Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

Because beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, we endlessly refined Sketches brushes to create the most realistic drawing tools.

Sketches is the most realistic, versatile and user-friendly sketching app designed for a mobile device. This exhaustive artist's toolbox helps users create dazzling sketches, cheerful paintings and smashing illustrations on the go.

• Features
- Import photos
- Over 20 ultra realistic tools
- Incredibly realistic watercolor wet brushes
- Brush Editor
- Color Eyedropper

• Layers
- Use layers to simplify your task
- Export them as separate PNG with transparency
- import and export PSD layered files

• Cloud Sync
- Backup your drawings to the Cloud
- Synchronize your drawings between all your devices
- Manage sync options folder by folder

• Folders
Easily organize your drawings to personalize folders.

• Pressure Stylus support
Discover even more realistic brushes while Styluses.
We support Apple, Wacom and Adonit Styluses.

A Unique feeling: Each stroke behaves vividly and truly like a brush on paper, adapting the pressure, angle, and width to your movements. It's an effect you have to see to believe.

• A unique UI with a touch of Zen : Tools are hidden away as you create and the bare minimum buttons are shown to make for a very clean canvas..

• Community: Share your drawings with the Sketches Community where you can find inspirations and vote for other people drawings.

• List of tools
- Pen
- Rotring
- Felt Pen
- Pen Brush
- Oil Pastel
- Watercolor Dry and Wet brushes
- Acrylic brush
- Airbrush
- Area and Filling tool
- Patterns
- Text
- Shapes (iPad only)
- Eraser
- Cutter
- Smudge tool
- Ruler

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Tayasui Sketches Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Small issues fixed Color eyedropper now available

Tayasui Sketches Comments & Reviews

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- Best App you'll use!

Dear readers and future costumers, As a reviewer and rater I rate this five stars. First it's amazing! You can make pretty artwork and honestly it makes you artwork look likes it's about to go in the gallery. Second, there is a sketches community so you can look at others beautiful artwork. You can make folders for your work! It's only my first day and I have made ten beautiful bold drawings! Third, they help you use tools such as watercolor, paint brush, and much more by creating videos for the tutorials. They feature other apps which I think is brilliant. Fourth, there are fun daily activities you can draw! For me I'm not much of a artist but now I look like a masterpiece artist. This is why I named this review the best app you'll ever use! Thanks for your service and stay safe! I love sharing artwork with the nation! Also, they now let you have a stylist pen you can buy and draw with for the app! It's amazing! Buy this! I'm not much of a drawer but this is the best app ever and it makes me look like a pro at art! Love this and five star rating app! Forever yours, BestReviews

- One of the best drawing apps!

This is probably the best (and mostly only) drawing app on the appstore. It has given me a liberty to make stupid doodles whenever i want and that’s something I didn’t have before. But it can have some improvements. First off, when you drag drawings you can share them, send them to another folder, or delete them. And while this is useful, the manual also says i can move them inside the folder, but all i can do is order them in order of edition or creation. Can you make it so that you can move drawing wherever you want plz? Also a suggestion i have had for a long time is a option to use pixelart, that may sound dumb, but it would a lifesaver. Also can you make the pencils 100% pixelated? The blurry pencils may look nice and scene less but when using the filler tool it looks ugly and leaves you with a white outline. Also in the second layer the transparency is just white, making the cut option useless. Speaking of transparency, when you turn a drawing into a picture all the transparency is lost and turned into a white void, making using one drawing on another very dificult. And also i get that this is part of the Pro Version but i would love a colorpicker and multiple layers. And the option to choose when to turn an image into a foto. Anyways appart from that this is the perfect drawing app. 🙂👍

- My favorite drawing app, but it’s getting frustrating

I’ve had this app for a few years now, and I recently purchased the pro version. At first I loved it- the wide range of new tools and mechanics seemed to be worth the relatively low cost, but lately the app has been getting increasingly glitchy. Most of my problems stem from the layers, as I’ve seen a couple of other people mention. Every now and then, whenever I was working on a particularly large project, I’d get a warning about there being too many layers. Usually I’d merge or delete some and move on, but as of late I’ve been getting this message even with only a few layers, and when I do try and do something about it, it ends up doing strange things to my work (deleting something on one layer and replacing it with what I tried to get rid of, redrawing things I erased when I try to resume working, filling random layers in completely black and then backing up so that I can’t undo it, just to name a few). This kind of thing has started happening even without a layer warning. I’ve tried looking up anything I could do to fix it, but the most common response I could find was to download the latest version of the app, which as far as I can tell I’ve done. I love this platform, but I can’t handle worrying every moment about whether or not my hours of work will be ruined without warning.

- Cool! But...

This is a pretty chill game. You got your different tools, you got your layers, you got an unlimited color palette to choose from, and a way for you to share your creations. I’ve have this app for a while now and I just adore how simple yet intricate it is. Usually when I get an app to draw on, its usually setup to be too intricate or not intricate enough—and this app finally provides a nice middle ground between the two. I love this app to death, and sure the paywall is kind of ridiculous but how else are companies supposed to expect a free app to make funds out of it. There is just one flaw in this app that has nothing to do with its setup or lack of layering system , but with one of the tools. Whenever I try to use the “scissor” tool to move certain objects in my drawing around, it somehow glitches, multiplies the area I selected, and distorts said region. Its almost impossible for any digital artist to live without this tool so I don’t understand why this issue has not been accounted for yet. I am not aware if I am the only one experiencing this, but this problem has become very annoying and made the chill times I had with this app very mediocre. I hope that this problem gets fixed soon in the next update.

- Things need to be fixed

For when Sketches updates, they are always bug fixes. Nothing is actually fixed. When I got pro, I wanted to check out the community. It wasn’t there, then I went to the section that said daily activities. Found the community, with a blue background instead of white. Also, none of the pictures would load. I am typing this a day after I got pro, so I tried several times. Before I got pro, I liked to visit the community. Some people complained about their drawings being randomly deleted. All of these things need to be fixed. Edit: I have fixed my problem, I simply deleted, reinstalled and restored my purchase. I can now see the community! People complaining about their art being deleted is due to being reported, yet almost everyone’s art, I see no reason to report it. I did all this without contacting developers, as I knew I could figure out the solution. Thanks, Tayasui(?) Sketches for being my favorite drawing app:) Edit 2: Tayasui is my favorite art app, but guess what? I went to eat, then no community. I don’t really care about pro, but at least I experienced it. You can already get gradients, more layers, and more without pro. Still, Tayasui is my favorite app, even though it has problems.

- My Sketches Experience

Personally, I give this app a three out of 5 stars because of two things. First, the community doesn’t work at all for me, but I don’t know at all about other people’s experiences. Whenever I try to post something on the community, after WAITING 24 HOURS, it doesn’t end up on the new section of the community. My friend and I have been trying to look for my pictures, but we haven’t found any of them. I’ve seen multiple of hers, so I’m not sure what the problem is. It frustrates me soooo much because all these other amazing artists can post what they have made but I can’t it’s just unfair to me. For me at least, the sketches community is broken and will always be broken. Second, I think that the blending tool isn’t really helpful, and why do you have to buy the sketches pro?! I think that if it’s free, then it should come free all the way. The blending tool doesn’t really blend well if your trying to blend certain things. It’s really only good for backgrounds in a picture. Other than those problems I face, the rest is pretty good. I enjoy the wide variety of tools. Just to remind y’all, this is my opinion and if you don’t respect it that’s fine by me. 😂♥️ Thank you 😊

- This is a Must Read Before Using!

This app has a lot of potential, and I do enjoy using it, except some big things that make it a lesser experience. One is the brush selection. The brush selection is limited to just over ten brushes I think, which is great if you’re looking for a simple interface for basic sketches. But if you’re like me, and looking for a customizable interface with tons of selections for more advanced art, this app isn’t for you. Another thing I wanted to acknowledge was the layers. If you’re looking to get the pro version, this won’t affect you; but in the free version, you have two layers, and you’re not allowed to add more unless you get the pro version. Overall, this app is good, but I would like more options, especially for free users. It’s basic, which can be good or bad, depending on what you’re using it for. This app has all the artistic essentials, meaning if you’re looking for an app where you can quickly and easily put down ideas or make sketches, this is the right app for you. But if you’re like me, and looking for tons of options, to make more advanced art, a couple apps I’d recommend are Autodesk Sketchbook, IbisPaint X and Medibang. Thank you for your time.

- The “glitch”

Let me start by saying that this app as a social media app is wonderful. It lets you post your art on a community page for people to see, and there’s no commenting so my mom actually lets me use it ;) Sadly, the community page has been affected by something the artists on there (including myself: she’s so coconut,) call “the glitch”. As well as having the reputation of some sort of demonic shadow, (lol), the glitch deletes all of an artist’s posts and likes. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but we haven’t figured out what the criteria is. Anyway, it’s happened twice. The first time is as described, but the second time the likes and posts are reduced to “...”, essentially making it impossible to have more than one post at a time. So, if you’re going to buy this app and use the community, bear in mind that there are a few major flaws, at least right now. (Tayasui, if you’re reading this, PLEASE work on fixing the glitch, because the most recent update made it worse.) You have been warned. Also, if anyone on tayasui dev team reads this, please add a search feature to the community page. The new tab isn't enough. Ty

- Love it but some issues

Recently I got this app (Including the pro version) since I’ve been looking for a drawing app that I could easily sketch on without it feeling all slippery. This is probably one of the best apps for it and I’ve instantly fallen for it. However, there are a few things that sort of break that for me. First, the brush sizes. The brush sizes don’t go that far up or that far down for some. I love the blending brush, but the minimum size is just way too big for me to blend anything with since I tend to draw small. It ends up smudging the whole drawing when I attempt to do so, which bums me out since I love blending. Second, exporting to other apps. I’ve tried multiple times to export my drawings to procreate but it won’t work no matter what I do. When I go to procreate after exporting, it will say that it’s exported but it never appears. Even if I try saving it to my files and just grabbing it from there, it still refuses to show up, whether it’s a psd or anything else. The only way I can export it is by saving it as a png, which unfortunately means I would have to flatten the drawing. I was really looking forward to using this app, I’m hoping it can be improved.

