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What is hocus. app? hocus. is celebrating 5th year;

Let artificial intelligence design new levels for you. You can even get help from her if you get stuck.

Best Games on iPhone; Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Middle East

New, polished, mind-bending, impossible shapes.

• 120 mind-bending hand-craft levels
• Create/share your own levels
• Load / take picture of levels cards
• Endless mode
• Shortest path algorithm

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App Name Hocus.
Category Games
Updated 04 November 2020, Wednesday
File Size 17.7 MB

Hocus. Comments & Reviews 2024

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Mindbending fun. Similar to Monument Valley, this game takes geometry to a whole new level. It's slow and peaceful, except for the high-pitched squeak as the cube rolls around. Move red cube around a stark Escher-esque landscape where the top of one rod suddenly becomes the side to another--it's bizarre in a good way. The built-in levels can be hard to solve or fast; depends. The editor feature lets you create levels and play other user-created levels. That's challenging and more fun. Turn FX off--the rolling squeak is just bad--and get ready to think.

The best puzzle game!. This is by far my favorite puzzle game on any platform ever! Thanks for making such a great game!!

Exactly what I expected and more. Great choice of audio, I would suggest more of a deep, dungeon sounding door noise with a little reverb for the drop of the cube, it would fit better with the minimalist white environment. Reminds me of antichamber game for pc. Making the models 3D would be cool. So you could rotate and create your own perspective. Also an inverted color scheme, all black backdrop, white platform. If even go as far as creating dead ends and square holes you'd have to drop through to land on an isolated platform to progress. Great game! I wouldn't go as far as creating a build mode yet, I believe you have a few more tricks up your sleeve that could make the game reach its potential. This could even be ported to pc and console. Great game!

Fascinating and Challenging. I NEED MORE LEVELS PLEASE !!! Yes, I finished all of them. Please add more levels to challenge me! I dare you 😉

Beautiful, but boring. Games like this are beautifully crafted and pretty to look at but the novelty quickly wears off when you realize how easy they are. There isn’t much strategy to these levels, you just can swipe around in a relatively limited number of paths until you win.

Challenging Yet Relaxing. I have admired M.C. Escher's work for years, especially the 'impossible' triangles and other shapes. This game captures the essence of that art and forces (in a good way) the player to think outside the box and see connections and proximity of paths that could never occur in the real 3-D world. Once the player understands the principles of the game and can think like Escher, the puzzles become straight-forward and can be solved rapidly, though sometimes even when the player thinks he/she understands the puzzle a dead end seems to appear. However, with careful analysis each puzzle has a solution. I recommend this game to anyone who likes to think and is not put off by minimalist graphics; graphics are perfect for the puzzles themselves, but there's no real background. One isn't necessary, though to fully enjoy the game.

I enjoy this game. Any new levels coming?

Percent done meter. I LOVE the game! Right now I’m on level 48. Maybe you can add a meter to the bottom that will show how close you are.

Mind boggling. This game is very clever with the way it uses a two dimensional perspective to create mind blowing connections between pathways in every puzzle. It's addictive, and just a very innovative little puzzle game. One thing that could be changed is in puzzle editor you don't really know if your puzzle will actually work. I have basic experience with coding and I know this would be difficult, but if it's possible could there be a way for the game to show you why a puzzle might not work? I doubt anyone will be reading this but if the producer does just please take the idea into consideration. Other than that Hocus is a great game that never seems to get old.

Hours of challenging fun. It seems simple at first, but it fast becomes challenging. Hours of fun, with M. C. Escher-inspired puzzles.

Finally, a challenging puzzle game!. I got this app for free when it was App Of The Week, but I would gladly pay for it if I had to. The mechanics of this game are slightly reminiscent of the game Monument Valley, but with a cleaner, simpler layout. The game started with about 60 levels when I downloaded it, and the levels got progressively more difficult as you went along. Once I completed all 60 (it took a few weeks!) the game received an update and added an additional 40 levels, even more challenging than the previous levels (while it is coincidental that I got new levels right after I completed all the old ones, new players will still be able to play all 100 levels). The game is addicting, sometimes rage-inducing, and tons of fun. I've already recommended it to all my friends, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good puzzle.

Beat Buck in a while. This is probably one of the best games costing a dollar, and one of the best puzzle games hand down. The simple minimalistic graphics create a nice feel to the game while also making it more challenging. Unlike other puzzle games, this one never runs out of levels thanks to the level editor, where you can play other puzzles (by choice or random) and create your own (the real challenge is creating a good one). The game is not too difficult but requires good visualization skills: if you are stuck just visualize a path from the exit to your cube!

Simply addictive. For all the simplicity of its design, Hocus is both beautiful and interesting. You cannot "lose" and you can take as much time as you like to complete these puzzles, all of which require just a little adapting of the mind. The puzzles are worth playing more than once, as the challenge then becomes finding the shortest possible route to completion. Every clever puzzle will have you hooked. If you're like me and will sit down for hours once caught by puzzles, you can finish all the puzzles in just a couple hours or even less. With more puzzles coming in the future, there will be plenty more to look forward to, and with no more background music than a wind chime drone they'll be as worth playing as the first puzzle set.

Great game but currently has major problems. I love this game, it's one of my all-time favorite puzzle games. I got it back when it was Starbucks App of the Week (but it would have been well worth paying for) and I had played all the regular levels and many of the user-created levels . BUT right now I can no longer give this game the 5 stars that it normally deserves. Some months ago (?), after I hadn't played it for a while, I found out I could no longer access "top rated levels", "popular levels" "newest levels" etc. It just says "Check your internet connection" (which btw is working fine). It also lost my progress so I can't even go back and play again some of the more challenging of the regular game levels unless I first spend time to play all the beginning levels again. There's also no instructions for the "Play with card" feature. I thought they'd probably fix these bugs soon but apparently they still haven't done so. If they do I will change the rating & review to reflect that. PLEASE fix it. I miss hocus.

Great game, needs a bit of polish. This is an absolutely amazing game. It is challenging but not overly difficult, attractive, and clever. I did encounter the same bug several times when trying to mute the music (it would just start playing again and the mute control would stop working), and I wish the game had a more satisfying ending, but all in all it's a great game with a really wonderful mechanic. Many have compared it to Monument Valley, and if you enjoyed that then you will almost definitely enjoy this, but it definitely doesn't have the same level of polish. Unlike monument valley, which introduces new mechanics in pretty much every level, this is roughly the exact same mechanic and same level of difficulty the entire time. That being said, they budgets of the two games are surely nowhere close to each other, and this game is definitely worth the purchase.

