Ventusky: Weather Maps

Ventusky: Weather Maps [Weather] App Description & Overview

The app combines highly accurate weather forecast for your location with a 3D map showing development of weather in a broader area in a very interesting way. This allows you to see where precipitation is going to come from or where the wind is blowing from. The uniqueness of the app comes from the amount of data displayed. Forecast of weather, precipitation, wind, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, snow cover and other meteorological data for different altitudes is available for the whole world.

The Ventusky application solves weather displaying in an interesting way. Wind is displayed using streamlines which clearly portray the continuous development of weather. Airflow on Earth is always in motion and the streamlines depict this motion in an amazing way. This makes the interconnection of all atmospheric phenomena obvious.

Weather forecast for the first three days is available in the app in one-hour steps. For other days, it’s available in three-hour steps. Users can also look up sunrise and sunrise times in a given place.

Thanks to the Ventusky application, visitors get data directly from the numerical models that, just a few years ago, were used solely by meteorologists. The app collects data from the most accurate numerical models. Besides the well-known data from the American GFS and HRRR models, it also displays data from the Canadian GEM model and the German COSMO and particular ICON model, which is unique thanks to its high resolution for the whole world. Two models, EURAD and USRAD, are based on current radar and satellite readings. These models are able to show precisely current precipitation in US and Europe.

• Temperature (15 levels)
• Perceived temperature
• Wind (16 levels)
• Wind gusts (1 hour, long time maximum)
• Precipitation (1 hour, 3 hour, long time accumulation)
• Radar
• Cloud cover (high, middle, low, total)
• Satellite
• Snow cover (total, new)
• Humidity
• Dew point
• Air pressure
• CAPE, CIN, LI, Helicity (SRH)
• Freezing level
• Wave forecast
• Air quality (NO2, SO2, PM10, PM2.5, O3, dust or CO)

Do you have questions or suggestions? Please email us at

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Ventusky: Weather Maps Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- We have started to label all the pressure lows (as L) and highs (as H) arround the world. You can easily see where the center of the pressure system is located. - Bug fixes

Ventusky: Weather Maps Comments & Reviews

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- *Updated* Good Start

So far so good. The updates for the initial bugs have really helped. Look forward to the possibility of landscape mode on iPhone. Biggest downfall right now and what keeps me going back to the website instead of the app is there's no wave information in the app. My job is on the water so that's a significant loss in my book. Look forward to seeing that as an addition. *As the developer said in their response to my original review, it would take a bit, but they came through as promised and the wave height has been added with all the other features they've put in so far. It works great! And now information I need daily for work is quickly and easily accessible and I can even get updates while out on the boat if needed as long as we are near shore and get cell service. The app is much smoother to operate on-the-go over the website (not criticizing the website, merely thinking of ease of use on a smartphone) and now has all the features for forecasting a day or several working out on the water. Thank you!*

- Incredibly valuable

As a private pilot, I love this app. It gives an incredibly valuable overview of how the air is moving, and how it’s expected to change. The visual display gives you an intuitive sense that’s hard to get any other way. It also shows details, like patches of winds you might not anticipate from a Surface Analysis, METARs, TAFs, or winds aloft. Other layers like temps, air pressure, Thunderstorms and freezing levels also help build your understanding of the day’s conditions. And it’s fun to look at big picture stuff all around the world. Two minor complaints: Value numbers can be impossible to read against dark colored areas like storms, and don’t increase in size when you zoom in. Wind streak lines are a bit short. I’d like to see more custom display settings like on the web version.

- Improvements Needed

I am both a pilot and an astronomer. I do like the app as the winds are the most valuable aspect when preparing for a flight along with other pilot tools. However, there are no state or county boundary lines or other demarcations on the maps. So, you have to be extremely knowledgeable about the region and terrain under a thunderstorm or you’re just guessing as to its precise location. A weather app should be about preparation, not guessing. The Sun and Moon information doesn’t work at all and when it did appear once for me, the information for the date was incorrect. Other features are nice, but when it comes to needing up-to-the-minute radar, I’m going to have to stick with far better apps that afford professional services and pinpoint locations of storm systems, lightning and ground tracks. Thanks for the effort and I look forward to more improvements.

- Love it

Came from “myradar” after that went downhill. Found the website, which is awesome, that led me here. Had an issue with the app not showing the forecast, coincidentally this is while a co-worker was trying tp get some customer service from cricket wireless. After a few hours of my coworker trying to resolve a fairly simple issue I sent am email to Ventusky. They responded with an hour with the solution to my problem. My coworker never got her issue fixed. The funny part is how a weather company in Chzecslacavia was able to resolve my issue quickly, while cricket wireless couldn't figure put how to get a subscriber to navigate their website. Hilarious.

