Foundations Memory Work C1

Foundations Memory Work C1 [Education] App Description & Overview

Classical Conversations®
Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 1

Strengthen your brain by memorizing quality content with art and song in a beautiful, interactive format in seven subject areas. Features include enhanced graphics and interactivity, Classical Conversations® Classical Acts & Facts Timeline, and U.S. presidents!

Classical educators know the importance of memorizing the grammar—the basic facts and vocabulary—of a subject. Now you can memorize the foundational knowledge of seven topics in a fun, interactive iPad and iPhone application.

In Cycle 1, Classical Conversations students memorize 161 events and people in the timeline, including the U.S. presidents; 24 history sentences from ancient and world history; 24 sites or features of Africa and world geography; 24 science questions and answers on biology and earth science; multiplication tables (1 through 15), squares, roots, cubes, and basic math laws and conversions; Latin noun endings; and English grammar rules. This app corresponds to the Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition, released in 2018.

Ancient and world history is presented in an interactive application with songs and artwork designed to make memorizing enjoyable.

Now integrated with other Classical Conversations resources, each history sentence and science question points you to the corresponding Classical Acts & Facts® Card, handy flashcards for classical educators that will expand your memory work in depth and breadth.

No matter your age, you can build a firm foundation of knowledge by memorizing these building blocks of education.

Classical Conversations Foundations students, ages 4 through 12, have been using these tools in our online subscription service, CC Connected®. The iPad application offers these additional features:
• Touch screen slides horizontally to reveal memory work by subject
• Touch screen slides vertically to study each subject by week
• Touch screen allows students to slide back and forth through the U.S. presidents
• Navigates back and forth and home easily

Classical Conversations® empowers homeschooling parents and establishes classical, Christian communities that equip children with a biblical worldview and the classical tools of learning in order to impact the world for God’s glory.

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Foundations Memory Work C1 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Updated to address the issue of the device automatically sleeping during audio play.

Foundations Memory Work C1 Comments & Reviews

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- Not worth the price

They are the equivalent of a simple flash card for each weeks lesson. I thought there would be lessons involved with each, but instead it was like reading the table of contents. Not worth the price or download space. Really disappointing.

- Excellent Ed Resource

Love this resource and the update! Thanks

- Foundations Cycle 1 Memory Work

This app is not right so it should not be like this instead it needs to be the way that it is on my other older iPad Mini that I just got on July 1, 2015.

- Bought the wrong Cycle. Are there refunds?

We accidentally purchased the wrong cycle. Are refunds available?

- Great with only a couple exceptions

This app is fantastic for reviewing weekly memory work! I only wish it had a couple things... First, it would be VERY helpful to have the timeline song sectioned out with each week. The same way the history sentence is read, then sung... it would be great to have the same with timeline. Second, it would be nice to have an option to play through one week at a time without having to swipe up after each subject.

- Phenomenally Disappointing

This app is extremely expensive but offers next to nothing that the CD doesn’t have. Come on CC! Get in the 21st century! The functionality and controls are so limited and it really offers no new ways to engage with the material.

- Love it !

I love it for on the go review, it’s also helpful for tutor prep and community day. My kids can easily use the app when I need them to do their review and I can’t sit with them. Very convenient!

- No timeline song?

This app is helpful in many ways but lacking the timeline song of all things. Overpriced for lacking key study materials. I wish tests were available for Memory Masters. Needs more.

- Builds happy memories!

My grandkids LOVE this app! My special needs granddaughter even operates the entire set herself, reviewing all the weeks! At other times, it is a family or a sisters event and just a pleasurable, instructive, enjoyable part of the kids days, weeks, and years.

- Such a helpful resource

Each week’s memory work at my fingertips! The layout is so pleasant and it is very easy to navigate between topics and weeks just with a swipe. Love this. My kids love watching the topics reveal themselves bit by bit and it’s just such a lovely presentation. We have the book and the cards and also each week on iTunes for the car ride, but this app still provides unique value to our CC experience as we snuggle up and review.

