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What is phonograms by sei app? Welcome to The Spalding Method ™ Phonograms app!
NOTICE: Upon installing this mobile application, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.
This Spalding Phonograms app is designed for helping students learn the phonics connection between speech sounds and written symbols that represent those sounds (phonograms). Learning the phonograms is essential for accurate and automatic reading, writing, and spelling. Teaching all the sounds of the phonemes represented by an alphabet letter or combination of two, three, or four letters (phonograms) enables students to read, spell, and write high-frequency words quickly. Students who learn the phonograms well expand their vocabulary and are able to use effective and creative communication skills in writing. Critical thinking is involved in learning the appropriate phonogram placement within words for accurate spelling and for applying information learned during phonogram reviews to pronounce unfamiliar words.
The Spalding Phonograms app is for students that need additional practice, including home schooling, ESL (English as a Second Language), ELL (English Language Learners), ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students, and those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. The school and home connection is encouraged through collaboration and communication with the teacher, parent, and student for practicing the phonograms appropriately and adequately. The Spalding Phonograms app aligns with the core reading foundational skills required by state and national standards that are most crucial to the development of early reading success and reading comprehension, including:
• Phonemic awareness
• Feature recognition
• Letter recognition
• Sound-symbol relationships (decoding)
The Spalding Phonograms app provides the following options for all 87 phonograms.
• Phonogram Introduction by selected group – The student sees the phonograms in order of instruction in The Writing Road to Reading, listens to the teacher say the sound(s), and then says the sound(s).
• Oral Phonogram Review – A random phonogram card is show, followed by a pause. The student says the sound(s) and then listens to check accuracy.
• Written Phonogram Review –The student hears the phonogram sounds, followed by a pause; the student repeats the sound(s), listens for a cue, if needed, and then writes the phonogram on lined paper. The card is immediately shown so the student can check for accuracy.
• Differentiated Practice – Specific phonograms (from all 87) can be selected that need more practice. These phonograms can then be practiced in Phonogram Introduction, Oral Phonogram Review, or Written Phonogram Review.

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How to contact Phonograms by SEI (Spalding Education International)?
Find this site the customer service details of Phonograms by SEI. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Phonograms by SEI Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Phonograms by SEI Version 1.4.329 January 2022

Bug fixes.

Phonograms by SEI Comments & Reviews 2022

- I paid money for this?

This app is horribly designed. It assumes the teacher is following their lesson plans exactly. I have to go into multiple lessons to hunt for each phonogram that my child is currently learning. Would be so much nicer to have other options on how to choose the phonograms you want to practice. Also, some sounds in the higher frequencies (such as ph) come across poorly on the phone speaker. This is a problem considering this app is all about speech sounds! Overall, it was a great idea to make phonograms easier to practice, but the execution of the design is incredibly poor... especially for the price.

- Perfect to practice with my Kindergartner

My first lenguaje in not English so even when I speak a very fluent English I have to admit that I was never tough all the phonograms while learning English. Being said this I don't expect the app does the whole job of teaching my son but it has been a big help to practice with him the sounds each letter does. Like I said this is great for practice and we love it!! I am not sure why people says sound doesn't work but for me it works every single time I open it. I would love to click on any letter randomly without having to go through the list and hear the sound but still it does the job and it has been very helpful. Love it!!!

- Does not match the order at school

This app really needs a way to choose the phonograms you want to practice. My son’s teacher is not going in the same order as the lists in the app, making it hard to practice using the app. I have to hunt around the different app lists to find the ones he is currently learning. To make matters worse, there is supposed to be a “select” button available in the differentiated practice that would somewhat allow you to do this, but it is not there. This makes the differentiated practice function useless.

- Great for parents at least!

This application have helped our family so much. Every single day from Monday to Thursday we use it to help us with our kindergarten student to do her homework. She is getting the best scores in the tests for the subject. We are more than pleased with this awesome app. We specially love the free section to check any phonogram and dictate to our kiddo. Is simply and once you try all the sections you can use it as your special homework-helper. 👌

- Needs A Lot of Improvement

Users should be able to select which phonograms to work on (based on what their child’s teacher is covering, not the app’s grouping). Also the written practice doesn’t work in my app; it just has a black screen even after I press “show me”. I restarted the app and restarted my phone, but it didn’t resolve the issue. We can’t really use this, and I’m bummed I paid money for an app that doesn’t work. Others should just buy Spalding’s practice cards.

- Love it!

