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A database and guide for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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- Better than the Book Guide!

I have tried the few apps for AC:NH out there and this one definitely is by far the superior choice! I even bought the guide and found this app to be so much easier and more user friendly. I use it to keep track of everything and even customized certain things to remember to do daily. I love knowing I have all the variants of an item and what song I need KK to play me and even when the last time Redd was there. How do I get purple hyacinths? Let me check my flower guide! Do I have the recipe for the Golden Dung Beetle? Let me look up my registered recipes! When and where can I catch a Barreleye and how much are they worth? Oh and did I donate one yet to the museum? LET ME CHECK MY AWESOME APP!! Or even when talking to a friend “Hey do you have any Rattan items?” Oh but I’m not on my game but LET ME CHECK MY INCREDIBLE APP! Seriously I was so skeptical because the others were obviously not all inclusive. This one is not only thorough, it updates with the new game features and characters and items as we go! I have sent everyone I know the message to get this app ASAP because it is phenomenal! I can’t sing it’s praises enough!! The only app I use more than this one is Netflix. Seriously this app is so amazing!!

- Reviews speak for themselves!

This app is amazing! It updates as the game updates, it’s smooth and reliable. My absolute favorite app to have in hand while I play. I personally love that you can edit the home screen to determine what YOU want to keep track of daily. It’s got small icons for just about everything so you can tell what it is at a glance. (I.e. talking to sable or collecting the furniture that falls from trees) They just updated it with the weekly visits from other characters so now I can track when flick/Redd/Sahara etc. pop by! They also just added lists, right now only a wishlist is available for editing but that alone kept me busy for a few hours....and don’t get me started on the items list which they just expanded 🙃 took me hours to finish my wishlist. I think my review is a mess but it really is the most convenient and well put together app and I personally did compare it to a couple others when I would see people on Instagram show what they would use. This one, although I personally think there’s one other that looks more aesthetically pleasing, is the absolute best and I hope they keep up the amazing work!

- You NEED this app!!!

This guide is amazing! The recent update of critters and swimming was brought into the app within days. And there were a NUMBER of additional upgrades at the same time. The only other app I use to implement my ACNH experience is a turnip prophet that is easier to see what the upcoming prices are expected to be and a recommendation whether you should hold or sell. (The one in this guide is perfectly serviceable and I used it for a long time! I needed an app that could track multiple turnip predictions for different islands, which is why I looked elsewhere.) Otherwise, You need a list of critters you can catch right this moment? Check!! Need a list of your daily todos that is customizable? Check!!!! Do you want to see gift ideas for villagers? Check! How about a separate tracker for your dreamies vs your current residents? Check and check!!! This app has been 99.9% of what I wanted/needed and there is a promise of even more features that I am eagerly awaiting (tracking island visitors for sure!) I have been so happy to donate on several occasions and hope that other users will too! This app has earned it for sure!!!!!

- A necessity for NH players

This app has helped me immensely with tracking my in game progress. The app grows as the game grows. For example, Redd and his art was added into the game and the developer remained right on top of things. This application provides practically everything you’d need to track your progress in NH. I am overwhelmingly thankful and gracious towards the developer for putting out such a quality product. I don’t know what I’d do without this. It would be cool if the developer could allow us to choose what our starting map was (like name what we chose in the game) and maybe a feature that allows us to plan our island, kinda like some of the websites out there. I’m not talking about terraforming planning but more building planning and where our current houses are and stores. Other than that, this app has everything. EDIT: I just noticed the completely simplified flower breeding section. Absolutely amazing. Also, I was thinking maybe add the ability to mark villagers who have left? It may seem pointless but I like to keep a record of who has left my island. Thanks again for this amazing app!

- Very helpful!

It was so helpful in fact, I even bought to remove the ads and give my man a lunch. The interface is very nice and easy to navigate. I like how selecting “donate” automatically makes the fish/bug caught if you hadn’t had that checked already. There are only a few troubles I have but they weren’t enough for me to take a star off my rating: One is to double check the villager’s birthdays. One of my villagers is Coco and the app says her birthday is August 10th when it’s really March 1st. Another thing I would fix would be to make sure the Northern/Southern hemisphere setting is consistent across the app. I’m in the Northern hemisphere and as I was checking off my donation of the fish from last month in March, there were fish in the sorting list that weren’t available at that time in the Northern hemisphere where I am, but available in the Southern hemisphere like the dorado. Not the end of the world but they would be quality of life adjustments. I’m definitely going to be using this app a lot.

- Almost perfect

A very helpful app and if fairly easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone who regularly plays ACNH. However there are a few things I would suggest. First, I, along with others it appears, have had fairly regular instances where the app “whites out” and I can’t do anything with it. It’s not a terrible problem because I just have to reset the app and then it works, but it is a minor inconvenience I would like fixed please. Second, I don’t know if it’s in development or not, but I think a way to show your turnip price history would be nice, as well as having the turnip prices automatically reset on Sunday so you don’t have to manually clear out the prices. Lastly, this might just be for the completionists like me, but I would like to know if there was a way to streamline selecting everything from your catalog. For example, selecting fossils in the museum section automatically selects them in the catalog, and other things like that. It’s kind of an open-ended suggestion, but it’s something I though would be nice. Anywho, overall it’s a great app though. Good job.

- Must have for any dedicated Animal Crossing player

The app has never crashed and I’ve only experienced 1 bug where the fish and bug icons didn’t load in. But that is the only con and it only happened once from my experience. Everything else is great. It has a good user interface that doesn’t overwhelm. I like the daily checklists, especially for talking with my villagers, as I had previously no idea how often I was neglecting them. But my favorite feature has to be the museum checklist. Being able to track the bugs, fish and fossils I’ve donated and caught has been amazing. And having the ones that are catchable being listed on the main page is a great feature as well. As far as I can tell all the info about months and times to catch these creatures is accurate and being able to filter the list is a nice bonus too. The fact that the app has been updated to fix other users issues and add features like tracking kk slider tracks and diy recipes has made an already great app truly a must have for anyone who plays this game obsessively like I do. An additional thank you for being tasteful with the ad placement and frequency. I bought the version with no ads but I can’t see anyone complaining about their inclusion. Thank you for doing it correctly in my eyes. More of a gush then a review. Hopefully you continue to support this amazing app as you have been. It’s made my experience with ACNH even better.

- Organized and amazing!

I never review apps, but this one has totally changed how I play animal crossing! I love how easy it is to look up critters I haven’t caught, and how simple and incredibly effective the UI is. I love all the different sorting options between the menus. It’s really handy to be able to sort to see what I’ve caught vs what is still left for the month. The addition of selling prices (and their -20% calculations too)has made my life so much easier, and thus puts this app above any other Animal Crossing guide! Now I don’t have to google the sell price every time I catch something new! Also, each critter has the months they are catchable very clearly written, and even tells you the hours they’re available and how much time you have left in the day to catch them! Amazing. I The villager page is also nice, and I really like that it warns me when a villager I have has an upcoming birthday! Eventually If they add the roost I’d love to see their coffee orders and other preferences as well! Another fun thing id love to see added is a daily check list perhaps? Like one that reminds you to dig fossils, hit rocks, send letters to villagers, water flowers etc etc. Also I’d like to mention to the developers that the ability to remove ads is currently broken and I would LOVE the opportunity to pay you guys for this app! I can tell a lot of love went into making this app.

