TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Give your friends your very own phone number!

You can send as many texts and picture messages as you want - FREE!

Make unlimited free phone calls to any phone number in the US & Canada!

Add money or earn free money by completing offers to your account and make low-cost international calls

Works on your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone

There is no catch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completely free!

The app comes with a few ads. If you don't like ads, you can purchase a premium subscription to remove them.

- Express yourself with stickers and GIFs
- Conference calling
- Tons of wallpaper, color schemes, and ringtones to choose from
- Use your own pics as wallpaper
- Customize your own voicemail greeting
- Make your own signature
- Super fast
- Bluetooth support for iPhone users

"If you want an unlimited texting without the high priced carrier based texting plans, then Textnow is the app for you." 4/5 rating --AppAdvice

"Anyone needing an unlimited number of texts, we’d recommend TextNow as our app of choice" --AppAddict

"Just as fast sending/receiving as regular texts for me (including people who don't have the app)." --tbm248, MacRumors

Functionally, it makes no difference which area code you pick. As long as your friends are in the USA, they will not be charged any long distance.


TextNow offers auto-renewing 1 month and 1 year in-app subscriptions for premium features like voicemail transcription and call forwarding.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase, and will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the subscription period, at the original subscription price & term.

You can turn off auto-renew or manage your subscription at any time from your iTunes Account settings. Refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of the term.

Privacy policy: https://www.textnow.com/privacy
Terms of use: https://www.textnow.com/terms

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TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New & Noticeable: • No new features this week, but keep checking this space for some upcoming announcements of cool new features we're working on. New and not-so Noticeable: • Optimization, and minor bug fixes, plus performance and stability improvements.

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Comments & Reviews

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- First rate free number text and call app and I’ve tried a lot

As a former Verizon employee I got brain washed with the higher the bill the better the service . Nothing like like having no money coming to force you to trim your bills . Knowing what I know I realized there are too many resellers,so all the services are pretty much the same so In the five years sine I kept trying to get the best service for the least amount of money I was trying everything from voip with phone apps like magic jack to freedom pop no money plan .i was in pursuit of getting quality services cheaper and cheaper that’s how I ended up in the free call arena I wanted to spend less time with my phone I Liked the apps that enabled me to turn my iPad mini into a phone . And this one by far is the best one I have come across quality service I talk for four hours the first night my Mom’s new Verizon Iphone died before my mini did and she had no idea I was on a free line . I like you can choose your own number I like the are no credits to buy or earn so it’s truly unlimited text and calls and it worked great with my home WiFi as well as my WiFi connect from my work phone I’m very pleased with this app.

- Just canceled my premium

I signed up for premium about a month ago while I waited for my new iPhone to arrive. Previously, when I entered my phone’s IMEI and ICCID numbers, it would tell me my phone wasn’t compatible. I figured it was because I had an iPhone 8, but now that I have a 12 Pro, I still get the same error about my phone not being compatible. Stop claiming you offer unlimited texts and calls for the network you clearly know I have (Sprint), when you don’t. No point in me paying $9.99 per month just to remove ads when other features aren’t compatible with my phone. TextNow still texts you with random messages like they are your friends. I don’t want to hear from you randomly unless it’s a response to my question considering you are forced to talk to a bot who just sends you in a loop to articles that don’t solve anything. You also have to pay more money to lock in your number, and if anyone sends you external links such as audio, they come through weird and don’t play after being kicked out into an external window that shows a play button with a slash through it. I wanted to use the app for business related communication so I am not having to give out my personal number. Kind of defeats the purpose when things don’t come through appropriately causing me to have to revert to another means of receiving it in order to view it.

- Text Now Review

I absolutely love the text no app! It’s convenient and steady. FMy family and I have used it for 5 years! What I like about bout text now is the fact that no matter what , I can always access it through any device I choose to use whenever I choose to use it! Another great thing about text now is when I do have to access it through a secondary device all my info and previous messages are still there! That is super convenient being I lose everything especially phone numbers and messages! But text now keeps all that stored and it’s accessible to me 24/7. Sometimes paying my and my family’s phone bills can be very stressful at times because it’s expensive and I’m not able to get all of them payed at the same time. So having text now as a back up or second number. I along with my children Can assure my friends and family that they’re still able to contact me through texting or calling. Thanks text now!🤗

- It’s not the best...

This app is great. Especially for me because I have an iPad, which means I cannot text phones from Samsung etc. This app is good because I could text my friends with phones from other providers. But, I faced many issues such as sometimes I would click on the app and it would shut me out and I would be back on the home screen after being in the app for about 3 seconds. I do get a lot of spam calls and a lot of people I don’t know txt me. It is really glitchy and sometimes I send messages and the person I am texting did not receive it. Another thing I didn’t like was I didn’t receive notifications most of the time when people texted me. One day I went on the app and all but the contact names went black. It shut me out of the app and I was back at the home screen. I tried many times getting back on the app, but it never worked. Then I got back on about a couple months later and I was logged out of my account! I can’t get back on and I don’t know what to do!! All of my text messages with my friends and family are gone. I would not recommend this app... it has just brought me so much anger and unless they fixed something with a magical update I don’t know if it’s going to be any good because I WAS LOGGED OUT OF MY ACCOUNT AND CAN’T CHECK FOR YOU. Hope this helped.

- This used to be my favorite texting app...

I’ve been a TextNow user for many years, ever since 2011, and haven’t run into so much trouble until recently when their ads just became unbearable. I believe in ads and have even tried buying their service several times. However, the ads are ruining the experience. Whenever I enter the app and tap on a contact and begin to type a message the app just freezes. I sometimes end up calling my boss on accident due to the horrible lag. The actual texting and calling is good otherwise. The texting is far better than the calling at times. I have unlimited data, but this apps can go from working great to not working at all in seconds. I can see that it’s the ads causing all the issues. My fix would be to have ads take up less data or use less ads or use a better way to get these ads on the app. Please fix this devs. It gets very confusing and frustrating when I can’t use the app due to all the ads. I will try to get a plan to remove the ads, but the normal service is advertised as free. I do hope you can fix the interface to run smoothly once again. I will return to the app when it gets better.

- Dreadful Support! Dreadful useless app!

#1: USE TALKU OR DINGTONE!! always guaranteed credits to earn through watching videos and playing games-very interactive! And one of the best for free-yes free international calls and texts that actually go through! It’s not perfect 100% of the time but it’s gotten so much better. Avoid TEXTNOW. You’re lucky if you can earn one credit a day. Talking to support today made me want to literally rip my eyes out because I was going in circles with someone who clearly didn’t read or understand not only the initial issue, but know what’s in their FAQs and articles. 1st, they have a submit a request feature through the app, but then when you submit a request, you get a canned reply through email saying they don’t use that anymore and to utilize chat instead. Then you need to remove anything that is obsolete from your app!! A customer should not be going in circles to try to get help. I had to explain to this person practically 3 times what I was referring to. For example-they say you can complete offers for credit but there is nowhere to ever do that! So do not refer me to Tap Joy when you don’t even offer the opportunity to earn credits for offers! It was just awful… I wind up turning off the message communication with this person because my patience was depleted.

- Glitchy and ads overwhelm the experience

TextNow is a great idea and provides a great service essentially - that you can have a free phone number and call North America from anywhere in the world -however the user experience is pretty bad. The app is slow, extremely glitchy, and the ads are meant to overwhelm your experience. The ad situation has gotten substantially worse in recent months. The standard bad ad experience on the app is that the ads pop up on the home screen constantly and they are hard to close. But recently I had the experience that video ads start playing through my calls and as the call time progresses the interval between the time the video ad plays gets shorter and shorter. So what happens is you're talking to someone and then an extremely loud ad (way above the call audio volume) starts playing over your call. You can shut it down but it will just start back up again a few moments later. Really unbearable. I am keeping the app because it's in its development stages and I'm hoping it will go in a different direction when it receives more funding. As a traveler it's a great tool for me, just wish it wasn't such a harrowing tool to use.

- It’s cool it ok for free service/terrible now

Sooooo I’ve had textnow for a few years, the more they try to fix bugs the worse it gets! The ads,are messing up the ap,ok its free,but don’t make it mess up the ap! I always missed calls now,never had that before! The fact you can’t send video is a lil wack! But again it’s free! You can’t send more than one picture at a time! But again it’s free lol! Just recently I have noticed when you try to send a picture,it automatically picks the last picture you took! I DO NOT LIKE THAT! Because sometimes I don’t know itnsent someone that picture! It freezes a lot more now thn last year! Also textnow,needs to cut down on people making multiple textnow accounts,just to spam people and harass people ,start getting device info,and ips,and only allow one textnow per email,device,and ip,and make them verify an email! That will help a great deal! So for it being free when you are connected to WiFi is good! Ok it’s now dec29,2018 the app is even more horrible ,it’s blocking numbers I didn’t block ,being very slow! And deleting texts I didn’t delete ,please work on where we can block entire area codes,telemarketing calls are becoming insane! I’ve got 100 numbers blocked from the same company

- Amazing quality!!

