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What is camera lucida app? "In love with drawing again!"

Whether you're drawing on paper with a pencil, or cookies with royal icing, Camera Lucida will help you to be a better artist.

Unlike hundreds of apps that enable you to create digital art, Camera Lucida instead enables you to create amazing physical art! Our app works by having your iPhone or iPad's camera pointed at your drawing surface. By watching your screen as you draw, you will be able to to see your reference image superimposed with your drawing - guiding your hand as little or as much as you want while you create your art. Better than a projector and more versatile than a light table, Camera Lucida has been fine-tuned for a decade to provide artists with the features they need to be accurate and creative.

For over a century, artists have made use of the camera lucida optical device to superimpose a live view of their subject onto their drawing or painting surface. Allowing the artist to trace what they see in front of them, the camera lucida is an invaluable aid in creating a lifelike and realistic drawing. Our app is truly a camera lucida for the 21st century!

With our Camera Lucida iPhone/iPad application, artists and non-artists alike can now draw anything they have a photo of. When looking at your screen, you'll be able to simultaneously see the image you want to draw as well as your drawing surface as you create your work of art.

With over 11 years of continuous development, Camera Lucida's functionality eclipses the competition. Check out these features:
- Advanced image filters to help you see with an artist's eye.
- Multi-device support to enable you to stream live video of your drawing to a second device.
- Support for saving and restoring sessions, including automatically realigning your camera, sketch and reference image.
- Full color palette control, including using your own paints, markers, etc.
- Use any camera on your device and adjust for tilted and mirrored setups manually, or use an in-app purchase do do it automatically.
- Secondary video feed support to enable you to draw from a live subject, not just a photograph.
- Time-lapsed recordings of you creating your drawing you can share on social media.
- Support for external bluetooth keyboards to aid in creating large art through mirroring your display.
- Advanced tools such as vertical split screen sliders, timed image fading in and out, etc.
- Video tutorials you can watch from within the app or from YouTube.
- A full user manual available from within the app.

- Customer support that you can count on and an active user community for inspiration.

To use our application, you just place your iPhone or iPad between your drawing surface and your eyes and trace what you see on the screen!

A ton of fun for artists young or old, amateur or professional, the Camera Lucida app makes a great addition to any artist's toolbox.

IMPORTANT: To use Camera Lucida, you need to fix your iPhone or iPad in place above your drawing. We use a stack of books or a flower vase to do this. Tutorials are included in the app to help you get started.

Splash art by Carolyn Hall Young, 1953-2016.

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Camera Lucida Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Camera Lucida Version 14.006 February 2022

Wow! Wow! Wow! It keeps getting better! With version 14.0 you can now use multiple iOS devices at the same time and stream the video from one device to another! With this capability you can easily create enormous art, even murals. Or perhaps you just want to draw more comfortably with your large iPad screen in front of you and your iPhone's camera poised about your drawing surface. It's up to you! This new version also brings another long-hoped for functionality: The ability to save your drawing session part way through and then restore the drawing session at a later time. And the icing on the cake is the ability to *automatically* realign your drawing, camera and reference image. Additionally, users who have noticed the time-lapse videos can be "grainy" will be happy to hear that the default recordings are much cleaner and the app has a new user interface for letting you pick the format and quality of the output video..

Camera Lucida Version 13.024 May 2021

The highest rated app for drawing on real world media just keeps getting better! Camera Lucida version 13.0 puts powerful new color palette tools at your fingertips. Now with just the press of a button, Camera Lucida will analyze the image you want to draw and show you the best colors to use to draw the image. You still can control all the details - how many colors you want to use, the fine tuning of the colors, and even setting the colors from a photograph of your own paints, markers or colored pencils. Camera Lucida will then enable you to work on the colors layer by layer, giving you complete control over what color layers are displayed over your drawing surface. With version 13.0, you can also make use of Apple's newest ultra-wide angle cameras to create very large art without having to place your iPad or iPhone far from your drawing surface! With sophisticated corrections for barrel distortion, you can do this without creating any fisheye or other unwanted effects. To use this feature, you'll need one of the awesome new iPhones or iPad Pros with these lenses. Also included are many updates that come directly from the suggestions of Camera Lucida users. A new slider, for example, enables you to control the transparency of your overlay while you're composing your image. This is super helpful when you are compositing multiple photographs into a single drawing. These days there are lots of apps that try to copy Camera Lucida, but even the best of them only have half the functionality of Camera Lucida. Our pledge to you is to continue our 11-year commitment to create the richest drawing app with the best technical support possible. We do it while continuing to support iOS versions all the way back to 9.3, which means our app even runs on an iPad 2!.

Camera Lucida Version 12.018 January 2021

The highest rated app for drawing on real world materials keeps getting better! There are now plenty of alternative apps, but only the original Camera Lucida keeps ahead of the curve by offering exactly what artists request! Read the reviews, watch the videos and see for yourself why it's the best. Version 12.0 provides users with a new set of easier to use manual camera correction tools for use with tilted or mirrored drawing setups. For users making use of the automatic camera correction feature, a new visual inspection tool provides immediate feedback on the quality of the correction. For sugar artists and other users who use the app with a projector, a new "Projector Mode" that shuts off the camera view has been added as well. Other minor changes such as being able to print or email the manual, lengthen the flicker time, etc. have been made as well..

