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UNUM — Design Layout & Collage [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

A beautiful photo and video editor for social media.
Plus powerful branding tools and templates.
Create and plan in one.

UNUM is loved by more than 14 million creators, brands, agencies, artists, and teams around the world.

Our mission is to empower the storyteller in all of us.
Whether you need to create and plan content for Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or Story posts --- design for these mediums and more in UNUM. Posting on the go? UNUM is available on your iPhone, iPad, and computer. Create content and tell your story anytime, anywhere.

Share your photos and videos with #UNUMfam for a chance to be featured by UNUM. We are excited to see the stories you’ll tell.

Forbes, Buzzfeed, Harper’s BAZAAR, Elite Daily, Inc., Mashable, ELLE, Digital Trends, Bustle

Everything today’s digital storyteller needs to grow on social.
Enjoy professional creative tools, branding tools, templates, and more.
For Free.


1. Create a Space
Choose from our Grid Space (great for your Instagram Feed) or our Story Space (perfect for your IG Stories, IGTV, TikTok, or Pinterest posts). Pro tip: connect your Instagram to unlock advanced features.

2. Add photos, videos, albums
Upload content from your device, or pick from a library featuring over 1 million FREE premium photos. Easily drag and drop your photos or videos in any pattern, order, or theme you’d like.

3. Edit with our advanced editing tools
+ Access more than 200+ fresh presets. Recreate vintage film looks, add popular Glitch effects, enhance your portrait shots, or compliment your aesthetic.
+ Add over 100+ overlays to your photos or videos. Mix and match unique light leaks, dust, scratches, paper, and textures to your shots. Adjust the strength and watch your work come alive.
+ Use advanced editing tools like HSL, Whiten, Border, and more to create the perfect post for any social media platform. Own the details.
+ Use our custom text editor to add hand-selected fonts and styles to any photo or video. Customize the spacing, alignment, color, and more. Say it with text.
+ From Film, Digital, Floral, Modern, Color, Magazine, Highlight Covers, and more --- select from over 500+ story templates, each designed to make your story stand out.

4. Caption (and #hashtag) ahead of time
Write and save your favorite captions and tags in advance and track your character and hashtag limits with our built-in caption counter.

5. Schedule and share your story with the world
Share your posts directly to Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Pinterest, or simply save to your device. OR set and schedule reminders to help you post at the right time. Plan weeks in advance in minutes.

6. See your analytics*
If your Instagram account is a *Business account, you can access key insights like best times to post, top hashtags, top-performing posts, and more in UNUM.

+ Add unlimited collaborators to your Space. Create with partners, clients, or team members to craft the perfect story.
+ OR simply share a View Only link with friends, clients, or your community.

+ Photo Editor
+ Video Editor
+ Collage Editor
+ Text Editor
+ Template Editor

+ Analytics
+ Scheduler
+ Drag and Drop Software
+ Color Mapping Tool
+ Caption + Hashtag Tool
+ Placeholders
+ Hide Mode
+ Integration Support (Instagram Feed)
+ Add Unlimited Team Members

Save time. Create faster. Simplify workflow. Grow your social.
Upgrade to UNUM Elite and unlock all premium features.

Payments will be charged to your iTunes and will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Manage your subscription in your iTunes Account & App Store settings.

Privacy Policy: https://unum.la/privacy-policy/
Terms of Use: https://unum.la/terms-and-conditions/

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UNUM — Design Layout & Collage Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hi! We hope you’re having the best day today :) Your most requested features are currently being built and tested! In the meantime, we want you to have a better design experience with each and every update -- so here’s an update full of fresh fixes and improvements. Try it out :) How can we help you and the stories you tell? Send your questions and suggestions to support@unum.la Happy Designing! UNUM Team

UNUM — Design Layout & Collage Comments & Reviews

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- Reminders don't work but it's still great

I wish the scheduling reminders worked but the app has so much more going for it that I still use it. Love drafting posts, seeing popular posting times for my account, ability to add multiple instagram accounts, moving posts around and there are tons of free filters (effects) that are awesome! I also really like the recent hashtags list so I can just click click click the ones I frequently use. I wish that they didn't repeat the hashtags though-- Just have to pay more attention not to duplicate them. It also counts how many hashtags you use so you know when you're over/under 30! I contacted support and they were super nice and wrote back to me several times although they weren't able to get the reminders working it was nice to see the effort they put behind their customer service. Looking forward to the updates they'll make to this in the future!

- Recent update unusable now

I have been a major fan and user of this app. However, after the recent update it’s really bad. Photos I upload to my grid don’t often show up. Sometimes I have to completely close the app for them to appear, while at other times they still don’t appear even after that. Photos I select to delete wont delete and remain. Dragging photos to different areas is much quicker, but not precise or accurate. I often scroll past the place where I want to place it and can’t accurately place it because scrolling is now too fast. Moving the trash can to the top now requires two handed use of my phone. Before I could scroll through, select and delete photos with one hand on my 11 Pro Max. I really depend on this app daily for curating my feed, but I may have to switch to another app just after a few days of this. It’s that bad. Update: app is better now. However new bugs present. When moving a photo to change location in grid, all existing photos in that grid now appear twice making moving a photo down to a location twice as long because the number of photos doubles as a result of showing a duplicate of each. Once the photo is placed where I want it duplicates disappear.

- terrible update, looking for a new planning app as i type this

i used to LOVE this app, i swore by it and i told all my friends that this was THE app to have to perfect your insta feed. the most essential tools were free and the app was simple and easy to use. updated it and now, less than half of the old features are even there. im assuming you can access them if you pay making this an app just like any other with no real distinction between this and every other expensive instagram planning app. what’s left is so useless that it’s not even worth using at all actually. i don’t recommend anyone bother downloading this app, it’s just going to be a waste of time and storage space. if you dont mind paying you’re probably better off with another app anyway because the layout is no longer as user friendly as it used to be so it’s quite complicated to even understand. id give this zero stars if i could.

- Worse with every update

I never left a review before but this app is so frustrating I can’t hold back any longer. I loved it when it was a simple grid planner but every new update is full of bugs, adds random features I don’t want, complicates use and makes it more expensive. For example, now every time I open the app I have to scroll for about 5 minutes through extra blank squares with no way to condense them. If I add new pics they come in at the top of these hundreds of blanks and there is no way to add multiple images down where I want them. Moving the multiple images is so laborious I don’t even try. I no longer use it for captions or hashtags bc of the several times it’s failed to save or crashed while writing. On the other hand, a simple feature like alerting for duplicate hashtags would be great. Often freezes as I try to shift. Doesn’t allow shift while an image is selected. Perhaps the problem is that all I want to do is add images, hide images and shift. If there is a simple app that does just that it would be great. This one used to be simple but unfortunately they added so many nonsense features it became truly a pain to use.

- You completely DESTROYED the app

Ive been using unum for years and guys I understand you built a powerful app which is a reference to other companies and also an app that a lot of people uses, but seriously, these ELITE features are ABSURD, you completely destroyed the app. How in the world you have to pay 7$ dollars a month or 60$ a year to add ANOTHER ROW of layout photos. I mean that’s seriously absurd. You could do whatever you want with your app (which I LOVE) but it’s absurd to charge people for the most BASIC thing in the app. I mean, the app is MEANT to be a “layout creator” for Instagram. If you want to add another things and charge people for that fine, good for you, but it doesn’t make sense you charge people for the most basic thing needed in the app which is rows. Ok fine don’t put unlimited rows for free but come on just ONE ROW??? Are you SERIOUS ????? That’s a joke to your costumers. Come on... Also you made new changes which makes the app so confusing and slow, and it’s not my phone nor my storage or my iOS, it’s the APP. Adding a photo it’s confusing and loading the photo library it’s slow I mean your app was FIVE STARS it was perfect I don’t understand what on earth you did... Also when you sign in tu UNUM the screen stays white and doesn’t do anything. Im sorry but you completely destroyed app.