- Not helpful

I was really excited to have this on my phone so we could listen while driving, but then discovered that it’s unusable while driving since it only plays one song at a time! When each song ends, you have to look down (not a good idea while driving!) and tap the arrow to go to the next song! Major oversight! Also, for a $15 app there’s no timeline song?! I’ve never spent that much on an app, and never used an app so little. I ended up having to get the cds too and put them in Apple Music. So now we can listen to the timeline song, as well as all the history sentences , timeline, and preposition song all in a row, without having to look down dangerously. Also the app should separate speaking sentences vs singing. When we want to hear the history, we want to hear one *song* after another, not speaking then a song and speaking then a song. Same with tutoring. If we can’t remember how to start a tune, a need a jump on the beginning of a song, but I have to wait all the way through the speaking to get to it. So as much as the app is a great idea, until they allow you to play songs continuously, play the timeline song, and separate singing and speaking for the relevant subjects, I’ll be sticking with cds and don’t recommend the app.

- What a waste

I bought this app so I would have easy access to the materials without a CD player on hand. Why is the timeline song not on here?? It has to be the most frustrating thing! I feel like I just loaded something on my phone for $15 that isn’t worth a dime. How hard is it, CC, to put the timeline song on here? Better yet, break it down into sections per week so we don’t have to try and find that perfect spot to begin on the whole song. Classical approach to education yes, but let’s leave the classical there - jump to modern era with your app, please!?

- Not enough for the price

This app is good for review weeks, especially when on the toad or need to review your weeks real quick. But for a $16($15.99) app, I disappointed that it cost that much, yet doesn’t have the timeline song or the presidents’ song on it. It could also have the scripture that the whole community is learning week by week(Exodus 20) for cycle 1. The app I feel is like most resources to use with CC, overpriced.

- Timeline song

The timeline song is the only way to remember the entire timeline easily. Please add it to this rather expensive app. Please consider songs for the other subjects as well. We remember history the best because of the songs.

- Waste of money

Please don’t pay for this. I already have the CDs, maps and the book. It’s the same information on this app. I feel like I paid double for the same information. There is no timeline song, no information for the cards. This so expensive for nothing.

- Awesome app

I have been doing this app for a year and I had no problem with it

- App won’t close

Since the update in Dec the app won’t close on my iPhone Max. I have To restart my phone to turn the app off! The app support link just sends me to the main CC website so it’s no help.

- Everyone’s comments are lame

How dare you say that stuff. The cc app is amazing! That’s all I have to say

- Shuts down during songs

This rating is only on the usability of the app, not the material content. We’ve been a part of a CC community for 5 years and I love the curriculum. But the app has much to be desired. I purchased the app this year for the first time since I only listen to music from my phone. It continually shuts down on me during the history songs and I then have to start over from the beginning. Also, it would be nice if you could play an entire week or subject at a time, without having to hit play after each subject and week. It’s very difficult for me to review with the kids in the car, which was the number one reason I purchased it. Overall, I am very disappointed in the functionality of this app.

- Kinda of a bummer

It doesn’t have the timeline song on the app. Also I wish it would have a continual run thru. It would be nice if I could just play the week or the subject continually. You have to swipe to go to the next subject or week every time.

- Cuts out every time we use it.

Last year’s app was great but this one cuts out every time we use it.

- Hiiiii


- Dumb

Like everything else CC does its overpriced and under delivers. How about some quizzing abilities? It would be great if you could drag geography names onto the places, or say I’d like to work on weeks 1-6. How about scrambled time line cards you have to put in order? Why am I doing all this for you? A lot of us spend more time in our cars than we’d like, we can’t carry all our timeline cards with us everywhere we go. I was hoping this app would help. It’s a lame over priced app.

- Great app!

I like the app. It has all the songs plus the visuals.

- Bring back Science Snippets and History Highlights!

