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Military Retirement App Description & Overview

What is military retirement app? Military Retirement is a stand alone application intended to assist military personnel from all branches of military service by informing them of their benefits upon retirement from military service. Military Retirement gives assistance by calculating an estimation of retirement pay based on the data you enter. This data is secure and does not leave your device and is not tracked in any way. Military Retirement incorporates highly detailed algorithms to calculate your retirement pay to the highest level of accuracy possible. Compare multiple scenario options to determine which retirement option is best for you. 

No login required. No personally identifying information to enter. No demographic tracking of who you are. No spam.

Military Retirement works for Active Duty and Reserve/Guard for the following types of retirement plans: Final Pay, High-3, BRS, and CSB/REDUX personnel. 

Specifically, Military Retirement will calculate
• RETIREMENT PAY : Based on Rank, Years and Months of Service, and Date of Retirement. Also works for time in rank of less than 3 years.
• SURVIVOR BENEFIT PLAN : Benefit and Premium
• DISABILITY PAY : Based on disability rating
• FEDERAL TAXES : Based on filing status

** Note **
Information provided by Military Retirement should be used for educational and initial informative purposes only. Should not be used to plan retirement budget, as actual financial figures may slightly differ.

Lynnfield LLC is disabled-veteran owned.

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App Name Military Retirement
Category Finance
Updated 22 May 2023, Monday
File Size 4.15 MB

Military Retirement Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great App but needs 1 more feature. I live this app and it’s well worth the price for future planning. BUT can we add Special Military Compensation (SMC) options so we can see the full picture?

Needs < 20 yr Retirement Pay. This is a great app, BUT I really wish they’d add retirement pay for those that end up serving less than 20 years. I was able to retire through the Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA) Program. So my retirement Time in Service is at 17 years 3 months. There are simple math calculations that determine the pay amount that i think could be easily instituted in an update. Without that, I just paid $5.99 for this app and it’s not accurate whatsoever for me.

Not 100% Correct. After entering my current information from my retirement statement, the app’s calculations were about $400 off. This was due the inability to input the correct amount of taxes, VGLI amount ($142 more than it should be) and SBP.

Great app. Missing some health care options like Tricare Select cost options. Would be that much better of an app if it included other healthcare cost options other than Prime Individual and Prime Family for non reserve members.

Excellent Planning Tool & Spot On 👍. Helped me plan for retirement and understand exactly what my compensation would be. I knew what my payments would be before I started getting them because of this app. This included the VA disability pay. Highly recommended app for those on the cusp of retirement. S/F

Great App. This is a great app to have when no one will help you figure out your retirement pay and the calculations through DFAS don’t take account for REDUX. The one that doesn’t let you use a previous date. I would like to use my pay date for the calculation because your TAFMSD is not always the same as in my case. Other than that I like it and Thank You for developing something that comes closer to figuring this out than DFAS does.

Really good budgeting tool for military retirement. This app allows you to input your information and then instantly calculates what will you can expect to get after retirement. You can save multiple options to help you make better choices for when to retire. I wish there was a tool that calculated medical retirement as well.

Worth it. For the amount of times I have use this app the money was worth it. It is accurate

Great app but missing prior military experience. The site is great for simple data input but lacks the ability to account for prior experience. For instance, prior reserve time may increase pay but not count for retirement time on active duty. The increase in pay has the affect of increasing the Member’s high three due to the increase in pay.

Getting ready to retire. A great, accurate app that will show you to the dollar what you should receive in retirement. Helps me plan out various things as I get ready to retire in about 18 months.

Planning. I really like the easy function. The only thing I wish this app had was computing FICA/Medicare taxes to give you an even closer to accurate pay schedule.

Useful. .it’s a good tool to estimate compensation. Not sure it updates well though. I’ve had the app for three years, says it’s up to date but doesn’t seem to be as accurate as it should.

Not completely Accurate. This app optimistically attempts to give you an idea of your military retirement. As service member this could be a powerful tool to assist in the planning as we transition out of the military. That planning could be flawed if the numbers are providing incorrect data. Such is the point here. Recommendations: conduct a measurement of accuracy and have the application reflect true data.

VERY Useful App!. The only thing that keeps this from being 5 stars is both the phone and ipad apps are very glitchy at times and it often freezes during swift use. If you could, please add a feature where you can shift the order of the disabilities. This would be VERY helpful.

Decent app. It’s great info but there needs to be greater flexibility for retirees who have national guard/reserve and active duty time. For example if you have 4 years of guard time and 20 years active time you get 50% base pay of 24 years of service. Currently that functionality doesn’t exist on your app.