- 2 stars to 3 stars

When I initially wrote this review I got this app because of the detail you can see with it on an hourly time frame. At the time of writing my initial review I rated 2 stars because after an update the 1 hour time frame was not an option anymore. Now the 1 hour time frame is back as an option so I will bump it 3 stars. My reasoning is even though the 1 hour is an option as it moves through each 1 hour time frame on a majority of them the weather doesn’t change at all until every 3rd 1 hour time frame frame. Also because of the developer response I got from my initial 2 star review stating that the 1 hour time frame being removed as an option was not true. I had the app open in front of my very eyes, searched through numerous settings to try to find the 1 hour time frame that was not showing anymore.

- Just what I was looking for!

This is the app I have been looking for. Something to show me the more detailed aspects of the weather. The interface is good and the rending of the layers is crisp and fast. The recent addition of the widget is welcome as well. However, the said widget has one bug. When there is a high wind warning it displays the wind gusts out to a insane number of decimal places. I’m sure this will be addressed soon and I am looking forward to more layers and functionality in the future. This could very well become a best seller weather app for those wanting more than just your basic type weather app!

- Hurricanes?

I live on the southern Atlantic coast and during hurricane season this app is excellent for tracking the the perspective path of each storm. I find that this app is a better and more reliable source than most weather reporting. Rob is the only weather guy on television that my wife won’t let me talk when he’s on. This app allows me to forgo watching her watch him give her the weather. This app seems to say the same that Rob tells us. Thank you for allowing me to not have to watch my wife watch the weather guy.

- Great app with solid potential.

App serves most functions I want to see in a weather app but is missing key features of nearly all other competing weather applications. First we really need to address the fact that there needs to be adjustable opacity for any layers currently enabled. With that accomplished the second major feature needing to be added is map layers that are visible and not only when zoomed in. Standard features are typically Street, Satellite, and Terrain views occasionally coming in optional if at all. I think having Terrain view would be applicable to backcountry travel. This would assist in your abilities to read a weather system.

- Fully Loaded!

As most people know, weather is very fickle, and difficult to predict accurately. Ventusky has come closer than any weather app that I currently use. Boating and fishing are my go to activities, thus wind is a very important factor when planning an on the water day, and Ventusky has rarely failed to predict accurately. Hardly a stone unturned in this app with all the features available from wind gusts, sea heights, water temperature, and much more. I highly recommend this app whenever weather is a factor in making a plan.

- A clean visualization of weather models and large scale weather patterns.

I have been searching far and wide for an app that shows the HRRR precipitation model. This app does that and more in a very easy to use and visually appealing way. It’s obvious that the developer cares and is actually responding to feedback from customers and working hard to make it even better. I highly recommend this app for those looking for a clean visual presentation of weather models for forecasting and visualizing large scale weather patterns.

- spectacular app~

as a mobile developer, i can reliably say that this app is the very best in polished design, and intuitive UI/UX. i’ve been using Ventusky for about a week now, and i haven’t found a single aspect of it that i would improve. as interested as i am in meteorology, i hope the developers branch out and give us other apps to enjoy. an easy 5 stars, and a very strong recommend to those who are making the decision to purchase. you won’t regret it! keep up the great work!

- Help us snow machine riders

I have used your web site for snowmachine (yes it’s snowmachine not snowmobile in Alaska) info for years. (Cloud cover and precipitation amount for visibility) it has been very helpful as cloud cover can vary from one mountain pass to the one next door. The problem is it’s hard to judge which pass your looking at with the blank background. If you could add a satellite overlay (or underlay maybe?) that would be amazing and make this the #1 weather app I believe. Maybe add a simple forecast page also for those who don’t want to spend the time.

- My favorite live weather app

I've used this app for a couple years now, and I've loved it since I first downloaded. This is by far the best live radar with an interface that is wildly ahead of anything else you'll see from any sort of weather station. All the technical additions and displays are so interesting to use, and it's awesome to scroll across the globe. Couldn't speak more highly overall, very deserving of 5 stars.

- review

This is the best weather site I have used. it provides accurate long range weather information assisting in preparing for any type of event. I started using it during a past hurricane. I followed the storm days in advance as it approached while it was on top of us and after it past. I use it daily to check for all reasons. I have suggested it to businesses who need to know weather for scheduling jobs. Please keep up the great work!

- Easy to use, extensive information

I have turned on a couple of my friends onto this app because I love it so much,I don’t share things that don’t work and that are not comprehensive or accurate or effective. This app is wonderful I use it every time I go out especially if I’m boating or going to the beach because the wind can really impact those outings. I find this app a lot more engaging than many other weather related apps

- What I’ve been looking for!

