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What is pnc mobile banking app? Check balances & recent transactions – See current account activity for your checking, savings, credit card and loan accounts.

Protect your accounts – Set up Touch ID or Face ID to securely sign on to the app. Or, reset your password quickly and conveniently if you need to.

Send money with Zelle® – Send money simply, to people you know and trust (i) using your
mobile number or email address.

Transfer funds – Transfer funds between eligible PNC accounts and external bank accounts (ii).

Make deposits – Deposit checks quickly and easily with your iOS device (iii).

Pay bills – Add your bills and make one-time or recurring bill payments right from the app.

Manage your cards – View and manage your PNC credit, debit and SmartAccess® cards and make in-store payments with Apple Pay right from the app.

Lock your cards – Easily lock or unlock your PNC debit card or credit card if you misplace it.

Locate PNC – Locate the nearest PNC ATM or branch using our location services, or search by zip code and street address.

If you have Virtual Wallet®, you’ll have access to more tools and insights to help you work toward your financial goals.

See what’s free to spend – Your Scheduled Out subtracts known bills and expenses from your available checking account balance to show you what’s free to spend, which we call your Free Balance. You’ll also see potential Danger DaysSM, which is when your account is at risk of being overdrawn.

Visualize your money – Use Money Bar® to see how much is available to spend with your Free Balance, what you’ve scheduled for bills and how much you’ve set aside for goals.

Know your activity – Use the Calendar to see upcoming paydays and payments, and view a history of your transactions. You can pay bills, schedule bill reminders, track external payments, view potential Danger Days and more.

Track your spending & set budgets – See where you're spending your money with categories like restaurants, gas and more. Then, create budgets to know if you’re staying on track.

Make saving easier – Create savings goals to work toward your goals and keep track of your progress along the way. Set up automatic rules to regularly transfer money to your savings, like once a week or when you receive a paycheck. Make saving fun using your personalized piggy bank to transfer money to your savings.

With PNC’s Security and Privacy, you can be confident that your personal and financial information will be protected while using our app.

(i) Zelle should only be used to send or receive money with people you know and trust. Before using Zelle to send money, you should confirm the recipient's email address or U.S. mobile phone number. Neither PNC nor Zelle offer a protection program for authorized payments made with Zelle. Zelle is available to almost anyone with a bank account in the U.S. Transactions typically occur in minutes between enrolled users.

If the recipient has not enrolled, the payment will expire after 14 calendar days.
(ii) There are limits to the number of transactions you can make from a savings or money market account per month.
(iii) PNC does not charge a fee for Mobile Banking. However, third party message and data rates may apply. Mobile Deposit is a feature of PNC Mobile Banking. Use of the Mobile Deposit feature requires a supported camera-equipped device and you must download a PNC mobile banking app. Eligible PNC Bank account and PNC Bank Online Banking required. Certain other restrictions apply. See the mobile banking terms and conditions in the PNC Online Banking Service Agreement. Virtual Wallet, PNC SmartAccess and SmartAccess are registered trademarks of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. ©2024 The PNC Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

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App Name PNC Mobile Banking
Category Finance
Updated 10 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 243.39 MB

PNC Mobile Banking Comments & Reviews 2024

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Virtual Wallet was so much more functional.. I’ve been a PNC customer for years, going all the way back to when you acquired National City. I’ve always been a fan of the bank and customer service. But the app and online technology has always been lackluster. That said, the Virtual Wallet app was good, and got the job done. Now, it’s gone and you’re forcing me to use the PNC app. As someone who used the Virtual Wallet app daily, I don’t understand why you did not port over functions such as viewing your balances without logging in, using the Virtual Wallet bar to quickly slide and transfer money, making the manage allocations easy to access and engage with. Do better PNC. This is unacceptable, and for the first time, I’m debating on switching to a bank with better and more user friendly tech.

GARBAGE!. If I was able to give 0 or even Negative stars, I would! The prior app was fine!!! "If ain't broke, don't fix it!" WHYYYYY in the world don't ppl abide by this rule?!? PNC, you should be 'RUN FOR THE HILLS' EMBARRASSED! To revamp this entire app for reasons UNBEKNOWNST to ANY person on the planet, STILL boggles my mind! Visible moving one needs that! Ppl don't use apps (unless they're under 13) for how they look. One STILL CANNOT access this remodeled (cr)app! I actually was overdrawn for the FIRST time ever in my life cuz I wasn't able to just pull up my acct balance like with the prior version. Was out of the country & the once reliable app now was not working, etc. You get the picture... SHAME on you, PNC for allowing some ADHD programmer unnecessarily redesign a perfectly working app into one that A) DOESNT EVEN WORK & B) changed for which looks like only for visual purposes. It won't even work, so one cannot even see what other possible reasons there were to change word-UNACCEPTABLE! Stop trying to "win" over millennials. FIRE whoever RUINED this app & your reputation! What an absolute piece of garbage & an utter embarrassment as an organization! -by A Real Person 😑

Bad experience. This feature is very poor at best. I have tried no less than 15-20 times to use this mobile deposit for this single transaction. Initially, went through all steps and said this service not available right now. Tried another day, and kept asking me to endorse the check or may be too light of a signature. Rewrote signature and had to write “for PNC mobile deposit only” after already wrote “for deposit “. Tried to submit no less than 15xs. Called customer service- no help . Told me to go to branch to deposit but many branches aren’t fully operational. Initially referred me to one such branch. Today right before I’m on my way to go to another branch to deposit, I do the mobile deposit and it’s accepted perfectly. The same signature as before. Horrible service. Even as the service ask me to write a review, it willl not submit because it claims the nicknames it keep asking me to use, are taken. How can aaasssdddfff be taken

Great convenience, but needs work. I love this app in that I can bank on the go. However, because I can bank in the go, it’s a bit frustrating when I can’t do everything on the app that I can do at my desktop. Transferring funds from my business acct to my main acct is not available via the app. And the limit for mobile deposits is a great idea, but the process is long and the limit is ridiculous for any thriving business. I can only deposit for the first couple of weeks and sometimes that’s split where I have to mobile deposit some checks and then run the others down to the bank. Also, when doing a mobile deposit PNC should consider asking if I want express vs standard deposits at the beginning of use instead of asking every time I deposit a check in that session. Or maybe have a deposit “slip” where I can enter in multiple check numbers and amounts and then take pictures of the checks in that order. All in all, I use it, as it is of great convenience, but only up to a point. I’m still running down to the bank for the majority of the month for deposits. There is a lot of work to be done before receiving 5 stars.....mainly because of the deposit limit.

Still needs a lot of work. So it’s great to check your balances and even transfer funds between accounts. What’s not so great is the formatting that it will it will not except on checks for deposit through the app. I’ve had company issue checks that were typed that it will not except that then has caused me to have to go wait in lines to deposit checks. These are clearly stated what the amount is numerically and in written form on the check and should accept them. I have checks that are hand written that will not work that is a little more understandable because hand writing is subjective. However typed checks, cashiers checks, things of this amount should be accepted. I know part of this is technology that has to catch up with the world and not necessarily PNC‘s fault. They should look at formatting and reach out to the customers asking for samples of checks and things to that effect that don’t work to better improve the app. If not for this challenge that I have quite frequently I will say eight out of 10 checks I cannot get to go to the app I would’ve rated higher.

Huge improvement!!!!. The new and updated app has finally caught up and is on par with other banking apps. The one feature that I truly wish the app would add is the ability to store logins for multiple user IDs. It’s a pain to manually enter the second user ID and go through the security questions each time you want to check the other accounts. ============================= = Comment below is from 2 years ago = ============================= The functionality, UI and graphics quality would be ok if it was 2012 but it just seems very outdated today. There is no support for: 1) multiple user IDs for logging in. 2) fingerprint login never works even though it works for me on other apps that "truly" support it. 3) there is no option for two factor authentication 4) graphics don't adjust to take advantage of screen real estate on bigger phones. 5) can't see account numbers which are now, thankfully, visible on the new website. Between this app and VirtualWallet, the PNC app team has lost its identity and it seems like they are struggling. These apps should be combined just like your website. After all you don't make customers go to two different websites if they have both a VirtualWallet and non-VW checkin account. Lean from your website... Learn from your competitors...(BofA) Learn from your mistakes...

Least User Friendly Banking App I Own. I have used Ally, USAA, SoFi, Chase, and now PNC and this one is the worst of them for my purposes. PNC offered the best rate on my auto loan and, unlike any of the others I listed, they have a branch near me. I thought it would be convenient to use a bank with an actual brick and mortar store. That hasn’t been the case. First, I couldn’t create an online account and had to go into the bank where I spent 2 hours while the rep went back and forth with their account admins trying to get my account to work. They pushed hard to get me to create a checking/savings with them to make online payments easier. Also not the case. I can see my loan balance and my account balance both in the app, but I can’t pay my loan balance from the app without signing into “Online Banking” and it gives no other detail. I’m on an app, on the internet (online) and I can access my bank account (banking) so please explain why I cannot pay my auto loan that I can see, through an app where I can also see my bank account. Better yet, just let me add another method of payment on the app!! Chase can do it. SoFi can do it. I’ll be refinancing ASAP even if I’m paying higher interest just to get rid of this inconvenience.

Either PNC is scamming us or the app development team is scamming them.. Most apps are not down as frequently and also work better. you’re a huge financial institution please make a better app or at least have it available more often. Why have it down if you’re just going to let your product be glitchy and hard to use. No search function of any worth for previous purchases, I regularly have to verify over and over again to access account information. I’m 22 years old, I’ve grown up with apps, changed banks, and I’m here to tell you it’s not you, it’s PNC. Either make your app available all the time or stop pretending you’re making “improvments” it’s either completely deceitful or their app development team is completely incompetent.

