Get ready for the funniest and most enjoyable battle royale game. Pick up other players and throw them off the area. Try to survive and be the last one standing. Join this addictive entertainment right now.

* Free to play.
* Play it anytime anywhere.
* Super realistic physics.
* Easy controls.
* Hanging to the walls to survive added.
* Breaking free when grabbed added.
* Fast, addictive and fun gameplay. App Description & Overview

The applications was published in the category Games on 2018-10-24 and was developed by DigiArt. The file size is 238.61 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed Minor Issues.. App Tips, Tricks and Rules Reviews


Do not download  nickysikdix  1 star

Buggy as hell, freezes all the time and caused my phone to shut down multiple times. Terrible.

Joshua johnson

This game is trash  Joshua johnson  1 star

Honestly I keep getting killed in the last four seconds by robots I hate this game delete this app from the App Store 😡😡🤬


Hehhznsnsnns  gshsjshsvzjsbshsgxvhs  5 star

I can see what my grandpa looks like


What  Dimondminecartfan  1 star

I did not tell me how to play this game


On the fence.  JesseTuck  3 star

Like, the bits and ads are annoying, but hey, it’s fairly simple. So really, I dunno if it’s good or bad (probs bad), but it’s good enough.


Good game  lamoostk  5 star

But i want to play with my friends so can u make me play with them?

Party .io master

ITS AMAZING GET IT!!!!!  Party .io master  5 star

This app is amazing! It’s not glitchy at all and it’s super easy and fun! By the way, I’m not bragging but I’m like the king of this game. I won FIRST place the first time I tried it! Anyway the point is that this game is AMAZING!


Ads  Me1234)6  1 star

Too many ads


Don’t make me mad😡  🇮🇪🐺☘️  1 star

No instructions or Tutorial

barrett blackmon

Party is more like sad. Game  barrett blackmon  5 star



Hard to play  MXNIGHTMARE  1 star

The controls are carp I thought it will be with a analog stick and buttons to grab and throw

wuddup loozers

WAYYYY TO MUCH ADDS  wuddup loozers  1 star

I hate adds if you hate adds don’t get this game BECAUSE THERE IS WAYYYY TO MUCH OF THEM

taylor haylor

Good  taylor haylor  5 star

You can throw people more higher


Hmmmmm  LaylaSilverman  3 star

It’s a amazing game but why is it easy to play? (sorry very short)


SO LAGGY!!  Silvegg  1 star

When I died I got kicked OF THE GAME!!! Can you please fix the lag And maybe make the game harder.


Just Omg  Sydney5348783756  1 star

This game is a copy of gang beasts! Get your own ideas people! Laggy, So many Adds, you play against robots! I haven’t even played the game and it sounds awful from what I’ve seen people write! Playing it now to see if others are correct! Ok I’ve played, this game is awful! It’s so laggy every other comment is right! I hope you improve it soon! Please don’t make it really laggy! It would be amazing if I could see what was happening! To that guy who didn’t know how to throw, you hold down till you grab them then let go and tap! presto! You have thrown! 👎


ITS AMAZING  Dropbear104  5 star

I love it I was so new at first and had no clue on what to do and then I was so good I was the master you guys make the best games I love them keep making them and making me happy 😄🙂🙃


Meh  FLKmontages  3 star

I mean yeah,its a decent game....i mean there are way too many ads! you need an ad to get a skin.theres an ad after every game you literally can’t avoid an ad.every single thing you do there has to be an ad.If there were less ads or no ads! then this would be an 100 star rating if it was possible! but obviously they need a ad break after every single thing you do.i entered the game for the first time and straight after i joined there was a ad wow


MR CREEPER 101  Crotza  5 star

This app is the best I am hardly playing fortnite now because this game it is really good and if you see my name MR CREEPER 101 whatch out :)

Xxcrystal_wolfXx  Xxcrystal_wolfXx  5 star

This game is incredible but it is a bit hard to control but I will get used to it I hope but it is insanely amazing great job!!!. When I started I was dead in like 10s and every time but then I got REVENGE I got better and stronger this game makes me stressed but incredibly amazed and I love it same as roblox but still I love it I don’t play it everyday because I would get caught or in trouble I love this game hope my sisters do to! Thanks I love it!!!!


Party Io Review  Donkey123432  5 star

Pretty Good Characters Awesome Gameplay Fine Stages Okay Details Pretty Bad Everything Else Great


Fun but...  RivalLeader  4 star

The game is kind of laggy My phone works fine probably network who knows And


Not cool  Jjhgak  2 star

This game was really great, until I realized that you aren’t actually playing against other people, but rather you are playing against bots.


Nice  Shorty19830527  4 star

The controls are weird,but it’s a good game. Also, it doesn’t make sense that you have to watch a video before getting a skin that you unlock. Other than that it’s a pretty good game. 😊


Bad  vcrsasw  1 star

Always glitching!!!!! Horrible controls!!!


Too many ads  goldmasterz13  1 star

Can’t even enjoy the game , fun game / super bad controls over the person, and the ads it’s just frustrating having to see or play an add after every game


My Experience  PaPaKittenator  2 star

Well I guess it has a ok platform but the game is very laggy, then the movements are kinda iffy stiffy, I guess every game has to have ads so that don’t bother much but anywho maybe an update on the FPS and more styles and as well as the controls, line make it like a landscape based controls.. anywho I’ll keep it downloaded until further notice on improvements


Great game  ldjsksgvra  5 star


ASAP Szechuan

Pretty Fun  ASAP Szechuan  3 star

This game is pretty fun, but the ads are insane. I think the controls are pretty easy to figure out; however, I don’t think anyone else thinks that. It’s not competitive at all. It’s like I’m playing agains a bunch of 4 year olds. I’m ranked several thousand higher than everyone I’m matched up against. Need to fix ranking system or maybe I’m the only one above 8 years old playing? XD


Slow  whowantoknow  2 star

I think it’s a fun game only problem is too many glitch’s


Yeet simulator  Jimmybob404  5 star

10 v 1 me Party.IO with da boiiz

Conor Likes Fifa

Cool  Conor Likes Fifa  5 star

Pretty cool


Bad  •¥$£££|!|!~!,~£{£'ddmxm  3 star

It was good until I got to level 500then it got very laggy


Stuck  Unlitt  3 star

Once I reach level 835 it lags and I can’t play?? Please fix this.


Review  nkilleen03  5 star

Too many ads but this game could be great with bug fixes and online players instead of bots


Bots  Marfedd  3 star

Yes i think the same they arebots in games like this they only thinking about comersials and money that they generate.

gang beast lover

Bots?  gang beast lover  3 star

It is hard to tell whether the people I’m playing against are real or boys I win every match and it is very easy to win so I think ur playing agonist bots also there is a glitch where u can’t move until you size up that happens sometimes Comments Games Download