Mediocre game. Needs work.. I liked the idea of using optical illusions for mazes at first but it didn't take long to realize their really are only a few techniques to learn that, once you master them, make every puzzle so easy to beat it's just plain boring. One nice feature is that users can create their own puzzles which other players can rate. The trouble is apoplectic are creating puzzles before they've even learned all the tricks so almost all of them are ridiculously easy. The developers are smart in one way. Users are creating their puzzles for them (and what do we get out of that? Hm?), AND rating them to boot! All the Devs have to do is load the best rated puzzles from a database. Nice way to make your users do all the work for you, but it won't last.

Beautiful and thoughtful. I love puzzle games. Every once in a while I'll find a masterpiece, and Hocus is one of them! As their description mentions, Hocus using special manipulation much like Monument Valley (another great game), and should please any Monument Valley fan and make Monument Valley proud to be the inspiration for this beautiful, simplistic yet challenging puzzle game. I've been waiting for more thought-provoking puzzle games like Hocus, while more gameplay-and-less-puzzle apps have swarmed the market. I can't wait to see what kinds of updates and new levels are in store for Hocus fans. A must have for true puzzle enthusiasts!

Fun & Challenging Mental Exercise. hocus is a game really like no other I've ever played, on iOS or anywhere else, and I have played a lot of puzzle games. It challenges your faculty of visuospatial reasoning in a challenging & original way, and makes me feel like I'm exercising mental muscle groups I forgot I had, in a very good way. Some levels can be tricky to solve, but never in a way that feels arbitrary or cheap. Half the time I find myself solving a problem either by pure intuition or, failing that, brute force trial & error, only to go back & replay the level to figure out what the hell it was that I did. From that standpoint, the game is exceedingly well designed & does not feel like just another addictive time waster (though in the right (wrong?) hands, such as mine, it can certainly qualify as that too). Add to that an elegant, minimalist aesthetic & a meditative, eastern-influenced soundtrack, and you've got yourself a 5-star game, easily. Extremely well done & highly recommended.

Interesting challenge. Okay everyone it's my turn to rate this game. As you can see I didn't give it five stars. It's not that I didn't like the challenge of each one. It makes you think of how to accomplish each puzzle. What I didn't like is, I spent money to play this App. Yes it didn't break me, but there should be more puzzles to play. Just when you are getting into playing them and your wanting to play the next one, there's no more. I understand that there can't be a 1,001 puzzles to play, but I personally feel there should be more than there is. This is my feelings and not yours. To find out play this app and find out for yourself.

Its okay, but.... So i got this a couple years ago and its really fun! The challenges and puzzles are nice, but after a bit of time the puzzles were to challenging & to repetitive at the same time. They didnt add any features like maybe a blue square, or something, but just the repeating levels with just little change and no new features get repetitive, and VERY boring after a bit of time.

Nice. Very nice game

Great, relaxing mind-bending puzzles. This is a nice little game to get enough of a challenge in while perhaps waiting in line, relaxing after a tough day or challenge the kids to stretch their imaginations a bit. Some levels are trickier than others but they’re all quite doable without any kind of hint system or walkthrough. Reminds me of a much more simplistic and less-involved version of The Bridge (which is another great game I’m still waiting for on mobile). A bit of a mind-bending puzzle game. You can tap or swipe to lead the block around. Not sure why another reviewer broke their phone as you certainly don’t need to tap or swipe that hard. Calibration shouldn’t be that intense.

HooplaCritic. So I'm like, " Whaaat!? There's an app that has all the physically impossible puzzles!?!? Where can I find this?" So go on to the App Store, find Hocus, (Not Pocus) click the 0.99 button up there on the port side of your screen, and enter my password which is *****^*^^**%#*** ( You didn't really think I would give it to you) and play it till I fall asleep an hour later. Yeah, it's a good addictive game, so good, I woke up and found myself playing it in my sleep, while dreaming of it lmbo. Anyways, great game! Good job! Not too much money! Hocus Pocus! P.s. Not Pocus

Great game!. This game is extremely fun and easy to get a hang at. If you like puzzle games I would recommend playing this game as so far I have not found it too hard but still challenging enough to make it fun. I do have one suggestion and that is if you are playing with headphones or the volume is turned up on your phone you might want to go to the music settings in the main menu( it is really easy to find and is to the left of the play button) and click on the thing that says fx and then start playing. This turns off the sound the box makes when it moves and even though it sounds like somethings missing the sound the box makes when it moves will start to really annoy you and in my case- and I'm sure some others- it will give you a headache and hurt your ears. I do wish the would change though because I think it doesn't sound right without some sort of sound when the box moves but having no sound is better than having the sound it has right now. Besides that this game is fun and has some cool optical illusions that the shapes make.

beautiful + intelligent game. hocus is a gentle game that’s perfect to twist and turn through while listening to podcasts or just relaxing. I love the minimal design and simple gameplay.

Mind bending challenge. The best puzzle/maze I have found anywhere! The hard part is waiting for more puzzles and challenges. Wonderful brain food!!!

Pretty good puzzle game!. I have a recommendation though: There could be a higher game level which is played similar like a memory game. The player would not play step by step but she'd enter a series of moves which will solve the level in a single shot. Level hardness may be adjusted via number of shots. If the entered input doesn't lead to a solution, the game should backstep to the starting position. This way, it'd be more exciting to play and makes you think harder (eg. imagining a few steps ahead).

Ok. Sure, the concept is ok, but only 100 levels for a game that costs money? I would rather play a free game with over 3,000 levels than this.

Good fun in short spurts. The navigation is easy and intuitive. The levels are moderately challenging and require some thought. It's interesting thinking through the moves because you're perspective will shift involuntarily; like when you look at the frame of a 3D cube. You can almost feel your brain twist, which is why I said "short spurts". After a couple of the higher levels, I need to take a break, but I find myself coming back to play again. The music and sound effects can be turned off or on from the main page. There's about 50 levels and the developer has promised more levels soon.

Well worth it. I have played though the whole game a couple times. And keep coming back because it’s so relaxing.

Multiple 3D "Plane" Game. Hocus is a very, very clever game. Using 4D mathemagics, you transport your red cube across two realities, the foreplane, and the aftplane using 3D hypertriangles, hypersquares, hypertrapezoids and hyperrhombi. The game tricks your mind with the individual lines and planes of the individual 2D shapes being colored separately to "bridge" the two 3D worlds. Try it yourself! It is definitely worth the buy. What I don't advise is trying to apply this to standard mathematics. Like it doesn't work for two Cartesian planes, it won't work for two 3D "planes". All you need to do is bridge your mind. Fold space.

