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What is 1941 frozen front app? Lead German forces on the rise towards the East or defend mother Russia on the Soviet side. Choose the right tactic of warfare and earn your stripes as an ingenious Commander at the FROZEN FRONT!

5/5 Strategy at its best, can’t stop playing!
5/5 Pure eye candy!

Experience mind-blowing World War 2 battles in the brilliant new military STRATEGY-sim by HandyGames™!


- FIGHT through the bone-chilling cold of the 1941 Eastern Front!
- COMBAT enemy positions with tanks and infantry!
- SHOOT hostile headquarters with mighty bomber wings!
- EMPLACE your artillery in rough terrain!
- SUPPLY your army with goods and ammunition!
- DEFEND yourself against superior numbers of enemies!

- Turn-based strategy action in WW2
- Thrilling campaigns and challenging missions
- Hot-Hand multiplayer battles
- Historical German and Soviet units
- Repairs, camouflage and fortification of units during the battles
- Infantry, artillery, tanks and warplanes for both fractions
- Hex grid for the best overview possible
- Detailed graphics and super-realistic sounds

You can play 1941 Frozen Front entirely for FREE, though various items are available via in-app purchase. If you don’t want to use in-app purchases, please deactivate them in your device settings.

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1941 Frozen Front Version 1.12.312 September 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Fixed ad banner refresh.

1941 Frozen Front Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great game but...

Its a great game, but it has too many ads and it really needs a map editor or map creator and maybe we can have a online map maker so when somebody publishes a map everybody can rate and play it. We also need team modes and online multiplayer. Team mode would be 2v2 like you and your teammate have 10k and have separate bases but can only control the units you built so if your teammate makes a unit you cant control it.

- Map creator

My experience with the game was so fun, I loved it and couldn’t stop playing until I finished all the campaigns and the game got boring. So I decided to contact you guys and ask for a map creator, it would be so much fun. Also I want a more maps for all the other games like frozen front and give them a map creator. My experience with this game would greatly improve too.

- My review

Handy games I think that you have outdone yourselves with this game it’s the best tragic game I think I’ve ever played I love the other games burning bridges deadly desert and Pacific front I think they are all really good strategy games and I think you should keep up the good work and make a new strategy game that’s based on world war one so thank you for his awesome game and I hope you make more Thanks

- Very good turn-based game

One of my favorites of the Handy Game’s series in this genre. Although I let it sit on my iPad for quite some time before playing it, once I got going and started to learn the game, I was hooked. Fairly simple learning curve, mastering the game was fun and engaging. Thumbs up to the Developers! Hope you are able to keep the updates and new campaigns coming!

- Decent but

Ads are too often, 2.99 is too much to remove ads on such a simple game it should be either 10,000 gold or 0.99. Also, we don’t get enough troops in each battle, which means we fail too often. Not just that, reinforcement prices are X5 that of the kill reward prices.

- Adds are horrendous as to be expected with Handy Games

Awesome game no doubt, with the same blatant computer advantage but I don’t mind that. Just keep restarting the mission while you have positive gold until you figure it out and you’ll keep positive gold revenue. Bombarded with 30s adds every five minutes along with the add banner puts me at a crossroads where I just decided to delete the game instead of paying the 2.99$ again.

- New game?

Ok I can tell this series was over WWll and I think deadly desert was my personal favorite. But it would be really great to create a new one not trying to rush you guys but it would be awesome to bring these type of strategy games back maybe over the Cold War or Korean War Please bring this back!

- I’m missing online multiplayer

I need help currently when I got the game it didn’t come with online multiplayer and I’m confused why, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing changed, if someone could please help I would be greatful, if needed my instagram is ashton_arenas, you can dm me there

- This is a great game but one small thing

This is game is awesome but the only thing that bugged me about it, was that the troops all face the same way. It they would change that. Then this game would get a full star rating. I know it’s a small thing but seriously. Please fix this.

- Map Editor please!!!!!!