- Great but miss the old version

I’ve seen a bunch of reviews that miss the old version of the app. I agree. I’ve been using this app for years and really started using it to its full potential at the beginning of 2020. I miss the old Home Screen with the choices of grids vs on the side. It used to be way more user friendly and have a better UI. I don’t get what the elite plan does...I’m on the trial right now and I don’t even use any of the features. I used to be able to send people the feed using a link and they JUST took that away 2 days ago. I was SO excited when I found out you could do this a few weeks ago and now it’s gone.... I don’t want to have to pay so much money to add members. I don’t even want members. I just want to be able to share the feed. I pay for the $6 monthly plan and everything was perfect until the latest update. Last question - they say they have templates? How do you even get to story templates now? How do you use this app? Can we have a tutorial for the new version??? Or better yet go back to the old one please!!

- Photo library not working

I returned to this app for the first time in ages, so I had to make an account. I hoped these changes meant that a great app had become even better while I was away, and instead I discover a hot mess. The new UI is much less intuitive, which would be forgivable, but for the bugs! I can't place pictures more than a couple of days old because my photo albums won't populate properly in the app. My photos all show up as terrible little slivers instead of the full images and it only shows me a jumbled repeat of my last 50 or so pics, no matter which album I try to import from. The images even glitch and reshuffle as I scroll. It's an absolute wreck. I just updated again, hoping that would solve the bug. Nope. It's a shame. It used to be such a sleek app. UPDATE: Only fifteen minutes later, it crashed and deleted the lengthy caption I had composed for one of the only photos I succeeded in getting out of my album. So now it goes from two stars to one and I will likely delete it.

- Love this app!

I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and it’s been so great in helping me plan out my insta feed. The updates and nonstop attention to detail is incredible and is exactly why I continue to use this app. The creative minds behind UNUM are genius! The only issue I keep running into (and this could be something on my end) is trouble uploading images from my albums that weirdly don’t want to show that causes the app to throw me out, and sometimes I have to go into open my albums and browse my photos to refresh them in order for them to appear when trying to upload them on UNUM. Could be me, but when I use any other app for uploading photos/videos I have no trouble seeing my photos and trying to upload them. Other than this, it’s def worth 5 stars!!

- Used to be integral, now just useless

I’ve used UNUM since 2015 and would refer friends to it for ease of use and accessibility for low-income artists like myself (the free version was at least useable). I upgraded to a paid plan for the grid quantity in 2016. Now, after the last rounds of updates, adding new photos and rearranging the grid is so frustratingly clunky and complicated. This is a classic case of app designers wanting so desperately to add in ALL the unnecessary features they can think of while losing sight of the reason they started. Story layouts? Cool I guess but there are so many other apps for that. Why are you trying to compete in that market when you were killing it in your niche? My biggest beef though is that you’re not even keeping your app relevant for features in Instagram. When you upload a Reel to your feed in Instagram, the thumbnail doesn’t display in your UNUM grid. So you have to take a screenshot and upload that as a makeshift solution, until the grid shifts and you can’t even rely on that. How can you call yourself an app for Instagram feed planning when you can’t even *promptly* (not months later while we pay for the app for the months it’s useless) deliver on one of the most basic features that’s integral for that function? After years of being a daily user, I’m so disappointed to have lost this tool. Now with iOS’s Photos app ability to rearrange photos in an album, I’ll be using that free feature from now on.

- Gotten worse over time

*Added for developer response- they say the shift function has been combines and automatically shifts now, which is true; however it doesn’t work the same as before the update. It’s not even close.* I’ve only used the free version of the app due to the fact that in the years I’ve had the app they’ve never been able to get videos to load properly. When it shows what has already been shared to Instagram, it completely skips the videos, resulting in an incomplete and out of order experience. They also don’t display reels in the feed. Recently, they decided to take away what is probably the most useful tool, shift, from the free version. There’s no way I’m paying such a steep price for just the one added useful feature in an app that has yet been able to deliver a bug free experience. I might’ve paid the asking price from a few years ago, ~$3 per month, but they keep asking more money every year for something that has had issues the whole time.

- The update ruined the app!

I used to love love love this app to manage and plan my posts as I have several Instagram pages for my personal and business use. It was very convenient and user friendly with just enough features to make planning my posts super easy! This recent update has removed the best parts of the app, which I assume are available if you pay. Navigating this new update has taken more time than anything. You no longer can see how many spaces you have to work with and adding or deleting a new photo shifts the whole layout which defeats the purpose of the app. And you should be able to shift your current grid up to 3 times, but for some reason it is now incredibly difficult to make those adjustments. I would expect an update to improve and add features, not take them away. I hope they take this constructive criticism into mind. Is there a way a can revert to the old version?

- Not loving the latest update :(

I LOVEEE this app and it had been so incredibly useful to plan posts to make sure my feed looks the way I want it to- but recently they eliminated almost all of the functions of the app I use the most unless you upgrade to the paid version. And it’s not cheap! Not to say they don’t deserve to grow and start charging for the services they provide, they definitely do! It’s an amazing app- but don’t think things like shifting grids should be part of the paid service. I feel like there’s very, very little you can do in the free version now, which is the reason for my low rating. I can’t even really use the app at all anymore for what I need unless I start paying. I’m not an Instagram influencer or business and I have a low follower count, so it really isn’t even worth it for me to have this app anymore. Sadly, I’m forced to uninstall and look for an alternative :(

- Used to be so good

I used to love this app and use it religiously for at least 4 years, and it was the best app out there for instagram. It used to be so glitchy but even then I would still manage with it because of the grid shift features and the ability to move pictures unlike other apps. The new update though is ridiculous, and literally all of the features that were once free are now only available to premium members, including the grid shift feature that I USE the app FOR. It won’t even let me upload more than 12 pictures at a time when it used to be unlimited, at least to the amount of grids you were allotted in the first place. I’m really not about to break my bank on $60 a year for some grid shift feature that I had access to before for free. After 4 years of loyalty to this thing, I think it might be time for me to look for another app.

- Better then expected!

I wanted a nice and easy way to organize my Instagram and plan out my posts. Unum does that in such a great way. It's simple and intuitive design is really nice also. As a graphic designer it's really nice to use an app that just looks nice on top of having great function. Unum saves all of your recent hashtags used which is a major time saver and also lets you know they ones you get the most response from. Another feature I really like is how you can edit photos right in the app. I edit my photos and then bring them into Unum and see the the colors are a little off and doesn't match my others I can do a quick edit right in the app. Another time saver. I highly recommend Unum for an IG planner.

- Free users booted out

I would love to give this app a five star rating. As a long-time user, both paid and free version, I can say it works wonderfully most of the time. But updates have been continually stripping more and more features from the free version to where it is now practically unusable. The entire POINT is to be able to map out a grid for your feed, considering how each image will look against the next as your feed progresses. With the removal of the simple “Shift” function from the free version, anyone without a paid subscription is unable to properly plan even a few images in advance without a blind spot. I understand restricting grid space, editing options, etc, but it’s pretty nasty to remove even the most basic functions from the free version for long time users, who will now have to pay - or go elsewhere. Like I will. BAD FORM, UNUM. 👎🏻👎🏻

- Good app, bad terms

I was satisfied with the functionality and the general use of this app until I read the terms of service. By using the app, you give them the ability to sell, license, and do whatever they want with your work. Check this quote: . “User Content” means the text, data, graphics, images, photos, video or audiovisual content and any other content uploaded, transmitted or submitted by you via the Platform. We do not claim ownership of your content, but you grant us a license to use it. You retain full ownership to User Content and hereby provide us with a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, sub-licensable, fully paid up, unrestricted license to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, publicly display, or otherwise use, modify, and submit your User Content in any medium and for any purpose, including commercial purposes, and to authorize others to do so.

- No longer a good app

3/21 update - it’s literally getting worse. I put up with the updates for a few more months but now there is even less functionality with the free version, almost to the point of it being fully unusable. I understand the need to add funding to the app to pay the team who work hard on keeping it running, but it should either be free or not. The middle ground is useless and beyond frustrating. I have used this for years and LOVED it, but the new update and changes to the free version are frustrating beyond belief. If I upload a photo and then try to replace it with another it often won’t show up, moving photos around has become very clunky, and some of the most basic features are now only available in the paid version (I’m not opposed to paying for an app, but $60 per year for this one which is really only used to plan layouts is outrageous). I’m definitely finding another app now.