Camera Lucida Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great Tool

I decided to learn watercolor painting but have no skills for drawing. Choosing my own photos to work from I was spending way to much time trying to make an accurate light sketch. The sketch is minimal but so important to perspective in the composition. I was reading about the camera Lucida when I found this app for my iPad. I figured out a way to use it and am so disappointed I had only grabbed scratch paper. My line drawing took very little time and the very quick painting atop that drawing was terrific! This takes so much pressure off and allows me the pleasure of experimenting with the paint and it’s effects without the very hard and tedious task of making an accurate sketch. Thanks for coming up with this app! It will take a little practice getting used to how to set up for accurate size overlay. I do need a stand but so far I have managed. Patty Ps. I despise apps with “in app purchase” so I appreciate the way you marketed this. Reviews were positive and you were clear about it takes a little getting used to. But that is the case with all the camera Lucida options. You are drawing without looking at the paper. Kind of weird but great results.

- This is so useful

Camera Lucida solved 2 problems for me: getting my drawing onto my painting paper (resizing if needed), and getting proportions and perspectives correct. That was very hard for me. I’ve tried tracing paper, tracing by impressing, light box. This app lets me get either job done quickly so I can get on to painting. I can set it up, draw my layout and be ready to paint so quickly that I hardly notice the task I used to dread. In the earlier version I had some trouble getting the calibration correct when working on an angle, but the new calibration module resolved that. It worked perfectly the first time I used it. I usually use the OSMO to hold my iPad because my granddaughter wasn’t using it any more, but one time I put the iPad on a kitchen step stool right over my drawing, and that worked just fine, too. Literally, the setup and prep to use Camera Lucida takes about 30 seconds. And, it’s way cheaper than buying a light box, projector, or any of the other devices people have tried over the years and centuries.

- Best app for drawing, period

I use this app to get my size and perspective correct before painting. I am retired. I wanted to learn to paint but my drawing skills were marginal. I had taken a couple of botanical art classes at the local arboretum and these stimulated my interest even more. My problem has always been perspective. My drawings are always a little off and it makes my paintings look the same. I have been using Camera Lucida for a number of years and it has solved my perspective issues. I so enjoy using it. This newest release makes the setup for drawing simple. I have so benefited from using this program. It has not only kept my interest in painting alive, it has enhanced it. I can honestly say I am able to draw better because the app helped me get through the initial struggling phase. Thank you Peter for investing so much time in this app. You didn’t abandon it after you released it. You improved it immeasurably. If you want to draw, get this app.

- THIS is the one you want, not the Amateur “Pro”

This is the *original* and BEST app - the developer actually LISTENS to his purchasers and does his very best to meet their requests to add new functionality or fix any glitches usually within a few days. This is the app with a lively and supportive Facebook group of nearly 2.5K members and of which its developer is an ACTIVE and responsive member. This is the app that with the proper setup can take you from miniatures to wall-sized art and everything in between. This is the app that allows you to use either your Rear OR Front camera, with an autoadjust feature second to none. This is the app that can help you speed up production, because time is money. Whether you are a beginning artist or an expert, THIS is the one you are looking for, not the knockoff that sounds like it. 100% Worth every cent.

- Great app for artists!

I bought this app as a Christmas present for my husband. The app is phenomenal! It allows him to line up the picture he wants to draw from, and lets him get the general placement of what he is drawing, such as the eyes and the shape of the head. We are older, and I must admit, it was a bit confusing at the very first. However, I reached out to the Camera Lucida community I follow on FaceBook, and received the help I needed. Also, the apps developer built in a help section right into the app. It even has the e-mail address of the developer himself. I e-mailed him and he got right back with me. His tips were exactly what we needed to use the app to obtain the desired results. Couldn’t be happier with the app and with their customer service! If you can’t figure out the app, reach out for guidance instead of leaving a negative review.

- 9 Years of Drawing with Camera Lucida

This is the original Camera Lucida app! I’ve used this for years, beginning with my iPhone 3GS and iPad 2, spanning several generations of various Apple devices. I’ve used this to make heartfelt portraits, add personal touches to my work and to improve workflow. Camera Lucida is a versatile, feature-rich drawing assistant, allowing for many creative possibilities from tracing, compositing, enlargements, and comparisons. Each new version brings amazing new features and tweaks. The best part is it’s that reliable tool for starting a drawing. For many would-be artists the unsureness of how to begin a drawing, or the confusion that follows, can be a deterrent to drawing itself. Camera Lucida can help overcome those hurdles and it’s also really fun to see the drawing emerge on the page.

- Amazing

I was going to skip this because of the price and no try it offer. Glad I didn’t. It doesn’t project, you are looking at the image on your phone and can see the canvas underneath so enlarging isn’t an issue and neither is focus. It has a fade adjustment, tilt, you can change the effects of the picture you are using, it can be set to automatically fade in intervals so you can see the canvas taking shape or you can use the slide and just move the picture out of the way as you go. It’s super easy to doodle your own sketch, save to your photos and then open it in this for a more complex painting. I’ve had it for 5 minutes and I can see a ton of creative ways to use this. I’m glad I took a chance. I’m using iPhone 8.