Solidly Achieves Greatness in Simplicity. For being a one-man development and programming "team," this 3D spatial puzzle game is probably the best one in the genre at showcasing to casual gamers what makes these kinds of puzzles so much fun and satisfying to solve. It's definitely the most quick and accessible of it's kind, making it great at filling in any brief downtime during the day, but more than that, it's the kind of game that makes you glad to find yourself suddenly stuck in line or in the waiting room because you'll have an excuse to solve that next puzzle you're on. Being that this title is a one-man show in its production and development, working in what is presently a niche puzzle genre, (one which deserves to become future mainstream imo), I think the $0.99 price tag is not only fair, especially now with the addition user created puzzles being added all the time (many of which are are dastardly in their difficulty yet always satisfying to solve). But as I see it, you're $1 will also be a powerful vote for encouraging other developers to stop shoving out countless columns of candy and gems in our face to be matched in 3's -- there are so many of these littering the App Store that you begin to resent their existence -- so feel good about supporting indie developers who dare to produce something different and innovative for those of us whom they know are seeking just that.

Sometimes you have to swipe 20 times for the app to register. It is very frustrating... I know it’s a bug, and the developers have worked hard to create this app, but this annoying bug is preventing me from enjoying it.

Easy going, mind bending, needs more.. I like the unique quality of the gameplay. It's simple and slow-paced which is nice, but it begins to get boring after a while. It didn't take long to finish the 50 levels that are on here. I wish there were more. It needs more gameplay mechanics but also needs to retain its simplicity. The game continues to play the same from level 1 to level 50. The difficulty doesn't really increase much. I want faster rolling and I don't like that the screen dims while the cube roles then flashes back when it finished. When you become more comfortable with the game and begin to play faster, the screen starts to look like a strobe which gets annoying to the eyes. Overall, I really enjoyed the game. It's a nice breather from the majority of other games on the App Store that are over-encumbered with coins, tokens, gems, complicated mechanics etc. it just needs some small improvements. I look forward to seeing what it becomes.

Puzzle 36. Puzzle 36 is unsolvable. I’ve tried every way - keep going in circles. Flaw in design.

Excellent if.... It will be excellent if there is a dark mode with dark background for iPhone X users.

Lack of Game Center Sync. I can’t pick up from the last level completed I’m Iphone from iPad. Failed. Don’t feel like replaying from the beginning.

Excellent, worthy of recognition.. I seldom write reviews of applications unless I feel that something truly needs to be said. Developer, if you are taking the time to read this, I would just like to thank you for making this game. I found it to be an engaging, adaptive escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This quality is what we all desire in games. It's not shoving demands for money down your throat every 45 seconds. It honestly asks for your opinion of the game every 20 or so minutes and that is fair! The game itself is simple but requires intellect, and I found it to be gleefully surprising from time to time at the simplicity of the puzzles whereas I believed them to be much more difficult then they looked. This game is awesome and I can't wait to play more of it! Keep it up developers!!!

Actually Fun. An actually fun/challenging puzzle game. It's unique and creative and really challenges ones special skills. While still being a very fun puzzle game we haven't had new maps in forever and it doesn't look like that will change. You're paying for 100 maps folks.

RIP. This game is honestly amazing and challenging also kinda makes it easy to break your phone so make sure you have apple care + before you download

Very fun. Very challenging. Very simple.. This Escher-like game is one of my favorites. I prefer spatial games anyway but this one has combined the attributes that I think are important in a game perfectly. Lots of levels. I'm only in the 60s out of 100, but I only play it when I have a few moments to spare between doing other things. And that is also a plus because you can do a level in a few minutes rather than having to commit yourself to finishing a long duration level as I've seen in other games.

Not rushed, and you don't lose lives…PERFECT!. I love apps that don't make you "die", or "lose lives". This is a brilliant puzzle game that allows you time to think without rushing you, without timing you, without scoring you, without the fear of failure of falling off the path, without feeling as though you failed if you can't figure it out, because you can always backtrack your steps and try another route. It's very positive and Zen-like, because it's not a win-lose game. You either figure it out or you don't and you're not penalized or rewarded… It simply is what it is. And yes it reminds me a lot of Monument Valley though without the really cool animations (that one would be hard to top)

Great game. Just one thing.. Can we get iCloud progress sync. Just installed the game on my iPad and none of my progress is a available and if I want to play on that device I have start from level 1 again.

A lot of fun to play.. If you like games that make you think then you will like this game. If you look for things to pick apart and criticize, don't bother downloading this, or any other game for that matter, as you will inevitably find something wrong with it. That being said, the game is fun, simple, and fairly challenging at time. The levels are not necessarily increasingly hard, but more so consistently different. It appears toward the end of the game the designer has added levels designed by users and that certainly adds an aspect to the game. Download it, play it and remember that you are asked for a review of the game as it has been designed. That does not include what "could have been included", or physics you believe would have helped the game. Naturally, those can and should be included in your review of the game, but they should not alter the current review of the game as published. My only concern thus far is, considering I downloaded the game yesterday and I'm 10 levels from finishing it, my suggestion would be to add more levels STAT!

Cool 😎 mind game!!. I enjoy this app and game, makes you concentrate and the 3D it awesome!

Great game. This game is great and I love it but one thing I’d like to suggest to add to the game is hints. Most puzzle games like this one have hints or skip levels. So maybe add on of those. Like I said, just a suggestion.

A Compendium of Escher-like mini-puzzles. As others have said there are obvious similarities to monument valley, but this is a more simplified version, great for shorter moments, like waiting to board a flight, or waiting in a long line. The puzzles are tricky but still doable, and definitely works your spatial thinking -- which I like. My only complaint is that the puzzles reach a sort of plateau of difficulty, and there is little variation after Level 70 or so. My hope is the app updates more complex puzzle packs to maintain my interest, though I think I would go back and play certain puzzles at least one more time regardless.

About “Pocus”. So you basically removed pocus from the AppStore and put back the same thing with a different title on it as puzzlement?

Update?. When will there more levels?

Nice Relaxing Game. I love the simplicity of hocus and how relaxing it is. The little puzzles get more challenging over time, but never in a frustrating way. Some may say that it’s too basic, but I appreciate the muted color scheme, dreamy music, and the game’s ability to get you to just focus on moving the little cube around to its goal. I love to play when I’m stressed or just want to do something calming. My only disappointment was that I eventually ran out of puzzles. So I’m very glad hocus 2 was released!