- NEW-Don’t Open ACNH Without It!

PLEASE PLEASE FIX APPLE LOGIN! When you click to login with Apple the icon shows for 1/2 a second and then disappears. I’m using latest iPad, (not pro or mini), with updated Apple software and updated your software, it still does not work. We can not export any lists without being logged in! Thank you! This app has it all. You can customize it to fit your needs and keep track of everything! Even your villagers! I don’t open ACNH without it! I’ve actually been using this developer’s apps for Animal Crossing since New Leaf. The layout is very user friendly and the design is always improving. I look forward to future updates and hope they include the ability to customize names of the wish lists and can export haves and have nots😀. Also looking forward to being able to backup to the cloud. Keep up the great work, you do a wonderful job! Dinner’s on me!

- Nearly perfect companion app!

This app is absolutely fantastic. It has just about everything you could ever need in a New Horizons companion app. If I could make one small request, it would be this: it would be soooo helpful to be able to sort things by multiple criteria. For instance - right now you can sort fish based on what’s available in a particular month (very helpful), and you can sort fish based on whether you’ve caught them or not (also extremely helpful), but you can only sort by one of those at a time. So when you have your fish sorted by month, then choose to sort by uncaught, it switches to showing you ALL of the uncaught fish available all year. It would be fantastic if I could sort by two criteria, like fish that are available this month that I haven’t caught yet, or bugs that are leaving this month that I haven’t donated. That would make this app PERFECT.

- Really great

This app is amazing. It’s so close to perfect that I can’t even remove a star for the feature or two I wish it had. The front page for (customizable!) daily tasks and completion bars is absolutely perfect. The items and museum sections could use a tiny bit of work in my eyes, though mostly only display work. It would be nice if the art section had a more compact viewing option for instance. I’d also love if the items section had filtering like the recipes section. I love being able to filter it down to items I have but it would also be nice to filter out the items I have to make it easier to see if the stuff in Nooks needs to be added to my catalogue. So filtering out items I have all the variations of would be great for completionist purposes. Get the app though, seriously, my little complaints are minuscule compared to how useful it is!

- A Lifesaver

Honestly, this app is fantastic. From villagers to critters to fossils, this app has got your back for both pricing AND a donation checklist. I especially love that there are character portraits for the villagers and their birthdays!! I immediately bought the ad-free version because I knew I would be using this a ton (and I definitely have been lol). I have a short feature wishlist that would basically take this app above and beyond what it is currently, aka full on god tier: - upcoming holidays/festivals/events/tourneys in addition to villager birthdays - a filter for the fossil menu so you can see the things you already donated or still need to donate - town tune composer (that’s a pretty niche feature but the websites for composing are kinda janky on mobile so if it were in an app, that would be dope) - DIY collection list/maybe materials needed as well? to keep track of what DIYs you have/still want - an optional notification feature for villager birthdays - song collection list - weekly stalk market tracker/to-do lists/furniture wishlists/general note section for whatever people may want to keep track of without having to exit the app so that it’s all consolidated in one place I’m blanking out on some other things I had thought of that I thought would be useful, but if they come back to me, I’ll edit this review LOL

- Must have companion for AC:NH

I have enjoyed playing AC games for a very long time, and always needed to use websites or printed sheets to keep track of item prices and would constantly be checking at the museum to see if I had donated that gush it thus bug. This app makes it so much easier to keep track of all of this. This is really all the functionality that should be in the switch online “app” for AC:NH. I am not a big completionist for furniture or clothes, but I really want to get my museum filled out. The big difference for me now vs when I played past AC games is my wife plays this one with me. I really wish there was a way to sync the app for two+ users so I know what she has donated and I can keep track of what I need to catch vs what is in the museum. I know I can open the critterprdia on my phone but this app makes everything else so easy being multi user on the same island would be the icing on the cake for us.

- Amazing

Addition: as of September 6th 2020 the latest update is so cool. The size view of fish added was amazing as well as the boot up screen. For me, I have a hard time trying to decern a medium and big shadow and with the visual aid it’s a huge plus. I love this app. It has everything. Coming off of a New Leaf app, it’s a little confusing (due to new categories) but it’s well organized it’s easy to get the hang of it after a few days. I love the turnip tracker feature and who visits your island when. The daily tasks of talking to each character, rock hitting, fossils, and the message in the bottle checklists are absolutely what I didn’t know I needed. For different variations of items it’s absolutely helpful to see what you have and don’t have since there’s so much more clothing and furniture items compared to past games. So worth the ad-free in app purchase.

- A great app for any ACNH player!

This app, no matter how much you play Animal Crossing New Horizons, makes your experience better. It’s clean and easy to use with only one small ad, which isn’t in the way and I don’t mind because it helps keep the app going. It doesn’t bug you with annoying notifications which gives peace of mind. There’s a handy checklist for fossils, rocks, and diy on shores. You can also add which villagers are on your island to check off talking to them. The bug, and fish section is top-notch, allowing your to mark which you have caught and/or donated to Blathers. The app shows you what is currently available at the time you are using the app. This lets you quickly see if an animal you need is available. You can also add your items and DYIs, perfect to use with Nookazon to find out what DYI recipes you do or don’t have.

- Fantastic Companion for ACNH

I absolutely LOVE this app for ACNH!! It allows you to track your in-game progress with so many things, including fossils, bugs, fish, K.K. Slider songs, DIYs, villagers, and pretty much any and all items in the game. It also includes a turnip calculator for those playing the stalk market for bells, daily checklist for chores, weekly checklists for NPC characters and hourly updates of what creatures should be able to appear in your island (just to name a few things). And each item or creature in the app not only includes accurate pictures, but a TON of detailed information such as when/where certain fish and bugs spawn, all variations of certain items, individual villager information, etc. Couple all of this with pretty regular updates, and the fact it’s FREE; this app is a must for players of ACNH. I cannot recommend it’s enough!!

- Almost Perfect

This app has nearly everything including catalog scanner functionality (you can upload a video scanning your nook shop catalog @ a Twitter bot and it’ll give you a link which you can use to import your catalog easily into the app), which is amazing. Enough for me to pay for this app (ad removal, they’re not intrusive though so don’t worry about that, I did it purely because I like this app the best out of the acnh apps I’ve tried and wanted to support the devs). That being said, the only reason I can’t in good conscience give it five stars is because there’s no “only show uncatalogued” option for the items catalog like there is for the recipes and for critterpedia. If they’d implement the ability to filter out all the dresses or furniture, etc. I’ve already bought I’ll gladly change my review to five stars. Thanks for making a good app, everyone. I appreciate your hard work!!

- Extremely helpful

This app is actually really helpful, I like how with the fish it tells you what shadow size it is, it really saves me from catching too many of the wrong fish. A small minor thing that would be nice is if you could add to the daily checklist yourself, like things you personally do on the daily i.e. water flowers. I’m not sure if that is a thing but I didn’t see it. For more expansion on filtering maybe for like fish you could sort it with location and/or shadow size just to quickly see what fish it could be and if you need it (super minor though) Another thing that would be really nice is if there was a notification option, I don’t really remember getting one, but if there was a specific bug or fish you wanted to catch, or an event coming up having the option to turn on notifications would be nice. This one is really minor but still would be nice, a DIY list, like ones you have, or like what’s needed for them, I know you could probably just check using the nook phone, but I think it would be nicer if you could just search up which one your looking for, but honestly it could also be just fine without this addition Again these are all minor things the app was extremely helpful and I’m glad I downloaded it

- excellent guide, very user-friendly and overall awesome!