I’m so glad i found this app, it’s accurate, simple, and full of different types of data. Also there’s only ONE payment with NO in app purchases or subscriptions! My only two wishes are that there was a legend for the different maps and also to have a function to show frontal boundaries and high and low pressure symbology to go with (probably on the radar screen).

- Wonderful in depth weather app.

The app gives you access to a ton of great “drill down” metrics. Great for storm chasers too. If I were to improve it, adding real time frontal boundaries, something deleted from most weather apps in the last year, would be a huge benefit if there is still access to the data link for those metrics??? Highly recommend this app as a Meteorologist of over 25 years. ?

- Love this app and the website!

I used the Ventusky website to track recent hurricanes. It was much more accurate than the Weather Channel without all the annoying drama and ads. This app and the website are beautiful and meditative data visualizations. Both provide a whole-earth view of the weather with fascinating comparative detail. Very glad I purchased the app. A few minor things for developers: 1) please provide a key to color in the app. 2) please provide either in-app explanations of weather terms or a link to a site with the definitions. 3) a week and/or month view with symbols would be nice. 4) default to US measurement based on location would be nice. Thanks for the great app & website! Fantastic work!

- Very Good App.... but

This app has been very good and I have relied on it to make many go-no go decisions. But the one feature I like to see added it the ability to change font size/color displayed on maps. As an example I find in difficult to see wave heights. Don’t size and color of wave height and background/water color just don’t make it easy. Also if you zoom, fonts don’t scale, which would make it easier to see.

- No radar?

Clever app! The screen shots on the App Store showed radar images, but i couldn’t figure out how to make the radar images appear, without this tip from the developer: “Make sure, that you have set the AUTO model in the Setting section (or USRAD)”. The app shows a lot of ingenuity and hard work by the developer. Maybe it’s just me, but i personally find the user interface to be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully this will continue to improve as time and development continues.

- Not bad - needs a few small tweaks

Overall it’s a good app - not great yet. But solid. Things I’d like to see: the mobile version needs to show the borders of the states. Needs highways, major cities, etc. it would be nice to toggle them on and off and overly them. As of now - it’s nice but difficult to tell what you are looking at. The data seems good and the visualizations are good as well. I’m giving it 4 stars until the maps are updated.

- Comprehensive and Beautiful!

My husband and I use this site every day. Beyond the basic weather it has excellent information on air quality, which was very helpful during the fires in California and Oregon. We look at our world in whole new way! Thank you for providing such an amazing model with such extensive information all in one place.

- Enjoyable weather app

I think this is a fun weather app to use. I wish you could keep seeing the state boundaries when you zoom out further. At some point they disappear. I like to watch the weather out west from where I live but when you zoom out to see all the boundaries disappear and it’s harder to gauge weather in context. Overall it’s a well designed app for weather information and fun to use. Great work.

- Larry

Love this app now if you could just put a little bit better map where I’m located in the United States draw the lines in of the state line is a little darker thank you also can you draw in the surface features and fronts Highs and lows on the world radar layer thank you it would be awesome can we have a darker map background to see the windstream Analysis and flow pattern a little clearer

- Wind (lines) of change are blowing

I am about to drop Weather Underground after decades of affinity. This app has potential to deliver all I need, for a one-time cost that is a fraction of WU’s annual. And no ads? I don’t know how the developer is going to make money. I did not award five stars because the map needs work: more detail and deeper zoom. At least it drops a pin on my presumed location. Weather Underground can’t even do that. To be continued...

- Number one for 2019

Very similar to the website except for the application has more features and responds super fast on my iPad Pro, It also looks amazing it’s just a brilliant application and I love using it to get very detailed information the weather and future forecast data this is simply a must-have application absolutely a must have

- Was the best app I've purchased

Hello all, I rarely review apps, but this was needed. I bought Ventusky after using the web version, and finding it is the best weather information provider. It was amazing, and I used it to plan trips days in advance, with an accuracy my friends couldn't believe. Sadly, in recent times the weather forcasting feature has been totally disabled. It's possible that something may be wrong with my version, I'm not sure, and I look forward to changing my review to a 5 * one after this is fixed.

- Best weather app!

I’ve used the website for a couple years and finally got the app for my phone! This has been more accurate than any other weather apps out there! Love it! Great interface & the info is pretty darn close to what my weather stations indicate. I use this for wind speeds when traveling, planning a fishing trip! Very dependable!!