I love the games and all,really great games, but can you make a map editor for all the games(pacific front,frozen front,deadly desert,burning bridges) if so that would be cool! We need a map editor to design our own battlefields!!! Please respond by putting a map editor please!

- Might not be spyware

Horrible confusing game that is very difficult to figure out and takes 1/3 of the screen for ads. Click in the wrong place and you are NOT taken to the App Store — you are taken to the App Store CONFIRMATION page to buy more garbage. This sort of malware should be banned from the store. But then Apple gets 30% of every mistake you purchase.

- Great game

Feels a little pay-to-play on the later levels, but overall, super fun

- Please put out a new game

So I’ve played all of your games twice thinking about downloading a 3rd time. Tired of same campaigns. Sooo??

- New one?

This is an amazing game that you should get 100%!!!¡ A new one is needed though. I would like a neapolianic version. Or a world war 1 game Love the game!

- Strategy

Addicted please update the game and add more maps it's been too long now!

- Map Editor?

You have created a very very good game with very very low replay value. If you could add a map editor so that we could create any kind of battlefield we want and wont be stuck with the same maps that would be fantastic. As it is, this game just screams for a map editor, you already have different tiles and a hexagon map. Name me one super hit classic hexagon map game without a map editor. They all do. And your game is exactly like the others except your game ddoesnt have a map editor.

- Some people hate it

I like it but I saw some reviews and the are lie ing because the AI is not cheating but it a good game.

- $$$$$

Another game designed to make you spend as much real money as possible. Even the paid version doesn’t take away this feature. Ripoff.

- Good but needs an map creator

Needs a map creator

- New unit

How about adding the Jagpanther and jag tiger as tank destroyers

- Enemy are to OP DONT DOWNLOAD

I swear ever mission I play the enemy is cheating they don’t use gas or ammo it’s so annoying they always make it pay-to-win f this game

- Don’t favor people.

Don’t only feature people who are sucking up to get featured. Some of us have creative criticism, and like the franchise. Other people who have complaints and are fans look at my previous review. I can not stress how much I love your games. They’re not the type of games you just grow out of(For example: A LOT of people got Minecraft when it first blew up but I’m pretty sure like 75% of the people who got it have deleted it. Even if it was a new and inventive game it just didn’t have that charm that this company has.) I truly believe that this game deserves a two star rating. I’m not just some sore loser who doesn’t like the campaign (Witch is very hard to beat without watching millions of ads or paying for gold.) or just one of those people that just hate on random games. I really hope my reviews knock some sense into the people who made all of these good games then ( I have to give you props for this smart but deceiving way to get money) made a game with the most content but it’s really hard to beat so people watch ads or pay for gold. I understand you need to put ads in the game so you can have money but other things need addressing you can’t just expect us to overlook these things. For an other example of how this game is truly one of your worst... IT DEFIES PHYSICS! My tank can curve his bullet in a 180% angle to shoot some infantry behind him. Why don’t we just add Unicorn dive bombers or dragons that transport troops or flying artillery that can become a tank and Optimus prime? Also other reviewers don’t get all mad about there being Nazis it’s a historical game. Even if it’s about 100% inaccurate. I mean why don’t you get mad they put in the Russians. As a fact Stalin was way worse then Hitler. I just figured out I spent like 4 min already typing this up. So please just address this, and show you can succumb to constructive opinions.



- Don't waste your time.

Well it appears to a fine game except that every move you make costs you gold. You get some gold for defeating enemies, but the plan is to never give you enough. It doesn't automatically regenerate, so partway through the first mission you either have to buy gold or your done. I guess that's what passes for fun these days. I have no objection to a developer making money, and I don't mind paying. Why not give people a chance to buy the game. I'm not going to keep buying gold to finish any missions ever. I buy items to keep, to make my own. I don't like developers trying to get money from me constantly. If you stand behind your game and its quality then charge for it. Oh, and by the way, can you make your in game character icons face the opponent their fighting against ? It looks stupid to keep shooting the backs of soldiers and vehicles because your either to lazy to mirror them the opposite way or you lack the talent. I'd rather praise you, but this poor efforts deserve a proper response.

