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FaceApp - AI Face Editor [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

FaceApp is one of the best mobile apps for AI photo & video editing. Turn your selfies into modeling portraits using one of the most popular apps with over 500 million downloads to date. FaceApp gives you everything you need to create Insta-worthy edits for free. No more extra tapping on your screen!

Use a fantastic set of AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools to create a seamless and photorealistic edit in ONE TAP. You will never have to spend hours photoshopping again!

More than 60 highly photorealistic filters


- Perfect your selfies with Impression filters
- Add a beard or mustache
- Change your hair color and hairstyle
- Add volume to your hair
- Try trendy full makeup filters
- Creative light effects
- Remove acne and blemishes
- Smooth wrinkles
- Easily enlarge or minimize facial features
- Try out the color lens
- Easy Compare tool at every step to compare before & after
- Total control of temperature, saturation, and more


- Your favorite filters, now in live mode!
- Edit videos or record them from scratch using an outstanding video maker
- Shoot Boomerangs and Stories
- Use color correction
- Trim, crop, and edit existing videos
- Use multiple filters for more exciting results


- See what you'd look like as a different gender
- Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
- Aging: try our popular Old & Young filters
- Morph your photo with your favorite celebrity
- Swap faces with friends
- See what your future kids would look like
- Borrow your favorite style from different photos
- Put your face in a popular movie scene
- Try weight filters: get bigger or smaller
- And many more fun filters!


Share your FaceApp edits directly to your favorite social media accounts

Just ONE tap and your photo is ready for a total social media blitz!

FaceApp PRO

You can subscribe to get access to useful style filters, filters updates and all the features and content offered for purchase within FaceApp.

Subscriptions are auto renewable and are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. There is also a life-time license to FaceApp which is a one-time payment plan (this is not a subscription).

The cost of the monthly subscription is just $4.99
The cost of the annual subscription is just $29.99
The cost of the life-time license is just $49.99

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal can be turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after the purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

- Terms of Use: https://www.faceapp.com/terms
- Privacy Policy: https://www.faceapp.com/privacy
- Online Tracking Opt-Out Guide: https://www.faceapp.com/online-tracking-opt-out-guide.html

You are welcome to contact us at support.ios@faceapp.com

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Bug fixes and performance improvements

FaceApp - AI Face Editor Comments & Reviews

- Paid for and let down

Update: 🤓❤️🎉 Thank you for your quick response. I changed my setting and am all excited to use this app again. For those with the same issue, if you go into your settings and then general, it allows you to add the switch gender option. Most of you probably already know this, and I probably could have looked it up if I hadn’t been caught up in my personal baggage. But, thank you again developer(s) for taking time to address my concern. I’m looking forward to playing with everything this app offers in the next year. This was the concern addressed: If I smile in my photograph, the app sees me as female, but if I use resting face in a selfie, I'm seen as male. I am a girl by the way, and I am offended and upset by this. I really like the app as a female, but the unknowing of if the app is going to see me as a girl or a guy raises my anxiety and stress level as soon as I open the app. It also makes me feel ugly, even though I know I’m not. I wish there was a way to at least choose our gender on this app. Not only would this be good for me, but it would be better for those that want to be seen in a more masculine or feminine way. I know it’s not an easy algorithm to fix, but I do hope you would. Until then, I am stuck for the next year with this app whether I use it or not.

- Thought Provoking

Sometimes we get in the groove of life. And we give little thought to 30 years from now, especially because sleep training the baby seems to drain us of today. But the FaceApp gave me a funny glimpse into the future! I couldn’t stop staring at my husband. The app did such a good job aging him: It seemed so realistic! The thing that surprised me the most was how much I loved the man I saw in the picture. Suddenly the next 30 years felt worth fighting for. Suddenly how we approached today mattered. I felt as if I had seen a small glimpse of the future, and I wanted to still be happy with the man I had chosen to marry. It all felt so real, and today will quickly turn into tomorrow, and 30 years will slip by, but reflecting on the end goal of still being together, side by side on our back porch grinning like crazy kids in our 50s seemed so real, it seemed touchable and moldable. 30 years is a long time: I’d have to live my life completely over plus a few years to get there. The app didn’t have me searching the web for a new wrinkle cream or being afraid to go out in the sun, it had me inspired to invest into today, so that Konner and I could be that happy older couple in 30 years. The smile lines on our future faces were deeper, and that is worth fighting for!

- FaceApp Review

This app is great I really love it I like if you put it in collages it makes pro stuff free you should just get the app and it will be fun and it makes you think about what you will look like when your older or the other person you used like Donald trump for example you can do a lot of things like a little girl and then you can do a different thing about your friends and you don’t know how it works but if it was completely free that would be great but I think you should just get the app because it is a really good app but it doesn’t have really good deals for pro but It’s a really great way to spend your free time and you can play it for free I’m not gonna waste your time making you read this but you should definitely get the free app and you can play it and get the pro version and you can access everything but it is a really fun app so download it now!

- Auto renewed my subscription even after cancelling.

I took the 3 day trial of this app to see what all the Hype was about. I immediately cancelled the auto-renew subscription because personally I don't think it should automatically renew. I think when the trial period is up, it should tell you it's up and ask you if you want to renew. It's banking on people forgetting. Anyway, I didn't forget. I cancelled it immediately. That and because most of the photos I tried were not working fully or even at all. Anyway I get an email some days later saying I have been charged for the whole year! I am disgusted and would like my money back. I am sorry but this app isn't worth that amount of money I'm afraid. Why everything has to be on a subscription basis I don't know. Generally, the app worked okay. There was a lot of pictures it didn't edit fully or at all For example, the old filter. It didn't do the grey hair. Just the face. And it was wierd as it didn't do it all. Anyway, I would like my money back. If I can have this back I will rewrite my review based on the app and not the whole fact that despite cancelling the subscription, you still took the money. Disgraceful. If I get no joy here I will have to ask the bank for a chargeback. When you cancel something... It should not still be charged. Please tell me how I contact you to arrange this.

- Could be better

I understand this is FaceApp, and is made for humans. However, I downloaded it to use on my cat, and ball-jointed dolls. Won’t load *any* photos of my cat, and only some of my dolls. Also, one of my dolls has wings he occasionally wears. When I apply a background, it removes the wings. Again, I understand it’s because humans don’t have wings. Plus, it seems like every ten seconds the, “rate this app,” notification pops up. Even more annoying/obnoxious than what I previously listed. I downloaded this app barely 24hrs ago, and I’m already planning to uninstall it. Why would I pay a yearly fee for something that is already limited in what I’d like to do with this app? Again, I understand it was made with humans in mind... but I’d like to use it for my cat, and two dolls. Plus, the notification for rating this app. Aggravating. I typically don’t write bad reviews - c’est la vie, type deal. Regardless, FaceApp could be so much better. I appreciate you taking the time to read my short rant, but, until I can actually use this app on what I’d like to, I’m uninstalling it, because it’s simply taking up space on my phone. With that being said... I’m giving it one star, only because it’s making me rate it. Otherwise, FaceApp wouldn’t receive any stars from me.

- Used to be great

I got this app soon after it came out and absolutely loved it. On top of all the amazing effects I liked the layout and ease to find everything. I realized I hadn't updated recently (mine still had just the emojis) and it was glitching so I reinstalled it to find the new layout to be absolutely terrible. The organization is garbage and instead of just having the small emojis now there's big obstrusive pictures of people. I was also disappointed to find that when I used a filter it included the original picture to left with an obtrusive arrow at the bottom. Not to mention the filters look much worse now. The previous way where only the new photo is shown was better as you got to see a bigger photo and could see the original by simply tapping and holding the edited picture. The side by side is pointless as well because there's already an option to put multiple edits together. Furthermore, getting the pro version is even more in your face then before which is just plain annoying. Great app, but wrong direction in my opinion.

