Wonderscope [Books] App Description & Overview

Imagine your favorite book came to life on your floor and asked you to play a part in the story! Wonderscope is an award-winning iOS app for kids that uses augmented reality to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories. Through your Wonderscope, you can see the story take place all around you, whether you open the app in your room or outdoors. Read your lines aloud to engage with and talk to characters, and help them solve problems along the way.


New York Magazine:
“For parents with younger kids, I’ve got at least one thing that could assuage some of that guilt about screen time: Wonderscope.”

“What if you could give your child an iPad for an hour and not feel guilty about it?... an app that makes kids smile and feel confident as they read absolutely feels like a win.”

Fast Company:
“Because kids look through the iPad to see the story on the other side, Wonderscope won’t close them off to the outside world.”

“To get a sense of Wonderscope, imagine if Snapchat filters or Pokemon Go went to work at Pixar after graduating from Juilliard.”

“The future of storytelling is happening all around us — we just have to look through the right lens to see it.”

Common Sense Media:
"It feels almost magical to watch as suddenly animated characters and scenery pop up all around you as part of ... engaging stories."

WIRED, regarding Wonderscope story Clio's Cosmic Quest:
"It might be the best 8-minute astronomy lesson out there."

In December 2019, Wondersope was awarded a BAFTA Children’s Award for its inaugural story, “A Brief History of Amazing Stunts by Astounding People,” created in partnership with PRELOADED.


“Sinclair Snake: Museum Mischief”
- Become a junior detective in our newest story! Explore 4 different exhibits, and learn about dinosaurs, Egypt, medieval times, and gems.

“Willowcrest Manor”
- In this spooky adventure, kids become the ghost of a haunted house and scare thieves away from a hidden treasure!

“Lauren and the Three Bears”
- A modernization of the classic fable, with a twist! Kids meet Lauren, a savvy kid who questions the common trope of fairy tales that assumes children can’t be trusted to make smart decisions.

“Clio’s Cosmic Quest”
- In this interactive galactic adventure, kids meet Clio, a tiny particle of stardust, and help her battle bullying while learning about star formation!

“A Brief History of Amazing Stunts by Astounding People”
- In this BAFTA Award-winning non-fiction series, kids take part in three of history’s most impossible stunts and meet the real people who made them happen.

“Little Red the Inventor”
- In this EQ focused spin of Little Red Riding Hood, kids meet Red, a shy girl who loves to invent! Kids help her build inventions and gain the confidence to stand up to the Big Bad Wolf.

“Wonder's Land Ringmaster Wanted”
- Kids meet Wonder, the ringmaster of Wonder’s land, and help him bring everyone together for the carnival’s big show!

Coming Soon to Wonderscope:

Our library is growing, and we are working on a new story where kids play a music making robot!


- Move around to explore and discover magical worlds wherever you are
- Meet, help, and talk to pioneers, inventors, and heroes as you adventure together
- Learn smart lessons from characters as you interact with them


- Only devices with iOS 11 and newer are compatible with this app
- Only iPhones 6S and newer are compatible with this app
- Only iPad 2017, iPad Pro, and newer are compatible with this app


- This app requires access to the device's camera and microphone for augmented reality and voice-recognition
- 100% Safe & Private. No personal data is recorded or saved
- This app encourages movement in physical space, so please be watchful of your surroundings
- Please go to http://wonderscope.com/help for support

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Wonderscope Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New story alert! Become a junior detective in our newest story, Sinclair Snake: Museum Mischief! Explore 4 different exhibits, and learn about dinosaurs, Egypt, medieval times, and gems! We’re always updating Wonderscope to make the experience as amazing as possible. This update includes: - A complete redesign of our app to show you more about every story in our library! Watch videos to learn more about the characters, worlds, and themes of each Wonderscope story. - Performance and stability improvements Like Wonderscope? Rate us! Your feedback helps make Wonderscope better! Have a question? Shoot us a note at help@wonderscope.com

Wonderscope Comments & Reviews

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- Love the game but it just changed

So I was just Reading then something happened to the Game i’ll tell you what happened it Just changed

- Great app

Great app but you can only play one short story the rest cost five dollars for short little story’s. Like said it is fun and a great learning experience.

- Great for young readers!

My daughter has been in love with this app for the last two years. She can’t get enough. The stories are short, but require heavy involvement from the user. This prompts your little one to clearly read what they see on the screen. By highlighting words as they’re recognized, it shows which words need better enunciation and helps guide your child toward better enunciation. Highly recommended, but make sure you have enough space cleared in the room to fit the entire scene.