This app is already limited with material and lacking flexibility of an auto play feature. The Science Snippets and History Highlights are sorely missed. Our family would cast the app onto our TV so we could all view the screen together and read this information. This is the most expensive app I’ve ever purchased and I do so because I tutor and my kids use to it prepare for memory master. We use it quite a lot however is this bare bones and a no frills app. Usually updates include MORE features, not less!

- Updated!

I’ve had this app for several years. I was happy to see that when the curriculum updated from 4th edition to 5th edition i didn’t need to pay for the app again. My kindergartener uses this to review while I’m working with one on one in other subjects with my older child.

- Would love to see this feature added...

Love the convenience of having access to these songs on this app! But, I would love to see a feature where we can play all the material and songs from each week one after the other in a loop without having to go to each subject and week to get to the song. Kind of like a week by week playlist? This would be amazing! Thanks!

- Not as good as cycle 3

Pro: it has the memory work, history songs, Latin songs, and its user friendly. Cons: you have to swipe for it to play, there are not interactive or game elements and it doesn’t have the preposition or timeline song. Also, the cycle 3app had science snippets and extra history info. Those were handy and I miss them in this cycles version.

- Falls asleep constantly

App is very useful for our daily memory work, but I have to keep my finger hovering over the screen to keep it from going to sleep every few minutes, even in the middle of a song. Royal pain. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

- No song!

Ok so I really love CC! It’s a great program and I’ve been homeschooling for over 20 yrs, I have 4 children and I’ve tried it all. Started my youngest in CC this year for the first time. My 1 major complaint is that they really lack in “keeping up with the times” so to speak when it comes to media apps and (musical tunes, but I won’t go there now) I was really thrilled to see this app now and downloaded it immediately! Much to my regret.... there are NO songs, not even the timeline song.... I don’t get it? Why would you not include the timeline song? Well, I heard I can download it elsewhere so I’ll be looking into that now. UPDATE: There are songs on this app BUT not the main timeline song so I upgraded to a 3 star review. It’s handy but really needs the timeline song added.

- Used to love this app...

We used to love this app with the extra science and history “highlights”, but they have removed this from the app. It was such a great feature for on the go learning to add to my kids questions. Disappointed in this change.

- Not what I bought

I purchased over the Summer and in the Fall, the update deleted much of the valuable facts and info which is why I bought the app in the first place as a first year CC family. This is only useful as a memorization and review aid. NOT worth the price after the recent update. Very, VERY disappointed.

- Refund

After realizing I could buy all the songs needed on ITunes I don’t have any use for this app. If the app was just recently bought, and never used, is it possible to get a refund?

- Update ruins this App

Prior to the update the app contained the History and Science snippets. Please restore these to the app.

- The CDs are much more functional

There are too many problems with this app that make it unusable for us. For one, you have to have the app on the active screen for it to play the songs and tutorial - does not play in the background if your lock screen comes on or you go to another part of your phone. Also, there is no continuous repeat option that will allow you to play the week’s memory work over and over for memorization. There is also no option to listen to the memory work for all subjects by week. The constant babysitting of this app to go from subject to subject and to keep pushing replay is a hindrance. We spend a lot of time in the car and this is where we do a lot of our memory work for CC. There is something in the code that makes this app start playing over Bluetooth for a second or two but then stops and defers to the music player on the phone. It is a very subservient program and lets any and all sound playing apps installed in the phone to push it off Bluetooth, even when I do not specifically open any other sound-playing apps. This was a waste of $16 that could have gone towards purchasing the Cycle 1 CDs, which I will now have to buy in order for us to be able to do the memory work the way we need to.

- Helpful but not complete

I love having the app on my phone and iPad for easy access to practice memory work. But I’m disappointed the History and Science Snippets are gone. We use the app on the go and it’s nice to be able to have some info to read and talk with my kids about. Also, I wish the timeline song was on there. And it would be cool if there was an auto-play feature for either all the memory for one week or all of one subject.

- Updated review

The app has updated for the latest content revision to cycle 1 and most of the additional information that was provided before has been removed. There is less functionality and I’m disappointed. This app is not worth the cost.