I’ve used this guide for months, and it would be almost impossible to get me to switch to any other guide. I’ve tried a number of apps and websites for AC:NH, as well as some other guides for other games I’ve played. this is easily the most extensive, professional, and generally wonderful game guide app I’ve ever used. the frequent updates bring in new content right away, the devs keep in touch with users to fix any issues and introduce new features asap, and the design is great. it’s 100% useable if you don’t want to pay for it (ads are non-invasive and the app functions beautifully even on the free version), but I paid for no ads because I am happy to support a team as great as this one. thanks so much! keep up the fantastic work.

- Love it but…

This is a super fantastic app for organizing and documenting so many things I'm interested in tracking, but currently I'm having issues where my selections don't stay. My villagers clear out, my fossils clear out, half my critters I've caught/donated are no longer marked as such and I have to go through the process of readding and hoping it sticks. It's a little frustrating when a tracker isn't tracking, but aside from that, it's wonderful and very streamlined. I'd love to be able to see at a glance the +50% price for CJ/Flick too, and it would be great to have the ability to sort by multiple factors, such as currently catchable AND uncaught, or additional factors such as what is available in this month and region, even if it's not catchable due to time of day. As others have mentioned, I'd love the ability to track DIYs and other items that can be collected (like songs, clothing, and wall/floor), and I'm looking forward to the future of this app!

- Overall Great and Intuitive, Some Inaccuracies

The app as a whole is fantastic. I’ve been using it for a long while, and it has helped me keep track of daily objectives, villagers, creatures, and more. The UI is mostly intuitive and clean, though I do personally feel it could be more compacted/streamlined. Also, the app goes above and beyond in allowing you to keep track of and catalogue every single item and collectible in the game. The reason I only rated it four stars is because there are at least two creature listings I am aware of that have incorrect information. The first and most grievous error is with the Giant Isopod (sea critter), the availability of which is listed as ending in November when it actually ends in October. The second is for the Char (fish), which currently has an all day availability in game but is listed as catchable from 4PM-9AM.

- Helpful and clean design

The original version was already great. But the developer is making clear efforts to improve on his original design and make it even better. My biggest complaint about how the hemisphere setting wasn’t toggled in the critter checklist is now fixed and improved. He also added the new checklist features that overall really help with daily usability. Such a simple concept but is really heightening my day to day experience. He has also added all the paintings to the museum checklist THE SAME DAY Redd is available, just further demonstrating how he is bending over backwards for a seamless transition and positive user experience. Love this app, I paid to remove ads when I originally downloaded it and paid again just because I was so thrilled with the updates.

- Pretty cool

Edit: Edit: recently it’s been not opening at all again, it’s been maybe a week or so since re-downloading (first edit) but it’s doing the same thing again, and I know that if I try to do that again, I’ll lose everything I catalogued again, so I’m not sure what to do there. I hope whatever makes it do that gets fixed soon :( ————————— Edit: I got it to stop refusing to open by deleting and re-downloading the app, it hasn’t froze up again since that, but it deleted all the information I had saved to it as well. ————————— I use this app on a daily basis, it’s incredibly useful for any time within ACNH, keeping track of literally everything. That was my thought upon first downloading it quite a while ago, but it’s constantly being updated and gets even cooler and more useful every time! Sometimes it’ll go through a period where it doesn’t want to open, it will go to the opening screen with the icon and such, but then my phone will fall back to home screen. It’ll still be an “open app” when that happens, but will always crash out trying to open it. The only way I’ve found to get around this when it happens is... to just wait. It can be frustrating at the time but usually goes back to being able to open again after a while, maybe an hour or so. Outside that, it’s a fantastic app :)

- A truly great way to track your game information.

I love that it gets updated to be adjusted for new each update. Some great features include a daily check list items like planting your money tree, fossils, getting your material from rocks and your daily diy message in a bottle. It also allows you to have a check list if you are into talking to your villagers every day. It also has other checklists for furniture items, DIYs, fossils, K.K. Songs and much more. Recently it has provided away for you to track NPC visits. I would personally like a way to check the previous weeks information and a way to keep track on which villagers you have already had on your island but are now gone. This would make a great addition to the app especially for someone like me because I don’t not want to have repeat villagers. Otherwise this is truly a great app.

- This is the best ACNH app to get!

I love this app, it is so productive with all the updates, it it is super easy to use! You just go on the nook phone and copy what critters you gotten and BAM! it is very, very helpful for people who aren’t sure which dinosaurs they have gotten already and stuff! I recommend not to list all your items though because it will take wayyyyy more time than listing the fish and stuff (don’t list the items if you have way too many stuff like me!) But overall it is the best app to get if you want to keep organized and track your island adventures and investigations! Btw! The mostly the only reason I said not to list items is cause you will eventually get rid of items and then you’ll have to go over all the items and unlist!

- Could use some QoL improvements

While this app runs pretty well and accomplishes most of what it - or any acnh companion app - does, it could use some improvements, for example the icons for creating custom lists should be able to be searched for so you’re not browsing hundreds of different icons just looking for your specific one. The turnip calculator has issues when you input the buying price; it will lock the keyboard display permanently and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get out of it unless you calculate your turnips. The catching and donating to museum sync often doesn’t work and the buttons to check them off your list are incredibly tiny which makes marking each one off, an annoying task since you have to be precise. Nevertheless, this app is free for the most part so I applaud the dev and encourage others to donate/buy the app in order to support them

- Amazing app!

This app is simply amazing. I was so excited to have a way to track my recipes, daily tasks, and talking to my residents. But the developers keep adding features, like wishlists and tracking daily/weekly visitors. And the turnip calculator! I wasn’t aware of Turnip Prophet until I saw the in-app tool, and now I feel like turnips are slightly more predictable and have started buying them again. The developer(s) are responsive as well. I submitted feedback requesting a minor feature, thinking that if I got a response at all it would be “thanks, we’ll think about it”. Not only did I get a quick response to my email, but the feature was implemented and I love it. Please consider supporting the developers by removing ads - they’ve provided an awesome and really useful tool.

- Very handy

I used to think that these kind of apps are so unnecessary, “I’ll just remember what I have to do” but then regret will sink in as my mind slowly forgets what I have actually done. I picked this up after seeing it on reddit and it has made my island life a hundred times easier. It’s extremely customizable where you can set your tasks in any order, how many times you need to do it and the icon it shows (there’s soooo many icons!)It can also track turnip prices, bugs, fish, fossils, and furniture. I will use this until I stop playing, which if new leaf is anything to go by, years. I 200% recommend it! If you think you might need this pick it up and give it a shot you won’t regret it, unless you have the best memory then probably not.

- Extremely helpful!

Dude this app has been so incredibly invaluable when it comes to playing AC! It keeps track of literally everything, which is super helpful since this game is so busy lol. It helps you keep track of all the daily tasks, your neighbors, turnip prices, items/albums/art you’ve collected, you name it. And it’s chock full of great info like a list of mystery islands and what you can get on each one. It has lists of every species of bug and fish with everything you need to know about each one. One of my favs is the catchable list. It’s a quick view of all the bugs and fish and sea creatures available at that time, which ones you’ve caught and which ones you’ve donated. I use this app every single time I play. Get it!