- Wonderful versatility and ease of use

I’m an amateur self-taught artist, and I have used this program to make digital art for the last 3 years spanning from simple cartoon style art to semi-realism. I finally upgraded to the Pro Version a few days ago, and it exponentially increased my love for this app. The free version itself offers a wide variety of tools, and you can certainly finesse them to get really good results, but the Pro is a game changer with the addition of better shading ability, tool shapes/sizes, more patterns, etc. I find a lot of other professional-use digital art programs to be daunting and confusing, especially to the average artist/young and aspiring one, but this app is so easy to figure out. It presents itself in a beautiful, colorful and modern fashion, and whether you’re a professional artist on an iPad Pro or a teenager who happened to download this on their iPhone 6, Sketches enables you to make stunning pieces at very little cost. Overall a fantastic app all things considered.

- A decent drawing app

I have been to using this app for as long as it has been out. I have learned new techniques and developed an art style for myself. But over time the app became more difficult to do more detailed drawings on. Whenever I try to do any detailed drawings something always goes wrong. Recently, I had been working on a drawing for the past three days and my app started crashing every so often. I knew the reason why was because I had too many layers so I went and merged a few layers together. Usually this fixes the problem at least somewhat but the app still crashed, and eventually it got to the point where I couldn't even open the drawing without it crashing. On top of that there are various bugs for example, your smallest size for the pen is increased from 1.4 to 2.6 as soon as you select the eraser. The only way to fix this problem is to restart the app and so it becomes very difficult to do rough sketches or do fine details in drawings. This app is great to do simple and quick drawings on, but if you plan on doing anything more than that you are going to be met with frustration and disappointment.

- An amazing drawing app

This app is amazing for drawing. Let me explain, first, the tools are useful. Some apps will give you 3 or 4 tools, or some wold give you way to many. This app gives you just a right amount to create good drawings. Another thing is the layers. So some will not include layers at all, and yes this one does only give you 2, but it gives you a reason to get pro. Plus you can create some pretty stellar things with 2 layers. And while the good features are saved for pro, it’s doesn’t do what other apps will do that make it so you need pro. I really only have one issue with this app. When you make custom colors sometimes they just get deleted in certain drawings for no reason. I think that’s quite a major issue, because custom colors are fairly important, but that’s the only issue I can really think of with this app. Everything else I don’t like is just because I can’t get pro. But as an app it’s really good. Would definitely recommend.

- Very versatile and easy to use

I think this app is amazing! Obviously there are certain limits, but all the things you can do are very impressive. This was my first digital drawing app and I think it did such a good job introducing me to the world of digital art. Not only was it very easy to figure out what everything did (both by experimenting and reading their guide), it also had all/most of the things I would consider important like layers, resizing, cutting and pasting, importing pictures, exporting pictures, etc. I also use it for like simple photoshop because you can erase around certain things in pictures and move them around to your liking. Also, I would not recommend doing this, but I don’t have a stylus and draw with my finger and can still make good artwork. So overall, if you are looking for something that is easy to use and maybe something to introduce you to digital art, go for sketches!

- Uh

Hi so I was wondering about the blending tool I have not upgraded to pro yet but the blending tool is kinda weird like I made a gacha edit for myself and I wanted to blend some shading together for a cleaner look but it like warped everything near where I tried to blend and it pulled bits and pieces of the art into the middle of everything so I gave up on that idea after fifteen million tries and instead made my OC glitching away as I like to call it but it's not the same cause her pose and facial expression do not go with the whole glitching away thing can you fix this please?? This problem is really bugging me out but it also sparked new ideas thank you devs!!!!!!! Edit: so I am working on a chibi piece and I had to color in all of the parts with my finger because I did not want to use the fill since it always leaves a sad white ring around the lines can you please fix this issue developers???? I really do not want to use fill and then use a different tool to fill the white ring idk why but it my preference

- Great app! But there’s one problem.

Sketches is my favorite app! It’s very helpful for when I’m in the car or have no paper. And if I have a new idea for a drawing, I can easily sketch it out! Oh, and sorry if I sound like a commercial. I just love Sketches! But my favorite part is the layers. Sometimes, I forget to put something behind a character. Usually my art would get ruined when I tried to add...let’s say a sunset...behind a cat. I told my friend (who also has Sketches) about my problem and she taught me how to use layers. But one thing; a few days ago I was trying to make some stars in the background of one of my drawings. But it cut through the body—which was white—and made it look the color of the stars. I figured it was a glitch, but I tried doing something similar on another drawing, and it did the same. I don’t know if you made it do this...? But if not, is there any way you can fix it? If you’ve read this far, well done. Have a fantastic day, and if you haven’t already—GET THIS APP!!

- Great app, but a few kinks to work out

I use this app on a regular basis for drawing cartoons. Overall, it's a wonderful app and worth using. While yes, opening the app and having to wait a few minutes for it to finish "Rebuilding Database" can be a bit annoying, it's worth the wait to use the app. However, even after waiting until it finishes loading and opening a drawing to work on, I have started having a small gray box appear in the middle of my screen (once again reading "Rebuilding Database"). Unlike the one that appears when the app is starting up, this box doesn't seem to make any sort of progress along the lines of loading-- meaning it just sits there in the middle of my screen (and drawing), which is more than a bit bothersome. I do admit that I am very cautious when I am drawing, and I tend to make a copy of my drawing every time I make a significant edit as to not lose too much progress should the app force quit out of nowhere. This results in having many, many drawings, which may cause problems with the app being slow sometimes or taking a while to make copies of drawings. I don't know if this has anything to do with my "Rebuilding Database" problems, but I assume that, like any problem, I'm not the only person dealing with it. Aside from my own personal issues, this app is one of the best I've ever used, and I know I will continue using it for a long time. Thank you for your time in reading this, and have a nice rest of your day.

- Best drawing app ever!

Okay, so! I’ve gotten this app a few months ago, like 3 or something, and I JUST LOVE IT!!!! I have my own style, and it’s just really fun and easy to use as far as my experiences have gone. I’ve tried a bunch of other drawing apps, but this is by far the best so far. And the IAP makes it much better, too. I just have two issues. One is that whenever I want to upload to the community, (love that feature, by the way) it doesn’t. I wait 24 hours, and it’s not there. I’ve only gotten about seven artworks out when I’ve supposedly uploaded more. It’s super annoying. Also, whenever I use the fill tool on big spaces, it has a weird white ring that’s annoying to deal with. It’s not a big thing, just a minor nuisance, but I still wanted to point it out, as a few others have done. Thank you for reading, this app is great!

- Awesome!!! Just a few things though

One thing that I love to do is draw. When I have no paper around me, I always draw with this. I just have a few things I would like you too add. Firstly, I’d like you too add customize your materials. You could customize the size of the brush or pen, maybe give each pen a specific color to have so when you use it it shows up that color. Another thing is that you could have pallets. You could make as many as you want, and chose colors to be in them. With the pallet, you could make a specific drawing for that pallet, With only being allowed to use that pallet. Last, maybe you could add lessons to help people start off with using the app. You could purchase each lesson for the same price. Also with these lessons, it could also give you a special color, only available to have with that lesson. P.S. I honestly don’t know if all of these exist already, but if they do, Then please tell me.

- Good, but could use some things

While the app overall is well-working, practical, etc., there are a few things it could use. For example, it would be much more practical for layers to have more settings, such as locking them, different types of layers, and changing the colors of certain layers. Things like these would make the app more useful for full-fledged drawings. Say you are a person who uploads comics on a daily basis. You would like the tablet you use to connect to your computer and draw simultaneously so it's easier for you to upload said comics. But with this app, I can't figure out how to connect the tablet and computer so they work at the same time. (For the app.) I've visited the help and support site multiple times, but there is no way to connect the tablet and the computer for drawing. It would make the app more functional for those who post their drawings on social medias. Now, this part isn't a complaint of any sort, just an idea I had. What if on the folders, you could put one of your drawings up for the cover? As I said, no complaint, but it would be a nice detail to add. This is the basic summary of my review: 1. Add more layer settings (lock, color change, types, etc.). 2. Try to make it so you can connect your tablet to your computer so you can draw simultaneously and post it up easier. 3. Make it so we can put our drawings up as the folder's cover. --- T h a n k Y o u ---

- This app is awesome, but I have one suggestion.

Okay, so I think this app is awesome and I love to draw all sorts of different things on it. I especially like the community section, however it only lets you post once a day for some reason? I think you should be able to post as many times as you want. You don't have to make it so that you can post several times a day, I am just wondering why it is the way it is, so please tell me. I love all of the different tools, and I like doing community things, I just think there should be no limit to how many you can share. Maybe that’s just because I am addicted to drawing, but I hope you read this and maybe consider opening the amount, maybe not even completely, but a little more that one. Like, 2, 3, or 4. Thanks for listening

- Ok but...

