OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid

OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

OnMyWay is the free and easy way to get paid to drive without texting or using your phone. The app automatically activates when you start driving and all you have to do is keep your phone locked while driving to earn rewards. Most importantly, help in the mission to stop texting and driving!

• OnMyWay automatically activates when you are driving over 10 MPH.
• Simply keep your phone locked while driving to earn!
• Passengers get rewarded too…

• Save your OnMyWay Cash for our Cash Deals that pay you out in Cash Cards, Store Cards and Travel Deals.
• Enjoy FREE Offers and Hugely Discounted Offers Everyday… Just for being a part of OnMyWay and Driving Safely.
• Get Paid Directly through Paypal or Venmo.

• Earn OnMyWay Cash for every referral that signs up through your custom link.
• You can refer an unlimited number of your friends and family
• Earn rewards for EVERY mile they Drive Safely

• Priceless!

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OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid Customer Service, Editor Notes:

You asked, we listened! We update our app regularly so we can give you the best OnMyWay experience possible. In this version, we’ve… • Made small improvements and bug fixes

OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid Comments & Reviews

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- Future endeavors

If you want to download this app and never look at it and then open it in 10 years then this is for you! I have been driving with on my way safely for a few months now. I’m at $300 and I drive about 60 miles a day and earn about $2.50 a day Soo in about 10-11 years I will be able to cash out the $1,000 reward after I have $10,000 app dollars lol. Think way in the future when getting the app but mostly pledge to not text and drive! Instead of instant money and rewards.I like the idea of keeping people motivated to get money and stay off their phones but with the increase of instant gratification and every one wanting everything at their finger tips, I think the people need smaller money goals to reach to continue having on my way installed on their phones.

- $130 - NOT Redeemable for CASH

Emails have been ignored for months. Finally saw an “update” on the PayPal/Venmo option. Said it should be available in the “coming weeks” back in October (on the 14th I believe). Made no sense to add the Venmo/PayPal account area if all I can do is enter my email as if I could cash out. The entire app is misleading. The actual redeemable list is either worthless or very likely to not be achieved. All the stores are not even anything I trust or heard of. And just to get $250 you have to convince 250 people to signup. To get $1,000... you have to accumulate $10,000 worth of miles that only YOU acquired. I wish I could curse. I understand you guys have to finesse people to make profit through affiliation. But at least make cash redeemable wether it be like $25 max per month or something. Not these ridiculous requirements. And no, I don’t like any of the stores or deals you offer. I wan’t cash. I don’t do online shopping unless I’m ordering food for pickup in my city. Makes no sense. Especially for places I never heard of that looks sketchy. So can you guys give an EXACT date/month/week that you will be rolling out this PayPal/Venmo option? Or can you remove those option until you actually plan to allow it to work? I feel like whoever responds will answer in the most selective/dull way possible. So I’m not expecting much. But if you do answer all these questions, cool. I’ll stop complaining.

- Welcome to another false company feeding you full of lies and broken promises

Y’all need to be realistic and quit acting like you don’t know how to make the cash we earn both from our own miles and our referrals make getting the cash attainable and not some fairy tail. My lawyer even said this is a lawsuit waiting to happen simply for false advertising and being so misleading even the lottery has to make winning small or big regardless it has to be attainable. FYI if you’re going to continue to steal our information and sell it. You need to take the sheeps clothing off be the wolf you are and tell ppl use this app rack up money for driving safely redeem your cash anytime mean while we sell any and all information we may get from you. Cause one of the two will happen you’ll get tied up in court by some rich person with nothing better to doc than. Destroy you or you’ll simply lose almost if not all your members and be sitting there asking your self did we really think we would get away with doing this for as long as we did now that the goose quit laying golden eggs now what can we do. Make ppl want to stay and keep raking the cash in or ignore everyone and fall like every great empire. Really it’s your choice any smart business person would see that the option of getting paid indefinitely is the best option . I’m nuot a app developer what do I know

- In partnership with a SCAM of a company.

The company they are constantly promoting on their app Modern Merch, is a known scam and has been operating under at least 7 different names over the past 4 years. Their scam is to buy items from wish and attach photos of their authentic counterparts on their website so you think you’re getting quality merchandise. The scam is that when (and IF) you receive the items you paid for, it’s a cheap, plastic knock off that more than likely will not turn on or even charge. And that’s IF you receive the product at all. Thousands of reviews state never getting the product despite constant promises to ship or refund funds. It has been allegedly traced back and proven that the people behind the Modern Merch website are actually the same people behind On My Way, using the app as a way to market their scam of a store and garner more sales. Please research before spending any kind of money on this app. Their “cash money” rewards are impossible to achieve and some people who have achieved these ridiculous requirements report never having received the promised funds. Be careful.


All the cash rewards are like impossible to reach. I’m a driver daily that’s all my job consists of mostly. $250 reward is for 250 referrals only which seems impossible. (I can’t even reach the 50) $500 reward is 50 referrals and 500 OnMyWay cash earnings. THE FINE PRINT you have to earn all the money yourself. You cannot use the money you’ve gained from referrals and their driving. So it would also take forever to get to that amount on your own. I’ve reached $1000 in over a month of driving all day everyday and still can’t. So it’s hard to convince others to download to get referrals when you have to explain how you, yourself aren’t even able to redeem any cash rewards yet. And the $1000 cash is $10,000 OnMyWay cash rewards. But of your OWN earnings. Need I say more on the time it would take for that. What is even the point of earning money from your referrals OR their driving miles If you can’t apply it to redeem the rewards and just use the total amount collected?? Also have had multiple people join off of my link and it never registered to my account. 🤬👎🏽❌🚫

- Good in theory

The app itself is good in theory however, having used it now for several months now I have discovered that more times than not it does not log my mileage. I always keep my phone in the same spot in my car so there should be no issues. Not to mention for months there only a few deals that you could use your $ for. Sadly if you were at an attainable spot to use your $ for deals then it was required that you recruited a certain amount of people to be able to use your attained money. I thought I would give this app a shot and use it but, I am nearing my end. It’s not worth having someone track my activity or the drain on my battery for the lack of reward. Another downfall to this app is that if I am charging my phone in my car it WILL NOT track mileage because (at least with my IPhone) the phone has to be unlocked to charge and with this app if your phone is unlocked for any reason it will not log mileage.

- Scam

I’ve been using this app for way longer than I should have, but I really completely forgot I had it installed. I have well over 1,000 bucks and around 20 something people that signed up under my name. And I feel bad because not only did I get scammed, I scammed my friends too. You ain’t gonna get nothing from this app. No matter how much money you make or referrals you get, they will claim those gift cards are “sold out” and try to tell you that the only ones left are the ones that you don’t have enough referrals/money for. Even if you get a gift card, for instance I got a $60 off gift card right? then it ends up being a jewelry website I had never heard of in my life, And you would think that they would have something for under $60 to use your gift card on right? No, everything was $70 +. This app is a whole SCAM. There’s no way people actually enjoy this app, likely bots or people bribed or paid to leave a good review, Don’t install it, save yourself from a waste of time.

