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V1 GOLF SWING ANALYSIS APP for the iPhone, iPad AND iPod Touch!
#1 Worldwide Sports Video Analysis Software

YOU GET TWO APPS IN ONE: A full iPad app and a full iPhone & iPod Touch app - IT'S A BEST BUY!

"These kids are now bringing out iPads to the range and watching their swing and breaking it down on the V1. That's totally different. " Tiger Woods, U.S. Open

BIG Stat - 95 Million Swings filmed and analyzed with V1 Golf app!

Includes - 2014 PGA Champion & 2011 U.S. Open Champion Rory McIlory

V1 Golf makes the cut on Mashable.com as 1 of 8 Mobile Apps for Golf Season!



Compare your swing to the Tour Pro’s with;

*Access to swings from PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour Players (Limited downloads in Base version)
-Roy McIlroy
-Lee Westwood
-Tiger Woods
-Rickie Fowler
-Keegan Bradley
-Jordan Spieth
-Dustin Johnson
.....among many others!!

*Up to 240 FPS capture on capable devices
*Accelerate Trim & Edit Video
*Playback in Slow-mo, frame-by-frame

*Split-Screen Swing Analysis
*Flip/Mirror, Zoom, Overlay Swings
*Landscape or Vertical Orientation
*Tour Pro Swing Library (300fps)
*Synchronized playback with high speed model video
*Full Suite of Analysis Tools

*Create free online “locker” to store swings
*Submit/View Analyzed Clips from V1 Instructor
*Email Screenshot of analysis
*Email iPhone Swing Video to a friend or Pro
*Access to Drills/Tips from V1 instructors
*View V1 Golf YouTube Channel for more tips

*With our exclusive InYourFaceUSA iPhone Stand
(not included; purchasable in-app)


V1 Golf contains an OPTIONAL renewing subscription offer called V1 Golf Plus. Features of V1 Golf Plus...

•Instant access to all-new HD Tour Model Swings. The world's best male and female players.
•Archive access to your locker content (greater than a year old)
•Priority email support
•First access to new features as they're rolled out
•Special savings for being a V1 user

The subscription cost is $39.99 for the first year of your subscription and it will auto renew each year unless you cancel. You may cancel at anytime prior to the auto renew anniversary.


About Interactive Frontiers

Interactive Frontiers is the maker of V1 Pro, the #1 Video Analysis Software in Sports. V1 Pro is the preferred technology partner of PGA.com, PGA of America, Golf Digest and used by leading Tour players and golf instructors worldwide to capture, analyze and improve their golf swings. The V1 Golf app is built from this leading technology gained from over 15 years of ongoing research and development in sports video analysis software. Across all sports, more coaches, instructors, training facilities and athletes worldwide use V1 technology to improve their athletic performance than any other video analysis software.

We are committed to continually improving the V1 Golf App, so we encourage any/all feedback you may want to offer.

~For more information about Interactive Frontiers and the V1 Golf App, please visit www.v1golfapp.com~

V1 Golf App Description & Overview

The applications V1 Golf was published in the category Sports on 2010-01-20 and was developed by Interactive Frontiers, Inc.. The file size is 27.93 MB. The current version is 1.01.32 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Adjustments for iOS 10

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Good... But shuts down  rREVISr35  3 star

The app is incredibly useful if you know what you want to look for in your swing. I am still only a mid-handicapper looking to get into single digits, but I just use the suggestions my instructor says to tweek some things in my swing. This app allows me to see my club path and face angles, along with comparing it to tour players. The HUGE draw back with this app is that it randomly shuts down sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't record the video correctly and it becomes corrupt, causing the app to shut down and then you lose that video along with any possible markings you made on it. All in all the app is extremely useful if you know what you're doing, but V1 PLEASE fix the glitch! This app could be an easy 5 star with that!


Wish they had a lefty model....  iahawkfanihu9g6rf  3 star

App is pretty good- just wish they had a lefty model. Not everyone is a righty, V1!