- Flipping love it

I just got my game a few days ago and knew it would be difficult for me to stay organized with everything, and man did this app help me out. Due to me only using this app for a few days though, I haven’t found much problems but im sure you can in other reviews. I only have one suggestion. It can be difficult remembering what a specific recipe/item is called when you try searching it in the search bar. So I suggest, if it’s possible, to be able to search the item by name OR by either color or series. An example would be if I wanted like... a crescent moon chair, id be able to search “yellow” or “star series” or something like that to find it if I didn’t know the name Anyway. Great app :3

- Amazing app for ACNH players! Few mistakes...

This app is essential to ACNH players! It is so easy to track your museum, turnips, catalog, and daily tasks! I really like being able to customize daily tasks too so I can add things like talking to Sable everyday, getting the Nook Mile bonus by accessing the ATM, and watering all my flowers! I will say, there are a few mistakes in the flower breeding guide. The fact that this app even has a flower breeding tracker is amazing, but some of the percents are off and it just makes it kind of confusing. I use this app daily and I don’t even realize how I played the game without it to help me to remember to do things like catching a fish before it goes out of season or digging up all my fossils for that day. I would like to see updates to the flower breeding guide but overall really solid app.

- It could use a few things

I think this app is amazingly useful. It’s runs smooth and helps me remember what I have to do on my island. However I think it could use a section for shrubs, and what months they bloom in, I also think it should have a zodiac calendar so we know what star fragment we can get this month. Also maybe an events tab for different events happening each month. These things are the only ones I have to look up, and I really wish that I only had to use this app for everything in ACNH. Overall, I rate this app 5, it just needs a few more features and I’ll be perfect. EDIT: the new swimming update has new animals available for the museum, we need a new tab for those.

- I can’t play without this app!

I love this app so much, it makes it SO EASY to keep track of your daily tasks and checking off your museum checklist. If I could suggest one thing for a future update, I would really love it if there was something like a closet section to see what clothing items you currently have in your storage. I like to catalog all of the items as I obtain them, but I don’t always keep all of them in my storage. Sometimes I end up with duplicate items in my storage because I can’t remember if I currently have an item or not. Idk how hard it would be to incorporate that feature into the app, but it would make things so much easier if there was one. Love the app regardless 🖤🖤🖤

- Loved the app but...

I loved the app. The features are fantastic and the dev is very active. Unfortunately with the new updated that changed the icon and splash screen, broke my app. I couldn’t open it, it would just stay frozen on the splash screen no matter what I did. I restarted my phone, tried updating it, etc. I finally decided to delete the app and reinstall it and unfortunately all of the stuff I imputed was deleted. So now I have to redo my fish, fossils, villagers, paintings, kk songs, crafted items, and have to rearrange my check list again. I would have thought that the sync feature the app provides was to sync your data back up but I guess not. Super bummed and disappointed and not sure if I want to go and catalogue everything again especially since I was so close to completing it all..

- Amazing and Useful App

LOVE THE MOST RECENT UPDATE! i really disliked how large each icon was before, because when i would try to catalog anything the app would lag and the icons for each item were so big and i always had to scroll down. with the most recent update, all the icons are small and make it easy to see what each item is. it’s also super easy to catalog an item now, or mark a recipe as learned! L-O-V-I-N-G the update so much. i would have to agree with what i saw someone else say, though. i would be great to have a section where we could mark villagers who have moved out! i love reminiscing on all the villagers i’ve had on my town in the past and it would be great to finally remember each and every one :)

- Absolute must-have

Hands down, best app for any video game ever made. Allows you to track literally everything and gives you access to every bit of information you could ever want. You can have a brief overview of your goals, track the probabilities of your turnip price trends, or micromanage every daily task with custom checklists. Every detail about every item, critter, or villager is here. Infinitely more intuitive and much quicker than any wiki. The only thing I could possibly think of adding is tracking for all the Nook Miles challenges to your profile tab. Then I think it’s safe to say this app has every single detail about the game. Wish I could rate this five stars a million times.

- Great🦋✨💞

Such a good app. Use it everyday, makes things so much easier. Free and basically the same as the one my family member uses.. but his cost 4 bucks. For 4 dollars it nice, but this app is basically the same thing but it’s free 😌💞. I like on the other guild (one that cost money) that the pictures are smaller (you can click on the bug and it’ll become bigger) ,and it tells you if the bug is available during rain etc, but for a free guide it’s pretty much the same. Works and it’s efficient. I know this is such a new update to animal crossing, but I’d love to see you guys add sea creatures to the “creatures” option 💞. Good app highly recommend for animal crossing player who doesn’t wanna spend money.

- Absolutely wonderful, constant updates!

I’ve never written a review on an app before, but I think this is worth it! I feel bad about not being able to financially support the app right now so I’m the meantime I’m writing this review. My favorite thing about this app and the developers are their constant updates and improvements! They listen to feedback and implement things so quickly, like a daily checklist for villagers! They just added a turnip calculator and it seems like every time I get on there’s something more to see! And it’s not in an annoying, changing-stuff-for-no-reason way, it’s quality of life and content upgrades constantly. I really can’t sing enough praises about it

- Fantastic Pocket Companion

I use this app every single day when I play AC. I’m working on completing my catalog and having this app handy is so much easier to keep track of what all I have or need. There are also a ton of other features like turnip price tracking, visitor tracking, and other daily checklists that are super helpful. This is also well taken care of, bug fixes pretty much every week, and it updates within a few days of the game itself updating. Absolutely wonderful well-designed app. Another saving grace of it is that it has backup data so in the event you lose your data and you back it up regularly, it’s very easy to back it up from the cloud.

- A few minor mistakes

First off, this app is amazingly well organized! I absolutely love it, especially the ability to customize my daily checklist! Just a few minor errors I noticed. First off, when I was searching for Bluebear to add her to my villagers list I looked under the bears category and she wasn’t there. I was still able to find her though, so it’s not that big of a deal, just thought I’d point it out. Also when I was cataloguing all my items. I noticed a few were missing. Just 2 or 3, one of them was the wedding dress from the wedding event but I can’t remember the other ones. Overall a very good app and really well done! It has everything I need to organize and keep track of everything I do in the game. Great job!

- A must get!

I gotta say I honestly NEVER write reviews! This app is amazing! I discovered it from someone sharing about it on reddit, and I am so glad they did! This app is a life saver! I found websites online to keep track of things I’ve collected but it’s annoying having to bounce around online if I’m looking for something. This keeps everything all in one place. I love that on the home page you have your daily to do list and you can easily check them off as you go! And you can keep track of EVERYTHING you could possibly own in this game! Thank you for making this incredible app, and a special big thank you for making it free for people! Absolutely amazing!

- Almost perfect but how to Sync Data?

I think this app is almost perfect. I was tempted to donate but wanted to test it out before I did. Then only problem I see is I can’t seem to figure out how to sync my data. I have this DL on both my phone and iPad with the idea that if one is charging I can use the other during gameplay. But I can’t sync my data between devices. I really don’t want to have to re-add everything I did on my phone and constantly be updating both devices. Am I missing something? Is this a premium feature because if so let m know how much and I’m buying. Other than that, this is one of the better (if not best) apps for ACNH I have seen. Please make it PERFECT by adding a sync feature. Thanks!

