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What The Forecast?!! won a 2018 People's Choice Webby Award in the category of Mobile Sites & Apps - Services & Utilities!! Thank you to everyone who voted and helped make that happen!!

What The Forecast?!! is an accurate weather app that will explain, in real terms, how nasty it is outside. You will never again wonder if you should just go back to bed (which, of course, you should). Sometimes, it is better to just give up and try again tomorrow.

WTForecast?!! features:
- Over 9607 obnoxious phrases describing the current weather conditions.
- Switchable profanity settings (ON, SOME, MINIMAL, OFF).**
- Listen to the latest weather saying in different voices.
- Accurate weather reports directly from AerisWeather.
- Daily forecasts for 10 days.
- Hourly forecasts for 48 hours.
- Weather alerts from NOAA.
- Hot, Cold, and Dew Point Thresholds that allow you to customize the weather phrases.
- Moon Phase.
- Air Quality, Arthritis, Migraine, Sinus, Cold/Flu, and Bee Indices.
- Backgrounds and precipitation that match the time of year and current weather conditions.
- Select from U.S. or metric units in the app Settings.
- Descriptions of basic weather terms used in the app.
- Share your weather reports on Facebook, Twitter, Snap, etc.

**Make sure you go into the What The Forecast?!! app settings and set the profanity setting to "ON" for the full effect. You won't be disappointed (Or, maybe you will. I don't know you...).

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What The Forecast?!! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed some widget crashes. - Removed X-Mode SDK from the app. - Updated the app Privacy Policy. - Minor bug fixes and stability enhancements.

What The Forecast?!! Comments & Reviews

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- Concise and Accurate Data, Wonderful Snark

If you need me to use more words to convey my feelings about this app, go back and reread the title again. For people that don't know how weather measurements work: this app gets data from a server somewhere, which in turn gets sensor data from a weather station somewhere near you. There aren't an infinite number of these around, but if you are in the US, the nearest one is probably within 1/2 mile of your current location. In that distance, it is very possible that the temperature is different, the wind is different, the falling moisture is different, etc. The app is not failing, it's just impossible to have infinitely precise measurements. If you need infinitely precise measurements, whip out your own measuring tools and test right where you are. Just saying.

- Won’t work with location service off 😢

I enjoy this app, and it’s no less accurate than any other. It’s entertaining first and foremost. Unfortunately there’s no option I can find to simply enter a location you wish to know weather info about. It only works with ‘location services’ on the phone. I keep location service off as a general rule and it’s frustrating to have to turn it on to get weather! I then have to turn it back off afterward. I would like to enter my town and have that info saved. I also would like to know the weather in a couple other places too, especially when I’m on a road trip! I often don’t carry phone service on the iPhone and only use it on WiFi, and grab my hotspot when I am going to be away from free WiFi areas, so I am afraid what the forecast won’t work in those times... Just not as useful as I would wish. Maybe the paid version offers the ability to save several locations and provide weather without needing location service on? I don’t know! But I think I’ll be going back to no weather app and and simply checking on a weather website where I can input my location as is useful.

- Informative and entertaining!

I absolutely love this app. It takes some real genius and talent to create a useful application. To make an app entertaining takes creativity a unique perspective on life. This application is both very useful and uniquely entertaining. I expect a weather application to be informative but funny as well? What a great idea! The developers have really delivered in both aspects. Every time I open the app, I get very accurate and up-to-date information on the weather which is very important to me. Secondly, I get a daily dose of humor that is refreshingly edgy. I'd gladly pay for the app, but I'm very appreciative of the fact that it's free. Thanks are in order for the developers and fist bumps to whoever had the guts to make it so entertaining! Great job, folks!!

- Unnecessary demand for continual current location access

I drive for a living. I don’t care about a funny comment about the weather at the current tiny township I’m passing through because it will be in the rear view mirror soon enough. I want the weather 50 miles away at one of the locations I entered in the settings. But this app demands to look up the weather for my current location upon every startup and refuses to default to a preset location. For being designed in such a presumptuous way, it gets a single star. Reply to Dev: I thought I was clear. It’s not about foreground / background location lookup, it’s about pushing a location lookup at all. It’s not about battery, it’s about pushing the current location lookup at all. Perhaps Dev doesn’t move much during the day, but I’ve ranged across 1000+ square miles as part of an average workday and when I pull out the weather app I don’t care about *current* location - I’m looking for one of a few preset locations. Dev didn’t understand my review at all.

- If you are a weather addict, you will ❤️

Weather is something we all complain about no matter where we are. It's a universal language that we all understand too. What I don't understand is why ALL locations look like an Iowa farm field! Is it possible to change the background to match the location more closely? Like warm places (if they are near a beach) should actually show a beachy scene. And Las Vegas and Atlantic City could showcase their casino strip. Maybe very northerly locations like Canada and Alaska could go from a wildflower filled field with snow capped mountains in the background (in the spring/summer) to a landscape of igloos and icebergs in the winter. And NYC/Chicago/Philly metro areas can feature an urban skyline. And one last request - maybe write different slang phrases specifically for various audiences - American / UK / Canadian. Thanks! Keep up the great work ❤️

- Updated Review from a 5 yr user

I sent this to my family/friends: “Remember this from 4-5 years ago? Well now it’s not only funny but it’s been expanded to include all kinds of information like pollens, humidity, etc etc and I am truly amazed! Not only that but it’s extremely accurate too. Please check it out on the App Store or Google. I’m just delving into all of the new features now! PS You can’t go wrong. Unlike the others this is NOT expensive, not limited to a single device, etc and I bought everything once, up front because it was so affordable (and made me laugh no matter how I was feeling) and now I’m reaping all the benefits ON ALL MY DEVICES all these years with a whole lot more information‼️”

- Migraine impact?

First let me clarify that the one star rating is for the new feature where you can look at things like how the weather is impacting allergies, sinuses etc. There is a category called “migraine” and I was super exited about it because I suffer from chronic migraines that are triggered by weather fronts. I thought this was going to be another tool in my chest to help me predict my week. I was even excited to show it to my neurologist.... initially. Then I tested it out the past week. What crap. We have had severe storms roll through, even had to hid in the basement (with a migraine) because a funnel cloud was spotted a couple miles away and the entire week the app kept saying “minimal” migraine impact. I don’t think your developers have ever had a migraine or they would know that severe weather fronts LIKE THUNDER STORMS/rain and quick changes in barometric pressure trigger migraines. Go back to the drawing board in this one gang. Other than that the rest of the app is great and entertaining.

- Makes me laugh, love it!

Love this app, and look forward to it on a daily basis! They continually update it, try to catch and fix all bugs, and generally just continue to improve it. The sayings are hysterical, and the fact that they continue to take input from their customers is great. The most recent update allows me to push a new comment, and I love being able to look at other parts of the country where my friends are and get comments for their area also. Love the ability to set my hot and cold points, as you are correct, my idea of cold and hot are far different than my husbands! Don’t stop making improvements, and greatly appreciate what you do!

- Martha, Martha, Martha!?!?

I love this app! It's accurate, it's funny, it keeps me entertained for much longer than I should be playing with it (why do I need to know the weather in Kuala Lumpur when I can't locate it on a globe? Because it doesn't get humid enough in California to warrant some prolifically profanity laden forecasts and I feel like I'm being deprived of some AMAZING weather descriptions so I travel the world through the app to see what I'm missing). My only complaint (more of a whinge really) is that my favourite weather voice, Martha from the UK, seems to have lost her job. Moira, Tessa and Karen are alright, but please reinstate Martha! Update: Thank you, thank you, thank you! So happy she's back in business!

