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Keep track of your spending and save money with Pennies, the award-winning budgeting app for iPhone, iPad and Watch. Winner of Apple's ‘Editors Choice’ award and thousands of 5 Star reviews worldwide, Pennies is THE budgeting app for everyday people.

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"The easiest and simplest budgeting app ever"
"Been using it everyday for a year now - and my bank account shows it!"
"The perfect, simple budgeting app that actually helps me save"
"Life Changing"
"You need this app!"


Pennies does all the hard work for you by telling you how much you have to spend today. If you spend less, no worries, Pennies will give you more money to spend tomorrow.

Should you spend or should you save? Pennies shows your spending and finance health with bold colors, helping you slow down or speed up your spending to keep you on track.

Pennies offers you weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, twice-monthly, custom and one-off budgets, that start on any day you want. No other budgeting app gives you this much flexibility to create budgets that work perfectly with your lifestyle.

Keep your budgets backed up and shared across all your iOS devices via iCloud. Pennies installs on your iPhone, Watch and iPad and seamlessly syncs your budgets for you.

Have more than one budget that you want to keep on top of? No problem, there's no limit to how many budgets you can set up.

Sometimes we forget when we spend – that’s OK. Add and edit expenses to previous dates and budget periods, and Pennies will recalculate your budgets today so you are always up to date with your spending money.

Use any currency in the world for individual budgets.

Easily transfer money between budgets with a single click.

Made a purchase? Sweet, just add it in. Pennies only cares about the numbers, no tags, charts or complex breakdowns here. Just the amount of money you have to spend is all you need to know.

Add budgets, transfers and expenses straight from your home screen using 3D Touch Quick Actions. Requires iPhone 6s / 6s+

Head to the Today view in Notification Center and add Pennies Today, you'll get a handy view of your daily budgets, and with a single tap you can view them in Pennies.

Pennies comes ready to install on your iPhone, iPad and your Apple Watch, so you can keep your budget with you wherever you go!

Budgeting shouldn’t be hard work or boring. That’s why in Pennies you won’t find any charts, graphs or complicated diagrams. It's personal finance made easy, it’s your money made simple.

Pennies is friendly, bold and unbelievably easy to use, giving you the freedom to manage your budgets and spending in any way that suits you. It's all about keeping things easy and flexible so you can get on with having fun, spending what you want, and saving money at the end of the month.

So, start budgeting how you want, when you want, without any worry. Start using Pennies today!

If you enjoy using Pennies please rate the app! If you have any feature requests I'd love to hear them. If you want to send me chocolates and roses, that's cool too.

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Pennies – Budget and Expenses App Description & Overview

The applications Pennies – Budget and Expenses was published in the category Finance on 2014-10-09 and was developed by Emile Bennett. The file size is 80.12 MB. The current version is 5.6.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• 'Tip Jar' now works
The previous update introduced a new 'Tip Jar'. Unfortunately the tips weren't working at the time of the update. Now they are...Wooop!

So, if Pennies is making your life easier and helping you save money, please consider supporting the app by opening the Setting page and leaving us a tip in our Tip Jar.

It would also be great if you could leave a positive review in the App Store, or update an existing one. I’d really appreciate it. As an indie developer it makes a big difference. Thanks!

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Pennies is Perfect  Skippernaut  5 star

Honestly, I tried a bunch of different apps to do my budget, but they were all like unreasonably complicated. Pennies let’s me set my budget, my schedule. I can even super easily do rollovers. And it’s automatic. Bam. Best part is that I have my regular weekly budget, but I also can set up other budgets like for planning a party or spending birthday money. And it syncs up to the watch. Like. Dang. I recommend it to everyone I know. It’s everything I wanted and needed from a budget app.


Could really use a shared budget feature  jarebear989  4 star

This is great for personal budgeting, but shared budgets could make it easier for family finances.


A rip off  lordgiven$90  1 star

I didn’t even used the app nor was it advertised as a paid app. I was charged for it days after download the app.