- Really

Great idea but 5 dollars for each story is ridiculous

- Over priced but great concept

There needs to be a way to share between family accounts. Both my kids loved the app, but to give the kids each of the stories is just waaayyy too expensive. Each story is $5 and cannot be shared so each kid has to buy it on their own account. The other issue is that it sometimes doesn’t hear when my kids are reading the words and other times it moves on before my kids are done reading. It can get frustrating. Also, sometimes it can play a story fine on our living room but then will randomly say it’s too dark without the light ever changing. The stories so far are fun and cool. And it is good motivation to read. I would add a subscription service that could be shared between accounts ( like with a parent log in) and I’d be willing to rate it much higher that way.

- I’m awesome


- Mason

I hate this game because you have to pay the books not all of them

- Lost my purchases

My kids love this app and it’s a really cool concept. I would rate 5 stars but the problem I have with it is that when they updated the app I lost multiple in game purchases. I paid $4.99 twice to unlock stories and now they’re gone. If I hit the restore purchases, nothing happens. A real disappointment.

- The game for imagination...

The game is great! It takes you to a new level in your brain. The game is super kid friendly and is great for siblings to play. The only thing about it is... Well you have to spend money on the realms. And sometimes its hard to see and look at it from up close. Yes there is 1 free realm. But its not as fun as the others. either then that it is a great game, great for the kids

- Ummm 1 hour

So I’ve been trying to get the landing light for like 30 mins But still I ❤️ the app design

- Love it!

Love this app. Downloaded 4 books so far and love them all. Microphone sensitivity needs to work a bit better and be a bit forgiving for kids. Also the arrow covers some of the words on the bottom of the screen. Be great to see longer stories become available.

- Best use of AR I’ve ever seen

I’ve tried most of all the VR and AR stuff out there this was the best implementation of AR I’ve ever tried. Start to end it was captivating and enchanting. Would love to see more stories enacted in AR and hopefully they’ll launch a VR app too.

- Paying again

I payed for 3 of the titles and the app is making me buy them again other then that everything is amazing

- Pay to read books

I love wonder-scope and it’s very unique! But you can only read the rabbit book and you also have to pay to read the other books which is a bummer. My kids hate reading the same books so I had to delete the game. I didn’t want to pay to read the books. But other wise it’s very good

- Very fun app. Children love it.

This app is really well made and children love it. I haven't purchased any other episodes but the free one is great. Gave 4 stars because it could use some more features. A pause voice function so I (the teacher) can say the sentence then have the students repeat it. Also perhaps having a video feature where the kids get in frame and perform something then see themselves doing it. Great app thank you!

- Prefect

Great app and a blessing for people who want to help their children. I see people complaining about the cost, really? Do u realize how much programming went into creating this app? Plus a paper book would be more. Also, u waste that small amount of money at McDonald’s or on video games but your child’s education isn’t worth this cost? Can u tell I’m a teacher...

- Costs money for stories

All of the stories except one cost money

- Love the App

I love the app i wish it would have more books and more reading for children. It has potential to grow. 5 star for me because both my kids love it.

- Yes but no

I like the stories, but only one story is free, the rest of the stories you have to pay to listen too.

- can’t download

I purchased a new story today but it can only download 33%. I don’t know why

- I'll change to 5 if...

This app does not require me to speak. I'm Deaf and I opened the app to explore, but... Hope I can have the feature where I can type along...? Thanks!

- Amazing

I saw the ad on Facebook and I was sold. Totally interactive and my kids love it . Can’t wait for more stories to arrive.

- No depth

The concept is great but seriously lacks any substance in the story telling. Especially for 5 bucks per story! It’s not worth $5 for each story

- Cool but some things

I really loved the game but I did not like it when I had to purchase other stories I mean I am ten and I wanted this app so I could have fun and interact with the game so what I really want is that the AR app doesn’t have purchases for the other stories but overall I loved the game and how interactive it was

- Awesome

I love this game. The story’s are amazing get it kids.🙂🙂🙂

- More stories

My children love this app, but we are getting board with it. When will there be more stories?

- On

You can just read one story the other ones you need to buy them

- Why

Why is the space mini game in your game not ready yet just name it something like space adventure or space travel please because I really like space and would really love it From T cup

- Money hungry

This game is not very great. I like the first story but the rest of the story is where we have to buy the story. This is a kid game, they don’t need to ask their parent to buy the stories. I suggest you fix this.

- Great App, Too Costly and Doesn’t recognize voice very well!!

