Snow Day Calculator

Snow Day Calculator [Weather] App Description & Overview

Snow Day Calculator App!

Get the prediction power of the Snow Day Calculator in an App. Using just your zip code, David Sukhin's famous Snow Day Calculator will predict the chance of a snow day.

The Snow Day Calculator automatically pulls weather information from the National Weather Service and uses a carefully developed formula to give super accurate snow day predictions for your school! Predictions always use the most recent weather information and new predictions become available at noon each day.

You can also sign up for Snow Day Notifications for up to three days in advance and join your school group for even more accurate predictions!

What's your chance for a snow day tomorrow?

Some optional features of the app may occasionally use location services which may affect your battery life. You have the option to enable and disable these features at any time.

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Snow Day Calculator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New Snow Day Calculator App! - Polished Design - Refined Location Features

Snow Day Calculator Comments & Reviews

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- Just for fun, really...

This should probably go without saying, but the information you get from this app should just be considered for fun. The app goes off of weather forecasts, but even if you do get a certain amount of snow, it’s always up to the discretion of the school district whether or not they think the roads are bad enough to cancel. You can’t count on it for accuracy. I have noticed the app is a bit glitchy at times as well, but for $1, whatever. It’s not like you’ll go broke buying it.

- Fun app., bad server

This app is pretty good at predicting a snow day, but he doesn't seem to have invested in his server. Whenever I try to use it when a storm is approaching, I get an error that says the app. is having trouble connecting to the internet. I know it's not my internet; I can do everything else I do that requires internet. I assume this means there are a lot of people trying to use it and not enough server space to handle the traffic.

- not what i was hoping for.

When I first got this app, I used it for fun, not really paying attention to the chance we got for a snow day. I then tried to use it to see if school would end up getting canceled, because then our basketball ball games would get cancelled. I’ve tried it multiple times, once there was a 1% chance of a snow day, literally almost everyone in the state closed. I mean, then that means they just choose a random number and go with it. Im sorry but this was a disappointing app for me.

- The app is great, but needs optimization to some newer phones

The app works all fine and dandy, but it’s not optimized to the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, or XR. Look, I get this app is getting a ton of downloads from people especially since it’s the middle of winter, but with 99 cents per purchase PLUS text message plans, I think you have enough money to quickly optimize it.

- Don’t pay for text updates

Very disappointed. I paid for the text updates which was a big mistake. I gave two stars due to accuracy and the fact I paid for text updates and have received none. Furthermore I emailed the app designer and received no response.

- I mean 🤪❄️

I mean it's not accurate and the website is free and you can just add that to your homepage HOWEVER it is super fun and easy to use so why not

- It works

Anything over 50% good chance of a snow day or late opening . It’s always correct!


This app is very very very in accurate!! there is 11 inches of snow on the ground here in Denver Colorado. On this app it says there is 1 inch!!! how is it even possible to make such a big mistake? However it says that there’s only a 27% chance of a snow day tomorrow that is not possible, especially when it’s supposed to be less than 20° tomorrow. THEREFORE THIS APP IS VERY INACCURATE AND MISLEADING!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️WARNING DO NOT DOWNLOAD⚠️⚠️

- Dud

I paid extra for text updates, they don’t work. And it keeps trying to make me purchase it again. Also, Thursday showed 97% chance of snow day, we had school. Friday showed 61% chance, and school was canceled. Waste of money. Definitely disappointing lots of little kids lol

- Not accurate

Since I’ve gotten the app, it has not been right once!!! Kinda a rip off if you ask me. Every time it says that there’s a high chance of a snow day school is always open.

- Waste of a Dollar

This doesn’t give you very many details. I only bought this one, so I wouldn’t have to deal with ads. However, it turns out the free app Snow Day Calculator is better, despite the ads.

- Useless

Prediction only for 2 days. I mean that is built in iPhone. I was expecting to show when is the snow. Even default free app tells 10 days in advance. Iphone X not supported as well. Wasted 1 buck ))

- 99% chance are you kidding me!!!!!

The snow day calculator said there was a 99% chance of a snow day and they was not even an inch of snow the snow just started to FALL!! Don’t spend your money on this it’s a waste

- Embarrassing App

It has not been accurate ONCE in two years. We will have a snow day and it says 38% chance of no snow day or 99%chance as we are sitting in class. It is a joke. Don’t support this inaccurate app.

- Don’t buy!!!

When I got this app, I tried to enter it but it closed automatically. I tried restarting my phone, but it won’t work. This is a waste of money... Don’t buy!

- Certainly not worth $.99

Perhaps should be a free app until you receive feedback on additional ideas. Too basic and not helpful.

- On target

Better than weather man. On target

- Shuts down immediately

Immediately shuts down upon opening. Paid for something that doesn’t work a lick.

