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AccuWeather: Weather Radar [Weather] App Description & Overview

Get the accurate weather forecast you know you can rely on with AccuWeather. With in-depth forecast news, the latest forecast updates, severe weather alerts, and much more. Our precision and scientific accuracy let you stay one step ahead - making the unpredictable, predictable this winter.

Be prepared for any sudden changes in weather with live alerts and detailed reports. Plus our daily snapshots provide everything from cloud cover to UV index.
Why you’ll love using AccuWeather:

• Our brand new UI - Enjoy a beautiful, streamlined layout with a stunning conditional background feature. Plus, our easy to use UI helps you to quickly visualize all of the relevant info you need.
• You won’t miss a minute of accurate weather information - Our MinuteCast feature has had a makeover - now you can enjoy Minute by Minute! Our latest feature gives you a detailed minute by minute breakdown of the next two hours so you don’t miss a second of the latest weather updates.
• You’ll be prepared for any weather event on the horizon - Get highs for today and tomorrow with our Today Tonight Tomorrow feature or even get a 45-day outlook.
• You get superior accuracy™ whenever and wherever you need it - Get worldwide weather updates if you're home or away.
• Enjoy RealFeel & RealFeel Shade Temperature® technology - you’ll know the difference between how the weather looks and how it actually feels.
• Go beyond your local forecast - Access hyper-localized mapping layers, including our temperature contour map, and live tropical storm radar. Plus, dew point, UV index, visibility, allergy, precipitation, air quality index reports and more.
• Get relevant weather content - Read articles and watch videos that are updated regularly and personalized to your needs.

Be prepared for any weather that winter throws at you, wherever you live.
East Coast - Snow, wind, cold and more! We’ll help you stay prepared with detailed weather forecasts to help you plan in advance.
Pacific Northwest - Get the latest updates on temperature and the rain forecast with our live info and be prepared for any winter storms on the horizon.
West Coast - Check for updates on cloud cover and temperature

The best part is you control what type of information you get with our new custom notifications. Opt into Minute By Minute notifications to get jacket or umbrella reminders and much more! From the daily forecast to minute-by-minute updates, you’ll be prepared come rain or shine.

How to make the AccuWeather app work for you:
• Personalize the app depending on where you are in the world.
• Look 45 days ahead to ensure that you’re prepared for any weather.
• Try the Minute by Minute feature for the most up to date weather forecast, minute by minute.
• Get the latest trending videos from AccuWeather’s dedicated news team.
• Filter according to your preferences and easily hide any features that you don’t want.
• Sync AccuWeather with your watch to get updated information with just a quick glance at your wrist.

With AccuWeather’s superior accuracy™ you’ll never miss a memorable moment due to the weather. Wherever you are or wherever you’re going, count on AccuWeather for reliable weather information.

Download AccuWeather today for free and enjoy award-winning superior accuracy™ in weather forecasting on your iOS device.

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AccuWeather: Weather Radar Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fix for hourly weather

AccuWeather: Weather Radar Comments & Reviews

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- Weather

I get the MOST ACCURATE weather from this App ! Many weather channels & apps to choose from . I use to go by other sources , but most of them never told me the REAL WEATHER ,LIKE ACCUWEATHER DOES .It also gives more information about what to except on Winds ,Rain , Snow , and with Hourly , Daily or Weekly . So when it’s time for a Vacation or just going out shopping for the Day , I know exactly what to wear , and what items , like a Umbrella or Jacket for the cooler weather in the evening. I Have DELETED ALL MY OTHER WEATHER APPS with mistrusted details ! This one App tells me everything I need for any Outing .Makes my Days Happy , when I’m prepared .Went to Family Reunion, Very Nice Warm 80’s Weather , until the middle of outside Reunion. It started to pour down the rain , and chilled off quickly .I had a change of warmer clothes ,and raincoat & rainboots ,with a Umbrella in my Car .Sure made me tell everyone about Accuweather ,when they all kept asking me , how did you know to be prepared for a such a sudden change ! I felt like I was the Smartest Person Out Of the Whole Family ! Thank You Accuweather , you are my Daily Best Friend ! Shelley H .

- Don’t Like the New App

I do not like the new app. First of all, the iPad app is now only in landscape version, and I have to turn my iPad mini sideways to view the app. Then, on the hourly and daily forecast pages, you have a box on the right side which shows the current info which is found on the main screen. This box is distracting when I’m trying to read the details for the hourly or daily forecasts. On my phone you have kept the portrait layout; if you can have it on the phone you can put it back on the iPad! At least give us a choice with the layout. I also noticed that the MinuteCast page no longer shows the actual address where you think I am. As it needs an actual address to be reasonably accurate by the minute, I would like to see the address back on the screen. It is even more important if I’m traveling from place to place in town; I can’t tell whether you have updated my location or not. Or are you still basing the MinuteCast on an exact address? The MinuteCast has always been my favorite feature of your app. Now the wheel and the detailed graphic are a little harder to read, and the wheel only shows one hour, not 120 minutes. Please bring back portrait mode on the iPad, and please make sure your MinuteCast feature is great at showing the details for my exact location. There are other weather apps, but the MinuteCast is what makes yours unique and is the reason I use AccuWeather.

- Great App, Change is good people

Is it really necessary to give one star and a bad review for something that clearly sounds like a bug and will most likely be fixed if it hasn’t been already? They literally just redesigned the whole app, give them a break. “Landscape mode is broken omg end of the world; worst app ever”?. It’s just funny how people are so averse to change. I can’t speak for the iPad version but on the iPhone this app is great. Way better than the weather app that Apple provides. Love the new beautiful design. Things are so much more organized. That navigation bar was all I ever wanted. Thank you! All the features are still the same. It’s just the layout that’s been improved. Only thing I’m confused by, and this may be a combination of nitpicking and my own ignorance, the moon rise and set times are weird. Moon rising at 8:34 am and setting at 10:34 pm? I’ll assume that’s a bug. Anyway love the app so much I went ahead and paid the $8.99 for the year. Bet most of you spend triple that amount on you micro transaction games so please, the least you could do is support people who are actually working hard to provide you with a helpful app rather than manipulating you into spending real money on your virtual farm ?. Keep up the good work Devs. Hope you guys are working on a nice widget for the next iOS update!

- Was a 4, now a 3

I don’t much care for your recent update. It takes too long to finish loading and updating so I can actually get current info. You took away the feature that lets you pull down on the screen for update. You changed the order of the allergens (why would you do that? I had the order memorized, now I have to read each one). You removed the phases of the moon. I do like the “today, tonight, tomorrow” feature. I’ll see how I feel about it all when I get used to it. But the last thing I needed in my life right now was more change. Update: got a notification that I got a developer response. But I don’t see any way to access it. Oh well. Might try a different weather app. Oh. To add to the above comments, I now have to scroll to see the humidity. Didn’t need to before. Nuisance. 2nd update. Finally read the developer response. I don’t know if it displays to the general reader, but my take on it was, “Our technology is more important than what you want. So we’re going to push our technology.” That’s not a quote, but my interpretation. Mr/Ms Developer, I have seen your glowing statements about how everybody just loves the new update. That’s not what I’m reading in the reviews. FYI, people really don’t like being lied to. I’m going elsewhere for my weather.

- Hate the new layout, no portrait mode, no hour by hour graphs

Landscape mode only? So it appears this version of the iPad app only allows you to use it in landscape mode and does not support viewing data in portrait mode. I typically don’t use my iPad in landscape mode except for the odd spreadsheet and videos the rest of the time I use it in portrait mode. Especially as i am walking around the kitchen each morning trying to get ready for my day and commute to work. Trying to hold an iPad in landscape mode while also tryin to get out coffee and breakfast for the family is impossible. I wish that the app would autorotate depending on the orientation of the user or if there were a button in the settings to allow you to force the app into portrait mode. No more hour by hour graphs? - the old app allowed you to look at the hour by hour trends of the day in graphical form for temperature, realfeel and % Precipitation. Now all the graphs have been removed and replaced by text? Before at a glance with the charts I could look at the predictions and see what was likely the trend of the day and therefore provide me an easy way to choose if I should do a task that day. Now i have to sit and compare and remember each value hour by hour and try and figure out if we’re just getting a pop up shower in the afternoon or if the whole afternoon is going to be a wash for the Zoo or mowing the lawn.

- So so app

I was a regular user of Storm, but they deleted the ad-free option so I tried AccuWeather. Nope, It’s worse. The forecast, regardless of the name is no better than any other weather forecast, which is to say poor. A few observations: There is no option that I’ve found for displaying wind speed. The cloud cover is truly odd, lighter cloud cover has darker opacity and heavier cloud cover is lighter opacity, huh? That’s the opposite of what it should be. I’ve got the Premium version and it offers a 25 day forecast, well isn’t that special. The weather forecasters have trouble with tomorrows weather and they think they can forecast 25 days out? For entertainment purposes only. I get FAR too many severe weather notifications, many more than I get in Storm. Most of them are repeats, if a winter weather advisory is posted at 9:00 AM I get a notification right away, if I turn the screen off I will find another notification the next time I open it, for the same original advisory. Once is enough, thank you! Finally, the radar is pretty worthless, sometimes there’s nothing there when there should be, other times while playing the past couple of hours some of the “slices” are missing so the rain/snow is hurry jerky. When I check Storm’s radar it’s much better. Sorry, but this app is pretty sad.

- This was the best weather app before the update..

I’ve never understood why developers think update/upgrade means take something simple and make it more complicated to work with. Before the update I could click once or twice and get where I wanted to look. I get it. It is one or two scenarios at play here. 1. Someone is getting paid so they had to show they were doing something for the money, or, 2. New developers with ambitions to make it their own. I am the youngest person where I work by a decade + and it has been a point of pride when talking to the “old heads” about weather, that the app I had for weather (what this app WAS) was way better than the ones they have. Now it is just the same. I went from being “the weatherman” to having a look of shame in telling them this app isn’t good anymore. The one positive take away is on the radar the time is segmented better and has a longer time frame (why I have 2 stars instead of the 1). That and some different graphics would have been a great update. This was the best weather app in my opinion. Now it’s just the same as the rest. Way to play down to the “competition” . I hope that whoever it was that was in charge of this update is not responsible for developing any of my other apps.

- Awesome update to a great app

I have been traveling the USA with my family of 5 in a pop-up camper for the past year or so. We are sensitive to weather changes as we try to follow it around trying not to be too hot or cold or wet or dry. For months after we left home, I tried numerous weather apps simultaneously, comparing them for accuracy and ease of use and features. Sometimes I would try to use one exclusively for a while to see how it fit my flow of searching for the next location with good weather. I found the accuweather app to fit the right balance between being simple enough to use without headache and powerful enough to find specific conditions in new location. So I have happily subscribed and been using this app for the past 7 months or so without much complaint. The new update was teased a few days ago and I’m super excited about all the new changes. Somehow it has become incrementally more intuitive and easy to use while I find myself accessing old features in new ways. Very happy with it all.

- What happened to Minutecast?

Really disappointed to see Minutecast change from what it was before. The ability to rotate clockwise by using my finger was very useful in timing the exact moment I could safely take my dog out (he hates rain!) It was useful in many other ways and was really the thing I loved most about this app. It seems Minutecast has transitioned to a bar graph which is not as user friendly imho. Also not clear if this bar graph is specific to my exact location now. Landscape-only view on iPad also makes this app an inconvenience to use. Overall, this update is a move in the wrong direction and will have me looking for alternatives. UPDATE Dear “Developer:” Thanks for the condescending response (awww... “change is awkward”). I’m not a moron, I figured out the new bar graph, the point is that your awkward change is not for the better. You didn’t address the iPad landscape-only issue; I suppose that’s another awkward change. Take a look at all the other overwhelmingly negative reviews after this update. Are all your loyal users just idiots like me for voicing their reactions to your awkward changes? If you really care about what you produce, don’t be so dismissive of the users who have supported you in the past. One bad review speaks 100 times louder than one good review.... and you now have an awful lot of bad reviews.

- Layout is Confusing

I decided to download the premium version of this app after The Weather Channel had too many video advertisements. I was just tired of the ads. This app has no ads, but it is the LEAST user-friendly app I’ve ever had. The “back arrow” buttons are the same color and size as the text, and they’re placed right next to the text, so it took me a while to figure out how to go back. And every screen, the back button looks different. Sometimes you have to swipe down to get out of a screen (for example, hourly), and sometimes you have to hit the back button. And don’t even get me started on trying to toggle the hourly “compass”-style button. As soon as you touch the circle to try to drag it, the entire data does this weird zoom thing and the sensitivity is way too high for anyone’s thumb. It’s like they adjusted the mouse speed to 100- any tiny movement and you’re 4 hours past where you wanted to go, and it doesn’t land where you want it to land. Also, the circle should be on the actual hours, not on the bar graph below. You have to move the circle on the bar graph to see the hours change on top. It’s just not a very well-designed app.

- Gone to NOAA APP

Had to move to the NOAA app, since all of the complaints including mine, fell on deaf ears. While the previous version of Accuweather that displayed written 10 day forecast and had the interactive circle that you could drag around to the exact minute precip would start for your location (and was amazingly accurate), were much loved and easy to read and that version was so easy to navigate, the new one is just a fail in every way. The closest I can find to what accuweather used to have is the NOAA app, so have moved on. It’s about a 4 star site. Accuweather used to be a 5-star, but the developers who thought they had to copy lesser sites, took a good format and ruined it. Now zero stars from me. If you wanted to add a little color, that would have been fine, but the set up was already the best one out there. I just don’t even get the point of the temperature bar graph thing. It’s rather stupid and so is the replacement graph on a second page for the minute by minute precip dial. Having worked with weather, radar and METAR in the aviation industry for 35 years, I find this hard to navigate, dumbed down version, a waste of my time. I want a site that gives me the maximum information in the fastest and easiest navigable format possible. Recommend everyone checkout the NOAA app.

- REALLY DISLIKE THE new format!!

