Military Retirement

Military Retirement [Finance] App Description & Overview

Military Retirement is a stand alone application intended to assist military personnel from all branches of military service by informing them of their benefits upon retirement from military service. Military Retirement gives assistance by calculating an estimation of retirement pay based on the data you enter. This data is secure and does not leave your device and is not tracked in any way. Military Retirement incorporates highly detailed algorithms to calculate your retirement pay to the highest level of accuracy possible. Compare multiple scenario options to determine which retirement option is best for you. 

No login required. No personally identifying information to enter. No demographic tracking of who you are. No spam.

Military Retirement works for Active Duty and Reserve/Guard for the following types of retirement plans: Final Pay, High-3, BRS, and CSB/REDUX personnel. 

Specifically, Military Retirement will calculate
• RETIREMENT PAY : Based on Rank, Years and Months of Service, and Date of Retirement. Also works for time in rank of less than 3 years.
• SURVIVOR BENEFIT PLAN : Benefit and Premium
• DISABILITY PAY : Based on disability rating
• FEDERAL TAXES : Based on filing status

** Note **
Information provided by Military Retirement should be used for educational and initial informative purposes only. Should not be used to plan retirement budget, as actual financial figures may slightly differ.

Lynnfield LLC is disabled-veteran owned.

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Military Retirement Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Adding Dark app theme, including the ability to reflect system appearance automatically • State income tax estimation fixes • TERA retirement improvements • iOS 13 is now required • Other minor bug fixes and improvements Also everything in 2021.1: • Adding support for state income tax estimations • Includes 2021 pay tables, tax brackets, VA rates, VGLI rates, and Tricare rates • Adding widgets to view your profiles from your home screen • Enhancements for better iOS 14 support • Fixing a few small bugs

Military Retirement Comments & Reviews

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- Fabulous app for military retirees

Awesome app for calculating military retirement pay with federal taxes along with disability and SBP. Although there is no state calculation with this app, the federal calculation was a good estimate of what my federal AND state taxes would be combined since the number given was higher than what I pay in my circumstance i.e. married with one child, filing jointly and my spouse does not work. Even in retirement I find the app useful, especially when calculating changes in disability pay or doing calculations for friends. Very useful app that every veteran should have. Thank you.

- Handy tool - Great for those close to retirement

Great little reference for those looking at retirement. It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s extremely close! I am using this as an idea of what my income looks like post retirement so that I can budget according. I have recommended to many military fiends in the same situation. Worth the $5.99, TRUST ME! Far earlier then trying to figure out all the math on your own.

- Must Have Retirement Tool

If you are planning for retirement you NEED this app. It gives you accurate information and allows you to play with the numbers to see how things will affect you. I have shared this app with numerous people since I found it and all are extremely happy with it. Keep up the good work!

- Piece of mind

I’ve used this application from the point I knew I was going to retire. It has provided piece of mind through the entire retirement process! Playing with the number really allows you to see where you stand financially. Great app!! Recommend to everyone I know.

- Great App

This is a great app to have when no one will help you figure out your retirement pay and the calculations through DFAS don’t take account for REDUX. The one that doesn’t let you use a previous date. I would like to use my pay date for the calculation because your TAFMSD is not always the same as in my case. Other than that I like it and Thank You for developing something that comes closer to figuring this out than DFAS does.

- Great tool for retirement planning

I rarely if ever pay for apps but this one is well worth the money spent. With the ability to pick time in service to the month or years in a pay grade, you get to completely customize to your retirement situation.

- Great for Guard too!

So often there’s an app or website that’s geared towards the military, but when you check it out, it’s limited to the active component. Not this one - very pleased to discover it addresses the points and proration for Guard and reserve. Was equally pleased to see how well aligned the results are to my own excel tracking...this is much easier than excel.

- This app is TOP NOTCH!

I am constantly reviewing this app as I game-plan my retirement. What I really like is that the user can create separate profiles for various scenarios as a quick comparison reference. Bottom line, if you are entertaining retirement, this app is a must in helping you with your life changing decision.

- Excellent Planning Tool & Spot On 👍

Helped me plan for retirement and understand exactly what my compensation would be. I knew what my payments would be before I started getting them because of this app. This included the VA disability pay. Highly recommended app for those on the cusp of retirement. S/F

- I’d say it’s worth it!!

This is the best military retirement calculator I’ve seen to date, and I’ve been on the search for years to find one that calculated a reserve retirement. No more more need to use NSIPS or the dumb math formula that doesn’t account for taxes or inflation. Definitely worth $6 👍

- Great App and very accurate

I used this app when I knew I was retiring from the military and it was right on the money when it came to estimating what I would receive monthly. It is very accurate and up-to-date well done

- Best app I’ve ever bought!