I had text now app for a long while and then I caught wind of their free cell service, I ordered a sim card and I installed it in my iPhone and activated it. Once I activated the sim card I went down the street and I was able to make and receive high quality audio calls and the texts send and receive fast, you truly get free cell service yes $0.00 with no WiFi I am able to call and text this is a wonderful thing!! I decided to transfer my cell number over to TextNow and it was a smooth and pleasant process that took less then 24 hours!! I transferred my number from Straight Talk to TextNow. There is no cell data included with the free plan but that’s ok with me I’ll just use the internet on WiFi, although if you wanted cell data TextNow has affordable options. What’s the catch you say ? There are ads that pop up from time to time when you call or text but besides that there is no catch!! I highly recommend this it’s great

- Could be better

I am not sure if it is my phone, or the phones of my contacts. At times, even when I seem to send them messages, they inform me that they do not receive them. Or when I call them, they say they do not receive a record of me calling them. I like the style and interface of the app, it is very appealing, but it is just these small inconveniences that make the experience troublesome. One feature that I would love to see is that when you send someone a message/text, that there would be a little notification that says “John has seen your message” or a simple little “seen” notification. Like on Instagram messaging. That would make this app much better, and would restore my confidence in it. It is a great app, and I would take it over any other competitor, just fix these things, and add that feature, and I would eagerly share with more of my friends and family. Thank you! 😁

- Don’t do it!!

I’ve been using Text Now for a few months. At first, it started out like a great substitution for the more expensive (and horrible) Sprint service I’ve been wasting my money on. Since they both use the same network, I’d rather pay less for unreliable and sketchy phone service. But believe me, Text Now service is not at all reliable either. You won’t get much reception indoors, your texts msgs may or may not send, and there will be times when you won’t get phone calls. Anyway, my rant today is because TextNow took things to a new low. Today my bill is due and they SHUT ME OFF on the day it’s due. AND it’s a Saturday, so I can’t transfer money from my savings account into my (bill paying) account until Monday. I take complete ownership for not remembering about transferring sooner. Thanksgiving was just 2 days ago and I lost all sense of time in the planning. But to give NO notice is going too far. Since I drive for Uber, I cannot work or earn money either until Monday as well and I’M FURIOUS!!! They are screwing with my livelihood. So PLEASE reconsider your choice to use this service. Don’t be dumb like me. Find another way. Or someday you’ll be writing a scathing review too.

- Amazing but...

I live for this app! Occasionally, you can use the number for other apps as well! I personally like using this number that I have on here for apps instead of my personal one. But for all good things there comes a bad. Random people have gotten a hold of my number and started calling me at random times. They will literally non-stop text and call me sometimes. I have no clue how they’ve gotten my phone number. But besides the random people texting you time to time, if you have the patience to deal with it like me, I definitely recommend this app. If the people do contact you, just report and block. Thank you for reading my review! If you’re considering getting this app, I think you definitely should. Note that not all the numbers you get on this app will work for other apps, I learned that when I made another number :)

- Glitchy

I have been having issues for months now, it would freeze or crash on my iPad mini 4 with the newest version of iOS and the last couple weeks have been horrible! Not getting important texts, or phone calls. It was like my ringer was off, it wasn’t! Once I opened the app it would say 4 Missed Calls, and it never rang! I tested it with a friends phone and called my apps number, it rang on his end but not on my end. After uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting before reinstalling, it has gone from being pretty reliable to wondering if I’ll be getting my phone calls! It went from a 4 star App to a 2 star app, and WoW, did I mention adds? Come on Text Now, Do we need adds flashing and popping up? No wonder the App keeps closing when I go to open it, the app is trying to run adds before loading messages! To much running makes apps crash!, UPDATE MAY 17th 2020, I’m still not getting notifications of incoming calls, my Alert goes off for a second and stops. Then a friend called and said somebody answered but wasn’t me. How’s this possible?? I’m not happy with this. Why is this happening? Who’s answering my calls when I’m not?

- Calling won’t work, can’t receive texts

So I have been using TextNow for a LONG time, and I can say it is one of the best messaging apps I have ever used, I can use it for friends who don’t have their number registered with iMessage. But I have to point out a few things wrong: when I try to start or receive a call, either the caller can hear me and I cannot hear them, or the other way around. I would like to have this fixed because calls can be very important and it is quite annoying. Next thing, sometimes I can’t receive texts. If I was having a conversation with someone, I have to leave their chat and go to the main ‘home’ screen of TextNow, and wait for them to send a message or for it to come in. It does not happen all the time but I would like to be able to not have to refresh the page etc, to receive messages. I hope this review was understandable and I tried my best to be clear with the issues I am having. Thank you for listening.

- Okay

I do love this app I use it all the time but sometimes when I press the hang up button it is really slow and glitchy and when I go to the app it will shut me out of it when I’m only in the app for 3 seconds but again I use this app all the time but I also get a lot of random numbers call and text me and it does get super annoying but I love this app so so so much I use it so much and it’s just really slow and glitchy but I mean it is what it is also this app is very very slow and glitchy when I go on the app it will take a while for it to actually load even when I full bars of WiFi’s and everything I think maybe it’s just really slow and I noticed if I get more than 13 phone numbers it will delete my most recent person I texted and if I don’t use my app for a 3 days it will log me out and say I need to get a new number I have spent so much time on this app and it’s not that good of quality I hop you guys the best to try and fix it and this app would be the bomb but as of right now it’s not such a great app🥰!

- It’s Free... But At A Cost

I’ll start by saying free service is free service. I couldn’t be more grateful to have unlimited calling and texting via cellular and not just WiFi. All of my 3 stars go to this and this alone because that’s where the good stops. The ads are annoying but sure, but that’s what you get with free service so I won’t complain to much. Reception is mediocre at best but again... free. However, the app itself is VERY LAGGY. Half of the time, I don’t even get notified of a phone call, even when hooked up to WiFi and it cannot be blamed on poor service. I’ve had entire conversations poof into thin air without me manually deleting them, only to find out later that I had missed a new message or call from said person because of the conversation being magically deleted. At the end of the day, TextNow needs to get their act together and provide us a well functioning app. If it doesn’t improve in the future, I’ll have to look elsewhere and I’m sure others will as well.

- Buyer beware

If you buy the app like I did to avoid the advertisements you can expect the advertising to continue. I did the free version for a while and thought if I buy it then I won’t have to see the adds again, boy was I wrong. The adds never went away, the only thing that went away was my money from my bank. The app is also slow as heck, it is slow when you send photos, it is slow when you type messages, it’s just slow slow slow. The pros to having the app, I downloaded it on my desktop computer, I can type on a keyboard, I use it for business to text customers about their auto repair, and they think it’s my cellphone and I get to tell them “I’m sorry but I use a texting app to text from my office computer”. This way they don’t get my personal cell number. So, pros and cons, everything has them. But to pay for an ad free app and they still are there makes me not happy. So keep your money and use the free version, there is no difference.

- Best phone App available!!

Besides text now completely deleting and banning one of my phone numbers which are used for over a year just up and deleting it besides that incident since I’ve gotten another account and this new phone number everything is smoothly again this is the absolute best texting phone app if you want to text and keep keep in communication with people without giving them your actual real phone number. You do not need credit so I have to pay for anything the ads are a little annoying and I did pay for them to be gone completely with my old account but like I said it got completely deleted out of nowhere by text now and so didThe ad free thing I had paid for and now they want you to pay monthly instead of a one time fee forget that

- Works great but one weird issue....

I love TextNow! I have used it for years and it has had its share of bugs and glitches but they always get updated and fixed in the end! I will continue to use the app but I have experienced a few “Call Interferences” that kind of freak me out when they happen. It’s only happened about 3 times and I cannot find anything online about anyone else who is experiencing this issue but basically what happens is - I’ll be on the phone with my boyfriend or someone else and everything is just fine but then all of the sudden the call gets really staticy and a separate voice from ours enters the call as if we just called them and their answering their phone! At first I thought my boyfriend was messing with me but I have had this experience while talking to other people as well! When I respond to the voice they can’t hear us but I know I’m not crazy because the person I am talking to hears it to. Please look into this.

- Quick and easy to deal with

I’ve been using this app for a couple of months now, and I feel very happy with the results it’s a wonderful tool when you have a small business or you just need a different phone number. The only thing I didn’t like is that apparently the person who had my current number before had a lot of debt, so it took me a while to get rid of all those unwanted calls from Debt collectors that I was getting on daily bases at all times. Other than that I’m very happy with the service, I’m still learning about it, for ex. Now I know that pictures or videos that I received by text are only there temporarily also I know that in order to don’t lose your number you need to upgrade to premium to lock your number or use the service because your number can be revoke due to inactivity. Other than that you service is good, props to the team of TextNow.

- TextNow, what happened?