- Loved the app before the update

Used UNUM for the past 3 years and it was the best app on the market for planning an Instagram feed. I really-really loved it and was advising it to everyone. It was simple, with clean design, but yet had so many features to plan your feed easily and comfortably. It was literally perfect before the last update. Now I can’t use it: I can’t shift my photos to see how they’re going to look in the different places in the feed; can’t leave an open grid to fill later when I find the right photo - the app automatically shifts everything to fill up blank grid. Not comfortable for me to use it anymore, the work just got hard and unpleasant, so I will need to switch to another app. UPD: The most annoying part is how you write the same copy/paste response about “how you were forced to update and how great it is now” to everyone who’s not happy with the latest update.

- “Grandfather In” Price For Day One Users

I have loved this app in comparison to other similar apps. I’ve been using it for years!! The fact that literally ALL of the features that were free for YEARS are now only available with the elite version, is completely ridiculous. I understand wanting to make revenue but considering all of the negative feedback, perhaps consider charging less. $7 for free and not new features is a stretch. Honestly, if the monthly fee was $1.99 or $2.99 I would be more likely to cough it up just to have all of the free features back. And I really wouldn’t even mind since I do love the app and I value the features. It just seems inconsiderate for your day one supporters like myself. Couldn’t we get “Grandfathered in” or something? And charge the 7bucks to the newbs?? That would be nice and greatly appreciated. I really hope y’all fix this soon.

- Don’t buy it!

This app is so unreliable. I always use Planoly but to be honest Planoly’s grid is not very easy to move and arrange because you have to schedule a date and time, can’t just move it, so every time you want to move the photos you have to click each photo and change the date and time. So I tried UNUM for the first time and it’s easy to move. Things seems perfect until I bought the whole year plan. After I uploaded at least 30 photos, arranged them for like 20 mins. I swap to another mode and by the time I came back to the draft everything was gone!! They didn’t save it! I started another plan and they asked me to log in to my Instagram account to integrate the photo, which I did for like 5 times, and it kept shows error messages and asked me to try again later. That’s fine. I can work on my photos grid and editing first. So I spent the whole afternoon to editing the photos, arrange by colour, for at least 4 hours until I set up all of them. And guess what? Now I checked it before I go to sleep. None of them are save!! And half of the photo I uploaded are gone, they didn’t arrange the way I did, the editing are not saved, photos are gone. I can’t believe it. This is definitely the worse and most unstable app I ever purchased. And I can’t even get my money back!!

- Oh no.

I use to love this app. I’m sure they are trying their best with the interface and it can still be useful for some people who want to pay a subscription for full features, but the fact that most people are currently unemployed due to Covid, this was kind of a bad business move because most freelancers currently are budgeting their subscriptions. Slowly, overtime I noticed they kept removing features, but the fact that now the whole app is different, and something as great as “Offset” is now a premium feature, it is heartbreaking. I wish applications could go back to its old “one time” purchase rather than subscriptions but I understand that the work is never over and subscriptions help pay for further development. I hope that in the future they bring some of these popular features back. I’ll even sit through ads if i must lol

- Started off great!

I’ve been using this app for a couple years mainly only bc this is the only app that has the grid shift tool to see what the next post will actually look like on your page when you post it. But over time it’s like this app has so many bugs or glitches. It deletes my draft pics ALL the time and can’t always remember all the pics i had up there and messed everything up! It also will not show my video postings so i can see a proper preview of my page to maintain my aesthetic. I have subscribed so many times but still don’t reap the supposed benefits or my Apple ID account will say I’m subscribed but the app won’t accept it. I love this app bc I’m used to it but I’m looking for something else now because they have become EXTREMELY unreliable. It makes no sense and I hate to say it. Smh

- Please bring back the original version!!

I’m so upset with this new version that they had updated a few months ago. It’s now absolutely terrible and not user friendly whatsoever. I have to constantly re-log into my Instagram account, it’s terribly slow, you now have to pay a monthly subscription just to shift the grid? WACK. But whatever, I decided to pay for it. I’m not stingy about paying for services but I expect my money to be going towards QUALITY features. Immediately after paying the subscription my Instagram is now not linked for me to use and I can’t figure out how to insta profile to appear in the grid. I’m fairly tech savvy so this typically wouldn’t be a difficulty to figure out. I used to swear by this app and had recommended it to dozens of friends. Please do something for the love of God. Thank ya kindly

- Really love this app

As an artist, social media, specifically Instagram is a great way to promote my work and UNUM has really helped me plan out my feed and make it stand out to casting directors. I love being able to sit down and plan out my content for the week and pick the most aesthetically pleasing order to posts my posts in. Definitely an app for Type A’s but I think everyone between people promoting something on Instagram to people who are all about the aesthetic of their Instagram will enjoy this app. The only thing that I think could make it even better is if they came out with a feature so you could plan out your stories too! Overall I really love this app.

- Ummm don’t know anymore

I wanted to like this app and finally learned how to use it ... After spending a few hours working on a few future post ... I discovered it’s a copy and paste ... it went on beautifully .... problem was when I shared there was nothing in the post ... and all my work was lost .... I’m quite disappointed ☹️ ... but lucky for me I take pictures of everything ... I had it ... but it’s more about the fact that I have to do them all over through Instagram directly because I can’t trust this ... the tags work great ... I just had a problem with the copy and post for the words ... other than that I probably won’t be upgrading u less I try it in the future and it works

- Every update it gets more restricted

*edit* added a star back because I did realize the grid shift still works I’m just dumb!* Ok I’ve loved this app for so long and I understand wanting more money and stuff but like also I can’t shift grids anymore, among other stuff and it used to be so easy to re-arrange pictures and edit them and hide specific ones but now you can only do that if you pay for the app and I’m sure it’s cheap and Instagram doesn’t matter in the long run of life but it’s the little things and they’re even being slowly depleted :( I’ll probably buy the elite version within the hour, I’m just sad today. Happy October folks!

- Poor functionality and false advertising

I paid $65 for the elite plan promising various team features for small businesses. These features don’t exist. After reporting the issues to UNUM multiple times over the past several months, they acknowledge those features don’t exist but promised they’d be coming in “the next few days.” These continue to be lies, and no updates to install these features has ever occurred. Additionally, the functionality of UNUM was drastically reduced with a recent update, making it impossibly to shift and organize grids without unselecting all photos, shifting, and then reselecting. It makes the app extremely difficult and time consuming to use. Planoly or another similar app is better worth your time. Another issue I continue to have is being logged out of my elite plan every time I want to use the app. It prompts me to update to “elite” in order to use features, despite already paying $65 for elite. I need to go through the process to re-register my elite status every singe time I want to use the app. Totally unacceptable, and the app refuses to help me with a refund because they “don’t have control over payment processing” which can’t possibly be true. Do NOT waste your money on this app.

- Horrible Update, Find a different post-planning ap

this used to be my favorite app to plan my feed and now i log in and literally the most important function i had used it for requires a $5.99 subscription. there's literally no way to see how a post will look after being posted with this greedy, selfish update. i used to have a lot of respect for such an innovative app i literally used for years, but this is just plain corporate greed. i won't be redownloading unless the subscription is fixed so that the free version isn't rendered completely useless for the entire purpose, which was free up until this month. the free version is supposed to still be usable, but this greedy company has completely lost sight of how the free app with paid features model is actually effective in KEEPING loyal users.

- I changed my mind - still love it!

I have used UNUM for years and loved it. It was easy to use and had a clean design. Better than any other mobile planning app. However, the most recent update has complicated some of the most useful features to encourage more users to buy subscriptions and upgrades. Otherwise, it’s an excellent app for professionals. Excellently done, have never had a problem with it before! Absolutely LOVED that there is a corresponding desktop version - they work seamlessly together. Haven’t found another planning app that has a good desktop feature, that’s a huge plus!

- Latest update completely ruined user experience

UPDATE: The developer’s answer is like an even bigger insult, what a joke! They didn’t simplify anything or combine functions, that wasn’t even an issue before. We’re not stupid. For anyone interested in an alternative PLANOLY has been great for me since deleting this one! wish I could rate this ZERO STARS ORIGINAL REVIEW: I’ve been using unum for a long time and loved it and found it super helpful not only for my personal account but also for clients I work with, I used to recommend it a lot. The latest update doesn’t really allow me to use most of the functions and tools I need so I’m probably migrating to another grid planning app since this has become absolutely useless. What’s the point of not even being able to shift the grid? Deleting in 3.. 2.. 1..