- Must have for any Animal Crossing player

I don’t typically use guides in video games but this app is a must for any Animal Crossing: New Horizons player I can track what I have in my museum, what recipes I have, what villagers I have, what villagers I want, and so much more. It even has a daily checklist to help me keep track of how many rocks I’ve hit etc. The app is frequently receiving updates to add even more helpful features such as tracking turnip prices and tracking which island guests you’ve had the past week. The only complaint I have is getting all your information in there can be tedious, but there’s not much that can be done about that since it isn’t a Nintendo licensed product.

- Bruh, this app helps me every day!

This app is so freaking helpful! I love the fact that you can see the different customizations for items, see when which bugs and fish can be caught when, and the list of villagers’ favorite clothing! Honestly, if you play Animal Crossing New Horizons, you should have this app. I would only suggest two things: 1. When an item can be customized, it includes how many customization kits it needs 2. A guide to Redd’s art. You can tap the art currently and see a small picture of the true art, but a small written blurb would help a lot (ex. It’s missing a man in the right corner). Otherwise, this app literally has everything you could need!

- best app for acnh so far! one teeny wish

i love this app! the daily checklists, flower breeding guide, and museum tracker are so useful and i use them every day. the UI is pleasant to look at and user-friendly, and i even ditched an alternative app that i paid for to use this one instead. one thing i really would like to see in the future is a way to export/share our catalog and learned recipes, for community/social reasons. i don’t really use the catalog feature as much because while it is useful for checking if i have an item/variant or not before buying, it would be a lot more helpful if i could share it with friends or on social media so they could shop my catalog, so to speak :)

- Functional and Pretty

Animal Crossing is an incredible game that can also get overwhelming with the amount of things to collect. This app is thoughtfully designed to organize the items as well as provide you with brief notes on when you can get them. Also, having a list of all possible villagers is wonderful and insightful (you get to see villager personalities and their birthdays at a glance). Not only is the app helpful in playing the game - it’s also pretty to look at and fun to flip through (to see what you’re missing out on). There are absolutely more things that can be added to the app and I can’t wait to see them. This app is well worth the download!

- Simple, clean, and incredibly useful!

This app just keeps getting better and better! It’s so easy to use, and keeps my daily progress in order! I love how clean the visuals are, and I love the addition of the turnip calculator! Potential changes for the developer to improve it further: I would love to be able to make a “To do” list that appears on the main menu screen with the other daily tasks. I am constantly losing track of me many terraforming and landscaping projects that take days to do, thanks to construction times. If I could create a list of ongoing projects that remain in a prioritized order, that would be MASSIVELY helpful. Also, if I could “favorite” or add items I don’t currently have to a wishlist, that would be amazing as well. I know this app doesn’t have any person to person interaction, but I use it a lot in screen shots when I’m trying to hunt down a particular DIY or item on social media- I’d love to be able to create a quick reference list! But even without these features, this app is still amazing! Keep up the phenomenal work!!!

- Great app updated with latest info.

I usually don’t post reviews for free apps but I think this app does deserve it. Usually in free apps the content is static and there’s usually some catch in the form of in app purchases or worse, subscriptions. The only in app purchase is the ability to remove ads, so the full content is available to everyone (and there is a lot). The author has worked hard on improving the app with most of what any ACNH fan needs for the game. I paid to remove ads because I can recognize that the author has put a lot of effort into the app. I just hope this app keeps being free to everyone in the future. Nice work :)

- Amazing App, But Could Use Some Minor Tweaks

This app is the most professional ACNH guide I have seen out there. I want to eventually have a complete catalog, and this guide is making it super easy for me to stay organized. The app developers have also been great about keeping everything up to date when Nintendo releases new updates, and I can’t thank them enough for that. The only change I would like to see is that EVERY item has the ability to be cataloged. This used to be a feature, and I miss it so much! It drives me crazy that my old tools are cataloged, and my new ones are not. Please consider adding this feature back! And thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this app! :)

- This is Amazing

Just downloaded this and I’m already in love with it. It really helps me to organize my gameplay and not have to mentally remember everything, plus I didn’t realize I was missing a fossil everyday lol. App interface is very clean and easy to navigate which is so nice to use. My only critic is that the search bar is not accurate for the Museum tab. I was typing in “sinking” b/c that was the art I got from Redd and it wouldn’t pull it up (but it is in the list) and the fossil search bar reacts only to certain words like “side”, “tail”, etc instead of the actual name of the fossil. But other reviews say that part is new so I’m sure it’s just first day bug. Other then that this is very helpful and useful app.

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- Fantastic!

This app is great. That’s about all there is to say. It’s been extremely helpful in deciding which fish/bugs to keep/sell, which fish/bugs I still need to catch for the month, and when my villagers birthdays are, which is something I never really thought I’d want or need to track. One of the only (very small) problems I’ve noticed is that for a few residents, for example the elephants, their portraits get cut off at the sides, making it look slightly off. As well, the text in some parts of the app, such as ‘Personality’ or the birthday of residents, also gets cut off unceremoniously at the sides. These aren’t too annoying though, and it’s still a wonderfully useful app, and I’d absolutely recommend it to all my friends who have New Horizons. :)

- Clearly an AC fan designed this, but there are some quality control problems

Love the app, paid for a meal and to remove the ads. Great to keep track of visitors, who you've spoken to daily, cataloging, and more. My only thing is, recent updates have seemingly been simply to add item listings for new update stuff, not to improve the app itself. The new recipes have been added, fantastic -- but in the "Collection progress" bar for recipes, it's been at 624 for a while now, even though there are certainly more recipes than that now. Similarly, in the Albums part of Collection Progress, it marks that you can collect 98 songs. 3 of those songs are unobtainable, making the user choose between either having an unfinished bar or telling the app you have three more songs than you really do. That also applies to the recipes -- the Bridge Construction kit and the Campsite Construction kit are not used more than once, but are still considered recipes by the app.

- Great tracking tool!

This app has been an incredible help since I started playing ACNH about a week ago. I love collecting in every game I play, so this has been great for checking off what I’ve donated to the museum, as well as seeing what I have to catch before the month ends. A couple little nitpicks though - the dates for the golden trout in the Southern Hemisphere are wrong. It says Sept-May, which is incorrect. It has caused me a bit of confusion, and I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to find it in December when I can’t catch it. I haven’t found any other dates that are incorrect, so hopefully this is the only one. Also, I had been waking up early to check the turnip prices before noon, but all the prices I had filled in were completely gone before the week was over, and I couldn’t remember what they were. Everything else I’ve filled in is still there though, so it’s not really a huge deal. Small annoyances aside, this app has been incredibly helpful.

- best ACNH app!

This app’s fantastic! After getting ACNH I saw some people using apps to track all the new collectable additions that this game has (colour variations, recipes, etc) and thought the idea was great! I tried every one I could find and this one is easily the best one. Other apps didn’t allow you to easily view hemispheres, displayed incorrect information, and just simply didn’t have the range of features and easy usability that this app has!! My only suggestion for an improvement would be developing a function of making a proper account on the app and being able to add and view friends’ profiles and collected items. As it is, the app is fantastic though!!!!