- False Promises and Paid for 5 Star Ratings

I drive with the rideshare companies full time and over the last few months have accumulated just under $500 in “OnMyWay Cash”. They might as well call it Monopoly money because don’t ever expect to see a dime go to your bank account. To get $500 in cash you need to build up to 5,000 OnMyWay Currency which would take years if you decide not to refer your friends and family onto this trash app. I was very surprised when I came to check the reviews of the app and saw that it was still over a 4.0 rating then I decided to read some of the reviews. You can very easily tell that this company is paying for 5 star reviews by how robotic the comments are. Instead of paying for false reviews maybe they could invest that money into figuring out how to transfer the OnMyWay Currency to Paypal or Venmo like that said they would back in October of 2019. Don’t waste your time with this trash, you are just giving your information up for free without any return.

- Great if you drive A LOT

This app would be great except... in order to receive any of the cash rewards you have to drive a ton. And have at least 250 friends to refer. If you want people to use your app try making the rewards obtainable. I’m not even at $1000 yet and I’ve had this app for about 6 months. I have referred one person. No one else I know feels this app is worth their time or the space on their phone. Make it easier to get rewards and maybe I will reload it. Till then , it’s not worth my time..

- You will never see the Cash Rewards

You look at this App and think what a great idea. You look at it and think, this is some great incentive to not text and drive. UNTIL, in the small text you see ALL cash rewards revolve around cash build up and referrals. I’ll get 250 referrals said NO ONE EVER. It’s rigged, You can’t even use your referrals miles towards your own prizes! So why the hell am i helping your Apps business??? Why am i busting my rump pushing your product to my friends when #1 I know i won’t get 250 referrals EVER. #2 I can’t use their miles towards my cash rewards. As far as your reward prizes they are knock off products, they don’t work and a waste of my money! Yes, even though you win these knock off prizes i still hav to pay a cost for them and shipping. Coincidentally it’s the same cost that the product is actually worth to begin with. So.... with all of this being said, what are you actually doing for me??? What are you actually offering me thats feasible???

- Dumb and useless

I’ve had the app for quite a few months now. I keep my phone locked and have still only accumulated $96. Why isn’t it tracking all my miles? We drove to Colorado for Christmas (600 miles one way) and back home and it tracked less than 100 miles. I can’t cash out what I have because I refuse to buy things I don’t need from stores I’ve never heard of. Do YOU know 250 people? Do you even know 50 people personally that you can get to download this crappy app? If I could give zero stars I would. If there were a way to cash out with PayPal, I would keep it but I’m probably just going to say “screw it” and delete and lost my 96 useless dollars. The one question I have is how much are you guys paying for people to submit five-star reviews? Maybe ask some of us to do that. We want to get paid and at least they would be fully coherent and not complete and obvious nonsense. Your users are not stupid. We know a fake review when we see one.

- Deleting as soon I finish this review!!

This has to be one of, if not the worst apps I’ve used. The ‘rewards’ are ridiculous and/or unattainable. You get 5 cents a mile, but to make any progress, you have to refer everyone you know. The highest prize, $1,000, requires $10,000 in ‘Onmyway’ cash. The equivalent of 200k miles. And your referral credits doesn’t count toward that. I redeemed part of my ‘cash’ to one of the limited retailers out of curiosity if it might be worth it. Nope. I used $20 for the JLTees. I had an option for one of five tacky t-shirts that would cost another $5.95 + shipping, which I wouldn’t pay to have in the first place. For the amount of access to your personal information they ask for (scanning your driver’s license), the rewards in return are far from worth it! I was warned not to try it, but found out on my own. Spare the access to your personal information and keep browsing for better options in the easy money making apps!


Back in Fall of 2019 I downloaded this app as it was circulating social media and was majorly hyped up. I’m ashamed to even say that I pushed it onto MY friends and family and it doesn’t even do what it says it would do. I have accumulated close to $250 on this app through myself and referrals. I’ve tried COUNTLESS times to cash out through the PayPal and Venmo screens but it won’t let me. I’ve reached out to the company and have heard the same excuse that they are working on getting it up and running. I’ve heard this since Fall of 2019. It is now almost the middle of 2020 and the Venmo and PayPal buttons don’t work and you’re only options are store cards for companies no one has heard of and that you would still have to pay money for the items. Do yourself a favor, don’t download this app. Don’t listen to the paid 5 star reviews. Notice how they don’t respond to anyone on here OR their social media pages? They are collecting information on our locations and selling it to third parties and making money off of us. I’m sure they also use it if you do get into an accident and sell the information to the insurance companies. I’m my opinion, if someone were to look further into this, it would probably be a class action lawsuit for false advertising and privacy concerns. Don’t waste your time.

- Good concept, horrible delivery. Very deceitful with many fake reviews. Beware

First of all, don’t even pay attention to the most recent 5 star reviews. Anyone that’s looks at them can tell they are fake, which basically tells you all you need to know about the App. When I was referred and downloaded it months back, you had the option to provide bank information for cash out. Then it became Venmo/PayPal......then you could no longer cash out and at least there were gas gift cards. Now the cash outs are for stores I’ve never heard of and to actually get cash is nearly impossible with the requirements. Such as $250 in onmyway cash and 250 referrals. Or $10,000 in onmyway cash to get $1000 real money. They need to call this app what it is, a way to grab personal information in order to sell. Like I said in my headline, good concept, horrible delivery and very deceitful. Would not recommend.

- Not what it claims

Understand that the only real reward is the $1000 gift card. Everything else is garbage or completely unobtainable. Not saying the $1000 gift card is easy, but it seems to be the only one you can get that doesn’t require you to buy garbage or try to convince 250 to 500 people to also download this battery draining app. I’m a truck driver and I use it on my work phone which is basically only used for signatures. I have been using this app for 6 straight months and I drive about 3 thousand miles a week. I currently have just over “$1500” rewards. A far cry from the 10k needed to cash in for the $1000 gift card. I’ll keep running it in the background of my work phone but no way I would waste the space or battery for my personal phone for this app that is obviously a waste.

- lol

well...the reason the best reward of $1,000 cash is so far into the future for just about anyone except truck drivers, i think that was the plan all along. they need time to raise the money to pay out those rewards. so, drive safely for the next 10 years, and celebrate with a grand. then do it again for another 10 years. this app is saving my life on a daily basis. i used to be a really terrible txting/driver and even after several small fender benders and a major accident, i still didn’t stop doing it. until this app! i wish apple maps was easier to deal with when you’re driving and talking on hands free, because the phone takes precedence over the maps, and if i unlock the phone to access maps and leave it unlocked in the maps app, i don’t get OnMyWay points! but the constant switching back and forth between phone and maps after you make a call is dangerous to do when you’re on the road. i would much prefer that Maps is always on top if the phone is locked. my $0.02

- Won’t delete my account

I have requested several times over the last few months for my account to be deleted. They have my license and info on file, with no way to manually delete it, and have not responded to any of my 5+ requests to delete my account. This app is deceiving and you will more than likely never see any of the money you “earn.” Sounds too good to be true, because it is too good to be true. The coupons to redeem small amounts of money get used up before you ever see them. To redeem large amounts of money you also have to have insane amounts of referrals. For example, if you earn $250, you can’t redeem it until you have referred 250 people. This app is a joke and Km so irritated they have my license on file and I can’t delete it or my account. Unprofessional, awful customer service... whatever you want to call it I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS APP.

- Great idea...BUT!

