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The app combines highly accurate weather forecast for your location with a map showing development of weather in a broader area in a very interesting way. This allows you to see where precipitation is going to come from or where the wind is blowing from. The uniqueness of the app comes from the amount of data displayed. Forecast of weather, precipitation, wind, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, snow cover and other meteorological data for different altitudes is available for the whole world.

The Ventusky application solves weather displaying in an interesting way. Wind is displayed using streamlines which clearly portray the continuous development of weather. Airflow on Earth is always in motion and the streamlines depict this motion in an amazing way. This makes the interconnection of all atmospheric phenomena obvious.

Weather forecast for the first three days is available in the app in one-hour steps. For other days, it’s available in three-hour steps. Users can also look up sunrise and sunrise times in a given place.

Thanks to the Ventusky application, visitors get data directly from the numerical models that, just a few years ago, were used solely by meteorologists. The app collects data from the most accurate numerical models. Besides the well-known data from the American GFS and HRRR models, it also displays data from the Canadian GEM model and the German COSMO and particular ICON model, which is unique thanks to its high resolution for the whole world. Two models, EURAD and USRAD, are based on current radar and satellite readings. These models are able to show precisely current precipitation in US and Europe.

• Temperature (15 levels)
• Perceived temperature
• Wind (16 levels)
• Wind gusts
• Precipitation (1 hour, 3 hour, long time accumulation)
• Radar
• Cloud cover (high, middle, low, total)
• Snow cover
• Humidity
• Dew point
• Air pressure
• CAPE, CIN, LI, Helicity (SRH)
• Freezing level
• Wave forecast

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Ventusky: Weather Maps App Description & Overview

The applications Ventusky: Weather Maps was published in the category Weather on 2017-09-12 and was developed by InMeteo, s.r.o.. The file size is 157.71 MB. The current version is 8.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- We have updated our map tiles. Our significantly improved labeling algorithm now puts more cities on the map. Thus, navigation is easier and maps looks better.
- Bug fixes

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Something different  Nametaken9321  4 star

And well done. Quite comprehensive and detailed. Docked one star for something the developers probably have no control over....providing a sense of spatial perspective in the base map. Something as simple as major highways would be great. As it stands you get a few major cities on a zoomed out view and you need to imagine the rest as there is very little in the way of landmarks.

Tundra owner

Help  Tundra owner  1 star

There is no way to get help or info on all this data and formats. I don’t understand all the choices and terms to know how to use it well there is no online place Togo for questions or suggestions. I would like for the maps to show US interstate highways too as an option


Nice app, but some serious glitches  SimDom74  4 star

Great source of weather data, but app has some serious glitches - Map sometimes “freezes” and won’t allow switch to another location. The only way to get rid of it is to restart an app or entire device - Could not find how to select certain GEO coordinates and/or leave a permanent bookmark on the map

Eagle wing

Get all this info free  Eagle wing  1 star

It does not show much no radar view. Just temp and wind at different altitudes. Terrible for seeing weather conditions. Just my FWI. Not worth $.01 cent.

Piney Creek

Weather App  Piney Creek  5 star

Best weather app I know of. Wind speed is very important to me, and it is spot on.

Danny the Weather Fanatic

Dan the Weather Fanatic!  Danny the Weather Fanatic  5 star

Being a weather fanatic, this app is the best I’ve seen yet. Very informative at the many levels it the weather types!


Love it  cappiebk  5 star

Love it


Almost there  Kumo-mi  4 star

Maybe I’m still missing something, but the one thing that would make it 5* for me is the ability to save a more visible location on the map, like you can on the web-site. It’s hard to narrow into the tiny dot, I prefer the more visible, clickable star.


Love it  toomb68  5 star

Love it! Use it all the time to check flying weather.


Wind  Bwanabb  5 star

Really like the potential. Would love to have smaller increments at altitude from 20 feet to 100 ft , not meters. Thanks

Matthew Allworth

Great  Matthew Allworth  4 star

Great for better understanding weather patterns, would be even better if it included a synoptic chart.


Crashes - unusable  amilie  1 star

It crashes on start up for the past couple of IOS updates. Unusable.


App Crashes in new iOS  Bloodx21  4 star

After I've updated to the new iOS the app opens then crashes before it loads the map data. Please fix! 😭 I'm using a iPhone 6s Plus


Better Than Most  Racingline  4 star

After some initial crashes and reinstalls it works well. The information provided is comprehensive and relatively accurate... better than most.


Crashing immediately on iOS 11.3 iPhone se.  Bhfdcgrdghhh  2 star

Was great at first. Loved it.

Candi thorn

VERY GOOD APP.  Candi thorn  5 star

Thank you, High recommendation. 👍


Mesmerising  4minutemile  5 star

Best weather app ever!

Johnny Dont

Twenty stars  Johnny Dont  5 star

Amazing app! By far the best weather app I’ve seen. And it gets better with every update! I don’t remember what I paid for it but it was a bargain at twice the price. Just awesome- keep up the good work, developers!


Weather Views on Steroids  Cowpen  5 star

Hands down the best Weather IOS App & Weather LapTop Program out there! Started using after seeing someone on YouTube Report the wind speeds & updates on Hurricane Irma & it’s progress. Saw the name of program listed somewhere on the Video, did research & found on the Web/Internet for my Windows Lap Top & in the App Store for iPhone & iPad! Been using ever since! Now have the whole family using on IOS App. The weather info in layers & radar are close to TV News Media Professionals or equal! The wind speed & directions are critical if you live in Hurricane prone areas! Love all the updates that have recently happened with current iOS updates! It’s super graphic & very colorful user friendly & personalizing to show weather info in the entire US/Canada & world radars if you travel! Colorful & Super Persist with weather info!


Fantastic weather app!  ARnate  5 star

This is my favorite iPhone app to view model forecasts. My only request - integrate the ECMWF / Euro-Global model. I’d be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the Euro data.


Great App!  JBackyards  5 star

All the weather data you want in one place with a great interface. Love Ventusky!


Map?  ncl2fth  4 star

Really interesting app but curious why no map options?


Great tool  Shredhead64  5 star

Outstanding detail! Excellent forecasting. Beautiful details from granular to global.

ابو طلحه

Not supported Arabic good  ابو طلحه  2 star

Not supported Arabic good There is problems whem i use the Arabic iphone with this app But when I change my iphone language to English it is working good.


Program is poor and settings do not work and dates  yousefalyousef  1 star

Program is poor and settings do not work and dates


Superb!  Rubidium  5 star

Been using the Ventusky web site for a while now, and love to look at the weather patterns that are so beautifully rendered there. I was happy to see that there is now an app for iPhone. This is THE weather app for accurate, richly rendered weather maps. I also love that I can touch my location and this opens a menu where I can see animations of the sun- and moonrise. This is now my go-to weather app!

Jmac 1614

Accuracy  Jmac 1614  5 star

Since I’ve been using this app it’s been very accurate with temp, wind speed and direction. Precipitation has also been accurate. Having the ability to change weather models is also a great feature.

john the arab

Surf  john the arab  5 star

A great site for predicting surf off the east coast of Ireland


Some weird information  SuperBlue10  2 star

Downloaded this app as I was hoping to get detailed information about an impending weather event. It is currently showing, and has done for the last couple of hours, windspeeds of 27k/hr and higher whilst it is calm here. Other apps are showing 5k/hr. Not a lot of use if it’s this wrong.


Help  Johnodreams  5 star

Really great tool

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