- I wasted $1

It doesn’t work. It costs too much. It won’t even let me open the app. Just go with the free version it’s much better than this crap app

- SDC Review

This app words all the time!!! Totally worth the money!!!!😁

- Waste of money

It didn’t even work it just said limited chance don’t buy this app it’s useless

- Aweuful

This app is such a lying garbage piece of junk. It told me 99% 2 days in a row and school wasn’t cancelled. Waste of a dollar and time. They should be paying you to use the app.

- It’s a bad app

I had two days off of school and the app said I my area was getting no snow. This app is never correct. It’s a waste of a dollar

- Snow day

It helps me know if there is a snow day 😀

- Terrible

It’s not accurate and I can prove it today it said that we have a 19 percent chance of a snow day and we have a full snow day

- Not Impressed

To get a 3 day forecast you have to pay monthly? No. Save your .99, the free app does the exact same thing.

- Horrible

Has not got one right and every time I get on the app it kicks me off. Total scam

- Very Buggy and unresponsive

This app is giving lots of errors. The App looks like it is not maintained.

- piece of trash

not worth your money and not accurate. do not recommend

- Amazing app

This app is awesome!!! It's been right since 100% of the time. Got to say whoever made this is a pure genius!!! Totally worth every penny!!! You should definitely buy the app!!!!! Haven't found any other snow day apps this accurate. Keep up the awesome work!! Don’t be fooled if in the morning the chance lowers because the app takes the time that the storm passes with the current time to make an extremely accurate prediction. If it says it went down from a high number due to storm passing you will likely get a snow day like it predicted but maybe not the day after cause the storm has already passed. Honestly it hasn’t failed me and I’ve used it for years. Anyone who says different clearly doesn’t know how to read.

- Wish I could get my money back

It is an ok app half the time the other half is full of glitches it ask you if you would like to sign up for text alerts don't you have to pay more for it and you have a fifty fifty chance of it sending you the text that gives you the pass word for it to work if it doesn't you can email the creator of the app but he is vary slow about fixing your problem so that is why I have stopped emailing him about the glitches because I 99% shore that they will be slow to fix them so save your 99cents and just use the free one online and add it to your home screen on your phone their are no glitches on the free web site

- Not that accurate . Kinda stressful

The night of Monday February 15th I checked this app it said chance of 76% of school closing. I checked about an hour later and it was at 20%. It said it went from a high 76% percent due to a storm passing. I don't know if it's me but every night it starts out like at 60-90% and in the morning it's limited. Let's get to the point😂 so that night I checked it around 9:30. I woke up at 7:00 A.M and it said limited chance for today. Minutes later I got a message saying there wasn't any school😂. This app isn't always accurate. If you get this don't expect really good results

- Not Worth The Money

I got this app originally and thought it was free, but it isn't. For me it says limited chance for a snow day before and after our superintendent already calls it! I think the app could use more than a little help, mostly for that reason. If you aren't looking for any exact predictions then it would be fine or if you didn't care if it said "limited chance" after the schools are closed then go ahead buy it. What I'm saying is I'm not really liking it I would try another app with higher ratings. Thank you for your time😊

- Fun and Entertaining

My daughter bought this with one of her iTunes gift cards. It's not an exact science obviously, but honestly so far this winter it's been spot on. I actually have it on my phone for fun since I work at a school. I'll keep it as long as my phone space permits. I have an iPhone 6 and it's not crashing and works every time. For kids though, this is a fun and entertaining app that keeps the thoughts of a snow day in their heads!

- Okay Accuracy

I have used this app for a little while, and it has predicted, on average, 2/3 of my snow days. Of course, it’s just an app not a person, but the accuracy isn’t great. Everything else is, though! Easy interface, no crashes, doesn’t take up much space, etc.

- Love!

This app has always been accurate. Yes the predictions decrease from high percentage to a low sometimes, but just as the app says, it's because the storm may have passed quicker than was predicted. Every time it stayed at a high percentage our school got closed or a delay, definitely reliable! Love it!

- More accurate than the weather person!

Seriously: I haven't had any issues with the app locking up and the prediction model is better than the local weather people--really. Folks, you are also battling with human decisions on school schedules. For me, this I'd the app I tell my classes about.

- Does what it's stuposed to. (Sometimes)

At first, I couldn't get this to work, every time I opened it the app would black screen and quit. After about five tries, the app opened and worked well. This app is nice, when it works, but defiantly needs some work regarding crashes. The app also hasn't been upgraded to the iPhone 5 resolution, so that kinda decreases from the overall quality of the app.

- Works great

I see a lot of poor reviews on this app, not sure why. I've been using the site for years now, and I wanted to get the app for easier access and it has been working flawlessly! Thanks

- Almost always accurate

This app has almost always been accurate with every single prediction

- More accurate then any of the other Apps

I have used this app for years and it is always right on the money when it comes to its predictions.