Sound works; just make sure your ringer is set to “on”. The writing section is meant to be used along with paper and the answers are shown as flash cards to check your work. I like this bc it requires them to practice their handwriting as they are supposed to; not on a screen. This was a great option for us to supplement the work that is happening at school while only spending $4. My girls (3 and 5) are doing so well with this program! I think it just needs a website or video to explain its features. I wish they had audio available to remind children of the rules as they write. “Start at the top line…” I recommend this app to anyone with a young reader!

- Phonograms app

It was a great app, up until last week. For some reason now, when we do the oral or written review of the phonograms it’s not working. It’s always listening the phonograms in the same order and not out of order like it’s supposed to; and also it not saying any clues words for the phonograms. I don’t know what’s going on but please fix it. I tried to delete and reinstall the app and it’s still not working


** DO NOT RECOMMEND** I paid for this app to help my child learn for school curriculum but the sound went out. I thought it was my phone but it just randomly lost sound and no matter how much I restart or remove and reinstall the app sound is gone. I got to use it maybe 2 times and then lost sound. Please FIX iPhone 7 Plus

- Written portion does not work! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I just paid for this app today after ordering a large amount of curriculum from them. The written part absolutely needs to be fixed. How helpful it would be especially if you could trace letters in the app after seeing them formed. A cursive and print option would be nice as well.

- Useful

I highly recommend this application. I will say parents do have to put their part in selecting and keeping up with the appropriate curriculum/ syllabus. Had no issues with sounds. I found this application to be helpful for my child, and he was only in kindergarten and reading.

- I like it but needs work.

I like that I can make a list specifically for the phonograms my kid is learning but don’t like that I can’t make another list for my other kids. Please make it so that I can make multiple differentiated lists that can be saved and removed easily. Recommended by my kids teacher for Spalding.

- Turn your phone off silent

It’s really frustrating, but make sure your phone is not on silent while using the app and the sound should work. This definitely should be fixed though I agree with all of you. Now can someone tell me how the writing part works?

- Help no sound

This is a great tool, the only problem is that sound works sometimes I don’t know what happens but their are days when no sound for the phonograms is available. It’s frustrating because I paid for this app to have my kid practice the sounds of phonograms.

- Low quality design

I was surprised a how boring and ugly this is to keep kids engaged. Bought because the school required but there are better programs. In the write portion when clicking show me, the screen stays black as the pencil goes away but dent reveal. This barely works and for $3.99 you’ll be robbed

- Won’t work on multiple devices

Paid $4 to download on my sons kindle fire - it will do about half the phonograms and then the volume will cut out and it won’t make any more sounds. I also paid another $4 to download on the iPad thinking it would work better, and it doesn’t make any sounds at all through the iPad. My volume is working and other apps are working fine, so it’s just this app that isn’t working.

- Sometimes the sound works and sometimes it doesn’t

This app stops properly working when it needs to be updated and the sound will sometimes work. I have closed out of the app and reopened and still no sound. Super frustrating

- Sound not working

Really frustrated that I spent $4 on this app and the sound does not work. Many reviews said that you just need to be sure your volume is on but mine is all the way up and no sound comes out at all. Spalding Phonics is a great program but this app needs to be fixed!

- Poorly designed

As others have mentioned you can’t select the phonograms you want to study. You’re limited to going through the selected groups. But by far my biggest complaint is that the sound no longer works in the app. I’ve reinstalled and restarted but it doesn’t help. Save your money.

- Lifesaver

I’ve been having my 6yr old work on the phonograms in this app and have seen improvement in his reading skills in just 2 weeks. Phonograms are a reading game-changer.

- Found out why sound doesn't work

My sound wouldn't work when I first purchased this app, even if my volume was all the way up. I found out that if my phone ringer is switched to silent (left side switch on i phone) then sound won't work.

- Good for the car

The oral part of this app is great, my daughter can practice in the car and I can hear her. We can not get the written part of this app to work. Kind of bummed because it would be fun for her to practice writing in the car also. I hope that a fix comes soon.

- No volume problems

My daughters teacher suggested this. Value at $4. Volume works fine. Bad reviews seem to be fixed or user error.

- No Sound

I just purchased this App and can’t use it! I thought this problem would have already been taken care of. Want my money back!

- No Sound????

Finally read the other reviews and figured out the reason there was no sound was because my phone is on silent (switch on side of phone). Really? Can the developer fix this? This shouldn’t be happening!

- Sound doesn’t work anymore

This app no longer plays the sounds for each phonogram so it’s pretty useless. I deleted and re-downloaded the app, but it still won’t work. I wish the developers would come out with a new version that fixes this issue.

