unfollow for Twitter

unfollow for Twitter [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Spring-clean your twitter account by:
- unfollowing inactive twitter users.
- unfollow who don't follow you back.
- find new unfollowers (even in background mode)
- find new followers (even in background mode)
- unfollow/follow history

additional features:
exclusionlist management

Disclaimer & Terms of Service:
1. "unfollow for Twitter" is not affiliated with Twitter, Inc. (twitter.com) and does not claim ownership of the Twitter trademark.
2. you using "unfollow for Twitter" at your own risk.
3. "unfollow for Twitter" is not liable to damage done to your twitter profile.

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- Doesn’t work anymore

This app was great when I first got it. It became more glitchy as time passed. Others have experienced the same thing. Now the unfollowers part doesn’t work at all. Not good.

- Excellent App

Great app to have !!!


very accurate and works great!! love this app <33

- App Malfunctioning

Its saying that people are unfollowing me that haven't actually unfollowed me

- Good app

Good app

- Used to work

Now doesn’t work at all complete waste

- Love Unfollow App

This App is amazing. I am able to quickly follow new followers instead of having to scroll down and scroll and scroll down over and over to find new followers because Twitter doesn’t always put new followers at the top of your Followers list. Plus it is so easy to unfollow anyone who hasn’t followed me back after 2 weeks. This allows me to keep my account clean and free from violation of Twitters 10% rule that stops allowing me the ability to follow new people when the number of Followed becomes 10% more than my Followers. I highly recommend this App and the best part there is no monthly fee like many of the other similar type apps!

- App Lies about who followed/unfollowed

The app depicts false information! It wasn’t until it showed that close family and friends had unfollowed me that I actually went to the real twitter app to check. They all were still following me! Thought maybe it was a glitch so I checked back several times over the course of the next few weeks and it was doing the same thing with other people. What’s the point of an unfollower app if it chooses random people to say unfollowed you! Deleting as soon as this review is posted

- Efficient

Excellent app which is easy to use

- Never works right

This App tells me people unfollowed me but when I look them up on Twitter, they are still following me. This app is rarely correct. Be careful before you start to unfollow people. They may not have really unfollowed you.

- “Select all” unfollow option removed

The whole purpose of getting this app was to automatically unfollow all non followers at once was the only reason this app was paid for. It was perfect and now it ruined.🤦🏾‍♂️👎🏾

- Great app but missing old feature

Can you bring back the auto unfollow?

- Okay

It has good analytical tools but as far as unfollowing unfollowers its faster to just do it from twitter. I don’t know if twitter doesn’t allow them to automate it but it should be.

- Worked great in the beginning

For some reason I can find no way to get rid of no relationship accounts, they just keep building up and sit there forever! Very frustrating! Please fix this. I also paid for the supposed upgrade, but saw NO DIFFERENCE! What was supposed to happen?

- Unwanted ads

Unwanted ads were placed on my account every time I open app! I hate that!


please make a filter to unfollow accounts that don’t tweet in english.

- App

Great app

- I want my user name back

It won’r sign me in under my user name have me one I don’r remember it ever used

- Nice

Great features, i wish you can add an automation action though... Awesome app 😁🔥

- تويتر حذف تلقايه

هذا العيب الواحيد انه مافي حذف تلقاي

- Not LEGIT anymore.

Not sure what’s going on with the recent update? But, it’s telling me that people unfollowed me when they’re actually STILL following me. Not sure what’s going on I’m hoping that it gets fixed soon. Will move it to 5 stars when it’s fixed.

- Buggy but good

It does what it says it does, BUT there’s annoying bugs almost every week, like when you reset the statistics on people who unfollow you it says that it reset the statistics but when you open the app again it’s still there, also they take a very long time to fix glitches and bugs, if they start doing a better job I’ll consider giving them 4 stars

- >:)

snakes thought they were slick,,with this app i can see who unfollows

- Can no longer follow people

For the “I don’t follow back” list it is no longer possible to follow through the app. You get a dopey api error. Does not seem to be an issue for unfollow spy.

- Doesn’t even work

I’ll lose some followers and check the list to see. And boom nothing ever pops up. It shows people who actually follow me and says they unfollow even when you go in twitter you can see they still follow. App is probably a scam

- love it!

love this app! you can watch an ad to get access to the other features which is cool! we need one for instagram

- False unfollow claims

The app tells me people unfollow me but when I go into twitter I find that it's not true. I think the app is a pro trump app.