- Best weather app on the planet

Hands down this is the beat weather app on the planet. Please keep it free! Other companies charge hundreds of dollars a month for the level of detail provided on this free service. Thank you Ventusky, you’ve literally saved me time and money while keeping me and my family safe when traveling at sea!

- Best Weather App Ever

I am a boat captain and this is by far the best weather app there is !! Easy to use, tons of quality info. Hurricane tracking/info invaluable !!! If you need instructions to use this app, you probably need refresher instructions every day to use the restroom. Well worth every penny of $3.00 cost. Awesome for preplanning offshore trips and staying safe.

- Something different

And well done. Quite comprehensive and detailed. Docked one star for something the developers probably have no control over....providing a sense of spatial perspective in the base map. Something as simple as major highways would be great. As it stands you get a few major cities on a zoomed out view and you need to imagine the rest as there is very little in the way of landmarks.

- Floridians need

Editing my already 5 star review because I’ve been using Ventusky for years now and it never fails. When the track lines are all over the place ventusky has it down almost perfectly. Thanks for helping us track hurricanes and regular water conditions living on the coast.

- Nice app, but some serious glitches

Great source of weather data, but app has some serious glitches - Map sometimes “freezes” and won’t allow switch to another location. The only way to get rid of it is to restart an app or entire device - Could not find how to select certain GEO coordinates and/or leave a permanent bookmark on the map

- Great App but...

They need to change the color option so that wind speed background is legible in the darker shades. When the jet stream at 12K meters is displayed in a dark purple, the wind speed numbers are black and practically invisible. I posted this a while back, and they fixed it to show numbers in white on dark background. Great Job!

- Where’s the Air Quality?

The new update does not show Air Quality in my app. Everything looks the same as it was. Update: Air Quality is working fine now after the developer instructed me to set the model to “automatic “ in settings. This a great app and does what it says it will do. Five Stars!

- Reliable & Handy

I’ve been looking for an easy affordable tool to help me keep track of the in my area, this App has help me tremendously. I live in a windy are of SoCal in the high desert Northeast of LA, my hobbies include flying RC aircraft and it’s indispensable to have reliable information for flight planning and on the field. Thanks for making it available.

- Great Weather App!

All the information is at your fingertips and illustrated simply and concisely. I can easily obtain the data I need very quickly and not have to search or deal with ads. This software is well worth the money and it has become my “go to” app.

- May 2018

I have really enjoyed this app up until this month. I was having issues with it crashing. The developer was quick to respond and the solution they offered corrected the issue. I have adjusted my rating accordingly. Thank you.

- Excellent Customer Service

I had a problem with the app not opening. I contacted customer service and they kept in constant contact with me until the problem was fixed. The app works perfectly. Customer service is fantastic! Great job and great app. Thank you!

- Map projection

Would it be possible to use another type of Map projection two more fairly depict size of weather phenomena? Or would it be possible to look directly down, vertically, at a specific location to minimize graphical distortions?

- Accuracy

Since I’ve been using this app it’s been very accurate with temp, wind speed and direction. Precipitation has also been accurate. Having the ability to change weather models is also a great feature.

- Update checks out

Usually I’m scared to update anything, because the app ends up ruined, but the new update makes it better. It’s the same thing, but it’s in 3D now, which also makes it more accurate.

- Betterments

You’ve got a wonderful product, that suggest, with other Weather sites I have could be Unique with your current ones, and that is visualize your Cloud Formations/Movement/Density/Lightning Areas clarity, so we as user can better visualize and take precautionary measures ahead of time. Otherwise, your Site for Wind/Temp’s are unique in this Weather WORLD OF SITES. GOOD LUCK.???

- Wonderful storm threat assessment threat tool

Great addition for understanding weather especially along the coast. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a predictive storm surge tab. We along the mid-Atlantic have a long gradual continental shelf that can produce a large storm surge. Hope that is possible addition to this great app.

- Fantastic site

This site has more to offer than any other weather site I have been on. The ability track any hurricane, wind, rain and direction by the hour for over a week is unbelievable.

- Best weather info

This app show weather in many different ways. This app has been vital for those of us in N CA with the major fires. One can see the direction of the winds, wind gusts, temperatures, and see the weather information in real time. Thank you

- Almost there

Maybe I’m still missing something, but the one thing that would make it 5* for me is the ability to save a more visible location on the map, like you can on the web-site. It’s hard to narrow into the tiny dot, I prefer the more visible, clickable star.

- Best weather app hands down

This is by far the best weather app with the most unique features of any weather app as well. Most other apps have all the same features but this one is unlike any other.

- Great App!

