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Crew.go.go is for Business Jet or small Airline operations, connecting flight crew and the ground station(s). For example an operations department, allowing flight crew to easily send their movements with a couple of taps.

This improves communication, safety and efficiency within an organisation making everyone's lives easier and more productive, allowing operations to spend less time on chasing and finding out a crew's movement as it arrives on their screen.

Crew.go.go.. enables flight crew on either their aircraft iPad,
personal iPhone and/or company iPhone to quickly send
movement messages for critical phases of the flight process.
This improves communication by closing the loop between
flight crew down route or at base sending messages to
operations, sales departments or managers in two taps of the
application. The data and information are all pre-populated
from settings and taken from the GPS module on the device
also sharing the location where the message was created and

Ground colleagues do not need to phone, text, track or guess
where crew are and whether they have what they require. This
enables the operations staff to be more proactive and not
waste valuable time tracking movements or calling handling
agents to see where the crew are. This information can also be
passed to third party companies such as Flight Brokers who
also require movement messages.
If your Operations staff are better informed, saving time in this
function they are able to work smarter and more proactive in
other areas. Not having to chase crew for status’.
If your Sales department are saving time and having more
information to hand they’re able to feed this to their broker
contacts establishing a stronger bond with the brokers,
resulting in more sales and more flights.
If your Flight Crew are easily and quickly able to send
messages back to base on their flight movements, they will be
better able to concentrate on the customers, no unsociable
phone calls in front of the passenger telling operations that
they have been met and no phone calls interrupting critical
phases of flight.

We’ve all been there. A telephone call while briefing, or even
taxiing to the runway with the passengers on board asking for
updates on the situation. It may be that the flight crew are too
busy to type out a text message or phone call and fail to let
Base operations know - this is understandable, so when
Operations call or text flight crew for an update this could
interrupt a briefing or other critical phase of flight potentially
reducing safety in an area.
With two taps on the iPad, a message is sent with ease to let
the office know therefore they need not waste time in chasing
or unanswered calls.

Crew.go.go App Description & Overview

The applications Crew.go.go was published in the category Utilities on 2019-01-10 and was developed by Michael Parsons. The file size is 16.68 MB. The current version is 2.2 and works well on 10.2 and high ios versions.

- Title change
- Email signature tidy up
- 'Crew at aircraft' ---> Changed to 'Crew Ready For Pax'
- Wings logo in history
- Status message OK / FAIL pretext
- GPS Fail text, if town/city is not found (in middle of no where) then states 'no nearest city found'
- iPad distribution

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