- Amaaazing

I’ve used this for about a week, I’m a time traveller (boooo me, i know) but I’ve found the turnip section SO useful! I now have 11 million bells and it couldn’t be easier to make em with this app. I only ask that you give us a button to clear the info so we don’t have to manually clear each cell of turnip prices when going to next week. Also the way thewebsite you’ve linked to cor turnips put the ‘types’ together ( all fluctuating, big spike etc) is better to read, rather than scrolling down thru 100 variations of ‘large spike’ like yours does. Everythign else is PERFECT tho! Appreciate your work!


Honestly I’ve gone through about 10 apps since launch and this is the best around app which has everything. It’s easy to tick of items or DIYS that have been collected. It’s simple to understand and a real life saver. My one only issue with this app, and I hope it is fixed soon, is that you can’t select to hide/ or easily see what’s been catalogued for the catalogued items like you can the learned DIYs. That’s it. Other than that one little thing it’s the perfect companion app. Congrats to the developers you guys have done an excellent job 😍

- Great app but...

Probably the best ACNH checklist out there but the recent update has made me want to discontinue my use of it. Almost every time I open the app now, I have to reset all my data because all the fish and bugs have been labelled as not caught and my fish donation number has increased past the maximum number (I now currently have 95/80 fish donated...). Also, just recently used the new diy and K.K Song feature only to realise this data gets completely wiped each time I reopen the app (lot of time wasted there, I’m just lucky I didn’t bother with the catalogued items). Hope these are easy fixes and that these bugs get squashed in future updates. Until then, I’ll probably not use this app unfortunately.

- This app is a godsend and I don’t know how I’d manage without it

This app keeps me on track of my daily tasks, like hitting rocks and talking to villagers. It lets me know what I have and haven’t collected, and it even lets you track NPC visitors, such as Flick and Gulliver. You can track your turnip prices and see estimates for what they’ll be later in the week, and you can even add villagers to a favourites list so you remember who to look for when you have an empty plot and some nook miles tickets. Thank you so much for making this app.

- This app is great!

It’s helped me so much to keep me organised and have everything in one spot! There’s only one thing I wished it had, I wish there would be an option to view all the missing things in everything. So an option to show all the recipes or what bugs/fish I still need to catch, making it easier to track exactly what I still need to get! Other than that, no complaints 😄😄

- Update causes crashing

I love this app I find it super helpful and it’s so cute, but since the latest update it doesn’t load up at all, it sits on the opening screen for about 15 seconds and then just crashes. When it does work 1/10 times, it crashes almost immediately when when I try to navigate my way around the app. Really unfortunate and hope this issue gets resolved quickly because it’s such a good app and up until now I had used it everyday, even just to check villagers’ favourite items.

- Amazing!!

I use this app every day to keep up with my animal crossing endeavours. Although maybe the developer needs to keep on top of everything a bit more regularly as the new reactions brought on by the recent dancing festivale had been added but that means there’s more than 46 reactions but it still says that that’s how many there are. Amazing app though 100% recommend

- Extremely useful! Aesthetic UI

Brilliant app, runs smoothly even on my clunky iPhone 6. Critter catcher is great, being able to set the time in app is smart for time travellers (or fellow night shift workers!!). Only problem is I can’t transfer my app data to my new phone and it’d take me forever to manually tick off hundreds of DIYs and items :( I sent an email enquiring about backups etc but no news yet.

- Great app, just missing one thing!

This is a great app I have been using from near the start. It’s easy to use, tracking is simple and clear. The only thing missing is a specific tracker/checklist for events so you know you have gotten all the recipes/collectibles. Hope this is added soon!

- Can’t Open App Crashes

I downloaded this app a few days ago and really loved the layout and everything about it. This afternoon I tried to use the app and it crashed on open. It seems to be frozen on a particular screen. I’ve tried multiple times now to open the app, before and after turning my phone off. I really hope this can be fixed soon, I don’t want to lose all my data of the fish, bugs etc that I’ve caught.

- Cuts off audio playback on launch

A very handy too for ACNH players however the most recent update seems to stop any audio that was previously playing in other apps. Upon launching the app and seeing the book opening animation audio is halted.

- Update?

I understand the swimming update has just come out, but will you eventually make an update to keep track of the creatures you receive whilst swimming? Other than that, overall the app is pretty good but is best to purchase when you just start animal crossing so you don’t take long selecting things.

- Love the app but......

I love the app but had to reset (and lost all my info) and have also deleted and reinstalled the app as my turnip prices are not resetting everyday. My previous days turnip prices are still on the screen and I can no longer use the turnip calculator as it doesnt appear to store the turnip prices anymore. Not sure why, it used to work wonderfully. Everything else seems to work great.

- Doesn’t load

It looks like a well set up app, but clicking anything off the home screen just sends it to a white screen where it perpetually tries to load advertisements but can’t. I left it open on the white screen to see if it would load, and used up 10% of my battery waiting with no change. Reinstalling, turning phone off/on, and using data/wifi makes no difference. Always ends up on a white screen before I can input anything. Big shame :(

- A small suggestion for a great app!

This app is fantastic! Well done. I love the addition of the daily checklist. I would LOVE if you could have a “daily checklist” or “notes” where you can type your own activities, such as changing the town tune, laying down paths, selling turnips, etc.

- sea creature title mess up

hi! i just want to let you know that it says “Lobster” when it should say Mantis shrimp. it’s got the actual lobster listing and then under it has the mantis shrimp icon and it’s titled “lobster” as well! other than that such an amazing app i log everything into it it’s so helpful :)

- Go to app, the best!

Had this app since it first hit the App Store, it is my go to app never have any problems finding the info I’m looking for, if it breeding flowers or ticking off list then this is the best of the best, thanks guys keep up the incredible work!!!

- Very good, but

Just one thing: I’m in the Southern Hemisphere. It isn’t that bad, but it’s kinda annoying when the bugs catchable now tab isn’t showing bugs I can catch now. But other than that, very good, I highly recommend!!

- Wonderful!

This app is perfect for new starting players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and players who’ve been playing since the game was released. It’s still being updated, but with every update I love it more! If you have ACNH you should get this app!

- Easily the best NH app out there

Record your villagers, daily tasks, visitors, items, museum donations, encyclopaedia entries... Quickly reference prices for fish and bugs. Quickly check what items you already own before you buy them. Alter daily checklists to suit your own activities. Save villagers to look for on Mystery Islands. A flower breeding database to remind you that the blue hyacinths you so painstakingly bred will not ever produce purple ones. A turnip calculator that works in and out of the app, so you can predict when to sell. This app is great.

- Awesome

Great work on the app. Can you please add a feature to have a second island? I, like many others, have two switches and two copies of the game and would like to keep up to date with both using this app :)

- Amazing and very well made

I highly recommend this app for animal crossing new horizons players. It helps me out a lot with tracking what reactions, art, fossils, music etc. so again, I would def get this app if you’re a acnh player.

- Form AND Function

This app comes with lots of nifty features and is pretty much all you could ask for in an ACNH companion app, with more being added in every update. Not only that, but it has a clean, pleasing design.

- Needs to be reviewed

It’s a good app to have for organization, but some facts need to be reviewed. I’m seeing consistent errors for Southern Hemisphere data (like telling us that giraffe stags are also available until the end of August), and how to get cicada shells (not shaking trees, they just appear). Now that the months are relevant for these bugs and fish are here, can this app please be updated with correct information?

- Thank you so much

I always get sad when I don’t know what fish I can catch and there are tons of guides... for the northern hemisphere. This app will really help me catch and discover all the fish. I can’t say this enough but Thank you so much for this guide!