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Thought provoking game. I really enjoyed this game it tests your minds ability to another level. I found the game to use whenever I'm on the toilet and I flew though the first 15-20 levels until my mate knocked on the bathroom door asking if I was still alive then I realised I had been in there for 20 minutes with my pants around my ankles. Over all I would recommend this game if you like a good fun mind challenging game

Oh this is good. Oh this is good, this appeals to me. Physically moving along Escher like impossible shapes. It makes you concentrate and the exploration like aspect is appealing

Very puzzling. Enjoy playing this game very, thank you for adding new levels😃

Absolutely Love it!!!. Can not wait for more and more puzzles in this brilliant little game!! Thank You very much for so much fun!

Good time killer. This is a good one to distract you from all around. Not overly difficult but hard enough to keep your noodle working!

Great, could use a restart button. It is a great and simple game to play but u can't restart the level if u stuff up. That would be the only thing I would change.

Trippy!. Well done on this! Keeps you thinking, and it's not one of those you can quickly hit a rhythm on and beat.

10/10 is worth. I'd only been playing this for an hour and a bit and my head started to violently throb. My new favourite game ever. Doctor said to not play it for a while but I can't stop. Please send help. I love it

Best yet. This is probably the best puzzle/illusion game that I've played. If you like monument valley, there's a high chance that you'll like this too !

Excellent. Didn't leave me behind too soon.

Don't think... Just do!!!. I like this game but you can't you use any sort of logic. As the diagrams are all optical illusions, they don't make sense so sometimes it's guess work to get the block in the hole. However it's a lot of fun. I play this when relaxing and do a couple of levels at a time. As you get into the higher levels it doesn't necessarily get harder which in a game like this is good, a little reprieve. Thoroughly enjoy every level.

Didn't think she'd enjoy it: I was wrong!. The misses got sucked in straight-away -more so than me!

finished it. well, it took a few years, but I finished all 120 levels. After a while your intuition develops as to how to proceed, but it's hard to describe. A calming Zen meditation for the mind.

Really entertaining. Good puzzles, not too hard but some levels that give a bit of a challenge.

Simple to learn.... ...a lifetime to master! Such an easy game to play with a simple, straightforward mechanic that pretty much anyone can pick up in no time. But, the puzzles soon become devilishly tricky and they force you to think in more than one direction...literally! Hopefully I won't run out of them too soon.

Mr Bojangles. Good game. Went through the first 100 levels in about 75 minutes though. Will try the create your own puzzle.

Great game but short. Great game, very fun but found it far to short was finished the same day as purchased. Only 3 or 4 levels took longer then 5mins or so. Still well worth the money. would just be good to have more levels and with some higher difficulty ones as well.

Doesn't work. I have an iPod gen.4, and it all works smoothly until I try to actually open a level. The game comes up with the number 1 inside the hexagon, then the game closes. Please fix this!

Mind boggling!. But fun at the same time. Good way to spend a day off work. Love all the Gamebra games, but this is my favourite.

Love this game. A simple premise but sufficiently challenging to keep me enthralled. The chilled music added another dimension. Overall experience was like spending some time chilling in a gorgeous garden. Very Zen. 😌

Good exercise for brain. All the levels are good. Difficulty level increases gradually. Also, you can create your own levels which awesome if you're playing with your friends

Great Mechanics. If you like Monument Valley, this is a great game to continue the intrigue and fun, although the lack of story to drive the mechanics, in my opinion, drops the star. But thank you to the developers and keep the levels coming. They are great.

Perceptional Puzzler. If you like Monument valley, you will enjoy this game. Puzzles inspired by the work of M C Escher (look him up). Fairly short with the developer offering more levels in a later update. The music is soothing but essentially loops, there should be more variety I think. *Update* This game needs icloud progress saving. If you delete it then redownload, you will lose all of your levels.

Addictive game where not completing is not an option.. It seems simple enough. Move a cube along shapes that would give Escher a headache. Very addictive and I find that I cannot give up. The game is addictive and fun.

Small price, big experience. This game is amazing for the price. The gentle music playing in the background as you work your way around the puzzles is very relaxing. The game is based on illusions so sometimes you just have to move around the cube experimentally. Totally recommended. You really can't go wrong at $1.50.

Great game. Just finished the last level then. It was an amazing game, can't wait for more.

Bug Report. Don’t know if the game is having trouble with the latest iOS, but I’m having real trouble getting the app to recognise a swipe down. I’m totally stuck as a result - which is a real shame, because I like this game and had wanted to play through it again. Please update this app, otherwise I’ll have to delete it.

So addictive!!. I'm only up to level 12, but I can see this becoming a full time hobby!

Has potential. Since you have unlimited moves, there is no challenge. Introducing a limit on the number of swipes the gamer can make would create a challenge. Even it there was an option to turn this on/off for people who want to be challenged vs those who just want to relax with the game.

Actually a really good game. The gameplay is fun and addictive, you'll get stuck for sure but coming back a week later it'll all just make sense for some reason. The ads don't get in the way and I haven't noticed any micro-transactions. Great game 5/7

Best puzzler, brain breaking. The best part for me is not the create a level but the fact that once I admit that I am having trouble with a level I complete it. It is just to easy, only problem is with the controls, everything else is easy to do.

BEST GAME EVER. I am constantly playing this game. And I LOVE it. The challenge of the puzzle contrasts great with the soothing music. I find it fun and relaxing. The only problem is now I've finished the game and don't know what to do in my spare time😂

Great puzzle game. This is a great game and well worth the price (I don't actually know how much because of app of the week) but this game can feel very easy as I've only being playing for less than a week.

Ooh Yes!. My new favourite game. It just twists your mind just that little bit :) Putting a square box in a square hole is a little more challenging than I'd thought. Keep up the good work :) Thanks

Great little game. Gorgeous clean graphics, great background music and sound effects, fun puzzles that bend your senses. Highly recommended if you want a relaxing game to fill in an evening or a few quick levels while waiting for the bus. Well done app developer!

Relaxing, Mind Blowing. A game were you think it will be impossible but when completed you will be amazed and left thinking and with the nice soothing music, it's a great game to pass time. 5/5 stars!

Perfection in problem solving. Since I discovered rop I've loved the apps these guys make.. I love the challenge on the brain and this game is no different.. This is perfect for the why I think and problem solve in day to day life.. Keep these puzzles, challenges and apps coming guys..

