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If you love the classic arcade games from 80s this is the app for you, Best 80s arcade games is a very fun trivia game and also include information and videos of gameplay of the most epic classic games ever made

Test your skills, a huge database of questions from arcade games like:

+ Donkey Kong
+ Galaga
+ Defender
+ Space Invader
+ Asteroids
+ Centipede
+ Missile command
+ Dig Dug
+ Joust
+ Phoenix
+ Kung Fu Masters
+ Q bert
+ and more...

sounds, characters (including character names), and game titles are the property and copyright of their respected owners, Videos from YouTube website API.

Best 80s arcade games App Description & Overview

The applications Best 80s arcade games was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-04-25 and was developed by Maria De Lourdes García Chavez. The file size is 193.80 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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The worst app ever!!!!!!!  IsraPR  1 star

The worst app ever!!!! Don’t buy it!!!!!


Scam - DO NOT BUY  CL123446789  1 star

This is falsely advertised as 80s Classic Games, when in reality it is only Videos. I want my MONEY BACK. I will be contacting App Store support to report this violation.


Really?  Gbpluspcrepair  1 star

Thought I was downloading a bunch of old school games. Turns out this is a trivia app. No games at all to be played. Apple, how are you allowing this? They should rename the app “Arcade Trivia” or similar. Would like my $2 back!!

Jashley Fisher

Refund  Jashley Fisher  1 star

I thought you could play the games! Totally misleading. I want my money back!

Myth Buster 09

Arcade  Myth Buster 09  1 star

This app is LITERAL Hot garbage, I just got bamboozled. You list it as The best of 80’s arcade games, however it’s just a trivia app with game play footage. It states the footage in the description way at the bottom, I will give them that. Who even reads the description?! It’s just like the terms and conditions, you just accept! Why would you ever think your garbage and lack of creativity is worth $1.99, I’d rather spend $2.99 on an app that makes farting noises, it’s more interactive!


RIP OFF!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!  rippedoff8311976  1 star

Just videos, worthless.


Apple, you need to address this scam!!  Joeiles  1 star

Shows up under games and then is only a trivia app??? Come on Apple! Police the scammers a bit better. Do not pay for this APP. It is a complete rip-off.


Theft theft  gen:1:1  1 star

ITS SAID GAMEPLAYS NO CONTROLS. THEY LIED TO YOU NO NOTHING WASTE OF YOUR MONEY.. don’t waste your money on this game it’s useless.


0 stars DONT WASTE YOUR $$$$  stubbornredhead  1 star

False advertising it portrays that it is games that you can play! Waste of $$$ so irritated!!


Fake!  Bricklayer503  1 star

This is an absolute joke. I want my 2 dollars.


Rip off no games  MaoriMoko  1 star



RIP  Kiddaclive  1 star

Rip off no games don't buy!!!!


Want my money back!!!  Marikals  1 star

Can't even play the games very misleading!

Fake and misleading

Do not get  Fake and misleading  1 star

Don't get this game it has no actual games to play rip off app!!!!!!!


Not worth it  rumtie  1 star

Now I know why I read reviews first. This is so not worth $1.99 because you don't even get to play any games even though there is a play button. You just get to watch an arcade game. Too bad I can't get my money back.


This is a Scam 😡  whiteknight018  1 star

Just videos and trivia


Copywriter violations  twal7ers  1 star

The developer failed to get permission to use the logos.


Just video not play  lh1660  1 star

This is a watch video movie. You watch how it was played in 80s. You don't play them. You watch them and then hit the video stop button. Don't bother your time. Phoney. Farse. You'll be taken advantage of. Dishonest. Poor sportsmanship. Bad character. Low life's. Cheap humans. Sick minds. Radiated spines. Yellow backs. Insufficient brains. Lacking moral standing. Low communication skills. Anti-sexual. Nix balls. Bottom feeder. Blow fish.


Bullsh*t  Hood-winked  1 star

I am angered by the fact that I was mislead to believe this was the actual games of the 80’s. I too ask why would anybody pay to hear the music of the games with little skits for us to watch...stupid


SCAMMMMM  mfitz214  1 star


wont let me pick name

Scam  wont let me pick name  1 star

Don’t waste your money like I did. Though it was games you play. It’s not!

master blaster gg.

80s games  master blaster gg.  5 star

I decided give a try to this app and Im not disappointed, all games are very cool. Back to the golden days playing again the games from the 80s.


There are no games. This is a rip-off  Brianna12314444  1 star

This is not a game. You cannot play any of the games listed. Shame on you for writing fake reviews to make it look like you can actually play.


Disappointed  Roccodoh  1 star

You can't play the games. It only tells you about them. It's a scam!

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