Have been using TN for a couple years and considered it a 4-5 star app that I truly loved... but that was until the last couple months. According to what my iPhone says I do believe I have the newest version.. idk what the issue is. Several problems: •Phone will ring, but instead of given the answer/reject options, my screen says I’m already In the call. And my phone is still ringing out loud but I can’t answer it. Sometimes killing the app won’t make the ringing stop and I have to reset my phone. •75% of the time I AM able to answer the call, it is dead silence on the other end and vice versa. •Phone calls are just a wreck. Several textnow user friends of mine are having the same issues. Anything from basic glitching, lagging, can’t hear the other person well, etc. WEIRDest thing is: •My friend signed into their account one time for a few minutes. A long time ago. Since then, anytime she gets a call, that call also will ring my accounts, just whichever one I’m signed into at the time. This happens on any device I’m using. Her sign in was never saved or linked or anything it is SUPER weird. Sometimes it won’t actually ring but I will get the missed call notification. This also happens to some of my personal calls. •Phone call lags. I’ll say something and the other person hears it a couple seconds late and vice versa(like when news reporters are talking to each other from different locations)

- Awesome service

Thank you for this free service I for one certainly do appreciate this when my actual paid phone service is on “vacation “ I live in country and service out here is nearly impossible to have but thankfully for extra security of phone service and WiFi this app has not failed me even ONCE voice is actually clearer than paid service I’m currently using due to contract so when expensive contract phone I currently have is up I certainly will be using paid for part of this Text Now app for my future phone service Great service for people struggling with so most costs and free phone and text app is so needed and is blessing for many so again thanks for this free service that makes it possible for so many that can’t afford it otherwise See you soon as paid customer

- 5 stars

Hey there if you haven’t already discovered text now it’s time you did. It’s easy to use you get to pick the number you want and you can earn points to use towards international calls. Yeah it’s even got great stickers for just another anything you text about great emojis and you can even use your favorite gifs to. Use your contacts and block those annoying telemarking calls. There are adds but they are worth it with the great service that you get for free text and talk. Don’t forget you can always add on for actual service with text and talk for low low price if it’s just 1 month 3 months or even a year it’s easy to join easy to use and get help when ever you need to I recommend text and TextNow all the time right now. It definitely deserves 5 stars. Thanks TextNow!!

- Good service, no local numbers

That’s TextNow in a nutshell. You get free calling and texting, and it’s hard to beat the price of free. Then again if you do want to beat the price of free, you can subscribe to AdFree+ and get more features while ditching the ads. Customer service has been okay in the three weeks I’ve had the service. Only one con I can find, and it isn’t the audio quality. Yes I wish call audio was better but considering TextNow built the service so it works even on throttle cellular data connections, I made my peace with the audio quality. The big problem with TextNow is that you’ll have a hard time finding a local number. Getting a number from Nevada when you live in Washington doesn’t sound that bad, unless you’re job hunting and companies hesitate to call you to avoid long distance charges on their landline office phones.

- “I can’t hear you, you’re breaking up “

When I use this app there is either always a long delay or we cannot hear each other. Before I went premium the app seemed to work ok for the first few days. After I went premium it became horrible. The best I can hope for is maybe 2 to 3 minutes before everything begins to crash. It is extremely frustrating when you pay for something and it fails to work right. I have not had a single call since I went premium that performed properly. There is alway a delay, I can’t hear you, you can’t hear me, or perhaps we can’t hear each other. Any fix or reply would be nice. Why there is an overall 5 star rating I don’t know. But I would like to receive that 5 star service but I am getting zero star service.

- Piece of CRAP app!!!

I’d give it negative stars if I could. Even if you’re lucky enough to see your phone actually ring when someone tries to call your text now number, you’ll have to pray and cross your fingers that the app doesn't drop your call, if you can even hear each other during the call. What this app is really good at, is creating the most constant frustrated anxiety within the user. Whilst 10 times a day, while watching your phone for an expected call, you suddenly see the “missed call” or “new voicemail” indicator after your phone never rang once to even give you the chance of speaking to the person you were expecting a call from. And if you’re thinking, “Oh this doesn’t apply to me because I have a strong WiFi connection/the best internet/newest phone/etc” then you’d be sorely mistaken. Because nothing you have or can do will make a difference. This app is a P.O.S. all the way around, despite what you have. It’s “free” for a reason. So expect frustration and anxiety, and good luck.

- TextNow works great with SIM card

Have been using TextNow for years. But now finally ordered the TextNow SIM card which is really only a Sprint SIM card. You punch out the nano SIM card from the mailer that you receive via USPS, and then you insert that SIM card into your unlocked (or sprint-locked) iPhone. Then go into the TextNow app in your iPhone to activate. You will still need this app to make calls and send texts. But if you have no WiFi, then TextNow uses 4G LTE. Turn off WiFi and was still making calls. But you cannot do regular internet with the TextNow SIM card if you only use TextNow for FREE. Have to pay extra if you want cellular data for doing regular internet when no WiFi. Anyways, now have my extra old unlocked iPhone SE turned back on as a working phone again.

- Stellar service

Overall the quality over WiFi is amazing! I was pleasantly surprised by how clear and easy to hear the calls were. The service was easy to set up, understand, and use! I am not the most tech Dav savvy person and I was able to set up and use the text now without help from my teenagers! That says a lot about the Intuitive nature of the app. The only thing I would update would be changing a phone number on a person. I had used the service daily and they still changed my number saying I hadn’t used it in a month! I loved that because I seed my phone with the address book in it the app automatically transferred my phone numbers into the text now apps phone app so could use the numbers immediately!

- Complete TRAIN WRECK

I’ve had this app for seven months. At first it worked fine with no issues whatsoever, but after the first couple months my calls started disconnecting consistently. After checking the call history log I realized that it was exactly at five minutes. Sure enough, after conducting an online search it stated that the calls were limited to five minutes if you were considered to be a “have a user” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). So they allow you to use the “free” app, but they limit you. Several months have gone by and the app performance is deteriorating to the point where I literally don’t want to use it at all anymore. Calls are dropping constantly. Static on the line. People that I’m speaking with are constantly complaining that they can’t hear me. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone. I’ve switched to another free app and it works perfectly with no issues whatsoever. This app is absolutely a disaster. If I could give it -5 stars I would.

- Wish Apple at least take control of this and stop allowing this kind of apps here

All this apps should be controlled or make the price higher for every single number and every time that people change the number or simple not allowed and delete all of them from the App Store and from google play they just bringing problems and making people change the phone number because this is the new game for those that doesn’t have anything to do and start bothering the others and trying to get info to rob you and they never stop playing on and on and on just because is very simple to change the phone number when you block them !!! They just make a new account fake names new emails just to rob people info and bother everybody those apps should be Disappear am sorry for the developers but this is the reality today this just bringing people the opportunity to bother the innocent people that never before think about to do anything similar to it

- Quite good

I’ve just had it for a couple weeks and have not used it that much, but have had no issues making calls, receiving calls, sending/receiving texts, or voicemail. I like the purple color of the texts. Ads are a bit intrusive. I’ve got other VoIP numbers but it’s a great idea to have multiple services for backup, different uses, or for troubleshooting if one of them doesn’t work. The iPhone purchase prices section in the App Store is unfortunately totally unclear. Multiple duplicates but with different prices, descriptions cut off, and no mention of how long each subscription lasts, if they are actually subscriptions. I would be willing to pay something to get rid of ads but can’t consider it for now since I don’t know what any of the options are. I can’t use it as my primary number for now because it’s missing a couple key features - it’s own contacts and end to end encryption, even if only for other TextNow users. I have a huge number of contacts that I’m not in touch with anymore and am not giving my TextNow number to, so I don’t want to import my phone contacts. Would also be nice to have a $1/month plan just to prevent your number from being reassigned without activity, but keeping ads.

- Deletes messages

I am a premium subscriber paying yearly subscription. It has had worked in acceptable manner for me. I could not say great, because their system was deleting all the images, received or sent, just after few days. Now, for few days, all of a sudden, they have started deleting ALL the messages. The messages I sent/received until last night, all are GONE. There is no way to see what text did I receive yesterday or what text I sent to anybody, neither on their web application no the desktop application. Very disappointed. Now I have to cancel & sign up with another texting app. As to my subscription, I have used less than 6 months & the cost of remaining term will be just waste of money. I hope somebody at the company sees my review & makes an attempt to correct it. If that happens, I will make sure to update here change my review back to 5-star. Update: Oh wow! Amazing. I am extremely impressed that the developer heard me, resolved the issue & responded me. Now that is called *service*, outstanding service. Although messages have been restored; photos, images, etc. would still not show up. Please see if that can be fixed as well.

- 5 years and still going strong!

When I needed to cut down on my expenses I chose to use an app that gave me what I needed from my phone minus the monthly cost. I downloaded the TextNow app and have been using it ever since. I have had the same number for the entire time and have transferred it to several different phones since 2013. I’m typing this on my Apple X. If you don’t mind receiving calls and text messages only when you’re in WiFi you’re good to go. It works very well with Optimum cable because of all the WiFi Hot Spots. You can make and receive calls and texts on the go. If I ever want to get a phone plan, TextNow also has the lowest plans that I know. I highly recommend this app.

- 4 stars

So I had this one problem but the rest of it is wonderful! So my problem is is that I had more than 3 unknown numbers that kept on texting me about a dating app and sex requests. I did not enjoy getting those texts cause they are straight up annoying. Not only that I would get one of those numbers at least once a week. I hope they have changed that but I am not going on there again until I have seen that this has been changed.( I had the app a year ago and deleted it last year and haven’t gotten it since). All of that aside what’s fun is that when I had it you got to change your message color and you got to pick a background for each chat you have so if you were texting your parents you could have your parents photo in the background.

- Y'all really need to fix the iPad app version as well as some Apple Watch issues

The iPhone version is fine. The IPad one has trouble sending texts from the notifications. Sometimes ill type a message on my iPad only to find out that it never sent and my message is gone. That is annoying. Also i have my iPad in landscape basically all the time and when i open the app, its all messed up. I need to turn my iPad to portrait mode and back to landscape mode for the app to correct its self. This is annoying. ALSO i cant reply very well to messages on my Apple Watch. Sometimes ill compose a message and click send and forget about it. Only to find out that my message was never sent. Please fix this. I like this app on my iPhone but its not the greatest experience on the iPad or Apple Watch. I use an IPad 4 on iOS 10.3.3 if you must know. Thanks Devs!!

