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Keep track of your spending and save money with Pennies, the award-winning budgeting app for iPhone, iPad and Watch. Winner of Apple's ‘Editors Choice’ award and thousands of 5 Star reviews worldwide, Pennies is THE budgeting app for everyday people.

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"The easiest and simplest budgeting app ever"
"Been using it everyday for a year now - and my bank account shows it!"
"The perfect, simple budgeting app that actually helps me save"
"Life Changing"
"You need this app!"


Pennies does all the hard work for you by telling you how much you have to spend today. If you spend less, no worries, Pennies will give you more money to spend tomorrow.

Should you spend or should you save? Pennies shows your spending and finance health with bold colors, helping you slow down or speed up your spending to keep you on track.

Pennies offers you weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, twice-monthly, custom and one-off budgets, that start on any day you want. No other budgeting app gives you this much flexibility to create budgets that work perfectly with your lifestyle.

Keep your budgets backed up and shared across all your iOS devices via iCloud. Pennies installs on your iPhone, Watch and iPad and seamlessly syncs your budgets for you.

Have more than one budget that you want to keep on top of? No problem, there's no limit to how many budgets you can set up.

Sometimes we forget when we spend – that’s OK. Add and edit expenses to previous dates and budget periods, and Pennies will recalculate your budgets today so you are always up to date with your spending money.

Use any currency in the world for individual budgets.

Easily transfer money between budgets with a single click.

Made a purchase? Sweet, just add it in. Pennies only cares about the numbers, no tags, charts or complex breakdowns here. Just the amount of money you have to spend is all you need to know.

Add budgets, transfers and expenses straight from your home screen using 3D Touch Quick Actions. Requires iPhone 6s / 6s+

Head to the Today view in Notification Center and add Pennies Today, you'll get a handy view of your daily budgets, and with a single tap you can view them in Pennies.

Pennies comes ready to install on your iPhone, iPad and your Apple Watch, so you can keep your budget with you wherever you go!

Budgeting shouldn’t be hard work or boring. That’s why in Pennies you won’t find any charts, graphs or complicated diagrams. It's personal finance made easy, it’s your money made simple.

Pennies is friendly, bold and unbelievably easy to use, giving you the freedom to manage your budgets and spending in any way that suits you. It's all about keeping things easy and flexible so you can get on with having fun, spending what you want, and saving money at the end of the month.

So, start budgeting how you want, when you want, without any worry. Start using Pennies today!

If you enjoy using Pennies please rate the app! If you have any feature requests I'd love to hear them. If you want to send me chocolates and roses, that's cool too.

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Pennies – Budget and Expenses App Description & Overview

The applications Pennies – Budget and Expenses was published in the category Finance on 2014-10-09 and was developed by Emile Bennett. The file size is 82.07 MB. The current version is 5.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Support for iPhone X display
• Multiple fixes & optimisations

Pennies is now quicker and more reliable than ever. Boom!

If you are enjoying the new version of Pennies it would be great if you could leave a positive review in the App Store, or update an existing one. As an indie developer it makes a big difference. Thanks!

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Pennies – Budget and Expenses Reviews

Marcella Treybig photography

Simple & easy  Marcella Treybig photography  5 star

This app is awesome for someone that just needs to keep track of funds on the go. Simple & easy! Love it. I use it for kids expenses, trips, grocery exc


Rounding would make it 5  Nohoamateur  4 star

Very useful and easy to use with one flaw, the inability to enter rounded numbers without two decimals. This significantly slows down entry, especially on the watch. Other apps let you skip the decimals.


The best in the category!  spr0ut  5 star

Pennies is absolutely the only app you should look at in the category of budget tracking. Intuitive UI, delightful interface, and quick entries. Check this one out for sure!


I have no clue why this has such good ratings  Rippleglass  1 star

I thought this was an app that would let me set aside and plan for coming expenses, but no, all it is is a 4$ manual spending tracker. The payday rollover doesn’t help, because I can’t tell the app when I am expecting payments to go out, because YOU CANNOT LINK A BANK ACCOUNT. All it does is tell me I have 44$ to spend on rent today, as if my rent doesn’t all go out on the 27th.


Receipt?  TagWorm  3 star

Needs a way to scan receipts into the ledger. It would make things much simpler and would be an outstanding app.


Amazing! And very accessible  GodlyTachanka  5 star

It’s an easy offline money tracker or kinda like a checkbook app. This app lets me only spend a specific amount a month, daily or however. It’s an easy tracker and will allow you to move over what remains from the previous period.


Basic  marebell  4 star

I’ve bumped it up to a 4, only thing left that would make it perfect is if I’m editing certain items you could click a button that says repeat each month so you don’t have to type in rent, insurance etc every month. Thanks for the other improvements


Pennies Privacy Concern  Dooksta123  4 star

Hi. I love your app Pennies and it really helps me keep track of my spending. I do have a privacy concern, however, that when I put Pennies as a Complication on my Apple Watch, I like it to be in the middle where I can see my money at a glance. The problem is that when the watch is taken off, the entire thing locks but the money still shows. This is a problem because if someone steals my watch, they would know how much money is on me and that would be a problem. Is there a way I can set it so that the money hides when I take off the watch? By the way, the Complication I’m most interested in that I’m talking about is the one that say “Today” and “Period.” It would be great if I could use that safely, again. In the meantime, I’m using a smaller Complication that does in fact lock when I take off the watch.

dayna g

Easiest, simplest budget app  dayna g  5 star

Used this to replace my handwritten budget six months ago, and I still love it. It helps me visualize how much I have to spend each day or month, and adjusts when I make big purchases or save up! Plus it's visually super cute. No complaints, worth the price.