- Great free turn based strategy game

First of all, this game can truly be played and enjoyed in its entirety without spending a dime. That coupled with how good the gameplay is, this game is a shoe in for 5 stars. The game plays similar to civilization without the cities. You get troops to maneuver and take objectives. You will need to use supply stations and trucks to keep from losing them. There is a great mix of infantry, ground vehicles, and aircraft that make this a very balanced and good strategy game. If you like turn based strategy, get this game

- Awesome!

If you don't know, this game is part of a series, with each game doing something different. I believe this is the first game in the series, since there's nothing game changing in this one. Pacific did naval battles, Burning Bridges did, well, bridges that needed to be captured in order to crossed, and Desert did trenches. These games are very fun, and even if you don't do the campaign missions, you can still have doing custom fights with the Pass and Play. Very fun game at the core, and you should try it for yourself!

- Very good

Great game, nice graphics, good play! Reminds me of Panzer General also. If you release full version without the "gold" I'd buy it. I understand the need for resources, but it does get old dealing with ads. If you're careful with resources and watch a video once in a while you can "make" gold. It might have a bug though, it locks up regularly when I play offline.

- Great Game

I definitely recommend this game for strategy lovers! This game is challenging and fun! The best part is that you can play with your friends and family on the same device! However the campaign is a little challenging at first and I've raged a few times, but overall it's great. The graphics are good and I haven't encountered any glitches so far. So I think it should be enjoyable for all of you. So get this game!!!

- Excellent!

I love turn-based strategy & rpg. Most games I play lack of fun gameplay aspect except for this game. This game rocks! The feel of turn-based of this gameplay is awesome. Reminds me of a lot of Advance Wars. The way the health, the damage, the counter-damage, supply, air-strike etc are very well-thought. I'm not good in English, I cant explain well but the way they make it is really logical, unlike the "Tank battle" game I played before really nonsense compare to this. Good work guys.

- Are the tanks coming or going?

This is almost a terrific game. It is attractive, fairly easy to play, offers good decisions, seems to be a good simulation. However it is a thinly disguised in-app purchase laden mess. Ads, and pay to keep playing? Bleach. I would not mind that as much if not for one major problem - the units all face the same way!!!! I cannot take watching the Russians backing in to battle! If the debs are not going to take the time to draw the units marching in to battle, I am not going to take the time to pay to play. So close to being great...

- 1941 Frozen Front

I loved this app and used to play it all the time. However, on the newest update, it always crashes and I can no longer play it. I love the game and am really hoping for a fix to the crashing problem so I can play it again and check out the new levels.

- They just want your wallet

At first glance, this app looks like a war game, but looks are deceiving. Most operational tasks require gold to perform. Want your units to dig in? Just spend some gold. Need some reinforcements or want to rebuild your units? Again, just spend some gold. Want to resupply your units with ammo? Once again, its gold that you need. The game hands out small amounts of gold for killing enemy units, but you can buy gold in unlimited amounts by spending real money. On top of this ridiculous system for allocating resources, the game has an unbelievable amount of advertisements.

- Great War Game mired by IAP model

Nice turn based war game, great art, ui, AI, all solid. Totally worth the $2 to disable ads. Resources are a bit skewed and definitely intended to drive IAP. Dev insists it can be own without IAP, but based on the spend:earn ratio, that would be extremely challenging. Hope dev considered premium model in the future.


A great game if it wasn't bogged down with stupid adds of things I wasn't interested in at all. Seriously a lot of fun, but it seems they sold they're souls to advertise for either themselves or others. UNFORTUNATE.... I would skip the frustration of trying to enjoy yourself with this one. It even got to the point i couldn't play anymore because I couldn't get out of the App Store screen they pushed me into to for another game, even after closing it multiple times. 1941 Frozen Front.... please fix this.