- Best camera lucida app on the market

I have explored different camera lucida tools over the years. I downloaded ALL of the various apps and most are very basic or have ridiculous app purchase requirements to make them functional. This application, Camera Lucida, is a solid product and has a robust toolset that is great for new and experienced artists. No fancy tools or add-ons needed to get amazing results. This is more than a basic tracing app. Use the built in tools. I use the levelize and posterize filters to quickly develop a study. The tutorials and social media updates are great as well and the developer is very responsive to requests for new features. Dump the rest and download this awesome product. This is the only camera lucida app you will ever need.

- Really great app for anyone who wants to draw!!

I love being able to draw pictures from my photos. Really let's you overcome fears if you are, like me, drawing challenged... Have made many lovely pen and ink drawings of some of my favorite photos of my daughter that I put in my journal. It is fun, plus they won't fade over time like photos might (given an archival ink)... I have always wanted to make pen and ink drawings that look good and this has been an absolutely fabulous tool. I just got an Osmo stand and front camera mirror and am looking forward to using it as it seems like it will be more convenient than the standard setup of putting the iPad on a stack of books. I set it up with the Osmo but have yet to actually draw with the Osmo in use. That said, it certainly seems like it will be more convenient to have the iPad and drawing both easily visible while you are drawing, instead of basically 100% looking "through" the iPad. I very, VERY rarely purchase apps (I think this is my second in history) but have absolutely no regrets. It really is a wonderful tool to help ANYONE draw well and I am thrilled!

- I love this app!

By far one of the best apps for artist that I’ve run across. This is perfect for the beginner or a professional who is trying to save time. I’ve freehanded a lot of my drawings but it always takes me more time than I’d like to get proportions the exact way I want them. With this app I’m able to get an outline down quickly and really focus on building form. This app has greatly helped me to improve my time efficiency and drawings which is great for someone who doesn’t have a ton of time! The only thing I wish was easier is the ability to draw larger drawings. It’s doable but takes a bit more of a setup to achieve. Overall, this is a great app and definitely worth the money!

- Amazing App

Have only been using this app for a few days but already I’m so glad I found it! I’m a scratch artist and this is going to be a most welcome tool. Scratch board is Masonite covered in white clay then coated in black ink leaving a matt finish, so transferring a drawing onto this surface can be quite messy. I’ve coated my sketch on the back of the paper with white charcoal which leaves specks on the black surface. I’ve also used white Saral transfer paper which leaves marks where you’ve rested your hand. With this app I can draw the image directly onto the board, saving so much time and mess. Thank you so much for producing such a valuable tool.

- Worth every penny

My wife has asked me for twelve years why I stopped drawing, and I never had a good answer. In the month following my purchase of this app, I have drawn more than I have in the past twelve years. Camera Lucida has made me fall in love with drawing again. iTunes has that 15 minute grace period where you can "return" an app, right? I wanted to see what I could accomplish in that 15 minutes, and after a very quick sketch session, I realized that in the short time I had been sketching I had accomplished hours worth of work. This app would be a bargain at twice the price.

- Can I give it an A Plus Plus Plus Review!

Can I give this app a seven star review ?! I have been only using this for a few minutes but I already know that I have found a secret treasure! Look, I CAN and DO draw and paint using perspective and all the tools of an artist. But I live an extremely busy life and it’s hard to get to all that. So in the past I have had drawing and painting instruction. I have spent lots of money on drawing products to get me up and going such as a Wacom Tablet, All the Corel products, Illustrator, etc. Those products were so incredibly hard to use that I found myself back to drawing/painting on paper! I must say that there are many Apps which have really revolutionized my life and that this app would have to be near the very top ten most useful and productive apps That I have ever used. I will post this app on my Facebook and stuff to get the word out but I really think you should advertise more because people like me NEED this product. GOOD JOB! Mary

- Very useful for art creation

The recent 9.0 updates to this app make it even more useful! Buy the app - you will not be sorry. Join the Facebook group to see all of the great art it makes possible. I do both watercolor painting and relief printing. This app is very useful in getting the image to the paper or directly to the Lino or woodblock. One can do a simple outline or even just indicate points accurately to later be completed by brush or by cutting the plate. It can easily be used to create a complete drawing though this Is not how I use it. It is a very versatile tool with many applications.

- The original and BEST app of its kind!

The app functions extremely well and has a ton of features that other apps of its kind are lacking. But possibly the best feature is the time and dedication the developer puts into ensuring the user experience is positive. There is also a Facebook group where users can learn from and support one another, and where the developer has a consistent presence, listening to user feedback and incorporating it into updates. You will not be disappointed by this app. It is worth every penny!

- Camera Lucida 5 BIG STARS!!!!!

WOW, WOW!!!!! What a fantastic app!!! This app is SO EASY to get started with! I needed to decorate around 60 cookies in a very short turnaround time with different subject matter for each set of cookies, yes, I was stressing, going thru clipart and then trying to size each piece to the size of my cookies...OH MY GOODNESS, CRAZY!!!! I remembered a video about Camera Lucida another cookie artist had made and quickly watched...The rest is as they say, history, It was SO SIMPLE to work with this app I got ALL artwork completed QUICK and cookies done....THANK YOU CAMERA LUCIDA developer, can’t wait to do more fantastic cookies.

- Fantastic Tool!

I seem to do fairly well artistically on my own… except for getting proportions just right. And when I don't, I get frustrated and scrap everything. The fun is taken out of it. That's where this app comes in. I can take a photo, any photo, and have the proportions projected onto my work surface, taking all of the hard part out of it. It closes the gap in my abilities, making it possible to turn out a fantastic and impressive work. Calligraphers, leatherworkers, sketchers, painters, printmakers, etc.: You need this app! It will be worth every penny.

