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With our library of over 5,000 GIFs, you can customize all of your favorite GIFs from sports, movies, TV shows and pop culture. Add your own faces, your own watermark and build customized content in seconds.

-Over 5,000 GIFs
-Add a face to any GIF
-New GIFs Daily
-Add your own faces from your photo library
-Meme GIFs ($$)
-Add your own watermark ($$)
-Share directly to Social Media
-Download GIFs as MP4's

GifJif App Description & Overview

The applications GifJif was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-02-04 and was developed by Max Shaw. The file size is 54.57 MB. The current version is 2.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Now you can export gifs as videos. This enables Snapchat and Instagram as sharing options!

More faces and more GIFs

Also bug fixes

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GifJif Reviews


Where has this app been hiding all my life?  grantr1844  5 star

I’ve already made myself LOL multiple times and I downloaded the app 30 minutes ago. Literally the ONLY thing that would make this better is being able to submit gifs.


Tiny pinpoint terrible  mitrerancour  1 star

Horrible app. You get a pin tip to outline a face. It’ll take you an hour to outline and then fill in the face with that tiny tip. No fill, no tip size options. No option to save a face in progress and go back and continue on it. No settings! No information. No tools. Nothing.


Is This A Scam?  TheUI  1 star

Just paid $9.99 yet didn’t get any of the features unlocked. Nice.


Best $1 spent in a long time  jgorabbit  5 star

Too much fun


Great app! Just missing one thing  Kue84  3 star

This app is great, but the only thing I wish you could do is upload your own gifs. So many good gifs out there that aren’t available in your library yet


Bravo  luvsorbet  5 star

This app is the best $.99 I’ve spend since double backing all my groceries at Whole Foods last week.


Face Problems  Dmdnkdla  1 star

My custom face doesn’t fit on any of the gifs it looks weird help!!!


Can’t upload your own gifs  darkrainbows  1 star

Can only work off their limited gif library good if you want sport gifs I guess.

SA Pig

Funny App  SA Pig  5 star

Great app to get a laugh during a group chat!!! Easy to use.


Enjoying  BobBob12345  5 star

Awesome app. Love using it.











Wow  TStrohmeyer  5 star

This app changed my life. I’m the funniest man in my group chat. Coincidentally I’m also the most annoying.


Wow...  Sexymexii  5 star

There are no words to describe the amount of laughter ive had using this app I would easily have paid $10 if i knew it was this good WOW


Please add  January62012  5 star

Please add Bobby Shmurda’s Shmoney dance where he flips his hat


(Suggestions)  ShalomBlau  3 star

This is a great app. But it would amazing if we were able to have the ability to edit gifs we have saved in our files as well. Instead of only being limited to what’s available in the searches of the app.

Goofy mike

Getting better  Goofy mike  3 star

Glad you guys added Facebook option. I wish we could upload our own gifs


Wow.  Brizzlejizzlekizzle  5 star

holy shinikies, this app changed my life. Thank you.


Yes.  Swooosh89  5 star

Wow. All I can say is wow. I am very pleased. This is too much fun


Fantastic  Cleveland_Cam  5 star

Simple. Fast. Just what I need. JifGif is honestly perfect. Use it for twitter like 10 times a week (slight hyperbole, but still). Would strongly recommend.


Not to bad  Daws23  3 star

Need a suggest gif feature


Awesome  Mixicino  4 star

Highly recommend this app. My only complaint is that I am having issues uploading to Facebook via the Facebook app so that I can post the gifs on my friends page. It takes me to mobile and I can only upload to my own page. I work around that by just posting the link. No biggie. Still give it a solid 4 with that 1 nitpick.

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