I liked this app the way it was before (that’s why I bought it!)....But yesterday—without my choosing to update the app—it suddenly changed. The daily format now has a dark blue background with a row of vertical bars lined up side by side which for indicating daily temps. I SO do NOT like this format. I selected this app BECAUSE i liked the general format the way it was when I purchased it. To change it completely is essentially to tell folks “you must not know what you like”...we will give you something completely different after the fact. It would be like the manufacturer of a car suddenly changing your car model and color a few months after you bought it. Now I will need go back online and start looking to buy a weather app that has a format I like and then delete this app that I have already purchased. What a bummer! My suggestion to developers is to tweak the app you have created with some improvements or bug fixes as may be needed. And that you can safely assume that almost all the folks who bought your app chose it BECAUSE they liked as it was. If you want to created something completely new, start with a new app—do Not completely re-configure the old app!!

- Version 14 Kills This App. Terrible!

UPDATE 7/8/20 - Version 14 Well as most apps tend to do these days, they completely redesigned their app and it is now worse. I had to update my review to just one star. The complete redesign is a step backwards in my opinion. The details/current conditions area on the homepage is now below an ad and doesn’t let me change the information I want to see there. The sunset and rise times are above the current conditions area which is ridiculous, that should be at the bottom. Plus since I can’t choose which weather details I want to see in the current conditions section, the dew point is no longer there. I have to tap more details and go to a second page to see the dew point value. The minute rain cast is way to prominent at the top of the page. The reason I originally started using this app is because I could choose what weather details I wanted to see and they were placed right at the top of the app for me to see in an instant of opening the app. Now I have to scroll past an ad and tap more details before I can get the information I want. Just let us choose what sections we want and want details we want in each section and in what order we want each section to be displayed in! Major failure! I’m uninstalling!

- Useful features, but the alerts need work

Accuweather is my primary weather app- it’s very good about serving up detailed and timely information, and the alerts are especially crucial when you live in a northern plains state like I do, where floods, tornadoes and suddenly icy roads are all things which have to be accounted for. It’s because of the alerts that I have to drop a couple of stars, though- more often than not, the push notifications which Accuweather sends me are almost useless, because it will buzz my Apple Watch or my phone with a message that I have an alert, but not include the nature of the threat. This forces me to dig out my phone, open the app and find the button with the yellow exclamation point next to it. High winds? Heavier than usual rain? An addendum to an existing flood alert? A tornado in my area? All treated the same. I get fatigued from all this vigilance, which can itself be dangerous- I’m forced to treat every pop-up like it’s a potential disaster, instead of just getting the important highlights in a watch alert which I can then either dismiss or explore in greater depth. This correction would make Accuweather so much more useable for me.

- Review after new software

After your software update I can't even figure out how to get the hourly anymore and the layout is so confusing that I think I'm going to eventually delete your app. Even write the app function is very strange because I filled it up previously and I try to hit send and it would not send and then a week went by and I wanted to write you guys and when I hit the rate function up comes the old stuff I typed so I hit send and it sent, success. But then I wanted to read it now after your new software and I hit the rate button, and again up pops the old stuff that I did last time. So I don't know what's going on with your apps but even this reading thing I'm using an iPhone and the text doesn't scroll up so I can't even see if the speak and text is working properly because you don't have it designed so that it scrolls up so I can see what I am saying even that is really weird and annoying your whole app is completely annoying you wrecked it when you had the software upgrade but even before that in northern Wisconsin you guys were never correct he said it was gonna rain and it doesn't rain your percentages are completely different than the weather channel. You better fighter software engineers and start over.

- “Wow AccuWeather”

My, my, am I pleasantly surprised today. I have been looking for years for an ACCURATE weather app that has animated weather conditions and finally by a chance view of an MSN sponsored ad (ads I never look at) I find AccuWeather. I’m amazed at the accuracy, appearance and ease of use of the app. It’s not overwhelming in its delivery and yet more detailed delivery is readily at your fingertips if you so choose. Can’t wait to see how accurate the rainy season of Southern California will be reported. To make this app beyond great please, please, pleeeeeeease give us the option to add weather sounds to go with your AccuWeather forecasted conditions even at a premium. A lot of us live in places where we miss the sounds of a windy day, or a rainy day, or a lightening stormy day, or the sound of ocean waves. Just imagine the comforting sounds for many people. I added other areas that have lots of weather change patterns to my AccuWeather app list just to see the different weather conditions. I am so looking forward to hearing them as well someday soon.

- Exactly what I was looking for and more

I was looking for a weather app that would not only provide ACCURATE weather throughout the day and week, but also provide an allergy forecast, since I have pretty severe allergies. This app has done both of those, and done them well. It also has a small section on the Sun and Moon, and tells you the moon phase for the night. That is extremely beneficial for me, and is a feature I did not expect to find. I just saw an ad pop up to get 10 extra days of forecasts if I sign in with my Facebook, so I’m assuming I’ll have to pay for this at some point? Can’t be sure, but even if I do, I’m going to keep the app and pay for it, because it’s wonderful. It’s extremely simple and easy to use, and nice to look at (light and dark themes are also a bonus). I used to have this app a long time ago because it used to give a migraine forecast as well, since I get migraines often (don’t see that anymore, but that’s totally fine since my migraines are often related to the weather and allergies, and the app provides forecasts for both of those), and completely forgot about it. So happy I found it again! I know it’s odd to be so excited about a weather app, but trust me, when you have horrible allergies, arthritis, asthma, eczema, and migraines (yeah and I’m only 24, can’t imagine how bad I’ll be when I’m in my 70s), an app like this actually helps a decent amount so you can prepare for things a little bit.

- July 2020 update is terrible

My app updated automatically last week. I did not like the new look, but I can get used to it. The look, the layout, the new buttons to get to each aspect are just not good. I especially do not like the new look for the “Daily” tab. The absolute worst part, and this will most likely be a reason for me delete the app and do with something different is the Apple Watch component. I have Accuweather on the face of my watch. I used to be able to tap on the current temp and it gave the high for the day. Now it just tells me the current temp (and current real feel) and the chance of precipitation for the next hour. I used to get that information along with the high for the day before. The update took away half of the available information that was available on the Apple Watch. Another thing, and I don’t know if this is a “me” thing, an Apple issue, or Accuweather issue, but Accuweather says there is an update available in the App Store. I have logged in four times and updated and it still says to update. I log in just fine. The app loads, the little circle fills up, and everything else and then it still says Update. That is a minor issue to me because it could just be me or it could be Apple.

- Bad upgrade

I downloaded this app about a week ago. I loved it. It was clear, most of the information was on one page, and you could see a long-term detailed forecast by using a sliding bar. In the daily forecast you could see over a week at a time and the summary was included of what the day’s weather would be, i.e. “slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms”. I like this so much more than other weather apps that just have an icon for thunderstorm and not tell you that it was only a slight chance in the afternoon. Well, I woke up today and my app was completely different. I did not choose to upgrade to a new version. The new version is much more like other weather apps. More icons to select, no list of detailed information unless you click three or four times to get to it, no sliding bar, and much more searching around for me to find the information I could just see before. I contacted customer service and the answer was that once you have updated to the new app (which I never did) there was nothing to do except use the new app. And that many people like the new app a lot better—and they’re trying to design something that’s better for people. Not so impressive. Deleting this app and looking for a new Weather app.

- No need to change

I’ve (sorta) gotten over the fact that app creators feel the need to completely change app interfaces that don’t need changing for who knows what reason. I was annoyed with this new interface when I first saw it, but I tried working with it. My initial complaint was that its now laggy. Nothing scrolls smoothly. I used The Weather Channel app for years, but switched over to this one about a year ago because TWC was having more lag than was worth dealing with and it was a breath of fresh air being able to check my weather without the app acting up. After some more use I’ve found other problems with this. The lovely hourly rain chart is gone, which I used all the time. The front screen now doesn’t show all that the weather is doing and the dial around the temperature isn’t as intuitive. It’s harder to see wind speed. And why change the widget? I used that all the time to quickly see daily high and low, and now high and low aren’t on there?? Many people loved this app because it was unlike all the other ones (especially weather channel). I’ve now deleted this and I’m searching for one that has the features I regularly use, features this one used to have that it no longer does.

- The Problem with developers... that you mess with the wrong aspects of a product all in the name of “improvement”. This update is an #EPICFAIL! 2nd time I am writing this—wrote one yesterday and it’s not showing up. I am disgusted— you ruined an amazingly efficient UX and visually appealing app to replace it with a monochromatic, clunky ad-riddled version that looks like 1985. For what??? Even more insulting are your canned patronizing responses to the loyal users who have come to rely on this app. Let me help you. Based on your copy/pasted robotic answers: 1) no, we are NOT resistant to change, we LOVE innovation, but your update is terrible—you have to accept this. 2) we will NOT get used to it/learn to love it—I already DELETED mine and hope EVERYONE else DELETES THEIRS so you can understand the severity of your error 3) you have NOT made it easier for us to use and we DID not ask for these changes as you so state. Why do you have SO many negative reviews if most users asked for these changes? Not buying it. Had you actually consulted us to find out which features were essential or asked users to test it, I am sure we would not be where we are. I’d like a clear non-canned response —I am formally requesting an update BACK to the previous version. Thanks.

- USED TO BE one of the best iPhone weather apps

The Accuweather iPhone app has gone through a number of interface changes in recent years. The 2020 version was by far the best UNTIL the latest update. What a disaster it is!! Despite the advertising hype, I find it hard to believe that anyone with even an ounce of good taste thinks the new interface is “exciting”. “Just plain ugly” is how I would describe it, or—if I were feeling especially charitable, I might call it “generic” or “nondescript”. The interface it replaces was artful by comparison. The new interface is so unattractive that I may delete this app from my phone just so I don’t have to look at it! As if this wasn’t enough, the new layout is also less practical than the old one. For example, the “today” screen used to show current temp, high/low temps, wind speed and humidity at a glance. Now users must scroll past the advertising to find the basic information like wind speed and humidity. I’m sorry, Accuweather developers, but I have to give your new interface a huge THUMBS DOWN and lower my rating from five stars to two. Anyone looking for a first-class weather app should take a look at WeatherBug.

- Horrible Update July 2020

This weather app used to be my favorite after downloading pretty much every weather app in the top 20. The old version had a clean, easy to read interface, super accurate forecasts. Sadly, nothing good lasts forever. Absolutely despise the latest update (July 2020). There is a new “Casper” logo on the load screen so I assume they bought Accuweather and ruined it. (Why on earth is a mattress company buying a weather app???) The new layout of information makes it MUCH harder to get all the info I want at a quick glance, and really isn’t that the point of a weather app? I used to be able to open the app and immediately see what I needed, now it takes multiple taps to different pages to find what I want. Also aesthetically, I can’t fathom why they chose to make it all blue with very thin white font that doesn’t stand out at all against the background. No customization options. And they added unnecessary sections like the dreaded “top stories” section and allergy info that is completely useless to me and just crowds my home page, with no customization option to remove it like some apps have. Really irritated I now have to delete this after upgrading to premium. Don’t fix what ain’t broke Casper.

- Much better weather apps out there

I now use AccuWeather for looking at the videos. I have several better apps for Weather forecasting and weather conditions. But I think I’m finally going to trash it because the videos don’t tell you anything... I’ve complained about this several times and, of course, never received a reply but... why are videos posted with no indication of where the event is happening???? Pretty or sensational, or disastrous pics and videos mean absolutely nothing not knowing where the event is taking place. Unless the event is being covered by news or weather people who explain where they are, it’s pointless. Case in point... a person we know that lives in NYCity is out of town. I sent them the flooding video today. They had no idea where it was or if it affected their area. Would have been nice to know. Spend some time addressing this issue if you want your app to be worth using. You can get better weather conditions and forecast with dozens of other apps (which I do use for actual weather). The video postings could make yours worth using. I’ll hold out a while longer before I trash AccuWeather.

- Functional and Beautiful

I like everything about the AccuWeather app. AccuWeather has added one feature which I have never seen before. Within the iPhone app they have built a “Complication Center” which allows you to map different AccuWeather information onto the adaptable Apple Watch complication. The differing information will appear depending on which complication field you choose to add the AccuWeather complication to when customizing your Apple Watch. Basically, if the complication allows for three lines of information, in the complication center you can add three lines of detailed forecast information from within the app. But, if the complication is tiny (in one of the corners of your watch face) you can pick from a variety of secondary information to display there. When customizing the watch face all you need to do is add AccuWeather to any of the complication fields and your pre-selected weather information is displayed on one watch face. The AccuWeather team has done an incredible job designing this functional yet beautiful app.

- The updates are great!

Unlike most of the other users here, I think these updates make it easier to navigate and it still provides all the info you need. I really don’t understand the complaints; from the ones I’ve read it seems to be mostly from users who struggle with technology. Most of the features they claim are “missing” are not—humidity, dew point, wind speed and direction, and future forecast going out several weeks are all there. This app beats the old Weather Underground app (before Weather Channel mucked that up) by leaps and bounds. The buttons at the bottom to get to the different views is far more intuitive than having to scroll back up to the top to change it. The Month view makes it easy to look at future forecasts. I know people tend to not like change, and we’ve all been burned by developers ruining perfectly good apps, but in this case the “improvements” actually turned out to be improvements. Nice job!

- Apple Watch complication not as good.

Update: I added one star because they have fixed the issue of the Apple Watch complication not working. It now works. However, it’s a dumbed down version of what they had before. Before the major update, I had several choices on what would be displayed in the complication. Specifically, I could choose whether it displayed the actual temperature or the real feel temperature. Those options are now gone and it only displays the actual temperature. I would much prefer to be able to see the real feel temperature. If they brought those options back I would change my rating to 4 stars. Original review: The new app on the phone itself is ok. I don’t like it quite as much as the old one but I could deal with it. What really bugs me is that they got rid of the Apple Watch complication! Why? I was using that on my Apple Watch exclusively on all of my faces that allowed for it. Now it’s just gone. It still has an Apple Watch app but you have to open the app to see basically the next 60 minutes of precipitation and the temperature. Gee thanks.