- Fantastic app, great developer

Every once in a while an app comes along that changes the way you do things in your life... This is one of them!! This app is really a fantastic tool for any artist or aspiring artist. The app is very easy to use and offers a huge arsenal of tools to aid in your own creative journey. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to explore their creativity. Whether you are a professional or a hobbits or even if you have ever had a desire to draw give this app a won't be disappointed!

- It is my turn

I just joined peters Camera Lucinda. Computer technology is hard for me. I was and older introduction to computers and if it was not for people like Peter and his knowledge to teach us and share his special techniques I would have to close the book on my future to learn. Stop crushing my chances to move forward. I am waaaaay to old to go back to school or be chosen for a big money making job. You one star people should be tested. Do not make the mistake to put yourself out there.

- Amazing app and support!

This is the BEST app for drawing. There are so many different settings to choose from. It’s easy to understand and in my opinion, the best out there. The customer support is better than any other app I’ve ever tried. Pete answers questions on how FB page and quickly and easily explains things. He is constantly making the app a little better and this new 12.0 version is just amazing. I will continue sharing this app in the watercolor communities on FB as it is the best app.

- Impressed. Perfect for cookie decorators

I'm not a techie. Not even remotely. So, when I had a question I emailed the developer, Pete. I've never had such awesome customer service and response from an app before. Super helpful and friendly. So nice to see this in today's world. He helped me out and now I'm off to use this app for making cookies. I didn't want to invest in bulky, expensive equipment. Now, why would I?? This is perfect for projecting (or overlaying) the image and tracing it on to my cookie. I'll definitely be passing this app along. Thanks Pete!!

- Sliced bread move over!

I actually make my living as an artist and it is simply the greatest timesaver I have ever found. This saves me about 15 minutes a drawing by allowing me to map out the landmarks of the figure and I know the proportions are right from the get go. I purchased the stand that was recommended in the tutorial and was up and going in five minutes. The ability to zoom in on the reference picture and have it scale on the drawing is brilliant. Get this app you will NOT be disappointed!

- WOW!! This app rocks! Too cool!

OMG! This app is just what I wanted. I have been using a clunky lightbox to trace art onto my drawing surfaces and it just wasn’t practical for the large size art I want to create, 22”x30” for example. This app makes doing huge art easy and effortless. The developer, Pete, was super helpful in walking me through how to mirror my iPad to my flatscreen and now I am making large art with intricate detail like a master! Thanks Pete for this amazing app and the affordable price. When you release an IPO for this app, I want to invest! Thanks!

- Magic!

Camera Lucida is a marvelous tool. It helps with layout and sizing of your picture, but so much more. Peter has made wonderful filters to give you interesting looks, but all are under the artist’s control. On top of the work he has already put into developing the app, he continues to refine it, and is in easy communication with users if they have questions or problems. A very affordable tool for your art studio that will save you time and aggravation. Two thumbs up! Five stars!

- A gift to artists

This is a great tool. It makes the initial layout so easy! The technology behind this seems amazing, kudos to the creator! After downloading this app, I have produced so many artwork that looks so much better than before, since drawing was never my strong point. I have to admit, I have used only the basic features, but the creator provides a whole ton of extra features that would really enhance your artwork, for sure. Easy to use, excellent results.

- Great!!

There is a learning curve to this app getting the position just right, learning the lighting tools/adjustments etc.. but it’s such a great tool! I was able to easily get a cat portrait done with so much less stress than using my projector. There’s a fb group as well for support and help and the developer is involved and is just fantastic to work with !! I love this ma/pa shop feel , rather than a large app that could care less about you as a person . It’s such a great thing alll around !!

- This is top notch

Not only for the app itself, but really stellar support from the developer personally. He’s always listening to his users, and the group he has on FB is a gold mine of information and help. This is the app you want, the original, not the copycats who came after. I’m a professional artist, I use this to speed up the transfer of my sketches to my final studio work. But that is only one of the many ways people use it. Worth every penny

- Best of the Best

With this App you get more. Way more then you paid for. This app is simple to use and has a Facebook site to get help from. The creator of this app goes out of his way to help and listens to suggestions. This app not only helps you draw but let’s you see the project in many different shades. If your serious about art and want the best of the best. This is the right app to buy. And you won’t have to buy any other cause this one has it all.

- Fantastic App

I have been using this app for a few months now and it is wonderful. The ability to use it to make sure perspective is correct and to get things done that took hours before. I cannot say enough good about this app and look forward to any and all updates that maybe in the future that will make it even better. (Which will be hard to do given how awesome it is now.)

- Amazing application

This app will allow you to use real physical drawing and painting tools like you've never dreamed possible. All those digital photos you have can now with relative ease be turned into physical works of art in any medium, and on any surface you choose. Don't get me wrong, you still need an understanding of painting and drawing techniques, but with this app you have a shortcut to seeing things as they really are.

- Valuable tool for any artist .

This app does so much more than help you trace a picture . There is a tool kit that even helps you see values . Peter , the developer will personally answer any questions you have . There are copy cat apps appearing trying to ride on his success . One is called Camera Lucida pro ( definitely not ) and the other Camera Lucinda , come on copycats at least use your own name . This app is so superior !