This is a great app for anyone planning on retiring from the military at some point in the future. Very helpful, and from my own experience, gives accurate numbers. Fantastic app, definitely worthwhile purchase!!

- Latest update corrected!

Update: issue fixed- it is now functioning as designed. Just did the latest update (released 23 Jan 2018) and it has stopped working. All the fields remain blank after selecting different inputs to calculate monthly retirement income.

- Fast, easy, and accurate

The app is easy to navigate, once info is plugged in its fast, and gives an accurate picture of what your retirement pay will look like. Excellent job!

- One minute used and never touched again

What a waste of money. The app downloaded in seconds so from the jump you know there isn’t much in the app, and as I thumb through it I see I’m right. Within a minute opening the app I explored every option in it. What a disgrace for this app developer to cheat us proud serving military folk out of 5.99. This app is worth maybe $0.99 if not free. It took me longer to write this than to fully explore this app. 🤦🏾‍♂️

- Spot on

30 years 1 week active. Retired. This app is within $1 of what my pay is. That’s because they only break time down by months. Excellent! Got VA disability, SBP, and all else correct. Be cautious of Fed tax though as your situation will vary.

- Useful for all transitioning service members

Finally a definitive answer to retiring service members wondering what to expect in compensation. Negotiating the multiple classes and websites can be frustrating and confusing. This app was a tremendous help.

- Great app but missing prior military experience

The site is great for simple data input but lacks the ability to account for prior experience. For instance, prior reserve time may increase pay but not count for retirement time on active duty. The increase in pay has the affect of increasing the Member’s high three due to the increase in pay.

- User friendly

The user interface is extremely easy to use. Filled with very useful information. Worth the money.

- Decent app

It’s great info but there needs to be greater flexibility for retirees who have national guard/reserve and active duty time. For example if you have 4 years of guard time and 20 years active time you get 50% base pay of 24 years of service. Currently that functionality doesn’t exist on your app.

- Date of Rank

Can you add the date of rank which will provide a more accurate retirement pay when considering high 3? I’m an E-8 but will only have 2 years calculated as an E-8 and the call doesn’t take that into consideration.

- Planning

I really like the easy function. The only thing I wish this app had was computing FICA/Medicare taxes to give you an even closer to accurate pay schedule.

- Not up-to-date

If you’ve ever had any broken time of service in this app will not help you. It is not take into account your armed forces active duty base date with your time in service. I brought this to the attention of the app developers and they said that they would work on a solution for next year. I requested a full refund and have not gotten a reply in over a week.

- Great App- needs to allow user to break it down more

I was in the reserves for 7 years before going active duty. Calculator won’t allow me to separate time in service from pay base date.

- Excellent App for calculating military retirement pay!

I'm going through TAP class right now, and this app has stayed up to date for all the dollar amounts throughout the class!

- Great, but needs to be updated

It will give you a good over view, but it needs to be updated. Taxes taken out are too high and the most recent pay raise hasn’t been taken into account.

- Outstanding

I recommend this app to every military personnel, specially those who already now the time is coming sooner than not!

- Thanks

They need to add a category for federal technicians too. It’s be a good tool for Fed techs. It’s be more added value for military who retire and or Guardsmen/Reservists who earn dual retirements. The current app only captures part of their retirement in those cases. You might consider adding a TSP category too. Then it’d be a total pay look for retirement.

- Not bad, missing one critical point

This app works well, but fails to address individuals that retire with only two years at their present grade. For example: A CW3 with 22 years of service, but only two years time in grade will not get an accurate accounting of their HIGH 3 compensation.

- Medical retirement <20yrs service

There should be an option to select a <20yrs service option so it doesn’t add in a retirement payment. Just confuses things... medical retirements are becoming more common with the “deploy or get out”.

- Getting ready to retire

A great, accurate app that will show you to the dollar what you should receive in retirement. Helps me plan out various things as I get ready to retire in about 18 months.

- After 4 years the app has always been off

When attempting to contact developer the app shuts down as that part is broke. Numbers always off, sometime wildly. Most suspect is the preloaded “suggested” review praising the app that appears when I went to review the app. Nonetheless it is a great concept and full of potential.

- Limited for those retiring using high-3 shortly after promotion

Also, does not calculate retirement if you retire within three years of your promotion.

- Helpful

I found it very helpful, In planning when I should get out. And how long I should stay in, To reach my maximum goal.

- Great app

Missing some health care options like Tricare Select cost options. Would be that much better of an app if it included other healthcare cost options other than Prime Individual and Prime Family for non reserve members.

- A great little app!

This is a great little app that I often come back to to play around with. I hope this app updates on the new year to account for the 2020 payraise. Thanks again! Paul

- Satisfied Customer

Very helpful and reliable close to actual payments

- Great tool for retirement prep

I used to google these figures all of the time. This is a one stop shop and useful to explain things to my wife.