Taking away EVERYTHING, especially from those who made you what you are. I’m happy to delete this horrible app and give you the one star you’re worth. So unnecessary, and you should of exempted those who have been using you loyally for some time. During a pandemic no less, you decide you want to needlessly gauge people to use your app. When people literally ONLY use your grid to see how their posts will look on their page. One feature. That’s it. Not your dumb presets or filters. And for $60 a year?! $10 ... okay. But everyone at this company must be nuts and out of touch. Anyone reading this, do not download. This company does not care about their customers and they just revealed their intent. To keep charging more and more, while giving so much less. Good riddens!

- Great app, horrible update

Haven’t used this app for a while since I took a break from instagram. Got back into it recently and I was shocked. When I opened the app, it deleted all of my previously planned pictures (which never happened). I was even more surprised to find out that you can’t shift pictures in the free version anymore. This is an amazing app with many cool and convenient features, especially in the premium version. If you’re actually serious about your instagram or you use it for business, 100% recommended to get it. However I wouldn’t recommend it for regular use. The app’s design itself is very simple and super easy to use and it’s the most aesthetically pleasing out of all the ones I’ve tried. The new update basically removed all of the most basic functions of the free version. I honestly just used it to plan my pictures to see which order they look best in. Now you get less free squares for planning AND you can’t shift the pictures!!!! I’m hoping they add the basic features back in the future but for now I will unfortunately have to find another app to use.

- amazing BUT videos don’t show

i don’t know if my account is just glitching or if it’s my phone ios software version (12.4), but whenever i post a video on Instagram, the video doesn’t show up on UNUM. Now, this has bugged me ever since i downloaded the app, but it has not been such a big issue as to power my rating. This app, admittedly, provides a lot of useful information and functions amazingly. Even without paying. However, I would absolutely LOVE it if it just included videos in the feed. Same problem has occurred on my old phone (5s) and current phone (7).

- Curation is King

This app helps you turn mindless content posting into art curation. There’s a reason people attend gallery shows, create in series, and present art in a uniform manner. Why should Instagram be any different? I’ve been using this app for a long time curating my feed, posting with various tag clouds, and planning several weeks ahead. One afternoon every couple of months for a few hours has let me plan weeks of content, saving me time everyday and keeping my feed looking great. Plus if you ever need support, it’s basically instant. Love the team and this app!

- Technical Difficulties Rising

UNUM has saved my life quite honestly. I enjoy organizing my feed and having an aesthetic appearance on Instagram. However, lately for a few weeks now there has been technical difficulties. For example, I attempt to edit a picture on the app and once I press "save." It takes me back to my account feed but the picture has not changed, it stays in its original version. Also I can't view a photo anymore when I hold it. I'd really appreciate it if work can be done on this issue, thank you!

- New Update Renders this app useless

I’ve been using UNUM for years, paid for multiple of those, after an update a few months back completely wiped out all my grids and would not let me connect to Instagram accounts (that I had been connected to for years) I went back to the free version. I was paying too much for something that was costing me lots of time and bugging bad. After the most recent update I can’t do a thing. When I go to upload a photo it uploads the same photo over and over (and not the one I’m choosing). Moving photos around got even more complicated and time consuming and overall was just very disappointing. Wish I didn’t have to go but I now need to find something reliable and helpful, not the opposite.

- Disconnected again

This is one of the worst social media apps I have ever used. I have been using it to manage four Instagram accounts, however, UNUM frequently decides to disconnect them and I have to reconnect the Instagram feeds back to the app. When I try to reconnect the feeds, UNIM imports the same feed into all four grids and the only way for me to import the correct feed is to delete everything and start all over, therefore erasing the photos and content I have saved and scheduled. This has happened to me a handful of times now in less than a year. Additionally, I don’t find the features to be anything special, no different than all other scheduling apps. If you’re only managing one Instagram account, the app is fine. Otherwise, I don’t find it to be worth the headache.


Hands down, UNUM is the best app to plan out your Instagram feed. I’ve been using them for forever and have never been disappointed! It has made my feed more cohesive, and has given it the type of aesthetic I have been dreaming of. It’s so easy to add photos, move them around, and organize everything. I love that you can write and save captions ahead of time, that will copy automatically to your clipboard when you go to post. I could go on and on. I recommend this app to literally every single person I meet, it’s that good. (@sunshineshannon)

- Used to be great. Not so much anymore

I had this app a while ago, and absolutely loved it. It let you log into your IG account and see what you’d already posted, it allowed you to grid out what you’d be putting in next. It even let you blow up a picture to 9 tiles. NOW? It makes you log in with your email and make a password—even if you’ve already done so, there isn’t a way to log into an already-created account. Then it takes you through what I’m guessing is supposed to be a tutorial? Says “My Demo Space” at the top. Makes you put in a photo. Tells you to edit the photo, but then won’t let you click on anything to edit it. Not even “save.” So I don’t know what happens after that, because I restarted my phone, deleted and then re-downloaded the app, and it’s still doing the same thing. Very frustrating. I thought, “hmm, maybe my phone is freezing up.” But NOPE. My little box thing (iPhone) that allows me to lock my screen / take a screenshot / etc is still moving around just fine. If I could give this version of UNUM 0 stars, I would. (Again, loved the version they had last year, but this one blows)

- unusable after update; don’t bother downloading

I’m really disappointed with the changes made in the latest update (August 2020). All of the features that made this app useful are now locked behind a paywall. it’s especially frustrating that this came with zero warning and that the developers are trying to pass it off as “fixing some little bugs & improving performance :-)”. I’ve been using and telling other people to use this app for years because I thought it was the best and now it looks like I’ll have to delete it and find an alternative. If grid shift were still part of the free features I’d consider keeping it but even that’s part of the $70/yr package. I can’t even fathom paying that much for an app.

- Excellent app for designers

I've used unum for years to plan my personal and business accounts. It's an intuitive app design that allows you to organize and visualize your content before going live on Instagram. Easy drag and drop your pictures, edit them, create groups, add captions, and generate quick hashtag presets are some of the tools you can use. Free version allows you to work seamlessly with enough blocks or boxes to know what works better, post analytics, and reminders. Recommended for users who want to create color palettes, patterns, and a visual portfolio. If you have questions their support team replies within a few hours via email, which is important when working with a marketing team under a deadline. New version is a bit confusing since they shuffled buttons around, but they are constantly releasing updates so I hope they will fix that soon.

- Love it but has a lot of bugs

I want to start off with the UNUM support team. They are EXTREMELY helpful and accommodating. That is why I will always stick with UNUM. BUT, with every fixed bug, three new bugs appear. I used to be able to make “albums” (or carousels) and be able to see the preview, but lately it just shows a loading grey square. The other day I went to check on one of my feeds and EVERYTHING was deleted. Everything I had planned just had the same loading grey squares and when I would double tap them to preview it said there was an error loading them. Nothing I did brought them back so I ended up deleting all the loading squares and starting over. I was kind of upset because after I put pics into UNUM, I don’t keep them on my phone, so I had to find and edit the pics app over again. I’m already used to UNUM and pay for it so, I’m gonna stick with it cause I don’t have the time/patience to learn a new app. Please fix album/carousel issue! 😩

- Loved it, but the new update took away everything useful

I use UNUM for Instagram grid layouts to see if the photo I want to post next will look in my feed. I was using the free version which allowed features like grid shift, add photos, and moving tiles freely into place. The new update took away all the useful features and made them accessible to only paid users, or they made it verrry hard to access due to the subscription pop-up that appears every time I try to use one of these features. I will likely stop using this app since the subscription price is not worth the functionality.

- Meh👎👎

I use to LOVE this app. But today marks the day I delete it! I can’t even. This is one of several times I’ve tried to caption a multi image’d post and then I “push” the post to IG it LOSES the caption. I’m talking GONE. POOF. All the sudden it removes the post from the UNUM app, including my carefully crafted caption along with hashtags, and then when it pushes through to IG it for some stupid reason copies unums boilerplate caption instead of my saved one. This has happened too many times now and I. Am. Done. Not to mention their hashtag clouds stopped working (of course right after I included UNUM in a blog post wrap up of my favorite apps!) def deleting that post now. Very frustrating experience. Moving in to a new app now....