- Decent

It gets the job done

- تغير طريقه الحذف لازم تحدد كل واحد لحاله

اول كنت احدد فوق 100 وانتظره يخذفهم والحين اختفت هالحركه


No app should be allowed to have an open authorization to update my profile, post for me or follow new people without my permission or knowledge..bye

- The main function doesn’t work

Useless app


i paid for this app two times, thinking the second time would give me the full version again, which it did for a few weeks. now i’m right back to hearing ads and not having all the features. this would have got 5 stars if i didn’t pay for the full version TWO TIMES and it would have worked. yes it’s cheap, but like wth??? not to mention you can’t get the full version on your other phone or ipad if you pay for the version. a complete rip off. where’s my refund

- Paid then it stopped working

Serious issue here, I paid to unlock all and it worked for a few weeks and then stopped working. Update for 14 mins over and over without showing any information. I noticed that now there is a specific iPad version, perhaps it works. I request to have that unlocked since I paid to use this on iPad. I await your quick reply.

- Bad app

Go pay for each feature! Make 99 cents to unlock all features that ar free apps that will do this as well

- Only works on one device

Only allowed me to install the ad-free on one device and the app doesn’t work completely needs to fixed.

- App not working.

Has not shown me nothing.

- delete

it’s telling me that people unfollowed me even though they didn’t hhh

- Great App

Feature Request: It would be great if you could add a counter so users could keep track of how many accounts they are following or unfollowing at any given time. This app does everything I need it to do. But I would like to know why the background loading log never shows 100%. It shows as high as 83% and once at 99%, but never 100%.

- Deceiving info...stay away

This app has several times shown me may who have supposedly unfollowed me however NONE of those lists had actually done so. Incorrect info ...👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 if I could give it a 0 star rating I would.

- Thank you

It’s very fast. Works well. Thank you! Sandra

- Lame

Keeps telling me I have unfollowers, when I check, they are still following me!!!

- Find something else

It was a good app then the 14 minute wait. Ok. No problem, they want money. What happens is you wait then it cycles to another 14 minute wait and again and again. Useless crap.

- Tweets

Wants to post tweets for you

- not good

the last updeat is soo bad


They took my money and didn’t give me my features soo it’s honestly bs

- Don’t bother

Bring back mass unfollow. It was so great before then they changed it . Not with it have to select one by one.

- This app is trash now

Used the app for a long time and loved it. They changed it so you can’t mass select and set to auto like, you now have to press the red X next to each follower to unfollow.. Don’t even bother downloading

- Best follower stats app ever

I have used this app for more years than I can count. I still wish the automated option was still here but it’s okay. This is one of the few apps that hasn’t changed since day one

- Don’t write tweets for me.

Why is this something that can’t be turned off?

- Pointless

This was useful when there was a bulk unfollow feature but that no longer works. Pretty much worthless now.

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- twitter stans

being a stan account keeping that ratio skinny is hard, this app helps, i just wish there was a button where i could unfollow them all at the same time

- Unfollower

C’mon what’s happening, the app isn’t working. You used to be able to see who’s unfollowing you. U need to upgrade the app

- great app

helps unfollow people fast! Also shows inactive users.

- Useless as of October 18

Don’t bother, they removed the feature that allowed you to multi select followed, there’s no difference between using this and manually unfollowing which is faster at this point

- Was good

Removed the only functional feature on the app👎

- Not what I originally purchased

With the removal of the key feature to “conform to twitters bs” has fundamentally changed what most people used this for. It was a great app up till 9.2

- Some functions don’t work, even when features are purchased and unlocked.

Really needs work — the app simply doesn’t deliver the functionality it promises after you make a purchase to unlock all features: e.g.: my “new follows”function always indicates zero, even when I had 10 additional followers in two days. Pretty pathetic app overall. I do NOT recommend it.

- It works

Does do it’s Job

- Waste of money

Doesn’t do anything, makes you pay to have extra features that don’t do anything. The name of the app is misleading. Such a stupid app, money grab

- This Is a HORRIBLE App!

I used to use this app all the time. It was quick, efficient, easy, and *always* worked. Now it doesn’t do *anything* right, and *never* works. • It constantly says “wait 15 minutes” next to scores and scores of accounts, which I *never* used to do • After any transaction, I have to reload all the followed accounts, which means pressing the +100 button 42 times! • I can see many, many accounts that have not tweeted in >6 months, yet when I select “>6 months” from the filter, it says “no elements”. • There is no way to turn the filters off once one is selected. You have to leave and go back in, which means pressing that +100 button a billion times … again! • When it does actually unfollow some accounts, the screen freezes and I have to exit, re-enter, and re-populate the list again, pressing that damn +100 button 42+ more times, again! • I just paid $2.79 for this app, and essentially got nothing in return. It’s like having fed coins into a vending machine and it not then delivering what you paid for. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!! It was once great, but is now horribly designed, horribly executed, and does not do anything it’s advertised to do. Bring back the version from five years ago!

- Good


- Useless.

Was a great app, actually worked. But one day they took my money for a new and improved app. Just a bit more complicated than needed, doesn’t work. I just deleted this Cr*P, didn’t even request a refund!

- Waste of time

Doesn’t do what it says

- This App was fantastic... until the latest update.