Worst Banking App Ever.. I absolutely HATE the PNC app but like the bank and this is what makes this whole thing frustrating. As someone who does all their banking online, I cannot stand the functionality of this app. Always under maintenance yet nothing, and I mean NOTHING, changes in the app functions. Can’t use this and that, can’t click on my account functions to see my routing and account number, can’t open up the app or login, can’t get Zelle to work, can’t manage my cards, can’t do anything. I’m looking into other banks now because of this and I can’t stand working with this app but really enjoy the features I get with PNC which makes this whole thing so frustrating since I’ve now tried for about 3 years with this bank to make it work. If they updated the app and took something like capital ones app as a template (I deal with them for my auto loan and credit cards) then they would have a great thing and be super competitive with other banks, but they lack so greatly in making the online experience worth anything for the users. They need to fix this outdated, clunky looking app and website that make the experience feel outdated and behind the rest of their competition; along with the functionality and user friendliness that they should be focusing on the most because it’s a joke.

This app is terrible. Is there something about technology that requires updating apps when there was nothing wrong with them in the first place? Do you get bonuses for changing apps? Is this a form of showing technology advancement for the company? I would have rated your last app of four or five out of five stars this app is a one and that is being very generous. Your password changes are garbage. The inability to see multiple accounts that are linked including virtual wallet or investments is garbage. Having to reenter all of my password information every time you update your app is garbage. There is a part of me that wonders if the people developing this app are actually laughing in the background thinking about people having to use this garbage. Did I mention I think this app is garbage. I guess the bright side is when I’m staring at the screen and it tells me that mobile app deposit is temporarily down at least I have a moving background to watch... like a fish in a dentist office, which I’m pretty sure a dentists office could handle my banking better than this app does.

Missing functionality but not bad. Edit. The Face ID issue has been fixed in the most recent update. Temporarily suspending cards still isn't a feature which is disappointing. There is a feature for cancelling a lost or stolen card now but that is pregnant and you have to wait for a new card in the mail. Better than nothing I guess. It's also buried and I'm guessing the average user isn't going to dig in to find it. There is now a feature, also buried that allows you to report of your going to be traveling with your card so that doesn't get turned off for possible fraud. It's actually quite granular which is good. Unfortunately, it's not obvious yet again which takes away from its utility but worth looking for. It's getting better but still has a way to go for another star. Most of my cards and accounts at other institutions have had the ability to suspend a card temporarily for well over a year in their respective apps. Why not PNC? Every other app on my phone that used Touch ID has already updated for Face ID. Once again, PNC is the only hold out. Otherwise app is pretty good.

Typical of this bank. I have several banking apps and this one is the most frustrating. I understand the balancing act between security and convenience. This app does not do a very good job of remembering my login information. I have to retype it frequently. Since we have several accounts with PNC they made us make different logins initially. The app does not manage multiple logins very well at all. The mobile check deposit is the worst I’ve ever seen or tried to use. It is literally faster for me to take checks to my local branch for deposit. The app tries to auto focus on the check and take pictures automatically which it never can. There is no way around this so I have to wait 30 or so seconds for the app to realize that it cannot do anything before it prompts the user to take the picture manually. After that there is another long wait. The deposit feature from Ally and BoA are VERY fast respectively. If you cash checks every once in a blue moon that is one thing, but if you are a business and have multiple checks to cash on a regular basis it is a nightmare.

Took a step back with last update.. I could give 5 stars for convenience and general reliability. But the last update, while making the app more snazzy, also made it less convenient. Cool new graphics and slick transitions were added. Looks cool guys. But takes longer to load each page. I don’t need to be entertained by my banking app - just need to make an online deposit or pay a bill. Here’s an example of inconvenient: making a mobile deposit. Lots of sliding around of graphics with every selection I make. I finally get the deposit made and then there’s the confirmation screen. The top 1/3 of the screen contains a blue bar with a giant “+” sign in it. Below that is the deposit information. Where’s the confirm button? Took me a while to figure out I have to scroll down to see it. Maybe a little smaller graphic on top would allow me to see the whole thing on one screen. And maybe instead of all the flashy graphics after every selection (deposit, account, amount...) all that could be on one screen and then the flashy stuff could come after, and just once. Bill pay is much the same. Looks cool but is a waste of time. Functionally, convenience-wise, reliability-wise — I love having the app and it serves me well. I could just do without all the fru-fru.

Will not accept escrow refund mobile deposit. I’m a Delivery driver working six days a week now due to the pandemic. PNC is closed on sundays completely now which makes no logical sense other than trying to save money and inconveniencing customers as an essential business. I really could use MY money, which is what an escrow refund check is, but it says the pictures are not clear enough to deposit. I took screenshots and have shown multiple people, the pictures are clear, yet it won’t deposit for me. By the time I’m done working EVERYTHING is forced to be closed. I didn’t sign up to work 9am to 8/9pm six days a week but there’s no choice for me to sit home and get an extra $600 a week like everyone else, I have to do my job as an essential business. I’m delivering food and clothing on top of fire pits and other non essential items but I’m not complaining, I’m just doing my job so everyone can get through this tough time. Thanks for making things exceedingly difficult for me. Your app is garbage, an escrow refund check is literally MY money you won’t deposit for me.

Subpar App from a Subpar team. I realize that there are millions of reviews and I might as well just yell into a void. On the whole this app was designed by a grossly old deign team. The toggle touch zones are so small you need a stylus! I find myself tapping remember ID 5 or 6 times before I find the sweet spot and it actually takes. The kind of attention to detail on the first screen is obviously lacking. Or the team is held back by and even worse design system where there equally isn’t any investment in how things can be improved. You’re the fifth largest bank in the world and you are crumbling underneath the weight of your own dilutions that this is acceptable. I guess this app is the perfect example of what it means to fail up. The PNC app is great for one thing though - a solid primer on what not to do when making a banking app. I’m just glad it’s functional but I’m not inspired to work for PNC by any stretch of the imagination.

Solid app, love it. I use this app for checking my balance, as well as recent transactions (a couple months back) which I consider to be a super simple and common use case. It works pretty well for this. The UI can be confusing at times but you get the hang of it. I also use the app for mobile check deposit- you can take a photo of your check and upload it for processing. Funds will enter your account in a few days, or the next day if you pay a small fee. Finally, I have also used this app to transfer money through Zelle, which it handles fabulously. Super simple, super quick. You only need the recipient’s phone number and the money switches accounts. Likewise for receiving Zelle transfers. The app has other features such as Bill Pay which I do not use, but for what I use it for, it’s good. The app is password protected and asks for my password every time. That seems to be a good level of security, if I ever misplace my phone.

Ok. Well, it works somewhat, but the app is clumsy. For example, there is no log out button on each page. So if you’re a few pages in you have to back all the way out to get to the log out button. This is inconvenient in certain situations, such as having a phone call come through when you are using the app. I want to be able to answer the phone call, but I need to log out of my banking app before answering the call because most of the time data is not available while on a phone call, and I prefer not to have my bank account open when I’m not actually using it. Sometimes I can get all the way back to the homepage in time, and other times I cannot. There also does not seem to be any way to set up an automatic payment from my checking account to my credit card. So far I’ve been using the transfer option to pay the bill, but the transfer takes time, which you would not think would happen between two accounts under the same person. There’s also no way to set up a date if you want it to pay in the future, and there does not seem to be any way to access pending payments either. Like I said, it kind of works, but it’s far behind other banking apps like USAA where everything is connected and streamlined.

It would be perfect except for one thing. This app lets me do everything I need a banking app to do, but one major flaw keeps me from giving it a 5-star rating. Rather than using a one-time password as a method of two-factor authentication (2FA), the app relies on security questions. Since the answer to many security questions can be found with enough digging (i.e. social media), I use long, password-like sequences of random characters as my answers. (And yes, I use a password manager.) Unfortunately, this app doesn’t support copy/paste in the answer field, so when my Touch ID expires, I need to use a second device to display my answer so I can enter it manually. Please consider updating your approach to 2FA or at the very least support copy/paste in the security question field—for the sake of those of us who take online security seriously.

Check depomesit goes black without progress status. Check deposit goes black, no processing or activity being displayed on my I phone. After a long time it came back with a processed picture. This used to be fast a a photo ie less than a second versus 30 seconds. Give folk a n indication that you are processing slowly in the back ground every aspect of the deposit. Then you ask me to approve the picture and the process continues. My other bank started this too. Yesterday it took so long that it logged me out. So I waited versus starting over. The process did return back and I finished. My other bank processed both transactions giving us an extra error to work out. Stop wasting time having your customer wait for your computer to think of problems. Take the check details and finish up. You can always challenge the deposit afterwards. Don’t LEAVE US HOLDING THE COMPUTER WHILE YOU PONDER THE IMAGE. Deposit and verify in the background. I have never had a teller so rudely verify the check or ignor me without contact.

Form Over Function. It’s difficult to say that the current version of this app is better than the previous. Though this iteration is drastically different visually than the old, it is flashy beyond reason. When trying to deposit a check, I don’t really need three seconds of layout animation before I see the prompts. The iconography is not consistent throughout: The icon for check deposits in the global navigation is what looks like a desk bell, but the icon for deposits within an account view is a camera. That leads me to another point: If I select “Deposit” from within a specific account view, the “deposit to:” option should automatically designate the account I was viewing when I clicked deposit. That’s just good UX design. Additionally, there is no way to edit personal profile info in the app; it is not necessary to have ripple animation for each pane in a frame; and it is not necessary to have a one-second animation on each button tap before any action executes. Someone spilled hot wax on this app, didn’t wipe off the excess, and it’s gumming up the gears at work underneath. If I’m using an app to manage my money, I’d prefer to use one that’s simple, consistent, and fast.