- Fun app

I really like this app it’s so fun to change gender (btw I look like my son as a boy!!😂 never realized how much we look alike till this app!) or make myself old lol and I love the makeup features too! ive been looking at the reviews for this and I really don’t understand what the big deal is about privacy. They are loading your pics on their servers to change them. Who cares if they keep them, sell them, or delete them. It’s not like it’s bank info lol. Not sure exactly what they could possibly do with a pic that would make me care enough to delete this app lol idk I guess I just don’t find it a big deal since I walk around with this face every day lol ppl can take pics anytime u never know who has a pic of u anyway lol I really like this app it’s a big hit with friends and family too! fun to see what we will look like in the future!!

- Amazing but glitchy

First off I really like this app. Most of the filters are very realistic. It is also very user friendly. The gender switch and aging buttons are amazing. It actually makes you look like the opposite gender without just slapping some jewelry or a beard on you. But since the last update it had been very glitchy. For example it sometimes incorrectly identifies a gender, usually if it’s a woman with short hair or a man with longer hair. Before you could turn on the gender switch interface and quickly change it. Now it can’t be done because the little panel that pops up is partially blocked off and it doesn’t respond when you touch it. Also the morph feature doesn’t work most of the time. If you try to morph two pictures it says “Opps we have a problem.” I was seriously thinking of getting a subscription but I’m going to hold off for now until the problem is fixed.

- I’m confused

Seems to me that before I subscribed to this app and was testing the features that required payment, there were more adjustments shown. I recall the ability to change the skin tone of the subject but don’t see it now. Also, I don’t can’t see, before selecting, the differences in the various makeup selections and I’d like to be able to do lipstick separately from eye makeup (not sure if I ever saw this but it would make a big difference in the quality and natural look in the finished product.) There is no option for gray hair/beard or long curly hair. Are any of these changes coming and am I crazy remembering skin tone and face shape change options? The smiles look totally natural, but the application of bangs isn’t so great. Backgrounds look great until you add the human and then they don’t integrate well. Looking for some answers. Thanks!

- The “Cloud” Bothers Me

So, like me, you might be looking for that cool “old person” filter to see how you’ll look (maybe) when you’re older. However, maybe also like me, you value your privacy. At first, I didn’t think that clicking the agree button would be an issue. After all, most of the photo editors (especially free ones) use a cloud server to do the actual work. Your photo is uploaded to their cloud, for better or worse. (The only photos they would have are the photos you choose to edit and, ideally, only the edited image.) However, what I noticed which worried me is that, when I gave access to my photos, the app seemed to filter through them. While this might be a basic function of the app, not the cloud, it made me worried that ALL photos went to the cloud, giving the company possible access to any of the photos in my phone at the time. There is no clarification of this anywhere, or what they as the company are allowed to do with the photos, within the app.

- Fun At First

I had this app for a while and had a lot of fun at first alerting photos of myself and family members. However as time went on I began to notice a few issues that were kind of annoying. Sometimes when adding things like hair, the result doesn’t look right, like part of the scalp might be missing or looks transparent. Also, when doing the gender swap, sometimes the resulting face will be covered in what looks like scars or scabs or varicose veins. Then I read a few articles which made me nervous, regarding the fine print, in which we apparently give the app free access to use our pictures for whatever it wants, in perpetuity. I don’t know if that is true but I decided I didn’t want to chance it. So I ended up asking the app to delete my data and then I got rid of the app. It might have worked out if the privacy thing could be figured out, and if bugs like the ones I mentioned could be fixed...

- Best photo editor app out there!

I am the kind of person who gets like 20 or more apps under every category of app that I want and I try all the free versions and I do the free trials...I Butts subscriptions to three photo editors the other two are just OK so I’m not even going to mention them but this one here is amazing. You can get carried away with it and make things sarcastically funny or silly or out of normal or you can just adjust a little bit to make your pictures look so amazing. It doesn’t look all unrealistic like how most of them make you smile like the Cheshire cat and Alice in wonderland LOL. It also is a great tool to use if you are planning to get any sort of plastic surgery or a haircut so you can test what you would look like in a pretty real life point of view. Oh or dye your hair? Test it out here first! Absolutely love this app!

- It’s OK. Don’t like changes

First, why did d you take away a smile? If one didn’t work the other did. Now, if this one doesn’t look good you are out of luck. Please bring back a selection of smiles. For the develops, I am part of a niche community of doll collectors. When your app first came out it was like wild fire. Every doll collector had to experiment with their doll photos and the results were great. Imagine giving a doll a smile, emotion. What we really want is an app that has a full set of facial expressions. I think we would all gladly pay a subscription fee for this feature since many of us tell a sorry through our dolls. The ability to match a facial expression with a storyline would be amazing. So in short, please add back you additional smile and PLEASE add some more emotions/facial features.

- your app installed on my phone without me even allowing it

basically what happened was, i connected to internet and i got a notification saying i had to allow data downloads for it to install when i’ve always had LITERALLY NO INTEREST IN THE APP EVER because of security reasons. i declined the download for data charging and no personal interest purposes, later to find on my phone hours later that it installed itself without me EVEN DOWNLOADING IT OR ACCEPTING DATA DOWNLOADS. this app clearly CAN NOT be trusted, and since im a 20 year old who grew up with technology knows that this should NEVER have happened NOR has it ever happened with ANY app i’ve ever had on my devices. do NOT download this app. after what has happened to me, i feel the rumors of privacy invasion are very well true. screw this app, screw it installing on its own. do what you want, but realize no one with good intentions would purposely install it onto your device without consent. ( and if you think it’s not possible, it happened to me and im just warning you. i rated it 5 stars because it’ll increase my chances of spreading my word, and the rating i give will not effect the rating on the app store. )

- White People Only, right ?!

I tried it for the "old" feature cause it was kinda cool, and it was fun to (knowing it’s false) see myself as an old man. Anyhow, couldn’t help but notice that your "wide" range of features even for the pro version looked only to be for white people. You ever seen a black guy rocking bangs ?!?! I mean Jesus Christ ! The only people of "color" I see with that kind of hair are dark skinned Asians. But since that’s not me, I have to say : I am offended ! If this was a trial, should’ve kept trying. Don’t get me wrong, your app is good, I just felt left out in something that CLAIMED to be for the world. Anyways, hope your other users enjoy it. Just so you know, I am deleting this and will only come back if I hear the new cuts are i don’t know braids for our lovely queens and the dudes who rock them, dreads and so on... Anyways, congrats on you having very good reviews. But I hope you really take this as it is : a constructive criticism. I trust you will do better in the future and/or your next updates. Thank you. Dadhet Junior.

- Beware using this app for privacy reasons

Essentially, if you make something in FaceApp, FaceApp can do whatever it wants with what you've made. Not only can it repost your images without your permission, it can monetize the images, either directly or indirectly, without compensating you or notifying you that it has done so in any way. This means that while FaceApp acknowledges they do not own the content that they are creating, they are legally, perpetually, and irrevocably allowed to do whatever they want with said content. Not only can they use the content in whatever way they want, they also state that you waive all rights if their use somehow causes damages to you. In addition to being able to use your images without your knowledge, FaceApp's terms go on to state that they have no obligation to keep anything a user creates private. "You grant FaceApp consent to use the User Content, regardless of whether it includes an individual's name, likeness, voice or persona, sufficient to indicate the individual's identity."


PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE GETTING THE APP !!! This app uses the images you modify and takes it and saves it to their servers. They slip under your nose and take your images by claiming in their privacy policy that they can take any images they want once you allow them access to your image. Once you allow them access it seems that they can do WHATEVER THEY WANT with your image. Although they released a claim that they “don’t sell your images to third parties” and that they “delete the images off their servers in 48 hours”, Many experts have skepticism about this claim. It has recently come to light in MANY news reports that their privacy policy is very ALARMING and many people unknowingly have their images taken and saved. Do not make the same mistake I did. Do not download this app,it’s not worth it,especially if you value your privacy. It’s an extremely frightening thought that someone could have my images right now simply because of a “ trending” Ignorant app like this.


I downloaded this app and had a blast for a day or two — until I found out that it could be selling out personal private information, and based one of Russia?!?!! No thank you In an interview via the Washington Post and the CEO of this app, in order to delete your data you have to do more than just delete the app— see below: “ How can I delete my data? Just deleting the app won’t get rid of the photos FaceApp may have in the cloud. Goncharov said people can put in a request to delete all data from FaceApp’s servers, but the process is convoluted. “For the fastest processing, we recommend sending the requests from the FaceApp mobile app using ‘Settings->Support->Report a bug’ with the word ‘privacy’ in the subject line. We are working on the better UI [user interface] for that,” he said.”

- Giving it 3 stars because it has potential, but it’s still not good enough!

I love what the app can do. However, it is completely unacceptable that I can’t use all the features once I pay $20!!! Please hurry up and create full size versions for all the filters like young, female and female 2. Why use those as a sample of what the app can do and then not offer those options to paying customers? I shouldn’t have to use them in collage form only with stupid watermarks just like everyone else after I pay so much money. It says I’m not supposed to have watermarks anymore. That’s false advertising and that just isn’t right! Also, please allow me to choose photos from my favorites instead of just the general camera roll. There should also be a way to manually select a face since it keeps telling me there is no face detected in a lot of the photos.

- This app is beyond imagination, but....

OMG, when I found this app, I was like: this is so awesome! Ranked number 1 in the Photo & Video category, I had nothing to lose so I downloaded it. Exceeded my expectations. The old person filter is probably the best one, and it’s really cool to do the gender swap. I would recommend though you add more beard styles from Pro to normal, as well as the makeup features from Pro. Alright here’s the but.... people have been saying Russia has posted pictures of people without their permission! I didn’t believe that and I still don’t believe that. You’re gonna have to levy out some more evidence as to how you figured that out. Until then, my review still stands, and you guys deserve more then just a 5 star rating. This app is needs more like a 100 stars!

- This is awesome! Totally safe! :)

GUYS DELETE THIS RIGHT NOW READ THIS BEFORE INSTALLING THIS! i heard in the news that if you press “access photos” Russians will see all your privacy! Its the button that tricks people. When i installed this i was gonna be happy and exited to what i look like if i was old. When i did it there was something weird it reminds me of my grandma. It was kinda sketchy for me but i laughed (because i didnt know.) and i showed it to my aunt she said “Delete it right now!” I said “what why? I just got it.” She responded “i heard russians sees your photos if you accessed it.” “What? Come on You really beleive in those?” I said. She said to search the face app news so i did. And yea it is true i deleted right away when i saw the vid so please delete it if you still have it.

- Always impressive

Recent updates (new settings within hair, morphing, impressions, age, presets, etc) show the ongoing improvements in AI and the algorithms used by the developers. While some of the features look a little clunky, can lead you into the uncanny valley or simply bleach a face to a laughable shade of white, they are cutting edge and you can bet they will be continually refined and improved upon. This app has always been at the forefront of its kind and still is If there’s anything I’d like to see changed, it would be to allow a user to “go under the hood” a bit more, so to speak and tinker around, allowing for even more variety of output. This is NOT a complaint, though. Far from it. Indispensable wank aid since the moment I downloaded it.

- This app is amazing but there are some flaws

This app is so amazing it is entertain me for the past 48 hours it is so fun I take pictures of myself or pictures of other people and then you can Photoshop them make them look however you want you can change them into special people you know like Miley Cyrus and stuff like you can turn them into famous people and it’s I’m so amazing I was Katy Perry Miley Cyrus JoJo Siwa Taylor Swift harry styles and it’s just so fun it’s very entertaining and something that I can retain you on a car ride home there are some flaws I have about this app you can only use it when there’s Internet so you can’t use it like a car drive unless you have Internet you have to have Internet to use it but it’s really fun

- Simplest, really fast and effective. Love it.

I use it often and it really gets the job done. Many options and not only for the face. (although you definitely need a face in a picture otherwise it will not work with faceless pictures. That is my only gripe but I can use other apps for that like Quickshot or Airbrush) FaceApp is fun to use to see how will you look when you get older and the results are astonishing. It’s also extremely effective to use if you’re working with portraits to make them look like candy. Adjustable strength so you don’t overdo and make your subject too pretty. Highly recommend it. I wish I could just buy it outright without paying once a year or a month.

- Very interesting app, but it messed up my camera!

Ok, this app is good for what it intends to be, but unfortunately had to delete it because it completely messed up my phone camera. So for about 3 weeks I could not take any good picture of my baby, because the photos would come out blurry. I missed many cute opportunities for a pic because of that. I did google for a solution to my problem. Boy, I cleaned the less, took the casing off of it, I tapped on the less, I gave light hit on the side of the phone, when I was about to go to the Apple Store I read about certain apps messing up the ability for the camera to focus. I looked up the very first blurry photo I took and it matched the date that I bought this app. I was so sad! So...I now have deleted it. So be aware that this appt might do the same with YOUR camera.

- Discrimination

I was going to overlook this but I changed my mind. 😤 The lipstick only works on one lip for some reason, all of the demo people are white, there are no black cultural hairstyles, and the filters don’t work well for me they just make me look like plastic. It’s makes me feel like this app is just suppose to work for people who look a certain way. This is unacceptable and it needs to be fixed. I pretty sure you have gotten complaints like this before and obviously you have done nothing about it. I should have given this a one but I’m being nice 😡 I don’t appreciate the lack of choices for hairstyles, and how these filters (from my experience) only work on people with small lips and hair that is straight or wavy. Please fix this problem or you will be getting A LOT more reviews like this from my friends and family. ☠️

- Ran by Russians btw

Just to get you in the right mind set, this all is literally ran by Russians. Now first of all the app isn’t bad, but in the terms and conditions, they state that they can steal your picture and save it, upload it, use it for whatever they want. The European data protection law prevents them from sending data out of the EU and EEA areas, yet faceapp does it anyways. This app has a constant link from your phone and their data servers. And to test it, turn your WiFi and data off and try to take a picture. The app works all the way up until the picture mind you. And the second you take it, it gives you a message saying “you are currently offline. Please reconnect and try again”. The reason why they want to try again, is so they can save your photo. But with no WiFi they cant. Pleas delete this app. And so far we don’t know if it will upload your photo/camera roll either, best guess it does. Once again delete it.

- Privacy issues

The app itself is one of the best I’ve ever seen. However I’ve read a little bit of their privacy and it says somewhere there that they may sell your informations to a third party, which let’s agree every app does. That’s how they make money. Waze for example is free but makes his money by selling your informations to a third party. What’s scaring me a bit is that there is this thing circulation online that says FaceApp may be giving your informations to the government and sometimes to another country. If that’s true that’s very dangerous because I take my privacy very serious and that’s why I cancelled my subscription with them and deleted the app so I can investigate first. If anyone has any information, let us know please. I’m giving it 3 stars for the privacy issues. It would have been 5 otherwise.