Like whenever I start to draw a few minutes from when I started it kicks me out i mean I love to draw more than anyone but this app has to give me clearance when ever I post to sketches whenever I try to post something with a picture it says it won’t post it because it doesn’t accept photos without drawings well when I draw on it and then post it it says I already posted and I can’t post until tomorrow AND other people have this thing called the lace pattern I already bought pro but I don’t have it. I love this app but I have needs and you’re not meeting them. Why isn’t there unlimited posting after I’ve posted I have to wait a day until I can post again when I get up the next morning and I try to post but my post hasn’t even been posted yet! And it won’t even let me see the community unless I’m connected to the internet I now that’s fair but I hold my point! This app is glitchy, controlling, and overall very hectic!

- Honest review

So initially after downloading this app I really enjoyed using it, I love the vibrant colors, tools and even the sound when using a brush etc. and I really like it all the same, I even recommended it to my friends however, they’ve searched and it does not appear in play store, so that’s that... (not the root of my complaints btw). However, I cannot rate it a 5 star as I have been having problems with with viewing the community sketches for maybe a week or more now. I have posted my sketches too and it told me I would be able to view after 24 hours and the last one was over 5 days ago, that is very unsatisfactory. I really love using this app above all others I’ve tried and will continue to use it. However, I am asking you to please fix this issue and in that time I will be able to rate a solid 5 star. Excellent job with everything else though.

- Eh. Didn’t have to remove all the basic functions.

Got this for free about two to three years back. Made incredible digital pieces (at the time) on a tiny iPod screen. Came back to it when I got a new iPhone only to find out most of the very useful features have been stripped to Pro version (5$??? Come on man). Look. I’m not going to pretend I know everything about value in premium apps and such. But I do feel slighted. Devs could’ve at least left some basic functions like the razor tool, the pattern fill, the multiple layers, etc, or had people who already downloaded it keep the older version and get the newer functions in premium for less. It’s just kind of lame. I mean hell. The fill tool even leaves a crappy white ring around the filled space. It’s like they purposefully made the existing features bootleggy to strong arm ya into buying the “full” thing. But that’s enough ranting. The app served me well for the time I used it.

- The best free drawing app ever!!!

Ok, so I have been looking for a decent drawing app for awhile now. And when I saw this in the App Store I thought it was too good to be true, but it really is amazing. Of course, there are extra features you can buy, but this is the first drawing app where you actually get most of the tools and colors for free. It’s a simple, easy to use design. I can now work on developing my comics, and with the super helpful undo button and pinch and zoom, my art turns out good. Well, for my standards at least. XD if you want a great app with helpful tools and pens and brushes that you can even change the opaqueness of, this is the app for you. Super simple, yet effective. Thanks for making this app creators. I can now not rip a hole through my paper with my eraser. It’s totally worth it to get this app.

- Really great simple drawing app!

This is a very great app! I really like all of the tools, the connecting/smoothing tool is very nice, and helps things look better if you have to fill in a hole in your watercolor. One thing I would recommend is remembering to zoom out, or swiping the tools panel to the left when drawing on the left side of the page, as my first drawing ended up not going all the way to the left because I didn't know there was more canvas behind the tools panel. This app is very easy to understand, simple yet quite clever. If you want to make really professional drawings, I would recommend procreate, but procreate is just so hard to understand, much too complicated if you ask me. This app has the perfect mix of simplicity and productivity, and lets you be creative!

- I loved this app however I have a few complaints about the new changes that were made.

When I first got this app I instantly fell in love with it. As a young artist, I had found it very difficult to find good apps to do art on until I got this one. I loved the fact that I could have a larger range of tools and color choices at my fingertips, something other art apps seemed to lack. My favorite tool was the duplicate layers tool, as it allowed me to create extra layers that were necessary to improving the overall quality of my work. I would normally have given such a perfect app 5 stars, however the fact that the duplicate layer tool has been deleted, lowers my satisfaction. I still plan to use the app, however I do hope that they re-add the ability to duplicate layers, as that is one of the things that made this app so special. Thanks.

- Absolutely everything! Perfect!!

I never write reviews for anything but after using this app, I stopped watercoloring physically because I tend to make a mess and waiting for everything to dry is a pain sometimes. There is so much control when you are drawing. You can water color, paint, change the opacity, color, cut and paste, blend smudge , dry or wet to blend. The most important thing is, there is a multi layer system so you can control each layer you paint on. It is absolutely amazing. There is just one complaint I have. I don't like how the text option is very fixed. After you apply the text, you can't move it, make it bigger or anything. You have to delete and retype and remove it until it is perfect. Beside that I'm obsessed with this app and I am in love!

- Good, but often annoying

So I purchased the pro version a couple years ago when I first got into digital art and wanted to practice without going out and buying a drawing tablet. It works well for the most part, but there have been a few little slips lately that really irk me. I have set this app so that it automatically saves my drawings every 3 minutes, which is great - when it actually works. So many times I’ve seen the app tell me that my work is saved, but when I close out and open it back up later, several of my latest layers are missing. Not just hidden, completely gone. That’s usually around an hour or so of my work erased and never to be returned. Kind of annoying the first time it happened, but I figured it would be a one time thing. Nope! Usually happens at least once for each piece I work on, which is kind of infuriating ngl. Other little blips I’ve had include: the undo button and two finger swipe not working (have to use the eraser for previous strokes or manually delete unwanted layers which is fine occasionally, but really irritating when it’s constant), the app sometimes closes out and erases my most recent work so that it reverts to the previous version, and several minor details. Overall a cool idea, but NEEDS to fix some pretty major bugs before I’d recommend to anyone.

- [Review in Spanish]

Ive been doing digital art on this app since 2016 and all ill say is that its quite possible my favorite app I've ever used since then, i sticked with it this long and i got no plan on switching to any other app, But please give us the users an option to continue to use old brushes that have been updated, I loved the acrylic brush for the longest time but ever since the new look of the brush, its big change isn’t a good one for me, I just want the option to keep both the old and new brush so everyone can be happy, and so hopefully other people who also lost their favorite brush just have to move to another app because they couldn’t get their old option of the brush back. This app is wonderful but just changing the brushes can be very devastating for long term artists like others such as me.

- Amazing app and help for other users.

It’s a great drawing app and has few flaws! All the tools that you can use without pro is fine with me and I’m pretty sure that’s the same with most people. For all those people throwing a rant about it undo-ing when you zoom in, you can just turn it off in settings. Go to settings (in the top 3 buttons), then click preferences, then scroll down until you see “Swipe to undo.” Then just turn it off. There. Problem solved. Without pro it’s pretty much fine for simple artists but if you want to make something really detailed, you should probably get pro but I don’t really know cause I don’t have pro. But overall it’s a pretty great app. - A 11 year old scrolling the internet

- One little issue!!

Whenever I go to the sketches community recently, it just shows the loading circle with a black background, and the only thing that it recognizable about this to be the sketches community is the ‘new’, ‘popular’, and ‘featured’ sections (which all have the same screen of black whenever you may click it.) I thought it was maybe my WiFi when this started happening, so I waited. But I was waiting for a significant amount of time; my WiFi bar(s) barely dropping. I was annoyed with this and wanted to see the works of other people as well as mine to see if it made it in there safely. Please fix this if you can!!! I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this problem, but it is something that I felt was important to share. Thank you for reading this review! Have a nice day 💖

- A problem...

I’ve been using this app for a long time, and I trust it with all of my digital art. I felt the need to write a review now because it’s the only I know how to reach the developers of the app about a recent problem I’ve been having. For about three days now the app has been refusing to open. I start it up, and it almost immediately crashes. Like I said before, I’ve been using this for a long time. I have so many pictures I’ve drawn from the past, and things I was still working on. Despite that, I deleted the app and reinstalled it. It was fine the first time I opened it, but the second time I went to use it it crashed just like before. It was stupid of me to delete the app but I thought I could fix the problem myself. I’m pretty mad that it’s still not working.

- Review, tips, and suggestions.

This is such an amazing app! I can’t get enough of it. The tools are realistic, you can adjust lots of things to your liking, and it saves your work every three minutes! Even without the Pro feature, it is still great. Once you play around with it, you get really used to it and it becomes fun. I do find it a bit annoying that each action has a sound. I’m sitting there working on art while listening to some tranquil music, when all of the sudden you hear a KRRTCH KRRTCH from my iPad. It’s rather annoying. Lately, after the iOS update, the app won’t open. I’m unsure if this is because the makers of the app hasn’t created a new update or if it’s just my iPad, but I want to work on my art and I ask that the developers see to this and fix it. Thank you!

- Pretty good drawing app, but one major problem...

This is a pretty good app on its own and I’ve been using it on my iPad for a long time now for many of my digital drawings and sketches. However, recently I have found that when I try to enter the app, it crashes before I can even access a folder outside the one it loads you into. I’ve redistributed my drawings to my phone and the app works just fine on there, but I have deleted and reinstalled the app on my iPad (where the crashing issue initially is) and it still crashes when I load my backed up drawings into the app again. I don’t know if it’s the new update that causes this issue or if this app can only handle a certain limited capacity, but I’m not sure what to do. I can’t even use the app to draw or edit at all on my iPad.