- Thank-you!

It never ceases to amaze me the quality, innovation, diligence and speed of the Animal Crossing community when it comes to helping others. I’m very grateful for this guide and I hope it helps others with their collecting and organisation as well!

- Best ACNH app out there

I used to use my notes app, but this app goes above and beyond the notes app. With cute images of the villagers, flowers and fruit and an easy and satisfying way to tick off my daily chores. I cannot thank the developers enough

- Handy but Crashes

I have the latest update but this game keeps crashing every time I open it. I can’t get past the loading screen. It worked great yesterday and I spent hours added everything in my catalogue but now it refuses to open! If they could fix this it would be a great app!

- Best app to track game progress

This is the best thing ever! So helpful with shopping to know what I’ve already got. Fossil tracking is awesome same as what insects and fish have already been donated! Keep up the good work with updates!

- this is a great app!

This is a wonderful app to track everything but I wish we could make an account so we could sync it if we change phones or anything! It’s easy to navigate which is a bonus :)

- Really handy but with an issue

I absolutely love this app it’s so helpful it’s just annoying though having to load it a few times until it works because it crashes a bit

- Best AC App!

Download this app!! It has everything you need, to help keep track of all your collections and day to day tasks. Been loving the recent updates in the past few weeks!

- Great Game Compliment

Was looking for a while for an app that would compliment AC, and none of the others seemed to get it right. My partner found this and we loved it so much, we both brought it... Keep up the great work

- Great ref guide!

The recent quality of life updates have been great — fantastic work. Perfect for those of us who can’t get a solid session in and need to keep track of the daily activities. Thanks!!

- Amazing!

I have absolutely no complaints about this app, it’s updated often and has everything you need to keep track of your game

- This app is great

This app has been very helpful. It has helped me decide which villagers to keep, what fish, bugs and sea creatures are available at what time and how much they are worth and how rare they are.

- Great free app

Really simple and easy to use. However slight issue with it not quite working well with the Southern Hemisphere settings. Set in settings but still shows up stuff for the north when choosing the month or other filters

- This app is amazing!

Thank you for all the constant additions to the app! To be honest, I never leave reviews on apps ever, but thought I have to for this one.. thank you for your hard work!

- Thank you!

This app has everything you need for ACNH and yet is still constantly adding new features. Can’t recommend highly enough. 😁

- Brilliant

I’ve done so much work writing everything down only to find it’s all on this app. All fossils, prices, furniture, collections. How to get each colour flower, wish lists, DIY checklists and materials needed. Omg. Best app ever.

- Must have for Animal Crossing New Horizons

This is the most perfect checklist for the game so you don’t get lost on what you need to do, you can also add your own checklist for stuff exclusive to you!

- A must have

I never knew I needed it until I got it but now I couldn’t live without it a must have for both hardcore and casual players

- I really like this App however

You pay for no adverts and there are still ads at the bottom of the app...not fair. I wanted to support the app creator but still have the ads not very happy! I do really like this app and it is super helpful but the ad thing has really annoyed me.

- Great app

Great app, there is nothing that comes close! Would give 5 stars though whenever I open the app and the animation plays, it pauses audio that I am listening to from other apps.

- Worked amazingly until the new update

This app worked amazingly for me and was perfect for cataloging all of my items, but since the new update I can no longer get into the app! The title screen appears, stays there for 5 seconds and then glitches out and closes the app. Bit disappointing because i can’t access the app anymore.

- Please don’t forget the data after updating the app...

I loved this app, but I updated it and it forgot all of my data??? Please make sure this doesn’t happen in future updates...

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- Very involved developer

I went ad-free almost immediately when I bought it a few weeks ago and thought it was a pretty nifty app that was worth the price. Since then, the developer's added TONS of new features based on reviews and suggestions and it's made this app 500x more with it! They've really shone in how active and responsive they are, and I'm definitely buying them a meal through the app in appreciation.

- Helpful

Good app overall, there is a few minor errors with villagers, months, and prices. The surgeonfish is listed as July-September for the northern hemisphere when it can be caught from April-September :)

- Beautiful app and stunning Interface

Wonderful user interface, easy to use and such a handy companion guide to animal crossing! I find myself checking back constantly! Thank you so much for the continuous updates, and friendly user support! I was debating on spending the money for the competition app at first, but so so so glad I didn’t as your newest update surpassed that paid app ten fold! And the best part? It’s free to use!! I’ll gladly be donating that money instead to buy you a meal as I am so appreciative of your humbleness, making such a wonderful app free (,: I hardly write reviews but felt compelled to share my thanks! 🥰

- This game is pretty good!

I would more recommend it when you first start. Like when you first go in the game so you can just write what you get when you get it! I like this game I have experienced no bugs or glitches yet but maybe for other people but I would highly recommend this game/app if you wanna know if you finished everything!

- Huge QOL in playing the game

This is the hugest QOL experience I’ve had playing ACNH. I love being able to map and track things and see when guests are coming or managing the stalk market.

- Great app

I had an issue with the app and reported it through the app hoping to just bring it to the devs attention and got an immediate email back going over how to fix it! Havent had a single issue since. Theyre also active on reddit in taking different ideas and suggestions!! Besides that its just a good app with tons of information and ways to organize things in game and keep track of chores. Thanks guys!

- Amazing

Absolutely amazing app. Love the constant updates and quality of life improvements. And the latest turnip prophet integration, amazing. Thank you

- Great for keeping track of things

It’s awesome to have a place with a daily tracker and turnip calculator that also allows you to keep track of everything you still need to get. They flower guys is also a big plus. Only thing is I kinda want the ability to add your own list of items that you want to get.

- Nook miles

Great app, but you could app the nook miles machine in the daily checklist.

- Good app

I really like this app but it crashes multiple times per week, so at that point it’s useless. Other than that I would recommend.

- Amazing!

A little confusing at first, but it’s a great app!!

- Splash screen crash

Crashing on splash screen right now. Really useful app, I used it to record everything while it worked.

- Crashes a lot

I would give it a better rating, if it wouldn’t crash all the time. It only worked once’s and after that, it would crash

- everything i've ever wanted

i literally haven't even started using the app yet and i went ad free and bought the creator a meal. when i was a kid i used to WRITE ALL OF THIS IN NOTEBOOKS DUDE this is truly a DREAM 🥺 thank you, o-great-maker. it is perfect.

- Amazing Helpful App for New Players

As a new player (1 month in), wish I had known about this app immediately! The only thing I wish that could be added is a place where you can list Dream Addresses, etc... for places that you wish to visit for future ideas.

- Very Impressive!!

The app is very detailed while still being easy to understand and navigate! There are a few cosmetic changes I would make and I would add an index so you can keep track of all the villagers you’ve seen while hunting. Maybe a built in bingo system. But overall incredible!

- Excellent reference app

Dev is continually adding items as new game updates are released, it looks good and runs smoothly, and is well worth your time and scant few dollars to remove ads.

- Sweetest App Ever

This is iconically smooth and organized how I organize my own thoughts. Sending so much love (& mealz) to you developer 💃🏼.