- Ads every 6 seconds, little content

This was the app not that long ago a few people put up a big stink about that "you can make people look like a different race, oh no!" So they had to take away the harmless fun and make it rather generic. Ads pop up every few seconds, or filter choices, and on the better ones you can stop after 5 seconds. You can use the largely underwhelming pro filters that take up most of the choices (for free after another ad). Tired of the ads yet? You can starve them off for a month if you pay $1.99. Or forever if you want to pay $20! I know the stigma is that iphone users are more loose with their money, but nothing here is worth either. Just try it for 5 minutes, get the image you wanted from the collage part because that's what all the filters want you to use, and then delete because your storage is more precious than what this takes up.

- So few features left in free version

More and more features, especially in the hairstyles, are going behind an overpriced paywall. Only things that don’t are editing features and filters. These features are so basic, if that was all I wanted, I could’ve just used the built in photos app on any old phone. It’s just not even worth using anymore, especially when the cost for the pro version is ridiculously steep. I’m not paying that much when I know the features I want to use used to be free not long ago, so it’s not necessary to the app’s success. More complicated apps than this cost less and aren’t so wishy washy about what you have to pay for and what you don’t. And as I read their responses to other critical reviews, I see their customer service is also awful and they do not read the whole review before copy/pasting a generic response that actually solves nothing. The money is all that those developing this app care about.

- It’s good.

I really love this app. It helps me with editing my dolls, which normally have deadpan expressions. I use it daily. I am a subscriber and pay my monthly subscription without batting an eye because it is that important to my work. My only complaint is the lack of updates and new functionality. I would like them to create more facial expressions. We have smile, but it would be nice to also have a frown. What they have done is amazing but I would love them to tackle more facial expressions. To build an emotional database that would allow me to give emotions to my deadpan dolls to tell a story that makes them feel a little closer to real people. Also on an opposite note, can you make the teeth whiter on the smile function? I have to use another app to correct that in post.

- Downgrade Morphing

This is a really good app. I use it all the time, especially the morphing feature but this recent update is so bad. I don't have to option to hide the photos I used to morph and that dumb hashtag in the corner that says "#OurSon" or "#OurDaughter." I don't want that on the pictures and I don't know why you guys wouldn't let us be able to enable or disable that. Please change it back to how it was before. Update: Per your response, I do have the pro version. I mean on the "Our Son" and "Our Daughter" versions of the morphing. I don't have the option to hide the photos or the hashtag on those. Additionally, I didn't mention it in my above review but my pictures automatically crop when morphing. What's up with that? That didn't happen before.

- Best App Ever!

This app is AMAZING! It’s my favorite app that I have downloaded on my phone! It works like magic! There are so many things you can do - edit/morph your pictures, celebrities, and more! There are millions of possibilities and options, I can’t stop using it every day. I honestly have no bugs or complaints with this app, it’s picture perfect! I’m not even “pro” but the quality is outstanding and the options are amazing! If you want this app... get it! You’ll be so pleased! Thank you so much for the wonderful people who have worked on this! I love editing photos! For example, if there was a picture where someone in my family forgot to smile or something, I can use this app and BOOM! A realalistic smile appears on their face. Although it does take a while to load, I’ve learned to be patient because the results are worth it. And for what it is, the loading goes fast for what it’s giving you! I love love love love love love this app! It’s the only app like this that works this well, that I know of. Keep up the great work! This app is pure amazing! 🤪

- WARNING!!!!!

Before downloading please read the news articles that were recently published about how using this app allows the makers to have FULL access to your personal information and pictures to do whatever they want with them! They could plaster your face all over a billboard without telling you, or make money off of you without you ever seeing a penny. Be careful. I wasn’t aware of this when I used it. They weren’t clear. Now I regret ever downloading this app. I deleted it and hope that’s enough. I revoke any rights they claim to have on any of my pictures or personal information and they are not allowed access to anything of mine. This app is also not that great anyways. The free trial only gives you access to a few options. They want you to pay them a subscription fee to actually use the real features in the app. It’s not worth it if you ask me. It’s too dangerous and pricey.

- Love it but.....

I personally use this app for all of my photos. Not for the older feature but because the editing abilities are unmatched. Definitely my go to Editing app however I do have a couple of things I’m not fond of. Firstly it doesn’t allow you to edit two faces in a picture. So if you take a picture with a friend it will automatically choose a face and you can’t change which one it chooses. Also it has a hard time registering your face if you have on sunglasses or if your head is turned which is kind of a bummer because you can’t edit pics that are really cute but may feature you with accessories on your face. But I will still continue to use this. Just hope they make more improvements.

- Distorts images... Creates fake animated looking photos...

1. Age feature not accurate. I tested it on young photos of people from a while back to see if they look now the way the app says they would when old, and they their elderly selfs look way better in real life. 2. The gender change chips off parts of your face, makes things crooked and blurry, and smears facial features/colors. 3. Hair changes look so fake it’s horrifying. Brown hair is almost a red color, hair cuts either look botched or like wigs, and all the other colors don’t even look like the colors they are supposed to be. The hair thickening feature is the only one that works well. 4. Baby making feature makes children’s faces look distorted and sometimes blurry. Plus, all little girls that are on the closest setting to your genes have eyebrows that are spread super far apart. 5. You have to pay for features that aren’t realistic. They make you look sort of like animation, so if you wanted to edit yourself for Instagram, everyone would know you added a fake filter. It’s a fun app for hair thickening, trying out bangs/beards, and seeing what your future children might look like if you had them with a certain person, but other than that the site needs to be updated for more accuracy.

- INCREDIBLE, and here are some suggestions

Great app but: 1) If a face cannot be found (then allow us to show u where it is!) in a photo from my albums, please tell me then allow me to go BACK TO THE EXACT SAME PLACE WHERE I WAS LOOKING BEFORE IN THE SAME ALBUM, I don’t want to click and click and click and search all over again just because your app can not detect a FACE in one of my FACE PIX (sometimes my makeup throws it off). 2) if you can’t find a face... allow users to select the EYES MOUTH NOSE ETC. just because you couldn’t find a face, doesn’t mean we can’t help show you where it is using main facial features! 3) don’t tell me if I’m a boy or a girl. If I have a beard and I’m wearing makeup, then you make me a girl. But then I can’t erase my beard using SHAVED, because you don’t have SHAVED as an option for FEMALES. Nor do you have BALD. Men and women should get ALL OPTIONS. 4) allow me to use a slider bar to adjust the amount of opacity or youth or makeup or whatever. Or allow me to paint in or erase parts. Sometimes you give too many teeth, and I’d like to erase the area that is messed up, but I can’t! So I can’t use the pic at all! What a waste. Erase feature please. Thank You

- Fun app but it needs some work.

I am a FaceApp PRO customer and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the app until recently. As of a few days ago, I have noticed that the Face Swap results for Our Daughter/Our Son are no longer realistic or of good quality. Morphed combinations of the exact same photos that I previously used now look completely different. The Our Daughter results are the worst. The faces are larger and the skin tone is much more pale than before. For some reason, the heads are now posed in a downward position which makes the forehead really prominent and the hair on top of the head is now transparent. These new results are terrible. It would be great if we could have these issues corrected soon. This is a great app and I’d like to get back to having fun with it.