A great little app!. This is a great little app that I often come back to to play around with. I hope this app updates on the new year to account for the 2020 payraise. Thanks again! Paul

Piece of mind. I’ve used this application from the point I knew I was going to retire. It has provided piece of mind through the entire retirement process! Playing with the number really allows you to see where you stand financially. Great app!! Recommend to everyone I know.

Very informative!!. As I approach retirement, this has helped in deciding what state we are deciding on. I’d recommend putting in property tax options, with additional VA breaks on property tax, with many others, I’d certainly be willing to pay for that option.

Fast, easy, and accurate. The app is easy to navigate, once info is plugged in its fast, and gives an accurate picture of what your retirement pay will look like. Excellent job!

Excellent App for calculating military retirement pay!. I'm going through TAP class right now, and this app has stayed up to date for all the dollar amounts throughout the class!

Definitely worth it 👍🏼. This is the best military retirement calculator I’ve seen to date, and I’ve been on the search for years to find one that calculated a reserve retirement. No more more need to use NSIPS or the dumb math formula that doesn’t account for taxes or inflation. Definitely worth $6 👍

Great for Guard too!. So often there’s an app or website that’s geared towards the military, but when you check it out, it’s limited to the active component. Not this one - very pleased to discover it addresses the points and proration for Guard and reserve. Was equally pleased to see how well aligned the results are to my own excel tracking...this is much easier than excel.

Fabulous app for military retirees. Awesome app for calculating military retirement pay with federal taxes along with disability and SBP. Although there is no state calculation with this app, the federal calculation was a good estimate of what my federal AND state taxes would be combined since the number given was higher than what I pay in my circumstance i.e. married with one child, filing jointly and my spouse does not work. Even in retirement I find the app useful, especially when calculating changes in disability pay or doing calculations for friends. Very useful app that every veteran should have. Thank you.

FAVORITE app!. This app is SO TIGHT, concise, and accurate. Nothing comes close. This is the best value in the App Store and my favorite app of all time. My friend was using it and told the numbers were off for the app, so I had him explain to me why, and it turns out DFAS was wrong and the app caught it and he is getting more money because if it.

Thanks. They need to add a category for federal technicians too. It’s be a good tool for Fed techs. It’s be more added value for military who retire and or Guardsmen/Reservists who earn dual retirements. The current app only captures part of their retirement in those cases. You might consider adding a TSP category too. Then it’d be a total pay look for retirement.

Incredible Tool for Career Planning. This app was invaluable while I was seriously thinking about continuing my career. This even allows for modified calculations for those service members that began their military journey as members of the Reserves or National Guard prior to joining the active component or AGR program. I have shared this app and recommended it to anyone I personally knew that was at the retirement decision point.

This app is TOP NOTCH!. I am constantly reviewing this app as I game-plan my retirement. What I really like is that the user can create separate profiles for various scenarios as a quick comparison reference. Bottom line, if you are entertaining retirement, this app is a must in helping you with your life changing decision.

Great, but needs to be updated. It will give you a good over view, but it needs to be updated. Taxes taken out are too high and the most recent pay raise hasn’t been taken into account.

Not up-to-date. If you’ve ever had any broken time of service in this app will not help you. It is not take into account your armed forces active duty base date with your time in service. I brought this to the attention of the app developers and they said that they would work on a solution for next year. I requested a full refund and have not gotten a reply in over a week.

Satisfied Customer. Very helpful and reliable close to actual payments

Great App and very accurate. I used this app when I knew I was retiring from the military and it was right on the money when it came to estimating what I would receive monthly. It is very accurate and up-to-date well done

Simply awesome. Great tool to use for retirement planning. Easy to navigate and the ability to load multiple profiles makes it a powerful tool for personal retirement planning as well mentoring your troops. Highly recommend.

Great App. Awesome application that gives you a good snapshot of benefits. Would recommend including the ability to add any Special Compensation payments as either a drop down option or value. Additionally, include another category to add any additional income (rental income, annuity, dividends etc).

One minute used and never touched again. What a waste of money. The app downloaded in seconds so from the jump you know there isn’t much in the app, and as I thumb through it I see I’m right. Within a minute opening the app I explored every option in it. What a disgrace for this app developer to cheat us proud serving military folk out of 5.99. This app is worth maybe $0.99 if not free. It took me longer to write this than to fully explore this app. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Reliable. Had this app before I retired from the military to provide me outlook on my financial stability after leaving service, all the number’s were spot on. Thanks for keeping this app updated.