Excellent app  5hadow!  5 star

I’ve tried many different budgeting app and this is by far my most favorite!! It’s so simple and easy to use!! Exactly what I had been looking for!!

Rico suave 737

I love pennies, a few upgrades would be great  Rico suave 737  5 star

Like colors to choose for a theme, icons , charts , trends , graphs , also selected sound effects for when you spend like a ouch or something and when you gain money some cool effect come up ! I love how the app runs and works but I plan to used this app for a very long time i would love more tech :)


Love the app but...  mattvz94  4 star

I love this app and all of its functionality. What would make it 5 stars is if there were more options for when budgets reset, like “the first Monday of each month” or “the third Thursday of each month”


Best budgeting app available.  doodlebugzzzzzz  5 star

This is in my opinion. The most simple, budget focused app on the market today! I love pennies!


The single app that keeps me on iOS  MBirkey  5 star

Edit: I have been using this app daily for years after purchasing it for a few dollars. It helps me keep track of expenses while keeping me on budget. I happily pledged a $5 tip using the new tip jar feature. This great quality app deserves to keep going with users support! Pennies gets better with each update. I have been using this version in beta for a while now and it is even more useful! You can now group your expenses and income by note. This allows you to see how much has been spent on each note type based on the timeframe of your set budgets. The today widget is much more useful and the app syncs and runs like a well oiled machine. I use Pennies daily and it helps me keep track of my expenses, let's me know if I should stop spending, and now helps me understand easier what I spend my money on month to month. This app is quality and worth a purchase. The developer is super personable and makes every attempt to listen to his users. Keep up the awesome work!


simple and it does the job well  ViragoBridget  5 star

I really like this app. Nice simple concept. All the things you need and none of the things you don't.



This is the best tool for keeping up with your spending! Once your budget is established just log in your spending as it happens (and that is easy to do!) and it does it from there. Can’t go wrong with using this app!


Favorite Budget App  C5mroyal  5 star

This is my favorite budgeting app because there are so many customizable features, and it has a simple design. Love it!

I Am A Parade

Great app for quick expense logging  I Am A Parade  5 star

Pennies is great for quick expense logging and categorizing. Budgets are flexible to set up, and it allows for multiple expenses. Entries are easy to look back over, as well. If you need an easy budgeting diary, look no further!


Simple. Easy. Bautiful.  DtoC  5 star

This isn't loaded with "features" you don't need and won't use. It's a simple money tracker that's easy to use and looks pretty (which if you're an apple fan, you like that even if you won't admit it outright). Love it!

Scott Fugger

Best budget app for my needs  Scott Fugger  5 star

This app, along with Simple Banking, are everything I need to keep my finances straight on a bi-weekly, paycheck to paycheck budget. Pennies tells me exactly how much I can safely spend per day and recalculate at the end of every day whether I spent more or less than the allotted daily budget. It's simple, easy to use, and just what I'm looking for!


The Best  LeandroQuezada  5 star

No Ads! No bugs, no crashes! Very very user friendly and it will save you lots and lots of money every day. By far the best budget app!!


Really easy to use so I actually use it!  trynning  5 star

Really easy to use so I actually use it!

livelifelove ❤️

Helpful app  livelifelove ❤️  5 star

I've been using this for a while; since theyve worked out the kinks and added more labeling opportunities, Ive really enjoyed using it. It's life/pocket-changing when used consistently. :)


Nice user friendly app  R4strings  5 star

Love everything about it. I would like to see more of a "check register" type interface but nonetheless a great app.


Simple and very convenient  RedRider002  4 star

It's simple and easy to use. Though the app is a bit hard to get used to when you first start using it. Once you understand the simple budget and day separation, it's easy. Pro - 1.) easy to use and see expense tracking. 2.) Colorful and simple Con - 1.) No graph chart tracking 2.) no way to put in budgeted savings or non profit giving.


Great App  Waleedahmad313  5 star

I love it

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