- Too many issues....

Text know has way too many issues I get call drops all the time disconnect wile on the phone, delay phone calls all the time while talking on the phone it goes on like mute all of a sudden to where you just don’t hear anything. And I can never answer my phone half the time it will not ring until someone leaves me a voicemail and then it disconnects. And if it does ring and I answer it no one‘s there the call like completely drops if I’m lucky that I can answer it and it goes blank a lot of the times to were it’s just a blank white screen and getting messages or phone calls like a day later. The ad can be a nuisance sometimes where you are texting and then all of a sudden your full screen turns into an ad and then you have to stop what you’re doing and then find the exit button when it appears and get back out and finish texting. I think that sums it up for the main issues that I’ve had with it 🤦‍♀️

- No Sound for incoming calls??

The app itself is laid out very well and very simple to use. I don’t see any settings for sounds for incoming calls at all. So when someone calls you you don’t even hear the phone you only get a tiny notification beep when you call first comes through and then after the person hangs up you hear a little tone but no ringing in between which is annoying. So naturally 9 times out of 10 you miss a call. Is there a way to fix this? I’ve tried to go through the sounds and the iPhone settings and notifications and there is no option within the app either on the sounds for their notifications for messages. Help? I’ll rare this at 3 stars because I like it but it would be higher had it have the option for someone to hear a telephone call come through..

- Really like it, but for one thing

I’ve tried many text/calling apps and have found TextNow to be the best interface around. I use it as a work line for texting, so that people don’t have my personal number. I also put the number in my work phone “simulring,” so although I’m taking the calls through a landline, I have a log of the incoming calls ringing in on my TextNow app (I mute the ringtone, so it’s not distracting). My only plea (that gives it 4 stars instead of 5) is that at the end of the day, I have to manually delete each and every call/text individually. There is no “select all” function that lets me mark and delete them in mass. This should be a no-brainer and an easy fix for the developers. Please make this feature available and I’m yours forever. ☺️

- Fix the group chats!!

This is a great app, but I have a few problems with the group chats. First of all, I wish it would show the names of the people who wrote something instead of just the numbers. Also, it’ll just start a new random group chat. For example, I made a group chat and when my mom wrote something it made a new group chat but it just showed up as one on her phone. Can you please fix that? Other than that, it works great and o love the idea Edit: the group chats are starting to stress me out. The names are now there (thank you) but whenever someone sends a text, a new groupchat gets made on my end. I also get a lot of texts later and out of order and it’s starting to get annoying to have to ask for screenshots of the chat. I’ve used this app for over a year because of the free phone number, but please! Updates!

- TextNow

I downloaded this app to receive free unlimited texts and calls and when I called my cousin on my cellphone the phone hung up on her and when I called again she said she can barely hear me on my cellphone she ask me why the music was loud in my back ground, my back ground was quite so I told her hang up and I will call her on another phone , I tried to deal with this app I recently used this app once before and the problems I was having was couldn’t text , I was receiving someone else’s texts , so I was afraid to used the phone afraid that someone else would be on the other side of the phone , I wouldn’t know , so I deleted this app , I decided to give it another try and it still acting crazy , Now I understand when apps are FREE things don’t work out like they suppose to , So I’m writing to let you know about your TEXTNOW APP , it’s not working properly and your company needs to work on it and fix it , if you want people to used your service.......

- Too Much Ads

The app itself is great but now I have realized it has too many Ads. In comes in the way of my work. I use this app to communicate with my patients and aides and they can use the third-party number to contact me. It’s perfect because when I’m off the clock or on lunch break I can just log out so there’s no disturbance. But these Ads are disturbing my work. Some Ads make me wait 26secs I don’t have time to do because I have to do my job immediately. And I have to close the app and open it back again. Before there was not as much Ads as there is recently. It’s interfering & I’m not too happy about that. But overall the app itself is great via call and text. All I ask is that there’s less Ads/pop ups and remain the way it was with the Ads. Thank you.

- Loading problems

Helpful, but takes a really long time to load and is not helpful with tapping into the adds. Why does it take such a long time to load? I have full bars and it still takes over 2 minutes to load onto the first screen. Then it takes 1-5 minutes to load the messages. Sometimes I just want to delete the app and try a different one for this reason. It does crash A LOT. It switches the keyboard to an add so you can't continue typing. It takes a long time to send messages and if it doesn't sent because of no coverage then when you try to resend it it sends it like 15 times. The calling is really bad. Bad connection. Really glitchy. Crashes mid call. Please update notifications on lock screen when calling. I only get "misses call from _____" after someone calls me. I call them back and then it loads and says " ____ is trying to reach you"

- Read The Terms! Stores, Shares, Sells Your Data!

Every single text, image, video, or any other attachment is scanned by TextNow. Now idk if it's AI or an actual person monitoring your device, but regardless, it's extremely sketchy business and completely invades the users privacy. Many other communications and public forum platform apps do the same. I'd highly recommend reading the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies on the apps you allow on your phone! Every secret you text, every nude photo you've sent, sites you visit, and anything in between, is NOT protected or private by any means and will likely be used against you when the Social Credit System(China already implemented) rolls out in the USA. Apps like Facebook have already started the process, prescribing what political views it's users are allowed to share and talk about. The purpose of such a system is to control our behavior and penalize those stepping out of line, plain and simple. Worried? You should be...

- This App Should Be Removed, App Almost Ruined My Relationship...

I’m so very late on writing this review but I don’t recommend getting this app If your gonna mess or prank someone because I got this random text from this person that I didn’t know and had told me that she knows my boyfriend and say that he was cheating on me and have been dating him and even knew his nickname and that had me very concerned because only his “friends” or “best friends” know his nickname and had thought one of his friends were pranking him. I told my boyfriend and even showed him the messages and he was trying his best to find this person that was messaging me lies and when this person tried to show me “ evidence” of pictures of her and my boyfriend there was nothing there so this person had to lie. So on this day (2020) I still have the messages saved on my phone just in case something like this happened again and I had also changed my number, DO NOT GET THIS APP!

- Great free phone app 💜

I’ve been using text now for 7 plus years and I really enjoy their service. When you don’t have the funds to pay your phone bill but have WiFi at home or out in public you can use their free numbers. Now they offer free service! You can byop then buy their SIM card then have free service. You won’t have internet if you choose the free service but you can upgrade your plan or use WiFi. I use their services as a back up phone for dating so I don’t have to give my number out to creepy people. Overall good phone app. Yes the app has ads but what do expect for a FREE PHONE app? Deal with it or pay your phone bill and never worry about the ads 😅

- it’s not working :/

since my dad is very strict i have to use free texting apps cause i need to buy my own service. and i’ve been using this app for a while now and i’ve grown to love it. i never had problems with it till now. for some reason, it said that i had no wifi connection but i do, to check i even googled something. my wifi is working but the app isn’t. so i deleted the app to refresh it and i was meant to log back in but it’s not letting me log back in. so, since i thought i put the wrong information i’m trying to make a new account but it says i can’t create a new account because i don’t have wifi BUT I DO! i checked MULTIPLE times. i’m just really frustrated and it would be helpful if i can reset my original account to change the password. but ITS NOT WORKING EITHER! please, fix this.

- Easy and great app

Honestly this is the best app to use if you don’t have a phone number. I have a iPad which means I can’t call on it and giving my friends my email took to long and I found this app and it has been a life saver, recently I gotta phone but I still use this app as a backup phone number. The only problem I have is it resetting every month if you don’t text someone or calling them cuz sometimes I don’t have time to do that once a month as I am busy with work (even tho I’m a child, my parents own a lot of business that I have to work in to pay my phone bill and other stuff) but overall the app is really easy to use and I recommend it

- Greatest Texting and Calling App Ever to Exist

This app couldn’t get any better they have a wonderful tech team that keeps everything up to date and simple to use. I think everyone who has had issues with their own texting or calling on their phone know that this app is a life saver/game changer, best text/call app hands down. Depend on TextNow when your phone shatters but you still need to make contact with friends or loved ones. You download on your tablet or an old phone with no service, simply connect to your WiFi and your set to text. Thank you TextNow for all you do! Ive been using your app for 5 years or more and love it to this day thank you again!

- The last update really helped issues

If you gave up on this app before, try it again! It’s much improved...from what I can tell, this last update corrected issues with keeping the phone call connected and sound cutting out issues that used to exist with this app, seems like it has corrected some of the texting crash problems as well. I also love the fact that TextNow is now found on my iPhone sharing menu, but when you share a picture or a screenshot to TextNow, the photo does not go through, just the text. That’s the only issue I have so far after the update, which was two days ago and I haven’t had the issues again, so I’ll just say thank you guys very much and keep up the good work!

- Text Now Review

I’ve used this app on my tablet and phone that didn’t have a SIM card but it still worked! It was great but the only thing I didn’t like about the app was that it has ads and is slow to receive or send a text or call. Otherwise it was great and I’m glad I found it or else I wouldn’t be able to talk to people. I’m also glad it lets you pick your own number. It will give you some options to choose from. Also now that I got an iPhone I am downloading this app again so I can text and/or call people that don’t have iPhones. I’m glad I found out about this app and am planning on using for awhile. So I do recommend that you download this app if you don’t mind the ads and slow messaging.