- I used to really like this app :(

I really do love the simple aesthetic of this app and previously enjoyed how easy it was to use all the functions, but it’s gotten really buggy in the last year or so. This last update really did it for me...a lot of features were removed (functions such as simply double clicking on a space to upload a photo or being able enlarge your photos and swipe through you feed) is no longer available, and the overall ease of use is gone. I have the free version and I understand people need to make a living, but this app is now down to bare bones and provides very little value.

- Used to be perfect

UNUM used to be perfect and functional. Then they started throwing in extra functions like photo and video editing, and the original function for planning your IG feed is ALWAYS buggy! It throws me errors constantly, randomly logs me out of my accounts, and won’t load half my photos which makes it impossible to plan a feed, no matter how many times I restart the app/refresh/update. It’s just been a major pain for about a year now and I’m ready to find an alternate app to use instead. Literally get frustrated whenever I open this app and try to use it... :(

- I love this app but it’s CONSTANTLY glitching

I have multiple Instagram accounts that I use this app for. It is great for what is needed. You can arrange tiles and move them around. You can see what you already have live on your Instagram. You can even use phantom mode to see what it looks like to delete posts you even have live on your Instagram. The cons I’ve experienced: Sometimes it randomly won’t show all of my posts that are live. That makes it hard to plan a color scheme aesthetic. The reminders are temperamental. You’re better off just setting an alarm to post. Currently, it’s refusing to let me login into my instagram. My password is correct and saved but for whatever reason the app keeps saying I’m putting it in wrong. When it send me an email the email only redirects me to logging in to Instagram online and NOT the app. 😫😖 I’m tired! I got so frustrated I wanted to throw my phone. It’s a GREAT GREAT app but come on, stop with the glitching PLEASE!! 😫

- Beautiful app but major functionality issues

Love how beautiful this app is but functionality wise there’s a lot of issues. Attempting to make multi-photo posts has consistently been one of them. Time and time again I get a “More albums features coming soon” message whenever attempting to create. I’ve sent various messages/emails regarding this as an “Elite” plan holder and it has been to no avail. Hard to actually schedule posts when the features promised may or may not work for no apparent reason and with no customer support I’m forced to consider other options.


So I’m a photographer and I don’t usually post app reviews or anything along those lines but this app has broke the mold truly. When I got it I didn’t know what to expect but it definitely wasn’t this. This app is CLEAN. This app is SMOOTH. This app is ORGANIZED. Unlike any other app i’ve used for planning posts and organizing my page, this app takes the time to really analyze your desired look and provide you with tips and strategies on how to grow as a creative. HUGE THANKS TO THE PEOPLE AT UNUM!!!🖤🖤

- I’m so tired of this..

So let me start by saying I’ve LOVED Unum for years. Unfortunately, for some completely unknown reason, the developers are CONSTANTLY changing the way the app works. Not just how it looks, but the way the tools work, the way the account is setup, the pricing structure, everything. I’m absolutely exhausted trying to keep up with all their spur of the moment changes. If this crap continues, they’re gonna lose some of their longest and most loyal users.

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- Very good app but has bugs

I used to love this app but currently it keeps saying that my token is expired and I need to log in again, and then even tho i select the account it doesnt load any content etc, this has been going for a week now and it is not the first time this is happening, so basically cant use the app anymore, i hope you fix this bug

- The big changes

This app used to be my daily for many years, unfortunately I am on the hunt for a new one. I recommended UNUM to all my fellow friends and influencers, however lately I haven’t felt the same way towards the app. After many updates and changes to the UI, it has been incredibly difficult to keep up and was extremely disappointing when each button and feature I used daily was added to the “elite” subscription. Don’t get me wrong, you have to make money somehow when running an app. But the service that was provided long before the updates worked perfectly in conjunction with the subscription service. The app has become extremely limited and just about nothing is free anymore, not even grid shift... I might as well just create an album on my phone and use that as a planner. I hope to see that one day simple features such as grid shift, colour maps and editing tools will be brought back to the free side of your app. Thank you for the help throughout the years UNUM.

- New update - app ruined

I loved this app, recommended it so many friends (including 700k people via Instagram stories. It’s been glitchy the last few months, with photos not updating whilst appearing to be blank spaces until clicking into them, photos not syncing with other devices signed into the same account, the list goes on. It’s just gotten worse with every update. With that said, the newest update is the final straw and a complete disappointment. I am genuinely in shock that you guys thought it would be a good idea to add the move grid ‘feature’ to the premium paid Elite plan. What a farce. It is infuriating trying to move photos around now, like playing a game... and I’m not playing anymore. A classic case of slowly disappointing the consumer to the point where nobody wins. Moving ‘features’ (or basic UX functions...) to the elite plan whilst spinning as ‘updates’ is misleading and to think that you guys think your customers are dumb enough to fall for it is just sad. Bye.

- not the same

Honestly the app has been a bit glitchy with the last few updates and also has become a bit more confusing to use. It would often sign me out of my accounts/not let me access my boards or delete posts that I already scheduled and laid out. Another disappointment is almost all the features that were previously available for free must now be paid for by the premium elite subscription. Understandable that one obviously would like to make money from the fruits of their labour however the variety of layout edits and options is so limited there’s almost no point of using the app. The ease and convenience of the app has definitely taken a turn for the worse.

- Great app and outstanding customer service

I have been using unum for years now and this app is amazing at keeping instagram looking organized. I would also like to pointed out that although they had a small issue this month with the app, they were very attentive in solving the issue quick and ensuring that the customers are being looked after. I am very happy with the app and the customer service, I would highly recommend unum if you are looking for an app to keep you instagram looking stylish and also having a great customer service when needed.

- New updates have ruined it 😔

I have been a user for a long time and constantly refer my friends to use this app, however the latest update has unfortunately made it nearly unusable to me unless I pay for the premium version. A few of the key features (grid shift being a main one) are now gone and make it difficult to work with.. I understand wanting more paid users, but I’d hope for some loyalty to existing users and not take away from their experience with the app and making them want to find a new app for what they came to UNUM for. This is the first time I’ve left a negative review but am really disappointed with this one. I’m sure the premium version is great & I was considering upgrading to it in a few months when finances allow but am now reconsidering.

- Recent updates making the app impossible to use

I used the love this app, and I so want to keep using it! But for the last probably 6mths the updates have made the app way less user friendly, implementing new button that I find just clog up the app UI, and the worst of all updates has been the most recent two which has made the app almost impossible to use! When trying to add photos there is a painfully slow lag after taping the add button, and same with selecting the photos to import! UNUM please bring back the old version of the app, I loved the simplicity of it back then! The app is vital for what I do on Instagram, but using it at the moment is killing me!

- Glitches glitches glitches

I’ve used this app for a few years already and have always loved it. However soon after the recent major update and design change, there has been non stop glitches. I can’t shift the grids around anymore - the button doesn’t always respond. When I select two photos to swap around, the app always swaps around the two photos next to the selected photos. Every time I wanna shift the grey empty boxes to somewhere, it always jumps back to the original spot. It is very frustrating.

- New update is the worse

So i realised im not the only one who hates the new update, and agree with all of the other reviewers. You’ve made the app completely limited, taking away the basic features we had before and now trying to make us buy it. Not only that but the apps simplicity is just gone, it was so much easier and straightforward to use before but now its just confusing and annoying with grids and shifting. Not only that but theres so many bugs in this new update, its made it difficult and irritating to use. Completely disappointed as i used to recommend this app to so many people, but now i don’t think its worth the recommendation.

- Helpful grows took

UNUM has been paramount in helping my colleague and I plan our Instagram feeds when we are traveling around the world. Running a travel blog means we aren't always in the same place at the same time but since we downloaded UNUM we've been able to plan as if we're in the same room. The analytics and editing have enabled a cohesive wash across all our photos which has added consistency to our brand image. Really a very very useful app!

- Super handy!

Love this app. I’ve used a few scheduling apps but this one is by far the best. I love how even though I’m on a free plan, I get a generous number of free tiles and some insight on best times and best hashtags. It’s also great that we’re allowed to sign in on multiple accounts and have easy access to them. Would like to see more features such as maybe allowing us to insert carousel images as a post if that makes sense. Overall, really happy with this app.

- Great free, “Elite” subscription isn’t anything special.