Beautiful Idea. It was creative, poorly interactive and has potential to improve reading skills. It would be a 5 star app if it wasn’t so costly and the voice recognition was better. It was frustrating for my daughter to have to repeat her words over and over and sometimes it skipped the words altogether! It was frustrating!! I purchased 1 story and it gave me credit for an entirely different story and for 5$ you only get one story. I would even understand paying that much if it was a choose your own adventure and the story could be manipulated different ways. I feel cheated and it’s sad because it’s a lovely product.

- Somewhat Disappointed.

I really want to give this app a five star review but the voice recognition is horrible. There should be voice training to tailor it to the indIvidual, especially children whose voices range from one end of the spectrum to the other. The concept however deserves a five and will be great if that can be fixed and make it more interactive.


I have downloaded so many educational apps, trying to find the right apps for my deaf children. I have 2 deaf toddlers. Yet, NONE of developers even think about us disabled people. DEAF DO EXIST! Since this app doesn’t have captions where deaf kids can read and learn. This is NOT deaf friendly. I wish there’s some kind of app that are deaf friendly and we can learn together. Please think about adding captions for deaf children, and please don’t make us speak into microphone, not all of us deaf are able to speak. We cannot really speak well. Thanks

- O come on wondrerskope

I love this but why do we have to buy the rest😢

- Bad app

1 game is free but all the other games are not so it is a bad app

- Meh

It’s a fantastic concept but it’s extremely limited even for a beginner app. The stories could be longer, the voice recognition needs work and could really use a larger selection of stories.

- Amazing game, just one thing...

I think that this game is wonderful and multiple ages would enjoy it. The only thing holding you guys back is the fact that the other stories cost $5.00! I don’t think that it is worth it. I am 11 and even I know that is an unfair price!

- There’s a glitch

It’s a good game for kids. But there’s a glitch. I look at the bunny and I look away it happens to Disappear? I give it a four star until the glitch is patched

- impossible

it’s so fake when the closer u get to the ground the darker it gets. COMMON SENSE I HAVE SO MUCH LIGHT

- Would give more stars but the app lied

I went out and brought an iPhone 6s form my child cause it said that’s what is compatible with and when I try to download it. It’s tells me I have to have XR wow I just brought and wasted money for what if it can not be downloaded I will like a full refund on the other books I purchase

- Daughter loves it!

It’s expensive, but we love it. I wish they had more stories available.

- My little baby likes the app but I can’t even see


- Love this!♥️

I absolutely love this app! My son is autistic and I have always had a difficult time getting him to read. I showed him one of the stories and told him what to do and he started reading word for word!😀 Tears of joy came to my eyes when I seen him interacting with the stories♥️ We can’t wait for new stories😍

- Refreshingly entertaining kids app

This app embodies the spirit of AR especially in a kids game. It combines reading, AR, interaction in the right amounts. I would easily pay for a few stories. I would like to see more story options and perhaps add more variation each time they go through a story. If they keep the creativity and quality up and produce good content I’ll happily purchase more.

- Blah


- Web


- Stories

When will you be adding more stories there are only three available

- Amazing! but needs work

I love it! I’m 8 yet it’s still such an adventure! I would give it a 5 star but I gave it 4 cus you need REAL money to do the other stories I love how stories can come to life now but you can only do the 1st story without money plus there is only a few stories Overall this game is fun even though I am older remember I would give it a 5 but 4 cus it needs work Bye that’s all

- Unique

I really like the concept of this app. I hope the developers get picked up by some major funding. I am thankful it is not free, as my kids don’t need any more advertising in their lives. However, I am not sure the price point is correct yet. If the stories were a bit longer, or the interactivity was more on point, this app would be a 5 star homerun. Right now it’s a great experience and sweet use of the AR concept. I think having the story move or change location would be a great addition. Also, keep working at that voice recognition, it still makes you repeat yourself several times.

- Incredible game

I’m really enjoying this game. Really unique how the game takes place in your own house and it’s really involving and fun. I really think augmented reality games are the future. Only part I don’t like is the stories are too short and you have to pay for new ones. Works great on my iPad 2017

- Not Great

I can’t say Let’s get this party started

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- I can’t play it

It’s not Letting me download the app

- I hate it

Books are the real adventure, but this society is being drowned by devices. Some things are good to be changed for a game on a device, but this isn’t that situation this will corrupt children. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!!!



- what specific features?

I can’t download the game

- It won’t land

The stupid helicopter thing won’t land I have the thing it says it needs but it won’t land how do I do it

- Amazing app.