- Love the app! Great start for the whole family

My daughter loves to draw and this app is helping her get a better artist instinct. Later this week I will have her setup with a complete mobile setup that will work with all our devices so that she can use the app wherever she happens to be without worry of device getting knocked around. Thanks for the we VLOG about it I'm sure we can add many more users.

- Best camera Lucida app

I’ve been using this app for a couple of years. This is by far the best there is. I’ve tried others and Camera Lucida blows them all away. The developer is extremely responsive to questions and concerns with detailed responses to help you figure out your problems. He also keeps making the app wonderful. You can’t go wrong with Camera Lucida.

- BEST Camera Lucida Drawing Tool

I started using this app about 7 years ago. I tried others and they had shortcomings- not intuitive, bugs, no support. However this app is amazing!!! Keeps getting better with each version and the support from the maker has been unparalleled through the years. I’ve recommended it to so many of my artist friends as a tool.

- Excellent artist’s tool

Before using Camera Lucida I was either forced to use a grid or my light box to transfer images to my drawing paper. Now in 30 minutes or less I can creat an extremely accurate line drawing. This has really improved my art and I’ve even been able to increase my prices and my clientele. I can’t recommend this product enough!

- Awesome customer service

Words can't express how happy I am with this app. I will be using it for cookie decorating for my business. Peter went above and beyond my customer service expectations. He answered every question promptly in a very friendly manner. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is interested in drawing in a fun and new way. And the best part is you don't have to be an artist to use it.

- The original and the best!

There are other copycat apps out there, but this is the original (based of course on the ancient camera lucida technique of reflection)! I don’t have a natural talent for drawing. This is a great tool regardless of your skill level. Definitely worth the price! The app’s creator is accessible for feedback and questions. Definitely my go-to app for drawing. Don’t be fooled by competitors with similar names!

- Great in concept

**Updated from 1 to 5 stars based on excellent customer outreach- still working on solutions with developer. * From demo videos it is hard to get an idea of size and scale. On first try- In order to transfer an image to a “very small - 9x12” canvas I had to place the iPad so far away I couldn’t reach the canvas to draw and see the iPad at same time. The developer is sending me some instructions to help solve. In concept -and the features- it is a great idea- for only $6.99 its a new tool in my art bin. There are some “large scale demo videos” - but I’m not there yet. Developer Pete- you have a great concept- if you could get it to project- or use a grid (tile) system for larger transfers it would be great.

- Camera Lucida is an astounding App!

I love this app. The other good reviews have said it all, so I won't repeat them. I don't think there could be a better app for an artist's productivity. Easy and intuitive for beginners - do watch the tutorials and join the Camera Lucida Facebook group for inspiration. I can't speak for advanced artists as I am not one, but I'm sure it would be a great tool for anyone.

- Excellent sophisticated app

Excellent powerful application. The author appears to have spent much time and thought making a complicated process easy for us earthlings. It’s not just plug and play — you have to spend some time reading the provided instructions and viewing the videos. I am not an artist and my first pencil drawings drew much of praise from my family and friends. RTFM !

- Really great app!

This app is incredibly useful for anyone working in traditional media, but using new tools to assist. I love how easy it is to quickly lay out all my proportions and know everything is correct. Being able to use the front camera and correct for any perspective shift has been very helpful, allowing me to more easily work on larger pieces comfortably.

- A+++++++

Most useful tool ive ever come across. This will give you a giant head start in any artistic project. Seriously. 6 stars all day. Even if you are an experienced artist this app will let you cross reference your work to let you see how accurate you are. For portraits this app is a god send. There are many ways to use this as well. I wish i came across this sooner.

- Best Art Aid Ever

I’ve been using this app since 2015 in all of my art projects from small drawings, to large canvases and even an 8 foot shark sculpture. Super easy to use to help me create perfect sketches for my work. The support and advise from the developer is excellent, and the community of over 2000 artists on Facebook helps to compare notes and seek advise. Can’t say enough good things about CL

- It works as advertised

The app as stated in other reviews is worth every penny. The zoom function that allows you to get into detailed sections of your picture to add more detail to your drawing is phenomenal. As a serious watercolorist, this app has allowed me to reduce my sketching times by at least 4x and sketch subjects I probably wouldn't have tackled before, such as portraits. This program is really a great piece of software and coding by the developer.

- Totally awesome, just what I was looking for.

Some years ago I bought a Camera Lucida, it was quite different and somewhat difficult to work with. Like looking in a microscope, not so good when wearing glasses and eye movements were hard to keep the image aligned. Then I discovered this app. It was heaven sent. Got excited and the capabilities of this app are totally enjoyable.. High 5.

- Fantastic Tool

I’ve had this app for a few years and thoroughly enjoy utilizing it as it helps hone my drawing skills, instills confidence and also assists when needed to get those proportions just right. Peter is super dedicated to making his users satisfied with how the app functions and exerts every effort to make sure it meets our needs. Recommend one hundred petcent!

- Disappointed

Yes- this could be a good tool- however using an iPhone, or any smaller device, is not ideal. You will be limited by the distance you can hold your device away from the page and draw the image. I had to balance my iPhone on the edge of a cup- that limited even more of the drawable space that I had. Adapting this to a larger screen might give you a better field of vision. But you will be limited by the distance of which you can hold and view your device in order to use the app.