- Brush opacity/size ALWAYS in the way now since newest update

Why on earth did you change the zen mode to have all these little icons on the screen? But worse, you recently changed the interface so I cannot “x” away the opacity/size sliders, and now when I draw with Apple Pencil, no matter what, my hand CONSTANTLY changes those sliders making it miserable to try and sketch freely or in a “zen” mode. That was a terrible change. The app has bene great, but you’re making Unnecessary changes that are actually making the experience less fun and more cumbersome and it’s making procreate look more appealing with the ability to completely hide the interface so I feel like I’m drawing on an actual sketchbook, which is what tayasui used to feel like. Please PLEASE make it so those sliders can be hidden.

- idea

maybe if we like an artist a lot, we can have the option to “favorite” them. When we favorite an artist, they can be put on some kind of “favorite artists” list, so that we can always come back to them. We can also (of course) put multiple artists there. The reason why I’d like this to be added is because I’m the type of person who pretty much just scrolls through their favorite artist’s artwork and favorites every single artwork that they like, but sometimes, some of the art that I favorited disappears, and I lose contact with the artist completely because it just magically became unfavorited. So yeah, this would be quite helpful instead of the favoriting stuff, in my opinion at least..

- Major billing issues

I purchased this app on our main family account, then also added it to both of our children’s iPads to use for art lessons. The FAQ section states “we would not be charged a second time.” However, we were charged a total of three times for the Pro version, even with family sharing! I’ve disputed it with Apple and was turned down without a stated reason. I’ve submitted again for review, it’s ridiculous to pay over $18 ($6.35 x 3) for an app that was family sharing eligible! I would appreciate a refund. Function wise - the app is fantastic and does what we needed for our art lessons. The fantastic capabilities are offset for me by being overcharged! If someone would please contact me, and correct the billing error, I would be very happy to amend this review. Otherwise, other parents should beware.

- Good starter!

I use this app because it is easy to access and I’m still figuring out Fire alpaca. It’s a good app! I do have a problem with the fact there’s no line smoother, though. The lineart is usually wiggly no matter how much caution I have while drawing. A line smoother would definitely be handy! Second off, this app is hard to do detailed drawings on! The blending doesn’t look that good and only 2/4 blenders actually work. Also, there’s no blur tool, no select option, and the brushes aren’t overall amazing quality. The things I wanna see from this app are line smoothing, better blend controls, blur tools, and a make it easier for detailed drawings. Good app overall! I would also like to say that whenever o download a piece, it always comes out blurry and strange looking. Please fix this!

- Highly recommended!

I downloaded it for the first time and it was amazing, I love to draw and this app is perfect for me. I use this app for all my drawings on instagram. It is easy to use, not at all confusing and has so many beautiful brushes, my favourite is the watercolour one. I loved it so much, I decided to buy the pro pack, it was life changing, so much better. I highly recommend for artists and beginners, even the free version, but the pro is very much worth your money. you can use an apple pen and when you use it, it won’t let use draw with your hand which is so useful because I like to put my hand on the paper while drawing. It is just like drawing on paper but 100 times better!😁

- Limited features, Frustrating zoom/undo functions

I downloaded this app with high hopes but once I opened it and tried drawing, I was not impressed. Not very many pens to choose from, pen size and opacity were not able to be quickly changed, it was difficult to quickly choose a new color that is not in the list of colors(and once you did create a new color it was automatically placed somewhere else in the list of colors), THERE IS NO DROPPER TOOL! Special functions like: swipe 2 fingers left to undo and right to redo! were extremely annoying when trying to zoom in/out and there is always a delay when trying to zoom in/out, additionally you cannot zoom in very far. You cannot rearrange the *TWO* layers you are given, adding more costs money. I think that's pretty much it for the negative comments, but the watercolor brush looked nice so +1 ⭐️star for the watercolor brush.

- Could be better still good

As a artist I love to draw digitally but I left this app for quit a long time because it was being buggy and deleted my art and likes in Community but I still have a lot of art in the app the folders say they save to iCloud I am not sure if that means they save to photos I want to make a new profile in community while keeping my profile already if possible unfortunately I can’t find a way to make a new profile at all. I thought about deleting the app and getting agin but I can’t find out if I should save all my art before because I have so much I really would like the app to just let me put a second profile is possible also please add search bar so I can I search certain profiles like my friends and my friends can find me Please dev team I would like to be able to add more than one profile and hopefully add search bar ? Thank you

- Had this for many years, hands down my favorite drawing app.

To start this review off, I've had Tayasui Sketches since about 2016 or 2017. Over the years I've had it, I've used it for many many of my drawings and it's just such a nice app to draw with. The tools and brushes feel realistic and I love the textures they have. However, the Sketches has been getting increasingly glitchy, which makes me very upset as I love this app. The watercolor brush acts like it's wet when it's supposed to be dry and sometimes folders won't let me change their name or folder background. I would love for these glitches and many others to be fixed. Other than that, this app has my heart and I highly recommend it for casual artists. Thank you Tayasui for this wonderful app :). -Beachai

- I lost everything

I already made a review about this but its lost in a pile of other reviews, so I’ll make a new one. Great app but the community tab has some problems. Months ago I used to be apart of the community until the app glitched and I lost all my posts and the option to post anything nowadays, which made me super upset ( I still am. ) This was happening to lots of people in the community and made many upset. If they didn’t lose all their posts and such, then some of their posts would randomly disappear and their art would get mixed around in with their old art. This made lots of people leave, and I used to feel like I was part of a art community, then all this happened! I don’t get why it did this. Can someone help me out? I want to post again and feel as appreciated as I was when I could post.

- Horrible Glitches

Ok, so its rather good to use! But I have some major problems. With the new update, comes new glitches. And I mean bad ones! For some reason, my undo and return home button disappeared? You couldn’t equip any tools either. It also crashes time to time and let me tell you, it sets you back way to far! The app needs to save your progress more. Also, it will create a huge splotch when you tap the screen with the paintbrush tool. I used it for a school project, and thanks to these glitches it could have set me back way to far then it should have. The only reason I’m giving it three stars is due to the mostly positive community and the good features. I recommend either learning to get around these glitches, or get used to more advanced stuff and use another drawing app.

- Amazing, just a few community things.

It would be so much better if you could search for account names and view your favorite artists’ posts. Instead, you kind of just have to dig through the New section and hope you find one of their posts. Another thing is that I’ve been “limited to one post per day” for like a year now. It might be that I included a picture for a reference in one of my drawings, but it’s really annoying, like I’ll draw something, look at the community and get inspired, then draw another thing and not be able to post it. Anyway, this is by far the best drawing app I’ve used. Five stars despite the above listed issues.


I Love this app SO much. It’s fun and easy to use. I have a small screen and still drawing with this is super easy! I recommend this for beginners and pros, but there is a reason for the title of my review. When I first got the app I was so exited! I made tons of cool art easily shows them off to my family and friends, and I was all ready to post them and I realized, I don’t know how to post. I tried everything. I tried moving them into the community folder I tried the send button I asked everyone in my house for advise but I was the only one with the app, but besides that I think this app is perfect. That is just something that has been bugging me FOREVER, but I still love this app! P.S. Please respond that never happens and I really want it to happen now.


I have had this app for almost 2 years, and it is awesome! I honestly don’t see and problem with it. And it has a pro version, but it’s only 5.99 not a month or a week, you just pay once! Which in my perspective is awesome! If you don’t have the pro version it doesn’t annoy you every second to get it. And there is no ads! Even with out the pro, NO ADS! And usually apps have ads. They have super cool tools, and amazing colors! If you can’t find a color you like then you can add one! You can make folders and there is now daily activities, such as color the elephant or draw a smile! This is one of my favorite apps, and I love it! Please know you did a great job!

- Fabulous App

Great app with lots of options, all pretty easy to learn with practice. I upgraded to the paid version when I started getting serious about my doodles and it was worth the $6. I hope there are more updates with cool features in the future, I’m willing to pay for them. Definitely a 5 star app but there’s always room for improvement. Only a few things annoy me with the main one being sometimes the app gets glitchy and won’t copy/paste to correctly. Other things are the touch sensitivity with the tools and I wish the tools were labeled while drawing but the latter is probably on me getting better at recognizing which tool does what.

- Wishlist for the best watercolor app!

First let me say this has the best watercolor simulation of any app iPad or otherwise. The other tools are good but the watercolor is exceptional ! Given that and the tilt sensing of the iPad I’d like it taken further and simulate the washing and running of the w.color when the painting surface is tilted, the way the paint pools on the lower edge, etc. On a more pedestrian note, the layered PSD support should be beefed up, layer masks & groups would be helpful, but layered PSD export that can opened by most apps is #1 to me ( the only app I’ve found so far to open with levels is Art Studio Pro which can then export a useable PSD). If you can do this without clunking up the elegant interface I love you longtime!

- Very nice!

First of all, I love this app! All the tools are satisfying to use as their textures are similar to real life counterparts, and the app’s clean design make navigating super easy for people who just want to sketch, like me. One thing I would love to see implemented is the ability to rotate the whole entire canvas. It would make drawing a whole bunch easier as I can simply rotate the canvas to fit the natural way I sketch curves. Something like two fingers that turn would add to my great experience. Overall, I love Tayasui Sketches and would recommend it to anyone looking for a free alternative to light sketch work but still with amazing textures and rendering. My personal favorite tool is the pencil- looks so realistic!

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- Standard typeface is missing; any new drawing would need a new, different typeface.