The tech isn’t that new. My son has loads of similar apps that allow interaction with environment. Everything from bandaids to tattoo transfers. I respect the creative work but the price point is too high. 10$ for the bundle would be reasonable.

- No multi language

Do you know when you will have a multi language version? My kids speek french and just start to learn english so it’s too hard to follow the storie for them...

- It’s good but just free stuff please

I liked it but pay to have more stories? Wow great job

- Love it but free stuff please

I love the game its just i can only play 1 game becuase my parents dont like paying stuff so please make it free soon

- Great app👍🏼but disappointed too

It’s a great game I enjoy it but my mother doesn’t want to pay for the stories.Can u make the story that’s coming out free my sister loves the app too but she’s getting tired of one story

- Cheaper than a book!!

This game is amazing and had my child immediately interested and reading right away. Yes there is a price per story but once I thought about how much I pay for books at the store or scholastic orders, it was a no brainer!! I have even purchased these stories for my child’s classroom iPads for all the students to enjoy and utilize.

- Amazing!!!

Yes I agree with the price being high. But I get when something this innovative first comes out there is a price tag associated with it so I’d say it’s « reasonably high ». I want to say I appreciate both the artists who brainstormed the creation, the story writers and illustrators. My daughter absolutely loves this app and encourages you to bring out the next story ASAP. Three is just not enough for her. She is a French school student but won’t learn English until grade three. I’m always worried about her ability to read in English which is our first language. This gives her the ability to play and read and I see her challenging herself to pronounce the words and read full sentences quickly before they disappear. It’s working well for us! If you have time I’d encourage you to come out with a French version! Thank you again.

- Disappointed

My child found the intro story amazing and it really did help him with reading, unfortunately the $6.99 per story is way too much and not affordable. Perhaps a bundle but not per story.

- Its cool but i want more free stuff

Needs more free things

- Disappointed

This app had great potential until I found out u have to pay for all the stories. Just another app that makes you pay for 20min if game time.

- Disappointed

My child can’t seem to find the storycopter after it says to follow it. He’s so disappointed. There’s no back or help button either. Just restart to the same old problem. :(

- My grandchildren will love this!

This is cool and a fun way to practise reading.

- Best app I could rate

Amazing intro, setup, graphics and story lines. It’s the best. Can’t wait for more stories. My kids love it.

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- Not good enough

There’s only 1 story I can read and the other ones are paying. Can you just make all the stories free and add more? I really was exited but now I’m not 😞

- Please read

Horrible you can only read one story!!! And you have to buy the rest

- Awesome!

My son doesn’t like reading but with this app he enjoys trying. It has trouble hearing you and the music is a bit louder than the characters so you need to be in a quiet area or close to the phone and speak up. My son is quiet and doesn’t pronounce his words well so it’s a bit tough when the app can not understand him or hear him. Other than that this such a great idea! I feel if I point out the words and read out loud my son will get the hang of it and be able to do this on his own. Thank you! We need more games like this ❤️

- Not working

When I try the first story it was not working.The grass plane thing was getting tiny and it was getting away until it was nowhere to be found and also, the story stop!Im so disappointed 😡😡😡😡😡

- Needing more!

I love the concept of this app. My son who currently has a hard time reading or even trying to enjoy it, loves the app. I wish there were more stories or apps even like this one. This app not only encourages my son to read but is helping him read better. Please at more or update faster. I most definitely recommend this app if more was added!

- Please Read...

It pretty much fits people who are ready to purchase. But it's probably NOT mine!!! You know what? Yes, I'm going to reveal your secret Wonderscopes! Wonderscope just has ONE game that you don't need to purchase for. And it's pretty much clear that it's just the first mini game in it. You should purchase ALL the other better games to play it. So, I'm warning you... if you don't really care about purchasing, you can download it, but the ones who aren't into purchasing, they should NOT download this game. ⚠️

- Eh...

I thought it was gonna be yay free app! But it cost $5.00 for each other story maybe take that away!

- This needs to change

Why do you have only one choice of what to pick why do you have to pay for them I want that to change everything else is good but I just want that to change👌👌👌

- Great idea!

Wish I had thought of this, my 6 year old loves it.


20190221_THU-IP6S 1242|1246 Amazing miracle of TECHNOLOGY. Educational and great experience for all ages.

- I liked it but...

I really don’t think I should have to pay for every story, I think most story’s should be free, like maybe every other story, if you don’t agree with me that’s fine and I’ll be on my merry way, but if you do agree reply and I might consider downloading again.