- Still good. Just not the kind of game I would play😕

This Game Is Pretty Good, And I Can Almost Say That It Was Really Well Made, But I Would Have To Say That The Game Wont Let U Do Certain Things, Such As Choose Which ever Make-Up Styles U Want. Same with The Hair, The Expretions, And Mostly EVERYTHING!!!😡 And It Only Does That When U Use A Picture Of URSELF!!!!!😡😢 But When U Use The Pictures They Already Have For U When U First Start The Game, None Of That Happens, It Is Already Available To U, But Not When U Use Ur Own Picture.😡And I Fond This Really Annoying, So PLEASE Fix It Because It Makes Me Want To Delete The App.(And Maybe I Will) Because There Are Plenty Of Other Games In The AppStore That Wont Do That. So Please Fix It,Because I wouldn’t Be Writing This Bad Review If That Didn’t Happen. Because If That Didn’t Happen, I Would Be Soooo Happy And I’d Give U 5 STARS!!⭐️ Please Fix This,And Thank U For Reading My Review.🦊🐾

- Please, developers, fix this

I love this app but I can do is chose a picture I don't know why maybe it's just I need the full app but I really hope not because all of my friends have been telling me I don't need to full app but besides that, it's very good and you should be able to take two pictures and see what happens if they have kiss look like but I'm having problems finding the two picture thing it's very annoying having to waste a lot of my time trying to find out how I can use it so please developers please respond to this because it's very annoying again besides that it's a very good app so I still recommend this app for having fun with your pictures or pictures of celebrities.

- Serious Privacy Issues

If you read the terms of service, when you use FaceApp you’re giving the company rights to store and use any photo you upload in almost any way that they wish. At best, they will use your face to train their AI. At worst, they could sell your images to other companies or give the FBI access to images for facial recognition. Many of the people who use this app are not even old enough to legally consent to the terms or have not obtained permission from a legal guardian to give up these rights to FaceApp. These are the people that have the most to lose in this new era of privacy concerns (Facebook & Google) and AI trickery (DeepFakes). It may seem like fun and games, but the data you share with FaceApp can and might already be used for questionable purposes, and I won’t be uploading anything until the company can assure me that they’re protecting my identity and my data.

- Really good but should add more effects

Like I said, I love this app so much! Even though I love this app it should add some changes. First you should add changing skin color. I was using a demonstration to look like another girl, but the skin color was so off. And you should add clothes changer. When I am using my photos sometimes I don’t like the clothes my character is wearing (because it doesn’t fit well with my characters face) So that is what you should add. You should also let some of the PRO effects be free. Thank you so much for this app, it is very amazing. I just listed some changes you could add that might be better for some other users (and me!) Have a good rest of the day, sorry for disturbing you all with this review.

- This is my Favorite App!

It works so much better than in the previews!! I actually ended up buying the pro version and it is worth every penny! I know faceapp is known for its effects like the “old” feature, but I actually use it for all of my selfies and I also use it for customers that come into the salon I work at, especially older customers, to take their picture after their hair is fixed. It makes me so happy that I can help them feel as beautiful as they actually are with faceapp. I wish I could post a picture of the editing I have done with this app but the reviews won’t let me unfortunately.

- Not exactly for People of Color

Love the app BUT the developers need to consider black ppl and POC when creating the filters. For example, if you want the youthful or long hair filter, it automatically turns a black person white!!! And the alternative is worse... if you are black and want to get a “big face” it make the person’s skin tone extra dark AND completely change the face to a different, unrecognizable black person (not the person pictured... it’s like how the developers “think” plus size black people look) I tried these same filters with my white friend’s (or someone with fair skin tone) pics and it’s a completely different result. PLEASE CONSIDER AN UPDATE TO CONSIDER DARKER POC so that they do not turn white or extra dark when selecting some specific filter options. Thanks!!

- Not that good

This app used to be really fun and almost everything was free. now in each category you have like one option or else you have to pay. I used to be able to create new and funky things but now I am unable to do that. Only one hairstyle, one hair color, one smile, and one pair of glasses. Before this app started to come very popular recently I got to do weird smiles, different and cool hair colors, and hair styles. Having one option to choose from isn’t interesting at all. I rate this three stars because I still really like it but I don’t like that literally nothing is free now. Or at least in the pro version we could be able to see it when we tap it just to see what it looks like instead of showing us that we have to buy it to unlock it.


This is a fun app and all, but it’s quite dangerous. I got it and it was fun and everything. It was funny to see me as a boy and kind of what I would look like when older. And, you don’t need to buy FaceApp PRO for those things. But, it can access all of your photos, and it can steal your personal information. What if you took a picture of passwords or your credit card or something? So if I were you, I would not get this app, and if you already downloaded it, then you ought to delete it, like I did. If you keep it, it will be a fun app, but you are taking a major risk. Take this as a warning. I know I’m only 10 years old, but trust me. And if you decide to keep this app, be careful. Thanks for reading this review! Stay safe if you download this app or keep it. 💜

- It can use some updates

I feel it’s a good app for comparing celebs with the pictures they give you as a option, but not a good app if you wanna use the pictures saved in your phone. If you want to use a picture you have saved in you phone, you would need good lighting and really good face details, because when I used a picture of me saved in my phone ( I have a brown skin color) and a lightskin celeb and when I morphed our faces to make a child, it gave me this very very white child. So from my experience, you should only use when comparing celebs and if you want to use it on yourself, make sure you have good lighting on the picture.

- The only app you’ll need!

Can’t afford a plastic surgeon... look no further.... FaceApp has your back! Whether you want a subtle change or a drastic, dramatic new look...FaceApp has it all. Add makeup, change your gender, change your hairstyles, add facial hair, add teeth and change your smiles. Don’t be afraid to post pics of yourself! Your kids and grandkids will cherish those photos! ♥️as a professional photographer, I recommend this app to beginners as a quick and easy way to touch up your photos without having to to a photo group and ask for help... only to be belittled. I’ve seen it! So download this app!!!..... this app is amazing

- Okay the latest version of its AI makes me look so weird

The previous AI was better than this version and here is why: First of all, I look weirder with this version than the previous one since the newer version of the AI tries to add ears and hair to my head when I use the male filter and at the same time try to make those added ears and hair fit my skin tone properly. The previous AI, on the other hand, gives better results as the male version looks more like me since it only subtly changes my facial structure and partly getting rid of my hair instead of trying so hard to add in the hidden ears and a new hairstyle. I still like the app but I think I’ll stop using it until they make the AI better. I kinda don’t wanna look at myself XD.


I purchased a monthly subscription to FaceApp, thinking that it would be useful in some graphics work I do. And when it works, it saves me hours of having to use Photoshop. However, it only consistently works on fair-skinned faces. I am a dark-skinned African American. No matter what picture I choose of myself—even if the contrast and lighting are good—the app gives me the message that it can’t locate my face. Even when there is no other subject in the photograph! I have adjusted and tweaked lighting for dozens of people of dark complexions and always get the same message from the app. I will be canceling my subscription. Good app...but not for People of Color.

TransferWise 💸

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This app is amazing! I have looked for so many free face editing apps and this is the best one I’ve found by far. Other apps that I have paid for are nowhere near as good as all the free features on this app! There is a pro version which allows you to have even more amazing features and it’s really cheap! But just the free version alone is outstanding and I can’t believe I’m not paying for any of this! I have made thousands of edits and there is no limit. If you are looking for a young to old face app, backgrounds changer, gender change, child outcome, hairstyles, celeb morphs and other cool features DEFINITELY get this ball because all the things I just listed are included and are absolutely FREE!


I LOVE this APP it is AMAZING! Did you know that demo lets you have premium, that is great but actually AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone should download this app I don’t even want to see people say “this game is bad” I don’t want them to give 1 star give more than 3 stars like I gave 4 nearly 5, I want them to say “this is the best game EVER!” Cuz it’s amazing like anonymous 7182! He/she rates it 5 STARS!!! Anonymous 7182 is better. This game is amazing! (sorry for keep on saying amazing 🥴) Thanks for making this app you should make more not only one ☝️! I would never say negative words to you! I don’t like 1 and 2 stars 3 is middle and 4 and 5 is great! EVERYONE SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think there is any ads at all! Pls make more! Thank you to this developer! U are the BEST! Have an happy day or an holiday! By ur sincerely kimllollipop, sorry for making my actual one kimllollipop!