Retirement Pay Amount. The annual retirement pay (COLA) has not been updated. The disability amount was updated based on 2022 amounts, but the retirement hasn’t changed in two years.

Outstanding. I recommend this app to every military personnel, specially those who already now the time is coming sooner than not!

Date of Rank. Can you add the date of rank which will provide a more accurate retirement pay when considering high 3? I’m an E-8 but will only have 2 years calculated as an E-8 and the call doesn’t take that into consideration.

Honest Review. App is expensive for what it does but it’s good at what it does. It’s accurate, helps you plan, and gives you an ideal of estimated benefits. You can get all the same information through the VA site but this is in your pocket when you need it. Downside, once you know your rating and you are being paid the app no longer serves a purpose.

Update for 2023. This app needs an update for the new rates! This app would get 5 stars if it included a calculator for combined via disability rating inclusive of bilateral factor. The VA app by the same organization doesn’t really give a full picture either.

Handy tool - Great for those close to retirement. Great little reference for those looking at retirement. It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s extremely close! I am using this as an idea of what my income looks like post retirement so that I can budget according. I have recommended to many military fiends in the same situation. Worth the $5.99, TRUST ME! Far earlier then trying to figure out all the math on your own.

Must Have Retirement Tool. If you are planning for retirement you NEED this app. It gives you accurate information and allows you to play with the numbers to see how things will affect you. I have shared this app with numerous people since I found it and all are extremely happy with it. Keep up the good work!

Great App- needs to allow user to break it down more. I was in the reserves for 7 years before going active duty. Calculator won’t allow me to separate time in service from pay base date.

Not worth the price. The app is easy to use and calculations are pretty accurate however, once you plug in your data there is nothing more. It basically becomes a picture saved on your phone that cost way more than it should. Don’t get the app there are other free apps that are just as accurate.

Best app ever!!!!!. Thank you for this treasure! I discovered an error in my retirement pay because if this app. Your app is spot on dead accurate. Keep up the great work!

Spot on. 30 years 1 week active. Retired. This app is within $1 of what my pay is. That’s because they only break time down by months. Excellent! Got VA disability, SBP, and all else correct. Be cautious of Fed tax though as your situation will vary.

Great tool for retirement planning. I rarely if ever pay for apps but this one is well worth the money spent. With the ability to pick time in service to the month or years in a pay grade, you get to completely customize to your retirement situation.

Useful for all transitioning service members. Finally a definitive answer to retiring service members wondering what to expect in compensation. Negotiating the multiple classes and websites can be frustrating and confusing. This app was a tremendous help.

User friendly. The user interface is extremely easy to use. Filled with very useful information. Worth the money.

Latest update corrected!. Update: issue fixed- it is now functioning as designed. Just did the latest update (released 23 Jan 2018) and it has stopped working. All the fields remain blank after selecting different inputs to calculate monthly retirement income.

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Amazing app. App is a great tool to get an idea to see what you will get with the different options (ie dependents, SBP, different tricare plans, etc..)

Great for planning. As a true nerd, I was doing this on a spreadsheet. But this app is pretty accurate and you can run a lotta scenarios in a short period of time.

Fantastic app and accurate. Simple and easy to use and navigate.

Good App for everyone with the same BASD and PEBD. I wish I could edit my PEBD in this calculator. I would be able to get a much more accurate calculation.

Great planning App. Love this for planning/dreaming of retirement! It truly is an all encompassing planner for you to actually determine what your take home will be in retirement.

Only for those retired after 2012!. Looks like a great app but they fail to mention it is only good for those that retired after 2012! Really think you should mention this in your description. Just spent $3.99 to find this app useless. Will they upgrade it to include earlier years???

Great Interface, But Bad State Tax Info. Says Massachusetts doesn’t tax military retirement. But local tax expert says MA does tax military retirement. The MA department of revenue website also confirms this. App provides service members inaccurate info.

After 4 years the app has always been off. When attempting to contact developer the app shuts down as that part is broke. Numbers always off, sometime wildly. Most suspect is the preloaded “suggested” review praising the app that appears when I went to review the app. Nonetheless it is a great concept and full of potential.

Missing 2023 Information. The app is missing the year 2023 information.

Enlightening. Quick access tool that lets me figure out different courses of action as I get closer to retirement.

It's great for most of the veterans. I love how easy it it's too use. The only feature missing is for medically retired veterans. CRSC and CRDP are also good things to add.

Awesoe. Totally made my retirement financial planning easier. My financial consultant is going recommend app for all service members.

Wow. It’s the most comprehensive planning tool for military retirees that I’ve seen.

