliable with real time communication. The offers are great & the primary phone line is a free anonymous number. They’re not pushy like the others. There’s no hassle to purchase a second number should you wish to or not. They are very responsive, efficient and considerate. As a doctor, I'm very appreciative a this most valuable and professional service.

- Worst app and steals ya money and a lot of it

I purchased a number and couldn’t find it anywhere in the app, also the app is made that one click on the number and it purchases for u so I ended up paying for 4 different premium numbers, the money got taking from my account, but the numbers were not in the app once subscription were confirmed, the numbers weren’t anywhere, it was like I never purchased anything, all ya can use is the number u get when u download the app.

- This is brilliant!

How much fun can sending texts to your mates be, sure I could have bought a prepaid but this is so much better. Picking your phone number in the correct format is worth the extra dollars. It adds that much more authenticity. Well done.

- Fantastic and great

This is the best apps and very very ezy to use I recommend every one needs this apps which is very convenient to text without showing your number I am really glad I found this apps keep up your good work guys thanks

- Anon

Awesome app and love the fact that you get the reply from the recipient also, it can really add to strengthening your argument when you need that little bit of proof. The jaw drop factor from the other party involved is priceless

- Fun and easy

But it would be great if you had more credit and it works in Australia which is great and usually hard to find an app that works like this in America

- Awesome

Iv been looking for something like this to catch out a liar. Well yes it works 100% and would recommend to anyone feeling a little concerned with their partners use of their phone, txts and calls. I love it👍

- Great fun

It is hard to start with but after that it is good fun for some purpose that u don't anyone want to know your number. Credit quite pricey but it worth to pay

- Works well

This is a good ap Inside the US it would be the bomb with number look up and all but even in Oz it still good to be able to send SMS on different number

- My opinion

Didn't think this would actually work but it did. Uses a fair bit of credit per text message.

- Much fun

Sending texts from an anonymous number can check how honest your friends and family are being

- Not enough credit


- Great for tricking friends

Really fun to prank friends with, credits are really expensive was kind of hoping they were free so was a bit disappointed. But other then that great app

- Not real happy

It does everything it says but after I paid twenty dollars for one month's use of a phone number, I then get told I have to SPEND MORE CASH just to be able to use it. I want my money back. NOWHERE in the fine print when I signed up for the one month for TWENTY DOLLARS did it tell me is have to spend even more money to use the number. UNBELIEVABLY RUDE

- Effective but expensive

This app works, but it's too expensive and there are cheaper ones that do the same or more. Keep looking as they overcharge you here. It isn't very good for Australians as most of the features only work for a US number, such as the ID feature to find out whose number is messaging you.

- Great

Makes having multiple numbers super easy

- Be carefull

Now, the application kinda works as describe however buying a private number does not give you any credits to send or receive messages. You need to buy credits which are ridiculously expensive . Shady business practice, stay away. Be careful all those 5 stars are fake app reviews to boost the sales.

- Dont bother downloading money thirsty

They ask for money for that number they claim is " free " they let you use it for a week then ask for money " $15 " dollars for credits i paid and they asked for " $10" extra to renew a " free number "?? Its cheaper for you to just to get a 2 dollar simcard for you're pranks. Save your money on this b*llsht app

- Quick but pricey

Works well but credits could be a bit cheaper. Otherwise good to use

- #1

Works perfectly just expect to have to pay for credits as u get one only lol

- Great App

This is a great solution for someone looking to add a phone line to their account. Simple to set up and very easy to use!

- Good app

Good app, as previously stated is is highly priced but worth it if you have a reason for a second number.

- Best freaking app

I love it sooooo much it's so funny and to see what my friends say they have no idea who it is I love it guys u should all get this appp🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ urgghh best freaking app ever

- Easy to use just abit expensive

Good and easy to use!!! Just a tad on the expensive side! Can easily use up all credits in minutes. Lol... just need to be careful!

- Works fine

Tried it did all it said works perfect

- Good app

Works well though I couldn't send a pic and the credit prices seem a bit steep.