- Super useful drawing tool!

This is the perfect tool for anyone who needs a way to transfer an image to their paper or canvas quickly, easily, and accurately! The Facebook community is very active and eagerly reaches out to help newbies and the developer listens to artists and tweaks the app often in response to suggestions. This is the one you want to download!!!

- Camera Lucida (It’s Fantastic)

This is a great app. I’m new at using it but am amazed at the capabilities that is possible. The group on Facebook is awesome and the creator of this app works directly with you to help you learn to use it. He has multiple tutorial videos on You Tube. There are artists that are creating fascinating artwork with this app. I love it.

- Love this app!

I got the Camera Lucida app to try the different options of posterizing to check values, and grids and overlays to check proportions on both a portrait and a pet painting I was working on. The app worked great on my iPhone. It saved so much time and was so easy to use. It is very much worth the purchase price!

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- Very Useful Tool

I found several other apps that work like this, but this is the best. For comfort I use it with an iPad angled at 45 deg, as with my drawing surface. Test that the two are aligned correctly, otherwise the drawing will be distorted. Put a square shape on to drawing surface and check it aligns with the grid on the app. Once you develop good eye-to-hand co-ordination, it feels quite natural. It is brilliant for transposing shapes accurately. My advice to anyone just developing as an artist is to know when to switch the app off and finish/refine your drawing/painting looking directly at it.


I use this app for cookie decorating, I've been able to achieve so many amazing results that otherwise would have been very difficult. It's really easy to use once you get used to it. It has many options eg mirror image that help out with your end result. I've need customer help and the gentleman that created the app was so quick to respond and answer my question. As I mentioned in the title...AMAZING. get it, you won't regret it..

- Fantastic!

5 stars because the app was easy to use. It does exactly as it states and made drawing on my wall a breeze. I bought this to do stencil drawing on cookies and cakes, this will make things so much easier for me. Highly recommend.

- Camera Lucida

Fantastic way to draw with confidence. This app is amazing..not only does it work well but the designer is always ready to talk you through any questions you may have. That to me is truly amazing.

- Totally cool, thank you for your effort, greatly appreciated

Works well and as promised and demonstrated (just need to change to a table with no movements, lol) Your tutorials are superb and very helpful I am using various applications currently with the mirror, as i wait for the “bed stand” Since i am of a certain age, when i forget, i can just rewatch tutorials Really enjoying it, thank you again

- Excellent app

This is an extremely useful app

- Superb aid to drawing

I have no idea what the other reviewer is talking about. This app is a fantastic way to learn to draw, and for someone that thinks they can't draw, it will enable you to achieve proportion and foreshortening correctly; the most difficult things to do when learning. This is a modern take on the way some of the great masters worked, and is the cheapest and easiest way to have a camera lucida in your pocket, if not the only way. I cannot recommend this app enough.

- I just love this app

Best app I purchase !!! Highly recommend. X

- One of the most supported apps in the App Store

A well designed app that assists by projecting an image onto a surface where it can easily be drawn. Has very good support through the faq, YouTube videos and a friendly Facebook community. Love it. Continually being upgraded by the app developer.

- Bad app

This app is not worth buying don't waste your money

- Useless

Complete waste of money

- brilliant

this was a great app before version 10, now it just got a lot better. I recommend spending some time experimenting, checking out the YouTube videos. It’s well worth the investment in time to get the results you want.

- Pretty average

Definitely not worth $10.99. If I could get my money back I would.

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- Powerful App!

This app has so many functions, it allows my creativity to come out. The developer is very active on the Facebook group, intersecting often. Very approachable. He listens to the users and keeps making it better!

- C’est un app indispensable pour tout artiste.

J’adore Camera Lucida car il me permet de tracer mes toiles avec précision. I really love this apps! Just fantastic!

- Super!

A wonderful app for creating outlines from photo. I use on my iPad comfortably producing 11” x 14” illustrations (but not limited to). Great support and information on their Facebook page.


I strongly recommend this app! The developer truly cares about the product and supports the users wholeheartedly. You will not find better. Many copycats but none have the features, ease of use and flexibility of Camera Lucida.

- Camera Lucida

A well thought out brilliant app for those who wish to pursue their art. Peter also supports the app with incredible help and feedback.

- LOVE this!!!

I am a WAY better painter than I am a *drawer*...this app allows me to concentrate on painting. I project an image onto my canvas, trace it, and I’m good to go! I ALSO love that no data is collected!! The upgrade, IF you choose to, is FANTASTIC and worth every penny.

- Tim’s Vermeer for reel

After watching the aforementioned documentary, I searched around for a true camera Lucida. Little knowing that my phone could use an app thT function better than that ancient device. Thanks you Peter for creating and supporting such an amazing app.

- Only app you need.

Camera Lucida is the only app. You will need. Great support and quick answer to help you out.

- Great app!

This app has taken my drawing and painting to the next level. I draw as a first step in my paintings. I paint my clients pets and have sold several paintings. I love it!

- Camera Lucida -Fabulous

Tried several similar apps and hands down this is by far the best. Using the front camera, mirror and auto adjust it is so easy to start drawing. I like the iPad at the top of the drawing, and not having to stand over the drawing looking through the iPhone or iPad. Just starting with this program and I completed 10 drawings of the grandkids that I’m totally thrilled with.