Good for 2022. But hasn’t updated to match the current pay and benefits chart

Special pay. Some of the special pays are off. Especially with EOD

Nice to have if you’re a Reservist. A must have tool to have if you are retiring any time soon

Excellent quick reference. This calculator is an outstanding tool for budgeting and providing easy adjustability to account for VA percentages

Convenient. Like how easily you can get a pretty good estimate.

Awesome App. Thanks for driving complex to simple regarding retirement pay and benefits. Exceptionally well done!

Great tool for retirement prep. I used to google these figures all of the time. This is a one stop shop and useful to explain things to my wife.

Great app!!. I really appreciate this app and all of its great info and links to help me get any additional information needed.

Very Accurate. Great app, very accurate, lots of Options for Calculations

Great app. The app is very user friendly. Easy to navigate and use and I believe the numbers are very close. Thanks for the app! 28 year Active Duty member

Save your $6. Don’t buy this app. You can do simple math to determine all the numbers listed on this app. It does not: 1. Allow you to manually input additional federal income tax withholdings. 2. It has no State Tax calculations. 3. It does not allow you to differentiate between full family/spouse/children only SBP premiums. 4. The app can not verify the time in service it uses for calculations (i.e., PEBD vs commissioning date as specified in the new DoD calculator which is free online). This app is just a $6 calculators and a scam.

Well done. I really enjoy the reliable info here.

Not complete. Lacks many variables.. I have never rated an app but I feel this is important. I’m a Reservist, and this excludes a few variables for us, years in service (huge factor), retirement years, and PEBD. Look elsewhere for calculations and don’t waste your money.

Pay Chart is not accurate. App developers need to log into this thing called google and check pay tables. Your app is off by hundreds!

Ok app. This app is ok if you do not know how to do simple excel formulas or are too lazy. Not sure why I thought it had a countdown. Would have been a better app if that was included. Oh well, I will take this as a $3.99 lesson.

Bobby Whi. This App is awesome. It has saved me hours and hours of searching and compiling information on the web.

Useful but not for every retirement circumstance. I was medically retired early. The app doesn’t account for any less than 20 years of service.

I have used from O3–05 to map retirement. Fantastic app. I have used this app to make some heavy decisions.

Helpful. This app is very helpful in figuring out retirement pay options.

Additions would improve app. Adding an allotment option would improve its accuracy.

Reliable source!. Very informational and accurate.

Benefits by state. Most important variable is ability to determine benefit by state. I think it should part of the app

Pretty good!. For high 3, can you add an option to specify multiple pay grades for that time?

Doesn’t seem like it updates yearly. Does this update yearly with pay raises and cola increases? Can’t tell. It’s a handy app but number seem old.

Good App. The only feature I think it needs to account for is FICA.

Great App. Love this App! This app help me with my retirement plans. Know how much I would get was very helpful.

Accurate. Neat app that makes crunching retirement numbers easy and in one place. Updated with 2018 pay tables.

Accurate?. It’s nice to positive numbers, but if anyone has this app do further research

Limited for those retiring using high-3 shortly after promotion. Also, does not calculate retirement if you retire within three years of your promotion.

Love it. Easy, simple, accurate idea of what to expect for retirement. Ability to run different rank projections.

Helpful. I found it very helpful, In planning when I should get out. And how long I should stay in, To reach my maximum goal.

Not bad, missing one critical point. This app works well, but fails to address individuals that retire with only two years at their present grade. For example: A CW3 with 22 years of service, but only two years time in grade will not get an accurate accounting of their HIGH 3 compensation.

Excellent and Accurate. Excellent app ..up to date on pay raises and cost. CPT G

Love this APP. When you’re deciding whether to get out or not, it’s a great tool to look at scenarios!

Medical retirement <20yrs service. There should be an option to select a <20yrs service option so it doesn’t add in a retirement payment. Just confuses things... medical retirements are becoming more common with the “deploy or get out”.

Military App. This gets 5 stars, it is a great app. I could figure out my monthly pay all in one app.

Wonderful. Great app that can help you plan for retirement.

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Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2023.5
Play Store com.LynnField.MilitaryRetire
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Military Retirement (Versiyon 2023.5) Install & Download

The applications Military Retirement was published in the category Finance on 2012-09-26 and was developed by LYNNFIELD LLC [Developer ID: 563082511]. This program file size is 4.15 MB. This app has been rated by 8,563 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Military Retirement - Finance app posted on 2023-05-22 current version is 2023.5 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.LynnField.MilitaryRetire. Languages supported by the app:

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Military Retirement App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Fixes to pay calculations for previous retirement years • Other bug fixes and improvements

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