Love the free version of the app. I’m a little upset about the subscription service. With Elite it provides access to followers counting tracking and sentiment. However, there isn’t much detail in either of those options, just some pretty graphs and no insights. Suggestions/Improvements: 1. Sentiment feature it would be great to know what comments were perceived as negative, an option to correct the sentiment if it wasn’t actually negative (improve the machine learning). 2. Followers: which followers were lost. 3. Best times: what images were posted at those best times, then a user might better understand if it was just a particularly good photo or an increase of online users. I would keep paying $10 if those improvements were made. If not, you can pretty much just stay using the free version - which is really fantastic 😊

- Empty Squares?

Absolutely love the app, especially now I have elite for my businesses. However, is anyone else experiencing bulk blank squares come up every time they log into the app? I have to scroll for agessss until I can see the posts pending. I then have to delete all the blank squares I didn’t import but they always appear again after a day. Other than that issue I love the app. But pleassse fix this!

- Disappointed

I used to use this app religiously to plan my Instagram feed and future posts, but ever since the new update I can’t use half the features I used too without subscribing and to the service ($11/month is a bit ridiculous). I absolutely loved the grid shift feature and colour map feature but now I can’t use either without subscribing. These features were the main things keeping me using this app instead of other ones. Probably won’t be using this app anymore.

- Continually Worse

It’s pretty rare that an app actually becomes worse with each new update. I used to love the simplicity and functionality of this app but it simply doesn’t work anymore. It’s a pretty pivotal function to use hashtags and be able to visualise how many posts within a certain hashtag - this is what used to happen but hasn’t functioned for more than a year now. I used to use a frame on each of my photos within my feed and now there is some useless link to some 3rd party aviary thing and adobe accounts whatever, I just want the free frames that are supposed to be included in the app and it’s become too complicated. You actually can’t even restore the basic free features let alone what you’re paying for because it simply does not work. This has been a huge disruption to my business if you intend to use this even for personal purposes, it’s simply too frustrating and non functional.

- It’s seems I’m not the only one having regular problems

Seems like people really like the functionality of the app, however are having regular problems. My problems were fairly manageable (app would constantly move/change arranged images, UI would should duplicates when scrolling) but now I have a whole column of white squares that I can’t interact with, or use the app for its intended purpose even while paying for a subscription 🤷 Seems like the drive for features has taken priority over proper app development and the app is rolled out with glitchy UI just to get it out.

- Love it!!

Ive been using this app for years now! For creatives who are indecisive, arnt organised and want to look put together or to those who love to plan out every little detail in advance! The development team are constantly keeping the app up to date and with the times. I actually look forward to reading the update descriptions!! So funny! 10/10 would recommend

- Bad update

This new update is making it worse to see analytics for business account. I know it is sorta my fault for forgetting my Facebook account but it would’ve been easier if UNUM can make the analytic available as a default without any verification or anything. Why would you make it more complicated just to see an analysis of the account if it was already simple in the previous updates?? And funny how I wasn’t the only one having this issues and some of my friends are pretty upset with this updates.

- Good but unreliable

I’ve been using this app for around 2 years now. It’s been good for organising my feed however every so often it will bug out and log me out of my account and not let me log back in for a few days saying my “session has expired” when I get to log back in it just gets frozen on a redirecting page . It’s happened quite a few times and can get really irritating. Other then that alright app.

- Bring back grid shift for free

I have been using this app for years to plan my Instagram feed. The main function I used was grid shift. Now I don’t have access to this unless I subscribe. I actually can’t believe a feature that has been available for FREE for YEARS has just been taken away. You say this update was ‘all about performance and fixing little bugs throughout the app. That’s it’. To say that is a complete lie is an understatement. I will no longer be using this app and am on the hunt for a new one. Extremely disappointing!! Poor form UNUM

- Update with showing IGTV

I love everything about this app. I just wish there is an update that shows your feed with the preview of the — now option to post an IGTV video onto your feed. My feed is now hard to curate because I’m not able to see what my feed looks like with the IGTV preview linked posts. Therefore what it looks like on UNUM isn’t what it looks like on Instagram anymore....

- Disappointed with the recent update

I am paying for Elite membership and after the recent update, the app is far too time consuming. Why do I need to upload images to recent then add them in (also can’t delete images from recent). Then when I am in the app I can’t uploaded from my camera roll it only takes me to recent, I have to close the app and restart again. There are also far too many white squares available on Elite, why can’t I add them in as I need. Takes me forever to import one image to plan my feed!

- Amazing - but glitch issues

This app is fantastic!! But since the most recent update i have experienced multiple glitches - photos loading and then deleting themselves, photos not loading at all etc. Hopefully this can be resolved asap please. Apart from this, it is such a useful app!

- Usually it’s great but it’s been buggy recently

It would no longer let me link my instagram, once I log into my instagram an error page pops up and I’ve tried to redo it multiple time but nothing works. I would submit an error report but that’s seems to crash too. Which is a shame because I really like this app. Please fix asap!!

- The best app for insta but please fix the bugs!

Seriously love this app but lately I have been having the exact same issues as the previous review with 3 stars from N_A_T_T and it is honestly so frustrating especially when I’m paying to have the extras so please please fix! 💖

- This app used to be FANTASTIC

This app has always been so good but it is PAINFULLY glitchy!!!! Take it back 2/3 versions ago because these last 2 updates have been horrendous. It moves my squares around and out of place non-stop and is doing the opposite of keeping me organised. It’s also very annoying when you delete a photo and it moves the entire feed up and out of place. I hope you fix the glitches because it’s not user friendly right now.

- Won’t open and crashes

I love this app and as a designer, I do rely on it for all my Instagram accounts and layout, as well as any upcoming posts. However, after the latest update, the app won’t even open at all causing it to crash. I’m on the latest OS and the latest iPhone release. I hope this issue will be fixed as I have a few business accounts I foresee prior to posting.

- Disappointed by the ‘update’

I’ve never written a review before, but something needs to be done about the glitches in the latest overhaul! Unable to move any photos around, they simply bounce back to their original position. Grid shift should NOT be included only as a paid feature. I’ve been an UNUM user for several years now, but I’ve been forced to find another app to use for Instagram organisation, as this update has rendered UNUM useless without expensive paid features.

- Fabulous

I’m not often one to write a review, but I was extremely impressed by Unum. Even on a free plan, UNUM offers an incredibly helpful stats, such as best posting times and best hashtags. The visual planner itself has made it a lot easier to curate our feed & build stronger branding. Definitely considering springing for a bigger plan

- Update is terrible

I’ve had this app for years and have loved it but this new update from this month is so terrible... you can’t simply delete a photo without the whole grid disappearing. It’s made it messy and hard to use, unnecessary update. Also tried cropping a photo within the app and it wouldn’t process the crop. Hope it goes back soon

- Won’t show pics anymore

This app is great. It shows your Instagram page and you can add as much pics as you want before actually uploading the pics.. I would give 5 stars but... unfortunately the app won’t show after a time all of my instagram pics anymore, only those which I added in the actual apps(and not uploaded yet).. I deleted and new install it already, won’t change anything.. please help!!

- Bring grid shift back

I was a user of UNUM for years and loved all its features. It completely outshone all the other planning and organisational Instagram feed apps. After all the recent updates, literally all of the features have disappeared including grid shift. Grid shift was such a unique feature of this app that always made UNUM #1 for me. I literally have no use for this app anymore- super plain and not user friendly. I hope it returns, because soon there won’t be any returning users.

- Updates are getting worse

I’ve been using UNUM since it launched and it was my favourite app for planning my IG posts until I updated my app last week. Photos now take forever to load, all the features require you to upgrade your account, constantly getting error messages, the whole user experience feels clunky compared to what it once was. I’m looking for an alternative, hopefully there’s an app out there that is more similar to the original FREE UNUM app.

- I LOVE this app! Just a few update kinks

With the latest Sep 2019 update, it keeps crashing on me 😭 I’ve deleted and re-downloaded many times too. Also feature request: please add in-feed IGTV to the grids, even if it’s just a 1:1 image placeholder 🙏🏼 great work team!

- Change

I’ve used UNUM for 2-3 years and only have they changed now that you have to purchase tiles and only allows you to have 3. When they used to allow you have as many as you want without paying a monthly fee when it was JUST using tiles and nothing other. Also UNUMs log in with instagrams keeps glitching which seems a bit suspicious and saying your password is wrong when it works fine on instagrams app.