- Quite good!

I like text burner but the only thing is that you have to pay for the credits

- Text burner

It’s a good app but I keep running out of credits which is annoying

- Gumnuts mad

Started out a fun thing to do but now it's really opening my eyes up to who my real friends are

- It works

This is ok but you really only get one text message before you need to earn or buy extra credits to continue. It does exactly what it says tho

- Amazing

So useful and handy 10/10 would recommend

- Review

It’s great the only thing is after 1 text I ran out of credit

- Best quality app ever

At first didn’t believe it was possible but it’s the real deal app a must have

- Seems to work

Expensive but does what it says

- So easy to use

Really easy to use app Works without Any glitches

- Sms private app with number

Seems this is everything I want in a app to SMS jeffrey So he’s none the wiser annie Harding public mischief

- Grouse app

Deffainlty worth having as a back up incase you ran out of credit. I rate 5 stars

- Reviewed

Great app. Easy set up expensive to use frequently but otherwise good.

- Great app

Great app that does what it says it does. Like that you can change the number and the country it's from

- Awesome app

This app is so helpful when you don’t want to reveal its you texting

- Looks good

Just tried told a friend and told her to get when overseas instead of paying the high price of international roaming 😀

- Nice

Thought it might be too good to be true but it actually works!

- Not to bad

Does most things it says actually pretty happy could be cheaper

- Easy to use

Recommend it!

- Great but needs more for Aus features and cheaper

Needs to be more affordable

- Works great

Would recommend

- Fabulous!

It's great text back wrong messages sent to you.

Payoneer 💰

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- Good

Awsome service no issues

- Stoked

This app dope

- Total BS, false advertising

Only the download is for free. There's a 3 day demo, after which, you are forced to pay to use the app.

- Great app reviews by tay

Great app

- Great app

This is a pretty cool

- 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


- App

It’s very good

- Clownzo


- Review

Great at first

- apps!

Good app

- This

App sucks balls

- Acc sick


- I like this app. It’s fun. I want to make friends!

I recommend this app.

- Don’t get

It’s terrible beacause you can’t even play it without paying and if I text it just says press the menu bottom if you have a question

- Awesome

It’s awesome

- So far so good


- So far so good

It took a minute to figure out but it does the trick

- Really cool

This is a cool thing.

- Good


- Amazing

It’s amazing

- Review on app

Good enough for my likings

- Good


- Wat a good app

Text free all u want

- Good

I like it but u have to pay for the number

- Good

I like it

- Trashhhh

Lets you send 3 messages and receive two before shaking you down for $$ to receive the pending messages. Total scam, did not warn that free was incredibly limited

- Love


- Text

Great app

- Ok thanks

Not bad messenger

- really good

this app works well and is so easy to use!!

- Perfect

Does exactly what I need!

- Great


- Premobrezic


- Text burner

Solid app works good so far

- Hhhbbgfffdssssfg


- Calls

Cause I am as clear as I would like

- Trash app

Horrible app, no ability to switch off the auto renewal, believe me do not get this app

- Great!

So far so good!!

- Nice app

Love this app

- Bandbox


- Got to pay


- Sick


- Bravo

Super bien merci

- Worth to download

Nice app

- Nice

Awesome have been using it for my work great would recommend

- Such a good app!!!!!


- Stay away

Terrible, waste of money. Expensive, unclear of what you’re paying for.

- Awsome


- Very good


- Kuuyhggyyg


Libertex 📈

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- Decent free burner number

This is a decent burner or secondary line, although it does ask if you want to upgrade your service every time you send a text message. Aside from that it’s simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

- Great

Using a different number to connect different people for work without giving my personal info has been made easy with this App!

- For your privacy

Would recommend, definitely private and quick and no hassle and easy and cheap credits 👍🏼

- Better than most

Good app easier to use then most prices are ok could be a bit better though. Can be a little confusing with price of credits and premium other then that pretty good app.