- Crashing

**updated because I was able to delete and reinstall without losing my purchase. Everything works now.*** This has been one of my favorite apps for a quite a while, but it crashes as soon as I try to start it up since the most recent iOS update for my iPhone 7. I’m going to try to delete and reinstall, but I’m not sure if I’m going to get to keep the lack of ads that i had already played for. Please reach out and let me know, since app support only takes to your website. I really would love to change my review back to five stars because I get A LOT of entertainment out of this app.

- Whoever writes the copy for this app—I love you!

Seriously, this app is fantastic. I can get the weather easily enough elsewhere —but WT Forecast delivers it with snark (in It’s Happy Bunny style). In an accent. And fun commentary before. I can’t tell you how it brightens my day, getting weather from person/people whose sense of humor is as quirky as mine. I sometimes reload it, just so I can get 2 different doses. And I can choose my level of profanity! (Full.) I even bought the extra accents (a mere $1.99 and so worth it) and drove my husband nuts by going thru them all. And I know I’m gushing, but I promise you—it is sincere, honest gush. Thank you to all involved in creating this.

- Love this app

I'm loving this app. Some might say “it’s a weather app, what’s special about it?” I say “Not only is it a simple weather app, it’s your daily humor fix!” This weather app has funny sayings to state the truth around the weather! I live in Ohio and the weather here is really unpredictable. We can experience several seasons in a week's time, so you definitely need a little humor to get you by! I honestly wish more background pictures were available other than the current background or just boring color. I however love the app and recommend it if you need to know the weather with some humor!

- Best weather app around

I don’t write a lot of reviews, but this needs it. I absolutely love this app. It makes me laugh or at least smile every single time I open it. I’ve got about 15 others hooked in the past 2 weeks. Thanks for a great app that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I love it! My only complaint is the comments on the opening splash screen are often not long enough on screen to read. The comments can be just as entertaining as the rest of it. Any way to fix that a little? Do you accept user submitted comments? Oh, and I’d pay for this app! Keep it up!

- I pretty much love it..

I pretty much love it.. No I don’t know what the problem is and yes I have played with my settings but the last couple storms we’ve had it has still said that it’s bright and sunny outside when it’s actually raining and I would love to see with the app does when it’s storming. It’s actually 76° outside in the app shows 66. And it’s raining. I’ll play with the settings I guess. I just really want it to work because I actually paid to have the ads removed in the extra voices etc. Some of the voices still sound pretty robotic I guess nothing can be done about that yet but it’s sort of annoying. All in all I opened it every day just to get a giggle

- You had me at forcast

There isn’t much else to be said about NUMBER 1 RATED WEATHER APP IN THE APP STORE! While the weebly award is something we are all proud of for this app. Where’d the Grammy at?!?!?!?! Outstanding app and developer. I follow him on Instagram and if you ever have a concern with the app he’s on it. He’s not in this for the money people. He’s here because this is what he enjoys doing and he only wants to give the best product to the best people ( us ). So I’m slapping down that insane 5 star rating because this app is something I use when I’m sad and even as a joke around my high school campus. Keep up the good work!!!!!

- Spectacular!!!!

This app is fantastic! I laugh every time I check the weather these days! If you don’t have a sense of humor, and you find that you are kind of prudish, then this app is definitely for you! Download it now! Everyday when you check the weather with this work of art, your laughter will slowly dislodge that stick from your morose behind and ultimately make you an enjoyable person to be around! If you find yourself complaining about the app, I am certain you are in need of it more than anyone else! Get this app and get a life today!!!!!!

- Love your app, but can’t get rid of the ads

I’ve had your app for a couple of years and really like it, but now, even with the purchased version, I’m getting ads. It wasn’t until after I purchased a new phone a couple of weeks ago, going from an iPhone 5 (or 4) to an iPhone 7, that I loaded your WTForecast app and it came with ads. Can’t figure out how to get rid of them, I can’t even find a way to repurchase it to get rid of them. The flashing ticker ad is a bad distraction for me. Any suggestions? Otherwise, I’ll have to delete the app, which saddens me.

- Was better last year...

I would have given 5 stars to this app last year. Most of the weather sayings were hilarious. Now it seems almost every single one has an f-bomb in it, even the not-so-funny ones. Using the f word does NOT make something funny. I seldom open the app anymore. Every time there’s an update stating new phrases, I’m hopeful that there will be some funny ones. But they are now few and far between. Don’t get me wrong; I say the word and am not offended when it’s used. I just don’t think every phrase needs it. Developer, can you please go back to the method of hilarious sayings you used to upload??

- My favorite app on my phone

Seriously, I’ve never checked the weather so many times a day just for the laughs, especially when I’m having a bad day! There are times when I literally laugh out loud, not just at the weather but at the opening comments, too. I’ve actually found the weather predictions to be quite accurate, too! I have a crude sense of humor and a foul mouth so I totally appreciate the humor in this, however, I would never want my kids to look up the weather for me on this app with the settings that I use! Lol!

- Could be great.

I like this weather app with all the options. I use it over the stock weather app on iOS. It seems to be accurate much of the time. I love how colorful it is and the animations it has. However, 10% of the time it shows a location error and I have to refresh it multiple times before it's back to normal. And with the animations, right now it's winter where I live and -12 below and it's showing a summer animation with green fields/ sometimes fall. Sometimes it shows winter landscapes, but 50% of the time it's not showing the correct animation. Developers please fix. This app could be great. Just needs some work to make it consistent. Then would be 5 stars.

- I LOVE THIS APP!!! ❤️❤️❤️

A friend of mine got me hooked on this app!! When I first installed it I did have a little bit of trouble with the voice not talking so I shut my phone off, waited a few minutes and then turned it on... I accessed the app not only did the voice work but it stated that it didn’t know what I did but not to ever do that again!!! It was showing that I was in the 7th Circle of Hell and I was literally crying from laughing so hard because that’s what my week had felt like at the time.... I would love to see more stuff like that on the app!!!

- Great App that doesn’t work anymore!

I have had this app for a couple months, purchased no ads and I was very entertained and happy with it. Now it won’t work at all. Launches the Night Cat screen then just crashes and I’m back at my home screen. Trying powering down my phone/ reinstalling and nothing works. Please fix this! EDIT: App is fixed with latest update! So happy to have my weather back! I screenshot the particularly funny ones and share on Facebook and they never fail to get laughs from my friends!

- Love this app!

As a frequent US business traveler, I experience diverse weather conditions; some not so pleasant to me as I left the bitter cold and snow of Missouri and Michigan and moved to southeastern Texas many years ago. Having to endure those cold temps and snow again, I not only appreciate the accuracy of this app, but I enjoy the humor that is provided in the app. It can make a morning more pleasant before going outside. I do not know where the nearest weather station is to my locations, but the app has been more accurate than the Weather Channel app. Looking forward to perhaps a few enhancements in the future.

- Really great weather app with sublime communication!

I’ve been using this app for weather and fun commentary for a while but hadn’t left a review yet. I love taking screenshots of the snarky quips, and sending them to friends that live in colder climates. The update that was released yesterday had a bit of a glitch in it, and I notified the Dev. The response was quick, and within 24 hours, a patch was released and the app works great again! You can tell when a Dev loves their baby, and this baby is very well taken care of. Keep up the great work!

- Never asked for a review so it gets one!