- Few Fixes!

Hey UNUM Family! I absolutely love this app it’s so awesome and is really helping my instagram! But for some reason it isn’t showing my full set of photos that are actually on Instagram. Would love for you guys to fix this because it is really a big bug in the app. Thank you! Xx

- Bring back grid shift!

I’ve used UNUM for years and it’s hands-down my favourite feed planning app. HOWEVER, given the recent update, while it is some getting used to, I’ve realised the grid shift feature is gone for free users! I loved this feature as it let me see how my posts balance (or not) further down it goes in the feed. Please bring back this feature!

- Pls add posted videos to the grid!

Been using this app for years and love it! Only request is to add videos that you’ve posted to Instagram on the grid so you can plan your feed based on them

- Used to Loved it

I’ve been using the free version of this app for years and now the new update makes you pay for the functions which used to be free, I.e. shifting the grid and gives you a smaller amount of times to use, the fee for for the premium features are way too high especially for people who don’t use this for business purposes, please change it back to how it was!

- Great tool!

Really happy that I found this! Have been looking into a tool that has a bunch of features, easy to use, beautiful. Unum has all of it. Best of all, multiple accounts! A no brainer in this day and age. Thank you team UNUM 🤩

- I loved this app until it updated

after recently updating and realising that my Instagram feed wasn’t being shown, and I couldn’t play around with new photo ideas I was thinking of sharing, it became useless to me. I don’t feel the need to pay a subscription fee just to move my own photos around in a grid layout. I will be deleting now that I have no use for it. Sorry.

- Used to be the best

I took a hiatus on Instagram for a while only to return and find that UNUM is now charging to shift photos - key feature which made me support the app for so many years. I get you have to monetise somewhere but should be on add ons or extra feature, not take away a feature your loyal fans were using. How disappointing.

- Almost unable to use

I used this app for years but lately it’s almost impossible to use. I tried checking my grid but all my saved grids are gone it’s not showing up or loading. And everytime I go to my other grid it keeps saying session expired but no button to re-sign in. I only use UNUM to keep my IG post but now I’m totally lost with all major updates. Too much bugs. :(

- Love

Allows you to set out a theme for your instagram before you post and track likes, followers and comments. Great app 10/10 would recommend, amazing

- Use to love it, now it’s infuriating and I can’t stand it

Hey guys, Used to love the app but over the past 6 months it has been so glitchy. Talking about the grid function, not stories here. Photos disappear constantly, either completely, or with a little cloud symbol on a white tile with no way to load the photo back into the grid. Keeps logging out of user accounts, and in doing so removing all photos I’d uploaded and organized into the grid. This is INFURIATING. It will be a matter of hours in between uses and this happens. Please fix this because I want to use this and I just can’t.

- So many bugs and flaws

This app was fabulous a few updates ago! Really functional and easy, a few bugs but manageable. Now, its completely messed up! Photos disappear, change, move wrong, it completely glitches out to the point where its not even useable anymore :(

- Update ruined it

I’ve been using this app truly for years and have loved it so much that I got my friends from overseas onto it as well. However the grid shift option has been moved to premium even though it is such a basic feature and has been free this whole time. Super disappointing and hoping that it’ll be updated soon :(

- Glitches

Since the update the app has been clunky and difficult to use - the shift feature completely disappeared. Moving photos around for some reason is more difficult and many of the features I once used are now gone

- Terrible

I’m not sure why I’m not able to access a lot of the filter even tho I pay a subscription every month, I think it’s quite silly to make me pay even more than what I do to unlock the filters again when i have unlocked already a month ago

- It’s really bad now

I don’t know if my phone is having a glitch or something but I can’t see any of my already posted photos anymore to see if the photos I wanna post go with the feed. It’s also not saying when the good times to post are so it literally had no more use on my phone anymore

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- Works almost perfectly

The only problem I’ve found so far is that my posts with music don’t show up on UNUM, so there are gaps in my feed and it really complicated things for planning. Please fix this!

- Disappointed with new update

I’ve used this app for years and the new update is so disappointing i’ll probably have to download a new app like planoly or something. planning out your feed is hard when you can’t shift. y’all messed up.

- What a disappointing update

Ive been using this app for years but this new update has been difficult and unfair to use. I guess i have to find a new app

- New update has now all premium and buggy

The app has become pretty much useless: -cannot shift grids/photos which is essentially the point of the app - crashes/logs out of your insta account as soon as you switch between accounts

- Disappointed

I’ve used this app for a few years now and loved it. With the new update it is hard to navigate, you can’t grid shift anymore, and my photos won’t upload on first click. Definitely switching apps now. Very disappointed with the new update.

- New update sucks! Won’t be using anymore

The new update got rid of the grid shift button, unless you upgrade to elite, which is super pricy!! I used to love this app but now the free version is so dysfunctional I’ll be looking for another app.

- New Update

Was a huge fan if this app, but with the last update I don’t know that I’ll be using it anymore. Without the option of moving the grid of already published images to slide options to publish right next to them I can’t get an accurate idea for my feed anymore, which is why I used and loved this app. The new options are too busy and complicated, the old version was much, much more user friendly. I’m quite disappointed and hope you will be switching back to being able to move already published images over a few squares!

- Roger

I’m done with this app. So many features are gone and pictures don’t upload properly. Shame , it was the best one out there. Time to look for a new one

- Free features now turned Premium!?

I was really enjoying this app & recommended it often to friends, however the new update has made it extremely unfair to use. Grid shift for example was a free feature for years, but now I have to pay to use it? Why would you do that?

- Too Money Based

I’ve had unum since the beginning of this app, i’ve always loved it but the recent updates are way too expensive for the average instagrammer. Maybe someone who’s making money off instagram can afford to spend $80 a year for some of the necessary features, but it’s insane for anyone else. They’re constantly removing key features and putting a hefty price on it. I suggest making features beneficial to businesses and charging for it, but for the everyday person that only needs the basic features people aren’t going to pay $80, i’ll just delete the app if this continues.

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- Time to find a new app

I’ve loved this app for many year, but it appears I can’t use it at all without paying now. I will be finding a new app for this use.

- Bad new update

This new update removed all my old posts, is super hard to maneuver and does not make feed planning easy like it’s suppose. Sorry but I will be deleteing this app, and moving on to others.

- Glad this exists! But...

I love this app concept and find it very useful for planning my ig posts, however I find the app very buggy and inconsistent. Sometimes it allows me to plan 9 rows in advance, sometimes only 1. This is confusing. Often glitches when moving around images. Often disconnects my ig account and struggles to reconnect. This could be a great app if the flaws are smoothed out.

- Amazed

Unum has truly stepped up her game. The app is a game changer in making nice feed, original posts & stories. Would recommend.

- Why do apps like unum like killing themselves?

Why do apps like unum like killing themselves? It’s a question I find myself asking every time an app goes through a horrible “change” The app use to have an amazing system for editing, now it’s just corpse of the actual app. I’m not sure how cowardly or desperate one has to be to take away everything from the app and replace it with 10% of what the app used to do. It’s so disrespectful. F you creators. Nobody has money to constantly pay subscription. Just because others do it doesn’t you should too. I’m looking forward to finding a similar app to how this app use to be. I’m deleting this pathetic app that it has become, thanks for killing your own app. How very smart of the developer.

- So disappointed

I’ve been on this app for over a year paying premium and I’m so disappointed with multiple technical issues and how slow the app can be sometimes. It’s very frustrating and so not worth the price. I’m switching to another app.

- Disappointing update

I have been using this app for a few years now and with this new update it is almost impossible to use! Can’t update new picture and if you delete one you loose a spot. Will need to find a new app.

- Pay just to add photos to grid?!

Been using the free version of this app for years, tried to stay loyal even the updates and the bugs which have made the app way less user friendly (including the grid shuffle any time you delete a photo or try to make a carousel for insta). The last straw? Today I went to add a photo to my existing grid and the app told me JUST TO ADD PHOTOS TO BLANK SQUARES that I need to update to Elite and pay $79.99?! No thanks. It’s really too bad, this app use to be so great.

- Not syncing

Every time I add a new photo it never finishes syncing and then the next time I enter the app all the new photos I added are all blank grey squares. What can I do to make sure everything syncs?!?