This used to be one of my favourite apps. Quickly and easily allowed you to see and unfollow those who had unfollowed you. Suddenly, it wants all sorts of permissions to post to my timeline (sorry, no) and lost most of its basic functionality. A great app that was completely wrecked in one update. Very disappointing.

- Super handy

Great little program. Support is helpful A++

- Needs Improvement

This used to be a great, free app for unfollowing those that ditch you. Now it shows people have unfollowed you but in reality they are still following, these are the ones that show more than following 0 people.

- Worked for a while! Not now!

Emailed the company, they don't respond, don't care. Crap, was good when it worked. Don't pay for this!

- Great

Do the job as advertised.

- Great App, Does Exactly What You Want!

I downloaded this app and paid for the extra features for a measly $2.80. It really helped me clear out a business account on twitter. I only wish that it could pull up business or spam pages individually. Other than that 4 stars! Highly recommend if you need to clear out some people you follow or don't follow quick and easy.

- Free Unfollow me

Works fine, if you need to find twitter unfollows, this makes it easier.

- Crashes on Loading !

Crashes on Loading !

- Works perfectly

I rarely write reviews. But I will happily give this one a perfect one! Does exactly what u want it to

- Thank you!

One of the best apps on my phone 📱

- Very useful

Can't believe that this works so well. 😉 Could you make one for instagram, Pinterest, and Other.

- No problem with Twitter

I decided I would follow back everyone and had thousands to do. This app allowed me to do so without causing a problem with Twitter.

- This app actually works

This app actually works and you don't have to pay to unfollow

- Easy

Easy to use, free, must have little tool to keep your Twitter clean! I've used it for a year and I love it!

- Unfollow Heaven

Want to get rid of those pesky inactive followers his app is perfect only reason I give it a 4 and not 5 is because some features have a Paywall bit of you just need to unfollow it gets the job done

- Would be nice if it worked

Tried to purchase the features on this app but apparently the purchase didn't process even though it said "successful". Still can't access any features and my credit card hasn't been charged yet. Now I can't try again since it thinks I have made a purchase and yet the features remain locked. Frustrating.

- Terrible after update

It was a great app until after they upgraded the App. Now you have to log in every time and agree to them having access to tweets etc.... Too time consuming to log in. Look for Another free alternative

- :(

This used to be my fav app and was so useful a couple months ago but recently it keeps crashing, logging me out of Twitter and keeps disconnecting when I try to use it...😕 please fix this

- Used to love it.

I used to love this app.. Now it's constantly telling me "invalid or expired token". It's been 48 hours since I last used it.... Will be going to a different unfollow tool. Fix this and you'll get 5 stars!

- Crashes

It continuously crashes whenever I try to load ID's. Fix it!

- Please update!

Please update this app again, lots of more bug fixes to be made!!

- Great

Great app the only thing I didn't like was having to purchase the "who unfollowed me" part but way worth it tbh definitely recommend if you're cheesed of not knowing who's unfollowing you

- Great app when it works.

This app is awesome, when it works. It doesn't crash while using. Only when you close it and try to open it again. Then you have to delete the app and re-download it before it will work again. Other than that, really awesome app.

- Ap great for managing account but glitchy

Ap is great for unfollowing but has some glitches

- Isra Khandid

I love it

- Excellent

Just what I wanted.

- Ehh

I use to love this app but but ever since the iOS 8 update, it has been glitching like crazy! It's so upsetting and I hope they find a way to fix it. Every time I open the app it says too many twitter calls are made and as a person who uses twitter a lot this is frustrating!

- ??

Will this hack me

- Very useful!

I tried this app and I was surprised how easy it's was to unfollow those people not following me back. I highly recommend... Just not ready to pay for it.

- Love it

Easy and fun.

- Love it!!

An amazing app!

- Its good

Its really good

- Sick


- Good app

I love this app

- ~Quality

Useful app, but needs some improvement.

- Helpful

Helps me maintain a great ratio.

- 😡

Good app but takes so damn long to refresh id's -.-

- App for ig pls

Hope you guys can make an app like this for instagram as well

- Worth

Actually this is the best clean up app I’ve ever used 👌

- Tricky! Boycott Unfollow!

I have been using and recommending free Unfollow for ages. Suddenly without warning a paywall arrives. Functions are blocked. Now you can't unfollow with unfollow. I feel cheated. This a breach of trust. Boycott Unfollow!

- Great App

An excellent app which lives up to its promise, well worth the $2.50 to unlock all its features. Tried a few different apps, and this one stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Love it and recommend it.

- Fantastic

A great app very useful

- Keeps giving me a 24 hour limit

Because I have a big account it doesn't let me unfollow more than 150 a day, very irritating. Please fix it. Other than that it's a great app.

- Chub


- Don't bother !

Waste of time downloading. Have to pay to unlock who followed & unfollows. Immediately deleted it.

- Great app

Fun and functional... Helps keep my Twitter fresh.