Check deposit on app doesn’t work. I’ve never had an issue with PNC and technology for over 10 years until now. Apparently it’s an online services issue right now with customers trying to deposit checks on the app. Being I live out of state now and determined to not change banks after being a customer for over 10 years, I’m very disappointed that this issue hasn’t been resolved considering it’s my only way to deposit money into my account without fees or charges. The check deposit on the PNC virtual app is giving me the same results. “This check has already been mobile deposited into your account,” and customer service said there is nothing in there and that it’s an ongoing issue right now. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE MOBILE CHECK DEPOSIT on the apps so I can pay my bills. Thank you.

Too glitchy. I like this app but there’s ALWAYS an issue. Every single week the app doesn’t work for one reason or another. Ive been trying to transfer money using Zelle for over TWO hours and I STILL cannot. Zelle is working fine but I can’t use their app because I have a PNC account linked. You are FORCED to use PNC’s glitchy app that almost never works. Im already concerned about using Zelle to transfer money and now I have to be worried about if its even going to work or if Im going to go through multiple times because of how terrible the PNC app is. I had to call PNC 2 different times tonight to get the account unlocked. Zelle locked me out for entering an incorrect pin number ONE time. It gave me one chance. The atm allows you more opportunities. Zelle punishing its users with extreme security measures because they allow fraudulent activity to occur on their platform and PNC is WRONG for continuing to partner with them. The representative unlocked Zelle and I ended up having to call back because there was a security lock on my transfers that I had NEVER been contacted about. PNC rep told me it had been there for months but no one from PNC ever reached out, I didn’t get a letter, or call. I don’t understand how its acceptable to have an issue with an account and these banks refuse to tell you until you need access to YOUR money. Its ridiculous and the app alone has made me want to close this account and switch banks.

So sad. The PNC banking part is great a little slow yet saves me time from running back & forth to the bank on one hand now on another note, ever since they linked my Zelle account to my PNC my Zelle receiving and sending has been giving me major issues which results in me having to once again go back & forth to the bank with an edition to the Post Office got money orders, stamps, & envelopes so now I’m spending more in gas, as well as getting the money to it’s destination. I call for a representative one even told me call Zelle it’s not in their end that the message I received says failed to send so I call then Zelle ask me why they directed me to cAll them being they have control over the account since it’s linked to the PNC, nevertheless the funds I sent is taken out my PNC and won’t return until I believe it said 3 business days. Another PNC rep said delete the app then try to download it again hmmm ok nope that didn’t work neither. So bottom line I’m Very disappointed in their Zelle merge. I can’t even delete it and make a new account. Thanks for nothing on that merge. Otherwise the PNC itself I do like

Money. In the age of technology, it doesn’t make sense to deposit funds and either pay a fee to get them instantly or have to wait an entire business day. There are so many banking apps that make it possible for me to send and transfer funds instantly and even get paid and deposit those funds instantly. I can understand the fear of an invalid check, but it’s still inconvenient. Otherwise, the app is ok for what it is. Sometimes it glitches and closes randomly, but mostly it works as anticipated. It’s helpful but the fee for instant deposit is unnecessary and I only pay it when I have to. It is enough to make me want to switch banks, tho. People with tight budgets can’t afford to pay $5 or something ridiculous like that for instant deposit (and we can’t really afford to wait several days either) just so we can use the only money we get. If your only concern is for the wealthier folk who can always afford to wait/pay a fee to access their own earned money, then I probably should just look for a better bank.

A Great Deal Potential. If PNC can keep the app as simple as possible and fix the daily, weekly deposit limits... it will be a huge help. I need to be able to deposit many, many more checks daily. I understand many of the limits are government regulations. However, PNC and other banks can push to change the limit and I am sure government would respond once safeguards are put in place. Maybe they could work out background checks then recheck on a random basis. I’d like to see this integrated Quickbooks which helps me immeasurably. I really like the people at my PNC branch and they do all they can to help me grow my small business. PNC is a very careful bank. They really don’t take risks so they can be a bit frustrating for those of us in the residential construction world. If you bank with PNC, this app is helpful and I’m guessing it will only improve as banking rules and government rules adjust to this ever changing technology.

Not Worth The risk !. I would not recommend PNC bank at all . Especially not their online banking . There’s often malfunctions and issues with the app itself and sometimes it can be difficult to log in . Even though it’s great to have good security measures you should at least remember my phone once I’ve given you permission to. I shouldn’t have to continuously reset my preferences . I’ve also opened Two accounts with PNC and both were closed down for “ unexplainable reasons .” No one could ever provide me with feedback nor could they sit on the phone and take the time to see about my needs and requests . After closing down my account I was only able to get in contact with one agent who listened and even then that agent told me that I would get a call back within 2-3 business days . Instead I got a call back 2 and half months later .This bank is all around unprofessional. I’m just sharing my story so your finances will be protected from banks like this who don’t care about their costumers!

Getto. For almost my whole life I have a long to the Merck credit Union. Only because of my husband I did I join this bank. I woke up with $2000 in cash and cannot deposit it because the person running your branch runs it like it is a Dunkin’ Donuts. I only want to deposit money, and I have to make appointments despite having five children. I’ve never had this problem with my bank ever! I have now accrued overdraft fees because PNC has decided to make it so difficult for me to deposit money in an account. I do not write checks normally and had to go through great lengths to give my mother cash to receive a check from her so I can do a mobile deposit. Your app kept crashing and wouldn’t except the check. I really have no idea why my husband put his money in PNC‘s care. It is cumbersome and archaic dealing with you! This is not entitlement! If I ran my house ,the way you run your bank ,my children will be dead.

Never had this much trouble with any other bank app.. Constantly says “Accounts unavailable at this time” even with or without VPN installed; turned on or off no matter. Deleted/re-installed repeatedly. Website works fine all day everyday, but the app doesn't work 3 out every 5 attempts to log in. I never bother reviewing apps because I think its a total waste of time but the banking industry should have the best apps (period). Have banked with PNC for many years and have had almost constant issues with both PNC apps for equally as long, including the Virtual Wallet app when that still existed (which worked better then this one). I would add that I do a fair amount of banking with different banks/credit companies and their respective apps; I only have issues with one out of ten banking apps, this one. Disappointing.

Suggestion. Overall the app is very helpful keeping track of finances. I do have one suggestion, however. I realize the “free until” dollar amount is a big concept of the virtual wallet. However, it’s the “available balance” that I would think most of us need for our accounting purposes, and it never fails- when I’m trying to balance my finances, having the “free until” dollar amount number shown as the biggest number visually on the app or web, it always throws me off. As a bank I'm thinking it should be more important to show our ACTUAL dollar amount, not a budgeting number that comes up as an algorithm. On the phone app it would even make more sense to have the “free until” amount on the same line and place as the “scheduled out” amount, as they are in reference to each other. Hopefully this makes sense. Having the “free until” amount IS nice to know, but when I open my account, knowing what is actually available in my account is what we need for our accounting.

A great bank, made even better with well designed app.. I love PNC as a bank itself (friendly, prompt and THOROUGH customer service, no ridiculous fees or sketchy operations, great credit card, investment and checking account options. Never have had any fraud scares and out of the common banks that I hear having issues from friends, I’ve never heard any of them brining up a PNC, I love their heightened security and the peace of mind it gives me)…: so it just makes me love them even more for having such a well designed app. The interface is very appealing and user friendly and is an encouraging way to stay on top of my finances because it’s so convenient and easy to use. Using Face ID, with just a glance at my screen, I can see what’s going on in my checking, savings, credit, and investement accounts, send money, use the tap cards within the account to shop, learn about my accounts, keep track of my FICO, never miss a credit card payment and even activate discounts for retail, restaurants and other services all from the palm of my hand. Great job PNC for actually putting in the effort to find smart developers, truly taking care of customers from the store front, on our computers and all the way through to our phones!

Can’t make loan payment from external accounts. If I could give this app 0 stars I would. Like most people I was with BBVA and their app was awesome. It worked perfectly for deposits, payments, etc. but this app is garbage! In the BBVA app I was able to make payments on my loans from my external account which is WellsFargo. But now I can’t even do that. Today I had to physically withdraw the money from my WF bank, take it to the PNC bank and then deposit it just so I can make payments on the loans. And their transfer system on the app is also trash. If I transfer money from my WF account to the PNC account, it takes days, and that can cause serious trouble if someone is in a rush. Also the transfer is only from my WF checkin to the PNC checking, not to the loans. The BBVA app was soooooo much better than this garbage app. Please fix it, you are a bank with billions of dollars. Pretty sure you can spend a few bucks to make a better app. I don’t wanna have to keep wasting my time physically withdrawing money from one bank and taking to another. It’s just Preposterous.