- Disappointed

I paid 15.00 for this app instead of buying the cds. :( now I will still have to purchase the cds because there is no timeline song on the app. It would also be nice to be able to just play the memory work songs and not have to listen to them saying the sentence first. Disappointed!!

- Not worth it

The previous version had information sections with explanations. This does not. I may as well just use the cd. This is not worth the cost!

- Timeline song

The app works well and is handy for on the go but I don’t understand why the timeline song isn’t included. When will that be added????

- Shutting off

Why is the app shutting down on its own in the middle of memory work????

- Nice refresh but...

How do I access the history and science snippets as shown in the description photos?

- Please update with a “play all” option.

Please add a “play all” option for the subjects. It would be 5 stars if I, as a tutor, and teacher, could use this to review material hands free.

- Doesn’t match the 5th Edition as stated

This app does not correspond with the new 5th edition as stated.

- I love the CC App!

The CC App is one of 3 essential tools I utilize for CC. 1) Community Day, 2) CC App, & 3) A Flipbook. It makes accessing & learning the material convenient. 5 stars helpful.

- Finally updated!

Have been using CC for past 3yrs. Excellent homeschooling program. This app gives basic structure of the whole Cycle 1 curriculum. Children love it. Thanks for the update!

- Missing extra history and science info

I like the visuals with math and some of the updates. Majorly disappointed that they removed the extra history info, and the science snippets. They were so handy for quick answers to questions. The app does show which history cards to read corresponding info, but, to me, a big draw for the app was all the info in one place easy to find.

- PLEASE UPDATE App for Cycles 1, 2, & 3

We wish to use the Cycle 1 app beginning in August but the app has not been updated in 3 years. The app does not have the same info as the new 2018 Foundations Guide. We have used the Cycle 2 & 3 apps the past 2 years. It would be great if all 3 apps had the timeline song included.

- No Updates

We’ve had a new president for over a year. It stops at Obama. There’s also pronunciation errors that have not been corrected.

- Would like the Update

I’m new to see and I just purchased this APP today not knowing there will be a new APP coming soon! You guys should note that! I hope this one gets updated or else I would like a refund so I can purchase the new APP.

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- Update

Are we expecting an update for the app with the 5th edition changes? I bought the app a month ago and was surprised to see that it wasn’t updated.

- Please Update

Please update the App. Just purchased the new updated Foundations guide for 2018. Downloaded the Cycle 1 app for this fall and in Week 1- noticed that in Science - What are the classifications of living things? “domain” was missing.

- Does not have the timeline song.

For $15 it should have the timeline song.

- Please update the app

What else can I say? This app needs to be updated with the new songs. And the math needs to have all the skip counting until 15.

- Thought I was getting fun songs

After a friend sang some catchy CC songs to me, I thought I'd buy the app and play them for my kids. These are old skip counting songs set to Sunday School tunes that I could find for free on youtube, not the catchy ones being used in the local CC classroom. I cannot find ANY other songs on the app, which was why I paid $15 for it, and my kids are bored to tears watching the not-so-fun flashcards. Waste of money. Put more songs on it!

- Love CC, the app not so much

The app is nice in that all the memory work it all there visually as well as songs (EXCEPT the timeline song which is pretty disappointing) but I'm already paying premium for the wonderful CC community and program. Why do they have to capitalize off everything? Timeline song or not $15.99 is unreasonable. I can understand 9.99 at most even but $15.99 just seems wrong.

- A Great App that could be Awesome!

My kids love this App, we use it every day and have cycle 2 also. This App could be even better especially for the price if it included both Presidents songs, the timeline song and if the features were more interactive. For example if after the Latin song had finished the student could touch the individual words to repeat them. Allowing them to hear the pronunciation of the specific word they are having trouble with. Also math, science and geography would benefit from the same application. Touching the place, number, or word again would result in the repetition of that place, number or word. The layout of the graphs, and maps could also utilize the free space of the IPad more efficiently resulting in less dead space and larger more visible images. A great App but with improvement could be a much better teaching aid. I hope a future update will include these features.