- Expensive, and constantly crashes.

I can download my follower list only once every 24 hours because of its size. After downloading it when I go to the unfollow page everything is greyed out and the app ceases to work. Next 24 hours I try again, and again. I've tried rebooting the app, phone, etc all in different patterns to try and get it working, all hinging on the fact I get one shot to trouble shoot it every 24 hours only. Further you have to pay a different fee for every single thing the app does, and each tier is about as much as any other app out there costs for the entire premium package. I highly recommend avoiding this until the author gets it sorted for accounts of 50k+ sizes.

- Revert update

Please undo the current update it has made the app run so slow and take forever to unfollow even with fast unfollow

- Great

Works really well

- Good app, it works well

Smooth running, fast and it does what it says it will do.

- Great app

Perfect app, there's a little bug with the accounts but that's okay. They should add a follow addon

- Worked ok since update it's rubbish

Rubbish app now, deleted it and downloaded again and still didn't work. I worked with mobile phones for a living and trust me when I say this is a pointless app that doesn't work.

- Not working ..

Was awesome .. but after updating is not working ..

- It's alright

It's pretty good but mine stops working after unfollowing a few people I don't know why, but it's pretty good when it doesn't freezes or anything

- ehhh

its great-ish

- Lots of problems

Freezes, have to delete and re-download, doesn't work when you press home button

- Misleading

You have to pay to see who unfollows you

- Love it


- love

I really love this app. So simple! Please update with iOS 7?

- Pretty Good App

It is a good app to quickly unfollow people instead of manually doing it yourself.

- Install it

Been using this for a very long time and has never failed me

- Perfect

Get it you won't be disappointed

- Please update

I would have give 4 stars, but now not even a star. Simply because after the recent update of twitter this app dose not load anymore.

- Flat out broken

It's linked to my Twitter profile, I click on the button to see who isn't following me, the it doesn't work. It tells me I have to wait 15 minutes, counts down, fails, says I have to wait 15 minutes. Brilliant. Waste of time.

- Pretty good

But it has been crashing a lot. Otherwise it's great!

- Install it!

This is the best. I use to use websites, but they have unfollow limits. I don't know what else to say, except get it, you won't regret it!

- Fab

I've been using it for a while now and it's great. Literally I can see and unfollow easily in one touch. No confusions what so ever. Literally amazing to have.

- Solid app

Works beautifully no bugs or anything And as simple to use as a toaster :) Good stuff

- AMAZING except...

You need to add a filter so it doesn't unfollow verified people etc. MUCH APPRECIATED

- Waste of money

Paid the upgrade to get the extra features and none of them work!!!! It's a scam. I want my money back. Don't bother wasting your time with this app!!!

- This is incredible.

Gives you exactly what you need! A definite must have!

- Good job

I like the application its helpfull 👍

- Awesome

Great app, so easy to unfollow everyone who doesnt follow you back!

- Amazing

Keep the best job it saves my time now

- Doesn't work

Won't load my followers and who I follow... When it said it did it said I follow one person who doesn't follow me. I know I follow atleast 20 celebs that don't follow back....

- There must be as easier way.

There must be an app for unfollowing on twitter - yes there is. Perfect.

- Great App

Easy to unfollow people who don't follow in a few seconds.

- Best app ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

OMG I Love this app ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ it does what it says it I just unfollowed 700+ accounts not following me This App is brilliant love it love it you have to get ❤❤❤💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎❤❤❤❤❤❤❤♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💛💚💜💙💚💗💜💙💛❤💚💛💙

- Fantastic twitter companion!

This app is flawless! Does exactly what I wanted. It's a shame twitter doesn't have these features built in. Get rid of those unfollowers now and get this app! Thanks

- Love

Amazing app!! Wish you could unfollow all followers who are not follow you in one single tap :) keep the great work up!

- Does as it should

Thanks works well

- Awesome

Does what it says, very helpful.

- Awesome

Does what it says it does!

- 5 stars!

Does exactly what it says it does ^____^

- Love love love

Awesome app!


Awesome App, Made my life so much easier; Was taking me hours to unfollow a 100 or so. Then I found this & did it in a few minutes. Honestly, it's not a scam or anything. Would recommend (; ♡ 5 STARS

- Wow


Payoneer 💰

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- Mark CEO

Great tool for monitoring followers and unfollowers as well! The App is generally very easy to use and well worth the cost! The only thing I wished they would do is list explanations to each function. For example there is definition of what an Exclusionist is on the App. Your than this it’s a great tool! Thank You! Mark

- multiple unfollow

I can do multiple unfollow

- Excellent app, Especially if you want to trim the dross of those that don’t follow you back

Excellent app, great way to trim all the non-followers out of your list. It worked very quickly with my iPhone. Thank you very much, best wishes, @kittywaymo Sheila Epstein Hunter

- Not worth it

The app isn’t convenient, but everything is still behind a paywall. Not worth the money.