- Best turn based ww2 game

The only bad thing about the game is that it's so short i made 40,000 in the game but i need new missions to spend the mony on maby new wepons too like (panther tank, hummel and new long range bombers maby new battles like starling ok kursk kiave the most broutel battles where fought on the estern front) but it's a great game i gave it a 10

- Really an overall great game

This game really grabbed my attention when I saw a friend playing it and it continues to entertain me even after I got it. So worth it! A very well rounded game that presents a real challenge that you don't have to buy your way out of. Superb game!

- Great game ...but

It is a challenging and well thought out strategy game, much better than Panzer General although much more expensive. The gold cost a bit much and there is no way to really play without paying $10 worth of gold a round.

- Impossible to play!

There are so many ads that it makes it nearly impossible to play this game. Couple that with the fact that you can't complete a mission on the gold they start you with, it just can't happen. They try to force you to pay for gold, or jump through a hundred hoops providing your information for "surveys", most of which they don't even credit you for. Don't download this one! I'm deleting!

- IAP much?

This game is fun and has potential, but they just want you to spend money. Fortunately, the purchases are easy to hack with LocalIAPStore :). However if you like these kind of games I would recommend the Tank Battle: East Front series. Although they cost money up front, you don't get spammed with ads and the gameplay is balanced without IAPs.

- Good, but for all the ads

It's a decent game and I'll probably play it through all the way and support the dev. But we get it already, you want to make revenue off of it. But pop ups, vids, AND 1/4 of the screen taken up by an ad I can't close. Too much. I would give it a higher ranking if every conceivable ad tool wasn't used.


You have developed an excellent WWII strategy game, but sadly, i was very disappointed while playing the game. Your missions are too complex, enemies out number and out gun me in every position, there's never enough gold and the costs of all units are too high. Also, units are too weak. My panzer tank was destroyed by 4 men with rockets...and when i shot them, nothing. Come on. Improve the game on these basic flaws and not only will i repurchase the app, but i will advertise it as well. Good day.

- Minor issues

This game is fun and has a great features like supplying troops. however the amount of ads on this game is crazy always popping up it takes away the fun from the game and makes you wanna stop playing. It bugs me how enemy troops are facing in the opposite direction of you for people who play the game will understand this.

- Excellent strategy game

Very well done WW2 strategy game that gets increasingly challenging and adds new twists as you go. I wish the unit icons would face the enemy, which I know isn't considered a big deal in strategy games, but I think it adds to the overall enjoyment.

- Good strategy game

Someone else commented that the cash reward hampers the ability to effectively win the rounds, but I find that it just makes you think more about your strategy.. Very good game. Highly recommended.

- Would buy... Too bad it is pay to win

I like the "pay to turn off ads" idea, makes the game a nice demo, but along the likes of every other iOS game it seems like the only goal is to get me to be a "whale" by constantly buying coins. Please release the game as a full, balanced game at some point and I'll buy it.

- Too many ads kill this game

Just started getting into this game and I found myself swatting away the ads like a bunch of flies. Really annoying, so I had to quit playing. Too bad there's not a way to pay for a clean version. It's also very unclear what you get for in-app purchases, it just says "more gold". Otherwise it might be a great game, who knows?

- Loads of Fun

I'm really enjoying the strategy involved in putting a successful campaign together. Finally a game based on strategy, not just pure luck. I'm assuming the negatives are from the low achiever crowd. Definitely a game worth playing.

- Good game

Note that despite what some reviews state it IS possible to play the campaign without resorting to buying extra gold . . . it just adds an additional challenge. The ipod/phone screen is a bit small though . . . .

- Great, but can't win.

Great game love the "logic" of it. But I barley get the second Supply Depots of the second level from the second part. Ending up with 58 gold left with only 3 tanks, 2 troops and 1 supply truck. Can't get anymore troops because I need at least 200 gold, I have to lose a troop to be able to get another one. Need to generate more gold to survive. Gain gold per turn from Supply Depots?