76yr old. This HasThen they said they’d call me yesterday and they didn’t so I called them! My account was 0 on Friday and on Saturday it could to be the most confusing and inappropriate Bank. Who would ever say that when you put $300 cash in your account it would be held for three days saying pending? And I’ve tried to close my account for probably a month and a half and every time I pay it to it zero they let something else go through and they know I want to cancel it and the other day I went up to countryside because that’s where I had to do it and I live right down here off the Bay and old coachman and she said we can’t take money here at this branch. You have to take it to countryside. so I went to countryside on Friday and they said I paid off what it said it was negative because they wouldn’t close it six weeks ago and then all of a sudden Saturday my account had $109 in it and you can’t close the account with money still in it what! I haven’t had a debit card because the bank should have closed my account Weeks Ago

PNC MAKES MOBILE EASY!!. I have been a long time customer of PNC for personal banking. Mobile deposits are especially easy with this app. The only differences between online banking and mobile is that i am unable to change the amount of a previously scheduled payment. Using the mobile app I have to reschedule the new amount and totally cancel the existing one. It’s also a little trickier to find the biller on the app if I have two different credit cards but from the same big bank. One thing I love about paying my bills with PNC is that the payment ALWAYS gets there on the date I schedule it for. That’s a lifesaver. I recently realized that I had a payment due to a biller the next day, had deducted it in my checking ledger but had forgotten to actually schedule it. I was able to do it and it got there the next day. Dependable and recommended!!

misleading msgs from the app. this version of the app was never up to the first one, there are more annoying features in it - such as i cant log out unless i go to all the way back to the opening page to do it, and if im on the phone at the same time, i cant even close it, because the logout is covered... then, the latest: the app used to warned what was wrong, if i mis-typed something, like wrong amount, now it says: “this service is not available, try later!” and i have no idea what is going on! such a disappointment! i wish the developers would go back! and news again! the app said this service is unavailable momentarily, when i put ID and pw. then it allows me to security question and then it says the couldnt verify. and shows the same msg. i dont get if an app os under construction, why dont the developer rolls out a new version? and why do they have to play this on friday evening, when i need the money to be on the account asap??

Confusing and hard to follow. Every time you make a selection, there is a unnecessary explosion of moving and confusing graphics. If you select "Deposit", the selection flies out of the screen and your screen goes totally black...what happened I think? Is this a bug, did my phone just shut down? Then a totally new screen shows up that doesn't really show you bread crumbs from where you just were, so it's like you are launched into a new app. Then it launches you into a photo mode which fortunately I'm familiar with mobile banking, but would be another launch-like graphic action that feels like another totally new experience. Then suddenly after taking the photo of front and back of check, it launches you to a totally new graphical experience that's totally unexplained and weird. There is a full blue screen with a plus sign that is drawn in front of you - does this mean I'm supposed to add another deposit I wonder, then the plus sign morphs into a strange eclipse like thing and the two unexplained symbols graphically interchange for awhile without any words or understanding of whether the simple act of depositing a check was actually even done. Ridiculous. A bank needs to demonstrate stability and steady trustworthiness Not flashy, not introducing weird confusing flashy things, and very clear regarding what's happening with the money I am entrusting them to keep. Get over yourself. Simple and fast and clear is best.

Can’t even login now. Now that I’ve upgraded my phone to the iPhone X I can’t use the app. It hasn’t been updated to use the face recognition yet and asks for my login every single time. The security questions aren’t accepting my answers or gives me an error message. I end up having to go login on a computer which is very inconvenient when I’m out and can’t get in the app as needed. When I can get it the app will not remember me for next time and skip the security question so I’m continually asked every single time and just hope it will let me pass. I know my answers but it certainly doesn’t accept them. I have to also agree with the reviewer from November as well. I’ve had several of the same issues depositing checks. Things really need to improve very soon. Please update to the facial scan so I can get in the app all the time!!!

NO ACCESS. PNC policy states $100 of deposit would be available at the time of deposit. I have yet to be able to access any amount of my deposit until the standard waiting period is up. Most banks allow half of deposit available until cleared. I live and work in a state where there are no PNC banks and my place of employment doesn’t offer direct deposit so this is extremely inconvenient especially since I’ve had my account for many years and am an established PNC customer. It also doesn’t offer me fast funds availability for a surcharge and even after speaking with several representatives, there is no clear criteria which constitutes a check for faster withdrawal. The standard answer seems to be some checks are and some are not and the choice will be offered at the time of mobile deposit if it’s available. It has yet to offer me this option as of yet. While I’m thankful to not have to send the check to be deposited via snail mail, it certainly isn’t as useful as it should or could be for an established, long term customer such as myself.

Good App, from Longtime User. Been a PNC bank and app user for years, and both have always treated my family and I well. The app isn’t perfect, with some minor bugs that close it abruptly at times, requiring me to reopen and sign in again. This has never caused me to lose any progress on important transactions however. The UI is clear and clean, allowing me to quickly and easily keep track of my funds and make payments on my PNC credit card. As someone who’s never needed funds immediately, the smaller font for the “make funds available now” feature has never been an issue for me. Unlike a previous user states, you CAN deposit checks by taking a photo of the front and back. In fact, the photo deposit system has gotten much better over the years (much less picky about the background, distance to check, etc.) that used to plague versions from years ago. Very easy, just a couple of pics and you’re done. I DO recommend verifying the amount of your deposit before submitting, however, since I had one situation (out of hundreds of accurate check deposits, mind) where the app misread the cent amount on a check and I had to manually correct it before completing the deposit transaction. Customer service reps have always been very kind in our branches, in the few times I’ve needed to talk with them. Not enough problems to warrant contacting them much! As another user said, it’s a great bank and solid app with just a few very minor bugs. Would definitely recommend.

Terrible app compared to other banks!. I'm using multiple different banks' apps and this PNC app is by far the worst! First of all, it's all in black & white! Other banks use green to show deposits and red to show withdrawals which makes it very easy to track the activity. Other banks also separate each day's activities by date so it's easy to see when a transaction was posted. Other banks have the type of transaction right under each transaction, meaning they show wether it was a check or automatic withdrawal or a phone transaction, etc. other banks also show a picture of the check or the withdrawal slip when you click on the transaction. Other banks apps also allow bank to bank transfers. I'm not sure why PNC is so far behind the current technology when these days most banking is done through apps! This is certainly a reason for me to switch to other user friendly banks unless if PNC decides to improve!

Mobile check deposit. I had to pay $6.93 to get my deposit to go through The next business day which will not be available until Monday I’m not waiting for days it’s ridiculous that I have to pay this amount of money just to get the deposit ready sooner. There is only one PNC branch location which is over 40 miles away from my home which makes it very inconvenient. I opened a new base count with a local bank in the area that offers free checking and they are more closer to my home I’ve never had to pay for mobile deposit and I’ve never had to wait for four days if I didn’t want to pay the service fee. I’ve worked for a bank before and all of these fees will make customers want to go somewhere else and I have seen it happen. Once I get my husband’s direct deposit switched over to our new bank account we will be closing this bank account with you at PNC and we’ve been customers for nearly 20 years I have been with PNC during the merger from national city bank as well. Is there a reason for this review is anyone going to contact me or you going to fix anything about it I’m just wondering?

PNC is the way to go!!!. I’ve had my main account at PNC for over 2 years and there services are great, I’ve had to replace my debit card several times and I’ve been able to get it delivered straight to me extremely fast with little to no fee. When my account had lost funds to unauthorized purchases the support team was 1 call away and helped me resolve this issue within the day. And lastly, unlike most support chats PNCs support team responds quickly and allows you to leave a message after-hours so a member of the support team can get back to you in the morning. They also respond in a fashion that seems more thoughtful than other support services which use automated messages which can be unhelpful or unrelated to your needs, but PNC gives detailed instructions to whatever you need help with, and if your having a more obscure issue they are there for you to give step by step assistance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Worst app and banking experience ever. I opened my account Over 3 months ago and have never been able to login to the mobile banking app. When I initially set up my account I was held captive in the bank for over 2 hours talking to the banker who was going on and on about the products and services. He insisted I set up online banking in the branch I told him I wanted to wait until I got home so I could have the password/ info stored on my MacBook. He created the user name with me in the branch and set it up anyway he said I could just change the password by using the reset password option Anyhow it’s been over 3 months I have test the password and for whatever reason the app cannot verify my account or me. I have called the online support and gone into the branch numerous times for help. They just reset the password and then tell me to set up online banking like I’m a new account. Long story short I go through the process they tell me to do I wait the 48hrs for the reset to kick in and still get the same error that I am unable to be identified. 😞

Worst banking experience ever. They rolled my Simple account over to BBVA, then told me that I could only close my account if I got my account balance down to $0 and it remained there for 72 hours. So I transferred my money out and 3 days later a .99 cent charge from PayPal went through and kept trying to go through. I finally called PayPal and got them to stop the transaction but BBVA had racked up over $30 in fees from having a negative balance (which keep in mind they instructed me to do). Then my account got transferred to PNC and I haven’t been able to access it and now the fees have gone from $30 to $64 (for a $0 charge that never went through) and they say they cannot remove any of those charges. I finally figured out how to transfer money ($64) TO the account from my other banking app that actually works. And my account balance is down to zero so I can now end this nightmare of a user experience. It only took 7 hours on the phone and 2 trips to the bank. If you love being nickeled and dimed with fees for nothing and dealing with a user interface from the 90s, become a PNC customer. If you hate fees and want a modern app, I highly recommend Betterment. There’s no reason to torture yourself, you have options.

It’s a great app*. Compared to other banking apps I’ve seen, this one has everything a person could really need. That being said, historically, not being able to reliably open and access the app after midnight has been an inconvenience my entire time with the bank, and some UI decisions leave a lot to be desired. My biggest gripe is in the deposit section. You can deposit a paper check via picture. You go through all the steps, take the necessary photos, and then at the end it prompts you—and pay attention here—whether you want your paycheck right now, or whether you want to wait 24 hours. It defaults to waiting, with no clear cost to accessing immediately, and makes the immediate option smaller and less visible. This isn’t some sob story or serious complaint, but because of these features, I now have ruined my whole day’s worth of plans because now I have to wait. If I had rent or another bill due today, I’d just be screwed. Why is waiting even an option? Why is it the default option? Could we, in some of the seemingly endless stream of updates preventing me from viewing my funds after dark, implement some simple UI changes to help ease the user interactions with the app, and make it where I don’t have to rely as heavily on my blisteringly incompetent employers? It’s really a 5 star app with some minor tweaks

Horrible banking features and customer service. I had fraud transactions on my credit card account due to which PNC had to close my account and issue a new card. But I cannot access my previous card’s transactions. Apparently I have to go to the branch to get my statements. This is ridiculous considering that all major banks have this basic feature to access transactions online, especially when there is fraud on account. I always have auto payment to pay my statement balance but because they issued me a new card and closed the previous one their erroneous software charged me an “interest charge” of $34. If I had not noticed I would have been penalized for their error. PNC appears to be an antiquated bank. And when I asked customer service if they can pass along the feedback to business team so they can fix these issues the rep said he does not know of any process like that. Disappointing! It is only a matter of time that I am going to get another credit card and start using that. Thanks for showing me that you don’t care about my business.