- This app is amazing

I have detached for so many an that doesn't have too many ads and can actually do things without having to pay. This app is it!! It works so well, I love making people look old or young and it looks so realistic. I wouldn't recommend paying for the full version though. Not that I have it myself but just the free part of the app does all that most people would need it to do. If you want the other features I would recommend using another apps specifically for those things. Any way I would recommend this app, it is amazing .

- Must read!👇🏿

All of the amazing filters made my friends and favourite celebs look amazingly unique, I enjoy this out of the world app ☺️I feel like I can customise the way anyone looks like,it’s like a DNA change,to the creators of this official app,I am giving them a sky high thank you 👏🏿 Though I love the natural looks I find this app ubiquitous👍🏿 anyone looks sooooooooooooo real! However it takes a while to load and if the net is bad it shows a weird feline🤦🏿‍♀️and it’s almost half the functions are Pro meaning you pay for them though I don’t like paying for apps😨I would hate if this weird app if the thing was Pro😱 but the thing has no adverts!🥳now Audrey looks old (in the app Also another boring thing is that when you apply a filter to most pictures of black peoples they look like anime 😡

- Hi

Hi i am Traacè. I am a gamer on FaceApp. I like FaceApp but the only problem is that I can’t have as much fun without not spending money. This makes me sad because I love this app and makes me laugh but I can not use all the good hair colours, hairstyles, beard shapes and more. This game lets me see what myself and other people look like when I’m older, younger and with other things on your face. I do enjoy this game and I understand you have to pay for the “ pro” thing to get better things because you do need to make a profit, but to make this more popular I may suggest dropping the price. I have discussed this with many people about many other games as well. So thank you for making this, but hope you read this review. My name is Traacè again and thank you very much.

- It’s great 👍🏻 However....

I absolutely love 💕 this app but it is annoying when you can’t ad any makeup 💄 or change the hair colour, I mean you can change it, but only to one colour. It’s amazing but if there were more options I would love it even more. Another thing I LOVE 💖 about this app is that you can see before and after by tapping and holding on the picture. It’s great just annoyed that you have to pay 💰 Like $30 to get the rest of the things. 🤩👍🏻

- Not as good as expected 😒

It’s okay but it takes a while to process the photos and when I press on one of my photos from my gallery to add a filter to it, it comes up with this like, purplish cat thing and down the bottom it says “ the photo failed to download from iCloud. Please check your connection and try again” and it’s sooo annoying!! It also takes a while for it to load the filters too. Like, I’ll tap a filter and it takes SOOOO long to load!! I don’t know if any other people have that failing to download problem but for those people who are considering to get this app then just don’t bother. I mean, it’s a waste of time too... and hey this is just my opinion this is a review page not a criticism page okay? So you know, just don’t get offended. Okay that’s all I really have to say. Bye 👋

- It has monthly subscription, do not install

Do not install it. It is not free. They want you to pay a monthly subscription. That’s disgusting. So many apps here for free doing the same thing. Don’t be a fool for paying them a subscription. Just the concept of subscription is wrong here. It’s not news paper where you get new content every week. This thing doesn’t change but they want you to pay monthly indefinitely. There is beauty apps that absolutely do it all for free and also do better job. It’s not the best app. They paid apple to appear as #1 app... it’s called promotion. On some other apps you can even make videos that are airbrushed not here. Be smart and do not give them your money, it’s ordinary and it’s too much money if you total the expense over the months used.

- A little disappointing

So I paid the $30 lifetime option which I now regret. I was hoping for more choice of filters and I think for the price you should be able to micro edit an image. For example, in some images it may give me lip liner but doesn’t trace properly and you can see my original lip in the image or it may contour by shaping my face with lighter foundations but miss a section.

- Do not download this app

The only thing I’ve done differently on my phone in the past week is download this app and edit one photo. Since then, I have received 19 phone calls from various random numbers all over the world (Barbados, Zambia, Sudan, Morocco, etc.). They leave me 5 minute long voicemails with no noise, and one time when I picked up and said my name, the guy in the other end of the phone said it must have been a wrong number. Then stop harassing me! Beyond the issue that your information is obviously not private, the app is pretty useless unless you pay, which would be a grand waste of money.

- Great AI but v.annoying limitations

The filters on this app are creepily good but having bought Pro, I’m super disappointed that you can’t edit multiple faces in a single photo. The work around other users have suggested (saving the photo to camera roll, then selecting the edited photo in the app and editing another face) don’t seem to work in iOS (only the original photo appears, not the exported edited version). I’m going to cancel my subscription until this is figured out. How hard can it be??

- Downloaded it as my boss uses it to decoy

I downloaded this for my decoy without saying too much I used the age filter and let me just say I took a photo of myself and if I didint know it was me I’d think it’s a 16 year old finally a app that does what they say...took my big beard away all my wrinkles or crows feet and tired dad eyes gave me brighter skin and yeah just a wonderfully working app

- The app is great, but could be better.

While the design of the app is great, and works intuitively, I feel as though another layer needs to be added so-to-speak, when generating the photos as while they are usually good, I don't feel as though the app understands fully if the end image looks normal. For me, this sometimes ends up with images which do not look as attractive or normal as I'd hoped. Overall, great app, but still needs some improving.

- Good App, but latest update needs some work.

Latest update isn’t the best, seem to have beefed up the size of the image which is good but the quality and face capture is horrendous. They also got rid of Female HD (But kept Male and Young HD???) in lieu of Gender Swap “Feminine” filter which does the whole photo but always turns out worse than its predecessor. I went through a couple of photos I had done previous to the update and redid them with this new feature and the older version is always superior. So sorry guys! Don’t fix what isn’t broken- Hopefully they include all the original HD’s in the mix in the next update!

- If you have short hair it will give you male only filters

I noticed when using one of my older photos that had longer hair that I was getting female middles and characters at the bottom of the screen. When I use one of my recent photos where the ONLY difference is the length of my hair it automatically changes to all male, the effects change to male hair styles and facial features. Just add an option to select what gender instead of using hair as a gauge.

- User

This is my favourite fixing app & main go-to for enhancing pictures. I like that it gives multiple choices & levels of improvement so pictures don’t have to look totally fake but not crappy either. I love that you can do just a little, or go all the way (with the levels bar). Well done FaceApp :)

- Apparrently after not using the app for 6 months now I have had recent unauthorised network activity

Obvious data mining tactic - not logging in to this when it could send my face anywhere! Was just a novelty for a laugh, not serious enough to denote requiring credentials! Plenty of fools out there maybe con them.

- Limited

I find the app somehow limited - why do certain filters appear so small when there is no reason to. I need to screen the result and then zoom in to the picture and screenshot again to get a full size. I posted a review previously asking for full size filters and were told they were on the way. That was 4 months ago - I can’t see the technological limitation here.

- Resolution is too low

Software is good but resolution is too low and the scale is a square box. So if you don’t mind pixelated images or low resolution images then it’s great. But if you intend to print or sharp crips images, then this software needs to fix that up. Did send suggestion many times, no response and no improvements.

- Good but...