- Ultimate app for artists

As a portrait artist this is an amazing tool. It takes hours off my time doing preliminary sketches. Many of my artist friends told me just how wonderful this app is. Well, they weren’t exaggerating! Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist this app will meet all your expectations. Tech support is just a message away in person or through the Facebook group. Thank you so much Peter Moeykens

- I love Luci💓

I just love this app! I’m sure some people are just naturally talented artists, but for the rest of us this app has so many great features to enhance and help you improve your art. Whether you are sketching, painting, lettering or even decorating cookies - this app is simply a wonderful tool. There is definitely a learning curve when you start out - but the developer and the Camera Lucida FB community are there to help. The developer seriously cares about your experience with the app, listens to feedback and responds to questions and concerns.

- Phenomenal app

This app is wonderful, easy to use, and way more fully featured than you'd expect for the price. The creator is super kind and helpful on a Facebook group that accompanies it. The only reason it doesn't have more reviews is there no pop up in the app, because he's so considerate!! Thanks a million!!

- Une découverte stimulante

Grace à Camera Lucida, je me suis mis au dessin même si je suis âgé de 68 ans. L’application m’as permis de me lancer avec assurance et avec des résultats impressionnants dès les premiers coups de crayons.

- Camera Lucida

I’ve been using Camera Lucida app for 3 years+. I’ve yet to run into a problem or a glitch with this app. The software is solid. I’m also very happy with the continuous upgrades and development tools I keep getting, that adhere to the same quality standard as their app. Based on my experience on using this product regularly, I’ve recommended it to my friends and fellow artists. Sherif Alaily

- Fantastic

This app is legit fantastic. Great support from the developer which has in turn created a great community. I love this app! It’s easy to use and if you get confused you have a wonderful community which the developer is part of to sort out your issues. I highly recommend this app for artists as well as those of us that think we “can’t” draw! Seriously try it you’re going to be amazed with what you can create!!!

- Amazing! Formidable!

This makes drawing and painting a real pleasure - and a great success. It makes even a beginner seem like a great artist. It is also fun to film the process and get a video. Donne envie et plaisir de dessiner, peindre et créer, même un novice semble un grand artiste. C’est aussi intéressant de filmer le processus et d’en tirer un vidéo.

- A terrific aid for artists.

Amazing app. Whether you are a beginner or pro, CL is a must.

- Amazing!

The best art took ever! Never had a training on sketching but did an excellent work.

- Great app!

I'm sure David Hockney would even approve! Top notch stuff

- Don’t waste time, get it!

This is an awesome app, I originally got it for my personal hobby but now my daughter is also hooked, we enjoy the ease of use and the flexibility it offers to draw and pint in virtually any media.

- Good app

I like using this app. I paint and I draw good but drawing faces especially takes a lot of time or is messy in other ways. This app is easy and well made.

- Great help!

And those instructional videos make all the difference in the world - I love this app!!!

- Excellente application

Excellente application, essentielle pour apprendre à bien dessiner et à composer avec le grayscale et plus.... Support efficace! Merci Johanne L.

- Wow!

I am amazed this app exists, this is a game changer for me. I’m an oil and watercolor painter, this app makes it so much easier to get the right proportions , I Watched the videos on YouTube and it is very easy to use. Just love it. Worth the money

- Works well!

I first tried this app with a vase as per the video. Originally, I found it difficult for me to use with my left hand, as the camera on the iPad is on the right. Thus, I would occasionally knock the vase slightly out of alignment. After I wrote the review, I played around some more and found that the app rotates nicely, about the same time the developer pointed this out. Sorry! Important tips: fasten down the paper or use a heavy sketch book. Also, if possible, fasten down the iPad! This is easier said than done. Other than sketching with pencil, you can use it to paint with watercolours directly from the photo, or you can create a rough sketch on a canvas for acrylic painting. That’s my next plan!

- Fantastic tool for all artists

I started using Camera-Lucida a year ago and I am still amazed at the power of this app. With the posterize function, you deal easily with values and light and shadows.

- Indispensable

I have been using this app for a few years now, and it’s flexible, easy to use, and very well supported both by the developer and by an active online user group (with the friendly neighbourhood developer in daily participation.) Goodbye projectors, grid sketches, and messy tracing paper. CL has saved me hours of fussing around, well worth the price.

- Love this app!

This is such a great tool and the support is equally as great! I love the way it works with my Pico.

- A TEN star app

I've been an artist for many years. Been to a good art school. Sold a fair bit of work. So, when a friend said I should try this app I was curious. I found it amazing. Few artists can get the shape of a face on canvas without some help. This happens to be a great way! And when I had a small problem making it work on my iPad, Peter worked tirelessly to ensure it worked. In the end my fault for having a setting wrong. So, tell your friends... a great app.

- update review

i have been using this app for a couple of months now without a single problem. i recently had a practical setup question, which was answered and solved within hours ... outstanding support!! i can highly recommend this app.

- Just buy it.

You really can't believe how much this app will improve your drawing until you try it. Very highly recommended.