Addictive and thought provoking!. Good game and very fun when you start to be able to see the paths unfold in front of you as you play it more and more!

Fun Game. Runs well, no glitches and super fun to play. Looking forward to more levels being added

A good challenge. Too many puzzlers are impossible, relying on "cheat" sites that guide a user through an illogical solution. This is NOT one of those puzzlers. Each round is a challenge, but is also logically solvable.

Really needs to support landscape mode. It's a great game, but the lack of landscape mode support for iPads Pro is annoying.

Great game.. Amazing puzzles, awesome levels and definitely worth the money. Few bugs but overall really well made.

Fun, pretty and smart.. Just what I like in this type of game. The minimalistic style really just works with the gameplay. Great value too! I have recommended it to my friends and colleagues, they love it as well. 👍

Original. Gotta keep thinking in reverse to solve. Very interesting. Love he minimal look and feel.

Utter genius!. Its so challenging as well as beautiful and has tight controls. It's an absolute delightful puzzle game that is years beyond its peers. It even has a level creator! Stop reading and buy it.

Nice start at a game. It is rough and short, but you cannot save the levels you pass and there are no numbers on the levels on the menu! Each time you start the game your previous work is erased! The music starts up and can't be turned off on my iPhone, so irritating.

What a unique game!. I don't buy games often, but I'm glad I bought this one!

Love this game!. This is a great game! If you like this game you will also like "hocus flat" and "new hocus flat" and there's also "monument" try them👍

Tedious. Write as much pseuds corner nonsense as you like in your review, after ten minutes this is just boring and tedious

Really gets you thinking. I think this game is perfect. The music is calming, and it gets you to sit down and stop every single worry and problem and just have fun with this lovely puzzle and problem solving game. It turns on a side of your brain that I think needs to be used more often these days. It is also very enjoyable and deserves 4 stars. Keep up the good work!

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Simple and clever. Delightful.. For fans of puzzle games and optical illusions, this is a wonderful little brain-teaser. I found myself pleasantly stuck a few times, trying to see the path to the goal. For it's price, it's a treat.

Can't get to the player created levels online. Absolutely in love with this game but the online part doesn't work for me..? Kinda disappointing because I know I'll run out of levels soon. If not for that for that I would definitely rate 5/5.

Great spatial puzzler. Those with Euclidean sensibilities need not apply; prepare yourself to think in a different space. Pleasant brain tickling.

A-mazed!. This game is just fantastic, it's tricking my brain so much and the people who did it have some crazy 3D mind!! Why are you wasting your time reading this, just buy it!

Challenging puzzles. Great puzzles navigating through Escher-esque constructions to get to your destination. Challenge your mind to see find the twists and turns needed to get through.

Can't stop playing. Love the game so far. The game so damn hard to figure out where to go.

Great game. Very innovative usage of a simple optical illusion to create a whole puzzle platform on it indicator for block position when behind bars would be great

Good game but im writing this to get it to shut up. Trippy af

Excellent. It isn't a puzzle that you solve methodologically or logically. It's more of a maze, but that doesn't mean it's not a great game.

Boring. Boring game😴

yay. yay.......... This is a pretty cool game. I’m so glad there r like no adds. Wish if there were better prizes/hints. #Zzzzz

Great game. This is a quality game that has brought me many hours of entertainment

Mind blowing. Great app, great mind exercising!!!

Addictive!. Fun and addictive. Good way to pass time that could be wasted on work!

Captivant. Un jumelage de vision spatiale et de fausses perspectives hallucinant. J'adore.

Just a great app.... Please keep the updates coming, i try to limit myself to 5 a day to stretch our game boards...

Amazing game. This is a great thinking game and it has some optical illusion maps or whatever, if they add more maps that would be really amazing 👌

Challenging offline game. This game is a great game to play while your offline.

Fun but too slow. This game is fun and a good brain exercise. However, the red block moves just too slow for my liking. I already see the answer and it takes so long for this block to travel there. 5 stars if they add a Speed Option in the settings.

Problème à répondre. Response problem. Niveau tactile souvent ne répond pas. Il faut faire plusieurs glissement pour avoir le faire bouger. C’est son seul défaut. Le problème est autant sur mon iPad mini4 que mon iPhone 6s Hard to get it to move often it does not reaction tu our fingers. That is the only problem. The problem is the same on my iPad mini5 as my iPhone 6s

Awesome!!. This game is amazing, I really like it. Keep the good work 😁

Awesome game. ❤️. I already finished 100 levels and the app hasn't been updated since September 2016, so it would be much appreciated if someone could update the game with brand new levels please! 🙂

Too slow. Slow....

Easy to play. Simple to understand. And easy to play from kid to adult. Recommended.

SWEET GAME!!!!!. Great game keep the levels coming!!

Excellent. excellent brain twister! 😀👍🏼

Amazing Game!. Let’s cut to the chase: This game is awesome! It’s simple but challenging, and its graphics aren’t over the top. There are no micro transactions or ads either! Love the level builder and generator too. 10/10

Superb game!. A very well design game with neat minimalistic visuals. Good variety in the puzzles with a well balanced learning curve. Simple control that make it easy to play the game on a mobile. Zen, relaxing game.

Fun. Very nice game😃

Awesome game!. One of the funnest, most addictive, games ever! If like monument valley, you'll love this!

👌. This is an excellent game of puzzle and thinking out of the box. It is a really good brain exercise and is quite fun. I'd definitely recommend it.

Neat. It's a pretty cool game, once you get into it it can become a little repetitive but it's definitely worth it.

Great mind-bending game!. I have had this app for years and still enjoy coming back to play levels. It would be awesome if players could submit their creations for others to download and play at will.

Mind bending fun. I think this is honestly one of the best puzzle games I've played. It is brilliant visually, difficult enough to keep you invested, with a clear feeling of accomplishment when you finally figure out one that has really left you guessing. No nagging ads, fantastic design.

Good brain exercise. It starts off easy enough, but the difficulty increases with the different levels. Gets your brain to think spatially. Unlike any other game I’ve seen.

Good times. Good times

Quizzed. Lots of fun Cool graphics!!

Great!. I enjoy every minutes of it! Great game.

On point 👌🏻. Guys this game is worth it. It's trippy as hell and I'm only on like level 20 and there's still 80 more to go! This game is amazing I had to tell myself to stop at 20 before I did them all and ruined the game but for real it's definitely worth it

Good brain teaser!. Fun game.

Addictif. Wow c'est un super jeu je ne peu plus arrêter d'y jouer

Simple but addictive. I love the look of this game, the impossible geometry of it is just so interesting, plus the game is both challenging and inventive.