- Misleading, no Flat our Lying yes

I paid because they trick you and then it cost me $11 to send one text they say 50 texts but I sent one and have 3 left over. Why is it legal for any company to trick you and advertise a false product? Why is it not only illegal but doesn’t anyone have to be accountable any more? Jesus even eBay sellers are waiting for eBay to step in. What is wrong with the integrity of this planet. We may as well be animals.

- Text

Wish it had more use. These apps only let you text 5 times before you have to pay

- Easy use

The burner app is easy to use and perfect for those times you don’t wanna give out your actual number and other circumstances too 😋!

- Its supposed to be free!

It even says in the first message you receive as directions that if u wish to use the free number, start a new text, ad the recipients number, then after the recipient has replied you can message them for free with that number. But once they message back it tells u that u are out of texts and will not let u send anymore until u pay. What idiot at Apple approved this BS???? Stupid

- Anonymous texting

Don't need to pay if you do not need to choose a number. If you use generated number it's free. If you choose your number it will cost you

- Text app

This isn’t free like the others. Less options for users using free version. Can do more and have more options with other app

- Hshs

Cool app just wish you could text more. It gets old nndjdbdjd dkdndjdn djdnndjd. Find she dvdid d did she. Sheen did she was a little kid and a little kid she is a little to much too bad for her to do ugh lol lol what she is doing what you do lol lol what she is doing what you do

- Easy to use

Great for using with quick texts to those you don’t want to have your personal number. Can purchase texts or plans to have more if you run out of the free texts!

- This app is #1

U can see a background check on whom u wish... and use as many phone numbers as u plz all in one app check it out, it's the coolest texting app I have ever used!

- Second Number

It’s great having a second number for privacy. And you can get around blocked numbers too

- Awesome app

This app is great!! Love it because it keeps my real number private and that way only my close friends and family have my real contact number

- Don’t waste your money

i had to get a text app on my ipad. So I could text friends. After a few months, all of my messages disappeared, I was informed that I needed to buy more credits, and that I had sent and received 5,000 messages and my number would be changed if I didn’t buy more. They just assumed you know! I’m done with being screwed over by this company!

- RIP OFF !!!!!!! ZERO STARS !!

This only is getting 1 star because it wasn't possible to give it 0 stars. This app is a total rip off. There are hundreds of these apps out there. This one has the audacity to charge you for credits after the first 2 texts. What a horrid rip off. This is the first time I have ever seen that !!! Charge you to send a text ??? No other app charges to send a text !!! Don't bother downloading!!!

- Testing

When I ran across this app, i decided to give it a shot, and to my surprise; so far, it is worked out pretty good. Will update my review accordingly. Give it a shot.

- What I think of your app.

I feel like your app should be free for everyone because some people or even parents won’t get this app unless it is free. Please make it free. Thank you bye. ❤️👍🏻

- Awesome

I love this app. The ability to have multiple numbers from multiple states keeps my true location hidden

- Love the app

Definitely recommend. Good for being able to text and not give out your personal number.

- Love it

Good quality it gets the job done when you don’t want certain people to have your number

- So far not bad

Too many ads but this seems pretty good. I would like the company to allow you the chance to try it for a little longer.

- This is it don't look for any other phone company

I thought it was going to be another app with bad quality but I was way wrong

- Burner

This has been fun and interesting with this app. I can mess with friends and use this as a different number to call numbers back I don’t know.

- Ok

It serves its purpose but your text get deducted when the other person sends a reply so you can go through a lot of texts within a month. Which means you will need to pay for more before the end of the month.

- Scam. Do not get!!!

This app flat out lies to you. Then charges you money to use it. Once you sign up for $10. They send you a welcome message that says if you text first then you are assigned a random number and the texting is free. Truth is they only give you 100 messages. Once those are up you have to pay for every message you send and it is not inexpensive at all. Bottom line is this app is very expensive. It’s not worth the cost and they straight out lie to you about the terms of use. They should not be allowed to do business. I have never written an app before but I did so now because I want to save people the grief.

- So-so app

I like how it gives you a free hour to talk but it’s not easy to earn minutes and sometimes the videos don’t work.

