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The app combines highly accurate weather forecast for your location with a map showing development of weather in a broader area in a very interesting way. This allows you to see where precipitation is going to come from or where the wind is blowing from. The uniqueness of the app comes from the amount of data displayed. Forecast of weather, precipitation, wind, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, snow cover and other meteorological data for different altitudes is available for the whole world.

The Ventusky application solves weather displaying in an interesting way. Wind is displayed using streamlines which clearly portray the continuous development of weather. Airflow on Earth is always in motion and the streamlines depict this motion in an amazing way. This makes the interconnection of all atmospheric phenomena obvious.

Weather forecast for the first three days is available in the app in one-hour steps. For other days, it’s available in three-hour steps. Users can also look up sunrise and sunrise times in a given place.

Thanks to the Ventusky application, visitors get data directly from the numerical models that, just a few years ago, were used solely by meteorologists. The app collects data from the most accurate numerical models. Besides the well-known data from the American GFS and HRRR models, it also displays data from the Canadian GEM model and the German COSMO and particular ICON model, which is unique thanks to its high resolution for the whole world. Two models, EURAD and USRAD, are based on current radar and satellite readings. These models are able to show precisely current precipitation in US and Europe.

• Temperature (15 levels)
• Wind (16 levels)
• Wind gusts
• Precipitation (1 hour, 3 hour, long time accumulation)
• Radar
• Cloud cover (high, middle, low, total)
• Snow cover
• Humidity
• Dew point
• Air pressure
• CAPE, CIN, LI, Helicity (SRH)
• Freezing level
• Wave forecast

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Ventusky: Weather Maps App Description & Overview

The applications Ventusky: Weather Maps was published in the category Weather on 2017-09-12 and was developed by InMeteo, s.r.o.. The file size is 142.21 MB. The current version is 8.0.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Very handy weather outlook directly on the timeline
- Design improvements
- Bug fixes

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Ventusky: Weather Maps Reviews

Ok but

Great application  Ok but  4 star

I wish it showed windchill temperatures and location selection can be set by location name like specific park.


So much weather data available  stiger72  5 star

I first downloaded this app a month ago and the weather data that is available is amazing. It’s almost an app of its own with all the weather related info that it presents.


Technical issues  X2lbbabyjesus  4 star

I bought this app around hurricane season of last year and just recently got a new iPhone. I now cannot download the app on my new phone for some reason.


Map projection  wallybru  5 star

Would it be possible to use another type of Map projection two more fairly depict size of weather phenomena? Or would it be possible to look directly down, vertically, at a specific location to minimize graphical distortions?


Number one for 2019  EddieStarr  5 star

Very similar to the website except for the application has more features and responds super fast on my iPad Pro, It also looks amazing it’s just a brilliant application and I love using it to get very detailed information the weather and future forecast data this is simply a must-have application absolutely a must have


Best weather app hands down  TonyLewis  5 star

This is by far the best weather app with the most unique features of any weather app as well. Most other apps have all the same features but this one is unlike any other.


Highly informative and beautiful!  WilliamWolf43  5 star

Fabulous weather app with a beautiful interface. Very accurate and a joy to use. Highly recommended!


To bad  Craig8234  3 star

To bad a marine chart can’t over-lay. Would bring this app to the next level

fast Donald MAGA

Lake Ozark fast  fast Donald MAGA  5 star

Great interperative tool


Cool graphics  OleBucky  5 star

Interesting and varied info well presented!


Crashes - unusable  amilie  1 star

It crashes on start up for the past couple of IOS updates. Unusable.


App Crashes in new iOS  Bloodx21  4 star

After I've updated to the new iOS the app opens then crashes before it loads the map data. Please fix! 😭 I'm using a iPhone 6s Plus


Better Than Most  Racingline  4 star

After some initial crashes and reinstalls it works well. The information provided is comprehensive and relatively accurate... better than most.


Crashing immediately on iOS 11.3 iPhone se.  Bhfdcgrdghhh  2 star

Was great at first. Loved it.

Candi thorn

VERY GOOD APP.  Candi thorn  5 star

Thank you, High recommendation. 👍


Great but...  adam_australia  3 star

...needs a scale/legend so we can work out what values the colours actually represent. There’s no point in having pretty colours if they don’t bear any relation to reality. Numbers on the map just make it look messy.


Mesmerising  4minutemile  5 star

Best weather app ever!

Phil - Texas

Pretty solid - Could be improved  Phil - Texas  4 star

To start off, I’ll say that I like the app. I’m a pilot, so having some detailed information about the weather is something I usually keep in my pocket and this app does that well. For US users, it could be improved. For winds aloft, it would be nice to choose statue mph and nautical mph. For US users, it would be nice to have state outlines in the map. As it is, it’s a challenge to get a big picture of weather systems because as you zoom out to see each system, you lose reference to the specific geographic location. Having state outlines would be very helpful. For US users, and this is probably my #1 issue with the app, is having the winds aloft being presented in meters. Changing the unit in the settings does not change the winds aloft in the map. You have to choose 3500 meters if you want to see what the winds are like around 11,500 ft. Very annoying. But it’s a great app and I hope they improve it. I’d like to be able to recommend it to other pilots. 4 stars from me. iPhone X / IOS 11.4.1 / runs well


No hurricane names?  cheekybum92  3 star

When will we be able to follow the hurricanes like on the website? Not too happy about the price without so many of the animations already in effect on the site.


Like  r0r147  5 star

All great would be even better with a hurricane tracking


Volume  msschena2403  2 star

I am unable to hear reports, no volume

tee knot

spectacular app~  tee knot  5 star

as a mobile developer, i can reliably say that this app is the very best in polished design, and intuitive UI/UX. i’ve been using Ventusky for about a week now, and i haven’t found a single aspect of it that i would improve. as interested as i am in meteorology, i hope the developers branch out and give us other apps to enjoy. an easy 5 stars, and a very strong recommend to those who are making the decision to purchase. you won’t regret it! keep up the great work!


Best weather  Bm21bomber  5 star

Best way to project and fairly accurate


Ventusky  Cargirl143  4 star

I live on the water, need to keep informed with all the storms. I like the app. I would give it 5 stars, if the app had the “waves” which tells you how big the waves are. The website has it, I thought the app would have it too. I am disappointed about that.


Ventusky  Cargirl143  4 star

I live on the water, need to keep informed with all the storms. I like the app. I would give it 5 stars, if the app had the “waves” which tells you how big the waves are. The website has it, I thought the app would have it too. I am disappointed about that.


Now?  Rick755  5 star

Great app helps with forecasts for crepes country driving better than any other app I’ve used but could really use a NOW button on the radar screen. Keep up the good work


Only one thing missing for me  ProEJockey  4 star

This is the most complete, beautiful weather app. I absolutely love it. The only thing that is missing for me is the wave heights on the Great Lakes. As a Michigan resident, wave data is really useful for me.


Some weird information  SuperBlue10  2 star

Downloaded this app as I was hoping to get detailed information about an impending weather event. It is currently showing, and has done for the last couple of hours, windspeeds of 27k/hr and higher whilst it is calm here. Other apps are showing 5k/hr. Not a lot of use if it’s this wrong.


Help  Johnodreams  5 star

Really great tool

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