- Very convenient and easy to use

This app is very helpful and convenient and use it a lot when fishing catching bugs or getting new villagers

- Content Updated Majorly Needed

This App is AWESOME, by far the Best way to keep track of all your animal crossing needs. However I am finding more and more information is outdated as the game progresses, especially with the fact that we are getting repeat events but it all talked about last year‘s stats.Also the one thing that I hate about the app is having to catalogue my items, it would be great if they could find a way to work with the Nintendo Switch App catalogue

- Amazing check list

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!! I’ve been using it for a while now and since then, I use it every time I play ACNH!!:)

- Awesome way to track your items

This is a very well done app. It’s a great way to keep track of all your progress. Love it!

- Good

Love it so much and I think you should get it

- I find the app confusing to use

I wish the app was more stream lined I feel like it could be easier to use

- The best organization for animal crossing

This app is amazing. It’s so helpful for figuring out when things are available and what you need to catch. The filters are so super helpful for it. I highlighted recommend it for anyone trying to fill their museum.

- Good, but slow

Great and useful database of information, but the app is extremely slow and hard on my battery (iPhone 6). Needs optimization.

- it could be five stars

it would probably be five stars but the app won’t load lol

- Has everything!

I love how this app not only has everything i’d normally google to look up help for, but it’s also got a cute animal crossing-esque interface that’s very smooth and intuitive. i immediately bought the ad-free version because i know i’d use it all the time. I love it

- Why does it cut off sound?

I like this app, very useful. Not always easy to navigate, but good overall. It’s really annoying though that if I’m listening to let’s say a podcast and open the app, my podcast stops playing. This app doesn’t play any sound so it’s useless feature.

- A Must Have + Ideas !

First and foremost I want to say this app is amazing! I recently restarted my island and it’s made logging everything I have incredibly easy. This app is truly fantastic for animal crossing players especially considering how detailed it is. Honestly the turnip calculator alone makes this app priceless. I very quickly went ad free and once I have more money I plan on donating more to the developer. I would recommend going ad free because the work put into it is absolutely worth the money. ••• Ideas: My first idea involves modifying the villager page to include a category for past villagers. That way we can see how our island has evolved in terms of residents. As well, having a special wishlist section where we can create our own custom lists specifically for villagers. I mention this below, but currently my entire wishlist is essentially all just dream villagers sorted by personality types, obtained dream villagers, and villagers that have moved out. It would be nice if I could instead have a dedicated custom villager wishlist instead with subcategories so that I can organize it further. This brings me to my second idea which is to make the wishlists more organized. It would be nice if inside the custom wishlists we could create subfolders. As of now my wishlist consists of a general wishlist of items and DIYs I want, my past villagers (villagers who have moved out), obtained dream villagers, and all the dream villagers I want, sorted via personality type. It would be nice to be able make a subfolders so that instead of seeing all my wishlists at once I can click on maybe “DIY Wishlist” and then from there have a subcategory where I have folders containing wishlist sets... etc. The same goes for items. That way I can click on “Item Wishlist” and go into a subfolder that shows item sets. I feel like this would be very helpful in terms of organization. ••• With all this being said, I have no idea how to do any of this and I can only imagine the work that goes into creating new features and managing such an app. It is already working beautifully, and these suggestions are just little quality of life improvements. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the work the developer puts into this app, and I would once more highly recommend anyone interested in downloading the app to do so!! It’s 100% worth it.

- Epic

This is amazing I don’t need to waste paper every day now becuse of the checklist included

- Shady

The app pastes whatever you have in clipboard when you open it, probably a scam

- giant isopod wrong date

great app, but it says that the giant isopod is available in the northern hemisphere until the end of november when it is actually only available until the end of OCTOBER. i was wasting my time looking for it.

- Amazing!

This app has no issues at all and the ads are NOT a ton It works perfectly and has items I didn’t even know existed! Very informative!


By far the best acnh app I could find, continuous updates and improvements and it’s literally got everything you need to track your island life. I love it so much and it’s completely FREE!

- Paid for no ads, still have ads.

The app is decent. I paid to remove the ads and am still getting them. It’s incredibly frustrating.

- It’s the best game ever!!!!

And it’s helpful to. It really helped a lot

- Amazing!

This app is one of my favourite guides for ACNH. I have memory issues, so the daily reminders are lovely for me to make sure I get everything! The developer is so nice and listens and uses the feedback to improve the app even further. 10/10 would reccommend.

- add widgets!!!

love this so much! id love to see widgets for ios14, like what fish/bugs are out :))

- Not ideal

The app doesn’t run smoothly (screen transitions aren’t great) and sometimes the app is stuck at the open screen and just never opens. There are also a lot of misinformation and mistakes with the critters (i.e. the time availability for the golden trout) and for whatever reason, the critter tracking page does NOT display all the bugs and fish

- Best guide!

Thank you so much for starting this guide and continuing to improve it! You’re doing a great job! It’s been so help for most of everything I need. You’re the best!

- Pretty good!

Latest update Aug 2020 broke the item search function... it’s improving all the time, though. Useful for checking things quickly without opening your game if you talk to friends and make plans.

- Incredibly Helpful

UPDATE: Great job on the new dashboard, everything looks amazing! I have donated again for all your hard work!! You deserve it!! This is the most helpful app I've found and quite reliable. I use this multiple times a day and it has never once crashed on me. There is so much info here that I rarely need to look anything up on the web. The Dev is doing such an amazing job, I had no problem donating $5.49 but you also have the option to donate $2.49 (I feel their hard work is well worth it as it's sad when people complain about an app they didn't pay for). I have introduced all of my friends to this app and they love it, as well.

- Awesome updates

So much thought and consideration has been put into this app. It's so useful for tracking daily tasks and to know which items I'm still missing. This app is still getting improved and updated, thanks for all the hard work!! I have already bought a meal :)

- Great app

I really like this app ! Easy to use. I only wished it would sync between devices without having to back it up.

- Awesome app!

This app is really helpful!

- Great app

Really helps keep me organized!

- Can't think of any suggestions

This app works very well and is a great tool to use for ACNH. From my experience the dates and times when it comes to critters are accurate and The checklists and catalogs are organized. I encountered one problem when I was trying to add a passport photo due to a device setting. But that was an easy fix.

- Great app

Love this app! Just missing sea creatures and content from latest waves. Will update this review to 5 stars when that gets added.

- Love it

Love the updates that happen frequently! Great tool for playing the game and keeping track of whatever you need to track!

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Here's our #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons New Year's Event Guide! 🎉🎉 That's a wrap on our coverage on New Horizons for 2020. Thank you for your support through this wild year, now let's bring on 2⃣0⃣2⃣1⃣ #ACNH

Janet Garcia

I'm really proud of the work I did for the #ACNH guide especially this page highlighting community content. It was fun to make, a lot of work, and did fantastic traffic so def a triple threat:


@ItsJustHedy For when redd comes to your island to try to sell you art: Also, a guide on how to create all the different types of flowers: Lastly, when you buy turnips use this to figure out when to sell:

ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing 1.7.14 Screenshots & Images

ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing iphone images
ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing iphone images
ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing iphone images
ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing iphone images
ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing iphone images
ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing iphone images
ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing iphone images

ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing (Version 1.7.14) Install & Download

The applications ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing was published in the category Reference on 2020-04-03 and was developed by Gene Allister Sy [Developer ID: 1504317398]. This application file size is 138.26 MB. ACNH.Guide for Animal Crossing - Reference app posted on 2021-05-25 current version is 1.7.14 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: dev.genesy.animalcrossingnhguide

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