I’m a stay-at-home-mom and caregiver to my daughter of multiple disabilities which means I drive around a lot for appointments. When my daughter’s PT mentioned this app I was so excited because I thought I could use the money for gas cards. Suddenly they stopped adding more gas card offers/updating offers and it’s become impossible to reach those deals of referrals for cash. This upset me and disappointed me. I love the idea and the app works great but it’s a major flop that I can’t use the cash. I’m not even asking to cash it in but at least for more gas offers. Wish you guys would listen to us and fix this to make your users happy. Reality is that it may lure people to not use their phones while driving but if you can’t take advantage of the money people will tire and delete the app—what then???

- Needs improvement

I’ve had this app for a while now and I have almost $400 on the app. I think it’s ridiculous because in order to get the $250 marathon deal, you need to refer 250 people. In my opinion that is a scam so people don’t ever get the money they have earned while driving safe.. It’s like that for all of them, to receive $500 you must accumulate 5000 in the app. The ones that you can afford are the store gift cards but people don’t want store gift card to an over priced sunglasses website. If this app wants to improve start putting gas cards, walmart cards, and things along that line in the app. Start making it a little easier to get the Marthon deals. I understand that this app is full of sponsorships and basically funds from other companies but talk to the companies and work out some better deals to keep everyone happy. Thank You.

- Hit or miss?

The app idea itself is amazing. We need to drive safer so why not be offered money to do so? When I joined in October there were countless amazing offers from gas cards, to useful gift cards. However once those were quickly used up they vanished and nothing has come to replace them. 2 new stores have recently been added but they aren’t stores that many people care about, nor need. To receive $250 you have to refer 250 people. They changed this from the original 50. To earn $1000 you have to have 10,000 added up which they also changed from 1000. I find that all to me very misleading as when I joined it looked too good to be true. Clearly it was. It’s still a great app to keep around in hopes that I’ll be able to cash in this $300+ percent I have sitting in there.. someday.

- Nothing is free folks

A friend recommended this app so I gave it a chance. So I’m looking at it and I’d have to refer 250 people who actually sign up OR rack up $10,000 miles. Makes sense because you can’t get something for nothing. It’s a great idea. But you need to get reputable vendors for gift cards. Or even like waze has small 5-10 second drop down ads to use you money for or discounts at. Modern merch makes up the majority of your offers (and probably the most attractive of the lot since it’s technology) but they’re a known scam sending worthless pieces of plastic out and calling them smart watches. So here’s the question. Are you a shell looking to funnel people to spend money at scam companies or are you good intentioned people who just haven’t gotten attention from the right vendors? I’ll let you choose. But I tend to believe the former. I’ll be deleting the app.

- Cash rewards?!

Well I accepted/ took 1 of your offers so I’m hoping I get the cash on MY VENMO CARD as promised!! Sounds great BUT I have NOT gotten my cash reward through VENMO CARD at all! I have $68 plus on the on my way cash! IT SAYS CASH REWARD through this same card! It needs to be rectified as such! I love earning cash for safe driving AS LONG AS IT IS PAID OUT through the Venmo card or pay pal! I am VERY UPSET as to how you have this set up!!! It is misleading to say the least! I have been watching the rewards and the shell card is ALWAYS sold out. You need to pay rewards directly to Venmo card or pay pal. Thank you. NEW update as of December 8, 2019! I just tried buying stuff from AVON through this app and unable to do so! Very irritated!! January 4, 2020. New update on my situation! I unlock the 2nd deal BUT NEVER GOT MY MONEY!!!! This app is NOT worth it for me since we DON’T get paid line you said we would!!! Jan 27, 2020. I have ACTIVATED one of your deals BUT STILL NO CASH! I’m close to $200! YOU NEED TO be truthful on your deals! Once activated we the drivers should get our cash reward via PayPal or Venmo! Until YOU the company updates this stuff to actually get cash rewards I will NOT be using this app anymore! I will look in periodically to see if any changes occur! Thank you!

- Horrible

They don’t answer any customer service emails you send and the gift cards are trash. So far I’ve collected 240 dollars that I can’t redeem, you either need to refer 250 ppl to get 250 dollars or collect 10,000 dollars to get a 1000 dollars or send 50 referrals and get 5,000 dollars in miles to claim 500 dollars and I’ve had the app for about 5 months now. The gift cards when I first got the app showed up for gas stations which seemed pretty good but they were always claimed before you could even bother to get them when you make enough money in miles to claim them. Now there’s some random Jordan lash gift card on there and some retailer called Hollywood sensation, both completely useless to me. This app just seems to string you along without many payable options for tracking your location and collecting personal information from your drivers license.

- Waste of time

I thought it was awesome for the first couple months until I realized how it worked. U don’t get physical cash. You get rewards points pretty much that get you percentages off specific places that they chose. Not realizing it was a scam I ordered my first thing off a website. It was a simple little tennis bracelet. It was $70... but my “rewards” got me $55 off. I was super exited. Once it got delivered I opened it and quickly realized it was not a $70 bracelet. It was a very cheaply made bracelet. Came in super cheap packaging. Quickly learned that the rewards were non existent and it made it seem like a good deal but really it was a $15 bracelet. I paid thinking it was a good deal because if been saving up my points for months then learned it was just their way to promote other businesses they are paying them to do so. Not worth it. Save your money and time.

- On My Way to the garage

I WAS UNABLE TO GIVE THIS APP 0 stars because thats what it rates for an app that doesn't paid per say. They give you a merchandise card that is only good in the On my way OVER PRICED vendors. You can find most of the stuff offered in the vendor store in n where you have a Wal-Mart, Target, etc. OMW inflates the prices in their stores to make it look like you are getting a big discount, you are not. It doesn’t track all your miles and none of the miles if you refer anyone(I am currently at 2 referrals and 0 miles in almost a year of using this app. How is that even possible?) Tech support for me has been non existent and I can’t even get an email reply. It’s a good idea but bad practice to try to sell people on getting paid to not text and drive but then telling me where and how I. Am spend the money I earned.

- Works about half the time

Even though I have the app set to always share my location and all that it still only records about half the miles that I drive. This past Friday, for example, I drove 237 miles across the state, then around the city, then back across the state home the same day. It only recorded my miles home, which for that day was less than half of what I drove. I knew it was doing this, I kept refreshing the app, checking my settings, turning my phone off and on (when I wasn’t driving of course), and still it didn’t record. My app is up to date, although this shouldn’t factor into whether or not it’s working. I’m very annoyed.

- No good offers

I really like the IDEA of this app! When I first got it, I had seen some pretty cool offers & that motivated me to keep my phone locked while driving so I could earn more and eventually cash it in. NOW that I have like $100.. there is NOTHING to spend it on.. the offers they have are things most people have never heard of. And then the ones that would allow you to actually get cash make you also have so many referrals, you can invite anyone but you can’t MAKE someone use the app.. so therefore I don’t see hardly anyone getting to use that offer. Really wish I could use the money I have earned but getting to the point of just deleting the app if it is just going to take up space not being used.

- Saving for nothing?