If you want a weather App with world wide wind, ocean waves and other weather related events on a global scale, this is it. A very intuitive, and user friendly app that is not full of pesky ads. I use this several times a day and always marvel at the wind and wave illustrations. I love this app!

- Need Apple Watch Complication

I love this app! There is only one thing that would make it last, an Apple Watch complication. There are many developers making weather complications. I’d like to stick with this one as an Apple Watch user. Four stars until the complication arrives. I’ll revise my review then.

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- Best ever weather information to date

Best ever complete weather information sire current and forecasted to date good job team tell your boss your worth more money, thank you for making all this information available it’s invaluable to all of us on the water and land thank you very much.

- App Crashes in new iOS

After I've updated to the new iOS the app opens then crashes before it loads the map data. Please fix! ? I'm using a iPhone 6s Plus

- Crashes - unusable

It crashes on start up for the past couple of IOS updates. Unusable.

- Better Than Most

After some initial crashes and reinstalls it works well. The information provided is comprehensive and relatively accurate... better than most.

- Very useful

I have found this app to be very useful and more importantly very accurate

- Good app, has potential to be great.

Is this a good app? Yes Is it a great app? No Does it have potential to be a great app? Yes Can we get a better designed widget with some options to select what we want it to display?

- Great

Great for better understanding weather patterns, would be even better if it included a synoptic chart.

- Not working

Was fantastic till a few days ago. Only ?Mexico in colour !!

- Simple and awesome

Just works

- Melbourne AU radar fix

Developers please fix map problem for Melbourne Australia. All the overlay maps are incorrectly stitched for this area so the information displayed is wrong

- Good but... still needs a scale/legend so we can work out what values the colours actually represent! There’s no point in having pretty colours if there’s no interpretation. Is green 10° or -2°?!

- Buggy

Crashing when zooming in on location. Temperature view. iPhone.

- Very hard to understand

It lacks clear instructions on how to interpret the data and I couldn’t find the features easily


Thank you, High recommendation. ?

- Crashing immediately on iOS 11.3 iPhone se.

Was great at first. Loved it.

- Mesmerising

Best weather app ever!

- just not thought through!

lots of data but a muddle to use - sad they didn’t talk to users to develop the app

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- Fantastique

Belle application très utile. Facile d’utilisation.

- Searched and searched and this is almost perfect

Finding an app with widgets that show wind forecast by hour is tough. My only wish is support for 12H time format. Yes switching to US English fixes time to 12H format. But doing that also loses temperature in Celsius and wind speed in km per h. Hoping for 12H format with Celsius and km/h wind. Thanks

- Thanks

I love this app it has saved our butts a few times by predicting the weather a few hours before on the West Coast Vancouver Island

- Absolutely the Best Weather App

This is the easiest to use, most accurate and intuitive weather app that I have ever used. I live in the Caribbean and it is so accurate with wind predictions - fantastic!

- Amazingly accurate. This is THE best weather app. Period.

I rely on it in winter for approaching storms and foul weather. Has a neat slider function to show likelihood of weather for next couple of days.. My main go-to for incoming weather.

- Wind forecast

The forecast has been fairly accurate. It’s a little slow to move when you want to go ahead, but in general it’s pretty good!

- Great app except...

Great app except there’s a glitch in the data right where I live in Calgary. There’s a distinctive line that shows two different weather patterns on either side unless you zoom way in or way out.

- Handy, factual, no flakey dramatics.

Use it daily. Very useful app. F.A Wildman

- Ne fonctionne pas

Depuis le dernier mise à jour mon app ne fonctionne pas. Il ouvre mais se referme en quelque secondes. Suggestion?

- Thanks for the widget, but...

⭐️More variety for every widget size, or the ability to customize it ⭐️The icons are still ugly

- DATA trigger warning

I used Safari to look for rain . On the way to Truro the Safari took like 800mb . I purchased this app . It actualizes time . Automatically shows the GPS of my area .

- J’aime bien cette app

Je dirais assez précise comme apps. J’utilise le site depuis plusieurs mois. Je viens de commencer à utiliser l’application et très facile.

- Amazing Weather App!

I’ve been searching for a detailed weather app. I found the VentuSky website, and knew immediately that this was the one. Would love if they added High-res radar in Canada and direct access to radar sites.

- Does the job

Accurate and easy to use. Perfect for my kayak and sailing needs.

- Amazing accuracy

This weather app keeps astounding me with its almost magical foreknowledge. And it's so pretty! Who knew storms could look this good!