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- Bak to 5 stars

Works great again thanks to update. I mean how can one complain wen not paying a cent to call internationally😉And whoever asks why this app is in Australia it’s because it works for us too don’t worry wat it’s says I’m an Aussie n use it everyday for months to call the states! All I’m saying if there’s a will there’s a way.....

- Have been using app secretly for Years

I thought it was too good to be true at first. I have a US based mobile phone number from NY city. It is so useful for all the websites and call Centers in the USA. Never regretted buying the annual subscription

- Love it!

Even if I’m in Australia it works perfectly! You can put to America and Canada by putting 621 but yeah. Me and my friends don’t have ACTUAL numbers so this is great!

- Great App!

This app is great! One of my Forbes doesn’t have a number so we can communicate off this app. But I have one request. Could you add a FaceTiming option? It’s not a big problem, because we can call! But great app overall! Thank you!

- TextNow

Nice features and easy to use

- Amazing

Great application to call Canada and US for free

- Beware of data collection scam

I registered my email and hoping to get a Canadian phone no and they have not a single number available in Canada. As soon as i am logged in it say i violated their terms and conditions but i was never give a phone no. There is no way to contact them and it appears they created this app to collect your details and sell it to third party. Apple should shut them down from app store.

- Bad

After 3 attempts of sending messages which all failed; i received a messaged saying my bill of $49 is due and paid via auto cash!!! Would not recommend

- I’m worried

It works and stop automatically

- tos violation?

did anyone make an account and immediately get a violation error? literally created it then told I was in violation...

- Late

Text do not arrive till nearly a day later

- Trash

i lost my number but it was their fault because their app was down

- Good app

Good but too many ads

- Great app

Quite a good app for use on telegram to farm that cash 💰💰💰

- ...

This app is terrible. It keeps ending my calls randomly.

- Why tho?

Why is it even in the Australian store if it’s only for Americans?

- Best friend psycho

My best friend dragged me into this app and and now I know it’s a scam!!!

- It keeps crashing

All day I’ve been trying to go onto TextNow to check my messages but whenever I do, a plain black screen comes up and it keeps crashing. It’s starting to get really annoying honestly. I’ve tried everything I could to eat it to work but nothing helped. I want to uninstall then reinstall it but it will get rid of my data and messages on it and I don’t want that to happen. Why does it keep crashing?

- Why can’t you provide a phone number for Sri Lanka

I started to use this app and noticed you can’t get a number fr my country, so therefore can u pls help me with this. My country code is +94.

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- I love TextNow.com

Hi, I have been using TextNow for many years. It is 100% reliable for my needs. I would say it’s a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Marc LeBlanc

- No longer works

The app no longer gives you a number.

- Alright except for people calling me!

Many people have had a difficult time calling me. At times, I can't even dial out unless it's from strong wifi. Quite irritating...

- Unknown calls

Hi, I’ve been using text now for a while and the app has never done this to me before but, I’ve been getting random phone calls from unknown callers, so don’t use this app unless you want random phone calls from random callers! 😡🤬 I am very angry!!

- App is incredible Laggy

The app is incredibly laggy when texting other people. This is the only app that is doing so on my phone

- A lifeline to those without a number

All love

- Good at first

The app is well made, then about a week into using it I was flooded with ads and messages that wouldn’t go through. I can’t make calls anymore.

- Unreliable

Using text now to contact family and friends while I’m abroad. This app has logged me out twice with no explanation, and can’t get back in. I’m now using TextMe, which has not given me this problem.

- Not working as well as it once did.

Frequent dropped calls and missed calls lately, phone never rings anymore when calls come in, text notifications do work, this app worked great for many years now not so good, time to move on.

- The call doesn’t work on data now.

The calls don’t work on data only on wifi recently. Text messages work on both. Please fix that.

- Bugs

Full of bugs doesn’t work at all

- Unknown callers

Stupid numbers that I don’t know always calling it’s retarded

- Always signs me out

Hate this app text free is better

- Horrible!

I do not recommend it, it is horrible, it’s really slow, crashes a lot! The pop ups are insane on it, you don’t get notified when you get texted. It’s all around garbage!! Not even worth 1 star

- Adds

I hate how there is so many adds it sucks

- No support

While this app works well enough if using paid version, there are major flaws. The biggest issue IMO is it is incredibly difficult to reach support, to contact and receive a response from support is to go through the cancel account process. They claim they have live chat, they do not, all you get is the standard blanket look at this article when your question is asked. I’m switching to a service where I can reach a human being easily with a next day email response.

- Lagging messages or undelivered

I use this app everyday and I notice that 1/5th of my messages don’t deliver to my contacts and that the app glitches or shuts down on occasion. They get some messages but not all...sometimes I double send important texts or follow up with a phone call to make sure that it pushes the messages to them or I reach them in general...glitch? Server issues or something? Please fix this :( I would say this app is 60%reliable for making sure texts get through.

- Textnow

This is a great app thanks so much textnow team your doing great. Thankyou.

- Went downhill

Use to love this app, please fix lately it has gone down hill, frequent call drops and audio on the receiving end can never hear my end. For example i’ll call out and everything is great and the other caller will turn super echoey and will not be able to hear my end, yet I can hear them. This happen last week was told to email text now so I did they told me (delete the app, turn off my phone, turn it back on and redownloaded the app). It worked! But now it’s happening again, I tried to do that this time but it didn’t work, calls are horrible. Texting is still great.

- Not bad

Please fix the notifications on getting a text message for example someone texts me and I don’t see the text right away it shows up a few hours later and yes I have my data on and it’s a strong connection! So here I am answering someone that asked me an important question and I’m a few hours late answering?? Fix it please

- Amazing

This is a really good app, I wish you could see if someone has blocked the number maybe could add that

- Can't log in

Once I log out....I can't log in again. Devices that are already logged in is fine

- Canada 🇨🇦 from TextNow

You guy removed Canada 🇨🇦 from TextNow why guys and I can’t receive messages and verification codes what’s wrong

- Works fine.

I have no idea why so many people are complaining. Given my experience, I suspect end user error. Calls sound fine, texts are sent/received without issue and I’m in rural NB, Canada. There’s some network latency but for a free app, I have 0 complaints. Pihole blocks all ads 😉

- sketchy.

this app is nice to have because you get a phone number for free. but aswell, you get so many prank calls and random texts, it really bothers me and it’s sketchy. I don't recommend.

- Useless

Tried to create an email account using one of their numbers. Never got the verification SMS. A totally useless service. Their website doesnt even provide a means to contact support. I thought Apple mandated all apps have a way they can be reached for support. Totally useless service.

- This is the best app

This is

- Cannot log in 😕

Cannot log in it says error please try again then app freezes.. On tablette no issues but on iPhone yes.. this has been an issue for months..

- Got ban in WhatsApp


- Too many ads

Bad user experience for a supposedly good service.

- I see

I see ppl hating on this app Ik it needs some Constructive criticism but honestly guys your getting a free phone number some ppl pay 30 - 60 depending on there range and other things for an phone number.

- Excellent système...bravo


- You get your number

Would be great if it work with vpn

- Not working for calling

Don’t know why but phone is not working right for calling I can just text

- Used to rely on.

I used to love this app and rely on in for everything. Lately my texts haven’t been sending, so I deleted the app and re downloaded. Now I can’t even log in without error. I know my login information, but when I log in it says server unavailable. I have no issues with wifi or data.

- Creeps

There are so many creeps on it I always get calls

- Update

App won’t load agreement conditions so I can’t agree and update.

- Hi

Can I port in my own phone number

- Number does not receive sms from bank

This is a little helpful to text and chat with family in US but not to register this number to receive sms from a bank account. It’s not recognized as a “mobile number”.

- Good app

It’s a really good app if everything use this they could save so much money every month

- Buggy and Low Quality

I could not get past the screen that asks me to enter the area code for days. Then one day it worked and I was finally in the app. The. The app would not display basic UI and all of a sudden I was kicked back out to a login screen. Now I am back where I have started and I can log in but the app is asking me to select the area code again even though I already got the number. Also, I have been getting random pop ups even though I do not have the number yet and I did not see the app basically. The pop ups were about removing a adds and new text now shop. Like I said serous issues with this app and it is far from reliable.

- Charged and never got! Fraud!!!

Ordered premium phone number charged for it and never got it ! Contacted them many times requested to send receipt and no one reply anymore! Scam ! This app charge you $ and never provide what you charge for it! Avoid this all is fraud!

- have to switch my number again?

idk why it made me change my number it’s kind of annoying tbh

- The app

Really hard to hear sometimes

- No speaker option when calling on iPad

Speaker button is greyed out

- Help me please

I just got a phone and I want to login to my account but I forgot my password and I’m not getting the reset password email on my iPad or my phone and if anyone could help me I would be so thankful Luv ya ❤️

- Perfect for healthcare practitioners

I am a physiotherapist, and I use this to contact my patients with their consent, via text. They can relay quick info to me and they feel like it is is a more personal approach. Perfect for these unprecedented times, when patients might not respond to phone calls because of scammers, but seeing your text, they may be more likely to respond.

- No good

They want you to pay $14 a month for no ads etc but calls still get continually dropped or you just can’t answer at all, not to mention you still get random calls from numbers you don’t know all the time. Not worth it very disappointed. I’ve been using this app for a long time and despite complaints to developers no issues have been solved.

