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You can subscribe via iTunes for an all-access digital subscription with access to and the Newsday app. Your subscription will automatically renew each month through your iTunes account and you can cancel at any time. Access is free for all Optimum Online customers and Newsday subscribers.

Newsday app features:

•Breaking news, sports scores, the latest entertainment stories, business information, and more
•A fully customizable Newsday app for your town or community
•Continuous weather updates and forecasts for your area
•Live traffic cameras and traffic reports
•Downloadable daily newspaper with photo and video features – a benefit for both Newsday subscribers and Optimum Online customers
•Photo galleries and videos of local news, sports, and entertainment events
•Sharing via email, Facebook, Twitter and text message
•An iSend feature to let you share photos and videos with us from your Facebook or Instagram
•Comprehensive Long Island, county and town political coverage
•National and local sports scores and schedules, from high schools to pro

What’s new:

This app is a comprehensive update of the Newsday app with a whole new look and feel and many new or upgraded features that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Personalized alerts

Now you can choose the types of alerts you want to receive, such as breaking news, sports, business, opinion, weather and traffic with an easy to use preference center. Alerts will also open specific stories now rather than just sending you to the top stories section.

Interactive weather map

Our new weather map can be easily customized to show you a variety of weather conditions on Long Island and around the world. It also has a future cast that shows you what the next six hours look like and lets you easily track rain, snow and storms. You can save up to 10 locations for quick reference.

Interactive traffic map

Our new traffic map lets you see up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, plus you can use it to find the fastest route between any two locations in New York and New Jersey. You can save your favorite routes and see live traffic cameras, gas stations and any traffic jams along the way. You can also report traffic accidents or construction you see to share with other drivers.

Section swipe and customized navigation

Now you can easily swipe left and right from section to section rather than having to open them individually through the navigation menu. Our redesigned navigation also lets you customize which sections you want to see and the order you see them in. You can also customize sections for news and information in your community.

More content

Access puzzles and games, obituaries, classifieds and more of your favorite content from the Newsday website.

Share your photos and videos

What you share with your friends, you can share seamlessly with us. Share photos and videos from Facebook or Instagram by connecting your accounts to our iSend feature and help keep Long Island informed.

Sports scores

You can now view full stats from all of your favorite pro sports teams on the scores pages, and see all upcoming games.

Offline reading

When in airplane mode or not connected to the Internet, the text of all articles loaded when you were connected last will be available for you to read. You can also save any article, video or photo for viewing later, just as you could in the last version of the Newsday app.

Facebook comments

Connect your Facebook account for an improved commenting experience.


Find local events, venues and all of your favorite ExploreLI content now in the Newsday app’s Lifestyle sections.

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Newsday App Description & Overview

The applications Newsday was published in the category News on 2010-03-05 and was developed by Newsday LLC. The file size is 72.37 MB. The current version is 4.8.33 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

We've made some changes to improve performance, and updated our video player. We've added a section to view classic editions of Newsday. We've also made some changes for iOS11. More to come.

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Newsday Reviews


No comments  Bgtrfv  1 star

Doesn't load comments. Wants you to use Facebook just to read comments. No way


Trash app trash paper  Msmdmdj  1 star

App barely works. They think they're the ones breaking national news with notifications when they're really just spamming the AP wire. Amateur hour.

Rob Long Island

Crashes constantly  Rob Long Island  1 star

They can't seem to get it right. Forget about this, it just doesn't work.

Trying 2 4give

Amazing App  Trying 2 4give  5 star

The new update is great.There are now no bugs visible to me on my new IPhone 7. Over the years newsday has become my number one source for weather traffic and breaking news. Newsday really did hit a home run this time!


App worked great until now  Input#1  2 star

I've been subscribed to Newsday for a few years and the app worked great until just a few days ago. Not sure if the company pushed out an update, but now it logs me out at the end of each day, and I have to log back in daily. Last thing I need to do is remember another password. It's not like this is a secure bank account where it needs that level of security. And none of my other news apps (eg ny times which I also subscribe to, daily news, Huff post) make me login daily. Given the fierce competition for eyeballs, is this how they punish subscribing customers? I want to be able to easily consume my news content every day, and they just made it much more of a chore. There's no where in the app to ask to save the password, what changed and why?