After all my friends started uploading their screens from this app to Facebook I just had to try it. I only rely on one app for real weather as the others all use the airport data which is on city land with another municipality away from where I live. Holy crap! Not only does this app give me humor with my weather (and love the loading screen too) but it gives me real weather, not what’s far off in the distance of the airport. Keep up the good work

- Funny 👍🏼

This app is hilarious! I don’t regret downloading it because it has pretty good and funny jokes. Although, if you are not the type of person who likes these types of jokes, u might be shook or even offended so maybe this app isn’t for you. Which is most likely why it is 17+ so good job creators! 17+😎 I do like this app very much and it puts me in a better mood when I’m not feeling good! I would recommend this app to people with a silly personality or somebody who loves jokes. I rated this a 4 stars just because some jocks are a bit too much for me but I still like the app and think it’s goofy🤪

- Very accurate data. Siri needs work to sound realistic

Most importantly WTForecast is extremely accurate and reliable. I absolutely love the premise of the app providing commentary on the day’s weather. The drawback is Siri. Some of the lines require voice inflection and even with the addition of the paid accents, Siri doesn’t do that very well yet. I still think this is a 5 star app because of the accurate information and the fact that I’m sure the developers will improve the app as Apple improves Siri.

- Very uplifting to read something that makes u laugh

Every check of the weather includes a smart aleck comment that’s on target. I like the option of setting the temps that YOU consider to be hot or cold... in place of the default I hate cold, so to me, 35 degrees is cold ! Also you can change the profanity setting to off, some or on. “Some “ will include some mild off-color words but nothing really offensive to most people. “On” would be if you are at home with very colorful language ! 🤣 Really fun weather app.

- Please Add Lanscape Mode on the iPad 10.5 Inch!

I really love this app. It gives me joy when I check the forecast every morning because of the funny profanity. Sometimes, I laugh so hard that it almost feels like I’m about to pass out. The weather is so accurate and that’s really important to me. My only complaint (and the reason why I’m giving it 4 stars) is because this app needs to be updated to support landscape mode. I use my iPad on landscape mode regularly and having the app display vertical is so annoying. PLEASE FIX IN THE NEXT UPDATE! Keep up the good work sir! 👍🏼👌🏼🙂

- Love It So Much I Ought To Marry It!

I get a much greater amount of enjoyment from this app than is probably normal. And the fact that I had an actual conversation with someone, from the company, about a suggestion I had, made me totally fangirl. My best friend and I live many thousand of miles apart, but we are both Great Lakes weather geeks - we will screen shot the best phrases and send them to each other a couple times a week. If you enjoy oddness and have a love/hate relationship with the weather, this app is for you!!

- Awesome! One small suggestion

Awesome app, accurate weather and entertaining quotes I much prefer to iPhone. Wanted to suggest adding a feature where you can have the temperature of multiple locations able to be viewed by sliding the screen left/right or something so you’re not just limited to one place or your current location. IE: headed to Cali over break, wanted to have both weather here in AZ and Cali at my fingertips to switch between easily but didn’t see a feature for that. Kinda like how the iPhone weather app does it. Would be cool :)

- What the forecast

Very well done! Most of the phrases fit our weather exactly; but, some of the time, it’s just a wee bit off the mark. I realize that you can’t be everywhere to fit the remark exactly! No problem! Just keep the snide remarks coming; and all will be well with the world! As a matter of fact, our weather people could take lessons from you guys! They are as dry as burnt toast! Keep up the fantastic work! As long as the app is available, I’ll keep using it! Makes my day!

- Download this mouthy app now!

The only thing that needs to be added to this app is the pollen and UV forecast and then I'll be able to ditch the other two weather apps I have to keep solely because those features are not to be had on this app. It wouldn't hurt to also have a lightning radar, but I won't get greedy. The rudeness of this app is perfect because you can adjust the profanity level. I've got it set to medium profanity, and it is the perfect touch of rudeness to start my day with.

- Really Like It..only

I really like this app. I liked it so much I got the no-adverts version. The one thing and only thing I dislike is while the main forecast page can have its color scheme changed, the ‘back pages’ like weather alerts and the actual settings page has the same gray background color. It’s probably a very easy fix but right now, it’s difficult to read. I keep it set to “some” profanity and it’s just right for those who perk over my shoulder while I check the current and extended weather.

- One of my favorite apps of all time !

If I am having a bad day I just check the weather. Rain or shine I always get a good laugh. I have seen a lot of people say that it is not accurate but to be honest I never really pay attention because I use is as a pick up up more than checking the weather. If it is wrong then it is. If I was that worried about the weather then I will check the weather channel if you want to laugh all day the download this app NOW !!

- Sudden crashes.

My family and I laugh so much with this app, several of us have it on our various phones and rave about it to everyone we know, even screenshooting choice phrases and sending them to each other. Today, though, it has started crashing every time I try and open it. I hope this doesn’t last long, we would really hate to lose this. The new fixes do seem to have fixed the crashing. Thank you so much!

- App now crashing but still great

Been using the app for a while now and im definitely a fan of this app, but as of recently after updating to iOS 11.4 the app won’t open, even after trying to uninstall and reinstall. Guess im gonna have to keep this app on the sidelines until an update comes out. 8/11 update: Since the software update its worked flawlessly and im back to enjoy it. Thanks for the fast response and fixing the issue quickly!

- Funny, but 1 issue

I love the app because it's funny to see funny comments about the weather. I couldn't rate this 5 stars due to the fact that it wanted to be location aware ONLY. If I turned on location services, go add the cities I want to see weather for and then go turn location services off it would block me the next time I would try to use it. If I have cities saved, why would you be so persistent on knowing my current location?!?! It had to go. Sorry. Turn off the location persistent requirement and I would definitely download it again.

- What a great app!

I love this app and really hope I can get it functioning again! I turned my phone off last night and when I turned it on the app kept crashing 😭 I deleted it and reloaded and it worked for a. It then crashed several more times when I tried to open. So I’ve deleted it but can’t seem to get it to work long. I’ve already emailed and hope we can fix it as I really love this app it’s entertaining as well as helpful 😊

- Opt out of Data Sharing

I’ve used this app and liked it. What’s not to like? Fun weather forecasts that make me smile. Since I haven’t been going anywhere for a while I haven’t checked it. Today I went on and a pop up appeared telling me that if I lived in CA I could opt out of data sharing. I checked not to share my information and it takes me to a screen telling me I need to fill out my advertising Id which I can find by downloading their handy app. Essentially I can’t opt out of data sharing, which I should be able to easily do in CA, without downloading an app and getting an advertising ID. If it’s not illegal it should be.

- Love it!

Accurate and extensive with a sense of humor. I do wish he (mine’s voice is the Aussie guy) had something funny and POSITIVE to say when the weather is perfect, like in the 70s, but overall, I love this app! I’m in Texas so it’s friggin hot everyday in the summer but when the mornings (and evenings) are cooled down to the 70s it’s an extremely appreciated delight to enjoy for the brief time we have it. Maybe acknowledge that? “Everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it!” Ben Franklin 😊

- My go to weather and swearing app

Love this app. I’m constantly sharing my weather - mostly because I want my friends to also laugh at the funny comments about how horrible the weather is or isn’t. I love being able to look up the weather where they are and sending it to them. Plus it’s a hilarious bonus to get the voice pack and here a hot foreign accent swear at you. Highly recommend for all your weather and humor needs.

- What an awesome app

Living above the Arctic Circle in what we call the bush, not only does this app give me the weather, it also provides me with so much entertainment that I open and close the app just to hear the UK voice read the comments out loud. I usually laugh so hard that I drown myself with the laugh tears and when the app pronounces the words it just gets away with me to the point that my sides hurts so bad I can hardly move. What an app, oh and I love cats too. We have 3.

- Weather not accurate

I’ve used this app for a year, but for about the last month, the temperatures have been inaccurate. I live in Phoenix, where not knowing what temp it is can result in burnt feet for my dog or badly timed outdoor activities because of the heat. Right now it is showing that tomorrow’s temp will be a high of 82, when we are in an excessive heat warning for the next week or so, with temps over 100 every day. So as much as I have enjoyed this app, I’m having to avoid it and use more accurate weather apps that I have. Here in the desert, safety is more important than a good laugh.

- Love it!