I started this app because of a friend and I even encouraged others to get it because of the “possible” rewards that are promised. I’ve had the app for 5+ months and I have $600 saved up now and I can’t even cash out. I even invited 20ish people to get the app but still, I HAVEN’T been able to cash out OR get any marathon deals with my time, they started with gas cards, but I haven’t seen a new gift card in months especially one that’s worth my time. As another review said, “I’m not in the business of scamming people” so me inviting 20+ people to the app that can’t even cash out themselves is unfair to both of us according to what this app “promises.” Take care of your app and start giving back to the people please, I’m starting to lose patience and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

- No true way to “cash out”

The app states you can cash out in cash and gift cards BUT no deal available to cash out for less than 500$ and/or getting a crazy number of people to sign up through you. My husband and I each have over $100 and the only deals available are to stores we don’t shop at or basically save $40 when you spend X at this retailer. You know I really love the concept but if you’re going to be true to what you say you do, you’ve gotta get more partners who are willing to give actual deals people can use. Also in your documents for help you’ve said for months your working on a Venmo type solution, I’ve emailed for updates with no response. Disappointed.

- Unsure

The idea makes sense. Drive a lot without being on your phone, and you get credited a nickel a mile. It also makes sense that they earn money from companies advertising their products through the app, which does take a while to build up reward money. Been using since February and have a little over $600, and was thinking of cashing in for smart watch, except when looking at the reviews, almost ALL of the 5 star reviews are just one or two sentences about it being “updated to be better and better”, or it just says “great app I love it”. Is there a normal person that have it 5 stars and can write an actual review about what you really experience? Like are the products worth it? Has anyone actually earned $10,000 to cash in the $1,000?

- not what they make it out to be but it’s an ok app

So I downloaded this about a few months ago, got the hundred dollar sign on bonus but you can only use it for gift cards that you only get one time pretty much and can’t get multiple of the same card. Eventually I’ve racked up quite a bit of money and I can’t even get any of it to a PayPal or Venmo. I downloading this app as it intends and says that you can get your money sent to Venmo and PayPal but then once you look at the FAQ’s they say that isn’t developed yet. Well I’d honestly like to know when because you just seem like a untrustworthy company. I downloaded this in hopes of being able to get some side cash for my family as I am middle class possibly lower and do not have funds all the time.

- Pointless app.

The over all concept of the app is great but when you’ve had the app for months saved up hundreds of dollars and can’t cash them in for anything it becomes pretty useless to even have the app. Their haven’t been any cash offers in 3 months and I’m sure it’s been longer than that for others, Nor any other cash in offers for anything remotely useful. Not to mention the goals for referrals and mileage are absolutely absurd. If the developers can’t come up with a way to actually give useful rewards to the users they might as well close up shop because no one wants to use an application that’s says it will reward you and then shaft you like this app does. We get that enough in our own personal lives.

- Fun but Not Realistic.

I’ve had this app for 6 months now, I drive pretty often, usually phone is locked unless changing songs. I have 500 right now, & typically I want the 1000 of course & that’s the only way you can get CASH prizes without having to “refer” someone. However, I just realized that if I continue to get 500 every 6 months then it would take 10 years to get 10,000 in cash to get the 1000 cash prize. This app won’t even exist in 10 years. Or if it does that deal won’t exist then! Wow. Deleing I’m disappointed, I mean it’s cool if you use the gift cards but I don’t want that stuff! Do Walmart gift cards more realistic gift cards.

- Extremely misleading

You get “cash” for not using your phone and driving, but it turns out this cash is actually “OnMyWay Cash” which is literally just Monopoly money. “OnMyWay Cash” can be redeemed for certain offers that are very disappointing. The dev team needs to be more straightforward that you DONT EARN REAL MONEY, it’s a point system where you earn points that could potentially transfer to you as real money. But instead of calling them points, they call what you’re earning “cash” with an actual dollar sign representation. Either extremely incompetent design or intentionally misleading in order to increase downloads and attract more users. Awesome concept, misleading and dishonest execution. Also the offers are unobtainable so it’s not even worth it.


The app is easy to navigate and it is a cool and safe concept of not using your phone while driving, while getting rewarded. However, READ THE FINE PRINT for trying to cash out because they don’t give you many or any options for cashing out. Unless if you wish to cash out at $250— you need to need to refer 250 people. Or If you wish to cash out at $500, you need to refer 50 people and EARN $5000 in ONMYWAY Cash!! And even better if you wish to cash out at $1000, YOU CANT, because you have to earn $10,000 in ONMYWAY Cash. Not worth my time. I’LL RATE IT A 5 STAR, when they decide to lower their prerequisites and have at least $25,$50,$100,$200 at least in cash out. SO PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE You try to cash in your ONMYWAY cash.

- Misleading

At first I thought I could get cash but after further review, it’s very misleading. Why even make it seem like your getting real cash when you aren’t. Point system is much less misleading. Concept is cool but it shouldn’t be so elusive on rewards. Plus the whole make 10,000 bucks to get 1,000 presentation is stupid. I’d rather have the storage ha k on my phone than keep the app. By the time I’d even reach 10,000 bucks this whole thing may be closed down. Seems to happen with other apps I’ve used. Get close to a pay out or reward redemption and poof something magically happens to my stuff or the app closes etc..

- Not sure it’s worth it

Unless you drive a whole lot (work, travel, etc.), this app doesn’t seem worth it. In order to get the cash money, you need to refer 250 people to get the $200 reward. You need to refer 50 people for the $500 reward. You need to earn $10,000 in the app for the $1,000 reward. Seems easy for some people... but for me, it’s not. I don’t drive that often & I sure as hell don’t know 50 people who would even download the app. I feel like the “money” I earn will just sit in the app for years before I can cash out considering the rate I’m going at... (Im dramatic, i know). It’s easier to get the store deals, but that’s not really what I was looking for when I downloaded this app.

- Waste of time!!!!

I feel as though this app is pointless and worthless over 200 dollars that is not redeemable for anything close to being worth it I could use that money for gas an oil change like it’s ridiculous when the gas card was on here I could never get it always got an error message!!!!!! This app is a waste of space on my phone!!!!!!!!! You all need to come up with a better way of doing this app!!!! Even if it is cash back. Do it for something that’s worth it like Ibotta does!

- Deals

The deals aren’t really deals - I would love to redeem the $ I have earned but can’t. It says that the money can be deposited into my PayPal, but only if I have 1000 referrals...come on! Unless you make it worthwhile for folks we can’t get referrals! Face it, you really don’t want to shell out the cash! And the help and support doesn’t help and support either. Nothing but canned messages. UPDATE DURING CORONAVIRUS- while I appreciate the extra $100 in on my way cash, what would be even more helpful would be gift cards for retailers that would help us out with REAL cash! Gas, grocery or just regular visa/Mc gift cards. During this time I REALLY don’t think I’d use any of the other on my way cash offers.

- All Lies!

This app used to pay cash to people from what I heard. But now it just pays you “discounts” for crap products. A $10 pair of earbuds is marked up to $90 and then they give you a voucher for $60. You still pay more for a crap product if you ever get it at all. This is a complete scam. Do not download. Check out the low star reviews for the truth. Everyone else is either paid or doesn’t know they are being scammed. All. Lies! It is obvious if you look at the 5 star that they are fake. They are all about helping you not look at the phone while driving, but you can adjust your settings to do that without an app tracking your every move. I wish I knew how to report this app. It is getting deleted!!