- Way too much $$$$ for what it is

It should be priced at $4.99 tops. There are a few pronunciation mistakes. The timeline song is not there- it is just spoken - they can certainly add the song weekly or have it separately. They need to step up the features for $15.99. Since it is just the cards and some of the information on CDs put in an app

- Great App if...

We are a CC family and use this app daily. It has almost everything we need if we are at home or on the go. The only thing I wish it had was the official timeline song. It seems foolish to me that the key song across the entire program is left out of this app. I have heard this complaint from families within the community as to why they won't buy the app. The memory work in here is wonderful, engaging, and rich they only piece lacking in the official timeline song.

- Learning On the Go

This app is perfect for my daughter to practice during travel time. We spend a lot of time in the car and keeping everything mobile avoid the bulky book bag. The ability to look ahead allows her to spend more time flushing out personal interest.

- Last update 2014???

Outside of one app I use for work, this is the most expensive app in my library and is by far the least interactive. Please add the timeline song, and add depth to the memory work visuals. This is the stick and sand, but we need the instructor to be a bit more creative with the tools.

- Wonderful resource

I'm shocked and blown away at all the negative feedback on this app. Sure it would be nice if they added the timeline song however then the app would have everything you need and almost replace the book and other resources. It's wisdom that they don't allow just anyone to purchase an app that includes everything. That said. I love the apps, they are visual and work beautifully. My kids love them and it allows for easy visual and auditory review that doesn't require parental assistance. It's a wonderful app and I think it's worth every penny. Love it totally recommend!

- Somewhat disappointing

Graphics are nice and bright. I wish there was an auto play option so I could sit my phone down and let it play for overall review for all weeks, as well as, specific weeks. Would also like the option for it to be more interactive. Quizzes/Review for each week would be nice. Fill in the blank. It would also be very nice if the timeline was more interactive. I would love to have the option to tap on a photo and receive some of the facts and history that come on the back of the timeline cards. Overall lackluster for $16.

- Use with caution!

There are errors in this ap's geography and Latin pronunciation! These errors can cause your child to not achieve memory master, as the tutors and director will only allow the answers in the foundations guide. However, most info is correct, handy to have on the go, and a great visual aid.

- Lacking

I was hoping for more interactive features. Examples- Place the countries on the black line map, match declensions with its case, fill in the blank for other subjects (science, math, history sentence?). Basically, this app is a repeat of the audio CD in many ways. Disappointing at $15.99.

- Some Use, But Overpriced

I agree completely with Sadiecpt that it is overpriced and falls spectacularly short of the potential it has. Yes, it makes it easy for your student to review the material independently by paging through the memory work, and the songs for math, grammar, history sentence and latin are there. So why no Timeline song? For the price and because it would make the most of the media, I would have expected to have not only the timeline song, but also the timeline card information. It would've been so convenient to have that in the app. Interactive map practice? It could have been a reality, but you can only watch and listen to the narrator as the map is labeled. Just so much potential for interactive learning that is absent and too expensive for what you get. It leaves so much room for you to need to buy other expensive things such as the audio CD or a CC connected subscription to get the Timeline song, or a nearly hundred dollar set of history cards to get THAT information.

- Great for CC Families

If you understand Classical Conversations and you follow the classical model for home education, then this app will be very useful. My kids use it daily to review their memory work.

- Homeschool mom

I love this app! It is a perfect way to review when out and about or at home. You can even access the "Science Snippets" and "History Highlights!"

- Unimpressed

I was so disappointed with this app, I was under the WRONG impression that this was an interactive app but it is in fact just the CC music CD set to pictures! Not worth the $15.99 so disappointed looking to try and get a refund ... I have only had it for 15 minutes!