I love this app! It cracks me up every time and I’ve gotten so many of my friends and family turned onto this app as well. Just a couple thoughts though, I feel like it could use is a radar map because I have to use another source to use the radar, and maybe have more background options? Over all though, I love be this app. It runs smoothly and it makes weather entertaining and I appreciate the laughs! :)

- Amusing but inaccurate

This app is really amusing but inaccurate. I have noticed it often, but here is an example: there is a massive spring storm affecting most of my state including every area within a 20+ mile radius of me. We are talking rain, sleet, snow, the whole shebang. My local weather app shows this accurately, but when I look here it shows ‘cloudy’. Obviously I can look out my window and see that is raining, but what about when I look up other areas? I don’t trust it. When you need to know the weather, use another app... when you want a laugh, use this.

- Great App if you live in colder weather

This app is hilarious and accurate IF you live somewhere with seasons. My parents live in the northeast USA and this app is great when I’m there. However I live in Las Vegas where the temperature is always pretty high but we have no humidity. The app doesn’t take into account where you are located when you get the descriptions, just the temperature. Everyday no matter if it’s a low 80 or in the 110s that app tells me it’s extremely hot out which is not true. Definitely fun and I recommend this app unless you live somewhere that’s always “hot” per say.

- Best weather app ever!!

Favorite weather app ever used, sometimes pull it up just for a good laugh for the day to with the comments about the weather! Have compared weather reports to national weather report app and couple other apps and it appears they all pretty much have same info. No weather app is 100% accurate cause its the weather and we’re not weatherologists so just download the app and have a good laugh while lookin at weather.

- Why???

I love the humor but there is a huge flaw in this app. I’m from Texas. Texas is a land of endless drought occasionally interrupted by biblical floods. Right now where I live is in the drought cycle, beige being the predominate color in the landscape. But, I keep being told by this app that it is raining. Usually it’s a light rain but often it claims to be more than that. While I would love to have all of this supposed rain the weather is more accurately described as you will be branded by your seatbelt buckle! Please, please, please do something to make me not cry when I look out the window to see that no rain is falling in spite of the app’s claims to the contrary!

- Selling your location info

There is no reason to require location services to be ON when running the app. The only reason to require this info is to sell it to ad companies. You should be allowed to manually type in any city, whether you are there at the present moment or not, without having to tell William King where you are currently using his app. I actually enjoy the funny phrases so for the writing, the app gets 5 stars. Maybe it’s just me but it seems a bit deceitful to place ads on the app and make a paid “ad free” version while also collecting and selling the location info of every user. While the user thinks that the developer is making his money through selling a $1.99 “ad free” version, the real money is coming from each user every time they open the app and ping their exact location to X Social Mobile, Inc., who then resells it to the highest bidder. Ironic no? Even when you purchase the “ad free” version, your location still gets sold to the ad companies.

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- Great app - minor annoyance (location services)

I love the comments in the app, they crack me up! The only problem I have with the app is the requirement to have Location Services turned on permanently or the App won’t load. I just about always have Location turned off so it’s tedious having to switch it on/off just to use the App. Can you please remove this requirement and allow us to set a default “current” location if location is disabled? Other things that would be really cool: - swipe to the left/right to scroll between locations you’ve manually added and the current location. - a widget in the Notification screen so we can see the brief forecast and the hilarious comment in our notifications!

- Simply brilliant.

Having used What the Forecast?!! under another mobile device operating system, one of the first things I did when I changed to Apple iOS was see if it was available for iOS... And lucky for me, it was! Just like when I previously used What the Forecast?!!, the application looks fantastic and it works flawlessly. Weather data is also usually pretty accurate, for which reason this is my primary weather source. If you’re looking for a decent weather application, there’s plenty of options out there... If you’re looking for a decent weather application that will also give you a chuckle, then What the Forecast?!! is the application for you!

- One tiny feedback on a great fun ap

I love this app. Gives my multiple great laughs every day. My coworkers wanted to know why I was giggling and now they have all loaded the app too!! One small feedback and request. Would love if up the top where the time is visible - adding the date would be great. I take so many screenshots during heatwaves to show the increasing heat on my blog - so having the date along with the time would make for easier sorting.

- WTForecast

I absolutely love this app, I used it a lot in 2017 then couldn’t as my phone at the time didn’t have enough memory. Recently it came up in my memory photos & I have reinstalled it. I’m having a lot of fun with it & entertaining my friends. Weather is fairly accurate too. If you are a prude however scroll on past. Well done to the developer.

- Funny

This app is always fun to check what the weather is but one issue i found.. when changing location to antartica and clicking the AQI (Air Quality Index) the app crashes Also you need to add that when your location is anywhere in Australia around 25 degrees is normal not hot

- Highlight of my day!

I love this app! It never fails to make me smile and is also funny as hell especially when you lose your internet connection. It’s like those calendars that give you an encouraging message everyday but this weather with vulgarity and an extremely warped sense of humour instead. Highly recommend!

- Fantastic

This is the funniest app ever. I don't care if the weather isn't spot on, it's soooooo worth it for the entertainment value. I have put so many friends onto it and they love it too. If you are having a rubbish day just turn the app on, have a chuckle and move on. Could see a cult following happening.

- Love it

This has to be the best weather app ever. I have shared it with so many of my friends and we have a laugh at what it comes up with. The swearing is an added bonus. Shame you can’t check other locations as well as your own though.

- Tells it like it is. Near perfect weather app.

Brilliant weather app. Has all the details you need with some wit to make it more human to use. Only suggestion would be to allow me to have some of its updates on the lock screen somehow.

- Best weather app imo

The app is funny as hell. Works well tells you the weather. I wish it had the weekly forecast as well as just current and would be nice to set location. Otherwise is a great little app one I recommend to everyone.

- The best

I love to check the weather and to smile and laugh so this is the best app! It is easy to understand and set to how you like it It’s the best for cheering up with snarky comments and hilarious ones too Honestly one of the greatest apps I’ve ever used!

- Pure effing gold!!

No words can describe (expletive free) how much fun this app is!! If you and your circle of friends are judgement free then you will love this app; if you are like me however, with ultra-conservative loved ones nearby, you will still love - but mostly on the inside...

- Love this app, but need kmph not mileage

Fun app. Makes me smile. And makes me want to share on FB. Please allow me to change mph to kilometres. Wind or anything weather related judged in miles means nothing to us. It makes the app only gimmicky and we would like to use it as a serious weather app.

- Weather is always 10 degrees out

So the app is funny. It's great but Seaford Meadows is not 10 degrees colder than Adelaide. Maybe 1-2 degrees cooler. Have to permanently set to the city location not current to get anywhere near the correct daily temperature.

- Funny but wrong

Love the concept of this app. As a novelty it’s great, but the current temperatures are wrong 95% of the time. I check them temp when waking up and it says last checked 9pm the night before. Maybe a refresh of temps hourly would help. Not sure where you get your data from.

- Best app - highly recommended!

Absolutely hilarious and I check it multiple times a day to see what other naughty things it can say. I tell all my friends about it! 👌

- Interesting and accurate

So far this app has been spot on with the forecast. It is now my go to weather app, plus it has a cute design and is funny. Really love this, well done guys!

- Can no longer open the app - crashing

10hrs ago I used the app perfectly, can’t open it this morning as it crashes each time I click on it. Updated the app with the latest update, same thing happens (turned off phone etc). So was awesome up until today! 😓

- Freaking LOVE this!!!

Only downloaded today and already refreshed more than a dozen times just to see what new profanity or crudeness the app comes up with!!!! Love it!!!!

- 6/5 stars

Giving this app a 6 out of 5 stars because quite frankly, it is brilliant and I also agree about the mushrooms… they’re putrid

- Great app, but

New version crashes constantly when updating locations

- Good but inaccurate

App performs as advertised, funny descriptions of the weather. However, the temperatures are always between 3-6’ off what the Government Weather Dept state so I’ve got no idea where they get their data from... Data gets more accurate & I’d rate them higher

- Bugged out!