- Nice app but very limited free use

At looks and works like it's supposed to however you only get 5 to 10 free text to start and then have to earn rewards or pay for

- Have to pay but good app

I was able to find out how my best friend has been lying about cancer for two years with this thing. Great app

- Love this app

This has to be the absolute most coolest app out there when it comes to wanted extra mobile numbers for your phone.

- Costly

Too much paying without seeing what you're paying for at first. I'm not cheap, but with a few free text or calls you can see what if it's worth the money. Is the device reliable? Dunno till you pay. Not sure how I feel about that.

- It does exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to be able to send discrete text messages, and it lets me do that. You do get a free number, but only a couple of free text messages.

- Love it

So many feature that rock. Premium number option and the ability to record. Works perfect.

- Very useful

So I got this application so that I could send texts to a certain person and not have my personal number harassed and it's been great for that! Really great app.

- Burner

I love this app .. always have a way to contact my boyfriend when he blocks me ! You can just get another number and another for free!


All the other apps lure you in and then start asking for ridiculous amounts of money a month! I thought it was a free text app?🤔. But this app is the best, not like the rest! Reasonable prices and I just love it!

- Pay for texts really

Wow cant believe you have to pay to text people when there are so many free app let you text and call for free!

- Clever

This is useful for things and messages you need to send But don’t want anyone to be able to reply

- Sure it works but

Yea sure it works and all but I signed up for the free trial because I wanted to see how it worked and it said it wouldn’t charge my card until after. Well I go look 5mins later and there’s a 15$ charge on my card from this app, like what the hell? I want my money back since I never asked for any sort of subscription

- Was better

Latest update doesn’t allow you to do number lookups without adding to contacts or messaging first. Previous version was better. Only issue with the app.

- Works As Advertised!!

This app has been great from the start. Everything it says it is and more!! If you need it it works!! So get it!!

- Not what I thought it would be.

I spent $4.99 for one month thinking I would be able to text as much as I want. I was only able to send about 10 messages. It was my fault because I assumed I would be able to pay once and texted as much as I'd like. What I paid for was only for a phone number. I would recommend to try another APP.

- Good app

I don’t like having to pay for text credits but overall not a bad app. As long as you use it appropriately

- Works great

If you just want to mess with friends this is a great app to use. I imagine this could be used as a way to catch a cheating lover too.

- Counts text falsely

Works well, but downside is that when sending 2 texts that are not even long and without receiving anything back, somehow takes away 6 text credits. That makes the texts go quickly, and gets expensive.

- Great app

Works better than expected recommend to others for sure

- Amazing

I started using this yesturday and I already love it thank you for making it gotta go byeee see you later I might get more apps like this

- Won’t refund me

Subscribed for 3 day trial. It kept asking me what phone number I wanted to use and I thought it was just not registering. Ended up charging me 9.99 twice. I immediately tried canceling and they said I’m not eligible. Again this was within an hour of registering for 3 day trial. Very unfortunate, charging me for what I’m not using.

- Fraudulent activity

I paid 4.99 for 1500 credits after 3 text messages I got a message saying that I need to purchase more and I am out of credits. Also before downloading the App They say customer may cancel anytime all You have to do is go to the settings. There is no such an option. I have emailed twice and got no responses. Stay away from these CROOKS

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Text Burner - Texting App 5.01 Screenshots & Images

Text Burner - Texting App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Text Burner - Texting App iphone images
Text Burner - Texting App iphone images
Text Burner - Texting App iphone images
Text Burner - Texting App iphone images
Text Burner - Texting App iphone images
Text Burner - Texting App iphone images
Text Burner - Texting App iphone images
Text Burner - Texting App iphone images

Text Burner - Texting App (Version 5.01) Install & Download

The applications Text Burner - Texting App was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-01-23 and was developed by Appsverse Inc. [Developer ID: 430200227]. This application file size is 121.56 MB. Text Burner - Texting App - Social Networking app posted on 2020-11-24 current version is 5.01 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.appsverse.burnertext

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