- Frozen Front

Fun games, fun maps. If you take your time and not rush into battle with everything you will not have to spend too much (not real money)

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- Few things that should be added

This goes out to all ww2 games made by handygames, one thing that should be added are buildings that play different roles and can be built with a reasonable amount of coins like one building produces money and one that just produces vehicles I would also like it if maps were bigger and your troops, vehicles and aircraft would point the direction they fly and attack so it looks just a bit better and another thing you should have the ability to make trenches these are just a few ideas that I personally think would make this game be better

- Great game

I love this game and have played it for years, some criticisms can be easily fixed, adds, turn off wifi!, turning the wrong way, you don’t orient prices in chess, I love this game and it’s the best out of all of them, the criticisms are easily fixed there is no problem

- Addictive cravings

The game is by far one of my favourites on iOS the only thing I dislike about this game is the fact that there are many difficult levels to try and trudge through, but, once all the levels are completed you have to wait for ages for a new update which will not always include a new campaign. This is the same for the series. Also, please give the Russians the Pe-3 as a heavy fighter

- Must download!!

This is such an awesome strategy gam and it is worth to download, I don't know why people rated this 2 stars or 3 just because the characters are facing forward.. It deserves a 5 star!

- Good, but ...

The game is really good and challenging, but this is an example of how not to do advertising in games... Some fill the screen and you can only get rid of them but closing the game and when someone expects me to pay anything towards someone's bad UI design for them to earn a living is a poor game and business model... It won't be long before there are clones of this game that aren't so intrusive with advertising

- Make it 12

Make it 12 not 17(by that I mean the ratting of game)I love the game but it's hard to get the updates and with out the updates I can't go on the cammping

- Please fix

This may actually be a good game, but straight away I found it annoying as the enemy units are orientated in the same direction as your own. So when they are attacking they are reversing at you. I'm a traditionalist, if the enemy are firing at me, I prefer that their gun is also facing me and that they aren't shooting at my panzers through their exhaust pipes! Fix please!

- Unimpressed

Blurry low-res graphics on the Retina. Boring animations with ridiculous situation of enemy tanks facing away whilst firing animations appear at the end of the tank. Incredibly annoying ads at the top of the screen ruin the whole feel of the game and highlight what feels like pointless greed from the devs whereby in-app purchases alone should suffice. Uninstalled after only 10 mins of play.

- I like it

I really like the idea and the art style but the missions are to hard and I'm struggling to pass missions. They campaigns are fun tho. There needs to be a multiplayer because I get stuck on missions then stop playing for a while.

- Ok, but not enough missions

OK game, agree with the others about enemies facing the wrong way. But the biggest drawback is the minute number of missions. After only 9 missions - it's all over!

- Great Game...

Great Game although it would be even better to have more maps and more soviet gameplay.

- IAP ruins it

Looks good, plays fine. However costs you resources to do anything in this game. Shoot at enemy=resources, move=resources.... How convenient that you can $xxx real money to replenish fuel + ammo. The worse thing? Killing enemy never gives you enough resources back. You spend more killing it than you ever get back. Try panzer generals instead.

- Nice

Haven't found any problems as of yet, great game and thanks.

- Update needed

Good game, but keeps freezing at the same game stage and there is no way to go back to the start page. You guys need to update and fix this problem.

- Solid game play, enjoyable graphics, fun

Several hours of enjoyable game play. Enough variety to keep it interesting through whole campaign.

- Frozen front

Quite good but you cannot get far without buying gold. No real strategy. Boring and frustrating after a while.

- Good game - needs more scenarios

Love the graphics and the AI. But only 6 scenarios is far too few.

- Don't get

If u like heaps of adds this is the game for u or else u have to pay to remove that is why I am not playing anymore there should not be any adds in any game it's a game not a advertising ad stupid game developers thanks a lot

- Money scam

Good fun but seems like some of the later levels are impossible without spending money so be warned, you will get frustrated.

- Finally

Finally a good "command your troops" game my favorite game

- Crashing!

Game doesn't stop crashing even after uninstalling and reinstalling...please fix!!

- Interesting, but..