- Why ruin a good thing?

For years I have relied on the Accuweather app. I consult it every day, morning and night, and frequently in between. It has been part of my routine. No small part of its utility, as with any “go to” app, is the facility with which it can be accessed, which depends on familiarity with its layout. I’ve learned to use it quickly, to get the information I want with minimum of hassle. So it is more than disappointing to wake up this morning and find that this most useful tool is gone, replaced by something totally unfamiliar, and of questionable value. Without warning. Even if this new weather application may, in any sense, be as good as or perhaps, “better” than its predecessor, I now have a burden to learn a new system, to spend my time figuring out how (or if) I can find the information I’m looking for. I didn’t ask for that. This behavior shows contempt for the customer (yes, I know, this is SOP in the tech biz, but that doesn’t excuse it), and I don’t see how it is good practice. Accuweather just threw away one of its best assets: customer familiarity with their product. Since I now have to learn a new app, I might as well explore the apps offered by other providers. Which I will do.

- This used to be great

I don’t write many reviews. But after relying on a good app for many years, I must say ever since the start of 2018 it has plummeted. Too many unnecessary and inaccurate warnings, and the rain is barely accurate as well anymore. The temperature is still pretty spot on but besides that theres nothing else really left to applaud. The radar is odd, and only shows for the following hour, not to mention many glitchy aspects that so many people already have pointed out. I am currently looking for another app to replace this one with because these Special Weather statements are too much now. Ever since the start of the year they are over the top. I even got a Tornado warning in my area (which is a hilly area on the east coast that gets a tornado once every few years) and then a second alert five minutes later saying “CORRECTION: Foggy conditions”.... How does one mess up that bad... Not to mention general and regular thunder storms being sent out as Special Weather statements, and then not happening at all. All in all I am just very disappointed in the changes that have happened. This app used to be great, but now it isn’t.

- Favorite weather app

This is the best weather app! I’ve been an avid user for over a decade now, and before that I was a frequent user of the Internet version since the 1990s. As an important app on my home screen, I’m always referring to AccuWeather for everything from sunrise/sunset, Realfeel & hourly temperature, storm radar, and Future forecast. With family living elsewhere, I like that we can also check on weather in other regions of the country. When I was involved in a management position where weather could pose a problem, AccuWeather was always totally accurate to the minute when predicting rain, sleet, snow and overall accumulation. I astounded the director as we were both monitors of weather patterns and I was spot on 100% of the time thanks to the AccuWeather app. This is the best weather app out there! Keep up the great work and improvements with every version update and AccuWeather will always be my go-to app for anything weather related.

- Updated (v13.0.4) Now Great UI; Very Accurate; Excellent, Responsive Support

AccuWeather has been for several versions and for many years now (13 Jan 2020) a great app—one of the best, most useful I’ve licensed (having paid for the ad-free upgrade). (I am embarrassed that I did not post an updated correction to my 2014 v7 review until today.) The user interface is clean, easy to use and understand. One can, with a little finesse, even create a location for which to see weather forecasts as specific as for an single address, road intersection, or place (eg, an outdoor stadium). I have found the forecasting to be incredibly accurate, sometimes to the minute! Last winter, this AccuWeather app predicted snow in 18 minutes, as I contemplated rushing from home to do an urgent errand. Exactly 18 minutes later, as I came outside, having finished, it started snowing as I walked to my car—awesome! I have played soccer outdoors for 25 years. Rain timing predictions have rarely been wrong. When AccuWeather forecast rain between 8pm and 9pm, such almost always occurred. (My league’s games are typically 7pm to 8:45pm, once weekly, 40 weeks each year, so I’ve experienced several hundred such accurate timing forecasts.) Support is truly exceptional. For the few occasions when I’ve had questions, e-mail has been answered quickly, specifically and thoughtfully. I highly recommend paying for this app—my money has been well spent.

- Old Version was Easier, Better

Not sure what the developers were trying to do by launching a new version of Accuweather for iPad, but it’s now more difficult to read the weekly forecast with strange slider-like bars for high/low temps which add nothing but confusion; it’s more difficult to read the current conditions because the font is tighter and smaller; and worst of all, it only works in landscape and not in portrait which is very inconvenient. Even the Minutecast circle is less clear with strange thin bars that are supposed to show you how heavy the rain will be, but is less readable than the former Minutecast circle. At night the background automatically turns black which is annoying, and I can’t find a setting to change it back to a white background. (I’m hoping that it’s a white background during the day.) I haven’t found anything better about this new version. It’s the same info (which has always been great!) laid out in a less user-friendly, less readable format. And did I tell you how much I hate the landscape only format? I’m hoping they don’t make the same change to the iPhone app!

- Loved it then, hate it now....

Why, oh, WHY do app developers insist on fixing what ain’t broken? It’s this weird restless need to do something- anything, and then insist it’s improvement. Don’t they read reviews? It’s the same lament that is so often seen.... the app was great UNTIL.....(fill in the blank). Random changes are not the same as progress! So this was my go-to app. Easy to read and navigate in 2 seconds flat. Now it’s a blinking, flashing, hot mess of bells and whistles, click-bait “news” and ads screaming “look HERE!!!” And they know it’s annoying, they KNOW it.... that’s why they’ll let you opt out for $4 in case you actually want to see, you know. the. weather. I’ve never met an app developer. But as a researcher I’d love to get to know one and figure out how their brains work. They must be an interesting breed to intentionally make a product annoying so you will pay more to avoid the annoyance. It would be brilliant, except.... there are other apps out there, in case you actually want to know, um, the weather (rather than a kangaroo stumbling through floodwaters, the ‘news’ they helpfully provided me this morning.) So....there’s that.

- Another update, another hi-hum.

Update. Just when I thought it was safe to like my weather app again, iPhone device change automatically updated the app. I liked it better before the update. Maybe I was just used to how it was but again, I have to dig to get the info I could find more easily before. One thing I really miss is the phase of the moon. If it’s still here, I haven’t located it yet. It’s still my regular weather app. Frankly, I also liked the animation for current weather as soon as the app was opened. It said so much more than the odd multi-spoked wheel. ? I like the app pretty well—it’s my favorite weather app so far. I’d give it four or five stars except for the fact that some recent change/update made it so the hourly forecast is now a side to side click where each click displays each hour; instead of a simple scroll. I find the new hourly display far less convenient and more time consuming. I FAR, Far, far preferred the scroll as I got a lot more information at a glance. Please change it back. Not all changes are good changes.

- I agree don’t like new update

I has been using this app and miked it just fine. I had switched from weather channel one cuz too many adverts. After recently updating the display is now a boring one color hard to look at and I don’t like to have to push the daily and hourly buttons at the bottom. When you do click on daily, I have to stare at it for a while to figure out what information it’s telling me. Only one letter for the day of the week at the top and the day of the month number and a vertical bar for each day that I guess is supposed to represent the high and low for the day. I’m not at all I tech person so can’t speak in those technical terms, but it’s not giving me the information in a pleasant, clear, easy to read and understand format, touching the least amount of buttons. I too will be looking be looking for an alternative. I came here to look at the reviews to see if it was just me. I can see it’s not. I would like to see more colors, bigger writing and more clear daily readout. The positive is it is pretty accurate for my area. I do like the precipitation wheel.

- Very detailed

I love this weather app. It is very detailed. Let’s you know with accuracy when rain is starting in your area. Like if says rain in 15 minutes. It will be raining 15 minutes later on queue. Updates constantly and has been the most accurate helpful weather app I’ve ever come across. Easy to understand and follow. Gives you great info on the pollen situation in your area. Current and what to expect in the next few days. What kind of pollen etc. As an allergy sufferer that is extremely helpful because we just know we are suffering but not exactly what pollen in causing it. I have this app on every device. iPad, phone, laptop. All of them. It even has the latest on my areas covid situation which can be a pain to search on google and time consuming. Has it all right here plus whether or not the cases have gone up or down from the week prior and by what percent. This app has it all. Highly recommend!

- redesign is just very impractical

There is literally a ton of weather apps available, the reason I agreed to pay for this one was that it actually allowed me to get a good and quick visual impression of weather changes during the day - loved the scroll bar thingy to move through time & minutecast etc. After the redesign these elements are now gone, and replaced with screen filling useless visual clues (why on earth would I want to see a screen full of large white vertical stripes between min max temps?) and the hourly forecast is some kind of insane table with hundreds of numbers with no visual clues? If one of my students would represent data that way I'd definitely tell them to make a proper graph... So very disappointed and havent used this app since. Accuweather: people buy your specific app because they like the design and functionality - if I wanted and huge tables with numbers to know the weather forecast I would have found an app that has that feature. Updates and additions are good, but this one went over the top and made your product unrecognizable & and it is unclear what you were trying to achieve. You need some good UX people on board...

- App rating

Enjoyed this App for a few years & find it much better than any other weather app. The video section could be greatly improved with the most current weather that shows time, as well as the day recorded, and more about the weather as well. Many current Worldwide weather events as well as the USA Weather. It also has repetition of the same videos after showing it the first time, when it could be a similar video from the same weather event but from a different point of view, scenery, and source. Whom ever sets these up could do a much better job just by searching the internet as so many people report their whereabouts and how the weather is affecting them in their area. It would be a better radar section if it would include a World Radar section that would be continuous to see how the weather affects each different section of the World.

- Was my go to for weather

WAS My go-to weather app. Gives me what I need and the accuracy is often scary. Rain in 10 minutes? Yep. There it is. Wait 20 to walk the dogs. BUT honestly they say today is going to be a high of 85. It's 73 now, and in 2 minutes is supposed to be 83. It's not going to happen. Also it will say in one place no rain for two hours, the radar shows nothing, but the chance of rain it gives is high and it starts to pour. Just now saying raining for two hours, but the chance or rain during this hour? 0%. What? I check the NOAA radar, and it shows rain all around. The other apps are much closer to the forecast mark, seems to me not too hard to recalibrate if things change, others can! And be consistent in your readings. UPDATE: Was my go to, now it's inaccurate more times than not. I deleted when privacy an issue, then reloaded when fixed. Now don't use because it's wrong. Now? Says it's 100F which it's clearly not. Then I reload 3 times and it's suddenly right at 86. Too much work. I'm out.

- New update is a major downgrade

The new, full redesign is not good. Past radar spills directly into future radar without stopping, this is unhelpful. You no longer can see the dew point without tapping anything. The data layout prioritizes their own “Real Feel” stuff which I don’t care about. The layout on an iPad is locked in landscape which is odd. The stark blue color that never changes is hard on the eyes and the font doesn’t contrast enough to make it easily readable. The biggest problem is that they have the gall to splash notifications on the screen of devices that you haven’t updated yet. These pop ups say “the response to our latest update has been overwhelmingly positive.” This is clearly not the case. All you need to do is go read the reviews and organize them by Most Recent. You’ll see mostly poor reviews with a few immensely positive reviews, and very few in between. It’s amazing they are this upfront with their dishonesty. Wunderground was rendered useless by a “new version” so I wound up here. Now Accuweather has done the same thing. There is no need to change what is not broken when it comes to highly used apps.

- The PREVIOUS App was Fine

My apologies to the team who put all that work into rewriting this app. The old app was by far more convenient. It’s not that we can’t figure the new app out, it’s just that the developers made it infinitely cumbersome to retrieve data. For instance, in the old app you simply viewed the hourly list. Now you have a choice of 3 views (temp, real, precip) but all in separate views instead of them all in a single view like it used to be; and in order to scroll to see each hour, you put your thumb on a big dot which instantly shifts the time you were viewing to some floating random time. Then you slide sideways while trying to see what time of day the info is giving you. In the old app you simply saw the entire hourly list. Simple. Had putting your thumb on the dot set you immediately at the CURRENT time, but it doesn’t. The ‘cool’ Flash graphics gives a floating feeling until you find out where you are in time. Just too cumbersome. Sadly the new app REPLACES the old app automatically. Maps and videos loaded much better in the old app too. Too bad.

- Current reviews are strongly negative

Prior to the most recent change this was an excellent app and deserved the 4.7 rating. The app is now terrible. The ability to check weather conditions outside of my immediate area was extremely valuable. Now, this has become very difficult and so far I have been unable to do so. Previously, it took a second to make this check. Also, the older design was far more precise in the information provided. For example, New York City covers an area where there can be considerable variation in weather conditions. The older app took this into account; the new one doesn’t. [If the designer is reading this note, YES, I know where to look in order to find other locations, but when I tried to access them, it didn’t work; also, in the past it was possible to see simple temperature information for many places at once; now this is impossible.] I agree with the many users who have written that a once terrific app has been ruined! The 4.7 rating does not reflect how the App is viewed by current users. Anyone reading this note need only check under “recent reviews” to verify this.

- Terrible update

Is there any way to go back to the old version? The new one is awful. Why would you change something that’s not broken? Future radar is a joke, a useless feature on this and other apps. It would be okay if you could turn off the future radar but you can’t. No more easily accessed hourly forecasts as well. The daily forecast format used to be about perfect but is now awful. I will be looking for a different weather app now that AccuWeather has gone the way of the Weather Channel. Part 2 - it’s even worse than I described above. It’s difficult to find any of the information I had come to rely on. An example is the percentage chance of precipitation. One has to go to the simply awful new daily forecast from which it seems impossible to navigate back. Of course the navigation icons at the bottom of the screen appear and disappear randomly. I have now visited W Channel and Wunderground, which are now marginally better than the new AW but much worse than the old. This is an unbelievable screwup. Do you or anyone survey your customers before making a significant change? Apparently not.