Works half the time. Causes my phone to crash and lose power the other half.  halfrhoveesquared  2 star

If my phone doesn't have near full battery the app will cause my phone to crash and then act as though it has no battery left. It will shutdown and when I try to turn it on it will say it needs to be plugged it.


Excellent!  ekelly44  5 star

If you want to really analyze a tour players swing, this app is perfect. Upload your own swing and compare it to tour players. I LOVE it!

The Guy You Love to Hate

What happened??????  The Guy You Love to Hate  1 star

Boo! Shame on you!! I've used V1 longer than I can remember, back to the days when you had to set up a laptop and video camera. NRVER, have they ever charged for the swing library as it was included with the software/app. Now it's $39.99 a year?!?! Not only do they charge you now, the latest update erased the entire library that I already had from when it was free. Nothing says thanks to your loyal supporters like...oh you're looking for you swing model library, we deleted it but if it helps you can purchase what use to be free!


Needs simple features  JBSNH  1 star

Very primitive and clunky edit tools. Not sure if I'm missing something but drawing a line doesn't show number of degrees of tilt. Pretty basic thing for an app like this. Also, no undo? If I am doing a lot of lines and I accidentally add something I didn't intend, I can't seem to undo that one thing. Also can't delete or move lines and other objects that I created. These seem like such common features that I feel like I must be missing them but I don't think I am. If the app is missing these simple features it's pretty annoying and limits its usefulness. Please update this app to a modern look and functionality.

David Reviewer Guy

240 fps bust  David Reviewer Guy  1 star

This version does not work well with my iPhone 6 plus. The video processing blurs and drops frames. Looking at the same video in the picture gallery look great but without any of the V1 goodness. I paid now that's not valid. They went to a subscription model. What happened to what I paid for?

The potato one Yoshi

Terrible  The potato one Yoshi  1 star

I bought this app for 4.99 and now you to pay a extra of $40!! It's f***ing crazy and unfair. The older update didn't force you to do that


Buggy - Update  Craign5  2 star

Current version crashes immediately upon the opening screen. I will update my rating as the developer updates the software. Update...the software at initial comes up with a message that says looking for connectivity but flashes so fast you barely see it. Once the phone was on wifi the app works as promised. What I don't understand is why I could download the app via my cell service but couldn't launch it.


Crashes every time  Tomcat614  1 star

I just bought this and it won't even open. Waste of money


Awesome app  Pa-Dawood  5 star

Just need to figure out how to support an iPhone or iPad on some form of platform or tripod. Tools and comparison are great


V1golf  Orchila  1 star

El programa no funciona correctamente: actualmente no se puede tomar vídeos en el programa. Algunas veces si se puede tomar vídeos pero no se pueden importar al programa ,ya que V1golf del de funcionar. Atentamente y en espera de su pronta ayuda


Don't waste your time  Kylegolf233  1 star

Just look at the ratings and move on, to much to type


Almost 5 stars  Feks  3 star

Please fix the trim function. If you trim a video, you will loose all the HD quality of the vid. If you don't trim, the file will be too big to email. FIX IT!!!


Instructor  Bogey05  1 star

Video works, but cannot send email to students, I guess you get what you pay for. As far as customer service goes, they are heavy on sales, light on service


So far...So bad!  GW3744  1 star

Downloaded the app but can't create an account in iPad or iPhone. The screen just churns and never finishes logging me in. Not worth the effort.

PGA Member

PGA Member Review  PGA Member  1 star

Customer service is always very rude. The app has had many problems, and Is always being fixed. Fixes seemingly take a long time!


Trimmer Does Not Work  Dubinvero  1 star

The Trimmer Function does not work properly. You can set a start point but when you set an end point you lose everything up to the end point. No instructions on how to trim.


Trimming videos  zeusiboy  4 star

Love how is works, but EVERYTIME I trim the video it gets blurry, fix it please.

J Tizle

New update made it unusable  J Tizle  1 star

Great app for teaching, but new update made it impossible to import video from photos. Crashes every time. Please fix soon.

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