- Great app with a grain of salt

I think this is a great app. I mean no one can be 100% on school closings but the school itself so don't bank on this, but it's a good gauge for parents who need to tentatively have a back up plan in place! Thank you!

- Good but add 4 days in advance

We paid .99 for this good app and we aren't using the free website to support you, so could you please give us a free 3 or 4 days in advance? It's a computer that does the work, not you. Once you add it you'll get the fifth star👍

- Unfortunate :((

I love the web site (which I consider a form of entertainment more than anything, which I do appreciate about it) so I bought this app for $0.99. Unfortunately, it crashes upon startup. I've updated to the latest everything so I know that's not the issue. I hope you find a fix for this as I love the web site, the fun of it, and the story behind the app itself. Please don't give up :)

- Great app.

I've gotten no crashes, the predictions seem pretty accurate, and it's very useful. Don't see any use in making an account though.

- Accurate

I just got this app yesterday and it said there was a 99% chance and today we gave a snow day!!! Very accurate

- I like it

Obviously its not the most accurate, neither is the weather forecast, which is what its going off

- Ok but

For the first winter I had this, it worked great. Now, it zooms in WAY to much and I can't even read it!!! Please fix

- Do not buy

I bought this app last week and it hasn't worked at all. I emailed the seller about it and he said due to a lot of people trying to use it, it was running slow. I've tried numerous times to use the app since and it still does not work.

- Works great!

This app worked perfectly for me In the summer! Every day it said limited and it was right!!!! Thanks !!!!!

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- In Canada

Huge wait of $1.39!! Always fails to load, and none of the features you are suppose to be able to access actually work for Canada. Would recommend not to purchase.

- In Canada and it is not working!!

You have it set to be able to choose to have Canada predictions on. And yet, it doesn’t work. This being a PAID app, this is crap and shouldn’t be allowed. This better be fixed immediately.

- Snow day calculator

Only works in america does not work in Canada completely useless to Canadians I just paid for this app fix this ASAP!!!!!!

- Completely useless for Canadians

I just purchased this app hoping that it would be a snow day tomorrow and when I logged onto the app after paying a dollar 19 it was not working after about half an hour I finally found out that the app was just for America it should really be stated in the app description but it is not I think the app creators should really fix this and give whoever paid their money back for anybody planning to purchase this app do not if you are living in Canada until they do the update if they are even planning to

- Rip off!!!

I just wasted my money on something that doesn't even work in my country like what fix it or give me my money back. Id give it a zero if I could

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- It's OK

Most of the time it is not consistent with what the website says. It's been right a few times.

- Worth it!

Very accurate, it has predicted every snow day. Also, no crashes so far.

- Love it

I have been using this app for years and is always spot on!

- Great app👍👍👍

No crashes yet and a great idea for app, needs to be a little more accurate but overall a good app

- Love it!

Great asset for teachers and parents, but it's only a predictor. Weather and the decisions of superintendents are variables that are subject to change without notice.

- Great thing

This thing is awesome because it tells me when I get off of school

- It doesn't work

I have had this app since fall last year and it worked perfectly last year, but now if I open the app it just turns to a black screen. I had to pay a dollar for this app and I would like it to actually work.

- Good

Sometimes it says try again,

- Amazing App!!!!!!

Predictions have always been accurate for me and is worth the money!!!

- Not good

Bought this just for the fun factor with my kids. But I did not expect it to be totally inaccurate! Even after school was closed for the next day it was still only showing a 26% chance.. Hmmm, guess I just I expected it to be better than it is.

- eh

at first I was all in like this app was never wrong until the past two times I relied on it. it said limited % chance of a closing and we ended up closing and another time it said 45% chance and I thought at least a delay and nothing

- Worked fine, until...

Downloaded really just for fun. Worked great, for about an hour. Then kept giving me an error message that I'm not connected to the Internet. Tried powering off phone, re-installing the app, still not working. No fun.

- In need of an update

One star for it's current state. While this is a fun app that used to work quickly and consistently, it seems the developer hasn't kept up with Apple's updates. Now it crashes on opening. I use the free web app instead.

- Thank u!!

I hate school! This helps a lot I bought the text pack thing.

- Dispointment

I understand that nothing can predict a snow day with 100% accuracy. So I just use this app for fun, but now it's become a real disappointment. It won't even connect to the server which is frustrating. So my advice is don't spend the money on this app.

- Awful

Frustrated that I just bought this app and it says it can't connect to their server. I tried restarting my phone and using data instead of wifi and nothing. Very disappointed

- It’s always having issues

This app is amazing- when it actually works. If it’s snowing, which is when you actually need to use the app, you can count on the app not loading or stalling. Biggest waste of time.

- What went wrong?