- Best game ever

I love this game and I am 8, my mom won’t pay for Wonderscope for me so I need to find a way to make 10 dollars at least to get both stories you have to pay for. New way to make my mom to make me do chores lol 😂. Love this game 😊!

- Awesome!

I got this app for my 6 year old who is struggling to find things he wants to read. He loved this app!! The AR makes it so interactive and fun. He was so excited about it that he has finished all of the stories in one day and we are now waiting for more to come out. My only complaint would be that you have to pay $5 for each story. I wish you could just pay once and have all of them included. However, I have now paid for all of them because he loves it. I guess it’s worth it to see him excited to read. Maybe. I still wish it weren’t so much for each story.

- Fun concept but stories are too expensive

Very fun concept but only the first story is free and there are only 2 other stories available for $5 each. Quickly becomes a very expensive app. Characters are cute and interactive. Microphone doesn’t always hear you say the words to move on.

- Fun but need to pay

It’s good and fun but unless you want to read one story every single time and it’s the same one then this is not the app for you unless you want to pay to read another one.

- This is like the best game ever

Ok I’m 9-10 and I love this game it made me cry it was like it was real. It is super fun and I hope there will be a so many new games and story’s. My favorite so far is the “little red” and what was better is it is a little different from the story. It’s cool how all these characters have there own mind to. I’m still waiting on “outer space”. What I’m trying to say is that thanks for the game and making it. I wanted something like this when I was 4 and I got it and I still love this app.

- 3 year old LOVED it!

She figured the story & loved it, asking fir more each day. Its fantastic that its 3D in your space.

- Great addition to our nightly routine

Our son loves this so much that we have added to our nightly routine. We only have two of the stories so far but rotate them each night. Looking forward to more stories.

- Doesn’t make sense

It looked so fun but then it would glitch or go back to my home page it just doesn’t make sense!

- Pricey

The app is really cool and my kid is very interested in it except for only being able to do one story or you have to pay five dollars for another one I don’t like that you have to pay for all of it so he’s been watching the same story over and over

- Wonder thoughts

This app is going to be huge is an amazing app congrats to the creators 👍

- Not deaf friendly

Deaf children can't hear this app because there no subtitle and can't speech in voice. That game required hear and voice. That is not fair for deaf children.

- Looked like a fun app.

Can’t get past ‘let’s get this party started’, doesn’t do anything.

- 😔🥰

We just downloaded the app. It’s hard to get my daughter to read traditional books so see was reluctant to try but when she did she wanted more. Please grow the library and advance the reading levels.🥰😍🤩

- Great idea

Love the app but when you buy the next two stories it does not hear you so my son winds up skipping it, please fix bugs

- Incredible idea but poor implementation

This is definitely a fantastic idea. The characters are fun, and conversation are intriguing to kids. AR detection is good (better than a lot of other AR games). However that’s all the pros i can think of. 1. The voice system is buggy. It constantly failed to catch our words. 2. Story is too short and it doesn’t have many interactions. 3. It only stays at one location and there’s not much “exploration”. 4. No preview for the locked stories. With all the issues above, I probably won’t be interested in buying the rest of them.

- Not great, but okay

This game it offers one free story, and if you close the app in the middle of a game/story, it automatically restarts the whole story. I think they can do better and make at least two more free stories.

- Lots of Fun but Pricey

Downloaded the app & enjoyed the free story. Very disappointed that additional stories are $5. Of course my daughter wants all of them. Hopefully more free stories are coming.

- Don’t buy this game

It has an error all the time

- Great but too expensive

The Wonderscope experiences are very cool, and my kids love interacting through talking into the phone. However, while I’m willing to pay $4.99 for the app, I won’t pay $4.99 per experience. For something my kids may watch once or twice, $4.99 is too much.

- Amazing

I was trying to look for a good interactive app. And this seems to be the best for me and my son can’t wait for more stories.

- Cool app

I like this app a lot but I dislike how expensive the other stories are. May want to reconsider the price.

- So stupid

We got through one story then the next story was 5$ next one after that 5$ so stupid what a waste!😡🙄

- Worth it!!!

Omg I love it and I’m an adult. My son likes it too!!! This is so fun outdoors and indoors! Bought him an iTunes card for Xmas so the books he wants can be bought if he likes. This is a fun way of reading. To actually see the environment I’m in get more cool with this app is awesome.