- 👎🏾

Bring mass unfollow back 🙄 it's very irritating doing it one by one

- بيروت

رجعو الاصدار القديم


Purchased the app I unlock options and after using awhile, options are locked again and I have to purchase to continue using. LAME.

- Algorithm Censorship

Twitter continues to shadowban and creatively silence people who challenge the flawed logic of Political Correctness and Elitist Concepts disguised as Humanitarianism. Twitter is for Sheeple. I’m deleting this propaganda mill!

- pls

bring back the mass unfollow feature .

- Great Twitter App

Does a good job of managing your Twitter account. Very affordable extra options. I’ve tried a lot of Twitter apps and like this one the best.

- Not what it used to be

At one time a very nice app. Now much harder to access. Puts you in a loop, much too frustrating to fool with. If I could give no stars I would.

- Smart update

Unfollowing is hella easier now ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽


Not good /The previous application was better. Currently it does not add Followers automatically 😑🤨/ repair it please

- u guys took out the reason i purchased this apps full usage smh

put back multiple selection it's annoying to go down the list and tap unfollow it was easier to select and then let it do it on its own deleting this app if u don't fix

- Delete the auto Unfollow !!!

Now you need to press unfollow for everyone

- Mass follow removal

Little to no improvement. They added the one touch to unfollow but the lag time between hitting unfollow is unbearable... if they don’t do something soon I’ll never use this app again

- It's very bad because u deleted selected unfollowers

It's very bad because u deleted selected unfollowers

- Almost there

After the Twitter update removing mass unfollowing...this app has been pretty lame... But this last update is almost there...if you guys could remove the pop up after you unfollow someone to make that step faster...it would be a lot better.

- Great Tool

It's very user friendly. Not an "outer limits " price range. Very effective . I love it! I'm what's know as a social media influencer. So I have to constantly be on top.of my SM accounts. This tool/app makes my task alot easier! 1️⃣🅾️1️⃣7️⃣™️🎶🇻🇪🇺🇸🇨🇺😎

- Used To Great, No More

This app worked great until 10/2018 when Twitter changed access for apps. It rendered this app useless doing so.

- Pointless

Changing the unfollow mechanism from auto to manual made this app useless.

- تحديث سيء

البرنامج لا يعمل معي اتمنى ارجاعه على التحديث القديم وشكرا .

- I wouldn’t buy this again.

I bought it to manage my twitter account. Unlocked all the features. It has worked erratically at best since, not working at all now. Its about to be relegated to history.

- Last Update

It's so Bad i can't unfollow people at the same time like last version.

- Works great!!

Twitter really screwed with the automation portion of this which was amazing. Now I have to personally click each new follow or unfollow which is a big game for many people, or bots on Twitter. This app makes it incredibly easy to remove people who unfollowed you; And to track those that follow. I used to have to scroll through years of followers to find those who play the follow unfollow game, but not anymore. Highly recommend!

- No mass unfollow

I’m not unfollowing one by one.. deleting this app

- Smh

Used this app for years & every time I got a new iPhone, this was one of the first few apps I downloaded. Now we have to manually unfollow people? That’s what made this app stand out from the rest.. smh

- Bad Update

Im sad you can’t mass unfollow anymore.. that’s the only reason I needed this app. It use to be so great now :/

- No more Mass unfollow!!

It no longer lets you unfollow a large amount at once!! Yeah no longer useful..💯sorry

- Want a refund

Paid for the in app purchase and the app updated the next day blocking the features of mass unfollow... feel bait and switched.

- Trash

Multi Unfollow feature is gone so the app is trash now dont get it


The app removed the multi select option to mass unfollow. I payed total like 5 bucks and for what??? Now I’m going to have to find another app that lets me mass unfollow. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

- FIX YOUR APP!! Can’t unfollow nobody

What’s the point of downloading this app when you can’t even unfollow nobody anymore it worked great at first now it’s trash

- Not happy

I used to love this app and I hate that I can’t unfollow people automatically... I have to click on each person individually and unfollow them!!!

- Don’t work

This app used to work even though it was choppy and would only unfollow so many per 24 hr period. But some days it would not unfollow anyone. Now they are claiming that their popular mass unfollow is not available any longer as twitter blocked them and penalized them. Now you can only do one a t a time, which is useless cause u can do that straight in twitter etc. so really this is a dead app now so do t pay for it! Also customer service just says write to the App Store . Really? Bad really bad. Run don’t walk away from this one guys. There is others out there that work. This one nope! It’s not even worth anything for the free version. It does nothing now.

- Ruined the app

Used to be easy unfollowing mass amount of people. Now you gotta do it one by one.

- Absolutely Useless

They took away the only useful feature of the app. You used to be able to on follow people that aren’t following you in mass quantities, but now they make you quick swipe and click on every single one you want to on follow. Very useless

- The last update is awful

This was a great app until it was last updated! Now, sometimes I can’t tell who is on the list of people I follow because their info doesn’t show up properly! Please fix it!