Not sure if it’s the app or the iPhone, but ever since both have been updated in the last week recently I am unable to open the app. Prior to the updates, this app was great. Lots of funny phrases to share with the world. Hopefully there is a fix so I can use this app once again.

- Better than 5 stars!

What a cracking app! I don't care about the forecast, the comments are hilarious and will make you smile every time!

- Different, Clever, Funny

I wasn’t sure at first if I should... I have been let down by in accuracy in wether or wrong forecast predictions before.... But this little app is very clever fun and accurate, I started to compare its readings off the local BOM and I have to say it’s brilliant reliable and on top of all the weather readings The voice is just the cherry on top Very awesome and worth the money Thank you

- Best Weather App I Own

An app that tells me what I already know, except in some humorous, witty way I can appreciate. Has given me some of my best Facebook statuses yet...

- Just WOW 😮

The screen was shared by my friend, searched and downloaded the app and immediately fall in love with app and got addicted. The best app for weather I had ever seen.

- Sounds awesome shame it crashes before I can see what it’s like

I’ve seen it posted on Facebook looked like a fun little app, I’ve downloaded it and done every update (both Apple & app) and can’t get past the load screen before it crashes. Shame really I was looking forward to seeing what it was like myself.

- Love it

This app always makes me laugh at inappropriate times. Thank you for making the weather fun :)

- Couldn’t be further from the truth

I’ve noticed that some of the reports couldn’t be further from the truth. The region I’m in is not every day as the app suggests. For instances, today the says it’s 30 and hot with high humidity. It’s not, it’s actual cool and windy with medium to low humidity. Let’s try to get it right.

- Please make us non ‘merrycans have the ability to turn on kmph

Love it it’s good but the title. All the other reviews are spot on on its use

- Would recommend downloading!

So funny! I would highly recommend downloading it!

- I love it!

Never been so excited to check the weather! I love it! Even got a few cheeky quotes from supernatural! 😂👌🏻

- Great app!

The weather might be terrible, but the app always keeps me laughing! Had no problems with it at this stage.

- Best freaking weather app ever!

New laugh every time your check the weather!!

- Hilarious

Best weather app - everyday I look forward to my local forecast - thank you


I love this app, however it keeps crashing and I don’t know how to fix it 😭 please fix this issue soon

- Cracker app

This app is very funny and accurate. It seems to know what your thinking of regarding the weather

- Too crude

It’s a shame that you can’t opt for profanity to be off and still have funny comments. I find that setting profanity to ‘some’ is ok but still can be too crude. I’m ok with some funny comments with swear words but I don’t appreciate the crudeness of the sexual innuendos. 🙁

- Change the setting.

How do I change the temperature to Celsius?

- Inaccurate!

Not sure what source the app uses for the weather and forecast, but it’s consistently inaccurate. For example, it was 2 degrees Celsius in my area this morning, but this app said it was 12 degrees Celsius. On other days, it reports 16 degrees when it’s actually 4! Please consider using a more accurate source?

- Profanely amazing!

This app brings me so much joy! I can’t stop checking the weather. Totally awesome.

- Brilliant

At last a weather App we can use!

- Has to be the most entertaining app ever

Absolutely awesome app. Friends love it. I love it. It might not alway be accurate but my god it’s hilarious. EVERYONE MUST DOWNLOAD THIS

- Funny

Love it but the temperature isn’t accurate. Its 5 degrees lower than the actual temperature in other weather apps

- Funniest & Best weather app

Had it for years and love it! Definitely funniest and best weather app out! ❤️

- Funny but not accurate

Quite a fun app and sometimes very funny. Not very accurate temperature wise but I’m not expecting that from this app, I have an official app for accurate forecasts.

- So much fun

I seriously just sit there refreshing to read all the funny forecasts. Love it!!

- Helen

Love it! On a crappy day, makes me smile! Who says weather needs to be boring!

- Great but details could use some work

Great app, love the humour of it. But the temperature is always way out and the conditions (raining etc) and rarely correct. But very amusing.

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- Best weather app ever

I love it. It really is the best weather app for people who whine about the weather constantly! lol I can’t seem to figure out how to get the widget to show daily forecast instead of hourly though. More handy to see a week at a glance as opposed to hourly. If it could do that, especially on iPhone widget it would be 10 star! Thanks for the giggles!

- Question

How do u chance it to celcius?

- Disturbing!!!

I had this app on my phone for several months and got quite a few chuckles out of it. Last week I had to fly somewhere. I forgot I'd already put my phone in airplane mode and opened the app to check the weather at my destination. The app opened with a black background and had 'embers' drifting down like snowflakes. It showed the location as "Seventh Circle, Hell". The weather conditions were listed as "Hell Fire Storms". The temp was listed at 407°C. with a "feels like" temp of 1006° C. The comment was "The Devil was looking for you. He wants to have aural sex with you. That's right, with your ears." I got a cold, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and deleted the app. It wasn't the least bit funny. Don't bother with this app,

- Used to be Awesome

Now it requires the use of location services for it to even open, even though it used to work perfectly (and hilariously) without it. I will sadly be removing the app.

- Wont allow manual input of location

Crappy app. Wont be using anything that requires location services turned on just to work. Deleting until you create option to manually input locations. I do not leave location services on for anything so.... you do not need my personal data!!

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- Cute and accurate

I use this app daily. Tells me the local weather before i get out of bed and adjusts to wherever I have travelled to. The sayings are cute

- Please make a widget

I absolutely love this weather app!!! Please make a widget for iOS 14 !!!! 💖💖😢


When I download this weather it made me laugh until when I was. In my car it showed hell fire storm I telled my mom she said she don’t know I deleted the app but I didn’t know why it did that

- Ten stars at least😍😍

I paid for this app because some days it is the only thing that makes me smile about the f’ing weather around here. Everybody needs to download this weather app. Must have for all iPhones !!!

- 10 Stars! If I could :)!

5 Stars for a hilarious weather app that makes me not hate looking at the weather. Another 5 for app support :)

- Very funny...

This got to be the best weather forecast out there, really funny


App keeps on closing. Please update. I like this app but if you don’t update soon I’m removing from my phone.

- Keeps crashing suddenly :(

I really love this app. This past day it keeps crashing before it even finishes loading. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it. I’ve also restarted my phone. No help. Please fix it :)

- Fantastic!

This app is so funny and surprising accurate, unlike the majority of weather reports we have here. I love the ‘hell’ page that comes up when not connected to the internet....please never change that just because a few people winge! It would be nice if we could have nice comments for when it’s cold as I love the -40c we get here, but hate the heat...your settings don’t go that low, lol!! Brilliantly thought out app! 😃

- One star

This app is funny, but not accurate.

- Great app but just missing widgets

Would be awesome to be able to check the weather from the lock screen with a widget

- Never accurate

Never accurate for my area.

- Love it

It’s funny and it’s accurate.

- Love it

Entertaining and accurate

- Love this app, any way to get both metric and imperial conversion on this?

This app is fantastic, funny and very accurate! I only wish it would show both metric and imperial temps so I could share the weather in F to my southern brothers and sister. Unfortunately I was a child that got caught between the change in school, so I know just a little of either measuments.. 🥺🥺🥺 I sure love the quotes though, so accurate and makes me laugh so hard.. Thanks to all the hard working people that made this one happen!! Sylvie

- Hell in a good way?

So I woke up and checked the app and it literally told me I was in hell then I got a msg saying something about maggots. My location was the “Seventh circle,Hell” my god idk what happened but I thought it was funny af. Maybe that’s a bad sign but idc.