The new update has contained a refreshed interface and has allowed tools such as the ruler to be available, making relatively simple tasks much easier and I have not faced any issues. However the seems to be a noticeable absence in the ‘Standard’ font which makes an appearance on all of my drawings. I hope this is fixed otherwise my life would become much more difficult and my drawings would not maintain the same level of consistency that was present before the update. It has been more than ten months since my drawings had for whatever reason, disappeared (I can forget about it, but alas..). Occasionally, my experience with the app has definitely been affected by glitches and bugs. I hope the developers will reduce the likelihood of bugs and glitches to occur, that would cause the app to crash, that could leave me in a state of panic and reinstalling the app, only for my drawings to disappear. An app that I have been using for two years should evolve and improve over time, learning from mistakes and improving the quality and usage experience of the app. Somtimes when using this app, I feel a little let down by the glitches and bugs that are still present. As a result of this long-standing reputation, I cannot rate this more than four stars.

- Good app but

This is a great app for doodles and actual art. I love this program. Medibang and other programs are better obviously but this program just seems better and more flow to it. I would give it 5 but a few bits annoy me. First, having a specific size, high. Or low, I really annoying. Just let me please have a smaller size of the brush instead of the lowest being 4.0. Second, I cannot zoom in all the way. I am trying to draw something Close up to draw but the closest is not close enough. Third, I cannot turn the page. Why can I turn the page? I really want to turn the page to draw specifically. Very annoying these things and also having to buy &10 for more layers is very annoying. But still a great app. If you guys fix these details then the app would be better then it already is.

- Fast & Easy on iPad.

Very fast and easy to use. Just trying the free version. NO ADS - Brilliant, and it doesn’t hassle you for reviews. Excellent visual help instructions pop up - Take time to read them all quickly (w min) and you will be creatively drawing in no time. Quick and easy to share the drawing via Message, Email, etc. It did crash and lost the current drawing but there is an option (which I think is on by default) that saves your drawings every 3 min. So minus 1 star on the rating for the crash and the eraser tool not fully working on the background layer (which I’ve reported) but I will be buying the Pro version because it’s so nice to use and I can save my images to my iPad Photos library as I go if I draw anything I really want to keep. The app is mature at version 18 and the developer has many other up-to-date apps so I take that as a good indication that they will continue to be around in the future for bug fixes, iOS updates and support (hope so). This version is free, has no adds, and is extremely functional with the tools that are included without the need to buy the extras, so I highly recommend you give it a go.

- Amazing app, just a little compliant and a small bug

Now, I’ve been using this app for a couple months now and I have to say, I love it with everything I have! It’s been working quite well with me although I only have one complaint; where is the standard font? Ever since I updated the app, I’ve been wondering were the standard font is seeing as it doesn’t seem to list of fonts I can use if I want to type something and I myself like making comics and have used the standard font for that purpose. As well as that, one of my friends who also uses the app has found a bug where when she tries using the light tool on any of her artworks on the same layer as something else, the drawing gets deleted!

- Best best app but....

It is a good app I found and I think is is good for drawing. But the thing is there are not much tools to use to draw. It don’t have paint but only have watercolour and you can’t upload pictures on it. And also we want some Texas and more as such. And there are no things like colouring because I know you added something to entertain children and people can draw or colour or add thing on it but they never lock. When I wanted to do it I did something wrong and I rubbed it out but it rubbed other things out too! And I came back in and it was still half of the page rubbed out. The good thing about this app is that I can draw as many and I can draw whatever I like. This is a very good app.

- My favourite app

I've used this app for over 3 years now and it has never let me down. I have learnt many many useful features and I'm still uncovering new ones. This app is my all time favourite mobile app and I don't know what I would do without it. I love all the changes this app keeps adding to expand my abilities, what I really want next, I mean *need* next is to be able to select certain parts of an image and erase it, making it into a clear background. I know about the eraser, the eye icon on the first page in layers and the cutting tool, but I need something that can smartly remove a desired background of the image. Like how photoshop does. PLEASE add this feature, it'll me make life so much easier!

- Terrible!

I used to think this app was ok until I found a much better one that was totally free with no paywall anywhere! I do not recommend tyasui sketches to any artist who want to get a clean, professional looking drawing without paying. Things that are needed and are either not there or blocked are: .coloured backgrounds (without drawing your own) .cannot change the size of blending tool .putting a photo in the background then taking it out .layers! You NEED to have layers when ever digital drawing! Layers are so crucial! Also, once I tried to change the colour of my background and it worked, but whenever I tried to change it again it just paywalled it! I don’t want to pay $10 for a drawing app that’s not even that good! There are tutorials on sketches, but they are all for the pro version, which, is obviously NO HELP WHATSOEVER! It’s simple, yes, but other, more complicated drawing apps work much better. If you want a professional drawing check out Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s a little harder to understand but it works better!

- ;-;

Recently, a TON of artists have been facing the problem of getting their art deleted. Some of us, like Pufferfish Studios, have noticed that their posts were glitching. This has caused many of us to quit. This isn’t a joke, sketches. People like posting art, and for their hard work to be thrown away is just not aceptable. Yeah, sure, we can post our art again, but sketches will likely delete that too. Also, isn’t sketches pro sort of a rip-off? You couldn’t of just made ONE app (Normal) and put the in-app purchase in there instead of making a whole new app? I got both the pro’s and I sort of feel let down. Anyways, back to the real problem. Please fix this, many of my friends are leaving sketches, and a lot of them (Including me) are too young to get a Tumblr and post on there, or a Twitter, OR a Deviant art.

- A really great app, with a a few UI annoyances

This app is really great and feels like a spiritual successor to FiftyThrees long neglected Paper app. The main thing that bugs me though, is any time my hand touches the screen, it pops up an annoying overlay saying "pencil connected and finger not set to draw". The problem with this, aside from being distracting, is that you can’t draw through it. It shouldn’t do this pop up more than once per drawing session. Currently it comes up every time skin touches the screen, even if you’re already resting your hand on the screen! Please take more care in the user interface. This feels rushed and ill considered.

- Great app

Hi and hello thank you for makeing this app it’s awsome and I give it 3 stars tho because it did not have all my hope and dreams and for some other good staff I need to pay money witch I can not but it’s still a great app i like to use it in my spare time and put pics in to it so thank you for makeing this app lol And yeah so if your reading this u should get the app it’s rally good and also go sub to miss meme aj but it say miss meme that’s me (; Hhehe anyways yeah this is great drawing app and is good for makeing vidoes as well as I was writing this I was gonna give them 3 stars but this is a good app so I’m give them 4 u should do the same if the app has all your needs give it 5 stars if it don’t 4? And if lower tell the person what was worng with the app :3

- Amizing (and feedback)

I love this app! I use it all the time and the pro edition is awesome But isn’t annoyingly necessary. I just have 1 piece of feedback. I’m hoping the developers see this. The blending stump tool is kind of annoying. I am working on a price that uses small details and it’s frustrating that the blending tool doesn’t get any smaller. I might have this wrong so please tell me if I do but having the ability to blend extremely small details would be amazing. Please ad an adjustable size for the blending stump. It would be really helpful. Love the app!

- Simple yet Immersive

Tatsuyi sketches is one of my first and favourite drawing apps I’ve downloaded. It’s got really simple controls that are incredibly easy to pick up. The way it only shows the paper with no messy stuff surrounding it makes it feel very natural. Although there aren’t as many pens to draw with, each one fills their respective roles very well. I was quite disappointed when I found out they pay blocked anymore than 2 layers, even though I don’t usually use them that much. Recommended for beginner artist and those transferring from pen and paper

- Good app but...

The paper moves everywhere when I try to draw also there aren’t many tools but overall this drawing app is amazing (even without pro but maybe a bit less) also I have no idea how to blend. Also this is a verrrrrrry annoying thing u can’t put layers without pro it annoys me sooooo bad cuz I don’t have pro yeah one more thing so when I’d draw people and stuff, dots appear everywhere which gets really annoying and I spend more time rubbing out dots than drawing so yeah also the amount for pro is kind of a rip off so u might as well get a free app that works just as well without paying and if u love this app I recommend procreate

- Updated version - still love it

As per my prev reviews: love this app, worth taking the time to get to know it, it's well worth whatever $ you pay for it, better with every upgrade. Just a note: everyone knows there are some seriously crappy art apps out there - and who cares really if you waste $ here & there on apps you just delete. Beats me how we can get a crappy art app and a really good one at sometimes same price - or close enough. And really the only way to support the good ones is with the review process. And tayasui sketches really is one of the good ones. Another update: still love it 💐💐💐 Tiny issue: I find the UI frustrating - could it be made a bit simpler/ more intuitive — quicker, even? Less of things appearing & disappearing? That’s personal preference though - this app really is a class act, and for the price (and the frequent wonderful free updates), its a treasure 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- It’s my favourite

It’s. A really good and versatile. App but it has quite a few glitches like it doesn’t pick up that I’m drawing sometimes, and will leave dots when it partially picks up that I’m touching the screen, so it’ll be super patchy. I’d really like a couple of things to be added as well like, being able to select areas to use the gradient tool instead of it doing the whole page, and being able to flip certain things and not just the whole picture 👍 but other that that good job

- another point

okay I forgot to add stuff, I love that this app doesn't ask for reviews and they don't annoy u with ads like I just wanna say that is effort, this ap is honestly my favourite art app. but like in some apps the sizes of the brushes haven't got many options,you can't size it down a lot and I can't zoom in much to draw close up so could u work on that, but otherwise I love this app, good job I'm satisfied otherwise, I will definable get this app in my other devices and I'll tell friends. good app ✌🏼️