So Zen!. Love this game and the music helps to clear the mind and the path! More levels please as I just finished all 100!

Perfect Distraction. This game is perfect for occupational and distractive therapy! Or just for fun! I can't help myself from continuing to play it's so much fun! ** UPDATE** I just completed level 100 and will be making my own levels now, this game is SO MUCH FUN

Soothing... You can play it with great attention to solving the puzzle or jut move the cube around. Some of the levels look similar but does then result of gameplay. I don't typically stick with a game to the end, so this was a treat.

Gfg one of the best. Need more levels great job

Sux. Do not get it monument Valley is better

Great Brain Exercise. Just finished 100 levels!😊 Don't give up!

Great mind game. I love this game can't stop playing it

Amazing. I can't play online levels / top 200 levels too :( Hope I find a way to play them back

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Easy 5 Stars. I was skeptical at first just coming off a Monument Valley binge. This is a great game. Game play is fun and intuitive. Sure you can stumble your way through and solve the level with blind luck, but once you start trying to use you brain to reason out the puzzle it becomes much more fun. Each level takes about 5 minutes to complete, if you have 5 or 10 minute slots in your day that you can work this in its perfect.

A new way of presenting apps.. Like others I got this during free app of the week. What I like most besides the endless puzzles (counting those made by fans) is the ability to make your own & that there's no annoying in app purchases! Like Mekorama you can pay what you think it's worth witch helps developers continue to make cool apps that aren't just cash 💰 hogs. Cheers 🍻

Love This---but normally hate puzzles. I'm not sure why or how, but the Escher-like geometry of this puzzle/ game unhinges my expectations and allows a nice intuitive approach to the solution. Neither starting logically at the beginning or the end seems to work for me, but relaxed wandering (and not repeating the same pattern of steps) works every time. Regular puzzles raise my stress level, but this is akin to focused meditation. Very, Very Good Job!

Good game, but should have stars. This is a great puzzle game, but it would be even better if you received stars for your performance in levels (like Rubek, awesome game). It should award 3 stars to whoever finishes the level in the least amount of moves possible. Play Rubek and you'll get an idea of the game. It will make this a lot more about strategy and less about swiping Willy nilly.

Good game, obnoxious sounds. Hey I love games like this. When they compared it to monument valley, I was sold. Gameplay didn't disappoint either. The game is fun trying to figure out perspectives and the viewing plane that you are playing on. Why the 3 stars because of sounds. First thing I do is usually lower the game sounds or turn off. Did that, but then it's chiming bells would just randomly start playing during a level and not stop. And some of those bells and chimes are headache worthy. Please fix sound issues if any new levels are released!!

Great game! But.... This a challenging fun game. But the direction are a bit confusing, you should get stars for completing levels then using the star for the directions if wanted.I want to do it on my own but it's tempting to look and then when I need help it's hard to understand. It should only have one pointer and be a thing you click to see the directions. Other than that this game is a blast!

Loving it!. As other reviews mention, there are certain "techniques" to finding out how the puzzle works. I personally haven't the hang of these techniques yet, but I do recognize the patterns. I think the strongest aspect of this game is the concept- using impossible shapes to create a puzzle is a genius idea. I personally have nothing against the execution of the game, though others do. Anyway, I'd like to suggest a hint system, if that isn't already in the works. Still, I've made it so far without getting stuck, so maybe this is unnecessary? I wish I had other suggestions for the execution. All I know is that the minimalist theme may be working against the game, not for it. Still, I love this game to bits and can spend hours playing it. Not that I haven't already. Concept: 10/10 Execution: 8/10 Aesthetics: 8/10

Infuriatingly Simple!. Just an absolutely fantastic game! Although the premise is very simple, and in concept it should be easy, the mental acrobats required in getting the cube where it needs to be are at times endlessly frustrating. The Escher-inspired design is executed in a clean and appealing way. A perfect puzzle game that is somehow simultaneously relaxing and infuriating. What a great pick for app of the week, I'm so glad I found this!

Solid concept, but lacking variety. The game has all its cards on the table by the 5th stage. No new mechanics, no new colors or interesting twists. It's a really solid execution, and for 2.99 it's a good value. Also, this is a personal gripe, but I wish the cube would move a little faster. If I could just drag and slide it along without having to wait for it to get where it's going that would be a plus.

Great game, great producer. This game is awesome. It has this simplistic design that enhances it, and some cool music in the background. You go through mind boggling stages and twist that I couldn't have though of. Is game really was awesomely designed, and I applaud the designer on his skill. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 This game was totally worth a dollar, as you are funding one man and not a company, and it's just a great game. This comes from someone who has only bought one other game in two years.

Good, but to Simple. Being someone who is really fond of impossible structures(which this game is full of), this game was good based on concept alone. However, my only real issue is that the game is basically the same thing throughout. You swipe to move, and thats about it. Luckily, I never got bored of playing it, but I always wanted a bit more interaction with the shape itself.(maybe something like the red structure in the trailer).Other than that, really good game!!

Excellent Non-Euclidean puzzle game. This puzzle game makes you think in a new way, where you might be surprised even when you think you have it all figured out. I'd personally recommend actually trying to solve it instead of randomly moving the cube; you'll feel smarter if you do.

Elegant!. I am very happy with this app. Even though I am not very far along in it I love it for its simplicity. Best wishes to the designers... I hope you sell millions. UPDATE: Just finished level 85 and turned in my own puzzle!!! YES! You can make your own and submit it. Just one question Mr Developer: where can I get a new red cube... I wore mine out playing this game so much ... LOL - I WOULD GIVE TEN STARS IF I COULD.

Challenging without being stressful. I play games when I'm too tired to do something more productive. Hocus is awesome for that, because I don't need fast reflexes or great endurance to beat a level. It's just the right degree of engaging. I can try to visualize the solution from the beginning, or just roll the block around until I end up in the right place.

Fun but Inaccessible. I like the concept of this game a lot. But if you have any kind of visual/processing issues, you might want to skip this one. First of all, it's very high-contrast. That would be fine if there weren't a fun added feature that you can't turn off: every time you move the block, the screen fades slowly until the block stops, when it brightens again. Not sure why the dev thought that would be a good design choice, but it makes me not want to play.