- App Keeps crashing

I can’t even open the app today. Deleted and redownloaded and still won’t work.

- Great weather App

This is a great weather app. The only thing missing is a radar view to make this the only app and greatest weather app you ever need

- Hilarious

If you find your weather needs spicing up - This is your app!

- Crash

Latest update fixed the crashing problem

- Funny, but slightly lacking

It’s a funny way to check the weather every day. I’d love it to include pollen levels and humidity though, hence why I only have it 3⭐️

- Phrases

Please update the app with new phrases

- I have a problem

Hi I don’t know what happened but I now can’t get onto the app? It keeps glitching out right when it’s about to go to the weather part! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it and turned off my phone just to see if there was something on my end, but it’s not. Please fix I really enjoy getting my weather from this app.

- Cute but only

Wx shown not even close to what is actually out there. Today blizzard conditions over entire province,wind N 40 to 60.You most be reading LA. ..

- Ooopppsss (update)

App starts to open then black screen after latest update. *** Update *** must have just been a glitch with the phone, really miss my WTForecast

- Too funny

I just about spit my coffee all over when I heard the commentary tonight... It’s -22C before the windchill...

- Doesn’t open if location services are off

Stupid app. It won’t even load if I have locations turned off on my phone. I turned them on for sec, it loaded, I input a few cities of interest, then I turned off location services. The app still won’t load, even though I have cities in it. Why? ? Guess they’re using your location to sell ads or worse. Deleted.


I LOVE THIS APP!!! I’m in tears laughing every time i open the app. Omg!!🤣🤣whoever came up with this app is an absolute genius.

- Awesome app

Super hilarious and good accuracy

- Where’s the voice?

Just installed the app and purchased a voice, but we don’t hear anything or see no button to push. I confirmed Mute is off, shut down and restarted, changes locations, no voice. Pls. Help.

- Funny but not accurate

Love how funny this app is but the weather is not accurate at all!

- Apple Watch version?

Will there ever be a Apple Watch version

- App crashes

Love your app but I just updated the app to the latest version and it crashes every time I launch it 😢

- Clever

I look forward, each morning, to find out what clever antidote awaits with my weather forecast. The cruder the better. Keep up the good work 👍🏻


Bring back the Aussie Chick.

- all of the stars

this made me burst into tears because i was laughing so hard; this is one of the only apps ive recommended to my friends. you are my hero, and also seem like some sort of god of yore

- Love it but one thing missing

Love it but would like to see UV index added as a stat. Have to use Apple weather still on sunny days cause of it.

- Buggy

Love the app, newest update won’t allow me to open, just keeps crashing and closing itself before it loads.

- Fun App

Makes me laugh every time I use it ... even when the weather is total crap

- Funny but not accurate.

It’s funny but not really accurate. Not sure where the data comes from but quite often it’s not even close to the actual weather outside. For example it has been sunny here all day and this app says it’s overcast, when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

- Spot on!

Not only accurate weather-wise, it expresses my TRUE feelings 😄

- Love it but crashing

Love this app. Just FYI it started crashing on me yesterday. I’ve tried reinstalling to no avail. I use an iPhone 7+. Thanks!

- Was great until new update!!

I loved the app now it won’t even open since I updated it :( If it gets fixed soon, I will update my review!

- WTForecast

App is crashing just so you know.

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- Issue?

I have loved the app so far but today when I opened the app it said the temp was 456 degree which is obviously wrong. I also live in SD where it is about -3 right now. It also said, hell fire storms, then “of all the demons in hell, nick is a friggin Fanny. Stay away from Nick.” Now idk maybe that is a feature that I didn’t know about but Nick is my husband and idk what the deal with that. I kinda just want to know if that’s pretty normal for this app?

- Good app...... BUT (or it’s just me)

So my friend just showed me this app, and I thought it was pretty funny and useful at the same time, so I got it, this was two days ago, but today I go to open the app and nothing happens, the screen goes black with that company name on it (I forgot the name) and the yellow circle, and then it just crashes and goes back to my home screen, I’ll still give this app 4 stars because it was good while it lasted but if it only works for two days it’s not gonna get five stars.

- Who knew the weather could be so funny!

I can’t get enough of this app. I’ll be honest, I pretty much use it only for entertainment purposes. The personality’s behind all of these weather descriptions are hilarious and deranged! I look forward to seeing my weather descriptions several times a day! I prefer the ‘full on language’ Setting, but it’s nice you have the option to dial that down if you prefer less ‘foulness’

- Great APP

I like the APP so far. Provides me with the weather details I need with a little humor to start and end my day. I do like the standard feature where you can save other city locations. Improvements to suggest: I would like it if eventually the app, offers temperature numbers on the ride side of the city names when clicking on your locations list. Also being able to swipe left on the main temp display to see your saved cities weather display.

- Makes me smile every time!

Love this weather app and rarely use any other now. When I downloaded the free version to try it and saw the logical layout and details, I purchased it right away! I was so sick of tapping here and there to get all the details I wanted. Simple here, just scroll down, one handed even. Love it! The quality jokes and statements crack me up and put a smile on my face. Just what I need sometimes! Thanks for a great app!

- It keeps crashing ☹️

For some reason for the past 3 days my app keeps crashing! I try to re download and it works initially but then crashes again after that. I loooove this app and its making me sad! ☹️☹️ I will still give it 5 stars because it is funny and I love it, but I wanted someone to be aware that there is an issue with it on my iPhone! *Update 6/28: working great now. Crashing has stopped!*

- NEED to able to have the APP open in the location I set

This is a cute weather app and for some reason I can not complete the AD free purchase. Also on all my other weather apps, I can SET what city to see first when I open the APP. I could very often care less about the weather where I am, I want to open and keep open the weather for a city I choose, ex—— Las Vegas. Every time I open the app, it should show me the city I’ve set ....this is a true shortcoming and I noticed other ppl also wish to set “opening city” of preference.

- I would love to have other languages as an option.

I am from Brasil and I can only imagine how funny it would sound in portuguese. I would be promoting your app like crazy there. Also, more options for backgrounds, like I could upload my own pictures? How about a driving directions app? We all take life too seriously and this app gives me a reason to smile everyday. Keep up the good work.

- Your move weather channel...

Couldn’t be happier! I always used the weather channel app but I saw this one day while trying to redownload the weather channel app. Decided to try it out and wasn’t disappointed one bit, it’s accurate, it’ll give you the forecast for hell when you’re offline, and most of all, it’s hilarious at all angles. Hope this is around years to come!

- Fun and informative!

This is the perfect app for those days that you need a smile, or maybe a guffaw. The worse the weather, the better the comments. This gives you the basic weather information to deal with your day, without overwhelming you with info about every little detail. There are other apps for that. But it’s so much fun, and you can choose how rude/NSFW you want it to be. Thanks!

- Makes the weather enjoyable

This app is accurate and hilarious when it comes to the weather. I really enjoy using this one over any other weather app available. I just wish there were more voices available without having to pay extra but all in all I do recommend this for anyone out there who wants a pick me up when reading the weather.

- I would have given 5 stars if only

The app should provide an easy way to switch locations. Right now I have to go into setting and switch location. A better approach will be to show a drop down of saved locations whenever I select the location on the screen header (or) provide horizontal swipe to move from one saved location to another. Except for this minor inconvenience the app rocks. Keep up the great work.

- I absolutely love this app!

Why stick with the typical, boring weather apps when you can get the same information, but with humor? I often screenshot the more funny sayings and post them on social media. That results in several people asking what the app is called so they can download it. Seriously, current and accurate weather, great content, and an all around good time. 👍🏻

- Updated:::Pornography appeared on my screen!!!!