- Waste of time and space

Don’t download. I’m a college student and am trying to find ways to help pay bills. This is not one. Waste of time and space on the phone. I’ve had the app for almost 4 months now and haven’t gotten anything from it. I have $500 saved up from not texting and driving on it, but what does that mean. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. they don’t have giftcards to cash out with. They had incentives like ‘cash out money to use at this store’ and they are all stores that Boone’s heard of and really aren’t good deals at all. I would say if you want to learn how to earn money from apps, look into fetchrewards. Because they are way better and actually following through with paying their users.

- Total junk

I started using this app back in January. At this point I have $384 from my own miles. Every time I tried to use the money either the gift card was “sold out” but still up in the app. Or as soon as I would reach a point to get the gift card the offer would disappear from the app. The only time I was able to try to use some of the $ I have on my account I still had to pay out of pocket making the money a complete waste of time and effort. If I were you I would honestly dont waste my time nor provide your personal information to this people. They are making money from you and not paying out as advertised. This is a law suit waiting to happen as this is misleading.

- Artists

The only way your going to get cash is making $10 thousand dollars and then you only get $1 thousand of that, all others offers you have to pay with your own money not money you made with the app, I have made $430 dollars and it’s worthless money, all this app has done is ,track everywhere I go, eat up my battery with its heavy power usage, and send out my information to who ? They make you believe your making money, until you try and use it for something and you realize it’s worthless and this is another scam :( You would make more money looking for aluminum cans on the side of the road, and unlike collecting aluminum cans your privacy is not sold of invaded like what this APP does.

- Would be great to actually cash out.

I love the concept of the app but I don’t like not being able to cash out except with their marathon deals which sell out quickly. I also don’t like reading these reviews and seeing the developers copy and past responses. If people have money available that they’ve EARNED, they should be able to cash out to PayPal or Venmo without any hassle of a ‘marathon deal’. I hope you update soon to allow for cashing out. If not, I hope someone else takes this concept and develops an app that will allow that. I’ve emailed them over 20 times in two months and not one single reply. My step will be contacting my local news stations so other people are aware this is a total scam

- Pointless

I have $160 dollars and I can’t redeem for anything that’s worth my time. I can’t cash out because you need $10,000 in The app. Yes, you read that correctly. Everything else to redeem is gift cards and not even good gift cards. It’s for places I have never heard of and don’t considered even buying from. And the gift cards don’t even cover to buy 1 item. You still have to pay out of pocket. I’ve had this app for over 4 months hoping they make cash redeemable in smaller incrameta or even some gift cards to apple or fast food joints but not the case... I’ve waited long enough from some improvement and now it’s time to .... delete...

- Like The Idea.. But

I love this idea- everyone wants money, so of course it's a great way to get people to stop texting while driving. Easy to use, etc. BUT you cannot cash out. Not for cash at least. I've heard they are going to add PayPal or Venmo, and you're able to enter your accounts but you can't actually redeem the money. All the offers you are able to cash out are either simple deals and discounts or like a gift card to online stores I've never even heard of. I will keep this app and wait for an option to cash out... but I don't understand why it isn't available yet.

- Not worth

When I first downloaded the app there were many options for gift cards like Walmart, target,etc. but they were all “sold out” and since then the only gift cards are some random brands that have their items priced just above what the gift card you can redeem is valued at. I was hoping the option of getting gift cards for stores that people actually go to would be available in time but at this point I have $400 in the app and it seems like it was all for nothing. I don’t really feel like rambling bout this sorry excuse for an app but basically it’s just a scam and if u plan on waiting years to claim ur 1k I can guarantee the app won’t be around when u reach the $10,000 requirement to claim it.

- I’d Rate it Zero Stars if I Could

Firstly, this app is a waste of space on my phone and is constantly draining my battery cause it’s ALWAYS using your location. But not only that, it takes FOREVER to earn anything and it’s not even accurate at tracking the miles. I drive at least 30 miles back and forth to work never picking up my phone and it only tracks a few of those miles. PLUS when you do finally have enough earnings for a reward, you have to refer a ridiculous amount of people to the app before you can redeem it. I’ve emailed them twice over the last ten days (per their instructions on their website) to cancel my account, but I’ve just been left ignored.

- Useless Money, Zero Support

I got this app quite a while ago and was happy to see where it was going to go since it was such a new company and app. In that time I’ve learned that the actually useful rewards will sell out in milliseconds, so good luck getting them if they ever refresh again. I’ve emailed their support from the website several times, each time it’s about 3 days wait time and the reply is so laughably inept it’s almost impressive. I’m talking copied and pasted text from the FAQ post that I got the “contact us” link from in the first place, which did not have any relevance to the questions I asked. Was willing to see this one out, but I don’t see any reason why it’s worth even the free download.

- Too good to be true

While the idea of the app is amazing this isn’t the one I’d recommend. First I’ve had it for a while. I’d saved almost 150$ trying to make it to 200$ so I could get the 200$ card. Yeah, some how 50$ Of my 100$ was applied towards some clothing and jewelry company in the list of places you can use your money and it wasn’t me who did it! Second, there where never any options I found half tempting to send any of my saved money towards. Hence the wait for the 200$ card. And lastly, my sister had money saved on her OMW app and decided to use some of it and was told she had to pay 5$ shipping for the item she bought. She paid the 5$ and her item still hasn’t come.... App deleted.

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- Nice but...

It’s a great app. Not only to show how far I drive everyday but when I have the on my way cash sitting there not doing anything but I see it add up. Some of the deals are kinda crazy that even with the on my way cash it’s still not the best. When I first started you had the gas card and stuff. That was awesome. If there was a way to work those out again that would be even better. Especially for people who drive a lot or for upcoming trips. Otherwise it’s great but some more options would be nice.

- Changing Cash Card Details

Seems like every time I go on and look at the cash card rules they keep changing them on the $250, $500, and $1000. I’m a little disappointed with this. When I first signed up it seemed reasonable at least for the $500 cash card. For the $250 cash card it was and still is refer 250 people plus get $250 in driving. For the $500 cash card it was get $500 in driving and you didn’t need to refer people. Now to get $500 you need to earn $5,000 in driving and you have to refer 50 people. The last is earn $1,000 and get $1,000 with no referrals. Now you have to earn $10,000 with no referrals. I don’t like that it keeps changing makes it not worth the data.

- Good concept, bad execution.

I like that someone out there is trying to encourage people to stop looking at their phones while driving. What I don’t like is how misleading the information is. They say they pay 5 cents per mile that your phone stays locked. What they ACTUALLY pay is half a cent per mile. In order to get a $1000 cash card, you have to have $10,000 cash in your OnMyWay account. That effectively reduces what they claim to pay you by 90%. Not to mention the fact that you’d have to drive 200,000 miles to get to that level in the first place. To drive that many miles would take the average person over 13 years.

- Pretty Good, Faults Found

It’s a great app and I think it’s a wonderful idea to earn money by driving safe. I have gotten deals off it (wireless earbuds) and I was skeptical if they would come—and they did! There are new deals and that’s good to find variety. The only problem is to get “cash cards” you need to refer 50 users or 5000 cash (etc) that’s unattainable almost. But, if you want to save money on some good stuff I would recommend it.