- Good app, bad complication

The app itself is ok. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and the only problem is that every once in a while, the app just shows dashes. My city name is in the upper left hand corner, but there is no data. The forecast also seems pretty accurate most of the time. My biggest beef is with the watch complication. Half the time it doesn’t even show up on my watch. There’s just a blank spot. And when it does show up, 90% of the time it tells me it’s 54 degrees out—even if it’s 34 or 75. When I tap on it to open the Accuweather screen on my watch, all I see is my city name with dashes everywhere. If I go to my phone, everything is working fine. Also, it would be nice if I didn’t have to constantly get my reading glasses out to read that it’s 54 degrees out (although since it rarely is, why am I looking in the first place?). It would be nice if (a) the temperature reading on the watch was accurate and (b) there was a option to have it just show the temperature. My eyes at 45 years old are apparently too old to make this complication worthwhile.

- Update 11.7.2 Shuts Down the App when I try to load Radar

I can’t believe you fixed bugs and added all the fancy features but not only on my iPod Touch but on my new iPad Pro, there’s no screen or offer to have Accuweather to be more precise. Now on my iPod Touch 6th Generation I cant see anything but the home screen with an area close to my home address and I do get the alerts for tornado warnings and flash flood warnings but other than that...your New Upgrade is worthless to me. After it quit working on your update 11.7.2, I did get a notification that my Apple Products had an update to a higher level than 12. Something so I downloaded it on my iPod Touch 6th Generation and my iPad Pro which was bought 2 weeks ago and it didn’t help your fancy new release. Whenever I hit Radar, because Hurricane Michael is hitting Richmond, Virginia right now, I see my home screen. At least on my iPad Pro I can see the Radar but when I go to a store or even just go out, I find it much easier to carry an iPod Touch with me rather than a iPad Pro with a 10.5” screen. At least I know I’ll remove your App from my Laptop the next time I boot it up. ?.

- New update needs revision

I’m using app for quite a while and its best feature for me was hourly precipitation graphic. I used it to plan my outdoor activities as it provided visual information for the whole day. But with the new update , though it has some advantages like dark mode and more uptodate design, this graph completely disappeared and I’m stuck with list of all weather information per hour and have to scroll through it to get some idea of what comes. Even the apple weather app has it better. Also the icons in the new version lack visual simplicity that older version had. Older icons had yellow sun and blue raindrops so you could easily differentiate weather types and look into hours that mattered the most. Now you have to examine each icon individually as they have zero color difference, they are all white, and you have to look closely at each one which adds anxiety and artificially adds time that you have to spent in the app. The last thing that I can add is that new rain animation looks more like Alien saliva which is funny of course but doesn’t look like real rain That’s my review of the new version.

- Very clean

I think the site is very nice maybe too nice. For the Ocala Villages area many are older and I think when I make the age group I will want things easier. How I can understand is I am a disabled veteran with TBI so short term is effected and my motor skills are 10 years past my present age. So no guessing game just show what is going to happen. I can predict the weather from current radar better than you using the ad method and please it is obvious it is there. The catch the eye but in this instance you are messing with the parents worrying of children and children yes we mostly just watch an episode or so and come back later so you are not getting any profit of anything quantitative value when if you kept people of my watching and placing those ads, well you will see ads soar and we are retired. We will want certain things protection of our family more check ln on news both current and post. Stocks. You have lost old style news it sold .

- Radar

Of all of the weather apps I’ve seen many have poor types of cloud cover precipitation imaging covered during storms for areas specific to where the storm is, they tend to generalize with like green or purple or pink or whatever color they make snow and they don’t really define with sharpness. I guess what I’m trying to say is when you see a radar map you expect to see sharpness in the image not just a general color for rain or for snow or for mixed precipitation so I would like to see more sharpness especially during storms to define what the storm is doing so much sharper images would be very useful in these apps. Please except my advice as being useful as I am a longtime member of “skywarn” and registered with the National Weather Service in Mount Holly as a weather watcher and I have been since 1996 when I was in the newspaper for it, also two of my sons are avid weather watchers as well as astronomy watchers so we kind of take all this very seriously. Mark Van Britsom

- Miss the old version

AccuWeather has long been my favorite weather channel, and when I purchased my first iPad, one of the first apps I downloaded was the AccuWeather app, which gave me a lot of good local weather information along with concise and accurate video forecasts and also featured video blogs of the weather forecasters discussing in some detail certain aspects of the global weather. For example, one blog I loved to watch had a meteorologist who discussed in much detail the different models of predicting the formation and progression of tropical storms and hurricanes as the stormy season progressed. Now all I have are graphics and videos that are often not related to the weather at all. And, since the last update, the app doesn’t seem to know where I am in that the local forecast is for an area far removed from my home, meaning I have to go in and enter and save my home address almost every night. This is becoming a great nuisance so until AccuWeather can fix this bug and bring back the video forecasts and blogs, I’m going to delete the app and use another weather app.

- Good

I’ll use it once in awhile to mainly plan if I’m going to run outside the next morning or stay inside on the treadmill but it is really hard to find the hourly temp. I can find history, the next few hours, and all sorts of stuff. But not hourly. Every once in awhile I’ll stumble on the hourly weather but then when I go back to try to find it again, I spend so much time that I give up and go to a different weather app where it’s much easier to find weather by the hour. Update: I changed my rating from 3 to 5 star. I got a response from the developer. They made a change/introduced a change to to bottom of the screen where it is much easier to find the weather per hour so you don’t have to go hunting for it. It’s right there. So much easier to find. I am very happy to have this change and very much enjoy being able to use the app. Thank you so much!

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- Brilliant update

This latest update of Accuweather has greatly improved the look and feel of the app. The interface is clean and minimalist in appearance but manages to beautifully capture all the relevant information on the one screen. I like having the 120min rain forecast ring presented with the current conditions together with the day’s forecast immediately below. The hourly, daily and monthly long range forecast views are nicely presented. The weather radar looks even better, providing, rain, satellite, cloud, or water vapor views. Or an enhanced view that is a combination of all of the above. The placement of the navigation buttons along the bottom of the screen makes navigation between the major functions intuitively easy. All together a brilliant update on an already impressive weather app. My appreciation to the developers. I highly recommend this app.

- Accuweather.

I have been looking for a easy to read weather app for ages. Accuweather has upcoming weather forecasts for 25 days ahead. This app is definitely user friendly. I love the rain radar. Also user friendly. Thankyou to all the developers for such an amazing app. What I also love is the fact that you can set as many different locations as you want. Plus set notifications for those locations. Storm alerts etc. I love this app.

- new update lost the look ahead graph, plus I now have ads!!

Thanks for the effort with the new UI guys, I appreciate the effort you’re putting in although have a couple of issues with the new update. The 3 day look ahead graph that you could scroll through on the main page was lost somewhere and I haven’t been able to locate it. It was a very useful tool for planning work and sport as it showed 72plus hours in one easy to read location. The new one has nothing comparable, please bring it back!! ??? Also, I now have a bunch of massive ads on my paid version, how do i reactivate purchases to remove them?

- Accu weather

Just wanted to say that AccuWeather team have done an amazing job on this update, I’m a Tower Crane operator in Melbourne, so this is very informative and is extremely important to me that accuracy is paramount to give to my work colleagues first thing in the morning on our prestart. Any improvements that will make it more better in all aspects moving forward in the right direction is fantastic. Keep up the good work. Cheers Luke De Felice.

- New update makes things hard to find

I don’t know why the app appearance was changed, but it’s basically an entirely different app now and even though my settings are dark mode, the app is still too light and low contrast. It’s disappointing because I’m a premium user and if I was downloading this app for the first time, I’d uninstall it and look for something else. I’m looking through it and so many features that I relied on are missing. There was a graph that showed the temperature which is gone, the white icons make it hard, as with my disability the removal of visual temperature changes makes the app useless. Clearly there was no disability consultation when making these changes.

- The latest version is disappointing

I used to really like this app - I loved that as soon as you opened it it gave you a moving picture of the current weather: raining or sunny or a starlit sky at night. And right underneath it gave you hour by hour forecasts for the day and then a 10 day forecast. Now the background is just a boring blue screen and you have to scroll down for a long time to see hour by hour or 10 day. You used to just be able to see it at a glance. It’s a disappointing change for what used to be a good app. I’ll be looking for an alternative app now.

- Terrible since the UX redesign

This used to be by far the best weather app but now it is totally ruined. The old app used to give you a text based summary of the day on one screen (e.g. sunny with an afternoon storm) but now you have to go to daily, then click on the day and then scroll through each of the morning and night tabs. You could quickly check using the old app but the new one requires too much user input to navigate to the information you need. As a paid up premium user I am deeply disappointed and will have to look for a replacement app. I would love and option to go back to the old UI.

- Glitzy update not as useful

This latest update certainly looks slick with more colour, dials, bar graphs and the like ... however I can not figure out how to personalise it to show the info I’m most interested in seeing! The real feel (with its new real feel shade) is lovely but I also want to know the UV rating. (and predictions for hours through the day) as well as how rain has accumulated during the day/night. Not impressed with this “upgrade” that feels slick but missing real info - I prefer the old system that I could configure.

- Accuracy is Amazing

I use this app mainly as a long range forecaster of wind, cloud cover and rain. I fly light planes and my friends are amazed how I can pick good flying weather two and sometimes even three weeks in advance. Of course, weather always has its unpredictable aspects but generally, accuweather does what it promises. When I tell my friends about it, they usually get the app.

- Good but...

It displays the weather from the government source. It does update quickly but is only as accurate as the free data it tries to resell. Long range forecasts change regularly. The interface is cluttered and requires too much scrolling. The ad removal price is way steep for such a basic functionality. Now WARNING: Whatever you do, don't tap on the ads. Some of them are from truly shonky companies who've be shamed in forums all over the net for bad practices. If you're in Oz grab BOM Weather as a very accurate, ad free app.

- They just destroyed the best weather app

The new Accuweather is NOT beautiful, it is now unuseable on my iPad Pro... Clear large colourful weather icons for each day have now been replaced by tiny white icons that all look the same on a solid blue background. The previously excellent Navigation to each section is now a mess and the radar still looks rubbish, it always did. Did anyone who designed this disaster ask real people to try and use it? One of the worst downgrades of any really useful app I use that I have ever seen. They should delete it and revert to the old version while they think again.

- Instant access to weather when travelling

Great to have a weather app that recognises my location when travelling and provides comprehensive meteorological data. Much better than going into a weather app and entering a location, which may not be as close to my location as this app.

- Previous version was better

New version has reduced number of locations you can have saved / favourited and the hour-by-hour forecast has gone from a nice layout with graphs to a list of numbers that’s hard to follow. Navigation is less intuitive than previous version. Switching back to BOM seeing as taxpayers pay for their work but this app scrapes their data and wants to make money off their work by charging you for it again. They then stuff up the UI to make it look funkier.

- More accurate than the BOM

Love this app!! It’s the only weather app you’ll ever need, and it’s completely free. You do have the option to buy the ad-free version, but the ads are non intrusive & barely noticeable. The animated background of the main (home) screen that reflects the current weather is absolutely gorgeous!! I NEED it as my wallpaper!! PLEEEASE?! ??

- The only weather to trust.

Only weather app I like and only way I check the weather. If my area has a chance of some sort of danger happening through weather, I am constantly notified and updated on any change for the worst.

- Sydney Radar not Working

The radar that covers Sydney, Australia is not working correctly. It is not showing precipitation which is impacting the precipitation forecast for the accuweather app. It’s currently raining heavily in Sydney but the radar shows no rain at all. I have checked other radar apps which show the rain but accuweather is showing nothing at all. This has been the case for a month now. I’ve removed the app and reinstalled and still not fixed.

- Love the new update

What was a good app is now fantastic following the recent update. All the info I need in an easy to read format. Great user experience!! One suggestion is (if it’s not already available) the ability to see local news items (I’m in Australia).

- AccuWeather

This is probably the best weather app available on Oz. Even the radar is predictive and the graphics are amazing. Easy to see the passion of the producers. I didn’t write the above but I agree with it. Easily the best weather app I have seen! Superb graphics, intelligent design. Love the predictive radar. Top marks!!!

- Used to be better

This app was good. I paid for the premium version and then they changed it. They then wanted me to pay for the premium version again!!I contacted the developers to request the upgrade as I had already paid but they said they couldn’t help. The version I have now is so cluttered with advertising that it’s too messy to use. I was hoping for the extended forecast that you can get on the desktop version.

- Love this App

First thing I do every morning is checking this App for the weather of the day. It’s also convenient when travelling because you automatically get the weather at your location

- Used to use this app daily. Now not so much

Sorry guys.. a lot of time and effort went into the new version of the app. But I have to say it’s not that user-friendly (it’s not easy to have a quick glance and see what the weather is doing soon). I find myself not going to this app for weather updates now. I’ll try and stick with it but it’s not quite there for me yet unfortunately.

- The best weather app

Not only does this app provide clear and accurate weather information who doesn’t want to have that added extra of knowing that the day should be described as ‘sunshine and pleasant’ ?

- Don’t waste your time with this version

I bought the previous version of this app and felt it was worth the money. However the latest change to the weather radar map is very poor in my opinion. It doesn’t seem to reflect the data from the official government website. Admittedly I am using an iPad air2 with latest software. Perhaps the app is unable to run effectively on this hardware.

- Excite app

This app is far better than any other free weather app I’ve used. I really like the long range forecast and the different options you have such as feels like, precipitation, humid and other various options.

- Accu by name, accurate by nature.

Found this App works accurately every time, right down to the address. Forecast of rain to begin is often to the minute! Found the app by chance, will never let it go!

- App update! What were you thinking...

I’ve trusted the AccuWaether app for many years. This update is a complete fail. Navigation is so bad, who thought this was a good idea to change what they had..... all I need to do is look at current conditions, wind, is it going to rain and away I go.... pervious version was easy. This version - better I don't say anything about it as I don’t want to appear negative....

- The best weather app there is.

I have tried more than 16 weather apps and AccuWeather is the most accurate there is. Full stop. From hourly forecast to 14 days, videos, warnings, and much more to explore. You'll love using it.