Developer wrote me immediately after sending and email to the contact us menu. He is keeping me posted and explained how this happened through ad services. Was very concerned and helpful. The communication has been superb. Not often that you get such a positive response from a challenge and immediate action to resolve it. Thank you!!! Would give 5 stars once issue is resolved and no longer a risk.

- Confused

I must be using the app wrong. I have the free version. I have the voice on but it never talks. My sister in law always shares these witty screenshots on clever, snarky weather updates. Mine shows no text update at all. It has the numerical temperature at the bottom left but does not ever display the funny updates I see on hers. I would use the app more, but I don’t seem to be able to get it to fully work. For just weather, it’s fine. But for the extra that I liked about it, it seems to not like me.

- Please add thunderstorm quotes

I love this app, it makes my day even when I'm in the worst of moods. I would definitely recommend getting this app as I can assume it took a lot of time to make it. I was wondering if you could add some thunderstorm quotes like "I hope you aren't cheap and got lightning rods" or "don't get scared and go inside, it's just lightning!" Thank you for your time and for putting in a good mood every day.

- WT Forcast

This app is absolutely awesome. It's so funny I open it several times during the day just to hear the funny off color things it says! It makes me laugh! I have shown it to so many people telling them they need a 'good' weather app. I love their reactions they run the whole gamut from shocked to hysterical laughing! Please keep up the great work! I'll keep sharing this app. Everyone needs a good weather app🤗


I cannot get enough of this APP. So much so, I have over 30 locations saved on it. The weather memes are outstanding, and make me laugh every time. Especially the pits of hell ones, when I’m in an no internet location. I paid the $.99 for the extra accents they’re great! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, this app to everyone! If you don’t have a crude sense of humor, or are a boring person then this app isn’t for you..

- App crashes

Someone else reviewed with the same issue, dated March 1. There was a response but no update with a fix. I try to open it, the screen goes black for about 2 seconds, then poof! it’s gone. I have un & re-installed and rebooted my phone. Worked 2 or 3 days ago but hasn’t the past couple days. App is great when working, will be removed for good if it continues to crash on me.

- Hilarious but inaccurate weather

The quotes are hilarious. I always love sharing what the app says with my friends. However, the temperature is very off. Rarely is it 80 degrees in San Francisco, especially during July. Today the app is saying it is 77 degrees out but really it’s barely breaking 60 here. Often it will say it is sunny out, when all you can see is a thick layer of fog outside. Not sure where their weather tower is located (I know SF is filled with microclimates) but it’s really hard to use this app when it isn’t reliable.

- Consistently funny!

I don’t know about you, but when I check the forecast, it’s less because I really need to know and more because I’m curious. In the case of WTForecast, I just constantly check it for the crazy funny and profane comments! P.S. If you get words like “Frak” instead of the “F” word, check your profanity setting. One note a friend who knows me well made… can there be a “super profanity” option?

- Helpful and Entertaining

When you open a weather app the first thing you really want is basic weather and forecasting which this app does well at. The second thing you want, and what sets this app apart from others is the snarky comment on the current weather. Very useful for putting a smile on your face, even when the weather itself won’t.

- Hysterical fun...

This is awesome. I love that I can share it with friends. It’s not just daily, but multiple times daily that my friends and I send our crappy weather reports to each other. BUT, my app won’t load and has been crashing since yesterday. I don’t see an update, but I did see this happening to another crappy weather fan. Any fixes you can suggest?

- Hilarious app that we need right now

I love this app. It’s just like the regular included by default app, but w/funny weather descriptions & in the settings their is a bunch of useful information to help you. Their’s a weather terms section defining them. The only thing I’d nitpick at, is wanting to draw new picture pages to go with the funny weather. Maybe I can contact him & offer some examples. 😁

- Free Never-Ending Entertainment

I LOVE This App!! I just wanted to send you (the developer) a quick thank you! I work a hard, non-stop job, and at times it can be rather depressing. The fact that I have a go to now, just to brighten my day, makes my world A LOT better! My friends and I share the weather from the different places we are, and it brightens ALL of our days! Thanks again!

- Not only is it funny, but useful and pretty!

I downloaded this app for the funny quips and swearing, but I actually love the utility and design too. The dynamic background is actually really eye catching and pretty, and the details included in the app about weather, including week forecasts and hourly, are easy to get to and read, and really quite accurate. Thanks for making such a cool app that also swears at me. 😂

- I Love This App

I love this app! Especially when the weather is extreme. I really open up more and to read the comments and laugh then to check the weather. I always share the comments with people at work and we all laugh. I know a few people I’ve shared it with have also downloaded it and get laughs too! Thank you for making the weather fun!

- Great and funny

Love this app, brings humor to the day. But it’s clear the sayings are “standard” and not based on your area. Example...we’ve had rain for 4 days. Today it’s FINALLY sunny...the saying today is “Boring.” No, sunshine is not boring after 4 days of rain, it’s AWESOME! So it would be great if they took the area and week’s weather into consideration. Maybe I expect too much...but I do love it, the profanity adds a little something you don’t get elsewhere.

- Informative, with sarcasm and snark

I love this app. It makes it easier to read that it's 5 degrees out when there's a snarky commentary along with it. Some of these make me giggle and snort. The forecast is also more detailed than the basic iPhone weather app. Gives you moon phases and weather advisories as well. Five stars! I may even spend the $2 just because I like it that much.

- Best Weather App Out There!!!

Seriously...if you need a laugh, just open this app! And the weather is pretty darn accurate too! (If you haven’t tried it yet, turn off cellular and WiFi and then open the app. Sometimes that’s the most accurate forecast of all, especially if you’re at work 😎). Thanks for extending the time on the opening statements, those are fun!!

- For anyone who lives outside of San Diego

...and doesn’t get their o70* and sunny, 11 months out of the year. Great app that makes me not mind (as much) that 5.5 months of the year in Michigan is either cold and rainy, cold and snowing, cold and dark, or just really freaking cold and ugly. Thanks WTForecast for making this #puremichigan gal laugh at the weather, instead of spending one more winter wishing I’d moved away when I was young and childless —. 😉👍🏻

- Informative and Entertaining!

The title says it all. I do have an app by a cable TV channel, but only for notifications and air quality (pollen, etc). This gives me a giggle in addition to the weather info. I actually paid to get rid of the ads because I love it and want to support the provider. For an added bonus, turn off your location and see what happens.

- I LOVE this app. Omg I laugh so hard

If you need the weather forecast for your area or other places, get this and chuckle, giggle or laugh so hard you almost pee your pants. All the while people are looking at you like your crazy. Then show them the app, and they laugh too. It’s absolutely brilliant! I check my forecast a lot more now, even if it’s sunny and perfect outside. Great job developers 😊

- Best App Available in the App Store

If you’re looking for a accurate weather app with a guarantee you will laugh every time you check it, this is it. It’s definitely not for young children (however you can adjust the profanity if you choose to) but it would be the last app I would delete off my phone. Great product and idea!

- Not bad but...

I like the app but I have a small issue. I live in BFE, Texas. We had a severe thunderstorm the other day. Emergency alerts, tornado warnings, the whole shebang. WTForecast said partly cloudy🤷‍♀️. For this reason, I still have The Weather Channel app on my phone because I need the radar. I need the emergency alerts. I understand that this is not something this app has access to. That’s the only thing keeping this from being a 5 star app for me.

- Good/GREAT!

Love the app absolutely hilarious! As you can see My nickname is well chosen. Here our weather is crazy and this suits it's moods just perfectly. However my only issue is removing locations I do not want on the locator. Is there a way to get rid of locations I don't want? UPDATE: I just opened the app to add a new location and noticed that removing locations was now available! 5 Stars now!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Really good app!

I personally love this app. All the unique little descriptions make me laugh whenever I open the app, and it is a complete, well-functioning weather app alongside that. It tells much more than the default Apple weather app. I especially like the feature that describes what each weather term means. It’s saved me several confusing google searches!