- Great but with little bugs here and there

Overall it’s a very straight forward app and I love it for the most part, I was looking for basically a digital version of a journal. I can look at all the page laid out in grids which is also great, but there are few bugs that are quite annoying. For instance I can’t seem to add pages in different resolution/sizes, in existing notebooks or as a new notebook. All the notebooks are only in the default resolution, even when I try to add a custom sized page, nothing happens. Also can’t seem to delete pages when viewing in the grid mode. I’d select the pages I want to delete and press delete at the bottom, but they remain. On top of that can’t reorganise the pages in the grid view, as in I cant change the order of the pages,,,, these are such basic features that aren’t working EDIT: I can only delete pages one by one by holding them and dragging each page down to the trash icon. This is so inconvenient and time consuming

- Best app I can find

I LOVE this app! I've been using it for over a year now and it's been such a journey! I honestly can't find an app this simplistic with such high quality. A few things need to be addressed though. Recently I haven't been able to make any artworks since the moment I quit the app, it deletes all the progress I've made during that drawing session. The slide to undo isn't working anymore either. The very first folder I have is filled to the brim with old sketches that I don't want anymore. Could you make a mass select button to get rid of all these drawings? As well as an empty bin option. It's incredibly frustrating to sit in a laggy folder (thanks to too many drawings) trying to delete each sketch one by one. Perhaps being able to make thinner lines? Or more textures with the brushes? That's really all my problems currently. I've only rated it three stars because of the fact it's unusable right now. Otherwise I highly suggest you go and get this app! Pro is SO worth it

- Great app, better with pro (and glitch?)

Sketches is a really good app I use it basically daily. I recommend pro because it gives you layers, patterns, etc. I really like the Sketches Community because there are no comments and no dislikes. One glitch I just found was I liked someone post, and it got rid of a like? I then went onto my post and clicked it a couple time and then it was like -5 likes! I have no idea what is happening! Other than that, excellent app

- Best drawing app I’ve ever had (I’ve had a lot)

I know when you search up what are the best drawing app this one doesn’t come up. But I’ve tried the other ones like flipa clip and adobe sketch but there hard to understand and draw with. This one is the best by far featuring a bunch of different tools a variety of colors and styles, I love how you can see other people art works but I don’t know how to post my own can you please add a tutorial on how to post a drawing on community.

- Lovely

I love this app it is so much fun! You can work on your drawing skills and your inner imagination. Drawing funny pictures deep pictures scary pictures and more sketches has a community where you can see it all just tap the 3 dots to send and you can also get inspired and try out the art work you are inspired by with all the drawing tools. Luckily their is no ads on this app so you can draw whenever wherever however you want. That Is My Description On............... SkEtChEs!

- 5 out of 5

I love it so much, me and my friend make animations and this is so useful in making frames! Although, when we collaborate, it’s kind of a hassle because we live on different streets, so i suggest a way to invite a friend and (I did notice something for the sketches community) maybe even post our drawings. It would be awesome if we had a feed and shared drawings among one another! If that’s not possible, then that’s fine too, it’s still an awesome app.

- Pretty Good

To be honest I think this app is great I would actually give it a 4 1/2 stars. But, the thing is it is hard to colour things at a specific colour you want because in other apps there’s an option where you can drag the mouse or finger over that area and it picks up that colour getting that exact colour. But here you can’t and you either have to use the colours already set for you or you have to alter your own. (Please change it) All in all, I think this is a great app!

- Best One Out There But...

This app is unbelievable of all the different fonts, styles, colours your can imagine and it’s even more incredible with pro and here’s were the but comes in. I have been using the app for a few months and in those few months I had purchased pro (not the app version pro) but about 2 weeks ago my iPad broke cause of the battery and know I have a new one. I currently have the app installed on my new iPad but it says I’v purchased pro on the normal app but when I go in the app I doesn’t have any of the pro features even tho I purchased it. But this app I do recommend if your knew to drawing on a device like this or even if you a professional, this app is amazing and is the best one out there. If anyone on reads this message would you know what to do. Kos

- Just downloading it to try

By what everyone is saying there is still a few bugs. Well you all got to understand that there are going to be bugs in every game that is made. Since missing school for three days I needed something to do and hopefully this will get rid of my boredom because if it doesn’t man I am going to slowly die in the big green and blue world of boredom. Hope the bugs get fixed because if they don’t I am going to put in a complaint from it.

- Would Be Helpful To Duplicate Projects And Bugs

Sometimes I want to back up my project so that if I really muck up, I can go back to the other one. Also, sometimes when I leave the project, it freezes and when you get back into the app all the progress before the last time I went out of it disappears. It’s really annoying, especially if I’ve just finished all the colouring. It would be really helpful to fix this!

- Okay

You buy this app thinking it has the features of any other app, but it doesn’t. It feels like a trial for the real thing that costs $10. There’s a lot features missing, and it doesn’t feel... nice. But I’m giving it 3 stars because it’s great for jotting down notes and ideas. So if you looking for an app to draw on, this may not be the one, unless your willing to pay. You can create some good drawings, but it’s still difficult. If your looking for and app to just doodle on, this is the right one for you.

- Thankyou!

Just recently had problems with my pro purchase but the developers helped me out a lot! Pro is working absolutely beautifully now and I’m so glad I made the decision to get it after all! Sketches is a really good app and I have done sooooo much on it and now I have pro it’s like a whole new app! You can do so much more with than without pro and I would definitely recommend. 5 stars!

- Used to be great

This used to be my go to app for nearly every artistic project I did. A year ago it was an easy to use delight. With every subsequent update it becomes more temperamental and less understanding of hand gestures and the Apple Pencil. Just today I imported a photo, added a layer, started drawing and after one undo gesture it undid three actions in one. It crashes a noticeable amount as well. It’s a shame because it used to be a joy to use. Now it sits among the other less reliable drawing apps in my folder. In a strive for simplicity they’ve actually made things less simple.

- Folders

I enjoy using this app to draw and sketch, is amazing, but for some reason when ever a try to relocate an image to a different folder, sometimes it won’t accept. If I move image from folder 1 to folder 2 it won’t accept, but is I move it to folder 3 it would accept. Is that suppose to happen? Then there are to occasional glitching out will in the middle of a sketch but meh, it’s really just the folder thing that bothers me.

- Family sharing- help?!

Using my iPhone I purchased the pro version for my daughter to use on her iPad later realising this is considered an ‘in app purchase’ so she can not access the pro version. (I’m not using it, it’s for her.) All other apps we have purchased work via family members downloading apps on their account. Can I get a refund or get the pro version on her iPad somehow? Thanks.

- It’s pretty good, most of the time

I quite like this app, lots of colours and heaps of tools which makes it easy to make illustrations that catch someone’s eye. One thing which is a big issue for me is that the community sketches never load, it’s just a loading screen whenever I go into it. Other than that I quite like the app, it’s just that I would like to have access to community sketches so I can see other people’s artwork.

- Great app but...

This app is great. However, it could use some improvements. We need to have a tool where you can select a colour on an image and use it. For example: I have a pretty image of the ocean but I want to add some touches like removing people. I find it hard to do that because I can never find a good colour match. I know I can create my own colours but it just doesn’t look like the actual colour I want. Otherwise, an awesome app!

- ✨A M A Z I N G ✨

Now, I am in love with this app. Easy to draw, customise your own colours and much more! I've made a few animatics and edits and I would say, very well done! There's a variety of brushes and options to choose. You can change the opacity and the size of whatever you're making, it's so much fun! I don't think there's much problems, really. Very highly recommended for beginner artists 💕

- Sketches

Sketching is so fun for everyone to draw. You can draw whatever you are doing. You get Sketches from App Store and there a folders you can draw on and also instead of saying the folders name of Sketches, you can name something like writing, drawing, whatever what your doing. If I was in Sketches, I can even draw and write too. It’s so fun that every kids could even draw.

- Adore this app but!

I am inlove with this app, as an artist myself who has never used a screen medium this app is great. I would be giving it 5 stars but the app is not particularly user friendly - the design is confusing with no ‘homescreen’ in sight a homescreen is necessary in this day and age of an app. Just adding this one simple feature would make this more accessible to amateurs. - along with a homescreen it needs some basic tutorials. - a list of all the tools/pens/brushes which explains what each one is and which can be accessed within the app and not redirect you to a webpage. - just a simpler design basically so that amateurs and professionals alike can enjoy this app. Other than that I love it. But seriously get a home screen and stop directing users to a website when they are wanting to understand the workings of the app.

- Great App but something wrong with it and little bit change

I have been using this app for like almost a year and I like it but when I go out and back in, my drawing suddenly disappear. I was unhappy that I can’t even turn into portrait but it kept turning into a landscape... but it still a great app. Also it need a little change that you can zoom more further and similar to ibis paint.

- One of the best artist apps

I got this app just today and I am already loving the experience. This app is great for anyone young or old. I like drawing pics or writing quotes on the app. I also love looking at other people’s art works. It fills me with inspiration to do more cool and creative art pieces. But because I am so new to the app I don’t no how to save the whole picture after you draw it so if anyone knows how to please tell me thanks.👍👍👍

- Great app, but needs some updates.

I love sketches and use it to draw daily. It is a great app and I love that it has a ‘Sketches Community’. However, it could use some updates. We need a new blending tool, one that isn’t so thick and that doesn’t just mix the colours. Sometimes when I draw I want to create a gradient, but with the current blending tool I can’t do that. I hope this gets added. Apart from that, awesome app!