- Ok interface but really lacks accuracy

I rode up Mont Ventoux, France and it was cold at the top, but the ‘real feel’ claimed 18 degrees. It was nowhere near that, and the organizers of a Gran Fondo ride that was finishing at the top were handing out those foil space blankets for the finishers. It was freezing; more like a temperature of 6-7 with the wind chill effect. Their figure was dangerously misleading. Fortunately I packed sufficient clothing, but I pity those who did not. This app has been a disappointment compared with ones I use in Australia.

- Still prefer the previous user interface

I still prefer the old user interfaces of the discontinued version of Accuweather. This new interface still does not work for me and I want to give the app a 1 star rating for it. The data has always been reliable but the user interface spoils this app.

- Not perfect but at least it’s accurate

The layout isn’t amazing but at least the info provided is accurate. I was just sick of the unreliable data from Apple weather so I swapped to this app. No regrets.

- Hate the redesign

This used to be my favourite weather app but you had to go and mess with it. What were you board in ISO! Why fix something that wasn’t broken. And from what I’m reading a lot of people agree, you stuffed it. The blue background is horrible to look at. It feels less interactive and I find it difficult to get the information I need. Looks like it will just be the BOM app for me now.....unless you put it back the way it was!!?

- Disappointing

The revamp is very disappointing. Notwithstanding that the bright blue colour is intrusive and unpleasant on the eye, it has lost all customisation on the Apple Watch for complications. The app on the Apple Watch is low resolution and pixelated and gives little to no information. I wouldn’t even use this app if it were free. It’s a shame because the previous versions were immaculate. Hopefully developers do re-release very soon before customers abandon the app.

- Great site

Comprehensive details. Very accurate. I always use it when travelling to plan activities, what clothes to pack, what time of year to pack. Have used other sites, but this is the most accurate?.

- It’s rubbish

The changes made have made it more difficult than It was to see what is happening with precipitation and the temps over the day it looks messy and no where near as good as it was previously.

- Love this app.

As there many weather apps around you have to chose one. Very happy with this app. I think the developers have done a good job. We paid so we can have it better. Thanks

- Most accurate I’ve found

I really enjoy this app. My only feedback is it needs to have the option to show extended weeks like the accuweather website does. Even if you pay, it only gives you 21 days

- Works, but unwarranted UI

Have used this app for years, but now I don’t. Poor User experience now. Why update the UI yo a new clunky mess of lost options?! It’s like a new app, and was just not needed. Might be fine for someone who cares about temp and if it’s going to rain in next hour, but for any other use, it’s not UX friendly. App development UI team trying to justify their own existence.

- This new redesign is a step backwards.

Until this new redesign, this was my favorite weather app. It was functional and the UI was supportive of one handed swipes and slides. No more. Now, it is back to the 'top right/left button or arrow clicks, like designs of yester years. I find myself constantly using two hands to go back and forth between pages and features on my iPhone 11. The app does not take advantage of the phones large screen real estate. I am of course all for enhancing user experience and improving data accuracy, especially with weather apps, but if ain't broke, don't fix it.

- Not accurate..

App is no longer showing accurate information for Melbourne, Australia. It used to be the most accurate app but for the last couple of months the app is not showing accurate temperature. Eg. showing 20 degrees when it is suppose to be 26 degrees. Big difference. Hence will be using other apps unless this issue is solved. Really disappointing!

- Won’t let me get past the screen

Since I downloaded the update I can’t get past the screen where it tells you all about the new update, fairly disappointed. It was at one point my go to weather app

- Why Not Have Paid Premium Option

The app is great! Data seems to be accurate but too many ads. I want to pay full for the app to remove the ads but that option is not available. ?

- Radar is now not accurate

Accuweather has always been my go to ap for weather but since the last upgrade the Radar is notoriously unreliable. I can be surrounded by 100% rain and Accuweather will tell me no precipitation for at least the next 60 minutes. Very disappointing, feel like I have lost a friend ...and I am a Premium user!

- Radar out over Sydney Aus

Fantastic app but recently the radar seems to be out of action over Sydney Australia. I can’t wait for that to be fixed and I can get back to great weather forecasts.

- Weather review

I am impressed with this product. It provides features not found in my Australian weather apps. Eg rainfall in next 2 hours. The radar coverage however is not as good as the AUS apps, too slow and not detailed enough. Russelllk

- It just plainly rocks!? it gives you the real weather on a radar or a time or even a day!j??

It just plainly rocks!? it gives you the real weather on a radar or a time or even a day!???

- Great app

I enjoy the app very much. It’s great to get a detailed handle on weather conditions at home and where our friends and family are at any time and in a very interactive way.

- Eerily accurate

Brilliant app that is not always correct but for the better part is accurate. I’ve used it in both Australia and overseas and it has provided great forecasts. I’m a big fan.

- Love the new design

I’m a long time user of Accuweather. I really Iike the new design—much clearer to have temperature and rain percentage information in the forecasts, which results in way less clicking around. Nice job.

- Providing incorrect information

This app was great but it’s fallen to pieces in the last 2 months. It says it’s going to be like 27 degrees but it is actually going to be 44 degrees. How can the weather be 20 degrees different within a 1km radius? Use other weather apps and the correct info is provided. They show it’s going to rain within the next 120 minutes and the sky is full of sun or stars, we are currently in a drought

- Latest update

Since the last update accuracy seems to have disappeared. Today when it was pouring rain the app was indicating no rain for next sixty minutes! This never happened before the update. Now we’re asked to choose to pay monthly or annually. If we do do we get the accuracy back???

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- Preferred!

I love it so much I bought premium. This by far surpasses the weather network and the generic apps that come factory with your phones. I highly recommend.

- Inaccurate

Honestly I don't bother checking any more. If the app says it's going to rain, I carry my umbrella and rubber boots around needlessly. If it says sunny, I get soaked with rain. I understand predicting the weather can't be 100% accurate, but this is below minimum standards.

- Profit driven and horrible

They're profiting off violating your privacy and lying about it. This is a company run by awful, awful people. Go read The Fifth Risk and stop supporting this app. There's a thousand others to choose from.

- Real reel

The real feel is always wrong for me here in Canada. And has always been for the last 3 years. Figured by now you’d have this issue fixed. The weather Network is always right

- Worst app ever

Inaccurate, poor customer design. These guys are trying to monetise the weather. DO NOT PURCHASE.

- Kind of a joke for Canadians

Accuweather is the single least accurate weather app I’ve ever tried. Right at this moment, just as an example, it says it will begin to snow in 32 minutes. It’s 8:13 PM on April 9th in Toronto. It’s seven degrees outside. I’m 24 stories up with an unobstructed view to the west, where I can see a typical beautiful spring evening’s clouds backlit by the setting sun. It will not snow. I am going to delete this garbage.

- Don’t do update

Did update and now I can’t get past the instruction pages

- Won’t Load

Since installing update my app won’t load. It’s stuck on the introduction screens. Can’t continue or skip the introduction. Worthless now.

- Can’t proceed

After updating to the latest version, I get the intro slides explaining the new changes..but if I try to skip or click on continue button, nothing’s just stuck on the intro slides

- Hate this

I like nothing about this revision!

- Difficult to navigate

The old weather app was easy to navigate through, easily finding everything available. I now spend 5 min looking for different information and just close out and go to an alternative site. Shame, as accuweather was my GO TO for weather

- Acurate data, poor app design

This app design takes away from very accurate weather data that it provides. Classic example of inconsistent interface that takes away from the value of the app. No central menu, some screens accessed from bottom, some by swiping, some via icons or graphics on page. Some you swipe down, some left. Some provide data top to bottom, some left to right. I’ll stop there. This is a good lesson for app designers on what not to do.

- The old UI was much better

Your new user interface is very confusing and not easy to navigate. The temperature readings also seem to be off by 2-3 degrees compared to other weather apps. I’m probably gonna switch.

- Why?

So this used to be a great app. Now someone thought it’s a good idea to redesign it. Now it’s useless and annoying. Well done...

- The latest update is a great downfall!

I loved AccuWeather up until the latest update! Not anymore user friendly and the new design and colouring is not eye catching!

- New format sucks

Harder to find info not as user friendly imo. Going with the weather network. Works much better in Canada. Plus I’m not as concerned about privacy issues. Will be a pleasure deleting not so AccuWeather.

- Poor usability on update

Before it was so easy to see with the graphs what to expect hourly in terms of temperature, real feel and precipitation. Now it’s clunky and much harder to use. Did you not user rest this version before release? Not sure what the improvements are...

- Dommage

Vous avez tué votre application

- No auto rotate?

Sorry, the new version doesn’t want to auto rotate the screen and forces me to use it in landscape format only. Not for me.

- Latest Update Terrible

Was great app until recent update.

- Slow on iPad

Updated app on iPad an now it always goes sideways forcing you to turn the iPad to read it. It is also slower loading and using To much ads and data gathering built into app which is supposed to be about weather conditions Would not recommend this app in current form

- Old version was much bettr

The old version was much better and easier to use and understand.

- This app

This app went from great to awful. Terrible up grade. Used for years. Now deleting !

- Very unfriendly

This software used to be very user friendly and now with the new update the graphs are gone and it is very hard to find information. I really didn’t like

- Don’t care for the update

Do not like the fact it only shows in landscape mode on my iPad.

- Terrible

The old version was great. Hate hate hate the new update.

- Upgrade sucks

I don’t like the new upgrades. Not user friendly at all

- How do I go back to the previous version?

I suppose it’s my own fault for hitting the upgrade button before living a few days past to read the reviews. [I find it amusing that the app says that the reviews have been “amazing“ get home most all the ones I see here are negative. [Although I suppose that can be considered amazing too.]] Worst offence, as has been previously mentioned, the locked in landscape display. I came to AccuWeather after Yahoo screwed up their weather app, but I guess it’s back to Yahoo now because they’re screwed up app is more functional than AccuWeather’s screwed up app. Take it back to the old interface and I’ll go back to AccuWeather.

- Ingenious business decision

AccuWeather competes in the fast changing and over saturating weather app market by introducing a complete new design which aims at reducing functionalities and increasing frictions, with the ultimate goal of gaining more profits by making customers unhappy. The paradox in this decision shows an ingenious move that goes against the common business practice, which introduces a brand new business model that most people never succeeded. “Braveness is exactly what we need in this difficult time. We can prove that we will succeed even if we are against the odds. We take more risk, we gain more profits!” — The decision maker in AccuWeather

- This last update ????

Who else does not like at all the last update? Can I go back to what I have?

- Weather app

This is a very reliable easy to use app and accurate . I use it every day

- Better accuracy with WeatherCAN

The app facelift looks like someone with mascara cried and this is now the result. Yes, the app has the same horrible accuracy. I’ll keep using WeatherCAN.

- Graph

New app update got rid of the reason I like this app: the temperature and rainfall probability graphs. Was an easy way to view the date succinctly. Please bring that bqck

- Does not work on my Apple Watch anymore!

So not happy as it does not work on my Apple Watch anymore since the new update. I’ve literally tried everything for at least an hour and a half but nothing. So angry as I am a premium user.

- What happened in the last update?

Wow. *Who* is responsible for the terrible logo color change? Red means Danger not, our app’s reliable and pleasant to use and look at. I can only imagine how aggressive the new branding colours are, in the app. I’ve deleted this app before (constant pop ups) and I’ll do it again, when I’m done with this review, as others have remarked the layout is no longer intuitive and now makes no sense at all.

- Apple Watch series 5 complication support?

After having this app on my watch for a few months, they have decided to update it to a whole new UI, leaving it inoperable as a complication of my Apple Watch series 5. It shows up as one in the watch complication settings but not actually able to pick it as one when you are creating a watch face. Probably a bug issue but still not impressed.

- Latest update went backwards

Wow what happened? The new app and interface looks like it was designed by an accountant. Used to be my go to weather and I always paid for the premium version It’s clumsy and I don’t find it as intuitive as before.....and it’s very ugly. There is a basic premise that would apply here. “Why fix something if it wasn’t broken. So long accuweather ......delete.

- La pire de toutes les applis et des informations qui se contredisent

Menus cachés, commandes au fonctionnement aléatoire, carte interminable a télécharger, animations saccadées, pour une même journée on trouves 2-3 prévisions différentes. Trop de pubs. Cette appli à tous les défauts possibles.

- Garbage weather app

Not good for Canada. Never right and stupid ads

- Accuweather

Not accurate at all

- Premium upgrade? Really?

Premium upgrade charge for info greater than 15 days is a disgusting cash grab. Go to the website, it's free.

- Useless

It is useless app.

- W.

Very difficult to understand and navigate around the app. The hourly precipitation gage is a waste . When trying to find out certain weather conditions , you can’t find it without a lot of searching.

- Wrong reports

It has happened multiple times that the app is reporting wrong weather conditions and many times detecting wrong locations (in spite of having the laziest phone)

- One star is too generous!

This app supposedly tailors a forecast for your location? But it NEVER uses my location as it used a location 25 blocks away. I have added my ACTUAL home location and constantly re-set it back to it. Every time I open the app it resets to 25 blocks away. But that is not the worst thing about this app. What do you want a weather app for? Forecasting, obviously! This app is HORRIBLE at forecasting. For example, today at 7 AM ‘snow begins in 48 min’. Shows over 80 min of snowfall. Nope, no snow. At 8:30 AM: ‘snow begins in 37 min’ Over an hour predicted. Nope. Not a flake. Now at 10:04 AM: ‘snow begins in 42 min’. Lasting for the remainder of the two hour “forecast”. Three strikes?

- User interface SUCKS

Started out great but over time just got more and more frustrated and annoyed with the lack of control on the user interface and all the screens you are led to. Not to mention you can’t press what you want to press, can’t swipe to go back like most apps, very confusing. It does not have to be that complicated guys lmao

- Opposite of their name

Worst forecast of precipitation I have ever seen.

- Best

Love this app. I’ve used several weather apps and always go back to Accuweather. It has all I need and is simple to us. Thank you!

- Accuracy for present weather in doubt.

When I first used accuweather I was more than satisfied. Today not so. Accuweather today might as well be a copy of yesterday’s free environment weather. A 2 day forecast of -16°c might come in at around 0°. 10° difference in their reported temp and actual temp. Is common.