- Misleading

I appreciate the meaning behind this app, but it is completely misleading. It was also very generous to give $100 credit during this hard time. I was so excited when I saved up enough credits/money (after 5+ months) to purchase one of the store deals! After I tried activating a $60 store credit and head to check out, I still had to pay $20+ for the item I wanted. They only offer you impossible requests or not enough money in the store credits to actually get anything. I appreciate everything but it was pretty much a tease, a waste of my time, and a waste of my phones battery.

- Scam

I was so excited after my first drive with the app...wah wah wahhhh. Biggest flaw-can’t even have your phone unlocked. That makes zero sense. Most of us use navigation, music, etc., via our phones. Not texting was an easy thing for me to bank on. Flaw #2, which most have highlighted-the earning and spending is ridiculous. Not to mention the scammy ‘bonus offers.’ Umm you don’t need this app to try on 5 pairs of Warby Parker glasses, or a free 30 days of any of the other programs..just google them and sign up. Smh Awaiting my confirmation of deleted account (you have to email app to request it🙄). Feeling guilty for bothering a few friends with the suggestion; hopefully they won’t download.

- Trash

This app really has no realistic incentives. You need 250 followers to even START to earn real “cash”. Anything under that and you may qualify for cheesy store gift cards for brands I’ve never even heard of. And the maximum is often 1 gift card for $20 or $40, and the items they sell are more often then not cost way over the maximum allotted gift card, so you’re forced to spend money. What a joke. I’m literally sitting on over “$500” and can’t use it unless I spend my own money. What’s the point? I can find the same coupons or bargains on Google without allowing an app to track my every move. I’ll be deleting now. I’ve given them 3+ months to improve and it’s all the same.

- What’s the point?

Why have people give their Venmo/PayPal if the cash that they earned while driving without texting isn’t available for cash out? There is so much money in my app, because I’ve forgotten about the app for months and it just accumulated, that I would like to cash out especially in these times the extra money in my pocket would be great. This whole thing is a scam, even the stores they offer you to spend your money on are most likely store people don’t even shop at and or are useless items. Just make it so people can cash out the money they so called earned by being safe drivers; stop giving people false hope with false advertisement.

- Disappointed

I’ve kept this app for a really long time in hopes that they’d add better rewards (since they told me months ago they would be adding better rewards like gift cards) but it’s still mostly boutique discounts as well as one time discounts on monthly subscriptions. I’m going to keep it a little longer as I have $1000 on my way dollars and just hope that something better comes of it, but be warned....you’re probably going to download and delete pretty shortly after when you see what they have to offer. I do want to add that I think the idea of the app is awesome. Don’t text and drive folks.

- Nothing worth it yet. Hopefully it gets better in the future

I downloaded this app after a friend told me you can make money driving. I’ve had it for several months now, and have yet to see an offer that interests me. You can’t cash out, they reimburse you for purchases at select retailers. you get cash back for purchasing something from their offer, which have been a jewelry retailer, clothing retailer, and sunglasses retailer since I downloaded the app, and that’s it. I hope they’re making enough money selling my information, so at least someone is getting something out of this app.

- Has Anyone Reach $10,000 On My Way Dollars?!?!

Has anyone reach the $10,000 On My Way dollars to get $1000 dollars deposited through PayPal or whatever. I think this is the breaking point for the app. If it is not a real thing that the app claims it is, then there is no pint for the app. Delete it then. I am still on a quest for the $10,000 on my way dollars and I will report it if it is true or not to earn $1,000 in real life dollars. I have $1,000 on my way dollars at the time of this review. Please let me and everyone else know the progress towards it. I don’t want to waste my time.

- No real payout , ‘rewards’ not worth it they sell your data

I found out about this app from friends and downloaded it thinking it’d be a good way to make some coffee money. I later found out there’s no option for a cash payout. I’ve made around $40 having used it for 6 months. However as there’s no cashout option, you’re stuck choosing between the crappy ‘rewards’ they have (the products are overpriced and looked crap) or the deals they offer which you could redeem, most which are available to you on the seller’s websites without even having to use this app. They also mine your data. Do not download it’s not worth it.

- Misleading

I’m going to be honest here, I love the concept of making money while driving but seriously what’s the point with the PayPal and Venmo options??? When in reality the only option is to use the cash towards places I’ve either never heard of or have absolutely no interest in. I’ve accumulated $200+ and honestly I could use that cash towards groceries or meds but like I said that’s NOT an option. I think if they made it to where we can transfer the money to PayPal or Venmo than a lot more people would be satisfied. I know I would, please consider making this an option

- False advertising

Well to start off you are accumulating all this “money” for nothing. There is nothing worth spending the “money” on in the app. They have a few offers you can use the money on or you can keep saving to get $1000 but you have to save $10,000! Like what even is the point. They have a Venmo/ PayPal option but you can’t actually transfer ur savings into ur bank account. This app really needs to get its stuff together. Good idea but needs to get something done before it fails completely. Like at least add options like gift cards or gas cards and be consistent with it. But until they get their stuff together this app is garbage.

- Not a payout app

This app collects your information while you drive to make sure you haven’t unlocked your phone. I have earned over 400 dollars for almost a year, but I cannot spend it. It’s not actual money. There are sponsors that you can use the money to buy stuff from their stores, such as sunglasses. If you select that sponsor, you get an electric gift card only usable online at that store. The merchandise is usually a little more for even one item, so you end up spending your money and then pay for shipping. It’s frustrating. Also, you have to refer like 250 people to get one of the referral gift cards. It feels very pyramid scheme like to me.

- Misleading but encouraging..

So it’s very simple. They motivate you to stay off your phone while driving in order for you to earn play money. Their reward system is set up so that you are encouraged to refer more people in order to cash out plus you must meet a set threshold before you can be paid out. In order to cash out $1000 you must have referred X amount of people plus have $1million play money on, On my way... needless to say, it drains the battery life on the device and you are constantly being tracked! Which they can then turn around and sell your big data. No Thanks!

- Good concept but crap execution

Would be a great app if you could actually cash out the money you’ve built up. Only option is to use cash rewards towards the 4 stores they have linked to it that you’ve probably never even heard of. Then the ones you have heard of are free trials that are already free outside of the app...(for example Warby Parker is “try glasses free” when that is already a known promotion they have always done where you can try them on and send them back). Not sure why there’s the option to link PayPal and Venmo when it doesn’t send your money there. I have over $400 built up that I can do absolutely nothing with.

- Great concept, annoying execution.

This app is great, and something you don’t even notice is earning you money. What’s annoying is that while you can set up a Venmo account on the app, you can’t transfer the money to your Venmo. You HAVE to refer people to get the smaller cash rewards and you have to earn $1,000 in order to get the full cash for it. The “deals” on stores are trash. Really just set up the capability to send money to your venmo account! Annoying that we can’t. I drive 30 miles one way to work 5 days a week. I’ve had the app since January and have only made $586.

- Good idea, bad execution.

First of all, the app hasn’t tracked any of my miles for over a month. I’ve checked all permissions and it should be working, but it’s NOT! Second of all, there is no CASH to be earned, the rewards are gift cards, many which are really just coupons for different places that don’t exist in my metro, or specific products and services I’m not interested in. The smallest amount of universal gift card available is $500, which would be awesome to earn, if only the app did what it’s supposed to do and tracked my miles! Gonna keep the app installed on my phone and hopefully an update soon will start tracking miles again.