So convenient!. I’ve been a PNC customer for 15 years (ever since I worked at the main branch in Pgh). I moved back to my hometown in 2013 and the closest branch is 80 miles away from my home. I refuse to change banks, because I love PNC and will remain loyal to them forever.....but going to the bank can be a hassle. So, I was delighted to see that I can make a deposit via the PNC app!!! So easy too. Just snap a pic of the front and back of the check and it’s electronically deposited with funds available w/in 24 hours!!! Since making a deposit was my biggest challenge this was indeed a happy realization. I have PNC ATM’s in my area (at the Sheetz stores), but deposits aren’t accepted at these ATM’s. Which...I really wish could be changed to allow deposits. Now the only obstacle will be in depositing cash....fix the problem with the Sheetz ATM’s and I’ll be set!! Thank you PNC!! ♥️

Only bank with a good and consistent digital interface. In general, I am very happy that there have been minimal changes to the website and digital interfaces in the 15 years I have been a NationalCity/PNC customer. The interface works well and I have rarely had to think hard about how to navigate menus to get the information I want. Recently, however, when I use this, I feel like I am back in the days of 56k modems where the images for advertisements would load after the rest of the webpage would load and you would accidentally click on something because all of the content would move and an advertisement image would appear right as you were about to click. I thought this practice was long gone from good user interface design, but evidently it is still here every time the COVID relief banner at the top of the app decides to load. Now, every 1 out of 2 times that I try to click on my checking account when I load the main page of the app, I accidentally open a webpage for COVID relief that I have to close. Very annoying. Please keep up the good work of having a consistent user interface design, but also please stop making it so content unexpectedly shifts around right as I am about to click when the main page loads.

You dipped into my escrow account. I’m NOT happy with PNC and the steps they took to “help me with my water bill.” My bill has been more delinquent than what they recently decided to use my escrow funds to help me with. I never received a notice from the tax or utilities office. I called and they said while I had a balance, it wasn’t anything to warrant what PNC did with ONE PHONE CALL to them and none to me as their customer and employee at the time. I looked thru my closing packet. I couldn’t find anywhere that allows PNC to do this. I’ve contacted a few attorneys and I’m waiting for their collective feed back before i make any decisions. I also read that PNC is merging with Bancorp. You’ve removed so many quality employees, and stopped any quality compensation plans for those who stayed. Most of us left because of it. It’s hard to pay bills and feed a family of 4 as a single mom on what PNC pays its mortgage officers. Doing THIS made me realize it’s not about your employees or your customers - it’s about your bottom line. Good luck with the merger.

App was not fully functional pre IOS16, now it’s unusable. I had PNC because they took over my National City mortgage. They also did not have a means for me to pay my mortgage online in the beginning unless I had a checking account! They didn’t have locations in my area at the time. A few years later, I did a re-fi, they dragged it out over 4 months in 2018, I was approved by competitors but thought all things being equal, there would be less paperwork with the same mortgage lender. Part of the ‘deal’ was a cheap interest credit card. They only way to still pay these is via an online transfer account set-up, which cannot be done on the mobile app. And you can’t do this function via Safari now in IOS16. Thankfully I was able to re-finance via another major bank , paperwork completed in 17 days, lower fixed rates and no points, but I still have this PNC credit card which they make it impossible to make payments online for. They’d rather you mess up so they can collect penalties on the already outrageous % tacked onto the Prime rates. Crypto wallets aren’t as glitchy!

Unfortunate. So I have been banking with PNC for about 4 years. I am also a previous employer of this financial institution. Great bank to do business with as well as work for. My one and only true reason for giving this app a 4 star rating is that I can’t believe that all these years have passed of having online banking and there is still NO FEATURE TO VIEW PENDING DEPOSITS. As a former employee I can’t tell you how many times customers asked why they can’t view pending deposits before the money is actually made available and honestly that is something I always wanted as well.. PNC I’m speaking for all those customers who may not take the time out to write such a review. Others banks have that option and PNC is the best of the best with online banking so why not have that option for us as well!!!

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Very helpful. We are out of state investors and have found PNC service is second to noe. Very happy

Check deposit. I live in Australia and I received a check from the US. It has been easy to use the app to deposit the check and not have to post it. Very happy!

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Online banking. Fast, easy, efficient and hopefully, safe!

挺好的. 不错!

Not an improvement.. Preferred the previous app much better for the iPad Pro

Excellent improvements. The app works perfectly

Depositing a check really torture my soul. It is freaking hard to deposit a check using this mobile app. It takes me 30min to deposit a single check, telling me either unable to find the endorsement or the picture is unclear.

Excellent. Fast, efficient, easy to use and review. Fantastic app and service! Good work PNC!!!

Great app. I use the app for depositing checks. Works wonderfully

Unusable. Can’t paste user ID or password to login. In an age of password managers this is a usability death sentence.

Zelle. Wonderful app, specially to send money to your loved ones

junk: check deposit doesn't work. I was excited when I saw the mobile check deposit feature, but it's total junk. After multiple attempts, I have never succeeded in depositing a single check - I only get error messages. Maybe it's because the app will only accept checks of a certain size?

Super Mobile Banking!. Love the option to just take a photo of our paycheque and there it goes! There’s also the instant fund option! Thanks PNC! Love customer support both in their branches as well as via phone! Keep up the great work!

Rating. Easy to use no improvement needed for me

Facile. Très facile à utiliser.

Friendly Service. Although we are orphaned by Hurricane Ian to Frostproof FL area until Palmetto Palms in Ft. Myers area is further rebuilt and miss the wonderfully friendly in person service from Kristine, Michelle and Nereiga, we are staying connected remotely (with periodic phone assistance from the branch over the past year and) by using the wonderful PNC App, online banking, and using the excellent Debit Card replete with needed cash for this Canadian Snowbird from the handy checkout at Walmart…. Paul & Pam

vg bank great service. vg bank

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Very basic and too many bugs. There really isn't much going on in this app. It had the most basic of information about my accounts and transactions, but it's missing a lot of useful features like a calendar to see what's scheduled in bill pay, and there are flaws in the layout and design. The X in the upper right corner didn't register a tap unless you tap it exactly in the middle (difficult for fat fingers), the arrow on the top left also has some problems registering taps, and it seemed like a waste of animation to have the 3 bar menu button switch into an arrow and back. The app feels very laggy for the minimal amount of information being presented at any given time. The deposit function feels very clunky because it tries to take the photo before the iPhone camera is focused and ready. Too many times I've had to retake photos of a check just to get the one side right. Needs a lot of work

Often difficult. The people at PNC are very nice. We opened a business account and when I’ve done this in the past ( which is often) one would open the account and then get signature cards for those who are signators. At PNC they insist that each person appear in person with a signator and go through the 30+ minute exercise. On one occasion, I arrived with an officer to add her as a signer and they said it can only be done with the person that opened the account. After insisting over and over again they final agreed to proceed. I had to go in to set up my online access. One of the other signers went in and she was told to use my sign on. From a control standpoint this was illogical. These are a couple examples of the difficulties encountered with PNC. Again the people are nice but their rules ( which seemingly can be broken) are cumbersome. Another issue is they only allow one user for online on the account. They encourage people to share sign in id and password. This is not reasonable from a control standpoint.

Reliably unreliable. It works decently well most of the time. Too many unnecessary animations that just add time to checking my banking information. Hopefully it’s been patched in the newest update, but it doesn’t play very nicely with faceID: you hit the Face ID button->load screen->back to login page with your info filled out-> hit “login in” ->loading screen-> logged in. The basic functions work fine. The integrated help live chat is very useful and really nice. That’s a great feature. The biggest issue I have is that it seems like EVERY night any time after 10pm the app is down for maintenance until morning. This has been a big inconvenience when I am out at night and need to put a little more cash in my virtual wallet. Overall it’s a fine app but it has some very consistently inconvenient issues that come up every day for me.

“Free Until” balance is confusing. Instead of showing you your actual balance, they do a calculation for you to show your available balance minus your scheduled transfers, and this is what you see in giant green numbers at the top of the screen. It’s so annoying and makes me panic every time I see it because PNC doesn’t know that I’ll have more deposits that will cover transfers in the future, and it gives me these alerts and warnings that make it appear as though I’m over drafted or don’t have enough in my account. I wish I could set it so I could just see my balance. I did the math. I scheduled everything. I’m fine. Stop doing it for me. Literally about to turn off auto transfer and set calendar reminders in my phone to make transfers because this feature annoys me so much. Please change it or give us an option to change it.

Forced to switch. So I am a virtual wallet customer and the app I normal use warned me they would be shutting it down and that now everything is all on this app. I hate it already. This app is not a good fit for any PNC customers like myself who use it to quickly and efficiently manage all of your accounts like the virtual wallet app did. This app is missing several key features for customers with virtual wallet and is actually a cumbersome replacement. I for one can see myself no longer using the app if they do not add in the features that made the other app so important for virtual wallet customers. The previous app has everything quickly accessible and was very user friendly while this app is not so smooth to use for multiple accounts. It is only good for a quick check on your account and I can’t tell if it keeps records fully accurate like the other app yet. I am very unhappy and disappointed in PNC.