- Great resource for CC lite

I know several families who participate in CC and am always impressed with all that they are learning. I am not quite ready to join, as it is quite pricey compared to what I now pay just homeschooling on our own at home. However, I was happy to buy this app in order to access the basic curriculum to keep my kids somewhat abreast in case we join when they are older (which we plan to do). We have completed all 24 weeks, and I have been impressed with the content, layout, songs, ease of use, etc. My 9 yr old and 7 yr old are able to use this on their own, though I do it with them once a week to see what they are learning. I plan to buy the next app after Christmas. My only regret is that the app isn't available for Kindle Fire, as those devices are dramatically cheaper than apple products.

- Needs music

I agree with the others. This app only goes over what was learned. I expected a lot more. It's the most expensive app I ever bought - no review games and only a few with music. I think I'd like a refund.

- Good tool, but needs updating!

I am a tutor and have used the apps for 2 consecutive cycles. They have been helpful as I prepare to tutor my class, and helpful at home. BUT... I've noticed that it never seems to be updated. There are geographical errors on the maps that CC is aware of, yet they have not corrected them. For the money I paid, I expected an educational app that is functional AND correct. If errors were corrected, I'd give it a higher rating. (More songs wouldn't hurt, either)

- Not worth the money

With very few songs, (not the Timeline Song,) an awkward, unsophisticated layout, and a lack of extras that might have made this app worth even half the amount CC charges for it, I feel that this company should feel embarrassed to produce something so substandard and charge so much money for it. 16 dollars for one of three apps? I paid already for the book- why not include this? Classical Conversations has a bad habit of overcharging for underwhelming curriculum. I was hoping to have my children use this app without my help, but that will not be possible.

- Great for Review

I love having all our memory work at my fingertips. We use this app twice a day for a quick review - once in the morning and once before bed.

- Great Tool!

I hesitated to buy this app based on negative reviews found here. I'm glad I asked a friend and learned that it's actually a great resource. It DOES contain songs. Maybe not every song found on the CD's but it definitely has the songs I need for my kindergartner. I'm so glad I purchased this rather than the CD's. Great interactive resource for my daughter and me.

- Will not play when connected as USB device

The only reason I bought this app was so that I could play it in the car through our USB port. It will NOT play. I tried multiple phones, devices and other apps to make sure something had not shorted out in our suburban. It is the app. It does not play. PLEASE whoever updates this app give it an update. I'm upset that I spent $15 on something that doesn't work for the primary purpose that I needed it.

- Good resourse

Great pictures and has the information needed for weekly review! Wish there were more songs though.

- Not a great resource for tutors.

I suppose this could be a good resource for parents but it really doesn't come close to offering the resources the CD's do and for what you pay, it's not a good value at all. You do get songs for History and Math but they did an awful job providing quick access to weekly sentences. This also doesn't include the Timeline song. I will not purchase CC apps again.

- Excellent tool

History and math include the songs. Science includes links to Snippets. Very useful for capturing students' attention and one more medium for reinforcing material. I have all three and find the cost money put to good use!

- Don't Waste Your Money

There are no songs and you can't zoom in on the tiny history pics. I regret buying this.

- No songs

I was hoping for more. No songs and a small amount of information for the cost of this app!

- Awsome

Get it now it is cool

- Needs Timeline song and quiz option!

For $15 this app should have the Timeline song and a quiz option. It's nice to have on the go but it needs more.

- So helpful!

We used this so often during Cycle 1. I would love to see the Cycle 2 available.

- Cycle 2?

We used cycle one app daily. We are wondering where the cycle 2 app is? While I was hoping for some matching games as well as basic memory,we still ended up using the cycle 1 app a lot! Please do. Cycle 2 soon, as we have started CC ... J

- Fantastic App!!

The is perfect for the homeschool family on the move. We can go anywhere and have access to everything we need. Looking forward to Cycle 2!!

- Great app BUT...

PLEASE add the timeline and proposition songs!!!! Some kind of quizzing feature would be nice too for the high price.

- Lacking

Previous versions of this app allowed viewing of the front of each timeline card. This version only allows viewing of a week at a time which isn't very helpful. There really isn't any benefit to this app especially for the steep price. I love CC materials, but this app doesn't measure up. A refund would be nice.