- Uses a LOT of battery

This app would be great on it’s surface if it didn’t basically take up half of your battery usage 24/7. The rewards are also suspect. I’m sure some people received them in the beginning, but by the time I engaged, they are out of reach. Refer 500 friends so they can have their phone die quickly, as well?? NO. I was trying to work towards the $1,000 gift card that takes 10,000 miles, but it isn’t worth losing that much battery so quickly. They reserve the right to change that offer at any time, as well. Nice concept, but bad execution.

- Great Concept, Extreme Goals.

Collecting over $300 of money by driving and driving safely is great, but, the goals to redeem the cash are unreachable and impossible. I’m not sure if this is what they were doing for, but if so, I’m disappointed. They want us to be excited that we can earn money while driving, but the money is invisible since we can’t do anything with it. Referring 50 people and having them actually use the app? Not gonna happen. Very disappointed. Cash should at least be redeemable for gas cards.

- Meh

Kinda pointless. I don’t text and drive but these “rewards” aren’t going to convince anyone to stop doing it. No way am I going to harass 250 people to actually get something worth while. All the gift cards are for random brands and things I have no use for. How about gift cards for groceries or something useful? Oh and if you have to use a map app to get somewhere it doesn’t count your miles, even though I’m not texting, just trying not to get lost. I drove 1300 miles over 2 days and get nothing for it from this app. I’ll be deleting, don’t waste your time

- Classic bait & switch

What a waste of time. They get you signed up saying you get paid cash for saving lives. Even have a spot for you to enter PayPal or Venmo account information as IF they will cash you out, they have your point accumulating in a cash format and then you find out NOPE you can redeem your “cash” for some gift cards to some unknown store you would likely never shop at. Very sneaky! If the developers were smart , they would get sponsors that would donate funds to support the hands free movement and actually pay out cash as they promise to do . Don’t waste your time with this app. It’s probably just stealing your information!

- Products are a scam.

So all these companies that are giving so many dollar credit for a certain item are found nowhere else on the Internet. After some research I found out that the modern merch and the peerless glasses were out of the same building location on maps and it's definitely not on the map as a store. I decided to give it a go and order the ear buds. After a month I get them and they are definitely not what they showed. They are air Pod knockoffs and after googling them you can get them from $3-19 and I paid about $27 after shipping with my "$70" off. Don't give them your info or your battery life.

- What a crock of lies!

I should have listened to everyday the beginning. I have 62 referrals and over 5,000 miles. This makes me eligible to collect $500 cash into my PayPal account right? Nope apparently the mikes my referrals made, that were added to my mikes ( as it was supposed to be ) don’t count. Then why add them to my numbers? Why give me .02 a mile for my referrals driving safe? What is the point in the referrals at all? It’s just to sell your information. You won’t get crap from this app it’s a joke. I’m going to bring this to a lawyer and see what they say. So much false advertising going on here. I’d trust my cheating ex wife more than I’d trust this app now!

- Worst app EVER!

It’s terrible! First it doesn’t count miles if you’re using gps...so even though I’m not touching my phone it won’t count the miles. It also sometimes decides it doesn’t want to count your miles. It sends out notifications to people that text you while driving and doesn’t allow your phone to ding or anything. I cannot shut it off I even deleted the app! The “money” you earn can only go towards stores you’ve never heard from. Or if you do earn several hundred dollars you also have to refer several hundred people to the app to get the cash. Not that I’m surprised I just want it off my phone!

- No cash out option

This app would be amazing if more choices for cash out options were available. I have money just sitting in there and unable to gain access to it! The only options are to redeem for offers that I have no interest in or wait until I get more referrals HOWEVER, my friends who did sign up don’t actually use it because again no redeemable access to actual cash value. Realistically there is no way to sign 500 people as I don’t even know 500 people. Please start adding redeemable options that are actually within reach and STOP with offers that are ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Worthless

I’ve had the app for several months. When I first downloaded the app, there were deals that you could cash in at $25, $50 and $100. But as I got close to those thresholds, those deals were claimed and no longer available. There are still a few deals I can claim (3) to 3 stores I’ve never heard of. Or I can refer 250 friends for $250. But why would I do that to my friends? There is nothing there for them. I can claim $1,000 if I get to $10,000. I’m just under $200 in about 4 months and there are no offers for me. I could wait 17 years for the $1,000 reward. But that one will probably be claimed before I get there too. 😉

- $0.05 per mile

I did the math on how much I get paid by the app per mile which came out to 5¢ in OnMyWay cash value. To get the $1,000 PayPal cash reward I need $10,000 On my way cash which means I have to drive 200,000 MILES to reach that goal. In other words I’m getting paid half a penny in real cash value per mile. Debating whether it’s even worth keeping this app or not, because the main reason I downloaded it was to make extra cash as advertised. Could’ve given it an extra star if they had better offers.

- So...

The whole idea of the app is something I like- getting rewarded for paying attention to the road and not your phone. Earning is easy and effortless. Where this app lacks is how to use the money rewarded to me. I don’t have the number of people to refer to get the cash back, and the cash offers that are offered are horrible. It’s nothing I’m interested in. I have a ton of money accumulated and nothing worth spending it on. I don’t need T-shirts or sunglasses or fake earrings. There’s hardly any choice in what I can redeem.

- Probably not worth it

I’m not much of one to get a lot of referrals and the only way to get the first two tiers of cash is through a huge amount of referrals. The last cash option is with no referrals but even with driving 60 miles a day it would take me years to get that cash out. I was going to leave it on in the background because why not. Then I realized it was eating up 25% of my battery life so I stopped doing that. Until they fix how much battery it takes I wouldn’t even put this on in the background and forget about it.

- It could be amazing...

I love how easy this app is to use and I love the entire concept of it! When my friend suggested it to me for a tad bit of extra cash for pocket money, I was ecstatic. However. Now I've racked up almost $200 and I still can't do anything with it. It's just sitting there. Any of the "incentives" they have as options are trash. I heard they used to give gift cards out. As soon as they do that again, my rating will go to 5. Bc let's be honest, for most people it's for the money. It just has an even better side effect of helping prevent texting/driving.

- Great concept. Not so great follow through.

This is advertised to stop people from texting and driving which is an awesome concept. But it’s advertising that you make all this money and that you can cash it out, well all in all you cannot. The most you’ll get is some offer for some over priced merchandise that you have to pay shipping for. Half of it is stuff I can’t even relate to, it seems to me that their false advertising. If you’re gonna make an app to help people stop texting and driving the least you could do is be honest.

- question.

who REALLY knows 250 people? like how in the world am i suppose to get 250 to download this? HOW?!? posting it on social media and sending it to them directly doesn’t work. why you may ask? cause no one wants to download it for this reason. 250 people? really? now i feel like a loser for not knowing that many people or being able to get that many people to even download it. my reasoning for downloading this app was to be able try and pay my car insurance every couple months cause my car is all i have. i’ve had this for 6 months and i only have 1 person that i referred. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

- Marathon Deals

When you first download the app, it’s discouraging because they don’t have many payout options. I’ve been earning for the $250 payout until I clicked on details and found you only get that payout if 250 people sign up with your link. The “OnMyWay cash” that is displayed for you to see your earnings doesn’t equate to actual cash. You have to earn $5000 OnMyWay cash to get $500 cash. 50 miles earns you $2.50 onmyway cash. So you’ll be driving with the phone tracking you for years before any payout. I appreciate the concept, the main goal- keep people off their phones. However, the payout they claim isn’t there.