- Close to perfect, missing a KEY feature!

This is my go to app as a digital sketchbook, it is so simple and intuitive, the textures are great and it is the best imitation of traditional materials on the App Store in my opinion. This would have been a 5 star app if only it had hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts for switching between brush/eraser, undo/redo etc. I was wondering if the Dev team were planning to implement keyboard shortcuts in the near future?

- Used to love it...

I used to really enjoy Sketches - not a bloated app, good selection of brushes which all work well. But then it started crashing whenever I tried to open a sketch. Any sketch. I reached out to support, and got an automatic email sending me towards a totally useless FAQ. In the end, I’ve exported all of those sketches which crash on open in Tayasui to PSD and migrated them over to Procreate. Hopefully one day this problem is fixed and I can come back into the fold...

- Nice app to learn!

I want to start that is the only app that allow you to do a lot of things in the free mode without being annoy telling you to get the pro, I am still checking what’s different with the premium that I just got, I don’t give this 5 starts just bc I think the app miss the time-lapse while you draw, that could make this app almost complete for me as beginner. :)

- Bugs

I love this app and whenever I want to draw, I draw it here. While there is a big since the last update. Whenever I use the cutting tool, and I trace the things I want to move, I let go and then the dotted lines are smaller than what I had just traced. This is really getting on my nerves so please, you could fix this bug.

- They’ve basically made another Sketches School

This app is great. I love how you guys used so many things and ways you can use to draw and sketch. My only concern is that Sketches School (another app) looks so familiar to this wonderful app. Although it’s from the same creator of Sketches School, I’m confused why it would be so similar. Thanks for the wonderful app!

- school help

this app helps me get through school if we need to draft or scarp a drawing i get my ipad out and draft on this not only that it uses no Wi-fi so i can use it on road trips or anywhere i agree that this app should have more texture tools because it dose cost a fair amount but it’s a great app 10-10 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 please try it out

- Love love love this app

My new best friend. Minimal, well thought out and not trying to be everything to everyone but essential thing to artists. Less is more. Beautiful and capable. Did I say I love it? One thing though please put in support for the Pencil by 53. It's a beautiful piece of work that fits well with the minimalist philosophy (but very capable inside).

- Make more stuff available

When I tried doing the gradient it said you can only do that in pro😔😔😢 and water colour is only in pro so can you at least make watercolour and gradient available to people which don’t have pro because I was really disappointed when I found that out, almost all the cool features are in pro!😟😟😟 please make more features accessible to people who don’t have pro

- Where has the community section gone?

Since one of the recent updates adding the “activities” section, I’ve not been able to access or find the community posts. The community WAS a great way to connect with other artists, find inspiration and put your work on display. If the community has been removed purposefully and or permanently then that’s extremely disappointing.

- Best app for taking notes and sketching

I tried a lot of different apps and nothing quite compares to this. It has all the functionalities one may want, it’s quite intuitive and beautifully designed. I use it mainly for taking notes as it’s so easy to work with and makes the process fun!

- Way too glitchy

Hey, creators! So, not to be mean, but when I was drawing on the canvas, my drawing went to a complete different place! 🙁🙁. So, I figured “yeah I’ll turn it off then back on again. That’s ought to do it!” So I did do that. But the exact same glitch came and smacked me in the face! (Not literally) I was sad cuz that game looked LEGIT! Awesome ads on the screen when you view it before you get the app. So, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on the ads! Great job! But that glitch came again and again! Hope you improve this game so everybody can enjoy it, hopefully glitch-free! 😁👍🏻🐱

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- Idea

This app is amazing I was playing Procreate but I can’t play it because my iPad is too old. So then I found this and it is really fun. But I have an idea. How about you add a bucket tool because then it would be easier to fill in shapes. Just an idea but anyways keep up the work!!! :) 🌈

- Great versatility

I like this app a lot but I had an issue with downloading the paid pro version. I have Apple Family sharing, yet I was charged for all four family members downloading the pro version. I contacted Apple about the issue and all they did was automatically issue me a refund for my own Apple account, which is not what I wanted. If you are looking to pay for the pro version and share with your family, beware! You will be charged for every family member who uses it.

- Perfect!

The design in this app is absolutely flawless. You get the vitality and voice of traditional art on the go, with all the benefits of digital art. It offers a wide range of tools to use and an easy interface, making it easy for both hobbyists and professionals. Although I recommend purchasing a stylus if you'll be using this on your phone for polished work.

- Shapes, patterns, backgrounds, etc. a sometimes disappear...

... and the latency could be improved.

- No information on how to use sketches

Some tools are not working well, eraser would not work at all. I get tired of apps that require more effort and time just to do a simple thing.

- Hmm

Every time I try to use my stylus pen it starts to randomly press undo 😡

- Glitchy

When I am on this app working for hours sometimes it glitches out of nowhere and erases my work

- Wowwww

Quelle application merveilleuse! Je me demande comment j’ai fait pour m’en passer. Je vais en parler à tous ceux que je connais qui aime dessiner et peindre. Je le recommande à 100/100

- Incroyable,

Un outil exceptionnel! Convivial! Une aide exhaustive! Beau! Pratique! Économique! Merci!

- Amazing 🤩

I love art and this game is so good!!! I wish the skills weren’t expensive… I just wanted to say it’s a good app! Bye!

- Purchase Online app and source code

$ please get in touch with me at:➨Whatsapp & Skype &Telegram &Wechat⑧:‥+8615282351612 Or Facebook': aso880 (,^Anyone get Good online app or want to sell source code-/? We are ready to buy.💀 If anyone interested

- Do you wanna raise downloads and revenue over 100 times?

if you have any need,👺Please contact me at whatsapp & Skype&Telegram&Wechat:-③♨+8615282351612 Or Facebook:[ aso880 ☠!.Everyone can enjoy 3>-day trial now!☠|,☣Worldwide promote your apps and rapidly increase downloads and revenue above 50 times!∞ We are app marketing experts with rich experience☠

- One flaw

Hi I really love the app, it’s by far the best but there’s one flaw. There is no way to resize the drawing dimensions on mobile. I’ve checked every option and nothing is there, it’s really annoying working with the same paper dimensions.

- Idea?

I really enjoy using this app especially for the community that you can share your drawings with. I think it would be really cool to be able to follow your favourite artists, so you can be undated when they post. It’s disappointing to lose a really good artist in a constant unfiltered flow of art.

- Creativity

This made me really creative and happy the only things thats weird is that the erasers doesn’t Work the-second day Love this appp

- Thank you for a good 7 years, good bye!

Hello Tayasui Sketches Team, I’d like to thank you for helping me develop my digital art skills for the past 7 years. I think I’ve been using the app since the very beginning. Back in the day, the colour palette was horizontal, the watercolours could not blend, and the fill in patterns/colours were very different. I really appreciate what the development team has worked on for the last several years. You’ve added the gradient option, the smudge tool, the smoothening lines for pens, the pixel tool for markers, the unlimited layering, the transparent backgrounds when downloading, and the blending for water colour brushes and oil pastels. It mesmerizes me when I look back on the features the team has added. The staff have been very pleasant when I’ve emailed them about bugs about the sketches community, and have responded to me when I encountered problems with the colouring book too! They gave straightforward instructions by providing a link to their website. Unfortunately, I experienced several bugs/inconveniences during these past few months. The acrylic brush has lost its pressure sensitivity since November 2020. When I try to cut and copy a piece of work, it always cuts the very bottom layer first. Lastly the pixel brush option has been removed from the sketches phone version as well. It’s been a good 7 years, there have been wonderful updates, some bugs, but overall I’ve learned so much. I’ve tried everything I can to fix the acrylic brush(deleted the app twice), and if the acrylic brush is working for everybody else, then I guess it’s just bad luck that I happen to get a buggy feature. Goodbye, and thank you so much~

- Layers

The app is great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that, it’s kind of annoying how you only get one or two layers free. My suggestion is that you should make the layers feature free to use. I use ibisPaintX, and I always use a different layer for different details, so it would be quite useful to make the layers feature free.

- Wow !

Bien mieux que procreate !!!

- Good for everything

This is a good app. And you can draw on it, and write on it. I like to write my schedule of the day on it. For me this a really good thing for everyday life.😍😊

- Easy fun useful

Easy and fun with the new add on drawing and colouring pages. We also use this app to do math exercises.

- Could use a little help

This app is a great start for beginners. Simple to use and easy to understand. My 8 year old niece loves it and is her favourite every day activity. However, my reasons for giving only 3 stars are, Sometimes the eraser does not work while I place the ruler as a guide. Seems like using the eraser along with the ruler somehow crashes the app. What bothers me more is, the eraser does not function even after I stop using the ruler. I have to close the app, remove it from the recently opened app list, and then reopen it to make the eraser work. Also, while I try to fill colour using the fill tool, the Apple Pencil can not be used to tap and fill, instead I have to use my finger tips, making the app slightly disappointing. If these issues could be fixed, or if I could know what I’m doing wrong for them to be happening, it would be greatly appreciated.

- Freeze

Keeps freezing. Nothing works...Cannot use any brush or pen, can’t save...I have to exit and start again. Not pleasant at all

- :)

i really like this app and everything! but there’s one thing that kinda annoys me is that why do you need to pay for layers? yeah, i know that you get 2 free layers but it’s not enough for me to colour in the eyes, clothes, skin, etc.

