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Talk, Sing and Play with Carl. Tickle, punch, feed him and hear his funny laughs, growls and more!
#1 Worldwide: Carl reached #1 charts and has been featured all over the world.

Talking Carl is the very first and still the funniest talking character of the App Store, he invented fun!

We think about small kids too: Use the Baby mode without any buttons... only Carl and no trouble!

--------------- Features --------------
• Talk to him and he'll repeat your words with an hysterical voice.
• Feed him with bones
• Strike him by lightning
• Tickle him and he will laugh out loud.
• Poke his eyes and he will shout and yell.
• Pinch him to hear him growling.
• And if you forget him he will grumble.
• Very Polite, he even says Goodbye.

+ Swipe up and he will fly... and fall
+ swipe down and hear the thunder
+ swipe left or right and he'll make a round-turn.

Talking Carl is hours of laugh for children of any age.
Parents, you'll love him too for the peacefulness it gives you while your kids are playing with him.
But don’t try it! you’ll never give it back to them.

--------- Our users says ---------

"The only talking app that I recommend - There are quite a few of talking apps but Talking Carl is the best! I especially like that I can remove all the buttons so that my daughter will not be confused"

"Great app for the kids! - My kids love playing with this app and found it easy to share the videos"

Talking Carl App Description & Overview

The applications Talking Carl was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-03-06 and was developed by The file size is 65.13 MB. The current version is 9.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Optimized for iPhone X,XS and Xr

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Funny game  OutsiderOfEarth06  5 star

I’ve been playing this game on my mom’s phone since I was three. Now I have my own phone and I was surprised to see that the game is still running. This game still gives me nostalgia of my childhood. Overall this is a hilarious game with so much meaning to just a video game to me.

Darling Daisy

I love it!!!😍😍😍  Darling Daisy  5 star

I LOVE THIS APP!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


Inoperable  Steve_Point_Oh  2 star

I used talking Carl for a long time, but since the last update, I can’t open the app on its own. It shows up for me in text, but I can’t open the app.....


no headphones  LaraMarriott  3 star

i don’t know if it’s for everyone or just for me but the app doesn’t come through with my headphones which is kind of annoying but i really love this app and do recommend it, just not when you need your headphones in.

Xx putty 420 xX

Please make talking Carl 2 free!  Xx putty 420 xX  5 star

Hi, Tayasui. I’m a big fan of talking Carl. I love him! But the thing that would make me love it more would be to make it free for a limited time. This is so people who want it but don’t have money for it can get it free and they all can have a good laugh. So, Please! Make it free! Please! If you do, thank you!


Yay  marnalish  5 star

I used to love this game as a little girl, and now that I have found out that it works w/ my current version of iOS, I am sure as heck gonna download it ASAP! Thank you for making such a super awesome game and all the laughs that came with it!! Love you guys!!


Awesome game  kdgkgkedk  5 star

I really am having fun with this and if you get two phones and they hear each other they’ll copy each other overall a good game


Io  Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy  5 star

Hi there

Top Jimmy23

Silly Carl!  Top Jimmy23  3 star

Can you make it for an IPad?


Used to be fun  Jandkarp  3 star

Somehow along the way, Carl changed too much and the developers took away fun features. Bring back old Carl!


The worst 50 cents I ever spent  Jjuliansom  1 star

This game isn’t really a ripoff of talking Tom but is much worse though,talking Tom should be more expensive than this game but talking Tom is free, mate you should ADD more options to this game or, DECREASE the expense of this game, if you reply and chose one of my options, I’m happy to give this a 3, 4, or 5

Tracey - Work

Talking carl  Tracey - Work  5 star



Why.  Kristoffabell  2 star

If you are going to say that it talks back, make sure you can do it more than one time?


So Funny  Faran10  5 star

I know that this is for little kids but I'm like 13 now and I still love this game! The only thing is that it's a different app for the instruments and also u have to pay for it. Besides that I love this app. Always gives me a laugh!