- Fun app, inaccurate forecast

I LOVE this app, but the forecast is all wrong! I’ve read the FAQ, tested settings, etc. and no matter what I try, the weather is still not accurate. The forecast doesn’t match other forecasts on other apps. The temp is always accurate, but the weather itself is wrong. One time it was a clear skies sunset, no rain since 10 AM, and it said it was storming outside! I wish I knew how to make the weather more accurate, because I really love the app.

- What the Hell???

I have never been so entertained. Thank you! I got off a plane today and found out my current location was the Seventh circle of Hell! I had though I was going to a warmer climate I did not realize is was going to be 456 degrees Fahrenheit. I would have packed differently. The only reason it did not get 5 stars was some quotes are just so so. Honestly I got it for entertainment purposes with a bit of weather thrown in.

- THE Best Weather App

Here in Connecticut the weather changes fast. Being a coastal state we have to be aware of the moon and the tides, too. Most weather apps only have a cloud or sun picture and a temp that is a couple hours old. But This app has it all, the basics and humidity, wind, alerts, moon phase and more! Plus it makes me smile and often laugh! I can not recommend it enough. Get it! It is Great!

- Make Notifications Please

I love this app so much it’s my favorite weather app, but I wish there was a way I could turn on notifications and it would pop up on my screen saying all that stuff and telling me how the weather is in the morning and how it’s gonna be instead of having to keep opening the app , thank you!!

- Great way to start the Day!!

LOVE the app so far! It’s cracking me up. I bought the extra voices. I have one suggestion though, if you ever get around to adding more accents, how about adding more US accents with names that describe what their accent will sound like? For example: Boudreaux for a Cajun accent, Billy Bob for Southernish Male, a Boston accent, a mobster accent, etc. Don’t know if that’s possible and if not, it’s already plenty of fun!

- Overall...

I love this app! I removed TWC, as it was too difficult to read, after their last update. This app tells me exactly what I want to know. And...it’s funny to boot!! It’s intuitive, easy and fun. I look forward to the quotes, as well as the verbal weather descriptions. Why only a four? The symbols are a bit difficult to differentiate. Maybe too many and very similar. I would highly recommend this app!!

- Fab weather app!

Luv the app, design is great & the quotes are even better - any app that quotes “Supernatural” is one I’m happy to buy the pro-version of. I find myself “checking the weather” more often, just to have a laugh. Only comment: instead of current location, could the app show the date? Or as it as an option in the pro-version?

- Location services requirement not necessary

I would love to use this app as others I know have it and I’ve enjoyed the forecasts I’ve seen. But using it on my phone requires me to turn on location services which I have no desire to do from a privacy standpoint. Most weather apps allow you to just enter your location and they work with it from there. So I would love to love this but I have to mark it down hard due to a requirement that is not actually necessary and is a sensitive issue for digital privacy.

- Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️x1,000,000,000

So hilarious!! Me and my family have been obsessed with it for this whole weekend!!! I do hope you guys can make some improvements on the accents I purchased it’s hard to understand some of them. Other than that amazing amazing job!! We’re just wondering how you guys come up with the things it says?!? Who comes up with them all?!?

- Best weather app EVER!

The app is so much fun! A big plus is if you are experiencing an issue, the developer responds!! I’ve never had that happen. Went to the Facebook page and reported my issue and he actually replied and it got fixed!!!!! The sayings are freaking hilarious and it looks like he changed the background to fall colors? This app is definitely a must have!!

- No feedback?

I do love this app. I’m trying to give feedback that if you pull up Scottsdale AZ (where I live and the funniest hot profanity sayings are) it always says 92. It’s not 92. It’s like 60’s. I can tell because I added Phoenix and there it’s 65 — 10 blocks away from my supposed 92. So I had to give a low rating in the hopes that somehow someone who works here can receive feedback.

- Forecast for the day?

Really love this app. Lots of information I don’t get on my regular weather app and also funny phrases. But is there a way to see the forecast for the whole day? Just a high and low doesn’t help much if I don’t know when those will be taking place. The default iPhone weather app breaks down each day by hour and give a temperature for each hour. Any chance of that here?

- Entertaining & Accurate

I’ve had this app for a few years and it never ceases to entertain. I even enjoy the little loading screens before the weather loads. It’s accurate, the background graphic is a nice touch, and I like the widget for quick views of the weather. Whoever you are, developer person, I’m enjoying this app very much.

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Alex Barrow

@profplum99 They really do and correctly deciphering them isn't much "easier" than trying to forecast what's going to happen down the road

Alexandra Datig | Front Page Index

No Covid directives here. Living on top of each other. No masks, medical care, no bathrooms, unsecured food storage, rain in the forecast. What could possibly go wrong?


@robwaatainen @D_L1985 @Zach_Fleisher No they can’t forecast after seven months of pandemic as the situation changes daily and is different in geographical areas. How many Cdns are mailing to family they would have seen in person and how would you forecast that? More importantly what can you do quickly & safely?

Robin East

@freddiesayers @whippletom So you assess the accuracy of a piece of work by doubling the reported figure and seeing how close it comes to the forecast. Why doubling? Why not 3 times? Or 4 times? What’s the justification?


@BBCNews Sorry what?? With most of the country’s shops shut, a drop in sales is forecast??? How’d have thought...

NWS Sioux Falls

Wondering what the next several days will be like? Well look no further! Take a look at this graphic for the latest forecast!


@kangaro_Jack @smh And what would be the difference if instead of celebrating on a boat, they celebrate NYE at home? The weather forecast isn't good, I doubt many will be out on the harbour anyway.

The Gunnar Group

@realDonaldTrump F..k wad. Present the evidence. Oh. You cannot.Waddle back to your golf course.Curious? What is your profit forecast when you are not able to use my taxpayer dollars at you resorts? Taj Mahal ring any bells? Trump University?


@AdelaideWeathe4 @BOM_SA The body temperatures is 37.4, the forecast was 23. What's the problem? You're telling me the body has too cool down "from 23" or "warm up from 23"? It's clear you probably don't exercise. Start marathon running for 3 years, you'll begin to feel the cold.

Twisted Ronpa ☀️ chapter one

"But what would it be broadcasting, anyway?" Ace asks. "Like, the weather forecast?"


@TheFredDorp @molldopeloob @tcboyle Thank you for clearing, Mr. Dorp! As we know, Google shows us what we want....or need....in this case one of the best film scenes ever ( I find) plus weather forecast...

Ricky Matthews

Another day in the books. What does tonight hold? Get tonight's forecast here:

Elsie goddard

@RacingPost Bit premature with your headline the other day given what was forecast wouldn’t you say?


@BruceEmson @LeaveEUOfficial And if so much better than what we had expect all 27 sovereign EU member countries to follow England's example & get the same deal. We forecast this won't ever happen

J🎄seph Pa🌩🌩on

you what I miss a lot about the NWS? grids. I miss drawing a forecast and watching it come true or fall apart. I miss chasing down weird weather obs at 4am to understand why the forecast is off. I miss nerding out on weather

What The Forecast?!! 3.51.14 Screenshots & Images

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What The Forecast?!! iphone images
What The Forecast?!! iphone images
What The Forecast?!! iphone images
What The Forecast?!! iphone images
What The Forecast?!! iphone images
What The Forecast?!! iphone images
What The Forecast?!! iphone images
What The Forecast?!! iphone images
What The Forecast?!! iphone images

What The Forecast?!! (Version 3.51.14) Install & Download

The applications What The Forecast?!! was published in the category Weather on 2015-11-03 and was developed by William King [Developer ID: 337226609]. This application file size is 359.94 MB. What The Forecast?!! - Weather app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 3.51.14 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.williamking.offensiveweather

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