Tired. The app is always under some type of work. Every time I need to use it, it is unavailable. I can never make my deposits and when I can, I have to wait several days for them to clear. I have been depositing checks from the same employer for almost two years(they don’t offer direct deposit) and if I am unable to pick my check up on a Friday and make the deposit then(due to the app not being accessible) I have to wait and cannot access my money until the following Monday-Wednesday. Whatever day. Hopefully there isn’t a holiday either because that will only extend the wait time. Sure some of the problem is on me as well as the employer but the fact that I can’t access my money when I need to and have been making deposits religiously from the same employer for a long time is very frustrating. Not to mention, I can’t even cash the check the same day. God forbid I need to pay my bills.

Decent app. Some defects.. They recently added automatic photographing of the checks when making a mobile deposit. This was a step backwards as the check is sometimes not properly focused. It doesn't wait for focus, it only waits until the edges of the check are visible. I get around this by starting very close to the check and slowly backing out, giving the camera a chance to focus so it stays in focus until the checks edges come into view and it snaps the picture. I also don't like that it makes you enter your password to transfer funds between linked accounts even though you have fingerprint verification enabled. I can get in with touch ID, but I need to enter my password anyway to transfer money between my own accounts or my children's linked accounts.

Worst bank and app. They are thieves.. Honestly. Every since BBVA switched to PNC I’ve nothing but issues. The app is always under maintenance at the most inconvenient times. I use to have a student account and when they switched they put it as regular account. I usually keep my money in a separate account rather than my spending account and only move what I need into the account when I am going to spend , and once all the pending transactions post all of a sudden my account goes negative $20-$50 sometimes even more when I check why there are no extra charges or fees just what I have spent. So basically they charge me twice sometimes for purchases I make when I know for the fact the amount has been taken the first time! When I called to try and get it fixed the first time thinking it was a mistake they I was wrong and that the negative balance was correct. This bank is the biggest thieves I have ever seen.

Transferring money does not work. I have successfully linked my external bank account in order to access their high-yield savings rewards. However, I am encountering an issue where my bank does not appear under the transfer tab in the app. Although it worked previously, it has now inexplicably disappeared. I have attempted to resolve the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times, as well as restarting my device, but the issue persists. In addition to my previous efforts, I have also reached out to the app's customer service and followed their instructions meticulously. Despite doing so, the issue with my bank not appearing under the transfer tab remains unresolved. I have exhausted all possible troubleshooting steps, and I eagerly await a resolution to this problem. I will gladly give a five-star rating once this matter is resolved. It appears to be a bug within the app.

Generally reliable but there are quirks. I use the mobile application regularly and am generally satisfied with it. But there are some user interface issues that drive me nuts. Today’s example: Even though I’ve used the application for deposits repeatedly, it asked me to grant the app access to the camera. Could be due to this phone being a couple weeks old but my other applications didn’t make me do that. Fast forward to me hitting ‘no’ in error. App spits out a message that it can’t do deposits with camera access and then displays a COMPLETELY BLANK SCREEN (save their logo) until the session times out. Why the dickens wouldn’t they display an option to update the settings ... or at minimum, take you back to the account page so you could do something else? Poor design.

Slow App, Zelle, Overdraft issues. Extremely slow. Never lets me log in. It’s so frustrating to have to answer a security question every time I want to log in. I’d like to be able to log in with just my user name and password. After answering security question. The app then buffers and never logs in. I have much quicker access through the browser. Aside not being able to use zelle outside the app. Seriously a deal breaker to not have access to app or zelle, makes me want to switch banks. Also the fact my balance amount is never right. Apparently the bank ain’t quick enough to calculate my expenses and give me the correct balance. I always end up overdraft even though I check online for my balance before spending.

Rev. The mobile site works well. That’s great. Your ATM system however has really been disappointing. If you check your records you’ll see that I lost several hundred dollars there a while back. The people in my local branch worked hard to recover it, but he seem to have just lost the money. That’s unacceptable. Frankly I would’ve changed to another bank, but I live in a small town with you options. I really was disappointed in the way you handled it. Even the people in the local bank ran into a wall of silence, when they try to go up the chain of institutional responsibility. I really wish you could respond to To this, for my own sake, and also for the sake of the people in the local branch. Feel free to send me an email in response; I would appreciate that.

1st Time Using Mobile Deposit. I called customer service & had the very pleasure of speaking with Ms. Sandann Nelson. (I do apologize if I spelled you’re first name wrong). I had never used the mobile app for depositing checks before & was very reluctant about doing so. Ms. Nelson walked me step by step through the whole process. I had trouble with my phone for a while, but she hung in there with me like a champ, never once getting inpatient with me. I worked my way from a teller to a Branch Mgr. & retired from banking after 31 years. I said that to say if, I was still in banking, I would definitely make Ms. Nelson a part of my Mgmt Team. We need more people like her. She is a Star ⭐️ P/S. I hope that you pass this on to her & her Supervisor! Thank you!

Best Update Yet!. This app has always been alright. Works pretty well. Does what I need it to do. Occasionally crashes, but is mostly fine, etc... But, whatever the most recent update is, is incredible! I can pay my PNC credit card balance right from the app, deposits now appear green as opposed to black without a negative mark (withdrawals and purchases appear black with a negative sign in front of them), I can now pause my card via the app, cancel it, report it lost, order a new one, notify of travel, and report suspicions transactions that I didn’t make. Really impressed! I’ve grown to love this app more and more and I use it probably two to three times a week so I’m grateful it’s getting better! Great update PNC, keep em coming!

I want my virtual wallet back!!. Recently the virtual wallet app was discontinued and now I am being forced to use the regular pnc app. The virtual wallet app was much more user friendly, I could easily use the money bar to just slide money from one account to the other. Now there is a money bar but it only goes from the spend account to the save account, completely ignoring the reserve account. Also, you can’t even use the actual money bar to slide money from one account to the other, it just takes you to another screen where you have to choose drop downs, type the amounts and doesn’t specify where your transferring it to. The virtual wallet app also used to show how much money you had available before and after your monthly bills were subtracted. This pnc app shows a calendar with the bills but only shows the available amount as your actual balance. This app is probably fine for those who never knew the convenience and fluidity of the virtual wallet app.

Pnc Review. Terrible you charge a customer a fee to have a check deposited by mobile phone a few to have it clear ASAP! Instead of 1 day later. Ridiculous. I have a mortgage with you and a checking account but Huntington has become my main checking due to your fees. Huntington actually gives us a 24 grace whereas you charge a fee.... I only keep Pnc open due to couple automatic payments that I haven’t switched yet then see you later Pnc. I’ll see what I can do to get a new mortgage. Thanks for nothing and maybe take better care of your customers instead of charging fees for our $. Amazing when an electronic transfer comes out, same day, but deposits on long term customers is outrageous and won’t be tolerated by me any longer.

Could be better!!. The PNC app has come along way but there’s certainly room for improvement. The app can be a bit buggy and crashes from time to time. As someone who also holds accounts elsewhere, there a few features that could take this app to the next level. Developers please consider adding the atm branch locator to the hamburger menu. Additionally, it would be great to add features such as daily insights and the ability to access your fico score for non credit card customers. It would be great as well to have the ability to set up Zelle reoccurring payments like you can in the Chase app. Making a few changes would enable a customer like myself to consolidate all my accounts with PNC.

Superb Bank and Mobile App. Easy to use for all my checking needs (balance, deposits, transfers, Popmoney, credit score). Equally great for use managing my PNC credit card and personal loan). Other features I find indispensable include support of facial recognition on my iPhone real-time activity alerts for all transactions associated with my checking account and credit card. Super solid and easy to use—so much so that my 80 year mom can use it to manage her banking needs on her iPhone—including mobile deposits using the iPhone camera. She feels very secure about being online and using mobile banking because I set up text message alerts for her when any transaction occurs across her accounts. I can’t recommend the app enough. Love it!

LoVe tHiS bAnK!. I have been a member prior when the bank was named Compass and had many issues with the lack of banking services that were provided. I was bout to transfer my account to a bank that could accommodate my banking needs one specifically being Zelle. But when PNC took over the Zelle service along with many more were offered and I am so glad that I stayed. The customer service at this bank both in the bank and on the phone are unbeatable. The employees are always so engaging, patient, and responsive. I have not had any issues with my account and when I have needed help or had questions I have been very satisfied with the prompt response. Thank you for the amazing customer service…and Zelle!

It’s OK…. I was able to navigate the app. It took some getting used to, being a formal BBVA customer. I could still view my accounts, make some transfers, and manage my debit card. But, I’m having a serious issue with my mobile deposit. Every time I try to deposit a check, which I normally do, an error popped up telling me that the picture wasn’t clear enough. I tried several times with two checks and that error keeps popping up. When I was using BBVA to deposit the checks, I never had a single issue with it. I gave PNC a shot with the mobile deposit, and it failed. If the mobile deposit was reliable, this would’ve been a totally different story and a better review. But unfortunately, I have to figure out otherwise I deposit my check other than going to a different bank to deposit my check.