- Great Review Source

My girls love this app for practicing CC! There are tiny improvements that could be made, but the benefits are huge!

- Great CC Tool

Great App! It allowed us to go over CC anywhere as long as we had an iPhone or iPad. I wouldn't carry the cards around all the time but would have an idevice around. It could use the songs to make it better. Waiting for Cycle 2.

- Love it!

We love this app and the classical conversations program is is also amazing. Can't wait for Cycle 2 & 3

- It's good, but could be better

This is a great app for review or if I need my older two to go over their memory work while I am busy with something else. It's also great for in the car. My only problem is that it needs to have all the stuff that is on the cds. My kids love using this app. The other issue is that the info in the app needs to match that of the cds and book. There were only a few spots where that happened, but it surprised me when my 8 year old picked it out. Please add the songs (all of them) and add some quizzing. The kids would really benefit from that.

- Where is Cycle 2?!?

Please release a CYCLE 2 (with the Timeline song)!!!

- Excellent App!

With the exception of the app needing the timeline song, this app is everything you need to review the CC Foundations memory work for cycle 1. I think it is fantastic! Those expressing disappointment that the app is not interactive or play games (for the price of the app) have unrealistic expectations. An app like this is extremely expensive to develop and to add in games would likely make the cost even higher.

- BEST APP!!!!!

Most incredible app I have seen, and I have seen most apps! Amazing!!!!!!!! Beautifully done, chocked full of great information, and the app runs smoothly and perfectly! I have learned a TON!! I have both apps made by Classical Conversations. I am learning like I never learned before, about history, geography, etc., etc. They are my favorite two apps, and I own hundreds!!!! I will buy any apps Classical Conversations makes!!!!

- I love this app!!!

This app has really given us one more way to review and I love how easy it is to navigate it. You can easily switch from one subject to another or one week to another by swiping up or down, and side to side. It has also helped me to have it beside me while doing my tutor planning, to make sure I have the correct pronunciation. We just reached the end and The way the presidents are flipped from one to the next while the song is playing is wonderful!!

- I agree it needs the timeline song!

Would also be great if you could touch the timeline points to access a few facts or more info. Otherwise a beautiful app! Hope cycle 2 will be out soon!

- Needs interaction and timeline song, please

Great app, overall, but for the high price, I expected a little more interaction. It would be great for the kids to be able to pick out places on the map for geography. Need a few quizzes and definitely needs the timeline song. It's a pain to have to use the iPad and laptop at the same time. For the price paid, I think it should have an opportunity for kids to be quizzed, as well as a way to hear the timeline song.

- Needs more timeline info, but we still love it!

I think this app is great, but it NEEDS the information that is on the back of the timeline cards. The song would be nice too, but not necessary as I play it from the iPad anyway. I like the "snippets" that are on the science & history. The science "snippets" are mostly the back of the card and the history "snippets" are some additional information, which we love! The preposition song would be a huge plus, but again not necessary as we play it from the iPad anyway. I agree the app is pricey, but I think we'll worth it, especially if they fix the timeline and give us the back of the card info. It has all the memory work, which we used to bring cards and photo copies and geography tables in a small bag to places. now I just toss the iPad into the back seat or at a restaurant and have the kids review! I would like a more interactive app, but that is an entirely different thing. This is all the memory work, not games for the kids!

- Please add timeline song

This is a wonderful app. It would be perfect and 5 star if timeline song added. I have to pull up song on another machine while looking at the cards. Huge hassle and would be more fun with song.

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Foundations Memory Work C1 2.10 Screenshots & Images

Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 iphone images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 ipad images
Foundations Memory Work C1 Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Foundations Memory Work C1 Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Foundations Memory Work C1 (Version 2.10) Install & Download

The applications Foundations Memory Work C1 was published in the category Education on 2012-10-25 and was developed by Classical Conversations [Developer ID: 501527695]. This application file size is 1.12 GB. Foundations Memory Work C1 - Education posted on 2018-12-20 current version is 2.10 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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