- Do not download

I’ve been using unum for years now and they started forcing payment. I was fine using the free version but they erased all my planned posts to force me to pay. Never using this app again. I was considering the upgrade but the fact that they removed all my photos and forcing me to pay is so disgusting I’d rather just give a new app my money.

- Terrible Update

The older version of UNUM was perfect. I don’t know why these new updates got rid of simple and useful options. 1) Why can’t I click on my picture and swipe right on already posted Instagram pictures? I can no longer swipe through pictures to see what they would look like as someone scrolling down your feed. 2) Why can’t I shift up to 6 blank layouts and plan like before? You’re charging now for 6 blank spaces all of a stuffed?Now I can only shift already posted IG pictures and ONLY have three blank options. How is that useful for planning content. Ridiculous. 3) The layout of all the options are just everywhere and disorganized. Keep everything in one side like the bottom as before. This app really changed and became worse like Instagram updates themselves. Will find another planning app.

- Unhappy loyal customer

When I signed up I was given a lifetime elite membership. I think the app stopped working well 2 years ago and I stopped using it. I downloaded it later to see if it improved and they took away my elite membership. I believe that is really dishonest because I had to do some type of task to get my elite membership the first time. I’m disappointed they would do this to the people who helped other people discover the app. I’m deleted tons of photos to add a mew photo and I’m down to just having three in my grid and I still cannot add a new one. So disappointed in this app. Looking for something new now.

- Update

I have been using this app for years but stopped after the subscription update. It makes the app annoying to use and I don’t think it is worth $70 a year when I used to use it for free

- Disappointing

Why would you remove features from an app? Can no longer shift the grid, constant upload issues (pics won’t upload… I don’t know why they even need to upload, worked fine on my phone). You want me to pay $9/month for grid shift? And “uploads” that constantly don’t work. Byeeee!

- Disappointed Lost all my work

I’ve been using this app for a few years now and the newest upgrades have continuously locked me out deleted my grids and layout I’ve paid for the service and I still got errors to refresh my tokens and all my work is gone. I’ve use this for my professional business for other clients and my work has been lost due to me not having tokens even though I pay for the service so I have to start from the beginning. If you are using this just for fun to make a couple layouts and taking a screenshot of your work to have it saved than it is a good idea but if you are trying to use this as a reference for setting up a month long project or longer I do not recommend because your work will be lost.

- So hard to use

Used this app for over 4 years but then one day everything just changed and it’s terrible to navigate, why doesn’t it show my feed before I edit it? Why are there so many choices to add different feeds

- Essential App for Instagram lovers

LOVE this app! I’m personally very picky with how I want my grid to look, so this is the perfect app to plan my content. :)

- New grid shift feature is very annoying

New rows/squares keep getting added every time I shift my grid and it’s becoming very annoying because I keep having to go back and delete all of them so that I don’t have to keep scroll all the way down to see my actual feed. I don’t understand why the grid shift needs to also add a new square, the old shift without the additions were so much more convenient. If we need a new square we have a separate button for that. Please change back to the old one, it’s time consuming to have to go back delete all of the new ones.

- Literally money to add more posts

You literally can only put like 12 posts N the rest have to be paid, bad app, going to find another app to use

- Useless after the latest update

I used to love this app - I’ve been using it for years. They have suddenly changed the “shift grid” feature that was previously free and made it part of their overpriced Elite app ($9.49 USD a month), among other things. There are many other grid layout apps that do the same thing as this one now (ie. grid layout, drafting post captions, planning) and do it better (and cheaper) in many cases. Will be deleting this one off my phone tonight.

- So disappointing

Horrible horrible horrible update! I’ve been using UNUM for years and even pay for elite but the things I loved about it are now gone and it’s been very frustrating to use. So many features they previously had are no longer accessible. Don’t waste your time here- this app is completely useless now.

- worst

the updates have ruined this app. taking away basic features and making them available only thru a subscription. so selfish. deleting and going back to the Preview app!

- Update wrecks the app :(

I have used this app for a long time and loved it, but after the last update they got rid of the function where you can shift the grid of photos unless you buy the paid version.. guess I will be switching to another app now!

- Do not get this app!

I am very confused with this update. I have been using this app for years and they took away the option to expand a picture over several squares and I paid for this app. I want my money back right away as this is unfair as you took away features in which I purchased it for to begin with. Do not get this app!

- I needed this

I was looking for an app to preview what my feed would look like and show my top posts, etc. I was expecting to need to download several apps but Unum works great. I would just like to be able to save pics off of the app, because I often edit photos in the app.

- Now have to pay to use app

I’ve had this app since it first came out, Unum even reposted some of my content on their page. And now it costs $9 a month to use it? So disappointed. I’ve told so many people about this app over the years. Have to find another app for free now..

- update sucks

i’ve been using this app for years and i’ve always loved it. this update is really upsetting. not being able to shift my feed is was definitely a determining factor for me choosing a different app. which sucks because i’ve recommend this one to so many of my friends.

- Why

Same as anyone else I’ve used this app for years! But lately I can’t do anything without the subscription popping up and not letting me do the things I used to do. There’s less grids, I can’t shift it, even if I delete a picture from the storage it still says “buy subscription to add more” - but i just deleted a picture how come I can’t add? Anyway, sad to go but I’m switching to a different app at least temporarily :/

- Frustrated

The app asks me to register to keep using it but when I sign up it says I already have an account. Well duh! But there’s no way for me to sign into the app to gain access to my already existing account unless I register! How does that make sense? :/

- Awful

Used to work well but not it’s useless. Can’t do anything, lost it’s purpose with the new update. Awful app now, don’t download, it’s a waist of time

- Disappointed with update

This was my favourite Instagram planning app. With the new update, the grid shift feature, which used to be free, now costs $79.99 per year. No thank you.

- Updates are worse and worse

I’ve used UNUM to organize my feed for so long and I’ve finally given up. Every time they update they restrict more and more functions and make you pay a subscription to continue using it. The buttons make no sense, you’ll tap on one square and some options so up, you press on others and they’ll disappear and other functions pop up. Makes no sense. I give up.

- Annoying

I’ve been using this for a couple of months. It was fine at first but the recent updates have made it unbearable to use. When I move pics around, the app gets a mind of its own and shuffles all my work and pics around randomly undoing the layout I just planned. Really annoying when you’re in the zone trying to plan.

- Like Planoly in a bad way.

I have been using this app since it’s release and with every update I have been losing access to more and more features. I really did prefer UNUM to Planoly but it seems like they are trying to be the same but with less tools 🤔 The premium tools are also limited considering the price...

- Not great anymore

Was using this app for years and loved it. But now i am unable to use it for free. There isn’t any other apps that help organize your feed. Disappointing

- Won’t connect

This would be perfect if it actually linked to my Instagram account. Keeps getting stuck on that step, rendering this app useless to me. UPDATE: it took 2 years after writing this review for the developer to respond... I think that says it all right there 🙄 don't use this app.

- disappointing

ive used this app for years now and seeing the new updates, its honestly just become a money hungry app. pretty disappointed. although you can still plan your feed, its extremely difficult w/o the old features now that theres a pay wall. honestly a dumb decision that i cant wrap my mind around. i loved this app w my heart, having all the free spaces i could and being able to shift photos/grids was awesome; something that made me stay. but now im not so sure. whats the point of paying $10/m for such simple tools? pretty useless app if those features aren't there to begin with.

- Pay to shift grid

Update makes it so you have to pay to shift the grid... wow. The downgrade.

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UNUM — Design Layout & Collage 4.7.0 Screenshots & Images

UNUM — Design Layout & Collage iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

UNUM — Design Layout & Collage iphone images
UNUM — Design Layout & Collage iphone images
UNUM — Design Layout & Collage iphone images
UNUM — Design Layout & Collage iphone images
UNUM — Design Layout & Collage iphone images
UNUM — Design Layout & Collage iphone images
UNUM — Design Layout & Collage iphone images
UNUM — Design Layout & Collage iphone images

UNUM — Design Layout & Collage (Version 4.7.0) Install & Download

The applications UNUM — Design Layout & Collage was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2016-01-07 and was developed by UNUM, Inc. [Developer ID: 1057252114]. This application file size is 265.57 MB. UNUM — Design Layout & Collage - Graphics & Design app posted on 2021-04-29 current version is 4.7.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: la.unum.unum-ios

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