Interesting, but.. a little too aggressive on the cash grab. Way too many ads throughout to make it sustainably fun. Greedy producers

- Awesome

Great and updates should be more units like: T-35, T-34/85 or generals to protect or it is game over.

- Awesome

It"s a awesome strategy war game with awesome features and tanks.

- Great War game !

Realistic supply and warfare mechanics... Great WWII stately game.

- Needs update.

Good idea........crashes at turn4, the way all the units face it seems like they are retreating!

- Cool

Very challenging game, who cares that tanks face wrong way

- Game

It's a good game

- Pure Pay to Win fodder

Like a good meal with a rotten ingredient, there's a lot to like about this game, but the overall bad taste that is left spoils what could have been an awesome game. The game follows in the elder footsteps of Panzer General, and it is obvious from the graphics and gameplay that the developers enjoy a good strategy game. However, after even a few minutes of playing, it becomes obvious that the game is simply a vehicle to your wallet. Pay to remove advertising, pay to buy more gold, pay to buy more troops, pop ups, constant banner ads, etc. This overwhelming drive to grab more cash has a most distasteful influence on the gameplay. Gameplay also has its flaws - units can fire out of the Fog of War, enemy units can home in unerringly on your units - fire on your troops reducing them to tatters before you get an opportunity to retaliate. Antitank troops will always find your tanks, and mortar troops will decimate your infantry before you get chance to fight. Moreover, there is no defensive fire - enemy units can stroll merrily past your Panzers with complete confidence that no one will fire upon them until they attack, which seems remarkably civil of the Germans. Troops will also pop up miles behind your lines, resulting in either you leaving some troops behind, or as is often the case, sending a tank back to wipe these teleporting troops out. Finally, it appears the Germans are completely underprepared for warfare, as tanks will run out of ammo after a couple of engagements with only one supply truck between 6 Panzers. Naturally, you can rearm the tanks - if you buy some gold... This would have been a much better game if they simply made it a single purchase game, with properly balanced gameplay, instead of the heavily weighted Buy More Gold farce that it is now. There are better games out there than this one, that don't insist on a direct feed to your wallet.

- Keep crashing

Interfaces are stupid,I believed the units needs to face each other to deliver a blows,and its keep crashing on turn 4 on the second stage.what a pity.

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- 1941 Frozen Front: An amazing WW2 strategy game

1941 Frozen Front has to be one of the, if not best strategy games I have found on the App Store. The graphics fit the game style, the mechanics are easy to pick up and learn, and the multitude of campaigns offer many hours of gameplay. Each unit has good strengths and weakness’s, without a unit being completely overpowered, from AT squads, which act as a cheap way to take down tanks, to the heavy tank, which albeit has high attack power against other tanks and a high HP, it is easily countered by AT squads and tank destroyers from a distance. The game isn’t exactly the most historically accurate, as the Tiger tank wasn’t put into service until August 1942, and while the Tiger did perform better than the KV-1 heavy tank when it was first introduced, the soviets did make improvements to it so it could stand toe-to-toe with the Tiger. While the first couple campaigns may not be historically accurate, you could say the rest are as the campaigns do take place in different years and stages of the war on the eastern front. Although there are micro transactions, and as the game is single player only (not counting the pass and play feature), I would say it that it isn’t pay to win, for as long as you play through the tutorial, you should be able to go through the campaigns without having to buy more gold. Overall, 1941 Frozen Front is a great strategy game, and you will be able to spend many hours fighting in the villages and forests of the Soviet Union.

- Best game

This game Clydes with two countries Germany and Russia. I love this takes strategies to win against ai or a friend

- Too many ads

Game is addictive and takes strategy but every second turn it pops up 3 min ads. Which is annoying, I’ve played pacific front, burning bridges and now this frozen front. Game is designed flawlessly but too many ads sometimes makes you not wanna play it

- Great Game!

Very good mix of graphics, strategy and mechanics. I paid to get rid of ads.

- Great game

I've been looking for something like the old Panzer General games and I finally found it with this.