- Great but overpriced

My daughter loved the free story. It did have issues with hearing her and I. There are only two other stories available right now. They cost 5.00 each. Sorry, but that is a bit much for a short 10min story. A more reasonable price would be 2.00 to 3.00 dollars per story. Or package two or three stories for 5.00. Very greedy on the developers part.

- Won’t load all the way on our IPad

Works good on our phones, kids love it, just wished it would load on our kids IPad. We are able to pick a story, it starts to load then the app stops working and takes me to my home screen

- Ok

Looks cool but freezes after 2 minutes.

- Wonderful but short lived

The game is beautiful and cool but it just doesn’t have that many stories. It is max ten minutes of fun unless you want to pay money for an extra story. Overall it is cool to play around with.

- Few issues - mostly good

Issues - not much content yet and 5$ for the next story(which I purchased ) was not worth it. You need to read the screen but sometimes it just doesn’t hear you. Not a huge deal . The good- The game idea itself is really cool and the free story is pretty incredible. The kids enjoy working their way through this incredible story brought to life.

- Good app but, Too costly need to buy each story

The way it prepared is awesome, but there is only one free story and one paid story around 5$, not sure how big it is. May be it will come with more stories, but if each story cost of 5$ then it is very costly app to maintain it, because kids always wants new stories and you will end up with lot money and more than Netflix.

- ADHD son loves this.

Bring on more! This is a wonderful app. If you can lower the price some it would be appreciated.


There are only 3 stories total... 1 free, 1 paid for, and 1 coming soon. While my kid loved the free stunt story, the other story is OVERPRICED at 4.99 for what is maybe a 10-15 minute story. If the other stories that are added end up costing the same amount this will add up too much too fast.

- Great job!!

So much fun. The only issue I had was it understanding what me and/or my daughter saying. It seems like it’s not understanding the words spoken even when read it correctly

- A refreshingly POSITIVE use of screen time

Engaging stories that encourage children to explore and discover new information. This is one of the few good educational apps for kids… no mindless tapping or swiping. Really looking forward to seeing more!

- Disappointed

I knew it was too good to be true when the AR was soo cool and the story was free, then I wanted more and it was money 😢

- Crazy fun!!

The only thing keeping me from giving this 5stars is not being able to transport myself into this virtual world!! A Must play adventure! You get one free adventure with three stories. Other adventures are in app purchases. This app is moving in the right direction.

- We haven’t seen anything like this before

Am always skeptical when it comes to kids apps and try to limit my kids’ screen time but this one blew us all away. Once the surprise and awe wore off of a virtual scene appearing in our living room, my eight year old began to follow the reading prompts which actually move you through the narrative. Exploring this pop up dynamic world is an amazing motivator to read in complete sentences instead of words or fragments. It was like a moving playground in our space where we could all explore. My son was standing, walking and even jumping (along with reading) while using this app unlike some other games where he is in some sedentary trance. Highly recommend to parents who may prefer to keep their kids engaged with their actual environment and reading instead of engrossed in a screen fantasy.

- I love it

My grandkids showed this to me on Thanksgiving. Completely blown away at the craft that went into these stories. Great job Wonderscope! Keep em coming.

- Learn to read?

Looks like a fun game but should not say its to help learn to read. You have to be able to read to play. Deleted.

- Amazing App

This app is amazing! It’s incredible to see your house become part of the game. Our 3 (almost 4) year old loves interacting with the characters and watching the stories unfold.

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New $15 million children’s museum in South Kansas City plans to open in October

@41actionnews: Construction of the new Wonderscope Children’s Museum location in south Kansas City is well underway, and now people will…

Construction of the new Wonderscope Children’s Museum location in south Kansas City is well underway, and now peopl…

Topping off at Wonderscope this morning! Great to see our new home coming along. So excited for the opening later t…

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Wonderscope 1.18 Screenshots & Images

Wonderscope iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Wonderscope iphone images
Wonderscope iphone images
Wonderscope iphone images
Wonderscope iphone images
Wonderscope iphone images
Wonderscope iphone images
Wonderscope iphone images
Wonderscope ipad images
Wonderscope ipad images
Wonderscope ipad images
Wonderscope ipad images
Wonderscope ipad images
Wonderscope ipad images
Wonderscope ipad images
Wonderscope Books application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Wonderscope Books application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Wonderscope (Version 1.18) Install & Download

The applications Wonderscope was published in the category Books on 2018-11-13 and was developed by Within Unlimited, Inc. [Developer ID: 956935481]. This application file size is 236.41 MB. Wonderscope - Books posted on 2019-12-16 current version is 1.18 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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