- A must have for any artist

This amazing App allows a good artist to become a great artist, and someone who is not an artist to produce passably good renderings of images or even portraits. The concept is not new, camera lucidas have been used, usually secretly, by artists for hundreds of years. This App takes the best elements of that ancient concept and turbo-charges it. If you can trace, you can draw, it's that simple. This is sure to be a "must have" in any serious artist's atelier, and getting the latest iPad (as I did) just to run this one App is not overkill, it's that good and well worth it. Using Apple's adapter/charger and a VGA cable attached to another monitor allows paintings of virtually any size to be made, subject to the iPad camera's resolution, which is likely adequate for anything less than monumental murals. I set mine up using a French easel in my studio and used my large studio easel to support a small 15" monitor. It works brilliantly, and with the remote keyboard support, makes doing details a snap. Version 8 has new many features, including the aforementioned Bluetooth support for keyboards and a very neat "Tim's Vermeer" type mirror edge control which allows very easy comparisons; invaluable for matching colours or tonality. Simply the best App for serious painters and visual artists, and crosses that murky barrier between the digital and the physical in a very elegant package.

- Lot of fun

After I finished my first oil painting I have done in years using the camera lucida app. I was amazed at my brilliance. The most I have ever spent on a app but it was worth every penny. Thank you developer.

- Buy this app! Or you'll be sorry you didn't

This is an amazing application for the iPad. In minutes, my drawings went from amateur to professional looking. If you have a little bit of art background, you can become a master in minutes. There are so many helpful things in this camera lucida app that make it better then a real optical one. I believe this is a must-have for any profession that requires drawing! As I said, buy this app or you'll be sorry you didn't!

- Wonderful

I use this app to transfer images to royal icing decorated cookies and love it. I was considering purchasing a $300 Kopy Kake machine but thought I would give this $5 app a whirl. It meets my needs as a hobbiest and has saved me the money and space a Kopy Kake would require. So glad I found this app...

- Great app!

I'm not very artistic so was looking for something to render mechanical drawings with. Being able to quickly sketch mechanical objects is a real plus. I've been looking at optical, prism based camera lucida systems and thought I'd give this a try. With online support, this app certainly earns my 5 star rating. I'm still going to get the optical system. I don't think one will replace the other!

- Intuitive functionality, brilliant idea

I purchased this app to try it out for transferring one of my drawings to fabric as an embroidery design. This app is so intuitively designed, I had my drawing transferred very easily and quickly with no extra tools except this app, my iPad, my drawing, my fabric and fabric pen. I'm looking forward to using this app again.

- Fantastic app!!

I'm one of those cookie decorators that version 7 is aimed at & I'm having great fun. I just discovered this app, but it is now so easy to get accurate, high quality artwork & lettering on my cookies. (And all my friends appreciate my practice cookies!!)

- Bad

No information how to use and very complicated

- Genius idea

Don't know yet where I'll use it, but its such a brilliantly simple idea. Projection stencils, tracing, counterfeiting paper bills !!?!!

- Question

Why the latest version of the camera lucida don't have the graffiti portrait option? Thanks

- Camera Lucida

I managed to produce drawings on paper which were vast improvements of what I would have been able to draw on paper in the past. There is a learning curve to use this app and some jury rigging involved. For this app to do its job you need a stand to keep the iphone steady. This will likely make it impractical to use with an ipad. Ideally it should be mounted on an offset arm to allow for total coverage, if not, the stand will be in the way of the drawing hand. There is an appreciable lag between the hand drawing on paper and its image appearing on the screen which complicates the hand to eye coordination. Also, the final drawing size was small as it depends on the separation between the paper and the device... which brings things back to the stand.

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Deep-sea Vampire Rabbit Witch かげろやみ

This book focuses mainly on war and journalistic photography as being this lens which can be used to be witness of pain distant to our own reality, I think this book is better coupled with Camera Lucida by Barthes which this book in part tries to answer to.


#instr_for #seed_ camera lucida #mode_ more than > #make_ a dialogue #show_ enter a competition


@MarcDavenant "All those young photographers who are at work in rhe world, determined on the capture of actuality, do not know that they are agents of death." Roland Barthes from (my cheery Christmas book) Camera Lucida.

Alexis Is Painting

Old Masters would have students draw or paint figures that were then used in a final painting. With the development of new technologies came more tools artists could use to improve their works, like the camera lucida, photography, and eventually 3D modeling. 3/?

I was Dan Dare’s Stunt Double

@laureljan @amandadeibert Agreed. If you already can draw well & have a tight schedule, the Camera Lucida app is a great time saver in laying out artwork. I sometimes use it for portraits, but it isn’t as accurate as the grid method. Something to do with following the image looking at the iPad screen?

Zeeshan Pathan

the photograph of the missing being, as Sontag says, will touch me like the delayed rays of a star. —Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography

Zeeshan Pathan

The photograph is literally an emanation of the referent. From a real body, which was there, proceed radiations which ultimately touch me, who am here; the duration of the transmission is insignificant; —Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography

Natalia Godyla

Barthes' Camera Lucida takes on a new meaning in the world of deep fakes: what was once certain is now subject to suspicion

Camera Lucida 14.0 Screenshots & Images

Camera Lucida iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Camera Lucida iphone images
Camera Lucida iphone images
Camera Lucida iphone images
Camera Lucida iphone images

Camera Lucida (Version 14.0) Install & Download

The applications Camera Lucida was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2010-03-20 and was developed by Peter Moeykens [Developer ID: 362499099]. This application file size is 33.36 MB. Camera Lucida - Graphics & Design app posted on 2022-02-06 current version is 14.0 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.gibbsstudios.Camera-Lucida