Dumb. Now I’m waiting 4 days to have funds become available when I do mobile deposit?!?! Or pay that ridiculous percentage to have MY MONEY become available nxt day. It’s always something w PNC to squeeze an extra dollar from your CUSTOMERS. Joke. There are way better options out there The worst. The only reason I use you is to run my payroll and pay my company bills. Most of my money is in investments where it’s actually growing at much greater rate than a snails pace. Have NEVER been helped w a loan when I needed it most. And now I can’t even get the business rep at my local branch to return a call. All I want are my deductions printed out so I can work on taxes. The only thing PNC has going for it is that the rest of the banks are just as useless . Cheers! :)

Unnecessarily fancy and not all that helpful. The new animations seem kinda unnecessary and borderline annoying (and probably drain battery slightly more, for what it's worth), but what actually annoys me is that I can't view relatively recent transactions on an account... it seems like things more than a couple days or so don't show up (or there's some error), and there's basically no option control anywhere, with the Settings menu being basically useless... So now I have to log in on a computer (or maybe try the website on my phone, idk) to get the info I need, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a mobile app in the first place, in my opinion. I would gladly downgrade in a heartbeat if I could, and regret just casually updating this app without knowing it was revamped; like many revamps, the focus seems to be more on the fancy looks than the usability, and as someone who just wants a simple app that does its job, I can't really say I appreciate that.

Best bank app I’ve used. It seems like a lot of people are rating the app bad with complains to not understanding banking principles - deposit times, simple fees etc. The app is pretty fast and easy. I’m in the process of buying a house which meant I needed my bank on my side. I needed to actually ask questions or do more complex banking via phone. Their text messaging was prompt and easy. Contacting them by phone was simple. It asks some questions and gives you hold times and options for them to call you. I opted for the call back and it was near immediate. They all seemed to be in the country and were very nice and caring. By providing me with detailed information, I was able to make a decision that met my needs. The careless atm option is amazing.

Never had this much trouble with any other bank app.. Constantly says “Accounts unavailable at this time” even with or without VPN installed; turned on or off no matter. Deleted/re-installed repeatedly. Website works fine all day everyday, but the app doesn't work 3 out every 5 attempts to log in. I never bother reviewing apps because I think its a total waste of time but the banking industry should have the best apps (period). Have banked with PNC for many years and have had almost constant issues with both PNC apps for equally as long, including the Virtual Wallet app when that still existed (which worked better then this one). I would add that I do a fair amount of banking with different banks/credit companies and their respective apps; I only have issues with one out of ten banking apps, this one. Disappointing.

Wish for enhanced ‘scheduled out’ functionality. Love the app and appreciate the multiple apps being combined into one. I like not having to go to a diff app for investment account info. The main shortfall is the ‘Scheduled Out’ function. It will only calculate until the next of day, but I wish I could select a future date (perhaps the Following month) and it calculate the balance on that date. Additionally, I have scheduled monthly transfers, but only the current transfer will show. If I look ahead to the next month, it is not showing any amount will be subtracted from scheduled transfers. Not sure if I need to enter it as a pre-authorized payment instead, but then has potential to be double counted on current month.

Bring back the older version PLEASE!. This new version is awful. I absolutely hate how transactions are listed. Bill pay is very inefficient compared to prior version. Mobile deposits are more difficult then driving to a branch in a snow storm with a broken leg most days. It takes me anywhere from 5-15 try’s before a check is accepted. I used the prior version as much of not more to do my banking and I never felt the urge to throw my phone out a window. Everyone I have spoke with at different branch locations has said the same of this new version. I actually find myself getting on my computer more often then ever before just so I can view my activity more easily since it’s set up just like the older mobile version. PLEASE bring back the version that preceded this one.

Glitches!!!!. I really want to give it a better rating because it’s so convenient & generally I like it but the glitches are so annoying and there are quite a few. I’ve entered my password CORRECTLY (trust me, I made sure) several times & it kept telling me it was incorrect, but then another day/time it would work! I’ve gotten locked out of my account twice because of this. The same thing has happened with security questions! Like I am 100% sure I know the answers to these very simple personal questions but it keeps saying it can’t be verified & won’t let me into my account. If I have to change my password one more time because of this clumsy app I’m gonna lose it. I’ve also had trouble with depositing checks because the camera will take pictures before focusing or it’ll tell me I’ve entered the incorrect amount, which I assure you I have. Please fix this stuff, otherwise this app would be awesome

Really great, but.... I’m really grateful for this app. Especially because it allows me to make deposits. The closest bank to where I am currently living is an hour away. My employer does not use direct deposit. It is extremely frustrating when I have a paycheck to deposit but the app won’t allow me to make the deposit because I’ve already exceeded the limit for app deposits for the month! I’m also penalized for making too many transfers from one account to another. But if I have a month with larger purchases that require me moving funds I end up having money taken from my account for the number of transfers but I’m not able to prevent the transfer by depositing a check in my hand because of the deposit limit. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

Mobile is great; customer service is disappointing.. I had a charge on a home equity statement of 63$. I called and asked for help and was told that she would investigate but was not able to call me back. She said if she found it was in error, she would remove, if not it would continue to be on the statement. On Tuesday this week I went into a branch to first get an answer in the charge and second to pay off the loan. The person didn’t know what the charge was and made a call for help. The assistance center did NOT know what the charge was. In order to pay off loan, I had to pay the unidentified fee. The only explanation was it might have something to do with an annual fee????? I sill would like to be reimbursed.

Credit Card Customer. I received notice from PNC during their merger with BBVA that my login I had for the BBVA app would work for the PNC mobile banking app. Not so, I haven’t been able to enter the PNC app in about a year. To get a new login for the app or change login info it keeps asking me for a debit card number, which I do not have a banking account with PNC, just a credit card account. Called customer service about 5 times and was waiting on a rep about 3 to 4 hrs each time. Never talked to anyone. That is crazy. Should be made simple to set up a login for credit card account through the app, but you can’t. I’m going to try 1 more time to reach customer service and if I don’t, I will cancel the credit card. Not going to take a chance on a mailed in payment possibly getting there late and affecting my credit score. Come on PNC, straighten this crap out so I can log in or set up login without your debit card or hire more people to man the phone lines.

Great but flawed. Everything is pretty intuitive, however as recently as the last 6 months I am no longer able to mobile deposit an identical large sum multiple times in the same month. I work for a small business that still uses handwritten checks, I get the message along the lines of " check has already been deposited". I work 40 hrs my check is frequently the same, so it leaves me having to cash my check from the local bank and having to deposit it at a PNC. I already reported the issue to a PNC representative, he said to follow up if it continued happening after an app update. I did and no follow up from him, hopefully the developers can design the software to look at check numbers and dates so it doesn't think it's a duplicate.

Mobile app is just good. PNC’s mobile app is very useful, but they could do more. The biggest opportunity for the PNC Mobile app would be to include more of the Virtual Wallet budget & savings tools and analytics. The Virtual Wallet checking account is what sets PNC apart from other banks, so the user experience would increase greatly by leveraging these features in the app. I know that they do have a separate Virtual Wallet App, although it’s a messy experience and it’s silly to have two separate apps for the same financial institution. The view of accounts is quick and user friendly. Transferring money on the fly works seamlessly. Mobile deposit is a cool feature, but sometimes they don’t accept the check and require you must take it into a branch. Also the app supports Zelle, allowing you to transfer money to a non-PNC account that’s also Zelle compatible.

Worst Bank Ever.... PNC is stuck in the ice age and always trailing others...I have threatened to switch several times but haven’t had time yet. It’s like they’re doing us a favor to hold onto our checking and savings account. Always limited in what they can do, always limited in how they think, very frustrating overall… Very rigid systems that are not customer friendly. For example I moved from Illinois to Texas and needed some assistance because there were no branches down here within a 500 mile radius and zero in the state of Texas. And they were telling me I had to physically come into a branch… Are you kidding me? If I have to fly that far just to do a banking transaction I need to be switching banks. Furthermore they were unwilling to use common logic and assist me by using FedEx or another solution. How ridiculous.

Extremely Pleased. We’ve been associated with PNC Bank since we first moved to Pittsburgh. After living there 38 years, we retired to NC. PNC was there. Only a few years later, we had the opportunity to move to TN to be closer to our youngest and his very young family. They had been living in WA state, so we decided to move once more. PNC is not in TN. We thought we were going to need to find another bank, however, our Private Banking Advisor told us about the mobile APP. We’ve had no issues with it at all. When we need cash from another bank’s ATM, PNC refunds the fee. Depositing checks is as simple as taking a photo of the check. The APP is user friendly and I’m extremely grateful that we were able to keep PNC as our bank of choice.

Terrible personal & business setup. Unlike the pnc website that has two separate websites for personal and business, unfortunately you only have one app for both. This app also appears to be several apps in one. Meaning there is no flow from accounts to paying bills. Your essentially loading another package of the app which you can see loading. It’s like several band aides put together in haste for this app. In order to manage both your personal and business accounts you will need to fill out a couple of forms at the bank to “Link” these two accounts to the app. Once linked, you will be able to see all your business & virtual wallet personal accounts including credit cards. However, if you want to pay a personal bill in this app, there is no way of accessing the payment from account as it is always set to a preferred business account. If you want to change the preferred account, you will need to fill out a form at your bank. Of course, the easiest and most practical way is to allow you to choose which account you want to pay from, like any other bank but PNC decided that a convoluted frustrating UX would be the best way. So in summary, if you want to pay your personal bills with this app while linked to a business account... you cannot. You must use a browser and do it online. In a digital age, PNC is way behind. This app needs an overhaul.

Great service. I’ve never had a bank that I could I was proud of until I was referred by a friend to open an account with PNC, and I’ve been impressed since! Any service I have gotten from this bank has always been 5 stars even when my card got compromised they immediately connected me with a loss prevention Dept. They are always ready to take care of me! Also, my money got stolen from card and they provided temporary provisional funds while the case was in dispute and they informed what I had to do. Thank you!Mobile deposit never had an issue and customer service always ready and knowledgeable and always leave the conversation feeling secured and happy to say this bank is awesome! I told my mom to join in. Thank you for great service over and over!