- Couldn’t put 0 stars

I’d have put zero if I could m. It never works. I wait on hold for hour to just be hung up on. Happens all the time. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

- Nice but calls not functioning

Incoming calls never work. No audio or only one way audio. Settings are all allowed for microphone. Seems like a product bug. I can make outbound calls and text fine.

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- Great app

Did not ask me for a review and neither am I a person to review an app. This app exceeds expectations because I was not expecting it to be free Text Now actually promises a working local phone number and that's what you get tested it with my mates and it seemed to work just as any other working messages app would. Really like it keep up the awesome app. Oh and out to offers windows version which is very nice for me a windows and apple user. I just wish you could use the same number that you use for iMessages to keep it consistent with your contacts and not have to buy them telling them you got a new number. Thanks TextNow really like it keep it up.

- Answer to a prayer

Been using the app for a few months now as a primary number. The app is wonderful! I can text and make calls with out any issues. Calls are clear and I don’t have any issues with disconnection. I was using other social media apps to call and keep contact with people and I was fed up. My husband seen an add for TextNow and at first we were questioning the whole thing thinking there’s no way it could work! Well sure enough it works beautifully! Only problem I do have with the app it’s self is when others try to call my phone will ring once or twice then it will automatically go to voicemail. Gotta answer calls fast! Other than that highly recommend this app for anyone!

- Spits on Loyal Customers

Thank you for useless phone service, awful customer service, and a lack of any sort of help! Planning on switching to another provider. I bought a new phone from you guys and haven’t been able to get it working correctly and it has almost been a month, thank you for nothing. It sounds harsh, but I have tried multiple times to get the issue resolved, each time to no avail. I worked over 80 hours a week last week and you can’t even give me 30 minutes to fix my problem. You were very fast to take my payment last month and for the rest of this month (Even though I haven’t received phone service for that time period). Thanks again for wasting my time and stealing $80! I had used this service for over a year as a continuous and recurring customer. Keep spitting on your customers and no one will be left to butter your bread.

- Not bad

TextNow, for me, a long time user (2+yrs) has proven to be a very convenient, solid application. It’s free people. Quite frankly, being 50yrs old, I know my way around a telephone. Got my first cell phone in 1995 - the IBM Simon- an extremely expensive, full on brick phone. Since then, having plowed thru contracts & services spanning thru the entire range of price points, and having been stroked, and/or bent over by pretty much every carrier out there, trust me in this. There aren’t any 5 star month to month cell phone services FOR FREE. The big BUTTTT is... But there is one service that is as good as it’s ever going to get - remember we’re specifically talking for free here ok, to be abundantly clear. And yes, your here - TextNow is it. Period. Thank you, people who make TextNow possible!

- Not A Bad App, But..

This is the app that I have used for all of my calls and messaging since I was a freshman in high school and it’s been four years since then, and while this app is my definite go-to, I have a serious concern about deleting blocked and unblocked contacts. When I’ve went to delete the numbers that have been blocked, I have to unblock them first, but once I do that then I have to go to the conversations page and have to search for the number again. I just felt that it would be much easier if there was a way to delete any contacts or conversations that you want without having to do it on the conversations page. It also gets tiring deleting the numbers individually.

- Only call out but no call in

I wrote another review and I had wrote that I thought it was because of upgrading, but the app will still not enter any calls where I am being called. I can call out but I cannot receive a call in. I do not not know the reason behind this I have kept the app up to date and my iPad too, but it’s seemingly useless as the problem has not been fixed I tried allowing the app to have requested permissions and still when I tried calling myself from the house phone it would not work. In setting I sent a debut log I don’t know what it did but I’m assuming it’ll send the devs a log they can look at to fix the issue? I hope this solved cause I’ve already missed some calls from friends already and I really don’t want them to think that I’m avoiding them or don’t wanna talk to them.

- Stopped working and there is no support!!

Please be advise before using this App and share your new phone number to your friends or customers that in a certain moment it will stop working. I only use this number for texting my customers and all the sudden two weeks ago the messages stop exiting, so my customers start to complain and the textnow app was indicating that the text was sent. So I look for help and there is no help, the web is totally impersonal and no contact can be done, phone number is answered by a machine that obviously says that if you have a problem visit support, and support is only designed for using issues not for errors and disfunction as ours, so there is no support!! No chat, no email, nothing, I will not put my money in this text app, because simple they do not exist if problem arises.

- What do people expect?

I see a lot of whiny complaints from people who spend $1000+ on an iPhoneX, then complain about a free app that allows them to call or text. Seriously? Hey, what do they expect. Any app which allows you to communicate for free is chock full of glitches; SnapChat, FB Messenger, Instagram, and Kik have their share of glitches. You want problem free communication? Use the carrier service you pay for...duh I like this app for when my kids get in trouble and my wife takes away their phone. I give them one of my old phones to use that only have wifi and have them use this app to talk to their friends. Someone has to be the fun parent, right?

- Not all Changes are Good

I have used this app as my main number for my business. I have had this number for years now. I set it up as my number for all those 2-step verification for online accounts and everything was working completely fine for a very long time. Now, it seems that one of the recent updates to this app has completely disabled any type of account messaging service that sends out those 2-step confirmation numbers and they have been blocked by TextNow. I have lost the ability to get into some of my accounts and have lost my client’s information because of this. I have tried contacting both TextNow tech support as well as those business whose accounts I have lost access to. But no luck. If TextNow doesn’t fix this issue then I would recommend nobody uses this app as main number. I learned my lesson the hard way.

- Simple privacy

An easy way to have some privacy with a phone number. It’s nice to be able to text or call with a number that I don’t normally use. I can change it later, and having a disposable number can be useful if I am concerned about who I am calling or texting. I used this when I needed to contact clients who had limited options for contacting them, but who I didn’t want to have my personal number. I have run into problems when I had to change the number and the app consistently had errors when picking a new number. However, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it fixed that.

- It’s a choosy one (app)

I usually only use it for hookups and the reason being is because I’m not always quite fond of guys having my real number but since I lost my google voice number I seem to run into instances to where when ever the (needs) need to meet, it’s some type of complication with the initial phone call or freezing up when the time comes to connect. It reminds me slightly of Grindr, with how every guy thats sexually comparable, that’s around you with an account, cannot be seen but everyone that’s not, is taking up all the space on the grid. Feeling discouraged being a top looking at a grid full of other tops: all because you didn’t pay for a premium membership. All in all.... text now is alright and thot worthy 😈😎

- Great Free App for my Son

My son is 8 and has really loves being able to call and text his sister and grand parents. Frankly, I am glad they can all communicate without having to go through me so much. Question: I saw a review where I will have to pay $2.99 a month for him to keep the same #? Is this correct? I haven’t read or seen where his # has changed or that he needed to get a new #..??.. Also would BE GREAT if you could ADD VIDEO CHAT as well. Most other apps already have it. Hope to hear back. Otherwise Great Free App for my son who doesn’t have a service plan on my old iPhone he uses with WiFi for games (now texting & calling too)!!

- TextNow

I have been using TextNow for a while. It actually works. Don't get me wrong, it's a great app, but there are some requests I have. 1: There is no option to video chat on the app! I use Google Duo for video chatting, but it would be more convenient if it was on the app. 2: I can't really text iClouds, A good bit of my friends text with iClouds, but I couldn't text them with TextNow. You can message them, and it will appear to be a text, but it sends as an e-mail by an e-mail address that I never created. 3: The ringtones are the iMessage ringtones that I select. I wish TextNow could provide their own ringtones. 4: I wish that the conversations could have read receipts. I mean that if someone sees your message, then under your message, it should say "seen" or something like that. 5: I have been getting a considerable amount of spam calls/texts from (usually) different countries. Is there any way you can block this or have more security with these calls? I think these changes will elevate the app so much. Sincerely, Allie

- Legit

I really love text now. I’ve committed to the app and have bought a phone through them, and Im now on a monthly 10$ bill for unlimited calls and texts which isn’t for the service but for an ad free app experience. Service always works great and phone is awesome. I’ve considered going for the unlimited everything service which includes 5g and that’s still on the table. Thank for the app for real. You guys where there when I didn’t have a phone and needed to connect with people for job interviews, rides etc. now you guys are there with an affordable service when I did come into a little money. So thank you

- Love as a second number. But...

I find having a second phone number thru this app useful in order for me to distinguish a work call versus a personal call. However, In order to avoid losing the phone number TxNw provided I must constantly use the TextNow phone number if I want to keep it or I’ll lose it. I like to use this number as a business number and my regular carrier provider phone number as my personal phone number. I wish I did not have to use it much just to keep the phone number active as I use it for my resumes when I’m job searching or I use it for work related purposes only. Please don’t make us have to use it so frequently just to keep it.

- Lifesaver for those without phone plan!

I cant believe this app is free, its like having free phone service so long as you have wifi. And if you dont the plans are lower then prepaid. Ive used for years and cant complain. Ive seen reviews complaining about adds but I hardly get any, in fact i was surprised by how little there are. And to be able to text and call for free you can not complain about adds. This app should get some kind of award for providing phone service to people who may not be able to afford it otherwise One big suggestion thats needed is PLS PLS add security (unlock with pin or fingerprint!)on ios app!

- Just one thing...