- التحديث لا يعمل

لا استطيع الغاء متابعه من لا يتابعني .. ارجو العمل على اصلاح المشكله

- Dissatisfied with new update, killed the app for me

As someone who has had this app since launch I believe I might be leaving the app. The multi-select feature made the app. The automated process made clearing people who don’t follow you seamless. That was my only need for the app. I’m not going to unfollow one by one. The process is too tedious and defeats the purpose for me. I hope you find a better way.

- Used to be fantastic.

Now that there is no more mass unfollow option, this app is actually worthless. Makes it even harder than just unfollowing people on the app.

- Unfollow

Took away not being able to unfollow all at one time

- Used to work

Used to work, now it only lets you unfollow one at a time which is useless. You can unfollow on twitter without the app. Was able to unfollow 100’s at a time before the limit kicked in daily . That was a month ago. Ow there is no option for more than one at a time now. What happened? Also customer service is non existent.

- App is trash now.

Since the new update you can’t unfollow multiple people at a time now. It’s just like all the other unfollow apps.. useless.

- New update

This new update is trash I don’t want to individually unfollow people and if the app isn’t fixed I will be deleting it for good

- GET Automatic Unfollow Back!!!

get the automativ unfollow back on this app nobody wants to keep clicking unfollow it takes to much time

- New update is awful

Cannot mass unfollow anymore. Awful update.

- Please help me

I cant un follow automatic.. why!! Please solve it

- No select all button

They got rid of the select all button now you have to manually unfollow one at a time. WACK.

- Is there a bug on the app

Why can’t I mass unfollow accounts anymore. This app is terrible now.

- 😘

This app is my life.

- Login problem

I changed my twitter @ and now it won't let me use the app

- omg

best app

- I love it

It the best apps I have ever used for unfollow tweeter

- It's amazing

Very useful i love it

- What happened?

This used to be my favorite app but now it keeps telling me I need to put my password into the settings and when I do it still doesn't work. Very frustrating. Please fix this.

- L

The app gives me exactly what I want and allows me to manage my numbers.

- Pretty good

Very easy to use, and does exactly what i need... Not sure about accuracy

- Thank u!!!

OMG been looking for something like this for days !!! Something that can instantly unfollow people thanks unfollow you guys really helped me !

- Great app!

This app makes tidying up your twitter fast and simple. Worth downloading(:

- nice nice (:

it's a nice app but it needs to make a logout button

- Great app! Works like a charm!

This is the only review I've ever made for an app! It works like a charm! Very simple, but does the job perfectly! Many thanks to the creators of this app!

- Best App Ever

This is seriously the best unfollow app ever. I love it so much! Thank you

- This is stupid

How does it have more than one star if the app doesnt even open

- Good

So far, so good. Thanks for this wonderful app. Maybe if you could take advertisements away?

- Great

Great app

- Doesn't even open

The app doesn't even open I don't know why ppl rate this 5 stars

- Good app

It does what it says :)

- Great App!

Love this app! Fast and easy to use. Makes my Twitter experience so much better!

- Omg

This is like the best unfollow app ever !

- awesome

u can unfollow stupid hoes. awesome

- Must have twitter tool

Nothing like this app out there. Makes maintenance on multiple accounts fast and painless.

- Very good !

It's an awesome app but it would be even better if we could see who unfollowed us. :)

- Won't even open!

Follow on twitter @snipethepipe I follow back

- It was good

I did love this app until I updated it and now it has this ridiculous rate limit? This app was a 5/5 until that plus you should update it for good like a whitelist so you don't unfollow celebrities.

- So terrible.

Would be good. If you could even open the app.. Crashes immediately.

- It crashes right away!!!!!!!!


- Awesome!

This app amazing!! Thanks so much for creating it! It made my life and my twitter account much easier. Keep up the good work!😊

- wow! exactly what i needed!

thank you for creating this app, i use it everyday :) 5/5

- Great app

Very good app but I don't think I should be paying to see who unfollowed me, but overall very well done .


This is exactly what i needed! It would be a little better if you could see who unfollowed you as well, but overall i love it!

- Very useful

Although it only has two features, thats all you need! Lets you see who isn't following you back and who hasn't tweeted in since 1 week - 6 months! Lets you unfollow directly through the app. I've used a lot of apps like these but so far I like this the best!

- Waste of space

Wack!!! Doesn't even open!

- I use it everyday.

It does everything it claims to do easily.

- Awesome!

It helped me clean up my twitter a lot. I loved it.

- Crashes the time.

Whatever you do don't get this app. It crashes every time I start up the app. I wasted $2 on the added features too.

- 0 Stars

Doesn't even work. Says that there are too many requests or something. Worked well before the update!

