Your grilling sidekick.

GrillTime is a timer and grilling guide that makes barbecuing easier and less stressful. Select your meat, thickness, and level of doneness and then GrillTime automatically recommends the perfect grilling time and temperature. No need to hang around the grill, GrillTime notifies you when it’s time to flip and when it’s finished.


“When it comes to making sure grill sessions don’t end in calling for pizza, GrillTime is the clear winner at my house.”
– Forbes

“The app is a great-looking no-nonsense timer system that can tell you how long to grill anything, including a chicken drumstick or a handful of strawberries.”
– The New York Times

“Don’t let the party take a turn for the worse by serving your guests overcooked burgers or undercooked chicken. Take the guesswork out grilling with the GrillTime app."
– Fox News

“Grilling has traditionally and rather stereotypically been a manly thing to do. So don't screw it up when you're trying to impress your friends or significant other."
– Business Insider

"This app has a step-by-step guide if how to grill over 100 different foods. It’s simplicity at it’s finest."


Grilling times, temperatures, and instructions are automatically calculated based on the size and desired doneness of your food.

Easily manage multiple items on your grill with simultaneous timers. With a swipe and a tap, you can quickly start, stop, and add extra time.

GrillTime runs in the background and notifies you when it's time to flip or remove your food from the grill.

Create customized timers and tailor to your own recipes.

Leave your phone in your pocket and use your Apple Watch to controls timers, view instructions, and get flip reminders.

Display times and temperatures in either Metric or Imperial units.

Choose from recommended grilling times for:
- Steak
- Hamburger
- Chicken
- Pork
- Fish
- Sausage & Hot Dogs
- Lamb
- Turkey
- Veggies
- Fruit
- or add Custom Timers

GrillTime App Description & Overview

The applications GrillTime was published in the category Food & Drink on 2011-02-23 and was developed by Weagle LLC. The file size is 10.42 MB. The current version is 2.4.6 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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GrillTime Reviews


Works fine if it doesn't shut off unexpectedly  Prkchpsndwiches  2 star

Works great after inputing correct information when it stays on. App will shut itself off in the background about 50% if you try and do anything else on your phone/tablet and then its scramble time when the timer doesn't go off and you have to remember how long it has been on.


Love it!!  tmeichhorn  5 star

I use this all the time. It's really accurate.

Mr. Fussy Pants

Superb  Mr. Fussy Pants  5 star

I've used this for more than a year and I use it at least twice weekly. The timing recommendations for steak, chicken, pork tenderloin, sausages have been accurate and the food has been well cooked consistently. My grill is a CharBroil Tru-Infrared which hits temps of 500F easily so the meats are so moist, so well carmelized and in the time the app suggests. Easy to use Recommend


Very helpful  El757  5 star

I'm just slowly becoming a grill-master and I found this app to be really helpful as I grow. The level of information presented allows you to master grilling while at the same time, the timers make it easy for newbies to have great results.

Karpe DM

Great app - must have for grillers  Karpe DM  5 star

Works great - simple, reliable, functional

Top inn

Very Useful with Watch  Top inn  5 star

This is super handy especially with three kids and add the Apple Watch and it can't be beat


Works great!  Tapones  5 star

I would recommend it!


Soso  LtColReb  3 star

Can't turn down the volume on the flip alert nor can you stop it. No grill times for chicken quarters. U kidding me?


Make consistently great steaks with this app  Mmmparti  5 star

Love the Celsius conversions, thanks.

Graphics Factory

It works!  Graphics Factory  5 star

Gets the job done and helps with grilling every time!!

JB 99

Great grilling app  JB 99  5 star

Time and temps are very accurate. Could ask for more

Kevin from PA

Handy App  Kevin from PA  4 star

Use all the time, great app. Only suggestion would be to be able to add a food and have it automatically start the timer. There have been times I forgot to hit the start but minor, overall great app.


A truly useful utilitarian app  Pretendo  5 star

Just used this to grill up some ribeyes. In addition to the well thought out timing system, having a brief cooking guide for each food item comes in handy when my brain draws a blank. The watch app is one of the first, third party apps that actually makes sense to have on your wrist. This type of software is the reason we started carrying smartphones in the first place. Great job dev team.


Finally.....  Kreative  5 star

A five star app!! Best grilling timer out there! Perfect grilling every time!


Great App  RDB1223  4 star

Not perfect but great for keeping track of varying degrees of doneness when cooking for groups.

Aaronian Striatus

Good, almost great  Aaronian Striatus  4 star

I love what's great about this app which the other reviews mention. Here's what's not great: • Too many taps to get a timer going. When we're grilling we have our hands full and need to be efficient setting a timer. Not counting opening the app, it takes two taps, two optional swipes, and a third tap to "Add Timer." But this doesn't start it. It takes two more taps to start it, all the while changing screens back and forth. It takes an additional tap after this if you want to begin the process all over for another timer. IMO, when "Add Timer" is tapped, the timer should start. • Alarm notification doesn't pay attention to timer reset. That is, when I had four minutes of time on my timer, I reset it and started over at ten. Yet the notification dinged four minutes later even though the timer now showed six minutes left. • There's a Plus 1 button. How about a Minus 1? • Aside from adding a minute to the timer, I might like to change it completely but cannot. For example, I'm using the app for its handy labels for each timer all in one place but I like to grill fruit slower over lower heat. I'd like to be able to adjust the timer amount by rolling down on the number, iOS style. • I just discovered the Start All and Pause All feature by pulling down on the timer screen. Handy, but how about a note on this screen that tells me I can do this. And how about individual pause, -1, and +1 buttons right here on the labels. • On Apple Watch, I like being able to pause all with a force touch, but how about being able to start a new timer from here? I'd also like to see an individual pause/reset button from the list screen without having to tap into each one which takes some time over the Bluetooth connection. • On Apple Watch, the individual timer screen has a force touch to get to the options. How about tapping on the progress ring for pausing and starting? Otherwise, great app. Love the simplicity. App icon looks great on my Watch.


Good cooking  Eeept  5 star

Great app! Has helped take the stress out of grilling


Great app. Works well.  Tokunagachan  5 star

Very simple app with various settings for different types of meats. I like how it's simpler than many other apps - this one doesn't have cooking recipes etc. I just need cooking time recommendations for various cuts of meat and a reliable timer. Works great.


Love this app!  GSOnative  5 star

This app has helped me to learn how to and appreciate grilling. Easy to use- it's great!


Don't timers alert you when they are done?  Crashtastic  1 star

This app doesn't even alert you when the timer is done. Awful, and I want my 1.99 back.

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