Please Fix Mobile Deposit. Have been using the app since forever. Fast and simple UI. I have always been deposited my checks without a problem back when we still had auto-capture. After update, now we are able to line the check up and capture ourselves, which I have tried to do multiple times but unsuccessfully. It keeps telling me photos are not clear?! Dark background, great lighting, lined up perfectly, and I think I have pretty steady hands, but my check was never accepted. And there’s no picture review? How do we know what to fix if we don’t know how the pictures are turning out? Mobile deposit had always been the best feature about this app. Now I’m disappointed that I might not be able to use this anymore. That makes PNC app just another place for me to check my account activity.

Crap app. This app is total crap. Its always under construction or being updated at the most inconvenient times. When it finally comes back up, there is absolutely no change to it in any way whatsoever. It locks you out if you make an error one time signing in. I been locked out several times and use the online site most often. Pnc does not look at these reviews so no matter what we say here, they will not address the issues. Look at all the reviews and not once do you see Pnc responding to some serious issues here. Any other app you will see the company making comments to let you know they are looking into, or going to fix the issue that is getting these terrible grades from their customers. Do yourself a favor and use the online banking page. Signing in is easier, you can do everything there that you can do here except be followed by them and have your information sold to the world.

PNC First Review. Excellent, best overall bank I've ever had!! Very current with all the latest and greatest options for banks. There online service is amazing with the ability to accept mobile deposits. And last but certainly not least, I have been given outstanding customer service around every corner. They even offer you cashback rewards for using your debit/credit (and let's face it, who doesn't these days) card and refund ATM fees when you've had to use an out-of-network ATM. Finding it very difficult to beat all that!! This coming from someone that has worked for several financial institutions over the years and is very critical in every way when it comes to analyzing the pros and cons of banking. I think anyone would find them hard to beat... Warmest regards, Natalie 🌹

So awful it makes you want to find another bank. This app used to be great. Now you can no longer paste your password in on the login screen. So when your fingerprint isn’t recognized or PNC randomly decides it’s time to reenter your password manually (it happens, who knows why) you need to type in your password. Except... if you use a password manager and have a 24-character password that is full of unique characters and is completely unintelligible, you need to write your password on a sheet of paper and copy it from there because when you switch between apps on an iPhone (if you wanted to copy a few digits at a time) you’ll learn that the partial password gets wiped out each time you go to your password manager app and back. So, this app is effectively useless for me. Next up is switching banks — it’s faster than logging into this app and I’m sure there’s a deal to be had for signing up for a new checking account. I’m not compromising my security for PNC’s bug.

Good experience. I got my first loan from them and later got approved for a credit card. The app has a simple but nice UI with some redundant elements that will hopefully be consolidated later; cards tab/accounts tab->cards/cards button at lower right. There seems to be more lag than I’m used to when it comes to transactions posting/showing up. You can’t seem to pay you balance in the app unless you have an extra eligible account with them. I need to log in using a browser to pay balance from external account. I don’t see a way to look at rewards for individual transactions in the app, also need to use a web browser for this. Customer service on the phone was pleasant, chat was a bit dense but still positive.

Fees! A brief review by an old Simple Customer. I was a Simple customer from inception and depending how long you had been with the bank you know the acquisition by BBVA Compass was a nightmare and none of the amazing services carried over. Fast forward a few months and now BBVA was bought out by PNC. Not only are there very few atms in California, there’s a host of fees for even having an account unless you meet minimum daily balance requirements. Disputing transactions is a nightmare. This was never an issue with Simple. It’s unfortunate they went under. Customer service hold times are averaging at least 30m or more just to reach someone. Even after initiating a dispute it can take upwards of 10 days to even hear back from a representative. With Simple you could lodge a dispute and have a response usually the very next day and sometimes even a provisional credit applied. I’m sticking with my credit union. PNC is not worth the struggle.

Horrible app. PNC Is horrible when it comes to technology. EVERY time there is an upgrade to the app, the app will not recognize any of your login info. In order to use the app after an upgrade, you have to delete/reinstall and go through a slew of security questions AGAIN!!!! No other banking app makes you go through this- not Chase not Bank of America, not CITI not Capital One. In addition when you call for assistance the representatives have no clue!! They never acknowledge that changes at PNC is causing misery for customer use. And what's more- PNC threatens you if you write a negative review or talk bad about them on social media! Can you believe this- people?! These big banks put us in a mess of an economy and now they try to pressure/threaten and intimidate you if you shame their true ways. It's high time PNC you fix your app and do right by people instead of your shareholders! Stop brainwashing employees to threaten customers when they want to escalate issues- be it publicly or not. Shame on you PNC!!!!

Terrible!. I've been a PNC Business banking and personal customer and have been using PNC Mobile since available. This app is terrible. I use an iPhone 6s and always have to scan checks multiple times. I don't like the fact that the app automatically takes a picture or scans a check most times before it's even in focus, requiring you to redo the scan. Usually if you get an error you have to start all over. I have multiple other bank accounts with mobile apps that I have no problems with. PNC's Deposit Now App allows you to focus and manually take the picture and I have absolutely no problem with that app. PNC needs to do away with the automatic picture or scan feature!! I would not recommend their app!

Missing some user friendly-ness. I currently only use PNC for the Cash Back Rewards card. Having utilized mobile apps for chase, key and now PNC, I’ve found PNC’s to be the most cumbersome, and Chase’s app to be the most user friendly. Personally, I think the current Chase app is one that should be modeled. If there is an area that could be improved upon, it’d be the ‘Cash Back History’ area that the PNC website so transparently shows on a desktop. I love being shown how close to the annual cap I am on my Cash Back Rewards card, as well as how each transaction is classified in terms of it’s category. I’d also love to have a means to quickly see how much I’ve spent on my card in the calendar year, as well as what percentage / amount in different categories. Please model yourselves after the Chase app and greatly increase your app’s functionality. Thanks you.

Long duration problem with iPhone 7. My previous iPhone (4?) worked perfectly to submit checks to PNC. But when I got a new iPhone 7, I have never been able to get it to work, in spite of repeated calls to the PNC call center. It is very annoying to have to go to my iPad in order to deposit a check. 29 October 2019: I am still only able to make deposits on my iPad, but not my iPhone as I once was able to do... The problem of long duration continues...(about two years now...) 4 Nov 2020...I am STILL unable to make deposits with my iPhone 7. This despite repeated delete and reload software. I must resort to using my iPad to make online deposits. I also had “expert” online help from PNC and they were not able to correct this. I wish SOMEONE would pay attention to this deficiency in PNC’s software.

Had to reset password online instead of app. The recent update seems to have caused a huge inconvenience, particularly with account suspension for failed logins after I’ve already had to go out of the way and reset my password twice online. It's unfortunate that I’ve had to go through the hassle of changing my password on a computer instead of within the app itself. This issue has greatly impacted the usability of the app, leading to an overall negative experience. User-friendly features such as password resetting within the app would be beneficial in preventing these kinds of inconveniences. Unfortunately because I can’t log back in at all through the app, it looks like I am now forced to delete the app altogether :( I hope the developers take note of this feedback and work towards improving the usability of the app to provide a smoother and more efficient user experience in the future.

Update for deposits HORRIBLE.. Update 7/7/21: Original app was great. No issues. Now they go and mess with deposit function and ruin app. Constant error that can’t read check. Taken from best camera a phone can currently have….and check was printed with $ amounts…unlike hand written checks. So don’t understand how it can’t read check. Now I have to go into a bank to deposit? No. Will just start depositing into other bank account. Rather use different bank than have to drive to branch to deposit. Ridiculous. I really don't know how this app could be any better. Does everything you could ask of a mobile bank app. Easy to log in with finger (considering how long and complicated your banking password is-should be). Check deposit with auto picture taking is GREAT. LOVE being able to deposit checks right from phone. This app makes me never have to go to a physical bank.

Customer of 10 years, constantly buggy. Over the past year, my PNC mobile app for managing my small business has been awful. It seems like they are going backwards technology and simplicity-wise. In addition, it started randomly locking me out of my account by no longer recognizing my credentials/log-in etc. What the heck? Hours wasted on the phone for hours every other month trying to figure out what’s going on. I even reinstalled the app a few times. It’s just a mess. So unprofessional. This app also doesn’t use third-party verification. Instead makes you call Customer Service…but they have traditional banking hours, not 24/7, so if you need help when this happens on a weekend, you are out of luck.

Overall great, just a few suggestions. I use this app daily! It’s a life saver in a lot of respects. Not sure why I can not access my credit line through this app, if you could change it that be amazing! Also I have a $5000 cap on deposits for the month, I wish that number could be increased it would really make my life a lot simpler, because the local branch by me was shut down and I now have to go out of my way to deposit my checks! Every once in a while I’ll have issues trying to access my accounts due to maintaining updates or what not, but I guess you try doing them when most people are not using app however I’m working nights so that’s my usual time up! Other than those few suggestions I am pretty happy with the service of this app!!

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Venmo 02 April 2010

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Best Paid Finance Apps List
App Name Released
Accounts 2 Checkbook 27 January 2012
Quick Checkbook Pro 02 January 2013
US Debt Clock .org 22 October 2014
Debt To Income Calculator 06 December 2018
10bii Financial Calculator 04 October 2010

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Top Free App List
App Name Released
Google Maps 12 December 2012
Twitter 09 October 2009
Reddit 07 April 2016
Ralph Lauren 08 November 2021
Gas 27 August 2022

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Top Paid App List
App Name Released
Monash FODMAP Diet 17 December 2012
TV Cast Pro for LG webOS 23 June 2016
Shadowrocket 13 April 2015
Bloons TD 6 14 June 2018
Slay the Spire 13 June 2020

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