- Unable to see the options

Since the latest OS update the app is unusable. Select a lesson and then the buttons at the bottom are all black. So the button is black and the text is black which means there is no telling what each is for. It’s incredibly frustrating.

- This is horrible

I should have read the reviews before purchasing. Spalding Method is a great way to teach kids to read and write but this app is seriously deficient. Like so many other reviewers, I can’t get the sound to work. It is not operator error - why hasn’t this been fixed? The complaints go back years. What a waste.

- Wish you could write the letters

It would be great if you could write the phonograms with your finger or a stylus. Also, why does the speaker not say the clues with the phonograms? How are the kids supposed to learn the difference between aw and au or oi and oy? For the price of this app these features should be included in the app.

- Awful App

I downloaded this app to help my son with his phonograms & being something you have to pay for you would think it would work properly but you can’t even hear the sounds of the letters so a complete waste of money.

- Love it!

Works great for allowing kids to practice. For those that say no sound make sure your phone is not on silent.

- I cannot get the sound to work

I am not able to use this paid app. I am very disappointed with the app. It should be easy to used but instead I have waisted a few hours trying to get the sound to work.

- Waste of money

Paid 3.99 because it helps to hear the sounds. Open the app and it won’t play the sound of the words. Waste of money and as mentioned you can’t navigate to the sounds you need.

- No sound- don't buy

There is no sound for the app. This makes the app pretty much useless. Perhaps this app was made for teachers, but the format is also not user friendly for parents. A more helpful version would allow students to practice individually.

- Do not buy (October 2022)

Was recommended by kids school. However, it totally does not make any sound no matter what. Tried to contact the APP, either fix it or refund. No reply yet. Will update review when there is an update.

- There is no sound and no app support either

I am hoping I can still use this purchase instead of having to buy the $14 cards. The Spalding company is really ruthless. They did not invent phonograms. But they have a monopoly on our education system so we are stuck with them.

- No sound

I have the free version on my Samsung and it works fine. I paid for the full version on my ipad and there is no sound. The app has no purpose without sound. I have already verified all of my settings and this is the only app with this issue.

- Doesn’t work

I want my money back. This app does not read the sounds out loud, but it does have a non-functioning “read aloud” button to make things extra frustrating.

- Audio Does Not Work!

For an app that is supposed to help kids understand the sounds of letters in English grammar, this app is useless. The app does not provide any sound, even after we tested other apps and re-downloaded. Waste of $3.99.

- No sound.

I can’t hear anything when I try to use this app. My sister said she had to download it onto a kindle before she was able to hear anything. What is the point of an app that teaches my kids the SOUNDS of letters if there is no sound.

- Terrible app

There is no sound .. it is definitely not my phone that is the problem because all my other apps are working

- Written part doesn't work

Bought this for my daughter to practice. It's pretty basic, but I'm not happy the written part doesn't work.

- Writing doesn’t work

I downloaded this app per teachers recommendation and it was a waste of money. The sounds work but I could get that from a free app. The writing part doesn’t work so my son has no interest in it at all. Don’t waste your money.

- No sound

This app is terrible. I am so annoyed that I paid for it. The sound never works. We have tried using it on my daughter’s kindle as well as my iPad. There is no sound. This is extremely frustrating!

- The sound does not work

It would not play the sounds on my phone rendering this app completely useless. Please fix the app because I would love to spend time with my kids reviewing their phonograms. I paid $4 for nothing!

- Not as pictured

The app doesn’t let you select manually the phonograms like the picture eludes to. Not really helpful unless you are using this as an out of school tutoring resource. Don’t waste your $

- What’s up with the sound

How can someone help their child or students if they can’t hear the sound! To pay for this app and not have it work is insane

- No sound

I had hoped that the sound issues others had mentioned had been resolved. I was wrong. No sound. No games. No ability to write in the writing portion. Completely useless.

- Sound doesn’t work

I’m sure the app would be great if it actuallly had sound attached to it but it defeats the purpose of it if you can’t hear the sounds to practice.

- Very slow

It takes 4 seconds to download each phonogram. And it doesn’t save it in the cache memory. So you’re constantly downloading a phonogram

- I paid money for this too and it has no sound

I paid money for this app and it has no sound coming out.

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Phonograms by SEI iphone images
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The applications Phonograms by SEI was published in the category Education on 2014-12-02 and was developed by Spalding Education International [Developer ID: 934525007]. This application file size is 12.84 MB. Phonograms by SEI - Education app posted on 2022-01-29 current version is 1.4.3 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.spalding.Phonograms