I love the app! And use it lots, however there are 2. Major things that I just can’t stand about it!!! Firstly, the ‘bangs’ filter never ever gives me bangs! It only ever adds little whispy bits of hair hanging down on my forehead, but never actually gives me bangs. That’s very stupid I’m sorry and it really REALLY bugs me! Secondly, in the ‘fun’ section, when it’s meant to show the original photo and the edited photo side by side, the original photo also gets edited! Also when you do the gender swap one, it edits lots of makeup on my face , when it’s meant to be the original photo! This is outrageous and I just want to let you know that I will NEVER be paying any money for this app. No offence.

- Just gets worse

The quality of the filters becomes worse with every update. The Hollywood and Wave filters have become extremely low quality, actually making photos look worse and giving them the “uncanny valley” look. When I first downloaded the app in late 2017, those filters made people look remarkably better in photos. It stayed that way until about 6 months ago, when it began to go downhill. It actually seems as though they’re trying to deter people from using the app.

- Great fun but...

I’ve had some great fun with this app, and there have been definite improvements in the app over time. However, I’m very disappointed with the gender swap function now, as swapping to a male defaults to the subject having a very full, quite bushy beard. If I select the ‘shaved’ filter, either some part of the beard remains, and/or the shaved area is a strange colour. Hope this is changed in the next update.

- Such Great Fun

This is fabulous. I love the videos and have been making random ones for friends. The terms are easy to understand. The product is great. I paid for a month to try it out and then see if I continue. I hope they introduce more characters. Thanks to the developers. Great work.

- Opinion on app...

I’ve tried apps like this before and there rubbish but I’m surprised to see this app was actually really good and realistic. The only issue I have with it is that you have to pay money to get most things but other than that the apps great. And recommended for sure...

- Works amazingly well, just one kink

I don’t have the pro version, but honestly it’s not needed for what I liked doing which is just morphing people’s faces into one. But I’m having some trouble at the moment because it’s started refusing to let me to simple morphing of faces??? Other features still work but this is all I use it for and I need help plz!!!

- Just for lols... SO GET IT NOW!!!!

This app is hilarious! It's free, so really there isn't a reason NOT to get it. To be honest, it doesn't have too many uses, but what can you expect from a face-swapper app? In short, the app provides an opportunity to just mess around and laugh and personally, I think that it's AMAZING!!!

- Great but needs improvements

Hi, I have used this app for a long time now and it has done me great and has helped me personalise my photos but the this is that it is not very smart, it makes mistakes when it trying to change my hair. I know that this can be improved and I am totally grateful for what it provides me correctly! Kind regards, Ami

- App keeps crashing :(

Idk why but whenever I open the app, click on a photo, the app will close by itself right after “processing the image” rarely the app finishes the process and I can choose a filter, but I’m still unable to do anything because of the immediate crash upon clicking on a filter. I am on iOS btw with the app updated to the latest version.

- Network issue?

I can only use the app for about 15 minutes before it says there have been too many unauthorised requests on the networks and I have to log in. I have already logged in to the app with my phone number and I don’t understand why this issue occurs. I am unable to get into the app without this problem for several hours. Please fix this but other than this problem, I love this app.

- People think I'm a make-up artist

Love this app - people have asked for my contact details because they think my make up is amazing! ....one issue though - when in female impression Hollywood mode it sometimes adds facial hair (beard & stubble) very annoying

- So cool me and my friends love it and have so much fun with it!!

I get to merge whoever I want I love the google search feature, it works fast and really well for a app that's free One thing I would change is that for some features you only get two free Thanks, Caitlin

- Fun app - subtleties could improve

Really great app, some filters give quite a natural look. This could be greatly improved with intensity sliders for the overall-effect, as well as individual effects within the selected filter (ie eye colour/brightness/contrast, skin tone/brightness, skin smoothing, lip size, brow thickness/depth of colour, etc). Overall, lots of fun and well made app.

- Really great app I recommend

The option to change school photos of my friends blank faces to smiling makes me crack up and it is blended and looks natural really well, the option to change to old person is funny too haha

- Good but...

This app is great when it works but it keeps freezing!! I try to use a filter on an image but it just doesn’t load... I have good internet so it’s something to do with the app. It’s a shame because I really enjoyed the features of this app. Please fix this issue for me as I am upset and confused

- Why I like the face app

It is funny to see what they look like as different peeps and we can look like some of our fav celebrities on this app so the creators of this app thanks for making this and this app is rly cool to me but Idk about anyone else’s thoughts

- Great App but could be better!

The face detection AI needs some work especially if the face is slightly side on or hair covers one eye, can this be improved upon? Also all over skin detection that evens out skintones and slightly smooths over would surely be do-able with the AI this app seems to have? Apart from those two things missing from premium, great app!

- You must be kidding!

Used this site primarily for beard app. Used to be excellent, but overnight it became the worst ever. Don’t go NEAR this app. Waste of your money and time. The developers didn’t respond to my email regarding the issues...so if YOU have issues, they won’t give you any help or answer your emails.

- It’s great! But..

Maybe offer a few more things that come in the pro package. It’s a bit unfair to not get access to many things, accept the app and some simple features. Overall, I enjoy this app and would recommend it to everyone.

- Men’s hairstyles

I’m not happy with there being only 10 hairstyles, one of them being what a person’s hairstyle actually looks like, I can look in a mirror to see my own hairstyle, I don’t need an app for that. I tried all but the bald one, I’m losing my hair and I don’t want to see what I look like being bald. I wasted $7.99 from my paypal account on purchasing the face app pro version and I will not be paying for it again. Can I get refund?

- WhyI need pro

I just want you to know that I want to not have a pro for anything because I want to have a look at those things but I can’t and it is not fair that I cannot do those things 😢

- Very fun but...

can you please fix up the male filter to make it look more natural and better also put another option for it as you did with the female filters

- Funny but one problem

It is amazing but the thing is that if you are taking a photo and if your mouth is shut it decides to make you own teeth that happens when you press smiles. It makes you look ugly so over all i think it as a good app and you should bye it🤩🥳👍🏻

- Do not download this app

Know when I say do not download this app this does not mean I don’t like the app. In actual fact I think the app is so cool you can make yourself looks different whether your making yourself look old or young. The reason why I have deleted this app is because if you did not know this app was made in Russia. Not that I have a have a problem with Russians or anything but all the pictures you take to make yourself look old or young is all stored on there servers and is believed they can use any photo they want that are on the servers. If the photos are permitely deleted and not on the servers I would use this app. Be careful if you are continuing using this app this is just a Caution!!.

- FaceApp

Disappointing that you have to pay to get most features. And the rate me request keeps popping up when trying to post to Facebook and you need to reboot so clear it, why so anxious for a rating! At least let me try it first!

- Deleted straight after downloaded

You literally couldn’t even pick a photo for the trail days you had to pay for it to work and even then it struggled. Absolutely disappointing wouldn’t recommend. Would literally pay for a photoshop class and a new laptop and pay for the real photoshop app before even rethinking of down loading again. Waste of my time. Never write bad reviews but here’s one.

- Great fun

I love face app because you get to see how old people can you get it and how young people can get because I can even see how old I can yet even hell old I was when I am growing up it’s so fun so yeah.

- Pro

I think there should be no pro because some people would like to se what they look like without having pro and therefor more people will visit this app. Like if agree

- Great game but can only do limited things

Hi, I have had FaceApp for a while now and it is really fun, however you have to use money to buy lots of the makeup types and hair colours. There was a very limited option if you don’t pay.

- You can’t use anything unless you purchase the PRO setting

Too many in app purchases, you practically can’t use the app without having to pay over $5 a month for the other tools and filters. In my opinion, the app isn't that great of quality anyway, so I think its a bit steep to be asking users to purchase things to use it. Either fix the quality or make it free again.