- WWWeather

The best most reliable weather app I’ve used. Bill Smith PhD

- Great sailing app

Using in the Bahamas awesome accuracies to date

- Update: May 7, 2020

Update: App now frozen and “Unable to download data” No sooner had I given a 5 star review the app starts crashing after zooming in on various places (like try zooming in on the Dominican Republic, the thing just craps itself and goes black screen) Even when it asks you to give a rating you hit 5 stars and then "submit" and it does absolutely nothing. So you have to hit cancel and not give any rating at all. I would like to give 5 cuz its very useful. But the developer, while paying attention to the weather aspects very well has failed when it comes to the app aspects of the app. Basic stuff guys. Fix it and get a good rating. Simple. Looks like they got my money so now I just go back to using it free in the browser. I could have done so much else with that money...

- Love it!

Love the app, but it glitches often on my iPad Pro.

- Great app but missing some essential tools

I love the app. I use it in complement to official sources for flying small airplanes. It is really well done and the rendering and the animations are beautiful. I love how it switches between models as you go around the globe. However, there are two things that could be very great from a flight perspective which are an indication of the cloud base height and a meteogram to see a summary of the day. Other than that great job with the app it is really good

- Amaizing app

great app, and no monthly fees, has all the features you need to fly a drone

- So interesting to see the weather over the world

It is great to see the weather and how it is effected by wind patterns over the whole world.

- Nice!

Very good app! I like it! Would be nice app icon more weather looks and Canada weather alert support

- By far best few $ I’ve ever spent

This app is boss if toylike weather can track watch hurricanes form boom boom best spp

- Nice

Really good

- Piece of Crap

Says wind is from the North when it is blowing from the south. Clearly a piece of crap.

- Crashes

For the most part this app is okay but why oh why does it keep crashing when I try to zoom in. Also is there any way to change the background to a lighter color??? It is so hard to see the wind speeds on a dark background! Not a happy boater!!!

- Great Tool

Use this every time before I fly my drone. Great info and allows for better flight planning.

- Best weather app

Really love this app for my weather needs it’s definitely an all i. One weather app that doesn’t crash everytime you log onto it terrific.

- Super cool and accurate!

Love it!

- By far the best app of its sort

Nothing coming close to this excellent program

- Ventusky

Très précis et facile d’utilisation

- Best weather App.

Very useful, looks cool and pretty accurate.

- Faire sa propre définition de météo locale...

Oui j’aime bien, il est possible de se voir notre région bien précise..... pcq les infos régions son plus pour les grands centres....

- Overall good, a few improvements would go a long way

Satellite map layer would be a good addition, it’s quite plain right now. A little 3 day forecast, or any forecast in a table format would also be good, instead of only the map. 24hr rain accumulation option would be good, instead of just hourly or every 3 hours.

- Great Product

I have used this App in both Central America Belize to Bluefields Nicaragua and as a Commercial Fisherman on The British Columbia coast and have found it to be quite accurate and easy to use. It is definitely ONE of my go to sites when doing weather planning

- Need Better UI Usability

Scrolling at the bottom hours is nice but difficult with one hand and need to scroll accurately to set it. Can we not have it tap on the hour then it will scrolled to the selected hour? UI needs improvement at the bottom portion.

- Prise d’images

L’application ne permet pas d’enregistrer une image en temps réel comme on peut le faire sur le site Internet. Merci de prendre soin de faire des corrections sur l’application. Claude Fortin, Dolbeau-Mistassini

- Superbe app

Très beau travail

- Help! The app keeps crashing!

Ventusky is amazing! However, the last few weeks it will open to my main screen but crash immediately. When I purchased it I didn’t expect this to happen. This isn’t a negative review, just a call for help. I can’t even access tech support on the app... Suggestions?

- Ventusky

Great program. Absolutely fabulous and reliable. Works like a Swiss clock. OW, Toronto, Canada

- Fixed

After a recent update, the app would crash as soon as the map loaded. Deleting and reinstalling the app worked. Thanks!

- Un incontournable!

Application réussie.

- Fix your app!!

My ipad is up to date... since 3 weeks you didn’t fix your app... go go go! You can do it :)

- Nice app

Nice app but needs some bugs fixed.

- Blank precipitation page is the problem

I have emailed the developer several times reporting this bug an have gotten no response nor have they fixed this. The white screen occurs on the precipitation page when switching from 3 hour to 1 hour view. Can reproduce this every time.

- Impressive App

I love this app. Would be better if it didn’t have tendency to go “blank screen” about 50% if the time, on iPhone and iPad.

- Très bien, sauf pour les précipitations sous forme de neige.


- Great when it works

Every time I use it the map turns white after 30 seconds which requires me to restart the app. This has been happening for a while now and I was hoping updates would resolve the issue...