- Great idea. Poor execution.

I’ve had the app for several months. The idea is great. I find myself not using my phone in the car more than I used to, so it’s accomplishing some good, BUT the app is supposed to reward you with options for spending your earned credits towards deals like gift cards. The only available rewards are for stores that I would never buy from. I have messaged my concerns twice and haven’t had any feedback. It would be nice to have practical options to spend the earned credits on. Ex. Gas cards, visa gift cards, Target, food, etc.


I downloaded this app as a influencer was raving about it and at the I was driving quite a bit so I thought why not try it. Well it wasn’t calculating my travels correctly, when you did accumulate “money” if could only be used on things with the app and you couldn’t cash out. It’s like a bunch of coupons. I have emailed them numerous times asking to delete my account as that’s the only possible way to delete it and I have yet to hear back from anyone and my account still is not deleted. If I could give them zero stars I would have. Save your time and your identity DON’T USE THIS APP!!!!!

- Don’t not get if you ever want to delete it

Got the app, tried it out and realized it’s not really money it’s points and the points can only buy you crappy stuff. The worst part of it though is you can’t delete it. I search on the app for the option to do so and found none. After googling it I discovered there is no option to delete you have to email them and ask them to delete it! That’s absurd! Not only that but I emailed them 5 days ago asking to delete my account and they have yet to reply. Worst app I have ever download I highly suggest staying away from it.

- Give us something we can actually use!

Though it runs in the background and doesn’t require a ton of effort, this app needs a serious facelift. The gift cards offers are useless and are for places people don’t even know. The “cash rewards” are also so unattainable it’s ridiculous. “Get paid to drive” should have never been in the description if we won’t ever be able to be paid. It’s clear from the other reviews that the only thing users want is a way to actually obtain the cash they earn, even if it’s capped at so much a month or if it’s gas station gift cards. Do better.

- Not worth it

Save your time. I don’t text and drive. I racked up $400 plus dollars from driving. The number of referrals that you need us ridiculous. I used some of my money to purchase the wireless ear pods. I got them, one of them will not charge. OF COURSE, no return or replacement. So I’m out $30 and will have to go buy at the store to replace them. No way to log in when you get logged out if your information isn’t correct. I moved and changed my number and don’t have the PIN number due to not having other number. I’m deleting this app and will not recommend it to any of my friends

- Cash out????

Overall great app, love the incentive behind it. However I have $300 racked up right now with no way of using it. I think a lot of others that use this app would love to see a way of being able to cash out, wether it would be through PayPal or linking a bank account, or building up so much until you can cash out. Otherwise nobody will want to use this because it’s essentially fake money.

- Total Scam

Not only is this app a scam, it tries to convince you to scam your friends too. When I first signed on, they at least made getting a few gas cards for 25-50$ attainable, IF YOU WERE LITERALLY LOGGED ON WHEN THE DEAL HIT, but now they don’t even offer that. Just a bunch of poorly made imported junk pictured to look like the real deal until you get it. Even then, it’s not free; they just offer you a “discount” to make it look like a good deal. IT IS NOT. Stay away! Learn how not to text and drive without needing any incentive other than saving lives because this crap isn’t worth your time to even install it.

- You can’t get your money.

The app is cool and it makes you motivated to stay off the phone but honestly I have over 150$ that I’ve accumulated in the short time I’ve had it because I drive about 86 miles 3 days a week. You can’t get your money. It says you can on pay pal and Venmo but I’ve yet to be able to do it. If they are going to tell you, that you can get paid via PayPal or Venmo you should be able to. Other than that they give you lame deals on things like 40$ off when an item from that store is 60$.

- Favorite app

I like the concept behind this application. However, my concern is that they require you to set your location settings so they track your mileage. They require it so they can automatically track your trips. I feel secure when using the application because you cannot use the phone while driving.

- This app is okay I guess

I have almost $300 racked up on this app from just keeping my phone locked while driving. Great right? No not really. Because the app developers keep promising that there’s multiple deals that you can cash out through PayPal or Venmo or different gas gift cards etc. which is great when they have them to offer. The same Hollywood sensation deal has been up for over 3 months now. Nobody wants to cash out for that crap! Give us the money you’ve promised us! This is starting to get ridiculous. Don’t promise things if you’re not going to follow up with them

- Great App With A Great Cause!!

I’ve had this app for about two months now. It really keeps my mind on the road and off my phone! I’ve been able to take advantage of a couple cash rewards and many of the discounts that they offer on top of the cash rewards. I know they’re still pretty new so I’m building up my OnMyWay Cash until new cash rewards come in.

- Great concept, HORRIBLE EXECUTION!!!!!

I think this is a good idea, however, the advertisement, Get Paid to Drive Safe is a false advertisement. Don’t ask for a paypal or Venmo if you won’t allow people to just transfer the money directly to it. The marathon deals are ridiculous and stupid. Don’t ask for bank account information if you won’t allow people to transfer money to their account. I understand being a new app, but seriously it’s ridiculous. If we can’t just transfer money to our account, Venmo or PayPal then don’t ask for the information. It’s ridiculous. So ridiculous.

- Good concept

I think the concept of this app is really good. Getting people to stay off of their phones by rewarding them with money. I have yet to be able to get the money. At first the app said it would get it into your bank account. Now there are “store cards” your money can go towards and you have to get an insane amount of money if you want it into your back account. I wanted to use the 250 card but it said I have to refer 250 people! 250 people!!!!!

- Nice app but....

I like the app. It’s a great concept and does work however the fact that you need so many referrals just to cash out for the money is ridiculous. I have over $600 cash but only one referral. At that rate I’ll never get the cash and that’s not fair. It’s not my fault nobody wants to sign up!!! You need to change that policy. We’ve earned the money therefore we should be able to cash out when we want without having people sign up under us. It’s the simple. If it’s not changed I’ll be deleting it soon.

- Most reviews for this ad are fake

This app is a joke, nobody responds to emails, and the things you can “earn” are so unrealistic. Don’t waste your time or efforts on this. Also, the reason it has a high rating is because most of the reviews are fake. If you read through some of them, they don’t really make sense and provide zero value to the actual app. It’s probably just their company’s employees and friends that are all making the false claims. They are all bunched together too, and being done at the same time, which makes it even more noticeable that they are fake.

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Kathryn Michalovic

Hey! Drive Safe, Get Paid! I’m getting a 7 Night Luxury Resort Getaway from OnMyWay. You can get this deal too, by not Texting and Driving! Download App Now with this link: #onmyway #travel

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OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid 0.0.16 Screenshots & Images

OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid iphone images
OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid iphone images
OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid iphone images
OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid iphone images
OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid iphone images
OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid Lifestyle application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid Lifestyle application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid Lifestyle application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid (Version 0.0.16) Install & Download

The applications OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid was published in the category Lifestyle on 2019-04-30 and was developed by omw [Developer ID: 1436132656]. This application file size is 68.72 MB. OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid - Lifestyle posted on 2020-07-27 current version is 0.0.16 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.onmyway.mobi

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