- Used to be good

Used to be great but went through a major re-work and is now painful to use. Many other better apps available.

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- A must have for anyone spending time outdoors

When my scout troop and I were spending a week hiking the AT a few years ago, we got caught out in a freak storm. Everyone got completely soaked. Next day we happened across some folks in a nearby shelter, all dry and warm. We stopped to talk to them and told them our story of the storm. They told us about this app and how they made a run for the shelter once it the app said a storm was coming. At the next stop I downloaded the app. A day later, still on the on the trail, we were taking a much needed rest. I pulled out my phone to check the app. I told the troop, “Hey guys, the app says it’s going to start raining in less than...” and it started to rain before I could finish the sentence. One of the scouts just looked at me and said, “ now that’s scary”. I swear by this app, still use it all the time to this day. Thanks for a great app! Scoutmaster Dan

- Too Many Advisories/Warnings for Multiple Cities

Since your “BIG CHANGE” , I have noticed I get advisories and warnings for multiple cities instead of the city I have chosen as my primary city. Before, we received advisory/warning for primary/chosen city and now I get it for all cities listed which could be 8-10. I like to add cities of friends and relatives and click on them when I WANT to see their weather more closely. I don’t need every advisory for all cities I have chosen. Can we back to the primary city only showing advisory and warning? Or can we make a choice on which city to have automatic advisory/warning? Or did I miss something and we can already block advisory/warning for ALL cities lol n my list? I had to lower my rating because this drives me crazy. I don’t want to look up every city when I’m interested in the weather. I would rather just click on one in my group. Please go back to primary city advisory/warning. PLEASE! LOVE YOUR APP but...gee whiz...this is crazy to get advisories for multiple cities all day.

- Still Love the Accuracy, But...

Don’t really care for the new look. The graphics are ugly. I really prefer the previous look. But that is just the graphics and I can live with that. The reason for rating 5-star accuracy at 3 stars relates to the app severe weather notifications. I live in the Norwood section of The Bronx and that is my current location. The MOST annoying thing that happened with the new update is that I started receiving severe weather announcements for every location in my list of favorite locations, and not just my current location. How STUPID can this new update be. Did I have to receive something like 10 to 15 warnings about today’s storm, one after another? These constant notifications wouldn’t stop until I deleted all of my locations except for Norwood. Do I really have to receive weather notifications about Dayton, Ohio when I am no where near there. Please fix this notification issue. I’m sure that I’m not the only user flooded with severe storm notifications.

- Really useful but updated UI is a mixed bag, miss the easy graphics.

Been a happy user for years and rely on the "current weather" opening page for outdoor projects. The update... that page is improved with a more nuanced idea of probability and a nice animated background, but the meat of the information still is made a bit too fine and subtle on the fancy background. The Hourly view tho is nearly ruined for me. They managed to take away a graphic representation of the probability of rain, instead making us search through a column of numbers in tiny type. Inexplicable! The nice "drag and see the probability lines go up or down" is gone!! :( Even the top icons (sun, clouds, etc) are now rendered in super fine low-contrast lines... a big lose if you're trying to take a quick look while outdoors wearing sunglasses, on a ladder or a bike... it's now "peer and squint and try to puzzle it out" time. Bring back the chunky graphics and let me see hourly probability of rain easier, I'm begging you!

- Updated version works great

Upgraded rating down to 3 since this app sends you many notifications that are completely irrelevant. They need to allow you to pick and choose what to be notified by. I do not live in a floodplain. I use this app all of the time unlike many apps that sit idly on my phone. I like being able to scan down the hourly forecast and see whether it was cloudy or Sunny or rainy which is gone now. It is convenient to add different areas to quickly call up the weather. I use this when vacationing and it helped plan activities around the weather conditions. They fixed the error that used to show up every time you open the App. This version is very stable and works great. It would be nice if they made it so you could pick the background color scheme. I keep waiting for apps to give more control for customization of appearance, but it just doesn't happen. It must be a system thing that is controlled from Apple. I highly recommend this weather app.

- Preferred the older version

The update version is less use friendly to the visual person, it was excellent to see rain and temperature displayed on a simple bar chart then. The rain display circle was much more defined in the previous version as well. This update version is something I would have passed up if it was the first time I saw the app rather than update to it, it is more similar to other apps where before the app stood up as unique Addendum to the above: I still preferred the older version of this app more, and have found additional things that are less useful. First, the old app gave a 120 minute rain prediction, the newer app gives 60 minutes. Seeing possible rain for a 120 minutes is better than seeing a more certain 60 minute rain chance. Second, the widget only says that rain could appear in 60 minutes, which it seems to always say, but the older version gave a mini version of the possible rain circle with details. The older widget was useful, this newer one is not giving any amazing useful detail

- Finally! This is a great app again!

7 Sep 2017 - I just downloaded the latest version and it's perfect again!! It's been years since it was a 5-star app. But it is now! ********* I just upgraded this from 1 to 2 stars. It is improved, but still horribly cluttered. It shouldn't take so much effort and scrolling just to find out what the high and low are for the day. ********** I just lowered this from 3 stars to 1 (and I used to give it 5)! The advertising is VERY intrusive! VERY! Especially with all the design issues (over-crowding, small font, layout). I decided that it might be worthwhile to pay to remove the ads -- that costs $2.99! I would pay 99¢ or maybe even $1.99 -- like other apps -- but $2.99? No way! Not for the cluttered piece of junk this has become. Which is sad to say about an app that I so strongly used to recommend to everyone… ********** This used to be a great app -- 5 stars from me. BUT… the newest version on the iPhone adds so much stuff but the developers didn't know where to put it all!! It's so cluttered now. The user interface is clumsy, inefficient, and less intuitive. The fonts aren't great, the colors detract rather than add, legends and labels on graphs are way too small. It's far more effort now to figure out what the forecast is for a couple evenings from now, for example. A big step backwards…

- Revamp needed/always wrong

I’ve used this app for a long time. I’ve noticed like many others have mentioned that something is breaking down somewhere along the lines. For example, it forecasted beautiful weather on March 10 and we got it. A great day. For our area in East Tennessee it called for a beautiful week with exception of Friday. So checked later last night and the forecast is still the same. A beautiful Monday, sunny, 63 degrees and no rain. Checked this morning at 7:30am and again at 10am. Same forecast. However Since we have a farm and work outside daily I noticed things were looking different than what the forecast was saying. So at about 10:30 I checked the forecast again and it said exact same thing. However I click radar and notice a huge storm/front is about to hit. 3 hours later it’s still pouring. Only after the rain had started did the forecast ever change. Doesn’t make a lot of since to have a app and weather service that this happens very often with. Hopefully you guys get your inner workings sorted out.

- Brand new Update - So much better than Wunderground

New update makes this app even better than what it previously was. Far surpasses what wunderground used to be. Paragraph. Slow is from my pre just review months ago. I used wunderground for a very long time, but after their recent updates the app became horrible. After looking for other apps I came across this app and immediately fell in love with it! The interface is easy to use, fast, and well-structured. Thank you for making this app so good developers. Their premium option is also worth it. It’s a no brained if all you have to do is spend 3.99 to remove ads and get a 25 day forecast for life. So much better of a price compared to wunderground’s $20 a year! Basically what I’m saying is use this app and don’t even touch or consider wunderground. Accuweather just got another loyal user

- Great app, but with a huge radar limitation

Edited - I still like this app a lot, but they really need to do something about the radar map. It is horrible! Every time I tap on radar, I get "loading, loading, loading". And I am on Verizon with five bars. What good is a Weather+ app if the radar does not work? I've tried all the top weather apps available here and while I personally think AccuWeather could be thevery best of them all, it has a major problem with the radar map. In all the other apps I've tried, you can pinch/zoom the distance so the radar map covers an area that the user wants to view (not the developer). With AccuWeather, the minimum distance you can view on the radar map covers from the top of Tennessee to the bottom (in my case), which is about 140 miles and not nearly sufficient to see when rain is starting or stopping at my location. Not sure why they did this, but if it's stopping me from purchasing the in-app Premium version, I'll bet it's stopping others as well. Fix this, AccuWeather, and I'll change my review to five stars and pay for the Platinum version.

- Hate the new version

There’s no reason to go into all of the reasons I hate the new version because they all have been described in detail in other reviews. Some of the worst things are the forced landscape mode which now requires you to scroll down to see information that was previously available on a single page, the precipitation wheel is much more difficult to read and now only shows one hour instead of two, and less information is displayed on the home screen and now requires you to go to click to see a different screen. The new version also seems to be much less accurate on the participation forecast. The funniest thing of all is that I was forced to update to the new version that had "positive" reviews. The developers must not be reading the same reviews that I am because I see very few positive ones. I read in the news that the new version was to compete with another app that Apple recently purchased. If so, I think Accuweather made a huge mistake. I used to recommend the app to everyone I know but now I am looking for a replacement.

- Love Weather Updates?

Then you’re gonna just love the newest version of AccuWeather! I don’t recall ever having written a review of any app before, but had to delete AccuWeather today, because thanks to the new update it’s become a weather bulletin pariah. Be prepared (if you have your local notifications on) to be given weather warnings about EVERY location you and your iPhone have ever visited (I’m sure there’s something that can prevent this in settings - but I didn’t have to do this ever in my history of owning this app)! I have gotten multiple warnings, and severe weather pop ups - for locations a thousand miles away - Continuous, daily advisories about towns and cities that I haven’t seen or thought about in 10 years. I want warnings for my hometown, not a city that I drove through in 2011 or 2014. Anyway, I don’t want to turn off my notifications for my local weather, so I just decided to delete the app until I can find something better. When they can tame their notification protocols, I may come back to this once very succinct, reliable app. Take care AW.

- Not Fan of Updated App

I’m not a fan of the redesigned app that was rolled weeks ago. It’s just not as intuitive and now has added more clicks/steps to access weather information. I’ve basically had to relearn how to use the app. I used to be able to open the app and quickly scroll through to find the current weather and forecasted weather. Now there’s all these unnecessary tabs at the bottom. My widget has also changed. It no longer tells me what the hi/lo and outlook for the day is(via use of icon). Now I have to open the app. Also weather information has not been as accurate as it had been. An example of this, is just last week (1st week of September) the forecast was for high temps with clear sunny skies even though a look out my window told me otherwise. That was the forecast for whole week even though it rained the entire week and the temps dropped. Anyway, I think they can go back to the drawing board on this one.

- *WAS* a Huge Fan...

This new update is the worst. I used to recommend Accuweather to everyone. Now, I can barely tell what the weather is. In the weekly forecast section, the temperature graph (which details the high and low for a given day) is supremely distracting. This would be a cool feature, however, the temperatures are not presented in a straight line—also, I don’t really care about the range of high-low when I look at the weather! I want to know the high temp, real feel, and expected cloud cover/rain. Moreover, the cloudy/clear/sunny icons are microscopic! They don’t stand out, and frankly, I don’t have the attention span or eyesight to seek them out. Switching locations and pages is also really difficult. I loved how streamlined the old app was. The only “updated” things about this update are the sleeker colors and graphics. I loved the accuracy of Accuweather and the Real Feel temp. I was hopeful that the next update would fix some of these issues, but it hasn’t. I guess I’ll hold out hope that these issues will eventually be fixed, but for now, I’m switching weather apps.

- Visually Stunning plus Everything I Want

The first screen has the temperature, the real feel, the humidity, and the dew point (I am allergic to hot and humid weather so I must have the dew point at my finger tips - btw: a dew point of 70 is considered “tropical” which, if you have a hard time with ectoplasmic weather, that’s why you’re feeling so crabby). I went in search of an app after The Weather Channel made some visual changes - which are way to busy, and I had to scroll through tons of needless info to get the “feels like” and the dew point. It was visually hard to read. The screen was small and didn’t include the actual temperature. I suffered for a few weeks and finally hopped on the App Store to see what was out there. I wasn’t expecting much bc I already have Dark Sky and Weather Bug. Both apps have their place but THEN I FOUND THIS APP!! Definitely my new favorite. And it is so VISUALLY STUNNING that my husband got it right away. I open it up and on the first screen is a beautiful “live” pic of the weather WITH 1)The Temp 2)Real Feel 3)Humidity and the 4)Dew Point. There are two other pieces of information on that screen but the above are my favorite. The hourly and weekly info are easily available with one tap. Thank you AccuWeather! I’m looking forward to your artwork for Fall and Winter!

- Love, but type of ads puts me off

I’ve really been enjoying the most recent version of the app. I live in the Upper Midwest, and it’s very helpful to see the percentages for various snow accumulations. It’s snowing this morning, and I was using the app when I noticed an ad that at its heart is not political but is using politics as clickbait. It says, “Trump is on a roll. Trump ends another Obama era program.” Every time I go into the app, it’s the same ad with different images. It makes me not want to use the app. Why should I have to see this type of ad when I want to see the weather? It makes me think of actual regulations that our president has torched, including regulations that address climate change—something that actually concerns weather. And that makes me sad and angry. And hopeless about the earth’s future. Get more appropriate, less National Enquirer-type ads if you want my eyeballs. I won’t use the app the rest of the month. There are other weather apps that I can use.

- Disappointing. Poor UX design. Cached info too often.

The app has been a big disappointment. Just like all the other weather apps I've tried since the Weather Channel shuttered the Wunderground Storm app. The UX design is poor. Way too much sliding and scrolling needed to get to information. The hourly weather scroller is a great example of this. The scroll element, along with the daily bar graph, takes up most of the focal area of the screen, while the actual forecast details appear less prominently below it. Another annoyance with the hourly weather display is the fact that the current day and time display defaults to the far left of the screen (Tablet user expectations differ slightly from desktop users, with their initial focus being the center/top of a screen as opposed to left/top). This inevitably results in an initial confusion when first viewing and/or scrolling. Finally, being served up cached radar information does me no good when I need to know what the approaching weather is *right now*. I understand that the app's performance may be limited by the current network connection, but it seems that it would make more sense to retrieve low resolution imagery when a slow connection is detected, as opposed to showing a radar image from 18 hours ago.