- Keeps crashing

I have owned it for one week and had to reload it three times. Great when it works but sometimes cannot open it without crashing immediately. Get the bugs out!

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- Great app, hoping for notifications!

This is a great app which presents data in a straightforward manner. As a weather nerd I love it! I hope some day it will include weather notifications, such when rain is likely for the day ahead.

- Difficult to navigate on phone app

The phone app is very confusing. I never would have paid for this app if I knew it would be way different then computer desktop . The phone app is hard to figure out. I love the ease and simplicity of the desktop version. It’s way better. Save your money and use the free computer version. Don’t pay for the app.

- Crying inside

So I ponied up and bought this app. It is raining where I am for the second day in a row and this app shows nothing. Weather bug showed a huge system, Ventusky showed nothing. I love weather and I am a sailor so I thought this would be a decent enough replacement for Storm when after they tooketh away. I am still hopeful though.

- Excellent program but

Would be improved if the background were a lighter color so that the black numbers would be easier to read.

- Ventusky

Easy to use and understand and very accurate. So far, every forecast out more than a week have been quite close to how the weather actually played out. I’m a satisfied user.

- Excellent Graphics

I find Ventusky very easy to use and follow. It also will give a view from local to global. It is easy to change what is displayed from temp to humidity to radar and on and on. I find it as good as NOAA for my weather.

- Ventusky

Absolutely love this. I am a pilot and use it all the time for flight planning As accurate as any other source. It is very versatile as you can change the type of weather forecast and the time.

- Best I’ve seen for SNOW ACCUMULATIONS

On days when you have to decide whether or not it’s even smart to try to get to work, knowing the near real-time local accumulations along your route is invaluable. This is the best app I’ve seen so far for doing that.

- The best detailed weather app out there

Ventusky has to be the best detailed weather app available today. Reliable forecasts and easy to use graphical display has been proven accurate time after time

- I teach Oceanography and love it!

During Hurricane season it’s a must have. The kids and I love it. So many weather variables you can see. The app costs about $6.00 on your your phone, but it’s worth every penny. On a computer, it’s free. Thanks

- So much better than the website!

I am a loyal user of the website, which I use for sailing. Ventusky puts it all in one place: wind, gusts, thunderstorms, and waves. And the app makes it even better and faster. Excellent work!

- Ventusky

I live on the water, need to keep informed with all the storms. I like the app. I would give it 5 stars, if the app had the “waves” which tells you how big the waves are. The website has it, I thought the app would have it too. I am disappointed about that.

- Ventusky

I live on the water, need to keep informed with all the storms. I like the app. I would give it 5 stars, if the app had the “waves” which tells you how big the waves are. The website has it, I thought the app would have it too. I am disappointed about that.

- Florida Hurricanes

This app gives reliable hurricane predictions. Over the years I have noticed that TV predictions are modified to produce fear in populated areas in an effort to raise awareness and preparedness. With Ventusky, you get more accurate predictions. I have lived in Florida 30 years.

- Nice work! AWESOME APP!

I’m a very experienced weather app user and sailboat navigator. I’m very appreciative of the data/numerals on the display. This alone makes me use the app over Windy. Is there a place where I might go to make some suggestions? I’d rather leave this review as AWESOME APP!!!

- Crashing(not anymore)

Keeps crashing on iphone x. Not able to use this app for months now. And its a paid app. Fix please. Update: Reinstalled. Fixed the issue. Thank you

- Nice weather app

I love this app a lot of control and information at your fingertips. Just sad that on the website you can see the hurricanes and the tropical storm and the names. On the app I haven’t been able to see how to get that to show up.

- Makes you plan better

This app brings to you a more in depth way of looking at the weather on a local bases as well as the world. Thank you for making me a better planner Majordoo

- Twenty stars

Amazing app! By far the best weather app I’ve seen. And it gets better with every update! I don’t remember what I paid for it but it was a bargain at twice the price. Just awesome- keep up the good work, developers!

- Now?

Great app helps with forecasts for crepes country driving better than any other app I’ve used but could really use a NOW button on the radar screen. Keep up the good work

- A must for hurricane season!

While many other weather apps showed different paths for Hurricane Dorian, Ventusky showed the most accurate one and kept me informed of reliable information.

- Great app!!

Great app for pilots too. Help / tutorial is on website and should be included in the app. Would also be great if it could work offline for in-flight access...... at least recalling last viewed information. Just a suggestion.

- Tried Many Weather Apps...

None even come close to this app, it’s the best by far. Only wish the cloud layer/imagery was higher resolution - should be an easy improvement to make.

- Wow!