For the most part, and aside from some minor glitches, TextNow does everything that it's supposed to, and does it well. There are however, just a few small details that could make the app considerably better. The main relatively useful addition that I would love to see implemented is a way of telling if the other person in a conversation has read your messages or is typing, as is common with other services. There is also a bug where photos will appear to be sent, but will not be received by the other person that can be slightly confusing at best. Again, a great service, but some minor improvements could be made.

- This app is garbage

I understand it’s free but this app is garbage. I have no idea why it has the high rating it has. It’s must be just for text but it is absolutely horrible for phone calls. I have been using this app for about 3 years and I gave this number out to all my staff and coworkers as my work number.....HUGE MISTAKE. It is EXTREMELY unstable. I am usually at full cell signal or on WiFi calling and it doesn’t matter calls constantly drop. I can be on the phone with my boss for 10 minutes and the call will drop at least 3 times on my end. So embarrassing. I also reboot my device just about every morning (currently iPhone XS Max). I should have used textfree and just purchased the minutes. I have been using that app for about a year now and has never had any problems. I wish I had given than number out as my work number. Lesson learned.

- Broken with ios14.

Well, nice surprise, tried to call out today with the subscription I’ve paid for and..... TEXTNOW IS BROKEN, CANT CALL OUT. It fails by looking like it’s calling then immediately dies. The phone number I’m paying for is completely inaccessible. Hopefully TEXTNOW is working on a fix real fast- isn’t this the justification the developers all have for moving from paid apps to “paid/unpaid plus subscription” ?!? Once they fix this I hope that they will deeply apologize (why isn’t it warning us by now?!?). Also, I expect that they should extend the length of our paid subscription by at least twice the time our service was inaccessible- I spent half an hour trying all sorts of workarounds and troubleshooting until finally heading over to this App page and digging into the one-star reviews to find out the developers are MIA on this breakage so far.

- 5 stars

I think this is a fantastic app because you can audio call for free and not most apps let you do that. You can also text for free and I love that as well. You can send videos and pictures and I love that. The only thing about this app I dislike is that you cannot FaceTime but I do understand why because if someone has and LG they might not be able to FaceTime. If LG can FaceTime I would like this app to upgrade and make it so we can FaceTime. That would be amazing. I hope I helped anyone that is thinking about downloading this app. You should download this app because of how great it is their is no reason for you not to.

- Don’t purchase the subscription!

The app itself is fine, but after a few calls I decided I needed to use it for a longer period of time and paid $10 for a subscription where it advertised “unlimited calling”. What the unlimited calling was for other people that have the app, not just anyone. I didn’t mind paying but I think deceiving people to do it is a pretty crappy business practice. There’s also a VERY annoying voice when your credits start getting low that completely talks over who you’re speaking with on the call for 20-30 seconds at a time. I used this to do business when I didn’t want to use my personal phone number, it was extremely annoying. I’d venture to say you could find a better app that doesn’t lie as blatantly to get your money.

- App not working

Now I don’t know if it’s because of this app is not really suitable for iPhones but I have been having none stop trouble with this app. I have WiFi but it always says that I need to check my internet connection. When I send messages it says it’s unable to send and during phone calls, me and the other party need to have our calls on speaker. Now I recently uninstalled it to reinstall and see if that will help. (Dummy me) and now I can’t get into my account because of “internet issues”. This is the only app close enough for me to make contact with anyone since I have no other way. I use this app for work issues and it’s been frustrating. I don’t care much for the adds or how long it loads( because it usually loads pretty quickly) but eve since I’ve downloaded this app I can hardly send messages or receive messages.

- Repetitive calls

I am feeling the repetitive calls are from those you have under you to burn up free minutes wanting me to buy. I never had this issue with you before but it has been horrendous this time. I was going to purchase your product after my free minutes were up but no way now. When I say repetitive I decline, call back is instant and only stops when I answer after 8 to 10 calls in less then 90 seconds. I finally told them to f off two days in a row!! Not sure why you feel this is a good practice but whatever it is your method now and good luck with it!

- I feel bad...

Ok so I didn't really had the worst experience with this app because I feel like it gave me someone els phone number and Random people kept calling me and I never give out my phone number only to my family and my friends and it gave me voice mails like “Hey (Name) we were checking in if you were still available for the job” something like that but I wasn't that name... but I got a new number... I also kept getting calls and messages like “Hey rose” and then someone kept calling me and then messaged me that I needed to talk to my kids and my husband because he was at the hospital about to die but the thing is I have no husband or kids yet.. and when I herd that message i felt so bad that this rose cant say goodbye to her husband because I have her phone number.... I’m deleting this app.

- I love this app! 5 stars! Helpful!

This app is so good! You see, my iMessages aren’t working, so nobody could text me. But now with this app, now people can text me! I even have a REAL phone number! I love this app!❤️ I recommend to anybody who just can’t text or their iMessages don’t work! It’s so easy just to get on and use! I loved it! The only thing is the security pictures. They are really annoying but I see why they are there. To protect from 🤖. I really love this app! So far, my experience is quite good! It’s very easy to use and rarely to never crashes! I recommend this wonderful app to anybody! Thanks! 🙏 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️

- *CREEPY!!*

Ok so it's a great app, besides the fact that they distribute your number to random people. I used it to text my friend to prank her from a random number. Later she figured out it was me, but after a random text came from some one. Of course I thought it was her, because I pranced her from a random number. But it wasn't her. After I started texting things to the number like " C'mon I know it's you! Stop being weird. Your not going to prank me." Than another number texting me saying " Who do you think you are, messing with my wife?" ( actually he said some pretty bad words, I don't want to get into detail) so I was like, WOAH DELETE THIS APP NOWWW So be careful. Know that this could happen to another person. It's creepy... I suggest you just get an iCloud account you can text from with your email. :(

- Wonderful asset to screen people

I use text now as a means to screen people prior to releasing my personal cell number. It’s great because I can instantly block junk callers, which I’ve only had two of in more than 14 months. Their system eliminates those calls before they reach you. Not to mention potential employers, website registrations etc, I don’t have all the excess selling if my information by these companies. Highly recommend text now. Whether you are dating, looking for a job or just the “person everyone vents to”, you can maintain contact while still maintaining your privacy. And truly focusing on what is important - time! Time for you!!!

- delete button don’t work and glitchy

i’ve had textnow for about 2 yrs now, it’s a better good app if you don’t have a phone number or can’t get one. But i just can’t handle how glitchy and hard it is just to text someone, also it takes forever to load conversations! To be honest just get a phone number it’s not worth suffering to text one person. The delete button doesn’t work at all when you try to delete conversations or swipe left on their contact. That needs to be fixed! Also the textnow premium cost just as much (monthly) to get a actual phone number and data to text on the go. Not worth it like i said just get a real phone number! Otherwise the this app (textnow) is...ok

- Not that great.

I think the reviews are trash. I used the app and it glitches and hangs up phone calls all the time. It freezes and won’t let me press any button. It says the calls fail and it’s not my connection because I use my phone for everything else with other apps that involve the internet. When it’s good it’s good I don’t have any problems but I can do without the call failing and not being able to press any buttons. Kind of useful for 25% of what I needed it for. UPDATE: I see other people having the same issue, since I last posted this nothing has changed and it now freezes my phone something for a couple minutes. One time I couldn’t even restart my phone for almost 10 SUPER ANNOYING especially when I use my regular phone for work.

- Fix it

This app has not been working for me. Most of the apps I sign into has this number labeled as “Not a Valid US Number” and now I am getting spam messages everyday with a different persons name. I am very upset that I am getting someone else’s spam and that I can not sign into things with this number. Another bad side is if you don’t text someone for 10 days then the apps gives away your number without deleting your contacts. If someone else gets your number (which,they will) they can easily go to your texts and text that person. Let’s say you got grounded for two weeks and they give your number away and people text your contacts. They think that it is you texting them. That could cause many problems. If you wish to delete the number you could also delete the contacts

- Stop adding me to a group!

I’ve been seeing this and I wanting it to stop,people that I don’t know have been putting me in group chats,and I just press “delete”. But whenever someone in that chat texts I just get sent back to that group,I mean I don’t want to talk anymore and since textnow people don’t let me go,like I want to leave the group chat since I don’t know the people in there. I just want to delete the group chat,first I deleted by pressing “Delete Coversation” And if someone texts back to the group chat I see the notification and i get sent to the group chat! Really? And I pressed the delete by swiping the group chat and pressing delete and the same THING IS HAPPENING. if you could try to add group calls.

- Amazing app

This is the best texting apps I use. The only bad thing is a glitch. If I create a profile picture and later on I change it, sometimes it will be the one it was before, and sometimes it will be the one I changed it to. Please fix this annoying glitch. Also, if I receive a video, it will be all blurry, and like, goes at 3 frames a second. The video receiving part of it is horrible. Please fix it. The app is also really laggy sometimes. Also, usually the ads are really big, which means they cover a lot of space, and covers a lot of the app.

- Update removed my custom contact names

Earlier today, I gave TextNow 5 stars. Then I installed the update. 👎 why am I unhappy now? Because I use the online version of the app to edit the “contact name” which allowed me to put a name with the number without giving TextNow access to my personal contacts. Those names would appear in my conversations and were searchable. Not anymore. Now, there are just phone numbers, and if I want to edit the contact info, I have to give the app access to my contacts, which I’m not going to do. It’s a shame that the app is less usable on my phone now because I use it primarily for communicating with Covid exposed and Covid positive coworkers (akin to in-house contact tracing). I suppose the app deserves more than one star, but I’ll wait and see what else changes before I change the rating again.