- Bobby Whi

This App is awesome. It has saved me hours and hours of searching and compiling information on the web.

- Love it

Easy, simple, accurate idea of what to expect for retirement. Ability to run different rank projections.

- Great planning App

Love this for planning/dreaming of retirement! It truly is an all encompassing planner for you to actually determine what your take home will be in retirement.

- Accurate

Neat app that makes crunching retirement numbers easy and in one place. Updated with 2018 pay tables.

- Military App

This gets 5 stars, it is a great app. I could figure out my monthly pay all in one app.

- Great app!!

I really appreciate this app and all of its great info and links to help me get any additional information needed.

- Nice to have if you’re a Reservist

A must have tool to have if you are retiring any time soon

- Accurate?

It’s nice to positive numbers, but if anyone has this app do further research

- Doesn’t seem like it updates yearly

Does this update yearly with pay raises and cola increases? Can’t tell. It’s a handy app but number seem old.

- Only for those retired after 2012!

Looks like a great app but they fail to mention it is only good for those that retired after 2012! Really think you should mention this in your description. Just spent $3.99 to find this app useless. Will they upgrade it to include earlier years???

- Good App for everyone with the same BASD and PEBD

I wish I could edit my PEBD in this calculator. I would be able to get a much more accurate calculation.

- Great app

The app is very user friendly. Easy to navigate and use and I believe the numbers are very close. Thanks for the app! 28 year Active Duty member

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edie lovebot

thinking about post-retirement edelthea is funny because none of them can cook to save their lives. so do they move in w a personal cook?? invite bernadetta to their little cottage?? get byleth to fish for them?? (nvm, dorothea hates fish) simply have military rations for meals??

Ariel Akiva

@obpair @kasie @RepAdamSmith He was retired for 4 years, not te required seven years. Does that really, really make a difference? He is a civilian & as anyone who is retired will tell you, retirement changes your "head" within 90 days. Can over 3 decades in US military be changed in 7 yrs compared to 4 yrs?


@RealCandaceO Presidency. That bum, baracky boy obama signed my military retirement Certificate that I burned in my trash burn barrel. 🔥 📜

Scott R. Tucker

You agreed to put in time in the military, to sacrifice and perform your duty―but not forever. #Military #Retirement #Veterans

David Langer

@LiberalNavySeal Well, what I really need is for the National Defense Allocation Bill to get signed. If not, no military retirement pay, no VA disability payment, and no VA Votech Rehabilitation to pay for school

Just Run

@RepTedBudd @realDonaldTrump Screw you if my military retirement check gets delayed!

Wamalwa M'Mauka

@Asmali77 Gen Badi should give it a shot. He's got nothing to loose in the military given that his retirement isn't far anyway

Al M

@ErikPtfc @realripcity Me too in my 40’s Those of us “educated” schmucks that really didn’t live on the grid got old and needed work with health care and a retirement You work for it tho It’s kinda like the military

J. Reid

@PGRBigRedTrk @DoPoliticians @timburchett Oh.... So we can lower the social security retirement age now? Remove age cap for military service? That’s fun... Your argument is reactionary; at best. Grossly ill-informed; at worst. Try again, only with effort next time.

Paul McHugh

@tuppence1976 That was known from the beginning, hence professionals coming out of retirement and Military medical units stepping up

Dan Altman

A 20 plus year military retirement check, 38 yr bank official retirement check and a social security check..wife and I make too much money according to Congress.

Sharon Wood

@AdamTexDavis Giving it to my oldest daughter so she can pay bills. Hubby and I receive retirement pay from the military, we are ok. She is a pharmacy technician who has missed work due to idiots not wearing masks (3 covid scares) as well as attending college full time.

Daniel de Sa

@HannahCox7 Military, NASA, Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, Veteran’s Programs Locally: K-12 education, emergency services (911). Sum Total: a relatively stable society that tries to ensure a decent standard of living and a guaranteed retirement.

Niles Miller

@TimOnTheTractor Love how conservatives support one of the most SOCIALIST organization in the country... Housing, Healthcare, education, a livable wage, retirement and unemployment, a job,... And who pays these MILITARY benefits!? The GOVERNMENT!!

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Military Retirement iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Military Retirement iphone images
Military Retirement iphone images
Military Retirement iphone images
Military Retirement iphone images
Military Retirement iphone images
Military Retirement iphone images
Military Retirement iphone images
Military Retirement iphone images
Military Retirement iphone images

Military Retirement (Version 2021.2) Install & Download

The applications Military Retirement was published in the category Finance on 2012-09-26 and was developed by LYNNFIELD LLC [Developer ID: 563082511]. This application file size is 2.42 MB. Military Retirement - Finance app posted on 2021-03-23 current version is 2021.2 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.LynnField.MilitaryRetire

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