- 好


- Better than most

The game is pretty good. only thing i would change is the troop graphics, to be rendred and actually animated, instead if just a 2d picture moving. however, the gameplay gets pretty engaging and deep sometimes. i have spent over 30 hours in this game

- Ads galore

Seems like 10 times more ads now that there has been an update. Now it's just annoying as hell. Pop ups right in the middle of the screen and 30 second long ads every other turn.

- Want More!

The game is the best free WWII game but make a mode like in the each campaigns you get to choose a side or just add more campaigns

- Great game

Should make a North Africa and Western Europe version

- Fun game

Really cool turn by turn strategy game. Captures the details that are missing in risk. Good work.

- Fun and more fun

A lot of fun playing this game. Love the gameplay and it's not an easy game to complete. Very challenging.

- Good but can't buy it

I had it and it deleted it can you make it for iOS 6.1.6 that will be grate thank. And it a good game to play thank for Make it thank.

- Great

Love the game, awesome strategy possibilities

- Good strategy

Takes way too long for a mobile game..

- Super

It is a good thinking trategic game. Nice army weapon and plane, but one thing is sad that when you refeal your tank with the suplie truck after he shot once. The tank can not target second time.

- Not bad

The game plays quite fluently, but I wish there was a difficulty setting because it is very difficult and they should update the game for some new maps or vehicles.

- Review

Tigers did NOT fight during 1941 Panzer 3s are NOT light tanks Katyusha launchers are NOT accurate or equate able to artillery KV-1 are NOT equatable to Tiger 1s German AA depicted can defeat KV-1 in combat It is decent although enjoyable play in the Russian favor

- Great Game

Suggested download by me! Turn based strategic game. Great graphics!

- 1941 Frozen Front

Awesome turn based combat strategy

- Great game!

Great game, awesome to play!

- Good game

I like it

- Excellent

Bon jeu, j'adore les turn And base et ce jeu est très fait.

- Astounding!

Brilliant game. Addictive, entertaining, and intelligent. Strategy is also an important component. This game's only downfall is the lack of missions as well as nationalities.

- Good job

Great game. Loads of fun. Need more levels

- Great Tactical Wargame

Four stars only because the ads are in the way of the screen a bit. This is a great turned based hex Wargame for the eastern front of WW2. Named 1941 the equipment is more 1942 for those who are interested in that level of detail. AI is quite good as well and protection afforded by terrain is realistic. Any fan of war gaming should at least try it.

- Trois foi bravo

Très hot

- Great game

This game is great could use more multiplayer maps.

- Meh

It would be a 5star game if there was better abilities and less glitches

- Decent strategy

Nice gameplay

- Pretty good

I would rate 5 stars but its hard and there a lot of bugs, enemy units dead but still on map, 2 level on frozen front and I press home button go back in and I can't press next turn. I wish for it to be less hard PLEASE!

- Playing for Germans only is blasphemy

Deleted this game because you must play for germans.

- Too difficult

The game has potential but it is currently designed to be impossible to win without spending money. I got stuck on the second battle running out of gold and actually ran out of military units, which made it impossible to proceed.

- game

game play is painful at best,boring

- It's okay

Graphics are good game play is good I don't think you earn enough for destroyed enemy units

- Good Game

Adds are a little intrusive and causes the app to freeze when you try to get rid of them.

- Good turn based game

Nice graphics, good gameplay, Nuffield said.

- Your game great😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

I love this strategy game!😄😄😄

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1941 Frozen Front 1.12.3 Screenshots & Images

1941 Frozen Front iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

1941 Frozen Front iphone images
1941 Frozen Front iphone images
1941 Frozen Front iphone images
1941 Frozen Front iphone images
1941 Frozen Front iphone images

1941 Frozen Front (Version 1.12.3) Install & Download

The applications 1941 Frozen Front was published in the category Games on 2013-07-03 and was developed by HandyGames [Developer ID: 316574911]. This application file size is 111.99 MB. 1941 Frozen Front - Games app posted on 2017-09-12 current version is 1.12.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hg.frozenfrontfree