- Crashes and freezes all the time!!

As much as I enjoy having a second number that works with wifi, I can’t say how many times it has failed on me in the past month. Pictures and even text messages fail to get sent out, and the screen would freeze while texting or even while browsing photo library. The app would crash and shut off on its own. I would say all of these things occur anytime when I try to do anything that is longer or heavier than writing 40 characters simple text, and that’s pretty frustrating. I first needed this app because I work at a place where there’s absolutely no cell service, and even the phone call quality was quite decent. I just wish it doesn’t crash/freeze so often...

- From best to worst calling app

I would give this App 0 stars if possible. Have been using this app since 2015. I have seen functionality in this App collapse over these 3 years. App constantly freezes at every touch and process. Open app, freezes. Open a chat, freezes. Type text, freezes. Dial a number, freezes. The developers are not providing sufficient updates and support to make this a reliable app. I don’t know what bugs these updates are fixing because the freezing problem persists. Please fix these problem and return some dignity to this App and yourselves.

- App Issues-Freezing and Glitching out

Got this app because a friend of mine recommended it to me stating it’s a good app she didn’t have no issues with it. I download it an the same day I installed it I’m in the middle of texting a friend an the App Freezes an then throws me out of the App. Then I go back in the App and the whole message I wrote gets deleted an I have to retype what I wrote because the app froze and glitched out. I’m really hoping whatever is causing the App to freeze and glitch out gets fixed ASAP because this is a pretty good App. It deserves 5 stars but with the freezing, glitching out and Me having to retype my messages I couldn’t give it 5 stars sorry.

- I like this app but recently it keeps blocking everyone...

This app is useful. I have been using it for a long time (years) and it has never gave me trouble except for some annoying ads and sometimes crashing randomly but it has never been so hard to use or glitchy that I couldn’t get it to work. Until recently. Now it keeps randomly blocking all numbers and contacts in the entire app and then won’t allow me to unblock so I will have to delete the app and redownload or make a new number which is super annoying. Please fix this bug in a new update. I really do enjoy using this app. It has helped me for a small business on the side which provides my income so I would be very sad to have to find an entirely new app with similar features.

- I love text now

Ive always sworn by text now for free wi-fi calling and texting! I liked it so much I paid for a monthly plan and got to keep my number! Hassle-free! Still ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star service! My only negative experience to not wasn’t even bad! I found it very annoying when I didn’t pay for the next months service it alerted me every 20 minutes for 3 months since I still used the free WiFi part! And to keep my number! I now have a compatible iPhone that the features are updated on or maybe the iOS version! All in all I still enjoy text now! Thank you!

- Amazing Text App

I really want to appreciate you guys for this wonderful text app. I used to use this app in the past and it never had issues. Currently I got a new Textnow number and I tried to subscribe to premium but it kept giving me this message “cannot connect to the App Store” I thought it was a problem with my Apple ID, I then tried paying for other apps on my phone and they went successful, then I realized that the issue was from Textnow. Please help me fix that problem so I can use Textnow without ads. I’m very much eager to pay so I can enjoy Textnow as usual. Thank you!

- Awesome App

This app is by far one of the best app out there, If you a phone or device that doesn’t have a plan or any minutes left then download this app and it becomes your service as long as you have internet connection. And the best part is it’s free as long as you have internet service you can use the app as a phone on any device. You also can purchase a data plan with them for when your our and about and can’t connect to WiFi and the service is great theres no roaming or blackout areas or spots that you don’t have service.

- It really is free cellular service!

I had trouble believing it was truly free cellular service but it is. I would give it 5 stars but for one thing. On my older iPhone I have to have the app open or my friends cannot call me. They say they hear ringing but I never answer. I don’t answer because my iPhone doesn’t ring. If I leave the app open in the background, the iPhone rings just fine. I am not annoyed by the ads. TextNow makes it clear up front that there will be ads. You can subscribe to get rid of the ads but I really don’t mind them at all. And the call quality is excellent. All in all, very happy to be with TextNow!

- Trash

This app is trash bruh! Like it had A LOT of issues with it. I’ve been using for some months now and I can honestly say that I will NOT be recommending it to anyone I know. I’ve just gotten more and more frustrated with it and I’ve gotten to the point where I had to delete it from my phone. Some of the problems I had included glitching as well as signing out of the thing without my permission. Is would also freeze up and not move unless app was turned off and turned on. It malfunctioned a lot and it made it to the point where I couldn’t even text or call people! I’m sorry but I don’t like this app and have therefore, given a 2. Would’ve gotten a one but it did hold up at least 35% of the time. The other 65% was lame.

- Hangs every time

I’ve been using TextNow for well over two years now and it’s really fantastic, however I recently updated the app with the new interface and all that and I just noticed few days ago when I get to the app it just hangs and I’m unable to do anything until I close and reopen and it just happens again, I don’t know if it’s a glitch or a bug...I tried deleting and downloaded the app couple of times but it doesn’t stop the glitch from reoccurring after every download I don’t know if it’s a bug and it would be rectified in the next update, apart from this it’s a really great app and I love it.

- Small issue:

Please help. I have used text now for a few years and I love it but recently I went to open the app and it said, "text now is out of date click here to update " I click the button and it takes me to the App Store but it doesn't let me update!! It just says open I keep pressing the buttons and trying to update it and it won't let me past that page. All my friends are texting and calling that number and I have that number attached to A LOT of things if it's gone I'm going to have a panic attack please help me!!!!

- Angela Embry

I’m not at all satisfied with this app. I have several complaints, so much as when I’m done writing this review I’m deleting the app. 1.)To start it’s slow. Takes forever to open the app. 2) it gives me trouble answering the phone and won’t let me hang up when I need to. I have to shut my phone off to keep this app from sending constant notifications even when there are non to notify me. The app calls people as if I were doing so. This is by far the worst call text app I’ve downloaded. I Don’t want to or mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but this is ridiculous and needs to be addressed so there is a chance to fix and make right. If you want something to be something then make it something. And not just a quick crappy app that you can’t take pride in. Total dissatisfaction.

- Good at first, until it isn’t

I work for a small company, and we have used this app for texting clients for well over a year now, as I was uncomfortable giving my personal number to clients. This app works well for texting, for the most part. We have experienced issues with being able to send text messages for a long time. It happens on and off, so our ability to text using this app is inconsistent. Yesterday, our numbers stopped working and is permanently broken, and we can no longer use it. This number is all over Google, all over our website, and all over our business cards, so changing the number is going to be a huge inconvenience. Like I said, this app is good for texting, but be prepared for your phone number to stop working with no warning.

- Not working with IOS 14 update

I have been using this app since March 2020 when I began working at home. After downloading the new IOS 14 update, it isn’t working with on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. In fact, I deleted it and tried to reinstall and can’t even download it. It says get but doesn’t even show in my cloud. I downloaded the app on to my old phone that doesn’t have the new IOS 14 software and it worked for me to make a call, but can’t answer calls. Texting worked but I need to be able to use this app on my actual phone, not an old device. I love this app and it has made it easier to work with my clients without giving them my actual cell phone number. Please fix this problem. Thanks!

- Total white-out on Panoramic mode

Pretty sure this just began after the latest update. I’m using an iPhone7, and until now this app has worked flawlessly. More then satisfied. So just last week I’ve noticed if I turn my phone sideways automatically switching the display to panoramic mode the entire conversation goes white screen. Turning the phone back upright does not correct this. I need to back out of that contact then back in to see previous texts and be able to compose anything new. Somewhat frustrating but I’m sure it will get some attention and be corrected soon. Thanks Happy TextNow user....

- Very Slow Service

At face value, Text Now seems like a legitimate service provider. I enjoyed the free calling so much that I decide to switch carriers but that’s where I messed up. After going through their service plans and selecting the one I desired, I ordered a SIM card from TextNow to go along with a monthly plan. They claimed that I would receive my order within 2-3 business days but it has been 3 weeks since I first placed the order. And The customer service was bad when I contacted them to see what was going on. They provided no way of tracking my order and insisted that I entered the wrong address even though a text now representative had confirmed it a day earlier. IF YOU LIKE TEXT NOW JUST USE IT WITH WIFI BECAUSE THEY WON’T SHIP YOUR ORDER AND WILL REFUSE TO GIVE YOU A REFUND. Ps. I am still waiting for my SIM card.

- Reasoning for dislike

I've been with you for quite some time and the fact getting.... being old I don't even remember how long. Back when you made me do an update about a month ago between signing out of my old account and losing a lot of my contacts for some reason when my son came over and figured out that I had to do an upgrade to get myself going again now my poor iPad just goes slow as hell and it is text now fault Is there anything that can be done about it? But I do like the fact that I can paste to the text line phone number couldn't do that before other Nat no change other than to just almost locks my iPad up

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TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited 20.47.2 Screenshots & Images

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited iphone images
TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited iphone images
TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited iphone images
TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited iphone images
TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited iphone images
TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited iphone images
TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited iphone images
TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited iphone images

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited (Version 20.47.2) Install & Download

The applications TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-05-07 and was developed by TextNow, Inc. [Developer ID: 309561143]. This application file size is 194.45 MB. TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited - Social Networking app posted on 2020-12-16 current version is 20.47.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tinginteractive.usms

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