- Subscription can not be cancelled

This app provides misleading information about the cancellation of purchased subscriptions. The app description states that “subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal can be turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase”. In actual fact there is no way to turn off subscriptions or change auto-renewal through iTunes.

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- Great job done!

I am very happy with the new version. Thank you for listening our comments! Great job!

- Give away your pictures without restriction for free

"You grant FaceApp a perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully-paid, transferable sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, publicly perform and display your User Content and any name, username or likeness provided in connection with your User Content in all media formats and channels now known or later developed, without compensation to you."


In their terms of use, they mention that they take the rights to use your photos and content however they please, as a result of accepting their user agreement. They should be sued for this. Blatant abuse of power on unsuspecting users!!!

- Steals your pictures from your camera roll

This app was on the news tonight. Once you allow access to your camera roll they can use any picture they want for their stuff. Sad it was a really fun app

- Do NOT Purchase

This app is very disappointing! It’s ridiculously expensive and I didn’t even realize I was paying such a high price until it was too late...I thought I was paying a small trial fee. I tried to request a refund but can’t. Can’t get ahold of the developer so BIG WASTE OF MONEY and it was expensive!!! The filters are minimal at best and are not useful at all - the hair style options is what I was interested in and the options are horrible. Don’t make the same mistake I did - DO NOT EVEN BOTHER DOWNLOADING THIS APP LET ALONE PURCHASING IT!!!!!!

- Works but

Why is it the face changes I love the most, ie. the ones that change your gender are only part of the collage?!? I paid the 28$ which seems absolutely ridiculous thinking they would be unlocked or something, but they aren't. And what you do unlock is pretty unexciting. Disappointed. $28????? Seriously. AND it cropped my photo. I want the whole photo thank you.

- Hacking Your Privacy

There is rumours and news going around that this app takes your photos used and saves it for their own use. I’m not sure that this is true or not, but thought I would share the message to everyone else.

- Existential Dread

Don’t do it. You’ll see yourself as an old person and immediately become depressed.


Russians will take all your information and will track you down so DO NOT GET

- It is "Better call Saul" for you

ANd is This app is like a good Lawyer You give ur problems and it has tons of solutions ,,, Ultimately this app is best photo editing app And its worth every dollar you spent on it It can fix backgrounds, fix your closed eyes (put sunglasses 🕶) fix your small eyes 👀 If you have this app just take photos without worrying anything ANd it is GOD of photo editing apps filters are awesome Make your photos beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

- Delete

Won’t let me cancel. I never wanted this and some how didn’t realize I was getting charged for it. I want to cancel it

- FaceApp

It won’t let me morph!!!


I am a girl with short hair AND IT THINKS IM A MAN you should have an opinion whether you are male or female etc 1 STAR THANKS A LOT

- the app downloads all ur photos

very unhappy. i noticed ALL my photos were downloaded on this cloud based app without my approval.


The app was on the news and it talked about how Russian spy’s are using this app to track everyone’s face

- immediately angry

signed up for 3 day trial and got charged $41 FOR A YEAR


This app gets access to all your photos and videos once you agree to the terms and conditions!! So unless you want people to steal all your photos and videos would not recommend downloading!!


It stole my money and idk how, if you subscribe just to try out the free trial, you can’t unsubscribe and it makes you pay the most expensive one even if you never picked.

- scammer

you guys subscribed me to a yearly plan when i did a free trial and cancelled the trial the same day and it charged my $80

- stop stealing peoples photos

it’s sick unnecessary, why do u need our camera rolls it’s creepy dear god🙄🙄

- Silly app

When you click on old it does a pretty good job aging you, but when you click on young, they put your hair on a young man’s face (boy) try it, it’s just too funny

- Horrible

Worst update ever I cannot do anything if I do not have pro

- Not good

Wish I never bought this

- False advertising

Purchased pro to remove watermarks. Yeah, it doesn’t 🤦‍♀️

- No way to cancel

I have scoured for hours looking for a way to cancel my subscription or cancel auto renewal. I have followed the app instructions and for some reason under manage subscriptions, there is no option to cancel. How do I cancel????

- Scam

They stole 25 dollars from me.

- Plz do not get

Search up on YouTube do not use face app here’s why

- What?!

Apparently Russians made this app to still your phone data?!

- It’s amazing in ALMOST every way

It’s awesome and helpful but I wish there were more options for original.

- ZS

Hi ok rool gg

- Bruh XD

Why is basically everything premium pretty good tho (Facetune 2 is better lol)

- D


- This is EPIC

This.... is.... AMAZING

- Easy Photo shop work

Clean work Better but missing originality

- tiktok

anyone here from tiktok?

- Delicious

if toni uses it then im using it 5 stars

- Application

Très bon.

- Uhm idk

It won’t download- I’ve had it before but it wont download I wanna mix me and my friends faces together and it wont fricking download

- Beautiful modified

We liked this application .

- Amazing

This is such a great app if ya wanna look fantastic in all your pics !! Get the upgrade trust me I never buy apps and I’ve paid for the life time membership because my pics just aren’t the same without it

- $28 Down the Drain!! Avoid!!!

Original Review 2018: Didn’t mind spending $28 for a fun and one-of-its-kind image enhancing tool, if only I could save the images in a higher resolution than what they currently offer. It’d be perfect if they could add this little improvement in their future updates! Follow-up Review 2021: After not using this app for a couple of years, it’s now saying subscription error?!?! I paid their full asking price of USD $28 in 2018 to get the lifetime licence with their guarantee that I will NEVER be charged anything for using their premium features. Guess what?? The app is now rendered completely useless as I can’t even open any photo to edit and kept getting a “subscription error”!!! I need a refund!!!!!

- Poo poo

I love it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Amazing

This is so cool and amazing

- Woman to man man to woman in video format

As the title gives my question away, will you ever be able to have apple the photo options work in the live camera(video) option? I’d love to stay semi incognito on YouTube so I like the idea of changing my face or being a whole other gender while I talk to my audience. (Kind of like a simpler version of AI angel on YouTube) by the way, why does the pro version say (lifetime version) then when you go to pay says 30-34$ a year? That’s not a lifetime, that’s a yearly subscription. In any case fun app hope you are able to make it even bigger!

- Stop

I am disgusted

- Terrible

Zero stars

- Very good but expensive subscription

Its a very good app, the best IA face editor, but I think its expensive to keep a subscription unless you really use it a lot and I don’t see a reason to use it a lot.


I was about to get this app but I wanted to read the reviews. IT IS ILLEGAL TO TAKE SOMEONE ELSES PHOTOS OR VIDEOS. I did not get it but I am so happy I didn’t

- Really fun

The game is super fun and funny.It’s also super simple the only thing is that you have to pay for pro.This game is super fun to do with family and friends

- Unable to use my pro

I have paid for pro version but I changed my phone from samsung to iphone. How can I use my same pro membership with iphone now?

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FaceApp - AI Face Editor 5.9.24 Screenshots & Images

FaceApp - AI Face Editor iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FaceApp - AI Face Editor iphone images
FaceApp - AI Face Editor iphone images
FaceApp - AI Face Editor iphone images
FaceApp - AI Face Editor iphone images
FaceApp - AI Face Editor iphone images
FaceApp - AI Face Editor iphone images
FaceApp - AI Face Editor iphone images
FaceApp - AI Face Editor iphone images

FaceApp - AI Face Editor (Version 5.9.24) Install & Download

The applications FaceApp - AI Face Editor was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-01-24 and was developed by FaceApp Technology Limited [Developer ID: 1561581171]. This application file size is 126.5 MB. FaceApp - AI Face Editor - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-08-25 current version is 5.9.24 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: io.faceapp.ios