- Okay

It's alright , just shows who's not following you back

- Don't bother.

It won't even open. What a waste.

- Helpful

Very helpful! Dope

- <3

nice app!

- Great

This app is great, very useful! I would definitely recommend it

- Super great app

Very easy to use and extremely fast on my phone which I love!!

- Love it!!!!

Download this app! Now!

- best

quick and easy to use! so much better than who.unfollowed.me!

- Great App!

Free. Works as advertised. Great App.


Does exactly what I want it to do. Now, every month, Im able to unfollow people who don't follow back. THANK YOU

- Better Apps Out There For Free

There are better apps out there for free, the purchase upgrades are not worth it, it was only 99C but it was a wasted 99C. Deleted :(

- Sweet

Very good for ppl who follow you and when you follow them back the unfollow you after a while :S

- Love this app.

It works so well & I just live the fact that I can see when their last tweet was.

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- I gave up on it ..

.. because it stopped being usable for my purposes. I move on.

- Terrible app

Why can’t I give this zero stars?

- Doesn’t actually link with twitter

Doesn’t unfollow.

- Decent app

Doesn’t pester you for money can do what you want easy enough and watch an ad for extra features which is cool

- Terrible update

The update has meant you have to unfollow people individually. A big shame as it use to be so much easier

- It’s it doesn’t work

Keeps telling me people have unfollowed me and when I check, they haven’t.

- It’s Changed

Had it for years. Used to let me mass unfollow accounts. Now you physically have to unfollow individual accounts ONE BY ONE. Ruined the whole point of the app. Might aswell unfollow using twitter.

- Worked perfectly for Free

Really aesthetic App that just works so smoothly and with no need to make any in-App purchases - at least for my use, and I u followed about 2000 people in half an hour.

- Great but update is shocking

Please sort your update out, it keeps telling me the session has timed out every 30 seconds, it's so annoying, I can't do anything with this at the moment.

- Worthless app now

I’ve used this app for years and it’s always been great but now you have to manually unfollow everyone. I’m not going to sit and manually unfollow thousands of people at a time. Super disappointed and won’t be using it anymore.

- Was a good app until

Loved this app until they removed the feature where I could select all people and it would automatically unfollow for me with that go it is just a normal bad app

- Mmm

It shows people who don’t follow back but doesn’t work properly on people who have unfollowed

- Gone Poor. Disappointed

Why can’t we choose multiple profiles to unfollow. There should be option to select all on one page. Like other “unfollow APPs”. Bidding Good bye to your App. Crap one

- Revert back to previous version

This app used to be great when you didn’t have to manually unfollow people.

- Terrible update

New update means you have to click on every person individually to unfollow. Defeats the whole point of the app... you can just do that on Twitter (plus previous purchases can’t be restored) immediately stopping using it and won’t be Back

- Was good

Was good now totally useless for what it was meant for

- Updates have made this app awful

Bring back multi select or at least implement one tap unfollow. App is nearly useless now.

- Disappointed

It’s so unfortunate that you have to manually unfollow people now but nevertheless i’ll carry on using this app, just disappointed.

- Great and functional little app

I’m really sceptical about most apps that offer in-app purchases- specifically that they’ll present you with a bit of info then want to charge you to do anything with it. Not so this one. It’s ad supported but it offers you the option to either stump up a tiny amount to upgrade or view an ad instead. Just for that reason, let alone that it works really well I commend this app to you!

- Crap

I’m unfollowing people who still Follow me - what’s that about?

- This app is great.. when it decides to work

This app only works sometimes. When it works it does the job and is easy to use. When it decides not to work it makes you log in 10000s of times when you try to unfollow someone. Overall I don’t really like this app anymore, could be great it just needs to make serious improvements

- Helpful app...

Nice app. Well graphics.Really a Helpful app.

- Help ful


- Lame

Unfollow a few people then I have to keep renewing my log in token. Na

- Used to be a great App - now awful - it’s useless!

I loved this App and used it for ages but the updates recently have turned a good app useless - it no longer advises who unfollowed you - the whole point of the App. Have reported this several times but despite replies, the developer simply doesn’t thing anything is wrong! I paid to unlock features that do not work. The App is unfortunately useless!!

- Useless

When it was originally released it was awesome and easy to use, now you need a degree in computer programming to make it work, don’t bother

- Perfect

Exactly what I needed. Does what it says it does. Best so far tbh.

- Absolute rubbish

I downloaded this app because I wanted to unfollowed people that hadn’t tweeted for a certain amount of time. I installed the app, and also spend some money on some of the add-ons. I’m using the app, I now seem to be following more people than I originally was, I didn’t want this, I wanted to be able to on follow people that I was following but hadn’t tweeted for a while. This app is confusing, and pretty useless. I cannot recommend installing it if you are wanting to unfollow people.

- Parves

Used to be a great about about 2 years ago now it’s honestly awful would not recommend.