Dobbs 588

Payment  Dobbs 588  2 star

Wasted a lot of time trying to pay my bill. App is not very good.


What Newsday considers a Push Alert is  admusic  1 star

Today is it for me with Newsday app. Had to delete the app. Can’t take the now about 3-4-5 Push Alerts EVERY HOUR that are so irrelevant to me, I bet most others too. Newsday used to Push actual News alerts and not that frequently. Now I'm getting out before I get the some alert along the lines of - "8 year old boy seen riding his bicycle on sidewalk today" But Newsday is not alone, most other news apps do the same. Abuse their push privilege that start to become more as Push ads than alerts. Newsday was oen that didn't and now they do. So sad.

All Us Moodys

Could do with less ads...  All Us Moodys  2 star

The app itself works fine for the most part. But the ads, they are so annoying. Ads popping up while reading an article. It's easy to accidentally tap and ad while scrolling through articles. Less ads would be more appreciated. Sometimes I get so frustrated I switch to the ABC news app because they have less ads.

Evil EJ

Garbage app and Garbage Reporting  Evil EJ  1 star

Zero stars for this app and liberal reporters.


Broken  ZxcvL  1 star

Newest update will not load at all. Also when go try to scroll up, if you move slightly left or right the page resets to top of the article you are reading, very frustrating. Will the developer please fix the fact that page resets every time you slide back to an article you started to read then either accidentally slide to next article or intentionally slide to next article. No other news app does that. I also find that Newsday has become increasingly negative in their journalism. Just state the facts I really don't care aboutbwhat the privileged Dolan's or their editors think about the topic. Also why is race always left out of criminal stories, police reports don't leave that out, I have to go to Patch to get clear concise facts! If I am to be called upon by your journalist to help or bolo a criminal, race and or color are very important factors in Id'ing a dangerous criminal.


Bridget Fleming bridgetmfleming 3 star

Suffolk to drill test wells at sand mining site via @newsday


Mike Vannucci Vanuchx21 3 star

@NewsdayHSsports: Mike Ciuffo and Brian Bornkamp lifted Plainedge to a wild shootout win over Lawrence …


Nicole coleeey14 3 star

@MatttDavies: Terrifying clowns seem to be having their cultural moment right now.


Crash After Crash After Crash...  Cchhuumm  1 star

....after crash. I'll get my news elsewhere.


Keeps Crashing after update  Gfbuser1111  1 star

Just updated and now app doesn't even stay open! Used to be ok. Now I can't even use it.


Keeps crashing iPhone 6s  Toothaker  1 star

App crashes as soon as it launches. Horrible app.


Censorship  Johnner33  1 star

Newsday pre screens and entirely blocks users comments from those with whom they disagree.


Comments feature crashes app constantly  Jen2771  1 star

Continuously, the app will abruptly close while revising the comments section within any article. Very frustrating!


Slow as heck!  Tautog103  1 star

Today a car crashed into a bus stop at 5:09PM. I got the "breaking" news alert at 6:25PM. How is it "breaking" news anymore? My wife saw the story on News12 almost an hour ago.


Used to be better!  Manyhappyreturns  1 star

I can't understand why the comments posted by others relating to a story don't load....I just get a blank screen. This has been the case over the last 4-5 weeks or so. Also, there are some well written stories, but a good portion of the reporters need grammar training, and they should know that there is no story if they can't supply a "who, what, where, when, how".

Can't read on train

Crashing  Can't read on train  1 star

Why does this app stop working every few weeks? Newsday needs to do a little better testing of the download and read offline function before they release.


The App Needs a Ton of Work! Too Many Bugs!  PDPiper  1 star

Continues to be way too glitchy and constantly crashes. Still needs a lot of work.


Infested with Ads  Sblme03  1 star

Don't be fooled: the news here is sprinkled in between numerous advertisements. As a result, the app is sluggish because it's constantly loading ads. Requiring a paid membership to log in should remove, if not, limit this obnoxiousness

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