- Good

I love this app it’s good but I would rather be able to do things for free than having to pay 8.00$ to be able to do things I wanna do.

- 👁👄👁

It’s nice and all but... Um... Well... Just can you make pro at least free for a certain time then after a few days it’s not? It’s okay if you don’t that is okay.

- It sometimes glitches but its amazing!!

it does sometimes glitch but its a really nice app

- Versatile!

Really user friendly and surprising

- Erreurs fonctions

J’ai acheté la version pro et plusieurs fonctionnalités ne fonctionnent pas malgré les plusieurs tutoriels que j’ai écouté: remplissage, pipette, etc.

- Fix the app

PLEASE return the app to the version 25.1 The zoom in and out is absolutely horrid and annoying, PLEASE bring back the swipe to undo and redo, and please bring back the old layout because I can’t even see the tool bars, opacity levels, and more By far the worst update

- <3

This is a pretty good app it’s great for digital artists and I like that you can play around with lots of tools that are free it’s good and really fun :) I do think it would be great if you could make some more tools/effects that are free Overall it’s really great I love that you can look at other people’s art and get great inspiration it’s awesome and it’s something that not a lot of art apps have so I commend that you did something original ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for the awesome app

- Great app few limitations

I really love this app, but would love if the cutter tool allows you to cut or delete your selection.

- Bruh

Requires to pay to unlock features that sketchbook or other apps have free and better. I get that you have to make money somehow, but find a way to make us buy something USEFUL

- It not the best in my opinion....

I like it but you have to pay quite a bit of money and you could get a lot more thing with ibs paint x not saying that it’s bad or anything like that but I’m just saying that it’s not the best app (I am on my phone so it might be different on an iPad but idk)

- It’s good until today...

Today when I tried to go into sketches it crashes every time I try going into it. It went well since yesterday can you please fix ASAP!🙂 But every thing else went ok in sketches though.

- Consider

I do all my sketching on this app, the only thing it’s missing is a correction option

- Disappointed

I’ve been loving this app for years . Now I can’t save my art to my picture file . Please fix this . deleted and Reloaded the app , all is well🙏

- This is sooooo good

This is rlly good the ruler is very useful and they fixed it I love the textures OMG ITS SO GOOD and free

- Best app ever

I love this app so much there is no words to describe how great of an app it is. I am on it all of the time and I love it. 🥰

- Needs fixing for the cut tool

Hello, It might just be me but the cut tool is glitching and erases my work, could this get fixed to I can use my fingers again. I used to be able to touch the corners of the selected peice and it would allow me to shrink or make larger the art as I saw fit, it now needs my stylus and is incredibly inconvenient. Regardless, this is a wonderful application thank you.

- Quite good.

This is the go-to app for the drawing that I do, no normally I’m very pleased with how it behaves. But the latest update has a lot of problems. I recognize they may be related to the OS update, but if that’s the case can you please consider allowing us to use the last stable version while you figure things out? I’m at the stage where I just can’t use the app right now. There are too many things that jut aren’t working.

- Crashes when holding down the cutting tool

With the latest update the app no longer crashes. However , holding down the cutting/blade tool causes the app to crash. Please fix

- App didn’t even start

Wow the app didn’t even open, I kept clicking on it and it would close by itself.

- Drawing app;w;

This app is amazing for drawing and its great , I like to draw and I can’t buy the pro app sadly but I’m fine with it great work!

- Amazing drawing

This is amazing. Its probably the best free drawing app out there

- .

I would always be hard to zoom out bc it was just gonna undo I am suffering from pressing undo when I wan’t to zoom out T^T

- It's great

Only thing is the quality of image is kinda low if you zoom you can see the pixels

- Why doesn’t it work

I draw a lone and it appeared somewhere else on the page. Why. The eraser doesn’t work. Why. The colour picker doesnt work. Why. These basic functions worked on ancient apps even on my old windows machine before the internet had graphics. Kinda bad start. Delete

- Great! A few issues working with layers

I’ve been using the pro version of this app for the past 3-4 months learning how to draw Pokemon. The app has great design and usability. I’ve received a lot of compliments from friends, one who direct messaged me and asked which app I used. I love the selection of easy-to-use tools and the support for multiple layers. The app is perfect for users who are just getting into art or for professional artists looking to doodle/experiment. But the tools are also just powerful enough to make incredible looking art. I would recommend adding these features to improve my experience (mostly regarding layers) - The ability to duplicate a project (that includes keeping all the layers, settings, etc.) This will be useful for back ups and for creating templates. It would also help with splitting my work to avoid having too many layers in one project, as the app will begin to crash due to low memory. - A toggle on the layers sidebar to show only the visible layers. That way, I can quickly find a layer I’m looking for instead of scrolling through lots of inactive layers first. - The ability to select multiple layers and move them on the canvas together, to delete them together, etc. I also noticed a couple consistent defects that have impacted my productivity: - Defect 1: Duplicate an invisible layer. The app will make the original and duplicate layer visible, but the eye icon on each layer says the layers should still be invisible. - Defect 2: If the app auto saves your work while opening the pattern fill tool, the app will freeze. There’s also a few cases of app freezes, occasionally losing my undo stack and being unable to undo a big mistake, and small issues that can be ironed out. But they are not common. Thank you for creating this wonderful app! I look forward to using it for many more months to come.

- This app is great!!!

I love jow there are many different tooks to use and they are all free. Highly reccomend

- Deleted everything

This app is garbage 😡😡😡 I tried to zoom in on the artwork they took me an hour and a half to see how it was going and then it deleted it deleted everything😡

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Chris Romer-Lee 🇪🇺

@charlesjholland I use pro version of this & it’s excellent, with Apple Pencil or without


Bibarel Sketch Sketch #: 181 Device used: @Apple iPad (2018) and Apple Pencil 1 App:Sketches by @Tayasui_apps YT: Abutora IG: @abutora_art #Apple #pencil #art #drawing #sketch #pokemon #pikachu #anime #ipad #bibarel #beaver #HAPPYNEWYEAR2021 #bidoof #hm #made_in_sketches

Liastone Studio | Design+Illustration+Calligraphy

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Max ✨🍐✨ |M/18|

Then, it’s off to digital! I trace my lines (with my fingers!!) and add base colors in Tayasui Sketches. It’s a decent app, I got it for free.


Bidoof Sketch Sketch #: 180 Device used: @Apple iPad (2018) and Apple Pencil 1 App:Sketches by @Tayasui_apps YT: Abutora IG: @abutora_art #Apple #pencil #art #drawing #sketch #pokemon #pikachu #anime #ipad #bidoof #beaver #HAPPYNEWYEAR2021 #GoodBye2020 #hm #made_in_sketches

Liastone Studio | Design+Illustration+Calligraphy

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•Phraseboard ✏️20฿ ไม่ได้ซื้อในแอพ •Roughanimator ✏️25฿ •Scanner pro ✏️25฿ •Spacie ✏️20฿ •Tayasui Sketches pro ✏️30฿ •Tayasui calligraphy ✏️20฿

Dana Orlosky

@gwynniepeg Procreate or Sketches by tayasui. I love Procreate, but when I was just starting with the iPad it was a little overwhelming. I had more fun learning with Sketches.

Mrs. Wexler

I’m trying to switch art programs for my phone ATM. I wanna transition from Tayasui Sketches to IbisPaint but it’s so weird. You just expect for something to be there but it isn’t. Hopefully I can adjust soon.


Purugly Sketch Sketch #: 179 Device used: @Apple iPad (2018) and Apple Pencil 1 App:Sketches by @Tayasui_apps YT: Abutora IG: @abutora_art #Apple #pencil #art #drawing #sketch #pokemon #pikachu #anime #ipad #purugly #pure #ugly #cat #fat #made_in_sketches

Liastone Studio | Design+Illustration+Calligraphy

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Roberto Bojorquez [Microsoft]

@surface A @SurfaceDuo a @SurfacePen and a good creator app such as Tayasui Sketches app:


Ampharos Sketch Sketch #: 178 Device used: @Apple iPad (2018) and Apple Pencil 1 App:Sketches by @Tayasui_apps YT: Abutora IG: @abutora_art #Apple #pencil #art #drawing #sketch #pokemon #pikachu #anime #ipad #Ampharos #light #house #thunder #sheep #made_in_sketches


Flaaffy Sketch Sketch #: 177 Device used: @Apple iPad (2018) and Apple Pencil 1 App:Sketches by @Tayasui_apps YT: Abutora IG: @abutora_art #Apple #pencil #art #drawing #sketch #pokemon #pikachu #anime #ipad #flaaffy #mary #little #lamb #sheep #made_in_sketches

Evet işsizim

Biraz da #sanat by #tayasui sketches.

Tayasui Sketches 25.8 Screenshots & Images

Tayasui Sketches iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tayasui Sketches iphone images
Tayasui Sketches iphone images
Tayasui Sketches iphone images
Tayasui Sketches iphone images
Tayasui Sketches iphone images
Tayasui Sketches iphone images
Tayasui Sketches iphone images
Tayasui Sketches iphone images
Tayasui Sketches iphone images
Tayasui Sketches iphone images

Tayasui Sketches (Version 25.8) Install & Download

The applications Tayasui Sketches was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2013-06-01 and was developed by Tayasui.com [Developer ID: 359375853]. This application file size is 358.17 MB. Tayasui Sketches - Graphics & Design app posted on 2021-04-28 current version is 25.8 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tayasui.sketches

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