- Don’t buy

Paid to unlock the unfollowers feature but doesn’t show who has unfollowed you

- Rubbish

Absolutely crap of an app don’t waste your money buying, so disappointed that I did :(

- crashing

crashing making it absolutely useless

- Disappointed


- Total crap

Since update, no longer shows all unfollowers. Confusing, irritating & unintuitive. Pointless / deleted

- Just needs a few tweaks

Great app but I’m getting a bit bored of having to re-connect all my twitter accounts every single day. Also doesn’t give me the full list of followers/unfollowers first time. Have to keep refreshing the page. First world problems! Still love it though! Keep up the good work!

- Good to start then crashes

Great app to start now the unfollow part of the app crashes and does not work.

- Oh dear

The latest update to the new look is woeful. The last version was great, paid for it, worked. Frankly this new one is terrible. Over engineered and too complicated. If I could find a way to reinstall the old version I would.

- Just need 1 feature to be most downloaded.

Just needs a select all button - and then you're done.

- Update has ruined a perfectly good app

[Edit Oct 17] Such a shame. Was perfect no frills app before but now has a habit of crashing plus has completely lost my paid for exclusion list (even after I used the import facility). If it ain't broke, don't fix it...yet they did, and it's worse :( _________________ The best app I've found for this sort of job. Nice and simple to use, no frills, just as it should be. Please make an Instagram version too! 5 Stars!

- Great until the upgrade

This used to be such a great app. Then it was ‘upgraded’. And now it just does not work properly. A shame.

- Doesn’t even work

Dont waste your time

- Doesn't work since update

I updated to the latest version early Oct 2017, many features not working. Ever heard the saying 'don't fix wish is not broke'? Deleted the app.

- Latest version is broken

I've had this app a while, since the update, the UI is not as friendly and the unfollow option that I paid for is broken when you have a protected account in the list

- Bad Update

Since I’ve updated the app it’s stopped working. I do t find out who’s unfollowed I only get an error message.

- Recently updated

Just updated the app, didn't realise it would reset exclusion list etc. Bit of a disappointment. Then realised could import setting from previous version of app!

- Used to be great, updated it and now it’s lousy

Used to be great, updated it and now it’s lousy

- Crash crash crash

Started out a promising app to help me keep up to date with twitter followers etc. Now it crashes and will not log into the account. I suspect the developer is not updating with Apple. If it's not updated then avoid.

- Nice

Good but tokens are annoying

- Great app

Real easy to use, takes a while to delete all followers however it's mostly auto 💯🔥

- Overall good

The only problem I have with is app is that you need coins to re-set the list of the people that unfollowed me...it's actually quite easy to get coins though, you just need to watch a video that's less then 5 seconds and then you get two coins

- Thanx - it's great

This is something that really should be in twitter's app, but thanks to these guys for plugging the gap. Works quick and fine.

- Awsome

Nice app for twitterers

- Cool

Simple and effective.

- nice and easy

a few more filters would be good but this works just as it says

- Thank you!!!!

Finally found this app that doesn't ask for a few dollars and isn't spam! It does exactly what I want and it's all easy to use! Thank you!!! This app is AMAZING! 

- Amazing!!!

Does exactly what it should. Very very handy

- Ace!

Take that, u douches who unfollowed me! Hhahaha thanx heapz fo the creator of dis supa cool app! Ure the man!!

- Brilliant!


- Big fan

Love it.

@Mayak0sm0s: Imagine bullying a minor bc she politely asked you to unfollow her saying she doesn’t want your content on her tl with 21k+…

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@Imkgauravmishra: “You Set The Bar, I Will Always Raise It, Be it for Good or Bad" #SidheartsOnlyLoveSid Anyone who differ with my op…

@outropiedpiper: Hello please spread this for april 1. — dont unfollow bts_twt ( it can affect the top social artists) — dont use hobi…


Twitter mating rituals: You follow me. I follow back. You unfollow. Are my feathers not bright and colorful eno…

@tokyojoo: @filtersjm An army politely DM her follower to unfollow bevause she didnt want to see NCT content on her tl. The army is a mi…

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unfollow for Twitter 10.20 Screenshots & Images

unfollow for Twitter iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

unfollow for Twitter iphone images
unfollow for Twitter iphone images
unfollow for Twitter iphone images
unfollow for Twitter iphone images
unfollow for Twitter iphone images
unfollow for Twitter ipad images
unfollow for Twitter ipad images
unfollow for Twitter ipad images
unfollow for Twitter ipad images
unfollow for Twitter Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
unfollow for Twitter Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

unfollow for Twitter (Version 10.20) Install & Download

The applications unfollow for Twitter was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-07-16 and was developed by Spicy Apps [Developer ID: 299136020]. This application file size is 29.24 MB. unfollow for Twitter - Social Networking posted on 2020-03-16 current version is 10.20 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

unfollow for Twitter Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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