Disappointingly Easy, But Passes Time.. As a published author who hasn't even graduated high school, I really love challenges from my brain. However, this game has only one challenge, and that is to not fall asleep while playing it. Don't get me wrong, it is fun and I understand why people like it, but consider he following. This game is difficult if you think in three dimensions. Forget the Z axis, this game only uses X and Y with Z being nothing more than an illusion. Once you know this, each level is easier than the last. For a game aimed towards higher level thinkers, please looks elsewhere.

Spatial Awareness Fun!. It helps to have spatial awareness, but you can still do it without. Rolling the red block along edges that intersect at weird places (like Escher's stairs) to the red rectangle and seeing it disappear is very satisfying. It's such a lot of fun and for me addictive; I cannot stop playing this! I know I'm going to run out too soon so, creators, please can you make lots more? - More puzzles have been created and these are just as challenging, addictive, and satisfyingly fun. Undoubtedly, my favorite game ever. Love it.

It isn't as easy as it looks... Keeps you thinking. This game has been the one I play all the time since I downloaded it a few days ago. It's challenging and keeps me trying to figure how to get that cube where it needs to go. The music is soothing and my brain isn't on overload sensation coming from all directions. I can play and finish a few challenges without worrying about a score. Overall it's a first rate game.

Complex yet simple.... Loads of fun and frustration at the same time. Really makes you think outside the box. You can play again and again and still have to hunt for the solution. Added bonus to make your own levels! Looks forward to the next update with more puzzles

Killer game!!!. I've been dying for another game that was Monument Valley-ish. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I do sort of miss the story line style a bit, but for the strict MC Escher designs it was a fair trade off. I found that I have wasted several hours without even noticing, but I'm working my brain so again, fair trade off. I love a game that has no lives, no clock and no limits to speak of. This one checks all the boxes!

Amazing game!. I first got 'hocus' via the Starbucks app. Then a few months later, it's the free app of the week. I didn't pay for the game, but $1 is worth it in my opinion! Very fun, not too challenging where you get fed up and quit, but not too easy where you find yourself wondering if it was worth the money. Get the game, you won't regret it. They're always adding new levels!!

This is an excellent game!. The game starts with very easy levels and as you progress the difficulty increases. There is no time or steps required to finish a level, so you can relax and think first, or move the box aimlessly until you find the solution by chance (sometimes this could take a while). The graphics are minimal but that's what makes each puzzle more interesting and difficult. Once again, the developers outdid themselves. 👍👍👍

Interesting puzzle game with bugs. Good perspective puzzle game. Not as addictive as I had hoped but still a game I enjoy playing a few levels at a time then putting down. I prefer to not have music playing when I play so when the music randomly turns on it is a negative for me and then not being able to turn it off is problematic so I just stop playing. Also swiping on the screen to make the cube move is glitchy. Sometimes I'm stuck for quite a while and I'm tapping and swiping to no avail. Oh well.

So relaxing and fun. I love this game😊 very fun, and relaxing. Especially with the ambient music in the background. I've always loved illusions so it makes me really happy that someone made a game like this, too actually use the illusions for something soothing and fun. It's also not the kind of game that makes me aggravated when I can't get it right. It just relaxes me and I keep choosing different ways to get there. The hard levels honestly doesn't take more than 5 mins.

Wicked Addictive Puzzle. I don't generally get addicted to iOS games. Not even the puzzle ones, but I had trouble putting this one down. The mulit-spatial thinking was the best part and then the aspects that you thought were one dimension turning into another were a wonderful surprise. The aspect of no score and no lives lost makes it a context of besting yourself—and I love that. My last star is for the need for more levels and complex tasks.

Compelling and fun!. I started playing this game, and after 10 minutes I was hooked. The visuals are nice and the sounds are very relaxing. It makes you think differently about the geometry of the world it is set in. It provides interesting puzzles, and is an enjoyable experience. I'd recommend this game if you enjoy puzzle games that require a different mindset to succeed.

Not as simple as it looks.. I wish my mind were analytical enough that I could just look at it and know how to reach my objective, but I often have to try a number of moves to see where it will take me. If you enjoy working out puzzles you will enjoy this game. If you don't want to have to engage your brain and you only want to rely on quick reflects, then you will not enjoy this one.

Melts my brain, and I love that!. When I see this, it makes me think of a minimalistic approach to Monument Valley. This however, utilizes illusions much more that MV, making it more challenging, but just as fun. I had this on my wishlist for ages. When I finally saw it free, I hurriedly downloaded it and am not disappointed, albeit I beat the current lineup in a matter of days... I'll just have to contribute and make some!

Congrats. I don't often rate apps - but I do make exceptions. This one from Starbucks caught my attention after I downloaded it, and I must say I really like it. I like to play solitaire while I listen to Audible books - this may take Solitaire's place, until I run out of levels at least. I'll likely download more levels when they come available - even for a small fee if necessary.

Unique Game! (Suggestions). This is an absolutely wonderful game, with such a unique mechanic! The graphics are simple, and best of all, no time or score! There are a few suggestions I have though! 1. A reset button. 2. The ability to access your own levels without the code/Saving levels you like. Overall, this is one of the best and most unique games like this I have ever found! Definitely worth it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mind Bending Fun. Really enjoy the pace; the music is peaceful and although it requires patience and a change in perspective the puzzles are solvable. I'm fed up with the fast paced gameplay of so many of the games and the increasing efforts of developers to extract more money from the public. I now avoid games that want me to link up with social media and compete with friends. This game can be played without being pestered to pay or compete with other people. This one is a keeper!!

Pretty, but easy to win by guessing. The game plays with perspective in an Escher-like fashion, where you roll a cube along the surfaces of impossible shapes. The visuals are nice, but unfortunately the “puzzles” can often we completed by just guessing or almost mindlessly rolling the cube down each surface. This is somewhat excusable, since by nature of this type of puzzle, it is hard to plan ahead. Maybe in more capable hands, the puzzles could have been designed to teach you to be more thoughtful, or maybe this puzzle universe is shallow and there’s not much here to begin with.

Short lived... It's okay. Finished the included 50 levels in 1 day. Scale of difficulty 6 out 10. Now with that done, I don't see myself opening & playing this app again until new levels are released, whenever that maybe? Was hoping to use this app/game for more than 1 day, but it is what it is. If you're the type of person who likes to play the same puzzle over and over again, you'll likely enjoy this app. If, however, you're like me, and once a puzzle is built/solved you move on, you may find this game short-lived.

Meh. I hate to be one of those people who gives a bad review, but this game is... Well... Meh. I bought this game hoping that it would have some sort of play off the game "Monument Valley" but the only thing it has is the impossible architecture. It has hard to use controls and I just couldn't get myself to like it. But I'm sure there are some people who just love this game, so 3 stars it is. I would not recommend this game to a friend though, it just doesn't meet my recommending standards. Like I said, meh.