Love it  Topgamereveiws101  3 star

SOOO FUNNY, great for little kids and big kids to have a laugh.

Jon JR

Stupid pop up messages  Jon JR  2 star

Please stop with the pop up messages. No my 2 year old doesn't want to rate this app - it just annoys him as he doesn't know what to press!

Steven Benecke

Mr Benecke  Steven Benecke  5 star

Great fun.


Good fun  Agbmh  4 star

A fun app. My kids love it however, the latest update isnt loading for me.


So helpful   Katia0986  5 star

good app.


The detail is staggering.  Raylo87   4 star

Love it. Use it every day

So great just one thing

Really like it but  So great just one thing  4 star

I really enjoy playing this game it's awesome and the best dollar I have ever spent but it copies ever single sound it hears literally if you are breathing through your mouth it will copy you it is just disappointing The end


Talking Carl  Nikki......37  5 star

Funny little guy !

Tripe-face Wookiee

We love it!  Tripe-face Wookiee  5 star

Another tool in our grandparents box of tricks for or 10 mo old granddaughter


I sooooo LOVE Talking Carl!!!😍😍😍😍😍  lbradstoops  5 star

This is the BEST 99 cents I have EVER spent!!!! It is IMPOSSIBLE NOT to laugh with Talking Carl!!! And, the Talking Carl stickers for iMessaging (YOU can only SEND them if you have iMessaging, but ANYONE can RECEIVE them...I think???) are also soooo much fun!!

B. Yahsi

Bundle of free versions, still need to buy for functions  B. Yahsi  1 star

Although I bought this bundle, individual apps are free versions which you can download free anyhow. This app is only letting you download 5 free apps for a ridiculous price and shamelessly trying to sell the individual apps for further charge when you use them. How come this is allowed by Apple Store?


Hilarious  StarSong888  5 star



Fun  Maxguaste  5 star

Fun, fun, fun! Kids love it.


Super app now with iMessage parts!  iQuack4U  5 star

Have always loved this app. And this new addition is awesome! Much love💋💋💋


I thought this would be more fun than it is  Rarrobin  1 star

It's ok for a few cheap laughs but I find it off putting the constant ads for the other talking Karl "games" in the music section I wouldn't put "options" for other instruments if you have to buy another app to use them. That's a cheap tactic to get more money. Instead of having a thousand different games that are basically the same just make them features in one that you can buy. I regret the 99 cents I paid for this. Also grumpy Karl is a little ridiculous in something that looks like an app for children. It's not funny and you should put that in the adult part a kid shouldn't just hit a button and be told to knock it off for using an app as its intended purpose. I'm sure this will mean nothing to you but I'm not recommending this to anyone I know and hope that someone takes this into consideration.


Bad..  3.1415926535897932384626433892  4 star

Bad. Don't like it. He's mean. Don't buy him. Goodbye.


Awesome  Jentho5000  5 star

This is my go to app when I have to keep my niece and nephew amused

Granny maro

Talking carl  Granny maro  5 star

Grandchildren love this app we have great fun with it


Ok ehhh  Satoumu  4 star

It's good but it's another 89 c for the music one. It's funny and great for the kids because kids use their fingers a lot.


Talking Carl +  Amkther  4 star

Great game. Would recommend. Also would recommend talking Carla.


Fun  Hotirishguy  4 star

This is great fun. I love it.

Missis moo

Good  Missis moo  5 star

Simple and fun. Put a smile on my face.


Mr  Eogville  5 star



Not the best ,sorry.  DeAtHxSeKeR  2 star

To be honest this isn't one of the best apps. I'm sure you can do better. Sorry. :(

Nick 6425

Great  Nick 6425  5 star


A very unappy iPhone

Talking Carl+  A very unappy iPhone  5 star

This app is amazing I love it and my little brother loves it too!

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