Perfect for Expense Tracking  Amb2016  5 star

I have been using Pennies for about a year and I think it is great expense tracking tool for people on both end of the financial spectrum. A person just trying to get handle on their spending and develop some basic budgeting skills, will appreciate how easy it is to keep track of spending. I'm on the other end of the spectrum with a good handle on spending and managing my finances. I appreciate that I don't have to enter all my accounts and credit cards like on some other apps. I manage all of that just fine. I just want to see when I go over budget and track spending trends. Successful budgeting requires tracking spending as we all know, this app is great for just that, and it does it very well.


Can be better  Mikkkk99  3 star

Can be better if it incorporated graphs to show how much spent on certain things over time or if it incorporated bills


Great App & A Couple of Suggestions  shillier90  4 star

I really like this app and prefer it over some of the others in the App Store as I don’t love the idea of linking my bank account and granting access to a random organisation. The layout is clean and simple to use and very customisable. 2 [small] things I would suggest. I was so confused about the use of the term ‘bi-weekly’ and wasn’t sure if this meant fortnightly or twice weekly. The other thing is it would be nice to be able to change the payroll date for existing budgets, for example when changing jobs. Only some very minor tweaks and bug fixes over time are the things I’m looking forward to and it’s well on its way to becoming a 5 star app!


Fantastic  NamesOliver  5 star

Love this app Had some issues (possibly corrupt data) and received fantastic personal customer service. Issue resolved!

Budgeting is fun

Easy to Use and saves me time  Budgeting is fun  5 star

I have been using it for almost a year now. It is super easy to use and since starting with it my budget spreadsheet (I budget and track spending in Excel) is always accurate. Once a month or so I add my lump sum spending into my spreadsheet, knowing that I have entered almost all my expenses each day as I live my day- no time spent sorting through receipts in my purse!


Not Very Useful  jeffersonpop  2 star

I don't get how this works for tracking expenses. I can really only see how it might be a little bit helpful when budgeting for something like a holiday. And you can't seem to add future expenses, the calendar wheel constantly takes you back to the current day. Sorry - I wouldn't have bothered rating but I paid for the app so it's a let down.

pietro italiano

Best way I've found yet to manage my money  pietro italiano  5 star

As the title says, so far this is the best app I've found to manage my money. Both spending and saving, I've started to see light at the end of the tunnel and I know it's not a train! The watch app makes it so easy to remember to update your spending (gets a bit annoying when the watch and phone are out of synch, but I'm still using a first gen watch) Get this app.

Jianfa Tsai

I will use Pennies budgeting app for my lifetime  Jianfa Tsai  5 star

Excellent. Five star. Perfect. No regrets. Money well spent. Get it now! ;)


Not bad but...  PSB136  2 star

...I emailed you in Aug 2016 asking that the app's badge show the balance remaining of the current budget, without the cents, so we don't need to open the app or Today widget to see it. You said it was a good idea, so... any news?

Sam Rae

Great app  Sam Rae  5 star

This is a great little budgeting app. Nothing complicated; just basic envelope budgetting for a few categories. We've switched to this for our day-to-day budgeting because the big options of YNAB and the like were just too involved, so we didn't use them. If you don't need to track everything, but just need to limit spending in the categories that matter, this is a great way to do it.


I wish it could tell overall budget & historical spent..  Andesta  2 star

Useful for day to day, but it doesn't give an overview of your budget nor historical data.. make it hard to plan


Amazing  Bwprmix  5 star

I am super anal when it comes to my finances. This helps me track every account and card I have. It's great!


Terrible  Seam133333  1 star

The concept is good but the app is too glitchy. It keeps creating new and deleting my current budgets. I will download once this is fixed.


Amazing iCloud sync for couples  Bebekiki  5 star

My husband and I actually are having fun saving money every day because of Pennies! We love the way you can create electronic envelops that give visual cues by the color on how we're doing. I even created a budget for "Sugary Sweet Crap" set at $3/week. If I ever want to buy cookies or ice cream, I can only draw from that account. So, besides losing debt, I should lose a pound or two. 😄


Simple and effective  WolfTsenW  5 star

Love the way you can start the month on any date. Simple interface. Just what I needed.


Pennies!  Naterzilla  5 star

Best budget app I've used TO DATE. 10/10.


Really nice app  Pizzahut12359975336  5 star

Really easy to use and looks really nice


Great  SMJorge  4 star

It's really simple to use and very effective. I highly recommend it! It would also be nice to have the ability to schedule future items and also be able to assist a note to each item in addition to the category. It's well worth the money!


Not worth the time or money.  Pj00028  1 star

This app does not connect to your bank/debit accounts so nothing is automated. Every purchase has to be tracked and entered manually. Unless you want to constantly take your phone out and type every single transaction you make and continually compare your budget versus your bank account to see if money is being properly accounted for, this app is not worth it.


Great and very useful app  Redbooklover94  5 star

I love this app. I like that it makes it easy to budget without giving up your banking details. I also like that you can see how much money you have left to spend. It really makes you think if you really need that thing you wanted or if it can wait.


Awesome!  JAMoraes  5 star

Very Good and simple!

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