Pretty good game. I got stuck after the first few levels and put down for a few months. Started playing again and some levels were hard and a few took 30 seconds to finish. It requires you to think in 3D. When playing just know there are only a few ways to move so don't give up. I work from end to the start to solve.

Mind-bendingly challenging but no time pressure. This is one of my favorite games. It doesn't try to extract your money nor give you time pressure but it challenges you visually and spatially. I love the peaceful background chimes music. It doesn't take unrealistically long to solve each level either and the fact that it has a level editor is wonderful.

Practically perfect perspective puzzler…. …that just needs more levels. Fortunately, it's fairly replayable, because there are enough levels (50 at present) that no one solution sticks in my mind. One minor complaint preventing five stars: while the music is perfect and soothing, the sound effect of the cube when it is rolling is rather sharp and piercing. All other sounds are "just right", but the rolling cube sound clashes with the harmonious tone of the music -- and this is definitely one of a very few games whose music alone makes me want to play with sounds turned on!

Lowkey my favorite game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. This game passes my free time easily (mainly at school) so once I beat it im kinda bored so I suggest that there should be a section where people can make levels and upload them to where others can play and try to solve their puzzles. It opens ideas to many levels and puzzles including some with multiple ways to solve them!! It's just a suggestion but other than that I would completely recommend this app!!! :D

Bad color. Boring, Too easy to play. Not a 3D game.. This game is too easy to play. Although I love the M.C Escher’s art, the game is kind of boring and the puzzles are too easy to solve. All we need to do is to aimless roll the cube around for a little while without even having to think and then all the puzzles are solved… The worst thing is that the colors of the metal bars is always silver, which is not fun. Perhaps, you could change the color of the metal bar, background and the cube to some things more pleasing to the eyes. Also, this is not a 3D game. Overall, I wish I had my money back, and I asked Apple to refund me, but they say there is no option to refund this game unfortunately.

Great Concept, Low Difficulty. The game is really interesting and has a lot of potential, and at the time of this review has 85 levels. The problem I have with it is the low difficulty. A puzzle game with 85 levels should provide more than about 40-45 minutes of gameplay. Most levels only took around 25 seconds, and only about 2 took more than 2 minutes. Please up the difficulty, and other than that maybe make the controls a bit better, sometimes the cube will go the wrong way.

Good puzzles app, need a timer though!. I love the 3D puzzles. Most of them are easy but some really make you think hard. One suggestion to make the app better. You should add a timer to see how long it took a person to solve the puzzle. Based on the time taken you can give a rating between 1-3 stars. This way I'll know which puzzles I struggled on and come back to solve them again! Overall a very good app definitely worth a buck!

Needs improvement. I like it somewhat, I love impossible figures. I played monument valley and it used impossible figures amazingly and made them easy to navigate. However I went all the way to level 25 and realized the game was too one sided. What I mean by this is there is like only on way to beat each level. I've positioned the cube on a position where if the physics of monument valley were in place I would be able to pass it. It frustrated me that my way of solving it wasn't in the game. If the team new more about these figures they'd know how to implement the multiple ways of moving the cube. I deleted it because that's just failure of game design by the creators.

Amazing game.. I love the graphics and the shadings of this game. It looks hard to solve he more you play but it's fairly playable, not like the other brain teasers that gets you stuck on a level for ages & ages to come. I admire the design of each level too. Greg job. But I think a 'hint' option for be available after the player makes errors repeatedly. :)

Excelent game. I'm glad to see something different in a brain stimulation game. Understanding the way this works can teach anyone about thinking outside the box, literally. This could help people understand how things work mechanically. Just doing this makes you use that spot between your ears that is filled with cobwebs. Only problem we need more puzzles.

A Well Deserved Five Stars!. I just had to throw my two cents in about this app. All the positive adjectives, phrases and descriptive comments are all true. Hocus is a wonderful, simple, as challenging as you want or not. Stress free and I always end with a smile on my face and think to myself or say out loud, "This is such a good app! I really enjoy using it." I bet, you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

One of my favorite games. I always try to find games on the App Store that can keep me busy when I'm bored, and this game surely does the trick! It's originality and uniqueness really does make it stand out in my opinion. I love the challenge it provides from how the levels progressively get more complex. Although, I have found it quite close to impossible to beat level 76. I'm not sure if it was just a design flaw or if the game has finally stumped me! But overall it's an awesome game and I'd recommend it to anyone!

Spatial Orientation Game. If MC Escher were to create a game it would look very much like this. It requires good special orientation skills but trial and error can also get you there. The music is a relaxing chime but it can grow repetitive though it is nicely done. The game can be quite addictive and I certainly look forward to more levels being added. It's a good value as it sneaks a valuable thinking skill into a fun game. I don't buy or play many games on my iPhone but this one earns my recommendation.

🔥🔥LIT🔥🔥. So, I got the game when it was free app of the day on the App Store. I got it because I love a deal. I didn't even read the reviews, and I didn't even know what the game was about. So I started playing it and was pleasantly surprised by how addicting and puzzling the game was. Difficult, but not too difficult that I would look up a walk through of sorts. I personally wouldn't buy the game, but that's just because I'm broke. I really recommend the game. 👍👍👍

Stimulating and relaxing at the same time. The title sounds impossible I know. When I have had a stressful day and I want something to relax me and yet still pose a stimulating challenge, this is my go to game. If you like Monument Valley like me, this game will definitely be another favorite of yours in a very short time. The background music is very soothing. My blood pressure actually goes down after playing this game.

Great Game Worth Playing For.... I used to draw diagrams in geometry class based on these mind-bending shapes. It was a pleasure to traverse the 3D space of an impossible landscape with a fully comprehendible means of navigation. None were so challenging that I racked my brain in wonder, but I certainly stumbled upon my goal in many free moments. I loved this. Good job. Make more fun and interesting games that bring about a novel experience and I will continue to give you my money.

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.3.0
Play Store com.gamebrain.hocus
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Hocus. (Versiyon 2.3.0) Install & Download

The application Hocus. was published in the category Games on 01 October 2015, Thursday and was developed by Gamebra.in [Developer ID: 1030548463]. This program file size is 17.7 MB. This app has been rated by 224 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Hocus. - Games app posted on 04 November 2020, Wednesday current version is 2.3.0 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.gamebrain.hocus. Languages supported by the app:

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Hocus. Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• hocus 2 is coming...

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