I've had this app for a couple years. It's always worked great... until this year 😡 constantly thinking and we calculating or unable to calculate. Has proven to be a disappointment this year.

- Never loads

Would give this no stars if that were possible. I downloaded it for .99 and when I open it, it doesn't actually work. Do not purchase this app. Trying to figure out how to get a refund.

- Bunch of junk

Always saying it's having trouble… Never really wants to work… I try and try again… What a waste of my dollar… Hope you have fun spending my dollar… Don't waste your money folks!

- Never Buy It!

just go to the website. it is much better, faster, AND ACTUALLY WORKS!

- What's wrong with this app?

Snow Day Calculator used to be one of my favorites. Why won't it work on my 6? It always was spot on predictions and now the screen just goes dark after loading for 30 seconds. Very sad.

- Useless

The first year I used this, it was very accurate. Since then, it is horrible. Most of the time, I get a message that says it cannot connect with the weather server. It is a useless app.

- Inaccurate

This app is good and reaffirms your beliefs of a snow day. This gives false "limited chance" readings when we have no chance of having school.

- Terrible

Has said limited chance for all 4 snow days I've had! Seriously😂 What a terrible app! It drops from 99% to limited chance in about a half hour sometimes! Complete trash!

- Should've read the reviews..

You can tell one of those reviews isn't even real. This app doesn't work. It tells me it's not able to find my school or locate my area.

- Coach Pace

Fun app...more accurate than I thought it would be.

- Not worth $2

Downloaded the app and it froze on a black screen. I've done everything possible and the app still won't work. Don't waste your money!

- Boo.

This app is terrible! It’s lied to me three days in a row! It’s said 99% chance for 3 days and we haven’t had 1 snow day! Also it says 20% chance in the summer!

- Don't buy

Monday we don't even have school! If it knows my area, how does it not know?! Plus, earlier it said 100% chance, BUT WE STILL HAD SCHOOL!!!! Plz don't waist your time on this. Find something else to buy.🤔👎🏻


Don't waste your money, this app does not work. We've had school closing the last three days and every day it says limited chance. Even when we received 8 inches of snow!!

- Good...when it works

Great when it works. Hit or miss for getting through. Seems like it’s not working much of the time.

- horrible app not worth it

I got the app but it doesn't update the dates. I says says that passed already and I can't get it to refresh unless I delete and redownload it I have the iPhone 6

- Useless

This app wasn't even close the day before a snow day. At 5:30 am the morning of the snow day, it said no chance of a snow day. The only fun part of this app was that it was so wrong. Don't waste your money.

- Not worth 2$

I was disappointed with the apps after paying 2$.

- Inaccurate

This app is highly inaccurate. It seems to only base predictions moment to moment rather than factoring in future weather data. It's pretty much a joke.

- Accurate

Works good!

- Hahahahaha David this is fun

You would make it two dollars. Ps its worth it

- Great!

It's awesome! Works great and very fast!! Thanks for making this app!!!

- Wow . Just wow.

This app is a disgraceful piece of software that sits on a throne of lies. Two hours ago it said 99% chance of snow day. Now it's 31%. How can u live with the guilt of killing children's dreams every morning bc of ur faulty predictions ???? Shame on you

- Don't bother!

Freezes my iPhone and the app never works. I bought it yesterday and deleted it today. Don't pay for it. I want my money back.

- Seriously

This is not a good app defiantly not worth the money I've tried it every day even when a storm is comin and it is always the same 13%

- Okay

Used to work but now it just shows me the same dates and won't update

- Awesome

Pretty accurate.

- Mostly a Novelty...

The app really doesn't predict a snow day; even in blizzard conditions it was saying 45% chance and school had to be closed. I wouldn't waste my time with it.

- Waste of money

The "prediction" keeps freezing and doesn't return any response. Save your $0.99 on something that works

- Don't get this

Immediately froze to black screen when I opened it. Hasn't worked since. I want my money back!

- Doesn't work

The app does not work. It is not any more capable of handling the high traffic than the website.

- Takes a dump every time it snows

What's the point of a snow day predictor if the app can't handle the traffic on a snow day. Works great in July when I don't need it.

- Wow 👎👎

So it told me that I had a 99% chance of no school. So I stayed up until 2 in the morning. Guess what. It didn't even snow. Biggest waste of money.

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Snow Day Calculator 4.5 Screenshots & Images

Snow Day Calculator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Snow Day Calculator iphone images
Snow Day Calculator iphone images
Snow Day Calculator iphone images
Snow Day Calculator iphone images

Snow Day Calculator (Version 4.5) Install & Download

The applications Snow Day Calculator was published in the category Weather on 2011-12-05 and was developed by David Sukhin [Developer ID: 480688853]. This application file size is 7.48 MB. Snow Day Calculator - Weather app posted on 2020-12-15 current version is 4.5 and works well on IOS 9.1 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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