- Too Devastated

They changed n updated the app automatically? I woke up this morning to check my used to be, favorite weather app on my iPad. Only to be devastated by what I saw! But not anymore! As others have stated it is now mostly blue. Everything is in tinier print. On white background no less! Now it looks like every other weather app out there! They changed the radar setup completely! Which stinks! It used to show my location automatically on that but now I got to re learn it? I don’t think so Accuweather! I had this on my 1st iPod back in 2009. Happily, put it on my new iPod and iPad! Even my Android(which thankfully they haven’t changed it yet, to which I will never update!) now that I’ve been warned! Everything is harder to navigate through. The old app was unique and direct and colorful with bigger print! Not the new version. I sadly may be uninstalling my once favorite weather app of nearly 14 years! Casper must’ve dished out a lot of money for them to have their logo on the screen! Tsk, tsk accuweather!

- Why did they spoil a good app?

This app used to be very nice before the recent overhaul. Now it’s close to useless for me. I used to be able to look at the “graph” of temperatures and precipitation, etc., for the next 72 hours or so; now this seems to be gone, making it impossible to get a sense of what the weather will be doing in the next couple of days, short of me having to read it hour by hour and make my own graph on paper! Another thing that may be more of a bug that is new is that when you choose “current location” as the default it shows some place where I might have passed through a couple of days ago. So pretty much it starts out in a random place and I have to remember to manually set it to where I am when I open the app, otherwise will get wrong information. Nothing has changed in the location services access, etc., this started happening again with the launch of the latest version. It’s a pity that another nice product has fallen victim to someone’s need to change things. If it ain’t broke and all that…

- We’ll see...

I’m the kind of user who only updates when the app starts nagging you or stops working altogether. And I never update iOS until at least 6 months after release. But I forgot to read the reviews before updating this one. Oh well, can’t go back so here goes. Pros: Love the new black mode. Wish all my apps had it. Enlarging Minute Cast on the home screen is good. Daily can now display monthly, which could only be done on the web site before. Cons: Minute Cast is only an hour now. Second, you removed the graph from hourly. That graph was an instant visial input that scrolling just can’t deliver. Please bring that back. And finally, all one has to do is go into settings and scroll down to “Privacy” to understand why you created this new version. Naturally “Do Not Sell My Info” was selected immediately. But I must email you from the app to prevent collection, likely tying my phone number to my email? The jury is still out on that choice.

- UI and duplicate notifications

Looks like you accidentally released a beta to the public. New app looks decent, but way too blue...maybe put in some white negative space and reverse the colors sometimes ...a big departure from the old UI so things are hard to find intuitively, but I expect I’ll get used to it. Who wants to scroll through a tutorial about the new app when they want a quick weather update? Due to the update, I just got not less than 8 notifications blowing up my Apple Watch about Tropical Storm Fay coming to my area since I have a bunch of saved locations across the general area (also, what happened to all of my saved locations? I used to have more...). Please fix! There’s no reason duplicate notifications need to be sent if it’s the same notification for each of my saved areas. [If user has notifications turned on for more than one saved location, and notifications for each area are the same, then do not send notification more than once].

- Useless

I’ve used AccuWeather for at least four years and it’s not as accurate as it used to be. For example, right this minute there’s a thunderstorm with heavy rain and lightning, but AccuWeather says it’s partly cloudy and there’s no rain predicted for the next 90 minutes. In the past, I could count on the app to tell me when the weather was changing within a few minutes and it was eerily accurate. I used to tell everyone how amazing it was! I even upgraded to remove the ads. Now I don’t trust it - I just look out the window to check the weather. The nail in the coffin was the latest update. I have a medical condition that makes me physically ill to look at white writing on a dark background. For this reason I changed the settings to “light mode” immediately after the update. However, as day turned to night the app darkened regardless of the light setting. I emailed AccuWeather and an autobot responded telling me how to change the settings to light mode. This app is now totally useless to me and I am deleting as soon as I finish writing this review.

- Latest updates have ruined this app

I used to rely upon this weather app for its accuracy and ease of use. It allowed for me to save the cities I frequented they most across the U.S., the radar portion worked 2/3 of the time. But there were quite a few times the radar didn’t depict storms that we were experiencing. After the latest 3 updates the dashboard and alerts have changed. I’ve only had the app accurately reflect it raining twice. That is two times. The rain storm we are currently experiencing according to the app won’t be here until 5pm if that is the storm the radar predicts. It was 3:45. As for the alerts... I don’t know what changed but I am now getting alerts for every city I have every looked up and saved. RIP alert, flood alert, another RIP alert. I have cities not too far apart and it becomes a chain of alerts. It’s especially awesome at 2am. In case you’re rolling your eyes - FL is known for having it rain on one side of the yard and have blue skies on the other. So I usually have my city, as well as the cities where we frequent beaches saved.

- I think I finally found what I was looking for!

I have been using Storm for years but had to find a replacement since it’s no longer supported. After trying a bunch of different apps over the past few months that I didn’t like at all I was about to give up but decided to give this a try. I just downloaded it but so far I’m glad I did! It’s clean, easy to read, and allows me to quickly see all the info I need. I have a small horse farm in severe storm and tornado country so I check the weather often. Ads didn’t take up too much space compared to other apps but I went ahead and upgraded to premium because it wasn’t too much and I was so relieved to find a weather app I actually like. I will say I just downloaded it so hopefully I didn’t jump the gun writing this review. Will update if I need to.

- Horrible user experience in the redesign

This used to be my favorite weather app. It had a clean and simple interface. It was easy to find information quickly. I recommended it to anyone looking for accurate weather info. This redesign is one of the worst I have ever seen. The user experience is horrible. Even after using it daily for a week I can’t even figure out where to find the most basic weather information, like a quick narrative of what the day will bring. There is too much information on each screen to make it scanable on a mobile device. There are no visual queues to break up the information that is presented. There are way too many choices and it causes analysis paralysis. When you click to “see more” you get even more choices and overlapping screens of redundant information unrelated to the item you clicked. You shouldn’t have to work this hard to find basic weather info. I no longer find this app even remotely useful and will be looking for a new app to get my daily weather info.

- Really really good, just a few more features

The recent redesign is a good improvement! This is quickly becoming my goto weather app since weather underground was lost to the bean counters at IBM. In fact AccuWeather will beat even the old WU IMHO with just a touch more. #1 allow the user to add a configurable second line underneath the ‘RealFeel’ line in all 3 screens - today, hourly, daily. For example, the wind direction and speed is important to me (live near the coast). There is empty real-estate there and the ‘RealFeel’ is already making that section busy (which is fine since the other sections are sparse). #2 add the solar and lunar noon times (in local time zone) with the inclination thereof to the sun and moon frame. In theory this data (table row) would be placed between rise and set times. This would allow people to know not just the solar noon and angle but also be able to track the changing lunar noon and angle.

- Good, not great, and occasional glitch.

I’m using the free version of the app—and yes, there are ads, and they’re mildly annoying/obtrusive at times. But I’ll put up with ads for a decent service. Forecast data is reasonably accurate, and goes out to 15 days as reliably/accurately as any other. I’m using the iOS version of the app on an iPad Pro, iOS 12.2, all updates installed as of 30 April 2019. The interface isn’t as intuitive as it should be, and saving settings is problematic—eg, if I change units to SI (aka ‘metric system’), there’s a near-instantaneous change to deg C, km/hr, etc. But no ‘save’ button, and the next time I open the app, I’m back in Imperial units (deg F, miles, inches, etc). Switching between locations is also less intuitive than it should be; I find myself staring at the iPad for a moment, trying to recall how to switch from one locale to another. That shouldn’t happen more than once.

- The Best Weather Info!!

My daughter, son, and I live in 3 different states. I’m one if those moms who has to know what’s going on and if everyone is safe. I watch their current weather as much as I do my own. When my daughter’s or son’s weather turns dangerous to life threatening, I’m on my AccuWeather comparing my reports to their local reports. AccuWeather gives me such peace of mind... giving in-depth information about the existing conditions and how the are monitored. I could write a book about this site. It would include pages of reasons why everyone should have this downloaded.. especially if they have any family or very close friends. When others were unable to get through to those in weather peril, I’m usually talking to them ‘before’ the disaster has hit. A huge THANK YOU to my #1 weather site, AccuWeather!

- Terrible re-design

Sadly, the last update completely re-designed the app and destroyed the best weather app out there. What was the most user friendly display, including a well designed graphical depiction of the two most important factors people care about (temperature and precipitation), has now been replaced with a cartoony looking display which is not as easy to visualize. The pleasant multi-colored display has been replaced with a single color (blue) in a variety of shades, which is not as easy to interpret. The app now is full of ads which pop up in the middle of the display, breaking the flow of the app. And now you can only view the app in landscape mode (horrible idea). The tabbed icons on the bottom could have been a good update but everything else is a major step backward. If you were looking to dumb down an app for adults who want to seriously evaluate the weather, in favor of an app for a 12 year old, then you succeeded. I guess I’ll have to find a new go-to weather app.

- Amazing app sometimes doesn’t have the best accuracy

This app is amazing and i use it all the time to see how i needs to go dressed for my games and also if I'm going practice our coach uses this to to tell us if practice is changed to a different location I love it and i would not use any other weather service beside this one. Apps do sometimes come with flaws like when it is raining and the weather app says that it is clear and on other weather apps the weather is precise, this has happened twice now a little annoying but rarely happens. Another thing is the app will use a city or a town that is twenty to thirty miles out this happens at least ten present of the time with gets annoying but I've seen it happen with other weather apps so I'm not to upset other that that this app is the best and i would highly recommend using this weather app.

- I love it again

October 25, 2018- It seems that developers have fixed the widget and it works with the location for the app being set to ‘While Using the App’. Thank you. October 19, 2018- Update came today. Widget STILL doesn’t work with location setting on While Using the App. What a shame! This app was always pretty accurate. Especially with the radar and predicting when rain would start and stop. update came. An update that broke the widget completely. I never had a problem with the widget. I always kept the app’s location setting on -While Using the App- and the widget worked fine. Now, the widget doesn’t work unless the location is set to Always. I don’t need it set to always. Two emails to the developer yielded nothing but pre-composed responses. Very disappointed.

- Where’s the wind? No longer useful for me

Update- I keep getting notifications that I have a developer response- which I would love to read, however tapping the notification simply opens the App store... I will send Apple feedback so I can hopefully read the developers response sometime soon ? Update- I waited through multiple updates assuming it was an error that Accuweather no longer includes wind in the hourly forecast or main view... now after all the good times we’ve shared, I must say goodbye... it’s been the most accurate for so long it’s hard to say goodbye;) I can only find wind info in 1 place on this app since the update, and it appears to be a daily wind forecast, not current conditions, so I no longer use it. Living in San Francisco, the wind makes the difference between a warm 63 degrees, and a grab your lined coat and snug fitting hat 63 degrees. Taking the dog out 4x daily I need accurate weather. I will keep an eye out for the next update since this has been the most accurate in my area for years...

- The new look is too “blue” which makes it hard to read

I have used the app for years and love the accuracy. The data on the update is helpful. I love that the radar feature can now fast forward in time. However, it is very difficult to figure out what’s what with the blue background. I have to really study it to figure out what I’m looking at. The data doesn’t seem to be clearly displayed now. More color delineation would be helpful (e.g. yellow sun, gray clouds, etc). Also, make the menu buttons a different background or color. It would be great if there was a setting to change the background back to white. Even a lighter shade of blue with more distinguished colors would be better. I love your app and want to keep using it, but not if the visuals make it difficult to read. One other suggestion would be to add the tides. I live in a place with a 10’ tide, so this info would be super helpful.

- Redesign fail

In the new redesign, it seems like the developers took everything that made the app good and removed it. The 2 hour dial has been stripped back to a single hour, requiring extra steps to look at the 2 hour forecast. The radar now displays both the past and future radar on the same page, with no way of separating them, making that unusable for me, as the future radar is wildly inaccurate. The main page can no longer be rearranged, meaning the info that I once had easily viewable is now either hidden or on completely separate pages. The location based notifications are now a hassle to turn on and off, requiring 4 different menu options to find location settings. The once one time payment has been “upgraded” to a monthly subscription of $8.99 usd, which seems like a rip off to me. Also, the Apple Watch app doesn’t load anything about half of the time, and when it does load, the display is so blurry that you can’t read any of the numbers.

- So far NOT Accurate

Been using a week or so since it has good reviews but so far it has been very inaccurate in predicting rainfall. I literally have been watching it rain only to see on the app a “No precipitation for 120 minutes”...?! The other day it had our rain chances at 100% and guess what?! Not a drop fell. It’s been this way the whole time I’ve used it. It also doesn’t let me enter my location (it keeps defaulting to an area very near me so I gave up on it getting my exact location). The only good thing about it is it has a predictor for humidity levels throughout the day though I’m not sure how accurate that is since it can’t even get rainfall correct WHILE it’s raining! Update: Been using it for several months and comparing to other apps it is SUCH A JOKE!!! It should be renamed In-Accuweather as it cannot Get anything but the temperature right and I even question that sometimes! It’s been raining nonstop here and flooding but great old In-Accuweather says “No Precipitation for the next 120 minutes”....?!$&@????!!!

- Problems with map since last update and

in general you can't count on the weather predictions. Because I live in south Texas I know it's gonna be hot but I'd like to be able to rely on predictions regarding rain and especially storms. Yesterday for example, I received 2 red alerts for oncoming storms; however, I nary a drop fell from the bright blue sky. As for the radar maps, since the latest update, when you put the map in motion there are some vague green muddled areas that come and go in a flash and the usual patterns of rain movement jump or start and stop altogether. In the past the rain patterns jumping has happened when either PAST or FUTURE was first started up in motion but if you waited a bit, the rain moved in an expected way (i.e., N, S, E or W). Am considering replacing this app with another one.