I love this app. Easy to read fun to read and a load of information. Also use it as a teaching tool for my grandchildren. Mesmerizing fascinating useful my list could go on. Thank you.

- Works! Get this thing.

Use it for helicopter power line patrols so knowing the wind and gusts is great. Also the low cloud filter works great for ground level stuff/fog. Love this thing and use it daily. Get it if you want good graphics at a glance.

- Bad app! Keeps crashing.

This app keeps crashing every time I open it - iPhone and iPad alike. I delete it, reinstall it, and works only once. It is paid app, so save your money. Not worth it!

- Impressive how quickly my issue was address

I had a problem with the app not working after upgrading to to IOS 11.3. The developer addressed it immediately. Thanks!

- Awesome App

I’m a huge fan of this application. The interactive interface and ability to be pretty spot on with forward predictions make this a powerful tool. Keep up the good work!

- Occasionally fails to open or download

App fails to open and down about 10% of the time. Forecast doesn’t run out beyond three or four days. Still much better than Weather Underground.

- Need a better map

I like the dynamic weather information and forecast. It would be much more useful if the map is more like google map or any other maps we are used to have

- Awesome map

There are so many options to choose from. I love the satellite view and the air quality and precipitation map. Highly recommend this app!

- Great, but one suggestion

This app is great, but I just have one suggestion. I would like for the icons to have an update. They are kind of old looking, and I would love an icon upgrade! Thanks!

- Favorite Weather App

Very accurate and intuitive. Used to be a Fan of weather underground but since they monetized it I don’t use it. Glad to find this one!

- Great app

Finally a global view on weather without click bait, ads and frankly bad interpretations. The app works even better now they have increased the size of the numbers

- Weather or not

We have used the site for years and it covers all areas. The most accurate weather site ever.

- Fun to watch

I initially had difficulty with this app because the server was down, but later it works fine. Really fun to watch fronts come through!

- Works well

I like the presentation. Improvements suggestions: I’d like to see the option to show AQI numbers (not ppm) in the map view and have the ppm numbers also show in the location view.

- So helpful!

We are in the mist of more fires in Calif. This provides a big help to tell us which way the wind is blowing so that we know whether or not we may be safe or not.

- Architect, sailor

This is a fantastic resource to track the weather. Is this service worth $100 a month to people who need it for navigation purposes.

- Disappointed

I am a weather fanatic, so I purchased this app, only to be very disappointed with “how it works” and navigating the page! Seems you have to be a meteorologist or have a PHD to understand the terminology they use! Wish they would explain more about the different features.

- Technical issues

I bought this app around hurricane season of last year and just recently got a new iPhone. I now cannot download the app on my new phone for some reason.

- Invaluable flying aid

As a private pilot being able to see the depiction of my location and destination airport’s surface winds is a very helpful tool in helping me make a go/no go decision.

- Highly informative and beautiful!

Fabulous weather app with a beautiful interface. Very accurate and a joy to use. Highly recommended!

- Great program

This app is easy to use. It has many functions that I need. I constantly use this amp to run my business.

- Great app, needs improvement

I depend on this app daily for work on a golf course. Seems to have many glitches and bugs because it crashes often. Please fix!

- Incredibly Accurate

I use Ventusky before planning offshore fishing trips from Marco Island and find offshore forecasts (30+ miles out) - wind speed, direction, waves heights to be very accurate

- Great forecast - lousy real-time

App just updated. This still applies. Temps off 10 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire area. Other weather services are accurate. They apparently have no real-time data.

- Informative weather app on a special level

The new graphics in version 9.0 are awesome! Thank you for the new tweaks and improvements.

- Fantastic weather app!

This is my favorite iPhone app to view model forecasts. My only request - integrate the ECMWF / Euro-Global model. I’d be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the Euro data.

- Good app for weather movements

Been using for nearly a year. Working outdoors and traveling between locations this app is very good at helping reduce the stress of not knowing what may come

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Ventusky: Weather Maps 14.0.2 Screenshots & Images

Ventusky: Weather Maps iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ventusky: Weather Maps iphone images
Ventusky: Weather Maps iphone images
Ventusky: Weather Maps iphone images
Ventusky: Weather Maps iphone images
Ventusky: Weather Maps iphone images
Ventusky: Weather Maps iphone images
Ventusky: Weather Maps iphone images

Ventusky: Weather Maps (Version 14.0.2) Install & Download

The applications Ventusky: Weather Maps was published in the category Weather on 2017-09-12 and was developed by InMeteo, s.r.o. [Developer ID: 459397801]. This application file size is 69.04 MB. Ventusky: Weather Maps - Weather app posted on 2020-12-09 current version is 14.0.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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