- Inaccuweather

Don’t upgrade, in fact use a better app. This one is slow to load and offers wrong info, and get it all by the minute. Whoopee. You want it by the minute, look out the window. One of the more useful things they had, two versions ago, was historical data and forecasting the amount of rain. You could see what was projected for the day and look back to last year to see actual. Now historical version just gives you high and low temps. None of the weather apps are all that great. But this one wins the prize for the worst. I downloaded my local cable provider’s station and get far more accurate weather info - they broadcast it often, like every 15 minutes or so and local news is good to view while you wait for weather reports. They do have a set time frame for weather so you can tune it and just see weather. Beats getting your inaccuweather view blocked by pop up ads. Don’t waste your time and money on this app. I’m off to delete it from my phone completely.

- Old Format is Better than the New One

The old format for hourly forecast is better than the new one. In the old version, in one single view, you could see the hourly forecast for the next 72 hours. No scrolling was necessary. You could quickly toggle between precipitation, temperature, and real feel. This format was great for quickly seeing what should happen when and identify trends. You could easily see how to modify your plans by comparing hours in one single view. It was great for showing how someone should plan a weekend. Raining at 2 pm on Saturday? Sunday looks clear at the same time. Again all in one view. In the new version, you must scroll through 72 hours worth of hourly forecast. It’s tedious. But that’s not the true shortcoming, the true shortcoming is that you are unable to quickly compare hourly forecasts against each other. Weekend cookout planning: Raining at 2 pm on Saturday? Scroll to 2 pm on Sunday. Still raining then. Let’s look at 6 pm on Saturday for an evening event. Scroll scroll scroll. Still raining Saturday evening. Ok, maybe Sunday night? Scrollllllllling. Ok Sunday night looks better. In the old version format, no scrolling was required. You could quickly shift plans because you could see the hourly forecast in one single page view. Im already back to the Weather Channel app as it is slightly better in this regard and am searching for a new app. I won’t be using the Accuweather app until this deficiency is fixed.

- previous version was better

Update: Aug 2020. the redesign is terrible and the new icon is impossibly ugly, it's so flat and even though the app is in the same exact position on my iPad, it's harder to locate?! I'm deleting the app, it's been remade into something awful. ---- hope the developers see this! latest changes have exactly the same information as before, but the touch controls were made fancy and are ~not~ an improvement. you scroll up to open another window that could possibly interfere with accessing the native iPhone quick launch bar and you might accidentally touch the ad ?; the most useful information the hourly weather chart was buried lower down; and most annoying, when you scroll to the end to reach the radar map, you have to 'X' the screen to close it! if you're going to change the controls at least make them consistent - if I scroll the new window to get to the map, I should be able to scroll up to go back to the earlier information.

- New Version has serious design flaws

The new versions has serious design flaws that detracts from the usefulness of the app. In the Daily view, due to monochromic colors, lack of varied fonts or font sizes and wide spacing of temps it is very difficult to quickly discern the day or even any particular day’s hi/lo temp. The value of the “hi/lo difference” bar is very debatable as is also why it would dominate the layout. Lastly, to switch to a horizontal scrolling of days from the customary vertical scroll is awkward at best. Also: when switching to Radar a default radar screen should appear.. not having to click again for the most-common used view. I would also say that the “future” time lapse of radar is only minimally helpful, but yet always having to be displayed interferes with the sequence of how things got from then-to-now. Overall, there are a number of very questionable decisions in this release that I struggle to understand how could have passed review.

- New Update & Interface is Excellent!

Without belaboring the details, I have tried over two dozen paid and free weather apps. I am often frustrated with the lack of useful information, cluttered displays, and intrusive ads. In fact the previous iterations of the Accuweather app were so poor, I stopped using them. But this latest update really hits the mark, in my opinion. Update: The new UI layout is fantastic. The main screen clearly summarizes all the pertinent details used most frequently. The quick access buttons/links for radar, hourly, and daily info are excellent and save time having to scroll through unwanted screens just to get the info you want. This latest update solidifies AccuWeather even more as my very favorite weather app. Highly recommended.

- MST David Begley disability retirement

Since my wife and I down loaded the app, we have compared it with others. And found that it has more persistent to what is going on outside. We have put others on to accuweathers app. From where we live to family and friends that live in other states. It makes it a hole lot better when traveling. I just wish that it had something that would let us know when server weather is nearby. For like myself has a hard time hearing. And don’t look at the phone all the time. An sound alert would be great. And all of us like that it changes towns/cities when traveling. And that checking the weather at the destination where we’re going. Like from Missouri to Michigan and the town/city where we’re going to. Thank you.

- Read Privacy Policy BEFORE You Agree!

I downloaded AccuWeather as I have found their webpage to be useful and I have been disappointed with WU's direct offerings. There's immediately a popup for you to read the Terms & Services and Privacy Policy and then Agree to it. At least they do put that front and center--good for them. Based on what I read of the Privacy Policy, you will be asked to register and to provide personal information etc. It seemed pretty clear that you would have considerable "exposure". It also stated that they could change the policy at any time without notifying you and you would be subject to those changes even if you didn't know of them! ...that you should check back frequently to read the Privacy Policy---How likely is that for 99% of folks who already have a mess of privacy policies to contend with. Sorry, but things are dicey enough out there without going looking for trouble. It might even be a great app, but it gets 1 star for being way too nosy. I have downloaded and deleted...

- Was great till the last update

I've been using this app for years now and have loved it, but one small change in the most recent update has made it useless for me. I suffer from migraines that can be triggered by the barometric pressure. I have, after years of logging, discovered my "safe" zone. Depending on what the pressure is doing I can change certain things to reduce the chance of a migraine. After buying app after app I found this one, which had the key for me. It not only showed the barometric pressure, it showed whether it was steady, rising or falling. One little arrow made monitoring the pressure SO MUCH EASIER for me. And now that's been removed, and only the current pressure shows. No more indicator of what the pressure is doing, if anything. This was a CRUCIAL feature for me, and dozens of others I referred to this app just because of that feature. Without it it's just another useless weather app. Crossing my fingers that it comes back in another update...soon.

- Loved Last Version

The new version is less compact. It’s as though information is now hidden in different places instead of all being accessed from one home screen as in the past. Before I could set the screen to easily give me the temperature or expected precipitation for several days out using one slide scale. Right below, I could scroll to see the weather forecast for the next few days. Now, the precipitation forecast slide only goes out for a few hours not the whole weekend. That was important to me because I used this app to make plans even if there was variation between the forecast and the actual weather. Also, the videos were at the bottom of the home page. Everything could be accessed easily by scrolling the home page. Now, I have to look for information, and it’s just convoluted not efficient. I find myself using Accuweather less and less. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

- Prefer the old version

Your new app is not as user friendly or informative. I liked the older version much better. I’ve mostly returned to the weather channel app. Hard to explain my dislike of your new version. Personal taste maybe? It just seems to require more navigation than it used to. The weather channel app “improved” it’s version not too long ago. It’s not as easy to navigate either but better than accuweather is. Most of us like the day’s weather to pop up with written text when we check it. Both yours and the weather channel’s written text reports are nowhere near what they used to be. They are very sketchy. I always relied on a quick check of the pop up text as I did a lot of driving with my job. Glad I’m retired!!

- BAD updates-Read RECENT reviews

Very poor design, especially daily forecasts. I do not find this app accurate. Had deleted it & just checked to see if there were improvements. There were none. Deleting again. Using The Weather Channel & local weather. They both put this app to shame. Prior Review: Negative reviews are growing. Sort by “Recent.” Can’t add as widget unless I say “always allow” my location? Even though my location already is identified in the app? Privacy issues to report? Former version did not do that. Are you trying to embark upon privacy issues? And now it crashes. Not a good look or feel. Ad placement is bad - they’re objectionable. Layout & design are not good. Not as easily navigable & readable as the former version. Color is not good. Will not pay a dime to remove ads. Suggest reinstating the prior version and definitely going back to the drawing board before releasing future updates. Probably will delete. May check periodically to see if improvements were made.

- Good Weather App, but add humidity to quickview

I’ve been struggling to find a weather app that is at least 50% accurate (ah New England weather). So far this one works quite well. I’ve gotten used to the layout and like how easy it is to switch locations. My one request would be to add Humidity and air quality to the Daily overview detail screens. Currently, you need to go hour by hour to find humidity for a day later in the week. You’ve got so many other great fields - wind gusts, precipitation, etc. It would be so awesome to see this right away as well. Especially on the coast where so many factors can contribute to a “feels like” temp much more than just humidity (wind direction, ocean temp, etc.). It would be great to know when to plan on going outside for a run when it’s not horrible air quality. ;) Thanks and keep up the great work!

- Stayed too long

I have followed Accuweather for many years, even dating back to when it was on my local radio station via “The Weather Guy.” It was the app I put on my iPad and was then discouraged because it had loading issues. I used my local TV weather app, but still preferred Accuweather. But it wouldn’t load much of the time. Now along comes a new update and it’s only available in landscape mode which I do not use. Plus it’s so cluttered and filled with this, that, and the other that I have to search for what I want or need. Alerts show up for places all over the country. Fixed that in the settings. Then it starts telling me data unavailable over and over again when I open it, sometimes loading after selecting retry again and again, sometimes not. Ok, maybe a bug, but still annoying. Today I got alerts but, of course, “data unavailable” again. I’ve stayed with Accuweather too long. Goodbye.

- Those videos

The videos drive me crazy. They show flooding, tornadoes, dust storms...all sorts of interesting and/or terrifying things, but they NEVER tell you where it is. I want to know if the flooding is near me or a loved one. Also, during each video, a pop-up tells you what the next video is, and this pop-up covers up part of what you’re trying to watch. If you click the X on this pop-up, it pauses the video. If you restart the video...I don’t know, then something else happens. I can’t remember. At this point in the process, I am usually complaining to my husband about AccuWeather and their stupid videos. And I am not the sort of person who angers easily. Please, if you care about my marriage at all, fix the video issues. :-P There are issues with the radar, too, but I’m tired of typing. I love the other information. It really helps me plan my day, especially my outdoor exercise.

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#LOWERTOWN WEATHER • 18°F • Conditions: Partly Cloudy • Windspeed: 2mph • High: 24°F • Low: 13°F • Sunrise: January 1, 2021 at 07:50AM • Sunset: January 1, 2021 at 04:41PM • NOAA Forecast: • Current Radar:

#LOWERTOWN WEATHER • 15°F • Conditions: Partly Cloudy • Windspeed: 6mph • High: 24°F • Low: 13°F • Sunrise: January 1, 2021 at 07:50AM • Sunset: January 1, 2021 at 04:41PM • NOAA Forecast: • Current Radar:


Freezing rain will continue to track northward as 2020 comes to an end and 2021 begins. Track the progression of the precipitation here:

#LOWERTOWN WEATHER • 22°F • Conditions: AM Clouds/PM Sun • Windspeed: 10mph • High: 25°F • Low: 14°F • Sunrise: December 31, 2020 at 07:50AM • Sunset: December 31, 2020 at 04:40PM • NOAA Forecast: • Current Radar:

#LOWERTOWN WEATHER • 12°F • Conditions: Partly Cloudy • Windspeed: 3mph • High: 26°F • Low: 14°F • Sunrise: December 31, 2020 at 07:50AM • Sunset: December 31, 2020 at 04:40PM • NOAA Forecast: • Current Radar:


Snow and ice will create treacherous travel conditions across southwestern Texas through Thursday:


This radar snapshot shows an extremely dangerous weather phenomenon underway -- but there's more confirmation needed before a Tornado Warning can be issued.


Take a look at some of the rainfall totals across the southern Plains over the last 36 hours, including some areas that are in drought conditions:

Geoff Cornish

West Texas is in the early stage of a major winter storm that is also bringing heavy snow to northern Mexico. Areas like Ft. Stockton will receive 8-12", with smaller communities like Alpine & Marathon picking up over a foot as 2020 ends. TX Radar: #txwx

#LOWERTOWN WEATHER • 25°F • Conditions: Cloudy • Windspeed: 13mph • High: 25°F • Low: 8°F • Sunrise: December 30, 2020 at 07:50AM • Sunset: December 30, 2020 at 04:40PM • NOAA Forecast: • Current Radar:

😷Andre Vanier😷 🇨🇦 Amateur Radio

Ontario Weather Radar | Satellite Weather Map |. AccuWeather #WeatherOntario #AccuWeather #SatelliteWeatherMap #TorontoWeather #WeatherCanada www.accuweather*com/en/ca/ontario/weather-radar


Ontario Weather Radar | Satellite Weather Map |. AccuWeather #WeatherOntario #AccuWeather #SatelliteWeatherMap #TorontoWeather #WeatherCanada


A "hook echo" can confirm a tornado -- if meteorologists see one more thing.

#LOWERTOWN WEATHER • 24°F • Conditions: Cloudy • Windspeed: 14mph • High: 25°F • Low: 8°F • Sunrise: December 30, 2020 at 07:50AM • Sunset: December 30, 2020 at 04:40PM • NOAA Forecast: • Current Radar:

#LOWERTOWN WEATHER • 16°F • Conditions: PM Snow • Windspeed: 8mph • High: 25°F • Low: 22°F • Sunrise: December 29, 2020 at 07:50AM • Sunset: December 29, 2020 at 04:39PM • NOAA Forecast: • Current Radar:

AccuWeather: Weather Radar 14.5.4 Screenshots & Images

AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone images
AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone images
AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone images
AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone images
AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone images
AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone images
AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone images
AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone images
AccuWeather: Weather Radar iphone images

AccuWeather: Weather Radar (Version 14.5.4) Install & Download

The applications AccuWeather: Weather Radar was published in the category Weather on 2008-12-22 and was developed by AccuWeather International, Inc. [Developer ID: 300048140]. This application file size is 131.75 MB. AccuWeather: Weather Radar - Weather app posted on 2020-12-30 current version is 14.5.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yourcompany.TestWithCustomTabs

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